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#21 Andrew W.K. Parties and Daddy Crowder Talks Detroit Riots

2015-05-01 | 🔗
Andrew W.K. stops by to party on Louder With Crowder! We also discuss the ins and outs of Freddie Gray and the Baltimore riots. Even more, daddy Crowder stops by to discuss living in downtown Detroit and experiencing the riots firsthand in the 1960's!

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Now stand for the Motor City maniac, the weird from them at the Great Lakes Grandmaster, the motel mad man, the Mittens killer, kid we ran out and names you listening to out with crowd, is also known, as the Alaska Good Day you for being with us I dont know where the Alaska Pipeline came in Y know,
we ve got an affiliate in Alaska and right now the intro is all Michigan Bay, some like oh, what kind of nickname Stephen get on legally through all needs very low. Key Alaska pipeline that'll. Do I guess that makes sense either that or you're like a horse. I don't, I by battle I mean you're completely threw off my my group here I had stuck to get too and Alaska. Wipe lie Maya well, Ask other you go sought, sought, sorry that it wasn't a better nickname. If I don't know, we were going with a nickname, a regional, nickname Why would have come up with something better, but that's funded, that's funded before? I tell you what I've been bouncing around. I think I'm still coming off of yesterday's gothic as I drove back from Ohio, my friend friend, my son got back from overseas. Size very excited about that, and I have one in the air force rate and I had three. I had three copies. Yes, yes, yes,
How would you give some acknowledgement of the dam hosts? That's the one from the airport right there. No. No, I I did. I say here now I guess I am still riding over their coffee. Well, Thank you for, for it sounds like he's doing good things it was it was. It was a lot of fun being able to see him Nick. He came back any gave me. He gave me a coffee, mug souvenir and it was just it was so called assume we had. Some pizza Awesome pizzas awesome. While you said you were also pretty quiet on twitter. First off, I'm great show feline up today with Andrew UK, on the show actually funny enough here He just signed with with Glenn are you gonna be having a radio show now broadcasting the blaze network, folders, glow, he's, not necessarily a conservative he's just up and open minded guy who's, a thoughtful guy? He has a column on the village in the village voice. You see him on Fox news.
A legitimate rockstar, I'm the guy has some some huge hits. Just a really really insightful guy. So that's a fun interview, you'll hear a full disclosure. Is it a free? It is a free table here because we recorded it in a pub. Where else do you record an interview with a rockstar I mean, I can't think of a more appropriate location possibly forty grace right then I just figured we'd veer straight into it this morning, It's like a there's, no way to avoid. It will also have my father a crowd or who was alive and ended, right proper, not one of those figures who was raised in the suburbs and claims Detroit kind of like me, he was in Detroit pardon me, I don't get the cough button, I should have you raise in Detroit proper, during the riots in. I don't even want to ruin it, because when I was speaking with him on the phone, some stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. My days is heir to yeah. What
my grandfather, we talk talked about in quite a few times and we actually get emails from people there in Detroit and who knew him. Well was a colonel any air force in them. And he had some work, cut out form with the Detroit Riots because the military was brought in and they were doing all kinds of reconnaissance. So it's not something that's foreign to me. My dad spoke about the riots a lot drawing up and a big reason for that was because in other words there. Of riots in Montreal, if they can, when a hockey game as well. When they lose Hockey Keynes. Wiping someone to getting a card tipped over I'll, never forget, to eighty four tigers, winning the World Series, the iconic photograph of the upside down flaming police car. On the cover of the Detroit NEWS, I was like waiting They won wire people mad in my folks, had to explain their celebrating. Unlike that's an dumb waiter celebrate. Well, that's all thing it
they. They try and paste any motive that they want to justify it. Just like right now in Baltimore you know that is, as we want to celebrate or we lost, we have to protest or the bad call from the referee Detroit was that it was the mayor's city, corruption, Baltimore its race. It's the cop situation. They let alone hands off my pony, but what they left onions off. My pony riot! Oh, oh, oh yeah! I wasn't, I didn't catch them I'm sure you could. Probably that would be a reason for fund it right. That's more so write a note in the corner with their little Paddington doll. I there's any reason that any reason can be used for right. Now we ve covered this. A lot at Lahti was crowded outcome this week. You know the Freddy Ray investigation now was, is, is finished and are going to have to release their findings so fiercely.
Led to this. You have a mayor who is an absolute dude. All you say, legacies black norm saying it because you more on and the students were white anyway, so that reference is really of Yad Fine, a mountain stooges were white. They were translucent think you can get any wider than the stages She said and I'm sure everyone's heard, the clips. I wouldn't even you to run it. She said we gave them space to destroy and then she I wasn't denies that she said the stupid thing like you're an idiot and then a cop has come were now in and said that she she told the police to let them loot that it's only property. Now we can't can confirm that seems like its reputable There are a lot of rumours going around now, even if it goes back to Freddy Gray Debts that he may had spinal surgery that he was in we do know that he was likely getting a structured settlement from insurance and try to cash out March. So in that the conjecture behind that
is that he may have had a back injury, and that was you know and selfish, I broke, I mean the eaters instructed settlement. He had an injury now, but we do know. But do now is there was a witness who said that grey was trying to hurt himself in the van. This comes from Yahoo NEWS. Forty grey His death at police order was. Banging against the walls of a police van and was intentionally trying to isn't injure himself, a prisoner being transported with gray has set. Now this is a prisoner who is being transported with gray. Do you believe that this prisoner in on it. He's in on the police, gag that he somehow part of the system he saw. It was poor we scared gone this this guy over here guy try to China flung himself back and forth in a cop car. Now, regardless of whether yet reducing spinal condition whether had backs ordering how long that takes a good rules, as no matter, what kind of injury you have, regardless of the recovery period,
probably best not be back selling drugs within a week or riding yeah. Why dont gradient riot people writing for the drug dealer? Oh yeah, but for you know those that are following suit. Just helpful tips This is true. This is generally not part of the healing protocol. If cook to a physical therapy There not mine, always says whatever you do, don't go rioting and please don't go cylinder eggs, I thought years was our Asian. She is at an I am doing an old jewish grandmother, voice for does she have an asian accent a little bit you little bit Yes, I like one location accents where they try and american either minute. Just sounds robotic that, to a certain extent, We have that the lady very sweet lady, but I've missed to appointments, because my back doesn't hurt is much anymore. So I think I'm just gonna cancel them completely because its rude to keep missing appointments as I forgot them yeah. Well, I don't refugees have any second, your your girl, she's, probably not having
do a whole lot of a lady who does my everything if they raise that's, but it's actually the lady who does my wife nails as aid and support eyes and sheer she has an accent. It still the case. And but she tries to sound american, the shit you know Oh Hilary, I see your dog on the street, he is so vague. He so big. I can imagine he's scared people, it's like, so you know It really be all Hilary, your dog so big, I imagine he scare people but he'd she den try to more to american and over annunciator hours and the cave in you just like just itself. That you have an accent. It's fine like we can understand. We appreciate your speaking English. That's one thing do where people They conservatives are anti immigrant. I do know about you, but I find it incredibly endearing when someone I'm an ocean talking with the bosnian guy at the Jim, and I really used to talk to anyone he's a big guy he's one of the strongest. Jim people are afraid to speak with them and I walked up too much talking about olympic lifting, and he could see. Was very shy. But what is it
Bosnia, you guys gets up well yeah, you have great lifted in Bosnia, alot of the protocols come from Bosnia. You have great Judo in Bosnia refugees. Yet, yes, we have, a good judo, very good wrestling and in it he started getting into it and he realized hey it so hey. I think a lot of immigrants think that Americans, Joe, them, because our English isn't perfect man, I'm just I'm honestly, really grateful that they give it the old, I would try and Eric come on over. We want more of you. I especially love the immigrants they come from England because they ve got the best English out of all of them, really impressed with no they don't they dont the English. Our possibly the worst Let me tell you there now abc. E, f g h, I jake I am unhappy. Q are ya. Wreaking? Are they dont pronounced there art there is are in english language? It's not in a it's in. Are I don't care what their we
we invented a language. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus man, go, look, ok, we're gonna, go to a brick and we'll talk more about the Baltimore Riots. There is actually quite a bit So that you may have missed if you're, just tuning in to your standard shows, we have all this into a lot with greater dot com. But after the break will give you the ins and outs, because you need to be informed and I'm the only one who can do it. Gimme your money, your listening tell louder with prouder good morning or what our time here. Listening to the bar gas, if you're anything like me, you enjoy a glass of wine, but finding the right kind can be a hassle or maybe you want to buy a nice bottles a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes in
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so the lad to have you back with us. Sorry about that weird close out funding wasn't mandate was asleep at the switch apparent. I have no idea what he was thinking, but man this has just been an absolute wave of of Baltimore. We, let's be honest, there's nothing else in the news that people care to hear about. There's nothing else in the news that people are really discussing a couple of things but it's been mainly Baltimore and we'll have again my dad on later on in the programme to discuss being raised in the Detroit Riots, because I tweeted some stuff out this week, where I lot of flax. Saying: hey, listen! You know one being raised host racial America. I put up, quotes post racial Mary, that's what we were always told. Race? Relations are the worst I've ever been in my lifetime absolutely and people are saying. Oh, you only think that cause your white I'm gonna. Logically, let me think about this for a second really.
