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#310 YOUTUBE SHOOTING COVER-UP!! Thomas Sowell and Owen Benjamin Guest

2018-04-10 | 🔗
Talking all things media malpractice on the YouTube headquarters shooter, Detroit zoo poo, Japanese pregnancy forgiveness, and more. Dr Thomas Sowell stops in to talk economics and Owen Benjamin swings by to discuss his new YouTube strike and Twitter ban!

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This plant smart boys, given that top us all that I really do, agent for recently monitor this and what does not work out there. Grant, although we know how to bring the landless displays. Now we need this window, we're going to three or four miles plans up out. There
man for man, we're better neighbours or I'd, see, pursue a very late night show dance at his back to the hopping sobered Abbe, that's the sound of the weekend, the last June, the weak- and I couldn't be more grateful, unbelievable show enough. Today, Thomas Soul is on the show
look discrimination and disparities account to the changed my mind red and white wanna make one of them, and I want to have an have on one of the men I've wanted to have on the ship. That's a great start, I'm sure hang a real. You just appeared on this programme. Talk about since it before. Since I met you even one, and on the shell yeah. I've really want to happen on the show which actually leads me to a question that I, who would you most like to see, they show as far as your great minds who do you consider to be some of the most. I guess formidable. And of art, and I would certainly say Thomas Soul on there and then in the common ground, nor Mcdonald, somewhere holding out hope and then a second question have you noticed the incredibly odd coverage of the Youtube shooting which will talk about later in families in Wales? Have geez. I feel as though entire field of dandelions just decided to line up and flagellate right in
I bought about anyone else out there a provision in the invidious. It is always a jet who is not gay following twitter knock adjourn meters creditor coming at such a Photoshop cipher Foma legalization during conclusions are a good another day like ache and simplified wine dot com, Somalia, that's a thing at G, Morgan, Junior, how you, sir, would you want to get one of the day is baby? Bear baby bear well, that's actually over because own is going to be on and ass any longer allowed on twitter, but worse off my friend, so you didn't speaking the microphone or just your volume statue computer. Are you ready for the overlays, BP them ready and also closely on twitter? You tell me that you are very concerned about its think about that He's gotta go after them up at this is called followers already now than about an update area. Only one amendment in the show, by the way he was a ghetto b. I dont know if he's been completely moved from what we just we just. He was hiding us right, sympathies jokes this morning and then after that, it you just perma band gatherings permanently man could device to book. I see one pupil to hold my hoster like this book. Are you gonna throw doubtlessly haggard, while these leaders, like you know, hit the mark if it's a date of viable opera has
on the contrary, magazine scissors has actually paid by the way. Is you know next month magazine she's on the cover, our rights nah we'll get to lose our diverse for those who are or who are competent bet. You can get your free bucket of poop at an upcoming Detroit Zoo event I've got my hometown. This comes from M alive that come first thousand people. Disease sixth annual green Fesse will receive a token good for one free, five gallon bucket of Detroit Zoo poop. That's what if it proved Detroit Childish specified because some tat water was unavailable. I this is just. This is exactly what you expect from Detroit, particularly if you ve seen how they ve branded there, their local tourism camping Detroit to come for the Lee.
