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REMASTERED – Episode 19: Bite Marks

2022-01-10 | 🔗

Encounters with angry spirits will forever be some of the most terrifying experiences on record. If that’s the thrill you’re looking for, revisiting this classic episode will hit the mark. And as part of our “Remastered” project, this version is re-worked from the ground up, with fresh narration and production, music by Chad Lawson, and a brand new story at the end. Enjoy!

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In eighteen. Ninety, the tiny, greek village of mess area on the island of fifteen us was plagued by something other worldly, whatever it was, the villagers claim that it would enter their homes, eat their food, break their dishes and then move on to repeat itself elsewhere. They named this creature and the labourers, and they claim that it was of recollect us a close cousin of the traditional year, paean vampire and labourers drink their wine and smash their belongings. Howling, like a wolf and making allowed terrible mess, but the most interesting feature of the story
no one actually saw and elaborate do these things. The villagers claim to witness at all, of course, but they said he was invisible. He was, in essence, a noisy spirit, but the only cultural lens they were able to view him through was as a vampire and they weren't the first between one thousand five hundred and ninety one and one thousand. Nine hundred and twenty three people across Europe told similar stories and invisible monster that raided their homes and destroyed their belongings. Today we see events like these play out across the sky of our local movie. Theatres Hollywood has been fascinated with invisible, violent forces since the early nineteen eighties when they brought us poltergeist. What once was looked on as overly spiritual and easily disproven is now attracting the attention of popular culture, but poltergeist have a history that runs far deeper than
The nineteen eighties, from first century roman accounts to modern newspapers. The stories of humans, interacting with angry ghosts, had been told for a very, very long time. Some are clearly hoaxes. Some are misinterpreted. Actions of natural events oftentimes, they are a grab for attention or a cry for help, but sometimes on very rare occasions, a story comes along. That is nothing short of hunting. I'm Aaron Mahnke, and this is lore. The word poltergeist evokes a number of ideas for most people, most think of the movie. Some picture objects being thrown around room by an invisible hand,
They even might envision the sound of chains and doors creaking open in the night, and that wouldn't be too far from the truth. The word pulse guys is german and it literally means noisy spirit. The idea is that, while the typical go story only uses, one of our five senses are site, stories of poltergeist can often sometimes tap all five most poltergeist accounts reference, the same types of activity, objects that are mysteriously moved or broken noises in and around the house. Physical attacks such as biting pinching, hitting and even tripping some people even claimed to have seen objects or other p. Bull levitating by an unseen force and unlike some folklore stories of noisy spirits, are nearly universal, similar man.
The stations have been reported by witnesses in dozens of cultures for centuries from Japan and Brazil to Australia and the United States. For those who view widespread distribution, as major sign of proof, poltergeists has become an indisputable fact. One of the earliest records of a poltergeists encounter actually comes from the first. Century jewish historian, Flavius Josephus. He recorded an exorcism in ninety four, a d that sounds eerily similar to those of us familiar with modern exorcism entails. In his report. He describes how, as the spirit was being driven from the person, a bowl of water, all the way across the room was suddenly overturned by an invisible force and Jacob Grim half of the famous grim brothers, who recorded many of the stories we remember from our childhood, also wrote more Scholarly books in his book. Deutsche mythology grim recorded a story from the german town of being an I'm Rhine that took place in the fourth century. According to the story
people were pulled out of their beds by an unseen force. Loud noises could be heard as if someone were knocking on the walls or floor stones were even throne, but the person or spirit who did the throwing was never found Gerald of war. How's, the famous clergyman in chronicler, wrote in eleven ninety one of a house in Pembroke sure that was filled with poltergeist activity here The unseen spirit was said to have thrown handfuls of dirt, as well as tearing clothing and breaking objects in the house most frightening to those who experienced it, though, was the fact that this spirit was also said to vocalize. All of the secrets of the people in the room Similar stories have been recorded countless times in the century since Gerald Day in one story from the early seventeen hundreds one family encountered unusual activity in the church, rectory.
Epworth Lincolnshire, Reverend Samuel Wesley and his wife Susannah had ten children and had lived in the house since it had been built shortly after the previous directory burn to the ground in one thousand, seven hundred and nine during the winter of one thousand. Seven hundred and sixteen and one thousand seven hundred and seventeen the family began to experience regular noises They would hear knocking on the walls and doors or the sounds of people running up and down the stairs. The house was searched from top to bottom, hoping to find the person responsible, but no, as was found, they even named the noisy spirits old Geoffrey, and it was said that the Spirit made himself visible on Christmas day that winter shortly after the noises stopped never to happen again and more modern times. One well known story is that of the black monk of pontiff rat. Therein in community. Just outside the city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England reports began to circulate about the most violent poltergeist in european history.
