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#13 Dr. Boniface Talks Marijuana + FunDip Gets High On Painkillers!

2015-03-09 | 🔗
This week, Dr. Phyllis Bonafice stopped by to discuss the ins and outs of Marijuana usage and it's legalization. We also go through the #LAPDShooting point by point, Hillary's recent email scandal and listen to FunDip as he progressively gets more and more loopy on his newest pain-meds.

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These stones, motor city, maniac weird from the minute the great lakes Grandmaster, the motel madman, the mittens filler we ran out and listening to outer with wood. To you listening, of course, all across Michigan online and were so thrilled now rich Alaska of all places has picked up,
this programme, as always the most disrespectful. Users, lash sidekick in radio insubordinate funded Damn good morning, Alaska good Morning, Fern Dale Good morning Florida. Now sk as not morning they get in the afternoon. Well, they might listen to this again to Morrow Morning on your recorder, varying oh no of all things by the way. I'm I'm coming in a fine right on this. Mike from your adequate. You still don't sound, is good as I'd you of I never do I never do fun dip. This is a busy weak. Visibly we ve got Hillary Clinton scandal, surprise Benjamin Netanyahu, he don't take no craps and then we ve got really Ellie
Our morning coffee, hidden early this morning, you should have seen or heard the rush before we went on air and then not even be shooting and, of course, over the Ferguson D, O J report before we get to anything, Why is Eric holder allowed to investigate anything other than himself they'll what you find that incredibly ironic, it's just frustrating that what is he doing. Eric hold her arm and a leg sure nobody else is doing stuff. They should be done. Only me only me black net. You look like a photo negative Atlanta, NED Flanders. I've been saying for years picture a photo. Take you take. Photo negative of net flanders to a dark room. It's air colder! that has not never do a substance, but nothing substantive, they're, just a bad habit of butter.
Also for those people who don't know funding. Can we talk about your entering this? Oh, my gosh yeah, that was horrible I would remind me I need to take some drugs is trouble. That's our big! Yesterday, Doktor Phyllis on a face, who actually is there? You of them harbours a psychiatrist she's an in Neuro, psychiatry and she's going to come to talk with us here in a hat and half an hour you about marijuana and its effects on the brain, because a lot of misinformation out there and if aids are going to be legalizing it I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to or not necessarily having the constitutional argument, but there is a notable increase in usage among young people in the United States. The perception that its harmless and it's important to discuss. So I your lot you'll love what she has to say, I'm I'm I'm looking forward to learning funding. I am really. If you want to learn about drugs, join a band in just watch your cohorts, speaking of drugs before we get into the news you had a prick.
Serious scare. This week, man, we were at the diet. There's a dinosaur exhibit discover the dinosaurs that was at Cobo Hall in Detroit and the previous day I had played laser tag with Ben, so I probably did something that day but where, at the discovery, dinosaurs exhibit I'm walking around. On my back he's gettin tighter and tighter and tight. I, like my gosh, had to sit down tried to walk a little bit more. Eventually it was so bad. I said. Let's just get, here will go to go to dinner, may be sitting at dinner, I'll be all feel better dinner. Didn't help went to the hospital after dinner, And ended up at them, hospital lay flat on my face, oh for a couple hours before they finally said well, let's if we can get you up and walk again, I'm like haven't given me any medicine, yet how am I gonna be better just from land here, so I got me up. I fell flat on the floor and they said. Maybe we should give you some matters
So then they gave me an ivy of morphine. They gave me a vow. The imperial and tore a doll, and and twenty minutes later they try to get me. You stand up again that didn't work about an hour after that they they got me standing up sitting over into a chair, and then I watched down Abby on the little childcare never gone for good legacy, but I know that you know spinal damage. It was. It was us up muscular I'm right here. It must have been the muscles they didn't do an MRI. I wish they had because I'd love to know for sure it's all. This just six or seven doctors coming in and they all looked like fetuses walking. They were so damn young You met their bald now they were just ridiculously young. What you know it,
I will tell you this we're gonna Mark ripped off on next week, but that is a real problem. When you just go into these hospitals- and you know, I had a really pretty serious back scare yeah island, I'm having remembered hearing that I texted you what I'm like giving advice? Help right So we said at a tweet. I wanted to know because no yet a lot of people brain for you out there in twitter, whether you, whether you believe in the big man upstairs or not, even the sentiment- should make you feel nice I'll I'll admit that I actually prayed a little myself just in case course. I started off with like high. I don't you remember me, I don't know. You're even there, but if you are, could cadet Linda one hand here yeah. So I didn't hear anything back from, but I'm walk again. So, maybe more than ever silent and helpful more than ever. We have to get
you know if you want. I can help you with this really basic stuff as far as strength, training and getting those muscles working again in them. We should start a fitness blog. We should start at and you can get up and I'll give you access to my Youtube general, because I You know you have a few thousand people watching. It probably won't be like one of those million video views, but there are a lot of people out there who care about you, find it and want to see you do well. So I love for them to be able to see your progress and support. You know that be conical, let's just nor the anti semitic reds that appear at that's just you do, I'm afraid, irishman like jewish food, but they that's enough for them behave. Apparently which, by the way, leads us into Netanyahu. So I'll come back. After a doctor, Phyllis Boniface and talk about my back instead, because a ties into drugs actually Did you see Netanyahu speech this week? did on the radio. But I didn't get a chance to see it. Well, yes, right, your radio guy, I always
picture. She found a very generous breaking news. I picture him like the families in Cinderella, man listening to the pride of the Irish Jimmy Braddock fight Metabolites nurse in by the radio guiding leaning in on my mind, to radio and raise our worker. What my children, the hearing on the radio and she looked so weird, now resemble her. She was so cute and now it's like, ah, can't yo yo your weight that much as a woman, I think, come out of it unscathed, Jerry Maguire me, and she was it swedish. I liked her in the one with the with Obi WAN Kenobi, where it looks like it took place in the six these are the US? thing love, something, love, something much love for all of greater. You love credible as something while somethin like that year was it was it it kinda harking back to them Rockets endorse day type films back of Iraq. Hudson was secretly playing doctor calm, Gomer, pile right
I don't know if that's what he said when they were being romantic together, but I am sure that he is breaking into song. Gomer part with a big do, voice strange. I we just can't we can't get off into that tangent, because it will take us somewhere, unhealthy fur for radio Ben Benjamin Netanyahu, here's the thing I've talked about this before right. If you dont want necessarily know a lot about Israel, israeli policy, their history and why they deserve to exist on that plot of land, even if you were never skeptical of Barack Obama right you should be able to look at this a cursory glance and say: ok hold on a second I'm, not skeptical rock Obama, but Now, I'm going to look at the list of iranian officials who want The extermination of Jews and I'm immediately going to start.
I'm a merely going to start being sceptical if, if, if you'll see IRAN and an awkward saying. I think the good Going, Goodwood Brok Obama think he's going to bring out he's going to change the great american evil, and then Netanyahu, the one guy who runs a country out there were they don't hang their gaze or beat the crap out of their women. Saying yeah. I did. Think this guy's a fraud. I dont think that Barack Obama's, given us a support we needed will do it without him. Just at a curse, just looking at it from from just a just a birds, I've, you, wouldn't, you think, funded that someone Oh ok, maybe we're in the wrong here now, because the people that support it on our just following blindly they're, not paying attention to the actual events. I've I've seen friends on Facebook, say, that Israel is the bad guy and they need to stop being means, the Palestinians alike, If I am, if the Palestinians
just move out of their house. Let the move back in they'd Malone. Ok, that's a little bit simplified and you know someone came in and here's the deal one Israel was given the land by the way by the, U N the same people who want them out now, and everyone loves to praise the you, but I think the u N is crap. I don't think we should be a part of the U n anymore, because it basically serves to exist as the I hate Israel club that you and gave them that land that was non existent. It was that it was. It was world war to Kay the What kind of hair the bad very involved you They heard a german accent, their head with a swivel wholly crap. What's going on? That's how bad it was. They had no place to go up but depends we ask anyone from seven to ten million Jews terminated, ok and they said let's go to this plot of land. Where no one exists, there was never a palestinian country, it never existed. It was the Arabs who people didn't want in their own country. They went out there it was given to them legally immediately three hour.
Try to wipe them off the face of the map in it of maneuver, Israel protected them. Else gained land which they gave back. That's a seven day wore Egypt, Jordan, Syria said we're going to exterminate the Jews in Israel said: please don't please don't please don't, then they defended themselves and you're still deming them and then to this day, awkward dinner jobs that Israel must be wiped off the face of the map that they will eliminated and now they're looking for nuclear capabilities and even administration, who said well we're just going to tell them the knock at nuclear capabilities, but the fact is there why are we getting hassle IRAN saying we're just gonna: u that for power by the way? I thought liberals war against nuclear power? That's a big reason: we're not transitioning there. It's not green enough, even though it would be fantastic and clean and reliable. So why is it that it's ok for IRAN? They get nuclear power and it's not for us Well, let me tell you from my point of you: it's not ok for IRAN to get any nuclear power whatsoever, AEGIS, figure, just an interventionist noise saying where the good guys is,
a guy's there, the bad guys we don't kill people. So for the color of their skin. We don't kill people for being gay. We don't kill people. For being jewess around does, and they ve said that Israel must be wiped off the face of the man. They ve laid out a battle plan. They should I've, no nuclear capabilities and when Netanyahu speaks on this- and he says hey this, What needs to happen? I think we do. Well to listen, that's an opinion we'll get into the facts after this break, but that's just an opinion. Folks just advice: It's out is tell us, you can do whatever the hell you wanna do louder with proper
hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded. To tell you about. One of my favorite sites on the web are fifteen doc. I know you hear a our fifteen saving glad rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits, forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories upbraids. All of it can be found at a are fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com, you're listening to louder with crowded louder with crowd. So glad to have you back in What isn't that awesome, funded Anchorage, Alaska, very cool, very cool, love to be able to wouldn't it be fun to go up there and do it live sometime yeah that might be kind of cool as long as you by the train ticket or the ticket. Oh yeah, I'm not paying
for the ticket but tat. You know it's funny, Alaska, isn't a huge state. You know you couldn't get a huge stated why we largely state in the union. I mean population wise. I think it's about a hundred thousand, but if you're in anchorage pretty much cover Alaska so our wonderful later with greater affiliate there, it actually Joe Miller, has a show there every day and then once a week. Kay away in Alaska you'll be hearing ladder with greater, so we're glad we appreciated and dumb. I guess that technically makes us indicated very goal we can you know it's one and we ve talked about us like I've. Never I haven't really actively gone after some negation, because I focus on line focusing on this, where lotta people listen but dumb, Maybe it's time now. Maybe people need to start eagerness and maybe they're ready for funding primetime. Just for those of you who don't know fund up right now is knocking backer via condemns Moselle. I've got a pill in my mouth. I've got
hide Rico. Donors are divided in that's what it is yeah. Oh I have you been in six hundred Milligrams novel, but it and psycho bends preen ten milligrams. It's a muscle, relax and I think I'm gonna be fly in here in a minute. I'm is that legal I mean you can have a beer and FDC building, but you can be popped up on painkillers yeah. I think it can still take transmitter readings, these. Well, you know what we ve, so I've got tons of talk about with Hillary Clinton, the LAPD shooting that's a huge story and actually have some facts that many of you listening right now, probably I don't know. If you haven't watch the video we have the video ladder with crato dot com. By the way, you can always listens to listen to the podcast for free, subscribe on Itunes, sound cloud lot with crime. Not com. A lot of people are often asking what where's this archived everything is free. Everything was we do it
free and accessible, and some of you will still complain. That's fine and watched a funny videos, some crazy, funny videos. He dresses up ass. I super man, Anne S, Mohammed, some wild ones, ran bags appreciative fund see funded, never used to, like me, just say: no, we first came into the show he didn't me. He didn't want me to do the show, and now I always tell fund if he gets uncomfortable. I love you funded. Oh yeah, come your baby. You uncomfortable, but you know You know I a magazine, nutrition, since you know I love you right. You know that really who care of me when you were in your body. I was tired, extradite if I, if I didn't think it was real. I wouldn't have been text a new while I'm lay in a hospital bed, and please always do honestly. If I don't wanna, be texting you from hospital beds, often nobody if ever you're there, you know- and so I went out every year was scary and actually my mother in law really loves you too. She sheet
Tell me about your mother. No, you haven't met my mother in law, but she listens to the show and I'll shoot. You have met her. She came over the studio. One time I think did I did I meet you, your folks yet I know I met your Mama phone. Remember when the found she's great, No, my mother law came in before Abraham to show their at where you know she lived in Arbour. All has few, but she's sweetheart Missis, course on sherry. We love you too, to a big love s today, but yeah it it's it's one of those things where the hospitals. I shall talk about my incident after the break. We have to get to the guest at six thirty Doktor Phyllis Boniface, and I know everyone is talking about Hilary Hilary Ferguson Netanyahu will get back to that. But You have been a very interesting guests in the show who might cover things. It's kind of empty are bad, but more entertaining with with leaner. Just now we
Few people who are qualified in their field and actually make for good radio and Boniface is fantastic in I'll. Tell you what sir the thing she she's on what she's Decorated me on marijuana were fascinating I am the driver. Just talk to you entered swallowing Viking like their Eminem. I had no idea that this was like it in this must be like the brook. The matter name. For me, you know it's funny about that that Viking and Rights Hydra Codeine and asked me to financing meat if in his tunnel, the more dangerous component, Even lower doses. Is the title Diane, really messed up. You'll ever Tylenol is really dangerous back in the eighties. What was a toxic or somebody? No, there was there was a big oh scare, where somebody had put poison in it. As a kid I was, I was scared to death. Taiwan offer at least an years yeah, that's a terrible branding fiasco.
