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#3 Does U.S. Condone “Torture” or Are We Just Pansies?

2014-12-13 | 🔗
In this week’s podcast, we discuss the CIA/torture scandal, the #WarOnWomen and the #EricGarner choke case with UFC Champ Pat Miletich.  Do Americans condone torture?  How is it defined?  Have we generally just become a nation of unqualified pansies? Special guests: Gerald Morgan and Krystal Heath!

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stones, motor city, maniac, weird from them at the Great Lakes Grandmaster Motown mad man, the mittens filler, listening with.
You're listening to louder with Crowder and a we will be back in just a moment right here on WHAM talk, one thousand six hundred. If it disease caused suffering missed work days even death, would it be real? Well, depression is real and effects over nineteen million Americans. Fortunately, hope is real too, because science has developed effective treatments that can lead to recovery for the real facts about depression visit depression is real org supported by many organizations, including the National Mental Health Association, the National Alliance on mental illness and the League of United latin american citizens. Crash. One debut are nightmare. I tell you what I think I figured out. What has caused all of our problems today. He added with a second. If IRAN Paul, I would say that use no, no, no! No, we added
a little Skype camera for folks that are listening to the top of our computer, so that we can give hand signals to each other. This is true, the sky, computer camera. Has built in microphone. That is, throwing every default setting off I just figured it out because I had my microphone shut off here in the studio, the big, like I've, been using in my career for the last twenty five years? Yet why? spoke. I saw the meters moving on the recording device on the computer. That indicates the Skype Camera computer microphone. Is giving us grief can we went along and I think people care about your Skype microphone funded Well, then, that is why the running inside funded fuels to justify his existence from the get go. So if he makes stake he's going? You extra I went to Catholics at all. It's not it's! Not your fault! It's the computers, vault
it's just annoying. It is annoying, but The great morning, beautiful morning, beauty, four morning warm outside here I am in Dallas. I'm doing some work with the blaze had been travelling a lot so a lot of the time we have to do these setups Byron so how low Michigan my home state, the Inter WEBS, Cargo Illinois Missouri lots of people listening in Missouri. So thank you folks. We approve She ain't you for listening, but made when it what a big crazy. It's not a crazy weak, that's the fact. We have to scrape the bottom of the barrel with news this week, it's one of those weeks, but the big story, of course too. We have two big stories: North Korea, hacking, Hollywood. You ve heard about this right, funded, oh yeah, that's hilarious. I didn't that I need Dad North Korea could hack anybody any one thing that was possible. I don't know I'm in South Korea to get the Samsung phones, you'd, think it's just hack city, but North Korea, You know their wrestling, a dragon for up rural, a toilet paper,
very third world countries and Russia there. Just fighting bears so about that we have some great gas. We have Gerald Morgan. Gentlemen, scholar friend of mine, has been how many times have Crystal Heath. Who also is credibly intelligent. She works for a call traded. She works actually for. She works for government in a role that she will explain to you later, but will be talking about war on women and then later we will have our good friend funded Pat military former. You have seen being to talk about the chokehold in now in the Staten Island case. We ve had it if we ve had amount before I act ago. Yeah he's a good guy he's a good guy was a first ever. You have see Walter Way champion, so I think he knows a thing or two about, It will also be talking about my brief Springsteen sucks and I don't feel sorry for AIDS patients, but first things. First, Let's talk what the CIA torture Incident, even you! You ve, been reading upon this right. Oh yeah. Well, I've been hearing it on the talk shows cash. Here's the thing that there is a lot that that
that goes on with his story. Ok, Washington, Post, just wrote about how Americans are against torture units of your sale. Actually, american support torture is this things with you know that show incident right, people use. Poor, choking just a poor. Not you did the port, not choking otherwise known as not supporting choking. If your dramatic looketh shrieking correctly so its import, to define what torture is right. I mean it just be some arbitrary. Do you support torture? that's a real disservice that media does conservative media and liberal media they just throughout the term torture well here's one thing: did you know this fund that have actually been to entertain the troops and I've been at Guantanamo Bay of seeing the prisons? I was wondering if you had done that by, like Bob Hope and Gary sneeze on all those guys yeah. Scarcely such a good guy man he's just ease. The last of a dying breed, and he does that the difference unlike garrison, he said I have screw you money.
So it still like a nice experience. No Garrison EAST doesn't need anyone else to pay for a trip, so in a selfish way. I got to go to to Guantanamo Bay Cuba little fact, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I'm one of apparently on record. One of I think, a dozen or maybe too, hasn't people who ve legally been both to Guantanamo Bay and Havana. Because no Americans can't go to Obviously, the official cuban side of Cuba, but I was there to shoot a Mccain's pizza commercial. I They literally it was what happened was other you what you want with your canadian passport yet my canadian passport and was bazaar, was a studio. This had budget at the end of the year they were set. We need issued shoot a commercial. Let's just claim this commercial is in summertime. It's you, its December, so we get out of Montreal and they threw us all to Cuba and it was
It was one of the worst expresses my dad. To Guantanamo Bay and he liked it. Nobody, Bays great Guantanamo Bay is beautiful, the kids it's it's Cuba that sucks actual Cuba is Matter one of the greatest security threats? They haven't Guantanamo Bay. If you get their wallets. Double walled in they'll have landmines outside of Guantanamo Bay, because citizens of Cuba Arch trying to get in because a rather be prisoners of Guantanamo Bay, because ITALY it be guaranteed food, shelter, water technology? So A lot of your donors to Havana was just a third world country. It was. It was really really sad. It was It was incredibly sad to see the way people live and I'll. Tell you what I mean girls who were eleven. Twelve years old coming up to me, non stop trying to prostitute themselves, and it was really really sad to see so Havana terrible cuban side tear
one time obey was absolute paradise, the prisoners of one tonne of obeying habit better than the citizens of Judah. It's important to note that, because, mainly when we're talking about CIA torture right we're going back to get more. It's really what we're talking about Remember. An arab Brok, Obama has promised was all one on president, Can I get more than he This first homeland security briefing and said get my brown pants. It changed everything he didn't clothed, get more at all. He didn't stop the wars. He realized o crap. I actually have to do something in theirs. There's acts. There are people who want to hurt us doping in Guantanamo Bay I got to see the print, the presence not not officially I have to say I haven't seen anything, but there were certain and I did see certain prisons that I was not allowed to see they want with Bill whittle out there with that pda team. At the time and we saw the weaker prisons term of the workers. You the wiggers, are it? Doesn't
about now. It was that the Chinese are refugees, chinese Muslims, the workers, does the first time you hear the word you shine, said, Jim Handsome character. Now it's a group of people, first time. I heard the word. I mean it. It sounded like one of those things that people used to describe a certain group of but who is acting like another group of pity. I know that you mean the first. You heard it just now: funding yes, just I would like to say what I think he said: anyway. So content by so I've been there and have also actually looked at the booklet. I have this the book, far as allowed interrogation techniques in disallowed enter. Asian technique. So what is considered torture? There were right off the bat, a very few isolated cases of water boarding. Ok, very few cases of that, but you want me to tell you some of the other chilling.
Heads of state torture, ok area keeping them awake for more than twenty hours, not allowed yelling at them not lap threatening them, not love. Transporting them with a hood on not allowed putting them in fear of death not allowed to this was a big thing. You gonna tell you can't raise children there either them yeah yeah. I know you, and have kids there, either so giving aid, this was one thing that what I thought was brilliant and this is torture, so we're talking about torture, it's important, you know, they're, not shaven, woodchips up their thumbs are not put in hot pokers in their eyes. This was considered torture. A guy went in And it was no Colleen whatever the guy's name. One may also the same you been centric yeah, don't speak languages on the same, just like I'm sure two of you know in a muslim Arab Bob all sounds the same. Ok shut your stupid, politically correct mountain. Let me finish my point. So
colleagues or whoever what they are talking about. They knew he was deathly afraid of spiders. Nobody knows, I'm deathly, afraid spiders, I hate spiders. I think that the World Louis murderers. I think it's. Perfectly rational phobia, so I'm I'm even sympathizing already with the muslim terrorist. I'm glad, I'm not the only pansy on his show. You're, not You are not the only pansy you're, the pansy of low moral character hey, I'm a hybrid hybrid, but you're, like that? You're like the worm and every movie who turns on the hero and you look do, but there is a better offer up anyone We get through my story here and what the bring my guess Gerald on, probably after the second signal bring him after the half hour. So was talking about something that was even talking about something about the spiders other spiders to this is torture. They put I in a closet, some kind of a dark room enough
we could move as arms and legs because, obviously it's torture, if you put a guy in a closet, so any kid who was hiding mom and dad ever was torturing himself and that they put in a caterpillar. And then they told him of the spider. In the guy started singing like a canary, I you didn't. Let me go, let me go. Let me so. Very, very well worked effectively. Now what here that I dont think torture. I brilliant. Oh, I think brilliant methods If it happened to me, I'd call it Georgia. But if I came out with it- and I did it to you that be brilliant- if that were true- with pansy blow moral character so for you, everything's torture, ass, true you. If you watch to the fridge right now and found there to be no more hebrew national hot dogs, you would claimants torture. I know that to be a fact already
Sal. You live in a sad satellite funded, there's no food right now, there's there's just get and there are no chips- that's torture. I mean the gap is screaming to me I got nothin to put in there I'm not going to do with a fork is is funded Jacob Marley. It's really not. You need to buy some chips. And it was so. These are the torture techniques. I guess we'll see, you will go to a break here and I will actually go through list a list of the terrible what your techniques that are being used by the CIA right now. We're places like Guantanamo Bay so that you can be informed when people use the word torture you better louder with greater stay too
our back and we are talking about the CIA, the evil CIA, EVIL America. Human rights groups want to prosecute America nationally for violations of human rights? same groups who, by the way, are very, very tolerant of the of the Hamas and the pair Stein. Who created. I had shielded Hamas yesterday, cod how'd you get at them ass. They ran out of the chips. That's
go out there and in South South EAST Michigan, you know you have Dearborn and you have all those guys. Gonna do make good food, but half the time they are literally not figuratively. They are literally sending money to Hezbollah and they get shut down. I don't care I figured you didn't, kill you loaded food food, I I love. I tell you what if they would be a sponsor, but I would hate than those in the show, because an they'd spike, my food with with arsenic, would be Palm Palace. They have great food there in inane arbour. And I dont know enough about the that's it? That's the new owners they're not in with the the Hezbollah don't use tat was the previous owners to be less she's right, yeah, here, Le Sheesh GO to a Sheesh Fun terrorist Stoke, I speaking of terror. So let's look when we're talking about torture. This is always what I think. No one hears the truth, people a lot of people hosting? These shows whether its aim, radio or cable news? They are not experts ok, no one hosting this show right now.
Or any other show that I know of an aim. Radio, next CIA operative. Ok, by their very nature, if they were, they would be able to tell you. Like Stephen Seagal, saying you know I, I can't tell who exactly what I did, but I in the private ops. No, you didn't you gelatinous non fighting zero. Well, Actually I have to tell you guys little secret here, oh geez, I'm former. Am I six. Is it not just a symbol for the mission, impossible sequel, None of that you know my my best friend was dreams. Bond wasted, save everybody is true, they They wrote the stories based on my adventures, but did they they? Let him take the lead only the weird thing is James Bond wasn't walk around in a pseudo mushroom cut with a star trek issue. This is not STAR Trek, T shirt.
