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REMASTERED – Episode 10: Steam & Gas

2021-08-09 | 🔗

The well-worn carpets and imperfect walls of an old hotel can often make guests feel as if they are staying in a little slice of the past. In one grand old hotel, however, that truth has never been more true. This remastered edition includes a brand new story at the end, plus refreshed narration and production, and music from Chad Lawson.


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ask any group of people where they feel the most safe and the answer is almost universal, their own house. It's a place. They know well where they have built a life in crafted wonderful memories of Sweden is for many people and immutable law, but what happens when we leave the safety of our homes and travel once outside our comfortable safe haven. We often find ourselves exposed to whatever awaits us. Some people are more courageous than others. Of course the travel can be a source of fear. For many hoto phobia is
fear of travel and, while the vast majority of people don't necessarily suffer from a clinical fear of leaving their homes, many do struggle with strange places and no place can feel more foreign and strange to a traveller. In my opinion, at least in the places where thousands upon thousands of guests had stayed, perhaps it's the well worn carpets or the imperfect walls and ceilings make us feel uneasy. Noisy plumbing finicky lights and the sounds of settling structure can leave even the best of us feeling a bit out of our elements. No other place in the United States can eyes that uneasy feeling more than an often forgotten mountain lodge built over a century ago in the shadows of the rocky mountains, despite its classic architecture and lab
the core there is very little inside that feel safe and I'd like to take you there, I'm Aaron Monkey- and this is more They were twin wonders. Freeland and Francis Stanley were born in Maine in eighteen, forty nine they had five other siblings, two of whom were also twins, but something was different about freely and his brother. They were exceptional students. Learners and gifted with an unusual mechanical aptitude. As nine year old, they were using. Their fathers leads to craft wooden tops which they sold to their classmates
Aged ten, they were taught how to make violins by their parental grandfather. It was said that their instruments were concert quality. Those early experiments, though, helped fuel a lifelong passion for building things After a short career, as a teacher and principal Freeland Stanley went into business with his brother, finding and marketing a photographic process known ass dry plating It was a revolutionary change allowing even amateur photographers to take quality images so revolutionary, in fact, that Eastman Kodak purchased the technology in the late eighteen, hundreds making the brothers very very wealthy from there. The wonder, twins moved into the world of motor
cars, their first automobile was built in eighteen, ninety seven, and by one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine, it was the best selling motor car in the country because of its unique steam powered engine, the automobile was called the Stanley Steemer. It was the steamer, along with a few other, smaller businesses that help turn the twins into tycoons in their own right, and one thousand. Nine hundred and three Freeland was diagnosed with tuberculosis, sometimes referred to as the wasting sickness at the age of fifty three he had dropped to just one hundred and eighteen lb and a doctor told him that he had six The live at the most. So like many people of that era, Stanley travelled West to the clean mountain AIR of Colorado and that's where he discovered as this park Alan and his wife. Flora instantly fell in love with a setting. They built a home there, almost immediately and after somehow shaking the tuberculosis, the couple returned every summer. Thereafter he and his tailored suits and pointy gray beer.
she and her high colored floral gowns, but it was Another building they constructed there, a massive grand hotel that has left the most lasting mark. Built to the tune of nearly half a million dollars. The Stanley hotel opened its doors in nineteen o nine and has been serving guests ever since
the Stanley Hotel was a modern marvel in its day. It featured a hydraulic, elevator electricity throughout running water telephones and even a fleet of Stanley own steam powered mountain wagons to ferry guests straight from the train station to the front door of the hotel. It had nearly three hundred rooms. Four hundred sixty six windows, a music room with a grand piano, a billiard room, restaurant ball, room and three floors for guest rooms, and that's just inside the hotel outside and scattered around the property were staff. Dormitories, a concert hall, the ICE House Carriage House managers home in many others, a private airstrip, was even built on the property at some point, although it spin
and in four decades over the years the Stanley Hotel has played host to a number of famous guests. John Philip Sousa, not only stayed there frequently, but he would turn the piano in the music room and record the dates inside the lid. Other guests have checked in air, including titanic survivor, Molly Brown, President Theodore, Roosevelt, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and barbarous dry sand and freely Stanley over to Mercosur has never got him. He died in nineteen forty at the age of ninety one just a year after his wife Flora passed away, but while the couple was no longer there to oversee the hotels day to day business, one thing has been very clear to those who work there: the Stanley, it seems never checked out.
