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REMASTERED – Episode 14: The Others

2021-11-01 | 🔗

The folklore surrounding small, human-like creatures from around the world is worth another visit. And this time, the journey has been remastered with new narration and music, modern production, and a brand new story at the end. Enjoy!


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No one likes to be alone. Even introvert need to come up for air every now and then an experienced human contact Beanery others as a way of coming our souls and imparting a bit of safety, if only in theory but time is even crowds of people in scores of friends can't fight the crippling feeling that we are in the end, isolated and alone, Let's have become very good at chasing away that feeling now, when darkness threatened to cut us off from the world around us, he discovered fire and then electrical lights. Today we use technology to help us stay connected to friends and relatives who live thousands of miles away, and yet the feeling of loneliness gross deeper every year
we ve learned to harness tools to fight it, though the ancient cultures in the days before Facebook or even the printing press. If you can fathom net society fought the feeling of being alone with story. Each culture developed a set of tales a mythology and surrounding lore that filled in the cracks be stories explained the unexplainable. They filled the dark night with figures and shapes and gave people lonely or not something else, to talk about something other Some tails were there to teach some preached morals through analogy others, offered a word of warning or a lesson that would keep children safe. In the end, though, all of them did something that we couldn't do on our own. They put us in our place. They offered perspective It might seem like we're at the top of the food chain, but what? If we're not from the can't hills of Iceland and Brazil to the black top streets of Urban America.
Our fascination with the others has been a constant, unrelenting obsession. but while most stories only make us smile at the pure fantasy of it all, there are some that defy dismissal. They leave us with more questions than answers and they force us to come to grips with a frightening truth. If we are not alone in this world, there were also not safe, I'm Erin Monkey- and this is lore. in Greek. Listen, energy. We have stories of creatures that recall the pig me. The pygmies were a true
above diminutive humans, smaller than the Greeks, who were often encountered in battle, and he stood These have been around for thousands of years. We even have images of pygmy battles on pottery found in tombs, dating back to the fifth century, BC per century roman historian plenty, the elder, recorded that the pygmies were said to go on annual journeys from their homeland in the mountains. They are themselves for battle and climb onto their rams and goats in right now the sea where they would hunted the cranes that nested at the shore in South America there are tales of creatures called the illusion. a figure of mine mythology. They were said to be between one and two meters, tall hairless and dressed in Traditional mine clothing, like the Pugwash ease of native american tribes, the a loose are said to be troublemakers, disrupting crops and wreaking havoc according to tradition, the illusion move into the area. Every time a new farm is established. My info,
where's were said to build small two story: houses in the middle of their corn fields, where these creatures could live. the first seven years the a loose would help grow the corn and patrol the fields at night once those seven years we're up. However, they turned on the farmers, who would windows indoors on the little houses to trap the creatures inside the ancient picks, the Orkney Islands off the northeastern Tipp of Scotland spoke of a creature called the trial, or sometimes the drought. They were small humanoid beans, described as being glee and shy, who lived in the mountains and rock outcroppings in the surrounding woods like many, of the other legends of small people around the world. The trout were said to be mischievous and in particular, they were sent to love music, so much in fact that it was thought that they kidnapped musicians and took them back to their homes so that they enjoy the music there. In addition, it was common for the people of Shetland to bless their children each you'll day as a way to protect them from the trout
nearby. In Ireland there are tales of a similar creature, small and hairless called the poker. The poker are said to stand roughly three feet tall and like the drought they to live in large stone trappings. According to legend, they can cause chaos and trouble within a community so much that the local people have developed traditions meant to keep them happy in county down, for instance, far still leave behind a poker share when they harvest their crops. It's an offering to the creatures. They keep them happy and ward off their mischief, but the poker isn't unique to Ireland in cornish mythology, there's a small human, like creature, known as the Buddha, a kind of Hobgoblin Whale is home to a similar creature, with a reputation as a trickster goblin. It was said to now gone doors and then disappear before people inside opened them and in France, the common term for stone,