Now he's not wearing a star trek T shirt, but the ok. Let me get to that living as one analysed yourself. These are a few. We torture techniques and the reason I want to give this to you. The listener is because of the bee, we'll be talking about torture, it'll, be conjecture. No one is really an expert. Now I probably done more than most hosts, because I've been overseas have been the Guantanamo Bay of seeing the prisons. I've. I've read the book officially the handbook as to what is allowed for knots, yea operatives, but but actual members, the military in Guantanamo Bay. So Course: what's not allowed slaps and wailings okay, so I think one should be allowed to be slap a terrorist around a little bit, but that would be probably severe to a lot of people. Sleep deprivation, is not allowed again. These are techniques that are considered torture, sore talk, torture, they're saying maybe they ve done one or more of these things confined in isolation. If you ever seen, Denzil Washington's hurricane, They do that to american prisoners. Rough take downs
with an eye transmission wrestling? I knew that that's Tuesday for me roughly, downs, but you can't do a rough take down on a terrorist. What happens if that terrorist is resisting arrest in trying to make a bomb on you can't rough taken. You're gonna have to do a Lightfoot trip nudity you it's considered, nudity right to strip a prisoner naked, Now I want to do that or to let them be seen. Nay, the same things like dogs, you can have died in. They would have people make an have dogs bark at them and yet understand the reason fortnight yeah, I'm not I'm not condoning actual torture right, stripping, someone naked and beating them with a red and having dogs barking, that's terrible What would generally happen if they get someone down to their skivvies and they have a dog walking around? Do they have a dog constantly in the prison? And the reason for that is because culturally and muslim arabic countries are really really SK gusting lowly creatures, so here's that We have to understand right, you're, dealing with people where a threat of death
doesn't mean much because they want to die? They want to be martyrs. It's the only way, their guaranteed Heaven according the Koran and that's where they get the seventy two virgins which, for the muslim apologists essay separately to adjust, means countless ok, countless version which, by the way, who tells us how you value women there? to be a virgin. Once you ve flower them, they're gone toss them in the wastepaper basket. Banks that what a great god that is thanks I'll go. Those who say that I was going to say fornicate, which I'm allowed to stay on air an amendment I realise how much worse it wasn't. I stopped survive that organic eight, no one would have questioned me So that tells you so what happens if you have to find new ways to make people uncomfortable it can Guantanamo Bay. They have several different forms of meals, but they don't have any in prisons. We spend more money, her prison.
One time obey we spend more money on on muslim terrorist captives and we do in America, prisoners lower incidences of violence. These people are watched like hawks entreated, very, very well, because they don't want to see these reports coming out. Members of a military we're doing a great service to this country, and we need to stop vilified them later.
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nice, who doesn't love to dance to a happy song. I'll tell you who terrorists who we should torture. Your job about that with us. In more is my good friend, gentlemen, scholar rocket scientist, heart surgeon, world traveller the christian theologian Gerald Morgan. Are you here so that I am here? Yes, indeed,
he came in and loud and clear for you are funded, yeah sounds pretty good and task will join. This thing were Jerry rigging ETA from Dallas, because the damn blaze has made doing work for them again, several other you don't watch it Dana show in the blaze at that at five or six. There are two kinds of our times it on your him. I think it's the clock Eastern, so we're here doing this whole deal for you Gerald is in studio with me bright and early. This is true, try and keep your bees, not so severe, because it upon the microphone right, the plaza, so you're, not you're, not an artist. You don't understand these things: big, dumb, jock, okay, so, You were listening to the earlier half right and I ve been following the torture techniques here and get mom and CIA I've been practising a lot of them, apparently added. No, that they do not know tat. I am, I am repentance now we're? Probably both goin twenty twenty hours awake yesterday, well, yeah. Absolutely
and the cow and listening to the happy song I mean, if we do, that over to the Amazon things may get crazy over and over and over again little known fact to have you heard of some of the people now denouncing the USA for playing things like children, songs or haven't is broader than that. We heard the country's denouncing the USA have entered the country's necessarily right. I'm thinking this is gonna, be kind of funny. I let's go might be a kind of funny dependent. And it can be very sad, so Russia denounces the USA over cruel torture techniques. You're here we're gonna put a bit in your gate, but all man if we can attend the music on now now I can't do that in soviet Russia. Don't you- It happened a yak, obviously still around your comp Smyrna. I didn't even Is it selling vodka? I have no idea what he's doing an hour, but you know who else express shock shock jelly torture, revelations whose wanting a while yet or Saudi Arabia close
afghan the afghan here. Oh yeah, Afghanistan, you disgusting third world losers, who treat people like cattle exam, it's really nice, when you can point at somebody else and say that their worth in YA think North Korea's next to express shock. Yeah North Korea, I'm sure, is limiting torture to be my gosh. I now Kim Jong Kim Jong Boon. They I will get to that. They hack Hollywood, which is absolutely hilarious. They warned not to make the moving ahead. We warn you not to make feel you make. We had you think we don't you think now old, is a computer like those guys, a t, one coma and others.
School like this is needed on the haggling every there I'm going to have to America mainland than the who, in an already organised the Emerald City, mom get off the FAO trying to hack american computer. I try to have a cable. You know you can't use far when I try to hack America, you know to torture that accident that access to risk capital and funded was gone from the computer. So you anyone here are as no centric. Yes, I did. I heard it all radio escapement. That's the Georgia torture meant aware ago. These dealers is necessary. This is torture. Ok, they not were actually going to go through a list here, the top o eleven songs popular song dossier. I used to torture prisoners which, by the way, was denounced by such progressive world leaders as well as Russia and Afghanistan.
So were behind eight ball here, because these were the eleven most popular songs used to torture. The real slim shady by Eminem. Oh, that hits was the home. It's like I mean that's, that's local yeah funding was. I'm in front. You will never an imminent Vancouver noise at Detroit got right, I mean that one was moderately catchy but then overpaid either I gotta tell ya. Think Eminem is a wonderful talent, take your best shot by dope. There was ok, here's one never even heard of that dirt by Christine Aguilar as number three. Now, maybe you don't know, that's all. I know it's a background in peace, a third, you know: that's all Christine Agnew. Where is she just, looks dirty, and I don't mean dirty as unlike the figurative, since neither the herbs money might gradual, Michael Randal loves, Zau, Sheila that way. Anomaly dude. She looks
She's been out fighting walkers earth. She does. She looks like she was hiding in the carcass of a she. She looks bad it. What's the one guy on that walking dead, show he's just get a beard is here, it looks like you never. What do you guys watch that Norman read nothing to eat. She looks like Norman readers in drag me one here, and you know this is security. My memories by Mohammed L costs savvy. So was arabic, Munich Verona, Babylon by David Gray. Ok, here's one the Barney! I love you. That was a big when they used to torture. Somebody there was the most popular What do you say? We want the most popular ones and the greater the song actually said he laughed. He goes I've Are you a children's on, might not make me happy, but it's kind of like hearing my neighbors leaf lords. That's my teeth on edge, but it's not gonna. Make me go crazy right, come on guys.
I don't know I think they're they're really on a hair trigger these. They might not be as tolerable prepared for the beating their prepared for the like best slanting into them, which you know with it seems that we don't really do that, and torturing them by playing music in theirs. I get it, it's not a cool thing, but we are going to do. What solution to this poor people up yeah, maybe we'll have to listen to David Boulier. Born in the? U S. Nowhere else like I'd be a baby. Won't have to do that. If you just don't you doing just people who refers both either, I correct any private belly David Boeing, satellite fever by the beeches was won by the meow, makes theme funded. Oh yeah, I like that do what you want at playing on a loop like a morphine drip, now I'd I'd. Much rather have cat. I'm gonna get another instance dense, evidenced and stands back and forth. All day long them. Yom exclaimed what
you're the kind of jerk whose forwards emails with like that singing hamster and you think it's amusing, our not hamsters only cats I'm a good? It gets great Europe, Please get like a hundred million views on you to that. My six year old beautiful people by Maryland, Manson Idle, that I've seen mantling concert. There's beverage rubbing her here's a shocking one. This is going to shock you. This is a fantastic song by a very talented ban. We, the champions by queen. I think its prey. Probably because it is America is the champions defeat around. Maybe it's probably the mindset. As far as that goes, I don't know, I mean I think they find some solace they'd, be like yes. Yes, you will the champions until you get AIDS, mercury Don't know enough about it. To make that comment, you in Europe must ass. This is why we don't allow you type in my country. There are none of you when you run there gazing around. Haven't you heard that they know earlier. There are no gazing around.
Its eradication problem. We the problem now with this so were denounced by Russia would announced by Afghanistan. Don't you think that liberals Democrats find themselves in great company when their alongside Russia in Afghan it? Am I win denouncing their own country? You not take this a whole lot more seriously, meaning I am obviously we have to say that our right, like tortures, bad weren't, you know you're not supposed to do that were better than that hold on a sudden, tortures, bad, but I dont think of this or that right, exactly agri like doing some of these things is interrogation techniques? Fine, again, don't blow me Philip you'll never end up and get my where's the problem senators that are coming out saying this is horrible. They were briefed on this right now, was just like. Oh crap, they know right. I got to say that I am against this, because this doesn't look great, that we play music in people's ears while we're- trying to save lives, and I think that's what you have to and saying some people had been coming on saying, you know what it was tough times we had to do. We have to do sorry that
and fly. You know we don't get to take a moral vacation. Write stuff like that is what is unworthy funny. Torture was f, it would have been really funny if they had put torture by the Jackson's. Their victory I'll, be on a loop two towards instant. If one is about having to be happy and then they took, then they told the tears weighty here. What happened in this guy led reacts to show a before and after picture dog talk I'll, don't you want to know you listen you're right? We don't get to take a moral vacation right, you don't get it take a moral sabbatical. It comes down to it. What is torture exactly? And I don't believe this is torture now, but the decline like you were talking about like at the grabbing somebody in getting their attention. Those types things I mean come on: guys, that's not torture and by the way, let me just say that this question there ass was eighty one to tell us anything, really, nothing else. It aben now
only after hours of them saying no and trying other ways do go to these enhanced interrogation techniques. It's like come! Oh here's, a true these people in Russia or Afghanistan, or allow these Human Rights Council's who support places like like Palestine or a lot of these middle eastern countries. If I am captured by any country in the Middle define covered by any of our enemies of where am I don't just mean ISIS right. I don't in terrorist groups, but I mean any kind of an islamically based judicial system with volume? If I am There- and I am capture, A prisoner of war in I still have my head or my fingers or my nether regions asked. Two hours of interrogation, I'd, consider myself very, very fortunate, and if they were just playing, you know, I don't know what kind of crappy music they have over there. I don't want to know just aims that the idea that aims to buy them yardsticks for me, but I'm fine if they play them. Yo mix theme song a loop. I
be so grateful. I'd, be thanking my lucky stars and I'm not saying that we need a comparison of the lowest common denominator, but does matter when internationally, these are the people coming out condemning the United States. I think we're watering down what torture, exactly known, John Mccain of all people, should be the guy going out there and saying hey. I've experienced real torture. Ok, you wanna talk about it by the time, the conversation, but let's call it what it ain't right, not torture, ok, get over it, John Mccain can't raises arms above his shoulders because or internet. Did you know what they did in it? I don't. They hung him by his wrist behind his back, and you know that funding ouch that's how they Huntley. Basely hung him in what you know and you jitsu and wrestling. We call on the plaudits a shoulder lie. I kind of like you know how a cop restrained, someone and user put their army in their back, which I'm sure now is considered cruel and inhumane. But eventually reboot your shoulders apart ye after hanging by it, and that's why you cannot determine remembered. There was a good and not as an ally, but some sketch thing on line that made fun of him not for not be able to lift his arms above the shoulders lips. It
think it's off limits european, unlike at every, is either everything's. Ok, comedy or nothing is ok, but would bother me that they didn't even know why and they were so you, my good Sir Lucan absorbed Gigawatt Anna, like Mccain by the way, I'm not a phenomenon in Europe. I think Mccain's kind, on the reservation. But let me ask you this: do you think that the use of dogs to scare detainees do you consider that torture? Absolutely not by the way? Somebody said he can't put him in fear of their life. Yeah, really really like to think that I can't be afraid of you. But that was not what is only going. I can't be afraid of you at all right. You can't literally than give me a stern look now, basically in the real problem, to a true to say that none of this worked. What did were right it. Actually, We did work at it. The this led to after of asylum in London will yet you follow the trail CIA officials who have reviewed these own reports were a part of it said not this. This did it. We are in a talked about. The guy was transporting back and carriers yoga. Yet a courier back and forth to asylum as hut, which
by the way Heights mortal cop. Why? Why would you have a courier at all, but just stopped Just put a stop on your mail, why didn't want anybody to think that he wasn't home? Does then they break in and he can have a dog no at ease the skids. Complicated, doesn't even having the little recording of a dog trick, the bad guys he can have that. Colonies declared; ok, listen. You can go to your government for the night. Just make sure you leave the different light on leave a tv. I pick up the pay gap, the tv on the tv I don't believe it done this mixture. Sure there's no Barney allowed. Ok, I got about a thing about that. Bad memories, a floated We should have that one of those. U S, Ps Medium, the postal service change of address forms. They would never found him after that of eighty, but it just disappeared into the vapor for some reason, so I I have no anyway, they found him, but these techniques did work.
