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#29 Andrew Klavan Joins The Confederacy!

2015-06-26 | 🔗
This week Andrew Klavan stops by to discuss Stan Lee's recent comments that outraged SJW liberals. Also, we discuss the confederate flag, and McBrodie teaches us just how easy it is to vote in America.

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You ve found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks entertain like a whole bunch of others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, everybody hates my opinion. We are definitely going to get letters. Listening top radios, strangest animal you're getting louder with router, so glad we breathe you stevens broader ladder with prouder, of course, the most insubordinate producer and all the radio dip them. I'm not that insubordinate I've just ill prepared
I have. I have this look of terror on funding space as we stuck fast somebody bumped one button and his gang board. Unlike what logically would cause it. First, Stephen not to be able to hear me, I'm like. Oh somebody, bumped a button right next to where you plug the headphones in was it me when I plugged vine inner was at the last guy when he took his out. I don't know this is, tide of a ship. We run here at WHAM, realistic targets that no expense, so our those level that they work and for funded. Oddly enough, you dont suck all right. Thank you. Iraq is a big week. We have a lot to get you're busy dude this week I now and then either during a powerful, Dana Lash, the wonderful being, alas, she was obviously an affiliate on our wonderful him. I think he's actually are on my seem filial. Our affiliate there in Anchorage Alaska, two of all places so we share some common ground
fill them there. Yesterday, we have some great guessed by the way. Today we have Andrew claiming that we ve gotta Mc Brody common on later in the third. Our we may have a stalker Jim were not quite sure. Yet I don't know I haven't seen him tweeting yet and a lot of news to get to go to even last night that he'd be listening, but not tweeting high jam, hi, Stalker Jim! Please keep stocking just within a fifty yards. Distance. We have the Supreme Court decision that's a big deal. We ve got the confederate flag business go on get Hillary Clinton with her gay. Add Hillary Clinton now saying that it needs to be easier to vote, but you're gonna, be I don't know how much easier it can be genuinely dont understand her issue, but again That's why there's a left right sort of, I guess political scene sure, maybe we're just not seeing eye to, but The thing everyone else is going to be talking about, of course, is
the Supreme Court decision to uphold the yoke. Monsieur Subsidy, God, no, please, no, no! No, so I think anyone super happy about it. I am I'll be It's a pretty dry topic, it's not something on which I have a. Our opinions, dont really matter at this point windup yeah exactly the gates, thinking the court kind of spoke. I can talk about- why I'm not a fan of the court. Alpine as to. Why think they're wrong? When I love that you know what that means, what who doesn't know what opined me. I plead the fifth, they just need the em. They need the Christmas song oh Paul winning NEWS was it wholly night? I think it is RO wholly night, where they say opining,
I have no idea. I don't have time? Did you two hundred nominate dieting, because I know he's never gonna? Listen to this show. I got a friend he's a liberal he's? He is a conservative in his soul, but he always Its liberal cause he's dead within the union. At any point he's point around walkin. He says he says online energies texting, I'm visualizing into my head, but he was doing it on the internet is have in mind, opine blah blah blah blah blah trying to sound fancy? If you will so I sent him private message em like it's the verb of opinion. You have an opinion, you opine about a subject? So looks it up in the dictionary and he says It means the same thing: it's just an older form. No, the guarantee the little v means that's the verb, now words matter, just like flags matter. That's where we're going to get into the confederate flag business after the break years. What surprised me by the Supreme Court ruling was so, two three I'm gone,
how does this happen and of course you look it up at Kennedy, it's it's a It's one of those issues where the affordable care act. Obamacare. Wildly unpopular when it first happen, and a big reason was everyone saw their premiums go up now. You know for your insurance because you you just pick back on your wife's rain yeah. As far as I know, insofar you know well that means you probably do if you're not the one side and the beautiful I don't do anything, I'm not even on the title, the vows! Where are you I gotta get my man acacia, nor I just why my card it's, I don't know what I'm doing day I need more mine, a blaze I was actually give essay Stephen. I need more money, blaze and so do I it was very unpopular because everyone's premiums went up. I don't know about you. You tweet me address crowd, I'd love to hear from you. My premiums went up initially about thirty, two percent
Now, I'm trying to do the math now it would from about a hundred yards hundred and eight my wife, and I because we just had catastrophic insurance to I want to say two hundred and seventy something. Now we have it. Five thousand now deductible. So no Cadillac plan gonna be walking around with the fat Joe grills anytime soon, but it went up, and My friends and I said yeah did go up, so there was a time was really really unpopular, but this new this, and they knew that. In order for this to become popular, you you're going to have to get people in to the system into the bloodstream we're going to have to get people their free crap. The people who sign up for the subsidized healthcare, courtesy of me, the taxpayer, who has a premiums got so it is unpopular because at the beginning, lotta people hadn't gotten a free stuff. They paying for their free stuff. Premiums had gone up. And there weren't enough people who
created as a new voting base? Who had gotten the free crap? Well, now it's going to get worse as people become entrenched and go all hold on a second. I can just sign up with this. I qualify for affordable health care I love this. This is good for. Remember. Phil, advised that our vote in my own self interest, member that ethical return. That's what he did. And that's a lot of Americans when you start voting in your own self interest. That's why the republic fall. And its republic, by the way, not a democracy, because you know what my best interests are right. Yes, I want you to vote for, what's best for feel Now I'm gonna give you my advice both for what According to my advice, I am still convinced that guy and to have it below called the
Bill show and didn't know spelled with sea anchor for retired. That's what I'm convinced I could be entirely wrong. I could be entirely wrong. With their we're going to get into this act. We keep the lights on, but we got five more important supreme court cases yet to be decided. Let's talk about confederate flag when we get back. This has been a big issue. I want to talk, obviously, but the legal ramifications and what businesses have the right to do. I do want to talk. About my issues with the confederate flag and why I'm team free the slaves free, I'm due North Emma Lincoln Guy Lotta, with greater statement
your listening until louder with prouder. Follow Stephen at S. Prouder follow Vandyck Dan at on dip dad. Why? If somebody lipping me the bird pay, this Stephen crowded with louder with broader, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving Jenny Black Rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website if we want to community from which to learn about how to care. For your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits, forces as well as the best online guns store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen got come what what it's tough to beat that song? Why are you
I couldn't tell what you were doing. I've been fooling around my sound. What we are back, even greater you can follow me at S, crowd her and, of course, my insubordinate razor. So we're talking about the supreme Court decision we're going of Andrew Claim on a bit more talk more about the Supreme Court, Asia to love him and longer subsidies, obviously that that's a lot of people. I understand it again. It I'm with you But what's really been urging me a little bit is a confederate flag business this week now let me preface I'm about to say here. I want to be as clear as humanly possible crystal Crystal clear. Some of you will be offended anyone, but let me prefaces with stating that I understand completely and respect completely, Individual rights, business rights, states, rights, ok, I also understand that the confederate flag played no role in physically pulling the trigger that killed people in Charleston? Ok, he was
zest by the flag. That being said personal level. I'm never going to be in the business of supporting the confederate flag. Ever I consider myself Team Lincoln, I'm I'm on team free, the slaves I'm on team equality for all I'm Anti southern Democrats, confederate I don't have missed something, but this is something people in a lot of conservatives. Now I under edit businesses have been forced to cave in Walmart and want to sell a confederate flag. Here's the thing! That's! first amendment issue they have the right to know sell that merchandise if they don't want to What really stinks about it is You're gonna have a hard time by and generally car toys, that's the real tragedy it. I when I was a kid that car and kit
were the two coolest cars in the world. I had both of them. My point here. Is this not a state observed in all seriousness of God, Now, my boy years as I understand it, standing up for the freedom of the individual but when I see a bunch of conservatives actually supporting the confederate flag Going Woods its heritage, not hate! You see that a lot and they want to fly the flag now by the way, flying the consent flag at a government building like we're talking about South Carolina, that's a little creepy, the its legitimate issue for people to bring up. And the one I think, there's an irony here the conservatives are missing The conservatives are against southerners who fly the confederate flag there doing. Their doing so unknowingly by flying in the face of mano Culturalism Cultural, some of the american melting pot in the name of multiculturalism, I'd understand our concern.
Can balk at people who are African American, Who are you who are mexican american right, but example reddening american first then wave the flag of a conquered confederacy, a culture that what eventually became the United States of America. They fought against America, Anti American and a lost kind of like come from in Quebec. We want separate. They always run the cabuc, no listen you're, a conquered people run the canadian flag now state flag by the way is different. Of course, data. Flags? We encourage it? Can better at flag is something that is opposed to the ideals of Americanism, and I understand people want to get into tenth amendment. I understand states right. Ok, Did you know, I mean I've been remarkably consistent in supporting states right, oh yeah, talk about that later, with even the same sex marriage thing are supporting states right, but
Jared gettin married it's in the cards. We go the right state, My point here is I know people going to send letters and people get mad at you. Just urged removed ruin, Abe, Lincoln, actually wanted slave. Ok in history books. The end game was the confederacy fought for slavery, ultimately was the north that ended every anyway you cut it. That is what happened. Ultimately, ok, that's the big take away and that's how people see it when they see the flag. They see that represented machine to melt too as a kid of the seventies and eighties. All I knew of that flag was it meant if you saw somebody with it, they. A fan of the dukes, a hazard and the Duke. A hazard had a good sign. What family with Uncle Jesse and
bow when Luke and Daisy, and I thought that it meant you know family values. I had no idea what was behind it. It was the who looking flag on the car and I won, if there are people who simply still see it as will know what that's the thing: they're, not their, justifying it going will actually the confederate other alot of people out there who seem to think the United States would have been better off of the confederacy want newborns roadster roads, spanning federal government could better. She was fighting a federal government and they hate Abraham Lincoln. Nobody was one of the first big bed power grabbers. Ok, I understand I understand where you're coming from, except except slavery, well, that's the key right there. Why now is more tyrannical, then slid it for free? You don't have the right as a state you, Joe don't have the right as a state through the streets. Wavering should be left to stay No, you don't have that right. Before we get to amendment number ten guy over
Java, we amendment number one: liberty, slavery, He cannot exist liberty, but let's see get to the declaration of independence. All men are created, equal and I've seen people say: well, that's not a legally binding document. Really the constitution is the house of this country. Ok, it's How is the legal note book the deck? of independence is the why? Why do we exist? Why does matter? What does it matter that America is different than declaration of independence, the idea that all men are created, equal autonomous, jovially notes life. If you look, the founding fathers who did have slave, they were deeply conflicted. You can fine what they were riddled with Jefferson people like Will it wash mincing. I cannot see this lasting until slavery is ended for all men to be free now, doesn't that they were perfect. It no longer behind once people had slaves and that still a born, I'm not excusing slavery. The point is our:
focuses. Conservatives should not be that the United States was engaged in horrible, absolutely terrible slavery right. But everyone did, but we are uniquely responsible for Fighting a war, any slavery and that's a good thing, and when I want to point that out when conservatives want to point to that and bring Berlin and you're gonna confederate flag. As now and your wave in it- and I get it- there are a few black people who still consider the confederacy of part of their heritage. It makes it really hard to say, hey we're. A Party of Lincoln. The party who free the slaves were? the party of the Civil Rights ACT that make it makes it a tough argument to make at the end of the day, conservatives, aren't saying that I know the people running the flag aren't sing. They support slavery. So it's one of those in slavery right can. Can we all agree? I think we're on the same page. It's a bad thing now now, why worry about that?
