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#27 Michelle Malkin guests! + Fake Black People

2015-06-12 | 🔗
This week the wonderful Michelle Malkin stops by again. We are also joined by the state athletic director who allowed a transgender man to beat up women. We also discuss NAACP fraud and fake black people!

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You found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks entertain like a whole bunch of others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, everybody hates my. We are definitely going to get your listening. Talk, radio, strangest animal you're getting louder with router my gosh it's another week means we're going into the weekend and what a fantastic time it is
your hosts, Stephen crowds of louder with prouder, not at not everybody's, going into the weekend with us. Some of them are listening to this podcast. It could be many thirty. Seven and people are still enjoying this. It could be a Wednesday night, and before I even got to my line, he proved correct. The most insubordinate psychics produce find them What new and exciting I guess, there's so much that is new and exciting new. Even talk to me before we went on air. I d, I added, I had all kinds of stuff us, printing news run and ragged do in my regular morning. Routine in addition to fridays are alive more hectic than the rest of the week. This is true because we we do this little this little program that people here across this great nation by the way you listening right now lie
with greater dotcom, there's all kinds of exclusive content in a lot of stories. We cover here our stories we get from lotta with credit outcome, namely my stories pretty much. It's all me a little bit of, but you, U Zalm but GOSH John People like me, This is going on at guy really you dont like store smaller, nor I don't mind a character, its them jerked. It plays him. I can't stay Frank and we're going to get a railed before the rail because actually ever good, L, Frank and story a few things in the news this week, Mckinney colonies. Comment on spike. Jerry Seinfeld made some great comments regarding political correctness, Jurassic world, of course, and our best this gas. We have this week, Michel market, so stay too. For that she's, going becoming on at the top of the half hour and she's asleep at the bottom.
The bottom of the hours? It is these thirty? Ok, at the thirty minute mark I dont care, I dont You got a speaking the analogue vernacular, that's where it comes from bottom of the. A job. Here. Thank you for your law your little signals with your finger and your new are. You knew up. In pyre boycotted haircut there gosh. That does look stupid. This. This is the laid on a pillow and had a key sleep on your head. Look! That's why hate? That's a trained kill you! If your baby, they try to kill you and sleep on your face now they dont, but So before we get to that, Mckinney is the big story. This week talking about it now, Disclosure, I actually go to church and Mckinney when I'm in Texas, one of my best friends, the pastor who actually married my wife end in me was Joel out there Mckinney Covenant, Texas and its actual falling off. It's a very, very mixed church. When I used to go, there are their camp ass. It was mostly black and I'd say,
forty per cent white now Mckinney, it's probably flipped its price Sixty per cent white, forty percent black and mixed so Mckinley. Have to understand, is a very diverse area to begin with, it's a great area to live just to provide that context. When you watch these videos and people try and go out and re Speight right away for those of you who don't know, and if you don't know you should be ashamed of yourself, cop went over to he was a pool party. Were people had been assaulted, there were fight breaking out. A kid set up is blue, there's a dj, a public pool. They crashed it one end to try and settle things down seemed a little hot, headed and dumb. Next thing you know, people are resisting arrest, are not listening. He has a girl on the ground and a bunch of guys are swarming him from behind the unwholesome versus gun. So this is, This prompts a March protests What was alleged there were finding out now and if it is a mistake or corrected louder with Crowder people burning the flag at at them. We protest. Here's the deal,
but we ve had Ferguson, we ve had Baltimore and you ve been reading my stuff on it. My only position this week as it on Ambled was hey, hey, That's just wait for the facts, but just way but the facts to come in before we indict someone in a court of public opinion and at the end of the day this was a cop who was swarmed. You Kids come up behind him run behind his back any anew, posters, it unwholesome his weapon finger off, the trigger and didn't it at anybody. No one was hurt. I don't even think any of the kids were arrested. Why is this a testable offence if the car, was being a bit of a Jack S, and I think we could probably both the grief on dippy might have been a little Barney Fife. Look a little acme's element, What I mean you don't started think about this. How where we ve gone, you you're marched both black and white.
People marched hand in hand for them the right to vote. Absolutely great thing. You marched for the right to Edith in public spaces. You know an equal footing, absolutely good thing. Then you're right it against cop who defended himself justifiably, like Daring Wilson, now we're gonna get in the now your marching because of an event, a pool Eddie tussle that got a little bit out of hand where nobody was hurt or arrested Can you find a real damn cause America now do everything is screwed up. This is the end of the world as we know it. You know I I think we should just. I haven't. Applebee's server. Who was Credibly inattentive, with the lemon water lemon is the important its key. It's in any septic com, makes a water tastes like really weak lemonade. What what does everything to be sugared up with you? It's just lemon just enjoy the essence of lemon, but no it it's either gotta be strong enough to where it is flavour or it.
It? Just doesn't work just having a little bit a lemon in the water may the water, not taste like normal water. It's that's! most to taste like water. It's not supposed to tastes like lemonade, its water, with a little bit of lemon and in its incredibly refreshing, stinks Your attitude stinks. It's also better for you, it's good for your digestion. Why? Why does this happen? What does have to happen with every little thing, the things that you get mad about. I I can't stand it when they put that lemon on the side of my glass, its. Oh, what are you trying to hide well water for crying out loud now? The metro well. Waters is in Ethiopia. Ok, they're! Getting from a tap just doesn't taste right. I want pure unadulterated, clean, filtered water, fine, fine,
we'll get you that I have I got is long and I continue with it as long as Dennis Remnants sales department doesn't run hot through the pure filter, I'm fine. I know we talk about that. I get on with my programme. No isn't that is key. Coffee Jerry. Do you see this juicy? We're gonna go out me MIKE off. You see what he does chair rails. The conversation ready when things are completely irrelevant as People are predictable. It's kind of what he does that's kind of his thing and people like it and that's and unfortunately we know buddy likes it. We will do like everybody hates me, no one hates stop at. Have nobody loves me, everybody hates me. That song goes. He's doing a whole self pity thing now. Yet, where now all the other people right in and say now, you're not as lousy as we think what they thank your lousy you're, the only one one thing and we'll get back to make anything. You
said, and I want wanna as a genuine question. You said you hated me for a long time. Oh yeah How long was it three weeks. Do you hate me fund up. I hated you for about half an hour last week. Why cause? You told me I had a kiss that damn whiskery cheek you nasty thing. You hate me funded not often no seriously, for if I mustn't on you give a muslim guy walked up to me and said: do you ate Stephen prouder to save my life. I would throw your ass under the bus so fast the crow would move a need to create. We like yeah yeah. I hate that I come on. Let's go get some this alarm deflecting. You know- because listen, no, it's no secret that I don't really like anybody. You're, an emotional guy but I consider your front and a day what it would hurt. My feelings, if you, if you still hated me
hung out with me long enough. No I dont know I need you to say it- see: ok, yellow to hate you very much fearless They told us its crowded- because it's not yeah I've I've been very. Kind with funding and when he said that last week you to set itself up any like I hated Stephen for I was gone well. How long has this been going on? Because I wasn't really. I knew you didn't like me so much the first couple weeks but hate out. You know him out of the first thing that I ever heard you say was: am radio socks or something like that are not true. That's what that's! What your station owner, who I love dearly said and she was taking a joke out of context edges my art, unlike M radios, my life, I didn't say it sucks. I never said that. This completely untrue, doesn't have a talk with tend to have a talk with Linda, Linda. We love you, but you said that I didn't say that what I said was that I hadn't turned my car radio on in years it my phone
access my radio? Why? Because I can pick the shows that listen do in its great for us, because that's what we have all these listeners, it don't look, don't you want to hear? What's going on, live right then, and there ok and through my phone, you can get it live without not a pod guest go to the break, will combat and talk about Mackay any talk about Clint Eastwood catching some slack and also Fallon Fox mail. The female transgender who broke a girl's orbital. So will actually have a state athletic. Commissioner, to talk about that later, with greater stay too
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your listening, the louder with crowded I've got my copy of supplies and water. On my face and trying to wake up, my here looks even dumber than it did before. Welcome back here, Stephen Good weren't, you sound out of breath. I've been running around for the entire commercial break gosh. I thought that was just sweat on your scalp. No I'm trying to wake up, so I splashed some water in my face. I remember to take my glasses off this time, though, so that the step in the right direction, for those of you who can't see you should get a lot with greater, not have because then you can watch the video he looks like he's doing up like a perk plus commercial or is brushing back his wet hair. It's a calendar. I'd buy, obey Ladys. Now you can be impressed
this choice and we were talking about Mckinney's a big thing than Clint Eastwood faced a whole bunch of now. Did you see the Clint Eastwood story? I saw but I didn't pay attention to while you're all MR proteins, gender and stuff it come on. You have to admit his joke was harmless. Oh yeah, I mean I mean when you're a public figure. You have to expect that you're going to end up in like what They said you end up in a monologue every now and again anyway. What here's a thing, so he made a joke. Clint Eastwood and it was, it was pretty basic he went up. Spike tv guy awards. It's a comedy show its male oriented, he was putting some kind of award did Dwayne the rock. You know the rock Johnson and he said he's following in the footsteps of other athletes who gone on too great success and film like I remember who he Sadie mention. Another act mention another athlete maybe Arnold, and he said up ORB Caitlin, something I was his joke. Now weak pretty weak joke. It wasn't really great joke, but it wasn't really. It was really a transgender joke. It was more
look like. I don't really know what the name is any more. He only was more like a joke like that, and they cut it how'd it from the broadcast because they thought it was offensive. Having you know, and you know, we went up and different sides that issue come on. That's why I talk what you can't be the language police about everything to me. It was more a joke about this pop culture. World we live in is is confusing yeah exactly so it gets caught spy. It has to issue an apology. It's like it's! It's the male tv. It's the spike tv award, which is a ship, a network, entirely designated for men. I mean you literally, have a show a thousand waste vast sexist right. I know everything is sick. As you know, men don't have a gym. Women have curves, there's no man's Jim. What we were talking that there is no b e g that bothers me to really yeah Then. Why does everything have to be separate for every? It's like you
you ve got a man's network, you got specific network for spanish speaking people. I Spanish network should have English on it?. That's an entirely different issue. I do believe that you have a problem right now of people coming into United States who do not want to become America, and if you come to United States, you shouldn't be at your house reading nothing but spanish watch. Nothing but spanish tv, not learning the language, its very different. It's not the same. You'll go anyway, sparing as an emigrant. It's not the same as when the Irish came. It's not the same as when the Jews came, it's not the same as when the Italians came, it's not the same any culture those emigrated to the United States, who came here to become part of the great american experiment, it's not the same. If you stay home, Watchin telephoned, oh by the way, have you ever seen: mexican sell cars. Now it's just breasts. That's all it is hyper, sexual eyes, culture. While I love sabotage, he can't they. You know, but I want to be able to understand everything and I have to have my wife. You tell me what it says. Well,
I got a ninth grade. Spanish saw it as a hyper sexual eyes, culture. You know latin american same thing, Brazil. I have a lot of friends from Brazil and my training and inhumane and killing you just sue and every Emmy of moms. You know who you see at church group at the pool in a phone gas: is this what they do their thing? They don't get creepy I can hear your voice when it goes from fund it's. You in your purse. I can only medicine, I'm not taken I am not I've given up on life. Oh stop it I am. I have a much clearer head if I avoid taking the cave or going anyway. This comes back. Things are so good right now, things are so good, even as we complain about what's good in twenty four, I'm talking about the level of opportunity there is equal operate.
