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Episode 96: The Long Good-Bye


Life is full of challenges. From learning new skills to climbing the social ladder, most people struggle with the hurdles we’re forced to overcome. But when it’s all said and done, few things are as difficult as something all of us will have to face some day: saying good-bye.

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They had gone into it with very low expectations. Most of the eight hundred graves had held nothing more than the skeletal remains of their occupants and even the first for lead coffins prove to be just as disappointing, so we can't blame them for standing over the fifth, with no hope of anything different. The archaeologists were working their way through the burials, at the sight of a convoy did Western France in the city of Rehn. The ground had been opened up to begin construction on a convention center, but came to a halt. When the seventeenth century graves were found. This particular led coffin was among them when they pulled the lid open. They were
tarnished. The body inside was not a dry skeleton like all the rest, but the well preserved remains of a woman She was still wearing the clothing she'd been buried in to choose wool stockings a simple brown habit, a cap and avail all the tell tale signs that this was the grave of none, but the coffee. held a deeper story. This woman might have been buried as a none, but she hadn't always been one. In fact, archaeologists know for sure that she'd been married and widowed. They know this because she was found with a precious relic. A small led heart shaped Box containing her dead, husbands, heart she had lived and law
and then life had taken that love away, even though she had spent her last remaining years in a convent away from the rest of the world. She did so with a small reminder of her loss tucked away in a box, and then she was buried with it. moments like this frozen in time so long ago and left for us to rediscover are powerful reminders of just how fleeting life can be every day holds a new distraction afresh disaster or something and between we get so wrapped up in the little challenges of each individual moment that we forget how some day all of it will come to an end. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to say good, bye, I'm Erin Monkey, and this is lore.
Yeah Daniel was born in eighteen. Thirty, three in the scottish village of cures About seven miles to the West of Edinburgh, there were rumours that his father was Illegitimate son of a local earl, but no one was ever able to prove that instead of luxury and provision, Daniel was born into a poor household with little to offer him. And if the stories. True. It was an abusive environment that offered him little hope on that
how it was arranged, but around the age of one Daniel was adopted by his aunt, a woman named Mary Cook. Together with her husband, she pulled Daniel out of the hopelessness of curry and into their own home EAST of Edinburgh on the sea coast, and that's where Daniel spent his first few years, he was described as a delicate boy and prone to illness. He was slim and pale and always looked a little sickly with a tendency to be a bit of an anxious child. But there were other things that may Daniel even less ordinary. The trouble is just a lot more difficult to believe. According to his merry Daniel spent a lot of time in his cradle as a baby, it was the sort that could be rocked if the baby inside needed to be soothed or,
on more than one occasion, though, she claimed to have entered the room to see the cradle rocking slowly back and forth. Stepping closer she was shocked to find Daniel sleeping soundly inside. It. How the cradle rapped on its own remained a mystery Daniel provided her with other unsettling moments. Ass, he grew older at the age of just for she claimed that he spoke to her about the death of a cousin who lived many miles away. Daniel apparently described the particulars of the child's death in great detail all of it came true. His aunt and uncle could do nothing more than scratch. Their heads in eighteen, forty two went Annual was just nine years old. The cooks packed up and left Scotland Cross in the Atlantic to set up a new life in Greenville Connecticut. They bought a house made friends and enroll Daniel in school there in town and that's where he met Edwin.
Daniel and Edwin were inseparable over the years to come after school. They would retreat to one of their homes to read their Bible gather before. Had he not side for grand adventures and long conversations, they shared a lot of common interests, but one of their biggest passions was the world beyond our own behalf life, the boys had heard a story called the lady with the black ribbon, which tells the tail of a couple in love, so in love that when the man tragically passed away, he returned to visit his lover from beyond the veil. In the story, the Spirit of the man apparently touches the woman on the wrist, leaving a permanent mark, which she then covers. With a black ribbon Daniel and Edwin were enamelled with the idea of returning from the grave to say, good bye, so they made a pact if one of them should die. They promised to return three days later and appear before the other
It was a promise that hinged on a lot of very specific ideas and beliefs, but the boys were committed to it in eighteen, forty, six headwinds family moved away separating the close friends for the first time in four years later that year, according to Daniels own account, he knelt beside his bed, one night to say his prayers, only to be interrupted by a darkness that seem to fill one end of the room and out of that darkness stepped the glowing form of when Edwin didn't speak, but instead pointed upward and drew three circles in the air above his head before vanishing forever Daniel called out to his aunt Mary, who ran to bedroom to see what he needed when he told her that had died three days earlier. She laughed it off later that weak, though a letter from Edmunds parents arrived, confer, mean what Daniel already knew to be true, if all of these moments were clues along.
