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#23 Woman Leaves Islam Because of #LouderWithCrowder

2015-05-15 | 🔗
There are still quite a few giggles, but this week is a little heavier. We managed an exclusive interview with a woman who is CURRENTLY leaving the Islamic religion and protecting her children. These interviews are rare, dangerous, and we've had to disguise identities to protect the innocent. Please listen, learn and share.

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Stones with a motor city, maniac the weird from them at the Great Lakes Grandmaster, the motel madman, the mittens killer, nicknames you're, listening to outer, with crowd good day to you. I am your aforementioned posts, Stephen Crowd or, as always, the most insubordinate sidekick producer in radio funded Dan. Is here Zig Stephen. Now I'm gonna be aid, so this is a weak. Let me tell you ring get right into it. Obviously, the the only major stories to have occurred in the news, r, R M track and in George Definite was, but
When we get personal little but with you guys here- and we always try and keep it light, but this has been a heavy week for the latter with greater crew. The weak started off where we supposed. Some of the Bologna there in Dearborn Michigan, editor publisher of the largest air of american publication in the country. And I M here: The pan. Geller was worse than ISIS. You said that on air on my fox is it my fox to my Fox five in Detroit Fox to fight two in Detroit, nobody, picked it up. We picked it up, and we then did an exposure. You can find this latter with crowded outcome. A man who supported Hezbollah, Hamas ice incredibly anti semitic Hilarious foreign policy border, but that's not important right now,. And. Let me tell you that the guest today I need to set this.
Contacts for you, the guest today, is a woman who emailed me through Facebook rat. That she has converted from Islam she's the face and she is in hiding pretty much from her husband, she's she's away from her husband, she's trying to protect our children from her husband. This is Happening right now, that's not someone who, converted years ago, this isn't a meal. Eric and woman who can To islam- and I believe, two thousand seven two thousand eight got married it is now fleeing in the car less, for that was, Was my video, our videos? I dont say this to be to be building my resume, your I say it did and provide contacts so because of the video that we created she began questioning your fate. She began asking questions your husband any moms and end cause severe problems and she ultimately decided that she could no longer rectify it. She had to leave the faith so you'll- hear that later on,
the Scottish? Is this we never talk about this on irish Post to act of those luck? It's a pretty penny view that we're bringing to you for security reasons we had to go back, distort her voice, Please cover up upright entity, we refer to hers, Q. You will hear at the half hour so understand that it's your radio is not broken? but we had to make sure that she was safe because less than this is this is what happens when you leave the faith of Islam evening in the United States, and she makes some incredible claims some incredible claims About Islam about us, like marriage about how women are treated here in the United States. She has come forward to debunk some of them. It's she says: listen! This is moderate Islam. I'm an american woman who converted you'll hear her story after where we will fact check everything she says because of it sounds to extreme to be true every that she says we will reference. We will fact check so All of this is happening this week we
on the eve of this, and why with crowd or has been targeted for tat, Four censorship to be shut down by muslim groups. Care has had me on their list for a long time. It's availed terrorist organisation. They ve got Salman Rushdie. Mark Stein, Bam. Galleron me right there on their list. Yeah failed yeah yeah exactly and a man. A lot LOS Angeles city councilman was fired. For posting. My article propose My article and if you read it, you can go, read it it's, it was actually not even a personal comment. It was. China makes major moves to ban Islam. And they do they're making moves, in other words, there no longer letting women where certain headdresses that they see as a violation of security there forcing muslim shopkeepers to sell cigarettes and alcohol. Now, of course, in the column? I say we should not be communist China. Of course not. The United States should not be like Communist China.
But China does recognise the problem with islamic law, superseding chinese law in our chinese laws, horrible, it's terrible American law isn't. So they are basically enforcing one bad law. And basically shutting down other terrible loss to enforce a bad law. So I get that at no point doing this article on China. Again it's a lot with credit outcome. Twice we're chinese communism, but I do say, listen they're willing to recognise because lessen the communists they don't a political correctness, their willing to say a. This is this is wrong. We can allow Islam islamic community subvert our laws. We ve seen in Europe and the White Durban some lofty attacks may on me that Stephen says we should ban Islam, the United States. I didn't say that, but you know what. I will respond to that. I would
respond to that and we can maybe respond after the break. But let me tell you this will start with this and my good friend Cresson. I were talking about this cults cults. And as long as a cult cos, that supersede the constitution are all the illegal? Keep that in mind country called that supersede the constitution are already illegal. It's why the Manson family as illegal? It's, why they, the extremist Mormons, who want to go off on their communes and and Mary fifteen women, are evil. I'm not saying that's all Mormons, I'm talking about extreme sex, so hold your letters that is already illegal So, if you listen to this interview with key code, name. And you hear her comments on islamic marriage. I want you to think if that,
sounds like something that should be legal, the way it's being conducted in the United States. But I say this to let you know that there has been a concerted effort to shut down. What we're doing here, We are the biggest month ever in April. I'll give you full disclosure over five million page use hundreds of thousands of listeners to this very showing podcast and we ve made several what's that that's all because I join twitter and started posting pictures. My cats- this is exactly what it had so I know this sounds heavy, but we ve just employed new people and and they're going after us are going after us. Heart were not a news organization which is entirely independent, so we can really use your support yourself. We can start by just visiting the website ladder with credit on com, just sharing the content right now we're not asking for four we're, not hang. You know asking for a handout to support the content, because you need to know there has been a really
strong war behind the scenes to shut down what we're doing here and I think a big part of it is listen. This interview is coming out there. Some exposes and aunt em, enemies aren't happy about it. So we'll come back, we'll talk about the Goldberg lightning up a little bit later. Rod or we still love you. Your listening to louder with prouder follows even as prouder follow, funded at twentieth day, you ve got it louder with brown g. Thank you for the warning.
He doesn't runs back seat last second, and points to make good law do at least ever call for years. Yeah, that's what was taken so long. You haven't, that brewing all you ve got it. Ok, good that right here, the nectar of the gods that, hold your Maxwell House Crown not Maxwell how's, that is crap but folders. That's the best part awaken up man like microbe uglier, says a folders. The best part of waken up I don't want to wake up You know by the way you have to remove from your twitter at funded Dan, for anyone who doesn't know coffee, aficionados folders, does not a coffee aficionados make it's like say I'm a beer snob cores light a common vision, autos good on a matter, coffee attic added outward, might be better exactly your junk ear. You know you're,
forming. I'm getting the under the bridge. Harrowing coffee, not I've, pollutant, cocaine, coffee, your ear performing favours for a gentleman under a bridge for packets of nests cafe exactly that's it We want it, so we will gather, we will to the interview with this. When it was converting from Islam and you not listen. Everyone else is going to be talking about the same thing: Amtrak Stephan Apple, in an will- we'll talk about that. I know this is a long interview with this one, but give it you time. I've got another. I mean how much controversy can possibly be with a big furry elephant I mean I just don't understand it I see what you did snuff lap guess I see what you did there. That was terrible. George. F and for those of you who don't know
abc news media common, a reporter journalist anchor. He was on friends, I mean I isn't just like it to be an actor. Basically at this point I dont know what you call him, but he works for ABC. Does the news and he's given seventy five thousand dollars the Clinton foundation? Nonprofit said it was a mistake. I mean we ve taught but this is at stake. How do you give seventy five thousand dollars? As a mistake, I haven't even made seventy five thousand dollars since I started working in nineteen eighty six, then you have a problem but who is Lexi that you guys acting like it's like you found a twenty in his coat check, is all just put this in this box. Here it says, donate and I don't know what to do with it. Be a heavy ass jacket out. There are seventy five grand. It's that kind of stuff to just you. Just on a slap them well,
here's the thing we ve talked about and we had Larry king on the show a lot people must it for for everything. You see, like this that's very sensationalize, there's a case like we had with Larry King, where he said you know. I don't think so. Fox NEWS anymore can elect President's and that's very telling because he was saying I believe it media beforehand used to be able to elect presidents. He believed it was the role of media to elect presidents. You know Walter Cronkite said you couldn't be a journalist and and not be a liberal. So time! You see something like this. Worst F Annapolis, blatantly blatantly VI lights. I guess journalistic ethics you know or Brine Williams, blatantly lying. There is twenty thirty forty soft examples behind the scenes of people just doing it not having realizing it's the same thing by the way with this law like we're talking about ever, everyone wants to talk about. The terrorists want to talk about the people blowing. Planes up and blowing people up and burning Russians alive and that's terrible, but for them extremists. You have
huge portion a much larger portion of his long who support the prosecution and Killing people who draw Mohammed give a huge portion for every very person is blown up. You have, probably several hundred people like me who were targeted online to silence our voices. I won't you, our revenue on Youtube, that's where we make our living right now, folks, there's a squeeze its dropped by ninety percent, even though more people are watching more people Our are listening, more people are sharing than ever and its because Muslims online, not Islam, is not terrorist Muslims. Online, flag Any voices of dissent as hate speech as hate speech, hate speech, hate speech or gets removed with they get them back up. Advertisers pull out that is they are doing. There is a this is cultural Marxism. There is a war right now on you. Ability to speak It's funny I don't hear many people who disagree with them anymore.
There used to be a time I'd say: maybe ninety percent of Americans would say yeah you now, but their extreme is that it does have you actually muslim islamic religion, a feast I'd, say: It's probably fifty fifty alive People are getting tired of it. Like People are saying: hey, hey, there's a real trend here. This is bad and anyway, it's it's something that needs to be addressed as long you'll, occasionally even see, Democrats timing in on the issue on a side that starts to notice, what's going on, which is interesting right, yeah and by the way, I'm not talking, I doubling down Heroical Stephen, didn't, say radical Islamic, I'm not because I am not addressing radical Islamist, I'm not addressing terrorism. I talked the summit Dana show you have that Westboro, just church has twelve members, nine of which are that guy's family and they talk them on the media all the time, and then you have a group.