Four Ferguson, before the sum in the last big right incident you had was Rodney King, wouldn't you say, fund up yet seems like the big one that would bet that would have been the last really big one in the last big one and then am I ship, Am I supposed to believe that Racism was just slowly growing in getting worse and worse, but it it was lying dormant. My entire life until now were cops, have gone out and collectively said, were only going to hire racists and we ve decided to lay low for twenty two years. Now we're going to make sure that we discriminate against black people and take them out there? That is set little far. Fetched. It seems a little far fetched to me and by the way, when we're talking about cops, you don't think for us back in that there is some one in a jar who was on their ass every single day telling them you gotta be careful right. Now you ve gotta be careful. This stuff is
their people are looking to. Pin it on you, you ve got to make sure that if I'm sorry I say this, but if any purpose black you have to be extra, careful manner. Fact, let's let em slide. Let em slide. If you can, because we don't want this even us right now, by the way you dont have of black officers, the only the only black people. I genuinely believe that police officers and not think there's no racism, the only block people that I believe police officers are genuinely hunting. Are we to bring on as members of a force. They need that right now for pr they need to meet their quota, guarantee you that's what's going right now that it at their meeting with whatever their their pr person, is an hr people. Their say we need many more black people. We need to change the image here. They are not going of their way in flagrant lay just just trying to tiptoe pick off black,
Americans, that's what we ve been told and we're supposed to tiptoe. What are you doing fundamentally looks like you're reading a novel. I'm catching up on all the people making funny comments about you on Twitter, don't During the break for crying out loud, it's hilarious, though you can follow me on twitter, address, crowd or- and you can see why everyone hates me- that's it's. Ok, wrote an open letter to Baltimore. Ok, this week by the this is a show spaced out of Detroit, and we're out in Alaska. There could be some pretty cool announcements coming it's pretty popular. Cast were certainly not supported by some giant syndicate network. Like a lot of other shows out there. The open letter that I wrote to Baltimore was more red than any other. Individual up at peace in Baltimore this week and I Firstly, I think it's just because it was honest. You know can call me a racist, fine, you call me and insensitive jackass, but to use
is an oxymoron. It's an oxymoron! I am an insensitive jackass. I accept that, Ok, I'm an insensitive jack s put it. It is my complete lack of interest. In your race, gender ethnicity, acts. And prior history. That makes me units instead of jackass economic sense, I like that theory. I can't be bow. And asked you if your black white, male or female, I'm not a nice guy, has a racist that would require extra effort that will require extra effort. Just not willing to put in the time day you because of the level of melanin in your skin just not worth it to me. I'm a business guy, that's not a good, gonna, get a good long right. You just eight everybody in general. I don't, I honestly diamond,
I'm semi joking, I dont have a high tolerance for bs and that comes from any side Kay. I dont have a high tolerance for Bali. Cops if you go back and under this show, with the got nutgalls now garner Eric Garner in New York. We talked about the listen, I said. Obviously the cops didn't choked him, that's not what you Garner, that was media sensationalism right, but. The cop who is grinding his face into the sidewalk. That was a jerk move. You have six guys that was unnecessary. That is something I would considerably police brutality, and I want to spend that officer. You not list, Was he breakin lassoing cigarettes? Maybe the choke chokehold kill Eric Garner. No, the factually guy was foreigners, when pounds had a heart attack. Ok, that is not the cops fault but as someone who is also actively involve and combat sports and grappling. I saw that and said this is unnecessary. This guy is
getting anywhere you dont need to be rubbing his face against the concrete. That's a jack, ass move. I have no time. Or in sport on either side lesson of. If this comes out with dirty gray, that this cop pulled a street fighters, Super turbo Zan give pile driver and broke his back, suspend him he's out of their great get rid of him absolutely, but if it comes out that it's a kid who is selling drugs, who is deliberately trying to enter himself for some kind of a cash settlement, we have to accept that that's a possible outcome to the differences, the Burden of proof is on you as a writer, the burden of proof is on you when you burn down a damn senior scanner in your neighborhood, and you say it's because of racism. You say it's because of pretty great. The burden of proof is on you to be Any shadow of a doubt prove that you are correct when you are hurting officers when the floods and the groups and the the nation of his
are coming together by the way hilarious. Clip will run it later. They want your sympathy, they think the media has misrepresented them, know what your violent slashing of women's faces as part of your gang initiation that misrepresents you the burden of proof is on you, writer and I saying that I am right. I mean saying the cop is right. All I'm saying is: let's wait for due process. Ok, wait to see what happens before. We start burning crap down, and this is the radio friendly version. Let's just again the burden of proof. If you're gonna burn something down. Damn will have a good reason rising. They should walk you up, it's gonna black. Now it goes terrible human being the I'll bring you don't bring. Shame to your race bring shame. It just any individual rights, you bring shame to the human race humans. Don't treat other humans this way and humans don't break someone's back deliberately, but I dont know if that happened. I dont know by the way Barack Obama wrong.
Every single time Ray single. Damn time travel was wrong. Might Brown couldn't be more clear, couldn't be more clear wrong and this one wrong he's always wrong, and I tell you what race. Baiting used to be relegated to the lower wrongs of political. I guess you say political, con man like now sharpening Jesse Jackson. Those were the only guys who went out there and had a platform. Now you can increase. The president of Damn United States of America and that's why people feel so confident in burning down to centres and a double UK after the break light, hearted interview with crowded
So where's your Andrew, don't say thank you for taking the time you were having me, I haven't where I haven't you. This is actually a queer little Puglia Rapids Derby station. Yes in this irish exports is sort of just I don't know. I know you really like irish public place cabbies. I was reading yes, yes, yes, well, things are being familiar with. I was found not just in terms of atmosphere but especially in terms of service that there was a standard level of quality that we maintain very consistently irish Hobbs bars deemed restaurants, all across the. U S, and as someone who maybe wasn't always the most approachable or didn't look like the kind of person that should be served in an establishment respectable place was always impressed that always treated everyone, no matter. If they were regular, we're like somebody like me,
In any event there having been, there is always treated well, but the bartenders at those places. So I think this because in Ireland, your high society or real bar fights our way of life and a boy I'm a pacifist because a boyfriend, but you look like you, been working out there today s As you know, we have some fun and party actually causes exercise that helps as well. The shores are very good exercise tonight. I do not about a thousand galleries when you're shows do Oh, yes, I might seem a Yo Yo, my going up there. Well Cello S, no joke that doesn't like save a lot of stamina, maybe not the same as you know, prancing right banging? I do a lot of prancing but yeah this is a choice to perform and athletic style right now. Do you feel, like you have to give to gear up like? Cooper. I don't have your greatest biographies fastened. You talked about his routine where he goes and he gets into character to each one chocolates
cookie right amount of sugar and then he watches Kung FU movies for flick. Forty five minutes. Admin haven't numbers of accurate and in the room ass to be dark for half an hour it off to sleep, but it does have to for I have no idea. Never that's very elaborate You have any profession to prepare their degree, the cookie. I can relate. I do like cookie, doesn't look like No I've. Never I think stretching out stretching out. That's my routine. No just little poor hamstring there. Right now, We'll get you know what I've done before and broken my foot. I broken my nose deadline, uphold muscles what stretches good sort of also meditative higher focus D. That you before stand up and it's what I actually round my knee Evanna, it was unduly twisting your leg and keeping your body examples here will want to hear this, but I want to hear your story. Mine was this. Otherwise you know. Sometimes they build. A state is, unlike those multi purpose, sort of wooden blocks.
She has always there modular yeah, there's both like contain them somehow, but the kid did knows at college, so they shifted although I'm walking my seal slip sentence days, but the ball. So, like a brace, I keep walking, but my shin stays perpendicular. I fall over its it still not like I'm looking at surgery. I mean people realise in its I have a pretty energetic show. What you do is crazy, and how does it show it's over now right this these? So it will be our long. Ok, the long as you have done is our forty five minutes to two hours are sure. Because of that kind of energy level that the style of music, it doesn't lend itself well to going one right now he has the crowd, also they're, going full blown or to be sprinting for an hour and a half is that's. That's asking a lot of anybody right and I think, there's more effective kind of contrast when you just low it all out, and it has done right and then you just would have in this
of what has happened. You really exercising helps France that, like I've won nice one time, we're someone's a kid as an actress. Didn't you rears not spread a marathon, and I think it's it's really not it's more like interval, training programmes and Marge high impact in a whole range of much better comparison it is a dynamic and there's moments even in any career, were We can really appreciated you. Ve done is you'll have a time to reflect on it to absorb it at I do as the most important thing. When very busy: it's not how much they even want to reflect and think all there was really fun. When I did this two weeks ago, were last year, it's great, member back you through so much so fast in life in general, actually with with anyone without it, whatever their pursuits or if you like you have to I shall give your soul time to absorb. You, have your own life to put it into perspective with
yourself and it may not even be a very formalised literal way of thinking about it it just he I have to like me like a sponge and an insult it all up its financing. Mary introspective guy. I've read quite a bit of Europe? You're sort of, I guess, com advice, here gone advice, columns and do you There's this image of an odyssey people take party, and you sort of put it out there is more of a generality, is like a positive experience, people want to have an image of you. That's not here accurate, like they picture, you know, like your very calm, well spoken, introspective guidelines like the party and it'll, be ok I'll. Let you do that. Do I know you're gonna, that I can go well we're here in the Heavens and dismantling the rudder markets and that's it there are times when that's all you're in actually you very highly energy level. The way I've You carrier your programme, it is doubly anthem right. What
are you responded whatever the atmosphere is calling for and try to, mirror the surroundings. In a way that adds in writing. I am not here with some kind of em all that I have to get across the certain thing like stick This is a fuel right, I don't know, I'm more interest in trying to communicate doesn't work Above all, we are talking about this. Do you feel like a lot of entertainment? Now people are age relatively our age. Lot of entertainment and we're gonna breaks, and nobody is very conversational like podcast as s true it sort of original, almost like it's, because our parents they happen. Conversations in the house and then they turn on tv and g workers. You know, but now, worse engaged in our devices that we want or entertainment too few more. We all that's interesting, maybe you compensating for not having as many conversations throughout the day because of things the computer or even just sort of your life
style, and then you want to list and other people we have to make up for that. That would be this would never plan national media. You know, there's Ngos is engrossing, there's something about this very unique pike, s, phenomena style and if a tone I could meet it happened. I just noticed that I find myself becoming more consumed with all talk will talk more after the break him and that's how conversation you listening to louder with crowd you will listen to louder with crowded backward armor being conversational rather go to our evil. Corporate overlord breaks. So we first met, I think, was a fox news. Oh yeah, I might have read our area,
I know I had done things by satellites. Only after this, you don't necessarily go out and discuss politically. I've had some interesting political insight that I've taken with me that you may not even realise how eventually work, but do you feel like in the industry where you are heavy heavy blow back just were going on. Fox news could affect us. Dirty were heavy felt that offer Much less than I ever would have imagined when I first went, on tv and general, like MTV, I got to this area library the began my my first cycle, beginning might really Conan and I got general below back from a lot of my friends who thought just
anything on tv. It all was bad that it real evil corporate, like what you are saying earlier of their advisers, is playing into this machine that that I should avoid, but I completely disagreed and ass. It was expected. That is why these friends of mine that I was thrown up with were very against the grain really radical in most off the grid. Type lives isn't in armour, yes and other Michigan, but I was always very much interested in stimulated by that kind of far out thinkers sure, but didn't really relate to it. Personally, I like it. I like Sarah live animals like the greatest thrill my whole life to build a go on as a great performance genetics. Thank you for being familiar with it so that over the years I just always likes television. I always liked being able to have this thing that my that my thing could be able to go on those points.