With a little piece of Detroit Foretaste. That's pure mission, you know it's if it cannot do anything now it s just as long as the side of those articles theme, song steamer is right behind it. Just just makes any sound good, so motion this ass, its set our rules, it's pure Michigan, watch people who live in Michigan, she'll love that people who ve, who don't have no idea? What we're talking about exactly and timber. Nobody makes money to mountain on my march, Then there maybe liner, I guess, sort of series line, but my hey. Here's another struck a woman said Anne ancestry, dot com. Dna test told her that she had a different father who happen to be her parents fertility doctor the tests show that our dna ass a sample from a doctor more than five hundred miles away at the time raw. Let was not aware,
that more than thirty six years ago, her parents had struggled to conceive there's a twist seeking more information. Monsieur LE had her older sister take the same test. Only discover DNA match with the milkman. Her younger MR matched with a mailman and unsurprisingly, her youngest brother, who wears a leather helmet, match positive, the Hubble who piece to the elevator shaft claiming he's Jesus? It's all is the crazy person who claims is Jesus and twenty eighteens always are levied on the office, because our Asia was almost done yet by the way, I'm Jesus will really like to know what happened this weekend, but that are more contact. Permission is explains why we doctors visit was accompanied by chuckling roses and ass, replied ethically using this technically late. Technically, the fertility doktor did is job. You can't take that away. All sales are final expected by the rational rationalizing. I D. Do you know where you're but he's gone from now dear charges. I dont think this was a rednecks,
I actually resign that presumption for the Arkansas standards. Let's get lighter, because this news has been so heavy. Let's watch this russian hostile drone smash into a wall and its inaugural flight role, clip There goes unifying soviet Russia, our male, we'll, be aside to behold for entire, ah good, it isn't in Russia, it's a flat rate for next day, killing convenient in unsurprising turn of events. The drone turned out demand by the only Chinese drawn power Russia, so I know someone owing to the fact that there are not pilots its remaining in her own, using we dont care, so using that's racist. Maybe a Japanese, couple apologize for ignoring their work, pregnancy timetable by conceiving quote before their turn. This comes from the telegraph japanese worker, I don't we
I don't think we want to break the name, because no she deserves her manager. That's the promptness, worry about she's been reprimanded by her boss, selfishly breaking the rules after she became pregnant? Before was her turn? The couple formally met with a director to apologize about the pregnancy in person than they actually did it before that by phone, and we have exclusive That call Why are you no no you're going to have a baby. We may go up to one you know No, No, gosh
No you all know about you know about you, you're, not gonna, kill you We might happen We often people asking us get these exclusive calls, but why don't? They speak in their native tongue itself as an English shows English it? It's it's just as vexing to us here. My way, we ourselves the same thing as retired. He said they have all the same freedoms, Japan's. Yes, they do felt let this story methodology that we'll talk, other Youtube, shooting and just some overall startling statistics that are ignored by the media. People should go unlike the John Lot Interview yesterday, but a great example is this idea that that controlling guns will reduce suicides. Japan has, I think, some of the strictest gun control the world that
suicide rate, the industrialized world everywhere? It's because I have tat babies in turn once told me that, if we were to judge could back separately as its own country is opposed to a problem that I would have number two. I haven't been able to find sources on that. If someone can send that to me at s crowded, I've, I've heard it. I cannot substantiated, but I've heard that multiple in Switzerland is well like really high. I've never heard of that. I thought it was so and computer do you know that's true they're, pretty We can't the next them. I always think about the next war. Speaking of Annexes thing said the rest of the world, it's time for Sweets Eye on India segment. Why do we single out India because of the terrible place and also because people like to act as though it's not, they go there and spiritual quests. So you know what we'd like to warn you?