The thing we ended slavery come on we're husbands. What we know I subscribe to, analyse and stress that belief. My way back, He thinks I'm smart Did you fool her you know it was going there. About as badly. You fooled your wife into a joint checking account. I don't have it that was such a defeated attitude cycle. Oh yeah, yeah. Ok, well, don't try and leave her because because I love her will yeah but I also mean you know: not going to have an accurate Abbe lucky. If I get the piano, yeah exactly even if you come in, you try and played with her, he's not gonna be happy with you progressing
It must be more severe, that's that's it she's, going to think of wonder I am playing with the sound words that we finally have some tech hooked up for the first time it feels like well well, well, well, well, an actual studio and by the way I will give credit where credit is due began. Andrew Craven, coming up after the break funding is a phantom. Stick producer I was filling in for data show and they are great producers too, but I'm I dont have the same feel with them. I know coming in that funding is going to do a crappy job. I know to expect it so is great. His familiarity in the absolute horrendous job. Well, let's go I'm doing my real job in between. Which is being the news and whether guy in Ann Arbor, I'd love. When that when Jim says yeah, I like food, but all of my friends at work when you read the weather for Michigan Cause is complete, someplace else and they were like
there's gonna be snow in Oklahoma City work oxygen in Oklahoma. I think that's what he said. I make sense It makes sense, always weird place was that jeered Bowser Feminine producer, Jerry, who also happens to be gay, he's german and not knock on just I just such picture Jim right now, seeing there were like wrapped in, like a blanket, better see Shall we gotta scared? I don't know on our side lotta now he's going to like rocky and Rocky three with the flag right over I'm only at the confederates. We hold on a second. I should remind you that, in what you wanna we're going to break we'll be right back you're, the angelic wavin fantastic, get lotta with Roger.
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third of werewolf cop Andy. Clave and begged for regards pleasure sort of do away with the with pleasantries here social niceties as they are not required miserable having a beyond the closest I get to Detroit towards very exciting the flower. Does. Anyone want to beat it. I love Detroit. No, yes, great restaurant great music, all kinds of cool stuff. If you survive there's a lot if I'm going to do while you're there with what restaurants today, like the rabbit can Coney Island Lafayette, Coney Island there, hard rock, carefully is a killer. Restaurant slows car and everyone is unmatched in dairy fund. If people want to hear it, Andrew has to say Andrew, you need to come to Detroit and have some really fun time at all these great restaurants, I'm on it
On my way, you guys I The main lesson, if you of you, Muslim or polish you haven't as now, what has come out of it. I am abolish, muzzled, Yo Yo. I used to love. I am I whisky reform. That was a great battle with all my heart that there are very few of you around, so I'm so glad that we have so Andrew. Ok, we made it one of those things you have so much that you ve done it I've talked about this before like when I met Clint Eastwood, the one when we talked about does grabber yeah. Well, now it's bigger, don't worry and looking like an ass, I didn't know what to say. You know I and he journey said on Clint. He actually set his name,
and I mean what do you say- I loved you and every which way but loose. You know like what do you say I cleaned out, I loved you, so I got one film out of the same thing with Andrew Clavering, you ve done so much, then it's tough to just sort of pick it up So I mean you write a lot of fiction. So let's talk about that because there aren't many conservatives, I guess out there or who are as outspokenly conservative more so in the creative round we known hiding fiction. Why do you think it so dominated by leftists other countries when they blacklist us, I mean it In Hollywood, it's just true, you know that you can. You can lose work like that for being an outspoken left, where I mean people who have come out to people simply came out and would not back Obama which is not even to the welcome you can be pretty middle of the road and I am sure they lost work. And if you're, not John Boy, if you're not Clint Eastwood,
you know what you are going to pay a price for. That means that people keep their heads down and that's a little less true in fiction world, but it's still true ineffectual world I mean the publishing industry is, is completely dominated by New York, left wing sensibilities and it's not that it's their evil. It's that they just see the world so much that whether they assume that you must be evil for disagree, do you get, a bit of a Jew Pass No earthly! You first worse than it. Actually, how bad is that that means everybody age, and, secondly, knowledge is really let your I'll tell you a story talking one of the smartest people and publishing. I know where my favorite women in publishing. I once said to her look. I think I can promote this book by getting on short entity and she said who's that
oh gosh now it's one thing is one thing to say: I never watch everything say you know. I don't like him at the who's that really you know. I mean. How do you do that for crowd? Her bottle that rather not human What's that I have some kind of upon scam that hasn't been idea. Now, thanks, wonder you such a great backup, so so Andrew. Ought you you're right? kind of touch on that? I'm here I was at a meeting in people say it's not true in general, I think people have greater victim complexes and exist in reality, Alec networks? That actual, but I do think this is one those cases I mean I remember I was right there I mean I've been with major agencies. You, you name, the top three eight top five agencies, a ban with tool, and a being in a meeting one more big, your screwed up. Think about where they catch. It gets more than another
big in a meeting and they were talking about in a bomb a fundraiser, that's funny that you mentioned that and someone said Jane urges thing going on. If you wanna, we can show you around and introduce you to the rest of the team and my manager was there You have a manager in an agent because you need you need a bunch of redundancies in the entertainment industry and my because now he's more likely to be at the pale and fundraiser and I'm not even a pale and fan, and they just went, who everyone I mean everyone there might have been, sixteen people in that room. You know these meetings, the glorified Michael Keaton sort of Batman table and not us, the person thought we hold on a second. Maybe it isn't agree with us. It was just that's the starting off point. And if any working as a screenwriter, you walk into route to sell material and made these meetings all work, as you have small talk. You start off as Malta and during the bushes, the small topic we literally sit you re coming with your material to sell your script, you right here your pitch and,
they would start of it? Is that pollution idiot or what because on allow me, I would say well actually I support him in It's like they dont, let the door it on your way off me you're, not selling that script in that room, and it's just it is very, is not a black listen to graduates than was put it. There were very few people will literally throw you out of the room, but it makes a difference. Is just a question about a grey list? Is gonna be tough on you because you dont son. Well, you get kind of ash. I had all I got. What you were going to say is that I can keep my mouth shut and ass a word. You unfortunately close the truth of what you guys have perfected. This thing, where you know somebody who say is it is Obama greater what not escalate. Ah ha I haven't got that are more light.
I am also were ruined random hurry up than we ever get neighbouring really hard to do that, where you were you shut up about something that bothers you that my right away, where you live people, a shoe principle that you can ask that you all be announcing lover easier to do that we shall be left a slaughter with products will be right back with Andrew plainly, where chinese menu anything through the streets. So this is louder with router be sure to visit louder with prouder dot com they funded. What's wrong, I'm trying to figure out what kind of gift to send my friends hot Meeks. Firstly, that's creepy! Does she like wine or again everybody likes? Why not? So, what's the problem, I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. While the good thing is your luck, because you can go to simplified wine, dot com or call eight for forty, nine seven wine he's place a call or you send an email and qualified Somalia. I will find out what you like your price range and curate, a perfect wireless for you or your friends, hot niece, simplified wine, dot com or eight for four to nine seven wine.
This is louder with Crowder, but are back with Andrew Craven, author of werewolf cop and so much else that on Twitter and Andrew claiming interest We are talking about this. We were just talking about this when I was filling in four danish, have you seen the complaints about spider man in Stanley response This is new. What's that, what's Spiderman, haven't seen this latter, this yoga outside ominous sandbag. That's why I guess you're gonna hurt your career and, like I can't let you claim in Lebanon, are now They complained that you know they pick the new spider man and I he's a new ease in English White Guy Right charity. I am just like the last one just go out What kind of an I liked the last one a lot, I thought he did a great job of both of the last two films. The whole Gwen story arc. I thought were really good. I actually.
Yes, but not more than right. Now. No, I liked them, except I thought the Jimmy Fox character was a little weird. I was tat he was kind of annoying. Why do they have to rebuild every two years, as always, gonna be able to maintain the right to get it on the same Spiderman urgently. Every to night I did hear, that the new one is not going to have the origin story. They're gonna die right in what I'm already being set, which is good because I would adhere shot myself by this same origin story again whether changed it a little bit now. The spider walks up his left arm instead of rights, while another African a jump right in claiming here, though, jumping writing at the moment Peter Parker, winds and Espy for Lorraine, bobbing his penis ass, how morleys we're dead the beginner s? Oh, I hope you may that, yes, I did I get so unless the complete, so that we would generate complaint, was that he's Spiderman is white and he straits, and- there there are different sort of parallel universes we're spite
fourteen hours by racial or it's insane, but he's gay so their mad about this. Devices insect a species. Can you get me even I gotta watch as an animal. We devise legged creature and arrived at exactly it's crawling on it. I'm not just I feel like I'm is limited, but that's how I put it on my voting registration They are not well arachnid. Americans right, arachnid. Americans are absolutely right, but the point that comes with this is Stanley response, which was fantastic And I think he's just sort of gotta that age recent carry more because it is said, listen you- wouldn't make the black Panther Swiss said: okay, I don't see why you have to change something that already exist. They are what they are. He said about creating new characters in the end of it, with hell
do it myself as great as I mean it's, it's gone down to the point. Where You see this in Hollywood, I definitely seed everywhere else in the United States, where we ve run out of white guilt, and I think it's like at an all time high. You know you had like remember the Titans anymore thing great is the great film we need this and so you know everyone should be allowed to play football and the same team in these race riots are terrible and now, if you know now, slavery has been abolished. Everyone has the right to vote p. You have a black president. They're down to not only comic books, but that is straight yeah. This is like one This rock complain. He said he said black people. You know I wealthy there there opera is rich, very wealthy, like bill gates. I thought that's what you complaining about. Stopping her way is that you're not bill gates, stop complaining.
