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#20 Heated Race Debate With Phil "Advise". Jordan Crowder Stops In

2015-04-24 | 🔗
This week, Phil of the AdviseShow on youtube stopped by. Things got a little heated, but remained civil as we discussed race relations, politics and Mike Brown. Also, Jordan Crowder stops by to talk the latest Robert Downey controversy, and being a Conservative in Hollywood.

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These stones with a motor city, maniac the weird from them at the Great Lakes Grandmaster, the motel madman, the mittens killer kid we ran out nicknames you're listening to outer with crowd, good morning good evening good afternoon, because it depends on one year listening to this, because
when he places care yet so many people listen to this all over the globe and either way we're happy to accommodate. I am your hosts Stephen Crowd or the most insubordinate. Producer. Your sidekick in radio funded Dan is here. I thought you were finally going to admit it was the most insubordinate host inns it has no now shut. Since my show and I will fire you I'll be sold you I'll. Have you know I am an Irishman so right off the bat with slavery. Jokes, that's always as well the best guards week, oh my gosh, what a young what are non busy weak, but the fact is sick or actually some great stories to have come out of this week's. What we talking with a few people this week, Phil, advised of the very popular advise show on you, too,
beyond, I know adviser you'd, think he'd be called advice show, but its advise show. We can ask him about it blew, american gentlemen. Let you know it's funny leads to the left on some issues, but like a lot of black Americans christian conservative, and so we want to kind of find out what's going on with combined of a conundrum. There seemed like a nice guy, smart guy, and then my brother, Jordan Cracker will be on to discuss the Robert Downy junior com Oversee which is, of course, everywhere outside of that You're hasn't really been a lot going on this week in politics, outside of Brok Obama's approval rating gash. What was it up? Mccain was as rail and on TED crews? May I think, is real and on on Rubio to have got it here in front of it he's real and on everybody that Mccain he's just a grumpy old man, he's a surly he's just like me. I don't know about that. Their holy I'm old
but you also didn't serve with honour distinction. I am serving now with honour industry. Are you now serving in your bury Goldberg Rugby shirt? The hell is that I was like out how this is clean, love you dont, know, fund up as wearing like it's no use not What a polo it looks more like a short sleeve rugby shirt with these stripes like kind of a bill, Cosby Sweater, but in a ports, because what they have the fat man store up on launched in that there's about ebony choices. Is it actually what they call it? The fat man store. Another? the morbidly obese jerk shirt. Ninth, what I call a casual dude or something like that, and I remember I try and make it sound little nicer than I guess it. Actually. I think the best thing that they would do really good business of a just called it
a fat man store the FAT man story, I don't I don't. I don't think that have a clientele would be too had with and by the way funded. Joe said Anne you, this clip right now that we are going to run low controversy funding should know this because it was the adventures at a press junket. So this as the internet. All a tweet Everyone lost their mind because an oppressed, junket Captain America for seven than Germany. Runner Hawkeye from the adventurers referred to a fictional character, black widow as a slut. Did you see this? I missed this. I heard that there was some controversy, but I was too busy doing other things. I didn't get the details. Ok, do you have a quicker I have the commercial, it goes, bowers Darn commercials and always come up on line with these clips. Well, ok area. Should be Jersey, I sent you a time coated such should be read at the right time to posit Mummy set this up for you, there Just so you know not, may sound inconsequential, some of you
listening. On a terrestrial early more traditional media's, you might think Why are we talking about matters because, culturally, this is, Much more influential culturally says much hotter issue than anything in politics this week. This is everywhere. If you're not hearing about it. Your kids are talking about it. So this, the infamous clip that offended feminists and pc liberals across the globe, captain Erica Hawkeye, talking about black widow, the fictional character, go Jesus, let me underline that whatever maybe she'll be decided actually flattened arises where, with everybody so that offended so many people, it was trending all over twitter people or talk.
About slut, shaming and ok. Firstly, here's the thing. If you're, going to take offense over a fictional character, far too stupid to be watching even PG or thirteen rated adventures. I think that I think the lines in, but I think Michael Bay Plot lines might be too complex, for you second wait I dont get as offended when someone calls my mother, a slut as these people are getting trying to work count and white knight in vain offence for a fictional care, and she doesn't dress nearly like that character. Scarlett Johansson. Yet the Blackwood ok or is it? Is it? Is she more slutty Lee dressed in the comics na she, but me your mother doesn't dress like that comical. Ah, my mother, ok, I thought we were talking about the black without know. My mother does not ideal
on Twitter, you get that stuff all the time. Here's the deal too. Of course Everyone is talking about what you wouldn't say, a guy dresses that way. Listen. They make fun of superheroes all that I'm ok. I may I many times if your jokes about for man and his his draws being over his pants Batman. He's just a rich guy. You dresses up like a bat robin clearly gay. You hear these jokes. All the time- and we don't not like it's designed to be offensive, they're talking about a character who was dressed in a skin tight leather suit to accentuate display her breasts. And really your hope that somebody, the dresses like that is kindness, Lahti, because that Jane roused on dip. It's true took a turn so quickly this conversation, but you would assume she is ok. You would
the seven redress, like black widow at a Harker I making it couldn't get any more. Such Esteve on my researches deserves, if not talking about a fictional character here by the way, but this brings us back to the whole feminism. The NEO, as as Paul Watson, calls NEO. Third wave feminism right would have has nothing in common to do with original the original tenets of feminism. Here's the deal. If we were talking about equality, you wanted to be treated just like men. The Jew you would hear about black widow, would be much worse. Let me, let me tell you: ok, black widow, Let's start with black widow, then we'll go to the overarching cultural third way from, black widow is standing there. Anyone whose watch these movies, ok, she standing there with a god from another planetary system, failed some cybernetic super soldier.
Rich guy, who has a suit. That's virtually indestructible can fly and create plasma cannons. Scientists who turns into a monster who can destroy jet planes and fall from two miles? the sky and still survive, and she has tight, suits and a gun in slutty is the least of her problems widow is a useless superhero who is included just like no. I we talked to broaden their that demographic, one of the funniest things. You see the original poster for the first adventures and they're all key. Towards the end of the camera. Basically, and she's got her, but stick and toward the camera? Look, and I like hey, are you guys do them? I will love it. It's a Larry lack widow. She has the super power of ass, She had broccoli. Yesterday, Dunton turned out at jobs. So
here's. The deal we're done without super. Have you wanna talk about equality, I also noticed that there was a video online feminist group. I have to find it again. Listen. I support feminism and I say you know: domestic abuse shouldn't ever happen. I agree then it attributed it to patriarchy to sexism. Ok, let's be clear here? There would be nothing more equal, would be nothing more. Men and women are the same. Then a man on an even playing field beating. Tar out of a woman who deserved it. As he would another man now, of course, and I believe you should ever had a woman. Why? Because I'm sexist Why? Because I don't believe men should hit women. Ok is patriarchy that saves you. It is patriarchy that protects you
because you can behave in a way that no man ever could you can taunt you can slap women can slip. Their husbands, and it still never acceptable for a man and by the way I agree, my wife, not to be happy. For me to say this love. My wife is met me and you know what I deserved it now. If funding smack me? I won't smack him back. Maybe there would be nothing stopping me from MAC, rightly that the women could take me to me, Tree Archy, I guess, if he adds, is like I don't women because they would beat the hell out of me it's just it's a constantly moving. It listen. What's let's admit that were different, and we're not all the same and by the way saying we're not
Equal doesnt mean one is necessarily greater than or less than its, not a mathematical equation were saying that were not the same. That's all a coffee is not equal to pizza, their different they're, both good Ro surprisingly helpful analogy: funding which I had our it's like wowie actually set in this sadly this is didn't indicates a greater problem at large with the up the avenger Ok, I guess it's going to be a big film, a big released. So we think that, for conservatives lessening it's important for you to know these things, it's important because slowly, chips away, you know, what's going to happen, your kids are going to be encountered in their professors are going. This thing will have you taken that, if patriarchal risk that Jimmy redder and you're still your children if you don't talk about these issues for going all those issues, don't let us talk about the crews which took em? If you don't talk about these,
things and use them as opportunities to speak with people and my generation going to lose them forever. They need to be equipped to go into their college classes until it, professor. Oh, I think that guy was joking. Kindly go fornicate yourself. They need to be prepared to say that don't you hit that button, I can say fornicate even I can say, foreign. Ok, it's a nice respectable word. Yes, it is a nice respectable word. And speaking of marijuana, let's go, take a break and then come back, and we will talk to you about Obama's approval rating from CNN and why they didn't really give you the whole story, the latter with broader, your listening to louder with prouder viz. Louder. With prouder doctor,
hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you hear a are fifteen saving steady black rifle? It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces as well as the best online gun stored in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a are fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com, your listening to louder with crowd, so glad to have you back with us. Generally speaking, I am glad to have you back and not necessarily glad to have fun. So we were talking about the avenger is because that's the really big story- that's happening right now. Tweet me by the way, at s crowd or if your excited for the event
There's? No, like those films. The reason I think superhero films do well even other incredibly repetitive, because it's one of the few films generally speaking where people can go a conservative and they don't feel like they're going to get sucker punched with they you know the hard core leftist agenda, like you seen a lot of Hollywood, so that's canonize and I will be talking about Robert Downy Junior later on, who was sort of. I don't want to. Out it as a conservative because he spoke about not being a liberal awhile back, but this actually. Interviewer, who I know who I am I gave an interview, ought to this gentleman value voter some three years ago and he was a liberal jack ass back then and he was interviewing Robert Downy about the offenders and then tried to corner him on a quote about and being conservative and Robert Danny walked out and the guy, so that was conical, but before Let's talk about Obama's approval. Writing I don't you ve been watching us. This came from a CNN Paul, so I know you'll say
I see it on its biased Maud is biased, but it's important to know not only the approval rating with Barack Obama right now coming out from scene and but also its important to listen to this clip here which fund, if I believe, ass cute up and we will listen to it and will come back and tell you exactly what it is or trying to up to sort of give it a tin, roquelaire right now, forty eight percent of forty seven percent of Americans approve of the job present Obama is doing, is present and that may not seem like a reason for him to throw a party or anything but keep in mind. This is the first time in two years that more people are proven about a year ago that number with down around them
Low forties is now at the same level that President Reagan was that at this point in his presidency, and to compare that Clinton was at sixty percent George W Bush at thirty. Six and more people are also feeling good about the economy right now. Fifty two percent of these people polled said that they feel the economy is in a good place. Right now will that is the first time in a bomb? Is entire presidency is significant or more feel that way than feel the economy is doing. Poorly more people also feel like they're doing better now than they were a year ago in sixty percent feel like the economy will be doing better a year. From now on, because every Paul I've has that sad trombone moment, you know, though, want law the approval rating for republican leadership in Congress right now, twenty eight Ok, I love how the only thing she adds sound effect personality to the Republicans. Doing well, she's she's.
