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REMASTERED – Episode 28: Making a Mark

2022-05-16 | 🔗

Let’s return to the location of another classic Lore episode, for one more tour through the sandy beaches and ancient stories of the Outer Banks. Featuring fresh narration, music by Chad Lawson, and a brand new Epilogue story at the end.

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If Oaks Erin here before we dig into today's re, mastered edition of Classic Lore episode, I wanted to make sure that we are on the same page about how these work. My goal with the remit stirred project has been to revisit the oldest episodes of more the ones with the worst audio quality and production, and given new life. All of us learn skills, overtime and looking back over seven years of doing this, its clear I've grown and changed and tightened up my process, and I really want folks like you to experience those stories through my modern standards. So I've read Astrid them. I've literally re recorded the narration started the production over from scratch and scored them with Chad, Lawson's hauntingly, beautiful music, not only but I have also written a brand new story for each re: mastered episode, tucked away at the end after the outbreak be sure not to miss those. But I do need a
Something else out. The normal lore schedule hasn't changed. I haven't slowed down new episodes, though still come out every other Monday, the same schedule. I've had for seven years, These remastered editions are just giving you a bonus, something fun to enjoy in between those new ones. My plan right, I wish to react her through episode. Fifty, so we have a waste go those plans made. Age, but I do know that I'm having a blast revisiting these old classics- and I hope you are as well and that's it thanks for your constant and generous support and now on, but the show. I talk a lot about New England Folklore, one of the biggest reasons for that is because the northeast part of the United States serves as a sort of cultural bridge between the old world and the
you it was there more than anywhere else where the old tales and superstitions first set foot on american soil. The witch hysteria of the late sick teen hundreds was an after shock of a larger tremor that had been shaking Europe for decades. The amount conversion of the vampire has roots in eastern european folk tales and legends. Even holidays like Christmas and Halloween, were really just old world injections into the cultural, soft tissue of Amerika and the needle pierced us first in New England. Of course, there are other parts of the country that also played host, hosted pioneers adventurers. People who risk their lives and loved ones to travel across the cold Atlantic and build a new home here on our shores
in the age of colonization brought more than just settlers and supplies it brought lore up and down the east coast of what would one day become America. People came ashore with heads full of superstitions and a propensity to attach meaning to things that we might overlook today. Put another way they brought food for the many and the seeds to grow more here they came with mines that were perfectly wired to build new folklore on the backs of old tales, new fears, new legends, new huntings and weak. Still find those creations in many places along the eastern seaboard places like North Carolina before the vacation homes and sunbaked tourists crowded along the sandy shores of the outer banks pioneers were attempting to carve out an existence there. Those that survived left behind more than build
in descendants thou. Today, the outer banks is home to tales that still send shivers down the spines of locals and tourists alike, because folklore, whether its new or old, as a way of leaving its mark I'm Erin Monkey and this is lower the Brigands Bay sits on the northern coast of the southern part of Hatteras Island between the towns of Fresco and Buxton. Hatteras is part of the outer banks which, on the map, look like nothing more than a thin string of earth and sand. A few miles off the coast of North Carolina. Imagine the island as a backwards capital, L hugging, the coastal
near the Pamlico River, but don't let that thin strip of sand and state parks fool. You Hatteras, like many of the other islands out, there is still big enough for stories to take root and that's because it has a long history. longer than most parts of the country. In fact near the northern Tipp of the island. Just to the West is Roanoke Island. The sight of England's first settlements in the new world although the colony their disappeared some time between fifteen eighty, six and fifteen eighty seven Europeans didn't stay away long. It was their constant activity in the region that gave rise to so much of the local stories. told today there is a legend in Hatteras, the horrible deeds of one particular captain according to the store, in seventeen ten, an english ship crossed the Atlantic carrying refugees from Germany. They were known as pets
