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#16 Bergdahl, Ted Cruz and Guest Mark Rippetoe!

2015-03-27 | 🔗
This week we're joined by world-famous coach, Mark Rippetoe to discuss strength training and how it relates to American politics. We get into Bergdahl (traitor or hero, listen to find out!, Ted Cruz's recent announcements, and some pitfalls of Spring Break that you may want to avoid!

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You stand for the motor city, maniac weird from them at the Great Lakes Grandmaster, the motel mad man, the mittens killer, nicknames lessening do out with crowd. Day to you, we are so glad to have you good day. Michigan Detroit
Ann Arbor, all the surrounding areas at Detroit Good Day, Alaska. Day northern Michigan good Day internet good day Florida listeners. Right Florida, listeners crazy. Think how many I mean when I get emails. Your host, even greater, by the way we coach mark ripping so on this week. I should you. I've learned the art of broadcasting. I should tease what will be talking about any, not in any way is not going to be one of those days funded. Are you said you wanted to tease somebody, so that's what they did. Another kid doll TED crews Starbucks ended race together. German way, crash spring Break Saudi Arabia, taxi element that is everything you need to know from the weak. We will have you covered then
oh kiss, your wives or husbands or kids, and enjoy your life, I dont think people want us to come and kiss their wives and kids. Well, apparently, if you kiss kids, you have a problem, here, let's not kosher, just supposed to make sure that their glue, to their video game and ignore them for eighteen years than set them into the world? Now you miss the junk Ozma? no, I got it turn it into commentary how dairy fund most insubordinate producer. I was for that. I thought you forgot that fire! No, I didn't forget it, because you were too busy being invented a point of order. I beseech you to it fundamentally not for much longer. Just so you know yet pretty soon I'm gonna be on Van Dan. Britain is gonna, be unemployed, dick and so we ve got a lot going on this weekend and before I was talking about that before headed tease, everything I was going to say something right off the bat.
I don't remember what it was, do you have any idea what it was. These are not sure what it was when people listen online, you know people, email me, the latter with crowded in emu, without very specific things that are said. You know that are said. You know two hours into the show and I'm gonna wow, you really are listening to this entire programme, because for me, when I was in the tv or able by watch tv and radio I kind of tune in and out, you know so for someone to find something that specific that either I've said you ve said or some dynamic and to take the time then find me an email me about it? I mean it it's weird, but it feels good. They have absolutely no life oak, especially If the email about some I said you paid attention that more on what are you doing someone. You know me about using, they knew you in high school or something I'll have to go back and
Sometimes it's really cool, like somebody who knew my grandfather, you know in Michigan, I'm like a well. That's really call em you learn about it, then sometimes it's just someone who now has something really mean to say that the air like, like the guy on Youtube it so disgusting, watching the fact I e around. You read that, yes, I deleted those and you no, I dont delete any comments on Youtube or Facebook, but because I signed up for this, I expect there's something you you can read. Most renders things about me possible, but I was trying to protect. We are going to fund. It isn't necessarily used to this, and I dont want his feelings to get hurt and he does he's really I can go of it and getting healthier. So so I've actually tried to go in and edit it, but people are so mean some of them slip through today. I'm eat salmon in front of them. So the them Do it in the show the morning light, add salmon for breakfast at long like it. Yeah
dammit delicious. I will tell you, but I see that as long as you like it thing, doesn't always go because people, you know they don't want. You know gay people to marry each other and so on and so forth are shut. It has nothing to do that's an over simplification of an issue when you do that new note that, as long as the alike, it go ahead. Marriage is about as long as you like it made Adzes Lou, whether you like it or not, you're stuck No marriage is not a marriage. Is not a human right That's the bottom line is not it's not a human rights etc, but I'm not civil rights. It's not a human rights on a birth right to get married yeah, it's a curse, interact that if you meet certain criteria and you both are willing to engage in a contract that has met. So that's that's. The first issue is this idea now that everything is a right. Not not, everything is all right. You don't have a right to drive, you can earn the privilege of driving, that's why you get a licence and so on and so forth, and in an hour you can smoke pot and drive
That's one thing to. I always find it funny, whereas we we go online, we had Doktor Boniface in this programme, and talked about marijuana and you have kids coming and seeing no one has ever died from marijuana ever complete horse crap, please just ordinary saying no one's ever died from smoking. So much ok, but also most of the auxiliary death from alcohol dont involve drinking. Themselves into our call poison. They involve driving drunk operating machinery drunk in that kind of thing. Happens with marijuana. We just don't test for jumping off a balconies into the pool at a hotel, its way too far down yeah or some beat, but what about the guy? You got his face, eaten off from the bath salt guy and he was only spoken pot. Mason Verger knows what's a guy's name, I have no idea. I do know that was a joker, that's the actual NATO Mason, for I was thinking about of Mason Verger. Now that I remember it was a character the animal lecter talking into getting is
they are right or go into offers us get back to bring Dahlberg Doll happened this week. Amazingly going on for a long time, there's a lot there's a lot here that the media hasn't been talking about with Bergdorf my opinion is quite simple. Having when time in Guantanamo Bay. Having get no prisoners released for this guy is absolutely criminal, despite with them, He has talked about, despite what they ve told you. These are the worst of the worst of the worst and their treated like the best among us. They get soccer field and Xbox, three sixties and five different kinds of meals. There's the normal meal, a vegetarian meal, the meal for the toothless, the meal for the sensitive of stomach I can't remember the last one: it's been a long time since I've been out there, but I've seen the prisons. I think that it should a little bit more uncomfortable for these terrorists MA opinion is sure yeah no man left behind. If we had to wait
trees were doll without training out prisoners. Great bring a moment executed. If we had a trade prisoners, forego leave him, let them executed. It's that simple. For a guy who's, a deserter and who wants to help the enemy. Am I the only one who thinks that's incredibly logical, funded now I was surprised when they brought him home to begin with and traded. Although those those weren't just your average help, rules and privates in that terrorist organizations. Those higher obsolete, raided em for a jerk, it's like if you train baseball, cards or trade in a Mickey mantle for up, I don't know. I don't know anyone else's Mickey market, the bird Fit Ridge, superhero cards, like trading a vintage are vintage comic, but we like turning a first edition printing Superman, for you know the thing you it was called action comics was called action, comics yeah
I'd like to have taken that trading, that, for you know, in eighth printing of the fourth issue of the thing, it's not the same thing. It's not the same value. You know what we have some clips to play or going to play. Eclipse now from the way people are reacting, will do this after the break now people reacting to Brook Doll and going to go back. Show you some clips from the media. When not what went this information hadn't come out and how they are trying to paint four dollars. This innocent little soldier louder with crowd or stay tuned. We ve got in, have the brains?
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You're listening to louder with Crowder louder with Crowder. You are to me your hug Steven Crowder. I am fuzzy and nice and everything nice, I dont know I rhymed nice with nice. Well, it looks like a baby bunny. I don't like destinies child rind down like that with down like that for time and that Charlie's angel song I just- it is against the rule of song. You don't get to write down like that with down like that, don't you and that's all, vaguely Charlie, how you ain't just get down like that continent in a hurry ages. Get down like that. I want to know how you can just get there like tat the commendable telling how your aims get thereby find what other rhyme just one. What down like a hat I'd, be satisfied if you, through hat round and fat,
there's all kinds of work beyond season there. They started about her backside. Talkin about her when she is not touched up and we're just talking about this. Let's, ok, you you you and I I'm not into the I'm not into the whole big, but face right now, like you, I live it but you're not into it? I do have a very large grows, And I have a wife who is is blessed with the prestige, freer area, but she's relatively proportional and she's tolerance, slimmer, but there's there's some curvature study just came out before we get back to work dull study just came out that men prefer body types like Taylor, swift to Kim Kardashian, oh yeah, of course, Of course? Listen. I, like women of all different shapes and sizes, will not all wouldn't, while you wouldn't like a woman that look like me.
If she had a wonderful soul, come on their plan, your beautiful shell, cause, I'm beautiful, my head down to my toes with what is that I, like big, big or whatever I dont know, but the point is Why is this news. Its news- and I will say this at some Women- are going to get mad. Ok, the only time people think its news or get upset that men refer slender women too fat women are fat there. We get mad, they always gets a glisten, If we give our dashing untouched view to see her at a supermarket she's, not curvy. You know all the surgery and if you would see her and go that as a bizarre early shaped woman, I'm not even just talking about fatter thin, it bizarre Lee proportion. Woman. No one would look at that. I mean it,
look if you saw Verne, Troy or many me walk into the right. Eighty, you like all crap that many me that's how you would react Kim Kardashian. She kind of looks like she's been put together like that car that Johnny Cash sang about with pieces from different. Years and different size cars. It just doesn't nothing manages on her now, thing matches on her and she's a horrible human big, so well as being about horrible human beings burnt out. Its role, this clip it was actually from Foxen friends. That one of the I guess not numbers of Bregoli put when he was in a separate outpost, but he did spend some time with Bergdahl and gave some insight. This is important, funded proclip wanting knew was that he walked off the bay. In the middle of the night left Oliver the gear their and and went just as walk up how's that we had all known that it was that he had deserted, has posed there is never any thing about him. Getting captured or appear debut until
a little while later, whenever they came down from the chair command that needed to keep quiet of, not say anything and that we're going with the narrative and that he was captured while so they basically told you not, is not to tell the truth. Yes, a while, and then we understand, according to one report, the attacks picked up right after he does peered. Would they were remarkably accurate on the base? Did you did you actually experience the same thing? Yes, error like grow and That was one of the that that was one of the tell telling signs for me is that whenever he went and walked off the base, only stuff that that we know that we train for without the spot that we know on on vehicles. How're movements are and stuff like that there are getting hit with very precisely and the ambushes we use the third package so
That's one guy, I get that, but it seems report consistent with what we are hearing behind the scenes from other people, so either Burg doll was a turncoat. Or hurrah. The Provera showed up the coordinates, but that's a man who needs to be executed. That's amenities be executed, I'm not even a surly death penalty guy I go back and fight. Really care whatever is the cheapest way to dispose of human scum right. But if so one is going to turn on their own people in a time of war and support the enemy. If that is accurate and at sea seems to be coming, This is true. He deserves to be executed. And if the administration new, I've always said this, don't don't. Apply a motive of I guess or conspiracy. Or sinister ism, two summit. Can be chalked up to incompetence.