Reporter when it comes to Morocco, of uranium moment comes Republicans. Why what law Jude even a good one day. She had to explain the joke. You know there's always always love this. This is why I just can't stand new cable news I never fit in. You have to explain your jokes because, as an audience that doesn't understand, entertainment and because report has its sad bone moment? You know, walk, walk, walk, walk! I mean it's just that it's just so on fun. So just look at the way she tries to accentuate certain parts of that Paul and then also their spic, their picking a very specific timeline right, they're, going right on this day, Barack Obama in Ronald Reagan. Oh so this is a CNN Paul, correct, right, Why did you choose to conduct it at this exact moment? Could it be
that maybe you were looking for an exact moment in the popular Reagan presidency to try and compare it as though there is a comparison. Because there's not across a span of a presidency. I'd have to look back and see what exactly happened with Reagan. At this exact weakened as presidency, my guess is, or something that happened. Maybe in the media are something that he did that wasn't necessarily a popular action. I have now idea, but it's certainly not anywhere near indicative to this day. This day. The media can't understand that America loves Ronald Reagan. They just don't get it I remember when he died, It was some everyone Was talk like they were like? Well, you know a controversial figure, but presently a lot of the you know their morning. Amount of respect now, they're, not morning amount Spectre morning and because I believe is one of the greatest president's in our modern history. They couldn't get their head around, that they thought we all hated Reagan right. There's no way he was popular,
did you german? I will not read I well Luckily I was workin here so most of the content that I got was made sense. You know I didn't want to see a bunch of CNN stop for MSNBC stuff. So when I try to avoid that as much as you should pay attention to it as well, do me a favor fund. It ok, don't say CNN Msnbc anymore? Because- and this is this- is why because then people make it seem as though it just Fox NEWS yet and Emerson BC, no ratings that are higher than all of those combined. Are you know the brine Williams CBS episode Network NEWS? Is I receive as ABC every figure except that whole thing I avoid it like the plague, because I've just gotten sick of it and I'll just use, snippets or out I'll, seek out pieces of it online, but long form. I can't sit through without his poem air out, but I understand the point of making there's a lot of conservatives have picked the raw battles I won.
And you know why, because it makes it seem as though we're doing better than we are, and they go a fox noses dominating MSNBC and CNN well yeah, but they get nothing is that someone ABC or CBS would get fired for with their nightly. Now. It's important to note that we're not just fighting people move for fighting all networks and by the way network, not move like modern family- shows that around there's a constant ongoing battle. For your mind, no conspiracy, theory, conspiracy, theory, no had just be aware: lotta with crowded everyone loves to dance. We have most people, I would hope they do. I know fund up and I do- and hopefully my next guest does Smart guy is very, very popular on Youtube in that we agree on something we disagree and some other things but host of the advice show which you can go subscribe to an Youtube advice, show tv fill it. Phil advises that your name,
Sir Red do now will set up. Somebody also did a foaming. Now, Philip S, good guy felt like advise, can't be his name unless he's gonna allow Us Cooper and legally changed it or you looking good this morning, even though its early, I got your suit in your deep while suit. You got your shirt, your tie go unfunded. You should be ashamed. Well, I finally decided to where some of the collar and you distant man to ride so so Phil, You do a shock for people who don't you do a show on you too? It's pretty popular, of hundreds of thousands of millions of plays and a lot of you to listen to you and in an hang on on the words that you say tell us really quickly. I guess briefly What is it you're about? What kind of issues you discuss you know, discuss news and social commentary based off of just was right was wrong in give.
You know someone from the black communities respective on issues we see in the media right now. I've also seen I watch quite a few of your videos you're pretty openly a christian right, I'm not out of line in saying that, you open about micromanage, you're, ok, get whenever now could sometimes we can pull a Robert Downy and then you walk out of the interview because I corridor I want to talk about that. So your christian I've seen you know Address Mr Schulz what's funny to me fail and we talk about this a lot had we have black, assign most them lean towards the right there. Conservative we ve had both, but he was a Christian is someone would be socially conservative, yet use. To identify, as it MC rat. Would you say, would you just say liberal? How would you identify yourself dilemma identify myself is none of it. Ok, I may have some views as very conservative. Ok, some visa. Maybe we consider liberal, but you know I'm not words
call elaborate all because I dont get down with abortion created it. That's one issue: did you know levels in up? for the murder of keys. Url, ok is to death. So, while also I mean we ve talked about that, you know in a black child in America is, most likely to be aborted today as they are to be borne. Did you know that Oh yes, I did a radio show on black genocide, abortion. I did that series right, be no more Children have been aborted than murder, then murdered in any other way say perform rang in I'm devil against their voters. Affect your voting. Pattern does as ETA closed handed issue. For you, abortion when it comes to voting, I believe in voting in my own interest. So if a republican candidate is in a multiple of my own interest- and I will vote that way of a democratic candidates- morsels what my own interest I'll go that way and you eating voting in your own interests is the appropriate way for wonder. Vote,
Everyone else should vote in their own interests. Whatever is going to do whatever candy is going to bring the issues as important to them. They should do that. Ok, so read of the bad. I would disagree so, let's talk about that. Why would you say voting in your own? Self interest is better than voting in what is within the legal parameters of the constitution and best for the country well faces. You know like we're too is a person. A group like the gays where they were going to vote for the candidate is going to push more so their issue, and he did versus they say. Maybe the republican candy at the time is another wrong. What a purse Seine listen! We need you to fight This would take issue Lizzie education, voting rights, etc, and if this candy want to fight for that issue, then Why are you going to vote for a candidate was like no I'm not going to even fight for the issues, not nothing. I want to talk about so
They look ass now, when you know we will really both for their own interests. You know I would disagree Emma we ve had gay people on the show who who don't gay people who vote on the economy or who, even if they support gay marriage sale. I can't his vote my own interests that the state issue. I have to vote for what's best for the country in them When I was kind of a generalised statement, others using it as an example right, ok, but you did speaking to generality there, a little bit that people different groups vote in their own self interest in and you see the danger and that a little bit I mean if someone is a black American, I would imagine you can understand the dangers and so generalities. No I don't speak in general, I was used as an example. You democracy has any person concerned. About an issue while would you not both candidate as going to fight for that issue? At this, I don't see how this wrong so like what issues to you. Would you say what, if not, portion, and I ask you because your Christian he talked about how important it is that so we got on here.
So you're saying that wouldn't be a main issue for you. What would be a main issue for you? That would affect the way you vote. Below is I have to listen to the issues a candidate is you know, presenting adopting it cohesion is, is a big. You know thing for me: we nosegays system in America sucks. I agree with it I do with the economy potter you know bring jobs back to America in all our job to outsource in air. By losing you know, work to fix that issue. Spending their doing I really like all foreign aid, given our personally. You know. One Americans are starving and hurting India. You givin up billions upon being without foreign countries, react be present. As if I were hate me luck at all. I like that. You won't hear any quarrels from us on that. So then I guess it's probably not a big fan
I mean Barack Obama's private, a disappointment to you in a lot of those fronts. Well- Brok? Obama has either, I think some day You know he's ok on such things as wasn't in a happy on in a lot of emphasis. You you, but I dont think that can overshadows what I think about it. Some time is just a blade in disrespect that This man has received in a very nasty you know racial things. I've seen you receive. This can overshadowing some things that economic interracial think the two wormy. We all know that you know the present its army do. Something he's called all countries a slur. I dont know that young his ears he's got our slurs errors. I home his wife, If you know just people in general lie home. His wife had also met who have a racist ideas and in racist mind system is out. There is not that they are hard to find you're going back to speaking in generality that I believe in this villain We appreciate you gonna show when we gotta go to this pretty quickly with
some common ground, but I believe we're going to throw the accusation of racism fell either understand that, bad as racism is right. Racism is a terrible thing. I grew up in front Canada. Believe me. I understand discrimination. Those people are as racist as can be. They hate Haitians, That's another! That's a story for another day to throw out the accusation of racism is one of the worst things you can do. You can destroy somebody's life if you say that you have to substantiate so so so, basically, what you say is it. I have to ninety you, every single person, I've seen online people are. Those girls are blocked. Some guy on facebook- and I have heard people say: they're gonna write my sister, even though I dont have a sister online, that's not the same. Is talking about an overarching narrative of people who say such things about Barack Obama, because we, I certainly don't see that majority and statistically that's not the case. Can let me ask you this can sum
opposed Morocco, Barack Obama's policy and not be racist, sure opposite and you don't, but you not think that the majority of why people don't support is not speak on the joint away, but think at all, because I don't know They think, like that. I was talking about what I have seen cuz. I have done you know. Even issue, even what are called every single day You know on the internet cosmic rays names. I think my middle name at Times vision inward, be it in. All the things that they go along. I mean you know, Sir he's dead. You know Barack Obama has done. You know it is, these dead, you know people opinions of dismay. Was they all Barack Obama's downfall of American like what you re talking about ass? Ever ever I say it would. I'm gonna works. All together is not one gas as a you, don't realize it again before noon. We get the two wars right. You noted drain a country of a lot of money that Morocco the continued, so that must be huge disappointment to you, but
Obama also has said he has his pen and he has his phone and he's going to go around the other branches of government, which does tend to make it sound. Like the downfall of the system that the founding fathers created, Well, you know is negative or, as has always been excuse me, presence has done most phrase its United Fruit, every single thing that have done. I dont really. Everything you know, president, don't period. Hey. You got a good with the bay or when people say there is very little good and almost all bad. I would say that you start that off saint most, that you said people who say it its racist. That's what you have announced they had. No, oh sir, I did not say the people disagree. Rocco bomb is races I see that there are some people who don't lie Barack Obama based on their ratings discrimination on never say most. That was what you lead with you. You do not eat you. Did you didn't
with policy. You lead with, I didn't know, but you asked me a question about people who disagree with him. Could they races. I say it now. You brought up zebra first years. I stated that there are some people, the disrespect Morocco Bomb brightened like him due to race and Ilsa where does disagree with his palace or why bring it up if there is such a small minority of people? Why lead with? That is my question: is it something that I see constantly I live on. All has allowed a right and it's the tit. The Youtube comments section is the worst part of the world. You know: twitter, different, you know things are seeing the exact I can recall the colleagues. Are you asking me what how many times they call you know, raises slurs, are never Rachel name It's not it's not fill, and this is what this is. Why it's important, because both fund up and I have been called Ray, the entire Fox news network, where I work for four and a half years, was called racist, Andrew Bright, but was called race
every single time? I disagree with the Morocco bomb policy. The accusation is racism, you gotta to Huffington Post. Every single stories about racism and when you actually look at the numbers in America, Phil Race Tourism is not the main reason why people oppose Barack Obama, I think to lead with it is it's it's. A trump card to silence voice Is of opposition by discrediting them as racist? One second fund up is looking like you can have a heart attack and one of the other things If I make a comment about any given politicians. Policies on the they start saying it's because I'm fat, so How many chintz do you have? What does my chin have to do with me? Not liking? Hillary Clinton units- it's very odd, but dead certainly on the internet. They go right towards the visual. What you look like, who you, are instead
Tat, oh yeah and you'll hear no order mindset. You know very at range. I can agree with. Fell on that the internet is the worst place the internet brings that out, but it certainly not indicative of a political opposition and the national dialogue. Later life like my thing, I really don't jump into too much power It is one thing I noticed her politics and religion is that they know Airbus as an expert in a lot of people, went to school and none of it right I've. Almost a focus was all united, the news and social commentary, our test on politics here, and there is a big thing. I don't agree with I think the last hour, the touchstone some was about the Republicans. Writing a letter terrain around my watch that yeah. I grew that at all. I know, because I want to underline what you think they're Ratline
well, you know we have a certain way. We do things in our government and to sit in right. I ran it and tell them that you know you should you know, work with us and agree with us. You know also things for the presence not be gone. I mean that's not no way to do business ameliorated when the latter was was about. What else do you paraphrase it has been a while, since I've done that video legacied politics is not my thing I live. I remember you're really upset about that and I remember you brought up a call to action to your people too. You know protests to speak to their local representatives, and down. You mentioned that it was unprecedented because Joe Biden said so and felt the reason I bring us up. I hope you understand, and I hope you can appreciated healthy debate here is because a bright guy, you're. Smart guy and a lot of people care about what you have to say. But you are wrong on that to use Joe Biden as a source- and hey, it's unprecedented us in an open letter unconstitutional, is an accurate. Let me tell you something: that's unprecedented. We can come back and talk about the cultural stuff. What president, since you mentioned, abortion is born,
Obama being the only person to vote in a state Senate to Lee. Eve, survived babies from abortions to die and linen closets live That is literally unprecedented. An open letter is now so. I do think it's important that we keep all of our audiences informed and I think, you're very Smart- and I think you generally do a good job of that fill, please stay on after the break and then we'll have a talk about the cultural stuff, TAT S without guilt, Thank you, Sir Lotta, with broader, we will be back your listening to louder with crowd her visit, louder with router dad got and tweet louder with Brown.
