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2017-11-11 | 🔗
A #LwC family celebration in honor of officially reaching 1 MILLION YouTube subscribers! Complete with jokes, stories, celebrity guest appearances and more. What was your favorite moment along the #LwC and #MugClub journey thus far? Send us your tweets to let us know!

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Hey audio listener. You know there's video right now. I get it some of your on the road, so you have to download this take with you on a plane. Some of you read through Braille, so this is the only option, but for other people that are exclusive, sketches and visual elements, Is this the night nightly show over there on Youtube or for my club members, lotto credit dot com month of the show is daily beyond the clips that you just get on Youtube or here on Itunes, it's ninety nine dollars for the year, sixty nine dollars annually, you get the mug you get. This show you get jeered show with morning grinders you get access to Levine. You now get access to govern, Mckinnis some big new names coming, but we can only keep growing and spearheading the movement. If you guys, I have let us gonna come slash, my club, but I get it you're an audio only guy or gal. There is no change your mind enjoy the show genuine Sunday. Borders can become. Can you calm? Taxes are not known. Texan com,
a Edward, a start. I told you I'll be there in time for the show almost get your ass here. I've never been late
the sound wherever I had to say what I was getting out of the studio was at last Monday myself and I was just a way to get two hundred. Where is Edward.
Rights. Gladly with you? A very special emphasis today. You know what we had some guests and tick crews had to meet with the vice President Pence, some believable smug Vassar that vice president, we think filthy summit. Bunch of your cancel out
how about? If I don't get he's been selling us as Bessest Laden Tumblers has for a long time. It is about to catch a wonderful was a month, a member that Stephen will for she'd. She can she drank from one of those tumblers poor thing we could show asking from Chernobyl. So then you should be absolutely sure we hadn't, and then we just we said that is if the one million subscriber episodes organ of general on Courtney, on in people who make everything happened here, ladder with greater it's down memory lane in some some inside bay Bartley. Some of these questions today listen first, I think some absolutely people say hey congratulations on a million subscribers which listen when I see that beauty by does fifty families with gravity only effort on life like it's very humbling and carefully. That's not that big deal, but somebody or what were anticipating this so question of the day. A couple questions: what when did you guys start watching wanted? You specifically viewers, watching. What's your favorite moment in the latter Carter, history will vote you like to see more of just comment and we'll trying it back to you
I forgot to decent patent a hive of millions, and millions of tribal was straight to my because straight to my head, losing Amelia she's always is Jerry. Who is not gay? Call him on twitter at Knock, injured me. It s. Credit with your comments are thought your photoshopped. I fulfilment legal obligations, drawing conclusions or regret, not gay courteously and G Morgan. Looking at here is a Somalia in chief simplified, wonder how much the one of the day we can just a little celebratory right. This is that you done six Nicholas fully upon the or is it Rhine is here. Is your mouse little buzzing from what is his eyes but intended the russian bypassing violate human? Like? Why you insult them? You won't get any more wine. I will not have a sip of that now, sir, he's never actually brought me the gift of life, because somebody tell me you ve bourbon one time just to throw you off teacher to some purpose Gerald, and I don't know what that word is development Urban Zones Manly, who is the Durban Self, have a lot of incipient getting worse news
Those are Charlie. Sheen is now the news. He absolutely denies the claims sexually assaulted thirteen year old, Corey Haim? So I mean Charlie Jeanne Sex offender, colonel. To think anymore, feel very much on shaky ground regarding public three fair, Charlie Sheen did, in his defence, claimed that he he actually starting with Korea Feldman. So the two Koreas me they were money valid defence. It is about the fence. Donors are not launch gay. To least, I think it's how you pronounce it easily so gay to lease work are not sex. Scandals feel sorry for common space here, article saying that the accusers of Kevin Spacey should suck it up gaiety. At that, but not base the ceremonies his mouth.
There is also making inspecting the safer internet change. Particularly you Louis inhaling among ordinary areas were actually is sex offender right before air jilted, its most zoellick. Hollywood has promised pedophilia a dollar, as I always do in a global- makes it possible to be shocked and not be surprised at all. Actually I've ever like it is already air visited. No, I has always six would eight when you was Lucky Avenue, pedophilia Louis you can't just can I mean I'd talk with you about this before these? It's ok, it's it's and it's beyond. Just Ps sex offender said Lucy killed. All you have to do now is like just dont masturbate in front of random strangers. You don't want it. It's not a cylinder guide
job. We try to make it easy to understand that, like a year, Europe up a very powerful, very popular man just like hit on someone else. Is ignored. Hon. I got this just watch but maybe lowered greater stability being there. What I think I think, that's the last thing I think of late trying to achieve anything like the house, the car that sneakers mastering and play its part peoples not lay my leader like exactly you can't wait what how famous enriched you have to be to get at that level. Just picture a young Lucy care young wine steam one day, my name of the up and rights exactly another beneath the masturbating and they looked up to that gap and to go. I won't be able to do that. It's really it's just a really sick disgusting industry, specifically disgusting thanks to pollution, Delhi's Air quality is now the equivalent of smoking. Fifty cigarettes a day or so now, when you call
It sounds like you reach, Dennys waitress, thanks, that's what I'm gonna do. Indeed, have you tried, control or delete yes return tomorrow, but miser raggedy anyway, don't gotta interest you in loans, are Miami either proven in streets knows is not a surprise because Elisa their worries, I ve been a lot of things, worry thou, then the the Visegrad today stuffing IVF dissenters, Vanier J what's up there, nobody, eighteen uneven Can you let your jersey here last night? you would have rain or re back to you. What you I mean I I guess I guess so which- time after time judgment which Georgiana I left, I left their number it your way. Make others, Brenner,
boy that you deem Dena from differently. And you know you, Norman Indians fan dean. That did it do jerseys that point. Do it on your own down, but you ve gotta tones tat night. That's what What are my desire break out again having the wrong one? Do so by the way people Where did you get the news or meeting its net? It's not. This is not the show for years and years we ve pretty far off is in quickly. This is my favorite story of its ability to drivers and I'm tired, so sphere, but writer, Sir just going to have fun tonight is what you asked ass and I guess a lean addicted monkey was caught drinking fuel from parts motorcycles and Thailand Robot, rather clip not dangerous,
incredible thing is a good start with calm yeah. So what should we do? This monkey action was later discovered faced Anna. Presumed dead, just turned out here. On a gas Algeria, owing confirmed at you he's. Probably I just I saw this. He was caught like this. Wouldn't they didn't set it up now, which makes I couldn't find the information pleased we meet started for the little guy. This is all I want to do this. We will see. Actually learning to siphon was he you know inserting it into the motorcycle smart tank in pulling out, because I wanted to make that would be the model that fuel he pulled the fuel on. He did the airlines, pull the feline off gamble does another little pure. We learned the first time is like good idea, I mean some