Joe in Gene Pritchard lived at number. Thirty EAST drive in nineteen, seventy among their son, Philip and their daughter Diane. According to the report, they were plagued by problems in the house from the start. objects were thrown. The temperature in rooms would suddenly dropped and they would even find puddles on the floor. They named their Spirit, Fred and soon learn that Fred was not just mischievous, but also violence. Not only did the spirit, throw eggs and take bites out of their sandwiches, but it also dragged their twelve year old daughter, Diane up the stairs by her neck, leaving handprints on her skin after Fred attempted to strangle Diane a second time. This time with an electrical cord, the family asked for help the police were brought in, as were a number of psychics and paranormal researchers. Even the mayor came by for a visit, but nothing seemed to help. Eventually the Pritchard moved away and the noises inside number thirty stuff.
But, according to the women who live next door in the house, that's connected to number thirty Fred, the ghost as it gone anywhere. He still makes frequent visits to her side of the wall and although he is usually very quiet, she claims that he sometimes stands in the room and glared at her with menacing eyes. Under the scrutiny of historical research, though most recur. did poltergeist stories have been shown to be frauds oftentimes. They were nothing more than pranks put on by the homeowner or the person who stood the most to gain from the attention, but every now and then a story comes along that defies. Pollination, and when that story involves violent, physical attacks and a serious threat to human lives, it becomes downright chilling.
in ninety ninety nine, a home man broke into a large tomb in a prominent cemetery known as gray friars in Edinburgh, Scotland, it was cold and rainy that Knights and the man was looking for shelter. I might have done elsewhere too fine a warm dry place to sleep, but when you're down and out anything will do I suppose this man wandered through the graveyard than dark until he found a large mausoleum, something that looked large enough to allow him to get out of the elements and sleep in relative comfort this. One was known as the black mausoleum and it was enormous symbols, a large rotunda with the spaces between the pillars, children, with cut stone. When the man stumbled upon this tomb, it was exactly what he had been looking for. It had plenty of room to stretch out and sleep in, and it was dry, so he did what anyone desperate for shelter would do he broke in because it's rare to find a tomb with windows. The interior of the vault was completely black. Thankfully,
Man had a lighter with him or some other form of elimination, and he used it to explore in the center of the floor was a large iron great similar what you might find over a sewer drain or in the sidewalk over a subway tunnel in New York City beneath the great, though, was a staircase, the curved and twisted it a down to a lower level, and I know this sounds like something out of Indiana Jones Movie, but it's real and it gets worse because beneath the first level at the bottom of the stairs, this man discovered for what in coffins. They were, of course very old, and the man probably assume that, because of this, they. contained valuables that he might sell. I imagine he set down whatever it was. He was using as a light on one of the nearby coffins and then began to try an open another of them up when it didn't
He was ordered to smashing the lid to break the lock and that's when he took a step backward. The boards in the floor must have been very old. The man must have put his full weight in just the right spot and all of those possibilities must have lined up perfectly. In that moment, a brief grown from the wooden floor was followed by a loud crash in the man tumbled backward into a long forgotten pit, some part of an even lower level that dated back centuries. The best guess that historians can make is that the pit had actually been used for the illegal dump. bodies in the wake of the plague in one thousand six hundred and forty five. What they do know, however, is that the pit was sealed very well, so sealed in fact that when this man landed on the pile of three hundred and fifty year old corpses, they were surprisingly well preserved. They weren't skeletal and dry. Like you might expect know, these bodies were wet with something that resembled green slime but clothing.
Intact, albeit ragged, and torn in their hair, was method to their shrivelled heads. And, of course, there was an overwhelming stench in the air. The man bolted. and I dont think there's a single one of us who could blame him fearing for. Life, the man climbed out of the pit up the stone stairs and into the vault and out the door he was such a hurry that he even fell and cut his head on. The doorway to the mausoleum outside a security guard was patrolling. The area with his canine partner when the man burst out of the tomb. Maybe it was the blood running down the man's face. Maybe it was the white dust that covered him from head to toe because of his adventures below the tomb, or maybe it was the simple sight of a pale shrieking figure charging out from the dark crypt.