It consists of hundreds of Muslim on the low and eight hundred Muslims out of a one point: five billion, who believe that you should be prosecuted. And maybe ultimately killed for drawing Mohammed or converting that's extreme enough. For me, that's it for me to address. If there a white christian American. If there the contingency of even a hundred thousand white Americans who believed that you should be prosecuted. For saying something offensive to their face, which faith, which is perfectly allow well under american law. You can set that I would protest, but guess what it doesn't exist. It doesn't exist and others point something million Muslims in the United States. Most of them believe that crap.
Most of them believe that crap? I am not talking about radical Islamists, ok you're, here this interview with this woman you'll hear the kind of abuse she had a deal with her husband you'll hear the fact that she was not allowed to work here too. I thought she was not allowed to have friends or leave the house without her permission, you'll hear the fact that her marriage was never legally recognized was an islamic marriage and if she wants to leave, she has no way out and all he has to do is say: divorce divorced divorced three times the speed of verifiable fact, and this is the way Islam operate, the United States of America dammit. I am not, let me make it crystal clear: I am not talking terrorists or extremists. I am talking about Is long I am, talking about anyone who believes or takes Mohammed's words or writing or pseudo writing, because he was illiterates literally
anyone who does I'm talking about all of it and I'm fighting all of it. So come at me Bro, because you listen been a tough weak, it has been a tough weak there, Try to squeeze us, I'm not the thing where I just sound the alarm. Dooms, I'm telling you there is mounting attack right now on free speech in this country and by the way, like everything. Most people are acknowledging it you can. Wheat me it s crowded what you think, but most people are acknowledging that the threat. And the one the only place where they're not is still the media is still macadamia they're behind where they go, will know it's a very small contingency in as long as people. The only place and the problem, They control the information. So, if you say hey Mohammed was evil. Hey Ma would be his wife of you. If you, if you speak factually these
information gatekeepers can block you. And that's what you're trying to do. That is your faith. Is Facebook now you'll notice, your time line is going to become more and more liberal because change, their algorithms. They now have editorial control over what you can and cannot read it's it's there is there is. There is absolutely who wore on information right now, but they're not gonna, cut down on the star Trek the star wars in the cats. For me right, they probably are Oh brought down my cat picture feed. I know sir. I've been enough cat picture references thus far this way. It's I know I know, listen, I get it it's a more intense show than than than it usually as, but this is a huge huge week. We are at a turning point. And funding is marched in cats by the way the am track before again this to the center of Amtrak situation. Don't you funding how this situation you, ok,
There are some issues that occur that are newsworthy, that require cultural commentary like Baltimore right that inherently out, good natured riots, historical, the aims. A tragedy Requires no more commentary than Ahmad. Oh, my gosh. That's terrible! Prayers for the families. That's really all you can say they're trying to turn it into a big political discourse of noxious. That's what that's! What left us doing right now. All food and cut funding itself before the bodies or even assuming room temperature, the law, does politicizing it, and we, talk more about that when can't get into all of it. So those are the main stories Amtrak Joe Jeff Anomalous, but what we are doing is not just focusing on the news, as we put bringing you and creating a story, you need to hear this story from cue, the woman whose leaving islam- because I can hear this anywhere else. This is very rare and in listen I hope she knows I
She knows what she's in for coming out with with with this story, because it this Islam does not lose a lot of them. That's are they kill? You there is also the myth we're going to be addressing that is Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world that but almost Laplante there in Dearborn wants to tell you, but guess what. Christianity would still be the fastest growing region of the world. They just subjugated or killed. People didn't convert. So why that met the big shout state to cloud with crowded
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Listening to louder with prouder, the voice of our next gas has been altered to protect the innocent back here, lotta with proud or so glad to have this next tens. Yes, we're gonna use a code name here, code name you tell you why it'll make more sense. I got a message on Facebook, and I get quite a few of these, but one really caught my eye. Because of the nature of this was a young lady who talked him Having watched one of my videos, one of the Koran challenge videos and actually having gone through a pretty big transition in in leaving the islamic faith Are you can imagine that she wants to keep her identity under wraps? her name is not in fact q, but
For today, that is your name cute. Thank you so much for coming here. I know it's awkward using that the different it yourself, listen. I got your message so I guess What just sort of I dont want to speak for kind of walk me through what we happened here, you are, you are you are muslim, I guess to begin with them or where did it start? No, I would raise christian my entire life pentecostal and most of my friend were muslim. I went to a rough patch and I turned Islam At the time, I thought not be what I needed a my life. It came like inserted. What role will one day my life, and I can I am committed during my man like.
That's right time to convert You you, and I both be procured in declaring you know, cause Alma, they're my warm wasn't living at home at the time was my great terms with my family and yet- It is a time for I really felt wake like I felt failed by Christians in. Time I'll kill by God? You know Islam one final word on there for me and they cannot another worrying You gimme thing, then I really had no idea what about it at the time and my cousin would move on she converter, swearing, mobile mare and I was We have perhaps a lot and we are keeping to a mosque,
And on their everybody was like when you walk into a mosque in turn, not only the right come back here. Yeah. I can imagine it's time there Ok, so this happen. So I think that's a store! I mean people would argue, that's not necessarily exclusive to Islam. The lot of people find faith of any variety when their when there in a rough spot in their life, so for how long were you practicing muslim outbreak Ok, so since two thousand- and this was a recent leaving from the message you said about a month ago-. Ok, so I know not a sound self aggrandizing. You mentioned that a big part of it was in watching one of my videos that you yeah learn some things you hadn't known and sort of causes, splore low more right. While I
You know, you're, my years, I've seen a lot of being in Islam that are horrible. Things seem I've heard witness carefully from what one, then you know it's done from Islam. It's not like you can say what you know: anybody but no legally horrible things through, and I always look rock colored life long. You know by over the few pennies MT. I was feeling like you something's, not right here. You know, The young girl being in a marriage in all these things- and I was. I was sitting at home and I seen Rebuttal video of Roma women one of the earth Oh that's right! Yet talk Islam. We invited him on the show and no no interest
about an hour. They call you know. You're talking about projects require never in. I wondered if the original video that you're doing rebuttal too, so I watched it I would like wow I I do know some of that stuff about you know. You should exist in Europe Sir I've been ironed out, looking them all up and on it I was asking me taxing my friends in my husband at the time you know the two thousand and one on me in, You don't normally be discarded, rounded like won't here, that's true: why you're christian door kill you now write a thing which is untrue. As I ended up walking all your video, oh tomorrow, watching the world like while like this. Is he still right on you? He had a lot of it. I didn't know inside buried it looking up in what I
that night. I decided I myself out on No way, there's no way I could get the fight and war you know. I have come to a point where it got into be. How many signs that you know? This is why it is not right is evil. Yes, it is, not for nothing he about it, there's nothing beautiful about it! I guessed to the to the people would say if, if that's occasion you see that now, why didn't you see that as someone who you know it? was old enough to make critical decision in and entered into the face of. What is right. Why didn't you know that then an hindsight. Looking back, I asked myself that you know as someone I think I have a lot of. From an in looking back, I ask myself the same thing. Why didn't? I see a because we coming from a person german,
Who would warmly and pray for me and I'll, be things and I was really really searching for something different from what I was right. There. I was really angry at on for a long time, and I don't know, I think that you will get worse than you know what I would hear things and I would go. Don't you mom and I will go to somebody knows this, isn't what I heard what I read in the comments I dont understand. I don't know I guess he argued pointed to me and. They were acquainted. You don't understand,
but no one. Second, we have to go to a break roquat because I dont want to cut you off lotta. Without it we will be back with code name here, you're listening to louder with ground, you listen to louder with crowded we're back with my guest. I dont want interrupter slick recap coding few, because she converted from his warm and is this- is the first time she's she's talking about it this publicly and you were just telling us about how you would go when you began questioning to your mom's and that's the stage. Ok, sorry continue. Ok, yeah So I was looking at her with what our glasses on and they would you noticed tat.
You just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's wrong, doesn't mean it's not right, and you know their gliding. We don't understand with God and whatever died and I accept that, but you gotta understand with Islam. There is such a deceptive spirit that comes along with it And unless you like experience averted, you, you know, you wouldn't understand it, but if you know you gotta think only one in Mecklenburg. Islam gaily in I know hundreds of american women who converted to it- and there is a deceptive spirit, there's something about it in our people look at it? The old buildings so bad vital, Lucy dissolved in it. Yeah because you talk about women converting in another tree, statistically there aren't a ton of people who convert it's it's usually Victoria birth rates is, how is lamas is really growing, but there are some people convert. What is
the end. Forgive me I'm not asking to be rude, but what could possibly be the appeal for a woman to convert now something oppressive as Islam me. What's the thought process, the other ok, get that alot and the thing about it is most of the time when a girl confer its poor man most I knew I D. Really, a man who freed from off their feed a fall in love and they make you feel protected and they make you feel stuff, aw and be pal you all the time. We believe that hasn't. Then Ghana lies beneath the woman and you get and through the woman, and I I can't explain it through this attraction to wear their. Protect them and they care, and ah Do you think of me? I might it's also sort of big
listen, let's be honest, that's been lost in modern society. A lot of men are just sort of is alive and rectification and you feel, like other there more gentlemanly. What would that be? Fair, naturally, like to worry? Is that return you now with Asia? Hey big? They treat you like a clean and half of the world. You know be betrayed. You, though, amazing at her and then usually you'll hear like once you bury the man and tat having his weapon in the changes. You know it does say that way: that's how they get. You and then and then once you're in it. Then you realize that most people realize Don't you realize that you not? Were you signed up? Why are I know her? the girl too converted, and then you know they thought it was the lava their life and then they end up getting didn't you not every day in
I was married and I wouldn't want to work. I was allowed to have friend every time they got a friend. He points have been wrong with a friend, you know, I couldn't go anywhere barely. You could even got all a restaurant You know you and your saying that equally because you're on people believe Acre allow People would say. And I can assure the company would say well that they are talking to a woman who left because of a bad husband and socially just just using it to tarnish all of Islam that that's that's an exception not the rule, but this isn't predicted we common? It was just your case are very popular. Is it really really common and ass? The danger thing about Islam and I if you like that, how his mom's can start eating, Making its way in that country is there I mean people all realise how many girl convert daily and
many girl. You know like that. I think that other gonna get through this country is D. Convert the girl. They have tons of children. Odin under great book to move on you know, I know hundreds It happens every day, and it's not it's not on Now, how do you know a laundry that seems like a very big numbers it because you, I log into a network through in alma? You know in the era of community, at the very tight knit community, Almost everybody knows everybody com, especially in the with the women if you're, going to your Warner Intranet girl like the one in New York to very high arab communities everybody knows everybody all the women know each other. All the women talk like. In I know women I talked to women who live oversee, who have never been here. You know you have a really tighten it. Can you
Ok, that makes very voting everybody here that the mix, that makes sense in Montreal. You know how that definitely without the lebanese community right, you always have you know especially sort of these multi cultural enclaves, yeah. Ok Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to it is fascinating to me in, and I want our listeners to get the. I want them to get the full scope of of your experience and what it's like, and I know what they're going to say, does have to be prepared when this now I know I know I feel ok when you read the comments, if you ve, no, no doubt seen the videos in Let me listen. We ve been targeted not only for acts of violence by Muslims, of course, censorship on Youtube RAM, with down votes in trying to get rid of advertisers. So let me ask you this, because a lot of people will say- and I dont think its necessarily wrong. They'll criticise me: even Christians are saying you know you'll, never your convert anyone with something like the Koran challenge. Will let me give you sort of my logic, and you can tell me if this is what happened with you. My lord Rick is I'm.