Ready for everybody in this country. You have a black president. You have women who are being paid more for the same work than men on average, particularly in the UK, starting in the United States. Everyone is complaining about it. Everyone is looking to claim victims status. That's why they have to cut a joke from Clint Eastwood for Spike TV. It's why liberals have to get mad. A jury Seinfeld for saying politically correct culture is kind of creepy. It's why people have to protest Mckinney. Let me tell you this about Mckinney. Can then we're going to bring Michel marking on Macao again. No one was hurt. Ok, The police officer unwholesome his gun finger. The trigger, did aim and anyone- and there was a protest. They weren't even arrested. I is treated more poorly at centennial regional, high school by our cop Tony Evangel. I watch the kid get worked, because he loved a snack pack at a Volvo gay I would say in his name, was Ryan. I will give you a foaming whose part- A group of kids would go out at lunch and they would throw things at cars
I think that would hurt the carpet like a snack packing the pudding pack there. This is, after they switched from the metal cans, though knowing your age that is replaced, ones, just the plastic and it's so nice splatter pattern. There are thrown it at car, tony evangelist, a cop, great carpets and ten regional high school that was a group of guys body Only took one and he made an example of that one put him in the back of a patty wagon. You know why, because Ryan, Ryan was the kid who got caught. Counterfeiting tickets, cool talent show you Stealing, canadian higher money, which is like lows or ace hardware, cash, canadian tyres, a big store in Canada, he would say skittles from stores and sell your just little petty crimes like like, like Part Simpson, the little bastard tool kit, Ryan was known for this, there was a group of guys they were all doing it, but he singled out Ryan Because- and this is the more brought this is more so- the problem child here at centennial, I'm going. An example of you know. You put him on the back of a car rough them up a little Betty scare them, and then I will act. I
No, he wasn't that's the point. He could just as easily been a black. I know a black. I did you give him a black. I know it and your own racist, but he could have just as easily been a black eye If we had a black guy, we didn't really have any black eyes. At my school we had a very diverse, except maybe like on one hand, I could count the amount of black people and there are mostly girls, so you and your foe black guy, not my point. How is he now you're making a terrible generalization? My point is this: if that were on a phone, camera nowadays nowadays guy and he happened to be a black guy. Now this is it he had with the record at school, was a French. Let me let me finish this funding. If he were part of the group and you'll see phone camera in Egypt. Grab him a little aggressively coffin put em on the back of a car. You go well. Why you picking that kid out of the group when everyone else was doing it. If Ryan had happened to be black, but he wasn't everywhere
talk about racism? The reasoning singled amount was because he was the one who is causing the most trouble he had occurred and the cap, which is making an example of, and I think they call this parents at the end of the day. The point is I've, seen much worse situations and Mckinney several times in my life, in front of me and there is no need to protest. Theirs who's a jerk. Absolutely you know file a complaint. Why not, testable offence. Everyone is so funded nowadays and we're going to bring the shell marking on after this bread to talk about a new book. Dont mistake, doomed lotta with product
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your listening to limit allowed her with crowd around at nice, so glad to have this next guest on was actually the first gas it ever on the show and now offer new, both such as making around who built that the on sparring story stories. But now I screwed up never going back of american Tinker printers Michel Mark and thanks so much for being on thanks me back, even knowing that internal away. Let's stop acting like its formal, because that, right that I took my shoes ass well, just don't step rounded moors. So, let's go
We are really to soil, this entire segment right off the bat and it's my fault, I ruined it. Reset button reset button, but anyway I was gonna. Well, let's just go straight to the book that you're making the round is now. Firstly before we get to that Michel. You know we ve talked about this a lot you kind of took Would you say a sabbatical from me? media for a while. I did I needed it. I know you're in it You know what it's like to be able to maintain that every single day and not feel like you're just about to have a heart attack or you don't need a just permanent. Hot shower and The reason why we can do things like that is is in large part because the alternative we have as social media entrepreneurs you're doing. Now and it it afforded me
that afforded my family a kind freedom that I would have never envisioned one. I embarked on my media career. Almost a quarter century go when he had to be company man or a company woman right now May I ask you this are you I know you ve been even kind up. I guessed deepening I was back in the water. Are you mainly going to be doing media to promote pieces of content like your book or do you think you're going to you're going we're going to be seeing the Michelle Malkin show on traditional media anytime? Soon You know. I was very grateful for my the other friends that I do have it at Fox NEWS who you know welcome to me back back with. You know just with great grace, to talk about the book and it's really important to reach those platforms. Firstly with the message of this book, but but now I mean I like my freedom, I like being out in Colorado
there are other things that are in no way more important to me and always have been reason why we failed on the EAST coast and the whole Dc New York scene in the first place, and you know- because We can be on twitter and on the blog on Facebook and disseminate our messages. And in other ways you know I don't have to be on kind of like the daily tv. Red mouth right, but you know four, four for a book launching a book campaign and I make no bones about him, trying to reach as many people as possible since the Abuja funny. You say that, isn't it a wonderful feeling, Michel that no he can fire you. Yes I really think it's it's the most liberating feeling of all- and I think you know back when I Bore the corporate media hat It really was the only choice around I've. I worked for two major
papers. You know syndicate An early blog heard gave me a taste that freedom and obviously I ever regret a moment of of all the work that I put in. You know those past ten years. When you know when you my face a pre regularly on tv. I I just think the inner one way, when you're, trying to balance and have different needs and wants it much easier to do that when you have the world of the internet and its invite ram to fill the vacuum now I think you're so right now I know I know this is a prior way, more personal, any other interviews, but listen. We ve talked about this before the glass on your own, when I also worked in traditional media and also this I've, never said anything that I didn't believe, but there is absolutely some true to the fact that I didn't really get to focus on the things that I truly believed in things. I was passionate about not just because listen, there's
things that are uneasy cell in traditional media, certain things that aren't now don't be grudge. Anyone at all for that do you feel like now being completely independent, often your own. Immensely successful island. We make it sound, quaint. Every lets you ve done very very well. You ve been a real trailblazer. You feel like this book now. It is a more accurate reflection of the things that inspire you. Then you may be done in the past, but I think it is provided broader. Standing or picture. What motivates me you can either that, of course. Every day. If you make choices about, what you gonna drive, what message you gonna drive home and and there's this quest, others who picks the frame Oh, you know when you're gonna do a segment on tv, but of course it is natural, you don't pick the same, and so the picture that presented is is not necessarily one that represents
no completely who you are, and this is why I started off the book. Joking about how lobby proceed me as being the angry brown lady on TV, but you know for most of the people, I met me on this- you know this King Trail work, who have had any chance to interact with me. Personally may know that just one small aspect of of my personality meant just like you, Stephen, could I always say eye to eye. Very proud that I have never said anything on tv or radio or anywhere else that I dont absolutely believe. Because I feel and I know you do to Stephen that if the point. Is it what's the point of having a platform or a microphone? If you are turn on some sort of personality that isn't completely authentic. I mean really, why tell you the right and the pleasure he asked and so a boat?
of self lubricating pocket catheters. That's the point! That's why some of them are they get separated by the mountain of the ash, That's a lie! I understand that I just I feel like I could I could not have sustained me now, twenty five years of going out there and putting yours if on the line- and you know what it takes- Stephen because you know it's piano it it's pudding
its putting yourself at risk fitter. Your family wreck, I in in dire wave that you would have never thought possible when you embarked on when they cut you off with a good agreement and want to bring you back and will get more than what you are saying, and the book Michel Morgan who built that blood with credible, be river. This is out or with router, be sure to visit louder with broader, got serious time. Super serious, a lot of Ukraine or heads listening to this part guest aren't even following me on Twitter, at S crowd, or there is all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me first, twenty seconds of this louder with prouder promo in your dog, about Stephen Friggin granular Christ. What you do your think life, both greater at s, crowd or follow me follow at Funded Dan, just try to not make em cry or criteria of joy with a terrorist. Take you out
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tell you what Michel, if you have not you you'll, live until you views one of his self regain park and I'm sorry again we started with this is a nightmare. We ve done nothing to this whole. We know philosophical thing: it's pretty call you. Will you always do this? I love is a smile. I love talking to you because you everyone else So why did you write a book words? What is a guy knows you're like western from your public asset, and I was writing a mediation is very nice and on what the hell I don't want. This list of question is a lot of times. People just want to be fed mean they know. That's the thing, And so that's the thing, there's a lot there's a lot of people out there who I mean in this. If I just don't, I just feel like there's no time the waste, and I never want to feel like I'm phoning it in right now and you can you see people all the time you think, ban what a waste what's wrong with. You I now please
compassion, passionate about what you do. Look like you're able to visit www passionate on twitter. The other day I dare I say a little bit of profanity made some appearances keys. One was the most little brown lady, but I know what I know that was the ass. It was I e now typical story of left wing blogs lying and accuse me of a falsely accusing me of you Some doctored photo on it on an art that was syndicated and then run by national with you and you know what I mean I don't care fear on the left on the right. You can't man up and take responsibility for your mistakes or errors yeah, I'm gonna call you out. That's a great thing about Twitter. But I think it's another great thing about being independent, because if you you're not on you not on some, it's not like high school,
where you're on some team and you're always on that team rider. You know whether they do right or wrong and I think that's the way I've been with when it comes to. You know Chris size in the Republican Party and that's the way of my life, oh by the way I hate this Europe drama, but I'm totally going to did I tell ya, got I didn't really realizing I went on Alex Jones show to disagree with him. Basically got him to apologize to you. Real. He said he was. I I swear to you. He said he said you know I think there Some things that went down is that I really do support most of what she does and I think we should all be joining together. So cylinder saying, oh, I don't know what's going on there, but it surprising to me and I listing. I went on and disagreed right away with Alex Jones. They don't try to send me letters yeah, but the air was. It was a fascinating sort of discussion, but you, you know what you're you're you're right and it does but there are a lot of people that are going to get in and have talked about this with Andrew. The Uk- and I think I might
you novelist last week You know this is abnormal. I know for people that you, I have done media for so long, but this is, the way media's going for younger people late. They want things that feel little organic and my theory Ben you now and when our parents were growing up, it was less surrounded your table and talk, and then we'll sit more watching over tonight. Shower watch, Steve Alan and it's all by g betcha, whereas now people are talking with each other, there so married to their device there looking to there, attainment and that sort of podcast phenomenon for that sort of human touch, an interaction they wanted to feel more conversational. I don't love you ve picked up on because you should always have your finger. The pulse of how media of all of you have you noticed that will younger people certainly do I don't know if this is the best example of it Just something that's been on my mind lately. By might my old, My daughter had wanted a twitter account. She really really really wanted one, and you know I'd I'd
had hesitated and I live, I let her do it and then she felt like she was talking to an empty room, because none of her friends were on twitter, so think about she's. If she did, she say go freshmen! She is fairly well informed, very politically aware, with without really much of a hand but a direct hand on my part, but at this stage and in her life I think if she had to define herself as anything she say, station, libertarian, leaning, and she's not on twitter, but you know where all the kids or Instagram these remedies, inapt chat, and I want to ask to graham- and it was basically nothing but pornography. Quite I dont know back well, you know I I I opened up an instagram account
oh, I don't know several months ago, mostly as a tool to do something that we have just been talking about which a sort of to provide aid, if fuller, richer around her picture of who we are. I think that one of the troubles that the right- basically is this- this problem- that I've call I talked about about framing frame HU, we are it is it serve. A useful purpose is to be perceived all the time. As you know, an angry person who is now fully immersed in obsessed with partisan politics- and that is not true and the more you you are able to make yourself look like and being the more dangerous it is for the progressive right now. You're. Absolutely right in the problem is Michel that a unit both noticeable lot of people who serve control. The more conservative mediums don't want that. They want the talking point and that's where I've never seen anything. I dont believe, but I definitely not least, nice do other radio circuits and I dont do any media now, unless it's a good close for
That's my general rule just because I dont really needed and B. I just got to we know it has gone. I know what they want me to say in all thrown a few punch lines, but leg is it. It doesn't present. The whole picture as to who you are and leftists are so good at creating stars and green. Personalities and an eye Like the right really, MRS, that because, like you, said people really knew you moron Then you know you, as I know you. I think there are a lot of people who have these sort of preconceived notions about you. That would have their mind change, but you- and I know the only way to get them to see that is- is through your own social media. It's not gonna happen today, exactly exactly we'll, say this justice to sort of temper or Levin everything that is said. You know it I've been around enough and you know interacted with.
