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Trick or Treat 2016: Set 2


A Halloween treat to add a bit of dark history to your week. Each Lore “Trick or Treat 2016” episode is a collection of two of my favorite “shorts” in one place. Perfect for a rainy day, a walk in the dark, or a campfire gathering. This episode includes “In a Pickle” and “Drained”.


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Just a couple of notes before we had started first, but this isn't a normal episode of war if you're new, to the show nor is released every two weeks year round without seasons, but an act over the vast season of the year. In my opinion, a release extra treats in the off weeks- and today is one of those treats you'll hear too short tales of folklore alleging that sit that line between spooky and fascinating theirs. short add in between the two stories, but each tail is a fully produced. Many episode of the show that you already know love. Second, I haven't had a chance, share. The big news with all of you who aren't on Facebook, twitter ad. Any of the month I joined the producer of my upcoming television show on stage at New York COMECON to announce our network partner. Lore, you see is coming
Amazon video next year. They ve ordered a full season of ten episodes and we ve hired x files. Producer and writer, Glenn Morgan to run the show, if you can't tell through the headphones. I'm being so there you go. Are you ready for some stories, make sure your doors are locked. Your minds are open light, a candle or turn on that bedside because, because sometimes history be a little dark. I her in this is lore when Andrew Herod and set sail on April. Fourteen of seventeen twenty four he had fish on his mind
He was just twenty two years old and his vessel, the squirrel, was brand new. Surely Herod and was eager to put her through her paces. He and his crew. Sale that day out of an asylum harbour in Gloucester, Massachusetts were his family had lived since the mid. Sixteen hundreds and from the beginning and Islam had always been a fishing village. The squirrel headed north up toward Canada and after a while, they spotted another ship had in their direction. This was long before the telephone and satellite navigation, though so heritage and his men knew nothing about the crew piloting. The oncoming ship. it was it until they were within shouting distance tat. The newcomers raised a black flag up high the kind of black flag that made so There's all across the Atlantic Shudder pirates. What happened next was a whirlwind lines were cast,
and the ships were drawn together. The older one was in rough shape, but her crew proudly called heard the revenge, and once Herod and and his men were gathered together and held on the deck the captain of the revenge stepped over his name. It turns out with John Philips and Philips had pedigree in the world of pirates. Pedigree meant a lot who trained you, who train them? How powerful and fearsome were they in Phillips brought a lot of that to the table? He had once been a carpenter, but ass being captured by a pirate named Thomas answers. We converted to a life of crime answered by the way trained under Bartholomew Roberts, who no two sailors all across the Atlantic, as Black Bart, is also, incidentally, the inspiration behind the character of the dread. Pirate Roberts from the princess bride,
Philips fell in love with the squirrel right away and decided that he would take her for his own. He put all appeared and crew on the revenge left them to fend for themselves, but he kept heritage. on hand. Maybe he wanted some one who knew the ship. Maybe he saw potential in the younger captain to some day inherit his own crown, whatever the reason Philip set sail with Harrigan as his prisoner, But Andrew Herod and had no desire to stay on John Philips, stolen ship wanted to go home. You had a girl back home and he plan to marry her and there was fishing to be done. So Andrew Herod, and began to applaud his escape and he knew right away in order to succeed you needed help. Thankfully, a good portion of the pirate crew was in much the same position as he was
When push comes to shove, there were less than ten men who were actually loyal to John Philips. The rest of the meadow were ripe for dissension and so Herod and set about making plans. One of his main recruits was the ship's carpenter, a hulking man named Edward Cheeseman, it together they distributed some of the carpenters tools around the top deck making them available for the right moment. On April seventeen, just three days after the squirrel had left Gloucester that moment arrived when she's been found himself alone on the deck, with Philips largest and most intimidating follower, a man named John Nut, She's been seize the opportunity literally and picked the brute up and tossed him overboard.
Near by another friend of heritage took action. This man, John Filmore, through a hand, acts at the boat swain. Reportedly splitting his head into another loyalist was thrown overboard, just as Philips himself was entering the deck see with a commotion, was all about arid and was waiting, though any smashed. The pirate captains head with a hand, acts are just like that the squirrel has his again. All the remaining men who had been loyal to Philips men who had will. Lee committed crimes is, pirates were gathered in place below and then Herod and set sail for Boston. The prisoners were tried in Boston and four of them were convicted and sentenced to death. Each man made an elaborate speech about his actions and repentance for two of them resulted in a reprieve of one year, the other two though
It was too little too late. They were hung in June of seventeen twenty four at Charlestown Ferry and then their bodies were hung from gibbets, almost like one armed crosses. Where they served as a warning to others. Andrew Herod and did in fact marry his sweetheart. He and Mary Davis we're wed later that autumn. On September, seventeenth, in their hometown of Gloucester Massachusetts, you never served with pirates again. Edward Cheeseman was awarded forty two pounds for his bravery and contribution to the capture of the pirates. After that,.
