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REMASTERED – Episode 9: A Devil on the Roof

2021-07-26 | 🔗

It’s time to return to one of the classic American monster stories, the Jersey Devil. In this remastered edition you’ll get the same story you’ve known and loved, but with brand new narration and production, all layered over the hauntingly beautiful music of Chad Lawson. The Devil would be proud.


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In March, two thousand fourteen, a hiker in Lithuania, stumbled upon a warm spring that was melting. The ice on a frozen pond- it's not unusual to find things like this, but he was cured. I would be to the pond was frozen over, but there was a nice window into the still waters beneath. I have to think any one of us would have leaned in for a closer look when he did, though he witnessed something that his mind had trouble processing it. to be a living creature, but it was unlike anything he had ever seen. Thankfully, we live in a very connected, very digital age and he used his phone to take a short video. I have no idea what the creature was or
It was even a living thing and I am not going to discuss it today or tell you more stories about similar sightings, because there are any. It was a one off a random occurrence that had never happened before and would probably never happen again. Some stories are like that. Sometimes we bump into something new, with no history or record of events to lend it pedigree or validity. Those stories frustrate me. Other stories, though, go deep. Some legends, Heaven told For centuries, some creatures have been cited by hundreds of people over the years and each new signing lend credence to the story, even if it's all made up or just one big misunderstanding. These layers upon layers of story seem to somehow give life to the creatures they describe, When we find these deep wells, folklore, our minds are presented with a challenge
do the centuries of first hand, accounts serve as proof or do they highlight our incredible cross? Cultural, nearly genetic predisposition towards gullibility few places, challenge us to such a degree as the pine barons of Southern New Jersey inside that wooded expanse. Mystery runs far and wide mystery and some say the devil, I'm Erin Monkey and this is lore, when we think of the east coast of the United States, we think of urban sprawl of endless strings of bedroom communities looping around massive metropolitan centres, New York, city, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC. All of these places are sick.
those of humanity's inability to leave and undeveloped area untouched. What most people. Dont know, however, is that there is a huge expanse of forested land cutting through the southern part of New Jersey. That simply boggles the mind. It's called the pine barons And it's the largest undeveloped area of land in the MID Atlantic Seaboard seriously, this place is massive. There are we. Point. One million acres of forest and beneath it all our underground aquifers that are estimated to contain over seventeen trillion gallons of the purest drinking water. In the country, As you might imagine, such a massive area of untouched land comes with its own treasure chest of mythical creatures and frightening folklore, the local Not a tribe of native Americans tell stories.
but the manager to Tak the Woodward's who live in the forest, a local version of the global little people legend. There are other creatures rumoured to exist in the pines as well, including big, red eye, the Hoboken Monkey man undocumented species of watch? Cats, the cape may sea serpents and the lizard man of great meadows, New Jersey, easy is full of monsters but hovering over them. All like a patriarch person at the top of Inornate family tree is something that has high did the pines for nearly three hundred years before no story goes something like this. In seventeen thirty five one Mrs shroud of leads point: New Jersey became pregnant with her thirteenth child accords, tuba. The legend MRS Shroud secretly wish that this child would be a devil or demon child sure enough. When the child was born, it was misshapen and malformed.
MRS shroud kept the deformed child in her home, sheltered from the curious eyes of the community, but on a dark and stormy night, because all bad things only ever happen on dark and stormy knights. Of course, the child's arms turned to wings and it escaped flying up and out through the chimney, and MRS shroud never saw her devil child again now One story or one version of it at least a more prominent legend identifies the mother as MRS Leeds, not eight, MRS shroud from leads who is from the Burlington area of New Jersey, MRS Leeds. According to the legend dabbled in witchcraft, despite her Quaker beliefs and this hobby of hers, me old women attending her birth. More than a little uneasy to their relief, though Some baby boy was born had stormy night. Then he was quickly delivered to MRS Leeds arms. That was when he transformed is human feature.