You ve got it on louder with router. Thank you very much wonder for being kind. We're back with our guest posed to be advised show you can find it on Youtube. Philip bank, for staying with us, so I know you didn't want to do politics. Business, not yours and you want to get no more cultural issues were willing to talk about. You know whatever you want to talk. Out my brown is back in the news, because the family suing and You said you have you heard about the Ferguson Ferguson Play controversy. Now I have heard about their yet I'm a look into the way. Yet preliminary MAC, Flim Mclaren an Makko, any we're doing a play in LOS Angeles, based on the actual transcripts of the court case in dumb five actors walked out. They didn't want to be a part of it One were well, they felt that it
unfair because the transcripts you now came out where were favourable towards therein Wilson. When you look at TAT the testimony of the grand jury, so they walked out because they didn t that way, so that's where they are? Have you read the transcripts? the whole. You deal day. Report item decry the transcript said. The prosecutor put out a case yeah, but the prosecutor put up a media. Access to it. Yet all the report's autopsies transcripts im just wondering glanced over that. You know that a little bit was just some just some of the whole thing and it just it just kind of that whole case. Just just made me just you know shake my head in Know- if your to you, Someone affiliations does two attitudes. You know this kind of to me. My stomach really on a lot of it is somewhat reactions. You know a people You know what were they say about. You know my brown This distant it does that attitude like we're, gonna.
Really cannot. You know staying you now, always the you know the black people of those comments constantly. We album, ground was soothing no a black people, but my ground was while they were. You asked me what communism talking about. I'm telling you comment on that the Mai Brown least from I ever heard murder him haven't along from the record time, you know so. The deal was we are initially hermit by Micro, oh great and you know I'll again. Story a story and you can go research. My history are you to rout, grew up and just because they are black, I don't care of it. Lifers is wrong body out there. You know commit crimes, and I would say ok, they're wrong, but to be farrier your videos and why you hate hood rats we are well. I say it s, a behavior, you get it but it could be a hood. Read there, you don't I don't I don't like behaviour, we gotta think it's.
Do you know just for society in general and so tat people look up to dad and want to emulate that rights are who I am. I am against the people like my ground, What people are my brown? You know, I can't really say that I know he was a criminal and he did ass. He was on camera, committing a crime right before he assaulted and officer and went for his gun and wrapped about blowing off tongues. Guy isn't that lay, and I will say it it s a despite their devil dab, callous. I always homes and accurate it. It's weird when we had a two contractors on video screaming lady here his hands up. Scream in nobody wanted under oath under oath downtown didn't you just then the matter now under oath the power sharing videos, actual video you shall, I saw the video listen. I have to say I'm video video of guys go on like this K. That's not evidence If you look at the grand jury to either way at his hands, doesn't ask
they know it's not evidence, not evidence that evidence at all now I witnessed now how someone saying someone doing this, I will now when you don't see, the incident is not evidence of what our evidence is. An autopsy hold on hold on. Let me finish what is evidence is an autopsy. What has ever This is what is brought before a grand jury by the way, a grand jury who was cleared by the press cleared by the defending attorneys. You understand our grand jury works and they come lately cleared it and said now. There was no wrongdoing here, not a single eye, witness that was. It evidence that was admissible, corroborated that story and many career along with the autopsy report that showed residue on my brown stem the injury that is indicated in indicative of reaching for a cops gun. There were many more eyewitnesses who said they saw him attack during Wilson and he couldn't been shot in the back? He wasn't. We know that so couple. I it is doing this now. I would not say is proof that he had his hands up
they my video that I believe they did in some sort of scuffle. I believe that right. You know that happened some ideas stateroom beginning. I believe that against some happen, you know that car door Martha you know, like I don't know. If I might say something to him. Are you know Darrow Wilson was who had attitude audit with. You know that the gas it was true Eno some happy at the door you know my, but why would ok? My domain people claimed he had his hands up. They all recanted thereof because they like a lot of was intimidated, is will now were less continue. You know, if you run away from someone, that's a you run away from my shooting at you yeah an innate, a fine, a weapon at you and you, like all shoe, you know what about a stop why? Why would he not Turner They say turn around his hand up and a lot of those two witnesses
This again is always knowledge and felt nosey of every can't. I want. I want to give you time to clarify this. Let's keep going after the break up the go here, but no fill. That is not, you're at the people who said that recanted their own, there was a try? There was a trial. There was a jury. You can read the transcripts you can Look at the autopsy report. Again. I think you're, a smart guy, but none of what you just said is accurate. Verifiable evidence, and theirs. Verifiable evidence to say the opposite, and I think you have a lot of people who listen to you and I think it's your responsibility to make sure that what you, what you say, fail as is accurate and so if you want the off after the break, will give you full carte blanche to go on with it and explain your side of the story? I wanna hear it lots, with greater we'll be back after this break stages
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I want to get a car place to go back to the brown thing cuz. I don't want you to feel like you didn't, have a chance to speak. Your piece, but you did ask me off, are what it was that I did that caused people to accuse me of being racist that question because you see it if he were carried out an outer scares. You know at the time to know right in saying that yeah, but It really comes down to opposing Barack Obama's policies and opposing Islam. That's what I mean you say anything about Islam. There cannot be consulted Victoria. Yes, a lot a lot, this derogatory about Islam, children's early learning guineas but one thing you say it happy with his like really get upset about. Bore with Islam. Mohammed beat a six year old, wife, Asia. Here you gotta make people who believe in is not pretty of said by say. Anything by Mohammed are definitely believe them get mad about that one YAP with em Another thing I don't think I've ever been
and accused of anything specific, just general racism for opposing em, so good samples like retirement. This, you know, Andrew bright boy was accused of being a racist congressmen. Kleiber going up, the steps claimed was called the inward. It was a national story every He claimed that the media said it must be true. It wasn't true and Andrew Bright part said It's not true People said you're a racist, Andrew, bright Bart. He said not not it's not true. They said your racist. You said, okay, have video graphic evidence from me. To pull angles of the entire incident. No, we call them the inward. They said Andrea, bright, Bart, your racist. You only oppose Barack Obama, congressmen Kleiber, because your race, as he said, ok I'll, do this. If, if any one finds me any video evidence at all whatsoever, any whatsoever of him in call the inward, because he's making that claim. I will give one hundred thousand dollars to the Judea that United Negro College Fund nobody brought forward. They just said he was racist. So. Why I? Why set you know? People call yet ordinance terrible, and I can understand what that's like, of course,
being called a racist simply for your political views is very common for a conservative and that's something that likes it. Maybe maybe you weren't a surly aware of an and that's why I wanted you to clarify when you, you said you believe, a lot of people oppose Brok Obama because of his race believes that you don't do politics. Hope might so. My brown go ahead with with you side there your view, I dont want to misrepresent you. Are you stating early about. You know all evidence. It is in this one say that, and you know Weena black immune. You know that We can't really distrust everything that comes away from law enforcement. All the time does recently gave example of the story. Floyd dent out of Inkster we think about this door. Yeah, I know it's been on. Above, unlike went a bed. Ok! Well, you know, Floyd date was poured over use, Apple
you know you is all on tape, cam and he was going to get out the car and ask you know what was going on and you know you had two officers grab a whole him. The one officer Melinda is put him in Tokyo, hit him and he has sixteen times. Been a all our down his face whatever, and you know he claiming huge, resisting arrest in You know, then he said he had crack. Cocaine is car. May you disguise never committed a crime, the in his life. He will dress plan worker video evidence show later that the cap was pulling out. Cocaine out his pocket. The play this evidence love this man and he he was. You know exonerated of that charge. You know he all the charges. That was against him. I just finished and also was fired and they press charges on the officer, now this is the one it will just caught. Does that know we look at it.