With his administration. I kinda leaned toward incompetence. They knew, these things and traded mode detainees for him. That's criminal! That's criminal We have to go to break relatively soon. We ve got time, let's roll. That second class is Rachel mapped out. By the way this a little earlier, but has Burg doll broke before just so. You realize how vit? Why don't we happen to stare my my audience went nuts, Oh, I was getting ready to play Rachel Matt out here on the same computer. Now. Ok, so I want you to listen to this and hear what Rachel mad, I had to say not that Rachel Meadows necessarily relevant, but this is what the left and what the media was running with before this information came out, It's important seat of indication now from conservatives who, who were expressing their
he's going and roll cliff to fund Dep at the? U S, government working to free him succeeding and bring him. That was a shame how because yeah sure he was an american soldier, but he was a bad one since this warning of whether sergeant bird doll was a deserter or potentially collaborator with the Taliban even Pentagon sources confirming the fact that many in the intelligence community had had Syria. Concerns that he not only had deserted this post, but then may have indeed been working in some way with the enemy was pretty clear that you use looks to me like a deserted trigger are both and why they of administration would give
way five terrorists to get him back, it's kind of beyond me again: five Americans were killed, looking form at least, and I think, if anybody needs a phone call or some reassurance on some condolence, its others. Five analyse analysing we're, really sorry, we censures sons out to get killed there. Looking for this, this trader, glands the one we traded five harden terrorist for himself deserted and got six Americans killed Why are we doing anything to get this guy back? He is he's ashamed to be an american
all's America disgusting he wanting to leave so he laughed weeding got. What do you want? That is the timber on the American Right today, as the country celebrated the return of America's only prisoner of war from the war in Afghanistan, the right decided to condemn the president, forgetting the soldier freed and then to condemn the soldier himself and now in a special show of class, with a k they have moved on to attacking the soldiers. Famine, Ok, this man should be condemned. And are you should be ashamed? should be executed. Don't understand why that's a thing I dont understand that Rachel man doesn't get that the right the left. Does Rachel MAD just going to say what all the people who don't
say again, like the brine Williams, the Katy correct you who try to act like they're down the middle, the Andersson Coopers, everyone whose not outwardly left MSNBC is just as on the left behind the scenes. You need to know that they work in the same buildings that go to the same cocktail. Parties. The right is drawing this man shame? He should be ashamed What could possibly bring a man greater Shane than dishonor ring in treason against his country. I can never fear you're out how the left doesn't see those types of things, This is just an example. I mean it's it's one of those things I hate. When people go Theatre, we have facts. The left have facts goes on the left just got. We have facts, the right doesn't have fats, so Everyone has backed right. There are lies, damn lies in than statistics. Doesn't mean you ignore them, but what it
I mean is that you need to actually look at some situations on a case by case basis, and this is one where it could not pass. Please be more here if you I condemn this guy. Or doll. Mid treason who hates is country who maybe went to work for the Taliban? You can condemn any, but we'll be right back The break with coach mark ripped on how to make you strong and healthy I am very glad to have this next guest are not what you're used to enlighten with greater shifting hears from politics a little bit, but a guy who read for a while. You can pick up his book actually starting strength. It's probably the single book that anyone is looking to get strong and unhealthy should read starting strength. Dotcom coach mark repartee, thank you for being on the show, Sir GOSH regime. May I thank you for having me what's that site
right off the bat you dont some happy to be here all happy horse. I'm happy, I mean we're fellow traveller right right. I'm strictly render planet fitness. I've got Barbie Algeria, Your planet with no idea didn't know it wasn't bad? Is it was until I why they don't have I was glad rack how now stay that way. The Venice is not about that's just parted made their sales and that the very fact of sales worried, sick and up back I'll, tell you a story if you're you're effort, if we will say way back in view, curling situation with earlier in the week,
ago, when I first opened my doom. Eighty four grandma was running promotion as sales promotion. That really precedes the the model that plant finnish uses right now. They primarily designed to appeal to people there, I'm not going to use the membership right that holding the sales model is sell. Cheap memberships do people who will not use again, but that are cheap and ask that people will not stop the draft. That's the whole lot right and we had a deal withdrawing. Can lead box based promotion back a long time ago? You said that you want a free membership today, which Cover-
let it lets as a consolation prize it somebody's gonna, win vacation. Why are you have to do to claim this? Free membership to the German is becoming a baby maintenance piece of ninety six dollars? Maybe three over here, not worry sector I can't be met, but that there was ninety six dollars for two years were to your membership for nine six, but now people that are regular, Jim members dove put their name Lee boxes anyway. So the generated quite a bit a cash brought any generated. A grand total of about five people will use that I'm here for the next two years after the everyday people inside for this day, five I'll tell you what, though, I've been a member of some of those Jim's that barn quite planet fitness, but they have a few squat racks and their ghosting in as many to sign up with cheap rates,
and sometimes you do join up and you know how to use it properly and you're. The only person in the Jim and its great there's a gym actually in Texas that I went to which actually funding that you talk about, and that's why I want to bring you up to what are you don't realize? I mean you're, more libertarian, I'm liberty, conservative. What bothers me about the fitness industry is the scamming for example. I have my wife right now and she cannot find a train. Who will get her doing the right things and won't listen to me. What was I hear you muttering angrily. It's a problem with this is that this is this industry is, is such that you walk in to finish industry, GM and again yeah sure, on the train, right back. How do you know lay person of the difference between you and me? I want you to buy your sweet pacts,
I do not like to over his dont. Do it again back there's not money anyway relate. Firstly, it is a problem really it yet. That being said, my first him ever have talked about this. Honor was energy. Cardio was the only Jim around shall where I was on the South shore that would allow my parents to sign off. I was thirteen of the fat little kid only genuine allow my parents to sign off on me going without them being present and they didn't have a squat racket, all the other free, whether their dumbass did go up to to their credit two hundred and ten pounds. So I was allotted you dead lives and I did those wasn't really able squat for the first few years, which I was your big proponent of that but dumb. I remember that it wasn't the best Jim, but it was better than nothing and our sky. And canadian schools there were. There were no athletic programmes. We didn't have any serious freeway, so wasn't like american kids
in that started me on my journey and then the really serious games came actually wasn't your programme, but very similar bill stars five times five end up, you know Changed changed my life. I think a lot of people out there don't realize we talked about this with Brett Mackay, the strenuous life challenging yours. Every day to better yourself as a man as a woman is a person is very important in the three talk about progressive. Overloading with training is, is a good example of that. If you do it, you'll get better and you'll you'll become stronger in order to form a human being and operator limits. Are yes, because if you don't know where the limits are didn't you have no idea what you can in fact do have the only winners, You know where your limits hours to exceed them occasional right thanks a lot I ever thinks I must be more willingly
now and it's a lot easier like you talk about the fitness and treat you know, my wife has never done a squad and the fact is I'll. Tell you this is the true story just happen. Yesterday she went in with a personal trainer. I handed him! I handed them your book. I want, or doing this I'm paying for glorified baby sitter. She won't. Let me refer to any of it, but there is a saying in a most strikes: gets you you, you can't coach your wife now pretty simple saying: if you cannot, if that doesn't work, it's just that Why will tell you this so that happened and they had our doing everything except squatting. We have to go to the brakes or finnish. Isn't that what you tat the rate or we come back, but she tall, she six foot and she slemons she's gorgeous she modeled for a long time. That's nature and the first train. As you said, listen I'll give you a discount. If you, let me put you on my blog as an after picture, taken credit for gods
we'll be right. Back ouch marked rip the latter with traffic stay tuned, If you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but funding kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle bottles a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes and simplified one. Expiring, good wine, simple, just call eight for forty nine, seven wine, where a qualified Somalia will take your information budget, send you a curated list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way, they also have a price match guarantee. So it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you
call simplified wine at eight hundred and forty four, two hundred and ninety seven one hundred and eighty four four thousand two hundred and ninety seven wine or don't like phone calls and hit the simplified button same thing, just digital anyone you want they can get just call simplified one thousand, eight hundred and forty four two hundred and ninety seven wine to have the best wine at the best price, delivered straight to your door, guaranteed what could possibly be ampler call simplified wine today, eight for four to nine seven, why very excited back with the one always Coachman coach Mark said that told you that story before the break in isn't that the truth and people can, and say: hey. Can you make me look like MRS Crowd, or is it just the way she was born? You can't
Well, that's interesting topic and I had, I think you have stumbled to one of the problems with this resignation in business. In general. This regulation, EC business nowadays is largely it's. This is deceptive mass extremely extremely talented at are extremely talented athletes because they were born that way, right any terms, your athletic, let out all of the skipping around the floor and balanced drills high level, be one college. Looking activity, better home only abilities. Very, very talented. Athletes are complete absolute waste of time. Extremely talented athletes are made any better
by these types of you look around at the? U want ballot programmes are not made any better Bobby's. These exercises and activities that are designed to display out right there displaying talent that's already there. They are developing anything and you know that the model is that regulating coat, you speculation and coaches by saying that rights strengthen conditioning. Our primary primarily designed a primary, designed desired their activity in time in the genome, around activities that are designed to display our apparently the Witcher in the model of the industry is desired, displayed display cook it doesn't it right now, like only prospect of a lot of things now where it started. I know you were worked with it, but I
guys come and go. Look. I can do a single leg, overhead barbell squat on top of a kettle bell. I say we work. Well, that's good! If God did you can do your talented enough to do that? That's wonderful right, but now the question becomes as the start of the commission about what do I do to make you they're right. Have you did the other leg? You didn't displayed me at a fantastic galifron ballots. Do want programmes primarily were crude on the basis of a suite of act companies that are centred around measuring vertical job, because these indicate the of the sad and experts. Seem athletic genetic for you take a guy with a thirty six aids worry all he's gonna make any coach look rigour, because these are gradually right under the code.