You know it else happened. Something similar to that was a lot of people, don't realize. Slits beer was number one in the country for a long time till the sun These relate to contamination at their plan, and that was all it took in Budweiser. Took him over. We think Budweiser, has always been the king, a beers. It was actually slits and then they had contamination. They try to re brand. They changed the formula in it never really worked so now live released, a kind of energy RO can and they say traditional slits formula nineteen sixty formula it just now, Lord. Sometimes people dont recover from that you know the amazing that new coke that fiasco that they survived that whole thing right, which is putting that you know it just got a tweet from a gentleman, a bare aspirants better for evidence. The one thing that actually they say you should take every day. You know baby aspirin, it's actually good for you. I hadn't thought about that. A good aspirants, actually Don T bad
I dont know I mean this- is because their small there, though the fruity play they have like a roof labour attitude. Well, I you're, that that means we're going out for this half hour or so we are going to be back with her wonderful gas, Doktor Phyllis bonfires to talk marijuana will be back to discuss the LAPD Shooting Ferguson, Hilary emails, and more about Netanyahu, all the news that matters that doesn't louder with prouder stated If you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but finding the right kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle bottles a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes in simplified one. Buying good wine, simple, just call eight hundred and forty four two thousand nine hundred and seventy one where a qualified sommelier will take your information budget, send you a curated list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way, I also have a price match guarantee, so it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you
call simplified wine at eight hundred and forty four, two hundred and ninety seven one hundred and eighty four four thousand two hundred and ninety seven wine, phone calls. You can just go to simplified wine dot com and hit the simplified button same thing, just digital anyone you want they can get just call simplified one thousand, eight hundred and forty four two hundred and ninety seven wine to have the best wine at the best. Delivered straight to your door guaranteed what could possibly be simpler. All simplified wine today, eight for four to nine seven. Why. Nice. We are back louder with greater, very excited about our next gas because we ve had her on the show before, but only on Youtube. Michel, I guess you can say she caught a lot of flak. Neuro Psychiatry, wrist, specialty exits.
Specialized very brilliant lady doktor Phyllis Boniface. Thank you so much for coming on the show by pleasure, Stephen ok! So you kind of felt a little bit of the ban. Clash of Youtube. At that point, we did a video and marijuana right when it was legal. In Colorado, in sort of exam where you are in Arbour, the decriminalization. What happen legally. What are the ramifications, but I want to clarify something in the video. I didn't say the government should be able to outlaw part in every state manufacture it takes return stance of parts, one to legalise it. Fine. The problem I had, as all the people who say, legalise all drugs legalise pot in order to get that pass They generally aren't as forthcoming about the harms of marijuana, and I think, if you're an adult- and you wanna harm your body. Fine,
the people who are wanting to legalise at aren't taking on the responsibility of assisting education. So that's what we had. You want to do what she was, but I'd enough right for you to say, hey here, the ways pot might be bad for you and people were furious. Did that surprise? You not really. Some forms before- and I know that there is a lot of pro marijuana people out there and I always find it instructive to read the comments and how people actually make their arguments and people who are we pro marijuana. Obviously heavy users there their arguments kind of illustrate the points that were trying to make that it can cause problems in deficits in people's thinking robot. Its exhibit a drifter has technically! Well, it's funny. You, Google right now in marijuana, bad, the first searches that come up are people try until you marijuana, is bad, but it's right wing propaganda. So, first off you yourself.
Libertarian right, that's correct, except in the area of drugs, except in the area of drugs, and that's as it because you would probably more qualified than sweet cherry. Eighty four at Yahoo, dotcom commenting on Youtube. So I will tell you this big. Raised as Maloney. All really in my generation were raised to think it's benign it's less harmful than alcohol, right that it's it's it's one of those these people used to think was bad and it's not anymore. Have you noticed that a trend right now with young people were their drawing up just thinking. It's like smoking. A cigarette, absolute way. I think there is a greater perception that it's kind of a harmless pleasure ran a lot of the young people that I treat my practice their high school students or college students, and they feel is like having a beer. To, and they actually don't, they don't drink as much as they smoke pot. Now that that's what they do when they go to a party on weekends, they smoke marijuana, and so I think, there's a decreased perception of risk management.
Freezing embracing that that's part of their culture it's a lot of sense. It is raising in Montreal words, basically lesson a speeding ticket and entirely anecdotal? I cannot you to one of my friends. It was very common, but the huge portion of of I wouldn't say close friend people hung out with pot, every single one of them had some kind of a change in their personality or their psychological behaviour by the end of ice and I don't know, if that's just me as well as a dummy looking at my friend, going you're, pretty smart, school and now you're an idiot is: is there some actual neurology there? That would be? They would back that up we'll absolutely. I was saying scientific world. They always say you know. The plural of anecdote is not data, but we really do have data to support your observations. That lot of your friends, who may be started out with promise didn't end up with their full potential and now
The real concern here, because we're talking about millions of young people who are using regularly- and I define regular use as just once a week and killing. Lay that monitoring the future study hurt you owe them shows that six and a half percent or more of high school stick. The students are using it daily, not just weekly, so you know we're looking at huge swathes of the population. Not just a few friends is becoming the accepted norm right now. Ok, so your tongue on people who are teenagers right in high school to be fair. If you're, a healthy adult, let's say with oh history of psychosis or mental disorder. If I healthy adult were to smoke every now and then, let's say in their own house, I'm not endorsing this. I dont do it so please hold Europe your your letters. It would,
Or relatively harmless in comparison to the developing brain right? Well, I would say the use and not use, and again we have to define youth a lot of the studies that have been done. Prospectively Abed eighteen, an under accredits clear that the brain doesn't finnish wiring itself till about twenty four twenty five. So a lot of the studies now our continuing that bad observational study up until those age groups, so I made it speculation to say that people over the age of three no brain maturation have no death it's the patients that I see course they have psychiatric illnesses. They have anxiety or mood disorders, and a little bit of marijuana completely throws them into a relapse. So mine is not the typical population right now. I do have friends, unfortunately, professionals who even physicians, who smoke marijuana and all I can say is I you know, I can see subtle changes and thereby
your when they're, using verses when they're not, but they clearly function at a high level. So we have to define Also, you know when we look at IQ problems. Will we'll talk a little bit more specifically about that? You, don't you start up when I q of a hundred and Thirty seven and you lose seven or eight IQ points your store. You know highly functional universes, the bell curbing the population you know may lose seven or eight IQ points. They go from average to low average and that's enormously consequential. So again, it depends on the user, I guess that know. Anyone really think about that. When you look at the Bell curve, I am. I took those online iq test as I wanted to become a member of Mensa only to do a hidden camera video with Mensa, where I would go in and split hey what? If what? No right would have for all really just jack asses who are self important, and I think it was shy by like. Like a couple of points, so maybe it'll have the reverse effect. If I just smoke Adieu
I can join Mensa. Thank you. You ve convinced me, doctor, Boniface, I'll, think anybody care for anything you like he points out top right. Well, let's get more into that after the break here. If you can stay with us, talk about specifically how it might affect. I q and brain development is fascinating, stuff, doktor, Boniface, louder with crowded, we'll be right back your listening to louder with crowded with crowded with ground. You're listening to louder with prouder, we are back talking. We with Doktor Phyllis first. Thank you so much for staying with us and I apologise for my hack it. I can't be mature when it comes to these serious subjects, I'm wildly uncomfortable with them. So you were talking.
Bout, how marijuana effects and by the way I want to be air here, because a lot of people are going to get furious online, I feel like I always have to press it. I'm not saying that every state should just people or the federal government we will to outright ban substances because their harmful. Ok, that's not my argument here No buts, doktor monophysites we're just talking about some of the information that people out there might not have on marijuana so doktor by just before you were so rudely interrupted by our sponsors, tells a little bit more so about the icrc. In brain development and specifically, what can be observed you no scientifically measurably with with marijuana. While there are a number of studies, some of them date back fairly far two studies done in New Zealand and in Sweden and in the UK that show a d Greece and I q of up to eight points. Are there was recently a study?
releasing two thousand and twelve of of one thousand two hundred or one thousand three hundred prospective observational studies on youth who followed users of marijuana versus non users, and they found a decrease of about six or seven points of iq, and this was across the board, even with people who did not have any kind of genetic vulnerabilities towards other mental issues. So there was a higher incidence of iq decrease. The younger the person started using of someone starts using a twelve or fourteen. The cognitive deficits are much more profound as someone who sorts of losing start using later and adolescence, so again earlier on in the Neuro Development, the more damaging it is. Our view been paid by big farmer to come on the show and spew this well. Let's just
There's a huge part lobby. If I really wanted to make money, I could work for that is what you do. It's so folk AIDS. If what you say, because of course I get accused anytime, you disagree with someone right: it's well looks kept all the goal of climate change is very big oil. It's like well, you know big pharma right and we just wrote I repeated on They were like people, don't realize it. The biggest supplement companies, which is a huge scale. By the way many of them are owned by the big pharmaceutical companies like I'm, gonna, go holistic and binding the vitamins and is being sold, but same person who gives you Europe, your painkillers. Here's my this is my uneducated mildly, unintelligent brain working. The idea is, big. Farmer has suppressed any and all positive research on marijuana people go to the previous video. They can click the link right here for listening to rest.
