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Episode 95: Out of Sight


Few things disappoint us more than when our expectations aren’t met. We expect to be loved, or to be rewarded for our hard work. And above all, we expect the people in our lives to always be there. Which is why it’s so frightening to hear stories of those who don’t—of people who were right there, where they should be, only to disappear without explanation.

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The sun above them was hot and bright. When the three children wandered off to play in a nearby field, they were siblings, one boy and two girls, the children of a local railroad guard in the city of Gloucester England. The field was one of their favourite places to go during the day, but they always return home by dinner time on this particular summer day in nineteen O. Six though, dinner arrived without the children, their parents, MR and MRS Von, we're a worried enough to call for the authorities to come help them beginning that very night. A search party was formed to locate the missing children
finish. Their night of searching empty, handed, a single clue had been found that might hint at where the children had gone or if they had been taken by a malicious stranger, but these were their children and parents rarely give up hope so quickly. They searched the following day and a third day as well. After that, though, things were beginning to look bleak. On the fourth day, a farmer was plowing field close to the one the children had been plain and when he noticed something in the ditch alone. In North EAST side, it was the forms of the missing children, lane peacefully in the dirt, but they weren't day they were sleeping after waking them up and taking them home. The children surprised every one with a shocking story. They had no memory of the past four days, even further
Two years later, the sun was still unable to offer an answer to the riddle of their disappearance. Things go missing, Weather a sock in the drier, your car keys or an entire person every now, and then things just sort of slip through the cracks and vanish. Thankfully, like the children
Gloucester, a lot of those missing things are eventually phone, but if we thumb through the pages of history, we'll come face to face with something worse, something they tugs at our darkest fears and leaves us feeling unsettled. Sometimes people vanish and there never seen again I'm Aaron Monkey, and this is lore
let me just say right from the start, that history is so full of disappearances that I'm not going to come anywhere close to discussing all of them from the legendary ninth roman legions and the Roanoke Colony to the mare, Celeste and Amelia AIR heart. Before. or of history is so littered with disappearances that it's a miracle. None of us trip and heard ourselves what's become clear is that the most powerful disappearance stories are the ones that involve people that family member, whose never seen again or the public figure that seems to vanish into thin air. Lost objects and ancient colonies lack the emotional weight that we feel when a local man goes missing and that's where I want to focus today. Benjamin Bathurst was born into the upper crust of british society. His father was the bishop of noise.
then, after finishing his education, he began work for the crown as a diplomatic envoy. He travelled to Vienna in the spring of eighteen, o nine and was part of the group of advisers that helped convince holy roman emperor, Francis the second to declare war on France. But things didn't work out in the emperor's favour, an Bathurst head In a way to retreat home to London. He decided that travelling north through French occupied Germany would be his safest bet. So in November, of eighteen, o nine. He and a friend named crust set off toward Humber on the twenty fifth of November, though their plans fell. Apart That was the day they reached the city of pair Lebaron, just eighty miles from their destination, the two men stew. For an early dinner at the White Swans in and had the horses on their carriage changed out, then thinking it would be safer for them to travel in the dark night, Bathurst
headed back down to the carriage around sunset to continue the journey. He and Kraus inspected the horses, and why, as workers from the Inn reloaded their luggage. The two men were just a few feet apart when bath her stepped out a view to climb into carriage at a moment later, Kraus followed him when he look inside it, though he was shocked to find an empty Bathurst had vanished Cross claims that he searched the entire area around the carriage and even had guards block off the street. So they could stop anyone who might have kidnapped his friend the try, as he he was never able to find Bathurst. The man had been there one moment, but was gone the next decades later and six hundred miles to the west. A group of men were too going home from the pub at the end of a night of drinking in the Warwickshire tone of Lymington spot, the three men