Does anything for him or not fortunately relevant, because the already blocked, because that's why you recruit economy, asking this before we get off, and yet there are still a lot of people. Listening, aren't that far along the trail so far, Won't. Let me ask you this morning your advice, to someone who is not the alleged yeah yet rock. Yet, even if you are only the one thing that you can always do for all this to get stronger, anybody can get strong unless you re street specialist anybody can get stronger and for anyone old person that does it do that legs eighteen year old kid looking to go to college and play sport. The most important thing they can do is the thing that they can make the most difference do it, and that is a program right, and you know what I will say this brazilian jiu Jitsu grappling, which is, I guess, sort of my sport that you mean I'm not in a bit for Nana Prosport you're, not in college. You have to pick something up. My dad's more accomplished
the competitive Rome, a lot of them just don't get strong of work on technical. That, obviously, is important and we ve talked about this off air. There is a point of diminishing returns and I'm only strengthen my whole life. I know where that is right. I now it's time to, Maintain this because ten more pounds on this barbell at the the year is not going to be time, best served compared to spending time and my sport, but getting donor baseline is so but my back, but that saving people haven't strangely skewed perspective about where that basic it should have a guy like you, your twenty seven six foot, to fire. Now now that I'm sixteen to twenty six to twenty Stephen, you already squatting, you know for seventy five percent fat and the fact that you're not indicated to me that United,
baseline, see what I mean. That's impressive you'll have the appreciation for the baseline. Actual we haven't. I will say this market. I do. I love your book and I recommend it. Actually. Producer to everyone who starting strength, meaning Wrap or the unilateral workmen at an earlier. But you understand I did have to similarly are needed discs I lost all actual motor functional. My legs are probably with pins so at there was a time or had to focus on maximal loading that I could with minimal spinal compression and now Where I found a system that worked for me to maintain strength and actually increase flexibility, mobility to the point where I felt like I could get back to bar bells now I will say this editor arbour, I'm right now. I am here What what are you doing? We, I don't tell of their own telephone slots, adventures, rebels
I mean. You know avatar wrote it. I told you before I too am I wrote. I did twenty three polyps to want it. Eighteen dollars a fat man, Wait that's gonna, wanna get is complex because there's a fact attracted my fell before your father and would be the least efficient at lifting bar bells, and he would choke everyone in your Jim out and that's the skills that are most important to me as combat understand that. But what I am saying that guy with with extremely high stool, rightly ask your what the devil is, why all of a sudden got better without improving skills? I agree, but let me say that I am going lately. I'm all I agree completely, but if you look at like heavyweight champions right now, I Boucher people like that. There is a point
And I dont know that you ve ever tried to gain strength while doing grappling a wrestling six seven sessions a week. It is very, very difficult to do. It's very catabolic, it's very hard. If I do grappling even when I toned down the strength to three times a week, it is very hard for me to get above two o five. So what I suggest is that it may be true, you're very sure, maybe get stronger, which takes twice we in that traffic or strength training sessions. Answer that your strength would progressed in total, well if he had obtained by doing that, might very well make up for the loss of time on the map of an authoritarian right now, because I can't spend time on the map if I ought to have an idea. That's a great example with your programme. It is
it's obviously other. Certainly so much recover you have. So when I was, in your programme and lifting pretty happy right now ingested. Some drilling and admit work was incredibly sore was very difficult to recover from both activities in that's. Why I've put that in hope? because of the injuries. But I do I advocate your programme or something similar generally your programme exactly forever. One I know we starting lifting rushing in this gentleman here whose we bring him in, but my producer Jerry. Who is a hundred and forty five pounds and needs to start lifting heavy, but I do it to the sort of the macro issue here. I'm writing a column right now, and you can tell me if you agree or disagree. I believe that we reached a point in the fitness thing. It wasn't about the transgender d lacrosse dressing. It was about. I truly believe in you talk about this with with weightlifting and I think in every aspect of life. We have to look at yourself, correct yourself in at the end of the day. If you look yourself them here and say, did I do everything I could do to get
better, have I done everything I can to prepare for whatever your job may be? If so, yes, let's get to work, but now, if I were raised in modern, politically correct, liberal America. I believe I would be fat weak and feel good about myself jerk, because we ve gone to a point. I will say this flat out: liberalism creates fat, weak young men who feel good about being and not just on a time are physically in character, and if you look at people like Roosevelt, maybe I'm Lincoln that's uses turned the strenuous life. They talked about everyday pushing yourself a little bit. Would you have a lot of people who come in or young men who just don't have that sensitive?
body of how this is going to be hard and that's. What's beautiful in it, I dont know that most people that start this programme thanking those terms, I think that's out they they come in understanding that this is what they need, but they have their couched in terms of their place on political spectrum. You- and I can be philosophical about this, but an end we did, but because we ve got to do that, but he added
You have working full time, silent driving at night dangers. All these other weighty nosey be bigger than thank both Mr Peter's knows than ever. They drive before as it work, and he knows that he's heard that what we can do it obviously, but stepping back from the from immediate nature such thing. I agree with your big point. I agree with you that the pressure now is is to be accepting of complacency. Shortages places is easier and complacency is the kind of thing that enables people to feel good about it. When somebody of tells him then
really all united, but which I feel sure why why why cast your own limits right? We are here to make those limits. Nice we're here to make you comfortable and comfort, is the most important thing you can be in and satisfied with yourself and I self esteem all that others, if you ve got, is this kind of a kind of time in the history of Europe. The human race for those who really listening Terrestrialized Mark, has the most disgusted look on his face. The heightened imagine if it really is, we ve got on the one hand, a society where.
He s eyes on the radio were telling us one in four people are struggling with hunger. Those viewed listening at the rhetoric. Radio have heard this vs Asia on station today, one in four I'm one of one, for I am the first to ratify the elevated and I've struggling with hunger. Yet what the obesity? Rightly that's right! You guys make up your mind our eye. We cannot have it both ways and then the politically expedient major above These messages fact that fact that work with each other. This is saying to Israel straight it's also funny to me earlier yeah, Michelle Obama, who declared at a national crisis right a bigger threat than global terrorism. There will be no the obesity thing, but I always like to do
listen do already here. She should understand that one in four is struggling, sure. Why don't think she's struggling with hunger and wasn't what I was implying, but I guess I just said it now: we'll be right back with coach marked ripple after this break. Where will see how much more inappropriate. Hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you here are fifteen saving steadily black rifle? It is, but they are. Fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined. Conceal permits, forces as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com
nice back in this next hour went through the hour. Now we're still back with coach mark ripped out before us. We were talking about hunger versus obesity in this country. That's a good point, and I talk about that, though, to if Obese our biggest epidemic. As some leftist say I go, I mean if you had a pick, your problem out of a pile. Wouldn't that be the one you first pick a problem of over abundance and choice. I can't imagine a better problem to have perils capitalist over yes about the magic factored mountains. A struggling with this is that, as I said, this is an interesting. This is an interesting time in the history of right. We gotta of a giant. I thought I'd, obviously
What is left is whether you segment of the world's population. I don't even have the right and then again here we are in the United States you can walk you through a grocery store. You walk in Walmart by Pre, made pancakes. With the package already made have been mixed. I can understand that the dichotomy bombs be ok, but my position is that the dichotomy he's not my rob. The dichotomy is the problem of the third world, who refuses to embrace the idea that private property and free market capitalism provides for our and using this is a matter for without like, but I don't know if you really want to get me started. I don't think I do. I don't think I do. I don't know that
I agree with you. Well I mean listen. They don't have the problem of obesity. Try getting some sand in famine victims head around it. They won't even be able to comprehend that your problem is, you have too much to eat ratified. It knows Anorexia and our most, notably in the Abbey look look as I don't think you have a lot of body. Builders oiled and tanned bitching about their calves. So goes right now, probably not the body, this morphia on either side. So we get back to you, talk about getting sick. Let me ask you this: I got to go back to strengthening. How do you handle it gone to appoint my life, where I am just so tired with the b S and I feel like it's everywhere, and it's no more prevalent than in the supplement industry and the fitness industry, planet, fitness
an example, but it's I mean literally. I cannot find one decent personal trainer too, to my can take my wife and we're just literally, if you're looking at where it is written, work these earth operator, you seem to have some serious misconception. Is about is known up when a fitness, like the vast majority, plainly fitness it'll be extreme read this did you got The standard industry mile genes, which are basically sales words and then You got the far other end of voice like which all that will live at the door here then, has the sign on the door that says which often very cleverly private straight training. Seventy membership is by invitation. We turn people way here that not sufficient.
Sufficiently appreciate. What are you trying to locate? Will let me real quick, because people are going to attack you. Madam As you know, there is the be functional training, expression of them of the business, that's kind of profits for that There are right in the Middle EAST is really where more traders ought to be right. That serve up larger percentage of widely shared Now, let me ask you this, because people will say you turn people away, see, that's why planet finis exists. You just want to judge fat, People now I know that you ve trained each have some old Ladys who train at your Jim, it's not about where, you are it's about how serious you are with self improvement right. Yes, it's it's about whether you came into the gene for the fact that we have a logical, arithmetical model for making you stroke.
Start where you are now go a little bit right or if you came in for pizza came it repeats and I will probably draw conclusions based on. Is that judge? But I guess you know what the man but now my ninety one year old girl, the trains in here.
It will be in the remark that is capable of doing an earth, assisted body, weight, Swat below current market fur, and that's been a long process that we got no point where she hasn't fallen down in here. She didn't user watering, more, that's better applause it for about ten minutes and on the same process that we use for athletes. We used for her bright with starting points, and it's funny. I see that people see the planet finnish thing to say no judgment because we don't want to be mean. I hear that story that you just tell me, and I think how mean are you other personal trainers to rob this woman of that experience of the opportunity to put her Walker in clause it at the age of ninety?
good for her lonely, pictures, online or videos here we ve got tat video of just look at gas. Do you ass Missus Virginia Gustafson resign. Look at gas w. If I see it might be a nice all video games are ninety one years old cheese which just goes to show people the same process that you even ground native eager. I M doing it right now, but let me ask you a question You can count you, and you said you ve, never offer to comfort me ass. I don't know- maybe you don't make me, mute your microphone because you just asked me if I d Daedalus honour when you are the one you specified, you said you gonna turn rotating guff. Yeah good mornings are good. You should do those you don't need to be dead, lifting you're, doing power. Saying yes wrote the shoulder
and you know what I've been three weeks of a dead lifted. Three me because their lives not bothered. Moreover, do mine. Maybe I don't know, maybe it's not what I got, but ever listening I'm following his protocol. I call them with questions. This said that actually seems good. If you can do it, it's not irritating your back, those are good replacements and then it comes and tries to throw me under the bus. So I tell you what I will say. I told. Will you certainly been offered to come out and train the? U s me about the Cherry festival right now, I'm tellin! You go on air, our country, ok, ok, you come out here, I will be glad to and you can train my life yeah and you can start work, Put her up on starting strength and say, look look at my handiwork.