Way towards showing Daniel that he was special. The biggest one arrived just three years later in eighteen fifty. He felt the urge to go visit, his mother, who had moved to America years before to be closer to Daniel and her sister his merry. But while he was there at her house, she told him about a recent dream she had in it. One of her children who had died in childhood, appeared to her this child and formed her that she would die in exactly four months and that this death would be sudden and happen without any loved ones. Nearby, even after breathing Daniel had witnessed with his own eyes over his short life. It was hard to believe her story. four months later Daniels Mother, was on a trip out of town, when aside An illness forced her to seek the help of strangers while they cared for her telegram, was sent out requesting her family to come and see her by the time they arrived. However, she,
had already passed away, four months after the dream, suddenly and without family at her side. Just as the dream had toll Daniel already had to say good by far more than most children, his age good, bye to Scotland, good bye to Edwin and now, after all those years apart. Good bye to his mother, it was painful yes but it was also revealing Daniel had inherited something from his mother that had open new doors and offered amazing possibilities, and it was only just beginning.
less than a year after the death of his mother Daniels onto kicked him out of her house at the age of eighteen. It might seem like a heartless thing to do to a young man who had lost so much, but for Mary Cook. It was all about religion.
At first, the trouble arose outside the house when Daniel decided to attend a less strict denomination for himself or his aunt Mary, who was a staunch Calvinist. Daniels choice of the local congregational church felt like a slap in the face, but it was inside their house where the trouble really took root. That's where new unexplainable things were taking place, knocking sounds could be heard throughout the house Sometimes doors would open on their own other times. It would sound as if the entire place were shaking. There were reports that furniture moved across the floor on their own and sometimes even floated above the floor and through it all
The annual was convinced that the knockings were a form of communication from forces beyond the veil, spirits reaching out to talk and when taken into account with all of his previous adventures with the supernatural Daniels aunt had become worried. She reportedly confronted him on the matter, so you ve brought the devil to my house. Have you, in response to the other worldly activity, that it invaded their home. She sent Daniel Packing Daniel quickly settled into an itinerant lifestyle travelling between the homes of friends where he would stay for a while and try to avoid wearing out his welcome
his first stop was in the town of Will a, and it was there that he held his first public science. It said that, during the event, one of the spirit that reached out to speak with him was that of his dead mother fear. Not she told him. Yours is a glorious mission. You will convince the infidel cure the sick and consult the weeping at another seance near the home of his aunt Daniel informed his hostess one, MRS force. But a spirit had offered to reconnect her to along my sister, who moved away years before Daniel wrote down the name of a town far out West and when MRS Force wrote the community they're asking about her sister, that sister replied personally other worldly successes like that. Don't stay under wraps people love to talk and as
and you ll continue to demonstrate his amazing gifts, the community's around him whispered in astonishment, and how could they not Daniel, have the ability to reconnect them with loved ones, whether they ve been separated by distance or death, all of which brought crowds to his doorstep? That only got worse after Daniel conducted his first healing it happened when he was living in the Connecticut town of Lebanon, one afternoon while in a sort of trance a voice spoke through him. Instructing him to go to a specific address, six miles away where a woman was ill and in need of help Daniel climbed off his bed made the journey.
and found the home sure enough inside was a woman who had just become ill minutes before after introducing himself and his mission to the woman's husband, Daniel was led in sight or he placed his hands on her body instantly healing her of all the pain she had been feeling hundreds of people became convinced by this new powerful diamonds. Nation of his unusual abilities and with the attention came, all sorts of odd offers one wealthy childless couple offered to adopt Daniel, despite the fact that he was an adult and on his own, he stayed with them for a short while, but left after it became clear they weren't planning to give him any rest from the Constance.