This is why would someone, George Romania every time we do we're global we're globalist when it comes into according to an indian professor? Do you read this article? This is great and a doctor from what I Women who wear genes give birth to trans genders an autistic children today, Rajiv Kumar, Botany lecturer, so thing in his lame lady Catherine Cholera College set on television, a woman who dresses up like a man or woman aggression? like the man, what we the character of the child she gives birth to be these children are called transgendered, are nipple couldn't come Sarkozy, Egypt. We also later that and women who were many Scots, should call me if science very self serving porphyry Edwards because he was adamant about his opinion. We have from the same article Spina TB,
Recently he defended his remarks doubling down, saying they were based quote on science and years of experience, which, in his defence, we believe stems from the recently published a blind people controlled wranglers make retards. Search that went on pub man might are still ringing in question. Yet faded glory eyes. The jury is still out of anything. If anybody asked me what you think about India, that story right, that's exactly what I get it easy India he's on television, although they have look at our country with its neck story, say you know better than I say. Ok, you got a point because Rather Deniro says that there's no use and reaching across the aisle at all to Trump supporters. In a recent interview, he said the people I care about all those young people who demonstrated their the future. They know they say, will remember November they're the ones you fiddler. We do not the way the gun lovers in the inner. I do with all that idiocy to the point of absurdity. Yes, Edward, appoint with all of us, with its b. Where this
beyond trying to see another person's point of view. There are ways you can talk about that are at a point where the things that are happening in our country- so bad and it comes from Trump given on setting examples, blaming trump, of course, for lack lustre economy. Political divisiveness was rocking Bullwinkle Stardust, analyzed that hide and seek the family grudge match the internet. Big wedding, dirty grandpa meet the fuckers little fuckers, his entire post, two thousand six catalogue aside from civil lens playbook and alimony slashed child support to two ex wife you you're a bad president. I don't think that's a yes! It is it's! The bad president addressed people describe internets acute yeah, which is the last review raving review. Any director wants to hear also the first time and Hathaway has been associated. Anything called cute. Yeah how'd, you care about they ve got father. It's cute move.
Three you heard you make that are that's it we're going for a personality, yes, it's being which we have to move on to our diamonds at the Youtube. Shooting it's odd, isn't it that we were not talk, We can talk about it or else if it's not just the way it it was ass quickly. Ass, it came at went Keyser says I just Like a fuckin, when hurt so everything everything we know like that, like the pollen in my eyes, I don't watch proponents and you don't go a little bit fix the daily lions every that, yes to fix it, and that's that everyone knows it's the antidote to cope with. You find I entered doubts in the most surprising places like state snake that need just a different different kind of snake. Madame Harlem Coke, plant, its mother plant, its natural right, but also look it's natural and whistles. Cocaine is so those mercury, natural selection, ok, natural. I full, rather than using synthetic, just cocaine for this cowboy.
None of that and methamphetamine, I don't know, that's been pure cocoa. We know about it. Ok, monsieur A dumb thirty Adam I pronounced no credible correctly. There are spending billions that the pronunciation. I think so you needn't Mcdonald Erika great. I feel great that I go. I go to you for my information and make sure that I'm correct, I think so militiamen somebody else. I was thinking about how they screwed up for artists we really haven't gotten the tire replacing the Google home? Yes, a syllable. Our history, thirty nine years old, arrange heritage, Peter activists, vegan wounded three shot herself as we call it a happy, and so what happened she up for an by the way, frantic scientists believe damage could have been much worse had she had any be twelve in your body or if she were met. Women aren't even good masters, so here's became ass. She does
you haven't in and by the way, for everyone wondering what what happened here. There's there's there's a lot of evidence, strong evidence that this shooter had a problem with mental illness. Simply me, two years till it. Ape, the boy, maybe FBI, Habitat happy. She looks like Michael J, and in transition well, and she was like Michael Jackson, after the transition in a parallel universe, evolution the surgery was conducted with nothing more than spent up garbage parts from a salvaging artist, so that really struck me, and this is why I'm really curious what the rest of you ve noticed, is a difference. Now the media covered this verses other shooting, albeit iciness, there's no, about parkland no mention of settlements brings no one mentioned the Youtube shooting at all. It was the biggest the second biggest tech company. I guess the first biggest tech company could its Google but Youtube right behind Facebook. I think the biggest website is Google than Facebook and then Youtube. I believe, no one, two and three so big