Creating that video for the guy who creates The talk is long rebuttal, I'm not creating that video for your huh and where there is no chance of making Graham but I feel as though when you have people who are met, if you later hours who, or proactively lying to their constituency, and I think is that a lot with like with totally if can make an example of them and yes be a little bit biting yes, be a little bit vicious ask me not to reach them, but to reach people like you who can see their I'd be exposed. That's. My logic is right on ok, we're and enact insensibly wire. I wrote you. Because I figured you answer- you gotta lotta he out from here on
So what's yours was actually literally sandwiched in between anti semitic emails, even though not jewish from Us- and I figured you know- I'm sure, like you get video like you deal, I'm sure at nightfall while the here that you reek somebody that you know you factor somebody in a positive way through instead of instead of meat meal, and that's it you did and I would very manipulated by the people for year crazier again, and I really need I needed a push. You know in another state: I am your family no plan and with a long list then my greek I had was instead We and I knew something was right, and I followed in my heart, and I had think about it for a while, and I get either there are supposed to know what you know you don't know anything through. This is not right.
It's not a good religion does not coming out or is my daughters and it's not something. I want to be a part of fresh air and death and simply when it was because everything you talk about, I didn't necessarily now so one day more informed, and you know how the request To ask: I know that, for me that's what I needed an oh god, you with people in different ways, and I personally feel like you, use your videos can't gimme the postman either well! Thank you! That's very kind of you. I certainly won't go on to say I am a tool of God. I know a guy who put on a wig and universal, but appreciable, let this so timeline here. You see start asking questions operator from your husband did. The separation occur because The questions that started coming, or was it before that now here's the thing on when I decided. I didn't tell anybody being in another state,
have no family nor to road turn, exacted family not take kindly to people who cover and then come back. You know about that. And we could that, and I would really worried about a lot a backlash from them and outward about my kid in all because legally, he could stop me from within state, and so I called my family. I explain to them what I know very well. Leave. I wanted to get out, but I was scared and they worked with me. We You, like kind of me off this reason for me to have to come home for a while and through God's hands they accepted it and they took it and they said okay and we want me leave and guide packed up. My kids are things and laughed, and this is in the matter of like two weeks, and so once I got here,
my mother, the lawyer. We are talking about what the next up. I can t. Could be our only married islamically, but with my kids, you know they don't want you taken care of them. Of is that common common in his area. You you only get married under the. I guess his Lama law you out there that he had at their current good! That's how they have more than one wife. Really needed your husband on more than one wife He wanted to art some time, but I thought a moment, but yeah you didn't have one do you want while at the same time here about that a lot that is I wouldn't imagining that common and United States states within all really oh yeah. I know kindly people were or wise three wise to live there. Some, now, all of anything how well I I didn't know I will say iron Hamley. I will
to try and verify that, because I don't know for sure, I'd Salazar Legal Meredith Legal, their logo than through the man, and you do thank papers, islamic paper, but they're, not legal manner, but to are to them. Their marriage is through that. So too, and we were married like married, married. Even though we weren't married on paper well yeah I've had its first reading the common any non Islam, you can't get legally married a lot you gave Lama being very far and islamic marriage is so easy to just divorced from you. Does it work through times when you're done no come on, that you have say to you think of artwork, North America and your door.
As is usual in my leg here, as I swear, I swear to you and you make it sound like the horror film, you say candidate and a mere three times, and that guy or converting kids club hair cut appears yeah and could get I'm clean married, a woman, have to be further as long as she has a man there on her behalf. She didn't have to be there. Am I going we guideline. We married, I didn't have to be there like it doesn't. Even above me, you don't say anything, What am I? What about diversity? What have you wanted to divorce and he didn't want to divorce? Then he doesn't have to give it to me. So you can't say, divorced three to now only the man, Ok now did you know this when you were married again, I was very very out I like? I was a fool. I ask myself the alpine what's goin on. Look back on it now like job I, while I don't think so, I really.
I think so. That's not why I asked this question to ask the question: how does lesson I I can't really noticed I can go on paper what grounds as I can know, Mohammed, but learning these these experiences I mean that's incredible. I let me I love the key beyond for another segment here, because there's so much out into so code name. Q is love, convert. We back out Your listening to louder with crowded
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You're listening to louder with crowd we're back. We were talking islamic divorce, our guest code, name has converted from Islam its facets. It's it's honestly. It's one of those things where it sounds like something that I need to question and I'll be honest. After go, go online, afterward and search these things and say Hey how accurate is because I know that the audience is going to say, he's just anti islamic rhetoric. I may not or Osama sublime may. We just did a piece on him out there in Dearborn Michigan, who said that PAN Geller was worse than ISIS for drawing Mohammed and when I said that's absurd, they accuse me being Islamophobia It seems like calling anyone, including terrorist out on their actions, as is now Islamophobia anyway. That was my mental diatribe. Maya let's get back to you you're much more interesting, divorce happened, so you you get it. You find a reason to get out of state and going to our family
now that I'm here you I've been here for a month, and I was advised by lawyers to not do it yeah how him an insane. We got that I've done. Could I have to establish wasn t? If I dont establish residency and stay with you six month, then he can take new court and make important move back, especially I moved out technically and false pretences. Mahogany, for she was not legally I'll divided at their kids were born there. We were together there and I love, and if you don't like key, he can legally go to court and say I didn't know she was leaving forgot. I didn't want make his sleeve and they can force me back.
Ok, but owing to the sounds the even though you weren't legally married, he can do that here. We are like if we work, even if we were debating- and we have the time together and I wanted in modern day we would have to go to court and haven't legal thing, he's ok with that, and if you wanted to fight me at it, he could. Well. You know having three small kid and I do believe that we will have eventually have a cost to the girl. I'm just trying to do it. As far as I can we all my options, so he told me to wait six month here and then I'll have established residency. And then you know I can tell him you know. What's going on, I don't want any part of it is trying to avoid right now.
Right, and we obviously what we're doing our best to make sure that no no persuade tales are revealed here. Let me ask you this, because you were very adamant afforded the interview like now I dont want. I don't want any any visual and I dont no the nail. What is your honestly No, no, I'm sensations, and what's your fear, if people find out that its you and find out that you ve converted and left arm, I'm scared, I am, I know, a girl who, then here in Amerika here in Michigan, took her child from her. The lot of you ve never seen again, I'm scarcer my kitchen scared for a company that alone geared to them to taking the court in making move back in, and you know, God knows what could happen in order.
Does anyone have any people cafe all you know anyone is dead people. You know you can be any guy that is abuse over journal. Any data concerning you'll find when it comes to Muslims. There is almost every time that their abusive or there you know they try to hurt you're backlash, ruin your application. Take turkey from you, not an uncommon thing. It's more common than people think it s an with more than one year leading Islam specifically because, as a really big deal, you really Be careful. You never know what I love you
oh, no you d, never known, and especially humming kids like ghosts of me, whatever they can do what they want to meet, but because I have three small kid. I really want to make sure that I do everything right legally, that you can't come after my kid, so they can't find anything because you know can't hold them personally. So when we hear the media and people talk about, The moderate islamic majority in this country, their lumping people, like your husband former, has bright in that category. Yeah there moderate Muslim they're not extreme, this is the failure of moderate Islam, even moderate, my you never know and on an actual experience, everything in like people say like all, not almost one book Obama, somebody in almost all of you upping up as extreme MR, but when you think about it
then, when they use their bodies of law when they do something on behalf of aligning guy in process to them that the story. No. Nothing happened because you you your body for the sake of a lot in his army now in Islam, there's never on specific things says that there is no great there's. No forgiven does no forgiveness, there's no love all it is outweighing produce with you bad, you know. Did you give enough charity
here, you know pages to down dot ways out your deep look, you that an early and Wyndham your conversion be considered one of the worst deeds demanding Islam. Yeah isn't yeah, that's his bow and that the well, when you think about that, no guarantee why, if you use your body for a law or you fight for the sake of a lot or Mohamed or Islam, demonstration parent helped, your hosting scary, rare undermined, but as they do this Bergmann, whatever is under their life lunacy. That's gonna, Wanna couldn't stand on your personal for I. So why are you talk about that? You know in any of the illusions of debate that another sign Bulgarians are valid points, but in your case, while you- married an Asia, Europe, Europe, your Muslim, your maid, therefore my husband did you ever talk.