It was to find him and nobody was killed. Nobody was payment, we damaged, nobody was wounded. Not in this programme, they will put to death. So that happened while people were in Sierra custody, but it was not a part of this programme wasn't because of those techniques it they're using at all, but guess what that Does it matter when you're trying to make a point to the media who hears a thing? It's even morally right, we ve gone from what is torture? Ok, so we were down torture, so everything is torture right and then we ve used that liberals have use that to condemn the entire CIA and then do condemn the United States military vigour, and then he of Russia
get us in their not jumping in saying manage, really said that there are these two deaths that occurred outside of this programme. That are really an exception to the rule they're coming out, denouncing the USA and they're coming out in denouncing the USA, because Democrats have created a false narrative here in order to bolster their resonates, not in the next election will at it, you nailed it. This is an attack on the CIA by people who don't like the fact that we have to have intelligence in this day and age rights. Also an attack on the military to people who do not like this whole defence struck sure that we have and that they have so much power, and so much money does go to I'm sorry. There are people who want to kill us out their reggae. I need to have a gun You need to have a gun, everybody does and we need to have a military, but big and bad enough to take on any challenger yeah. I know right at one of the few legitimate purview of government. We will be here with brilliant rocket scientist heart surgeon also
Tractor driver Gerald mortgaged a brilliant all around skilled man after the break louder with crowded your listening to louder with crowd or on well talk. Sixteen hundred. I am your host Stephen prouder. Of course getting louder, Do I do to it? There I put with the title of the shop- and we now The trash me honor. We have our guest back.
Gentlemen, scholar, scientist, open heart, surgeon, world traveler and beer grower today. Gerald organ, that's just not true. Just a beard grow part everything area has everything else is a hunter reset your yet. Some of. What was that. Yes there. You go that's right. We were just time at least I well freedom. Three: had one echo mustache yet as her out? Nobody can grow mustache anymore. All you guys you, through the November no shave things yeah. You figured that out real quick unless it's up in Iraq, Like moustache and your hipster, let's apparently a thing now, that's aloud they probably invented that, because they wanted to be cool, they probably did everything. He was wrong. It immoral. I think we should torture hipsters, that we might be fun. No way, no funding. I like hipsters, they come
with good restaurants and starving great coffee colouring shocked. You said that you hate coffee for measures because it tastes like liberals, nuts, we had that awful soldiers and TIM horns and covered. I like that coffee as long as it's not the fancy ones. If you get a black coffee from one of those hipster joints, in Detroit, where all the cool kids are, then you ve got Of a good cop, a strong black coffee, here, I dont like should fulfil creams and stuff at the rate. This funding, while it that when he said the cool kid when products is cool, kids, the correct term in Detroit is victims. Epps figured it like that. The people with the arch goes and then, like that dj is her. The earthy electronic music. That's our on those arguments. The same people now he's right, yeah those of acute. I hate and honest about answers. I would just add a rat. I was yesterday a hook, a lounge either night. What were you doing it? On Google lounge? I owe my whose every now and then it was just like a thing with a friend. It was a Christmas thing.
And then it was read. Smith was slam, poetry night, that sounds kind of fun poetry, slam, poetry, is a place for peace with no musical skill or comedic talent who still get stage time and that's when it was first thing, for I am not Can first thing a woman goes up, and it's all this Cupid Social Justice crap with his filthy, hipsters, who just make me want to harm myself. She goes up her first words are bongos hands, My Yoda rests no one wants wouldn't want to put our hands, and none of us want to put our hands on your uterus. I don't even know how I would have liked like a reverse c section. Do I have to be met. Student to oppress women now does not allow you to vote back in the day was much easier,
the one in the world crystal crystal- leads to talk about that and jailed brought up this point either day if they were actual war on women. Ok, a war of men verses, women, they'd win now Jimmie Dale how quickly they would lose that war. They would totally win David and Goliath, only there's more of us than them. We wouldn't Talking about it like a history lesson on what happened: women, the impasse tense. How do you figure that men would win? Ok, because a little bigger we're stronger, we fight all the time in recent months, English martyred all nothing were the better sex. I'm saying that we are better at combat. That's why? Every since the beginning of time they send out the men to protect women and children. We now have more reps in women or more expert women are smarter and other non more conniving there outside
real or on women. Right there is this is this is would tell you this is why fund up is such an immoral man. He believes that evil will win over good one because it can either through and vague, I can tell you that there withhold funds, example, are not very big. Data was at all I dont think wrong, there's any withholding. I think the rules of engagement change the badger, but I mean Every single weapon in the history of ever has been invented by a man and a woman. I mean I guess you could treat like a crackpot bomb or something you know they ve met I'm cool, Women are smarter and tougher than us, they're, not tough after, but they are smarter, and I love my wife, my wife's twenty. Seventh, They did. I love you. Baby, happy birthday, happy birthday to you and I M using eminence. I know that we're going to a break soon, we can't even get. Talk about other torture techniques because we went off on hipsters and war, women
it will bring jail on for another segment. If you want to stick around and then will of crystal was an actual woman. So she's she's, our feminist, pass, she's a feminist acquittal to a hood past? We'll talk more about these talks Technics here with this aid, will talk about the Hollywood, hacking scandal and we'll talk about chokes from police officers with former you have see well through which he had in the first year. About which you have you ever patent shortage. So this guy knows jokes and he has an opinion. He trains a lot of police officers, so we are going to have an actual expert, not talking had in actual expert to come in here and educate you that's what we do on louder with greater hey,
Stephen crowded, with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you here fifty seven black rifle it is what they are. Fifteen dot com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits, forces as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a are fifteen die. That's a our fifteen dot com
you stand for the motor city, maniac weird from them. At the great lakes grandmaster the mole down mad man, the mittens pillar. We ran out with crowd. There is no way that we can do. This shows a video cast any longer You could see what funding was doing.
You're really stuck up to now, we have to bring back our guest here for another segment. Gentlemen, scholar rocket scientist, open heart, surgeon, christian Theologians, Gerald more than he is back ass alone. They come up rather vague, Euralia molecular biology to move. Isn't it a molecular biology? Is too he is that cellular. This is true. Cellular vastness, ADA, get it right. What's your specialty might o contrary all implement in January now he nailed it. You nailed it first person ever to nail it by the way the first ever heard about mighty. Contrary. I thought it was like that speech that Liam Neeson gave to the only one can only be found where I live, but it was rather many Koreans, isn't admitting Arians very good I warn rather than an actual biochemist, was rather than the show is taught my might oconnor. Yet I'm thinking this guy's b,
ass. They even science Bailey Middle School, like just in your mind, ok to have so much to show much it's funny with a slow weak, but before we move on to why Bruce Springsteen sucks good, there's a lot of girls? add to cover their. You wanted to talk about the two reports with the CIA torture, the ass though there were actually when they release that report directly. Three reports released at the same time that did not cost of forty million dollars. Like the Democrats studied it. Sorry, there's better ways to spend forty mill. Yeah the one released by the CIA and also the one released by the Republicans on a committed nobody's talking about those by the way, if we ve learned anything from rolling stone, is that you don't screw up journalism the same way twice: ok right, you gotta go and you gotta interview, people that are being accused here. Nobody that nobody went interviewed anybody any former CIA guys anybody who could can shed some on this or being accused of like oh there was there was,
going on that we couldn't asking questions about their trials. Will that ended in two thousand and seven and two thousand and twelve at the very latest, two thousand and twelve? So you got all of thirteen and fourteen mostly to get this nailed down and to these guys and confirm the stuff and you dont. So what you did is you parted. With an end in mind. We really want to paint the CIA and the military. Establishment, is being bad and torturing people and we're just gonna listen. Anything else that anybody says that contradicts that that's terrible and if you Do your own research. You should go online check that stuff out. Don't just listen to these reports that command MSNBC, talking heads and certainly don't just listen to Gerald Morgana he's only around midnight molecular biology, not killer a binocular biologists with that as a job.