someone got him hooked on at the largest die and help of the self not just dying. I dont know if you must be the process so that Gateway Perfumes Hall was very well. What I should like TAT would be the most useful monkey inability, authentic scenario ever drivers national programmes by a cross examined the monkeys, Ivan Gather throws out, like the varieties of the paragraph. I just thought because no you're a cure, you want film utters a monkey and it always breeder. It's all very pragmatic it among certain we're dead, the street warmer and a pickpocket, wouldn't you or do you just lay there like a flag two hundred thousand years ago, because of that dog you need not be sure I don't know so I that's the first thing that my mind went to, which brings it to tonight's crowded, seven plus one
you forgot provided in the chamber so tonight, sound plus one list is top posts apocalyptic gas monkey movie title Lord report, Second, the latest election results- it could be a very It can be a very steep climbed. The next million we actually went backwards, hot posed apocalyptic gas monkey movie titles, never seven Nineteen eighty monkey isn't one number six widely pan, but actually it at the knees film. The book of monkeys over noticing a trend it contains. This is not a general favorite puts a popular development of all time in its agenda. Actually pretty like mad monkey
was one more drastic, idiotic bring added, but somebody actually think Courtney prefers the sequel, mad monkey furry road with monopolies. This was all that more experimental came from a japanese filmmaker. So it's it's kind of a little bit sort of inter dimensional. I guess you would sake AIDS, experimental, snow monkey and actually went on this list. Lotta people work twelve monkeys, the directors cut might surprise you it's actually nineteen hours long and it's just a he flinging zones is already active. A very tough, a lady, a monkey repose both Godard of monkeys, who created the ill fated in widely penned water monkey on that
probably better than the original may move, even money with them and, of course, the plus one for top posts to pocket left? It gets monkey film titles, World war, chimpanzee plus I wanna go all right come, so we are going through all the Ardour Asia. Oliver subscribers are so we celebrated millions of drivers again whose in there Peter Rugg, it's it's just as if someone is this. There is the gas mugging. Only funding to Us Marijuana room confirmed like now. This is the phasing out of thin air. It really funny land. It's Tuesday. I mean I didn't even to make anyone. There was surprised at the market. Again are we going to take a trip, Mme Memory Lane? We? U tweeted your your favourites to S crowded earlier today. We we assembled montage for you, but You know a million. Subscribers has been pretty it's been long.
Been a long journey for sure Go back to is really two thousand. I went for certain political videos that was the old blue bedsheet Arafat, outward partly regional. Seventy two thousand nifty role that right negative there's a chronometer that we the original garage challenge and that's actually want to friend, yes in the girl playing shaggy just before I have just before I met you before you met me, desires it's always started. I was a static me, an actor for long term and that we actually started doing Youtube. Is my brother and I would add, a couple in two thousand six when it just launch we'd impressions that he has gradually certain political videos and two thousand nine, which will target the last segment. I think the average time for beauty channel now to one million subscribers is like two hundred videos and under three years and it's been.
Years. Seven warning authorities, because you know you are you're telling people something didn't wanna hear. So it takes a lot of time lines. They had the current bending trainee make it reduces old. High organic twenty bank came a long way to lay in this programme. I look at it as a Jeffrey star, like showing you. How did you I show me? How is this last so I started doing videos and then Andrew bright part was the guy. First picnic actually took part in a few. The videos, if you go back this is long for bribery became a website. It was big Hollywood. So it was me. Venture Piero Dennis Miller was there are great, got felled Baldwin and he destroyed, opposing the videos coming up somewhat of a following and went to Fox news for years, and so what funny page reduce, thereby living with a game. I deal with the game and shall see, should guide Benson slept at my apartment in Chelsea when night came in one guy, Vincent's gay
but I had no idea already. I had no idea repetitive noises from the other room. No, you wouldn't know the closet at that point is tat, but he was. He was very, he already very passionately that you want to stay in our place, for example, I believe that we have a spare room. That's why I want to state surplus slimy, we're just gonna, sell them long before the end of the year to growth and we'll get into a kind of I met, knock a shared and Courtney and, by the way, this is doable without without Mug laments the big iron. If you look at it the crazy really that just a multiple location table like growth, it's been because of people paying for the content, Will you go? It allows us to have the infrastructure, the ability to hire people too, to create market which love, if you remember the Stephen, but a year, vitiate marks the death, a pastime,
That's true has been exactly one year on year, when you guys lied to the public for so long as technically. Well, there's somebody centres Emil's by the way before in the more so as someone who has sent us a males in it's gonna Emerson like why, don't you tell people about the one point, six million dollars. Maybe you have not clever far more than one point: six million, but one point: six billion dollars, doesnt even just cover the the bandwidth need for recycling and the salaries of people. Before I take a die, we have twelve people, we we have knock adjourned. We have Courtney, we have Casey, we have Francine, we have daring, we have brought again, we have met, we have errand, we have spent, who just got over here. I think it is. Corey, Nicole dancing around bill enrichment, Dan Gerald, I'm Edward, of course, some guy Edward, when he's not lot of night shifts, they're all they all make a living off of this, and you know what we used to create more kind
to go back and and invite the left where they are. Actually I want to have a billion dollars and revenue you does it. We can. I saw people and half a dozen due to bad four hundred and eighty bedrooms I'll be there. You need some treaties and she, I can say this, and this is correct- he's got a lot of bitches on alive. Even back, you can barely two percent of millions of dollars. A young Turks, just tens of millions of dollars they have employed. Fifty people would love to get to that size. So yeah, listen. We started this thing with dozens of dollars, bankroll from all that's where it comes from Iraq, news, foxy, nigh left with a non compete clause for long term energy. Look. Actually I had. I used to sell those on Fox news. Fury every week, multiple times my appearances and Fox,
These were removed from this very channel here. What I'm, because the lawyers got involved with again put up in back, then Fox NEWS did not believe in you to know. I want to turn on your teacher, and that was a big disagreement that we had so after leaving that that's where I went back to the drawing board and said okay, I can't be with fox use. If, if they're going to be the exclusive and focused more on you to focus on the website, and that's where I first met, not not gauge Eric I think that the first video to have the first video, the Knocker jeered ever whether further we try to do as it was a Moroccan on Halloween scarcity. Ask anybody and it didn't work now those very ethical tells a reformer. I first met you locked in thought. You were just an inside, person. You do, I was sure that you will get home depot in the daytime and in the moonlight it as Youtube personality and like a disguise insane, but I'll make it I think, at seventy five thousand subscribers lifestyle. Thousands subscribers driver safety, try that Holloway didn't work came back the next day, and this was
it does not get your first. Did you get this rules here, the rustled brand parity that we did I can even see the production in order to step up the blue had sheet do you know what he was doing? We have some fun. That's gotta, see old House in Michigan. Again. We did that and I felt guess. I said you know it now. This is this. Is where the dunk over the puckers go with a pox going to be inevitable. I said in about five years time. Fox news and cable news will not exist as it does now. This was three and a half years ago four years ago and were basically there yeah me. We had some big conversations unite about. Ok, what's the next step, when you left Fox just your shortly or you may I am it's like. I gotta, just throw everything that I've got into this like you you didn't have a net. No, that's always. I leaped fox and and put my savings account again.