Times, and they had originally fled the Middle Rhine area to settle in England. But there were so many that the English decided to help them move to the new world. When these refugees boarded the ship, they hid their valuables afraid that they might be stolen by the ship's crew. After a successful journey, the ship entered the waters inside the outer banks heading towards new burn on the coast. Their new home was in sight you're such a long journey. It must have been a relief to see sensing that they would soon disembark the Palatine removed their valuables from hiding and gathered them together for the final leg of their journey. Now maybe it was the site of all that treasure. The jewelry and coins and precious heirlooms that triggered what happened next or perhaps the crew had planned it all along, but here was their chance,
decided to act claiming that the weather was good enough for a landing. They told the passengers to return to their cabins and wait until morning during the night, the crew moved systematically throughout the ship leaned, the sleeping refugees and stealing their treasures. After killing the passengers, the captain and crew set fire to the ship and headed to shore in lifeboats, but the ship didn't sink. Instead, the legend claims that the flames grew higher and higher, while the ship began to move forward in the column waters fearing for their lies, the crew abandon their lifeboats and were never seen again to this day, locals whisper of a guy ship that can be seen under the first full moon of September. The ship orange with flames passes near the Okra coke inlet three times and then vanishes as quickly as it appeared
Their prominent local story involves the capture of the legendary pirates. Edward teach, also known as black beard teach patrolled the Atlantic and the Caribbean in his ship queen ends revenge for a little over two years and in the process became one of the most feared pirates of his day as history records, black beard was finally cornered lieutenant Robert Maynard and his men in November of seventeen eighteen, just inside the outer banks near the southern Tipp of Hatteras. In a battle that was horribly bloody for both sides, the great black beard suffered no fewer than twenty sword wounds and five gunshots before he was finally brought down. The English be headed his corpse and tossed the by into the sea. His head, though, was kept. Maynard hung it from the bow spread of his ship. Turn in later to collect his reward locals there near
Greg tell of a spot known as teaches hole where the legendary pirate once anchored his ship. If the stories are to be believed, Blackbeard ghost haunts the located There are those who claim to have seen strange lights, both above and below the water there on the coast. They say it's Blackbeard swimming through the water is he used to patrol Others say you can hear voices their Winston Miss blow in, and waves crash against the shore locals, claim you can hear something besides the rain and thunder It's the sound of a man crying out in pain, the same words over and over again. Where is my head The Hatteras is still popular with visitors. Today, though I
assume. None of them are pirates, people still build homes there they have streets in restaurants and parks in trees. Tourists flock there every summer to taking the scenery, but right there on Snug Harbour, Dr Near Brigands Bay, is a tree. That's called the island home for centuries. In fact, it was most likely ancient when the colonists first arrived. Hundreds of years before and almost most of the people driving by its are completely unaware. This tree has a story to tell. According to local legend, it starts with the around the love a woman near frisk, obey back in the early seventeen hundreds. They say her name was Cora and she brought a baby along with her they were always seen together. The child held tied to her chest store strapped into a sling foreign. Area frequented by sailors or widows, those who were lost at sea that wasn't in unusual site. The brigands Bay area was even more wooded than it is now, and it said that she took up shelter in the forest there,
There, then in the small community that was forming on the coast, but living on the literal outskirts of society that earned her a reputation as an outsider. It was her neck for the unusual. Some have said that cows she touched with dry up and turned sick. When the fishing got rough and were empty, Cora still managed to bring in enough to feed herself in the child and when alone, boy decided to poke fun at the baby. Legend says that he got so sick. He nearly died. Naturally, people talked people always talk when things don't fit the norm and that talk spread in an era when it did it take a much more than an unpleasant disposition or off color comment to earn a woman, a reputation as a which it seemed Cora was making it a little too easy for the locals to be suspicious. The legend also tells of how during Cora stay there, a ship called
The Susan G ran aground off the northern coast of the island. The captain and his crew left the ship and came to town and from there they made their plans to repair it and continue their commercial delivery. It sounds simple right, just repair the damage move on, but doing so meant unloading all of the cargo piece by piece and bringing it to shore the captain's name, According to local legend, was Eli blood and I'd better had been his real name too, because come on. How perfect is that right? Captain blood anyway, this captain enlisted they help of locals to move the cargo off of his grounded ship and in the process he got to know quite a few of them, which was good judging by the repairs he and his crew from say.