in July, two thousand nine, a tourist in the lobby of the hotel, approached her friends with complete shock. She had been shopping for postcards in the gift shop and had exit store, while reading the backs of the once she bought. According to her story, she still had her head down when a pair of pat legs came into view. She did the polite thing and stepped to the side to allow the man to pass, but when she did, she claims the legs moved to block her new path taken aback. She raised her head to scold the man for his rudeness, but stopped when a wave of cold air washed over her. The man according to the woman, was dressed in clothing seemed out of place and his pointy beard had an old fashioned look to it. She then watched as the man walked away toward the lobby, fireplace where he vanished out of sight
the rushing over to her friends to tell them what had happened. She was approached by another woman who happened to overhear the conversation. This woman led the tourist toward the anti Stanley, steamer automobile that sits in the hotel lobby in pointed toward the photo on the wall behind it, a photo of Freeland Stanley. The tourist was astonished. The man she had just seen with her own eyes, had been dead for over sixty years. Mr Stanley has also been seen in the billiard room, a favorite location During his time at the hotel, according to one report, a group of tourist were once led through the room. When a vision of Stanley appeared behind one of the tourists. Mr Stanley also seems have a soft spot for his beloved rocking chair on the front porch visible from the front desk through a large lobby window. It has been witness by many to be rocking on its own volition, but if Mr Stanley, real he has remained behind in the hotel after death, then he is apparently not alone.
In February of nineteen eighty four, the night Bellman was working the front desk when he heard footsteps from the direction of the hotel bar known as the cascades, the bellman leaned over the counter to peer around corner and in the reflection of the lobby windows, he was able to see the figure of a woman. She wore a pale gown that he described as off the shoulders in southern bell style. The bellman quickly exiting the front desk area through the back doorway, but when he arrived in the side hall near the windows, no one was there. During an overnight shift in eighteen, seventy six, the clerk at the front desk, reported hearing piano music. She left the desk and entered the music room where the sound was coming from, but found that empty. According to her, however, the piano keys were still moving on their own. One thousand nine. Ninety four, a guest heard similar music from the direction of the music room and stepped inside he claimed to have seen
a young woman sitting at the piano- and he approached so, he could watch and listen ass. She played as he walked across the room. Now the girl transformed into an elderly woman before disappearing completely The Stanley have frequently been cited on the main staircase informal attire and even in the elevator, the encounters, I've never violent or malevolence, but they frighten guests and staff. Nonetheless, Barton, is there in the cascades claim they have even seen the deceased owner strolling through the bar. Some have even given chase only to lose sight of the ghost as vanishes into one of the walls. Whether or not you believe in ghosts. The frequency other reports is enough to make you wonder from glowing orbs caught on film to the faint, sound piano music drifting into the lobby. There seems to be no lack of fuel for the legends that fill those halls, but it's not just the Stanley who hunt
Hotel sightings have been reported throughout the structures for stories with the vast majority of them occurring in the most unwelcome of places, the guest rooms, The early nineteenth hundreds, many visitors to the Stanley hotel would stay from more than just a weekend. In many cases, guess would stay through this summer and that meant arriving equipped for months of living abroad. Those of us who have spent the past few years watching the british television show downturn AB might be familiar with this process. The gentlemen and Ladys would arrive by carriage, in this case steam power, of course, along with a caravan of servants and luggage, and while the wealthy guests had access to the many finally appointed rooms of the hotel, the servants and children were
located to the fourth floor. This was an era when children were expected to be seen, but not heard, and so played in the rooms and halls far above the heads of the guests. They slept there played there and even a there in a small window, this corner of the upstairs kitchen these days. The fourth floor is just one more level of guest rooms according to many accounts. However, that doesn't mean that children are gone many of the stories center around room. Four hundred and eighteen, there have been reports of the sound of balls bouncing in the dark of high childlike voices laughing and talking in the hall outside the room of metal jacks on wooden flooring in the pound. A little feet. Guests have been startled out of their sleep by voices and sounds some of which have been even captured on video. Even the staff have had experiences.