whatever it was. When the guard saw the man, he turned tail and ran just ass, fast ass. He could away from the darkness of the cemetery and into the city beyond As difficult as it is to imagine a frightening events of that nights in nineteen, ninety nine were just the beginning, like a tiny spark igniting an entire barn be breakin at the black mausoleum set in motion, something that no one has since been able. who adequately explained it, turns out the mausoleum belong to none other than Sir George Mackenzie, a man who died in sixteen ninety, along with me In a lawyer, and Lord Advocate to the crown of Scotland, Mackenzie had been in,
mental in sending hundreds of Presbyterian Covenanters to their deaths in the late seventeenth century. Today he is known as bloody Mackenzie then, according to the local reports, this invasion of his resting place set off a series of events that can only be blamed on a very angry spirit and it didn't wait very long. The day after the break in a woman was taking a walk through the cemetery, its unclear, whether she was a tourist interested in seeing the key when into his prison area of the graveyard or a local just out for a walk. But when she drew near to the mausoleum she decided to peer through one of the small grates in the tomb door ass, she stood there. A gust of cold wind rushed out of the tomb with such force that she claims it knocked her backward and off the stone steps landing on her
A few days later, another woman was found unconscious on the sidewalk outside the tomb sprawled out on her back ass. If she had fallen, she claimed that invisible hands had grabbed her around the throat and attempted to strangle her, and when she pulled back the color of her shirt. Neck was ringed by a series of dark bruises, as fingerprints had been driven into her skin soon after another tourist. This time a young man Experience something eerily similar for others, though the consequences of visiting the tomb were more physical and lasting. Some people have found scratches on their arms neck or chest, while others have discovered by marks. Many of these injuries disappear almost as quickly and mysteriously as they had appeared. Some, though, claim to have been permanently scarred all told people have broken fingers, felt their hair pulled been pushed or struck and all
by an unseen force. People have even felt nauseous or numb or both, and not just one or two people, but hundreds Sometimes these attacks happened near the tomb, and sometimes they happen later after visiting it. One story in particular stands out: a former police officer reported participating in a tour of the cemetery, a few there's ago, after returning to his hotel room that night, he picked up the book he had been given on the tour that covered the details of the huntings as he did. He felt a sharp pain, as if someone were to to burn him when he ran to the mirror to check, he found five deep scratches on his neck. Just beneath his chin The following morning, the officer visited his mother and told her what happened. He also gave her the book according to him, he couldn't stand to have it around any longer, and so he left it at her house when he called her later and asked about the book he caught her in the back,
threw him. She was standing in front of a mere examining five long, scratches on her throat all told nearly four hundred people have claimed to have been attacked by something other worldly around the tomb. Almost two hundred of those are people who have actually passed out during a ghost tour. Sometimes every person in the tour will feel the exact same thing: oftentimes complete, Injures will independently report the same experience, but the odd experiences extend beyond the tours. An unusually high number of dead animals have been found in the area around Mackenzie Tomb, unexplainable fires have broken out in nearby buildings. People have reported cold spots in the usual photographic. An electronic now functions have occurred as well. Some have gone looking for an explanation for such
large number of unusual reports. But the theories are as varied as the types of attacks. One theory even tries to connect the unlikely dots between the near by and bury universities, artificial intelligence units which uses high voltage machinery and the sandstone deep underground beneath the ancient cemetery, the poorest stone they say, absorbs the energy and releases it later causing the odd experiences. But this is a difficult theory to swallow, especially for the people who have been physically assaulted by whatever it is that haunts the tomb and a company that conducts the tourist through the graveyard is just as interested in finding the cause and that's why they ve spent years collecting photographs of injuries first hand, accounts letters from witnesses and other documentation. Unfortunately, most of those records were destroyed in two thousand and three when a fire swept through there
office, everything inside the tour company space was incinerated, but nothing more. Every single building nearby remained untouched. The insurance company never found the cause. Outside of places with frequent earthquake activity, most people don't think it's normal firm photographs to fall off their wall or for a chair to slide across the floor or to be knocked down by an unseen force for some those events are equal parts, unusual and inconvenient or others, though they are terrifying. It's dead not to say what's really going on in these stories. Some events can be chalked up to natural causes or the human tendency to misinterpret the things we
see. We are very good at finding patterns. After all, it's called Perry, Dalia meant when we see a pattern where it really doesn't exist. We do this when we look up at clouds and see the shape of a turtle, but it also happens subconsciously. Our minds are always searching for patterns or perhaps there's something more to the stories. What if there really are sinister violent spirits that can attack us if provoked in many stories, priests are brought into bless the homes or perform exorcisms a solution that certainly assumed there's a supernatural source, And sometimes it's actually worked in the years since the break in at the black mausoleum. There have been two attempts at exorcism. The second of those took place in the year two thousand just a year after the activity begin Cullen Grant, minister of a spiritualist church and professional exorcist was brought into grave.