Just really wonderful, grassroots, conservative, yes and what they hate most about the GNP establishment is the fact that these people never fight back, and you see them on tv and its clear that their main agenda is to get involved. Back on the show to sum it up in the green room, and so whether it you know, appearances I did on the view for the last book or with Man LAO were in or even just last week where I had had been on hiatus fur fuck from blocks for a long time. I did the whole in a book promotion, and then they had me on for a segment on. One of these shows where they put me up against some dumb, open borders. Liberal and hear my head is going to explode, because I can't stand what I am hearing and for both parties, people get away with it. So yeah. I think it's it's cathartic and I think they're therein
a utility to you know if you ve, got three minutes to completely expose some open borders, trader, yeah, you're, going to do it but, like I said you know, the framing is really important because you don't want to. I don't want to just be seen as somebody who you know immigrants, and that's why I went off on the guy in the first place right this. I fear that we are just one off throw every last foreign person into into account. Car I mean it's, that's ridiculous don't make me, go mad yeah, URI math, but the truth so you'll be authentic about that in and that's what I presume, whereas, like you said, you hit the nail on the head there. I think a lot of people missing people have it's a view where they have things they want to say, but their main goal is to make sure they can get back Africa. Hence they are gone. Like all, you were right on that you're on the logic trail to a good point, and then you curbed at what happened in
right, it's very for it, and I don't think you really ever done that, and so that's where you know it's, the old wink Resky quote: don't go where the fuck is over. The bucks going to be whenever it up also so busy playing the game you stood out and that made you more and demand. I think I've spoken scenario. I've worked with there been a couple of people. Michel approached me about sort of indicating shower we're on the camel stations and a. Then, what comes of it is ok, they get to pick the supposed or they might have control of the gas, and so once the conversation turns to me go and that goes for you. We don't really need it and thanks anyway, it's not in another way it all of a sudden. The dynamic changes and people find it interesting. I think that's what. Sitting about you if you're in a pale and theirs three other people, if you're on debating two other people and their goal is ok, make sure I get back on the show. It's a very different there's going to be a very different path taken to that
and goal, then ok make sure I'm right and truthful, and I think that way exactly that that that's right and I would say that the most enjoyable tv appearances I I've had since I've I've gotten back into the last couple weeks were the longer form, programmes and segments. I did forty five minutes on cease and God bless C Span, do you know it's? It's always no holds barred there and they ve. Always they ve always been great about just giving me a fair shot and and when it's more conversational and really one somebody's yelling at you in, and you know, calling you the most evil person on earth and you're able to do more than thirty seconds and and really reveal. Ah, you know the truth about who the real haters are on its really enjoying It's a lot of fun. Rom ends,
and then the other thing I did recently was I I got to speak at the Reagan ranch last week in they're gonna be showing them C span again, and I think it's really important to reach them kind of audience, because people will give. Shock? They know it's not just want to be thirty seconds, em and you have time to develop your ideas and that's what I got to do with this book as opposed to the other Why was really mad? We other day Stephen was ah a Washington, both book reviewer, who was mocking the chapter that I did on toilet paper. It thinking that this was so funny in and of itself Q Ye D, because he couldn't rap his head around, you know possibly reading the whole thing digesting it and understanding what I was trying to do, which is what you try to do with so many and done successfully in your past, videos of in particular, reaching younger people number them.
The segment you do with the kids in the hollowing candy, which might might still want to my kid favorite segments of really driving these lessons about a free market economy, home yeah. What you know it's it's First off, I'm very I'm actually more more flattered when your kids, let me Michele know if I see what it's like for people who don't realize they're their children. Are these absolute just total talent, these massive talent bulls where you look at it and you go. Oh my I wish I were as good at anything as this kid is music, I'm a loser and it makes me want to go swallow a sword The asian thing is that, are you the tie? Your mom is out. What's going on Why had amount? My mom, I'm? I look like the marshmallow woman compared to her. But you know, I think that incorporating that sense of drive and work ethic and
the latin phrase that I included the end of the book, which is really our family mall motto me he'll Bonnie Thin laborious. Then there is nothing great achieved without work. Their language for the date is a measure of coordination, and that includes just talking you're behind your legs right now we get an award for that Michel. I took the conversation, we went you don't let's up. What's, let's hit the refreshed and bring up the lesson we can talk specifically about your board. I know you ve talked about that everywhere else, but my audience may not necessarily be familiar with it, because our couple things that I think are important for everyone to know, and you should read that point how Michel molten lava with credible. They went back your listening to louder, with greater follows even on Twitter S, prouder pay.
Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you hear a artifice saving steady black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun stored in the business and talking ammo accessories upbraids. All that can be found at a are fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dotcom listening talk, radios, strangest you're, getting louder with router we're back of Michel Mark and now is the point where it justify. Having brought her on the show. Is a book prove built that on sparing stories of Americans tinker printers? I that's a hard words pronounced tinker foreigners, it's obviously sort of shot back over the bow on you didn't build that from Brok Obama did this come from a place because you yourself are
I dont say this. I want to be one of these interviews. Well, I'm doing, is you know kissing up, but you you mean you're, you're you're, pretty much a pioneer youtube blazed, a lot of new trails with some things you did in the the online sphere. Was that a big inspiration for this? Why this? at night. I really appreciate just your public recognition of that cuz it. You know. I can't. I think it's it's a. It is disturbed the left purposes to not acknowledge you know the full breadth of who you are so it's much easier to just you know. Consider me at these phrases that were there have been bandied about last decade and a half on on online that I'm just some white man's pop. You know, I guess I actually did think of these business ideas. I won't? Let me Roma clarify what that is because this important, I said you know no one was doing the twitter aggregations of news timeline defrayed, did it at twitchy and Pierre. Furious and listen
I wasn't saying you invented twitter. Ok, I, like you, monsieur, I don't like you that much. I wouldn't like any that exactly. I was saying that news sites, you know they might mention or handedly like asked, but you said something stupid and it might be a hyperlink too too. You know twitter, but you were the first, one to put in a timeline in a way that was entirely you know graphically accessible. This is what happened on Twitter. This is a narrative, and that was the entire new story. Tossing and with commentary. You were the first person to do that, and I was amazed that people were mad at me, giving credit. Well, yes, I think there was partly it with deliberate misunderstanding, deliberate misunderstanding right and also again, because you know, is if people now that yeah. I had something to do with that yeah I had an innovative thought again. I think it's you know it's something that does not come you in their worldview and that's why you'll never see me at south myself West were up
there are with honour huffing tell you, I'm Steve When I, when we first rolled out twitchy, I mean you go back and look unless, of course they deleted, I might have bothered save any these stupid tweets of people whose hadn't No idea what I was doing, they didn't understand it. They thought twitchy with stupid. If thank Heaven from my former, so called colleagues at other sites I had created snarking bout. We want name now. If we want to anybody. Now I'm not. I know I know I'm I'm being Christian, so look you know that this is something that, of course, every disruptive innovator from me. Austrian age to the internet. Age has had to face whatever the degree, obviously with so much more than mine in you know, it's not a huge breaks through a single equitable, that you are going to see twitter aggregate, So we just happened to be there among the first. I think it was really court and to get the gain a foothold in that, because I think the right has been caught flat, footed so much.