Of them in a pass? Happily, It dirty guns on people, don't I'll Canada. He's a b? Was they oh yeah, this gas resistant arrears when you see some sometime issues. You know you we're doing him. Do it. What a black or white me somebody was asked a question, a cumbersome in the base area. It say oh huge distant arrears, so we know down. I'm glad of this year that and see that that cop should be kicked off for seems like he was young He was without a second tabby in trouble were planning evidence. That is first time. Ok, so think that's what happened with micro now, I believe some the situation or my brown, because I say the day. I can't talk the deer ITALY's out door, the long away This is in an autopsy report, came in a grand jury with like people once again, the day, Cain top in one thing about once again. That's not the opening of relevant is the grand jury isn't relevant, who was cleared by the defence attorney
was again some of those people there were speaking to the media and in changing stories and stuff like that. In this, some of them spoke different. They said FBI, some of them, you know said video was afraid in there was, it would mean intimidated. You know when Dan, not dare Wilson Darien Johnson, I think as his name, the God it was there. You know his frame killed and A car was set on fire. I want I want, but we're goin off. There were taught my might round and I brought us the odds of my brow. We don't know your thing about my Irena, yet we buy my brow didn't. You just said So so you believe the autopsy report by a third party source of Saint Louis, dispatch that showed residue that they said this is Congress with everything we ve ever seen as far someone attacking officer reaching forgotten the attacks, the Inn freeze on during Wilson the grand jury, who was clear, but it offending attorney the all the testimonies, the eyewitness testimonies, you believe,
All of that was the aid to defend a racist caught jubilee during Wilson's, a racist occurs, They, if he's a raises in that bag, really say that. Well, that's the only reason would kill my ground with undue cause. There'll be no from the kill my ground unless it were raised as your words as now that either he killed him because he was being attacked. Like us having a case says or the other narrative as he was a racist, you shot an unarmed black, yet right wing, know that. I say that you leaving me in the summer. I didn't say that what I stayed it was. I believe there was a scuffle at the car. I stayed at to you right. I did Oh, that's my position on that. What I'm saying is that you know it was pretty ways they could. He ended. He could a cough for backer as they hate. Is gas running the you know we wasn't running, though he wasn't running, he was shot while he was reaching for a cop's gun and hit him in the orbital bone. He wasn't running so you're saying you was out the car. Yes,
no may was set at the guard. Their wills want to kill him on the spot. If you decide in my did the car, firstly, I was in the car. Just bear witness everything residue, any autopsy report on his thumb he wished versus out with our net the car. You say they had a school for the Carter by Brown did run away from that officer. You believe he was running away with hands out when you shut up. My round was running away from that officer period. And I know that also had ability to call for backup, say: listen is gas run in a given case and going into where the neighborhood they was it at the time I mean more ways. It could have been done instead of despair and always rounds in monopolies are somewhat at it. Mosul case are you. Do their job. I think this is very indicative of where we're having a miscommunication here you just said: I know the cop could have abc I'm saying the One thing I know are the testimonies, the autopsy report, the grand jury. That's what
We know you, we don't know what the cop could have done in the instance. If someone was reaching for his gun and hitting him, we, We don't know that what while Why is it appropriate for you to make that judgment, call the gap? reaching into your car reaching for your gun and slamming you in the face you'd call without em all Stephen: we sought injuries on all Wilson mean yeah areas. They they mean They made a like. I big, my brow was my brow: really did it originally, they say it. He did all is horrible. I denouncing the pictures. It ok I thought that you know where he was being described by all the people. You know in the media and send you this big guy, three hundred pound guy. You know slam this police officer and he was fighting. That's not what the media said. The media said, and I told Ryan I saw the actual pictures. I saw the actual pictures and all Spectin. You know, like Eyebrows became a meter visa to our really.
Make something happen to you sure saw the minimal you no physical damage to the office. I'm said well, I said I know they got in a scuffle, I mean you can clearly see that, but I'll just making. Does this great you, no physical? Damn, tat. All of us are, you know the way was being described as far as would like us state. I believe they get into a scuffle they car. I believe that in there was he fired two rounds in it and then he took off you know I wasn't, they took off an interview, he disdain, Despite will your problem is it might? Brown hit him hard enough repeatedly in the face to warrant does not want us to. Said he expected one. What does that mean? What difference does it make or how bad the injuries work? To this end, a what I'm saying listening to what you're saying ass, you yours rather problem. You ve told your audience time after time, Phil, listen, you have an audience that rivals, mainstream media and good for you. You have a big audience. Ok, but I have not heard you once say a. I was a little bit wrong
the eye, witness testimony these people recanted it. I have not seen you go out, an issue that video of can you say hey? There was a grand jury. There was an autopsy all of these are congruent and they clear them of any wrong doing there instances of racist cops. That happens. This wasn't one of them. This was a pretty good, your cut case, of an assault, a kid, my pour decision after poor decision was doing. Drugs was strong, arming a convenience store on a right before attacked a cop. He got shot be better if he didn't die I obviously that's always a tragedy, but this is the real story. Don't you your responsibility to do that, for your audience is large asked Billy too, gear. The news in Syria, my opinions and base. I went to her down wills essay himself right by the stuff. I do believe that the shots in our topsy? What when a scene of the federal one are seeing the local one? They also DIA think what an independent one as well.
Different autopsies never debated the autopsy reports now want I or high was shot. Talking about what happened at the college. Did when you said is: aren't you did earlier? You said his hands were up. Witnesses were saying that he shot at far at nice in ass, a witness to say his hands were up recounted who recounted that's what assets low hit him remit, and what is that intimate? witnesses were saying screaming all CNN his hands were up guy. So why did? Why does it matter if you believe that he was shot reaching for the cops gun, double its unity, why does it matter if, let's assume that it wasn't recounted, if his hands were up at some point but you agree with the autopsy because the autopsy says he was shot reaching for the cops gonna close range There was a himself said: he fired two rounds inside that Debbie. They wanted to arouse aside every yoke on interview he did on a visa. Like I said I told don't wait as I believe there was a skilful at their car.
These data himself might brown rain. He said that it is all mouth her, so the best- and I did not that's not what the wit you Ewart, pointing to the witnesses. Again, we will be able to say that his hands were ups factors. Those on video say that he stopped his hands were up when he wrote in the end Emmy like saying they'll, the alot of people per you. Secondly, the autopsy they allow- that's not true their lot people I was out of the hands up or large eat the oligarchy says that can't be sure of his hands was an herb and you know he does Yoda clean shooting in Xyz, and then you saw all the stuff happens. After what means mothering is out, doesn't have a lot of trust that at times when it comes to, we look more into certain you know. Police in their unions is turning. What about a grand jury? That's not! The police fell. That's the point. You believe jubilee, the entire grand jury was corrupt. Do you believe that Aren't you ought not to work right. Cnbc have put out report.
About the grand jury. How they will face a law there was outdated. Dna was total, almost grass there. This is the right long enough who's the grand jury on about shooting, assess back when you're running away, now. Why do they do that? Did you see the actual video from MSNBC yes from MSNBC. Now I've read the transcript and I've looked at the autopsies and of her. And I have read the testimonies- the army all people he shouldn't, go to MSNBC and act like that's a credible source, but fast. Is a credible source. No. Now, ok,. No that beat that the testimonies the transcripts, the autopsies, those are credible, were there. Poor came from the from the transcripts that So there is a report out their video Cavan Transcript There's a report out there that the grand jury was lied to and deliberately confused about a law August. Need a video exactly how you too, but
You believe that the bird the jury was lied to and they were proactively confused. The only. Why would they do that with their return Wilson and our counter looked into it? How the prosecutor Stated all law ideas grass did not know this. Is the right law himself became followed as though you know, there's some people in the grand jury had never her the thing about a law you know most. We would don't really know anything about the law, so try just take it easy at the time, hopefully make an array right the right decision You know how a grand jury is appointed agree drew process not been all grand jury. I didn t get pay for regulatory. I guess my peace to give me I got. I gotta had a jury duty because I was out of state, so no one and for that reason I recently just went a jury duty lies about this. I guess I didn't get pig because my opinion about how the lottery men, but it is what it is. Ok, but you know the process of sweat.
Grand jury. If not it's it's a pretty strenuous process, its cleared by both parties. So you, have to believe that the defence attorney is the most corrupt and inept defence attorney as well. To come to the conclusion that that then all of these things are correct. My point here is listen. If you can't except in believing due process, I I know fund up. We have to go to a break very soon because we have to go to the top of the half hour. You ve gotta go testimony you ve gotta go with the transcripts and due process in these cases. Otherwise we are no longer a country of laws, but I won't debate at all that there are some racist cops out there and I think that you do a good job of exposing the actual ones. This wasn't one of those cases. Phil How can people find you if they want to catch more of your stuff?
I give army only by still tv on you, too, you can also find me on Twitter Eddie advise show Facebook that calm size evacuated, moorside out in advance, so that calm and in a we also get a real show as worried by us or radio. One up what a plugs there, but people I do, encourage you to go check it out, get all different points of view felt appreciate it and I and hope to continue with discussions. We really do appreciate it louder with greater. We will be back after this break.
your listening to louder with crowd. Louder were crowded european back. We don't have much time before we go to the next reg Stephen Davidson Twitter reckon me apparently, I said recounted, I meant to say recanted My apologies I miss spoke. You are correct, sir. The testimonies were recanted. You know I I I really hope, because I like the guy
the guy's relatively, I think, he's a smart guy and he has an audience that hangs and as everyone I just think. It's. You know, he's gonna say: bring you news with a common sense approach. It's your duty to to correct or to inform properly that's just my opinion, it's like he's, got a good heart, though yeah. He you devilishly he's got a good heart. You know you would ease way further to the right than me on the gay issues. So you and him would disagree on that. A lot but you're not an example of a good. You know black Christian. Where it's in sort of a conundrum there you now they re socially they're, probably most conservative people in the country, but they feel it a specific need, devote one way you may talk about how important abortion was. It was a Brok o bomber voter. I go. How do you talk to you? justify that I have a friend who does that all the time you know he talks about how he goes to church who talks about how he believes pro life. You know movement all that stuff and then
goes me votes blindly democrat in he does that consistently. All because he's in a union but let me ask you this fun dip. So you're more, you know you're kind of not really Centris, let's be honest, you're further to the right, and then you just liberal on a few social issues. But let's assume it's for a second that didn't agree with republican fiscal policy or, let's say Republicans, conservatives weren't, really fiscally conservative right. Everything else was on the Democrats of the ledger: but they were still overwhelmingly pro abortion, would you be able to vote for someone like I now with good conscience. Now It is people say we shouldn't vote single issues. I agree should be a single issue voter, but I also believe There are closed, handed issues that our deal breaker. You know: it's not the only issue only going to vote for you, because your pro life, I think one has to be precluded from voting for an abortionist candidate. They are like the unreasonable that makes perfect sense.