Barroom, wise hammers and burns and James worsen work all seated in the same carriage laughing and trading stuff These when worse and made an outrageous claim, he bragged that he was a gifted long distance runner we could run for miles and miles without slowing down or tiring, even after a night at the pub is to friends refused to believe him without a demonstration. So they stop the carriage and told him to get out. They told worsen to run the rest of the way home and they would follow behind him to see with their own eyes, reluctantly worsen agreed, even after all the drinking they partaken in back in the pub worse and put on a power show. According to the story, he sat a steady pace and began the long run back to their home in Coventry, ten miles to the north, all the while bird and and wise stay behind him in the carriage
following a long from a short distance, a handful of miles into the demonstration. Something happened that left worsens: friends stunned. Afraid they were watching worse and run straight down the middle of the country Lane when all of a sudden, the man tripped on something they couldn't see, he stumbled waved his arms in a panic and then fell to the ground and Van when burns and wise caught up to the place where worsen had trip, they expected to find their friend laid out in a ditch Amazingly, though, there was no sign of him a search, the sides of the road and called out for worse and to end the practical joke, but no matter how long they stayed there and searched for him. He never turned up. The police were called to help in the search as you might expect, but according
to the story. Burns and wise never found their friend he'd tripped over something then slipped into nothing and was never heard from again. He was a rising star in his country's military, and now everyone had gathered in the town square to catch a glimpse of him. He was a man of the people, a newly minted captain and a night in France's prestigious Legion, of honor, if ever there was someone deserving of respect, it was him the trouble was every one was gathered to see him branded as a thief, not a hero. You see here, in the city of Danzig a few months earlier and had settled in ass, the guest of a local business owner we
no the shop owners name, but we do know that he dealt in fancy goods whenever that might be and was also in the middle of a bit of a business slump as such them had no employees, so he enlisted the help of this esteemed military guest. With some time during his service over those many weeks in the merchants shop that one of the valuable signet rings went missing, it was small and the captain was us worthy. So the merchant assume that had just been lost under a box or cabinet it would turn up again. He was sure of it and it did
many weeks later, the merchant took a Sunday morning stroll through the city marketplace. While he was there, he bumped into an old friend and the two men exchange, greetings and a handshake, and that's when the merchant noticed the man's ring. Where did you get that he asked motioning toward his friends hand this the friend said holding up the ring. I bought it off a soldier if you can believe that it only costs me five dollars. The merchant proceeded to explain that the re had once belonged to him, but had gone missing. Putting the pieces together, the two men came to the startling realisation that the entire episode had been an act of theft by that well respected. Member of the Legion of Honor Captain Fritz I'll Sanger. The events moved quickly. After that the captain was arrested and brown
For the governor, where a confession was made, a trial was set up at all, Spangler was brought before a local general for a court martial. Finally, fashion was drawn up and the captain willingly signed it all that was left to us for him to be stripped of his rank and removed from the military, which would happen the following day in front of his entire garrison, the town square filled with thousands of curious onlookers else, banger was led out into the center. His military uniform was stripped of all its markings, badges and honours, which were then piled together on a cushion and carried away. Women, fainted and fellow soldiers openly wept. noble. Life of Captain Fritz. All Springer had been literally and figuratively. Dismantle that's why. I'll Swinger asked to speak. He turned to the general, and then
made the most amazing declaration. I M not for its also anger. He said I am Dietrich the son of a tradesman from Strasbourg. The crowd was stunned, as was the general he looked at the man who had just been stripped of his entire military career paused and then extended a hand, explain yourself. He said the tale the man began to weep, for them was stunning, three years prior, he had just completed seven years as an apprentice to a shoemaker in Strasbourg wanting something new for himself. He left city and joined up with a small group of Romani after travelling south. For some time they she'll. They found themselves in the italian city of Luck, Wheeler. stopping in a local lemonade shop for drink, he discovered all of the seats were occupied with military officers, and all of them were watching him intently.