vanished his body elongated and even his skin changed. The baby's head became horselike and hooves replaced his feet. Bat like wings, sprouted from his shoulders, and he grew to the size of a man, others, lorries have persisted through the centuries. One claimed that the monster was the result of a treasonous relationship between a colonial leads point girl and a british soldier while another. story, tells of Ay Romani curse. There seems to have been no town. or county in the pines area without its own version of the story, and though Many of them very wildly one thing unites them all. The descriptions of the creature in all the store, it was some sort of hybrid or mutation of a normal animal. Most of the stories describe it in the same terms head like a horse wings like a bat Claude hands, long serpent, tail and legs like a deer. In some accounts, the creature is
Most dragon like, coincidentally, the monopoly tribes, referred to the pines area as Papa Lessing, a word that means the place of the dragon. We wish explores even named the area, Drake Kill, kill being the dutch word for river and Drake meaning dragon whatever the truth. Behind the origins of this legend and whatever its core feature is really are the people The pines were united in what they call it. The Jersey Devil and this devil was more than just a story that was passed from person to person over the centuries. The followed, countless eye. Witness reports surfaced that pointed toward one overwhelming conclusion. The Jersey Devil was real, what makes the Jersey Devil so special.
is the quality of many of the sightings individual with no need to make up stories. Whether for political or professional reasons all seem to have found the courage to a port incidents that would normally be laughable, Stephen Haider was a United States naval officer who is known for his many naval victories in the early eighteen. Hundreds Decatur was, and still is, a very well respected figure in american history. There have been five warships named after him. He's had his own stamp through U S postal service and in the late eighteen hundreds. It was his face that grace the twenty dollar bill rather than Andrew Jackson's. According to the letter and Decatur visited. The Hanover Iron works in Burlington, New Jersey in the early eighties hunt, it's the facility, their manufactured cannonballs, something Decatur was very familiar with and he had arrived to test some of the product
occasion Decatur was said to have been on the firing range operating a cannon while there he witnessed a strange creature flying overhead, It was, unlike anything he had ever seen before and like a true american. He aimed a cannon at it. He fired and the shot was said to be true, striking the creature in mid air. Mysteriously, though nothing happened, the creature continued on on erupted. Another early famous resident of New Jersey was Joseph Bonaparte's, the brother of none other than Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon had appointed his brother. King of Spain, in one thousand eight, but Joseph abdicated, just five years later, before, moving to the United States up residence in a large state called breeze point near the pine barons and lived there for nearly two decades. One of his favorite pastimes was to go hunting in the pines on one of the.
hunting trips, the former king of Spain, was in the woods near his home when he discovered some strange tracks in the snow. They looked like the tracks of a donkey, but there were only two feet presence not for Bonaparte commented that one of the feed appeared slightly larger than the other, as if deformed in some way, you followed the tracks into a clearing but stopped when the prince vanished. It was as if the animal had simply taken flight as he was turning to leave. Bonaparte heard a strange, hissing sound, he glanced back only to find himself standing face to face with alarm, creature. He described it as having bat like wings, the head of a horse and stood a thin hind legs before he could remember to use his rifle the creature hissed one. Last time, flapped its wings and flew off into the sky, he later describe the events to a local friend.
who simply smiled and congratulated the man you ve just seen the famous Jersey Devil. He told him the following decades were filled with more and more sightings. Reports in the early eighteen. Forty is a handful of farmers began to report the death of livestock on their land. In most cases, tracks were found, but they cannot be identified. Others claim to have heard high pitched screams in them means a sound that would forever after be connected with the Jersey Devil. By now, two hundred belief in the Jersey, devil was widespread and stronger than ever nearly every one in the area believe that something other worldly lived inside the pines and any time disaster or death enter their lives. They cast blame at this creature, but some had also begun to do the math. If this monster really was the child of MRS Shroud and was born in one thousand seven hundred and thirty five, that it was very, very old folklorist Charles, be Skinner, commented on this
eighteen o three. In a publication, it is said that its life has nearly run its course. He wrote in with the advent of a new Century many worshipful, commoners Jersey have dismissed for good and all the fear of the monster from their mine Skinner Easy thought that it was gone at the jersey. Devil was too old to carry on arising, the people of the pines, but when the events of nineteen o nine unfolded just six years later, one thing became very clear: Skinner couldn't have been more wrong January of nineteen o nine was a busy month for the Jersey Devil.