Just yet is the ability to host the website and what we do in tens of millions of of of hits each month and then that's just on the website or just on Youtube Individual any combined. It there's a lot of money for ban, so is very expensive and a perilous item. I say the count. We didn't have any big backers any big front. Yours at any point out. Some people wanted to come in and an invite out that that's occurred. Studios were always evidence of that. To rights he started off the bed she than your indifference office and ensuring a storage closet that I had that's right as its cause. We built the studio up in Michigan out of some idiot
idea why you get the lights work. Six hours later down lies the pacific job. Aren't you going to sleep? He was drunk off a beer and a half that night the work, but fortunately we made it through that actually get a decent. Due in the name of the new studio rights. You can see the progression whenever they think you seem to be no more club. It's been, it's been a partnership. Yeah ownership is still always with with the people you see here in damn. That's why it's been its is just such a blessing, but there's a ton of of biota temps before that any listen next year would not have been employed. If I went with the safe bat and state and cable new, that's the circuit, the people's here they stay there. They never leave. They get a book deal with urban areas already somewhere and European gotten up and driven to the studio to do that, the radio stuff for that, but he just producing content. So that's what happened after fought to giving idea with what you're seeing now this started out as a radio show in the region. I took this radio show a united every consumer like the kind of course of action at this point was book deal hopefully
radio, show and hopefully get on cable news. I was twenty years old. I was the youngest foxes contributor ever at that point and I hated it hey. I will I heard it myself. I wanted to beat the shit I myself every day that I woke up. Looking figure must follow Mediterranean Stephen. I was so unhappy and then them over. Those same, affordable retirement already, a share of the regional shall so there'd been many honestly radioed are aimed at you. You didn't have to work your way to cable news that you ve done it and found early, and that was that people would come and offered radio here for a while and again this is not. We pray that radio shows its nothing impressive, but at the time no Germany's really doing any any podcast. Nothing of note and he will come and like. I want you to insure cargo in Dallas and our allay come in here, but then I was gonna, be local and I didn't on the rights to it. So I took a show of the small market. It was an aim arbour. called wham, but I would say to it technically covered the geography of Detroit. By also when I went to other stations to syndicate the show, I would say it.
I must say I ve also told them to say that you like guys you can reach a bigger audience, get better sponsors. Did you stop trying to be Ann Arbor, right rights, each to make them better tat never down there either, and I got a lot. I got the one place: rapid, listen! Fine! If you dont we'll just do a revenue split, but I have the right to this. Why could pull online go there? Always you know again, like people hated me on you too, but I thought that there's gonna be a point where some of these key going to grow up and they're going to want to have alternative voices to the young. Turkey about the young. Turks attacked me when it fifty thousand subscribers. Mr, there are not like that. At that point they couldn't stop analogy. Distinctive, say everyone. His name not named Stephen crowded. We're, not gauge area exact was so tat was there was a big thing on principle. I always wanted to grow this issue on Youtube in online and indeed grow the Pakistan. There was no blueprint at that point. Actually this takes us too, back. Then it was radio show Now- and this is the first time a lady who may not real, as is the first time Jared
appeared on the radio show less he twenty six episode. Twenty six June, twenty two thousand Paragon no worse off than I watched bone. And I watched the big banks and it's a lesbian debate going to thrash out here. Thank you hear it is first, I never honour Jared gonna MIKE during my video producer. You hate big Bang, it's a terrible excuse for entertainment in a television show it it's ok. The radio point. It is right that you could not see the characters. You say this, the worse! Writing! Why I like the conflicting. Every line might might drop jeered now the fact louder with crowded, but he made a good point.