Really got a ladder of credit outcome. They say marijuana is actually cures, cancer, it's very beneficial and it's all suppressed by big farmer because they can't patent that's a plant? So here's me looking at it saying: ok, what's more likely all big pharmaceutical companies since the beginning of time have guy the gathering said: hey Marijuana's, incredible, wonder drug it'll put us all out of business. Let's make sure to tame all research when really one of most popular prescriptions is. Is my wife takes its retinol? It's a it's a vitamin, a lotion, so they can patent nay, it seems to me that good patent, some kind of a compound of marijuana and if it were an incredibly effective drugs, they would find a way to knit and just make money off of it. Is that my stupid papering working or could Is that a reasonable premise? Well, that's a basic economics then- and I am sure you understand- if there is a useful molecule in their they're going to find it, they would love to patent one of the molecules in part, but the problem is marijuana.
A drug I mean people who make this argument can even give me a definition of what is a drug in drug is something that's given to a person that produces a measurable effect in a measurable way and in this day and age, drugs are actually there actually engineered now there single molecule very elaborately constructed that binds two specific receptors in the body, whether it so you know, something for your hypertension or something for your depression whatever, but it's it's very, very specific and even with that binding in a certain area. The brain, a single molecule it has enormous effects. Pot is not a drug. It's four hundred chemicals, sixty of them have actually been identified to be active pharmacological in the body and some of them very psychoactive and it also is highly variable. You know there are different compounds in in a tea at sea and see me d, which, as you know, there is one of them that can induce psychosis more its it. It gives
the high and the other one has more of a calming effect, so I mean we're not I met a drug we're talking about. You know instead of a targeted shot, if you know it the brain, it's actually like Buckshot in his everything this. The cat, Kanab annoyed system links with every system in the brain. So you're. Basically talking about you know, I'm a laser guided missile verses, a dirty bombs. I guess that that would be an analogy: yeah, ok, I had just as my again as this is my my early, intelligent analogy? Who is trying to understand the science of it and the thing really bothers me, and this. This is gonna frustrate you as a libertarian right eye never once seen- and I am more of a libertarian to him and I think I'm more libertarian on the idea of the drug war than that you are, but I dont work in it. The idea that these people go out who want to legalise drugs and they completely absolve themselves the spot. They say: well, it's bad for you, but you know what people's real Nepal.
What they want their body. I agree, but if you're the one who's pushing for it to be legalised and in order for it to be legalised, you have to present some logical fallacies like its recognised medicine or its relative. We harmless I've, never once seen a pro life Delegation, publication, libertarian publication, also publish piecing, hey here, the harms that come with marijuana. Don't you think it's their personal responsibility to do that. If they're going to be telling me tat light up. Well, I find it deeply ironic. I think libertarianism is based on self reliance and taking responsibility for one's actions, and I don't see anything more irresponsible little leaching something into society that will actually cause damage and impair people's ability to be responsible for themselves. You know we have a vast, eight social net in this in this country, and I can tell you from
Sperience I've seen many people in the last twenty eight years who are smoking our wanted their parents or did on disability because they have drug abuse their both smoking Moreau. Another children. We have three generations people onto Will it be living in the same home were incapable of taking care of themselves. Now that may be the extreme but Juno. We have to look at the fact that you know if people don't function well, societies gonna end up having to take responsibility for them, and ass aunt authentic ought to have most libertarians. I feel you tied that back there intellectually very well done doc. What about the people? Who just say everything, you're saying right now? There's nothing! You! It's just refer madness! and you're just trying to scare people while Refer man is his propaganda. I'm trying to tell people about something scientific, you know. I find it interesting that most of my left, his friends,
You know that their big on evolution. You know- and I was present the argument. Well, you know our brains, developed evolution, narrowly very very specifically, to do certain tasks were thousands and thousands of years and now we're gonna. Do you we're gonna, basically take a monkey, runs to you know our evolutionary advantage in terms of our ability to function as human beings. What ok questionnaire, because this is something I saw a lot of in the last video, the pro pot people who are by the way vastly outnumber the the anti pots. Antipater doctors like yourself on Youtube, who'd, have thought they say, will actually the human body of these can't can avoid receptors cannon boy airline renouncing receptors. They were designed for things like wanna and our bodies were designed to process it and its natural substance that our body expects is there and is there any truth that honestly? Well, it's actually opposite about. I mean we have
receptors or else the marijuana would have no effect. If we d never receptor, you wouldn't get a high off of it. So, but that system is for a reason, and I would say, don't mess with mother nature like that, because that system is, like, I said, interlinked with everything mood regulation, cognitive function, impulsivity judgment, all of these things that are higher functions that are required. For you know what our behaviour and in the world and in were doing something There will alter all of those systems in an hour own uncontrolled way so, but there is a danger. Ok, but what so, but they would symbol. Why do we have those receptors if we weren't designed to well just Canada's while the Kanab I'd system is interesting? It actually is part of the stress response system of the brain so can I am annoyed system when its elevated can suppress the stress response. However,
You can't do that Willy nilly, you know, if you do, that, you're going to actually change how the brain processes, information and behaviour- so you know if you were to want to tap into that system. You certainly wouldn't do it in this way. We would do it again in a targeted way. The stress response is critical for the four our behaviors right. What will our case? That's that's fastening. So I'm trying to get my head around that because we do have that system right that process as it would it sort of be like saying, ok, you know you have dopamine receptors. It does mean that you should go out and smoke crack, even though that actively in all reacts with dopamine receptor. That's not the right way to exactly. I call it a hijacked The system you know you're taking a biological system, that's there and has a homeostasis and you're you're you're tapping into it and altering
and in what we call a non physiological way, which means it is causing that system to you. No change the complete balance put out too much of something or too little of something and change the regulation. So that's the problem, so you don't say crack data now. I doubt it. Unfortunately, anyone who smokes cracks using going back to it at some point, so definitely a cul de sac evolution, healthy Ralph, obviously, because you know that the people on Youtube, the qualified medical professionals on you too, I do believe that you smoke crack. That's the only way you could possibly be critical of merit I just wanted to clarify that for our listeners. Thank you. I wasn't sure it's it's funny that we too about this and then and what will bring on after the brakes? I want to get into comparing maybe marijuana versus some other drug. Specifically you don't our action, I guess we can get into that now and then we'll come back to sort of the social ramifications. So people would say your psychiatrist right psychiatry prescribe some
they would argue- are much more harmful drugs, certainly drugs that can result in death more easily like after all or certain antidepressants. But what would you say to those to those people who say these? Are these toxic substances that psychiatrists push and marijuana would be more benign war or first of all, the goal of psychiatric drugs is not to get a high. It's actually wrong. I mean people, don't want people to get a high, and that's where you see the area of pain management is so difficult because the therapy is actually related, feeling a hi and that's quite problematic, but in psychiatry I mean all drugs are subjected to a double blind, placebo, controlled studies, which means they have to be studied. You know the drug versus no drug, they have to be able to define a benefit and they also have to defy
reduction or lack of harm is very difficult to do that. There are a lot of bars either have to? U have to jump over before the FDA will approve any drugs. Now it takes about a billion dollars of research and development to develop a new drug to bring to me, so. It is not an easy feed and requires sometimes dozens of years of development to find something, that's effective and safe. So mill, it's it's a very advanced science in it. You know my practice. I do prescribed drugs, but I always start with you do it. In the best interests of the patient, which means do no harm. We try to get people to manage stress in their life. You know get rid of drugs and alcohol exercise take care of themselves in that's. Is the starting point. We don't always described right right, far too reasonable for the land of the internet right now that will bring you back after the break and talk a little bit more about caught, Doktor Boniface ladder with greater stay too
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Ices psychiatry talking about pot, your brain on pot and fastening sets a doctor benefits before we left. We return money, you know drugs and in psychiatry. In in a house, I can trust- or at least a lesson must be on us. A lot of sacred psychiatry do push. Drugs is a first line and in its it's not right and it's it's a rare case- it's an exception to the rule, but let us also talk about what we are discussing accept to the rule. You know this idea right now that marijuana is not addictive and certainly less addictive, then something like alcohol, which is legal order. You argue against that. Well, I mean as far as non and activity any studies have shown one in ten people who smoke pot
predicted to it and if you started earlier in life, meaning in your teens, it's about one in six in a thirty percent of people who use pot goin to use other drugs and that's not a small number rhino. Fifty percent of all addictions to rehab and I do work in the drug addiction area too, people started with pot use and, interestingly, ninety percent of those people started it in their teen. Yours so again, earlier exposure increases the risk of addiction vastly so thirty percent to thirty percent of pot users go on to use another drug. That's right now, what about people? Who would argue that has nothing to do with the drug? It has to do with the type of personality who my gravitate towards peace, generally the personality whose arguing that point in the first place yeah? Well,
no, there are genetic predisposition to addiction. We think it has something to do with the dopamine system and the genetic centre inherited from your parents. So many people have our genetic vulnerability but, for example, there's also genetic, their vulnerability to mental illness with use of marijuana and again we ve been working out the genetics of that. But the issue is that a large swathes of the population, twenty five or thirty percent- are highly vulnerable and they actually know. This is a specific gene that the CEO M T Jean it's called it has to do with dopamine regulation in the brain. Twenty five to thirty percent of the population has the variation that makes them intensely vulnerable to addiction or mental illness. Now is that a risk were willing to run is a population in terms of public health. When we ask you this, could you say so? Thirty percent than your numbers about twenty five to forty percent of people of availability toward addiction,
You do. We have any numbers as far as what the percentage of people who drink alcohol who either become addicted or go under harder drugs, yeah, it's less for out and also I wanted to find that everything I'll call. This always comes up now or at the ready. What these answers I'm playing. You know I'm trying to stop you here. You know it and it's because these are the questions. People ask me in my office every day a lot of people are struggling with you, no substance, abuse alcohols, actually metabolize by the body in your liver has enzymes a breakdown, alcohol. It's been developed, you know through again thousands of years of evolution. You know this enzyme varies different genetic groups. You know Europeans breakdown, alcohol, much more quickly than Asians and American Indians. They don't have as much. Enzyme in the alcohol levels or are higher in these people. So there's a vast difference, but we do metabolize alcohol. It's it's metabolize in excreted about an hour an hour of are of alcohol in general.
European population marijuana is not excreted. In that way. It's not Xperia trade. It's not metabolize! It has to be taken out of the body like a toxin, because it's it's lip insoluble. It gets into the central nervous system and sticks there. You know it takes five to seven days to eliminate the marijuana, that's in a single cigarette, and so you smoke once a week. Basic Lee Odd teach sees in your brain exerting a farmer collide in fact all week, even though you're not high- and this is the problem- is what we call depot drug. So if you smoke every day, it takes ninety days to eliminate all the metabolites of of teach sea, and that is an amazing amount.