I wanted to be a head and and- and we were in a really proud of that I am. I think that the city of disruptive innovation, I think, really captivated man. That's why I was so. You know really keen on doing this book. It was really by taking a graduate course in me in the story of american innovation. Now would you say: well, I guess I am when we scrap a question was going to say, if you, if you focus, if you feel the need to focus more so on, inventions are sort of improvements, because, It seems that the United States now doesn't maybe invent as much, but they improve upon things really really while they innovate. Things are being other creating better mouse traps. You think we're in a stage right now in american history as research. This book, where not everything under the sun has been done, but a lot of it has and so you see more entrepreneurs and like the sucker bergs people who did it meant the internet but their creating the facebook, their creating the instagram? That seem to be where the fuck is going on. I think so
You know actually that that the trend that that traces back to the industrial age and an that's one of the things that makes our free market economy, you know such a marvel. I have a up a quote from the top full in the book. It talks about how you know what makes America were great is not the endeavours of of a few huge product, fraud, products and projects, but the confluence of of an amazing amount of small ones, and that's that's the history of whether it's the bottle cap or RO the razor blade or even the development of glass bottle in this country that it was. You know, one insight that work. Labored upon and tinkered upon for years and years and years and continually improved and, of course, the ability to profit from those large amounts of improvements, more time I mean the people that I highlight. The interests have one or two patents. They had two hundred or three hundred before hundred. You should have gone on shark tank
shoot out by Kevin that, no, that's that's another thing you know we tabled. There seems to be caught, love to write off. Millennials Yonah Mean- and yes there far the left, There really is, if you look at their investment patterns, they're not rolling the dice in the stock market, but they actually are investing long term and diversified portfolios. Very late, They do believe in higher taxation and its Bernie Sanders, but then you Look at them in a lot of my really trying to swing for the fences and become entrepreneurs. Do you think the America entrepreneur is like a law, people on the right say kind of kind of dead. With my dinner, action or do you think that it it'll be even bigger than ever? Well yet thriving in a way, and it is that in the Spirit which is what have been the theme of the of our entire storm show here wrath of the people who want to work for themselves. Now is paradoxical because, on the one hand shows like shark tank or while popular and yet the
same millennial, certain who are striving to hate it big vote for people entire careers are based on nothing the financially successful. So why is that? Why don't they connect the dots? I think a lot of it has to do with just a complete vacuum and absence of historical since that would immunized them to this wealth, shaming cancer, that I talk about I voted yes, I could Bruno Mars. The other day he's got, that's all billion air which he now they all bob their heads to cause. I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad Ryan lie all the things I never had an edit same time they listen to Obama Class WAR, warrior spitting out the words millionaire billionaire like the profanity right. That is true,
that's a good point. I remember actually, when the latter must, I think, you're. Your husband was coming back from Bruno Mars, concert with you that we happily fork over our hard and earned money right now. Exactly it's a good point. I think there is a disconnect. I dont know I mean you have people who are staying in school longer. A lot of them haven't paid taxes. Socialism is no longer a dirty word because of the meeting adoption of higher learning and, of course, the media I mean if you look at Bernie Sanders, it's amazing but he's gaining oh much traction with people, my age, dare I say it even more than Hilary with them? this, and these same people are often the people who are innovating, including these amazing services online, so There is a real sort of dichotomy there and I don't know that I have it and you might try and provide. I don't know that I have any kind of an answer for other than hopefully they'll grow out of it. I mean I dont know how, when did you know the common qualification of the teaching of AP? U S, history! The teaching of a piece of a car act, economics in this country
is now thoroughly saturating. I mean it's, it's it's! It's not! A college is not AP with history courses. Its pre school, where you ve got an entire cadre of social justice warriors Learning our kids against. Japan. I parked materialism, and obviously you know these. These people who are coming out of the teaching core the teach for America types. What are they? Well, what are they make? They make trouble there are leaving the Baltimore in Ferguson protests right eye, I'm feeling a lot of micro aggression from you right now. Not can we actually do in a very on that dual? Is it not a single person? We asked not one knew at micro. Aggression was except for gender studies, feminists. The way to see this and by the way like one lady, this is totally off care. My is researcher, this year's wonder was taught and shoes and how, in a time of this off camera, I said: ok, she's! U yours! it s like to be a woman and experience sexism Ellison Michelle,
I said that Europe, but your a real small lady. I mean you know you ve been around my wife and I it's the land of giants. It's our wedding was extradited paid him Hitler, youth every single bridesmaid was six football. I think there's going to be to collect and taken out of context. But the leader and was also there, and I turned to him- and I said, let you as one of my mother, my group municipally, I'm so sorry that you feel so jewish. As that I know it. This is the widest wedding. Everyone looks later area, not I bet they all. There are related to your wife its russian German, like you're. That is my wife's bloodline, so that it comes with a look but dumb. This gender studies, feminists said you know what like to be a woman. I think you would know Michel and she, awesome. You know. Some guy goes on the street. Just you know the stuff they say ass, all like what so complimented me, am I smile. I kid you not, I say,
first, if she was lying, could she had a horrendous smile? There's that I'm sorry it sound show that she was not an attractive woman who, you would say, a beautiful smiles, and now it's more of a snarl. I saw a great. And she just couldn't wait. I said that, will you don't even have anyone compliment you on your smiles at now? Can I go to smuggle tooth, but I would like to end. We have an entire generation of people who are just then did anyone's doesn't go back the entrepreneur thing, but I think that still roof is reflected in this disconnect. The entrepreneurial spirit, people who are out there who want a strike at big, yet they vote for people who punished for that people who want free speech who want this form of ideas. Their social justice warriors and they don't see at an end. That does frustrate mean, I think, a big part of that is ISM honestly absence of the right even reaching out to them. Well yeah, I mean, beat what you're describing with micro aggression and these feminist. I mean I experienced at all at Oberlin than I was talking about the Opel ionization of of Amerika, and I think that kind of ties, every
together here, because there are, not actual actual, actually imparting knowledge of history in two kids brains from preschool through college and beyond and then a lot of these people who are, of course, are majoring and engender stuff. He's or multiculturalism. Art are the people who are then going back into the elementary school classrooms. So what? What is that both for What is that both for the next generation of me? tourism builders? Well, it means that these these young people are not getting their education inside the classroom, we're getting them outside the classroom and the last chapter I talk about the history of prosthetics in Amerika from the civil war in the present, and I do have some sense of hope because I quoted girl scout who made this Lego powered prosthetic here And for a little girl, a toddler who had been born with a congenital defect
somehow these girls may be through their girl scout troop. I don't know why, but parents and grandparents, who still have some sense of appreciation, were fur, innovate in property rights. One little girl said unsuitable that we're getting a patent because it means that we ve made it so now there look, I'm a glimmer of hope, let's put them in touch with Caitlin Jenner, and they can help each other some Lego, even thinking about her him way too much. I know I know I honestly have what I There are so many things, that's a topic for another day and were actually I was exactly development, but in others by Michel. I think I've gotten to maybe No I've asked exactly zero questions that were suggested by of stock, but the book I know, but I really do think If people haven't read any of your books. This is a great want to start with, and
now, where is the best place real to find you you're, you're everywhere working people find the angry brown lady most easily at Michel, Morgan on Twitter and Michel Balkan dot com on the web- and this is true and do you not anger. Her on twitter have seen what happens. Some have not say for work. You know it is not that it was not safe. For I mean it wouldn't be safe for the avenger. That's the yugoslav people, Atwater unites. I have your back bottom metaphor. I would rather- and I need you to have my back morsel bonanno- that if you could just swaddle me like a baby through better or more
appropriate reputation. Michel, thank you so much for coming on in them. Even I know I know you're not doing now the media Alla time, but that whenever you have anything, please do come back. I well fighter think thank you so much ladder with greater. We will be back with more messages from these self and we're getting pocket. Get your listening to louder with proud, funded. What's wrong, I'm trying to figure out what kind of gift to send my friends hot niece. Firstly, that's creepy! Does she like wine? Again, everybody likes? Why so? What's the problem, I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. While the good thing is your luck, because you can go to simplified wine, dot com or call eight for forty, nine, seven wine, you place a call or you send an email and qualified Somalia. I will find out what you like your price range and curate, a perfect windless for you or your friends, hot niece, simplified wine, dot com or eight for four to nine. Seven wine.
Your listening to louder with prouder- and I am fun update, How do you feel the need to notify them like they forgot debts? what you do right? Where you would you wouldn't come back from commercial on a tv channel without like the little visual that says a year watching? You know that tonight show well, it's also like yeah. When you're reading a book says in every single page, you know Lord of flies case. You forget. You never listened to the radio growing up. Did you
as a brain. Regan bet that where, but why do they feel the need to put the title on every single page like you're gonna forget it will pop up it's the planet of the apes? Ok, I guess I never really paid attention to a big aid. Is there like a small print near the I was wondering about all of the apes, but if the planet of them I'll continue relax, you dont brine region is probably The best comedian Workin out there today and our energy needs that one Stephen guy Jewish now. I am not ashamed to admit tat. Besides you set working comedian. What are we working comedian you're, not working as a comedian? Right now The second was still do shows all the time. I want to see one. What Did you see the one when I was in Plymouth are Pontiac or you are now that was when I still hated you now go
We will need to do it actually. Manufacturers dogma taping the stand, especially there you have Amor or somewhere. I think I'll. Do it at the Louis, each Schmidt Auditorium, Livonia, that's my favorite auditorium well, will you know it's funny. Actually that battle lead us right. Those next topic will get back to Mckinney will get back to some of the issues. I guess that are more newsy, but Jerry Seinfeld made some interesting quotes about comedy and I dont do as much comedy any more. I dont like doing colleges. I dont like doing comedy. Clubs are pretty much do private events like you're talking about right, ticket door, split at a feeder, don't like being funny don't like being funny because there is, you can really get a sense now of how difficult it is to do comedy surgery. Seinfeld had a couple, a brilliant points on South Myers Adair it if you can, one one yeah, but they keep moving the lines in for no reason
I do this joke about the way people need that justify their cell phone. I need to have it with me, because people are so important, You know, as a boy don't seem very important. The way you scroll through them, like a gay, french king. Well, that's right. Answer to the conference can be there. I did this line recently in front of an audience. You get your companies where you can can appeal. I can opinion, and they thought. What do you mean gay? What it's my gay, gay. What do we do this? What I mean you know- and I are you kidding me- I mean we can't even I never imagined tat he has, and he goes on we'll talk about a second quell. Actually they directs. South Myers about Bruce Caitlin Jenner. It's it's