You're doing fine workers bill gates is product. Complaining that he's not the head of apple has run out on me. I think I think the the narrow string. This story has just run but you somewhere at the end of them. At the end of a string of his story there, some transgender cat, just plain where a lot. The fact that every fourth guy Numa habit is chasing somebody run with assume its electronic cutters ever tells us that tells us nothing about the religion is law, but this is not because we can be any generalization about his love that one psychopath one: crazy, racist, psychopath shoots. People interested in that tells us everything. You need to know that America, and we say, except at every level, muzzle kills me we're almost muscles of peaceful ones Go back weights!
Joseph black people and suddenly I'm a bad I'm really not that. I just don't think that narratives reply. I just big, explain the at what I think. I think it's better again a threefold you Jupiter. Of course you are created by people like you, ve got jewish me. You know I've been discriminated against, my language even go in the end. Will, though, unlike the Irish fund up let's just out of order now he's I The conversation took a weird turn. Here could quickly look so earnest. What had I don't know? I think you're right claim and I think it's it's gotten to appoint and I'm seeing turn culturally with younger people, but not fiscally. Socialism is fine, but culturally they're going gosh. I mean what were limiting ourselves and our ability to simply to speak on anything, and I feel
This is sort of emblematic of the left with the Spiderman issue. You know instead of creating new characters, they want to complain about one and high jacket and I think political correctness. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but you're the expert here with fiction, I think political correctness has really sort of kneecaps crew. Activity to the point that left a surfeit of: I'm having a hard time. Creating new stories. Am I wrong now you know what I mean. You know this, where we ve got another not applied to too much, but when I got it out, it has a character that a main character, who is politically incorrect and whose always pointing out that this one only got her job seekers over Tina and ribbons. Between this, he says a terrible sectors is not the euro, but he has this law about. They do everything he says is you're, just not truth in it. We can't quite dismissed, Europe is very annoying to people who were politically correct that, our alone kept book from selling overseas in Europe in Europe that the fact that the Carter existed.
Was just an absolute. He stopped. Son in law named Meet had not that bad. You know I mean he's just like a little over the edge and and that's coming here to emerge from start coming here to if we don't stop, the only difference here is as long as we got. The first of them till John robbers decides? It doesn't mean when it says it means this one's. We ve got the first amendment. I think we can always we can always be. Somebody will create a new publishing house, new movie company. That makes the movies that no one else will make overrides rides those protests in and, if you do that, I think you win because people are hungry for which, when you hear, but when you hear Jerry Cipher Chris Rock said it won't play college campuses and war. Because in rocks phrase there too conservative, when he met, was there to left us raw and they won't let them get passing. George Carlin said this: the daddy them all. He wouldn't play college. As you know, there is gone in a barrel.
Very weird direction and they look. We conservatives has said all along that leftism His fascism, with you, vase But you didn't listen another find you. I think it's a good. Point in dumb, I mean But you also raised the point that I think a lot of people mess and I've talked about this with Sir dawn of a cat in an Milo monopolise over there in the UK was also super gay. I was going to say what a good guy that's right. That's why Yeah now he loves even always asked a out ill luck, big fan of the winter that Milo I. What I think is This rock doesn't realize he's now facing the monster that he has absolutely created. That's right, that's right that none of them was not an wants to grasp the nettle. Nobody wants to say like await this. Is us
sensory us because guys like us, we don't care. Obviously we wouldn't be talking to each other right. You we gave a rat. You know I mean I was always wonder. I was wondering why the feminist will come after me born. I suddenly realized. They know. You know what they can do to me right, did I say your centres? Yes, I am a little when we hold the door for you that we are on your way out ways by United. That's the thing you know the only people who can be censored here now. Other people who care whether you like it to good point. I do think feminist might have some they can do is get there trying to get. Your wife in have her take half. That's it they're trying to do now. That's like It's it's a tough cell but goes on with my wife and we ve talked about this have talked about sexism or fraud on this problem and I said yeah accessed. I am sexist in a sense that I will never hit my wife
I guess I just ass. I was sweet or better than I treat any man because she's, a woman that I mean that's. Sexism is just on the positive side you to want to cafeteria sexist cafeteria, sexist feminist, where they take, they pick and choose what they want, and I at the bottom and it's a tough sell for a feminist whose, but you know who's, on her trousseau unattractive that she is convinced herself. A compliment is some kind of a micro aggression to tell you're, beautiful wife or my beautiful wife that they should be ashamed to be with men who treat them like princesses. That's us out of my wife was I why? Because you seem to be with me, there is that we are also asking the United on the ass. Your married funding What is wrong with you know, clever listen and you're right in there you right in the belly of the beast. As you do this you Tom
the muslim thing Debbie using the polls that recently just came out on american Muslim. Twenty five percent is ok to kill America's long is, but only as long as it's in favour jia right, we'll just randomly read it now: yeah yeah right, like it's, not ok, kill them like because you caught him on to catch a predators. Thing without trial, other third of its part of it I have noticed that only through a picture of more Mohammed, he had. I I also your fifty percent level, All were in favour of Sharia law, everyone. If you one percent, and I think it is very important. Every time we should be allowed to say that it's an atrocity in and of itself journey, westward system of law, something you're, those member those old pictures of, like the eighth evolving into the human being I mean a strict system of wise bury Pinnacle of across as it something that, like you, had to be yet to come out of the swamps to get to that place at hand,
moreover, in any area, as they sometimes do in France and in England to Korea, which is savage, is You are going to get letters. My friend, you you're, just as comparing Muslims to struggle pickaxes on this sub human short years, even the draft of which is in Austria is closer to reality, but it doesn't matter and that's how you ve taken. Ok, you know we're going to end this for the radio side, in keeping with the web exclusive Andrew laving followers on Twitter had Andrew Clayton Werewolf Cops Antarctic book were listening to rest really got a lotta was crowded outcome for an extended uncut interview where he's incredibly profane an anti
your listening to louder, with greater follows even on Twitter S, prouder soon, this time super serious, a lot of Ukraine has listening to this by guest aren't even following me on twitter at S crater, there are all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me first, twenty seconds of this louder with prouder, promo and you're Talkin about Stephen Friggin granular Christ. What you do your thing, life, both crowd or at s crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make him cry Accra, tears of joy with a terrorist. Take you out.
You're getting louder with router, so glad to be back with you. Our number do, I am your whole Stephen, broader, most insubordinate producer and already opened Dan are going to be, Ok, right off the bat, less fertile great interview with any claim, and you can hear the extended version online at Lahti with greater dot com we ve got a lot of tweets to I'm gonna dresses this Mickey De Funny Guy was a pro Bernie Sanders asking me: what would you do with Bernie Sanders? I've done every single literally every single shop but do it again this time, although right now, I'm getting some people telling me. People are mad about the confederate flag. Stick at the beginning or actually
the union didn't fight to free the slaves, it wasn't a war about slavery at all. Ok, but slavery was entered through that war ended because of Abraham Lincoln the the day You can argue with that, but I got some people are just doesn't the endgame matter when it comes to one of the most impact for wars in the history of the world, just get upset. They love to hang onto their flag, and I think it's tough for a lot of black conservatives out there who see it and when I come on making my job heart Bernie Sanders. Alright Nicky D, this ones for you Buttercup tweet me at us crowd or saying why don't you ever address Bernie Sanders nurse hashtags feel the burn burning. Twenty sixteen Bernie Brigade
Here's, the meme, it's a picture, Bernie Sanders and it says we ve cut back I was Bernie Sanders. We ve got back. Education we ve cut back nutrition programmes. We from kids off head start. We billions to spend on war, but no money to take care of the very pressing needs of the american people that It is me a lot what is it desirable, Schuyler, the essential? Just where I don't know. I was just my it's my voice for someone who annoys me: Bernie Sanders falls into that category. Ok, here's something. Nutrition programmes, what. What constitutes nutrition programmes, and how does a government in force it you're gonna, got a kid to a vitamin, be twelve a theme drip. It doesn't make a lot of sense. We ve cut back, education, we ve cut back
nutrition programmes. These are these are lies. These are factual and accuracy educational spending in this country is greater than the military? I taught About this a lot- and I hate it- I hate it when left us thing, are you not you? You ve seen those bumper sticker when the one them material have to host debates they out to buy more bombers and school get all the money. They need that a bad ass thou, be a country Abbaye, proud of educational out spending. Educational spending, outpace military spending. Now the big difference, obviously is there's more federal spending on the military. Then there on education that mainly comes from municipalities and from states. Here's the thing I don't believe in a federal department of Education at all. Your thank that catch shouldn't be able that we advocate no, I'm not.