Go into these other realms were maybe I don't fit in a meaning, wouldn't expect me to go and actually had to be. Ok, and makes sense, and so by the time things like Fox NEWS came around, I was still wondering and there were a few people, that's it on their evil. There there was much less than I expected. I actually more than take credit for that. Personally, I that just shows that remedy. I have a really great audience that affords. Kind of open, mindedness, so whatever I'm doing, or maybe just realize it's not really. What I'm I'm not. I don't have an agenda right beyond really sort of good cheer saw. Becoming. Let us lap. I will say that I notice there are two places on the internet and aren't horrible. Your twitter feed in the art of manliness is actually website. We have found a very, very positive. It seems like I'm sure everyone gets people. Hate them seems like you, don't get a lot of people who lived too hastily
I've never run just hanging in those of you out there. I try to take their comments and strike. Even even today I was being mothers, There's a new, I'm sure do what does allow mostly Blake. I expect believe you're going to go into jack the Fault Board, you can operate there. It makes it easier to do because we are against us at all times, but it seems like there's sort of with women whenever you put yourself out there, when you decide to do something that is a public offering came at radio write anything that would work work, you're, asking someone to consider it give their time time. Do you gonna get this kind of feedback? So the question is: what is the common section of life? You completely avoided the compensation of life and now look at
the only thing: do you look at it and then really get upset by right, or is there a way to actually look at it and try to extract something from that's right? It's very challenging, as I've been trying to do like maybe they're right, so some criticism play I went on this showed either the angler back again and some of the criticisms that people had about my comments. I agreed with them and it didn't feel great to realise that I am slightly misspoke or could have said something better and could go back and change it great. But it is very good that I can take really what was sort of mean spirited criticism until you know what they have a point, and it takes away this all this stuff. You know my Youtube just littered with people calling me a few facts. They don't know what I can see that so maybe well what you can glean from. It would be that you're not blocking out right in the world just because its
when and if it goes back to kind of regional rhythms margins like there are times right, can go on Youtube and make it that's my world. Without the Fox NEWS and people are didn't really like. It was a good solution liability there's no worse place in the EU to sex tourism, twitter and down. There are times look at it and get inspired and say: okay, can you know Bruce Lee absorb the good right discard the back, and then there are times where I just know mentally, I'm not in the place and why don't you just have to avoid it lets. You know home alone and you're feeling on edge and it's a door stormy night. Maybe it's not the best choice to watch a horror movie that night or for some people it is, the ban on meat a pick and choose your. You do you're moments when you have that kind of internal strength to face things that are designed to be challenged. This we were trying to challenge you. I mean a lot of times
the choice is, as they say, China, while you are for they get on your skin, but even that I want to be strong enough to let people get under my skin and see what that's like. So it's it's! It's a pretty far out place. I don't ever be combat away lightens where I can actually go through life with with a kind of Henry trouble vulnerability. It's a strange economy hard for you. You know what I'm not I'm not saying this to somebody, authoritative, but Europe as an artist, someone is actually very creative. Something is a comedian. You know you can't be fixed gained in the sense that what makes you able to create something makes you inherently thin skinned Macy's sensitive pick up on things and create something very well says, good observation they get you wanna be weak enough to be. You want to strong enough to be weakened
rendered me like a really strong person, isn't strong. Just in this way the barricade themselves from rail the strong enough to actually be vulnerable yeah. It's very strange era. We talk about that too, with them another guess, the others. A sort of I talk about the sort of this. I guess vivifying of masculinity nowadays nematode, what's a false sense of machismo in hunting and fishing, but boys are very confused and I think I may call it that he was also you have people saying that you know men are inherently. You know your mail privileges showing it may make them feel guilty, but many people acting like will you either the job
or your the book, no one. If you look at people even like TAT, you look at people like Churchill, you look great men. They were very, very re layered people back then, if you were only considered a complete man, if you were intelligent, if you were a creative, if you were well spoken and if you had the physical, whereas now we tell them like it's one or the other, but you're a type of first right. That's a really great observation. I, like that idea, you're trying to assemble many types of people into one layered, as you said, and an end synchronized all we're all those things actually like that. You you this way, one in a universe where they're all working in tandem, sorted bring out the best. That you can a complete, as it does a great that's something to aspire to see. The yards, a great human yeah, why? I guess I was talking about man, because we ve been feminism, You're patriarch is showing a it has had. The was a bit his head
I don't know if I can say that slut walk just yesterday. What was that we walk around naked and common rapists authorities? I think that that would they do they do it across the cities. Ok, so anyway. That's that's! Why my mind was there and then Germany render got a bunch of flag country herds? Black widow comment. Now it was really funny. He said there s a little black widow when the comics doesn't sleep with captain a miracle quietly with I was a scourge has yea and also in the eyes and black widow affectional character like she's, just a total slime and now feminists are furious fictional character. People get it
given that one but ok, so you ve, been unpacked in Japan, the Glen backstop right and I'm sure your people are thinking or would you prefer Hitler show now you ve never really been open about your politics as far as like saying, I'm a conservative and putting a label on it, but I would have to imagine just in being accepting of the invitations to those programmes that you're not far lefty. I don't feel like I'm anything. I was thinking about this earlier today. Maybe in an anticipation coming on the show, I don't think there was a time when ever I can fight is anything like largely because I was extremely uneducated, still em, just sort of ignorant not proud of it, either on a lot of the issues that in fuel prepared or even capable of taking a position on the time until I just wasn't interested really wasn't interested. If I do it myself, I would want,
they will as a musician or as a painter or as a person. So I did didn't find that kind of engaging with the world through a political point of view. We have to become more aware, though, because you have people going like. Why would you go on Wednesday to download? Why am I going on Goin back is really bad because he asked me the exact that's I've gone through life is
more and more a sense of there's something pulling me along and I can fight it or I can show up and do it and the more I ve shown up and and done it sometimes against my instincts, sometimes against the advice of people. I really trust and respect what gave into a deeper, more subtle poor that I was posted report towards using that just followed and things have worked out. I really would like to be able takings case by case as much as possible in my while it may not always be possible ways we do need to do so to have free, said ways of looking at the world in order to move through it right. I try to stay focused on open mindedness as the default, where even question that
question everything, even including questioning everything, so it can get exhausting, is not resting on a certain point of view, but it's been for me. It's been more. I've learned a lot more than I think I would have if I had just stayed with one point of view and the right to a defence. Well. You ve got to recognise that that's different from a lot of political, every rockstar hardening and ask if Mary rocks really consider themselves open minded, but not most them would never even think of doing to show it has some of the label is conservative attached to it. So you think it's maybe they're fooling themselves into thinking that open minded and you're just really because, in my view very sincere, that's one thing. I think no one really it is because its contagious, your often is very nice. I ought to say that I'm trying, to have an adventure right in life and I feel as an entertainment. There still is my that it that's everything if I'm not entertained by my own life. How can I not? How would it be let entertaining
that's a good point or I don't know why. Other people don't do what I do or why don't do what I do will do I just I'm doing I'm supposed How do you know what I wanted to do something right? What I meant it's been hard to figure that out, but I'm getting better at following an ash. Them is an obvious, so many questions we say when you see meant to do with what do you feel drawing what what is it the universe, God or all that of force? Maybe your own internal instincts again, but it. But I've noticed what I You, like I'm, being useful that I'm adding something rather than is taking away or taking to make my life better. When I feel like someone else can relates to something that I have offered and it's made them feel good was allowed them to tap into the part of the cells that already did feel good realize it anything that sort of make me feel like
maybe I was concerned that was think, there's things I wanted to do because I, like you, I wanted to make money because of this like a by those who live in the same way that always left there was always a slight flatness. After striving to achieve That is why the kind of enemies when when it was another person what is the tribes are? Just you myself, Magritte rather people, that's the grip of a working group for one more significant Where does that leave me with something to bring up a lot of a broader? Your listening to louder, with crowded
Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web. A our fifteen- I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com. You're listening. Do outer with crowd there we're back when I hear that entertaining yourself. It's funny because now never talk about this, but when I first met you at all sort of approximately twenty one is not about boxes of New York. New love me or I hated it I'm! No. If I did it wherever gather did you, I didn't two different stance and it just it just it wasn't me and you could
since that we can you go back and you watch the heads I was doing on television. If you go back, you can just sense of theirs. People, listen to the show or people watch. Videos like, I think, Stevens a bit. He's a bit of a jerk and his point of view, but he seems like a happy guy. You could. Since I wasn't happy, because there's no, there really is no. Unless you're like gushing from could cathartic, for it their people to see someone going through that in that way, but ultimately, in extra you wanna see people better feeling fired. I do my best work when I'm excited about life, when I feel, like I'm mean enough figuring, he's out of it at least going towards some kind of purpose or meaning I mean those times when I thought that everything was meaningless. I went through all kinds of complete ambivalence and sort of tore away everything about life and in the back up again and now, I'm in a building back up against these, which I hold never stops at? I want you're down again right is: do you can dive
things like that. But if you like, you have to and sometimes grab my, how did you do. It again you go through ordeals in life and we hope that you come out of them stronger and at that time it can seem like wise How could this ever be valuable but those dark moments feel like, especially in a measure. Will you child like I had a very, very privileged Aubrey. Not just family Ngos support surrounding friends. Mentors everywhere and things were so good. I think that I almost had to create experiences, so I could have a weapon version of life. I mean your parents. Of course they want. You just have a perfect right existence, but you don't get to know yourself Or even the world, unless I can offer better worse, you go through some bad stuff, and even if you have make it happen on your own right At the end of the day you to look yourself in the mirror and say: I done everything that I can do that I do every
there was in my power to make sure that I'm prepared for remedies, whether to show or whether, it's you know the next stage of life and that's a scary you like because you can say yes, you gotta work and you're willing to accept the result. For me about you for the tearing down phase, This is kind of a question for me and it has nothing to do with politics and our people, one. A m dial- might be shutting this off, but you never know I think that independent listening wouldn't harder failures to handle. Free the ones where you made a mistake- and I know I made a mistake or the one- were you feel, like you, did everything right everything you could just Stillman says fantastic question, or hopefully, both those types of experiences, but again provide insight occasion, self knowledge and some
type of strengthening in the end, but I feel like the. The first one. The first one is is more painful, because. All you'd ever want is to feel like you gave everything you had the right to be alive. Whatever You have to then just taken stride is that it was meant to happen right if you try, We felt like you hesitated, didn't trust that think didn't follow this purpose of this call and basic wasted your life bedroom would be much harder, even if it was just a day of your life or ten years right. The whole thing- you're gonna go at the open answer. I hope I would learn either way. Then you gave an actual life event in two now. What was yeah that I would say for me: it's it's one, things. Riyadh mistakes are like you know. Those are would keep me up at night when I'm face it now and it's like I've done everything, because I didn't really, I wouldn't say