there you can sense in comedy clubs I got in trouble and combat Clement Austin for actually making fun of. I think Hillary Clinton at the time it wasn't Obama and on the book looking up and said. Listen awesome like an oasis bro, you just can't make those kinds of jokes and ours. Feature at that point. The headline or didn't do that. Well, I had the CD and I But the city to the club owner, basically the guy who was the head sort of Booker, Actually, it's a brother to a very famous comedian, as well as national, we're gonna hear from the guy who's there in the club. But here is a city of my set just so you know that guy and I have to go via we're. Gonna want wasn't any that, and I have the set as one of my better sets ever in Austin was politically incorrect. He got a lotta lives and Austin. But you get a lot of libertarians. They really enjoyed it and the book didn't like it and then I got banned from a college cultural, fair for making jokes about Mohammed in it just gets to a point where they are not even not even dirty,
and its link with Seinfeld people are outraged with Seinfeld right now and he's a clean comedian yeah, that's one of the few. That's able to be funny consistently without a kind of really crude humor, I think, even tv show the crudest thing was sponge worthy in their eyes. It yeah eggs, Actually, it's every unit will thus role the second clipped, who were actually go straight for the throat with Seth Myers go on this subject, which I think is very relevant. You said the other day I saw a thing think was on you're, not gonna make any jobs about Caitlin Jenner. I said that day I wasn't vetoes I'd like pale and generous a person who will continue to do things in the public eye, so be as open and will talk more about the broken temple. The footman, it's just so cowardly, UNICEF Myers is brilliant and he won't make fun of Caitlin Jenner because someone's feelings might be hurt
we'll talk more after this break, comedy free speech. It mattered, lotta, withdrawn serious time super serious. A lot of you cried or heads. Listening to this part, guest aren't even following me on Twitter, at S cry, or there is all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their you won't. You are on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me. First, twenty seconds of this latter with prouder promo in your dog, about Stephen Friggin granular, decry us what you do your thing: life, both crowd or at s crowd or follow me follow at Funding Dan. Just try to not make em cry of criteria of joy with a terrorist. Take you out nice tat. We tell your word fund,
doesn't danced a happy song from watching him. Do air drum too happy songs in its disturbing disturbance? Don't do that I could be. I could be dancing naked on the web cam here between. I would prefer that you would that lovely yes on the cheek. He gave me this week louder, uni shave. While I was playing a terrorist I know you were supposed to be planned, the dude at the door and the tears. We know it would have been brilliant. All right, let's let people a lot of credit outcome. We did a sketch, she can go watch it jihadi witnesses. What, if ISIS door to door like Jehovah's witnesses, it's hilarious and fun dip steals the show go fund it. I was just thinking what would have been kind of cool, and I didn't think of this at the time if you had shot the stuff after work. Clean shaven of the guy who answers the door yeah, I know, but we do have a lot of time because we were doing in someone else's. How adds true, that's true,
So I don't want to go down and mock up their bathroom yeah yeah. I tell you what you end up having to plunges think if you're shave allotment- Yeah, that was a big argument for my wife and my wife. And I, my wife and my wife, big argument for my wife, Emmy big argument before me for my big argument: the wife and me I'm here in the sink that was rocky in Rocky two, I'm going to be a good husband and I ain't going to leave any of my head in the sink and nothing it's true. It's a big problem, just a quick, this guy, just even ideas. We can often such damned insistent even ideas to what happened to your tongue, competent local correctness. Ok, listen! There are plenty of people, fine funny on the laughter who I disagree with, we also find funding, for example, John Stewart. We talked about on this week, I don't agree with him on much. I think the guy's hilarious, Think when people, so you so she's, not funny. You be little your own argument, you under cut yourself, because most people will watchmen say: hey he's funny. He's talent. He has a successful show why
to attack the ideas instead of saying that he's not funny but left us. They believe in absolutely assassinating the person you see it with Seinfeld right now, you ve seen it with anyone who managed to say anything remotely politically incorrect about about Bruce Caitlin Jenner. Situation? In now, sky banana final Haim. He just sent me a tweet publicly, which I find funny. It's hey! Thanks for the pictures. You were right. That's an international color and texture, but I can't direct message you back unless you follow putting this out their publicly to insinuate that I sent him some inappropriate pictures. You know Anthony Wiener thing and I get this all the time like women who hate the fact that I'm I'm conservative they'll be like you know, I can't You left me that one night, you know you're gonna pay. They try to leave things publicly, that you know my wife or we'll get upset as she,
She knows it just this is what they do. It's not hey. I don't agree with your ideas. I love to come on the programme, people who, We have an audience: oranges, crazy in their mothers basement, stalker, Jim, no offense. We love you People have a black says to me: can you get in A graph book from Michel Marken she and we block me on Twitter, three thousand, I your Jim. I wonder if she block you yeah, it's not gonna happen not like I'm gonna meet her anyway. Well Stalker Jim. There are our biggest fan and very appreciative of love him to death, but he's so much like me. It's just scary. She probably Michel Molly. Probably blocked you stalker Jim, not because she disliked you, but because Timeline was just filled with your carpets of energy. No, I don't I'm you're doing I Justine good morning sunshine, but with her, but Michel Morgan has never high tolerance or people who flood timelines she's a
she's she's, pretty conservative, I think and who she she really follow their she puts a news list, but dumb me too. I don't really like anybody yet, but you need to follow your fans funded, aye aye periodically, will go directly to their page and read what they say and comment on them So what I want nothing but cats in my four Toma Jerry Seinfeld in comedy- and you have now you gotta, having imposed in, got a lot of credit outcome. We ve written about it. People are furious with Jerry Seinfeld, because As a matter of fact, it was rebuttal written here at Huffington posed. Hopefully I can find it and get it for you guys. Let me see if I can bring this. Maybe Jerry can bring up the that rebuttal to Jerry Seinfeld written from a politically correct college student, and this kid around to Jerry Seinfeld about. I am a politically correct college student and your comedy can be done.
Done away like Amy Sumer, where you are addressing things like rape, culture or racial divide. No longer an irresponsible society can comedy be used simply for the sake of crossness or to shock I'm gone. I thought it was used his sake of humor, exactly tackling one or more on that's the bottom line that is Lastly, the bottom line comedy I, be funny and Jerry Seinfeld for the record. It completely clean committee who do not known for his racial humor, he's not known for his his sack. This tumor he's. Four observational humor he's known for humor about the hair in the shower about you now, if you watch the show its very trivial and all He's saying is even with me, trivial stick even with mice. That really is pretty benign people find ways to get offended,
and there's a real vibe right now in comedy in the entertainment industry. You look at what happened with Chris Brat, who storing and Jurassic World I've gotta see that later today, so they don't have it can't be any good. Don't hold me up. I want to get out of here at nine o six. Ok here what you know, I've pulled this up at at imposed from Anthony. Or toe asian guy who I saw that french guy behind a body that that's why I felt the need to say Asian. So he writes. We need Talk about the role that provocative comedy, holding today's progressive world. This is he's readiness to Jerry Seinfeld. It isn't so much. The costumes are politically correct, its that comedy and Society can no longer afford to be crasser provocative for the sake of being offensive excess, humor and racist humor can no longer just a comedy because these concepts are based on archaic ideals, that of purpose Injustice against minorities in the past provocative
more, such as one doing with a topics of gender and in race can be Cresson vulgar, but underlying it must be the context, spurs social dialogue about these respective issues. Here's the thing before gone to the example uses which is terrible, you jump get to say that you don't get to tell comedians what comedy has to be. It has to It must spur social dialogue, no, no, it mustn't have to spur anything other than laughter. That's no listening that matters in comedy. And whether its, whether it's a gay joke, whether to racial joke, whether to transgender joke all these things are on the table and if you don't like it, you don't have to listen that comedian, dont protests them. Go out and start a march take Amy humor, for example, arising by the way I've had run into they mean humour but she's. I always wondered: why are people pushing or so hard enough, though, every single thing well turn chucks, humours niece,
I was completely untouchable she's in that in that circle, the Tina Faye? The politics supersede comedy. You have to be funny enough and then The right political affiliation yeah arising got going on right. Shimmer has become amusing to tackle difficult social commentaries of secondment, raising her comedy during the premier new season. Schumann. And writers manages to make a topic that would never seem humorous rape. They had Rape say, go under thinking. She dresses rape, culture and its basically a whole. When I met the whole sketches, all the guys are trying to find ways to rape, women and the comedy is that men candy fathom the idea that they now want to break with rape, women, so it is inappropriate and listen that funny. What's not funny. And the gag is met. Or bad rate, culture is true, so it sky is saying and half Bow Anthony Bertone. This is really important to people listening to left us western, because this is the mindset of the left What he's really saying is you, can do comedy and you can
new cultural commentary in your comedy. So long as you agree with me now if you are to provide social commentary from let's say a more conservative angle like Miss Miller, who then gets protested or when nor Mcdonald that things were people now act as though they all love em. But the fact is they hated him for a long time and you can tell his rightwing meetings in its comedy: that's not allowed. This is what, I've just are trying to do with the war onwards. It's you can all comedy can no longer be a beer see it has the Ex wire z, and only if you agree with me that the ultimate end game in this peace and it does just applied a comedy. Comedies Great sort of I guess societal yardstick it up eyes to everything. It applies to what you can say in a political conversation, it applies to what you can see in the workplace. It applies to what we can allow on tv and film they
to make sure that their point of view is the only one expressed in the big irony here. Is it comes from a place of? anger towards Jerry Seinfeld, who is conservative anyway, particularly political he's off. Completely avoided it, but even here I was going really I'm making a joke about about a gay, french, king and people are going to get upset about it, and then response is to get upset about it. It doesn't make any sense at all. I mean I M the first person to make fun of like fat. Things in food things and. I don't understand why people are so touchy. I'm so many things these days that they can't at least a little bit about even the most offensive things. You know. Again. I was talking about this. With, with with Jared jeered, I mean cause you're
you're a young guy you're, pretty concert your christian guy monotonously, not necessarily overly politically active, but we were talking about. This is yours. Action to anything less it. Your Christian in Egypt. Family guy in summing up, like you know, super anti christian belittling cries. He shows up as a character. They ve done that quite a bit. You react to ever get it? No, I think I think we talk about this. I don't I don't just remember the last time I felt deeply offended abiding. Funded by bad music em up into by bad the call yeah the quality is offence about big Bang theory I, like big Bang theory, every I'm offended by muddy microphones, what are you talking through a piece she has Kaliko, look which created degree of wanting. She looks like a bum I never really better again to her. I haven't I lingered. While I like wallow, which his wife,
and the redhead that's now go out with Raj Umedvirk. That's the only time I use the term. Its offensive is one something is really bad, like obligate bang, very the writing on that programme, its offensive in it, It is a fact that you guys just don't get it yours. The problem there That is what now Germany we agree on this. We agree on big bang theory, I've as a grown man grown ass man. I've Yeager Ass is grown. It is very large, less there now I could be offended at that. That's anti large posterior bigotry as a grown man. My I don't. I can't remember the last time I ve ever actually been offend Like all that wounded me that hurt my feelings. I don't I can member. Can you not attacked effect? I asia for bad, because even I'm am I could somersault. Do you know about Christian in Europe?