Here the audio allowing private? Just you know what happened with the first area is jeered could be funny because you are so quiet, any kind of afraid, pushing to salt truck. You know he was really quite the first time I met in tune. We cannot, then I was a client is drunk. You know before you trying to get really real life had stopped. There was agreed to be just a nose and set its rhythm and guess what I was leaving. It was just jeered, sacra so far this so that we can. Then this is for people, so we did this show for long term adjust and radio, because I m ever talk with which knock a genuinely hired me say. Listen. I want to get this video livestock, because no one really doing this on utilitarian viewers filming clips during that early morning, hours yesterday early so might need to be adopted at the foliage drive across state every week for months, because I was an enormous not rather the drive to date. That
two to three hours, hurry everything and you gotta go tell him occasionally that wasn't working casino spending so much money to hang over, and then he asked me to be on the show. Unfortunately, at the time to talk about islam- or something like that- and I really do think- is a come along for the days when I was a rocket scientist, neurosurgeon intergalactic sociologist, yet the Briggs, why it's made for a just and slowly a paper bag met. Somebody reminded me of public so well before. Ok before we get to the full video, I should so we were taking some clips and I heard you had Crystal and in Ethan, and by
people do not know the Koran challenge to thereon. Challenge to that was the woman who was not Mohammed's wife that was Gerald by our keep Stephen killed. So he's ok, make sure in this video I was nervous, had never done a video before these. I can't make sure you call me not Mohammed. He has since learned and terrible at acting, I go Mohammed. Did he go to stop? You became a man and you ve gotta, be obliged gate trying to control the actual, rather Bob. What accurate? If you go, biodiversity ETA, really funny line, and there too I mean There- is that all the stuff and not those used within the car at the boy, millions in death threats later her just just two points: position. That Mohammed was a giant. Man shall yeah exactly at ever did is happening, so you can go watch clips on the same up, so we deem came for the first. Any mom Chowdhury,
mine here who rightly said in an interview anything about tat. This was in general, so Gerald Old Office, and if you do this at the storage closet, where you can see, you can see how old wrinkling gross it must end. We do not tackle so we're like going to call him. I'm sure he's in jail can trace a hustler. Could each raising our our crack are correct. Digital squad, I know, will create a new Skype account always get a new Skype account and call them and whose very polite you, but it arose in the same show and at this point here it was in Michigan, and I was on Christmas break. We deem caning mom Chowdhury and super where it was bizarre, but we always but we had something we like you know that this is something where wasn't popular when we first when we first Ok, Google. First ever video live stream
fellow doing the radio show for months now that I gotta fizzle at some point we have had a handsome like this. Can we Mandarin Asia would be out of a three hour show three our shelves. It is you see we did fair marshals for a long time ago and they have all these radio breaks and we would just run fate commercials for the pod gas because we had to deal with the brakes. Then it became a part of the show that you people, let us know, what's what Commercials or sketches are interested limit, but this is the first ever episode. Sixty video lies in the first time you ever saw the show live now, Get we haven't working lesson is that this is a big day for lotta, with greater two people. Listening to rest, really, of course, this is the first video live stream, people will be watching this right now in Lahti, was cutter, dot com or the Youtube's hello full on video live stream. Not gauge year has been working on this all day so, though,
Listen, I really want to hunt station a Lamb or affiliates W Easy S: New Hampshire, W J C in Florida, phone Alaska, Patriot, northern Michigan, forever thirty. The others out there. Thank you. We will, I think, even now, fifteen lodge at the crab lot and it enables the beauty of three we rebuilt- show them not started ass. He looked like Leucadia. Has been working for years, it has gained zero pounds. Nobody, why not operate the white now covers. Don't you have a one thousand orange or whites? Guess I'll be aware of what you said when you say been we're going You literally, please give me a day without waiting for months and crash physical lives like two weeks
two weeks it was funny because even translate a year later, almost or not, even quite a year later, when we're doing stuff it a lot of the episodes. Tat started like that. Are it? Is it odd? It said it is our member. I was up there for the life stream, which was just epic like that. Ass, though the election lives in elections, are the election live stream? I was up there. There was a lengthy period from the den by yeah and it was. We were on air for seven hours, six hours or something very, very beginning when you're like this big live stream of unhealthy too, on the studio afterwards, we're gonna drive out of here the MIKE, Stevens, like because it shares with like this death stare and thoroughly. All Jura does is swap cables and everything or cable cinder worked worked on his mighty, like what thou gosh. I remember that yeah. So that was part of the way we ve been planning the mug club along timber foresee or tb history and thence Europeans like let's move it was the first time or where someone came with infrastructure was like. We want partnership here and it's
and it was immediately equitable to everyone so that we can. Thank you know that the people at a higher up enough. We did the Ulster you remember the old man. I am, as you pointed out, your here's, my studio, all knights, who did the election live in, that we tore out, and this is why this is what it was. I was gonna cry when she sees as you like. I was. That was what an emerald blockers bedroom by those are really really small room, and I was like this are probably take us about an hour so once we finish the high stream at four, a m where retorted, the private, so sad because it was our it was my wife and I was our first housing tore down with it. You know what, let's just We just and we drove you didn't I see that the scheme hours, but I certainly job you wanted to sleep right now and yeah yeah. Let's do it listed, Are you? Are you awake? I need to sleep a little at first, but are you awake is like anti leeway?