About these things like about about terrorism, about G hard drive, and where did he line up on that? Where did his family line up all they were. You could never do anything, grandma, Al Qaeda and that's the thing that really what you really are. You got me is, even though I were converted, I I thought a big time: America recovery and all that, like that ever came in we're outside outside of these laundering outside of the one thing they tend to be pretty conservative right, they tend to be provided by. I remember asking You know one arm ass if he had it, although Christians and I was sitting in man willing or with the whole family- and I purposely psychological in Gaza and immediately, everybody said what they did it to them, for they claim underlined for they attacked them. Ices is defending themselves, theirs is defending against America
come in their countries and killed civilians and the children and are defending themselves. Don't they have a right to do that, and I was like really like you seriously sitting here defending ISIS to me and they were like walks, no one in particular long term funding about everybody, can't he Amman, this is the map out really behind it all discussion going. You don't see anything wrong with that. You'd only says vault what one and I even have moved on labour. Could you ask them roughly, while America's trying to oil and America came in their comfort in America, no people when they have a right to define involved, I tell you what be ready for you, there's gonna be bag latch. This and people are just going to say that your Islamophobia in your line, but I will tell you this. I can't verify what you said if, if that's true, because
I would imagine when pulled most of them would do in about face, and Eddy has glutton. Isla greatness is clear, and then turn around and say something, but I will say this: I watched Nine eleven happened when I was in Canada and dumb. There, there were Muslims. Who were not unhappy with it. My watch that happen and multiple dont believe me when I say that they are really they think I'm missing saying so I watch that happen and in a lot of these people they hated Israel and the Jews needed. Is this right was raised again those multiculturalism, it wasn't the United States. So I mean I, I was actually banned from college for for doing some bits about Muslims at a multicultural, fair which are nowhere near as extreme as the videos it I've done now. So this what shaped my view as an outsider Neither the shape your view as an insider
I suppose I gotta know where we're going to have you back on the programme, because I want to hear your progress and end. If you do some hiccups, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to help you. I do have kind of one question for you, so you're obviously very afraid to discuss your conversion right now for fear of safety for children and in the main reasons you mentioned when you left Christianity for Islam or you left. You know what you were raised wealth. Did you That same fear, no right at all I mean I'm worried about my feel would be mad at me by now and another thing with Islam in looking back on it, having been part of both religions and don't get me wrong. I love you know muslim people in others, some really
Great one doubt there- and you know, ninety percent of my friends are move one. I'm just saying from my point of view. You never know what but capable of because it hardwired into them from the related to carry out these acts that are unthinkable to offer them a video and endless christianity. You get the sense of love and forgiveness and Greece when you walk into a church immediately and its different islam when you do the muslim prayers and when you go into a mosque, there's no sense of God's present. There's no sense of love. There's no, sir, that one party dealing you get in all in yonder charger. You know, there's not even to aid to even the easiest sewer were. In a year it is important for them to their guns, uniform fuzzy. Well, even if I don't believe in God the Warm five,
feeling you could explain away as the atmosphere because of the people in the congregation Riah, giving in the warm fuzzy filling so either way. You're describing to two different tat really hurt or religion. I can imagine I I can tell Listen, we will. We will keep you in our prayers. Will definitely will you will you come back on the programme and, in all sincerity, ok We actually want you to India if we need to put a distortion on your voice here, so you showing what order ordered one of my colleagues in the talk boy we'll do it, but thank you so much for coming on and fascinating stepladder with broader will be more after this break. Your listening to louder, with crowd
your listening to louder with her out again on. Thank you. So much glad to have you back with a good day, obviously to our loyal listeners in Southeast Michigan, but also to syndicate markets, Alaska of all places. We appreciate you, we love you course to those watching her listening here on line. I'm listeners, hello, yes, and listeners. Hello, ok, so that was an interview there for those who missed it will get that up online at lotta with crato dot com. So you can see. Some of the verifications to the claims that she made, because I mean fund, if you listen to that, you heard some of the things that Q claimed. Yet it was really heavy. When you think about it. It's
pricing. How easily usually fella can get divorced. In that religion, oh yeah, get off your phone funded. Literally have even been decimated zero at the funny thing, what do you get off the phone and instead I shut off the microphone side now and then get off your phone because we're going to be talking but the so listen. Responding to people who were asking about the horse divorce divorce, for it is absolutely true. So this woman, who we just interviewed she was talking about how husband can say: divorce divorce, divorce in Islam, it's over you're done that is true, goblet, lock and I actually haven't read up in front of me: that's Out of the norm, that's not terrorism. That's not extremism that's ingrained into Islam for all in any islamic country. You'll. Look there most of these things that she was discussing are respected and in America,
are honoured often by individual mosques. That's what she was talking about. They don't get real marriages that they they get. Marriages under islamic law, so I want to go through that piece by piece, but before that folks, listen! It's gonna! It's gonna be a lot of fun. It's going to be a bumpy ride, but this is a weak where we have to give you information regarding Islam, because. We have to do it now, we're still able to. Let's put it that way. There's been a really concerted effort to to silence what I do and in what the show does, and I don't set it to be dramatic or to make these these veiled claims lets me We ve all known for a long time that I've had a target on my back. And I m it's been stepped up in the law last week, significantly with something that we can discuss and something that we can't discuss. Honor. People got really miss. Los Angeles official was fired.
Posting, one of my articles, it wasn't really even a personal com was one of the few more breaking newsy articles, lotta with credit com, how China was moving too. Ban is long and What they're doing you're, not banning Islam, what they're doing as their ensuring that people who are muslim have to adhere to chinese law and their praxis things like you, to sell alcohol cigarettes, they have to be prominently displayed. Even if Europe, a muslim shopkeeper, you search certain headdresses are not basically way of saying hey, you can't allow your laws to supersede are lost so only in this article six. Times I denounced communism and say that we should not follow the lead of com, China, ok, I've, never at any point that we should ban religion. Ok, I didn't, say we should ban Islam. Ok,. But what I did say is that be
Does China? Isn't it isn't held the same politically correct standards of us in the United States that I understand the need to not allow. What's happened in Europe to happen in China. They understand that that's a priority them that's important to them. So people said Stephen, you said Islam should be banned in the United States. I didn't. But let me think about that for a second do. Why thank Islam should be banned in the United States. I dont You can ban a religion. We of the freedom of religion is a first amendment, But- and I was talk with my friend Chris, he was one who, who put it this way, and it is what we drew calls Who have their own laws that Superman? The constitution are already illegal. Just like motorcycle clubs, where they play by their own roles. Kid that's illegal!.
So this woman q, who we just interviewed, talked about how well these these marriages aren't recognised by the law. That's just just an islamic marriage. Yeah abuses really common in its in its allowed under islamic lots aloud with certain parameters to abuse your wife course. Muslims will defend it and say nowhere where you could see bruising and only only strike, lightly. Like Mohammed that's allowed under islamic law, yam old, multiple marriages are allowed under islamic law. All of things are illegal and united States they are not. They are all ready illegal. They are all ready band. Now if you say hey. Let's examined the root cause of these illegal activities, multiple marriages, abuse of women having these marriages off the books, Europe went into his Islam. So all of those things are illegal. To say, we might need to keep a close eye on the ideologies that express
the allows and in some cases, orders. These illegal acts will now speech. So don't hate me to say well, ban. Two marriages, not hate speech to say well a ban abuse of women but if you say, hey, hey, let's make sure that we we ban any adherents. Any people who subscribe to an idiotic that allows for this, and it is going on in the United States. That's hate speech now their plenty of Muslims who who don't? Who don't that this interview with this lady Q. She says this is more common than not and we'll go through point by. Point what she mentions. What this statistical? likelihood is she mentioned her her husband's former husband who fleeing now her his whole family support at ISIS. Shocking numbers on that I've gotten from me will talk with that. Talk talk the about that after the break. I thought. Well, maybe
at twenty, maybe you'll get thirty percent of Muslims and westernized countries support ISIS. None of you wouldn't believe the numbers. I told you so. My question to you is: what really What point the you say: hey all of these things are illegal. At the very least explore. We need to do with the root cause of that evil, at least The root cause of those crimes root causes Islam lotta with broader
yes here we are. We are back to dancing with happy. Song is even though its a bit of a heavy weak, we are happy, We do our best to be happy, as Dennis Prager says it is your moral obligation. To be happy needs my immoral obligation to be happy. You're coming and really louder my headphones? You just bless my ear drumbeat think I'm dead! Wake up we'll make up what up.
Where it got. Ladies and gentlemen, America, time for a louder with broader what the hell I don't know that's my tryin to wake up voice trying to wake up. How dare you you need to be awake? It's your job to be awake, Salvatore! What's I guess you're, just making noise Sis That's it of a guy is losing his right eye. It feels like it twice the size that it normally is. It's not a good thing, I don't think get yank it out. Did you get pink? I I don't know I woke up this morning and within an hour of waking up, my I felt like garbage. You developing an allergy to cats cats, I hate to say it now. I might be Developing an allergy to my family banana gets a hook. I think we all do have that you what you saw the Goldberg this week, week's finale I now that was a thing that made my eyes, get all wet,
and what I was the best. I think one of the most epic moments and television was buried Goldberg as the frightened Quaker jumping out of that bus in the crowd just tearing apart. That legendary. I love that for those you don't watch the Goldberg we ve talked about it. Most conservative show on television also the funniest show on television but yeah. That was the first time on the show where there is a bit of a wonder years moment were Adam Goldberg. You know his girlfriend, maybe leaving they ve, never really done that on an ending note and show TAT. I was sad I now I know that is said. I hope she comes back or because they have a good chemistry, the the two young outsiders. She is a good character. I think she brings out the best, and Adam too, is a little young. You can tell us not super experienced In them she seems to you know she seemed to be a little bit assault. She just brings out the flavour of Adam Goldberg, but I tell you what this is actual story, while the will get back to the heavy Islam talking bet. But
I met a girl, I'm at the Greenfield Park, Cynthia who'll arena, the hockey Irina. They had a mess hall where they would do these local get together and dances, and there, This girl? There? who asked me to dance, and so I danced for their that night and no is, and I was even though it might have been twelve and your chaperones there and then she she membership somehow got my phone number. I think this is back when you're just listed in the phone book And called me So this is he I was eleven because then I was going into middle school from sixth grade. Call me- and you know how can I be your girlfriend everything? I ain't really like her- that much like turn up the dance with their that evening, but hey I was, the sixth grade. I was explore my options tied down and I dont remember this, but she told me this clearly is day. That I told her
I was moving to Brazil in search of coffee right about moving to Brazil, I dont have a saying, Brazil. I do remember telling her those I was moving away it honestly. I came for not wanting hurt her feelings, Blake! Listen! I don't I'm not a huge, not a huge fan, to be honest, I don't. I am not a huge fan of you yet And then so, I was going from Prevail elementary to Centennial, regional Highschool, middle school, it seventh and eighth greatest middle School in Canada and remember showing up on the seventh grade. Walking in, and Guess who was now you're a kid? You don't think you're the guy. She goes to a different school. She most will be on the you know, the other end of the country at this point realize await we're. Going to high school hurt her. Grade school and migrate school are about
three miles from each other, the high schools on the middle. It never occurred to me that she was going to be going to my high school. You, like my neck, get transferred back from Brazil. It's a miracle. He s got transferred back there? Is you know my by mom got kidnapped. We found her, they afford one case for kidnapping over there. Just wasn't there wasn't safe. It wasn't safe the good thing. Is I learned a lot about myself and I am now celibate retirement accounts verse for kidnapping, yes, they have. They have kidnapping dental benefits. In Brazil. It is. It is a lawless land in Brazil, man, I will say we have friends in Brazil and we get a lot of emails actually from people who listened to the show in Brazil I flickers it there's a contingency, a pretty strong growing conservatism out. There could just be that happens. Anytime, you, a booming economy. And you have that sort of third worldly class structure, as you haven't Brazil, so
conservatism tends to be one of the factions that emerges and probably not a huge portion, but at portion of Brazil are but the greatest consumers of conservative contents of that's Polly, whether emailing us, we get a lot of emails that summing up the email from this, this woman here Q, who is in a unique in the current process of converting from Islam, I mean I, I hope that helps you stay safe and I hope she cheese able to take her kids and get out of it. That's just that's, Big deal my friend, ok, what else there was something else I was going to talk about those not as long before. Went back to Islam. I don't remember what it was Ok, let's, let's get started on this than so. She made a few claims. On Islam and marriage and a lot of people thought it sounded.