but I promise I'll act as I I promise of laughing outlay Jesus Joseph beyond the guy, and I know it is because this body ichor recognise its it's. It's good comedy whether it affects on you, my religion or not. What you want? about that actually is funded south park. You know they were there ones they Jesus in the show and southward when I started out, was really crass. It's totally crass, but they sort of their more material, leaning now so leftist protests them their sweaty alone. I haven't seen hours a year is its way better now than it was before, and em they Matt Stone. Was that term You d, you D, my brother, once my brothers in the media programme so he was able to do like you, and I- and I was there with them and Matt Stone was talking about South Park and they opened the floor to questions and some people ass. Well, you know you think about it when people got really offended like when Christians try to get you off the air and maps don't set? While that never happened, and I said what
Christensen want and want us off the air they didn't want us on in the middle of the day, and they sitting at the fact is they were ally for us with that, because didn't to be on in of day, we didn't want to be beholden to censorship rules, and we have way more leeway before alone at eleven at night, and we don't Kids should be watching the shouts, so we agreed with them, but then, when I went up and what would you think now about, you know left and end up politically correct police were protests in use in the eyes of those. The people who are trying to get us off are the Muslims and their allies and Scientologists use that we never had a problem really with conservative Christians, even though we make fun of them a lot, they didn't want it. The middle the day, people Muslims and care they want us off. The air said so there's a big. France and you could hear a pin drop, a kiss that all the liberal colleagues do now standing so and I'm not gonna lie my friends again her away, I had him on the programme he's as rural policy in a wheelchair, so we just always
to go to the front line and talk to any celebrity when there there is. What are we gonna do say, noted that the paraplegic and he's hilariously. We just go right up and we'd get to spend twenty minutes with whoever came in like our Steve Hashemi. I just That is aimed gentlemen who who died at a Ghostbusters, Harold, Remus, oh yeah, All those guns people we have to go to a break. We'll talk more about this, as as we come back and actually some shocking news, someone who may have
dazzled, some money claiming to raise it for the mere rice social justice warriors. Tell Miss pay this Stephen crowded with louder with prior to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website if we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen guy come your listening to some show, I'm not going identify
were the worst producer ever louder with crowd, or I said why do you I gotta find all a drive. No, I didn't. I didn't say that I said a lot of progress, finance the show but eagerly and funded well yeah. I gotta get myself a plug in their get your plugin there at spine. I'm giving you got about a year, lessening whatever their elders is I dont know what this is. The volume of its one. Things were that the news there's only so much news in a week and everyone you know like we were talking about. I've never been offended as a grown man. You get mad at stuff, though you get frustrated, but the whole outrage thing from conservatives is just as aggravating as an adult I've been offended by. I could think one. Raging mean woman that look like an be Davis. What's so funny about that is fond of saying about the transgender debate last week, where that
was a woman, Cynthia Yankee, whose an out of the closet lesbian supports gay marriage in any other setting. You would be defending her and saying that I made for now. I want to send it on twitter when she like Blue Knocked me just for having a difference of opinion you're, the notorious for blocking people for having different, not until she started it. Ok, I mean you're the one who's that you didn't want to get into this conversation, but you just open got it Indoors box. I will tell you funding would allow Last week we had the transgender J, J, Merida Fraga and Cynthia jockey. I received a two thousand three thousand word email from GM rigour. Freddy! Let me tell you find it. Same thing also by the way I got pictures from another transgender person who is asking if she was pretty I've, never
met one who was not undermine, creating an J J, Merida fretted without email. That's an insane person who send an email that long afterward it's entirely inappropriate. I've never responded to a three. It never even been requested to respond to a three thousand word essay. After a ready. Show that someone who has some issues regard where you line up I enjoyed email and back and forth talking to you because you're just a big for you, you're a big fan, but that I'm telling you that's not normal behaviour funding and the thing bothers me with you. When you talk about this, as you say it somehow hateful listen, people who do if it is by the way and we're gonna talk on the phone foxy, because you agreed with me on this Fallon foxes last week: mail that was so that it is not good. A woman's orbital bound in the first round and you said when I spoke with you about this- you said well this You said she should know that she has an advantage being a man, her whole life. That was your response, eat ever say it's here too. She meant
Legally, you say to a woman and then I said she had an advantage. Having grown up mail that with sports and those types of things yeah you gotta watch out for that I am a fund. If you can't it's either it's either. Yes, you do we it you dont, say: ok, you can say: hey, listen, you have an issue, you wanna do that! That's fine were legally not going to recognise was a woman. You can live, how you want or you have to let them fight. Have to let men who transition answer women sports. You can't You can't be the middle, it has to be one or the other will sports as such it Touchy thing, though, because it is a very physical thing. It's touchy and illegality that you're either a man or a woman. That's what I'm saying so you have to, and I think you're you're reasonable enough to what is see that the way I the way I look at sports sports isn't of the mind, are the sole sports. Of the
the muscles the bones and how they interact and the muscles and the bones grew up different. We then that one, I will say this fund up. I love you so take us, but that is a very ignorant state. Words, doesn't involve yes, mines and sourcing. That's I'll! Tell you this it does it does. It involves the mind, especially sports, like mixed martial arts its share its human chess, it's why you see people who are smaller, who weren't us nearly as athletic able a certain point, words insurmountable. That's why they're await classes engender divisions able to overcome bigger athletes, because you can use your mind, the it does affect the. So I tell you what you we ve talked about this I've been gaining wait. I can't run right now due to some injuries, it's hard for me it's moving meditation. Now you don't what's so much but think of how you feel You play the base. Think of passionate you are about that people think
athletes are inherently dumb. People think that of your support, your? U doing a sport, you're just meet had its very cerebral experience depending on the sport will not football by any means for quarterback. You have any idea what kind of thinking us to go on for that quarterback! That's what I think. Ok, is this clarinet ass, good, a fit in the locker? That's how they think. It's not true. It is true. I know for sure TIM Debo is a great guy. He does actually did a great play, played a problem for people with special needs and seems like a real sweetheart. Nobody bundle you. Surprise. I know you're not a sports and I'm not a sports guy either, but when I do certain things he said we would do well we're going to talk about this when we come back because I think you and I are in agreement on this issue at the ballot box, but that brings up
applications of the other issue? You either have to say: ok, you're, not a man you're, not a woman legally or you have. You have to love fight. Otherwise it's like an athletic commission acting like a diner in the in the fifties who wouldn't allow black people to eat there, where women are to complete lama, one but you're not allowed to compete? You can't do that. He across that line lotta with greater after this break. Hey listen or what are you doing here, listening to the show but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit icon? Don't worry, I'm trying to tell you anything, not gold or silver we're getting pocket gathers just news videos aimed exclusive stuff that you don't hear on terrestrial radio begin its toll free without us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why we could hardly add, took a better lotta with credit outcome. Don't listen fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com,
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks entertain like a whole bunch of others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, everybody hates my. We are definitely going to get letters. Your listening, top radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with router, so glad to be back with you, this third, our breaking news and Tbilisi Peter and double a c p leader. As allegedly been lying about being black for years,
she's, not rational, her parents, I'm looking at a picture of this broad that is the widest looking broad I've ever seen. Have you seen the story? dear it. Have you seen the story even see, we have to bring it is Google and W C p leader will get a story upon louder, with greater dotcom again of your listening to those Terrestrial II, the pod gas go to the website. We have news everyday, breaking news. Videos fund it right. Occasionally a prominent Washington mw. Cp leader has allegedly been lying about being black for years. Still does our own parents out heard a local me, a second pictures of her as a child, as group. The words of areas? his body? she had a really pissed off her parents or something like cheated us diameter. Sex, taper, there's somethin like that in her heart or hockey were and so on.
Would you do with be proud of you, but you know that well, at some point you can only go. Do so many times Would they do it? That's the story, I wonder now: ok, were then Dalzell told the spokes spoken review that are thirty, seven, your daughter started the skies herself after her family adopted for african american children. It's very sad that Rachel has just not been herself with a man who has spoken to her daughter in years said, namely, why is this so she was trying to have a race lived or race. Left. You know that he knows the girl who did you took the parenting, ISA, You could be anything you want to be just a little too seriously right, adjudged, cheapest them all so much larger cared for that anyway. You oughta, be, I wanna, be be than american. Now the I've been trying all my life to be poor Mccartney and I still have not accomplished it. Well, this actually brings an interesting thing. You know the transgenic thing: what about what about
Trans race people who feel that their black she might come out and defenders. I asked turning on twittering. Actually is it actually, and racism are something it's right now and to excel. I wouldn't these rights in our midst, twitter, various other Rachel's not been herself her effectiveness in the causes of the african american community. We ve been so much more viable. I would have been so much more effective if she had just been honest with every body. This is funny, but we're gonna have to write. It this. That's just hill hysterical. But again when you get into identity, politics and business is good. Business is booming. Like you see with sharpen with Jesse Jackson, that make their money or Sean King, that's where they make their money, and so this girl saw an opportunity to make some money and lied about erase streets after I'm. Looking at her right now. She just kind of like the orange tat. She really does look like a Jersey shore, chick the even fool anyone I mean
his name Jean now wilder was better in silver street. When I love that movie one: we went black YO and they're. Both look come in through the the tree. Station with the Purple Jack it's on the programme at and jackets yeah, that's classic, and it was because there is that there is here, no evil see no evil. And I love that with him and Richard Prior member, the anytime- you put those two together, it was. It was magical why he would He was deaf and remember, there are dusting, fore finger, prints or something I think that for the product that uses a cop, it's called men's, Ria right that you that in some capacity either to dust for prints or to look for something and up. But Gmail or with death so is reading lips and they I tend to bring in the men's rearranging rather's been carried out to us. Why We have many Ria now now we men Oh Mamma, Cowboy Evans, rare marriages,
you with the master of the gentle comedy the gentle. Insult by talking about the races and then we're gonna go back to the whole transgender deal, we're going to have these state athletic, commissioner. Who sanction the fight with Fallon Fox male to female transgender hoop. A woman broke her orbital bone in the very first round, but right now I want to play you a clip from an bomber adviser on the Mckinney incident. Self rigour. Because of where you line up and the Mckinney Incident, this is Connie Rice in advisor to the Obama administration? Who was her her job is in a nutshell, too. Prove relation. Between police and citizens- and she for why out it's not up for debate lied about the incident, jeered Roclin, you don't treat children, you care about the flag, these children weren't doing anything that warranted this kind of response. As you said they require they were polite. They were they were. They were totally intended by means of you do, MRS Alai, if you
The tape. Listen to cop may have been a jerk. He resigned, ok, fine, he may a broken protocol. Fine the children by the way were teenagers were sixteen seventeen, probably somewhere over eighteen. I don't now fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen, that's not children in my book, you're, not reading them in a one jumped over the moon to put him to bed were Unruly they were the wonderful resisted, arrest twice three times the other ran up behind the cop. He doesn't know far reaching for his gun. Wherever ever you light up in anything else, this is a lie. And I don't do this, but this woman should lose your job. I am absolutely calling for Conny Rice's job she is out, lying now we begs the question: why would she lie about that Why would she lie about something that is so verifiable? False of someone just goes and why she's the video that we upon the website again.
The race, baiting businesses, good wraith, bathing Is my bed net like Dave and Math That's why? There's a vested interest in keeping racism alive with its administration. I will tell you: it is worse than ever: It is worse than ever Mickey he's a pervert example. You can talk about to mere rice. You can about Baltimore, you can talk about further Can anyone if you want to get into the fact that it was it was justified? It is unjustified, This is the first time in my lifetime that people decided to protest an incident. Where no one was even arrested? even had a scratch on them. It was a Will they thought was a little bit of a hot head. This goes to show you? How divided this country is how what a powder this administration, and this leftist media has created
Can you remember any time in your lifetime? Are there would be a protest on this scale over an incident that this benign? No, I mean, I think, of Tension that we're dealing with in today's society and The last time there was this. Must this much tension was two years before I was born. There would have been sixty seven. All of this stuff is culminate. It's coming to a head, something big is happening. I think all nation is gonna end up like the riots and sixty seven. Things happen here what it is an exam, Equally clear is true. Manufacture? It is the opposite. Right now some were in my you thought child. Who would I must of race baited. This administration Gould asked Kennedy
herbal parity territory like Don. I must have, but we were talk about how boring its We all want us most radios incredibly boring for me to listen to what are at less than what we want. As you don't listen to London calling Saturday night to ten right here here on Wayne radioed at home, the image funded I got a plug it. You got up like that. A whore. I admit it We're gonna go to this commercial breakin and then we're going to bring on the state athletic. Commissioner, who allowed the male or female transgender fighter found Fox to beat a woman into oblivion, so women good new, good news. You now get to go out and die in the front lines for us. You now get.