If you believe it's a life can vote in murder. I don't know Talk about it after the break louder with pride. Hey This is Stephen crowded with louder with grotto, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined. Conceal permits, forces as well as the best online guns store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com. Thank you, so much for being with us lotta, with greater. As always your hosts Stephen, greater and most insubordinate producer and radio funded Damn good morning. Everyone
good morning, everyone I screwed things up so this week. We'll get for the robber downy thing. My brother will come on Jordan, credit because you know we actually works as a filmmaker, an actor in LOS Angeles, and I did for a long time and still less to I started doing this business, but you're. Not my background was pure pure stand up and acting. I still do a lot to stand up, but the rubber downer Rubber Downer Robert Downy Junior had an interview where he walked out because it was confronted about a quote that he made on being conservative, but this week, speaking of celebrities don't lie to science guy. Did you who, did you see this this week, what an eighty it so the earth day and belie who's, not really a science. He's a science. Guy first differ Rio, doktor, doktor, guy, you and I are you, are you? Are you a doctor? Can you do the surgery you like
I'm the doktor, but after no it whose are you? Are you the anesthesiologist, Caesar guy. I will cite sky so Earth Day good. Thank you. Bill now, he's going to help us with earth day actual too. From bill. Why is that. I'll, just re from Bill Nigh heading down the DC to catch an earth day flight on air force, one tomorrow with the president going to act on climate, seven, forty, seven pretty much with four people in it. When it was bill, there might have been nine depending on how many interns. You can't Turkey will while or delay the first I bill nigh and then it connected with me. I
build at, so you can right a joke better than this. We talk, about self important, narcissistic, environmental, hypocrites bill, my managed to crystallise that with one tweet. Heading down to decency, to catch on Earth Day flat on air force, one tomorrow with the President and then without a hint of irony or going to, on climate change could drive my suv the entire year. And not emit what you just did the work sport is as over twelve hundred re tweets and to that twenty six hundred favorites. So there are enough people horse. So, do, but they don't even see the iron bars
means that someone read this tweet and said: oh he's, gonna he's gonna happen a private check to help with earth Day, but for him I mean level. The take off weight of that plane is eight hundred thirty three thousand pounds. It has Ford G turbo fans. It's it's insane. How much fuel That playing I mean. I love it. I love aeroplanes and I love big airplanes, but me he shouldn't be talked about earth. Day in connecting it air force, one and then I'll be telling us to use single plight. Paper. I will never never know Are you single plied toilet paper? Are you kidding me? Actually, these early mornings rubbed got five coffees in me. I'm not rolling those dice single ply, toilet paper.
Spare a square cut down on your toilet paper. I saw on down to my private gosh what us Demoniac, Deuce douche. Ok, So here's some other little reasons that you may not know as to why, earth did you know that era. Earth day is, is a verifiable scheme, the only air while it we ve got enough at this from a afternoons from environmentalists that those are all the verification you need. Well, let's make sure Geraghty taping all us right now, because we're gonna to go through the top five reasons here as to why Earth Day is a scam, ok, earth day it sounds nice. Everyone can be on board with polluting less there's no problem with that. I don't think anybody. Within reason has a problem with that. What problem do I have of earth day? Well, let's go here. We are all told that we were gonna die earth was greeted nineteen, seventy, the time, biologist and future presidential candidate bury commoner, said symbolism.
Will end within fifteen or thirty years. Unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind We are an environmental crisis which threatens its arrival. This nations, this wasn't nineteen. Seventy he said fifteen or through years, which means the top end. Of our civilization, would be the year two thousand were still here. All right number two. Another protection rubber. It's very important to know these predictions, you can get a lot of credit. Our common just send this dear friends. These are undeniable hard, cold facts predictions made by these people that are verifiable, false, solutions going overpower the world we were told, aspire, because I'm Americans, of course, because America's a big evil again back and nineteen seventy Life magazine reported scientists have solid, experimental and theoretical. How isn't it? see solid exe Paramount, don't theoretical like got solid, Jello evidence support the following predictions in a deck
Urban dwellers will have to our gas masks to survive air pollution by now one thousand nine hundred and eighty five by one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Air pollution will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth by one half So I mean maybe they cancel each other out, because the ozone too much through the pollution not I'm coming through. So maybe that's why nothing's happened number three. We in turn back. The oceans include Go Obama form. This is newer. Where I was, nineteen seventy but Barack Obama when he talked about being elect. This was the moment when he gave it to me. Beat. She said this is the moment when the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. By the way, Things were already supposed to be gone to the people who believe in the seventies, but apparently The solid experimental and theoretical evidence Why, then, is out of they thought? So all you, is Barack Obama to waive his bow staff and he'll fix it.
Ok then her for we're worse than asteroids, So if you believe that a giant asteroid killed off the dinosaur sixty five million years ago is, as of course make so many scientists do Al Gore wrote global. Or warming, along with the cutting and burning of forests and other critical habitats by the way more trees right now than ever recorded history, causing loss of living species at a level comparable to the extension of any that wiped out the dinosaurs sixty five million years ago. That event was leave to have been caused by giant asteroid. This time is that an asteroid colliding with earthen wreaking havoc. It's us. By the way this it's funny. This is an older quote from Al Gore when he was still saying global warming. Now they say climate change, and it now they act like were the dummies they will owe calamity and it was is because of extreme climate change. You guys its extreme temperature He'll be so simplistic. Climate change is just more accurate, really. Our elements, are you gonna, one, one, The final reason is the founder of Earth Day.
Ira. Ain Horn, however, is pronounced. He killed and composting girlfriend stuck in a trunk in a closet. Did you know that it's environmentally friendly as light as environmentally friendly? So here of these predictions? Nineteen. Eighty four! I wish both we were in gas masks. Nineteen, eighty, I was no longer exist that The top end, which both be two thousand the ocean, we're going to Florida was going to be gone by veto lotta with credit I've come you can go see these. These were predictions that were made that are very. Not only are they false, not only are Patently incorrect they're, not even close, and it's a little known fact who made these predictions no struck dumb ass good Lord, you have that your back pocket, you are waiting for. It. Just fell out of my gotta, bring a better game that do not want that. Gotta bring you bring. The professional comedy I bring the small Downport
you're gonna, walk down producer born and safety through anticipated, I don't think you're a black gentlemen site where I was born a boar blacked out, just like my uncle Steve were born a poor black child so, here's, what I ask you gay and you can wheat me at ass crowd a comment below when you have all of these predictions k that were that are wrong. There is no doubt about it. They are wrong. Verifiable! Ok, and were now being told the new predictions. And the ways to solve those, of course involve thing. They involve things like one child policy which they try in communist China involve thing? Like single, ply, toilet paper, raising prices on gas, not allowing drilling for our own oil used. So again, these these policies are based on new predictions, and you can see these old predictions which were wrong
How do we call the people like me who are sceptical of the solid theoretical, an experimental science now, How do we call people like me? Anti science works. Anti science. Once your hypothesis, this was tested incorrect, this word. If this were geology course you get enough the big bright red pen just hurt your self esteem. Earthy go. Funding has won right there I just want to all things again, just like our previous gas will. Why were you call the races, because I oppose Barack Obama will, you must have said something racist now. Why are you aren't you, science, a monarchy? Science, people accused me of being anti signs. Were good, I'm skeptical level worn off very sceptical climate change. Dont lose anti science. I've got science right here, hypothesis tested, you were wrong, Why should I trust you now
no shit, dumb apis say gives you a better with after you wait a few minutes and things in a dozen sitting in my stomach, like a rock like the two burgers eight last night. Before we go to the break true story, I went Stella last night, but at best Berger and the country. Can I finish. Can, I finish, would you let me know may not. So I went to Stella last night. Where do they do five dollar off burgers every Thursday night? So I go there and I a burger and I'm hungry so they're big burgers. You know selling Mcdonald's, burgers user big burgers, a very good, their stuffed their stuffed with burgers. I get the up the hot stuff. It's too with our opinion and I think, churches anyway. No wonder you need the to ply. Well, I too,
so all of them and they come out. They bring out a whole like a like a platoon of people management. They go the order to you have to eat at least half The second one to get the special What're you talking about. What am I going to order this bird or not eat it? I said yeah lotta people do that, because it's five dollar off burger knighted, so cheap people to come in and more More of anything, sir! More of everything in their ordering every different burger to try. I said trust me going to eat both burgers needn't worry because Stephen crew or gets it done louder with crowd or we get it done. We get it done well expecting something heavy and driving that bring us. It's just very random. What is going to be your courts We back after this wreck
louder with ground your listening to louder with her You are and, of course, most insubordinate producer and radio fun dip. Trying to do my sports announcer thing. There get running around ball I've never actually watched a sporting events that you were plainly sports, a kid Golf gulf What do you like? Oh yeah, where's, Mr Galvin? I don't like going alone, I mean I could drive the Livonia NGO Golf, what my dad I want to do that every every we usually do about twice a year to it.
Due to couple terms about that'll, be good that'll, be some activity to get you started with the without the weight loss, you're doing Oh, you want me to not have a cart you're as bad. As my dad come on ok. What are you crazy. What you gonna walk salmon card some start, not a bad idea. Then then you can turn I wanted. I could get a subway Oh, my gosh here no idea my video producer right now, just pointing we were saying we need to get you to Grand rapids into a video or on Paul Block right. That is funded. Yours, Grand Rapids segment get the big thing hears a subway tours of downtown Anakin. So I it's not the very was scary. I discovered that the sense of technologically the very first shrinking of because the balance thing on, I feel like I'm gonna fall over. What I was I was at. The
physical therapist. Yesterday she put this like squishy rubber all behind my lower back and I'm on narrow table and she says not pick both your feet up and so I hold on to the table with my hands. She says no gravel, your feet with your hands to stretch, unlike do realize? I'm gonna fall off at his table and sue your butt and she's like you're, not gonna, fall. Off the table? I'm like them. Trying to hold onto my feet with this thing and might in sheet, though she had told me so that I wouldn't fall off, so you didn't follow. I didn't, but if she had known about my feet. I would have fell off that skinny table I'll, put a fat man. An unbalanced skinny table just done work. It's also a waste of time. You need a fine, and one new? I'm sorry, but this whole thing she's doing the whole work your core deal. You know what you gotta, having she's, trying to stretch the the muscles out, because I'm so tense. Before I do anything else really. Are you inflexible all completely inflexible? I'm I'm my
body. Is its stubborn, as my mother was I see that was in the that of supposed to be a joker dishonor now and not least its just a fact. I mean my body you try to bend, It doesn't want to. It just doesn't work. It's shy Our nor genuine environmentalism, because this week so big big days this week, were for twenty, dude and Earth Day what, Fine funny all the people who are now they're the same crowd, a hippie pot, smoking crowd there, smoking. And then two days later demanding we cut down on carbon emissions. Dont, dried and ass? You they don't. Its natural. Its natural out the thing that national they always dog about that you know even that people there wham, while a very much they bought into whole aspartame will kill you. You know, diet sodas, worse than normal soda.