In the early morning, hours of January, sixteenth, a man named fact. Cousins was out for a walk under the stars and Woodbury New Jersey, a sound caught his attention and he glanced up only to see a large dark shaped like past. Cousins recalled noticing that the creatures eyes glowed bright red. Twenty six, miles away that same early morning, in the town of Bristol Pennsylvania, a number of people reported seen a similar creature, one witness a police officer named James Sackville, actually fired his hand gun at it. Without effect P. W minster, the town postmaster also saw the flying thing and, according to It also unleashed a high pitched scream when the sun rose that morning, several people reported finding strange hoofprints in the snow. No one, though, could identify the kind of creature who would leave such tracks just one day later on the seventeenth.
unusual hoofprints were found in the snow outside the home of the loud ends in Burlington New Jersey, the tracks surrounded their trash can, which had been knocked over and rummaged through. Other people found tracks on their rooftops. Trails were followed into streets, were the tracks would simply vanish The Burlington police tried tracking the creature with the help of hunting dogs, but the dogs refused to follow the trails at two hundred and thirty. In the morning on Tuesday, the 19th eight, MR and MRS Evans, were asleep in bed in Gloucester, New Jersey, but a scream of woke them. They both climbed on the bed and approached their window and then stopped paralyzed by fear they're on the roof of their shed stood a creature.
Like anything they had ever laid eyes on. According to Mr Evans, it was roughly three ft tall and had the head of a horse. It walked on two legs and held smaller claw like hands against it's just the leathery wings were still present, as well as the long serpentine tail a couple managed to frighten the creature away after watching it for nearly ten minutes. Later that day, professional hunters were called in tempt to track the creature, but they had no success. The following day brought more of the same: a Burlington police officer was the first to see the creature followed by a local minister. A hunting party was formed to track the beast and claim they watched. It fly toward Morristown in Morristown. It was seen at the Mount Carmel Cemetery from there. It was seen to fly toward riverside and their hoofprints were found in a cluster.
round a dead puppy a day later and entire trolley full of passengers in Clementine watched a winged creature circle. Above them, the black HAWK Social club, reported their own. Citing and when a colleagues would firemen saw one up close, he turned his hose on the creature chasing it off. That night, a woman named MRS Serbian Ski in Camden, heard a noise outside in the dark. She grabbed her broom and stepped out side only to find the mysterious beast trying to catch her door MRS Sobieski beat at the creature with her broom until it released the dog and flew away. When a crowd gathered as a result of her screaming. They all claim to see the creature off in the distance, the mob charged toward the thing and a police officer even fired shots, but whatever it was managed to escape into the sky,
The creature made a few more random appearances across northern New Jersey during late January of that year, but it was one final, citing in February. That leaves many questions to be answered an employee of a local electric railroad was out working on the tracks when he saw what he described later. As the Jersey double flying overhead, he claimed to have watched the creature fly into one of the overhead electrical wires generate in an explosion large enough to melt the metal tracks directly. Underneath a search was made, but no body was found. Maybe the stories of the Jersey Devil. Really about fear. Fear of the unknown fear of the dark fear of what might be lurking out there in the trees
Humanity has feared those things for millennia, but perhaps the people of the pines feared something more basic, more fundamental, then, whatever might be waiting for them in the darkness. Perhaps they simply feared being alone. There is nothing worse than experiencing a lost. You can't explain or noises you can't identify Specially, if you are in a new and strange place, the sources. Might very well be real and normal, but in the setting in culture of their day the unexplainable, only serve to highlight the loneliness of those early settlers of New Jersey. The baron's had a way of giving permission to fear the unknown. They still do to this day,
when settlers discovered rare or unusual plants and animals. Inside those woods, it became easy to take one step: further demon, children, creatures, dancing on rooftops livestock and pets being attacked. We explain our existence with fantasy, because sometimes that's the only thing that can help scope, one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven some employees for the New Jersey Department of Conservation found a partial animal corpse in the pines. It was a mangled collection of feathers, mammal and the long hind legs that appeared to have been burned or scorched, it might be logical to assume that the creature that flew into the electrical wires in one thousand nine hundred and nine had literally crashed and burned only to be discovered decades later. It might. In fact, the creature was gone for good, but in nineteen eighty seven an unidentified
Eyed woman, inviolate New Jersey, reported that her german shepherd had been killed during the night. The dog had been torn to pieces and dragged over twenty five feet from the end. Change. The only evidence the authorities could find around the body were hoofprints. The Jersey Devil is one of those iconic american monster stories, partly because of the details I mean who doesn't love a creature. That seems like a mash up of a few different common animals right, but I also think there is one more thing that help to bring it to life. Location. New Jersey is vast. Pine barons and its early history seem like the perfect breeding ground for a legend of this power
It's not the only story to come out of the garden state, and if you love the bizarre and unusual, I have one more tale to tell stick around through this brief sponsor break to hear all about it. They had a guest in their new home and they weren't quite sure what to do about it. Frank grace, berry and his family had moved into the house in nineteen. Seventy two. It was in a beautifully wooded area of Northwestern New Jersey, just EAST to Philadelphia, known as ran coca woods. We don't know much about the house. It's but the events of nineteen seventy two have left more than enough memories for any family. After moving
in the family immediately notice that the lights, flickered and noises filled the space without any visible explanation, objects would be found in new locations moved by someone by who. Well, that was the question. None of the children confessed to it and it was certainly not franc or his wife. Mary things were, fast moving, and I wasn't ah early on in their time there in the house, everyone noticed just how cold the dining room got when they sat down to eat. It was almost as if there was a cold wind blowing through the room. Which might not be unusual if all the doors and windows were closed but have a next is a bit mysterious and I dont have a good explanation for it, but they were all along for the ride. So, let's just role with it We at some point during one of those Chile dinner gatherings, someone managed to figure out that they could stop a cold wind if they set an extra place at the table.