Untrue would you should have my worry when you were listening, where their parts at you thought sounded unbelievable, not so much unbelievable, just far fetched, but that there have been more far fetched things that have been proven to be true in, in all facets of life You can't believe that they've invented you know but arms for kids. They have you know things come true, all the time that you are surprised and shocked about. Yeah but gonna tell you out those robot arms and stuff for kids it's great night. I obviously want those children to have those robot arms always sold as like your picture. Sky net Terminator. You know you appeal off the skin and you don't even realise there not that useful compared what you would expect you know it's like grab and a cup of coffee is still a problem. Nagasaki pick a glass of water and drink one good for you. Now. I would like it, but this all it's always you picture, you know you're, not gonna, be playing. You know like
Brandenburg Concerto words, something I'm playing the Goldberg variations on a piano here, yeah great! Now, it's not like that right, good for them. Now It was like that, the Olympian who had the Tink Tink legs, the paperclip legs that was kind of cool, well yeah, but And people you're a jerk accusation- be allowed the Olympics cousin. Why doesn't have legs like yeah? But you not listen. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! That's the card you you were dealt. You dont have legs and you get these. We don't know about and unfair advantages like saying, hey, I'm gonna go into in a limping lifting competition, they have no arms, so instead I am going to use a forklift attica. Now. How do we do I have to say mechanical advantage at a certain point. We hear a horrible human being up come on and I know horrible human being for that kind of killing. His girlfriend remember earlier use horribly human being too
No, they are literally anyway, but if we were to say that before he killers girlfriend you'd be the jerk, because he had the think tank legs dream on strange: ok, iraqi range animal! I am a strange in what you know it lets what will talk with so many points to refute. I know there are points that are unbelievable, so I want you to gather your thoughts and then and then after the next break will talk about what what talk, how that came out? That way, I'm not be broken. We're gonna, be so very clamped about that. I'm gonna be the clamped, but before that so before we do, that will come back and we'll go point by point. Some of the things that you discussed fund. Dip Dan and I had an interesting conversation with a friend of his on Facebook this week, man that was fascinating. It is one of my mentors no less well and to give him credit, you said that he's a fantastic broadcaster and
I will. I will tell you this and one thing: people don't understand, you know fund up, and I will you hear us on air and we get along, but funded probably agrees with me on maybe fifty percent of issues and would agree with We liberals are moderates on fifty percent. What would you say that maybe sixty, we agree on. No excuse me folks who have got the fatwa on him. I agree with him. Maybe five percent of the time- ok virus. Only time will go there. Now percent of the islamic vote on our no no, no, no! No, For that reason, we are so he came in you posted a meme of mine and oppose these pictures on Facebook and he came in and right off the bat it was, This guy is homophobic, racist, massage, stick, but I mean he made what you made all those claims right like when he got you spot on and then yours, what's so funny, nasal he's leftist. Obviously- and I usually don't comment
you're. Obviously you know he knows that you are now involved in the show, and so it's you. Or page is not just some random commentaries page to have responded and The one thing you have you have to acknowledge that, even though we agree on some things and not on other things, I'm in that very civil- and I just asked of us- please provide proof of where I have expressed hatred against any group, people because of their race, and did he provide that proof? Wonder now, that's one of the things that I have noticed with all of my friends on the left. When you, Ask them to give a point by point- they can't it's. Always just a generalization. You, you said our sharpens name, your a racist. You said: Jesse Jackson was a piece of dung you're, a racist. Whatever the case may be right and you try to explain that it's there, Behaviors you dislike and
I cannot comprehend that you can dislike the behaviors of someone like a sharp dinner Jackson, erode Obama. Regardless of this, if you were to rip all of their skin off and they were running around with just meet faces, he had stood. Dislike their content. Dark! What do you think it s. I don't know why you, when the Buffalo bill. Well, you know Watch a lotta silence of the lambs. Al Shopton puts the load united skin, or else it gets the Arctic ice, no you're right nets with a simple priorities, you my dog, he said, I said what who, for I'm racist need just posted my open letter that was dear Alice. Can you you? hobbling bag of human excrement, I think, is what it was, and I said please tell me what is racist in their history, HANS was well. If you have to ask these kinds of just these items
foods that that liberals they speak in. May I be always this thing? I said yes and arrest. One method. Yes, I do that's the thing if someone says you worry racist generally making some you out. There are horrible racist and you need to examine yourself, my Most of you are not, if you're getting the accusation from liberals, the most have active way to deal with it is a welcome. Ok, please please point me to where I expressed and dont say. Please point me where I'm racist, because annual allow them to define what racism is an that's political, incorrectness say please point me too, where I've expressed hatred against a group of people or person based on their race and they ll say things like well. If you have, to ask where all well. I would prove it to you, but you just you you'd don't realize it they just that, can not prove that this guy Don seems a goat and intelligent guy, but a perfect example of someone who doesn't understand how bigoted he has, because he went off based on one mean the
wing. Does this and the religious right and conservatives are racist and this guy is clearly- and I hope it will prove it and he had no substance, and I don't believe that any political side of a spectrum has a monopoly on intellectual discussion But I do believe that mainstream leftism, It is entirely exclusive to them right now to train, shut down a dialogue before begins. I've never had a conservative saying I've never heard it say why you just you have no right to an opinion, because, yeah. I want to hear what a liberal ass to say and and then While at the same time, I want to hear what a conservative as say, because I'm, in the middle arguing with both sides, which is an interesting place to be. But I want to know what the other person's opinion is, how they got to it and why they want to defend, blindly. Without it kind of brake.
If you will write So it is someone who is in the middle, though you due notice, you must noticed that trend in the difference between debating tack. Oh yeah, if you say say, for example, you ve got An uncle that's really in the union's, and you make one disparaging comment about me. You know that you a w bone, your unfriended on Facebook forever and Christmas is always awkward from that point. Four Hypothetically hypothetically, I emphatically. Your uncle sounds, but like a jerk, I pleaded the fifth It has not yet been listening to the show, because liberals don't educate themselves on opposition, they dont every time we have someone on here, whether to conservative liberal. I do research and find out what they believe and why they believe you'd be amazed as to how many people we ve leftists come on the show I have sent them links to the website. I've sent the links to videos like that. Phil advise guy. He had no idea, it was a girl. I know it's gonna, be this kind of show. How could you not know that you just
accept the invitation without checking it out. And I will, I sent him ice our guests, the site in the information, so they now I mean you're, so we were trying to get that that a priest in Ann Arbor this week, you have two guys realise: let's go to a break, will come back, we'll talk more about it. Sorry we ve gone off the rails because we're gonna have to get and go point by point through islamic marriage. Going on in this country louder with crowd or state too keep it right here louder with prouder. Your listening so louder with prouder with your house, the one the only
Stephen Router, so glad to be the one and only Stephen prouder gag as if there were more than one are. You I'd lose my breakin marbles. There are several Stephen browsers. I mean individually they're they're, all different, there's dozens of Dan Martens, but none of them can take my place or fill. My shoe or by the way I just got a tweet from DE noble dollar dean of comedy. I guess he has an ex some kind of exam radio show when he's a columnist at the daily beast and John accused me will here. He says that Christians are worse than Muslims at their Christian Sharia LAW, Apparently, he accused me of going in gay black face. So ok, we can maybe get him on the show. What exactly is gay black face? I dont know if he means when it did the muslim bakery thing. In fact like I would
gay to see if they would make a cake, I dont know if he means dressing up like a woman and you weren't faking it cover come. But again you know: listen black face, first off was considered races because of a historical context and how it was used to be little and marginalized black people. You, putting on a black face because you didn't have a Sidney Watch yea to fill the role. You were dead. To mark black people. There's a historical context. There, ok, a guy speaking with the lisp is not the same thing. I love it when liberals eight it's all about well so contacts of islamic terrorism itself about contacts with all about context until it actually about contacts. So what people be offended by Tom Hanks in Philadelphia? Would they be offended by them? guy that was on what the was that show with Ronald legalism he's a straight Actor in it was a half hour, Sid COM
on family, well that that one too, but this is years ago it was a woman's name and a guy's name and then they had the really will engraved will and raise our years. I did not know he was a straight. Do it is a terrible programme awful, the all it. Let's be honest, the always now I'm gonna pass was be two reasons. Political Agnes. So people wanted to seem like they were progressive endeavour messing. Ginger now, the only thing that really I liked about that show it Deborah messing adequate as far as ginger's go but she's, not one best once, but I really thought that MEG in Malawi carried that show, because she was very funny Okay yeah, she is she's on that. She was on parks and rec of this guy just started. I won't do the whole twitter war thing, but dean of Comedy just tweeted back. You know,
look have the balls to say you want to discriminate. Verses gaze, no need to bring Muslims in as cover for your hate deal. So is nonsensical and his writing. If he's a comedian he's he's a very poor writer. At the very least I dont I've never seen him do stand up comedy, but dumb I believe he probably as a comedian, if certainly wouldn't doubted because of the leftist fascism that occurs in comedy. What's so funny, if, as is you're, obviously pro gay, every approach, transgender probe gain a lot of ways. And you even defended the right for businesses to not bake a gay wedding cake or for businesses to not photograph. If a gay wedding, if they don't want to yeah you ve gotta, be able to say ok, I can't participate in X, Y or Z, based being some kind of religious person? right, because that is what freedom of religion is, but at the same time you ought to have a stack of flyers in your bakery or in your photo places. I got friends over here that are gonna, do perfectly.