The Massachusetts were bound to be there for a very long time, and it was during this long stay that he and his crew heard the stories of Cora and her baby. The hearts of the rumours pointed to one single sensational conclusion: Cora was away and the child she brought with her was her familiar her supernatural pets and, as it turned out, captain blood was probably the last person on earth at this mysterious. Cora wanted to draw the suspicion of the captain, it seems, was not just a sailor from Salem. He claim to know cotton, Mather, the Puritan Minister, who was. passionate voice in support of the sale in which trials he had read matters books. He had studied them. He was a student of matters methods and apparently shared the man's intense hatred for the dark arts. So much so in fact that he considered himself,
a white which someone trained in combating the forces of darkness with their own brand of magic. He claimed to have his own familiars, which he fed with drops of blood and those familiars acted like spies for him. Informing him of black magic near by Captain Eli blood considered himself. A witch hunter and I realize that this sounds incredibly hypocritical, which it was, of course, but back then it was heroic gave the people of the area of feeling of safety. At least they might have said have someone here who can deal with Cora the which, if she ever gets out of hand in that when the body of a man washed up on the beach.
The body wasn't one of captain blood men, but it drew his concern nonetheless, It was the body of a young man from town and although no marks could be found that pointed to the cause of his death, there were a number of other clues local. gin tells of how the man's face was twisted into a horrible expression of fear his hands. They say work ask together, as if he'd been kneeling before someone powerful begging for his life, the man and had the numbers. Six six six carved into his forehead, the most damning evidence of all. However, where the footprints in the sand near his body, they were smaller than a man's. Any moved away from the body in a clear definable direction What's someone needed to investigate the man's death, they said Anne who better to do it, then the Hunter himself, captain Eli blood. He had little
to do while he waited on the ships owner to send help and supplies. This sounded like the perfect job for his idle mind. Captain blood for his part agreed. He gathered his men, mostly slaves from Barbados, who had a healthy cultural fear of black magic and together they went in search of course, Shack in the woods when they found her. She was inside making breakfast for herself and her child, and the men seized both of them and brought them back to town. They accused core of witchcraft and murder, of course, How could they not in a society governed by deep superstition and intense fear of people who failed to fit in, but before you write them off as barbaric? Remember that this is a flaw we all have yet to overcome. We still fear those who are different from us, maybe it's genetic. Maybe its culturally ingrained in that fear is like a snake hiding in the bushes, always ready to strike it struck hard for
Captain blood had her bound left hand to write ankle right hand to left ankle and then carried to the shore there he ordered her to be thrown into the water. It was a test. He said if she floated she. as a witch and seeing as how the tide was low and the waves were calm, of course she didn't sink. How could she That is fine with the results the captain moved on to his second test pulling his knife free, the man tried to cut a handful of coarse hair, but the blade failed to do its job more proof. He declared that she was a which the or at least proof that he needed to sharpen his knife, but hey I'm no, which hunter. The final test was the most creepy end, ambiguous of them all, taking a boy of sea water. The captain asked each of his crew to cut their fingertip and drip blood into the ball when, had all done, so he stirred this mixture with his knife until it foamed and swirled, and then he chanted were
it's that no one else understood wall staring hard into the bull and raised his face in triumph. She is a which he exclaimed then, as if needing a second opinion, he passed. The ball around to the others, each of them, according to the legend, saw two things in the ball: the devil and the face of Cora It was all the proof they needed. Cora was a witch pure and simple. Now her execution would be completed captain had his men gather, firewood and branches in pile them at the
Ace of a large oak tree near the bay and then Cora and her child were tied to the tree, ready to be burned alive now. What happened next will sound unusual. That's the finger print of an old story. They sometimes take on a patina of oddities and other worldliness, but sometimes that patina adds texture even value to an antique I'll. Let you be the judge. According to the locals, who tell the tale to this day, captain blood approached the tree with a lit or in his hand, ready to set fire to the wood and burn the witch and her familiar alive. But another captain, a local man named John Smith, held him back asking instead, for course, trial to go through the proper legal channels. Smith Bein, a sane man wanted to do things right, but as the men argued too