shooting at the number three. Arguably number one dead company, no headlines, Are you going to do? Is look at the half poem Lastra MSNBC agency is here as something I love about. Having imposed. Does it look like motive, still unclear what noticed wanting it's the police off. They're even sure, mug shot their anything show her picture anytime. It's a male shooter white Male shooter. It's just Dylan, it's right up there. This is no faith in the face of domestic terrorism, yellow the robot now to show the cop could like. Let's show the white male involved in our report and as well, because every time I go to a comic book movie now, I just assume it's full of mass shooters because they they'll look like they all over now shooter to listen to me. You don't see many of this. Wasn't it needs some Ogden problems are going to be an avenger late of ultra. She dead, ordinary energy. Something else that was also really striking. I didn't notice. What are you running about this measurable? Let's see if you can spot the difference here between the actual Petra Mashable,
yeah yeah that they lightened this again and her eyes even try you die. The basic decision is one things like ok, maybe that's just a filter, maybe there's instigating thereby boy but the eye colored IDA filter. They took their Iphone wand. In put it that wasn't the whole one that was meant to remove red eyed. Now we're just gonna change the actual ten for us Three reminisced, her name is Stacy. Her name is Stacy and she transitioned to define white male terrorist, it is in all of this. I think that one of the four Lauderdale shooting at such moments. I was beside that Esteban Santiago, whose labelled white hispanic- I don't know it means why the spanish course. Part of the reason for this difference is that it didn't you, the narrative of the White Male shooter, which is what the left US media loves to claim, is the trend. This doesn't go that never clip. Why not go! I owe you now going up,
oh yeah, a business owner it's like that: dancing, We give when the internet first started, combined with a child's nightmare was allotted time. It makes me feel so much better about this show production by his way up here it does south. You said you had some genuine understand. Why in this happen in California and correct me, if I'm wrong, but strong gum, already strict gun laws there in California see also by the way, Youtube Google not not a hotbed for gun culture was, it also does even more din and because you said a woman into a virtually countries state and she still can come up with any spoke to the house. I should have Indra three people in Geneva. Yes, we're here. But she shut herself. But, yes, one for it by the nautilus night. It's always end someone else's life, but not equally set when you're gonna be one clear when you when you shoot at other people? I mean If I had the power, if I could do that, what he called up, is it s p? What's the power, you can actually control me with your minds about the general. That's tell if I were there at Youtube. That's exam
but what I would do if she were shooting people I'd go then the brags and go to lunch Thomas all, coming up after the break. One trend is that we do see that just like department shooting for fraud, we are looking for actual trends police. We're mourned beforehand, but did nothing to be done they claim that they didn't have any reason to detain her and that's that's. Obviously you can't just attain someone for no reason, no again tail. The tape yeah, but what does it take their house and bring into the quiet room with the white Jack in the arms cross. Some get an intern or something the crying out loud. The standards have become so stringent in a long time ago. You know you said the fridge was talking to you. They put you Nepal and gave you electro shock therapy. This broad upload, like it's her job and cant, do anything specific, wholly uploading.
Your revenge is a hard all the videos that is a hard balanced. So obviously people you can't you can infringing people's rights just because someone says she's crazy, listen, I don't know a whole lot about around. This could be the norm for all. We know She could be bad in a hundred for non crazy raining. I have no idea about her and operate in a job and Amy Cyrus and she seems normal. So I guess that family contrast the real truth and I will talk about this, for I was with Thomas so after this will wait. What do you think this had at what it wasn't? White male, it wasn't politics him wasn't religion. What do you think this has had in common with other mass shootings? Ninety eight percent of public nationals- in fact Countries it was committed in a gun free zone, also something else that we don't talk about Dino in another another commonality. Here it was stopped by some other guy.
Yes, Cyprus, with a gun, usually style by good person, with a gun, either a good samaritan. A police officer earn this case. Bad girl turned good girl when she shot herself because she took out the per passionately area was taken out. Did yes, that is we again and to do that. Where is the person who killed Hitler, Heaven or hell think about it, sends conflicted, he's, I know, but I should say if I want to add my visa, but I know how I feel the gun, free zone and something I was stopped by someone with a gun which might explain why this person, who was there at the shooting I let him in spite of himself what's going through your mind with I mean people dropping being shot multiple times, bullets whizzing people bleeding you're my Wall Leslie was on my mind At the same time I knew had to be smart. You gotta, be space. What you gotta be fast sceptics, ask a spark. I'd, have a gun on me, but which I did not say that the new rules
not expect that voice to come out of our cities. Like you, gotta, be fast and like you, don't look like an open, our fishermen. Will you know you gotta be smart, who we really are always come out of that body, surprised me, but he wished yet again. You know what I can understand where he's coming from. If you saw this walk into your office or neighborhood, you might feel the same way. Oh, my god, you're like a game, staking everything. Not reach from my conceal, carry police right now, and you know what else you the reason I want to stay here with you. I have a reasonably Thomas soul coming up after the break right now, all mixed up,
nervous, Photoshop guess. Maybe there's gets mad. You didn't running this logic Yeah.