Time. It's a very, very long. Half life drug right, so you mentioned, are turning their backs through these numbers about people have a proclivity toured addiction. Well, wanting it interested me was never the big bath salt scare memory. Ass people are eating everyone's faces, often stuff. It was after the chimpanzee and red wine and xanax care, which was the funniest of the scarce but so the Basle scare, I'm everyone actually read up on it. You didn't hear about this. An unusual on the only drug they tested positive for was marijuana or actually that need a lot of the mass crime spray people were heavy marijuana users in their youth, and did tests positive rallied, no correlation, doesn't equal causation people, that's the buzz phrase: people fro round online and sometimes its correct. Sometimes it's not so you know not have only smoke. Everyone else is going to be able to go on a crime spree, but is there any kind of data there that would
would suggest some kind of a correlation. Maybe with someone who I mean, what how could marijuana trigger someone to bite someone's face off? Let's put it TAT s all right under the details of that case, but let's just put it in the context of what we know about the effect of cannabis. On psychosis for Europe, we can argue that all of these people commit these horrible crimes are psychotic and you re not touch with reality. You know there are many studies have taken place over the last
thirty years that show an increase incidence of psychotic illnesses and people who start using marijuana early in life is aid increases the incidence of psychosis by about two to three times are over a lifetime. It also. It reduces the amount of time to the first psychotic episode in someone who has schizophrenia and that's not a small thing. Schizophrenia usually presents between the ages of seventeen and twenty five, when the brains fully matured and interesting, I thought usually presented itself in a raincoat now anyway, but continue anyway, when you reduce the age of onset, meaning instead of an age. Twenty someone will start showing symptoms at age, seventeen instead. So again, these are people who have the genetic predisposition. They follow them. You know through their lifetime and I find the age of wants. It is much much younger and the first episode
of psychosis people, arcs dreamily, vulnerable to doing violent things, the incidence of suicide and homicide, and things like that is much much higher in those initial episodes of psychosis. So here we are introducing a drug that may change the age of psychosis, reduce the asian and increase the vulnerability to that. So that's something to take lightly. Now it's not Sumner take lightly, but I do think there are a lot of people out there. You know- and I will say- listen, I'm just honest. This is the only issue owed set you I'm I'm pro life, I'm preliminary government, not a big tax, that people know that this is the one issue where I go back and forth. I think it really does come down estates rights by these things. You have a large contingency of people who say all of those things are true, but they also acknowledge heroines, bad and it should be legal anyway and a big example they point of
She knows Portugal, because I want to end the drug war, and I agree. The drug war has been relatively inefficient, but they say no look at Portugal. They say that less money in the drug war, but what I think a lot of people in a lotta libertarians with which you are again by the way don't point to is that Portugal has an immense public rehabilitation programme. That's an evidence entirely socialized, which would indicate that they ve had increased usage and addiction problem. So when people make the argument economically right that everything you ve just said is true, but still not the governments role to go in and tell someone that they can't do that to their body. Where do you live up on? That is a libertarian, but also a doctor anywhere. I think it comes back to personal responsibility. Are you going to expose people and again you know libertarians assume the people Make rational decisions. They really did. They rely on reason to guide their behaviour and yet there when it introduced something into society,
but we know will be used by young people knew by example. Even if we say they should be used by people, the age of twenty one. It will be if their parents are using it. People learn by example that it will actually damage the brains of the generations coming up know what kind of free society can we have? You know what let me just devils advocate here. We will reduce the iq. Seventy eight points of of you know. Maybe thirty percent of the population and we're going to be able to have a functional republic do really would reduce
general, like you of the public, are only those further proclivity toward problems of marijuana. Well, actually, the cognitive deficits are not just in people who have arrived. A predisposition, Dave actually looked at the sea. They ve taken out people who have any kind of genetic predisposition to mental illness or addiction they ve eliminated them from the studies, and even those people who should not have the vulnerability are having persistent cognitive deficits. These young people, who start before the age of eighteen, even after their not smoking for forty six months. These deficits don't go away and they haven't followed beyond that period, but these deficits are evident on Neuro psych testing, which is really detailed. Mental tests of tasks like memory and process not to be confused with feet and testing which, if you're instant, Scientology listeners and viewers, I will send you the kit, continue document, so Neuro side, testing and also its visible.
On Functional MRI. So we can actually see a picture of the parts of the brain and are involved in the cognitive functions that our compromise they shrunken in size. Their volume is reduced, the pathway, he's between parts of the brain are reduced, and this applies to anyone in the general pop anyone, not just the vulnerable to mental illness. That's correct! Now! Why? Ok, let me ask you this dock. Why is there such a push back on this? Why do so few people believe what you're saying, if you can actually semi studies, that we will get them up the ladder with greater dot com, so I'll hire him, but why is it that so many people are pushing back and saying that? That's just untrue that there is no evidence that I guess it. There is no no data right now that you, you could draw those conclusions that that that happens in its
propaganda. Why is there such a push back and why do most people believe that right now, Y about most people, you wouldn't find met in the mental health community? I don't know any mental health people that really believe that marijuana should be available to people. You know in the general population. I don't know Libertarians are more like libertine. In my opinion, they think anybody should build do anything they want any time I mean you know come on, I mean we have to have some kind of definitions in society. So the other issue here that I find very interesting- and I have seen this in my patience over the few dec- aids I've been in practice. Marijuana damages the prefrontal cortex thats, the self, observing part of the brain, that's where we have inside and judgment, and we can see ourselves and how we function in our behaviour and people who can't see themselves are unaware of their deficits. If you know what I'm saying I mean it sounds kind of circular it. I work a lot with brain injury
patients as well Otto accidents and when you survey the families. Ninety five percent of those families who define that's a person has serious problems with their men. Marie in their functioning, and they can't cope zero percent of the patient side. So the insight part of the brain is compromised. They can't see it in themselves, which is horribly frightening. That is probably the most fascinating thing. I've ever heard on. This show basically you're too, about gosh, so it so. It removes the self awareness that would allow one to critically observe changes in them, out from marijuana? Precisely in I have some friends who earn neural biologists and they know they call the prefrontal cortex the seat of the soul is what makes you you if you ve, ever seen some with a brain injury with damage to that part of the brain, and there are some famous studies. You know, Neurology studies approved this. You change your funnel of
change, who you are so word actually seeing damage in that part of the brain and its evident under outside testing its evident on FM awry, which is functional, MRI its evident on you know, brain sections actually postmortem, so I dont know what more evidence we we can use to show that Th C is neurotoxic and its neurotoxic and doses that are comparable to using once a week right. You change from a low, be changing or you changed my your logic, ginger magnet radio and these things have got giant ears, but not to be again immature, but I have to be because in turbulent comfortable with serious support That really is fascinating to me, and I didn't really know that about the frontal lobe and I will tell you that I will have to go and do my own research, because I know that I don't know a lot about the frontal lobe and what you're saying sounds reasonable, but I'm sure someone was appropriate. Person could tell me something it sounded reasonable with the frontal lobe, because I wouldn't be able to call them on it. So get well. We'll get this these
up at ladder with greater dot com, and you can make your own informed decision now final sort of thought. Here's the thing you understand this is broadcasting aim. Radio right to show people are hearing it Michigan and Alaska, few few other stations who are picking it up, but it's really it's big audiences online. That's where we get! This is online. If you look at the top podcast right now, let's just say out of a top twenty comedy using politics broadcasts. People on there are all saying marijuana benign its proper, your you know it's it's fine. You can smoke it and you'll be fine. So those
people will say well, listen, I'm not telling kids to light up. I think cars are great. I dont think a fourteen year old should drive, so they create this. This atmosphere, where there's a lack of responsibility right where they say I'm saying that an adult should be able to do what they want a throne body, I'm not saying kids should use it, but the ramifications with society will reflect that. That is the case. I mean in harbours a great example right. That's where you are. I don't have you study this, but I have that you have you studied the numbers as far as once it was d criminalized in Ann Arbor, how use increased among young people. Why no went up tremendously? I don't know the numbers you I will. We actually included them in our last video and I can get them up. A lot of Cairo have exact numbers in front of me, but one thing again: anecdotally. We actually interviewed someone who we didn't include on camera, but who was a drop, basically sold pot right and he said the young man once was decriminalize as you'd be out of a job because of the drug war right. What we
like all drugs, all drug cartels would straighten up and fly right and there would be no more drug cartels. They be working at Dennys. That's the idea, and he said now. I just change my business model ray it's more profitable for me to buy from the medical dispensaries and I sell out to the house by the way a high school he's right around the corner from you? Oh, I know that I had patients who were fell out of rehab who were out selling. They will make it a thousand bucks a week in it was there was their career, I know Sweden became medically available in Michigan. There was a whole generation of kids who are starting Highschool rated. That year, who were hedge, you know increased impairment,
and the degree of mental illness- and you wouldn't expect in a given their family, history, etc and allow these kids just fell off the grid. I mean they dropped out of high school and I don't know what the stats are from the high school. I am sure in the educational establishments they may track this. You know to see drop out rates and you know maybe not going to college that sort of thing, so the data will come. Unfortunately, in it's going to be too late for a lot of people in my beer, kids and might be or siblings, you know- and you know I mean if you look back even it tobacco. You know we look back now about how big tobacco push and you know was not all of the dangers were hidden because there were so much money behind it, and now we look back and think how evil that force was well look what they unleashed into society. This horrible,
Directive substance- and it was you know, a lot of things were not being brought to the foreground that, were there probably well known at the time, grid comparison. People don't ever think of the big marijuana lobby when it is absolutely human. Guess alot of people don't understand that there are a lot of people financial interests just like big tobacco or just like big alcohol. Who who want to see it legalised in and to do that they have to in a shaft way presented as benign and harmless. But we must go Doktor Boniface. Thank you so much for coming on get these links up with lotta with proper dot. So people can make informed decision and please come maybe next time we can talk about the possible dangers of heroin speculate takes years. Thank you.
listening to louder with crowded with wow. Fascinating was that Doctor Veronica that was awesome. Think about that the fact thing that was amazing. To me. Is that marijuana? the fund alone, which is directly Europe. Basically your centre of self awareness, so he's gone. I smoke I smoke everyday outdoor live bad. They really believe it because of their front. Her look the front. The frontal lobe is all messed up. Air with they feel more. Self aware, but aren't actually What's like a lot of people, they think like spot actually We smarter. No, you only think you're smarter, like people alcohol makes me more charming. No, it just makes you talk more and people think you're in yeah, nobody likes you,
Not even one, I'm completely sober. I know nobody likes me so works out just line everyone loves the funding. To be more positive. You'll live longer, won't get as many backs bands of a sea, the beautiful thing about being a pessimist and a negative cranky old man is that when good things happen there a pleasant surprise, if you think good things are happen, error plan on them, expect them and then sometimes they don't happen. Then you're always does we so I always think the worst is gonna happen and then some decent happen. Run like us, we yeah, but there is also the fact that, because You think in a negative way, your more likely to cause bad things to happen for yourself, as opposed to positive things, fascinating captain strip is sure you gravitate towards your mindset and think about it. If you approaching with a negative mindset, you probably won't put in your all to accomplish it because you think it's not going to work anyway. I could see that sort of you,
I will tell you this. Some of my greatest accomplishments came and nothing special, firstly, we are talking about me here, but came when I was completely naive and just did it well. That's how I was with me do when I first got into radio I was like I can. Conquer the universe, and then I said The work in a rod, your city Megan, ten grand a year living upstairs from the production studio I'll, say that's a jerk and jeered. Doesn't think I pay him a lot, but he's bacon more than ten grand a year. So pretty happy about that. You may well be right back The latter, with greater, will be talking more skin of the week
nice. Every does love the dance to happy. You don't dance too happy songs are discussed we don't want you wait. I want you. I love you, you can do If you want to you, can leave you and behind. But if your friends don't dance a friend of mine, I loved one weak points with the Harrison Foreign Thing you're no friend of my friend of my speech,
Did you say Harrison Ford? well wishes out to him. I hope he soon. Ok after that crash, apparently he's fine at here, the heck out anyone Cathy shouted from the other room last night Harrison for it was in a plane crash on, like I dont want to deal with their right now. That's right, I'm not literally exhausted. After after Leonard Nimois yeah, I was gonna, say nimois in enhancing follow in one week I gosh you worried about you and your father Friday, when, when they announced at Leonard Nimois, had passed away. I was so do strategy that, as I was gambling, my newscast, I accidentally forget, forgot to hit mute and had my voice show up twice so I'm talk. Next to myself on the air like I- yet the wrong button, because I was so distracted by Harrison for No, that nimois death. Ok, I was turn I was trying to follow was very difficult
start going off into that. The nerd Turner tangents yeah yeah. Ok, so did buy what you saw. This week's uploaded Goldberg Raw outstanding, yet again I love that show I mean we can only get you know few hundred people even extra people to watch the gold burst, I know of no thousands listening and hearing in Michigan Alaska online? they're. Not all gonna go out. Watch the gold works. It is such a great show. It leave you feeling better for having watched it. Yet you judge, if you dont, worry, You're a moron. Pretty much Pretty much you're more of your white, just it's really a good comedy show the way I sort of describe it. It should like the wonder years, meets Matt, Malcolm into middle. It's you know it's up, a single camera said come, but you dont feels rude like you do at the end of all the wonder years: oh yeah, as though always ended on such a down. Note like now.