an hour and a half and duties like Pembroke? Can you do that? I wanted to fall asleep and money. I pay exactly Illinois to get behind this Dutch. We did that and we left in then we, it has even been a year that we ve been daily programme now what we and by the way January people out there, because we know that a lot of renewals from uncle members we Steady and one who joined pre join with thousands of people who joined the never election night, yeah you're gonna, be membership is gonna, be valid through January. Just sing out as it shows that started in January, say, will be, and then now know is encouraging s renew. If your village, better and military student, you continue at that discounted rate way I say no one forward. I think we have to do some perfectly for students, but better understand they continue with a discount. As long as you guys are our member lying students. So otherwise you know listen. We won't be able to continue with what we're doing if we create a people. If you join the mug club, that's much appreciate if you don't listen, just bookmark this Youtube Channel India check back
Any support that you guys can can give we appreciate, but nor can we want you guys to be part of the story and five years to you now so jumping with us. We want to start to keep going in a law. It has not been an easy process. No, no law suits. We shall abide you. Ve got a lot of people that turned out not to be quite as the only thing to you without naming any specific, but you know that's that's been tough and we had a really bad rash of played renewal of Courtney and by the way, Courtney Huge, Corti, Scots CASA morning, grinders, because she also was plagiarize a lot by life insurance as we had profession working relationships with some conservative sites. Early on This anti? when it seemed, even though a poster step to their social media and then because our decent rider and companies a fantastic greater, because a writing was better. It did better than that content, they would you like a hundred posts today and we do to, and
they would share. One of origin would do better to they started, played rising us and then charging us to plagiarized policy. That second part takes us. It's totally isolated, repay a conservative news websites out there, so we had that coming from conservative servers. Phone calls still am so my favorite memory like it only plays a play these as well. One of them ended up. I can't but one of people who worked at these enterprises. I'm sure you some We can do some digging in gas. We go to. The past, ended up having some pretty tough affairs people s eyes, one Could it be escorted, are decided? Strewn hosts in front of the camera, allows you yet,
we're trying to scare us find things you gotta, I mean you, gonna burn their places down and in some instances- and so Emily definitely took the highroad said: hey guys, we saw people play fair. He as long as you all know by the same rules, the whole movement yet because at the time, a lot of people. I remember a lot of this happened when Obama stuff was really starting to get on people's nerves. Like D with the tipping point was happening in, and conservatives really needed to come together and not each other, and they must have our that's exactly what they did yet it s a big reason in a win win clothes. What we said we're not gonna do that's over someone does something fantastic. We bring on the shell again I mean we ve. We ve tried to build people, they show you want them to do well in our own vendor, no new about own bedroom. The conservative movement until he was a headline in comedian, goes like this brilliant music kind of semi in the closet. However, I must come out and we want to support and we ve always I've always wanted to see Ben Shapiro. Do I've always wanted to see these people do well I never understood- and that was a big part of doing this. We wanted to do it differently. We won
The eight elevate, the quality, because anyone going to us on a webcam and other nor Illuminati into a webcam on Youtube. We wanted to elevate it because we can see where things are moving. We wanted to be as good as any content that there would be no watch until the local say, the futures new media and then just looks like they're doing it through a cheese cloth to any money that goes in so to the enterprise goes back into creating more content of and creating more than ever and supporting more people and employing more people and changing mines. Understand this, isn't like it just people that love to hear what you had to say. It's a lot of people who are on the fence or completely against what you had to say the changing people's minds case. More there's gonna hurt me. We were all ok that somebody as long as we get it on video, you survive, doesn't answer. Do you wanna, hear Exuviae out about
there. It. Basically, though, that we seek that's, why refuse to take our key man? Insurance, beautified right? Ok, we'll talk more about this at the end, some kind of some a little bit more time line and in some some personal anecdotes, but I wanted to get into your favorite content. I guess: do you have a favorite we'd Canada's discuss it. Indeed, a favorite moment have least favoured moment. Can we get one those? Can I see less of naked, non nude urine future demands its thank God. I might give her what you think there's no hr. I don't think I would ever laughed harder than the one time, though you played in the intro now, which I love when you
your plan that the trade you lifted up the dress and she started up. I just well I'm, but it's not a specific area when you're many personal, open drains. Ok, any lifting your dress. I was falling out of my dear laughing and dig it requests all day We created a montage, it's gonna go down memory lane here, I don't know as I've seen this yet today, so These. Are your favorite moments in the path of tomb? In subscribers, thanks for being with and well let's that's tickle. I don't I don't do our emotional things. Let's take a look. Why work back to work? Oh god that thing you saw out.
I'm just saying
from a little I will now you peace or not you piss, off, William. You know, you know you, u verse, use peaceful for what
No, I just didn't. I hear you're, not you peaceful, William Wallace Jinx Guillemette wrong. What are you doing? I'm I'm producing now what. What's he doing here, I'm replacing journal?
No you're, not and you ve, heard about look at risk evaluation, a little bit of a black having better next step. But, of course, did strike Asia, but only lightly causing great pain.
And we will be back after this. Was Courtney cure, chaff chief letter, Canada COM, to tell you about some of her favorite stories we're summer, videos from a bench appear apparently that's the best clicking Eureka, Was there bad guys ready to scream? so sick of trump. We believe that he empowers to get. We believe that he has a clown and it's been nothing but a show for the past year and we are done- and I just want to scream tonight and the bad at it. I'm not married, because I know that I gotta be ready to fight again. One too.
The boy hello, boys, I'm so I'm so out of the one million subscribers that I raised some years ago. Congratulations I didn't write musical saw our kids, from Ghana and is not gave round team Ma Leftists you do about it, the bad list.
There are states child a day, never stopped speaking. There might even knowing super scary be sued by three one, millions smathers by joy, mug loggers. You do you two days, Sera, Smee subscribers by cars shows
you're, a waiter dunams, not my mom is mighty one less be. It is because they can choose tragedy. Bain Arthur back in Serbia is a million dollars has only been reached more by cars. Are the right? Don't think that this round Well, let's get to two million turn Youtube black. You a to frown. One million sounds bloggers much more days, then Billiards spammers,
let's do drought or training. I would have done so well, but I know you're a busy man. Congratulations. When you here, but he rides gladly our next gas She's nominal with me for you screwed up the intro, good. Lord Wisbeach associates my closest friends, I think she's, the best writer pound propound out there who exists in the conservative movement she's closer morning runners. You can follow the twitter at Courtney. Scots Courtney love! Thank you for being with us. Thank you for mean we're glad to have you
number do, member out for people who don't know this and how we met. A lot of Canada comes kind of separate, sometimes in the Youtube Channel, but it's all part of one entity in you. You are the editor in chief there in the website that come to be, It's actually one of my favorite stories, you put out a new design, fear website and in subtext. I told you that it was crap posterity day, honest. She did what there wasn't a holler something's going on, avoiding Larry. I was asking politely: why did you choose those funds to support Spain their awful suggestions on what would make better find out? Oh, I'm open all suggestions, subjects being you think you can do better and then she sent back actual templates as an oh. She can't be stepped up on your machine. I found her writings and issues concerning riding on a dating about dating going too whenever there is just so funny, I wonder if we could
her to write and a very little early on a very, very little and what elements it I've told you why why, Why? Why did you stay with it, because it was basically full time work for not full time pay early on your deal with server issues, and so many prop my gosh. I remember that thus saw the sir issues two years ago to who Why did I stick with it masochism theirs? sex wing somewhere? They are now in a corner I believe- and I believe that what you are doing- and I want to be a part of it from you on all shooting I don't mean to set- not for that sounds so sick of it take borderline, looking kiss ass, but fruit, licking massacres. It's fifty shades of Courtney today really is bringing us tomorrow morning
well. I'm a member that early on- and I remember you are always a team, Don't, I wonder, reveal this. All the way through! Don't don't go against my personal brand, but I built up over two years no November there, where there are bunch of sexual harassment stories. This was like two years ago, and so I think we can this now we label it's fine now, but we used to constantly when radios risks. With the audience people out there who don't now- and there I don't care what it wasn't might have been deliberately back. Then there are tons of sexual harassment or, as it was in the news and therapies, asked courting likely beyond air to Tom, run, sexual harassment and all I do ask you often sexually, perhaps segment doing and we did it so well that I even had friends who would tell me
oh, my god, what does tat every White Knights and twitter reload? Arguably, who told you that were unsubscribe court you should. I would treat you better get this. Why did you saw me get your millions progressive result like I remember that she was pretty funny and I like when the camera wasn't on me, I would have to lake laugh and new events. As I was dying like this. Is it and people really body of the people that we were surprised. The key was that, as you have to keep the bit just realistic enough, so what like an hour Gordon ensures your boobs. It was like she was talking like Courtney, enlarging launch its member What this agreement? I smiled. I get this rather more than six years we just sit with a realistic enough, we like dicks
my dear colleagues, we really there's gotta, be hilarious parties loaded down with no. I didn't even tell anybody real scenario like looking insane. Now why would you play so straight to support she? Did it very well you're the trooper? He always did this stuff. She arm Russell. You first, We have little morning right here, that's wrong, so this was pre me. I'm really glad you guys brought that up, because guys keep bringing all the time is. If, like the sum victorious thing, we didn't follow the rules when I asked you to have a real mess? I've seen you go back and watch the tape. I'm in a kneeling, crouched position on an ottoman Jared is sitting down our journeys. Cow In over the law, you lost a noodle arms over their dear.