The cleaning staff always entered the room with a bit of fear. Due to the many odd things that have been witnessed inside room for eighteen The television has been known to turn on and off on its own and on at least on occasion. A housekeeper has turned to see that the bed she has just made up now has the deep impression of a body in the bed spread the with the most activity, though, is on the second floor, and there are legends as to why It is said that in nineteen eleven not thunder storm caused a power outage in the hotel sending the building into complete darkness. It was dinner time and thankfully, most of the guests were downstairs in the Macgregor ballroom, but the staff still needed to provide a temporary fix. What.
lack of light, because those Stanley Hotel was built at a time of transition between gas and electric lamps. The fixtures throughout the hotel were equipped to do both with the building and darkness staff were sent room to room with candles to light each acetylene gas lamp. But when one of the chambermaids, a woman named Elizabeth Wilson entered room to seventeen Something happened. It should be said that this room was the presidential suite is enormous and. The currently decorated in the style, most beloved by Florus Stanley herself bright floral wallpaper in reds and pinks and greens covered the walls. Men. The carpet was the color of grass with accents of red and blue. It was the jewel of the hotel, according to the legend, the light fixture in that room had a hidden leak in the room had filled with gas when Missis
and opened the door with her lit candle in hand the gas ignited setting off an explosion that destroyed nearly ten percent of the hotel along the western wing. Part of the floor gave way and several steel girders fell on tables in the ball. Room below, thankfully missing the guests. Mrs Wilson, though, was not so lucky: she fell through the floor, breaking both her ankles in the fall. It's a good stuff but there are many versions of it: five Colorado. Newspapers carry the story, but details varied widely. One paper listed were made as EVA Colbert and said that she was thrown through a wall onto the porch with no injuries, in another. She was Elizabeth Lambert who died in the fall
still another report claimed the chambermaid was a woman named Lizzie lights in burger. All of the stories did agree, though, that the explosion happened at eight p m, but none of them mentioned the thunderstorm. There are other glitches in the story is well no employ records exist. This period in the hotels history among the many photographs of hotel staff over the years. There are no pictures of anyone named Elizabeth Wilson or Lambert or lights in burger. All of it has the smell of and dressing designed to lend some credibility to the odd experiences that guests have had in room to seventeen. Just what experiences am my referring to well? According to first hand, accounts the ghost of MRS Wilson has been known to unpack suitcases of guests, potass their clothing on the floor and rearrange the bed linens. Another common report is that some guests and staff have seen a mysterious black hole in the floor, said to be the location of her fall.
after the explosion. The false in the bathtub has been known to turn on and off on its own and maids have seen door in the room opened and closed in eighteen. Seventy four a man and his wife arrived at the hotel at the end of the season. According to this story, we're the only guests in the entire hotel, after dinner that first night, the couple retired to bed where the husband had a horrible nightmare I dreamed of my three year old son running through the corridors. He later said, the boy was looking back over his shoulder eyes wide screaming. He was being chased by a firehouse. I woke with a tremendous jerk sweating all over within an inch of falling out of bed. I got up lit a cigarette sat in a chair looking out the window at the Rockies and by the time the cigarette was gone. I had the bones of the book firmly set in my mind that man was Stephen king in the book, of course, would later become the shining
yeah some folk. Lore is historical. We tell the tales because they happened at least to some degree. There's a grain of truth at the core of many myths and legends, a real life, a or fear that cause people to remember, to retail and to eventually immortalized other legends. However, act that core truth. They work backwards instead creating a unique story to explain the unexplainable oftentimes. These stories lean on the past and mine it for the hints of validity, but in the end we are still left with stories that have no routes. The reason people do that isn't really a mystery story. You see ups keep us grounded, it helps provide us with bearings,
We navigate life like a landmark. We can all point toward and when something odd or unexplainable happens, I think it's only human nature to look for those landmarks. When we can't find em oftentimes, we simply invent our own. Perhaps the original events that led to the unusual activity at the Stanley Hotel have simply been lost in the past. It would be reasonable assume that at least some of the stories have a foundation in reality, rather than just a narrative of a hotel with a supernatural reputation to keep. That's not my decision to make I'll leave. Now up to you, but sometimes were reminded that stories can evolve, that the unknown
can suddenly become a bit more knowable in two thousand fourteen, while doing maintenance in a service tunnel beneath the hotel workers found debris. Specifically, they found pieces of drywall covered with pink and green wallpaper carpet. Fragments were also discovered, still pale, green with red and blue details. It turns out the explosion really did happen and if we can find truth at the centre of one of the stories a century later. How much more truth is out there to be found I'll leave. Leave you with one last story from room to seventeen. According to a previous guest who was preparing to go to bed, he opened one of the windows to lead in some of the cool Colorado air. Later after having been asleep for some time, he felt his wife climb out of bed and quiet walk across the room toward the window. The man said that he opened his eyes and after glancing at the glue.