cemetery, while standing in front of the black mausoleum, he performed his ceremony. While doing so, he claimed to feel overwhelmed by the sensation of oppression and hundreds of tormented souls were swirling around him trying to break through into our world. He said he had feared for his life and quickly left before he could finish. Just a few weeks later, Helen Grant was found dead victim. They say of a sudden heart attack.
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old North church in Boston has been there since seventeen twenty three in fact a very long while it was the tallest building in the city standing at nearly two hundred feet, sure tat It's little more than a small tree inside the modern urban Forest of Boston Skyline, but in its heyday it was the pinnacle of Boston, which explains why Paul Revere sent two men with lanterns into the steeple in April of one thousand seven hundred and seventy five that use the unmatched height of a church tower to look out for the approach of british forces and then alerted the rebels to the nature of that approach, one if by land two, if by sea, it's a quotes. Almost every American knows my heart and it started in the old North church. Another historic event took place there in one thousand, seven hundred and fifty seven, though eighteen years before the redcoats were coming across the Charles there's a plaque for it.
Garden behind the church. But I'll be honest, it's a little hard to believe so I'll. Just read it to you and let you decide for yourself here on September 13th, one thousand seven hundred and fifty seven John Childs, who had given public notice of his intention to fly from the steeple of Doctor Cutler's church, performed it to the satisfaction of a great number of
Mr child came to Boston from London. He claimed to have flown many times, they're from a number of very tall buildings. Once he even flew off a two hundred ft tall monument. Not only could he fly, he was saying, but he was good at it now he was going to do it in Boston and what better place for his flight to take place, then, from the top of the old North church, to draw a crowd. You posted a notice in the Boston Gazette he named the dates of his flight September, 13th of one thousand seven hundred and fifty seven and promised, and I quote full satisfaction if I had to guess the fact that the plaque is still on the building. Two hundred and fifty years later is a powerful testament to just how sad
everyone was, but before you go jumping to conclusions, no pun intended. I swear. Let me put a few doubts to rest. No, this wasn't a rumour that became a local legend. This was a real events that was documented by real people and no John Childs did not possess some sort of primitive glider or divinity style. Human wings made out of wood and sailcloth. However, amazing that would have been in fact, there was nothing aeronautical about his flight at all. It turns out what John Childs did was import and urban past time from London into Amerika. The best way to see it would be to jump on, Google and search for and engraving called Southwark Fair by William Hogarth.
But let me see if I can paint you my own picture: childs tight, a rope to the top of old North church and then the other end to a building seven hundred feet away and farther below. He then took a board with a slot carved down the centre, placed it on top of the rope and laid himself down upon it. Yes, childs literally body served down a rope. His arm spread out like a bird until his descent was broken by a pile of feather beds at the bottom, and that's it there's nothing spooky about John Childs Tale. I am sad to say no ghost that fly over the church late at night or other worldly feathers that might be found on the ground by tourists. There are no screaming crowds that echo to this day through the narrow streets around the church. It would be a lot more poet.
If there were. But this is all we get a man on a board falling slowly into a pile of pillows. But here's what I want you to remember. It took the story of John Childs, a little less than one hundred seventy years to make its way onto a memorial plaque in the church garden less than two centuries is a blink of the eye when you taken the whole scope of written history and yet over those two hundred years, his story went from an Acrobat circus, To a legend, a butterfly man, history contains an untold number of legends, and many of them paint a picture for us that are impossible to ignore. But just because a story exists doesn't mean the details are entirely true. Sometimes you have to dig deep look elsewhere and
the disparate pieces together. Otherwise, you run the risk of going on a flight of your own, a flight, a fancy. This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey, with music by Chad, Lawson LAW is much more than justified. Cast podcast. There's a book series available in bookstores an online and two seasons of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check them both out. If you want more lore in your life, I also make an executive produce a whole bunch of other podcast, all of which I think you'd and Why? My production, company, grim and mild specializes in shows that sit at the intersection of a dark and the historical
You can learn more about all of our shows and everything else going on over in one central place, grim and mild dot com, and you can also follow this show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just search for lore pied cast all one word and then click that follow button. And when you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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