Crop yields and megalith structures is quickly. Oh and if you're a fan of Shakespeare's play a midsummer night's dream, you might remember the character, puck be clever and mischievous, elf and than impact it turns out, is an obligation of the mythical hookah. Now stop now, but you get the point. There doesn't seem to be a culture in the world that hasn't invented a story about smaller people, the others that live at the periphery of our world. It's not surprising. Either many of these cultures have a deep history of invading nations and that kind of past can cause any one to spend a lot of time. Looking over their shoulder. These stories are deep and often allegorical in something sure, but they are rooted in reality, no one has captured a poker or taking photographs of in a loose stepping out of its tiny stone building but that doesn't mean there's no evidence. In fact, there are sites
legends that come a lot closer to the surface. Then you might have thought possible, and that might not be a good thing Thus, Shoshone tribe of Native Americans that live in the rocky mountains have been there for thousands of years. Their land spam, much of the countryside around the Rockies, but they also built seasonal homes high up in the mountains, sometimes ten thousand feet above sea level, one of the Shoshone Legends is that of a tribe of tiny people known as the numeric or one story out of a man who rode up a small trail into the wind river mountains to check on his cattle while he travelling the narrow path. One of these creatures stepped out and stopped him. This was his trail. The little man said in the rancher couldn't use it any more
The man ignored the tiny person and continued on toward his cattle, and this angered, the numerous or the tiny creature took aim with his bow and fire a poisonous arrow at the man's arm. From that day on the story says, rancher was never able to use his arm again. The Nemo Rigour are just a myth, or at least that's what most people believe, but in eighteen, thirty, two that perception changed when two prospectors He saw main and frank car found a mummy in a cave in the Pedro Mountains of Wyoming. They said it had been sitting upright on alleged it had been waiting for them and this Mummy with small, literally was only about six inches tall, but it had all the proportions of an adult. Most likely I'm a fight by the dry Wyoming climate. After its disco Read the mummy changed hands a number of times. Photographs were taken,
as well as an x ray, but by nineteen. Fifty it had vanished, never to be seen again in eighteen. Ninety four: After an episode of unsolved mysteries asked viewers to locate the missing mummy. A second mummy came to light. This one was a female with blonde hair, but it was roughly the same size and also came from a mountain cave this time. Medical experts were able to study it and what they discovered was shocking. It wasn't an adult. After all, it was an infant that had been born with a condition known as anencephaly, which explain the adult like proportions of the body and head like the first mummy. The second one disappeared shortly after the examination in a family who owned it vanished with halfway around the world. In Indonesia, there are stories of a small human. Like creature called the Eba go go
Other name sounds a lot like a Belinda Carlyle Cover ban. These creatures were said to strike fear in the hearts of the neighboring tribes according the story. The Ebro GO, go had flat, noses wide mouths and spoken short grunts and squawks. They were known to steal food from the local villagers, and sometimes even children and apparently one incident in the eighteen, hundreds lead to and extermination the now gay people affair. Where Indonesia claim that generations ago, the ebu Gogo go some of their food and the I gave people chased them to a cave where they burn them all alive, all, but one pair male and female, but managed to escape into the woods. the stories are full of imagination and fantasy, but in the end they might hint at something real in two thousand three archaeology
Discovered human remains in a Floris cave the remains dubbed Homo Florence S, art ordinary though they were small adults, very small, actually at just one meter tall in they were nicknamed habits. If that helps, you conjure up an image of them. Small people found in a cave near the nagging people of Flores. It seems like the story We're proving true the trouble was the age of remains the oldest skeletons clocked in and around thirty eight thousand years old, while the youngest at about thirteen thousand. In other words, if, nah Gay, had actually attacked the tribe of tiny people. It had happened, what more than a handful of generations ago, unless you believe them that is in that case, the stories hint at something darker at the Ebro GO go are real, that they might still inhabit the forests of Flores and that, ultimately, Stories were telling the truth, which sounds enticing. In fact,
think anyone would be fascinated by such a notion unless that is those worries were about something in your own backyard, I'm in of April, twenty first of nineteen, seventy seven, a man Billy Bartlett was driving through the town of Dover Massachusetts with two of his friends on farm street. They began to dry passed a low rough stone wall that was well known to the locals, as they did Billy noticed movement at the if his vision and turned to see something, unlike he had ever seen before. It was a creature with a body the size of a child's long. limbs, elongated fingers,