things happened: first, the child in chorus, arms twisted and ride as it transformed into a large black cat with shimmering green eyes. Second, a dark ominous cloud began to gather overhead on an otherwise cloudless day. Both men cried out in horror and then captain blood and forward with the torch to ignite the kindling. It was at that very moment that the cloud overhead rumbled in a lightning bolt flash down striking the tree. And blinding everyone around it. When the smoke cleared, the base of the tree was empty. The ropes were still there, as was the pile of branches and firewood, but the woman and the cat were gone without a trace. Well, that's not true. There was one clue, but it was difficult to believe their etched by lightning into the bark of the old oak tree where for clear letters which spelled out one single word see
o R, a Cora The outer banks is just like any other place in the world. On many levels. It has a history and over the centuries that comprise that history stories have been told in a lot of ways. Story is one of our greatest legacies. Wherever we ve been, we ve left story in our wake like footprints in the mud. Some stories are true and act like I'm capsules. Some are exaggerations of the truth and are meant to attain later generations. More than anything else. Some, though, serve to fill in the blanks to answer those lingering questions or to explain the things we can't rap our minds around. Are there
really fiery go ships and headless pirates haunting the outer banks was the word on the corollary, a word that you can still go see for yourself. If you want really carved into the bark by lightening, the chances are pretty good that it's all just a collection of old, entertaining folk tales, but sometimes stories do both beneath their decorative paints and fantastical flourishes. They Conseil grain of truth deep in their core, the most famous local legend in the outer banks by a mile is the story of the last colony of Roanoke. The eye and is located off the West Coast of Hatteras and with the English. settled there in fifteen eighty five they knew they were on the edge of the world building a settlement. There took a lot of guts and it came with a lot of risk and danger when on white and a hundred new settlers landed there in July of fifteen eighty six, the first settlement was gone, so they started to investigate they set up their own fort
and also work to establish relations with the local native american tribes, the Crow ATO and on what is now Hatteras and the Korea on the mainland. Why, It left for England one year later to get more supplies, but didn't return for three years and when he did come back, no sign of the English could be found. He left them with a plan now, if they were forced to leave they'd been told to carve across into a near by tree, so that white would know, they'd been attacked and he did find a carving, but it wasn't across. It was a single word crow ATO, and this was good news because it meant that they departed peacefully, but where did they go? White wanted to search Hatteras immediately, but when a terrible storm blew in his men refused to stay, however painful it might have been After all, whites own granddaughter was among the missing they had to leave the very next day. It's interesting to note The croat towing lived in southern Hatteras in the area,
between modern day Buxton and Frisco rights by the court tree. If it wasn't really lightning that carved those letters, perhaps it was an actual human being or it could be nothing more than a centuries old, prank or just a bit of lovers graffiti. Anything is possible right or maybe like a myth, with a grain of truth at its heart. This tree is the last hint in a chain of clues that point to the final desk Issues of the settlers from Roanoke you see the creed tribe on the mainland, went by a few other names, some call them the cores or the quarantine or interestedly enough. The Cora.
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in comfort and a century and a half ago, one way they fought back was through a series of outposts note as lifesaving stations we discussed lighthouses before and those are pretty easy to describe lights on the edge of land that helped worn ships of danger by Lifesaving stations were a bit different. They were, in a sense a sort of ocean centred firehouse staffed by a crew of men who were on call to come to the rescue of nearby shipwrecks one such facility built in eighteen. Seventy four was the Kitty Hawks Station now just lighthouses. These stations had keepers, men who, in charge of the facility and who acted as a sort of captain to the crew of six surf men who were on call and the position of keeper was at least back then a job that was filled by appointment in eighteen? Eighty, four, the or of the kitty HAWK Station was a man named James Hobbs. As usual Hobbs We saw his team of six other men and their.