And we got into a tussle online here, because some people got mad at me in when people were talking about that. I said Stephen. The only sweetener proven to be a mutagenic compound is entirely natural toward sold as an actual fallacy. Now, what I am not saying is that Stevie is dead address to sweeten something, I'm not doesn't taste breaker, though it has like up bitter after tea. I can't have any of those things. They upset my stomach Stevie Aspartame Saccharine Day just when they all day. They argue that Stevie a dozen but dumb. Anyways, I use it every now and then with some honey, the kind of cut down on honey and a little bit a sweet and I'm talkin half of like the little tiny scoop that comes with it. But there is, there is Chemical compounds that I know of that has been more studied or note. No dietary compound that has been for studies on Aspartame and the evidence is irrefutable, There's no controversy that it is safe for consumption. Ok, now I don't drink soda
Joking, I don't drink any soda like I can literally count on one hand the amount of times I've had soda. Since I was sixteen years old, Because I just don't want all the chemicals that are in there, I don't really think that is necessarily This does not just the aspartame. I just don't want a drink it. What about a nice like natural with sugar like Coca COLA from Mexico and Untruss anything from Mexico why some like I don't drink, soda and now you're. Now you your sale, your closer as it comes from Mexico other than the coke. From Mexico that I get from you, like, my favorite taco places its its natural cane sugar, Coca COLA Yan it doesn't. Have you look at a list of the ingredients in its half of the american one I would still, They are going to have a coke or something on occasion, you're better off having a diet, coke in nature again and three, after that on belgian white, while tyre cleaner,
We did not stay with you that long gap for three days of I have a diet soda. I have the most horrible stomach, pains and and belches that are there ok the point I'm getting out here. Let's cut off fun dip in his belching patterns. The point that I'm getting at here is is the point of what many scientists call the natural fallacy that, because a compound is natural, it is inherently safer more stable or healthier. It's not true now, Stevie has proven to be a mutagenic compound in animal studies. Kay there are human studies with Aspartame proved safe and all animal studies private safe? But basically, if you're injecting Stevie into Balls in high doses, you're gonna have problems same thing with aspartame, if you have either of those in a drink every now, and then You're unlikely. I don't go
In this way, I am saying this to do with what is animal studies injected here injected in the technical, the inductive knack they inject it no find out what happened theirs and veto than theirs in vivo, so with Steve it's it's the one out of those that has the more potential mute, mutagenic compound means that can mutate your dna. They can actually all your dna, that is when you started getting start getting into the territory of cancer and Stevie. It is the most natural asked. Tame doesn't have that risk. I dont think that any of them are good for you and high doses, but don't believe in actual fallacy and it's the same thing with pot its natural man, so's hemlock, so's uranium. You shouldn't smoke poison, ivy, some Tweet it out more marijuana should be legal, ok, you're states other legal acts of on board. Then they said medicinal it helps with cancer. No by them the drug from pot as medicinal that helps with cancer. Already legal, it's a prescribed drugs. It is
Chemical cut that thereabout ten actual drugs beta marijuana. I think The two are queer because anyone's proof. Not because big farmer, part they may drugs. It didn't go, the double blind, placebo, controlled clinical trial process, except for the one to helps appetite and cancer and then someone took hold of it. Why we want to draw the icon to smoke? The herb, listen retinal takes away. Wrinkled retinas vitamin a it takes away. Pimple, ok is now a compound that we ve destitute people can take, you can get the prescription like someone say more. Why should I take a prescription? I can just rob. I can just rubber care it. On my face just read cod liver oil. On my face now there's a scientific process to approving drugs. It's not just big pharma. It's not a conspiracy. Needs to be a process when designing a drug and making claims that its effective- My marijuana is not as medicine when you
mocha blood. We back if you're anything like me, you enjoy a good glass of wine, but finding the right kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle as a gift, but don't know where to start. That's where simplified wine comes in Five wine makes buying good wine. Simple, just call eight for four to nine seven wine well qualified Somalia will take your information budget, send you a curious list and then wine straight to your door. It's just that simple. By the way they also have a price match guarantee. So it's not only the easiest way to get great wine, but the least expensive. All you do We call simplified wine at eight for forty nine seven wine that eight for four to nine seven wine or don't like phone calls. You can just go to simplified wine dot com and hit the simplified button same thing, just digital anyone you want they can get just call simplified wine at eight for forty nine seven wine to have the best wine at the best price, delivered straight to your door. Guaranteed
could possibly be simpler. Call simplified wine today, eight for four to nine seven was so glad you be. On the top of this. Our next guess coming up is going to be a one, Mr Jordan Crowd or my brother award winning filmmaker. Actually, funnily enough, a comedy guy, but he won his award for a documentary he did about a christian six. Something you're old bodybuilder who lived in the basement of a church. They just sounds like some sort of a weird movie: I've gotta check it out I don't think it's definitely movie at that point. It's a documentary! You haven't! I I imagine the fiction where it's like he's a body but living in the basement of a church, and it turns out he's a superhero or somethin. Well say what this guy we should have them on. The show was named. Josie begging
he was abandoned by family, literally just like not a maybe not a parking lot in the middle of the street- just left him when he was a kid. I think he was maybe six eight years old. So, unlike you with a little child, was left an orphanage stages left him somewhere and then you worked on ships, his whole life just worked on these ships. You know those up cargo ships moving stuff and then Found the guy was this big you know, there are guys you're, just naturally built like an ox and then chiefs. Jim someone brought him to a gym well. You know you're pretty good at this. Maybe you should try competing embody building and then he one like the over sixty something division and he he set world records and it's it's not even close like guys never touch to stare at or he didn't train is whole life. Started training in his late fifties and when you, upon stage in Vegas there there wasn't even a distant. Second, we are talking about. A guy was like he'd like to sixty drill
with Moscow it at sixty seven years old man, nice guy the nice sky. You know, maybe not, but the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I mean he had no education. He just worked on ships, but he just incredible story of faith. And you knew we talked about it. Just talked about how the law, the law is my train, a man. The law is the one who trained people say how you get so big dialogue as who makes me big man. Even though it I'm doing aegis all strong and beg its unreal. So anyways will have him on Jordan. Gradual talk about the Robert Downy controversy. And going on the earth Day SR one give you some information for Follow me on twitter. You can follow me address. Crowd are funded Dan because I tweet these articles out there. Obviously up at the website, lotta with clutter dot com. We while the list of the top five environmentalists who openly support killing off humans
The most obvious people would know, is TED Turner and people, TED Turner, oh yeah, tat Turner. I was actually there the Cancun Climate Summit, where he supported the one child policy from China. Which basically means you have one child. Are we abort the rest of your children tat Honor, head of CNN, have Turner Broadcasting said that he supports that, but I say, of Communist China, does it Maybe you go the other direction but again The definition, environmentalism, the ultimate end game, is to kill you save the planet. Wipe out people so maybe some more here, Sir David Attenborough he's the voice behind all those funded enchanting BBC Nature documentaries. It yeah cool got us Richard Attenborough, not to be confused with them so our David and Brown not to be confused with Richard Attenborough, though, is the guy who was the leader of Jurassic Park and Santa Claus S. So
one he's not narrating little out little little. A little wildlife documentaries heaps he said this I've seen wildlife under mounting human pressure over the world. It is not just from the human economy or technology behind every threat is frightening. Explosion in human numbers. I've seen a problem that would be easier to solve with fewer people. He also said that humans were a plague on earth. This is open. These are people who are not fringe people. These are people narrating nature, document raise. Some of these people are people who are in office pot. Paul Erlich is the author of the controversial but population bomb which global calamity at populations well beloved number living on earth that I saw again with the predictions that are verifiable, a false hypothesis. I have a theory, let's test it you're wrong? I know you're outta, we tested your hypothesis, you said we, the earth wooden exists by by two thousand those you're that was ripe,
if it's been tested, it was incorrect, more you're, a Christian right now. I'm a Christian therefore happening where, where memory requisite isn't where's Florida you're supposed to be gone. I was just there. I will never swim in the gulf of talked about that. It's a nightmare. This gross Lou bugs plants, three loading, crabs, swans and level? No! Thank you. That thing drifting into my nether regions at high tide like a donkey Kong. If it's, how that's a Parana summaries. On dip as motioning a crab, but its MS pack, man like a lack of local locker So he wrote in his book how many of you supports how many use of how many you support, meaning Basically annihilation depend on lifestyles, weak
but with one point: five: the two billion, because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you a battery chicken world, where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive, you might be the support, long term about four or five billion people. Last I checked we're over seven billion and we're ok. Amendment were over seven billion and I am broadcasting the show from a studio built in my house drinking free trade. Organic coffee, while funding across the state so it's an early nineties rugby shirt his hebrew national hotdogs, so I'd say we're still able to sustain the population pretty well there. Mister Paul click. I didn't get any hot dogs today I had twigs and berries and I'm so glad that you're take away for God's sakes. Now I do have a question on this is this is something that I think about a lot. We don't want to hear it but you're going to I'm pro life, because I I believe abortion is wrong, but I
I also think there are too many people on the planet. I think we need to figure out a way to get people to stop making or people without a boarding them because there are so many annoying people on this planet and theirs. Play cells for me to go for you, it's more personal, annoyance, yeah people. Ten be irritating, and you know that like animals, they're, not for the neighbors dog when it won't show. Yes, please please don't ever run for office. Let's take a break, will bring on louder wildering unlighted with craters brother, Jordan Crowd or after this break sorry funding you're, Kung FU, fighting with louder with greater everybody.