Well, that's a personal thing up we're termites enforceable again busy is already can't say I won't sir because you're gay and A bible was, and is the government's role to step in and say that they, that they should not be able to discriminate based on yes, just like I don't think you can say: hey your Black get out of my diner and then that's report raises some libertarians go over government has no right. Now the commission has the right governess, right. So you cannot say I won't serve you because your black or because you that already exists. Problem with the gay wedding cake catering, a gay wedding, the it hard is in an event in and turkey- and that is for the but the government to step in and say it. First of all its ironically, the one time or liberals are literally forcing women into the kitchen. You will the World Bank that. Yeah, but the understanding that you're airbags, a gag
that's right now: the Magna Carta now than those guns. I dont think that I can take it ex along the bake. It now never have that recipe again. Stop it stop. What year did you get the last word with your horrible reference anyway? I just find it very funny, very ironic that this comedian, who appeases his pc overlords- let me man whatever happened to balls in this country. Look at these artists! green day, American Idiot and then came of rage against the machine. Literally campaigned for Morocco Bomber. You now comedians comedians. Can you imagine of Lenny Bruce we're alive campaign for hate speech laws that I mean how does it feel as a comedian to want to give the government or the right to take your words away committee and artists, who are leftist? Who support? What? just Democrats in the you're too
Fifteen have no idea As to the monster the lobbyists on their creating, that will swallow them whole I'm I'm Lebanon crazy. When water with crowded. Hey, Stephen crowded with louder with greater to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal, permit forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com.
You're listening to louder with crowd. So why did we back? What do you eat it? Try I'm travelling down on us Uber how this intolerance sandwich trick for, like it intolerance all enable dealing with intolerance for years the intolerance is delicious, yellow ranch, really sets up a hate speech that is. Good dish. Sorry folks, I know that's against radio to be chewing. As I come back when I just I was Requested online to choke on my intolerance- and you know I haven't choked on it yet, but that intolerance is tasty, is all get out its fascinating. That comes from chick fully the here is certainly my request to you so funny
there will be some role playing here. Safe Where is chocolate tomato you? well pretend to get off, Phone, ok, I will return to get off my get off a year. The one it made me get the damn thing I seriously. We have a real, no phones, while we're on air. Ok, I don't. I don't want to request this against, will do some roleplaying save where it is tomato. Since August on my laptop out, Now, Turner you're the leftist and you are telling me that I have. To engage in baking, a cake for gay wedding, ok, so I'm a leftist forego had gone to me. Tell me I want you to make a cake for my marriage to John Barrowman. Ok, I have some instructions for you ain't no, I want you to listen very carefully. I
You too got firstly, take her up, Take my phone number. Take my information. A year the year. The bacon, yes, you take my information going. Ok. I want you to rail, hiding it down here. I want you to go home. I want you to sketch out exactly what you want for your cake: ok, ok, I want you to give me a rough estimate of people involved with your wedding. Ok, then I want you to go, relax and go fornicate yourself. That's not how I think it goes down the usually did you say I can't participate, and anyway I hope I've. Crystallized my thoughts for you, It won't know you not denying service, because someone's gay you're denying being involved and in a specific activity anyways that we ve been derailed through twitter. So
We want to go back and fact Shack Q the muslim woman who is currently leaving her muslim husband, whose converting from Islam she made, I'm pretty lofty claims now funding. You said some of those things seemed unbelievable. One I use round were on your. I used the word far fetched I'd believe anything nowadays, but far fetched was the word that I used when I first when I first heard that interview okay. So what is it that you think was far fetched? Oh my god, what happened? well, the whole the marriage manner. The divorce divorce divorce thing was was far fetched when I first heard that till you explained that there is actually a thing that they do, that that works and it's just like woe heavy yeah! Ok, It is absolutely true, is called a lock. They can say divorced and worst of all three times, and it's done
Only if your man, if you're a woman, you have no power at all to divorce. Your husband, none at all, if he doesn't want to they would have no, not normal they make it. Our women are property Much well what's funny, so was I when we were searching thus and shut out too, to Crystal Crystal He's my wonderful, a soul. Producer and Anthony who helped me do some research on this because we ve just been swamps this week. So I had to ask them to assist me in research when we did a research. The problem is now is, is lost, are very, very effective, mobilizing online there. Well to censor their evil, to take people out all under the guise of hate speech, and we just so that only official who is fired simply for posting, where article, which was covering the fact that China is is banning some cultural islamic practices that go chinese law so when we Searching this, though, to fact check to make sure that that this woman, who came on was converge What was being accurate
most of the sites that came up were prose, I'm excites. Ok,. So the research that I am giving you. It's from muslim sites. For example, muslim matters, dot org, here's one there's a whole list of pitfalls to avoid when you get married them. Common pitfalls its basely guiding converted women into marriage, one of them here is pitfall number or he's really a scam artist Playboy or wants you to be his secret second wife. Now it We condemn two wives. It condemns the man for wanting a second wife without letting the first woman no in autumn run about it. Yeah! That's what they're saying that guy has to be up front about it. So then there's a guy who's already married want this comes from a pro islamic site and who really wants to women Magnum to empty the dishwasher or they dont nag they aggregate affair. Lip and Islam you dont nag, your husband in Islam toward this sounds kind of good.
You make babies, you make sandwiches, you don't have friends, you dont work, you serve him, you give him sex one, he wants how he wants and you shut up. Ok, that's how do I convert to Islam, I don't know if it's as simple as a divorce, I say Islam Long Islam three times. But even then considering now not only are these good sandwiches, it's not Let me tell you that if you want to convert it's not like Christianity, therefore there is a god of grace and of love, and in someone a loving father who wants to open it. Of having to you, the fact is, even if you convert to Islam at the end of your life, all your bad deeds are gonna, be weighed with your good deed. That's all it's about, so I dont say Give Islam is the true religion fund. If I'm sorry, I still but you gotta shocked. I'm not with me and no matter what, while the only way, is if Islam is the only way for you is to suicide bomb. That's guaranteed heaven!
the only guaranteed haven't and every time I go on MIKE on Friday mornings, I suicide bomb ah well, played well play Sir, Why was the sound of one hand clapping his me against my chest, this is from a pro islamic site- also case for that and they with solutions to big problems. So this is one of the solutions, their number one problem. I get a pro islamic site at when researching for what this woman said about marriage is the incompetent useless Wally Wall. I am assuming its Wally. Why doesn't he- and this is what they right? This is what they write. This programme lummix. I cannot stress enough. This is not coming from Horowitz or the Heritage Foundation, for this is written from a pro islamic site to women who are converting and get married. It says because a convert doesn't have a Muslim father her, while e mail custodian at the time of marriage often falls to someone with a leadership position: the local community. Can be no mom, resonant scholar or respected male, usually middle aged,
often times this person is not born and raised in the convicts place of birth as muslim males in their middle age, are still from the immigration population. Most women? I talk to you felt there while he was a joke and didn't want anything to do with it really or just consider them a token or in the process didn't make any effort to learn about them Oh, this is there's a problem. These are being addressed by muslim sites that basically for one wants to convert. Some guy has to sign off on it All it really means is some guy who's muslim right. That's the woman doesn't get a choice in determining it The guy has to sign off on it. So if you're a guy, and you're going to miss, treat women and you get to pick HU this guy? Yes, you saw the co cider, it It be like having someone co sign for you, and having a negative credit score, and no one even cares, because I don't check this. He's coming from Pro is work sites.
So? You can't go to a website like MA's facts, dot, com, I'm using some of I have some that are critical, but I'm not using only anti islamic sites, I'm using their own texts. When I talk about what upsets me in the Koran. Do you know what I'm reading, come on. That's what I'm reading. But my reading, Robert Spencer, I don't The PAMELA Geller, you know crazy, pan, phone I'm dying in the Red Phone Commissioner, Stephen. Yes, how does Islam long sought today on reading the Koran I'm reading the muslim sites? The reason this woman converted and by the way she realizes. I know she does but I want to make sure we keep her safe. I really really do because they, take kindly to people leaving any country where islamic law exists. You convert. You die. Ok
Just what happens. Thank God. We live in the United States. We have the constitution, that's why we cannot allow sharia in any way shape or form, because it is a constitution that prick someone like Q Code, name protect her right to leave Islam and to not be killed. She doesn't have that right in those countries- people. How does this not matter to you? How do how do leftist create these sex trafficking non profit, which is good, which is getting, should be involved that we should stop the sex trade absolutely. How are they create these battered women shelters and talk about abuse toward women, which is good? You should never laid a hand on a woman. You should never be the woman. How does do this and then absolve, is law of the most and treatment of women, of the muslim gross violations of women's rights anywhere in the world. Historically, all the time, day after day, after day after day, by the way in doing research. For this.