Work there along the coast, kept them busy, but so earned Hobbs a jealous I from at least one local man, a guy named T, L, Daniels Daniels played dirty that here he reported station keeper Hobbs to the authorities. the man's crime. He apparently you some left over paint from the station building to do some touch up work on his personal boat, whether it was true or not, wasn't the point Daniels just wanted to cause Hobbs to lose his job so that maybe he could take it over it. Add on July seventh of eighteen, eighty four and investigate Your arrived to look into the matter. Lieutenants Easy Clayton walked into a storm. Now, yes, Hobbs was there as station keeper to answer his questions and show him around, but Daniels was also there and wouldn't leave and that led to a lot of bickering between him and Hobbs.
And Clayton was caught right in the middle. At one point, all three men were inside the lifesaving station, where the temperature was growing hotter than the summer heat outside. It said that Daniels, the troublemaker looking to steal Hobbs position out from under him, threatened the keepers life right in front of Clayton and then he reached for a gun station. Keeper Hobbs wasn't about to put up with that. So he opened a cupboard and pulled out his shot gun. Now. One would think the Daniels had the upper hand reaching for his pistol first, but apparently his hand got caught on his own coats and that gave Hobbs time to step forward rest, the shot gun on the shoulder of the investigator and pull the trigger that first, shots only hit Daniels in the left, shoulder and it might be projecting here. But I'd have to believe that this would have been a good moment for him to back down. Instead, Daniels finally got his pistol
and moved closer to Hobbs, one more blast from the shotgun though in Daniels was dead. Hobbs would be arrested and put on trial that fall, but perhaps thanks to Clayton testimony his actions were deemed self defence and he was acquitted on September eighth, whether or not he got in trouble for using that paint. Oh. I have no idea over the years to come. The life saving stations all across the country would eventually get merged into what is now the coastguard and the Kitty HAWK station went through a number of changes as well, both physically and geographic The wooden building was moved twice and after that additions were made, and today its home to a restaurant. The black. Elegant that unusual name, they say comes from another story from the stations past apparently, Shortly after opening in eighteen, seventy four, a large pelican covered in black feathers.
to show up and warn the crew of approaching ships, and for many years it served as a hybrid of an omen and a lookout helping the men do there hub when the station was shut down in the early part of the nineteen hundreds, the bird simply vanished, but don't worry, there's still plenty of history to be found inside the restaurant. That bears it's name. The black pelican has received numerous reports of unusual activity and many of the people who have worked there over the years placed the blame for it squarely at the feet of that angry interloper Daniels. There's a spot on the wooden floor that locals believe is the place where Daniels bled to death back in eighteen. Eighty four and the least. One person has also seen fresh blood running down one of the walls inside, of course, a lot of the usual rumours. Also fill the restaurant from mysterious footsteps and voices to objects that move on their own
whether or not Daniels is still there haunting the current occupants in search of that's ever elusive. Keeper position is something you'll have to decide for yourself, but thanks to vat legend and countless others at least one thing is undeniably true: Life in the outer banks always has a way of living, people feeling a bit on the edge This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me, Erin, Maggie with music by Chad, Lawson nor is much more than just a podcast. There is a book series available and bookstores and online and two seasons of the television show on Amazon. Prime video check them both out
you want more lore in your life. I also make an executive produce a whole bunch of other podcast, all of which I think you'd enjoy. My production comes it grim and mild. Specializes in shows that sit at the intersection of a dark and the historical you. Are more about all of our shows and everything else going on. over in one central place, grim and mild got come down. You can also follow this show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi now I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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