Thing now, Luxuriance of movement. As I said, we have to be funny. I can't be serious known, I think you're right and it's great to actually tie its greater two before we get into now something else. It has been very close to my heart fear and it always comes up or on Christmas time because of his horse at Santa Claus is coming to town rendition. Yeah, you, ok, here's the thing! and when I disagree in a lot, wouldn't you say so funded? Ah, yes, you're completely crazy yeah! Exactly in China. You, although you no medical organs, which is impressive and as in every now and then I'll surprise you so here I texted funded the other day, yesterday and I said: listen, I hope you don't like Bruce. Steam, because so you're going to hate tomorrow- shall do you, nobody texted me back, I'm going to censor here. I can't believe things stand that mumbling sack of figures, How long do you agree
every time. Ok, if I did it, we have those clips ready right here. At the moment we get them and once again we set the suffragists I'm listening right by the way also he John Lennon Christmas. I love Paul Mccartney's. I dont, like generally I will increase there's a lot and we are going to lose out there's a lotta yoko in jobs, which I think I think there's a lotta yoko innocent. It's Christmas, cyclists uneven rolls Royce New live in a penthouse, just stop at you're, not of the people. So when I was a kid got rid of the rolls Royce before he got the penthouse, though, if you're talking about the Dakota Building, what The point is that I was wealthy kind of guy who will like edit the scientific inaccuracies in star wars and I'll put it be two hundred yeah, You need counselling. The light sabre should actually continue on two infidelity. ITALY,
the ozone layer now skin cancer. What What bothers me? They have. You know Paul Mccartney's song, it's up their great Christmas Sung and then all the sun. It hits the jingling and the FAO. Stupid southern black acts in Do you think I'm? Who is this? Who is this gentleman whose sole, obviously an african American, so rocker? Oh no, it's Bruce Springsteen and his stupid, faint voice. Let me prove it to you how fake it is funded. We have that clip. Let's roll the first, of actual genuine Bruce springs? ok role, that beautiful, being funded under joint small tours tore down south toward the MID west. Different The country That's how we were. You ve, been every stay alive and kicking the ban. So that's Bruce Springs
right. That's real, Bruce Springsteen! This right. So he went from that. Remember that he sounds a bit like Ralph MACHO in karate kid. You know I want to go home. I wanna go very many friends here and there This is him few years later? What the Christmas song role clip ethic? This came out like eighty nine. As you can sustain, applying in new sites like cut its gilded off just cut the crap, Could it be more clearly these faking? No, no, it could not and he saw added to by its current Hilary point.
Let me come to remind you of Hillary Clinton when she speaks to different crowd, exactly Rocco bomber. Does it too? He turns it on, depending on the audience he's worth or Emily K day when he was doing this aversion and I'm absolutely port celebrate, but he ate ye changed completely when he was talking to sort rather might really right when it happened. I just I just the Bruce I just hate how funny he has any ease the stupid little phony working man, bowl crap throughout Europe, But the whole of this whole thing fund up. You know, as I now comment and- and I had to, To do about the Robert wolves take on if your member this, but in the late eighties, Jersey wanted to make born run into the right states song. Do you know I rigs earlier with ASEAN? Do you know the lyrics to born to run Ok, here's a fearsome other reasons. Why can't stand Bruce Springsteen? Ok, he was a valid answered for the troops plain. Anti war zone.
Kate s number one that the appropriate place to yards, like what you gonna do, go to a cancer benefit and sing about mutating cells and from a bunch of kids are smoke, gets in your eyes it. Yet could a lung cancer, but that's gonna, walk fire, remove, saying it's like how much of a jerk can you be? Ok, he He's a working man on the working man on the Welcome Ambrose brings the number one moment. A vague boys are no town. You naughty demands in his dressing room, plenty of things. Okay, what you're doing gallons of salt. Why the whole barrel of Green Eminem joke it started basically started because of spruce Springsteen, really one of his actual demands. His dressing room must contain ape eight point: nine million small strips of paper each one printed with the name of a different New Jersey residents. What's that
this creates a dressing minute. I'm shocked that there's eight point: nine million people still in Jersey, I'm such a most of them are probably folks like me, who drove in to go check out. The quick stop cows lurks your dad. I went there twice I'm going out. Him is just absolutely figure got. I've got like ten reasons appears to I paper, Springsteen, more rapid fire through them really quickly. I just eight Someone is really disingenuous and that's why I'm not a fan of Rock Obama. You know but the thing about Bruce Springsteen, you springsteen you. Whenever this, whenever he's just someone just terrible you're, like I dont like Bruce Springsteen his fans, always do you have to assume lies, brow No, I dont like him, I. Why would I want to spend three hours listening? That would be like CIA torture right there you go. I can't. Anything worse, there's nothing about him. That is like
What bothers me so many consumers have been duped, man you, he beat it a couple curls in the eighties and rolling up his ear Europe here in Europe. The children law of New Jersey varieties of jewish guy Bruce. Is it Bruce Spring Stein dine? What the recent meeting in peacetime- that's not a real name, anything a fake name The thing: how can you possibly be anybody that lives in the MID West, where this is like the backbone of the word man of America and like risk rinkitink you're, actually probably right I'm going to be the working man and he's just claiming it in the songs right? I just I. What I can't stand Bruce rinsing and there are like their arguments to be made- if so, maybe doesn't like Dillon or isn't a faint Dylan's horrible. Don't only three courts did you know that I need even no more than three cords. He only knew three cord, so we were like out minimalist. Its brilliantly thought. He was like a Steve jobs of music. They could have with you
It's it's not minimal. If we go up not so funny to people of back and we go the sixties right. They got it look. It was. It was the happier and all this job, best sewing albums where the sixties funded sergeant peppers, lonely hearts club band and the sound of music soundtrack yes- and I can't I think those are the top to show tunes were like captain most of them were show tunes. Westside story was tat. I was another big one it's out of music soundtrack is awesome. All the way through yeah, I know, but the thing is everyone likes love to look back and select. All that was all it was bees and it was Hendricks and was it was none of that mainstream America has meant that people want realises, Jimi Hendrix was opening for the monkeys, Everybody knows that its common knowledge, not knowledge, now commonality. Well. I guess I have been working in radio for twenty five years, even among my circle, since common knowledge,
The point is that what we like to act was me: Dream wasn't right and it is. It's just the hippy screamed the loudest and Bruce Springsteen? I dont know how these minutes to fool the american public in it disingenuous idea that he's a working man, probably Barack Obama, people. You know yeah he's like the people of the people, the guy has it. The guy has worked in the public sector and make millions of dollars, selling books and working off of the government tee for his entire life. He's gonna workingmen has never been one of the people. He's never improve. Springsteen What did similarly opportunity of wit, clips no use now, but you know I like opportunities, an actor S. Voice fake. You knew him back and Serpico he's sitting he's talking what does no one was an enemy, the true, perhaps a year now and nourish. Talking like this, I, like but then I can, not lie, but I mean don't. You think that to a certain extent, because Serpico is based on a real person. He may have been trying to emulate him or any any early films
what she was egoism. He was kind of a whip, does it here drilling smoke don't know, but it doesn't transition that quickly now, and you know enough, voice work day, and you can hear someone's voices changed to smoke. It doesn't change the actual tenor of your voice it certainly helped mine. I I smoked fur offered on four, probably ten, twelve years, it back on it. Are you advocating the need? I love did I law I loved smoke at a menthol cigarette, haven't a couple are start my morning. That way had to give it up. Because you're a drug attic not at any cost. I might add that I had to keep its GEO Morgan. Thank you so much for being with us. Yet it will go to brag. You run actually great company sponsor the show, simplified wine, wherefore those you up, listening right now? If you're looking for Christmas gets an I've actually done this this year, you can go to simplify wind outcome, recall what important people for United seven wine
one. Eight four for tuna and seven wine- you based call Gerald tell him what you like for wine, your budget, and it is shipped to someone's door in a beautiful gift package. It really is a great gift. Great company, simplified wine, support good concern. Of local companies, La Democratic will be back with the world I've got a lot the fund. We would expect to white guys from Detroit salaries. Michigan too, like the fund. Hey! I love it. You it's funny! Why me
Not really I was you know I was engrossed point I'll, be honest. My dad gets furious when people say I remain on from Detroit and its because very very few people are ACT Willie from Detroit anymore and he was raised right inside of eight miles in work. It turns into other vernier. Oh yeah. So he was raised raising that basically was still officially Detroit, but the cops lived there because I was kind of the outskirts unsafe. And so when someone goes Madame tough from the tree, my dad it gets furiously Firstly, you geographically agent has nothing to do with how tough your and secondly you're, not even from the location that you're trying to claim you from captain. It's a nice really go right. Of immature really where Livonia gather that that's where I was from Livonia now, what was it? said something about Bruce Springsteen that we should do here. Oh Robert Wool did a bit on born to run Oh yeah was legend. It had been now king, ninety or so, and there was
There was a time when New Jersey wanted to use born to run as their state song And robber wool points out the lyrics the song I'll role that Florina but New Jersey is also the homeland or birthplace of such luminaries jungles narrow street. Susan surrounding francs We must, of course, Bruce we'll be proud of this one, but you know what happens when you ve never had a winner. Never when you ve been the book of every job. When you get your chance, you make sure everybody knows about This is the true story about our he's. He's telling the story that I just mentioned. I thought I had a cute at the beginning of his sunk. His hands were out of to make Bruce things near horrible producer, these state anthem of New Jersey.
Someone knows a lot of debate because it was a progressive mobile when you think of an anthem. Think of things like patriotism. You did. The military ones are the sole shower. Then the danger which would allow the streets of away american dream at nights me ride for mentions of glory in suicide machine refined, very you outcomes of the word suicide started. Does it's a good? I recommend you guys go on Youtube that where it gets, you want you, but the suicide always has eminences. It's a terrible saw it
it's. So, just like woe cross we'll do your grandmother the ball game. Deal. Problem is for its Springsteen spokesmen. Guys- and I just can't- handle it me mad and I'm trying to get over this. These rage problems that I have like gonna wanna, be that guy, but every time and listening to Christmas, music- and I have to hear Springsteen's fake disingenuous southern black accident. Does he like who're you Bill Cosby, go on. Go on. That's Bruce Springsteen now that was night looked. I think there was probably about eighty nine ninety. That was the first time I heard that that was on the a very special Christmas. He d that came out it was the red one. The first one was built
the apparently every Christmas has been a very special Christmas, so. Oh man, doktor, Huxtable, now We're going to be back with Crystal Heath would want to talk about the war on women in the hacking scandal, from North Korea to Hollywood. Some of the most interesting things we learned from these have and these weeks, mainly that they have internet North Korea that is what was most shocking to me. But crystal has the info will be back. I am your house Stephen crowd, restated
we are after that. Our with fund lips, wonderful traffic reports that he always delivers so eloquently. Thank you so much fun here you I'm lying, but we just your camera little that because now you're off camera, I can't see you there you gotta make. As in France, we have a fantastic guess. You're coming with us, I will of this Dame she's super sweets. Youporn dealt in host of the freedoms show on four
five radio in the lemon fact, also a woman, so she is qualified to act on the run within crystal he. Thank you so much for being on little known, act. I'm really not sure. I feel about that. I think that's a war on women statement right off the bat, I think it is well. You know what we were dying: mother, the latent Dunham. You know we ve talked about this for a long time in crystal actually acts as one of my researchers and she brilliant, and so she actually up track down the guy who later I'm cleaned Richter and I spoke with him, but he did not want to discuss anything, and so I just listened. If you need help, I'm here, it looks like this. Guy is suing now, because it's entirely false a story. Does come. This narrative this been set right now, worn women. Now, before we get into it crystal Gerald and I were arguing- and I said, that if there were an actual war, I'm unnatural violent war on women from men. Do you really think it stand a chance? That's just
oral question? I was thinking about that this morning, because you know we say war on women, but the phrase in and of itself is just really horrible, because I think it trivialize is. What war really is which is horrible discuss? and I just destroys families destroys nations or is not a good thing, though, to just use this phrase way we're what's hardware. She apart, I think, if we put like the average female up against the average mail in an actual war. We would prefer We lose because boys are just more in a little boys play with guns. Little girls play with dolls on the average. Just you know you're, generalizing and animal. I know only generalizing. I know that, but, like I don't know, I just think if you take the average female average guy put a pact in their back and tell him. I guess far, You can't I'm sorry the guy's gonna go. Oh geez funded wants to Joe. No, no, no women are smarter number one.