in oversized melon shaped head, Billy claimed it was hairless, and if his skin was textured even reported that it had large orange colored eyes Billy later Sketched a picture of the thing he had seen in an added a note to the bottom of the page. I Billy Bartlett swear on a stack of bibles. That I saw this creature a whole stack of bibles. You say well all right, then something like this probably happens every year somewhere in the world. Some one see something weird their mind twist Their memories and all of a sudden, they think they encountered Abraham Lincoln in a hot tub, but Billy story had some added credibility. You see just two hours after he saw what it was that he saw a fifteen year old. John Baxter was walking home from his girlfriends house about a mile from farm street. He claimed that he saw something walking down the street toward him. According to him, it was
firstly the size and shape of a small child. When the figure noticed him, though it bolted for the woods now, John B, a highly intelligent teenager with powerful decision making skills decided that midnight was the perfect time to chase something strange into the woods, and so he followed after it what happened. Next was a literal over the river and through the woods Chase, when Baxter finally stop to catch. His breath, though he looked up to see that creature was standing beside a tree just a few yards away from him watching him ass. The moment when common sense took over and John ran for his life later that night he drew a sketch of what he saw. He also told the police nodded, he described a creature that had the body of a child, a large oval shithead then arms and legs and long fingers, on their own. Each of these sightings could have easily been dismissed by the authorities, but together they presented a powerful case still
any chance of their similarity being labelled a coincidence vanished less than twenty four hours later. Fifteen year old, Abbe, Breyman and eighteen Euro will tanker were out for a drive on Spring Dale Avenue when they saw something at the side of the road near a bridge. It was on all fours, but both of them claimed that they got a very good look at it. Each of them described the generous hairless and child sized with an overly large head in long thin limbs. Three separate events spanning two nights Bree Unique sightings, yet one seemingly impossible description each captured in eerily similar sketches there. Small discrepancies regarding the color of the creatures eyes, but outside of that that consistency was astounding each of these eye witnesses and seen something they couldn't explain, and each of them seem to have observed the same thing.
What I find most fascinating, though, is that nearly thirty years later in two thousand and six, the Boston Globe interviewed Billy Bartlett and he's never wavered from his story. He's experienced embarrassment and ill treatment because of it over the years. Of course, but though he is clearly transformed from the teenager, who saw something into a responsible middle aged adult that majority hasn't chased his testimony away, no matter how fantastical it might sound ever since that weaken nineteen. Seventy seven, if called it, the Dover Demon, others come forward with similar sightings as well one local man, mark Senate has said: there'd been rumour in his high school in the early seventies of something odd living in the woods, Sir, not even claimed
he and some friends observed something odd near Channing Pond in nineteen. Seventy two that fits the description from later reports. Channing pond mind. You is right beside spring they'll avenue, where taint and brave em said they saw their Dover demon. Clearly, something was in words like most legends. This one will continue to cause debates and speculation there have been no further sightings since nineteen seventy seven, but even still the Dover Demon has an indelible mark on the town and the surrounding area. We dont to be alone, but I think in the process of creating the stories that have kept us company for centuries. Humanity has also invented convenient excuses. All of these human, like creatures, have acted as us,
of stand in for human behaviour and accountability. In an effort to absolve ourselves from the horrible things we ve done. We seem to instinctively invent other beans on which to set the blame, but what? If the others really were their long before we wove them into our stories. What if they were, lesson invention and more a co opting of something we didn't fully understand. Perhaps in our effort to shift the blame, we altered at the source material a bit too much and in doing so we buried the truth under a mountain of myth. there have been countless theories surrounding the nineteen. Seventy seven sightings in Dover, something it was a type of x, terrestrial known as a grey others actually suggested that it was just a baby moose. I know that does seem like an odd way to explain it. Only to me, sightings were recorded in Massachusetts and nineteen, seventy seven about them, we're out in the western part of the state, far from Dover ad in the.