What she said about islamic marriage not being recognised that they could have multiple wives. We want the little grub jeered. How did it was? What over a hundred thousand fifty two hundred thousand examples of people with multiple wives and by the way that's way lower then, you know, exists in actuality because it harder register, because they're, not actual marriages, are not even recognised by the government. You're talking about your point, something million Muslims. Depending on the source that exists in the United States, and you have six figures of them with multiple wives,. And then you mean to tell me to say it's hateful to ban islamic law. Not more, but to ban any kind of islamic law in the country. Bulgaria is already illegal by the way. The same thing applies to the the the
minority sects of Mormonism out there, you not west, who want to live in those comments. Oh I'll, be consistent, they're, just much more prevalent with Islam. Sorry fund up your leaning back, you wrote what was so funny to you earlier. Oh just how excited you get about this stuff. I I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, yeah, you get all hopped up and it's like man, I I I never get that excited about anything anymore. I don't know if it's because I am old and I don't have the energy, but when I watch somebody get that animated just for some reason it was very amusing, even though you are talking about a really serious subjects. You're saying Robert any Junior in that film, where Jamie Fox is playing the violent or the shallow, and he says I wish I cared about anything as much as that. Man cares about music dance. Because I don't care about anything. Yes, you do. Yes, you do
not as much as you do hit the mark with my headphones. I'm sorry Listener Europe here, you know, listen. It's the way, I am a passionate guy. I feel deeply and in this is something that is right, walked with this. This girl about it on air. Listen. I was there Daniel Regional Highschool Greenville Park, it back I had friends who are known. Longer friends, Who weren't at all unhappy with nine eleven Kay. Are they terrorists? Now those friends weren't terrorists. But they certainly hated America incited with whoever was fighting them. Clap graduating class of two thousand for. Internal regional, high school. You can look it up. That shaped my worldview man.
We need to take a break and then come back before the half hour that we take our meant out aid money gosh, I got so wound up about it. I just you know, that's what that's. What's up woman being gay killing anti christian Anti free speech- is long does to me lotta with crowd or stay tuned. you're listening to louder with Crowder. Thank you very much. You are and fun dip Dan, the most insubordinate producer and all the radio will be off of his phone. What phone? I just brought in my laptop.
Filling a teacher and we won't be chewing gum, chewing gum, no writing notes, no playing with your Rubik's cube under the desk. No, that's, not a euphemism the room. Exclude- was there was the asian kid. I still am workin on trying to figure things out. I've been trying to figure it out since the eighties races joke time, I found the only asian to cheat off of in high school, who failed math so felt Mass was it I can now is was cabin. We can actually and cabinet was a great guy. You know I I I feel bad saying where I should say his name, but actually was a great guy, the little bit knotty though I mean he was his parents work. From China had only been there a couple years. I think he was actually born in China and he was partially deaf. In speaking, just re while and we'll go back to debunking all these. These myths of Islam, by the way we'll come back
With a number of use of London Muslims who support ISIS, I want you to tweet me at S, crowded, tweet me at S cry or what You think that number is good. How many guys What percentage of Muslims in London Support ISIS you that, after the break so cabin ep- and he was partially deaf- and I remember he would I mean he was full on chinese- would come in with a weird food and a lunchbox always smelled bizarre, and is this house was at an end. In a community that was entirely chinese when I want to go visit him he had that he had, though, what they call the tiger Mama mean they did hours of homework. They must and I remember I felt so bad because he was so He was so nice, but he was so annoying. Like he was really really hard to take in High doses- and he would always just stupid.
It's not a real like chinese acts and believe me, but I'm this is exactly what he sounded like, because it was partially deaf, some sort of a weird Mexico Stephen, Are you my friend? Are you my friend I would ask for confirmation, obliged shut up. Yes, Kevin, I'm your friend because it gets like twenty times a day, we, my friend, I was not really bad form, but I went to his house once and then never again. And the reason was for me growin up, I mean I was a film kit rights. All my friends. I count we did. We went to the movies. We would wish play video games. So that's what you did And when I went to this house, a member, I was watching bats with Lui Gossip Junior Mina. Remember that money is terrible and he I've never met anyone get like this. My life, he would run everything we go. Oh my god! Oh my god, you know globally. That's all back on our guided by european airspace. My cabin cabin is my first I'm seeing the film brow. I don't
No! No! No! I just tell you what a no cabin I I don't want you to tell me. Ok thanks, but I want to watch it and enjoy for myself Ok, sorry so there is pre, no spoilers, fray Right Bruno spoils and then, finally, like you would do it three four times like Kevin stop at me, ok so and then we'll go on and they go off. God, oh my god, this puzzle, scary, all cabins up. I'd, never tell you what I already told you. We very scary, its various I agree it still. If you warned me that it's scary Kevin, it can no longer be scope, and I said at least seventy percent of that that film experience telling him why he couldn't ruin it for me teaching him on the etiquette of film and then gave me those Chinese and on what you call the pokey sticks. Member though sticks chopsticks, nor on all its Dixie would eat. It was like up. It was almost like up. Like all what like bread sticks but really thin and was a dipped in
some kind of like oh yeah. I know what you're those aren't. I think specifically chinese. I think those are from Japan as well, What day is they get yeah? They have our matter. They have em like the international food I'll and there really good, they even have hello, Kitty brand ones. Ok well, but you so we just call them. We would like the Czech Republic, as you said, it is how they are partly sticks there. I think that's what it is. Ok, so I call them poppy six. There was only half accurate, but cabinet love, you sorry I haven't spoken to in years, but I'm hoping that you're doing really well now smoking hot wife- and Hopefully you treat or better than than muslim Street there. Why? I know we have some muslim friends from centennial we're married there, beatnik crap out of those ladder with greater after the break
hey! This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded. To tell you about. One of my favorite sites on the web are fifteen doc. I know you hear a are fifteen saving glad rifle? It is what they are. Fifteen dot com is actually the best website if we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories, upbraids. All of it can be found at a are fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com.
Nice, so glad to be back. Do you have your hiccups item system there funded at eight think I've got no rhythm. Now I had one really big up while I'm tryin to read the trapping at the gaiety too much marmalade on my sandwich, Lord dork, my dad by the way, sent me a message, letting you nobody at a Hebrew national last night and it was Gloria. They are so good.
They are delicious before we went to the break. We teased you and now we're going to answer. What is the number of Muslims in the UK who support ISIS, one pulled so what is number them who openly, four ISIS fund it. What do you think go? Seventy percent. Eighty percent, You were very close. Eighty per cent of loan, a London Muslims, support ISIS so and then twelve percent of Muslims openly support terrorism. If we get that, you know it, it's a little. It's a little tougher to get an answer from Muslims. Eighty support terrorism, you you know, but if you ask him about ISIS, you framing the question. Eighty percent of London, London, London, Muslims, little unknown Moslems support support. Read some support ISIS, so
series of poles view take them if you take them, if you sown in the questions most of them do so what that what Q said in the interview the lady who we just spoke with, who left as long that his entire family was sympathetic to and support at ISIS and Al Qaeda? That's nice a typical, that's the rule. The norm and indeed, domestic abuse. Let's talk about that real quick again, this comes from Icarus, sense, dot, com, learn, koranic wisdom, So this is a muslim site. Ok, So you know there are going to try and pick the most favourable statistics in this site says that there is a problem with muslim women in America. One per cent of them are abused, from a pro muslim site. Talking about America, where the views two wives under Islam would be lower than anywhere else in the world, because the one place where women still have some kind of legal operate legal systems in place to to protect themselves.
Say twenty percent again, those numbers are always higher than reported. Particularly with with muslim domestic abuse, because what happened If you try and come forward your gone, you never speak again. You never you're. Never seen again, your kids are taken from you. And even those people, the pro muslim apologists for saying it's not as widespread. This is again Icarus. Dot. Com, learn koranic wisdom, their trust, it's not as big a problem is its blown. It's only twenty percent of american women women who receive domestic abuse. That dimension emotional abuse and by the way they dont considers this a muslim sites, so they wouldn't consider hey you're not allowed to go outside unless you get permission, you're not allowed to work. You know I have friends, wouldn't consider that abuse. So there talking about when they say twenty percent of muslim American women's they're talking about swatting your broad. That's. What you're talking about
and its higher than twenty percent so We have more numbers here get to I'll, see. Let's see, we ve got so many many many many numbers, oh gosh, the form of abuse of women's and DORA form of abuses that women in Doorn Islam, ok, UK. She was talking about right how most islamic marriages are recognised and now they're not recognise that they can get several wives and so that there would be no stats on it. Again. I use the UK because the one example where, obviously there is a huge muslim population and because of political correctness because of multiculturalism, it's the Was this thing you could have to what leftists want in America write it wouldn't be fair. To apply is love country? also to the United States because they're horrible place, they are all every single one of them is horrible. Horrible horrible places are horrible places. Islamic countries and the laws would never could fly here, but liberals in the United States are pretty dang close to the same leftists in Europe.
So. The UK is a great example, Let me ask you: guess: get off your phone and guess how many marriages in the UK to you think how many muslim marriages do you think our ignite officially official, we recognised by minors either government yeah forty percent may be. Twenty five. Seventy five percent of muslim marriages in the UK are not legally recognised. They happen under if they don't get any kind of tax break or anything like it happens under islamic law? So Give any do you have any idea as to the river vacations. So what happens when, when, when there's no official recognition of marriage there is no protection, to the woman. There's no, I mean there's theirs. We have child support laws. We have divorce laws. We have civil courts, none can apply you.