Donor in Harpy, do it do use. The word on now is that we have which are seventy zero and by what means to age our year. Yes, but you would be the one with the most in fresh. Yes, everything contractually desk lab ourselves in our societies, who signed both the front that mutually assured destruction in Riyadh HR, because it's just constant of people in the email threads. Oh gosh. We should be concerned about this on our way.
It is essential to act not long ago as national when it's just us in the studio. It gets a lot, but certainly we have like indian dancers. Videos emerge trains of just how important I have no idea what kind of ink art I don't know how you, how you kind of let someone into the shallow end of the pool with this show I M kind of ease to it. I don't know what you can do that I think you just have to take some minor, that you say that you love and just shoved them in the deep accumulate, and this is it. This is what we do here, I'm sorry few drowned, but they had to happen. This yeah, these older, had underwater for me would for sure, because she would not save the humans anyway, so we cannot give a favorite story according to pops into mine. Aside from my I'd, give anything that, like he sought in Alaska million subscribers, which has been eight years,
you have already mentioned here two years like a personal story between us or now, is that your favorite memories are being with Laos, Grotto aside from the paychecks. Now, of courtesy, muslim, critical now. I always gotta think back on It was unfortunate. What's happened as I have always loved to give my opinion. Now, I'm to do it again. Used kind of performance is like a public service. Now now it's like, if I don't In my opinion, you asked for it and now it's it's almost like people want my opinion on the time. So it's it's gotten worse. So set of waiting until I'm eighty three to just say whatever I want. Now I ask that people want to hear it and then, when they're mad at me, like I owe you
didn't want me that do not allow me, you know like Debbie. If you want something gentler ever korean swing by waiting at the walking for onto your eighty three, those words are better able to actually just she gets the motorized Carta costs, God rams afresh and I get an on camera. Thank this is going to be good later yeah. Well. Well, thank you! So much coronary Cory's, but a huge, pointless and imprison. People like you to undertake you make I'm like now. Courtney was paid; nothing so is geared not nothing. They were never pay, nothing is manufactured. We, haven't, had interns be paid. Nothing because I hated the conservative movement was founded on insurance pay. Nothing has no one should be paid nothing. Before. I was even on this, like we had long conversations about how you're like me and I got it, I can give them more money. I gotta find ways to get the more money more minutely. I always did that evil levitate tell you guys. Is it, but that's that's all we will talk about. One way to do this in the end. If I do that, I now be fine jeered out about
for some of our money picks? Actually, I gotta give everybody degrade crap of glutted and give more money lose you. We please go look here as it is not really I, since there is about that, but firing those kind of conversation, stranger. What They keep quiet. Now would you know they're about, will point where you deserve to be fired and work. Of course you deserve to be stab in the phase repeated court just like to say that but in the middle of that I would have to essentially textile protects tacked on me down one one We saying don't tell Stephen I'm texting, you don't want me, don't tell Jarrett, ok, I'm having to put them in the coroner talk to each other. We were texting and putting it down my hair. It's all your work bomb, your bomb for regime,
I will work bomb at Courtney scoffs on Twitter. Thank you for taking the time and then you must go. Go back! Go back to writing! Otherwise! You're, not gonna get those data are built on a day. Is gonna Lord it over you absolutely I mean had been, is really intense work and that it merely emotional now say tat exterminating What we do- and I didn't know that we make
Oh yeah now herself reacts import export early men or women right. So who is like the person you want to see these like the most? the least likely put one on me. I don't the average rate, three, two one. Michael more like a more what grotto shop dot com are now available in three x and, for example, for the early man in new thoughts with credit has over millions. Subscribers spread machine. What you're civilization, cheers we're ready, even regulations million everyone loves you you're, wonderful, divan, Cathy tagged, I heard It has one million subscriber gradual in any event
raise our near to congratulate John. Yet another milestone. Very now. You can afford to get that Adams Apple Implant surgery sink into a proper anarchists variant, impression, look you're doing the Lord's work, our anger, pinch of logs and liberals have your wooden benches. RO borrow your cat, so we can reach the big boy, shelter, cavy, toys, Godspeed, Sir and many happy returns. They Steve congratulate in one million subscribers, that's a lot, people who want to hear about your knees surgery. What's going on, That is the ligaments. You tore them ligaments in your knee and you're gonna get Cartier string soon onto your thigh, born order would tell us more about it. We'll Mammalia, people want to know evasion earlier Bill, Richmond says Congrats. On a million subscribers laudable grab, you heard. Did you get a means of scrap four? May
Entire ball, proud. We pride, you may make it all kinds again Yes? Well, hello, my name is possible. I would like to congratulate you, crowded on his one million subscribers pretty normally very good, freaking, good Clement in a hotel room and your party up my enemies for eight long years during the Obama administration I kept. My hopes are like state optimistic. I state strong I've just for that. Add should pass one million subscribers on you too. I find lost faith in my country. Congratulations of what use steam. Kroner, I mean crowded. No longer a bag measured. I want to congratulate you. What is it
over one million you tube subscribes. Nobody gets to do that, but I have twelve. I don't even know Congratulations: God bless you you're a great guy, come to know you really say, what you do every day, advancing the cause? liberty in constitutional and how fund. At the same time, we salute Congratulations louder with crowd her Congratulations on a million subscribers. I'm happy for you, Happier for me that I am for yogurt, I'm happy for you. I, like you, Fourthly, like me and have me on which, let's be honest, while performers a narcissist so benefits me, I'm kind of happy for your good guy and you are really ard and you're a smart guy, so congratulations, mildly happy for you I'll say that mildly. Good feeling view about this. I guess I'm done. Congratulations prouder super audio body. A million is a massive accomplishment.