My wife is old meted out and that might my first work omitted and women are typically able to think faster and come up with things like used the word conniving early now he's walking yeah? So women can come up with these plans to defeat us based. Are we even realize what's happening? I'm ok, I guess we're talking strategy and stuff possibly, but I think, if you just like on hold back the thinking on girls, hand We we gonna win. I just I don't know, we can't cook. I also know Wonderland Cook, we're gonna say are fond of. You can't cook, ok, I can I can cook Amazon you and I can cook Be Jos. Ok, here's the truth. Ok, here's the here's the iron here! stores logically arguing why she thinks men would win and in a war setting right we're talking very specific setting. Ok, just like we talking the setting of of mothering,
a woman would be if you know how much superior to men and also that the recent accident, and yet exactly during I win now when and if we're talking you know combat which, by the way, I would pick mothering, that's a better job. It's a sweeter gig than having to go to war, but the irony. Here's that funding is arguing for women and you are arguing for men and the reason the rest for this is because fundamental self lonely man. Let me explain to you why? Because if you were to drop funding Ok in the middle of the country with a quarter mile of an eye with a compass and a map. He would starve to death No, I can find my way. I don't need a gps, I'm not one of those guys good smell the I asked from an ILO have anyway, not on. I would never on an Iphone. I've got a flip phone, he D, The actually has a phone I could they have. It's a very sad life. It's a good life. I've got my Polaroid camera. My vhs just am quarter my turn table and my flip.
So one women so anyway, crystal ignore fund up now from little bet he's just he's off. So that's what I'm saying. I think I dont think when they would stand a chance as far as an actual worn women, and we make a good point. It his trivialize. You know, wars is ugly. It's it's disgusting, its offensive only much like going to dine him. It's a really bad thing, and Here's wanting I've talked about New can tell me if you think, I'm wrong before birth go bomber right, it was all about with racism thing. Racism is alive and well, and if you don't vote from Iraq amendments because your racist and the same thing now after a first and second term, I honestly think first this before gets the women thing, because I think that that that was set for Barack Obama and the now all of a sudden war on women is the big story. I think you're sitting the stage for Hilary. But let me ask you this crystal: Cuz you're you're about my age right were younger, were sort of a little older than millennials ok, but we grew up. In a post, racial America. When you agree there definite, ok, so,
We didn't have you not: listen: blacks and whites couldn't drink from the same water fountain or you know citizens we didn't have that. I get that there was a terrible time shouldn't be forgotten, but when we grew up there was no systemic discrimination toward black. People or even women. So rip unopposed racial America. In my opinion, and you can if you re a from wrong, I think These relations in the United States right now are the worst, they ve ever been in our lifetime. Oh yeah! I definitely think so, and I and I don't know that's necessarily because of anyone such as myself. For yourself I mean I don't feel differently about anyone of any color whatsoever than I ever have right, but I think on all our nation yeah, to say that race relations are
the worst I ve ever been in our lifetime, which is no less than thirty years, I think will be ludicrous to say: that's not true, it is if you can't turn on the news and not say that's, not true right, and is it just. It was something that we didn't talk about as much and if not, then we can talk about it. We slip it under the rug. You know I grew up, I did him flat. Girl threw elementary school forthwith. You got my model pick us up, will now so like and then I definitely I've data. What was your tongue? My wife was shocked. He found out that ideation three black girls in my I've won in grade school general account, then one and actual high school. When I was sixteen and then run an ethiopian girl who I her, renders the offended because a stand up bit about going to any the opium restaurant she heard it was over. There was over one and an end yeah you as a key to day on Stephen stand up at that point. We will really will grow just in we gotta get along. We left on good terms, so it my wife was shocked. It just wasn't something that was really an issue and now
it just like as an issue and with every discussion, its injected and its deliberate. So I'm glad You feel that way, because my wife feels that way. My friends feel that way so. Would that we're transitions right? That's by that was by deliberate action. Right from the left to create the race narrative and have you noticed now that their creating the sexism narrative, the war on women were kind of thing that point now where it seems like sexism? If you listen to the media is worse than its ever been. Wouldn't you say yes If you listen to the media now, whereas I think that race relations are legitimately worse than they have ever been in our lifetime. I don't think so it can be said of it, turn gender relations politics. Whatever else now, that's a false nerd at work, ok, yeah. But at this point I do not think that anything. There is no real legitimate war on women. I was too slow the html you their description of
the war on women is it's. It's pretty fantastic heard some sweet a bit We would says restricting restricting contraception cutting off funding for plain parenthood, mended medically unnecessary, alter. Sounds abortion taxes, abortion, in periods forcing women to tell their employers why they want birth control and prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage in their policies. And as the ideal, you basically has one issue that they're saying the war, women with rice, abortion, abortion, but essentially abortion. It's free, unfettered taxpayer funded. In that's the like. That's it right, one issue, which is the war on women and I'm sorry did Hilary not have access to birth control at some point in her life, like oh being original, was Bernard control because she was the only one we had no interest in sleeping with, say I was going to say it, but the I said it's ok, you should have been the one to say it because you're, a woman, you could have done away with that, I'm going to get letters but yeah
If it's true it really boils down to when people say you know. I was talking about this, the poetry night, where I wasn't scrambled up and said hands off my uterus, none of us Why? Anyone touching it? That's one set up. What is it a reverse c section? You have to be met student to oppress women. Now it's like, I dont, even know biologically possible. No one has an interest in that, and only one has an interest in that concept. Putting their hands on your uterus, but it's for you it boils down to abortion, want to give you a story here far as worn women's went from Quebec, where abortion is not only legal, its taxpayer funded, you don't need to have your parents sign or even know about it if you're, even if you fourteen, So not only that, but they will actually have a programme that will pick you up from school during school hours. A car will pick you up. Take the abortion clinic, have the abortion done and you are back to school before cool and so that your parents don't know because parents, is because barons are evil and by the way I got in trouble force
keeping the science fair May I ask if the Science fair sheet of science product going on inside of her and I get in trouble and lilies is a government run programme? That's how far can back has gone in them. I started with the one women cunning, the sexism narrative, and that abortion should be freed unfettered and paid for by the taxpayer will first of all, we ve decided that it should be well in Serbia in the? U S, I don't want it! Isn't Canada right, but if you're under twenty one than you clearly do not have the mental capacity to understand when you have consumed enough alcohol if you're under eighteen, you don't understand the concept of smoking cigarettes, but somehow it should be ok for you to go and make a completely totally life changing decision, not just for you, but for the child. Inside of you and that's acceptable, not to mention the potential health rim of the cap. Regions, because of so many botched abortions and the mental after effects of that. That's ok, apparently for our kids to decide
you're right cigarettes and alcohol that is too much would have funny you touch on a good point there that unite I'd be willing to make earlier. You know Lena Dunham examples. Claims to been raped, but even her claim of rape was, I did Albert I'll cook must relaxes. I peter Parking Lot. I had So this guy, I talked dirty tomb and encouraged to have sex concurs to have sex with me, but the next day. I regretted it therefore rate because if I can do I'll call, no decisions. I make a reasonable or consensual right. That was a narrative, but that's, in person says that that same state will, of course they have the right to make any decision regarding abortion. So you can retroactively, decide rape, because you're not responsible for your personal actions, but right is a free. Abortion is a free pass on all levels, right, yeah. It now exactly and I think to what's interesting- is in a way had the whole legitimate rape conversation bright with Aiken, while back and now It's like it's, it's flip them
was like. Oh every rape is legitimate. I think we're seeing with Lena Dunham and now rolling stone. Obviously, that you know. Maybe we should looking at the jury rate because- and you have done a great video about this recently to again- trivializing the actual. People who experience rape to let Lena Dunham and Rolling stone come up with these ridiculous narratives to create some kind of war on women right? What It's important to prefaces bullets together, rolling stunting. We come back from the brakes and porn from you to preface. I believe in the most harsh treatment possibly available in your state for a rapist. I think I am is crime. I think it's on par with murder at witnesses, surely say it's worse, but its tear. It certainly on par with torture, its unacceptable. That being said, some people do lie about it. We'll talk more about this in rolling stone and their story with Crystal Heathrow rolling Stone made up a story entirely about rape on Virginia campus and people say why would they do
no one would make up a story about rape. Plenty of people do unfortunate. We'll talk about it after the break. your listening do louder with crowd her on well taught sixteen hundred. You are listening to louder with cracker. I'm your hosts, Stephen crowded back with our fantastic guest host of the fiddle, show four or five radio, four hundred five out there in California Crystal here, thank you so much for being with us as being your thanks Could you be here and I think you're? I think your settings went back to out to you being a little low. If you told you they are now going to be fine, I hear you fight, so we were young women right we were talking about this before we left for the break in
There's so much to get into a rolling stone you you were talking about this. The A thing here is listening. I hate any kind of victim blaming right because I had that when I was assaulted by unions in Michigan managers Who- and what did you do to deserve it so the I hate that with rape, you know what were you wearing it doesn't? Rape is never acceptable period regardless of poor decisions that are made Jenner across the board: ok, right there, use that to say you have to believe every single rape story, not fat check it, because you have otherwise you're victim, shaming, so rolling stone made up a story about rape, in Virginia right and in a you know about this. You sent this. Have you read the story? Yeah it's just in saying they make up the story about what is it a rat? Three guys, apparently right supposedly rape. This girl, and then it comes out that it's not even remote, like there's no factual basis to this story. Which just leave me going. How you decide hey, you know what I have to write a story. I think rape,
good subject. Others make up a rape story right who does this while I think who does are people who are in, and I hate sound conspiratorial here. People who, in the back pocket of the Lib establishment. It is a relationship between Democrats, Obama, Clinton. I mean the Hollywood, loves the Clintons and I really do think, and I'm not hearing anyone else talk about this on radio. They set. This aid for Barack Obama. The racism dialogue, it's our words Time America, it's time for a black president. It wasn't it's time for new policies, it's time for different ideas, it's time for change in skin color right. That was all thing and if you didn't know from your racist and now and that's the only way you can logically explain. Why would these in their many fabrications, Lena Dunham, rolling stone? It's happening, overtime, they're, making up rape stories in tying it worn women. I think they're sitting the narrative for Hillary Clinton now would agree. That, I think that's the only if we have there's gonna, be explanation for it. I think that's the only logical, explanation we can have, because it just doesn't make sense, especially when rolling.
Stone they can? Somebody was an earlier this year for a bad was it he's, a review on numb faith, their Johnson or something like that. They fired this woman there worthless piece, but you make up a rape story for rolling stone, and that's all that's fine just knew no, no! No. Music reviews that we don't like then riding it. I got no, no music reviews that we don't like going. If you read a review about my Bruce Springsteen, actually sucks you'll be trouble. She can live bro. Tell me funded with seeing something on the brake, those singing a crystal it's true, you may your Euro, Europe, a woman, but you understand the term the very comfortable in your own skin. You know very comfortable laughing and I think there is a myth that women can be funny and that's not true. But I think that a lot of women feel that they're afraid to be goofy, or there fraid to be seen and what could be seen as guy talk. You know, I think, that's what it is, because our people out there who are genuinely funny you're one of them, so we were talking that on the brake and fund, it was saying we're. Ok,
be funny because you're talking about rape funding, what was your justification? It's just so the serious subjects that I can't imagine trying to tackle it with levity. You see. That's where I disagree. Conservatives do this a lot you see all different sides right. You see them saying what you can't say this and you can't make reports were not making rape jokes and even if some or to make a rape joke, you can make a rape joke. That's condemning rape, humor. This is a Phyllis dealer quote she, Is a rubber tipped swords away to make a point without drawing blood, so Chris What do you think you think? As a woman obvious, it's more sensitive issue for women. I understand that I'm not a woman. Do you think that addressing something like rape, even if your anti rate with levity should be seen as offensive now, don't things I think it's like any other subject. I think you can use humour, but I think it needs to be done correctly.