Hang the federal government does not know how to appropriate those funds nearly as efficiently as estate municipal government, your parents two people listening or too many people listening period. Many of you went to school when there was no federal apartment, education. Ok, I don't you you know what a nutrition programme is itself. Like some thing, where they set up the plan to make sure that the kids get the right foods and then they have all kinds of posters put up in the lunchroom to try and make the kids eat the foods that they don't want to eat. Like a foolproof plan, sixty percent of the time it works every time I don't really know how someone things are going to enforce nutrition on children. You know what I did when my parents, Gimme Althea lunch I threw out there stuff or I traded at force, not back
and occasionally, if I wasn't a hungry, I throw the snag pack, a car, that's what I did. That's how little crowd or did you are a bad sea. We have billions to spend money on a war, but no money to take care of the bear very pressing needs of the american people. Ok, Bernie Sanders. Here's what so import you're talking about a guy says. Socialism is a good thing. Socialism is not a bad word view. Pressing needs, but worker the Tutsi knee because now we ve gone from, wants to needs, and then we declare these needs. Human rights. Like Hillary Clinton did with marriage. Schumann right, it's not a human right, a human right as a birth right. We need it. Between human rights and civil rights, before we get to that, we need to delineate between needs, wants. By the way people need a lot of things that aren't rights. You need german effect,
you need love, it's not a right. You need food. It's not a right to have someone give you. You have the right to buy food. You have the right to pay. If you want to hunt food, go felt had Nugent. It's not a right to for someone else to give you food. Now. The big point here with Bernie Sanders Mickey B is in. Funded. We ve talked about this quite a bit. I know you're, probably tweeting or something now, because you not paying attention. I am so paying attention, but this is this is what happens when you have people who don't even have a framework as the legitimate role of government there? We framework is about in my own self interest right, that's all guy Obama phone that vote. Might well now or term of the Phil. Advise Obama guys I know it is I've got a job
Elam I got. She was actually here in the Detroit area, yeah well, and I love the interviewer than what you think about Mitt Romney. What do you think I ever seen on the internet? You will not work. He's thing all black people sound like that. No I'm saying this lady, the Obama phone Lady, who looked like the junk bond puppet from labyrinth, sounded like Six months ago you need your Bathsheba wearied, your budget boon Jennifer gone away to walk out with David bowing to cod peace. So that's what she sounded like. No one, you think, if the governments job to provide for your wants or needs know, the government's job is limited its Good thing is, we know federal government. Its powers- and thank God. We have the constitution.
I know people going to go back to the wall. You could further like, thank God. We have a constitution. We have a tenth amendment. Thank God. We now. Ok, this falls under the purview of government federal government. What does it mean? Let me give you an analogy. The role of federal government is very limited, its to keep the people safe and keep the pace of the game, in other words, is like a hockey referee, UK, players safe. That means from inside and outside threats, militaries legitimate form of government leases, illegitimate form of government, not a police, don't conflate the two and send me your hate mail. What else making sure that laws are enforced, that people aren't stealing the people, aren't murdering making sure that those laws are enforced. That's not what they're doing they keep the whistle in their pocket their job to take take go from one team and give it to the other team, it's not their job to make sure that players on the ice are getting enough to drink. That's the coaches job! That's the players! Job
Bernie Sanders of a need to go out there in the Stanley CUP Stanley, play often go. I you get me a gate, a ride. I demand you have your gate. A raid thirsty must have your gate, arrayed thing in the world, you just a referee. What the hell you do not mind, and I ran away now now about three hundred Jew in that video New York. You see that really gets mad trombone Blair using I want wonder that. Doesn't about what was it from again? Oh, my god jerk jeered, gauge yard. You seen as right now gave it yeah deaf of things this guy, who is playing the trombone outside of the met okay? This is it will, turn up. At some point I will tweeted out. Follow me at s crowded the guy Playing in its
perfectly emblematic of his country because of the New York jewish gentlemen, who gets so offended pure We at the mediocrity what you'd, sick, I've, plainest, trombone, proper purpose. Already drawn by notaries, it's gotta go wild up wall borne out. Why we get it yeah yeah you're, Charlie Brown, teacher voices Munemori. While I was so I'm going to trombone outside of the mat, and this jewish guy just started yelling at him and hitting him with like what looks like a purse needed now now you're ruining what is it you you mediocre, nothing you nothing you ruined this. Would you mediocrity? This is art. Really I wanna see added which back at you. Bianca? Nothing? and then the guy looks at him and he can-
he's lying is truck employees to Busker stand and there were the trombone yeah deployment trombone his head out and to continue playing a group reproof weeks. I've studied I have studied art Are you I've studied? was a glance the glee I studied music? Dimple amiably, he says contemporaneously, I'm not I'm not doing it. I studied with a contemporaneously. I bad the under this stage. Yo Yo mediocre, nothing you'll never be anything. The weird thing is, you looks like Andre, the giant if you're to hit for shift and squish him down is ambiguous. With that gigantic them. Dear knows exactly what I'm talking about it's the funniest thing. You'll ever seen your light as a treaty that we are not fully a monsieur watch. You needed right now with your voice, oppression in its its privileged
watch now know mediocre, get nothing enough. Bernie Sanders at the end of the day, that's Bernie Sanders, but again here's the thing. Bernie Sanders is a really easy cell with people my generation. I talk about this a lot because people, my generation, socialism, is a dirty word saying I want take from someone, What I have not earned is now even considered a bad thing for many of them, like Mickey, be there considered to be morally altruistic. Mickey DE sounds like a moron. While he is a moron he's, not intelligent person posted a meme, he hasn't thought about the role of government and that's how a lot of young people get informed. Isoude of better alone will ya. I will even addressed a program like I like education! More than war. Already education, of more better than worth of better. It is better or more better than wharf, though I want more money on education and left before military
Bernie Sanders mean goes around. People go what's vote for Bernie Sanders, the guy isn't ass hat Guy couldn't be more incorrect. The guy has no scope, as would legitimate purview of government. You know who we need. We don't need someone coming in right now saying Let's give people more stuff, we ve done that. What we we're going to have had eight years of that we need someone to come and is going to clean house and say: hey guess what no more stuff and start firing, people speaking of which so I dont get fired. Let's go to this break books. The lights on, and then I will talk about him. Frequent and super gay stuff and shocking muslim bowl in today, in his long after the break
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Good. All ran said the coffee is kicking in it for you, you're euphoric and let us hope that means you don't get to frisky, because I'm I'm not the guy Lou. I for you hate when I kissed you were the one that made me, do it up Breaking news just got president says blast and beheading gas factory was a terrorist attack yeah. Small things why why? Why are I tired, tired that a terrorist attack Getty? Why not? Because we do not, generally speaking, it's pretty easy to identify a terrorist attack of someone like yells out Oahu up on it, it's a giveaway, if they don't do that, it takes a little bit of time to figure out the moat. But we're yelling a level of bar I'm killing you for global jihad
I think, there's a motive here. Think I'm starting to see a pattern of behaviour that problematic, which actually brings us to our next segment. Today, in Islam, one s or damage to ask you some questions. Your funded, ok,. What percentage of Muslims at this? These are muslim Americans by the way. So it's important to note that these are the most moderate Muslims pretty much ever existed, that are going to that's a myth Muslims in America. One kicked me. So these are going to be more moderate than say Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Aki Stall all Europe, all that I've got. I got something about Pakistan, you're, gonna, love, ok,
what we want to come in now. Are you won't tell me, after the break it's up to you? How long is it s? Pretty quick Academy appeared Dick upkeep called from triggered me he said, have you been following this on the internet? You know the packing selfless or us that's been featured in the Jurassic Park films. They called it free your talk in the second one is the one with a big cranium yeah woven name for that dinosaurs pack ease oh the Twitter verse is all flustered because they think it's racist. Well, I'm ok, about died. What he told me that- sing, another communist you're gonna be upset because the copies you know what the data. Commies no copies well
well, I wouldn't necessarily put all Pakistan with communism as an ideology. No I'm just saying that every nickname for the dinosaurs gonna sound like sought mouse, that's true! bird enthusiasts, how dare you say, raptors I just I mean I find it funny now that pack is offensive, because that where was this the abbreviation for a long time now, it's pakistani but no one George Bush said packing. I will not offended it's like listen just by the way. It's not like a word that was created like the inward designed to offend right. It's credit from the ground up man. You know, Yad Negro, black african collared colored, always of their terms, but at one point were politically correct the n, was designed to be hurtful. Pack is an abbreviation there. It's not like someone said, let's create a word for the Pakistani, that's going to absolutely scar, their shawl
But we just short, nor name pack, your brilliant Johnny, I'm putting you in charge of my hate squad, That's not what happens like it would just some guy was why a tribute to malice what we can contribute to laziness, yeah some guy was given a speech. Some guy was given a speech. I'll, probably from the? U N, and he was sitting there and he was gone you now, while the pakistani people and promotes a pakistani about fifteen times, but a sixteenth time adjust the damp he's just pack collated short net pack Someone ok and adapt what looked around the one that's shorter than will be easy for us to and then now it's a hate where we live, get to our segment at we'll get to that we'll get to today, as long after the break. I guess because we have some shocking poles from Muslim Americans, but that's just such perfect microcosm do have you heard this controversy gauger, not gay.
Now. You know why I have because our four website in we're on top and stuff Billy, we may what website do you work for? I can't settlement He works for a site that gets at a higher decibels. With some one last name is english or german animals, crowded, english or German, I don't its fired. I do no denying his sexuality is not right for hanging all other game enough to you and we'll be back after the break with today and as LA lotta with crowded
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a source packing Sattler Soares, get it right, our people mad about the syphilis part you, you ve got a giant dinosaur what the drip and were complaining about the portion. Utterly will want to know how we got it. What's ass, the uranium gonorrhea sore, I dont know I'm anyway, I don't it's a terrible name. While you scientists feel the need to make them so complex and then we abbreviate, even the scientists, are now in their off time. Like may use the t rex, I will actually the name. Is it and set up the t rex Why, anyway, now that we're going to get back on track? Let's, let's clear the power here needs anathema Let's get back to the segment that we had planned, of course, let's bring it in one more time, this segment we're going to do this a lot a lot now
because it happens all the time I mean you can just take your pick any day, there's something going on it's horrible, just absolutely reprehensible and aim of Islam. So what we have now is today in Islam. Oh god, I'm so. I want you to answer me. These questions funded and you know it. You know a gauge yard. You can turn into now. So This is a pole of Muslims in America. Ok, this comes to us from June. First, through tenth from the pulling was conducted, six hundred Muslim Americans from the centre for security policy. Case. This isn't just coming to me from like adds basement who has the confederate flag up there? His up there on his. Why so.
Some shocking numbers to me, what percentage of Muslims in Amerika you can both just afraid a buzzing and leave the best have the choice of being governed according to Sharia LAW, what percentage gaitered America, muslims or american warehouses when it s less twenty five percent funding. I am going to say forty five percent I would still look answer both your, but that's a widespread there, but you're both thinking in the minority. Fifty one, percent. Fifty one. Fifty One per cent of Muslim Americans believed that they basically, but that they should have Sharia LAW United States that some, even though women the one percent of Muslim that I didn't break it up into sexier, but Ok, that is Anti american You come here and you believe, should be governed by another law that has not constitutional law. You should leave.