You disappeared from the pages of history and John Fillmore, the axe throwing sailor, went on to settle down and have a family and that his great grandson would be named. Millard and Millard Fillmore would grow up to become the 13th president of the United States, but whatever happened to John Phillips sure, the notorious pirate was killed in the mutiny that took place that day in April of one thousand seven hundred and twenty four. But this was the era.
Bounties and literal prices on the heads of criminals. So it's no surprise that around the same time that the other pirates were being sentenced to death in Boston, the magistrates there took delivery of a package from Andrew Herod, and it was a small barrel and inside floating in brine, was the pickled head of the pirate himself. Bela KISS, who was born in eighteen. Seventy seven move to the hungarian town of sink die in nineteen hundred. This was long before the. and was absorbed by Budapest. Dream is a ten Psmith, although we don't know much else, bout him beyond that. You rented a home was he neighbourhood and he lived alone. He was alone because his wife, Maria a woman
fifteen years younger than him and repeatedly found herself a love in a pair, had run off together in nineteen twelve leaving kiss to carry on by himself as a result, kiss hired an elderly housekeeper name, MRS Jacko back to come And take care of the cleaning and the chores while he worked gave her toward the house point All of the important features and watch her through her responsibilities is private office, though, is off limits. That was where he sat in corresponded with his lady friends. His housekeeper, I had seen some of the seal envelopes on their way to the post office, but never had the opportunity to read them and cash occasion. We brought home a young woman, he never came back for a repeat visit. Maybe he had a commitment problem, or maybe they didn't care form in person. It was hard to say for sure Mister King thought that political change was coming, though, and he told others that he wanted to be prepared. It gone as far as to collect
that'll drums and said he was filling the large barrels with gasoline, just in case it by nineteen fourteen He was proven right world or one broke out, and he was required to enlist in serving the military. He handed is key he's too the housekeeper and told her to take care of the place, and then two years went by. Eventually the landlord decided he was probably never going to see, Bela cash again and again, the process Making the home available for rent to a new tenant it travelled home in July of nineteen. Sixteen immediately found the barrels of gasoline after two years of war. It didn't take a genius to recognise a valuable commodity, so he called the local police department to make the fuel available to the government. maybe being asked for payment or maybe donated it in an effort to earn some goodwill. We don't know them. Vision, but we do know the outcome Soldiers arrived at the house to take possession of the fuel drums but wanted to inspect. Before holding them off. So one
soldiers poked a hole in the light of one drum, and then he backed away the oder that escaped was powerful and full of the centre. the k and right gasoline? Not much was immediately clear, so Open the drum and drained it inside, we found body of a woman drain another drum and found another body over and over body after body More and more women were discovered each the apparent victim of strangulation. In All the bodies of twenty four women were found on the property. The housekeeper was called in four questions and Although she didn't know any more than the police did, she did point to his private office door, the door, never been allowed to unlock, so the police got inside on this. Rufus. It was very office like Bookshop
the line, the walls and a desk sat in the middle of the room, but in the desk the police found a journal of his correspondence with over seventy four women, along with the photo and some letters never been mailed. some use false names and some went as far back as nineteen o three kiss, it seems had been living a secret life Even writing. Women who posted in the marriage columns of local newspapers luring M to his home and then killing them. No one had ever suspected thing. Of course, calls to the military were made looking for the men, but there was no immediate information, and then In October of that year. The military sent word that kiss was recuperating in a serbian hospital officers were sent. capture the man, but by the time they got their kiss Had somehow placed another man's corpse in his own bed and slipped out of the building.
He was never seen again or maybe not Four years later, a french soldier encountered a man who used one of kisses false names, a man who bragged that he was pretty good at strangling people. A man who looked a lot like the description of Bela KISS police were alerted. The man managed to disappear. before their arrival in nineteen thirty to a man who fit his description, was seen stepping out of the subway station in Times Square in New York City police detective with a photographic memory claimed he recognized the man from old photographs, but he couldn't get close enough because of the crowd. Four years later, someone reported and a man who looked just like kiss was working as a janitor in an apartment on sixth avenue police force. To look into it, but when they arrived the janitor.
Was gone and after that his trail goes call one. Last thing: there is something odd about each of the victims found in those fuel barrels that day in nineteen. Sixteen, Yes, they ve been strangled to death, but he all shared and other wound right where you might expect each victim and twin punk remarks on the side of their necks, when their bodies were further examined, one last clue was discovered. Each woman had been completely drained of blood. This episode of Lore was researched, written and produced by me. Errand mangy lore is more than upon guess, there's a book series in bookstores around the three and online, and the second
in the Amazon Prime Television show was recently released, check them both out. If you want more lore in your life by also make two other upon Erin, making cabinet of curiosities and unobserved, and I think you'd enjoy both each one. Explore. other areas of our dark history, ranging from bite sized episodes to season long dives into a single topic. You can learn about both of those shows and everything else. on all over in one central place. The world Of lore dot com slash now You can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just search for lore podcast, all one word and then click that follow button. When you do say hi, I like it when people say hi and as always, thanks for listening.
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