You know I think, if someone like Chris Rock tries to talk about rape using humor, it is not going to turn out well, but I think when you use humor like your video, had some humor, I I think that works, because it makes a point and especially for our generation. We relate better to that. Then some old white guy July narrating on radio that that has no effect on us. But when we see something like your video, it makes us go. Oh yeah! Ok, I get it stops what the praise you're making me and how are you going to tell him that he has a crack is used even your horrible. The issue of funding is coming from me and I'll make fun of just about everything. It's just that one subject, and I think it's because as even when they, when they touched on that year, go on all in the family, which was a quality that. Episode was so serious. It happened to Edith the character, and I mean everybody was just like shark did. There
jaws draw something but you're not make nudge. For example, I was in on the front page of having imposed at sea pack too. Three years ago I hosted for four or five years, so I don't know exactly which year it was Ashley. Judd had come out and come heard buying apple products, to rape, She said you know. Buying buying from apple is, is is akin to rape because raping the earth of its resources, that'll thing, and so one of its back. I made a joke ass. It is just an Ashley Judd yet again, tweeted that buying apple products is akin to rape from her Iphone. Last I flap and then I say I set up as a really that's the standard for right now, Ashley Judd bit. Just anything, you don't like nothing else on my brain felt after watching divine secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, you actually watched unfortunately ex girlfriend acts, keyword in front page of imposed Stephen Crowd or makes rape joke toward Ashley Judd. It wasn't a rape joke. It was an Ashley Judd is an insensitive mourn for comparing buying an Iphone to rape, joke anything, goes
context matter reaction. If you're, making fun of somebody who is made made fun of the issue or took the issue out of context. Then your joke is about how they took something out of context, not about the actual issue. Like its illustrating the absurdity of what they did by being absurd Ok there to me men, joking right now about where we have a woman on the phone crystal vacuum. Precisely you talked about this a lot right in here. You really are a feminist and in your traditional feminist, and that your strong woman you're, an independent woman, I mean you work hard and I know how how hard you work it's gotta be belittling to you. I mean you ve been talked about how you did not believe in you to the research. The one in three women are raped. You said, there's no way no there's no way, because I have a lot of female friend and if one in three women were raped. Look women too
about. Things is one thing that we are really good at. One thing that men will probably never understand is that women talk like non stop and when their with other women, they talk about the most emotional things happening in your life. Sometimes I don't know why, because obviously it gets to be much for me too. But I really didn't want to know that, but thank you for sharing the intimate details of everything that happens in your life with me. I have one coworker, that's exceptionally good at this by the way, but trust me if women are a they're, gonna tell their girlfriends about it, and I have one friend. I think that was what we don't want to leave on that? No, but we have to ask the hate: this is horrible by the Irish. Yes, because otherwise media matters will call you a song. Floating woman, so crystal re writing rapist should be castrated approach. So there you go Crystal Heath, strong sign off. Thank you so much we will have you back stated. For more ladder, with greater.
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You stand for the motor city, maniac, weird from them at the Great Lakes, grand Master, the Mau down mad man, the mittens killer ran out, and it means you're lessening do outer with good morning later morning, now eight nine o clock our we're getting up their usually
funding is not even awake at this hour, but I'm never actually awake. It's all eastern that I've only awake but we're bringing back our previous guest gentlemen, scholar, scientists, open heart, surgeon, rocket scientist and many chlorine, specialist Gerald Morgan. Thank you for being back with us absolute yes, indeed. Yes, a good good man, Germany, so we're going to talk real, quick because next will bring on pet military you're. Gonna know that jobs Lilith for she said she MP and well, to which he had been he's going to be talking about the garner case in chokes and not actually kill them. But right now I'm gonna get your opinion here. We're talking about the skin, the hangings, Korea to Hollywood. I just one. This is a hilarious story, but one thing that most telling me you know producer Scott Ruin this producer fond of you, know Scott. You know it's got rudeness right. Doesn't ring a bell. What did he produce
bunch of like the big big kind of films. You know like no well, no country for men was one of the money ball. Oh I liked no country for old man, the money that was actually really good too, but so we learned a few things: This comes from Buzzfeed and deadline, dot com. Hop things that we learned from his hacking. Scant also one Scott Rudin is a little bit of a racist abuse. No, not funded, no, nothing! Now! I got her. There was an embarrassing he actually apologize to some emails were uncovered and hacking scandal still can't get around the fact it North Korea has any kind of of what life I connections were. So it said that this was an email between written in his power Pascal Sonya, at what should I ask the president at this stupid Jeffrey breakfast, he was a friend a preface hosted by dream works animation had in major democratic donor, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rudin At what he liked to finance movies- and he said I doubt it should. I ask him if he liked Jane go.
Ruin responded, twelve years, meaning twelve years a slave and Finally rude and said I bet he likes Kevin Heart. So every single black stereotyped film that doesn't make him a racist know. What I want to be that way, but of course, of a conservative did this, it would be. Game of course, should be considered a racist and run over the industry must like oh yeah. I can, but I can't believe it. I mean by the way. Has anyone here actually seen twelve years a slave? Have you seen that fund up now, like I can't watch it I can't watch it like. I get the screens as Asia as a member of the union, its like Ok, I get it looks Perhaps I didn't do it Really I don't know anybody you did it I'm just high, like I don't wanna watch people is getting beaten and mistreated. Fer. You know for three hours. When were you able to sit through passion of the crisis that was difficult,
That was a difficult watching, especially because my Gibson so screwed up, he doesn't like it has a happy ending if you just certain glances at that, you know the merit of use going forward, what would happen? Destructs, half It was really rough and everything Beating Jesus beating Jesus killing? Jesus is ok, but Jesus like he defeated death. That's the big story right, whether you ok, even if you don't think it's true it still. Story they'll for sure. That's that that's the historical impact of Jesus. Is this idea that you wrote he's the only person that people really believe rose from the dead arose, anybody else from the dead, historically spy. King and you just you did like. Why is it that central to your story, what he was going for that thing. Look at everything that miss Gibson is done in its always about this kind of bloody combat thing.
You know I mean it's. It's just as they exist there copies it is his gonna lasted, so one of the world's regular at one of the worst things, those cleaning up the movie theater after that, We have never seen more kleenex on the floor The only really means equality was not up popcorn mass, but they were all not long ago. We, why are you working as a projectionist? No, was working as the manager of the movie theater we'd clean the theatres afterwards, I thought you always worked in radio since you came out of the womb. There was a really cool movie theater at the mall, and I worked part time there, because I had always wanted to work at a movie theater and I had the opportune so I would buy, would work in radio. Then I'd go over there, one time even did of remote from the radio station. I was at at the movie theater that I worked at part time, which was really cool because I knew all people who work there, we could talk movies on the remote is fun, but little known fact. Actually this is one of funding per
conditions was kindly said, a referendum. I love the movie theater, but now they, but they built in M C sports there. I can't even go to that wing of the mall will not be heartbroken that the loss of one of the cruellest movie theatres in the history of in a more God forbid, funded, lays eyes upon an athlete? I'm sorry, but I've never seen like what are these really cool mall? Maybe there's you speak of a mother always like stand alone, cool places and like a down down somewhere. I thought of seeing that it was mad, stone, theatres and they showed independent films. They showed foreign films they have a higher rather out of business and seriously because they were a mall was a bad idea for that type of theatre. Theatre, those on a perfect downtown type of a theatre. Yet we are those Oliver Montreal, but actually brings me to my next point. To these are some things that you wouldn't from Sony hacking scandal from North Korea, okay, so couple things that we learned Seth Rogan made more money than James Franco for the interview, the Conakry
Sit Rogan is the world's most successful potter, yeah and encourage genes. Frank, who always talks with a list. I dont know why he's always talking like this. We're guy he's always making these very bizarre movies then turns out that some people Sonia not Adam Sandler fans, you know a diameter said Amber That said, you know we managed to produce innovative films like Social network money ball grow the dragon tattoo, but then we still for Adam Sandler. Why would they The second is a conservative, but you not like what he himself. Maybe it's gonna be Adam Sandler, talking, ah little bit uncomfortable. They you gonna, do tumble over got out. I'm gonna wrap up with him being romantic. Held every Lucy, so annoying he's a conservative he's. Also apart the head of the production coming, it makes a Goldberg, so you watch your mouth nice. The only redeeming thing. I've ever heard about Adam Sandler.
Thus, a conservative, even though I could work their own. One woman, only one female Sony employee earns more than one million dollars is nothing can fund that is bizarre, in in its also here's one thing I would say: you'd people's AMOS sexist. If it were like company where It involves serious manual labor, you know or back strength. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't as many women at the topic, not only because obviously do not physically as strong as men, but because they generally wouldn't go for those jobs brought There is no real barrier to entry and film and we women are just as intelligent or justice creative. So I would say that is possibly an example of working discrimination: wouldn't you that's it tough call. You know some of the best films and even tv shows have been directed or produced by women. So I don't see why there aren't more of them.