Can I also just don't? Listen if you come in America and you don't want to buy GM, you get bail out, I'm not doing that. If, want to come the United States, and you feel All that you should only be legally required to abide by any law other than constitutional. Other than american law. You should leave You should go somewhere where the laws appeal to fifty one percent and by the way these are all The people who are willing to in a say I think you realize you don't think more of them are going to be quiet. You know that worry. What would you things more likely someone to say? Oh yeah, I support surreal. Nigh really, donors can rest with the poles. Are you think someone's going like oh geez, these ones, because if I suppose I'm going to put on my game face, of course not only that the full and much more likely the second have. Let me ask you: this guy engage here
come into how any more than the Americans. Do, you think, agree with is that violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as a part of global jihad, so violence against Americans how many american Muslims would you think support that seventy six percent you Jesse broke the first rule of radio now you're overshooting it No realistically real soothes violence, violence against american people? Who would say you could say people now, your brow, but also domestic, but these are only american Muslims amiss reckon Muslims, who think that violence against America in the name of jihad in the name of Islam, is permissible sixty nine percent. Also, Stick roused to guess, run twenty three: twenty four percent there still pretty hot slowly. High, that's a core a quarter of Muslim Americans, you're saying believe in killing Americans, but I mean you even talked about when you are in school granted it was Canada, but in North America it when the
when the towers came down. All the kids were excited. My aunt rat a complete assets. Lately yeah their word. There were some muslim kids were laughing. I can remember the name, some of my friends. Well. Maybe visitors, audio our friends. Now he begged her interview with the woman who was, it was leaning his long in some the numbers it wouldn't. She d have numbers per se, but she just talked about how had prevalent it was for people within our circles to two very Ogilvy defend ISIS to support eyes, a poor, Al Qaeda defendants, and so that's kind of the numbers does remember, came from from each thickly out there. We interviewed that will inform you right. Ok, that's one in four and then here's another one, okay, this is a little bit more broad so muzzle Americans again, keep in mind how many of them do. You think believe that violence against those that insult the prophet Mohammed, the Koran or the islamic faith in any capacity. Is sometimes acceptable, so violence against anyone.
Who makes one of Mohammed Caslon PAM Geller off. Yet Pangloss didn't just even sombre chaired. I like drawing Mohammed is easy to do towards my hobby. How many do you think now, that's probably closer to my original guess of in the seventy percent are not twenty nine percent. Thirty percent! So, almost a third, but that again these are people who believe in violence against anyone who makes fun and here's what so important to makes Is a drawing even if you were to ask questions. Do you believe that you should kill or violent should come to any one who makes one of Jesus you get single digit numbers. I'd, be surprised if it hits one percent manufactured so relevant. It's not even polled because it's not an actual problem Westboro. Maybe we'd get, but even then arms have you to say is drawing a picture of Jesus making fun of them.
Stained glass window at a church would be considered an offence? No Christians dont create a new version of offence. They just go. I wasn't like if you had a p a crucifix called the pest Christ, but in a jar I'd say: it's kind of offensive, and then you say: ok, you think people should die for it. They say now. I've maybe like it not shown in my city, now see Muslims, change the rules and that's what important here drawing Mohammed Secondly, a kitten school: if your teaching him, you know an MRI moral education closet, which is what we had was mandated in Quebec, some kids learning about Mohammedan doodles it in a notebook, that kid could see machete at lunch hour, that's based on what it comes down to show one quarter of a mile. Eric Muslims believe that via once against American is justified and aim of jihad. So let's do a numbers here. That means
according to estimates anywhere between five to twelve million Muslims living the United States so. This means that any from one point two: five to three million. Muslim Americans are wood with killing you in the name of jihad. The low end is over the low end as one and a half million. How the hell do you ever set foot in one of those restaurants, dude those I don't listen and I know it's incredibly recognize you why I have the whole of the whole Groucho Marx, Glasses, a moustache and I put on and then I also bring a senior whence s lipstick on my fist and I consider its rights under its rice. Ok, I got you want you want this two weeks I shall I wonder, shakedown can I neither egos, I say Sr One says it's not for me it for Senor whence it fools maritime you're, not a smart people at these restaurants I will say this. Their food,
the terrorists or warble human beings? Obviously people who believe in jihad terrible absolutely food is fantastic. I've been craven habits for like two. Is doesn't have to be created by terrorists, but I don't know I mean I do know what it is. I don't know so the hush, simmered and hate. I just think that of food they in he is good to see you ingredient in love. Now now, the opposite of that it's dead. It is it is Travis, these human rights. All me he supports the abuse of human rights, can make Bravo she's that work. I can hear the commercial that up up up Sprague declared the rush hour Yacu went to was. Finally, money to is not true generalization reference
the called something else they change the name because they were found to be fondling money to Hezbollah. Legitimately. You can find the name if you, Google, Detroit. Dearborn, Ann Arbor. Does Google that whole area there's there actually a few restaurants? they ve all been changed now, but the old one hour? It was AL ass. You can look it up. That way owe exactly You can and want to be careful because I still want to be able to get their food. Their chicken to boot is delicious and idle have to support their horrible regimes or Mohammed just to eat there chicken, it's it's incredible, it's incredible, I dont Know- and I dont know of terrorists actually eat this. Why I gotta find it It's hard to believe that you ve got. You know that Saddam Hussein was eaten Baba ganoush in his cave, while reading is Avengers comic books before the Acme firecracker came down.
I gotta believe that's the bargain sounds like the name for like a superhero, in a muslim comic book. What this guy, is bought, I get flying around quick, Firstly, whether the movie, I will but the woman, it's a you, then he is dawning on me what they ended up with that it's. Ok, the forward this is such a big deal Look somebody, Dr Ahmed, when a shrink. It is time. Four, but I got
Bought on goes there today, but my good news since a video project pointless and I know it will arrive in voting so one one and a half million Americans want support the death of Americans in the name of jihad. That is Anti american. It can't be allowed someone, someone says yes, I am, leave. If you support you realize you should be deported to people know where I being ethnocentric. No, not If you believe that I should die for ex resting, something that has done Billy American. For using my freedom of speech. You are not american. Your deserves citizenship Serve to be here, like by the way illegal immigrants have no right to vote, none whatsoever, and your hate mail send your hate tweets to add, as crowded
illegal immigrants, have no right to vote if you'd here, Hillary Clinton tell you so what talk about that after the break. Should we make voting easier? How could possibly be any easier lotta with your listening to louder with shrouded.
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legal everyone, not an equal housing when you are not welcome your certainly not welcome in my house, but I want to the dog. What's funny, my sister in law came over yesterday and she was very dog in hopper super friendly and up and want to be pet. Buyer was sitting being goods will be pat because he's train that way to run up to you in and said you know, I was ass, your wife's sister, a virus or your brother's. My wife's us again condemn ever garage on your brother's wife, I admit it. The island of frames. I know you did. And we'll get that up at Lahti was crowded here tonight, but that so my wife's sister, my sister in law, comes in and she's sittin there she's putting opera hopper to sit there and his purrings rolling over and go to dinner, and I say so what you think would you think of her, of hopper. My white Basques are actually she's. Ok The very smart dog he's an incorrect Billy friendly dog.
And I'm still kind of tear fight. That's just said, these scarce a lot of people. If I walk offer people cross the street. I mean Jared, you, you come here a lot and I made a white dog he's away netflix by Burl Ives, that old, smut film, that there's a white dog and the dog killing black people. You can see it on Netflix, it's absolutely terrible, but you your first met hopper. You were a little scared, dummies. It bit eagerly runs up to you right away to his usual Ex excited, to see somebody and meet them, but you can easily be mistaken for pure terror, and with due to eat me So why only runs up here? We gotta get your given permission to. If I tell MR batteries days back, but Allow this morning, since you came in late, I I got him all round up and you're gonna go gonna, go get him, then open adorned, centimeter way, hoping it may be for them. First time he would take a bite out here. Yeah people. Heerd bite out a crime, Crime brahmins that
that dog MC rough. If you do a lot of drug crime, He take a bite out of that he's. Gonna get high as a kite The next commercials take a bit too good. Taken by Edison brownies tidied up taking Cry Man, it was a mellow out taken here. The crime we, the crime, credible just to scramble that's gonna, be tough. I've always thought that drug sniffing dogs they have gotta be blitzed all day long. Got to be, Did you find a drugs? I've got the drugs. Oh you are you Still on the drugs God, I'm not one of those dogs with the bullet proof vests. They send after the terrorist. I guess we gig
if crackled, not that gonna cracked, the drugs, so we'll talk about illegal immigrants, I can Hillary Clinton thinks that needs to be easier to about. Will actually have my good friend Mc Brody on to talk about that. He wrote about this latter with greater dotcom good guy. But right now have you have you heard the news by the way for those of you wondering yeah, we just news is breaking on the attack in France, in our prayers are, or with the families of the victims, and. We have enough news. And yet I don't like to comment on things where we don't have enough news. You can go lotta with credit. I com, you can follow on Twitter. We have the stories up we're still figuring this out, and I try to approach these things with consistency and that's why I wanted to go back to Freddy Gray, the odds say you're, forty gray, obviously as what he said and all the riots in Baltimore have you seen this that the leaked autopsy funded pretty heinous stuff, woe. Well I mean It's not a while it comes from the Baltimore son, so
What it looks like it's pretty gray, suffered a single high energy injury yeah, like didn't strap amended the vanity when they robbed me get and never seat belt on so listen folks, where your seat belt Am I, unless your morbidly obese and you're driving of you? If you don't even know you, what do you just can't brace yourself? I dont get it accidents as a good point, I drive away like a mile and a half to work. There and when I go anyplace else, I take the wife's car with a bigger seatbelt paths. Are there's always that staff, though you know most don't lose occur. Wouldn t move ass. I never drive anywhere near my house, that's fair! the great effort, a single high in high energy injury like those in shallow water, diving incidences comes from the Baltimore sought most likely cause when the police man, he was riding suddenly decelerated according to a copy of the autopsy report. Obtained by them.