but I am very, very grateful. I have the best father and mother and brother you could ask for, but for me was you know if I was like I've studied for this? ass to have done the same thing now unprepared for the show and whenever they again and then it still doesn't work when it happens its devastating, but I figured something where I know I can pass it well. I just have to correct it Whereas you know you look back something where you made an error, those things, I'm alone at nine months. They have united whence it is, and there's still things, there's things that I don't allow myself to think about going back ten years fifteen twenty years ago, because I closed that
after I said, there's nothing. I can do right to fix that. I will never make them a stake again. Never have right, that's the only thing I could take away, but it doesnt saw that feeling of writing team needling in its bad as nauseating was presented in the public eye worsening, use. Google you're like I'll, tell you what that was what we would mean Fox NEWS right. I have a room now I dont do media Mundus, my friend Dana and its because, like if I put up a bit, or this shows gonna go right. People have the full thing they can make a judgment. They could hate you they could eat me. I'm ok with that. Really are, is running a search and seeing someone take a clip from a show where I said something, because I was asked something by a host, and even though I said what I meant, its cotton away or out of context or people could misconstrue it. I said I'm not ok with that. That's it that's hard does like almost getting into injustice right territory, which is, true emotional pain, right that that is that's
but better to have that version of injustice than to truly become like the best person You can be and it's the hardest thing in the world, harder than anything as ever wanted to try to achieve like putting on an album or getting on tv or making money are being successful. Making my dreams come true all these very self involved pursue It's in the entertainment industry, ambition in the traditional then, was idea. What? If I could help what, if I could just be better brother, what, if I could be better son, what if I could be better husband, what if I could be a better friend young over much like That's really actually take real, like the others. The word yes riding, recording our staying up in three days working was not and even come close to one percent. As our talk hardest to try to face yourself right inside out
and say it. Maybe that's what real life actually is and all the other stuff is is to facilitate that pursuits right now, that's a good one!. You and, I would say, kind a kind of comes in a roundabout way, because I mean you sold out were hearing run rapidly, solar thermal scheme. I mean Mary, ass, crazy, but that's I gotta have had to them their promotion. What what will take you downtown? We have time taken to show you run its red around here, incredible town, there's a lot of city, pride and grandmother beloved places, yeah yeah right, oh it's not like in armour or Europe, your friend there Austin. I think that a big, partly because it is, ages of the authenticity and when you are really just trying to improve yourself and enjoying what you do, that in itself almost becomes for like like a gimmick, because everyone else is trying to find a gimmick and are trying to create this, or this is the marketing tool, and I wasn't like you're performing you're performing your first up. Right now we are doing for the hour it's a mix of its annex x, but you are are these songs right which,
some of them are older. Some of them are newer, but their lot of artists, who would say what to do that. I just wanted to new stuff like Paul Macartney goes up, encyclopedia I want to hear Starbucks Album like hearing the classic stuff and You ve just seen the genuine, genuinely enjoy pleasing your audience. Almost abnormal now like my artists for me, what you're, artisan joint approach, What do I made it? Actually, that's was interested in trying to get, but also I, like those pharmacists, there's nothing. Rolling about me playing forty hard. I explained this to be a very close friend of mine either you asked if I was sick of- and ass long ass in an even surprise at the fact that I enjoy playing it now, even more than when it was I don't know why I don't care though I just m thankful that this this thing, is revealing itself to me when I told them is that song,
I don't even like I created. That's all that's on created me. That's on created, whatever I've gone to do that led me here, I sort of worship as I wouldn't be here without it so drain resentful of it or to turn away. I don't get a creative, larger inspiration from sort of crashing everything, I've already done. I do realise some people work like that. It's a lot of you. The field and another one, and it could you We find our name, but they like they showed up and indeed something they didn't play any of the songs that people want to play in this whole concept, album. Oh crap and was just it was just really talk. You know, because these people are paid for a ticket, I didn't Billy Billy Jaws white. I now don't I, opinion that, if you're, for example, on this in a village, also-
Your middle gonna wait there's something go, and that makes me want to tat my boy. I love those ok. There you live and I agree he played in all the sums everybody wanted to hear and then even deep ones that his choice, maybe right, I've I've had experienced, I've done, shows where I did what I feel like doing and people disappear under the zeal good now I didn't. I didn't want to push against learn from experience to what we're again we're have use where invaluable work and offers them it actually is appreciate it! I play that stuff at home. I can do that. Other shows make it clear that this should not be playing my song. I've done that, but I would never abandon like a tree, and I dont want to cut down this whole tree. Just because I want to build a new nest in one area that you're gonna mean yeah. This thing is growing and it takes on a life of its own after plant seed than tend to the tree again bearded protected and help in feeding the porter
and I don't want to have to cut down just five you like making a new offshoot where something right, yeah. Sorry throughout my boy, you, I think you said he said, never gonna write better songs in my thirty's because I'm just I'm, I became rich and fat. You know like this guy, like a fighter doorstep ears. Trainer settlements is very hard to get out of the better five m to train an offender idle when you're sleeping in silk sheets sets a very good point just embrace it. You know and I think it's very noble and So I understand our. Is that don't do that, but you just gotta: do it fills waiting great while you do seem like you're in that, you feel good place, feel very good things happening and feel good. Turning that we can talk about products that maybe an organic sized I've coming up as always very surprising. They never would have expected a million years. I've turn myself overt. Whatever this thing is, this force this destiny, and it is pointing along and is doing the best again to make the most of it. As it happens, working. People best, find you
UK dot, com or one word to values, and then every other website with HIV, At the end. Twitter com, slash all these automated dot com says there's up. Do you do what you want you to have it? I dont update as much as some do the videos every everyday. I would like to add takes a lot of discipline. I stick with twitter became my your thing. I just how one dimensional and pure sure, unlike
so it felt like you're hanging a party with all these people. When you talk about parting- and some of you are ya gotta thanks very much, you listening to louder with crowded your listening to louder with crowd, You know that you're under Now this is the average White Van from Scotland,
spend that one is making sure that He's not slam in certain that I wrote. I've had happened, tat the red diplomats. Yet I tossed out the one, the one that I wrote for to play Andrew W gazed bomb says: that's a jam at dude is at jam yeah. He knows you knows how to get the party started. We're gonna, have it up it loud with quoted outcome. The video version of that interview it's a see me swan dive into a crowd and crowd serve anybody's. Why and to see that their they keep texting me and, like I wasn't there, I didn't shoot it that somebody else what what funny as they think that that somehow beyond me, I'm gone you do. Not know me very well like I guess they think they're mixing me up with some other. Am radio bill. Bennet Swan, diving into a by Andrew Iraq, Vander Gland Yak
happening Europe Window, that's not called a swan. If Turkey dive look of a big. Butter about Turkey diving into the crowd? They were just split there. It is the crowd, would look like the Red Sea well anyway. I don't. I don't know why people have such a hard time, believing that I would do a diamond. I that's what I did all throughout high school. We know of the queue hung out. Rock shows? That's very differently knowledge and I come from entertainment, background fund up and I have talked about this that's an interview that you may not here elsewhere. I know some of your weight and get back to politics will be talking about Baltimore plenty today, but it'll be, ok is a good guy and he actually that shown the cartoon network. I think it's cartoons like a kid show, so if you dont know about in your kids, probably do in ease not a conservative but he's a good guy. Any opens young people's minds to, different ideas. He wrote a column. Actually that was really good where someone wrote in
learning about their ignorant universally. His father, any he kind of corrected, in a way in a way, very insightful, so I would highly recommend you check out his stuff but spring of insight. Let's go the opposite So? Let me subtle- and here it is really had my my leg underneath me in the night. My my Lego go numb. So let me settling conservatives. We have a problem. But when I post something online and I see people who find themselves incredibly clever with the nicknames o bummer o dumber, now hilarious. Hilary stop. Please stop. It's not funny. It's not creative, and it's why conservatives lose. Whenever someone sees a post in a conservative, you know instead of going there in making a very lucid arguments, can convince somebody
they're gonna go will list. Obama, nation under dumber than you We lose the argument. And you know exactly what I'm talking about here and who listen- listen, funded, ok, here's the thing! I want a contrast here. What conservatives do. And why they lose first. What liberals do with language and whites. Effective, look I didn't go yeah George, oh, oh Johnny, George Bush, dumb person what they did instead of trying to be clever and trying to create something that can be forwarded to your seventy four year old grandmother where she sits in her office and treat it like a full time job of what they did.
Think about it. When someone said Bush, it was never President Bush, it was If you see a sign somewhere Bush now, you know it's some kind of a protest. They took his actual name, George W Bush and they said we're going to take over the word Bush devalue the word itself as a poor, going to make Bush a bad word in word: cultural Lexicon, Bush bad. They did that and that was incredibly effective to the poor. That conservatives, if they were defending some specific policy or decision of Bush they the need right away to correct it and say well, even though George Bush's, because enough they say Bush people don't write off, shut, shut off their brains and go Bush Bush or used on a bush. Do bad word. Instead of doing that instead of arguing the policies instead of becoming more culturally relevant conservative. Become more culturally IRAN.
By going O Bomer o dumber o killers, the worst. When I saw was actually Oh ah, it wasn't o dumber wasn't Obama, it was like Obama dummy it. Didn't it didn't even work. It's like we are trying to outdo themselves with these names energy, just not helpful. So please stop in just learned to actually argue the points and be effective with language and culture left us, sir. I gotta give him credit, be right back louder with broader if you're anything like me. You enjoy a glass of wine, but finding the right kind can be a hassle, or maybe you want to buy a nice bottle is a gift, but don't know where to start that we're simplified wine comes in
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tat, you were almost listening to louder with an empty chair, Stephen through I have a little bit of stomach upset because those drinkin so much coffee so I ate a banana and then I realized we were back I looked over as we Skype, so I can what's going on with him: I've got bumper
music plan, and I've got an empty chair on my computer is like ok, it's louder with Dan. I could just be they're just picture. Does like an elderly Florida driver, your real low and the steering wheel. I almost got run over run. Were by an old lady, and I swear to you. I know it's stereotype Buick just I it the old I felt that there is there. Is nobody in that car hits a completely empty, but what kind of Buick, though, I don't know some older, your guy. Oh my mucus. Rather love Buicks, my wife will now Let me I she told me: I need it to get another car or she said you need to get a new car right. So I looked on the internet. I found that there is a pristine, seventy seven Electra available, and I want it and she says no, that
older than your other car. I'm like yes, but it doesn't have a single french fry wrapper on the floor. It's like such a rose, don't come in wrappers, but all the little bags like this junk all over the floor, my Carney to clean it up your floor, don't buy a new car. I dont want to throw things out the window It would be littering, lives would be mad at you are entirely confused about your plethora of options. You can take the trash out at a gas station, but I'm pump and gas I'm busy. It doesn't have to be on the floor of your car or the wind I care about in a back seat. There are plenty of ways in which you could dispose of your french fry wrappers, really quick, really quickly. So some people didn't like when a cemetery, Obama and calorie stuff by the way. I understand that, obviously, if someone's going to call you a racist right, you can't just argue the points and besides
important and think that everyone can be Milton Friedman. You need two. If you need to nip in the bud because too, pardon argument. Once someone is already basin, the premises, your racist is to assume that is within the realm of possibility. You need to know I'm not a race There is no proof that I'm a racist I've never done anything racist, not going to accept Anita Swat that down first and foremost, so I get that that has nothing to do with trying to be clever with frankly nicknames at aren't very clever. They might have been really clever like the first time you hear him or the first time you see him, but after about six months, maybe two days, it's not funny anymore yeah Democrats and all that stuff you dislike. Please can you just stop you're, like the unfunded uncle.