Yeah she's a very arduous diversities, way out of my leg. Ok, there's something else can I ask you, I don't remember what it was now that we got off the beaten. After being that, I will just say: that's ok, you did not do talk about strengthening if I may sort of partly that new something I dont, know if you ve ever been on the grappling. That's but- I would invite you to go on there once Everyone should get. There asked once it's good for yourself. My asked the order, good to realise how important? Oh Garcia, looking character, who you would see in the German see as we can feel so strong, an option we end your life at any time. They want you just to realise that strength is empty but it does not make a complete she now why? What is even more important straight youth. I don't know I like guys like you, will enjoy guy what you to emulate all entries. I've got you one time as about you, don't pathway, turf! Now do so
yeah. I tell you what, though we ve got There came an who were half way tat. We ve had division what we ve pro football players come in and I M just get there. Just just a life choked out and understand that do about everybody else's Oh, my god, I don't have deal. I just I just deal that makes everybody that better in that better and that's giving strong. That is absolutely true and on that we completely agree, and it has to be done with. Certainly heavyweights for people are starting with measurable loading increase, it is the process really. I've got are now five pounds work, that's the process. I thought I could just go across it and go a crack
with a bar bow and trained for randomness. What your blown I might get a random. Now that doesn't seem to work. You don't worry. You can't learn play the piano by a combination of attempting to saxophone the guitar and dig a hole in the back yard. What what age do you cross over into the nonsensical getting about fifty? Well, we have to have to get going in the middle of May. We will keep on for another online segment for terrestrial. We must say goodbye working people best, find you mark short extracts. Dot com is my website, I'm their way too much. Today, we already feel free to contact me to that website. Lips
and dvd or for sale on that website were also available on Amazon back up? Our german translation is himself that B You don't need to say dot com, you gonna, throw the HTTP Emma. I study the german translation to resolve that be the very Germany accurately around them Why would anyone be listening in Germany, Stephen, that's your demographic problem, once you get big mouth and river, So I've got it right, whether your ninety one years old or nineteen, I highly recommend it mark thanks for being with his brother yeah,
you're listening to louder with crowded louder with ground, bring in the phone rang a fund good exercise in music offered minority, but not you wouldn't want to be listening to this debate Beverly Goldberg jazz, her sighs friend Jared, not our other producer jeered, my from my friend Geraghty. He thinks she so hot, and I told you that I think is you. She's, so MA am looking? No thanks for during all the moms listening, I just I don't know it's
count. I think of myself, I'm like I'm just too dad looking to be hot, and that's enough. That's enough on the good guy up, coach, Maghreb Dell Laptop and back on and get more. So I guess into the details of training cause. You know, I know people listening to rest. Really again. You can listen here at louder of credit, common see the videos for those who are listening to rest really understand it. The fillets of course WHAM Home Station, Detroit Ann Arbor, all of Southeast Michigan, and K, O n in Anchorage Alaska is our next. Affiliate now they really dig us they're, putting us for Joe Miller. And, if you aren't going to, but for those listening, terrestrial lotta people. They only want politics, and politics is all that will do. A marker I tell you know he works at Pga media he's a well known, libertarian conservative, but is also one of the most authoritative people on a subject of drank training, particularly for novices so
You folks are looking to get strong if you are looking to improve your life and you need to take a holistic approach. Not just follow politics not just get mad about stuff, but also say hey. How can you improve yourself every day of your life? That's over there important. Have guests like him on and maybe you could save my sorry white but Well, he said I was actually going to have you in on the interview and sometimes know you aren't sometimes you're, not You can have your your break but tat. He said for you you said listeners said there is nothing. I can instruct him to do at this point, other and to follow the Atkins Diet, is the healthiest fastest way to lose weight once he loses the weight and his bio mechanically capable to follow my preschool program. I can be of great assistance. But until then I cannot help him. This is the conversation I may have with him and that will occur in
out six minutes sixty seconds, and so I would hope, Stephen that you have other topics prepared for us too he's a that guy, you should have heard the costing too before we actually sat down and taped. Went to physical therapists through the universally my doctor, set it up and the only exercise you need to start with. The one where you squeeze your belly button in to build the muscles for the core, because by for you can start doing anything else. You got fix that lower back that heavy incapacitated a couple weeks back. So, unlike gay scientists like this, for a while- and I talk funny and she says: Well- you do it said, and you can do it laid down, but I gotta remember to constantly pull that in and build that muzzle before it. I pulled me other ones and stuff beaten? Do you know little Debbie, snack eggs ought to look at this summit,
Michael Earls, just waited me by the way you can treat me it s, crater, Michael Earls, just tweeted funny. You made that comment about listeners from Germany as that Zactly, where I'm listening to your show from right. Now Excellent, people in Germany, probably not jewish. Just by just look ride their. Let it right this gets him Ramstein for our bumper music outdo hushed do ass Ramstein, I'm not a big fan, but up another recognize it anyway. We'll get back. I will talk more about Burg Doll, obviously, but also something I'm not. A lot of people are talking about spring break it's about that time of year. I never went Well. You know we always had a weird time in Canada, so wasn't really spring break, but damn you don't wanna PETE. Talk about the college. Experience in spring break is a big part of that. It's
Four years of glorified alcoholism for a lot of people, I missed out on so much And it's very honestly, it's very dangerous. If you look at the stats in spring break and what happens as far as rape as far as our call poisoning, it's you and an I do have an opinion on that. Listen, you can do whatever you want. Sometimes libertarians get man's a neutral move, lone wolf! No I'm just saying there is a good way. There's a productive way to live your life, and there is an on productive way to live your life. There are risks, calculated risks that makes sense and there are risks that don't make a lot of sense, going down to Cancun on a booze cruise and taking off your top for some guy is going to start selling the tape on the internet and getting in the hot, with some strange gentlemen do I hand you a drink, probably not a good decision, and it's happening and record. It depends upon your perspective, though, if you're the guy you're, like yeah great cuz, this girl just got in the hot tub with me thanks for making light of criminals and date, rape, how dare you
dating part. We'll talk burgle answering Reagan, tech crews. Can he went after the break bottle with broader nice so glad to have you back. I love you. A fund. Even though he's insubordinate disrespect lucky, I hate everybody equally, except for cats, Naturally, I wonder, why are you? Why do you do this, Why are you excluding dogs? You like dog, I like dogs to, but I mean I don't actually on any so I mean I just don't want if my capture listening to think that I don't like him. But your dog could hear me too, and I offer to think that a stroke in and dogs or cats that are listening, you guys, are cool with me Rock Ashley offers,
called right now. He literally looks like loving doctrine. Cargill, listen to the pot gas later he gets here. Listen he doesn't want to miss. A thing true? If I'm in the office hopper has to be in the office period, he got up five. A m, Because he heard me get up, we got up excited to walk in the office and lay down on his bed. We have to get to work. We have stuck to do almost too you should totally do videos where you're you're? voicing over harbor of arts. I'm not going to be that guy, the guy who does the for the dog or like who makes a baby talk like an adult it's annoying, but I loved I loved dogs and what the dog might be thinking or what the cat might be thinking the grumpy. Cat movie as dumb as it was yet just I was I enjoyed it. So much are you that kinda guy who sends out cats in your Christmas cards because you're disturbed but true, Brook Doll, we are talking about, did you know about this about the three members of the Taliban, five.
I had heard bits and pieces of that on the network news. While I was given up local stuff well for people who, Dont know at me. Three members of the Taliban, five, that's the term given to these five people, traded fur, deserter treasonous broke doll, I have tried to rejoin terrorist organisations. I doubt that at all, I could see all five m trying to do it now. Why aren't people? Why isn't the left talking about this? You know why? Because if so we have to shut down Guantanamo Bay? Well just go to show you that these are not people who can be it. The same is an american prisoner, not the same as an american prisoner who lets say, rob the liquor store. Who can maybe be rehabilitated. I don't. I sincerely believe that the current system, the United States, serves to rehabilitate effectively I don't necessarily think we need to go the way of Europe like sweet. Where their their maximum security prisons are literally like apartments nicer than York City apartments, but I
thank our prison system is, is inherently effective. I would acknowledge that still there's a chance of rehabilitation, or I guess in theory the goal was to rehabilitate when someone has been raised from the Gatt go from a little baby to hate America to hate the infidels to fight the west at in all costs and I've killed Americans in war or played a part in killing. Africans and wore these are not all who should be treated like american prisoners, and that's why you can't close Guantanamo Bay needs its very difficult to rebuild. Kate, somebody from a life of you know folk religious terrorism, basically Oh yeah warming, there's over two hundred people by the way this week have been killed in the name of his on terrorism, no one- talks about it and then that that I from one direction: quits and it breaks twitter and the internet,
You would hate this. I tweeted out that I saw this only suit the hashtag at its trending right now and twitter people can follow me address. Cried has been running for three days for three days. It is always in our hearts, Zane Malloch Rights. At this thought it was some guy who died. Of course, he just left direction. He just left the crappy this they were there, not bad there. Just now. While some of that I tweeted out he's left some wimpy boy ban, tweeted out, I mean I've. Never you think that you feel the wrath of radical Islamists take a pot shot. Direction on twitter here we're a anything. There are the greatest band of all time so. This was obviously a twelve year old girl who has never heard guide. Zeppelin are beetles, no was a boy, it was a boy well To give you an idea here, I did a follow up tweet out there where ya has a heart
in forty four retweet and a hunt, twenty one favorites: where are they They called those fanboys pathetic girls into they got so mad yeah. Sweet was so I didn't know who always in our hearts, Zane Malik was but assumed he was dead, turns out? He just quit some wimpy white boy band Disappoint and they just go furious, that's it shows you were, the priorities are in our country. Right now will not just hours. I've got friends in the UK who are complaining about the fact that that is trending more then the political Things that IRAN, you know it should be on the front page over there and its. Eager there than it is here, will listen. Hate when conservatives just just complain about it, they just they just bitch about at bitch and moan and then go I just don't watch tv, I was gonna average gonna go live in a basement among our work to be no,
when is ok. This is the way the world operates, tap into a try and be effective. With this dome, just complain about it. Now it is terrible. It's really sad that this is bigger news. I mean you have an entire generation of people up until I would say ten years old, who know nothing about rag doll. I could tell you every single name of. The members of one direction that his terrible. It is absolutely a sad state of affairs, but it's not burden active to just deny reality and say That's why I only watch Fox news fly only read blah blah blah. That's why and go to liberal sites. That's why it's just fluff yeah, but that fluff ceases to be fluff when its airports What everyone cares about! You want to know what fluffed that the others are eating in, oh, so that you can combat yet well. Let me put it this way right. If you ain't nothing but Mcdonald's in cotton candy, he would say. Ah that's crap right, but at us point one, that's nothing!