Kevin Arnold, would you know he doesn't get the girl to bully rubs dirt in his face and he fails the test like that was how every episode of the wonder years ended to the point where I just said. I can't I'm not watching this anymore is really sad and depressing right. Where is the gold is there are challenges and nearly ever socialism, it's pretty predictable, there's a formula that, by the end of the episode they saw problems, and they realise that their problems can be solved through family. It's always RO family message and by the way it's one of the few sit comes out their words actually up a really a functional famine you know. There is a trend of Roseanne or like Malcolm in the middle, the Simpsons, dysfunctional families, that's not really the case with the gold bergs. They give the appearance of this fund like when their neighbors see them hollering at each other or calling their kids. More arms and stuff, but they do it with such love and conviction. I totally see them as a real family. I can't run
My head around these people being actors and actresses there so real yeah and by the way for those who don't know it's comes. It comes from Happy Madison productions which is own and run by Adam Sandler and very first Happy Madison thing. I've ever actually liked right they're. All conservatives thou so, and you can see that in the show during a ragged era. Any other show right if it were suffering the regular they'd be taken potshots and the one time actually did reference Reagan. They short of compliment him on it how well they said, you guys got his fun Sadie likes his jellybean, but I don't think he's gonna get you have Jim class. Yes great great you watch. Interesting, though, is is every epochs. I will make you laugh. A good portion of the of the half hour episode but there's always a moment where I get Terry I'd as well, because it so touching yeah. Now not this week's, but last week
I was wondering when I was going to get the teary eyed thing cuz, I'm always like. When are they going to do in it? Last week's was the Ferris Bueller one oh yeah, and it hit me when Adam is doing the voice over any said. He realized he didn't want to be in a John Hume type movie. He wanted to be John Jews or be like John Hughes at house. Like man cause that kid you know it's based on real people. He grew up and he's doing that. He is actually producing in making things that people enjoy very inspiring high loved. That moment. If you watch the got it, we will get on here the news, but if you it's important to support cultural entities, at crystallize or values and at the very least the Gilberts, whilst not a political show it does, it shows peep The american dream is alive and well that family is important
and that the family is essential. Building block to the american way of life that comes through loudly and clearly so Goldberg Wednesday night at eight thirty, we highly recommended switching Here's your the LAPD shooting you follow this this week. That was scary. I heard a little bit about it. I was working on a lot of local news, so comin, people can go to greater dot com again for the pod gas, if you miss any, but we have a video up on this, you can actually watch the video of this. The pity shooting so the narrative was set right. If your listening to anything, that's not conservative media, it was LAPD officer: shoots: unarmed, homeless, black man, right yeah. I did hear some of that stuff on. That's would have on her ok here, the truth just so you know. So that's what was sold right. The media was already talk about racism and systemic racism in the police force. While here some facts, you may want to know about the LAPD shooting ok
their responding to an assault or robbery call in skid row by them a hundred and eighty six of violent crimes committed the first six months of twenty four. And get round to animals violent areas nor the country, half of all women in skid row have been sexually halted. It's one of the worst areas. You ve heard the term skid row it's a term for a reason. It's it's basically become I want to say something is a really dangerous area, so it skid row so often responding to a violent call in skid row this homeless? On the unarmed homeless, black man was surely in illegal alien, wanted by the? U S: marshals for committing a bank robbery man and I'm pretty sure armed robbery. So this is the guy's history. He hits the cops assaults them they take him. So, yes, there are several cops. They take him.
Doesn't matter, he gets back up and swings as hard as he can on the cops again while the cops are trying to subdue him and Russell him down either a lot of cops. But this man is resisting arrest and its pre successfully hitting a lot of the cops are born of the copse night sticks comes out. As it falls a little girl and skid row. Little black american girl grabs the night steak and tries to hit one of the cops in the back of the head. They should do her tackle her of course I mean and racist, and then this homeless the innocent, almost victim, has been tears now hit a cop reaches and tries to grab cops gun by the way tried to grab grabbed the gun of a black police officer, so who's the races, the black where the blackbird, at which point you here in a video he's, got my gun, he's got my gun and they do shoot em when he dies. So is it said that someone died. Yes, no! No! That is not this guy, Ok, I think I'm gonna be honest. No
What how do you, how do you, hit a cop in reach, for his gun and expect to live, don't think I would expect a live in any. I can't imagine swinging on a cop. I can't imagine reaching for a cops firearm. I can't imagine using any other term, then, Sir, for a police officer, and by the way at least Taylor face. I mean I might go that jerk gave me a traffic ticket. Afterwards, you're always frustrated, but in that instance. Say, sir? You say thank you for everything. Remain calm. Then under I've home you put on the White Album. Have you seen little little piggies that words are certainly but by the way. What is unarmed, wise at the only focus right now on our does anyone have any idea how easy it is to kill blind or maybe someone unarmed and when they say and on what they really mean is, and you see the video you he'd have no gun here- have no gun more people.
Killed with hammers and clubs. Then, then say: rifles not necessarily hand guns, but rifles advertising with another beetle song. Maxwell silver amorous is true, came down upon their had. I was at a point to make the point here. Then then, you just might darn tangent shot up place, shut up dial up on shut, your mouth thou art, forgot. What I was going to say was tomorrow: there were hammers clubs, o five, Five minutes someone dies from a blunder head injury. So someone takes a your night stick. Trying to hit unit southern skid row, one of the most dangerous areas in America, surrounded by people who want them dead. One of I'm picks up his knights Dick and is about to hit the officer and the sky reaches for a cops gun a cop is not allowed to shoot in self defence. In that instance, I
in a match and one where it would be appropriate. That seems like the epitome of a situation where you have to do something to end it and and that's what the police officer did. He did what he could to and the situation right. Stop it. So what is the media? Do they pick the narrative, unarmed? That's highlighted unarmed black man dead. Now they don't include unarmed black man, assaults and region. Four gun of black officer. Do you see how that changes that story entirely and by the way you could still fit that in a headline, then I am unarmed black man shot by Elly Eighty will seventeen percent of the LAPD, our black, and if you go gotta, lotta with greater dot com and watch this video. I will tell you something I feel so bad for this officer he's a black off, Sir apparently I'm I don't have all the research and he was on a Mary period like he wasn't a full time officer yet
So this is him doing you now. I guess kind of the ride along equivalent and you can see everyone Jonah mere yeah. You now you would sell out- and you can see this- this cop was a black guy You can just see in his face it He just knows this is not going to be a good situation and I'm sure he's conflicted. Listen, he didn't become a key, because he hates black Americans. He became a cop probably because he grew up in a community like this any wanted to serve them. He wanted to help better his community and instead, these, people who were assaulting him. All over him and tell him he's a sell out. I honestly my heart goes out for this to. Today, sky use. I feel genuinely bad for the black cop involved in this because he's going
have to put his family and our security watch. You know, I mean you, know black hops. In Detroit, they have a target on their back. Their whole life changes with a situation like that, even just being on the force, their whole life is, is altered permanently yeah. I had a friend who was an Ex police officer Ex Detroit police officer. He was, he did a popish show up north with me, and he always had to carry aside arm as an Ex police officer, because you never know when someone you may have put away years ago is, is back out from behind bars and has it out for you, you, I gotta protect yourself and that's what you do. Well that's the thing Enough Europe, your black American, whose a cop and you're still here, in a black community. I mean A gang banger that you ve put away could be a Deniro Cape fear situation where their shit on your fence. You know plain the legal game, so yeah
you'll really bad for this guy and obviously it's is media malpractice at what point do we call it media malpractice, here's the thing everyone talks about Brian Williams, clearly lying and it's funny because he has the melting candle looking face he's a little bit is a little but a symmetrical and he's a funny character. Brine, William, so is easy to make fun of, for every brine Williams, there's fifty or a hundred stories like this, where they selectively create a headline that sets a narrative. It is completely by the way, have you noticed, it's gone, pretty silent on the pity should in last couple of days, because it's pretty clear what's happening, and so they decided instead to focus on the which will talk about next after this break air colder Ferguson, the D o J report and for shareholders and explicit racial bias. In Ferguson, least, why is Eric holder investigating anything anything other than Eric folder
seems to me that Eric holder should have one job one job and that's fixing Eric holder am, I think, you're crazy pills now, you can tell me tweet me, ask rather we'll be back after the spring if you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but funding I kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle is a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes and simplified one find good wine simple, just call eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy one or a qualified sommelier will take your information budget, send you a curated list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way, a price match guarantee, so it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you do is call simplified wine at eight hundred and forty four, two hundred and ninety seven one hundred and eighty four four thousand two hundred and ninety seven wine.
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it hopper for those now, as my ninety bound Dog, Argentina and he's just ease a big barker, the only tummy boxes when someone is at the door but always vocal about something else. Just a purse. If you patrimony likes it, he purrs. If you tell me, do something like just either that just yesterday the copper I opera goal down. He looks many, I Ngos goes and I say religious begrudgingly. He almost bit the vat this week, oh man I didn't actually never binding what what happened was nearly as a bad me as crucial, yet crucial surgery. So he's got, very sensitive about it, and so The vat was no good having his leg? Is bad knee and pulling it and yanking on it and operate like like growling, letting you know I didn't like it and then the vat just like grab it eggs and turned him over on his back and problems like any pushed him away with his head, like actually was big Square, had just pushed him away.