I'm already getting used to. And I'm no longer proud? I expect two million max really disappointed. You don't have two million, so let's get back to work that. Didn't last long, congratulations, Stephen! I'm having a small beer to congratulate you on your wonderful success. Man. I got a record, something Stephen crowd. Them braces give a full biggest I'm a phobic trans, while others are aquariums. Ok, ok, acres, her Congrats Otto million subscribers man you're doing great work over there. So good luck to you loved and keep up the good work that guy's just the worse sanch tariff hasty in congratulations on heading one million. Subscribers yes, you're, not a total screw up.
Congratulations. You Stephen crowded, on which one million Youtube subscribers. I didn't realize you add that many members, your family and a toast to you from this the greatest above average vessels.
The dog only you can do underwater adjourning daily. Thank you, Courtly ever tried, because you can We didn't drowning dance. We mystic a few weeks ago without I got all new like. I can't believe it. You didn't, do they're sitting, maybe it's as if a few weeks to that's right,
the fly article we can't, we started zoo it like she's a hit? Not here that our Lord? I can't I just wanna videoed in the breakthrough, Stand those really it's funny. I look. I look back on this. I see that video and I just think we have incredibly I wanted friends you can how many Montague those that just suck did you ever people do and say. Ah sadness like it's that it's a rehash when did something like thirty funny have worsened since our efforts in touch me once everything? That's not Adeimantus, are you just it was. It was funny most and cleverly actually put in some some effort into it. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. I really appreciated this has not been like us. I know purifier, some in our trade and make of deterrence has has fifteen or fifty times subscribers that we have. So it's like really me
Santa some unbelievable accomplishment, but you know it's not it's not my dream, but it was one of the dreams fashion we started so either stand there were not concerned on Youtube. We were doing was doing this into that didn't exist and we saw a man at that point is at all. If you could get a hundred thousand, even the biggest consumer. Never in history of you to her. We set like manner. Had a million you know. No concern has ever done that, but if we can now would be, we be trailblazers sure. So what certainly wouldn't say it's it's. It's my dream, but it is one of them and a fever had that if you ve ever set a goal, that was a long term goal and have to be your ultimate goal and then kind of crossed it. It's it's a weird feeling. It's almost like you live, didn't me visualize it so long that your kind enough to it when it happens it doesn't, it doesn't feel,
like and again overlook, all is making a big deal out of one mind with comes, I get it to replace the inward years. Fifty five million subscribers like it on the matter in his sneeze. It would be more than our chair wholesale combined forces. There was a big deal for us in dumb. It was a really long legs and if you look at this, I think from medium, I'm looking at this a beauty channels, an average of like three years and two hundred videos to get two million. Subscribers were about seven hundred videos and eight. Yours in awe, and we did we really are doing daily in about a year ago. We were doing about two videos a week before that self, but it's all a cash wait, two dogs who couldn't done about Macleod them. We couldn't month Muslim without having a little bit of you to support right and it's kind of a kind of weird thing. Yan expect expert. He'll growth. Here, the more of you who join unilateral scattered. I d come Slash, my club, you know the speed and if you, if you dont, want to join, you don't have to join, but that's what allows us to create more content. Free content you enjoy, even if you dont want to watch the daily show or gearing Courtney show
continues because of you to try to shut down. I mean that's your time, an uphill battle legal action from Bob Ross shall above Mashable not to mention all the copyright claims from via come from NBC Cbs. Facebook goes in gadget gives moto they were. They were manually throttling our manually throttling our continent's I met my half agent lawyer Billy. He actually took took action against Facebook and weep with effectively. We did everything happened at a quarter. We effectively one. That's definitely one thing. I looked back under of of Meda Alot of probably some probably the best friends of of my life really having done this and I think a big, a big part of it is. It was really said.
But out in in faith. My will take us. I was so depressed and I've talked about like met, met mental health issues that have dealt with before, not just when someone someone have something happens in its hashtag mental Health day, but Don t I was, I was cash. Twenty was twenty five I left fox. So how was I Fox and a big part, was a vision for what I want to do on Youtube and can ultimately what we're doing Now- and there is a six or eight months, not compete, and I saw this script side did it naturally made at least it did so that a deed like family, so the rights to a script, and then am I just did I couldn't do anything to the non compete for months, and I was so depressed. My wife at this point was working at the office and she just she didn't know. What I did was. I would get up before she would get up and I would go and make progress. And do you know or go to the gym, do more than your teen and she assumed I was being very productive, the whole time she was gone. She didn't know until about it
after resident yeah, you would, you would leave now go back home civilly, find our own Ben crawling feel sorry for myself. I couldn't do anything for eight months because of a contract and was really really depressed. A big thing actually was gettin hopper. There was a big thing before I ever met Jared before ever even started doing the podcast radio Show court. Long before that I was just at a house alone working from home, and I volunteered at a dog shelter, it's true. There was a dog, their name, Mr Big, Mr Big, who I worked with and terrified of him. He was very much like copper is actually begun. Hopper and I wanted to adopt him in the lady found out my politics and said now, and there is nobody here and so is really depressed that and about been volunteering at the shelter for a long time, stop and think about. Mr big, I wonder I wonder if he was like ten years old. He was older. Animals was too afraid to work with them, old and one to rescue him, and then we got hopper who is fat, vase
We three legged had allocation line. Disease was he's holding ass smelled and it was a big change from a lot more than any kind of anything any medication could do or any any just go under threat was haven't, was half. Was I get it? I get the therapy dog thing now, because it is also something else to take care of someone else's. Eight companies also does so people oriented when he's not laying there like a slug, would know it right now, but he loves me, and I was thinking of eight years. The full legal battles Youtube if that the concept- and we still have it in almost for videos- are still unrestricted mode. Slicer videos are demonetized. Was it six hundred something that he has unrestricted mode?