Every viewer and I'm tired of you too much out there tonight all, my years of Mother Jeans and midget center than waterboarding, They but.
Not all I need is the mass clinking right, I'm so glad to have our next guest on. I had actually the rare instances they go into my office and just kind of meditate during the brake kind. So many questions I want to ask their only a handful of people. One of whom we already had onshore Saint Pierre Mathematics. We had on the show norm Donald Comedy, hopefully Sunday and then, when it comes to economists, social thinkers, philosophers, this next guy. For those who don't know he's an american economist, social theorist, guess political philosopher, currently a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute
and his latest book is discrimination and disparities, though it is one in a long catalogue of many. And one of the people I look up to most Mister Thomas. All. Thank you for being here, sir. Thank you for allowing me what listen I I always wanted to ask you this, because I've always wondered do great. No one! They are. Right now, I've taught why doesn't show in a black rednecks and white liberals was huge economic facts and fallacies from a grown up in college, where they teach Karl Marx assimilation, teach Adam Smith. Keynes high and I had to learn. Chomsky have always said I wish they'd put Thomas soul mandatory reading. Alongside of it. How does it feel to be argued? arguably the most influential certain. Probably the most influential conservative economist of our time, No, I know you have to be the humble, but has it set in I because you're that guy
Well, I never contradict the opinion of the people who say they good things about because there are so few of them. But I really don't know Georgia. It would be advisable to be objective about one fell. Why I never drive implacable well, that's a brilliant answer, and I will say this: I never have felt better about my health and seeing when I was doing research on you recently seen people insult Thomas all. I realized it doesn't matter who you are, they call them a racist and a dummy amicably said about Thomas or try to appease them. Let me ask you this in your longest. I know I wish the USA the latest book for those who are no discrimination, It is incredible and considered among your best, but with such an extensive catalogue for a lot of young people watching they who may not be super familiar with you no eighteen year olds, if you to pick one or two of your books as serve your ear, your crowning achievement. The one you recommend most is one that sticks out of it
One would recommend most. It would be basic economic, yes, because that's where most people are most lacking and so there are other books written that represent more than intellectual effort on my part, but that does not really matter criterion when you're recommending company for their benefit and now that's the book, it has in fact seldom most copies and been translated into the most foreign languages. Yeah and it was. It was fundamental for me to talk about is growing up in college. I remember I was a concern, it is by nature somewhere, where we really I really want to learn and read up on this, and someone actually gave me, I think, was actually basic economics handed it to me, and that was my start. So incredible, but for those who, in the form of yours limit. Let me ask you about this latest book on top of this discrimination disparities for people who don't know it's available pretty much everywhere, because he's Thomas or more relevant today then I think possibly my life. Time for both the right and the left animals. You seen this quite a bit sort of with the rise.