There isn't. He wanted a bite he would have been at. It obviously scared the Vietnam gone like you, already growing for eight seconds. While you were grabbing as bad leg me. What do you expect probably should have bitten you you're lucky. He didn't. I kick the nurse when I was little because she gave me a shot yeah, but that's just cause. You were a little help. Al Razor. I was very cute. Now you weren't. I know I've sent you to pick a thousand ugly little boy Actually, you when I was a cute, given that I grew up, and then I just everyone's cute when What's not true, actually know that there's always a saying ugly in the cradle pretty at the table or pretty in the cradle ugly at the table. So I must have been a cute kid because I'm a hideous obviously ugly adult. Well, my my wife, it will say she went. I love her and she's beautiful. She went through a rough patch grown where she was playing softball. She had office place glasses, end up a beetles mushroom
got man, so embraces There's looking at your like it's what it's like, if you look at her pictures, it's it's like sit com or they show an old, embarrassing picture of a major only it's real like where they mark up Erika Goldberg for her younger days when she was a dweeb exactly while we're talking about Dweeb Eric holders, up the ode to joy, see that he investigated. You know Ferguson, apparently, was very thorough. Now, even though daring Wilson was completely cleared, I just wonder why why why holder didn't make this thoroughly destination into how about how the guns, gonna hands of drug cartels fastened furious in no kidding me, why don't you probe that a little more thoroughly they relate? Now we don't really know your guy wardens like we're, not quite sure what and now they're going to sound like shaggy
looks like We all know why they sent these guns to Mexico, since, as the years there or this investigation found a community that was deeply polarized community were deep distrust and hostility. Often characterized interactions between police and area residents. Holder said he described Ferguson a community where local authorities consistently approach law enforcement, not as a means for protecting public safety, but as a way to generate revenue. That's pretty much all cops. They ve Lena have a quota for speeding tickets that they have to give out yeah. I get that impression. Well, listen put it this way. You have. You have a quota of a certain amount of, I think, its civilian interactions of the terminology and not quite sure, of a friend of the capital Does any since a lot easier to give out speeding tickets than it is to go after actual crime? because one time they said you only had three civilian interactions on your night shift and we need you to bump that up or you don't get up some problems. He said what did you see what those civilian interactions were
because everything, whether to speeding ticket or whether its responding to a house calls considered you know one of those interactions, they said now. Is it ok, but one of them was a woman was raped. The second one was witness and the third one was the rape as too I found and brought in So he says they you'd rather me have given out fifteen speeding tickets. You would be happier with that with people go on five over and they said yes man, so listen. People when I, when I defend officers in a case like you pity, shooting or MIKE Brown, okay and defending their lives? It doesn't mean I defend all officer behavior I am. Some of them are just out for you, you I mean if you, if your goal is actual public safety, you shouldn't be hiding trying to catch people. If you, if you just aren't hiding people, will go the speed limit I'm not saying people shouldn't, go the speed limit anyway, but have you that you have the power to make the roads safer by simply creating a presence.
Why not you gotta hear both job is attacked? and serve and provide safety, Why hide so that people speed which could be harmful and then you catch them not absolving people of speeding from their responsibility, Do everything you do to try and make people make people create a safer community? Sometimes in a great revenue that doesn't mean that their race, everything that he saying here applies to any police only happens to be in a predominantly black area in Ferguson Missouri. So then air colder and furious guy who got guns. Man's drug cartels is trying to say is racism I because there and Wilson was cleared. I've gotta do something when they ran so far with this ball than it was racism in Ferguson and all the protests, and then the guy's cleared of any wrong doing your consulate. Prizes here, but the cops are still kind of racist, we'll talk about it more louder with greater,
hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined, conceal permits forces as well as the best online gun stork in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com so glad to have you with us for this final hour. I am your host Stephen prouder. So you might be wondering up in a lot the anchorage, Alaska words, Joe Miller, were actually running in a year in the wonderful Joe Miller, spot, Kayo away and Anchorage once a week glad to be up there in Alaska. Maybe will visit you sometime. When it's not really cold. What are you eating fun
traditional Friday morning, feast Hebrew National hot down. Oh yeah, yeah gonna bring in Dearborn brand today, but I was like I can't break with tradition regarding your reaction, Dearborn Bran, hot dogs is that is at all beef, then there's yet there. Those are all beef, polish, hot dogs. They also make the best kielbasa. I love their co boss, it's my favorite, but through national for Friday mornings. For me, while I was going to say because its Dearborn, I thought for sure you couldn't bear pork involved, they ve been around. Since that was a polish community. That's not only been there Is this not a big fan of pork phantom blowing stuff? thou. So you know you can win some loose. Some Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark, shot, so that he wasn't buying one word of Eric holders. Ferguson report, I don't really know the points to what Eric holders getting any coursers the deal J D
some report, no one's running with C c, jobs are racist. I have to wonder first off, I just not a conspiracy theory guy, because Something like this, a conspiracy right that the entire that their systemic racism in Ferguson Police to permanently it assumes that everyone is complicit and would never be a whistle blower. So department of I don't know how many hundreds of people here going to have one who's going to say: hey, you know what this racism thing is kind of wrong this is wrong. I mean in every other environment whether it's us here on the radio show or whether for the a friend of someone were to say something: racist, there's, always someone who usually majority people say: hey what's wrong with you, man cut it up, but worse, possibly because of its cops that that never happens every single person is in on the gag including all the black cops. I find it highly unlikely. Do I think that there are some racist police officers absolutely to having theirs?
officers who maybe don't give a black hit, a fair shake sure do I think that you know of a black is coming from a poor neighbourhood and has given a public defender that he has a higher chances of being try an adult or or getting the book thrown out. Oh yeah, it's probably true, Do I believe that police departments, like Ferguson, Ray of a huge percentage, black cops. I know- and I at seventeen percent I'd assume its even higher in Ferguson They are all racist looking to solely incarcerate black teenagers. I don't believe it I dont believe it and, by the way, a jury didn't believe it with Dern Wilson. The idea that it was a cop. You know a share of writing off down off some I haven't. We all radio kid here's your letter of pardon. There was a jury by the way approved by Michael Browns family.
People need to understand that there is. There is a system of law, a rule of law, and it took place here and people many of whom are, but I'm sure black on the jury. There would have to be looked at the actual facts of the cases and clear daring, Wilson, any wrongdoing. So that's what happened, Why is Eric hold her coming out single, actually they're, pretty racist? Why? Because they surely in this administration, jumped on it, including your your pansy in chief Barack Obama, saying this is wrong. We get to the bottom of it, they shall division and then the guy's cleared and acquitted. So instead of looking stupid, they go while we have that we have to find a consolation prize. I know will say the police department is racist. I just I'm just so tired of it knives. I've talked about this before last night, I'm younger problem in a lot of people listening, I grew up in a hosts racial America. Really did I went to school while I grew up in a post, racial Canada, but even in Canada, where
There is not the same. History of oppression where there is not whether is there still a labouring Canada, but I guess in more recent memory it certainly hasn't had like the Detroit Riots. You had it's you weren't, even black, trying to claim that they had been just. They were being discriminated against and claiming racism. Why? Because they realize it wasn't really the case. And they wanted to be able to claim that they wanted to be able to take victim status in some capacity, so they kept alive. Now. Was there a city? wait where you ve got say the french speaking kids and the English speaking kids citing race, the even other, both pretty much the same visually, as far as that goes what you mean. Obviously you can a black french Canadians are white, french Canadians and simply for for English speaking Canadians, but there was a lot of division actual. Nevertheless, there are there's a lot of prejudice in French Canada and a lot of systemic discrimination against English speaking Canadians, I mean, for example, of I a diner Stevens Diner, the apostrophe s, results
they being find out of business ridiculous and if I even have I'm into two parts, if I'm in an area like say, the West Island of Montreal. It's almost entirely english and I on my menu to be written in English and French doesnt matter, the front running ass to be exactly two point five times: minimum larger than English. Writing man so they even want to ban English. Are English speaking in public parks had never really took foot, but this was something that happened in French Canada. So if you want to talk about systemic discrimination, happens right north of the border there and to back the people, will be an English. Speaking, Canadian in French Canada is parents were born there because he has to go to french schools. I did for a long time shortly, faces much more discrimination systemically than a black hid in America. Now for your first, several years like when you were born to maybe five or six
your folks, making sure languages. We I learned to read so I spoke both simultaneously. We spoke English. It at home, but actually learned to read French before ever learned how to read English, so I guess luckily you could say it was my first language because I learn to read and write French and did school entirely in French until the fourth grade and now because once we got half way through the fourth grade year, they bore line thought I was learning disabled because I was so behind and it wasn't that I was learning disabled. It was that I could I could learn. I could speak French pretty well fluent in French. I understand it but when you add French at that point which not the language in which not not about speaking, but natively thinking. You know, I think, in English and then you toss Math in history and geography? On top of it, I was just a little bit slow. Actually, retorted would be the term retarded meaning to arrive a little bit later. That's what it means in French of a tall that comes from that words of your office in French. It's your late
So I was arriving at just a little bit late. I was a little bit behind and it was before. As I was doing all of these secondary classes in in French, which wasn't my first line, which and then finally there was a loophole. They found where they were allowed to put in english immersion. So we still do French, but I learned my math and geography and so studies in English and once more, that my grades, but you know my grades went right back up to where they were so yeah. So I'm. U listen, never imagined that! Imagine if you're a black american someone tells you you have to go to this school and you have to be in class with I don't know the kids are white. Kids, I'm trying to create the racial example from the language example is no, no. You can't go into a class. Or learn from from black teachers from teachers in your community. You have to learn people in another community who don't don't speak, in kind of language or dialect you have, you have no choice, that's the kind of thing
Emma Racism, discrimination. Sorry that people see in French Canada as English. Canadians, though, what about bring hang in teachers who speak in sea the urban vernacular of of the young african American. Would that be a good thing for them, or do you think that that would kind of hinder them in the long run. Yeah I mean should be decent, obviously should be learning proper English of your school. But what's brat, what's proper hurry up mothers, Proper English, there is a way to speak English language its disappearing, but there once was away speak English language we're going way over time. So let's go to a breakthrough and we're going to bring my friend back on to talk about Eric Holder and the Hillary Clinton scandals and ran our good friend Gerald more a year on louder with powder when we come back after this song, which is playing right now.
You're listening to louder with crowd are loud so glad to have you back and why women have this my my good friend back in a while. You used to be in all the time when we are talking about Islam and terrorism, because he's quite the authority and the subject, although we could technically have em on every week, because radical Islamic are blown people up every single week, but it gets to be a little bit of a downer, but this week we're having him on because we love em Gerald Morgan. Thank you, Sir, for being on the show. Absolutely man thanks rev me back. I appreciate it So you you were pretty passionate in Europe means from one I gather IRAN Netanyahu situation than speech that he gave in and the kind of stuffing he got from the administration yeah, lily. I saw some of the responses from the administration people from some of the highly proof held democratic operate.