The talks at all in dollars and allay, let's be honest, is like a hundred care year. In Detroit I mean it's that there's a relative thing here, I thank you. In ten k, yearn Detroit. Why a multi million two hundred million dollars there's nothing really make em up What can you do with a million bucks command? Well, you can get a lot of blow and prostitutes quantity Eddie Murphy, not after the taxes, that because they take their share the twenty percent looker tax. In a way, I think ok? So another thing you can actually watch unreleased Sony movies online. North Korea reveal this to us so films that are yet to be released this year, including any Mr Turn, and still Alice. You can watch them online thanks to North Korea and I'll still not watch any of them any that's another example. You ve seen everything the previous for the new any funding. Yea looks like it might be pretty good. I mean it
Like you not listen, I want you to say or racist. They went from a girl, it was iconic, a redhead girl, and now it's a black black child playing an There's nothing wrong with a black child playing a role clearly like A deliberate sort of some version of any there were trying against its playing. Everything has to be racially focus because they now it's gone, to create some kind of a stir and you will get some people were upset, which is silly, but I think it is one of those things I just do not I'm. Looking for that movie coming out, because we're going to have to talk about it, it s not going go really higher centralisation and then the it looks like the casting for the Daddy war. Bucks style character is, is also Blackfellow, but I remember Jimmy Fox, isn't it I think it is yet, and I think you'll probably do a pretty good job of that year. He will do a good job of it. It's just what what's next or we can have the the when these girl is she going to be a north korean if they
either way, though hack into everything, and I think you may never never were never take away. My Wendy's girl are you. Where's the east. When she would, I be not Clara pallor for crying out loud, the girl, that's inner. Current commercials is adorable yeah. Well, you ve seen the pictures of the actual Wendy TAT ass. I was. I was very glad when aid she was like three or four commercials. And then gone, and they got the Wendy The girl, the iconic redhead, He said that the real Wendy's looking rough, we have to cast real Wendy and she's adorable easy the under funding, here's the thing- and I talk about this- know enough to let Gerald go and bring on tat knowledge, but if like red, if you like, brunettes your blondes, its preference. When you get into redhead territory. It's it's a fetish. I dont know why, but four guys like redheads and no one else will do you know I I like that in like media,
gone television or something like that, but I may already gal with brown hair, who refuse diet read all I was just. I read just one coming home with a wig now, now when I began to get here, the it's Halloween wig, I'm not gonna. Just like rattle Mcdonald, you can fulfil your fan of funding Amy Pond, not Ronald Mcdonald. It's all the same once ago, read have no other theirs and I think, prettier than like, scottish redhead yeah. Your wife will appreciate that dummy next to my wife, there's nothing. You can have it yet noise on my wife literally to sit on air on record the right thing prettier than the opposite of my wife, where you go, she she's
Galicia that something the oppressor covers, the weirder we're going to have to get back to serious talk. We come back in the break, Pat Military first ever you have see well to which he had been to inform us on Eric Garner case, a joke. What is actually allowed on behalf of police officers, what was used and what actually killed him. Pat noted trains, a lot of cops so he's an actual expert Gerald. Thank you. So much for coming on hoped to have you back Caesar, sir. We will be back in just a few moments with pat militants. We ve gone through so much today. So what is really examined? The chair we ve gone from North Korea. We guarantee women, we ve gone through the CIA terrorism and why Blue Springsteen socks there's plenty moment acting from democratic state. Your listening do louder with crowd her on WHAM taunt. Sixteen hundred
you are listening to louder with greater and I'm so excited to. Heaven cs here? We ve got him on the show is in front of the show. He's a great gentlemen and he was first ever you have see welter way champion trains. Enforcement and also by the way, a coach to the new. You have see welter, wait champion and I've forgotten like what he can tell you about him when he comes on penalties. Thank you. So much ring in the show that you do in that year mean you'd. So this is a big weak for you. Robbie Lawlor took that you have see Walter Wait belt. Of course, a team military fighter was that just a great night Frida see that passing the torch. It was. It was called there because you're not one users up your legs and I held the title I knew I was gonna, be the champ eventually, and I also felt very strongly that rob you all over the world champ. Eventually we I thought it was early sooner than a happened right, but met my boss, both agree already working in Iraq. People have now been Robbins wrap alternative energy are wanting to you just had trouble
together, you so you're at the time, my eighteen nineteen twenty years all put together in a cage sometimes, but another maturity, caravan. He got the gold yeah, I'm! U Netscape really is one of the great comeback stories in sports and fund. It doesn't follow sports at all, but it for it for fun who doesn't know under the listener. Who may not be educated, Mean Robbie. Wasn't it you see at all this promise any was cut a hot and cold wind, some loose some water. We would say yet not mental issues, but was it was more of a mental game to get through? for him to just perfect, like you suggest, mature as a person, many started so young and then he came back at probably one of them last year's a fighter and combat sports has ever had and one the championship last Saturday. So, grace store in April and palaces original coach funded. So Pat was a first guy to create a mixed, martial arts fighting out of Iowa yeah funded. What is you have set out
One death gum. Sorry pact is just ignore this gentleman right here. It's a great strides, a human interest story fund up. It has nothing to do with just the USA, ok that why wouldn't tell people absolutely now what I shall pass so that's Augustine, amazing, a big weak for you and this land, Two weeks has been a big deal with the Eric Garner case in we're going to go to a break in in about five minutes, so we can set it up now and talk about it at more length. But you seen this in the news right. You train, officers a program that fire horse combatants people go to fire horse, combative, dot com where, where pat trains, all kinds of great we please afterwards it who is it that you train exactly patent? It's a long list, we train everybody from local state and federal law enforcement,
boy up to all the military groups and bound special forces attached to those groups. I'll write your ass, a kind of a rule for anybody who has won iron. Half a brandy, don't try and make your name often special forces people say upstate, leave trade or anything like that. Dr leave What was a pretty exceptional people? United Stephen Seagal thing that well I and tell you, but I wasn't CIA Fbi and maybe seals I don't even think again or Jesse Ventura, numerically maybe she'll do it didn't even exist and it was an underwater demolitions unit. You don't get it Stephen Seagal runs the catch the eye knowing flail his arm around, like a mean Rhonda rouse. He would be the tar out of him, but the point you know how it showed is applied, you know to choke, is and in the media right Eric Garner case is out now and in the right they immediately ran with. He was killed I come from a child
Now you have. We share your lot of some opinions on this because you obviously are against police brutality. You believe in legitimate parameters. What's your take on that story and was it a choked, killed Garner You. Obviously she knocked on the medical examiners, autopsy reports and things like that. It wasn't necessarily the chair. Obviously the chilean it certainly cause, if Strasse sure, but having extremely overweight out of shape. What does the glamour teddy had previously certainly had a perfectly healthy person would not have died from that situation had said that Tom, Frederick restraint, which is the technical term. Iran unfortunate right for any kind of joke is states, do not use them at all, no matter what even in the wrong direction- situations, but it's certainly not the first time. You don't you to put something, on the ground, so it was, it was definitely and what I
from their sales is want force majeure not highly trained for scared and take a lot of mistakes? about. You won't make sense. I mean you, know, dogs, bark out of fear, and they had what they had. Seven officers they had quite a few after one of whom was black sergeant. If I remember correctly, watching this and listen you and I now I mean you know, I'm not a world chant, but I've train in this consistently. You know several days a week every week for the last five years of my life One guy is down on the ground. A cop. The cop didn't need to grind his face into the concrete. They were unnecessarily rough and I think it's important to at least give to agree with that, so that that way we dont conflate this with the MIKE Round case return. Wilson was entirely within his rights to defend his light. Fried gets only clover. Different situations, definitely uptown and in others, two sides, every colleague right, arrogant and respect very long arrest in others. A list of a rush job, but it also leaves no age lavishly.
At the same time watchword see the worst of people every single day right, it's it's over and over year after year, and these guys, you know I I I don't want that jobs even I don't I don't want that job was Nazareth, massive amounts of spirit, and so the media talk Tylenol these guys research about parliament? These guys is absolutely are called for. So there's another. There are two sides to a network comes down to. Does someone have a legitimate understanding of the content National role of government police are obviously a part of that, but with limited authority, I dont want their job to. I don't want any job. If I could just be like a professional ice cream taster, I think There will be heard, for me, I'm in Georgia, but I want to train cops that's a sound really, then we'll professional like beer taster. I know we're gonna get without. Even if I could. I would be a professional, fast,
a job right, there's a major prizes. I mean I don't watch fishing on tv because you know I have a life, but when I actually saw horizons, it's incredible like millions of dollars right through Ellen Bathroom, I was what yeah well over a billion dollars and adopt such programmes, which will bring a like me, I can imagine you back after the break, Pat melted, USC champion a lotta with crowd or stay tune.
We were back. I am your hosts, even greater back with our fantastic skilled, talented riding high this week, gas because he train the? U Fc current Welter wait champion are also the matter. Teaches fire horse combatants to law enforcement ass, a country you can read about it at your horse, combative dot, com, Pat Miller, thank you for being with us. Sir. Thank so we were talking about before we left right, but on the brakes. Talking about the North Korea, hacking scandal, which is amazing to me, and you made the point there- that the
the angle here is: if, if rush Limbaugh had sent these racist emails like Scott written. He you'd be boycotted right around it Imagine just me, whose hardly even on the rate arming of debt are not a sports commentator. I was audible whose on wants a weakened, and hardly everybody knows. Why am? I did that, even though, from what I'm told are waiting on the network. Our number one life far right now on the network. I want I would lose my job Harvey if I was the guy, certainly not they'll joke back and forth you right arm. I D gone Washington, volatile. It all shown here would probably lesions One Anderson Mass of Flag unit for that yeah yeah subjects, the liberal Hollywood producers. Well, hey, it's a joke. Ziad such harmful. Comical, not
comical that, and you know, North Korea. You know I'm SAM, I'm amazed frankly, that they have internet. I mean, if you ever see the satellite image Rhea and North Korea side by side it like modern technology, you nothin ferris, we'll somewhere in the north. Korea is just a crap hall, for chapter that one white, that's on on the hackers computer tat. Yet this is Kim Jong looking at pornography, I wonder what goes around. But he's a sickness cursing little man brought. You're right. I bet that that is comical, but at the same time a party I mean this is a pretty serious amateurs cancel for a serious national security breaches, are able to do this I mean you look at all the advanced computer hackers Albert. Right. It could be done with millions of accounts and attacks on our computer systems Every day you ran like they can our ambition, our government fully.
Shutting down the power grid after after you I'll be the folks in North Korea and can get the soil use, computers, just muscled, unobserved messages, charm and flash things, unrestrained elephant due to our great a bachelor. Next time Barack Obama is texting. Scarlett Johansson go get a text from Kim Jong on your back out. So, guys just announced his Kim Jong IL. I'll Kim Jong own, like every read the claims are made like Kim Jong IL they try to make him into a daily. They said he got sixteen holes in one in its first game of golf like could boast Erastus backing? I now think that people believe it. I pick a bench pressing seventeen times on body weight liquid. What is he an ant that kind of stuff- I guess he's close in stature away
wait a minute. You you don't wanna date me anymore, or to take her out the tutor the eyes oh yeah. Now, if we could just be friends, it's not you! It's me kill anyone. People we're gonna, get letters as to how racist this was send your letters to me, not pat military. I can keep doing, doesn't really all reply. Just talk about what my best bodies, whose japanese the sound is father, was in turn can camps when he was a child world or to rights using a lot of things, but he dresses up his ass. Junk Ill Kim Jong, every Holloway shapes the scientists had he puts on the military, our politics and yet by parliament. Now he shaped the side of his head. He's Method act, unease Daniel they losing the thing gets round
ok! Well, let's get after two, because we need you to inform our audience. So we were talking about. You know that the term used it is carotid, neck restraint right with police officer. I wanna make sure we get it right because I thought maybe some districts am I wrong used, vascular, neck restraint. Isn't that use. The assessment of their use, different garbage were carotid, grounded restraint basically is generally the most common for his term. Ok, and so in you and I both know but for the homage, wasn't no pattern and you ve choked people out professionally and in you. Ve been shelved, obviously time after time in the gym. How long does it take if you Julie, apply a carotid neck concern, not constraint. How long does it take for someone to go unconscious? What does an average person on probably three to five seconds maps right yeah? Opera declared we had entered racy, who said yeah, you know maybe six seconds. So it seems like it's pretty much in line and I think is what people understand and you can explain Junior
dead at all about your bodies, defence mechanism, knowing there's no oxygen going to the brain right, a basically shuts off preemptively to protect you what did the brain? The brain shuts down are put to sleep right to protection, also people understand. I think you know they see a movie where I got no Jimmy foxes, Jochen someone with a rifle and they think that you know it's like when someone gets punched in the film right. They get punched once and they never come back. I just laid down for the rest of the scene, so people That's the way it is with a joke. You chokes, went out and their dead and that's not the case, but that's what people Think when they then, here the media say Eric Gunnar was killed by a joke and that's not accurate. I mean What did reasons weren't you explain to us why? What exactly happened there from what we know is with Eric Gunnar Willoughby Europa? The officers are daring. What a big obviously a gardener. I don't know the exact weight and height, but he's a big dick do yeah and those years which I put the pudding enzyme.