Barbecue, who might avoid not the other, are not the other uncle, because you know he's always asking you to come here: no yeah, there's no parental supervision and the poor body. George Michael, that uncle my talking about that I'm talking about. I just gotta have gave what was it you gotta have faith towards Michael. What is he doing now? He's probably still put not big problems in Europe in another, probably listening to him in Germany and in Japan and stuff, does not charting in the. U S a lobbies guys they do that there still super successful everywhere else. After the? U S, get sick people right well entered on the UK is is a huge and Japan as well. Lot of rockers are big in Japan. I think rock is less of a dead art form in Japan, so a lot of people. There probably appreciated more than
Their young, japanese people appreciate rock, I think, more than young people in the United States. All my son loves rod where both of my kids love Good Rock n roll music. So that's kind of a plus had to deal with a lot of rap on their stereos. Oh, I love some wrapped. You don't get me wrong. I love hip hop as well, but I'm just saying There are a lot of people who just won't even in a won't even listen Iraq that is won't even give at the time of day. Now I can't fathom that. Why would someone not want to listen to rock Well, think about. When you were growing up, the rock was a counter culture that was part of what made it enticing right: com surely a lot of parents didn't want you listening to it? Well, that's not back there's, none of that that would be associated with with hip hop.
Now to me. I always just listen to what sounded good. I didn't care whether or not my parents liked it or dislike it, or whether or not my friends liked it or dislike it. I'm like. Oh, this is quality quality, music cuz. I would go around with cassette Walkman with Benny Goodman's version of Mozart's clarinet concerto in a swap that out listen to the Beatles, listen to led Zeppelin on Tommy to tone it didn't matter what it was if it was good, I was there and the early rap too. I mean run DM see nucleus with all that stuff, just killer, grandmaster Flash you name it yeah, others, just not as much Good now one eye I write. Well, you you actually listen if actually get in the guy is probably one of the biggest dumb asses in America, If you listen to one of Congo albums like college drop out or is it the darkened to its advantage?
you will see your you'll get those hands of Eleanor Rugby Weathers. Full on you know, violins pianos, really Full band bringing in some pretty creative, hip hop. Like Kenya waste as a person, I dont like his political views, but I've got to give the guy respect, but is there still a lot of that over processing on the voice, because there was there was one that he worked on with Paul Mccartney and the voice processing was so annoying I also do not get past it yeah, but there are a lot of theirs. Waste processing a lot of even the Beatles stuff. You too yeah, but it was. It was proper analogue voice, processing, yeah the eye. June thing fixes up a lot of mistakes, there's some of that, but it's not all of it. It's not entirely reliant on it. You know what for me it's kind of like comedians There are Mulder comedians to action we like we're going up Jimmy Jimmy Norton on the show, who is probably one of the film
comedians at Bernie's, come for about a sector like I'm all right he's also he's also very open open minded and end is really against political correctness, other comedians or vulgar, but they are funny without and then there are comedians, were entirely dependent on the shock. I sort of that's the way. I look at me Can I get guys man deal the what dice man back in the day he needed the immediately dirty, I feel be he will. He was like human indeed cook, the same trajectory I feel the same way with music. I give them. You know that I have some wiggle room. For someone who uses it as a tool, some auto tune, verses and someone who's entirely reliant gets I've heard songs by Lady Gaga, where she uses auto tune as one of the colors in her palette, but she's capable of of painting something spectacular with just her voice
lady lady Gaga rail looked when she was as she was a jazz music stephanie German oughta. I've got the red and blue out. Those are fantastic. She was very, very good. I love her. And what happened is listen. This is a message that we send your young women Gaza is not particularly attractive And so she wasn't getting the kind of play that she wanted so ugly. If have to go fishing with dynamite. That's the rule that were teaching young girls hey if you're not attractive enough. You just gotta throw us dynamite in the water in in blow it up. Here. You ve gotta be shocking where meat suit something because you're not going to cut through this industry. There are exceptions like Adele. Were that I want it so overwhelming a lover voice her voice too. I think she's cute, I think she's cute waterway, don't now well yeah, but from my perspective she still thin.
Not that you can't be attractive, but she was in. She was always a big girl, but you can No, I mean she. I think she had a baby, but you can tell she's just kind of like ok, I'm I'm just gonna go with us and I go in a fort full, a wreath of Franklin with a deal by actually Joanie Mitchell prayers to Johnny Mitchell she's in a thing in a coma right now, damn my mother in law actually sang with Johnny Mitchell for a long time toward whether man and two three, the Franklin too. She has some great stories. We should have run the show we will have. Father on the show to discuss later again for those of you just tuning in Right riots and we appeal oh yeah. What now everyone should off the dial we're talking about music by the way have you heard the Michael, more demand with Baltimore? I have not heard that oh, he wants to disarm police Kay. Now we gotta start using some of those stupid nicknames for him well about just dumb ass does at work. That is exactly that one. I was thinking of. There is another one starts with D as well,
there's a lot of noise yoga. Here's here were his tweets, Michael, more Michael, more suggested. This comes to me from the blaze right now that as well, fifty per cent of people who are in prison are actually innocent. He waited imprison, you shoot you sever your spine, crusher larynx, send you to war, keep you poor call you a thug, not let you vote, but you can sing for us here's my demand. I want every African American, currently incarcerated for drug crimes or non violent offences released from prison. Today and the rest, you are imprisoned. I dont believe fifty percent of them did what they were accused of lies greed, a modern day slave system. Poor whites to next demand disarmed, the police. We quarter billion. Second, amendment guns in our homes for protection, will survive till the right right. Cops are hired local cops. Now militarized found father said no army policing our soil. Why you cops up tanks? Oh right, the enemy, the black man. Ok, are ok,
there's so much to get into your now. It's very important People get mad. When I give any kind of credit to the left, he's not entirely wrong. There are colonels of truth in there. As far as militarization of police. That's a problem! Why do police have tanks? That's a legitimate question to ask: if cops have tanks, people, be allowed to have tanks the discussion that some people have and you hear convincing arguments on both sides. Father said no armies policing on our own soil. Ok,. I'm not quite sure he gets that where, where and I would fond the legitimate purview of government when people are riding in burning down their fellow citizens buildings. It's legit. Role of government to stop that particular citizens, because now
nor freedom to operate crap infringes on someone else's freedom because it's their crap. I always heard the expression my right to waive my fist around stops at your face you, unless it's my face than apparently everyone has that right only if there any union if there in a union, we were talking about that here today to it so funny liberals constantly tweet that picture to me. It's like that was from my camera the picture, beginning punched in the face. I put it on my youtube General, clearly knew it, but only liberals would consider a sucker punch, a victory in other, proud of that their products, some guy called God- and that's fine. You know you. People say I Stephen goes right. It's we well known. He goes round beating up old men, we have any further. But we know that he beat up this old man before he got hit but which
it might actually pansy. You can defend myself because I was called caught in the face clocked called cock called clock. I think they both were now. I ve got a visual, we'll cut your cock and back your fists. Get you get your better than that funding so or I beat up an old man. I mean it's gotta, be one of the two right but yeah. That's that's a pervert example! Europe. You have a right. Wave. Your first round ended up a UK. Does it show right you're out their marching your rear waving your fists, but you can't get someone else in the face. So there are colonels of true what Michael more set and actually we'll go to right here. There's there are colonels of truth, is something very controversial: a sea and ends hosts said about the troops she said, they're coming back these veterans looking to do at all in a lot of police officers, cheese, It has an indictment now was wrong to Saint entirely, but let me explain some context there and why. I think it's actually a good thing for veterans to sometimes become lotta with broader will. Keep you informed
after this break. your listening to louder with proud, Yes, you are and fun dip the screwed up getting this flip up. But if you just run a search, CNN host veterans, the new stuff will come up, fun, dip and it'll show you a bunch of clips so I'll explain to you. I guess in the interim this hosted CNN conservative sort of sensationalize it's a little bit. She didn't quite blame the Baltimore riots on veterans, but you- talking about how significant amount of veterans are police officers and how
you know we turn them. We turn them in the cops near coming back from war and there it is looking to do battle, and so we end up with this conservatives got really offended and indeed they sort of plate identity politics with it. Now you should. Offended not offended absolutely point out. The fact is as an inappropriate time to bring it up and you can. Place any of the blame of the riots on veterans. You cannot rest sat on the shoulders of veterans that is wrong. It's factually inaccurate, you could argue, victim blaming. I certainly think that that policeman, who have never done it, Racist have never discriminated. I certainly think that they are victims much more so than the people burning stuff, that's just an opinion. Meet me ass crowd or, if you think, I'm wrong, but there is truth to, and I think that this is a disk and that at some point needs to happen when veterans, come back their opera
in a very, very high frequency it's the same reason before the became biker gangs, criminal gangs? If you look at law of the biker clubs that were started in United States Post World war. Two It was a lot of veterans coming back and there in war, and they need to do to find themselves that frequency to get a thrill. So they do wind. Motorcycle clubs would ride together. Here you go, fast and a motorcycle. That's comes the closest thing you get in society. So, as I understand that you know, Chris Kyle had PTSD right, I can sniper we all autumn as a hero. But we also need to have an honest conversation about PTSD known his case. What really angered liberals is Chris Kyle do not have PTSD from guilt from american guilt, from being against the war are not having a clean conscience. He said not I'm actually willing to answer the good Lord for each and every shot that I took. He did have PTSD because there were a lot of people. He couldn't say and coming back here again. If you read the book there was,
Anthony ass. It was really hard for his marriage because he felt like I should be back their cause. You know that, if he's not back there and he skilled, you'd incredible sniper, he saved so many lives. He know that there are lives not being say right, so it your operating up here right, your red lining the engine, and then society tells you to bring it back down. So that is an issue and that's it you for a lot of people in the military. Now, in this instance, where she's talking about cops veterans, looking for bad, on southern looking to cause trouble. Citizens, of course, that's an accurate, what I would say this, if Miss, Terry veterans who were combat specialists are coming back into this country and are trying to find a tiered process to reintegrate them back into. More civilised american life from the battlefield. I cannot think of any. Eggs more entirely appropriate.