Most on the medical examiner concluded that graze death fit the medical and legal definition of an accident, but that to be a homicide, because officers failed to follow safety procedures. Ok, that's legitimate and that's the problem. If they follow Protocol. And that resulted in the death of pretty great terror. It's a tragedy. Its manslaughter, but but The more state attorney Marilyn Mosby member her Charge them with murder in she used the word murder and she used it in a racially charged announcement. Remember this whole thing called riot that was that was really heinous to me was. That was the fact that beef or any of the evidence was out. They went and said this murder this is monitored, is dead, This was intentional. It was incurred, patents, not intention right. It was carbon. Well, even if it wasn't incompetence. Let's say they were tight, they didn't like the sky and they didn't buckled a seatbelt. That's right!
on it's absolutely wrong. But like you, so we don't know that yet. Calling it murder and also racially charge murder by the way the guy driving this ban was black three of the police officers were black So what I M saying is its terrible: they should be charged with negligent homicide. I don't know the actual legal terminology, but I know there's. We have a definition for that. When someone dies because of your negligence and enough, it's manslaughter negligent homicide, we can get a lawyer to COD Get that that new york- I was your not said the men, so The point is: don't you two malice. What you can attribute like fund up said to incompetence and This case. It seems that people didn't do their job. Well, Why don't we addressed the cops, aren't doing their job? Well, isn't that enough? Why
We have to paint them as racist in a situation where it doesn't seem like. That was the case, I'm against the militarization of police. Absolutely, I think, cops need to be doing their job when they absolutely need to be helped. But we had riots in the streets because everyone thought that pops went out and single, let a black beard because he was black and do you think of a three black officers just walked in on the gag. We have businesses that will never come back that were burnt down the leaders in Baltimore because of the kind of rhetoric. People like Marilla Mosby lead us to believe that it was racially John. Only change one situation- so they didn't buckle on because earn a rough area of town Narbonnais. Let's get out of here this guy's being unruly resisting arrest Get him in the van and we'll buckle em up later in the accident happens, I'm not saying that's what happened but again we're dealing in hypothetical, we're going to deal in hypothetical? There are so many variables. All we know is that this was an accident at this point in some of the officers were blocked.
Let's not right away, go to the racist. That's what's the latter with our well being Sure
this time super serious. A lot of Ukraine has listening to this part. Guest aren't even following me on Twitter. At s cried or there are all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot. Gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan finally applaud for me. First, twenty seconds of this louder with prouder, promo and you're Talkin about Stephen Friggin granular, decry us what you do you think life both greater at s, crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make him cry out quick tears of joy with a terrorist. Take you out, you're getting louder with router, so where to be back with you this third, our city,
crowd or your host, most insubordinate producer in all of radio fun dip in mourning. Andy's. Look at me the bird. Thank you. We ve already started off a segment in a terrible way really quickly before we get to a bomb in the training. Heckler. Each year it has Some serious news for us. What what's going on here is just right and what are ya know? Psych weight was turning on twitter inside looked up, and apparently there is tourism. The prayers at a mosque theirs Persians above and often what we know so far is that's the Shi Ite mosque in as many it looks, a confirmed as maize thirteen maybe were killed them, sure whose claim irresponsibly, maybe this forts, maybe ISIS, maybe some other groups. So now pre terrible her, but you know now is worse to the muslims Muslims, their armies Rosa. I now and it's an absolute tragedy. Nervously prayers go to victims, you know where Muslims have it the best in the Middle EAST,
guess not Kuwait. Today. Well with when I walk away from the Middle EAST, I was home school to my geography. Your mother's General Middle EAST region is Israel. I've drama. The whole Middle EAST is raised is the one place where people actually have human rights, where women have the right to a fair trial. It says real irony is great: it's the land of the Jews. They don't run up to a year on year, Yes, we follow me on twitter address crowd. Are we put that out there that that angry New York Jus someone said it was bigoted to call someone a Jew? Is that is that a thing fond of saying Jew is now offensive I don't know I I would tend to try to avoid calling anybody any
I mean I mean it's. Twenty fifteen grand! You can't anyone anything. Oh you're, a Catholic, oh Heaven forbid, or Europe, please. Don't heaven forbid her your based player, Heaven forbid your guitar. As ever from Europe, stand up comedian there. How you know I felt the need to single out comedians, like about Well, thank you and the breaking news gauge yard. You can keep us updated is algal news. He can do the utterly grass of local news. I you're something I do find way, though you you follow the you the illegal immigrant trends. Actual hackler. Go on one that you gotta, find out by it. Blows by mind, what Obama's response was? President Obama's all out? We're gonna play it so about giving a speech
the White house- and there was a hack who turned out to be in on either you can say an illegal immigrant tree. And gender, or on document a training whatever you prefer, but this is actually what went down. They started heckling him. I told you the civil rights of algae BT, Americans, All those Sounds you know what No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Well, listen! You're! My house. Another. Got really mad because he's a wealthy man. Some people are MAC, everyone's mad, because it's an illegal transgender answer People are saying that he's bigoted thirties aunt. I tracked me that he's anti immigrant all of these things, and
of conservatives were mad because he said this is my house now I dont know I dont want you, we got a term turn funded, but I dont believe he's made a down payment on that home. Gotta think so either pretty sure it's a leasing. He didn't earn that. I'm pretty sure it's not your house and I get as not. A big deal is dealing with a heckler, so conservatives dont need to make a huge deal about it, but I do find it funny that this is just sort of emblematic of his arrogance because he probably genuinely does think it's his house built when probably still thinks it's his house. He probably still lives in the man gave somewhere in the basement. Here's! What funny, though, and in actually get Jared brought up a great point about of that. Obama drew a red line here. He stood his ground ironical.
The only time he grew. Some balls is one he was in the face of someone who wanted to cut off there's because here is his response. Shame on ass! Well, ass! I ask your friend here: you can, you, can either stay and and be quiet or will have to pay gap but we have this personal remote place there if Obama, set a red line, and this is what it takes for him to stick to it. We ve run out what it is. It's, not terrorism. It's not disrespects from from the global form. It's not. Economic collapse, his red line and where he really enforces it is illegal training, hecklers what gets his I don't even know he had a goat name like Hussein. The point is with the hecklers,
If you like, I know fundamental Magda use or transit word talk about transmissions. But if you're not talking about transmissions, I hear you use words in that office that, if I would repeat, you would lose your job so quickly. Thank God. No one has access to your texts, but because of your thing, someone said. Again, trainees, an abbreviation it didn't start out of the hate work funded just like pack, if you're gonna. Pack is a word. You find it ridiculous. You can't say that ran if were especially in this instance, we're talking about someone who's, a training or not being rude. Words the heckler, whose rude I'm saying on undocumented can do I have to say undocumented workers last transgender, illegal trade. That's what I'm saying here come on it's shorter,
That's gonna upset you illegal drowning. Do, I have to say undocumented worker Trent Pre, OP transsexual. Is that really what you require of me me Transgender. That's right. They change it from transsexual the transgender, so they could divide gender and sex. I'm sorry not now it is good up again and as other offended you funding you and your sillies double. Standards, I just by hangs, there's nothing wrong with double standards. That's what America's founded on, I and other free, except for them what they freedom. Yeah, but not initially will let you have a double appointed, didn't take long to look at the history of the world and the United States to free the slaves. Hey, I'm just saying, doubled and herds are new. Housing are out on a double hatted, not unprecedented, you're wrong. The founding fathers vehicles. We will said for all men to be free. We're going to have to get rid of this slavery thing. Though, by the liberal, but you are you. Are you I'm just
devil there are you. One of these people is that you only only when I watch and user has all right. Let's go to break we're going to bring on Mc Brody after this break and talk about what it takes to vote, how hard as it later with we'll be back think we're gonna need a bigger boat.