Out there, and I just I am floored by how they responded. That's even you, ve got a guy, who is literally one of the most unique places, in the world. Everyone around him has either at some point in history, attacked him conspires just he's just doing this for political purposes. I understand that politicians do things for political purpose, they always have some kind of thing going on for politics. I get it. Elections happened. That's fine! Every single speech president Barack Obama has ever given has been about politics. And this guy comes in and says here's a real threat. We think this is a real bad deal, and this is what we think should happen and we go up it's just politics. He has really mean. They're does not really gonna wiping out off the face of the weight, were reading a tweet from there in government. We want to wipe you off the face of the earth out, maybe they're serious, I don't know, maybe they're serious while the be fair and if you read the New York Times, Europe did Netanyahu ever actually say wipe. Israel face the map. No, he quoting any mom was quoting him saying. The mom was correct, is
must be wiped off the face of the man who exactly? Is it couldn't be more here. It couldn't be more cotton dry now see. Obviously, for me is the main. Take away is ok if there is a country that so we want. You wipe off another country simply because of their jus ness really the reason we at at at all costs, we stop them, can apparently Even allow hey you have no basis. In reality, Stephen what're, you Talkin about now it's it's, it's very similar to the situation that we had with North Korea we're like alright, alright, alright, we're going to give you disability we're going to go in we're going to have inspections and we're going to monitor this process, but you can't have a nuclear weapon right I am at wink wink and then and of having one. Why are we talk to soul in South Korea and in their government and see how that is with them having nuclear weapons? Now they can't fire it passer on border. Apparently I thank God there
have the rocket scientist available for that, but still they have the ability to wipe out soul before we could actually attack. That's the problem. They can see us coming in. They can nukes all that's the only reason that North Korea is still the regime than it is today and the most suppress oppressive placed on the planet outside of any islamic country, of course, and that's why so You have Netanyahu gone how this has worked in the past. You guy said this: when you were talking about North Korea and you failed miserably, they hid this from you. Why do you? IRAN is gonna, suddenly become a great global citizen. Now that they have the We need to have this research for medical purposes, it's for medicinal purposes bra, it's kind of like the potter. That's like go off It's not gonna happen smoking nukes, matter, but I wouldn't I give a little uranium if it meant that augmented and job would put it in his hook. A pipe and we'd be done absolutely,
No is going to have my after dinner hooker. What flavour? Would you like some by the low sentiment, but got your piloting smoke? It buddy the awesome and always does that. On him, but near yes, maybe maybe I did a dialogue on without arrives- big sarcastic- maybe maybe maybe I do I don't know- maybe that's the whole thing to you like fund it s actually not funded. Even help me Annabelle there, because I was saying at the tragedy when anyone dies and immediately as it left my mouth. I realized that's untrue and funded that now we are joined by this guy who got shot by the LAPD like now. That's not true. I heard it and to an extent I understand what you mean and ours as Christians. We don't want people to die apart from a knowledge of God right. We don't want that happened, because it's not a good place that you go to, but at some point as being a human, you just don't want somebody to draw breath any longer That's why you're just not just not hymns to anyone. There are some people that just don't deserve to keep going I'm out and that's that
I own personal humanity- and I understand that I need to work on it, which still I understand, that's going up in a tweet. We'll get some hate me. For that ok, so we're talking about this, we're talking about Ireland in a job Right Netanyahu gives a speech. And the reaction we ve talked about that so much Gerald. Won't you tell us why you were so tiktok, by the reaction. What was the reaction from people like Pelosi alike oh I mean policy in those guys are basically saying that this is an unprecedented event. I mean Mika from the morning Joe was just livid about the possibility of Netanyahu even coming to speak before Congress, as if our Congress has to do every single thing that the President says right. There is no link. You can't have it a virgin opinion all and they basically just said. There's no world leader in history. That's ever come and done this before to the United States. He was so mean to the president, and I can't believe it so condescending. Unlike the guy has a different opinion negotiations haven't worked, we ve been
talking with Israel, Israel telling us what the deal is and we ve set now. We know We believe that we think IRAN's a bunch of good guys are just misunderstood. So now they come out and say: well, oh he's just he's the meanest guy out there always just for politics. It was just for his president, election. I can't stomach that as an american citizen. I cannot stomach it to say that if you have a different opinion than our president, you can't come in why is it that were built on shore? I didn't mean to draw a parallel that you know it's outside influences outside funding the Congress which would shouldn't take place, but just making doesn't mean that that that's the case and listen, there is an exception for us because there are the only ally we have in the most unstable area of planet earth. By the way, it's always been the most unstable area on planet earth. That's that's, never really changed friend! So act as though it's the same as the other present for, but Germany coming in saying we want subsidies for chocolate, you know it's not at all.
Thing is IRAN's aerial yeah enough funding and that's your take away. Here here? Let me just say this: robot got hit the differences, you say it's outside influence on Congress. First of all, Congress doesn't yet or maybe they're they're working on it. I think right now have the power to do anything about this tree with rare anyway right. But what has the president, but doing? What is John Kerry, been doing? What everybody been doing in the administration, but always exerting influence John carried so here's another Really nice, I'm not gonna! Maybe he's been doing nothing about. You know why on Facebook, aha soap, people talk about you known, Netanyahu and end Nancy. Oh see. Ok. I said this earlier. If I weren't alright, skeptical Brok Obama. I look at the list of iranian officials supporting him and immediately start. You need understand this John Kerry, ok, John I didn't get an israeli endorsement, John, carry was, however, endorse by Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden
however, a sob and lines that, if you don't hold for Judge Gary we're going to attack you, I would say: ok, Osama Bin Laden, terrorists, Eichmann dinner, Judd, V, these people apparently are on board their in cahoots with this administration. Maybe I'm just going to go for the other guy, if only for not always just guilt by association, but incredible guilt by terrorists, association, absolutely with friends like that is I got your well liked over in that part of the world. Let's make you Secretary of state this of a great idea and just so you know, my barometer for truth is pretty Much anytime Nancy policy. Flip
and loses at right, rainy time issues like the Pharisees in the Bible. Any time they lose it. You know Jesus was bringing the paying I've just say at any time. She started up and barely clap and then she's go outside and yelling and people like a man, I'm gonna, have to go back and listen to that speech. Apparently was a lot more truth in it than I thought it's just I dont get it. I really don't it's sad. It really is. It said. Imagine I mean let's take the politics out of an unjust, be people and it not Republicans not anything right. We see a country over here? That is desperately telling us. Don't do that We have way more knowledge about what's going on over here than you do and don't do this? You will absolutely put us on a really bad policies are very bad people and you just don't get it. You ve shown with ISIS, you just don't get it and by the way Israel has never try to do anything
it's not like Israel of saying hey, we need you to assist us in bombing around. They ve never done anything they ve never put. Sanctions on around people can talk about Palestine. They just want to make sure that everyone can follow from what they said. Which is blow them up jail. Morgan will be right back with you here on lotta with broader If you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but funding. I kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle is a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes and simplified one Expiring. Good wine, simple, just call eight for four to nine. Seven wine, where a qualified Somalia will take your information budget, send you a curious list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way, they also have a price match guarantee. So it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you do call simplified wine at eight hundred and forty four, two hundred and ninety seven one hundred and eighty four four thousand two hundred and ninety seven wine
one calls you can just go to simplified wine dot com and hit the simplified button same thing, just digital anyone you want, they can get just call simplified wine at eight for four forty, nine seven wine to have the best wine at the best price delivered straight to your door, guaranteed what could possibly be simpler, all simplified wine today, eight for four to nine seven. Why. Nice. We are back funding, which is the issue he was doing the surf. Ninja move from that nine. These bell I'm doing that can bear a dance cause he's back is still not a hundred per cent move. While you also little uninhabited because of the drugs right. Let's go back our guest Gerald Morgan. Thank you for staying with US
for another segments. Did you say you had final? it's on the around here before we wanted to go to Hillary Clinton, or did you just want to move right on two two roddam who I know no more thoughts? I have expressed my opinion. It saddens me better keep an eye on what's going on in Congress, better, be able to do something about it? If our president does something that we disagree with, which it seems like he's doing right now, so and racism has no no greater ally, then Gerald Morgan. So Hillary Clinton. What what are you thoughts here on the other email scandal Jared ILO, Gerrit Zalm, Gerald theirs. I Jared is my video producer Gerald there too many jeez we're just going to hear your right there's about a hundred pounds and a foot difference and up don't worry about Gerald Morgan and I announced we were going. We're both we're both christian conservatives, but we do like to have a few beers in our beer. Were beer enthusiasts Gerald like swine? We want you have a couple of beers in the one.
For western Michigan Grand Rapids Beer City, you straight to Hell now having to bear a hum and Gerald We're fine, you know we may be had over the course now, maybe three or four you know Gerald about two, forty, I'm about to twenty and then are an Jared was with us he's about one for if you get to go to the bathroom and we see him cut zigzagging. Roman, oh, my gosh, we he's a smaller than us might meet some food, some shrimp paupers, something God yet large felt that get here was great. I love it. I can. I can teach them how to gain weight. I'm really good at it at scale. Yeah well well broke where you know you're you're insurance cases now blown funding, monsieur dancing with a bad bags. If you got the other issues that you may want to delete this episode from
here here is why I'm dance in man right here, I'm dancing on these things. Buddies! Oh yeah hold not night, my meds, not Facebook! That's going! live I right: Andred Code, own men, Cyclops Ban and in ibuprofen you're a good job. Down the way I'd like shrivelled and ran it's great hides a back back back Hilary. I apologize. I got a rabbit, Travis boy nightmare, exactly speed, of Nightmares Hillary Clinton office at the State Department. She she did so That is not uncommon right. You have an email that is not your state department address, find no big deal. The big problem is that they're not supposed to do all of their stuff on their private email, because we can't control it. And we can't document what's going on in that part of the biggest thing that we talk about. Transparency in this administration is that it's supposed to be transparent. It doesn't mean that did anything wrong, but
does raise a whole heck of a lot of questions about some of the scandals that she's been apart of run. So I think that's the big problem that I have with this issue, and I have a huge problem that shooting and have a state department email address and she did not voluntarily turned me. Emails over that's the biggest portion of this fifty five thousand pages by the way, I'm assembly a runaway business. You know that I have more than fifty five and pages of emails. I could turn over tomorrow in the last six months. Much less for years as being the head of the state government, I mean come on our Secretary of State, sorry, so also to big deal, a big thing to as no Hillary Clinton and these these Democrats now who hold office neighbours huge on you know we need more transparency from the right government when they were one of the most transparent governments in modern history may certainly when you compare them to Clinton, they weren't, ideal in there were things that I wasn't a huge fan, obviously with the Patriot ACT in retrospect, but yeah. This is this is another issue, obviously of hypocrisy. One thing I will say conservatives are gone. Even left
Defending Hillary Clinton right. Well, that's true and nursing. This is going to be the one that takes root lesson, offend gauzy didn't do it. I think conservatives are getting a little overzealous. Ok, she didn't hand over some emails. Let let me let me try and put this into context, Obama, the man who is our President in Illinois, voted for. Live babies who survived abortions, to be thrown into wastepaper basket. He was the only person in the state, including of all Democrats, who voted that that should be legal, that doctors do not have aids a duty to those babies to protect them once they survived botched abortions. That men voted to throw live babies in a linen closet. And he still was elected president. So that didn't take him out. I dont think You know a few gmail spam filters are going
take out her requirements because conservatives don't control the delivery mechanism, they dont control, the media and even of the media, is in a surly happy with her right now, if she's the candidate and twenty sixteen, you can bet they'll scrub. This clean out by way and an up everybody wants to check their calendars. Its march of twenty fifteen, we barely remember stuff, two months before an election, much less a year and a half writers no way ever ever ever with this is gonna, be a thing right. So this, This isn't, this is gonna, be something that we really talk a lot about, and I don't like it that Republicans, especially on the far right will just go Oh my gosh. This is exactly what we are looking for. Now you ve gotta beater on ideas. You can't just beater, because she's she's a bad leader or she's, a bad, the Secretary of State or she did stuff the Amigo she's a collection if she can survive being a colinton yeah come on. What are we gonna, throw at her? That's gonna take her down. Well exactly, and let's be honest: if its Clinton verses
hush again, we lose fundamentally adds that whole families coated with tough Laana, nothing that building made him on likeable to the left. Nothing that Hilary is going to do makes her on likeable are unelectable to the left. Somehow or other. She has to be beaten in the primaries, so that you get somebody that we could possibly be it's it's scary. When I look I think we don't have any one videos, impelling enough as a candidate, we ve got plenty that would make a good precedent, but none that would make a good candidate and you ve gotta, be a candidate first and that's what Bill's me yeah. I don't know if she can be beaten in the primaries. I mean who's going to take her out Joe Biden, if only you can stop rubbing little girl's shoulders and kissing them on the floor.