Moments later one of the soldiers stood and approached, and that's when Dietrich saw the man's face any froze the two men looked so alike that they could have been twins. They say Some time marvelling at this and when all spanker discover that Dietrich was in search of a job, he offered him one. The following day, Dietrich became the officers valet life after that was interesting. say the least I'll Swinger love to use their near identical appearance for amusement. Sometimes the two would swap clothing. Oh that us banger could have more fun and enjoyed the non military life Anti, give Dietrich a taste of a bit more power and admiration It was an entertaining life and at least two Dietrich. It was a major step up, no longer was he the unemployed, former apprentice to Strasbourg Shoemaker. He was valet
a well known and well respected lieutenant and that had changed everything for him, but now here he was victim of a crime that resulted in the utter destruction of another man's reputation, which begged the obvious question. If Fritz US banger, wasn't a man standing before them and where was he also hangar. It turns out was dead. It happened after a long night of drinking Dietrich helped his master home on a cold wet autumn night, although he practically had to drag him I'll Swinger complained of a powerful, make an seem delirious and unaware of his surroundings after the off
sir was safe in bed. The valet gave him a cool drink and then retired to his own room for the night in the morning claims. He entered all Spaniards room at the usual hour to prepare a morning drink for him, but found the man to be pale and unmoving stepping closer. It became obvious why I'll swing was dead, whether it has been some sort of illness or perhaps a heart attack. Dietrich didn't know He knew he had to act quickly. before anyone else in the building was awake. He dragged his former masters corpse into his own quarters, where he dressed the man in his clothing. Then he quickly dash back to oust bangers bedroom dressed himself and uniform and started his day as the other man. Now
a short while he faked annoyance at his valet tardiness and sent some one to fetch him. Naturally, they found him cold and dead, like farm boy, taking over the role of the dread, pirate, Roberts Dietrich had assumed the life of Fritz all Swinger. He took over every bit of it from his duties in the military to friendships with the other officers, and thanks to the fact that the two men had been nearly identical in appearance. It worked, of course, that had been two years before his arrest for theft, so the general and governor were intrigue dunno. What he had been doing all that time, Dietrich explained that soon after he received orders to travel to France, and since that moved him closer to home and farther from the people who had known all Spain are intimately he jumped at the church along the way he was even promoted to captain thanks to his commitment,
the role and responsibility as an officer the only hitch The entire charade was the visit he paid to his mother. She didn't necessarily suspect him of being an impostor. But she certainly noticed he was much less affectionate toward her mother always knows: doesn't she when they lead Dietrich away to return to his jail cell? The people gathered around were left in stunned silence, some even wept at the tragedy of it all, but none of that change the current charges of theft to which he had freely- in gilt. All the details of his story were sent off to Emperor Napoleon for a decision and the weighting began. When we're arrived. There was good news and bad news on the positive side, Napoleon didn't believe the Dietrich had murdered else of anger the other hand, though he was still guilty of theft and fraud. According to the story, he was branded
as a thief in the area of his back between his shoulder blades and then locked up in a local prison. The plan was to keep him. There were just a short while and then transport him to another prison in western France, where he would work as a slave on board one of the naval ships within months of his trial, though a french empire began to crumble, around them and as a result, that transfer never happened by eighteen. Fourteen the city was in the hands of the Prussians and as they began the task of taking on the duties of running the various branches of government, one of the things they did review the prison records. As far as I can tell Everything seem normal and above board, except for one problem. The prisoner listed as Dietrich was noted with one simple word missing:.
Now is the story. Goes months before the arrival of the Prussians, the guards were escorting, a group of prisoners across the open yard of the complex they were walking in single file, hands chained together longer chain connecting them to each other and right there in full view of everyone around him, Dietrich began to fade out of sight that, the story anyway, and while it sounds like a scene pulled straight out of a star trek film, it probably does a lot of what folklore has done for us over the years. It takes a colonel of truth and packages it for a more entertaining storytelling experience. Looking back history, and I think that the more likely reason he was listed as missing was that he somehow managed to escape scribbling escaped in them gender, the prison logs would have been a lot more embarrassing, so they decided to go with missing and honestly I'll. He needed to do was get over the wall,
the harbour below the prison would have provided him. The perfect place to hide until a ship could carry him away in a sense. Dietrich disappeared the day he swamp, clothing, with the corpse of Fritz Os Banger is old. Life vanish while the life of his master continued on with a new actor running. The show in while will now I know for sure how he disappeared from that prison and dancing Weather
with some sort of supernatural, evaporation or just a good old fashioned prison break its clear and he lived out one of our greatest spheres when he did it, he went missing. It's almost terrifying. Just how easy it is for people to disappear. We go through I am thinking of ourselves as so permanence and immovable and yet well we're not. Sometimes life can carry us away like a river dragging debris toward a new destination other times it's the darker side of humanity that causes those disappearances, such as kidnapping or murder, people vanish. Whether we like
you're not sometimes, though, time reveals the answers, it can be like a strong wind that blows the sand back, revealing the truth buried beneath it. Take Benjamin Bathurst, for example, after he disappeared in eighteen. Oh nine, odd clues started to turn up. His pants were found in the woods outside of town. They had bullet holes in them, but no blood and there the letter to his wife in the pocket- stranger, a coat that was thought to belong to him- was discovered in the private home of an employee of the White Swan in where he'd been staying, that might sound nothing more than a bit of on the job theft, but one final piece of information makes me why under. If something more wasn't going on, you see in eighteen, twenty five a house in the same tone was demolished so that a new one could be built a previous the house had been yet another employee of the white Swan in, but they found so
Bing more significant buried in the dirt of the original foundation than a coat. They found a skeleton Benjamin Bathurst might have disappeared. But in the end we have people to blame for it now: magic. And remember our long distance runner, James Worsen, will historic first appeared in a collection of tales published in nineteenth, eighteen by an american writer named Ambrose Beers. In fact, it was one of many stories he published over the years that involve people who mysteriously disappeared in while that doesn't necessarily mean the worsens amazing run was entirely fictional. There's no other evidence to prove it wasn't Ambrose beers, if you ve never heard of him the guy who wrote an occurrence at owl, Creek Bridge a store I remember, being forced to read in high school. He was born in eighteen, forty two and worked as a journalist for a number of years.