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I am very glad to have What are few reasons to have the gentleman answer, friend of mine. He writes for the site, so we have just. Roy bring em on the guy deserve free music, Nl I stand because at first I thought this guy was jewish. Can when you hear it you'll understand, why taught him do it it turns out he's not arouses last name with broad again one of course you're. Not jewish course I make a whole lot of sense. Why would I get you? A shop Just introducing needs no further reduction. Mc Brody. Thank you. Miss Brodie! Thank you it's an irish last name. I know it has an Irish last. The very irish lets them y know why a lot of people mistake you for jewish. I think it's a New York accident ok I'll I liked referred in New York. The ethnic breakdown of New York is a jewish italian and other you think them sense
I followed. The other. Well, it'll, I mean now you're in your Brooklyn right along. I want long, ok, so I'm not as diverse out their long island, logically enough so your white privileges shine but dies even gray. I mean you: VE worked misfit politics, and now you you of course assist with with lot with credit outcome. We talked about a story this week. I think fervent, to describe as a Hillary Clinton I'm in a play this clip for us and then I want you to actually run us through what it takes about. Hillary Clinton is saying that voting going. I dont have a clip, that's my fault them stupid. Hitler Glinda that voting was too hard right. So we need to make it easier to vote for those of you listening. Hillary Clinton hurts thing right now and it's you Like the campaign buried it because it only has six thousand plays, which for national candidate is not a lot on a youtube. Video said we need to make it easier to vote brought again. How hard as its approach in this country well,
mind you. A lot has changed since I was in school and that you know so there is a good chance that they may have cancelled. U S, history altogether, report the way I know what it is I was seventeen. I was given. Cardboard card in my: U S history class and was told to fill this out and with me: registering you vote, and then every year for the past twenty two years: I set aside a half an hour day, half an hour Agnes down right now the numbers how they want to have our about at most a half an hour day, now in mind you, I know but I have a dynamic. That is how the years advance notice, How do you get a year were white horse and where you, how do you get a year's advance notice, because it's this is it same first Tuesday of November barrier. Ok, I'm railways. So you know
you know you'll be yours noticed when you have to set aside a gap in our to go to your local school for me will hold on a second. All I'm saying gauge aired: are you taking notes, take notes? Nike GO had brought it so you come from actual for me. It's like the locals go to be the fires. Could it could be a charge The pitcher, Toulon and rightness down keep it up, because this is I'm keeping track. The processes that are necessary get got zone If I want to make sure everyone gets his arm, you feel you thought you fellas a postcard that you give it a new level quit his request. And you start setting aside at most half an hour a day on which you know a year in advance, like you did, that got you know No one, two thousand fourteen, when you have to set aside a half an hour or two thousand fifty ok, so Matthew S, let's say let's say I was adequately I had to vote in twenty sixteen what I know in twenty fifteen- yes, ok, I would,
if I did, I would know in advance? Yes, yes, I mean, maybe they making these, but the back in the day we used at these things will calendars. No actually marked the holidays on the counter those christmases December, twenty fifth, says on every counter Christmas on December, twenty fifth, It's true in case you forget kind like when they write up the name of the book on every single page, if you're still by imprint exactly look? I usually get occasion forgot suggesting ok, so we do know twenty sixteen you're going to know and twenty fifteen and it seems like that's all, I'm secondary of course, I'm so diffuse. It's just just a year that us that's all three hundred and sixty five days you need. I got the half hour. He said at last. I think you can book dollars days Yet you were pretty far in advance of all your release. Yeah. I think I'm busy yeah like a busy, so who is it that day? Well, I can't say on air, but
That's all right! Ok, we're whole amber, abrupt, big Brody here the expert, so I wanna go back to Miss Brodie, okay. So here's what about so far, one year's advance notice. You guys, a half hour. Ok just ended this tobacco. Well, I'm every state has different rules right please in New York, where Hillary Clinton from kind of. And where is the mayor of the city, well, she did she to be fair. She run an apartment for a couple of months. Yes, and also where did the mayor of New York City Quimper democracy problem who won the election and in an election where there was only about twenty five percent turnout. Rules are open from six in the morning until nine at night go and what not, Ok, you were going to say it, but I want to I like to do the math on my own show on the one so fifteen hours, fifteen hours, and I think it's Elisa stateroom
because I don't think might might my point that company I used to work for would have given us time up if they were forced to, I believe, at least two state role that you have to give be given like, at least in our two to vote with double that for presidential election. So other cases. You don't even have to set aside an extra half an hour. You get us a set aside and act in a half hour. Will you normally would have been at work, but you don't have to be at work, so you can, like I'm gonna have day at work. Yes, I'd! So you know, or at the very least an accent. Lunch break. Worry you you still. You still have your our to have lunch, deregulating ham sandwich car right, wild, but carefully We have jewish listeners. But maybe take to half our and taking their trip article though so, ok,
fund it where you were you aware of this. Are you aware that you have? Then you know when you have to vote yeah active work in the news department. I see emails about it. Do you in Michigan, would you know at the window is as far as how long during the day, you have developed a New York at fifteen hours and worry it's usually from I think seven, eight, a m until eight p m, it is thought least, twelve hours. I am in good time I think in Michigan. You are supposed to get some extra time to vote from your work. I don't know I just pre recorder. Newscast go come back. Ok, if you don't hear the current temperature on voting. That is undoubtedly for the wrong person. Ok saw the on going through this. Rod again, because I understand that this is a difficult process. I interest but of course, for what now, let me ask you this: do you have a You have a year half hour requires about
I want to ask of anybody. You need to be fair during president, your years, work which it seems to be the only every four years for people actually care you sometimes may have to wait a line. I know. Now I do know and listen, I'm gonna, be honest, I'm not Fan of lines, it's, why couldn't get behind the star wars franchise? if the one reason than fund it gets mad. If the items like you know, I don't have the time to make to pop up a tent. I gotta be honest with you. I was the same way, but the Lord of the rings will be so. I waited like two months before a month ago to each on right in here. You big lord of the Rings Van, aren't you I'm actually not you're, not always better I get accidents are the beard, so I thought you were gone for the whole. Lord of the rings. Look ok, we'll masculine, now we have a year half hour even then, Is it required, like guinea, kind of idea. I could be tough to produce I'll I have to be honest with you in a lot of stage. You don't ok You can you just look at you, you just need to be based
you need to know how to be able to say your name too. The grandmother was working on the table, You need to be able to reach a name to make sure He pointed the right name of the book and you need to be able to sign your name? Ok, what what if like right, can you deserve to be cursive? Can it be print in this day and age had no kidding everybody, the kids, are so stupid. Nowadays, this means this does mean that some states miss Brodie, Let me from wrong do require some form of idea of some states. Do yes, Well, that's, not racist rumor has it. Yes, I know I know only while it while the thing Do it like a New York City, think they ll actually give ideas too non citizens they don't be too sure. No one needs to show idea to actually vote which is allegedly them,
the one thing you can do is America. They made me show mine. I think it's because of my irish descent. It's got it. Maybe they were. They were discriminating on me because my grandparents from counties Carrion Clare Laughing- Thought your smuggling and potatoes- that's my man boobs. Now you started, I wasn't come on now you I didn't, make a bad joke. You data negative, put on me and I'll get the twitter remarked, so they began to make road. Yes, I appreciate you, educating us, still I'm so little miss you stay on for one more segment. Of course again. Ok we'll have you want, because I still have some things. I need to clear up a year to vote. I just I'm hung up on the idea. I dont think I need an idea of the latter with proud or stay tuned. Warm Brodie.
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nice, we do love dancing song and, of course, my next get on saying. How was that noise noise? That was a big bud? I didn't hear Ah, I think after TAT, a brain aneurysm, I think I think it was Miss Brodie. What did you do without don't? I alone we don't bring on Mc Brody until the dropping Murphy's bring broke out. We have to bring annex guest, I've seen these
I live. They are awesome, absolutely fantastic, He's got an arrogant, ok. Now it can bring a man we ve gone. We want, we ve unravel the red carpet. Brody. Thank you for staying with us. You welcome. I appreciate it and my apologies for funding for ruining flow to the programme. He knows not what he does We are talking about voting, so I think understand the voting now. Ok, now We ve got what what what they some argument, whether you need a ride, you don't eat an idea. We rarely what were at the bowling glass right now. What you had to do when you get to the point lace, so you too you waited on mine. You know you waited entire fifteen twenty minutes and you and your unlike the area where you all you need to color in circles. Use You need to fill in like me to fill in boxes. I feel about you that a lot of times about the boxes are filled out for you. You do have the pit one of em I the color in a circle or hope the circle. With a point
think. What do I need like multiple different colors women of color in a circle now actually does just just did the color of the planet. They give you This can be digital like him is he like pushes screen in some places. Ok, all right! I'm just trying to figure out what we need to make this as easy as possible. Yet We want people, who will not take the time to color in a box want people who don't have I d, we want. People who, with the years advance Notice Stella make it the poles we still want them to exercise their american right. Voting. In theory,. Why why we shouldn't voting, be like shit, be somewhat difficult. I mean shouldn't there be just just a modicum of effort required. You would think so I mean it
you're really in order to in order to be good. American. Back to to do this once a year and that's it You can play it. You can be a complete douche, the other three hundred and sixty four and one slash two days a year, but as long as you're, both once a year. Congratulations. You knew fulfilled your civic, doing exactly making a colander right, you're a great American. Thank you much. I voted and would also you do that's all you need to know. It's already do, isn't it great lit for the other three and sixty four days a year they could be collecting a welfare check or not paying taxes working illegally and still vote exactly and modulation to you, you knew you or American America and Europe American. I Don't you sovereignty duty, I dont understand. Why is it? Why is there an issue? People set, you won't you two. Were you thing, illegal immigrants, the right to vote yeah Why is it an issue because
not since they shouldn't be all about. I know I know, but why that an issue with the left like if you will see that summit, we can all agree on writing unites them. Think, though, legal immigrants are allowed to vote until they become citizens right. One could couldn't just go in and does not have an idea in just pull it off. They could I mean if it if they know the name be if there are not ideal state and they know like someone else's someone's name right I don't even know it's one of those things. I I feel like that's where we can find common ground, but apparently we can't apparently still races to demand idea speaking of which, as as great Americans, Where do you live up right now on the issue as far as it relates to the banana war, were you wind up, are you fell confederate flag? Do you think I'm not dogma of first off, let's establishing Should businesses have the right to sell anything? want related the confederate flat engaged or whatever. Yes, absolutely. Ok, yes, so should individuals have the right to let their let there
wag fly in and let the confederate flag flying. You know if it's if they want to be idiot, sure, ok, AIDS, destroy part of you fly the confederate, no I've got a generally on my shelf and MIKE in my office make sure your your beer, black weaken house, doesn't see that I've got my generally right. Next to my asked and Martin and my Delorean and my Herbie. A hurry to yeah ice, the Well, that's right! Loads! More so because it reminds me of Linsey Low Hon beforehand, not anymore when they were but equally on an early movie? She was smoking. Lindsey low on Lindy low on is like Detroit, you, read about in the news and you just like man, I'm really really rooting for an you hope, really but she gets back together but deep down, you know she's not going to pay That's right is rockin.