your entire died as nothing, but that that is your sustenance yeah you can. Imagine the asparagus, because you don't say you don't even know it exists and it makes your piecemeal now the surprisingly enough In this analogy I was, I would say that the junk food makes its though the asparagus man, I don't know what it is and everyone I know. I know that in real life, but I'm thinking at all. If, if Mcdonald and Cotton Gandia liberalism yeah, I guess at that point, it ceases to be junk and an uncertain. Become sustenance, doesn't mean it's good sustenance, but for those all. It is sustenance. It is the only thing that they get of substance, and so we have to acknowledge that, and we have to deal with that and that's where you know there needs to be a little bit of subversion of of of culture, but dumb
yeah. It's amazing that this thing is just its to training for days and days and days into giving idea when tat crews randomly not blew up all over twitter for a day, and then it was done. I still Think he's the right one, either Don't think anyone out there is right. One hears my opinion on TED crews, and I said this four because you ve me citizen the show the point. In the same There is no one, the guy you know has met. Romney was the guy Roy Perry. As the guy Bobby agenda was the guy. Chris Christie was the guy Sarah Palin. Funnily enough, the guy at one point: who's gonna be the guy, and then she went to planet fitness. Yes, Who is going to be the guy to save us and there is no guy- We are so far behind in the score cards that we're looking for some transcendent political figure to save us that to me as antithetical to conservatism, the UK, the only one that I think could actually do the job right doesn't want it
He wants to hang out and Livonia, have TIM Hortons every now and again and take the dog for a walk. Why don't you know my dad could solve all the country's problems if he would run be the president for eight years. This place would be perfect, well I bet you dad pry would be as good a Canada is any, but can he saw the country's problems now and all cultural, its cultural? It's not political, knock em into shape let me finish: Nirvana Roll funded. The point is it's. A cultural problem in everything else is is is downstream from coal. You're, ok so concerned. Firstly, need to stop looking for the guy Marco Rubio was the guy. Until the immigration issue came up, every one was sure it was Marco Rubio you know that it was Ben Carson. Was it could black guy he's the guy right and I'm I'm not saying I don't like any of these people. All of these people are good. All these people would make a better president and barrage of Ahmad case in point. Sarah Palin. I I like
Sarah Palin on in a lot on a lot of things. I dont think She would be the best candidate for president. Do I think, six years in that she would be a better place. Than Barack Obama? Yes, so all these people, I believe, would be much more competent president's and Barack Obama, but that not the only issue. Lapping said that that is in the news this week- TED Crews- I have said I dont think that Greece is the guy before why, because it doesn't matter how good you are, how principled you are if you can't win, and he doesn't come across as re presidential. But I will say this about taxes I saw on Kimmel. I saw his recent speech and I dont think TED cruises there, yet senator crews, but how? is better than yesterday and now
very telling a lot of politicians, you see them in their first run, they're the same in their second run under third, you get the saint. You got the same, loser Romney every time he ran for president. He had the same loser John Mccain today as you do any ran for president. They generally don't change that much. I love Rick Perry as governor of Texas, having spent a lot of time there, but She is never gotten past the not being comfortable in his own skin aspect- TED, Crews is one of the few people who I've seen where I saw him speak a year ago, and I thought my He's got a long way to go, and then I saw him this week and I said, he's coming along the trail, so you didn't have to be ready. Yet he does to continually be better than you yesterday and I see that trend with them. So I think he could be ready when it comes down. I think needs to lighten up on the gay marriage issue, though, because I was reading what his stances on that site. What a merry each other. You know
who cares or your oversimplifying issued its not as simple as that and I and he would be wonder mega case- will be more compelling. I don't think he's saying now: gay marriage or all gay marriage. I think he's made some cases about states rights I would have died. I honestly, I don't pay a ton of attention to him and the gay marriage stimulus, not at the top of my radar right now and what I'm looking for for a president. But his view is probably very similar to that of Barack Obama's until he changed it. Fine years in their true, very true, So that's one thing, I'm a! I will leave you with us before the break. I was at an audition for a sport, show and this was in New York City- found out that I was working in Fox NEWS and I come in late. All I just wanna taping of Huckabee and I saw only just over a year late. What shower you taping eyes, Huckabee agenda, how can we won't you hug me, as you know, on these guys were kind of comedian. There's. No one is actually really nice. Guy is a pretty funny guy guy said yeah, what's funny about em
his views on gay marriage and they laughed ass. If you mean the exact same views as Barack Obama and put him in their place. They didn't What to say. Oh, he doesn't really mean that he's just been okay, so you're saying he's a fake we're going to go to this break and then be back for you. Because that's what I do louder with. Hey Stephen crowded, with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website if we want to community from which to learn about how to care. For your gun, gun safety were defined, conceal permits forces as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com,
you're listening to louder with crowd or allow the ultimate dancing song shall we say exotic dancer. Well, it totally sounds like that yeah poisoned by our group were it's either that or bond jovius dead or alive Those are the song that play at the clubs that you shouldn't from what you hear that I've honestly Neverbend, MR put in my life. I just can't fathom that I dont. Even let's not talk I'm fine. I dont think that the direction that you want to go in on air oh wow. I mean I just it seems like a boy their party or so somehow, you would end up there with friends
let me say this about a bachelor party is a common thing. People want, but someone complained that we get off topic too much of this importance of the cultural issue. So I did at my Bachelor party, my wife and I got married up in northern Michigan, We got married in Leland, actually Northport, technically Michigan right in a county gorgeous. I like it the most pitiful area in a country so but you're When up, there is essentially a destination wedding and I mean there are a lot of great vineyards in place, but you know it's not like I'm the happen and spot to be: and I remember talking with some. I want to be careful to not name specific names here. They were my wife's side, but not a she was clothes with, but maybe men who had relationships with some of the women and often wedding. I remember they go us you're, getting it up and Leland what're. You gonna do as we will get there about a week before and as she has a house up, their family house, my family's coming in from Texas we're going to run a house and you make a week of and have a good time, and they
said: oh, what are you gonna do do for a bachelor party earnest Strip, at their Leland. Like I said you know, I don't think there are, it's a deal's what're you gonna do have your rock and bachelor party in Leland go down to the beach. I said yes, that sounds perfect. I went with my pastor and my dear I master trust me. You have no idea who this past or as we went down, and we added so with with our past had a cooler full of good, Michigan Brood Beer played some volleyball jump. All we just went around the restaurants, the road house is there some great little restaurants up. They actually know Battalion Maria battalions. Up there, and just gonna wasted a tour and eight food and had some great beer and great time together and in that wasn't knows a lot of fun. For me, it was a perfect bachelor party and its funding there. Marking, or do you just go through that? Yes, that's exactly I want to do
simple man, fascinating. It was a lot of fun. Might my friend irids Bachelor party are other friend rented a bus and where we went wrong, establishment to establishment in South eastern Michigan. Yes, I'm assuming this establishments where little different yeah, one of them was really close to a mosque in Dearborn. Oh yeah, they love. That's a the nine eleven hijackers view really strange thing and when you think about that, because of what is alleged to be important in no? No! No. You know why the great example people don't realize is about Islamic. Why are they so immoral? Why are they you know? Why were they drinking and strict clubs and it's it's very common. I mean if you go newborn its well known, that there are a lot of strip clubs right in area. Think about of your terrorist, and they knew they were born themselves up the next day, with nine eleven your guaranteed pass to Heaven with Jihad. It's the one way to guarantee haven't. Oh,
so you might as well be bad is guaranteed your guaranteed heaven. Now that make Hence I never thought of it. From that perspective, it's like the it's like the appeal allow would be like the once. You accept Christ, Dear heart, your in like Flynn, no matter what kind of thing that I heard of the Pentecostal Church in Ohio, Where is it? There is the idea of once saved, always save seemed by grace. You can't earn it. You know it's not like those that sort of catholic doctrine where depending on how good you are. But a lot of those Christians were still arguing a foot of the tree that if someone claims to have accepted Christ there not the kind of she's going to be out committing us actually getting lifestyle. This being saved, for since the behaviour, as opposed to the behaviour getting you in tab and then it's not it's.
Preventative because of rules, its preventative, for example. You know you'd feel guilty if you'd, just think of having a father would be disappointed. It you're not a father's gonna beat you, but a father is disappointed because he wants what's best for you. That's what you don't tell your dad, where you're going the promise he always knows where you're going, but that's actually it's a good point and point to bring up the Jesus, We were talking about this too in other Jesus thing. Is they ve really whitewashed him into this wimpy? You know Abercrombie looking model on every film right with Jesus now jeez was a carpenter. Destroy the temple. Jesus was pretty studley. You know, I'm not saying you with Mr Muscle man, but he wasn't. No. He wasn't a week pushover. I ought to be. I always imagined he had strong hands like my dad from building the additions on the house at the very least that, and then you have these people who come in and go. Oh Jesus came out to hang with the sinners. Well, here's my usual bother me bothers me about that, you're misusing the term sinners big. Every single person, including your saints, including your priests, including the pope, are
no tore everyone's centre, a horrible sinner, every single person. So when you If you mean Jesus came down to hang out with, everybody will share because everybody, the sinner, what they're trying to say is Jesus came out to hang out with came down to hang out with the lowest of the low. Well now us on this issue, which we did come to reach the unreached, that would be the proper way to phrase it. Ok, so it came to the unreached, but then people say lot of young we'll say will I hope so they hang around. People were doing drugs. Making decisions go I'm like Jesus, I'm hang out with them with the sinners cynicism to reach them. Ok, now Jesus said this is your Christian or not understand, but an analogy here. Jesus with these, People with tax collectors, prostitutes, interesting that the Bible by the way, puts tax collectors and the same Plainfield with prostitutes very happy about that, and he said: hey file may I go and said no more right So he came any reach those people he reached the process. Suits, he reached the tax collectors and they abandon it to follow him. Dear.