This new right contingency, the left is either an accurate or misleading. We know, and so many thanks to the economy, culture, not the least of which is how these identity politics, but now there's a contingency inject, was talking about this on the right not to mainstream right semi french. You play the same game, namely they claim that race largely determines IQ, IQ, largely determine socio economic status. Thus different races are doomed to different socio economic fates period. Yearbook posits a very different argument: doesn't it and a very convincing one? Yet the fact that the two main explanation- the disparities in the twentieth century- entered into our own one genetic and to discrimination- and the irony is that American Progressive have taken the lead, took the lead in both those cases hundred years ago, American Progressive. Partly on the side of genetic determinism. Yes, all by the end of the twentieth century, they want
opposite end of the spectrum and now all the disparities with due to discrimination and sad because they, the tennis, even electoral, the Gulf WAR, one factor explanations of back that there are so many different factors that is virtually impossible, that there could be any such thing as equal outcomes for different group. Let me give you one simple examples is ignored. Almost universally different groups have different media ages. Japanese, American, this haven't median age of fifty right. Ethnic Americans have a medium age of twenty six. Now. Why would you ever expect to see japanese American?
represented among baseball stars. Even now, are you back? Americans were hugely over represented among the leading baseball player right. Why would you expect a group with immediate aid or twenty six? They represented in professional occupations play surgeons on managerial executive positions. There quiet long years of education, that long years of experience, how may twenty six year old from any ethnic background, would qualify for this job. But the discussions go on as if aid is not a factor right. I believe it is also true. Internationally I mean there are any number of countries with a media. Aids is over forty and men in many other countries with immediate aid is under twenty there's no way usually expect them to have the same outcome when those outcome and require a great deal of one
knowledge experience on yeah absolute? Wasn't it's a great point in innovation, one of the main macro points in your book. We see the same thing and media. You know you see without I think, the main age, a Fox news. Yours is in their seventies, and so the ads are different and same thing. When we went to ever we are: it at sponsorships. We will harm people actually wash the show for an average of half an hour or more is what what? What do you mean that that determines the outrage? How long people stay with that time is a huge fact, what you often don't necessarily see discuss, could maybe expand on most of the myth that, if not for discrimination, society would have equal representation in careers, income, education and incarceration, because that's the huge sort of I guess mean tenant of of leftism. That's taught on campus, if not for discrimination. We'd all have these equal represent asian outcome. Here you put your finger on the key of funds which the whole, if, like the keystone of the hold up the whole story,
and your move that and they don't have my age- is what is one of those things, but what people desire to do matters right for all. I know I might have been born. You know with with these that enable me to become another rude often array of is a male ballet dancers. Ok, I was, it was a total waste of gene, because, where I grew up, nobody ever thought up. No, no guys ever thought about becoming male ballet. What does it matter, what their ability to work? It is a matter of whether they were with opposition or the gates of, opportunity will wide open. They weren't gonna become male ballet there, but what people want to do is huge right, and yet you look. For example, we want. Why are there no age, an american basketball players, because they d
wanna play basketball. One can say: maybe height plays a factor as well. There s, my, but but but again with with aids. You'll find japanese American as baseball stop right there at Durban, baseball thought of japanese ancestry every one of them one in Japan, they were not japanese, american right, yeah. Anyone what you look into either people or nature you, fine disparities everywhere, all over the world, all kinds of things, and yet, when you come to people's talk, the talk is about how everything would be even better drawn down another one to lay all the point that the ivy people who live up in mountains I in a continent are not the same as people who live in river valleys, but people are river valleys.
Invariably higher income is more education, their more advance, but people end up in the mountains tended like behind one study was done. The coastal people often seem to be far more prosperous than people who live in land. One study we pointed out that something like eighty percent of the world's population lived on coast in the temperate zone, but they but they produce something like, but that it without, but eight percent NOS eight percent of the land is like that. You have a twenty three percent of the world's population lives there. They produce fifty three percent of the world's output. I mean the circumstances, a matter hugely and also of acid. Almost never the same for everybody that strange thing. You know you you bring it up. I wonder if we would talk about that. The economic disparity, the causal cities are sort of that legacy wealth because, back in the day before technology you had to be on the code.