And putting them on a riot squad in Baltimore. I the only one who thinks that is perfect. You were soldier ISIS and they were blown stuff up these people nor blown stuff up. Do your job. I don't, I understand the problem. I really don't now as far as obviously officers were veterans, I'm not saying give them Carte blanche to just. You know tree like dropped on the battlefield, but that listen, it's like the old. Jack Nicholson. What you want him on that line you know who I want out there on the front lines I want. I've talked about this What we want women up there. We want equality, we want to meet our demographics. We want to have everyone represented. I want some leather necked red neck, or wherever there from redneck means white. So let me just correct that I,
want some leather necked hunting American, who has a can of Bush ice in one of his hands, and it would be cool. A deer anyway. Only we replaced that dear with a terrorist movement. Is that hunting rifle with an eight hour fifteen and gave him a licence to kill? That's the guy. I want out there on my front line and we like these people are abnormal. We agreed these men abnormal do you realize that not long ago, that's what all men were. But you did, you went out new fought New protected the village right. There was a huge about you didn't condemn them. You didn't tell me I needed to be in a special ed classroom. You didn t parents are needed to put em on Ritalin. You said, oh my gosh an incredible amount of value. In a man who has boundless energy and wants to fight and hunt and kill and screw all the time, less could put him out there and have him protect the country.
Now that's a problem: now we don't, we don't want them. We don't want soldiers to be soldiers, we don't the Nagoya we want them to win, they want them to be. But we want them to be nice. I dont want them to, I know I don't believe in needless wars. We don't know be going into wars honestly, what the point, if it doesn't benefit our own self interest? Strong! Sorry, I don't care about their step now. The fact is that people going to accuse us of being an evil empire, which I will dogma that in armour, but we did the Paddington Bear Video a girls are the United States is an evil empire and we just can't afford it anymore. The united can't afford it its empire interests abroad through a hole in a second in empire definition is profitable there were an evil empire or we can't afford our efforts abroad. It's one of the two now first half you're an idiot case in Point Canada. There is a country
rich just just a vast land in a rat natural resources, no national defence of which two beak when compared to America. We wanted to take or Canada. I see this as a Canadian United States could take over Canada by noon today, and they do. There's never been an empire. Ever ever. That's had a Canada figure, the Persians think of the ottomans think of the english empire. If there was Canada, guess what now Parliament Empire, but it is costly. The rest costly because America's an inherently altruistic nation, its costly, we're going into other countries. Try. To liberate the people from their dictatorships from their tyrannical governments. Would you can argue is not a role that we should be fulfilling and asking nothing more than the land in which to bury our dead. Who did that? For them so either the United States is an evil pyre spending too much money abroad.
It's one or the other. It can't be both because an evil empire goes into countries and takes their crap. That's how you build an empire. You don't go into a country. Overthrow their government and then let them hold a democratic election and kick you out of here reason it's in a cultural lexicon, cousin, evil empire. Just think about these things. Folks lot, greater we'll be right back
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you know like Lena Dunham, is the same way: she's she profiteers off of rape, but I'll sharpened. My dad who actually talk about this. He had a great point and contrasting M L. Kabir, says sharpen. It's nothing. Good can come of this. If our partners in Baltimore expect things to get worse expecting to get worse. I don't doubt it, but now you ve got me thinking about Lena Dunham and that whole conversation. What would you consider what she has done? You know when you borrow the phrase from sharpen race. Baiting is hers. Rape, baiting. Absolutely absolutely. I actually it's up at last with credit outcome. I would get you the clip, but you can't run it she accepted an award on behalf of some I think was varieties like power, women luncheon, and right away. She goes up and she insults men. Whatever you know. Who cares? That's perfect,
Course, but she accepts an award on behalf of a charity gems, again. They actually do some really good work with under age, sex trafficking in helping people Out of that, you know that's a terrible, terrible thing, and you know it most good work with that are christian organisations and churches they go into these countries need they legitimately will take under age. You know people have been sold and to essentially sex slavery and get him off the street. So much as people hate the religious right now eliminate the religious right and there is no humanitarian work across the globe. So She was accepting this award in talking and then right away. I took about thirty seconds before she went to when I was raped by all all evidence we have available to us later. Dunham you were not raped and here's the thing. The statute of limitations is twice years, if you were raped and statistically most stats, point
people who rape and get away with it. Rape again up to six out of ten the lowest I've. Seen is four out of ten. But generally recognised numbers six out of ten rapists rape again so later Dunham if you were raped- and you know the person in the state limitations, is not up. There is a stronger chance. A more likely changed, the non that that man is one to rape, someone else how bout that accepting in a war and patting yourself on the back, how about you a woman from rape. Haven't you charge him? How about you releases identity? Haven't you come forward, You cooperate with Oberlin police who wanted to launch an investigation, and you were uncooperative, you can't say, I'm afraid it's gonna come after me, he's not going to come after you, your pop, your Lena Dunham, there's, no evidence that had happened. She's lied about a lot of things I dont one or two the characteristics
nation, where she's Lima things therefore she's lying about this, because you dont want to do that someone's a victim of rape anyway, but lane at Dunham cited an incident and believe we actually reached out the key username berry and I spoke with Firstly, the one gentleman who would have met her criteria where she talked about being treasurer of college. Publicans, and he was really you said it wasn't him adversity believe him. But turns out she was using some code name. She says some synonym. We feel the guy's name, Prescott you can literally save a woman from rape, not exe acting in a ward and doing a show where you stripped down O Brien Williams, is daughters bending over and having unspeakable acts performed on her behalf on turns out, it was very soda row. Very soda yeah this reference and not catching that's, what Obama's his name was that's right. That's right! I knew was it. It was in the noggin somewhere. I completely forgot about that. I bet you. If you were to ask most people,
Ninety nine percent of Americans wouldn't know that while that's cause, I'm brilliant, that's because your brilliant It's just one of those things that Lena Lena Dunham. She is like the owl shopton of rape, she's, the little boy who cried rape and she could save women's lives right now from rate she could operators from raping again, unless there wasn't really rape She did funnel her little sister. We know that she talks about this part. Pardon I dont think fund, at least at the center, and he gets incredible comparable. She wrote in her book about opening her sisters, lady parts, reaching in their she wrote about. That one truth revolt said this: is child molestation she threatened to shoot with mace, and we look forward Speaking with you in a deposition as to why you believe that it was appropriate to reach in, your sisters, private parts as to why you believe it was appropriate to Fondle yourself in a bed next year, little sister two, why you believe it was appropriate to
hey your little sister to kiss you on the lips, and did you not right, Lena Dunham, that you acted as a sexual predator? Did you know? right that in your book, yeah, let's, let's go to court Lena, take us to court. We look forward to it course. Nothing happened. But now she's back on the trail, the conservatives, its attack me cause out of the rate back down stairs tat because they hate women, conservatives, don't hate women by the way. If you ll get conservative Christians, they are the people who treat their wives the best. Even if you don't like conservatives, even if you don't like Christians, there are the least likely to beat the crap out of there. He knows you're most likely to treat a woman like dirt Muslims, not yeah or some inner city liberal, who refuses to marry a woman and lives of their into this. Just a piece of paper baby, that's more disrespectful to women, but lady, Lena Dunham,
it's up a lot of credit com. You can see her speech it so self aggrandizing. She is the owl sharpen of rape, we certainly do that because I'll sharpens on the ground in Baltimore, I don't know, what's going on there right now. I just know that thing good can come about well go to a break will come back with my father, daring crowd or to discuss being alive in Detroit during the riots darkness. It your listening to louder with prouder sure dickie, computer on louder with prouder dad
your listening to louder with prouder you are listening the latter with greater in case there is any doubt we always But you know because that's how radio works and people forget may get upset and they happen. Pills again, but I'm glad to bring out our next guest as someone who I know quite well. My father dare and crowd her and the reason he's on is because we were talking on the phone this week about the Detroit Riots and he was alive back then so dead. Thanks for coming on the show perfect for heavily, I was gonna coming to the studio and drag you off like that, mother in Baltimore. If he had had me answered,
It is a way on media the left, as it is mad about that now, while she had to put it quite right up there, I might have cheated suddenly telegraph about each time she laid in the one she would go. Don't you ever try that and so let him know was coming true cedar at yeah. He was able to Bob Bob and weave a little more effectively enroll with those lapsed, but while she gave it, the old college try I'd like to see more moms at least do and that more and more dad's out there. In her case, I think her husband had a heart attack and that the tragedy but yeah, so dead before anything else. So I was taught about this. As someone who obviously wasn't around for the Detroit Riots- and we ve talked about a lot, what kind of Rodney King you Know- and I was really young and then a gap now and I would say that race relations right now and funded agrees with me are: Worse than ever in my lifetime.
You're around what what? What first of what would you say that in any kind of contrast it with you know the death of em? Ok in Detroit Riots, which is obviously probably one of the worst incidents in american history, is for writing. Well, I think I think, there's more fear back there and from both sides really I'd just like today. We just see it everywhere thrive. Everything is look through that lives, and it's just it just in the atmosphere constantly it wasn't them I mean you, there was the idea that Haiti, with certain parts, tat lock your doors. Kids. Can we didn't know I, which is that older people who hate us for some reason, and we did really reciprocate- that we didn't get it any. We were northerners, maybe in the south that had gone on long before my time, but now I think, you're right. I think today it is everywhere and them it's not gonna fat. I mean I think this present had a chance to address it. He had a chance to do some things for father was served in a fan,
yes, and he had a chance to see that you have signed that unfortunate. He had it if we had a fundamental right that might help him addressing a bit, but he doesn't give never never spoken to it. It's always been race in a negative sense. He's never tried to prop up the family in and fatherhood than and you'll get it together. That way, it's always been just one thing like about dead, funded Suharto you can't come in what funding? What part at Detroit were you in during the riots? Where were you live high? I grew up in a naughty side. Right in that little notch, the last place where every fireman and cop could live and still be in the environs to try cuz. I had to live there to work for the city, so it was just a notch below Harper Woods and just west of where grow, it started, so I only foreign catch. You can do like over by Denby High school. Exactly that's my brother and sister
the school day yeah. I know the area here. People often some avoid a troika got really bad. That's always been that my sister Nike seventy six in front of that school Denby, a girl, Shot at lunch hour grow pulled out of a gun. I do not think sideways back then, but she pulled out a gun and shot a girl who's. Who was seeing her boyfriend and my sister never went back to school, a mail order Diploma Mohammed, seven, so but now you- and I was back when the city was in a million plus today- is less than half a million there line about that lying about this money through that in you, wanted me on no one saw the ride. We bought a ticket anyway. It's it's I've been reallocated us. It's never like. Detroit has gotten better, but it's gotten progressively worse.