never themselves and others like forty or fifty, maybe here that our unrestricted suits it still an uphill battle that we can't do without you. But again this is eight years in the making of a big part of anything. If you have whatever your goal as whatever your ear beer dream, as some of you dream, set realistic goals and then set the pie in the sky goal that you don't ever actually think you might even achieve rights and both of those set all of those in it. Stepping out and faith and for a long time I thought man. This is this. Is it this is where it shuts down on me stress what we were doing so the out of my savings account kind of that now on black, but no myself and then said we betting on Jared betting. On Courtney. When I started building confidence, I stepped down then, when I was alone was really depressed and when I saw people at jeered come in and in a crystal at that time and Courtney come in, I saw how talented they were. I saw how hard they worked. I gained more confidence because it was me,
The team was too great people behind me. I start investing more, not only myself and in them and its ailing offices We see anything worth doing is it. This is an example. I'm not I'm not I'm slightly above average intelligence. Ok, I'm I'm a relatively shark, I'm not a genius, This is not. This is not a show horse enterprise, that's a clydesdale and when trotting it has been a slug for a long time to get this one. Nine subscribers, that's what's the big deal for us and I think that's why the big reason why you can't go onto the Youtube videos right now that all the comments are just convention she's really, I'm expect anyone else to really care. No US, that's the kind of thing in that we have, as I remember, some come then called me a fag and rightfully so, but out lay off those for what did you mean? What what did you think when we started this this? well, I guess, but if you can, my life, where I met them, and I felt like this person is.
Going somewhere, and I want to be a part of it. This person s up in special that I'd a vision and drive and determination that I dont have, but I wouldn't want to figure out how to support that with talents and skills. I do. Genuine tool for me, fired me. They work for you, sir. I think that was my first things like that. I think that I think, somewhere. I may I think this is the wrong something here and from very early part mean when the bravest and much unlike hey, maybe the scales round to be so concerned. Freelance work, I'm like that's all I thought and dollar held for pet. No idea could never anticipated The term Esther W hadn't been invented yet had not
It is not. This whole kind of like redtail stuff, which has allowed are just tell us about his temporary conservatives weren't real. This is this is really the first constitutional cans long term consistent, concerted channel its that's it a million sure there are people who kind of work just doing other stuff, then transition to it when it became a niche market. That's that's a little different as far as I understand it, surely, independent bottom. Yet it was. They didn't do this at the time we were like. We have to go out and up and think that we can create a market, and sometimes you do have to step out do in faith in also find incredible team of people, and it was at once we started building things and I always had a vision like okay. This is something that was a turning point for me. I remember going oh if I can only- and I will give you than the number member going off- I can only get to this, so I can make this per year. If I only gives us I can make this,
per year. I would I would be happy I'd, be content doing that, because I've been doing my thing and doing, I believe- and I we make in this per year- and I thought if I can only get to this point in in Pay Jared and Courtney this per year- I can still make this I'd be happy and then I realized hold on a second for, months ago. I would have never thought that I'd employ two people. Then arose. I never thought that I'd be employing for people in it. The power. I can't just think about myself. I get this gettin towards now I cant do so. I would be happy with this, because the success that we have had is: more than me as absolutely the teamwork latina from window do without a sensation but I don't have a register, keep this to myself and say: are I'd be happy with that and I had to be. Open to the idea that we were gone we're doing more than I had envisioned and had to be open to. The idea that there is going to require saint amount of work more than I anticipated doing it right to accept the fact that it may be included some responsibilities. I've never done. I've never been a boss. Before I
had to come down and anyone before I was. I was my own boss of the comedian who people to come down on me because I said something to offensive at a club, so these were just skills that I didn't have that I didn't you. I had to learn in I don't know what I'm saying you have something to the energy jeered drew me off. That old thing in people say: congratulations I do appreciate it ended. Our goal hears is, is to really outpace what we ve done. I think a lot go out there for summer the emails that we get from the kinds of fans how we touch people's lives are or what it means that we can never guess, not to the extent that it as were incredibly grateful and if you're out there in your when something different or your you're trying to do something like this sum to I would use, it is sometimes to step out and faith and just do something? Even when you don't know where to go and we didn't there was no millions subscribers it. Don't we no, this it was heading here because there was no here. Sometimes there is no there. You have to do the work.
Wait, and we all know where we're going from here at the time we ve no idea this is the path is never an blaze before it's a mere all that you too hasn't shutting down yet tat train Ebay. You kidding, though the grass was likely starting out. On the one hand, we have no idea. After all, we know is that of people joining support. Do the mug club deal that will be able to contain there will be other people. I am a little to grow by the way next Monday format for them will be announcing the golden ticket. So since we ve gone down from point five new people and starting money, we can have a three new openings, three new full time opening time for Dr Golden think it. So we do that on Monday from other members about you, just get banned this emissions and have your crazy. We love you and the Youtube comments Section and our private inbox not so much. Thank you so much for making it unbelievable road to a million subscribers and hopefully will get it. I don't know,
Maybe to do thing tomorrow Maxine. making your way world today, takes everything you guys in a break from all your worries, short would help along
wouldn't you like to see the channels?
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