Right for mainline shipping, any kind of you want to do any international commerce and again that's one thing: you can look at it as geography or you could look at it from some kind of I'm a standpoint. You know something that was really telling to me: we're just tongue, but socialism and I'm sure, familiar with us. You just talk about geography when we talk about Denmark and in these norwegian countries, and we talk about their economic, at us. One thing it's often not mentioned is actually swedish true, they do better than the average American, but swedish Americans, danish Americans on average have a fifty five percent. Higher life life lifestyle non life expectancy? What's the word, I'm looking for here expecting no, not live. It's I'm trying to think of what sort see. What kind of so I get nervous. Life quality of life into facts and higher quality of life on average, then the Danes in Denmark,
and that something that again, with a thriving and for a loop when you bring that up in its what it's very easily easily found. Yet yet, though I and I am in a previous book, I went into the geographic differences and they're just astonishing, and sometimes it takes us one. When an odin, though this discrimination undisguised book in the first chapter, I go into the fact that the first born child does so much better than the later born children, yeah and he had to have both of heredity and the environment. It is the same as these are normally to define, and yet you find a complete over representation of of freight want children and of the only child in so many areas. One strikes out those slightly at once is the astronauts, the APOLLO astronaut, who got a man on the moon.
Twenty nine of them. Twenty two of them were either phrase born or an only child. Why is that to? Do we have any pseudo Cardoso million? We don't fully now, but I, but I make make the irony show some evidence that it is the parental input, but the because the only kind of childhood does better than the phrase born is the only trial and what he gets it. They don't yet is full of parental tension. The fight wanted an only child for a while. You have filled it. I think that's that's crucial. I also, if you look at a twins, twins average several points lower iq than people who are born singly and yet those those where we are one of the twin stillborn or dies early, then the other one has an off that, like you, not very different from those of people were born. Singly Phil per parental input is
huge, and that varies enormously from group. The group the out that it is fascinating. I've limit producers, so that I mean that you are saying is that would mean that the first few years of someone's life are incredibly formative. If that's that's always period I may live without it. We would live as an only child, obesity and I'm gonna get us equally to children of the parents. You split time once. Do you think? That's a big reason why Mr Solon formative years earlier- oh yeah than back. In fact I didn't doing a refrigerated thought of my own life at my parents lived out in all my life. I would have been six trial in the family. They died. They both died. Young. I was raised from infancy, in effect, as an only child and a family for adults, complete views differ different from what would have been the wise men also bear a great misfortune in life. My good fortune, I was going to say that, explains why such an over achiever Tom is certainly not an arrest of us look like bottom dwellers, any poor parents, Diego
That's exactly what you! Let me ask you this, but for two final questions: how much does IQ itself determine socio economic status? That's obvious a big point of contact see with different factions right now to know you read about in your book, but for people who are listening or watching why. I guess high correlation between I Q and a lot of earth, but, as I also point out the first chapter of my book, There are people who never made the iq cut off one. Forty, four, a major study at Stanford, we want to win a Nobel Prize and yet in physics, and yet none of the fifteen hundred that people who are who did Megara I'd I'd IQ cut off, none of them one a Nobel Prize and anything so it's about is not determined. I think the iq itself is a product of circumstances and that, through the phrase born the higher argued and than than his siblings right after him right. That is
asked knitting- and I know I know a lot of people in those with a lot of people- have in arguing the opposite, but this book puts forward a tremendous case. Let me ask you final question here because, like that I am sure you are well aware that gun debate going on in the country- and you waited on this before at what point? Do we say? Okay, here is a clear cut case where you no correlation to causation. Here we can look at this, F indeterminate one to me that stands out. We can talk about this quite a bit with the gun debate you no. Ninety, eight percent of public mass shootings occurring gun free zones.