Answers they kept requesting others who noticed him included the well known poet, William Cullen, Brian's and Judge John Worth Edmunds, who was a justice of the New York Supreme Court? They noticed his messages from the other world is powerful hearings and his supernatural ability to provide lost information. The most noticeable characteristic of the sciences, however, was the levitating table very frequently the table around which Daniel and his guest sat was reported to lift off the floor and hover in the air many times the stronger people around the table would push down on it, trying to end the trick, but nothing would move it. The limitations all began in August of eighteen, fifty two, while conducting science in the home of a wealthy gentleman named Ward Cheney during that
Daniel also inform Cheney that one of the man's dead relatives referred to only as the great lady was annoyed because of the coffin that had been placed on top of hers. Janey deny the truth of the claim, though he knew the real. to Daniel had spoken of even watched, her burial. Personally, so he refused to believe the story. There was no coffin on top of hers, still Daniel persisted enough that Cheney finally took him to the cemetery where the woman was buried when they arrived, Cheney called for the undertaker to explain to Daniel how wrong he was, and that's when the undertaker dropped his head in shame and made a confession to Janey. Yes, she had been buried alone, but just the day before, he had needed a place to bury a small child and use the space above. The woman's grave Cheney stood corrected. Daniel was vindicated through it all Daniel refused payments for his services, no matter how often
offered or how large that payment might have been in a world where spiritualism was quickly growing in the public space and attracting all sorts of charlatans and frauds along the way. Daniel was an anomaly he refused to get rich off his gifts. Instead, he actually wanted to walk away. From it, or maybe it was his life of constant illness or those rare moments when he had a chance to heal someone else of their physical ailments. Whatever Motivation might have been what Daniel really wanted to do was become a doctor, so in eighteen, fifty three he moved to New York and began medical school. It was a plan that was short lived though less than two years later, in January of eighteen, fifty five, the annual was diagnosed with tuberculosis that ever present bacterial disease. That seems to pop up in every victorian era story. He was told he didn't have long to live, but they recommended a trip to Europe to see if the chain
Jeanne climate would help before leaving Daniel embarked on a two month, tour of all his old friends through fabric. Hurry and march. He travelled from town to town doing what he had been come so very good at doing saying goodbye to the people he loved. He had reached the end of the road as far as he was concerned, and it was time to wrap things up with a nice neat bow, but Daniel was wrong. There were so much more to come, The steamer called the Africa left America on March thirty, first of eighteen, fifty five ten days later it pulled into London and dispersed its passengers into that great city, Daniel Home,
no stranger to stain the friends wherever he travel made his way over to the Cox Hotel, owned and operated by an acquaintance of his rights. Than rest up and do nothing other than breed that somehow different European AIR Daniel began to take on appointments. According to him In less than one month he hadn't more meetings and appointments scheduled. Then he could physically manage word about His amazing abilities had spread across the Atlantic ahead of him and it had fallen on Hungary ears. among the typical seance attendees were lords and Ladys of the british upper class. They came with questions and requests which Daniel was happy to help them with, but they also gave Daniels critic something to latch onto like so many sceptics before them. They assumed he was a fraud seeking only fortune and fame, except, as I mentioned before,
Daniel took no payment for these events. In fact, a couple of years after arriving the union club in Paris offered him the equivalent of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in modern american currency for a single science and Daniel turn them down. One of his biggest critics in England was Sir David Brewster, a scientist an inventor best known for his work and physical optics, and the polarization. light Brewster was the prototypical scientist and he sat in on a number of Daniel Sciences in an attempt to catch a fraud in the act. Instead, he left each session completely stumped and I don't blame him. In fact, at one London seance, a spirit was said to have snatched the rings off the hands of everyone seated around the table, then a single disembodied hand appeared between them each other.