Act at a yearly moose ways more than six hundred pounds, and I think it's clear that this theory just won't hold up, but there is a different, more textured theory to consider. If you remember, Billy Bartlett saw the Dover Demon sitting on an old stone wall on farm road. Well, just beyond that wall is a large stone outcropping that the locals have always called the poker stone, something that this was nickname, is a miss pronunciation of a different word, though. Regional name, they say was the Pakistan, it could just be. Folklore Perhaps the tall tales of an early irish settler told to a group, children around the fourth of an enormous stone, unfortunately, will never know for sure. But if you really want to see for yourself, Europe always welcome to head over to Dover and take a drive down farm street. The wall and
words beyond them are still there still dark and still ominous just be careful if you travel there at night, you never know what you might see at the edge of your headlights. if the folklore surrounding small trickster, like creatures, has taught us anything it's. That versions of their stories can be found in just about every corner of the world, but it's often difficult to beat a classic and for that will need to return to Ireland. Stick around through this
sponsor rake and I'll. Tell you one more little story, let's be honest for a moment's and just admit something Ricky Folklore can be complex. It can be varied and prone to evolving overtime stories, a lot like the people who tell them, after all, given enough time they adapt to whatever new environment there in so well, yes, I told you that the irish stories of the book I describe them as small human, like creatures, that are roughly three feet tall. Of course, there are exceptions. In fact there is a whole brand of the Putin mythology that breaks that mould, because poker according to the legends are also shape, shifted, and it makes sense, if you think about it in order to be a true trickster, you would need to be
sleepy adoptable, so naturally, poker are reported to be able to take the shape of all sorts of animals from goats and cats to ravens in rabbits In fact, the rabbit shape is so commonly understood that its persisted right up to modern times back in nineteen fifty Jimmy Stewart start in a film called Harvey about a man with invisible friend, who happened to be a six foot tall rabbits and how does Jimmy Stuarts character? Classify his invisible friend Harvey is a poker but of all the shapes and forms a poker can take the most common and well known, is that of a horse. Specifically a black ass with glowing eyes and along main now you may thinking a people tend to write horses so has, me one of her claim to write a poker in disguise while accords the legend only one man, the hike of Ireland at the beginning of the eleventh century, Brian Berulle. That's just a story, though. Folklore, as I already said, is a fluid
and clearly the mythology of the poor is ancient, stretching back into the darkest corners of history, but just two centuries ago. Something happened to call all of that into question and it all began with a hunt in the north of Ireland in county killed there. There was a traditional Fox hunt, Old every autumn, known as the killed their hunt, it's pretty much exactly what you might imagine from that sort of hunt a handful of on horseback, surrounded by their trusty pack of hunting dogs who chase after a fox, typically with much drama and excitement. You get the idea, but an eighteen thirteen we kill their hunt didn't go expected granted, it started off all right. The group rode out in Sir of their quarry in around the parish. Tipper Kevin. They spotted it alone fox, and it took off into the distance. It led themself toward the river Livy, where it followed the water eastward over rocky terrain and
he footing. The hunters mounted on their horses struggled to keep up, as did their large pack of hunting dogs, but one writer, a man by the name of grinnin, managed to pull ahead and give the fox a chase. At that moment, though, another horse appeared. This one was riderless and black and grow and made sure to report later that he had no idea where it had come from and there was the briefest of moments when he could have sworn. There is something odd about the horses eyes. It might have glowed. Suddenly the fox led them to the edge of a massive drop off where the Liffey used to plummet down a series of three waterfalls to a pool, one hundred and fifty ft below v, the fox and the, during horse managed to cross at the top of the false, using rocks to make it to the other side and that tempted the hounds to follow. Grinnin saw what was about to happen an instant too late. He called out ordering the dog
to return to his side, but they were locked on the fox and kept running. and that was when the fox tried to make a treacherous leap onto a narrow ledge, but according to Greenwich, Mysterious horse turned and flashed its fiery eyes at the animal so that it missed and into the to water, headed toward the false and the dogs followed it all of them jumped head first into the water swimming hard toward their targets. While at the same time all of them were being pulled by the powerful current toward the precipice and a heartbeat later, all of them vanished into the mist. Grinnin brought his mount to stop at the top of the gorge and peered down spotting shapes in the pool at the bottom of the false he claimed that he could see some of the hounds floating lifeless in the water, while others were struggling to swim to shore now, remember these hounds, where more than just hunting aids. Ever his friends raised from birth, he was intimately familiar.
With them and the sight of their mangled bodies in the pool sent a wave of grief and sadness swelling up inside him and at TAT very moment just when his sorrow was at its peak, a cry went up from across the river. It was the name of the mysterious horse high and piercing even over the sound of the waterfall two Grinnin, though it sounded more like the ominous laugh of a devil, taunting him and his loss, o n the pool at the bottom of the falls where all of this drama took place. It was called pool of Fucker translation, the pool of the poker.
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