It was almost as if there was some one else in the house, someone they couldn't see, but who really wanted to be noticed and they had simply been begging to be included, which, of course, copy curiosity. A Frank and Mary, wanted to learn more, so they hired a team of mediums to come to their home and do and investigation the grace berries problem we went into it with low expectations they might have expected to have their suspicions confirmed that yes, there was a ghost in the house may be they even expected a few details that gave this ghostly visitor some depth, such as a name or a time period, but what the investigation uncovered was so much more rich and detailed, and it was probably more than a little differ,
not to believe. The spirits in the house, according to the mediums, was that of a young revolutionary war soldier. His name was John Dobson and he'd come from a wealthy plantation family in Virginia Dobbins role in the war, it seems was serving as a courier for the american military and that's what led to it. Death, the story, at least as it was related to the family by their hired mediums, was that Dobson had been given a message for General George Washington in November of seventeen seven six, it was an unusually cold and harsh winter, and that made for dangerous travel sometime during his journey towards valley, forge he can't for the night and died from exposure
the place where his body lay undiscovered eventually becoming buried under the ever. Changing life of the forest was right on the land now owned by Frank and his family. In fact, according to the medium, the house itself had been built on top of it and that they were told was the source of Dobbins unrest. The family was sceptical, of course, but curiosity is a lot like the scent of freshly baked apple pie Once you catch it, it's hard to. Let go so they reached out to historians in the area to see if they could track down more details. After all, they had a name a rough day, and military occupation. Surely that was enough to uncover more information and it was It turns out that there were not one but for John Damsons serving in the revolutionary war from the region of the Virginia column.
and the military did indeed run a courier service in New Jersey. It wasn't definitive but certainly looked as if they might be on the right track, or of course it could all be fantasy. So life eventually went on shore. They setting an extra place at the table. Then yes, in the house weren't ever really normal items would move to new locations. Those lights kept flickering if it was a ghost and that ghost did have a message it didn't seem to have given up Then one day, long after they had moved on, the youngest child, Polly was were heard, humming and unusual song. While she was playing with her twice when Mary stopped and asked Polly what song it was. The little girl told her. It was called the world turned upside down. The song it turns out was old way too old for Polly to have picked it up from a friend or television or even a baby sitter. It was from this
studies. The seventeen sixties and spoke of well. The symptoms of a world turned upside down. and it was a significant saw to. It seems that when. British General Cornwallis surrender, did General George Washington on October 19th of one thousand seven hundred and eighty one is troops played that song on their last march, names and dates, and personal details were all intriguing piece of information, but this a song, no child should no one from the very same time and place as the story of John Dobson was a lot harder to deny Frank and his wife took. this proof, however bizarre and unconventional it might have been that their ghostly roommate was more than just a story. Things didn't go so well for the ghost. After that, his plan had been to get the house moved off his grave site, but it turns out he was just too benign of a roommate, too gentle and easily avoid
did even that long forgotten song was perceived as something enjoyable by the family and his other worldly plan failed. The family didn't change a thing about the house or its location, neither did any of the owners who came after them and John Damson man who died, lost and cold in Rancocas woods in the winter of one thousand. Seven hundred and seventy seven has remained just as lost and just as cold as ever is world, it seems, will always be upside down, This episode of law was researchers to written and produced by me, Aaron Monkey with music by Chad Lawson
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