missing rings visible on its structural fingers. A moment later, the hand vanished like smoke and the rings fell to the table below if he faked it. We're not sure how Daniel didn't stay in England long though in the art. of eighteen, fifty five, just a few months after arriving in London, he travelled to Florence, ITALY, where a countess from the Orsini family hosted him for a large gathering. They say She played piano for everyone there that night and while she did Daniel, somehow cause the piano to levitate off the floor. Among the many legendary gas to have sat around Daniels Table one historian, included, Napoleon Bonaparte and Tsar Alexander among them, while he wasn't taking. payment for his amazing displays of other worldly powers. He was certainly growing his network, a famous friends and a great example of this happened in eighteen. Fifty eight
that was the year Daniel married Alexandria to crawl. The daughter of a russian nobleman is Man was none other than Alexander Duma author of the three musketeers, its clear that way. He might not have been wealthy in the traditional sense. The annual was becoming rich with friends, but no amount of fame or fortuitous connections could prevent tragedy from striking Daniels life. Four years after their storybook wedding, Alexandria was laid low by tuberculosis and died a short while later Daniel was just twenty nine years old and the loss understandably crushed him When he returned to England, after the loss of his wife, Daniel received yet one more offer of adoption this time by a woman named MRS Lion or offer occluded, the handsome sum of sixty thousand pounds, a small fortune to a wandering spiritualist, and perhaps it was his recent loss or the exhaustion of so much travelling and entertaining.
But this time he decided it was an offer worth taking the catch, of course, because there's always a catch with an offer like that. Was that Daniel Supposed to introduce MRS Lion to all of his high society friends, but when those introductions failed to happen, she took him to court to reclaim the money she won. Two of oh, it didn't seem to a phased poor Daniel. He continued to travel continued to conduct more of his sought after sciences, and he continued to amaze people years later on. Summer. Thirteenth of eighteen sixty eight Daniel performed one of his most memorable and written about feats of limitation. He had been in added to a large home in Westminster and was sir
did my lords and Ladys, some of whom were friends while others were complete strangers during his performance. It was reported Daniel himself, levitating up off the floor, rotated to lay horizontal in the air and then slowly drifted out an open window, three stories above the pavement below after a few moments, he re entered the house through a different window, righted himself and then touched back down on the floor. after that life began to calm down for Daniel Home sceptics, continued to investigate and harass him as he got older, but none of them ever manage to prove him to be a fraud in eighteen Anyone he married for a second time to yet another russian heiress Julie DE gloomily. That same year, Daniel officially retired, at a young age of just thirty eight, while his health had always been a pressing concern it.
begun to deteriorate even more quickly and he needed all the rest. He could get world held its breath expecting the worst, but somehow Daniel pulled through again the tuberculosis that had driven him across the Atlantic and then disappeared finally returned in teen eighty six, while he was in Paris, he passed away on June twenty first of that year, just fifty two years old after a life of saying goodbye to others, the world found itself returning the favour Daniel home at stepped beyond the veil. I wonder if he found what he was looking for.
There are few things as difficult as saying by whether it's the sale of your childhood home or the loss of your beloved grandmother, sometimes the present quietly slips into the past and were powerless to do anything to stop it. This, of course, was one of the central pillars that held up the entire tent of spiritualism loss and letting go had become an overwhelmingly common human experience and to the people who followed that movement, their hunger for hope was insatiable. People like Daniel Home came to represent exactly that hope, He was something of an Enigma really like a lot of the traveling spiritualist performers of the late nineteenth jerry. He drew enormous crowds and seemingly limitless attention. People were clearly huh
green for answers to life's difficult questions and anyone claiming to be able to communicate with the spirits beyond the veil quickly became a star. At the same time, though, Daniel wasn't, going about it all in the expected manner. Unlike the Fox sisters, he wasn't selling tickets to his seances or accepting monetary gifts from his most loyal supporters. Instead, he remained little more than a wanderer drifting from place to place as the waves of friendship and public demand pushed him along. He became a celebrity but refused almost all of the perks that came with it. Still, we know what drew everyone else to Daniels performances reality. He's of life and death of sickness and misfortune. all of it had a way of causing doubt and fear, while He might have been best known for levitating tables and secret knowledge. People were really just looking for answers and hope, and at the end of the day, that's what Daniel offered them.