I was invited by the parliament. Why have you back always glad to have this next guest? If I don't mother will be cross with me and show. Lock me in attic, my brother, Jordan, crowded thank for being on the show Thanks for having me still your mom, it is going a little, but not so we'll have to wheel doc your pay appropriately. Of course, actually allow people, don't don't notice. Lobby will follow on twitter know this, but you're a filmmaker. You ve been acting for a long time and I were going to talk about the controversy this week has been quite He with the offenders a comment about black widow and then run
Bert, Downy Junior cell, before we do this fund empty of the cliff there. I found it rolled lip. Will you set the NEO Times once was it was about? I was after your incarceration. He said You can't go from a two thousand dollar a night, hotel, sweet, so penitentiary and understand. I'm cannot sort of what you meant. What the funny thing is in, and I appreciate your point of view things that you said five seven years ago, where things you said in an interview that made sense you at the time. I could pick that I could pick that apart for two hours and nobody could push the truth. That I'd be. Some have asked answer right now
even really tell you what a liberal is. So therein lies the answer to the question. The statements that I found myself doesn't mean that does that mean you you're? Not you came out of prison not being are we promoting a movie to me? The thing is that it's I'm certainly not going to back pedal on anything. I've said, but I would I wouldn't say actually avenue simmer republican or level or democrat I harlots pull that first funded beginning to bring up up or in fast boarded get the agro. I can't get it up any further because you guys are on the same computer, I've our I never mind, we're gonna, be Well, it's almost weekly can hear the clips are what we'll get it up on line a lot of credit. I come, but only set the kind texture, Jordan knows, Robert Danny was asked about his cord running. A conservative where he said. You can't go from a two thousand dollar penthouse in the Mirage to pet jail cell and come out of it a liberal. Then they brought up his drug use and
this this reporter who actually I'll get into. I know basically- Robert would Junior walking out so Jordan when you saw this. What was our initial reaction was the first thing I saw. That is just a hack report I mean, like the weight. The way he was asking, the questions was like a high school journalist is like a one point started asking about his dad and make any sense he was. How you dad drugs in you free now like it didn't make any sense. He was just like trying to be like that. High school of of but I am what Robert engineer Senate the any citizen, Diane Sawyer S. I love that he made that dig at Diane. Sawyer refer fighting, but just it it is another thing I always see in Hollywood is that there are two camps of lives. And you get the kind that are the bullies
Then the kind that are just the children- and he just I falls under the boy category worried constantly prods and praus at you. Try and get you say what whatever it is, that he wants to pigeon. You always and an end, and you could hear robber Dumb Junior in the interview later on he's like says Like I don't even know what a liberal is just came like you can tell a China backpedal, but he did not say that he wasn't a conservative, he said. Oh I'm, not a republican, democratic liberal. I know- and that was telling me he said reallocated Democrat so right, political party, but then the only etiology from which he distance himself was liberal yeah, Tell him he's probably independent right, leaning yeah, but the thing is like two different with concern. With the label serve active as I It is all it is a label, but it covers a big spectrum. It's not under the liberal label is pure
down the line. With the same point of view, everyone has it in conserved. Is everyone deceased there's, always different versions of concern, criticism of it just so funny. He's trying to pigeon hole. You tried it out and as a conservative which is like is one of the broadest calves and her from the political spectrum right. Why? You have conservatives, I mean you, you know we hang out with a lot of the moon. Right, leaning, members of the entertainment and screening of concern, who personally use lots of drugs, NEO conservatives who are gay, you have conservatives, really just you know. Some of them really just believe that Israel Europe cannot be wiped off the face of the map and they want lower taxes. And then you have you weren't early social conservatives, It is your right. It's a much bigger tent than enough when the term liberal, I would say as enact- the other. You have to say left us because, by definition, be will think. Liberal means open, liberal free flow of ideas, and that's not the case now I mean just look
the up, the avenger controversy em. If you want to talk about liberal being closed minded. They got furious that Captain America said black widow who, rather like a slut was a slut. Did you see that one? I know yeah that was that was ridiculous for its Again, it's like teacher teacher to them a slide cited. That's that's what it constantly is in Hollywood. It's it's it's it's! bunch of instead of never grown up. I mean there's a reason why they affectionately collar. La Longue, because that's what that's that's, what you're living in his Lala Land he doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and even I would you say that it is progressed. I would say this actually came up to them and you remember taping my stand at special than ours. What's at seventeen eighteen in Montreal, and I was using bets that if people
If I use now would I meet people would start a march and it wasn't even vulgar. It was a politically incorrect. I feel like a lot of the stuff I started doing stand up with. I could not do nowadays. Do you feel like we're circling that drain? Well, quickly? Oh yeah yeah, I was talking about the other day. I was on a series of the wing. Would you know well but proud of you years, don't know come and there are stuff. We had a add this big screening in Austin a copy for it, and there are things in this new version dead were cut from rough cuts that we just the guy said you know just wouldn't work nowadays. Pc to be other duties, jokes, and let me what really five six years ago, just like five years and it's it's a totally different landscape. Now we just comedians are worried about being politically correct. Would shouldn't be the case ever but when you're liberal, it's ok,
after the serious element. If you go, if, if you, if they know you're, not conservative, give you a little more leeway, but now you know, like Dennis Miller nor Mcdonald are jingoistic, and if you see the criticisms, you know that there are thrown toward them. It's Really tough, I mean comedy its. Jim Norton actually did. He said a good example. It is cultural land mines. Were you like At some point, one's gonna get you now it's all. I can say this word and oh now that the word training at all this work- and it's just blow you up, because you don't know what you're allowed to say in what you can't say enough I've. Seen Hollywood and seen comedians do stuff. It's a little bit more conservative as soon as soon as there is ever get the name of the guy, but he's right for Jimmy Camel. He started doing jokes about. Violent, which word that political, political at all, but the Colorado
silent. I was one laughing hysterically in the crowd and if I see a comedian that starting to because of political correctness, I'll purposely, a louder than everyone, so somebody somebody laughing right, yeah, is true enemy. I remember remember: we saw Kathleen Madigan live. She still one of my favorite comics. She does some of the funniest George Bush jokes you'll ever here. Please is low. Does the commission towards a Louis black, and you and I have never had a problem with it, thing at liberal comedy, say that all the time just comedies combine it's funny. It's funny. It's funny doesn't matter what point of view a comes from its still gonna be funny to me right. What's funny, you see this all the time on twitter people say well, there's proof. Conservatives can't be funny I've never in my life made the blanket statement that x group of people can't be funny.
No, I am concerned as coming at that wrong to they always say. Oh, do you know you? Just the liberal is not funny it's like wallets and it is a reason. Why is a comedian? It's funny people once it's it's! You can't just write off an entire political group just beginning, with them and say there not funny frightened, but John Stewart Lawton, like that's one thing works go. We need a right version of the we are funding, be looking at. There's not a whole lot of men and an homage comedians, though jokes about churning butter, the limited genre. Have they can't do too much observational hopped humour because they like five things they do and day, navigate plugging a microphone either pop culture. References are really thin there. Don't you hate it when you're wooden cart? Wasn't good properly. It gets Jane enough. All non euro like oh, I'm gonna have to clean this in the spring
and you're whiter than chamber legs. I do hate that never sure. I do believe in making those blanket statements, but I will see the one thing I will I do believe that liberals, as a general rule like yours, as you have a really hard time, a laughing at themselves. I feel a making a joke about Barack Obama. You know you can hear just there than puckering up Their naked body on which had against right, you that's, why have you been accused of being racist because I oppose Barack Obama, was it we ve gotta, be more than that? No, it's gotten out of hand and brought about this before work. I mean we ve grown in Canada worth the risk, issue. Hasn't wasn't really mean a thing really that we grew up with and it just in the last couple of years at you constantly on edge about the political correctness and That's the whole the racial division going on, and I just ridiculous what murmur
Murmured Tony Camacho was my first manager. Anyone who works in company nosey book rascals out New Jersey and he was a black gonna live within four months, and there is no sign me was the why word my stand back was the inward number then it was referring to a french wraps all he was an actual song, or you heard the inward and song I have to put a brake, since I want to provide contacts to this at the front. Will we be able to be the last word. Hey
Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website if we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com. Nice. Who doesn't answer songs, I'll, tell you who environs? That's was it's funny. Money back with a brother my brother, Jordan, crowded Miller who seems to have fixed his MIKE problem now and yet a funny story. What we we came in on that
one of the environmentalist discussion, people who actually openly call for the deaths of humans. At the latter. With credit I come Jordan tell your little. I submit their yeah age, it is just as well. In Hollywood is we are sitting around the craft table and I kind of walked into a conversation. Were a girl was talking about abortion, and you know I don't If I do it. If I was in that situation, maybe a word. Maybe I wouldn't, but the world just so overpopulated already, and I was kind of what she would do- is use no justify abortion, and I actually just kind of in the conversation. Just throughout that statistic. It does. Pretty common. Most people know now about how you kid fit the entire world population into the state of Texas, and it still wouldn't be as densely packed. Related as Manhattan, and she just looked at me and when you, talk to me the rest of the shoot I like that
and even like that's not even that political. That's just a fact, and It just shows you that People are hypersensitive out here to anything that doesn't agree with what they ve been told right. It it's not. She didn't even arrive any kind of an argument. Now you do if you were to stay ill. I do want to live in New York. That's I live in outlay. You know fine, but she you didn't. Even backup refer is no reason. Yeah we're goin off. Yet let me right context that last thing so my manner was Tony Camacho where she book some. I think Tony books, Brad Garrets When a lot out now in Vegas now at the Tropicana, guy, we're still friends, but everybody called me and he goes Natalie I want to sign United because I'm your funny he said, but it takes it to express balls and you a bit with the inward and he was laughing it wasn't racist at all, I was actually condemning
french, canadian ignorant racism remember I said liking and jellies munchkins uses where the name another meeting, and did you hear that on a re like actual songs with our bee? words we have to try and you like that, because not cuss words. It can be an radio but he'd be hearing a song or not me. Breast enabling visual ok, comes conjugal, pillar, Bitch Peter, but making himself deja vu. Kick your ass, be shove off its multi dollar bill being get back, be New York, city and Ebay like their feet. English words: only the inward was often Pepperdine. What they hack was that there would be spent. In Rome, but I mean what is it? What was a song about I'll, just making upstart? Ah now yours thing in a real friends: song died over them or some pleasure at some presto theirs, de match. Your all Jordan, rumours yeah. That was, I was actually looking at up the other day carefully. That wasn't a fake
the natural mall no do not throw em all now. Ok, people gotta get mad. It's like war of the worlds but wrench it's like ok, folks, that was french, not Urdu, you're, fine no you're right and I think the big thing Jordan, we talk this, like Robert Downy Junior, of course, if I know this reporter, I was talking like this. He was at the value voter summit and I'm pretty sure, he's gay. I could be wrong. And he was trying to ask about the gay marriage thing at Lahti. It. Why do you think you're such an anti gay sentiment here and I was like what I don't think. That's the case: He asked me about something that someone else it set us about. Let's not representative of my view. And it was a very reasonable interview, and so it never saw the light of day and he went. You went on down the trail, so this guy is known for being kind of a hack with that stuff. You was actually very friendly, but so I know him, and I know that context. Robert done he's probably primed in it was his publicists to Adam walk. When the interview- but I think
like in the entertainment industry. We ve talked about this for somebody disco, ill and away at any other party. Join any other party? If use someone expresses an opinion and you respond politely and they just go and walk away, people who don't do that? That's rude! That's really you what in Hollywood it just completely unchallenged yeah. That's that's the thing that being a Hollywood liberal is at its it's called like a efficient worldview. Because they don't have to there's no maintenance involve words I'll, be a liberal, and I don't have to be shall undisturbed. Think about it. Everyone around me as a liberal, so it the very safe easy Old you'd have end they just, they never ever get challenged us to fund it Does it mean when you just walk up to people at a party, say hi, I'm funded in they say you. And then they will be extracted.