we numbers of the alarm clock. He looked a fine, her standing at the window, her face pressed against the screen. You have to see this. She whispered to him as a family of Elk outside the guest, didn't move. It smiled and watched his wife for a long time noticing how her hair moved in the breeze it's hard to blame him. After all, she'd been dead for over five years. Stories about the palatial homes of the ultra wealthy are always entertaining Especially when they involve hauntings and unexplainable experiences, so it's wonder that the Stanley Hotel has been at the top of the list for so many people over the years, but it's far from it.
oh and in that category, theirs only one more strange mansion that I'd like to take you on a tour of, because it combines all of the things we love to hear about odd inventions, the other world and ghostly echoes of another time stick around through this brief sponsor break to hear all about it. There is nothing wrong with living in a castle. People had done that for centuries, of course, so it was. And knew or revolutionary, except this was a media, castle, built on the coast of New England outside the town of Gloucester and it wasn't constructed in the thirteen hundreds or even the sixteen hundreds. Now it was completed in nineteen, twenty nine.
The builder was a man named John Hammond, and if you haven't heard of him you're missing out, he was in a an inventor, mostly known as the Father of Radio Control, as in the technology be in our cars and that sort of thing. In fact, over his career, he was awarded over four hundred patents and for a while even held more than Thomas Edison. A castle was his paradise. He imported all sorts of artifacts from Europe and incorporated them into the structure from the roman sarcophagus and complete centuries old buildings that surrounded the indoor pool to the skull of one the crew members of Christopher Columbus that sat on a display shall forget to see there's a legend that one of the guest rooms even had a radio controlled door and Hammond enjoy shutting it on his friends when they were least expecting it here
the sort of person who was very smart, very creative and very eccentric, as one final story will clearly demonstrate. Is he him was born in eighteen? Eighty, eight right at the tail end of the spiritualist movement, but that didn't stop him from falling in love with everything about it. So when he completed his mansion and the coast and had everything he ever wanted installed and constructed to his exact vision, he added one last feature in the Great Hall near the large pipe organ he loved to play. Hammond had built something else, a faraday cage. Remember him was a radio guy. He understood the sorts of invisible waves and forces that our modern machinery can throw around the room, but he also wanted hold seances in the Great Hall and he felt at all
those manmade forces might interfere with a mediums ability to listen for voices from the other side of the veil. A faraday cage is a sort of insulated booth designed to block electromagnetic fields. It's a shield in a sense that protects the things inside from the radio and magnetic waves outside, and that's where him and would put his medium. Whether or not it allowed them to make a stronger connection to the world beyond. Our own is up for debate, but there are stories that seem to hint at some level of success. The castle you see is frequently used for weddings. These days, some folks choose Heather ceremony outside in the courtyard, but with New England, whether the way it is guests often find themselves indoors, usually in the great room, then, while the Faraday cage is no longer there, people have seen echoes of it from time to time.
The civic Lee there have been multiple reports of a mysterious guessed at some weddings. She's always described the same way. A tall, beautiful woman with long red, hair, guests and staff alike have seen her, but she always manages to disappear before any one can approach her and ask who she is No one likes a wedding crusher, especially when you ve been invited to an exclusive reception inside the stone halls of an enormous castle, but taking all of the pieces into consideration the fair it a cage mediums and the freeway. Sciences. We might be missing the most obvious conclusion: the mysterious woman, Might very well believe that she was invited.
This episode of war was researched, written and produced by me, Aaron Mangy, with music by Chad Lawson. Is much more than just a pod cast? There's a book series available in bookstores an on line and two seasons of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, I also make an executive produce a whole bunch of other pod casts, all of which I think you'd and why my production, company, grim and mild specializes in shows that sit at the intersection of a dark and the historical. You can
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