We think Jesus would have been buddy buddy drinkin beers with someone who is still a criminal breaking the law. You think he would have wanted wanted to be around an associate with that. Now they were well to join him in a band in and be forgotten, and for their previous lifestyles. Do you think, though he would have drink beer at all? Yes, You drive tonnes Y Y, know by the wind, but I need a beer always seems like it would be a cultural thing. Now, that's a good one, If you look at, I was reading some training from older strongman books and they will say you know like this is the lifestyle one must live. You train hard, but it must not be too strenuous. You Sleep well, one must not to strong drink, but their lunch was like four cakes and five ales period even consider it strong drink. They really kind of like Jack Daniels or some other thing. The avenue objectives was around at that point, but beer was like t, you know is, What you drag
so yeah. I definitely don't think Jesus would have had a problem with people having a beer to I'm in years of thing to with Jesus when you're talking about that people go well well wine with really more like grape juice back then. Well. How do you stop fermentation of wine? Cold? Refrigeration? so they had no refrigeration saying now you have would have had four men until you drank it. And not only with Jesus there with his first miracle turning water to wine. You understood The context of the Bible read any any books or verses that talk about weddings in the old testament, always talks about overflowing with. Why not the people that lots of wine and a wedding? So they anticipated this. This was a big wedding and they still ran out of wine after they drink They had consumed so much wine that they ran out and Jesus turn water to wine. Anyways wine, which it is his gotta, have a party there you go. The guy? Who has a party and again In its historical context, wine, all in all likelihood was stronger than today.
We're gonna we're going to get letters, but Christians who try and save the boy It condemns any kind of consuming of alcohol clearly have not looked at at Jesus End and what he did. He kept the party going in a sensible way, cool guy some wine ladder with creditors, listening to outer with so glad that you are back the final, our louder with router. Just came in with a word whisker with that's, not good. That's not a good start to the word, whisker what? Yes, and like or like such as yeah. I was just calling my vocal pause. Vocal pause most insubordinate producer in radio dip Dan is here. You know it's old radio guy. What's funny, we,
talk about that will get back to the news on the year on really is no tat, crews, Bordeaux, actually, the german wings crash objective, even following that this week, that one is just absolutely tragic to get. Apparently the The main pilot tried to get the break down the door with acts to get in there to save the plane from being craft I the really messed up co pilot yeah. I know that's the that's. The thing is that little that just broke yesterday that he was locked out? That's gotta a terrible feeling. You there things that when I read in the news, my heart just sinks? That's the toughest one for me now yet get because the amount of time from when you realise what's happening to wear you're, not realising anything at all any more because you ve passed the fear that to stand all stretch, Time is involved. I have there's nothing you.
And do you can do everything in your power and that's what I talked about before. You know I can handle the victories or the defeats Were I made mistakes? Make good. Is it in the case of the victories what was always really hard for me was facing up to the fact that I just wasn't good enough. Where you go, I did everything I had to do. I did everything I could do and I still came up short. That's Really tough saying, I think, for most men to handle and I was always of the mind where, if I didn't really try that hard in high school, I was fine, being a sea plus be mine, a student- I was okay with it. You know me I didn't really carried it really. Try. I think I've ever had one exam in my life, in school- were actually look, I'm going to try and study and get get this thing right and I flunked it and I was a well, this is first, I'm actually tried and in didn't do well and
and then there are, that always end up ends up reinforcing the while I ought not try so I dont care, so I don't have the feelings being damaged by the trying in failing. Thing that happened with me, a lot where you know what I was younger. I would try something I would try it. You know two or three times I would keep failing. Finally, I'd say enough that the ambulance thank God. I tried karate. I went, I think, two or three lessons and I tried judo when I the two or three lessons I didn't like the weight felt so I quit so I never got it even remotely good at any of those things, not terrible funding while the teeth- the first thing you wanted to teach me was how to get thrown yeah then, when I like I've got this guy who's like Twitter. Seven years old and I'm channel, he wants to pick me up and throw me on the ground, unlike mom,
to get out a year. Now that's called Luke. You that's called commune, actually save me when I I bid it hard dressed as a woman. The planet, fitness so dresses, Stephanie crowded, went up the stairs the hare gotten my feelings I slipped and would have faced planet, if not for learning how to all in Judo, so it is a lie. It's one of those things really. Does you know all that bs Mr me, wax on wax off that stupid. Silly kung fu lies it don't work. There really is something to be said for learning how to fall properly applies in life anytime. You take a far when it's no instinctive, so you should learn that and it does hurt a little bit, but then it hurts less because you learn how to fall. That's the whole point D. I never get past the the firs hurt. I always give up you need we need to work on that that's where that's where someone like a tat. We were talking about a little bit of discomfort, a little bit of hurt every single day, but that's it
something that surmounted by a little bit of discomfort. I heard that you can get past pushing your limits and all of a sudden, you ve completely changed? What your limit is not going to think I could do that, but I'm scared, You could do it, you have to try and ain't. No, I don't know what you're situation is with you with your family or your wife, I have no idea, but you need a support system in place of people who understand the importance of that and people who support you and that an end. That's the whole. I mean that that is what we talk of liberalism, makes young men, weak fat and pants. Side right now, because ten years old I'm not talking about you in this case, but what we were talking about this with with repetition, young men are not hey! You need a correct yourself! Hey! No, you do this anyway. There told it's. Ok, you don't have to finish it. It's ok, the way you are, and that is antics The call to honestly is obviously a Christian, but we believe that we're all imperfect that we all need improvement
Instead, we are raising an entire generation of people who were telling them. You know you're per literally there's a song on the radio that says you're perfect, just. The way you are nobody is that song is a lie, but few pump it through your skull enough. As your drawing up in your formative years. You genuinely might think that my god you're perfect. You know my mom used to always put me in my place, because I'd walk in with my chest: puffed out nights, a mom. I am perfect and she'd say you are a perfect a whole, it's pretty funny, and she would say to its aid all thing you know. Yeah my mom was shoot. She didn't hold any punches. Was not modulated by the FCC tab is have very true. You're gonna! Listen! You want to encourage people. People need to be encouraged, but people need to face reality and its word challenging yourself. That's where things like strength. Turning things like you know grappling or fits if its football. If it soccer
finding something where you are testing yourself. Every day you d, we have to be the best you just have to be better than yesterday, but don't you think, though, that football tends to make people into bullies? No, no, not at all, because that was my ex. Variants. When I was younger, we bullies and high school. That's high school, I don't know he'd find a lot of professional athletes who bully you. If they met you, I think they probably very nice to fewer fan college ones. Ride to bully me when I manage to the movie theater. What like? How what they made fun of you will know. I wouldn't I would manage them, movie theater and you'd get guys from the university they come in yeah. I want us to discount manlike, ok, Gimme, your student idea and argument student disk I don't need to do now I d I've got this big ring and then they hold up their university Michigan Ball team ring and other that's, Stu. Ninety I'm on a football team, everybody knows me am I I don't know. You from Jack.
Girls on a women's gymnastics team. I am I right. Ignites them button. I have no idea who the hell you are. You didn't know they are bullying it like. There are mad that you were being a stickler should have but your dollar discount, and I finally got away to get back Bob Layer, that's what I'm saying see they weren't bullying young. I was bullying! You worked up Ali. I like that you're, the Bali. How dare you funding is given a discount, I'm like you're gettin, all the kickbacks and end the supporters buying you as you bees and pretending that they're not really for you. You can pay the extra two bucks That is a problem there right now is the bullying issue that people conflated that issue so much with a kid being teased little, but here there or so kid being self conscious in a great example as well, can we talk about the transgender thing and people talk about how high the suicide rate is right?
and so what do we do as they apply that to all sis genders? Ninety nine seven percent of the population are people who aren't transgender because of what now act? The suicide rate is just as high and people who make the transition, who don't matter fact its higher and people who make the transition. Generally speaking, that's because a transition can't live up to expectations. They they dont become another gender manufacture, most them, never experience sexual pleasure again. Eighty percent of them never experience sexual pleasure again when asked I'm sure the other twenty percent, a huge portion them are probably lying one eighty percent say, can no longer achieve, set will pleasure. I mean I can imagine, listen That would have me thinking of of punch in my ticket. If I knew I can never experience sex again and that's why So the idea that it just because people made fun of them know there's also strong correlation with people with mental health issues. Who do that people don't like the universe politically incorrect. The fact is.