And I was just curious about that. I as like that Hank all that I'm here we call that appropriate. Ok, now you're is kind of like the billboard talked about. You know you d want to be the guy owns about you stole my having to show that you wanna be the guy who comes on the boat right each spring or six back. He comes about party, I. Finally, you have the maintenance. The liberal The guy coming to the boat party right benefit and then there are gone and it's a conservative who's got a scrub. It down gotta, put down the anti spider plan so as to make sure that, on top of their information, because exit damage, swordless number outing, you as more conservative I really don't want to misrepresent you, but I think it's pretty safe to say, and you constantly having to defend your view. Every time you set, true and in, and I ve got no point where I think for a while. I was trying to do play in a little bit, but then I'd get on Facebook. Her twitter and see all my heart,
friends, posting constantly littering the news feed with his propaganda. That was incorrect all the time, so I just had to start being another voice, you know, because it there's theirs. There's, no, no one else in this industry's seeing that are constantly in this. Bubble. They think everyone thinks like that made it in its we're, because all these people are from other parts of it country. Yet I come the Hollywood and they just they become that way- and I think it's and also has to do it- may be a type of personality that goes in new. The film business attend to be very: are self centered, not narcissistic, din and an injustice sense of having belong all the time is kind of that personality that that goes into the movie business, but always asked me think it out, We say it is kind of like it. It's you hear about people that are difficult to work.
In Hollywood and I always look into those people when you hear decades a jerk or that guy's difficult to work with my weight. Why does what is it The people not like that guy. That's what I that's it. That's all goes up my head, and it makes me think of like that Adam and Song dead, dead those who get to know me to be admires of my enemies and say what eyes, why are these guys army and a lot of times you realize? Oh they are. They are concerned, they ve got more concern of leanings. I just don't like their politics like no bins. Von and yeah Bruce relentlessly witherspoon recent events VON and she was fear it first. Reese Witherspoon is in a nuke if reach Witherspoon isn't a comedy not named legally blonde one. It's going to be a most Miss Eliza, Charades gonerdo election
a lecture, stripped leisure hours when she was young, Irish Witherspoon Pierre, before the forehead disproportionately me, she could be Bork on STAR Trek. Now. She literally no make up needed you forget about doing, I owe men a in black when the brain opens up. She gonna look, looks like if kazoo from one stones got Michael Jackson, whitewashed grace he's gonna come down about dumb, dumb anyways but we ve, got me at home and amount of away, but she got furious with Vince VON, because Vince VON went off book member and I'm like that, Why you pavements VON I mean yeah saw the ride you bought it taken anyway. Anyone is like I'm Cason events, one movie go well and you throw this crept away. You know turns out. Obviously, then came out in endorse, run Paul, he's now work of Glenn Back EAST conservative, those a pervert example them. Yeah nurse, it's just the other.
I was out on twitter last week, another comedian head twice about how he walked off stage, because somebody in the audience said: Hilary lied about their emails while they were doing old, been about Hillary Clinton and have you been improv shows bodes very interactive. They get feedback from the audience, gets not stand out in its not stand up they're getting there right there trying to work off the audience for material the guide and this is this- is like a well known, median founder of a big improv at it, a big Rob School that everybody goes through and he just just could didn't have a sense of humor about it, like these people out here that they have no clue about all the scandals behind Hillary Clinton, yet they ve already just come out and supported for everyone on
I see my news feeds in Hollywood are like now. Hillary Clinton is a great great met its time. Doesn't it was time while they all supported Hillary Clinton until they threw into the basket and like all jeez, woman or black eyes, black eyes, the trump card? Now now, there's that awkward moment right where everything no person who was racist is now sex says that new argument do you like, That's a big thing on how like there's a real pick up of feminism in the hollow justice accusations, oh yeah, that's all it's all day long, I'm seeing its especially from woman comedians that there We should therefore take a feminist stuff. You see there what you call that website. Those early days website and Amy Powers website and all those like death might news. Feed is littered with their sharing of. Just reiterating all this feminist garbage I know where it is its third, what you know the real feminist out, there's Patricia. He knew they hate me, go what what what
like Dana Lasher? Anyone, that's not an island. It must is such a dry because I love Zoe day she now what singing and with the characters she plays. But my goodness she spews a bunch of crap she's, an area but she's an uneasy q. It though she sees, you know, she's a pervert examples of there are some people who are in a bullies. She is legitimately an unintelligent person who has not thought about how to defend her position. Boy, lookin sing single lover, voice. You didn't take away, are always the wrong takeaway its funding. While I the art and then there's the person you can defend. The are. The thing was funded, no matter what you're talking about. It comes back to Poonanny, nanny, I will say this latter point. I love singing voice, and I love when she's in a role, but why? I see or in an interview she's an idiot rap. The aim was that your ms pack, man, that's what you're doing this.
To show those new girl that she's on just to be a little more balance and a lot of this stuff out eliminated at home, the Rami episode and was very funny. It was days at all that and they do that a lot. The kind of data gonna make fun of both sides more so than a lot of the sitcoms. What I'm surprised, because she's at the helm of it, but it's new Well, the Goldberg. We talked about that. We know they handled the Reagan Mondeo election and they did it in a way that was completely apolitical. The daughter, was Mondeo, the mom was Reagan and they didn't bash either candidate. It was just. It was a great way. It's a perfect example of how we can deal with something through entertainment without being Polaroid. It was rather, the Erika was for Monday, though good she's, one of my favorites, us. Why? She's your favorite funded, let's go back to that. Your creepy that she's the cutest girl ever the current taken away. Your turn.
Aye but article, but actually retweeted funding for these crazy super fans of fund. It was pretty happy about that. But you're right, you're, right there, a lot of bullies. The sexism thing now is is is really big and entertainment industry I mean I just I just couldn't handle. I told you member my story. A winter. With a guy on a set of fear. Said, come drama will say I remember that conversation I told you had with a guy about South Park area no clue. He had no clue music, so finance it. The other way and infinite. Liberals nip issues like what. As I love the way, they total impunity, hippies browsing, he does. I think I think you ve missed it. I said, no you missed it. They clearly that it satire said yes, satire and he was a director and then I was literally got a call from a region that was difficult to work with it is always wears
I am thinking about the work with, but not because of that which we want to talk to you, a quick about this. You ve heard of the Euro. The Ferguson play. There are no less than a bunch of actors, just walked yeah yeah, that's for sure dont know Ferguson play my fellow Macular Annex, Lenny she's been on, show he'll be on the show. They are doing a play, Ferguson and it's just act testimony in transcripts from a trial and information from the autopsy That's really! In that sense it sort of experimental theatre where'd that entirely taken from a transcripts and some actors walked in. What did I thought was most time is one of the actors said? Well, I felt It can be a part of it because they were pushing their agenda of the truth and the who is subjective to everyone, but that was was based on this on the transcripts Ike, I couldn't believe that when I read that quotas are they actually published, this is cool. The guy felt good about it like this. At that,
Shows you how ignorant Hollywood actor is a liberal Hollywood actor where the true its objective to anyone. Ok, let me read you back what you said. The truth is subjective, yeah, that's it, One put that in their dumb ass. I like There's like this remaining cast debt that are probably are still liberals, but they just really need the work. Didn't I Where do the ladder of somebody called to hold my breath. Thing you'll see. Conservatives do liberal worker be like understand. I understand this is the point of view of this project or whatever and naked they could set themselves. Aside from the object? I know it. I went in and and play the role and awaited seed that they feel is honest for the character not drop out of it again. That goes,
back to conservatives, be it it's it's a big tat, their own. Do we must never would liberals all the time you could people Edith Ruth Autonomy is learn to deal with that, but liberals or the cool kids table unless follow lockstep yoga. At their Jordan, we have to go to a break. So where can people best find you brother, They could find me on Twitter at Jordan, crowd her or on my website, Jordan, crowd or films, Dhaka, Yonah, religious, it brother, because I see that all the time, but in this case literate brother. Some thanks! Jordan will have you back, other time. Lotta with better stay tuned, will grasp this all up for you in a nice little, a conservative rat. Your listening to louder, with crowd
the strangest animal on a radio, the internet, you name it even greater louder with prouder, thank you so much? You sounded winded funding, I've been dance and up a storm in its joint man then do it. My coffee is get good. I'm like I know it, took you. This long should get coffee earlier so that when the first half of the show, I don't think it is my show. So I could should carry the whole thing, but then what happens is again you'll rhythm near their rhythms and margins, and then you just cut in because it's like up my coffee kicked in now, it's my shot, but the only way I could get the coffee earlier as if someone starts the I've ivy of it before I wake up, stop at White Castle, it off you there
By the way we do have a lot of fun on a show, and you know who even recognised at Bell: Bennet yeah Bilbil was saying the we're fun and silly or something which Is that what you said silly? I think why are really good. Buddy was referencing the interview behind with a psychiatrist on marijuana. Just funny, because we are placing there on Friday. You know we like Bennett, you just he takes Friday's off into the fill in host, and so we come in so it's nice that he was able to recognize that it's a fun show and Thank you bell. We appreciate it nor Doktor Bennett. I want I'm gonna get you, madam. I met him. He's a super nice guy. I met him. What I didn't really he was, it does see pack, and at this point it was the Johnson Crone era where he had written to forward. The kids book is now liberal at Columbia and So he was cannot from what I remember. They were kind of out and he seemed very reclusive. Are he came right up to Clark in me me said I can tell you of the radio guys, nay stood there drinkin, you know like a glass of wine or whatever was with us
What are you doing here? for a long time. There is something we can say, and then I forgot what it was that I was going to say we were talking about it. We returned the entertainment, is. We were talking about the political correctness today, so you now people protesting that some fictional superheroes actors play the benders referred to another fictional character, black widow. Who dresses particularly provocatively, that's that's your! Only superpower is breasts. And they referred her as a slut. You, the jet, you forgot her other superpower, her backside does black widow, Europe top does black widow legitimately have any superpowers or she just supposed to be like a really effective spy. I think she's just a really effective spy from what I can recall. I don't I don't remember any major super powers from where I haven't read.
Stuff, but I've seen her in the movie? That's why feminist surprised and ready, because it's already alai right than a woman, any woman could be ineffective. Spy taking on men in hand to hand combat it not true Ellison, if it were a heavy weight woman. Let's say a two hundred and ten pound woman who didn't look like Scarlet Johannsen. Of course, a giant woman who were fighting complete the untrained bantam white men, maybe what if she was- very small woman, with a blade in her shoe. Like Rosa Club, you have it the whole point. That's not what's happening here, their fighting men, who are other train spies and having wrestled with a limp. Ends with female olympians, leaving female champions on the show. And I'm a hobbyist, it's not a club for that, feminist for blind and ready for the event? Steel? That's why?
rules, are binding, ready with Robert down to what it is worth. Hollywood in political correctness in this is very important because politics are always downstream from culture. Liberals have us. Wrangle, hole on Hollywood their territory and they will do anything to protect they want to make sure that it can be used as a political machine. Why you're, seeing right now with Hillary Clinton, the narrative is, everything is sexist. Everything as is shown in this, your ear, Sis, gender male white privileges, showing they have their territory, they want to defend it and if you stray from their narrative their world, you at all aren't welcome. Make no mistake. There is a war of ideas, are there's a war for information. Is a war for your mind with the entertainment industry and it is dying naturally opposed to that of freedom louder with crowd or see you next week
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