The crap daddy by men and the gate arrive. They funded. What's wrong, I'm trying to figure out what kind of give to send my friends hot needs. Firstly, that's creepy! Does she like wine? Again, everybody likes. Why what's the problem, I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. While the good thing is your luck, because you can go to simplified wine, dot com or call eight for forty, nine, seven wine, you place a call or you send an email and qualified Somalia. I will find out what you like your price range and curate, a perfect wireless for you or your friends, hot niece, simplified wine, dot com or eight for four to nine, seven wine
your listening to louder with proud. So what have you back right now? Oh please. Has been tweeted out. We are on the line with. None other than James. These state athletic commission, director of the a commission that sanctions the fight between Foulon Fox mail to female transgender, where he is Honan Fund, it's going to be met, that's hate speech was into oblivion orbital bone. I socket broke in the first Round James, thank you for being on with us
you for having me on their Stephen. I really appreciate it, and I am just I am just so distraught I now saw distraught this morning I can imagine you, son strikingly similar to our Ebola Tsar James. Let me ask you what ok this fight was incredibly one sided. A lot of people seem to be upset about it. I'm in a girl at her orbital, broken in the first round for crying out loud. Why was it so one sided? What what happened here? Well, ah, hesitate. I need to issue an apology upon further review of this fight. Ok, it was brought to my attention It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that the effort mentioned fighter did in fact previously have a penis saw.
So that seems to be ok, there was a penis involved. Yes there there was one penis involved at one point: ok, depends on where it was pointing. So let me ask you. We shall see if you have to peanut down to us those aspects of the did valid waters, disclose with the Athletic commission. I know in previous bout. She hadn't even disclosed it on Fox disclose that found was, Obviously, a man and a woman. This never come up at any point in her induction into this organization. As you know, martial arts fighters of the female gender appear to be very masculine, so no questions were asked. The front end of this procedure. Ok,
sort of thought it was par for the course you guess it did there's nothing unusual, but on further review and, of course we have to wait until the totality of the evidence is available. Things deaf fully point toward the fact that Foulon did in fact oh mom and operate a penis, so if you had to peanuts to one determining factor so out of everything. You know. Wait, wait cuts yet a lot of variables that go into the sport into mix martial arts, but you the narrow it down to one thing in this fight You're, saying that when I would, I I have to say that rather whether it is present currently, or previously the main factor was in fact the penis that was missing is its fight.
So is it the fact that there were the payments for the fact that it was missing that what the fact that it was a part of it at any point in the process was the determining factor what kind of a working group presidents a set for future fight? What are you going to be doing to make sure that this kind of thing, I guess doesnt, have but again well of we were going to have drug testing, which is very important to not now we're gonna implemented. The idea penis genitalia testing up higher to our two about ok I've got to ask What is that in your hand, Stephen? Is that a ball? It's a stressful? it's just fascinating that you have a ball in your hand during this conversation well suited, foxes opponent is that
Is that? What let me ask you this? Usually you know you're not allowed to strike the groin, but tell me ask James of its if it's a woman, verses a man or previous man. What are the work of the groin rules come down too well. I think the male opponent at this point does have an advantage because the growing has been removed from the process. So I would think that growing strikes would still should be allowed This situation but they're not allowed you're, aware of that right, James or not law. Yes, yes, I am, but I feel like this should be an exception to the rule, because- because of the penis because of happiness I'm noticing a common thread lobbyists, So in the future. Here before we, let you go what we
Is this a transgender? This person was no longer technically a man Like you said, the penis was, it was previously attached to this person's body woody when the future of people come in and they say they were a man. You know four twenty thirty something years. They now want to be a woman and in and beat up women in a cage. Are you going to? how many, pretensions or just going to go ahead and keep sanctioning fights like this? well end. In this situation. I think what we would do is start a new league of Transgender mixed martial arts fighters, and I feel like that. We should bring in a lot of ticket sales. Nobody you like that, would bring in a lot of ticket sales, freak show sleep. Now that wasn't very nice at all too pray that Guy Fund ever gets mad at the cottage at the at the stuff.
Ok, I'm not necessarily offended, but that's not nice. Well, listen! I, I'm a freak- and I know freaks and user- are no free. We could set up a breach of white between fund, have been hopper and just put them in a cage I would also just fall asleep. Next to harbour. We can put a meat jacket on Hopper and and put him in a lady, Gaga meet suit James FM, dog and a meets. Is that something that you think he'd be willing to sanction? Could we put that together? Ah I'm open to pitches But do you have any ideas? Maybe for particular fights that you think could be more interesting now that we're short of going to be ok up the purview of what's legal. While I think Personally, I like to see a transgender, male or female and and female to mail. Together and see which one comes out. The other end well. Well, yes,
depending on what you mean by to that end, but I do think that's actually a great idea. And that would be a great societal experiment to see mail to female. Female the mail if their skills and advantage one way or the other I know you're not allowed in this- is total violation of ethics. But before we go James on that fight with to do, and transgender opponents mail, the female versus female, the male you're gonna place your money on whom the pace Thank you very much James. We appreciate it, but we must let you go. Thank you for having. We are glad. Thank you will have to have you back soon reasonable gentlemen. I am glad that we cleared that up. You know it's always best funding to go straight to the source. If you can't NEA you can get the guy who's in charge of it. Figuring out exactly what happened, but I think we have, I think pretty firm grasp here and what went wrong all you ve got
firm grasp by stress ball. What's goin on You know it helps me actually think and focus now realize earlier. I was doing it with my pen and I dont want the clicking going on. You didn't want to sound like an coming in golden. I by means of all it does. It helps that's it's funny it. It really does helpless Strasbourg but maybe we need to get that profound fox, maybe found foxes, needs a stress ball and then would need to beat up on women so much. Turn up it's a London you have to you. Admit. This is one of those things that makes you uncomfortable yet one rights, it's one of those ones because it's like. I don't like to see anybody getting hit. I as much as I loved you know the classic boxing of Hector MA Yo Camacho. That guy was He called a watch or Tommy Hearns, oh yeah, we'll Tommy Hearns, his daughter used to work here years nears I allow yeah, but I don't like that. Mixed Mark the large stuff it just seems to like almost to violent
finally safer than boxing It's not safe to contact sport but think about and boxing the reason they put those gloves and there is to allow people to absorb more blunt forced trauma before their knocked out sewers, or might experience five hundred, it strikes even just leading up to about mixed Marshall. In spite experience that in his whole career Because you can clinch, you can submit, you can go to the ground. The ring the danger is that one forced trauma the head and that's all you're allowed and boxing They should just play chess. Well, chess of the body and the mind, despite what you're silly face playing self thanks, a lot of a credible be back soon.
This time super serious. A lot of Ukraine has listening to this by guest, aren't even following me on twitter at S crater. There are all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me first twenty seconds of this louder with prouder, promo and you're Talkin about Stephen Friggin granular Christ. What you do your thing: life, both crowd or at s crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make him cry. Accra, tears of joy with a terrorist. Take you out
tat? The last half hour of the rope was Rushing to have that state athletic commissions run. What we needed to get our mind and the politics for a little bit too just get someone who can inform us. The goings on with the support of me martial arts. So glad we had a month. We should ban sports. You know that's the thing you eat
your problem funding at all ban it, all of your views, all as far as legislation are based in your personal opinion, Moliere Matthau everybody does it. That's not all! That's exactly by laws exist. They have to be completely devoid of emotion, completely, devil. Completely blind. Tell people feel point of a law. Solomon feel it's not about didn't. You ever feels good. Front aggravate it. Is you little bastard? I love to watch you go. What's the darn funding, all right, speaking of outrage. Where was another story here that Joseph broke out? Not a lot of you will know that new broke out story that broke out. Montel Williams, you know Montel billions right, not originally, but I've seen em on tv, the guy, I can sell his blunders man, man, tell you what he sells. Those blunders he doesn't even joke,
but he got a lot about Rachel he's a leftist he's actually kind of one of those speech. Police Advocates a little bit, but they turned on him of this week. Let's bring a Jared, we can hear not coughing Jared. Good. Lord. Josie wave motion that medicinal marijuana Corner Jared. The most. If you think you're insubordinate Jared, we were supposed to go to drastic park last night, because I thought we would do a film review and the programme. Thank. You were going to go at midnight not seven. It was playing at seven o clock. I could have went at seven o clock. I think ok, so I'm a little shoot myself and a face. Ok, let's make a pact now like a sister to the travelling pants, will all make a brother pact I'm seeing today if I have to break into the theatre, Dammit funded. Let me finish my pack kind of guy who goes off? Half cocked like we're like we're gonna make a packed in Europe. Let me rest right now: let brothers not leaped at at my age. I can only go off half way, so any big release
from now on any big, releasing a big blockbuster. We no one's going to be talking about star wars. Even I don't like it I'll do it. Lord of the rings. We all have to go, see it Thursday. So we can talk about it. You should come out here and see it locally in in my area, ok Regardless of that, though, we all agree right now on air legally binding, we will do that correct, fist, bump of Anna and again it s bump lerigo, because last night jeered was supposed to go. Do that with me? I said: hey, you know Let's go see that I think would be good to review it and get out ahead of the news and actually watch it and Jerry does. So I can't the calves game it's! What a minor on such the calves game. You can always sensitive yours! You kid! He said they still playing gonorrhea. I mean gunned arena What's that Cuba is the queue but yes aims in, say, Marina, the egg That is true in hindsight poorer for once worth in hindsight, it would have been better transparency because he lost
I'd like your pay is gonna be docked. So on TAT, William able to pay you to see the movie. Now I just wouldn't have removed through. Guy three dollars- thirty five, since in our what's right off for both of us, because what we do Jared, so the story with Montel Williams. Why did anyone get so mad at Montel Williams, a black community, these sort of social justice warriors? They were really mad at Montel Williams. This week with the he just see, came up. Some tweet basically saying this. Greg- I, which I think you know, is that these are re razor. You know really. Well now, black activist, I ever its leader really on the head on the front of the Black lives matter movement, busy. Just said Anne of his on the blue or now, but it is. They said yes disguised. No, I'm, ok, I want also that about mine tells that about the De Ray and years ago to the sixty with production was not to re.
When I was a little re little re ray it's really hard as little lil thou, we'll Romeo little re re, maybe wasn't even well. I just thinking well because he was short, now d ray, I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep track of all the of, although the cool applying so that's all that's all it was, as I was initially source, just where's twitter, being there there domain just went after What how do I go after him when you just says hey this guy's, no m l K, I mean that's, been entirely reasonable statements. It's not like you saying this guy socks he's wrong. You just single, keep in mind the skies. No, I'm! Ok! Let's cut! I did that with Climate Bundy, the ranch remembrances alias in disguise. No, you know no martyr and member conservatives got caught him at me, but not like your scene with Montel none. I am in they very often say: YO disguised, you're, you're, no o Brien Armenia was it was pretty. Whole conversation was pretty arm. It would not help pretty fast really promoting good gotta had a real fast. Either directly
you killed a guy with the trident ion. Yes, this is this is the America in which we live people. You need to understand that that everyone has a voice and that's great, you can bypass the traditional guard. Keepers of you know The media right were able to do the show and get a pretty big listener ship, because we can do it independently, but then you have people were just it just I threw all of society, and so there are going after Montel Williams because he said this guy's. No, I'm ok. Another thing to do you know about this funding. Jordan are seen as this week, about the giant conspiracy to the Boston bombing was a false flag by the Illuminati. Oh yeah, that sounds like something Alex Jones would say: well Alex Jones, but more so on line and jeered. Never looking at this theirs. Strong continues to people who obviously not eleven was an inside job, but they. Did the Boston bombing, all the blood and limbs like it clearly looks fake. It looks
the church play and they believe that Seth Macfarlane of family guy is one of the key Orkut renders clip man fact drunk stupid is nowhere to go through life, so exactly equal pay. They're like they go. While watch this episode of family guy there's an episode, we're Peter Griffin runs. People over at the Boston marathon. This is long before this was Peter reference. I got one o clock. I want push on with my life lost, and so I want when the Boston Marathon, but he just does it in his car and he runs ever went over Jill like all that's pretty tough, just when I was watching avenue Q. This week I sat with my wife and this Cooper and Avenue Q is very common. And it just one big giant jab best toward Gary Common and when I was watching it going well now in retrospect that seems kind of dark, you know he's dead. Gary common to me, don't ya out now and sense, I'm I'm pretty sure. I thought there was a manual Louis. Both died.