It will tell us about the riot so in Detroit you're telling me you remember, because you are essentially committing a felony when you are sitting there in the mailbox where I was your gear up. All my elder brother and I were, would sit at the end of the street. We have mailbox elude straddle at mailbox like a like a hobby horse and watch military vehicles, good I'll catch. You wrote that I'd anti farming, armoured personnel carriers, jeeps all kind of cool stuff, hadn't down and ninety four to hang the right to go in the city, maybe even up to Jefferson or macaroni those other avenues of attack them into just an absolute Georgia, and I mean worship, there's, there's Baltimore and then there's this. We haven't seen the sniper fire that you saw in Detroit. My friend of ours that we play hockey with his dad was shot in the calf in the sky and and on one of his but cheeks and was done with the police force. My best friends
dad was a cop and his partner that the petroleum shot. Yet you know procurement here and he left shortly after that gosh I mean that's us and that's the thing that these people, who are there in protecting these communities manifesto, is they do more for impoverished communities, cops do more for communities where there is greater crying because that's where there, going to be called and then you have them walking off the force in Detroit I mean, if you imagine that happening in Baltimore. That's not good for anybody, certainly not for the senior centres that are getting you know, blown up in and burned down now dead. I mean you're woke up. We talked about your day,
it was in the air force and they even brought human right during the Detroit Riots. Yet during the joint rights they brought in that Michigan Army Guard on foot state troopers. Eighty second airborne at one point was there, but my dad flew a couple of reconnaissance visions with the AIR National Guard in the Olaf. Eighty four eighty four was a plain. It was known to be to take pictures. It speed at high altitude and zero when I'm rooftops means doing that for the city, can you imagine that was an american city people talk about that? Now people well Matthew S, though contrasting at right. This was the tray rights with sixty eight seven sixty seven, so that after that is Martin Luther King, fascination Bobby Kennedy. All that immediately after that, and then they thought: okay, hey, let's try passing let's, let's desegregate our schools.
And I never really got off the ground with the cross district bussing, but they did it within the environs of the city. So little where we live in Detroit was pilot, Buffy experiment right after all this hit, the fan right was tat. Was my experience when to be clear. Do you ve talked about its? It wasn't a racing. It was a cultural thing where you basically had people from different sides of the city where a lot we're coming out with parents were cops and that a lot of kids were from areas where they were shooting cops. And then an unjust. Just toss them all in the same spot in the bus together it was a culture of segregation, exactly not a good social experiment for sure using a particular areas, but that it was was a rough time for sure I can imagine it was a rough time, but looking back their compared to Baltimore, and it doesn't seemed certain on saying its ever justified the Detroit rights. It was terrible and deplorable back then, but you can kind of go camera close to the Voting Rights ACT, we're still close to the innocent. Rights issues.
There's a little more understanding, I think, to those people who were riding Aragon. Ok, I get why upset were closer to what he Saint funded, but it started because they tried to close down and after hours bar in the beginning of the thing was completely stupid, dumber than the things that are starting riots. Even now like all we all wanted at having been a german
just like they didn't want to close down his blind pig, and so it's like next thing. You know riots insane. Well, that's true, but I do think that term and you're right. The reasons for writing today may be more grandiose, more more of a social Europe commentaries and than that, but it was pretty organic. You know there were people that said hey enough for this. These cops, they thought were a little rough. They rested everybody out of that after hours, a party and so it's sort of started with pay, pay cop shout down and then a bottle and impressive and then an escalating from there, so that was that it had been festering for a while. Now you ve got professional protesters, AL sharpen types, you know P,
that look at their opportunities here and there at their religious, just sitting almost watching the police scanner waiting for protest. I picture like up without a movie with Jig Julian Hall, Jeer, crawler, Micronesia Dad did loved. It was meant aspect. It was one of the main thing funded scene. It I say it's one of the best films of the year was amazing. Couldn't we got his Paddington as far as I'm concerned. Stop it with your damn Paddington, but even so often make these references fund up right now I dont get half of them, but putting gives me good movie recommendation that generally I didn't know your other guests today, up great great guest on the show. Just for me here, Stephen said, tell you so names of records, never had never heard of him either. You have you and I are probably closer and aged in August, worthy where the previous generation
well nobody's, given that lovely still seems like a really interesting guy greatest. What's funny when it first told my dad at Andrews on well, I've never heard of a rock star, I said well, you know, is hits were like an urge. You know early tooth it like tooth o, four or five. I've in him, TAT goes out so after Iraq was dead, As I said here with the Beatles on my shirt when you turn on Iraq, they should now it will be classic Rock yeah, because my high school years. All of it then the only really good, current rock band that I can think of is like a star. Form from New Zealand they're not chart and two big yet, but I love them. I have to do some digging excellent They won't, he won't just like we won't be doing. Actually, I will say, Paddington Bear was, was actually a lovely felt its door, but I love that movie. It is gonna call. Kindliness is looking rough she's. Looking rough
there's no one here, funded of the entire, usually loved the sort of pale pale. Redhead look she's had some strange work done to her facial bone structure, Gassalasca to keep up with the work better and having done so, it feels like Malta, woman now it's the evolution, Keith Urban looks like a czech ethical given, looks like something from a Spielberg film, what Ignacio cheese a virtuoso on the Qatar that a country with a clean break, his heart, oh yeah, you spent ass it going Ok, dad. We will work on the Kyoto Break or even realize it will bring you back and I want it actually talk about. Comparing am ok back then in Detroit versus the current sort of black dealership ship like sharpen, who just want a lotta with broader stated,
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could possibly be simpler. Call, simplified wine today, eight for four to nine seven. Why, your listening to louder with too crowded the hell was that you went full broadcaster Oh yeah, I wanted to do that thing. I don't it's just are to me that you can turn it on and off Lothar, Rather I am your host even pray. Levelling the latter with crowded mainly lateral, greater Democrats guns and we are live? The most insubordinate producer, radio, funded Dan and my Father as a gas, because we're talking about the riots he was alive there. Detroit proper during the Detroit Riots. So we just talk about that. Debt. Tijuana gives him historical context in your time
about this on the phone- and I was another reason why I want to have you want your talking about you, I'm ok, that that vibes running Detroit Riots versus today I'll sharp in Jesse in an even Brok Obama. Honestly, the race spanning used to be relegated to the bottom wrongs of politics. You can include the President of the United States, so that's just to get answers. My banana. Don't copy pace that two derriman in get mad at my dick. That's just me. But you were saying something: ok, like Martin Luther King, you are giving me an example, and I thought it was. I thought it was really you. You know what I'm talking about. What you take the rapporteur yeah well, but I remember it we're talking about. If he would be here today, would wake him up and say: hey, I'm ok! Wake up! We get from this were either there's this guy
This is Barack Obama. Isa president, what kind of a silly name who said? Well yeah! That's that's not. The point is that he's a black prevalent we're gonna joking about midnight, Martin Luther king would have said what might my visions been realised? That was my dream. Obviously, we ve gotten your point where we could elect a year, a black present and so that that is it that we can only happen if the country chooses to do enemies. You note he would know the demographics of the country at any time. The written Vienna black voters do that, and so, but but the black leadership today doesn't want to see, quality doesn't want to see,
and doesn't want to see his dream. They wanna never lose the victim card. Their goals are completely different. They don't share his goals at all and when I should have found my faith in the mid eighties and I became a Christian, I looked. Martin Luther king out he's been, and I got it and it was a lot of there's a lot of stuff. I grew up with a good I'm not proud of the way I felt in the things I learned and sky really and it doesn't it it doesn't compared to what these guys. You don't do that doesn't compared all and it really breaks my heart to see that cause. It's it's not at all a christian world view of how the racist should agree and have things are, come together and we shouldn't see colored on in these things, but term its etc breaks my heart. I really think that its it doesn't have to be this way, but it has become an industry. They can't lose that card. They can't lose that advantage reigned. They don't want equality, they need
that advance in the advantages the victim guard and to be clear to those listening just tuning in my dad is talking about black leadership like AL sharpen who just showed up on the ground cause you, you know right away. Their dad going to say what you're saying all black people just like when I said these people are animals, you invite it mean the rioters. People who are burning self down those, it bring leadership leadership then and today, vision then versus vision. Today and that's the sad thing right, yeah knots, that's that's a good one and it also might say that not only are they are they phonemes. You know people like sharpening in paying or taxes and being with the people, but probably phones in their faith as well, because it's really hard to Russia those resolutions, and it comes up late for that, and we talked about this effort. You talk about on that and the show many times there is no institutional impediment anymore with with race or race class. Regenerating Bethinks debate
try to category spokes. In that that's gone. You too have gone away and we really should hear of it anymore. We should be more followers of Martin Luther King and say: okay, we don't think it's. It's done realise boom level playing field. There is no, there will always be institution very individual, racists and rednecks and on both sides we get that, but there is no impediment to your advancement. That's that's just doesn't happen and it doesn't happen to gender. We know that the glass ceiling and all this silliness it's and in our election cycles we more and more yeah? What we hear more and more and in their doing the same play now with all of a sudden the country have you noticed, TAT has been way more sexist. In the last four five I've noticed that no everything is is gender inequality. The pay gap met the enemy noticed that that uptake sure. Why do you guys talk about? I think I think you need to in his elevate that, as for me, I just won't hear I literally will treated is silly that that's that's really, don't don't come
any more with this isn't fairness and we really have eliminated these things. We don't have to be talking about the many more it's over. You have to. That's your business, that's it you get and thank you for doing it, but for us down here now I don't think so, if that's a phenomenal, listen to any more. No, you know, what's clearly heard coming out, go ahead funding I want to stand up for overweight, Irish new fees. That's what I want to stand up, for. We are a downed fraud, class or you're the only one who standing out because anyone else who fits that criteria is still in the closet as they should be, you, could see what I'm a hybrid their outcome a closet. Oh, oh, let me just make sure the walk in gotta be for me to fit well, you know dad you you're you're right Can I tell you we talk about this being raised and I went to Centennial regional High School and Greenfield Park back. I can count on both