including foreign abolitionist newspaper. Then the civil war broke out and he joined the union army. After the war was over. He continued his career as a writer, while he was Mostly known for his journalism, his fiction helped inspire countless others. Hp, love craft cited beers as a catalyst for his own writings. Thanks to his many horror, themed short, stories Hemingway held him in high regard as well. All in all, his writing career was groundbreaking and influential. at the age of seventy one. Beers decided to revisit all of his old civil war battle sites. It was the sort of thing people do They want to reflect and reminisce those few years of military service had become core to who he was, and wanted to stand in those places. One last time he left Washington DC by train. In October of nineteen,
thirteen and began the long, slow journey south and west stopping at each important site along the way you wrote letters home and see the journalists in various cities. He visited in New Orleans he told the rapporteur that he plan to keep travelling south into Mexico, perhaps to join up with poncho Visa and the Mexican Revolution. I like the game, he said I like fighting. I want to see it The old soldier in him must have gotten what he wanted to in late descent, Or of nineteen thirteen, he wrote a letter to a friend from the mexican City of Chihuahua. As to me, he wrote I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination, and that was it. Over a century. Later historians are still unsure what that new destination might have been and what transpired along the way likes.
many of his literary characters. Ambrose beers slipped out of the world and into the unknown, vanished and was never heard from again. Tales of disappearing people have a way of unsettling us whether the cause mundane or something more unexplainable and we explored a number of those today, after this short sponsor, break. I want to share one last story with you. This one
the flavour of the remarkable and while its truth is highly debatable, it's just the right mix of intriguing and entertaining stick around here. It in a moment The guard wasn't supposed to be there. It was a hot October afternoon in one thousand five hundred and ninety three and the viceroy's palace in Mexico City was already staffed with enough watchful eyes, so one of the men glanced over the wall and saw another soldier standing at the front gate. He sounded the alarm and in question was a guard like them, but he was well
in a very different uniform, which meant that he might be the enemy, the captain of the guards brought a few soldiers with him to the front of the palace and then carefully opened the gate. the man outside turned and looked at them with a puzzled expression. Where am I? He asked in perfect Spanish, the captain answered him and then inquired about his name and Tori. The man identified himself as Gill Perez until a few minutes before he had guard serving the spanish colony of Manila, nine, thousand miles away in the Philippines. Naturally, the MECCA, no city guards did it believe him most likely laughing at the thought of it. But the man push deeper, trying to prove it. Just last night He told them. The governor of Manila was killed by chinese assassins, while our fleet was headed to the Maluku islands. Remember, though, that this was one thousand five hundred and ninety three there was no internet or radio, let alone a telegram,
or mail service. If something here happen, nine thousand miles away just hours before they had absolutely no way of confirming it instead the stranger was thrown into one of the palaces, jail cells and left there and a better, more believable story presented itself and that's where he remained for many long months. The following spring: a package of correspondence I from the Philippines among the papers inside it was a letter detailing the assassination of the governor, along with the date of his death October 25th, one thousand five hundred and ninety three, somehow, against all the odds, the stranger had been right, not knowing what else the viceroy released press gave him all the supplies that he would need and then him back west where he was told to catch the next ship bound for Manila. All we can assume.
Is that he made it home safely? As with so many of these tales, there is very little evidence to help know for sure whether the events really played out this way or if they ve been added it over the centuries to give us a bit more of a thrilling experience, either way. The tale of GUILT Perez highlights one important question: we almost never get a chance to answer when people vanish. or site. Are they gone forever or do they simply end up somewhere else? A stranger in a distant land. This episode of law was written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey with research by more SAT Crockett and music by Chad Lawson. I make another podcast called Erin Monkeys, cabinet of curiosities, and I think you really enjoy it. It's a twice. We
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