The motor was a suicide pack. They got to slit my wrists before they were paying attention throughout. And you're gonna get mad, because I used the word tragedy with what you just jokes about to disable the black Americans they are worth disabled. They were rich and famous actors. Came up to your knee there. Rich their famous, you know that go on. Nato's they're gonna live in perpetuity in reruns, I'm not fended. I just know that there's going to be some back, I'm am referencing our earlier pact true, but still Monday, previous producer for louder with crowd her, they're gonna, have you collect your stuff and leave wham? I got five
shows I gotta produce later today. So this Illuminati thing it's, this conspiracy is kind of how conspiracy theories get started. They go watch in this episode. Peter Griffin runs people over the boss marathon end quote: gently, the boss, marathon in the same kind of carnage or amount of people dead, bigger watch, Peter Griffin, as a talking Eminem in his episode and one of the places of the false exe oceans, the boss marathon happened right outside a candy shop where they all oh, sell, em Adams, also Peter Griffin, doesn't impression of Harrison Ford, throwing a lot of air force, one get off my plane, also the man he threw out of air force. One Harrison Ford in the film was Chechnyan and the boss Marathon was chechnyan coincidence and it gets like fifty thousand likes and people go no logic of flaw less whether the video really suck you in the video suck. You ever have the dramatic music and you're going like. Oh, this is interesting and any just realise its insanity and people believe it now
We're still believe the Pall Mccartney was killed in a car accident and he was replaced. By like this guy named for all f a you. I like fall like foe and say eyes, just read Nicholas what we talked about. This Stephen did Emily you really think this people put the stuff out there doing. They really believe it really wished a market for in Saint Peoples, a good question Lovest. I think there are a lot of people whom it sort of like extreme version of liberalism. You have people who today what's given to them by default. You know that this sort of honor- I think I am a liberal bunny of people like the James Cameron's who are hypocritical, who know the hypocritical who our ok with lying? So long as the end justifies the means you know have also you came and want to enact policies that will take us you, these away from Americans, while he has for homes and use that uses the energy that a family are used in a lifetime. You know to heat is poor how else ass, the guy's a little disingenuous, but think a lot of the people who
go yeah James Cameron or yeah TED Turner, one child policy. They believe it. I think what the conspiracy reason funded you can. Let me know what you think. Did you hear the stuff of atomic? Nor do I think the conspiracy theories a lot of people listening, believe it, but I think the people who workers, trade. It have to be smart enough to know how to manipulate those people. I don't it's one of those. I hate to go straight to collusion right away with some of these guys. Isis. Did folks like on coastal coaster, whatever their due in all their aliens are controlling the government as a tongue. In cheek entertainment thing people tune in illegal. Aliens are really controlling the government and they expect it. You know the president is gonna rip off his face and he's gonna be green, underneath with red eyes and they buy it the hook line and sinker, yet a lizard people a whole thing. Maybe it's tough. It's tough I can never a tribute emotive. It's not my!
I do so. Yes, my opinion Jura. What you know. I think it's like it's your eyes. Had the black lives matter, you know those those and people to Agnes pushing stuff it's up eight there aren't you no genuine. Leave well meaning people out there, but you have to get people to realise there is a business through those names. It's like we're Tom of that Sean King thing, you sent me he's a guy one of the biggest black lives matter. Activists knee raised a bunch of money, sixty thousand dollars, I think, for to mere rice and the family had no idea that I was going on. No money had been given to them, and so they have a court sees the money I think and in a given to to mere ices estate. I don't know legal jargon and of course, king and I were debating on twitter about does he's. Gonna was all on the up and up while the family, said that it wasn't so it's is a bad place to be, and I talk at this, yeah we come on here. We talked about the news about. We also do a lot of stuff. That's not necessarily news with Michelle Malkin. We can just plug her book and I will have it up in the website and you should buy it at the very informative book talk about things that are going on in everyone's life, things that are things that are
often overlooked and radio, because it's all about Obama sucks all the time. I never want to be in a position where I'm out of a job. If I dont have something to complain about you know I want to. The position where, if a consumer good. Conservative candidate, wins the White House. It helps our show not hinders and that's a Senate alot of conservatives once Obama's out. If Hilary doesn't, when it's really hard, because all they do is Bitch Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, bitch nonstop and I never want to find myself in that position. The same position: Al Sharp and Jesse Jackson and Sean King, where, if racism dies Racism actually gets better race relations, it's bad for their business, and that's like that makes me think of a thing that a lot of time you'll see the conspiracy theorists talk about about how answer could have been cured years ago, but it's an industry, so it keeps a go in and I always go. I gosh
That one is the one that makes me think with their eyes, if I understood people are coming from, but you also think of of human, sure. To believe that you have to believe that big farmer is just. I guess, sort of this, Illuminati of corporations who all get together and want to keep people sick it would, have to assume that there is no individual, not a single individual out there. Who is not a part of that boys club? who is not saying hey if I find the curate a cancer I'm gonna be famous and rich probably the most raise scientist of our generation. I by that there is now one scientist out there who is willing capable of doing that. I dont believe that you know in another part of me thinks that whoever was supposed to cure cancer, and this This is sad when I think of
abortion issue. I think maybe the people that were supposed to solve all the things that went wrong, that that's where they went and that's just heartbreaking- I understand, I hear Christians that argument a lot, but you could also like. Maybe you maybe you aborted baby Hitler Biassed goes both what I'm not saying it's an invalid argument about saying it makes one necessarily pro pro life Jordan, just texted me my brother. He said you know. People said the same thing about diabetes and lab bans, but that's actually not true a big thing with without lap bands and in and those kind of procedures to help you lose weight. Ninety percent of diabetes is caused by obesity. So- yet that new lose weight in diabetes is gone. Surprisingly, I dont have diabetes. You don't have any diet. I'm hearing have any kind of problems as far as less trawler yeah. I've got good blood pressure. I have
most part most of the numbers are fallen right into place other than the fact that I've got something wrong with like a lump in the middle of my brain, I'm doing ok for if it s a guy threshold. You you gonna go over in a way that things are improving: yet vigour body just says. Well, I guess I'm gonna stay that way I might as well get used to it. Now we are doing all this. We need to get you on a planet sustainable to get you healthy, because we want you around longer and I don't know why I think the lab and would be the way to go. But as long as I'm gonna have to take one of those scary, sleep, acne attests. That's why I got out of the ruins why I was gonna, get the again bypass. They said you ve, gotta, take a second sleep at me, unlike the fur one made me freak out. Scarier than getting your face stuck in an MRI machine. I just got a tweet that, while the diabetes people basically believe it's a conspiracy that doctors dont want to tell you about the surgery, they want you to keep buying insulin click. I come
ok I just eat. You can't believe that everyone's gotten together had a meeting behind your back to make sure that you stay sick. I do believe that we over prescribed drugs absolutely but like his insurance companies, love the surgery I think yeah Its companies love asserting what an absolute killing. What about all the fast food places gettin together in an put in all the bad things in your food Nava, soda play has put in all of the year the high fructose dose corn syrup instead of the natural sugar. I ask you, then, they're all getting together to make me fat whence you this. Do you find those things delicious hell yeah, that's why they do it But the simple answer: some of the water put an IP address bar: where are they now these additives that Mcdonald, you like Mcdonald S let us what that's why they do it. I dont like Mcdonald's as much as I like Wendy's though Wendy's to me, has a much better flavour, yeah, you and John Kerry. Let's take this last break and we can wrap this whole programme up in a night wow for you
that's what we do. We were where were nice or worse, for now one and we re things in both. Sometimes my wife represent about nice. Let's go a lot with broader will be that lucky butter. Hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving glad rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen. That's a our fifteen dot com.
Speed so gotta be back, even though I wasn't told by wonder, but I was coming back, here I am stay. I was busy like doing nothing. GOSH were I'm so glad we got up early because we ve been ahead of the story. The Rachel dollar zau the end of a lay cp, I'm looking at these pictures, She doesn't even look remotely black navigable for retired. That's She did she did. She absolutely went off. That's not even close. Resuming images bundled up. I'm trying to find her. Did you twitter out, nor its then a hashtag right now, but
This is gonna, be the story just so you know I get a sense for these things when they happen. This is going to be the story for a horse. Oh here we go. Ass, you get she'd get looks actually get a firm smokey smoky with a firm yeah. I think a girl named dish girl, tweeted a picture of her out and then see if anybody else did ok, miles, Brown tweeted a comparison of her as a as a grown up and as a kid and she looks like she's got just like this. Told, is of mid western face in the in the kid picture or the Trans racial think we'll find out. We always talk about the soul. What, if someone soul, is black people of telling me that my soul was baron and black for years. Thrace but what, if someone soul, as is, they feel like there are black person. So that's a tough question,
what it means is funded as tweeting right now, and he has no interest in India. Now I'm I'm looking at the picture of this woman, and I'm going my goodness. She was totally white as a kid. I'm not you ever go for it. Ok, people on the tv behind him. There's your image, it looks. You know it looks like it looks like I'm. The guy From arrested development with a firm no, what what was I join in the most horrendous pretend you ve ever seen a pretty bad. Ah, my gosh, just a purse. Oh gosh swifter wrap. This up. Well, listen it's funny, About this is emblematic of what's really wrong right now in this country, when you play identity politics, when you make everything about race and not about achievements, when you have organisations like the end of a lazy, be funded has actually made some great points about this is that I dont get fat pride. I don't get gay pride, I dont get black pride, don't get white pride, I don't get it proud of something that you just are
you should be proud of your accomplishments. You should be proud of your principles. That's why you can be proud of America. You should be proud of what America has done, that as a country proud of what the people who served in the military accomplished, what the pho fathers accomplished that kind of thing when you remove it? So, for example, there was a time in a country where kids were rate and because both be proud of accomplishments doin. I want to be a war you I want to be a fire I wanna be a policeman I wanna, be I wanna, be a successful businessmen, but now that everything to the left, divide and conquer has been about identity politics as benefit What you're born when people say I want to be a black man. I want to be a woman. I want to change my gender. I want to change my race. That's what this end of allay representative Rachel dollars out is is is representing here.
It's a generational problem of no longer being proud of your accomplishments, of no longer funding your identity through God through principle through what you do for your actions, but funny Your identity in the as colony of identity itself. Scary thing don't buy it lotta with greater we'll be back next week
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