handyman a black eyes that we had in our class. You know, had tons of asian tons of of Middle EAST, but not a lot of black people. We weigh more now because of the emerging haitian community income back and. None of them had ever experienced? You know the kind of racism what you're talking about in Detroit bigger sixties. They were so disconnected from it, but they still often spoke. They but a copy what they hop and hip hop and united. Here those guys are inadequate. They were from Memphis, you'll see some of them now You know in solidarity with Baltimore on Facebook, I'm goin, like I'm gonna, make up a name but its very close to the actually like like Jamal. I knew you you, you never had. Any of these issues are discrimination and in in Canada, at at all, you haven't. You have nothing in common with someone who was districts discriminated against by a cop, an interest in it
like that they want to get in now, unfortunately, in a cultural wave grant, and that's where we are you, I heard it. Oh god, I don't never. The name just just recently interviewed who talked about that sort of divergence in the culture work hip, hop cultured sir over took everything on that side of it and that's what drew any sort of this that the thug life, the attitude the that that we see now that didn't it it was supposed to be that way. There was at the word. There was a genuine black culture and then that sort of collected everything that's kind of put us to where we are here. You get kids from the white suburbs of Canada wanting to be part of culture yeah. What's funny, they say what is a front sorry funded from the screen behind me right now when it? What what? What do you want? It wasn't the hip hop thing is Not the uniting sound, the the south
of young America. That Motown was where white kids were able to dance with quite black kids, you had a white guitarist in a white boy. Player, joining with black based players, guitarists drum there's all that stuff came together in Motown in every body, seemed to be Able to embrace each other's culture and it is combined with inspirational, powerful and happy music and theirs not a lot a happy in the angry rap, It driver you're, not tonight, Lord. I am well aware that Stephen Stephen his brother heard all the time for me. I will hear something: I'm ready all discussion between up another great Detroit been up, not a gradual, our story, all the time that you think everyone's for betrayed the that came out of that city, absolutely incredible in all music good lad, funded just made a valid point that was not gastronomical, focused years ago, when we got to the EU
ass. We were always commenting, but how all calamity seem to come out a candidate member state on its true great alot of great comedy, does come out again and shaking that's true, She added we were talking about that back in the Old STAR Trek, the rumour. As they had him in a course it in a to pay or hear plugs shadow, You will not find a friendly audience with my dad. It's got. Track his old line as if it were playing a jumbo tron in my yard. I wouldn't lift the shape or what star wars, I I will data- might might fighter pilot dad like STAR Trek, though he did. He give you watch that claim that Oh geez, I read the room, we're getting tweets now, People saying that rather here daring dish, the dirt on me growing up. But that's a liability well you're, leaving at least one story about Stephen when he was young. I don't know, I don't have to think about I have to go to my I I dont want firstly to the race thing,
All you, people were listing the pot gas or watching on Youtube. I know you're good. Three white guys. You have no idea what it's like to shut up. Oh by the way my dad can tell you raised as a as an English speaking, canadian and french Canada I mean was forced to go to french schools, learn math and geography and french member that that till they swept me over in the fourth grade, a member I went from. Ah I, the french teacher, but this freedom is nigh, do who? A really really harsh. Indian teacher, like no nonsense, you know and I loved her because she spent extra time to teach me long division. She wasn't nice, but she was a great teacher wherever they thought I was borderline like learning disabled until it is, it will see if he can do stuff in English. That's how we ended up and stand up comedy, ok I have a story to tell them the story of the maid These parade and I'm a fitness- American American Fitness icon that confused me. You know I'm talking about The Macy's parade sweet
pie cookies. Now I just drove them in time. Oh ok, of course. With what we are we used to go to New York for the based around dollar, not a minute I'll go broke like Stephen, watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade his face. The tv as mother, behind him item on the couch agenda- along the parade route is Willard Scott and words. I always say The Lebanese everywhere hears here's Richard Sermons, Richard servant came out and sequence tank top chest, tear galore and serving cookies to Willard Scott in such an efficient way even stopped. Looked back at US point. The tv looked back point into daddy. That man he was giving a man cookies like a lady, it sounded like a lady, but he had the chest and he was so confused
he's. Never seen everything said Stephen be uttered, upload, go we're gonna distracted. That was his first experience. He was very shocked. It's a good thing to have the sex talk with your king had three or four it's an entirely different thing to have the gates and stocks are thank Iberian, free, imagery, Olenin Baghdad, dad we're gonna go to a break, but I appreciate it and hope you listener got something that put in your back pocket, we'll be back to wrap up the show louder with that
Your listening to louder with prouder, your listening to louder with router. So glad to have you back with us this final segment, of the show, these shows go by quickly. But something you know we were talking about. There might be some cool announcement coming up with the show It knows this and others that there has been the offer eyes are found again He does everything but pay attention to the programme we in a huff referred several times, there's been an opportunity to go daily and you know I don't do that and its by design, because I tell you what I look for
the doing this show with funding. I look forward to reading your tweets. You can tweet made us cracker. I look forward, doing this programme every week. I don't ever want to get to the point where it becomes their job where I have to get up and define some news to talk about. We gotta produces, because I tell you what I know radio house and it becomes the shore for a lot of them and you can hear it. It comes through and we don't want that to be the case. So hopeful if nothing else you can hear and he'll that its genuine and if you're, not listening, looked out alive segments, always gotta lotta, with greater dot com. Where you, get a bog gas, it's all free, it's all accessible and that's that The goal is to make sure everyone can get it. No one can have a good time. Are you not in your head? It's all. I were totally Fagin it funny you're not coming in the queue the speaker. Oh it's a!
that's right. I'm only sending myself to program. It's all a lie world were totally faking everything because that's how we make the big bucks. We are shells. Yeah. I'm a man has only a democratic adjustable bed. Ladies and gentlemen, right don't forget that Forget yourself, lubricating pocket catheter, its leads you gotta drink breeds gotta, drink based Europe with a pocket catheters, oh gosh, that sounds horrible legs of lubricating. I mean I heard a pocket calculators, but pocket catheter. Why would you need that gosh? I mean just one of those things you do not seem as you do. A qualified professional to admit to administer, Minister, that I mean it's like think giving yourself you know a needle, it's hard fewer had to do that. In our view, had I've never been a heroine guy, one thing I would never be able to do heroin because of the needles, something with with
I wouldn't be able to do it because of that I could only I could give myself a needle. I can't even contemplate contact lenses, yeah I do. Those are not there really pretty easy once again, no way grows says the man who eats hebrew national talks for breakfast eight, they are good hot dogs and I'm not stick and I'm in my eye so scientifically engineered contact lenses, my eye, that's growth, pact, Frankfurt, Brak, bad, only ballpark, francs and idle Now what the different says I dont even care. I a what what bothers me is: what are you doing on your phone you to realise its incredibly distracting? I get one phone call a week before nine o clock from the guy. You fixes my house, so I had to take it now, you didn't it take it. You can call him back after nine o clock all ran an emergency. Could set, I set your house on occasion, so this is
where we are. If you wanted a too, if you ever wondered what would happen with an entirely democratic, Tell me about Joe Joe Biden Little Hometown, their Baltimore. He takes the bulk, the Joe Biden press into DC in early democrat mayor, ah, whose complicit and actually see gave proactively gave space for people to live. And to destroy, and if you ever wondered what was going to happen when you had a black president who refused to be honest, about, what's going on in the city, that's burning, who refuse used to unite Americans and instead chose to divide, that for seven years and who created a false sense of victimhood among people who are incredibly disconnected from actual civil rights and actual civil rights leader like
Mister king, if you ever wondered what would happen if that pattern were put into play, if that, if that those wheels were put an emotion here, we are its Baltimore. This is what happens. This is what you get and it's it's. It's probably going to get worse probably going to get worse before it gets better. I don't mean baltimores going to get worse, but You can mark my words here if this police report comes out. And from some of the rumors were we'll have them once they're, more concrete lotta with credit outcome. If the rumours are true and forty grey was actually trying to injure himself, if there's a history of prior injury there. If it comes out at all that these cops weren't races. Just looking to break a black kid spine, because that's a narrative right, that's the narrative, that's been sets of. It deviates from that at all, even if he's absolve, because The cop did something that was an accident and there was a
prior history of of spinal injury. These people are going to be furious and that's why I think they're probably not going to be releasing this information right away They know it's going to be bad and they need to curb it. They need make sure that things die down a little bit and the problem is at this point historically, when you kids will learn about it. Just like with my brown, listen every saying that was said about Might Brown was verifiable, false his Europe was running away now he was a general giant. No, he didn't do drugs. Yes, he did. He wasn't, he was, he wasn't a criminal. Yes, he was. He was of a servant of community. No, it wasn't the carpet history of racism. No, he didn't. He never had a cop. Yes, he did you never reach for his gun. Yes, he did But what does he said? He was running away. No, they didn't.
They wrong about everything, but your kids because are going to be going to school with liberal professors and peace. Who want to keep a specific narrative alive, well, learn about the MIKE Brown Incident as the internet gentle giant who was shot running away from a caught with his hands up the same thing so its impact. But you hear this now about Baltimore the writing all burning down of their own communities and by then, I mean riders people in these communities. Don't try to apply a racial motive when nobody else is The people who are rioters those people, the people who are committing violent crimes- all of that will be disregarded when taught to you. Children, it will be taught as a civil uprising against police per day. Even if the police policeman involve afraid gray is completely absorbed.
So that's why it's important for to know and to pay attention into being engaged because either if you're right on all fronts, unless you, ve got some level of cultural engagement. Unless you understand how the media works Your message is not going to get out there. And that's where we are looked back at my brown. It couldn't be more clear cut but you still have people who believe something happened there that never happen and that's what's going to happen, Baltimore and Are you looking to say lingering economy down funded, funded, chaotic you're sure to go silent, because you know that I go on these grants to close out the programme. Like I said, and you can tweak me it s crowd or if you think, I'm wrong being raised in a post, racial America. I know growing up less than I had friends of all different of all different colors walks of life. And I hung out with them- none of them would have been complaining, complaining about being discriminated against, certainly not like back in the sixties, where it was valid
and these same kids, like I said who were raised with me, who I knew are now saying that their their victim, The discrimination are now saying that racism is worse than ever well, how does that happen? when White Americans elected a black president, how all of a sudden did system, lying dormant, and now, it's worse than ever, just like next sexism other races mark works, lotta with broader, see you next week,
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