There were a lot of sceptics, though people who thought they smell the fraud and believed that if they just looked hard enough, they could unmask the wizard behind the curtain. Most walked away more frustrated than when they arrived, but a few came away as believers One investigator would later declared Daniel home to be a rare breed of medium who ticked all of the major boxes. He was clairvoyant. You can move objects with his mind. He could speak with the dead and the dead could speak. who him, but he was also a genuinely beautiful human being below humility and charity. This investigator went onto. Right about how, during the siege of Paris in eighteen, seventy Daniel used to pass out cigars to the wounded Germans around the city, he was a unique individual who had been greatly
understood when his most useful and unselfish life had come to an end. The investigator later wrote. It must be recorded to the eternal disgrace of our british press that there was hardly a paper which did not allude to him as an impostor. And a charlatan the time is coming. However, when he will be recognised for what he was one of pioneers in the slow and arduous advance of humanity into that jungle. Of ignorance, which has encompassed it for so long, Investigator and writer. By the way, wasn't just random, journalist or well positioned friend, with an agenda. He was a night, a medical doctor and a successful novelist who left a mark on popular culture that can still be seen today.
He was none other than the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I hope you ve enjoyed this journey through the wonderful. unbelievable life of Daniel Douglas home. If you like me, though, you're going to want to hear more, thankfully I've managed to track down one last tale to share with you and it's more than a little uplifting If you know what I mean stick around to hear all about it after the short sponsor break
As I mentioned earlier, one of Daniels First Seances was at the home of Ward Cheney, a wealthy silk manufacturer from the Hartford area, Janey had a great love of the supernatural and he saw a lot of potential in young Daniel. Others were invited to that seance as well, including a man named Franklin, Bur brother of the editor in chief of the Hartford Daily Times, but unlike Cheney, Franklin Bert, wasn't there as a believer. He was there to debunk and disprove. What he perceived to be a fraud, Daniel was blindfolded and science was conducted in a well that room. There would be no tricks, no ropes, no police or hidden leavers. Bur wanted this event to be true parents and open in new that many others celebrity mediums had already been exposed as frauds again
home represented his chance to add one more name to that list at First Daniel claim to communicate with a number of spirits, despite the blindfold, he managed to write down their message is using a board with words pre printed on it unconvinced, though, Bur asked him to focus on one spirit in particular and go deeper. Tell us the story. Tell us what the want, prove that this is real, so Daniel told them of the spirit of a sailor in the room and ass. He did MRS say that the room filled with the sound of howling when it was as if they were on the high seas in stormy weather and as this grew louder. The table itself began to tilt and rock Bur looked for signs of trickery. That's why he was there, after all, but even later claim that, although he had a clear view of the state beneath and around the table. There is absolutely nothing suspicious to be found. Table was just moving,
later, the table stopped, tilting and simply wrong was nearly a foot off the floor and there it hovered without explanation: Bur threw himself on the table, as did a few others. The table would not sink back there after a few frustrating moments of wrestling with the floating furniture. Bur cried out for irrefutable proof, Sign that cannot be explained the way with tricks, orb sleight of hand. He demanded it in response. He later wrote Daniels body was lifted off the chair and raised high into the air, so high birth said the young man's head and hands touch the ceiling of the room, and that was the moment of transformation for Franklin Bur. He entered the home of Word Cheney as a sceptic that day, but he left as a true believer two days later. He published his experience in the newspaper
hold the world historic one last detail, Daniel had another vision in the spring of eighteen. Seventy six in it, his old friend Ward Cheney, had passed away. Driven by the premonition. He sat down that very afternoon to write a letter to chinese daughter in law to express his sadness for her loss. when the letter arrived weeks later, having been carried out, the Atlantic on an ocean liner J, his daughter in law was shocked to see the date the Daniel had written at the top of the page march. Twenty second. The very same day, Ward Cheney had died.
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