Have to leave it to the islamic Courts to the Shariah Courts and those Ports are say women have to have multiple witnesses to prove a rape. That women have no right to divorce or husband, husband can leave her, not pay her if he says divorce divorce divorced three times and because there is no legal recognition has to go to the muslim surreal courts, and all of that is permissible, and this is why it is imperative that the? U S, allow gay people to marry each other legally, so that there's there are protect for the two individual, so that there are rights for the two individuals yoga. Stand up for me. I would say the lack of Lee, I would say the exact opposite in the sense that this is an argument against the libertarian argument that The government should not be involved in recognising marriage at all that. Why is a government involved at all? It should just be up to churches or institutions. Well, you can That you can't have that with this
you can have it in the face of Islam, because then everyone recognizes marriage differently. They have different laws? these women who are married under islamic law are not protected under the same kinds of laws. As a woman who is legally married, when you have women who say well, I'm living with my boyfriend and it's the same thing. This is the same thing. It's marriages, the piece of paper: no, it's not it's not the same thing. And that is why in the United States- and they recognise the threat they set parameters, they decided, we want to encourage and we want to recognise the smallest central building block two government before any kind of government, we were to encourage and foster an environment of mother, Father children. That's that's why the government got into the business of recognising marriage. The only reason why so you know
with that. If we want to change that, fine, but that's the only reason the government recognised mare wrote nicest marriages. Why can't I recognise mother, mother, children or Father Father children? Well, it hasn't and the reason they don't know yet what we now have an stats on that. Yet the reason they don't because every single statistic we have available in every single historical example. We have a Babel available so that society does better and children thrive when there is a mother or father in the house, for children, and that was again recognised during a time when we wanted to go forward and populate planet, populate, not planet earth, but America. They were To encourage that, and they wanted to make sure it wasn't, peopled is going around. Screwing You know him up in the brothels and just random kids. They wanted to make sure it was hey. Mommy, daddy children were going to make it easier on you. If you go forward in you, create the central nuclear film family as the building block for the american way of life. Why would I say so? Let me tell you this.
I dont believe and that's it now again too, that the whole transgender issue too, and everything is blurred. Don't believe this me personally funded. I do not believe that men and women are fundamentally interchangeable. I don't I believe there different. It's not That's why it's not the same as interracial marriage, so at the same as intercultural marriage is law, notwithstanding our polish person agenda and I person. I believe that a black mother can provide anything to a child. That's a white mother can I do not believe. That a man and provide anything to a child than a mom here, and I dont believe that a woman can provide everything its given and needed from a father tat. A man can eat. Lesbian woman, I dont know I don't believe that a woman in a manner fundamental interchangeable. I believe that their close enough, I mean it's all. Just people
No, it's not! Statistically it's not statistically that that the numbers differ. Wildly on children who have fathers versus children who have fatherless house. And I'm not just talk and not just mothers. The slovaks are very different, one father, one parent. Only, I think would probably A disservice to the kids, because you don't have to people nagging them to do their homework or to pick up their toys? No, no! No! No! No! No! No hold on hold on that's! That's it you're smart guy, but that's a logical fallacy. I'm not talking about telling a kid to pick up his toys. I am talking about child. Having the balance of What can be imported from a father. From a masculine figurehead and a mother. Entire societies have been based on this on one or the other and matriarchal a patriarchal, because every society since the beginning of time has I the different values engendered, I'm not talking about picking up like ok. Now what? If you have a family? Where
the woman, is smarter. The woman has a better job, the the guy is a worse he likes. Stuffed animals. And cats. How do you wrap around how the kids gonna turn out, then hypothetically? I think your kids are gonna need some search there. I think that if you were to set up a little bit ice think, there's something that you bring to the table of the father. Then another woman came, definitely will call ban a moron when he's acting like one eye. That for Murray I mean it's, it's the same. Men and women are intrinsically different and They are intrinsically of unique value that is exclusive to their sex. That's just that's my opinion. Ok, now
Government recognised that and said. This is why this is an important building block the american way of life. That's what they wanted to be the centre of the United States now I will I'll I'll give you this. We don't have enough data on sale, The long term stays on same sex couples verses, husband and wife couples with their children? How did you know we have a lot of data empirical data that prove that single parent households are not like the single greatest indicator, we have right now the number one indicator to a child success, whether he goes to school weather. Finishing school, whether he does drugs or not, whether he has behavioral disorders, whether he graduates college, whether he gets a job, whether he ends up in prison. The single biggest determining factor. It does have a mommy and daddy and very important are still together and in particular, is daddy around. That is those are these statistically biggest there. The
biggest indicators we have of a child's success. It's not did we give them a better school. It's not did we teach Intolerance, its that we provide enough social programmes that we provide enough extracurricular activities that is the biggest indicator of a child success, so even the dad's, a total dork, it's I'm still good, or this hi dad is still good for the kid yes outstanding I mean unless your abusive, obviously that's the problem, but now having a present father is very important lesson here. You are a dork gay, but That is the fact that you know that that you like STAR Trek and here a little ended our wars and dined star wars? Doesn't make you a bad father? You love your children and you're there to support them funded. So, of course, your child was better off having you in there come on. Let's not so yourself short anyway, he's coming off the fact:
Muslim marriages are not. Seventy five percent of muslim marriages are not right. Recognised in the UK. They can emeralds will marriages, they can abuse their wives. It's very, very common women are not allowed to leave the home. A man can divorce her with three words divorced divorce divorce. A lot of these women are tricked into conversion and suffer abuse. All of these things are here in front of me right now. And we will have us up at Lahti with credit dotcom, so I say because we want to protect this woman who came in and gave a great interview We want to use this as a turning point to educate you. On what is needed to protect women in this
tree louder with crowd, or we will wrap this up in a nice both for you, your listening to louder with prouder vision, louder with prouder, got Tom and follow Stephen as prouder follow funding and the update spirits, your loosening to louder with router. What's wrong with you funded weren't talking to meet on the brake erected like I wasn't even alive.
I probably didn't. Have the thing turned on to listen to you there you, so I wasn't looking at the stream. I was focusing on my other things that I have to do like tweet words, from new memory line or I'd test From about Gimme, the scene gimme the scene She offered us a first class ticket The hearings are watching. My wife's already got earrings much dangling on police, I'm asking from a mother to a mother, oh air, Ah, oh that's from a is that it's a wonderful life now its home alone, oh I saw homo only once or twice oh gosh. A classic. What is wrong with which you are younger than me so, by the time it came out when I saw it, I thought it was stupid. How dare you.
Of all the things that you have said that offensive and use that you set a lot of offensive things. Think this the is the front are you really like home alone? I, like home alone, more than you like STAR Trek. That's that's. Inconceivable It is absolutely true, a lot more star. Trek too, like there's a lot deeper, meaning to ignore it or not the last segment programme. I would give you a piece of my mind: did she want and you would choke, sir? You would choke sir if you can ride up like a nice friendlier all man fried brain that was and where to go Hannibal, where the guy made him yeah disgusting. That was home alone. Oh all, right! We're just sitting there dear now we're talking about that going. You realise at every single person in this scene fix it. Catherine O is now dead.
I mean just what happened you don't think about it. I don't know. Maybe it's not! That older was ninety three the people who were in it were in their seventies playing old people and ninety three there's no way they made it out a two thousands alive, yes or ninety three I'm living in problem the tower said the time One small movie theater, I dont think I saw don't think I saw a movie. For probably were three years there other than the big blockbusters while drive down at Sagamore by the all this is an interesting stat for people who don't know the top murder care. But all of the United States. Have you seen that list? No, show me the worst. Ok! So I read like the top thirty lest take a guess. What number one was flint. I was Detroit and then Flint with second and then Sagen always number five? Oh yeah yeah. If you're, if you're living inside the city limits of sag,
kind of dangerous. I lived in Signal township when I eventually moved sagging. Well, there there's no other state that had three in the top twenty hay and we we had three in the top five. We don't have all of the greatest sports teams in the world: Dont have a lot of things, but we can do one thing right in measure again. We can murder people, we can kill you we are very good at it. You know it's funny now and you ve never haven't unease that you ve never been out to western Michigan. Well, if I got out there a couple of times my wife and family and I went out to Lake Michigan and then there's some small lake that comes off of it and Bending traverse once, but I was a little there once you live in Michigan and that's one thing with people who live in Michigan you have western machine. You have grand rapids right, number one city to visit now group on number one place to raise a family heritage shall area up Ray
Kate America time after for time, not beer city, USA for several years running more breweries, the best Bruce per capita most sustainable city in the country and then shut up, and I am finishing here and then you go. Northern Michigan Leland our county, most beautiful, counting all North America sleeping Bear dunes, was beautiful national park there so much for it to offer. Why are you having a seizure north? Eastern Michigan needs love to price keel county represent. I asko Gouty represent our Pina county right breeze and man. That's what I'm saying hours Point lighthouse, forty mile point lighthouse old, scale, new price, keel, colleagues venture in pizza. U S twenty three house standing go for vacation ass had hail Auto traverse the goat illegal, not counting, that's my point, its gorgeous up there.
Actually, we shouldn't, I, like the sun rise side of the state out a wake up, see this coming up over the lake. I want to see you drive around in the leg your hatred for home alone, my wife got Madge. There's enough DOM allowed references the too, as I dont think we made it, but there was a second one in the shell. Apparently we may matter one on the internet like two days ago about the stupid talk boy or whatever it was. Oh, oh, that's what we made it with the guests. That's right about the talk boy arrived so we have to wrap this up here. We brought it back to the funny the entertaining I wouldn't go that far, but please go to go to no wonder everyone who is a protest about indication, demands control, even approach. Nor have we really like your show, but we want to get a little bit of control and now we're not gonna take it. We you
But not stupid there Maranon STAR, drag feared that those about him and were not sure about. Can you tone it down right now? Now I can't so. Please Listen, I gotta lotta with greater dot com this week there going to be some developments. This is the simum I'll, be calling on you. We need some some help with some issues here in getting the word out. We need some help and protecting few following up with her and seeing how she's doing she's currently in the process of leaving as Muslims don't take family that there is going to be a very serious target and there is in its mounting in its growing, and you need understand something. I want to leave you with this. When people talk about Muslims, about radicalism, about terrorists, for every terrorist blowing, someone up. There's five six up twenty husbands of using their wives, UK here or supporting ISIS, the r p
who support the prosecution and the death of those who draw Muhammad this woman, who married into a family where she was not allowed to work. She was not allowed to leave the house, she was abused she's, an american woman who converted to Islam This is that the american eyes intermarrying family, and his entire family supported ISIS. It's important that you remember this room, her example, because data the face of mine. It is long and we are going to. Please go to lotta with Crowder dot com. Help us see you next week.
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