Someone who decides civil Raina Bob at their donaghmore, someone who decides to go through very dangerous area, remove it. They turn it inside out the Donner here now. Yeah. I read up on how they get their heads and other procedures done, but easy either way your body tries to close it as a wound there. That part is true. That part is true. Anyway, the point of making his people is trying to ply bullying across the board to silence voices of dissent which, ironically enough, is what a form of bullying so it's come full circle and other people who claim that they ve been bullied or now, bullying everybody else, because you have to agree with them, otherwise, you're a bully who have thought that we're going to take a break and be right back with you or tweets and letters louder with greater so glad you are with us as always someone tweeted John Existent tweeted, being
isn't hard, you just say no to everyone. Ted crews can do that I understand the sentiment. But I do believe there is quite a bit more to the positions are like the current president. You say no to everybody, except for ISIS were the ices. Sure no problem will let you do whatever you want, more than there is. There is Like kind of James, Nelson Riley, what you do, whatever your watch, Charles Nelson, really very much that you're the hand motion going roof. So its role in central park. Spring break is something we should be talking about going on right now,. People listening terrestrial- let's be honest, it's probably your children or your grandchildren during spring break people listening online you're, probably the one on spring break so
We have a weird spread of audience listeners here: Andy It's important for you to know, listen spring break as something it's it's a tradition right, but people talk about it being an experience. What, people really mean when they say the spring break experience or the college experience to me. I never got to go, but I always imagined it was like going to door concerts during the day with lots of girls in bikinis, and hearing bill Bans play at big MTV gatherings again We're going to talk about, during the brain. What you shortening that could have been about five words. Raises its took way too long to say Girls Mckinney's at concerts there is, there is no need, but can't you picked, I'm picturing those big
MTV gatherings, you're still speaking so the way to keep me from speaking is to stuff my mouth with that yeah. Ok, what do that men talk on her good, just shoe and let me go with this fund up that's the guy on Youtube. Now we got a lotta Youtube comments in people's funds. Eating. While talking. Let me talk about spring break damage, just stopped silence so alive. Of people don't realize that there are a lot of deaths at spring break with alcohol us. Here, get actually serve in two thousand for sure that ninety one percent apparent Saint soundest, aspirin bookmarking up over the tourism, an alcohol industries, heavy drink, promote heavy drinking insects, creating an environment that can lead to rape, fatal injuries and deaths by our call poisoning. We agree with the parents that we must put an end to these promotions, a target students, most of whom were under age. And that's Real issue here they target young people, forget
seventy percent of alcohol. Seventy percent are seventy seven percent of adults and sixty eight percent of apparently that I'll call companies are using spring Break in Mexico, to introduce under age. Students to their products seems like a right of passage almost though Yemen's not a good thing, also mouser, when people, talk about the college experience. It doesn't matter we're, even if you're going to Harvard You know the difference between the top party school and a top academic school as well. Very little when you're talking about what most people are doing and I'm not we just talked about what Jesus have drank beer. I think you probably would have. I don't know if there was beer at that time or in that area of the world. Certainly drink wine. There's nothing wrong. In my opinion, with moderate alcohol consumption, everything is anything. But the big question is: would he have gone to rot concerts with women in bikinis probable? not. I dont believe that he would have, and I dont know it's a good idea if you're going somewhere in its marketed as the booze crews? Ok, firstly,
Let us look at some life decisions that no kidding if you're gonna, both crows, like I don't think of drinking as an activity, and I think that's what we get wrong in the United States, and this is important during spring. Break for people are wanting gotta takers, it's important spring break. This is what's going on, people are going in getting Brian, staggered drowned, and that was a little bit. Bobcat go away from Scrooge there and that's the problem now in America, it is a lie. But different than Europe. I will say one of the things they get right: no people drink very at a very young age in Europe in places like France and ITALY. Wine with dinner is acceptable. It's not treated as an activity and I've got a lot of Europeans come over and say manual. Canadians are worse, but you, America, the going dancing and then ancillary to that would be. The alcohol yeah me, my wife, and I mean I love Michigan breweries, my wife and I will go out or we'll go out with friends and we'll go, have great food and some good.
A local craft, brood beer, you know or go to a jazz club and have a cocktail hour, but. Activity is the gathering. The activity is the music. Drinking happens to be a part of that, and sometimes by partaken. Sometimes I don't. The problem here is that alcohol companies are marketing and it's free market. They can do whatever they want, but with spring break, it is. It is systemic and at the marketing is presenting alcohol as the end game as the activity in that breeds huge statistics. We right here. All our tweet them out actually asked crowds of rapes. Huge statistics of Alcohol poisoning, huge statistics of kidnappings, of course we're going to Mexico, so here thing, even if your girl for girls out there I just eyes when I have fine, I have a friend, they're gonna, take care me, ok, you're gonna go, the booze crews right you're, going to the booze crews, even if you're in ten, are innocent. Let's say you go to the booze crews and you're even plan on drinking that much booze where'd you
think. The guys who are looking for women who they assume will be easy, are going through they're gonna see that sign, booze crews and they're, just saying on pack and my my bag of pills and then Well, I'm going there not go in the Mullah pub there. Go into the local brewery where their plan, you know a local folk band, they're gonna go about, crews are going to be women in bathing, suits, are gonna, be hammered. I can slip a drug in there and listen. That's very, very common in spring break its not blowing something out of proportion, I'm not fear hungering but it's an issue, that's big, and then it's an issue that most Americans, like you, said they just say It's a right of passage sending with college wound, but I can't I can't imagine slipping drugs into somebody's drink, though at so common it is so common who comes up with them,
What's funny actually is, I know a friend Chad, eggs who has insomnia like or horrendous and saw me all kind of sleep studies in the only drug that would work because of his problem with rem, sleep or whatever. It is that I don't know the technical terminology. Bidders explaining to me is a date, rape, category it falls under but he was telling me that there is a legitimate purpose to that drug, but it is so incredibly effective that damn you know, that's what they eat who's on on these women, unfortunately, and it's very common in its also indicative of a greater problem of our culture of men, not respecting women, and that do was opened with feminism. Feminism. You can do everything guys can do. Crews through there like the. Why are the manual monogram draken, the pubs and boys that you can be that? Well, what do you think the bad guys out there thought feminism your free, a new, sexually liberated jackpot and now or a few years down the line where we just say it's all part of the experience. What making poor decisions. Why
putting yourself in a position to cause irreparable harm Is that a right of passive against is coming from someone who drinks problem with moderate consumption of alcohol. But making drinking and activity in dangerous drinking a right of passage someone's after me, we'll be back if you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but finding the right kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle is a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes in some Five wine makes buying good wine simple, just call eight for forty nine seven wine, where a qualified Somalia will take your information budget, send you a curious list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way, they also have a price match guarantee. So it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you,
call simplified wine at eight hundred and forty four, two hundred and ninety seven one hundred and eighty four four thousand two hundred and ninety seven wine dot com and hit the simplified button same thing, just digital anyone you want they can get just call simplified one thousand, eight hundred and forty four two hundred and ninety seven wine to have the best wine at the best price, delivered straight to your door guaranteed what could possibly be simpler, call, simplified wine today, eight hundred and forty four two hundred and ninety seven wine
We are here dancing too happy songs, mostly not always sometimes sometimes Besides, sometimes we get angry, The sad saw, you be slower dances, Dance to share. I've been really enjoying listening lately to the beach. I was on the old sunny and share song, been figured out the basin sunny and share some. They have some nice stuff share, not so much
throw in the auto tune bring in entering a load of auto doing in here Can somebody Zella singing through a fan? our own land borders drawn at all. You better believe that my songs example exerts myself. Yes, share leaf Yo, you have no idea, I mean the wrath is long. Of angry atheists. Liberals union workers, the share crew on Twitter, are the worst I those you probably glad that you went into the: U S W guys instead of going into a share concert Guillaume would have got your butt kicked now. You have now I don't know what to do. I don't know why it is like do did all gay guys have a meeting behind her back and just say: ok share! Is our thing why
What is the share in barbarous? Try sent thing with gay guys why I for a long time had no clue about Streisand until about it he could go. I was flipping through the channels and came across a concert of her never paid attention to her and am I a sheet things, pretty darn good fertile, broad yeah. No, she sings she sings pretty well, but I was wondering why is it that there's like there Tire following you know almost, but not their entire falling, but it seems like fan, is gay But almost every gay person is a share, fan yeah Why is that like what? Why not Mariah carrier? You know sullen beyond what is it about share in bags that make sitting again A thing- and I'm not saying that is hate speech, I'm just wondering, there's a noticeable trend were they love share any now
I was genuinely asking. I thought you might know, I'm I know of you things, but I know everything about that. Why that used to know swings both ways for those less nine do not find it likes both men and women. Now and it's ok, he admitted on air that he would eyes at age. Po. Stop you are engaged in relation to the trends dinner man and we're not judging and that's, ok, look. I would marry at transgendered person if they were ass at a man. You know to be, what's going on are fun dip like both men and women. It's okay, we're not here, and I wouldn't want them to look especially after having and having a son with her I mean we kind of know I've seen or give birth. It's not a Jerry spring represent with a guy gonna think before you honey, I'm a man. Why? Why? next year, on Springer their crying game. It's too easy to be able to tell self another story here we talk, this last week we had Dana, we had Kyra Davis. And Starbucks,
This point last week had started their race together campaign where they want to do. Engage customers on conversational now people like myself in Dana in Cairo. Thought it was ridiculous and spoke about it. Publicly. And they ve entered the campaign is completely ended. It took its it took them seven days and Theo thinks America is racist, so Apparently it didn't work because America is racists not because it's a stupid campaign and you're a coffee cup, You got something that really bothers me. Like the Dixie checks. Remember they went they were, They said they were shame that George Bush was that the president was from Texas. Ok, people have the right to say that you have the right to not like George Bush, the issue Americans had. Firstly, you need to know your audience was country, music right, the Dixie, Ex country, music right away, is going to be more conservative more patriotic and they set it on foreign soil,
went somewhere else and bad mouth their president and bad now, their country. Its Connell I green day going over the UK to record. There live album and you have a bunch of Brits yelling American Idiot we're just gonna rub people the wrong way and by the way, it's kind of baldness to go somewhere else and bad mouth your homeland, that allows you to tax benefits that you wouldn't get in the UK. You don't live there. You live here, but you go there too bad mouth years. You can collect some more checks from people paying for your tickets there, so I gotta bring us back to Starbucks, because people got really mad and they started boycotting the Dixie checks. Now some people started burning the cities which I think is a little ridiculous. I'm not a big fan of burning anything near resell, amateur hawk shop or somethin, so you can at least get a couple bucks out of it or may a German, the ninja stars in our little disk, their funding can weapon at people. You can hurt her things. Don't hurt someone like you. You know what your brother, your sibling. It hurts enough that it's fun, but not enough that it hurt seriously injured anyone back the booth back paddling.