I'm glad he's in politics, otherwise you'd be in jail, media, the stuff that he's done Joe Biden, not creepy. Ok, the train stopped at creepy about forty, again the Joe Biden expresses he's goin on into pet file Maryland and he is not, but he also hits on the adult women too. I've seen photos, I think, if it breathes, you know Joe Biden I thank honestly honest, and this is why here plug should be illegal at the federal level, because I think by and has a second wind and its false. It's because of hair plugs, you deserve at you're so right, we wouldn't have to deal with this if it was not for those areas where workers are those here plugs you'd like while on board. I guess you know my take it's kind of a punch that these are the guards and given and I better to settle in. Do you know a sexless marriage with my wife? It's then. Instead they say it. They say that ball this is a sign of virility, though it is that you the sign of high testosterone, but some of its being converted anyways, I
The point is we could have a budgetary shaving, heads over, doesn't work that way. Guys, belgian monk look as though hot right now but Joe binds Monet. Should I got these plugs? It's like I'm. That's like I'm gonna go grab about a go out, play some great abbess self. You know you're, absolutely the micro picture that he has just shows you that its anything that breathes didn't go lucky with a Christian, bikers, otherwise old, tough Joe Biden, What would have been punch written? It's ok, so Gerald before we take You off the year before we give you the Muppet Kane. You said you had an opinion on our previous guess. There are other conversation with Doktor Boniface on pot. Go yes! So I have history in my family, We dealt with the ravages of drugs and had a complete turn around with my with my sister and she's now doing amazing work in re, but I would say that the federal government should stay out of it
I really absolutely one hundred percent believe that, and I think you said that you guys had covered that right before I had signed up. Listen in, but I think it is one of those issues that I would be out there arm in arm with you saying: hey, don't be a moron, don't do this and I would I would do everything that I could keep people away from it, but I believe it's a state issue. That's the kind of transparency and government that I want. I want a federal government that has just enough power to take here, the things that it should and then a state government that I can old responsible, because I live here yeah, why? I agree with you. I mean, for example, reason magazine or any of these there there's never been a single libertarian publication that I've seen that has just taken out space to say: hey, let's educate people on the dangers of drugs they take out. Twenty thirty amongst young people should be legal and why there really not as harmful as we ve been told, but they absolve themselves, the responsibility of educating unites the prophet libertarianism is, is, if you believe, in
responsibility, you should take responsibility, you should try and be a decent citizen, there's a reason that libertarians give the least they give and conservatives and liberals, because, as a general rule, a huge contingent, Zeb Libertarians out there and I, by the way, a more libertarian and socio most of them this very selfish people and they equate wants with need so she talked about that, but you did make an extreme case. She talked about how You know the young, the cognitive effects of marijuana, our everyone that certainly know that the mental health issues are for people of certain triggers, but the cognitive accept on the frontal lobe and the drop in IQ should that affects anyone period said four libertarian society for a free society to function it can only function on reason on a society is able to reason. She said what what do you think it's going to do for society? The ultimate irony is libertarians are wanting, to create a new world where you could see a drop, and I you of average seven point, which is not a little, so your creating a libertarian society, while removing societies, or at least in impeding
ability to reason which I did find very interesting. It is a very interesting com but it's the same comment that I would use on a number of really tough issues. That's the price of freedom! If, if we want to be free than we can't be free in aspects and not free and other aspects, because we don't want people to be dumb. We don't want people to make bad decisions with guns. We don't want people to make bad decisions with cars. All things that we have freedoms around do have consequences if we abuse them right and yes, if our society does become six or seven points, dumber appeal unambiguously that the problem of hazardous prostitution should happy legal know why not because of the crime surrounding prostitution but there's more grounded surround drugs, whether legal or illegal. I'm saying that people are forced into prostitution. People are not forced into doing drugs allotted time well for a lot of people to prostitution illegal if prostitution, illegal and they pay taxes nor would be forced into prostitution. See that's never mind that argument that last libertarian
the libertarian arguing I'd never made that argument. I think that prostitution should too only be legalised legal in the Netherlands. I had a friend who lived in the Netherlands. He said it worked as a system there. It totally worked it's a social, a first off high dip. If they social effects. It were by the way women still get incredibly abused. Stds incredibly high and the mental ramifications are horrible. But my whole point is Jill Gerald to beacons. And if you're going with, does this central argument of that's the price of freedom. You would have to apply the same to prostitution. You can't does your comparing apples to oranges and prostate tonight, you're not hold on hold on hold on. I have some experience with this. I've worked in human trafficking, but you wouldn't know you as an early eight and nine cowboy he wasn't human trafficking. I was working, I human you So I don't want you know: I've been Cambodia and I've been.
Border of Thailand. I've gone into these places and I'm seeing this the problem with prostitution and I moral objection to it right, but I'm not gonna put that on this argument. The problem that I have with prostitution is that you can never tell if its forced or if its voluntary right, that's very, very hard to tell you- can have somebody that has control over girls. I've talked to people that have been enforced. Prostitution in Dallas, Texas, ok, not in some third world country, where their trapped in this by some guy. That's what I'm talking about a very same argument. It's the same argument. Libertarians would use that more drugs, yeah. What let me explain to you out that wouldn't be the case. No one would be forced into prostitution, they would say the reason their forced into it is because its illegal and prostitutes are afraid to go to the authorities because our already breaking a crime and if you simply in legal? They could report the pimps naked report, people trying to press. I am therefore that, if you make it legal would be safer for all the prostitute themselves. It makes since it sounds like it does. Sounds very reasonable, but in practice that's not how we exactly and it's the same thing with drugs. We have
give it a try. It's the same thing with the under cover of the allies driest? If you legalise drugs and I'm not saying that they should be able to I'm not saying the prostitution should be illegal, let alone drugs, but a few legalise drugs crime doesn't doesnt decrease its We becomes more underground crime. The point is at some point: people don't have certain freed even in a free society in the United States. At a certain point we say there is a lie right, so whether you're saying the line is drugs or prostitution. At that point it becomes objective and it is a moral judgment now I would we you essentially what you're doing when you legalise prostitution. Is Europe basically turning the government into a pimp right there now paying taxes are basically a pimp there bank they're, allowing women to work legally as prostitutes, but the same if you legalise drugs, that doesnt put it doesnt put drug dealers out of out of business, let go pots, legal amateur, straighten up and fly right. Then they start dealing in prostitution, which is a libertarian say well just legalised prostitution, then,
go to under age, prostitution or their whoa whoa. I'd love to legalise. Well, then they're gonna go to selling guns. Will gun should be legal anyway, there's still going to sell illegal guns, no matter what you do. Criminals will be criminals and that's why I think it's important to have a more constructive dialogue than just freedom. The Are our rights because not all wants are rights. So that's just my point. I definitely understand- and I appreciate that point of view- and I wouldn't say that I would so far as to say if we did all those things at the club that the got no crime would just going. I totally get that, but I do say, freedom does have its prices and sometimes had to pay those prices on things that we disagree with and dont like where we draw the line, that's a good conversation for another time or like prostitution. You might just have to be ok with prostitution beings matter back, I think that the direct quote we're going to tweet that Algeria, persecution or all- and he was a former pimp. Thank you very much more than what have you back in the show here soon has been too long legs what exists God bless and that we will be back
or on louder with brown earlier listening in South EAST Asia can now alive of course, on line on the old, so popular by don't smoke, Gunsmoke don't become a prostitute. That's just may Stephen broader looking out for you You're listening to louder with crowded with ground. That's my arm my mother and my favorite song on the show is strange animal by gallon. I love that song. It's cool! It's! It's so corny S, Funny Dana lashes, husband, Chris hates Gowan, for whatever reason I hate that guy now man, that's a fun song. I was so excited when I too
my wife, we're gonna be using that and she knew of it. She's like oh yeah. I, like that's on its excellent. While we ve covered a lot today when you think about them, in IRAN, D, O J, LAPD shooting first show that if you don't mind my saying so hilarious cover news in a much more efficient way than a lot of other talk about drugs to talk about drugs and prostitution. Actual gonna seizure she will conversations had taken place as opposed to you. I get requests or, All the time and assure you that this is a radio station, a manager producer people to saying hey, This book guy come on, like one guy was song about climate change, saying I'm right in his book and climate change, and I said you know what they are. Probably fifty people like an interview climate change and the people in going to pick are the people I trust and know, and have a good report with, like Flemmer and MAC Lear. What will get them on their Irish actually elect them. There fell on oil full on Irish to sit down and talk like that problem
I'd better, her talk, it sort of Santa didn't want petroleum products should yet you Don T use petroleum products as a plastic bracelet, this plastic earrings. But you don't like petroleum products. What about your dress java? Germany could importance on your dress, but you don't like petroleum products went off adds. Ah, some are you aware in those shoes from the eighties that were made out of rubber there? I know it's just their great and what I do love about an colony, sorry, your husband's macular, she's act and macaroni. One of my favorite quotes from her is she talked about you know so much about since the general consensus that global warming is real. What makes you registered here's the thing. Science is not governed by consensus, Islands should be determined by what right there was consensus at one point that the earth with flat there is consensus and she went down where there was consensus, but the sun
why not because it was the right sites, not the consensus, that's what science is. Unfortunately, step. One of those things where was so brilliantly put. There's no way, I can say it air, that's! When I get spired, not when someone goes on and drones on cable news or am radio about all about about sex, Someone said something in a phrase or in a paragraph were they just mail that point Where are your? I dont think anyone can say it more perfectly that when you know someone is right on the money and they ve done their homework, and we have enough of that in the right, I hate to say it, but John Stewart does that really really well a lot of liberals. Do that really really well, lot of conservatives. You know, I think it's the cable news syndrome and AM radio syndrome, I can say something into phrases. Well, better to draw out for eight minutes. They can have a segment where
me coming from a stand up background, if I can say in three phrases, let me see I can save and eight words and it's just No that's what it comes down to four efficiency depending on whether people have done live. Performances are live debates. If you haven't, you know you just like the pontificating hear yourself talk, but I've always liked the phrase. Keep it tight, bright and brief work for a five hour morning. Shall accident but yeah, but that it that's the way to get the point across quickly so that people can understand it nets? when I try to write a new story. I don't wanna be eight lines on at least three or four car. If you're doing it and be no three minutes, yeah, that's what I'm saying see it forces you to be clever. It forces you to be so sink where someone who has a daily three, our show or something of a five hour show their encouraged to be long and self employment. And that's why a lot of liberals look at conservatives and say gosh there, so boring or so self important, unfortunately
That's by design, it's it's by design, and with the way conservative media is delivered, and we try to not do that here, lotta with rudderless. My know where a little but edgy I'm more of an entertainers theirs I don't lie about that, but one just going to come on and be self important to yourself. When you hear someone say I'm not gonna. Have someone come onto the host job for you? Why I'm not a Neuro psychiatry A narrow psychiatry has done today will have an export policy work, foreign affairs correspondent we'll have a scientist on global warming on. I don't I'm not self. Orton enough to believe that I know everything best. So we bring it up well, who do that's? How you get good information, see you next week, lotta with greater
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