Funny thing about that is that I've used it. I used to use the same Detroit analogy for Myspace. That's right of the internet, like you don't not might mice. Myspace was a social media area where, like the fact, we move that towns are you just like you, you check and occasionally was even specks within you, gonna? U go with jobs out of Facebook. What I do as I would like. If I had you know, I don't know what it's worth. Maybe a couple million at this point of bananas to fight a couple million dollars to my myspace. I would do it just so. I could add in digital tumble weeds when and and find does it just happened just just added in there. I just think I'd be a great, be a great prank to pull our right. So the confederate flagged, though Now I feel like maybe I've missed something. I'm pro abolishing slavery, Alma Lincoln Fan now be honest. Why does it see not even just not concern,
I don't want to lay this at their feet, but southerners or saying Woods, heritage, not hate in there. Now, on a personal level, you see all these twitter profiles and Facebook files of Facebook profiles with a confederate flag. Ah, ok will, I think there are two things going before going on before we get to that one understandable one on understandable, the first thing is: is that. The one unifying message on the left: the Prescott Ear, used to be that if you disagree with about anything ever you are racist right, and these leave so recklessly and irresponsibly of use. The word to the point where it seems nothing more than like a synonym for Clickbait It's it's I mean it's gonna, be it's gone, really bad, that is their absolute go to in Washington DC as identity pouch needs. Inanimate yesterday, Ok, continue and be, the thing, and that is what I think the stupid part of the argument is that a lot of. People lately seem- and this is it this isn't
with the flag is come any issue the pops up. People say more concerned with winning a meaningless twitter argument. Scoring social media points than they do. Anything else saw the topic. What did the confederate flag if they will? If liberals don't like it, I have supported just because shake my fist at you. How dare you tell me what to do right? That seems to be what it is all the same. I was agreeing that yeah winning a war on Twitter is always important. Just ass Jim rides the. What But yeah as far as the heritage, not heat thing goes to parent to parents is everyone favour conservative, John Stewart? the heritage is when south. What the United States, declared war in the United States right. What am I am completely off balancing was not yet I get that their right
You can make some arguments that there were slaves on both sides in it was more politically motivated that the slaves know, maybe some people obvious in the union or soon now, not the United States warrant, necessarily morally on board with bring say, slaves was politically motivated and you can look at some time. I understand that there are arguments to be made. Am I wrong and saying End Game was one plays the confederacy fall. Against what eventually became the United States and a portion of that was if they would have one they would have kept slavery. Am I wrong and saying that is kind of the macro here? I don't think so. Ok, I just what I want to make sure because you're smoke, I want my trade or have any blind spots, and doesn't it kind of hard I'll make it we're both conservatives we're both. I think we're both Ray will say what you're progressives because we don't fly the can
a flag again. I they have absolutely every right. You I'm just personally, never going to be in the business of supporting the confederacy young. That make it difficult for people like you, and I to say: hey where the Party of Lincoln, where the party that free the slaves a party of the of the Civil Rights ACT. Doesn't it kind of under cut us? When you have conservatives gonna use the confederate fly, you shouldn't back, I'm not saying you should ban it, but should our energy be focused on the fact that Historically, on all of those issues, Republican right. Well, yes, and unfortunately, it's hard to make their case. While you're saying record, you don't reckon radical. What about like Robin Bird? Why are you why you defending the confederate flag right exactly? It's ok, It's ok! For me. It made a defendant unfettered flag which would it's: what which was a symbol of a country that we feel it.
Cause. I'm gonna. We don't see, we all seem to defend any other flags of any other countries that America be bought. You know you know you're supporting the flag. Your argument about gave a democratic, this democratic. That is imbalance and by the way the confederacy was largely made up of Democrats, and I know we're getting towards its. No. It was never the official flag of a confederacy. That's how it, recognized now, ok, does matter. When people see that flag now they see the confederate flag. A people see this right now they think the civil war and fighting over whether or not we are allowed to world own other human beings. Now they think, due to hazard Now you think they and they think kid rock and they think Leonard scared. Now they don't they don't like that. First thing that comes to mind when you see one of those flags is linear. Skinner or dukes a hazard, see or hear rob
and watch laughing also begins it. I dont even over the Duke of hazard or when it scattered, is in the first place I am old. Aren't I well know I do think you're twisted wickedness demented and sad, but social. Your bra what you see that you think you think Leonard Skinner, but. You see a new story about of terrorist threat and you think pizza, so let's not use your mental frame of reference. I'm starving, though, not fair, I brought the I broke out just making sure, because I feel, like you know, listen I hated if I have a blind spot there. I dont understand. I mean I'm a friend of of Abraham Lincoln. That's now, I consider myself, I consider myself a pro Lincoln guy. I get, but he wasn't perfect. Don't ever go to the theatre with him. They ran Lincoln yeah my mom? You know how I feel ashamed. I didn't catch that Joseph right away, an early and my brain was not there. We have Mc Brody on
Well, thank you. Miss Brodie Reggie, getting us. Where is the best place for people to find you twitter account flesh prodigal, even slash the HTTP as well will faintly Roddy ain't. You got me We call on backlash by actually stomata. We w debts when it becomes less radical. So government now at this point, not Prodi, always wonderful to have you on and let's have you update us on other legal this is like voting as they come up. I think there might be something coming up. Sometimes I will be the official voting corresponding a lotta referred are exactly if we can break the law and actually get a camera and your voting booth, I've even better Mc Brodie. Thank you. You must go and we back after a word from the
answers funded. What's wrong, I'm trying to figure out what kind of gift to send my friends hot Meeks. Firstly, that's crazy this you, like wine, will again everybody likes. Why are so what's the problem? I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. While the good thing is your luck, because you can go to simplified wine, dot com or call eight for forty, nine, seven wine, you place a call or you send me mail and qualified Somalia. I will find out what you like your price range and curate, a perfect wireless for you or your friends, hot niece, simplified wine, dot com or eat for four to nine seven, why your waking up with this three major animal louder with broader? That's all! I know. I just know that. I'm strange your strange raw little bit strange and it's ok, but maybe it's not ok, but maybe it's ok, because we can talk about and say to hey. It's ok! We're strange Ministry:
but people are strange when you're a stranger bolstering when Euro straight? I think that when I think of it, I think of lost boys, because that's what happened when they pulled up into. A car leaned vampires. Now, therefore, vampires became all gain Cynthia, I mean literally, I dont mean like that, and I mean actually like gay, like Robert Pattinson in these vampires I will. I will never understand the whole twice. Thing I like true blood. I thought that was good, but why rule out again as a lot of gay stuff in the troop blood yeah. But it's really cool. I mean a bad one and that red disgusting, no I've met Anna pack when she is a doll, all she's disgusting. For some reason, I look at her and I feel like she seems really nice. Why should be careful, but I feel like if you were to send her into the lab you
results back with a sheet, there would be longer than a circuit city recede now oh she's, she's, absolutely adorable, nobody that nobody the best buy anymore and gets their receipt that that's like, I paid his long will now be the they say. Do you want it printed or do you want it just email, you just ignore it. Unless get a return. Your stuff, I'll, printing, because I like taking satisfaction in knowing The tree was cut down to my seat, the irony is perfect. If I'm going to save paper with my nook, The gills and trees beforehand, I'm going out without a fight, people always say: save the trees, unlike save the lumberjacks yeah. It's a tough deal being lumberjack. Now man, you ve gotta, be vilify what's funny because you have all these in the left us right, they're, the ones who are want to save the library, save the public libraries. We need more libraries, we need more books, I'm going well,
requires paper in it when you're talking about computers, computer chips right the ultimately come for a basically sand. There is no more plentiful resource than sand and if you're in the library watch out for those dark shadows, ok. I hate the library, probably more than any, my love bookstores. I hate the library and I It's because libraries filled with leftists I think that everyone works at a public library. Whose Poland a lever for conservative? I don't know why No, it's just an assumption that generalization. It could be a totally false generalization and acknowledge it, but I'm going to make it anyway, and you know I think it's because our show prodding you know it's not that you're not supposed to speak in a library? I understand that, but set there so at the ready, if you like, got the New Tom Clancy. I think that the new, mostly
its old school library, though nowadays, if you go in there Into the library, as an adult in your expecting a quiet place where you can read a book, you are not going to find it because People now will defend their loud mouthed children. In the library and the brains are afraid to say anything. It's completely flipped you ve got. The leave these more on kids that are shouting and running in the library and nobody is allowed to say anything. I never loses their minds happens. People go crazy. I'm took off a couple. Bucks all right here, let's go really quick, so I Hillary Clinton, I'm going to roll this a talking about gay stuff in a recent ad human rights, gay marriage, gay rights, human rights, all interchangeable. According to Hillary Clinton, Some have suggested the rights and human rights are separate interesting, but in fact they are one and the same. There's a longer add we have a lot of credit outcome. They are separate here
rights and civil rights are separate. And then certainly human rights, civil rights and gay rights are separate. Now not saying gay people should never right. They should, of course, be afford any and all human rights that are afforded to any American. According to the constitution pause that, there's, I guess his snow yeah, no one should be broad, you shouldn't be any. Has the same, that I heard after you guys played that same clip on danish show yesterday, really still going on here. I have no idea where that would be happening, weird details that Hitler coming to attack us, I believe, yeah. I blame Hillary Clinton. Well, the whole sound warders, completely unplug. This happens every now and then we apologise bear with us. It's Hillary Clinton come into the sandwich she's like that. What was it That's what I'm trying to think that thing that came to the electric boards and killed people on that orbital eighties, film, I dont, know poltergeist poltergeist that was at him through the tv. Yes,
the demon, a matter which is of a new movie and boy thou and was an absolute stinker. Almost ass, bad ass, Resnick World, about all disk Jurassic World man. It's important to note here, human rights. What's a human right, what's a civil right, we can't use em, interchangeably and gas. We're talking about this at the end. What will bring this back on next week is a discussion that warrants sure examination. A human right is something that is afforded you by birth. There is a legal definition for civil rights. And it is not a human rights afforded to you by a legal process. Through consent of the people. So Marriage is not a human right. I'm not saying gay marriage, I'm saying marriage. Marriage is not a human birthright. No one is born and lays claim to marriage. What, I want to marry a woman and she doesn't want to marry me back what, if I to marry more than one woman at the same time. What
people don't want to marry me because, frankly, I am not all that much of a looker a sometimes we can be found love even though we're not lookers on. Some love, that's what I'm saying I'm ugly and somebody now everyone warmly. I know everyone debt to people between us engage Jared even found so. My husband name, I want. We don't want again to his personal. We don't want to get too personal Michel. That's for him to reveal Maybe one day will put him on a polygraph. But when a polygraph and ask him about a coral nets, code name right now, My point is important by the way Hillary Clinton was against gay anything. We up until and including two thousand eight, so is Barack Obama. So again you have to look at its it's all. Being all of these decisions are being made by politics,
and experience in under the conflation of the issue that they don't want us they merit is a human right is not just the gay issue. They wanna say Healthcare as a human right. Now right to be health, not there, to choose to be health. That is issued the right. You have some one else provide you have the right to force. One ought to have only one thing: civil right, you're saying: that's your birth. It is your birth to new. It is your birth human right to aid from financially emotionally physically, it is your birth rates completing the issues of actual write about, Natural human rights. If civil rights, which are very different, it's why certain states have different laws with civil courts exist. Then you can claim anything to and what you do.
Then you shut down political dialogue. We disagree with me. You want to deny basic human rights that, for the left, us does doesn't acknowledge the issues trying shut you we don't let it happen. Lotta with proud, see you next week
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