That's the beauty of hurting you're, siblings, so. They got banned. They release this film shut up and saying where they were. Offended now. Was his righteous indignation of people just wanted us to shut up and thing will ya I have already said yeah their pay. We hear you sing beautiful songs or add. Once the Dixie jigs after all, addiction had some really gets out there? very talented, but if you look at the way they use the fiddle and the way they act compared to most country music out there. They actually had some complexities, while I like the music, but I just Didn'T- want em to sing either to shut up and play the fiddle. Sure you didn't like Natalie remains the main singer we need only like, though, that really Bluegrass sore Why love Alison Kraus, ok, anchor I compare all of em really to her and if they don't measure up,
It is a great ban from often called the gouges who ought to send your way, but I actually thought there are very talented, Dixie Chicks, actually like a lot of their music. So what happened? people said: shut up and sing. Now that let them saying they hate you That's them saying hey! I like what I signed up for, which is your album. I like what I paid, for, which is to hear you sing please don't make me be in cape, full of supporting you be cause of your politics in your bad now think of my country? I want still like you, please, operate your politics from the art. It's not thing. We hate you! It's this from people who want to be able to, like you and your precluding them through your state. I understand that I do that Irish in there. People out there who are not going to like me, because I say now. I know that, but I dont go out and Wait and say I was the people. People is vital shut up and and not talk. No,
This is what I do and people accept it. It's like shut up and do your talk, show wait, wait what exactly! But no with Macartney, I have to ignore a lot of this stupid things that he says. As far as politics I mean he went and hung. With Obama said I was really fun like that he's great num, like Paul you're, an idiot something in his recent music no, the new, Album called New was very good. I think the one that be released at starbucks- and I didn't like that. One the Mai Valentine a real, slow balloting one. Maybe I used in thing. It was great, but the point his case, I'm take the Dixie checks to bring it back here, they're saying shit, we're just going to shut up and think. Yes, you should get up and saying that way these people can still love you and support you. Standing with Starbucks other thing that each this their thing we should just shut up and just their coffee, yeah, yeah job O medicine, oh god. Oh America's raised just now
We pay you for coffee. It reminds me of the wedding: singer: listen buddy, I'm paying you to saying about paying to hear your thoughts on life. Well, sir. I have the microphone and don't so you won't listen to that for the future. It sounds like Adam Sandler. That's what a y all make rigour, Adams! I recognized him, I'm not even a fan of him. She stare he talks like where understand we are coming from and they had to go to to whom a headache who, if it is to have a more careful as Happy Madison line at all, Ties in that way, but I'm just like Ike out, I see come on screen and I get annoyed, but still not as she's will hear a problem with our radio programme. Ok,
anyone else who comes from radio. They come from a background, work like that he wants any names, but like a lot of you, while some people, even here in this network, some you don't they come from Brac backgrounds. I've always had three four five hours to talk and I find a way to stretch out points into our long or to our long points. I come from a comedy background from an energy went back, my goal is to make a point is distinctly as possible with star bugs nothing more needs to be said that they think we're racist, because America just wants you to make coffee. Yes,. That is what we want if you, I consider that racist, fine It's a dialogue that doesn't need to go much further than that Give me my americano give me my basic drip coffee and leave me be on my Mary way. You try and engage me If you nineteen year old barrister, tries to engage me in a conversation on race. It's not good.
The end well, for you that's what America was saying when you're holding a cup of hot coffee, I tell you what spilled hot super myself. My my great school. It was, and I had to go home it was so hot. It boiled my stomach. And that was what I must bear Sunday school kids are so mean they were laughing at me. I literally had like blood boils all over my stomach soup I was really really hot state anomalies and our little Stephen right away, where I do turned to the lunch lady, why What you have said this heart? That's it Mary. We only have forty minutes for lunch. I have to wait at least fifteen for this to cool down. Excellent Little Stephen was likely was thinking and I got trouble the lunch. It is that I was rude. Seven, we office before they sent me home. Selling I hated. I was just mad because I was in such pain and my my argue: was sound, but it wasn't her fault
some sorry, MRS Nay Smith. You were a good lunch, lady. If it wasn't your fault so who cook the soup theirs, leave. They would leave it in his hot pot, though it stay there all day, as you know in this hot and it was like like external thing, but it was just supercharged was just short of boiling. You know it's. The water was moving, those constantly simmering. It was that hot and they put it this ball. It goes in those lunch plates that are so sweat a band and they, I know and are just it literally and ever seen, it was would not was not perfectly level, Just maybe half an inch off centre and it just so. Where did the edge and then slid and then stopped and then tip and write all over my stomach grenade burns for weeks. We gotta go to a break it. We all rap. All of this up for you, TED Crews, race together Spring Break Germany. Crash and, of course, breakdown louder with Europe.
Two louder with crowded your strange Anna, You really are listening to talk, radio, strangest animal and I will say this the reason I can claim that is because of your complaints. If you, you know what I mean a girl who says some, I am totally random. I'm just though random you realize their trying really hard We don't really try hot
but this show to be outrageous or anything like that, we're just eighty d and peace, just go you just jump around so much is clear Kennedy topics by Ternata, bandit. I know, there's gonna be a gasp and to talking points you have like five. How dare you, and in thirty seven Ansell thicker buttons on them? When we talk about, for example, did I plan on coming on today in talking about Jesus? Would he drink beer, but you asked a legitimate question and we talked and I think that's informative to people who don't think about this. Other tens of thousands of people. Listening right, that's where you get with the pod gas people listening to us really across different states, six figure listener ship guy. Those people. There are probably some people out there who are raised in christian household. You just didn't drink. Why? Because, because it's wrong who ve never learned about saying that you need to drink. Someone from a crystal does not drink, and I actually think that if you dont like the taste about call you shouldn't drink, it's better
we better that you don't, but a lot of to raise with the doctrine, because the Bible says it's bad. They were well what about Jesus with. I was really grape juice will. That's True, and we may have served to educate just a few, even of just a few hundred people out there, who probably never even heard about how wine is stopped in the fermentation process, about wine and beer and availability of fermented beverages back then a lot of people, but they didn't know that and I'll get a comment or email saying. I never knew that it was safer than drinking the regular water, because, the regular water was you couldn't clean it you couldn't purify it like. I can now well I mean I think it's kind of a bogus argument does it could have just boiled it. Yeah, but I mean nobody had any microwaves or any electric stone is holding a heated Nepal and let it cool nigger drink it. I would still want to filter it through something because you see movies of the old water you can fill her
fermenting it into beer. Wine is necessarily if you stuff to filter at the point is that they could still have consumed boiled water filtered, but they chose. You know beer wine, many anytime, you of an active bacterial culture too. You know that kills bad accurate as well? What are you alone will? Not? Bacteria is the same yet guilders often yogurt yeah yogurt key for his great, and his matter fact Keefer it's very important by the people who are listening fewer foreign antibiotics to be taking some kind of a probiotics or keepers of fermented November. Does a lot more than yogurt more in little more sour to replace. You do lose its very important probiotics or something is especially Americans we don't need a lot of fermented foods. Pushing any supplements, because you can get this your food, you can get it through pickles sauerkraut. Speckled vegetable love, sauerkraut other ego. If you put in the microwave you lose the benefits, see heated up in a pot. Initially, when I make my caboosa, I die cook it on top of the stove, but so like that,
this yeah be great, but I do have to re heat we have sometimes for lunch and you know you don't want he d sauerkraut too much that it kills the active measures. So that's kind of the issue. You know it's it's it. There is a given take, so there are some things that are true from the holistic, hippy health, a school of of of food. By the way but the blaze magazine this month. My story is the cover story on the USDA after scam. The organic food scammer going into a video on that latter with greater dot com how do people buy organic food? They think they're doing something better for the environment. They think they're supporting local Farms when you're actually doing the opposite, that organic apple you're buying that organic milk likely comes from a mega it still uses plenty of pesticides case. Don't don't assume the USDA Leo means its pesticide free, it's hormone free! It's natural troll that comes from a small farm manufacturer, but the most small farms can afford the cost to get the organic labels
so the real organic farms, small places where they might have a few chickens and actually going in the groups and hand pulling out the eggs, will never be labelled. Usda organic so I am a bit of a health food guy, meaning ever not. I mean I'm not compulsive about anything you not like a left wing health, food or your normal person, health. I mean- and I in I'll eat me last night- went to Stella in Grand Rapids and ate their five dollar. Burger Delicious motor best burger in a country, I'll think bereave avant is actually a better Berger and run rapid best program ever had my life, so yeah I'll join immensely go and I left heavy things, and I do my sport and you know, but it's it's to make informed decisions, not because of the way people lie. Because of the way the media conflates issues and lie so whether it's organic food which is one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated in the american people. I'm sure many of you listening right now are probably reaching into your fridge to get your organic milk there's a huge chance by the way that your or Annick Milk is just Dean's milk with another label. My favorite, when I used to be
drink milk was Guernsey, Michigan based one I don't know there is actually there are Michigan based companies that dont homogenized the milk, so that tree. Maintop milk, the add on get over that, great you to shake it tastes, really good, really, Freshmen Raw America's delicious, like raw goat's milk. It's amazing its high fat content, it's delicious! It's not what you would think it tastes like really good, fresh milk. But the chances are the organic Stephanie pantry just comes from the exact same large men, Farm mega, factual, corporations that you claim to hate there's a nine out of ten chance. That's where that organic food comes from an they found out that they can change the label, get assert vacation. It's part of their cost structure charge two dollars more exact jug, exactly actually there just covering both sides. The market they're gonna, we'll sell this milk as non organic. We will make as much of a profit will sell pretty much the exact same milk as organic will make more profit that If someone has a choice, either way their choosing hours. So it's
more and people do not have the wool pulled over their eyes. With that, that's, why wrote the peace ladder with credit outcome? We can talk about it, but the bigger issue. There is the reason people by that lies because of media malpractice right. It happens a lot that the trend right now? Let's look at Burg. That's the big issue. This week or TED crews people are trying to say tat cruises. Racist wants tough as a cuban canadian american people trying to say he's now ineligible, because these Canadian? Again? That's why the birth or thing for the people like Obama, was ridiculous. His mom is an american citizen. It doesn't matter where he was born. Just like John Mccain was born in Panama, tech crews, of course, is eligible. Just like Obama. Even if he had not been born in the states, he would have been eligible, even though yes, he was born in the states. These are now. On issues bird, the media. Try to turn it into the right is a trap is attacking a war here if you
didn't listen to this show. If you didn't tune into alternative new sources on the right, you would have never known that bird dolls deserter, who basically help the enemy, kill American troops. So when you hear me say, I think the guy committed treason execute him. You would think that I'm just some jerk because you never got the full story just If I were to say, shut up and serve me, my coffee Starbucks, I don't want to hear you talk about race. You might assume I'm a racist, because of media malpractice. They don't provide the back they don't provide the context. There are not honest with their constituency and we talk about the show contact is more important than con tent. We try and provide that here be left, be right, I dont care civility. That's the big car from the left civility how about honesty, folks ladder with crowded Keep it honest, see a next week
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