And taking the costly he was was not being Weimar, he was he was just were assessed. The review is just moved. His arms and innovation no, I don't want your jails. That's. Why are you here? to put his argument get a little more physical checks, but you certainly don't attack the max first, I not like the opposite, the reins back and putting a joke, but then the survive on, and you got some people her arm wrapped around your neck, even though you hear earnestly, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, even though he probably could breathe he was opened, stricken by absolute arm round his neck, because most people you know are obviously not used to people trying to children right at the top So you know you your instantly elevate, his heart rate to a hundred semi boots. I bet or even higher each panic stricken and then you ve got guys with our knees on his back and pushes head down and everything else, so you feel like you're suffocate so given his heart
the notion of everything else: overweight, obesity compatible situation in terms- squarely at a heart attack and die and render it up with that want a cop tells you you're under arrest. You not say no rail and there's a problem in society and there's always gonna be a certain amount of people out there who now now. So I go to jail for now. But here's the thing you gotta remember You know I trained cops. I see what they go through. A mental stresses, the physical danger, litter and it hurts and in trade stories now imagine, is the thirty times that Eric Garner, whatever nobody s mansion the thirty times a character had been arrested in the past it she had with Justice, when we resisted in the past and they all have a rustling doctrine in talks and unrest in imagining
on an all about when he fought back against the tasks it he did right. Have you taken across Europe? It cops are always behind because doesn't understand that when I got it rest. Somebody that guy has to attack me first obviously be aggressive. He has four ways the threat level right than are certain steps up of threat level. Before I got a devilish force, did point but had Aragon again, he has asked kit rises. You can see his other aspect in the past from resisted, he probably would resisted this spot. Ok, I dont want another ask your life and people have, The standard bearer bad guys out there who sit there and crying. I watched the storms of prisoners in its prisons and state presence penitentiaries, who were who are clear criminals practising techniques to take cops is the council doing out. People died and go on wine, and we
urgent watch on Youtube com Jobs are out there. Of course she had taken from him get killed, but I don't have time What I what I want is for someone to energy need one Matt Lauer anybody else. Tv and say, okay now to scrap you up with a duty, holster reported training weapon on you. And you're gonna keep at eleven on your feet up when I take it from you and then out how scary that is really. If that was a real god and we can put the announced ammunition round than it would hurt a lot, would you get shot with it and you you watch grumble cry because without and training and unhappy volcanic? So its people have no idea how stressful that job is right? Well, you know, I can promise you met lower, but we could probably get you on louder with greater dot com. Do that as a video- and you can kick
about a me I'll gladly take it fund, it is actually used to chokes, but is usually himself doing it. So it's very uncomfortable gave a ham sandwich our prosperity six miles in the potter's. There's its watchword after Triangle jug himself It's like the one up the triangle choke anyone but its internet, you bring it up a lot of people, dont. Think of that new from a police angle. When I do get it, you have a certain amount of bad apples anywhere right and in the police force any time you have a role where there is a promised amount of authority that will attract some bad people, but like you said somebody or just they have no sympathy for what a difficult role it is, and then you have now who are worried about being blamed for things they didn't necessarily do they. They didn't, kill this guy with a joke. They should know grabbed his neck, but there's something I want to ask you because No, it's not allowed with a lot of police departments right carotid artery chuck, but
shouldn't be shouldn't they be trained with fat to restrain someone who is really violent, because it's a lot better than having to hit them. Take them or there are a good example would be, let's say, MIKE Brown, disregarding the idea that he had a friend right, no weapon was being reached, but if it came to a hand hand scenario, Dern, Wilson had been trained in a a blood choke a carotid artery choke and use that no might ground would still be alive. Not that not that he didn't deserve to be shot as he was assaulting an officer he absolutely dead. But I thought as someone who's practice, submission ruffling for a long time that cop should be trained in chokes properly and you could probably and a lot of altercations, little more peacefully yard. You know what I do when I do training. I do not wish for liability purposes if I,
He called the courtroom because a cop choke somebody unconscious or killed them, or whatever rightly that case it happened in New York. I do not teach law enforcement. How to show people. I teach law enforcement. Choke escapes from the most common chokes took a bill that those guys know how to get out of it. Now, in a life and death situation that they have to use something on someone to save their lives. You obviously there they were rather deal with the court case then be dead and lose Charles rebuilding go under their children out like that. But yes to your point about being properly, but people, but we live How many hours I ask people question: when there are one and the mouth about police brutality, I say how many a year or police departments given hours per year. Are they give producer of tax schemes on training? Then I asked large rat, ask your partner that, right now how many there's a year are law enforcement departments given per year for defensive tactics. Training in the budget
I'm guess I'm going go with force fund. It was the phone with his wife, so he wasn't listening. So you can tell me if I'm right or wrong fund up. Do you jack your correct your correct and am glad you damn research it's for hours on average per year there are police officers are gathered in budget, feel it's not the police office. Who are the boy, but they hold on a second people. Did I just steal your thunder by giving you the right answer? Should I have been like fifty? I'm sorry I'm glad. I'm glad am glad that you, you ve, done the research, because we all know, there's year, forty that and you know that's the thing- is it's not the police officers fault for being ill equipped and l triangle of knowledge and been being physically said a lot of times. It's the people who, like the checks for the training budget, ran at those does administration, people in the city councils and all these other people. So when we we talk about all these various dollars, above all, also released or cameras. Until these officers they haven't you really
about a bodyguard sped through the proper training right that can benefit everyone because of hundreds, if I'm a high trained police officer- and I think the situation under control using my hand at the clock people unconscious and not have oh my god. Ultimately, all a lotta people go under the framework right, Well? How dare you, Sir suggests that we should allocate funding to police officer training as opposed to free abortion on demand yeah yeah yeah, that's it, but you and I don't want to miss the point that the trend that would you know what I mean out with it steered because I'm a little older than you obviously right such Jimmy Carter? Since I can remember the Jimmy Carter, administration and Clinton's did the same thing in a bomb as this. These guys on steroids when it comes to this is the dismantling the military, but the future. Older, the hatred of law enforcement, it seems like with bright with Justice Eric holders the highest want one
the personal information and he's a pack of his own people, young, but it's the sheep, the sheep. Our question is how to shoot dogs. Keep him what's a good. Why did you bring that up and you it's funny? You look at the Obama, the the people he sent from his cabinet or his administration rather to Europe. The funerals of of Marines or or soldiers were lost in battle or what he did for the marine there who was caught in Mexico. Nobody estimates that general what your journal that was held in Afghanistan. They write our many by right, but then you look at Ferguson and are sending people left and right for a pr battle, because I really want to stir up the racial divide in this country, and I used to use dialogue who was just wrong. I genuinely believe he as disdain right now for his country and You said the military, force which are really only the legitimate branches of government when it comes down to a military police force, and they should be limited right, they should be limited to protecting us Anti
keeping us in line as far as not hurting each other and not about the role of government as far as constitutionally, and these guys don't seem had any understanding of it. I know it is incredibly frustrating and it's one thing to with my generation. They, you know the occupiers, these kind of people they get up. They say this is what democracy looks like. We are not a democracy, we are constitute the republic. You use the sheep and the Wolf analogy, because what demur? Creasy means is mob rule and if you look, founding fathers. They had a tremendous fear of democracy because they knew at some point. People would just vote in their own self interest and try and destroy the creators of the In the we have to go to break where's the best place for people to find you, MR militants, and finally, on twitter at TAT military. There, like I say, of everyone, Albert law, enforcement or military groups wanted your some great training, a good fire horse, combative that common check out there we beat the average.
He's so much pat fire horse combative, dotcom, great guy now coach to the. U S welter way champion. Conservative and a great friend of Chopin noticed lotta with credit will be that like well, your listening to louder with Crowder on way, sixteen sixty strange animal. Actually, I'm a strange animal. What Gowan was singing about little known fact, Gawain, Scottish but rose to popularity and fame in Canada. Does he know any redheads funded you you're just yet seven different shades of creepy. Oh, I know that
day with the redheads. What you wanted you unwrought on Scotland again, and so of course my mind goes to you no doctor, ruin and and Amy Bond. What's funny that they don't really look like most of Scotland? That's not representative of most of Scotland I have only seen Edinburgh in Inverness and yeah was. It was guys and plaid now in Scotland is mainly black Prince Harry kind of look, that's really what you're getting what the redhead! I know you scotch promising that whole part of Europe with the redhead, their usual. They read the guy's, that's one thing, read here always looks pretty or honour on a lady yeah. Well, you It looks pretty and a lady me, sir, we can contain, but you didn't see that one coming aware those women perfect storm sweetheart, you know we're gonna. U may, and it worked in that
That was the form that was mark. While bricks debut was Magua Albert. I wasn't I want the perfect storm. Ok, so how do you want it for me? Ok The light, I would say, hi to your mother for me, was from back to the future saying I'm your mom. For me, the ape man for me Beth that was Any Samarcand Breton Mark Wylder, but I do want to get too something pat military, our previous gas, great guess, was talking about talking about how he was mentioning how this this administration. If you look at the statistics, I can't say they want you D Fund, the military or De Fund, a police force entirely right that wouldn't be accurate, but they certainly dont want to help keep these. They can keep its branches of German up to code. They certainly haven't given these branches of government, which I believe are the legitimate branches of government. If you disagree, you can tweet me at asked. Crowded this ministration is put those on the back burner, so you ve got the pool force the military
legitimate roles of government in every society since the beginning of time. The only way you say, that's, not a legitimate form of government is, if you are an anarchist, every government need the military and a police. Unless your Canada, you had just have the United States, do it for you, but the point is Those are legitimate forms of government Birth control isn't free abortion. Isn't welfare isn't The federal department of Education is not stated: I'm into education sure they have that right, the Federal Department of Education isn't. But we have an administration right now promise everybody more free, crap right there saying the military pay, no attention behind the curtain of what we really need: a strong military face of ISIS in the face of a ran in the face of a potential global crisis.
Israel and everyone not named Israel, and that horrible cesspool of the world ignore all that focus on free abortion focus on war, on women focus on cops, protecting their lives, two black child block. I was actually a grown man who is two hundred and eighty pounds assaulting a police officer. Pay attention to this. It's kind of like when you go see Santa Claus at the mall and their jingling little toy for the kid you, the kids, about to cry you'd be about to cry. If you knew it was actually happening with this country, but the photographer saying: what does it do you it only that giggly reindeer is America right now. That's what we're seeing. We are seeing an administration trying to distract from things that actually matter and creating a government that does fit in with the poem. What it was intended to do, It's, not the governments, jogger body with three birth control. It's not! it's not the jobs government to provide you with free abortion in this cause. We are very important. Take away is now
a democracy and that I design. It is a constitutional republic because accuracy. I cannot stress this enough. Is mob rule if people are left to constantly simply vote in their own self interest. They will self destruct and then you will eventually have more acres, then makers, you will have more people who are voting, who aren't producing who want to take, and that is one a country, beyond the edge. There's one Recross is that line of no turn and what's concerning now We have more takers than we have acres. Actually running this country for it First time, don't before long credible be back next week.
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