Seems to me: that's pretty cutting dry, one. That's never talked about in your opinion. When does across that barrier, where okay, we can definitively say. This is the reason why they I baked overgrown control. People will know across that very because they will never discuss no firm. When will be. When did you ever see? A gun control advocate come up with a number of the show that gun control reduces murders huge. Why will of evidence out there? I think of it known fifty faith or having all kinds of different gun laws. There are all kinds of ways they could be compared the countries around the world with different gun log, different periods of history when they were different gun laws, and so you have a mountain of evidence. If you were looking for evident instead, they simply assume
from day one that if you have a gun laws, you have less murder rape and this tons of empirical evidence when he Jeff in the opposite direction right be I'd really as the empty eight. That's it it's a very important point, MR so empirical data. Just like we talk about health care and people say well, do you like, health care- and it goes by a parliament- also lets go mortality rates, let's go by weight times. This go by empirical data, and that is a world in which Thomas Olives. The book, of course, is discrimination and disparities. Disparity, Just all I'm nervous, I will admit, I'm nervous, I'm nervous here. This guy is a rock star to me, Mr Soul. I think so much for being on the show, and I look forward to anything you put out. I can't thank you enough. Thank you very much absolutely and Dublin back after this invention. There's a change just down. It's that time, the single
I've read of the weak and because you get so many new people coming and we're going to another microblog worried. Often it's been been Walter, but about we hit the notification bell if you're on Youtube watch this latter with Canada COM, slash my club, it's ninety nine dollars for the year or six, nine for students, veterans, active military and there's a three month trial. I think on real little say: oh, what is it exactly? Well, what is it? What allows us to continue doing the free content on Youtube and on Sunday night and it's what allows us to do it's getting free clips up every day is what keeps everyone employed here. The fifteen people cross the website and you too, because you debate payments nothin, but also get the daily should every day. What you see is a clip, but what you see on,
They will do that every Monday through thirty and knock a jeered show morning, grinders sure and gave him against their fill. Robertson has earmarked Levinus their roman millennial as there are a bunch of people say, get you get. You get your monies worth. If we do this, because we don't want to have our hands out with the cops ain't agency, no exit, lock up or say, hey, that's what we're gonna, give you something exactly either either the shell watching to show every day is worth it in all those other people or it's not we'd. Under the patriarch thing, we really do what to keep this provisional you'd want to watch her. You dont a lot of thirty complex market. We really appreciate the support if you want to show to keep going. That is what kind, of course get this hand acting in painting earthy mug. It is so kick that much Nl as this is the alternative from Thomas. So what an accomplishment MA, I'm really glad you spoke with him into this. Was this?
this minute booking we originally magneto, as you do that labourer we're we're just go over, had no and setting aside, let's just let's just crap the bed, yes and bring on somebody who leaves of wake of controversy. Where were you make a plug, is twitter, but I don't get you not on the twitter and I know ease suspended or something I don't know it's going on Youtube, so we had to national user, since is obviously a good friend of the Show- and we spoken this morning because he helps right for the show an occasion all this happened between this morning and now huge pianist outcome, pianist dot com, pianist outcome, special any as own own, Benjamin, what you're patriotic and Peter and Flash W dp l for? Why didn't they laughed of you? eighty out speaking of not laughing, it seems like Twitter and Youtube or not having before now. Please explain overnight they they took out Owen Benjamin and then add a back up. One called Owen bear german
I had you know on the back burner in case you took me out and they took their out too, and then they made it will also be taken, are suspended or you band suspended Currently, I believe, because everybody I saw a little widget pop up did said downtown Junior no longer files, you and then I realized that they blocked everyone who followed me and unfollow to everybody and then suspended me heart, never heard of that, since its really I think it was something that happened in an upper management because it was, I think, got me because I don't even know how they knew about Owen Benjamin. I don't get that hard to figure out. What are you doing tat for like a trail of bread, crumbs, they'll, never find me see it's pretty easy to Hansel and Gretel their own bear german anything you didn't tell them all the unbearable who follow. It did immediately so meet him at all in Belgium and in their like ha ha. No more bear dramatic like well that easy now I want so what what happened
Why were you any lost? You live streaming on Youtube, so you still have you tube, but it's just a strike. So that's good people should know that you're not banned from Youtube. Hopefully will talk about that some time off errand and see what we can do, but sometimes, if it's a community guideline, it's like no one knows other policies. But what was it both the violet, near it was about David Haug. On higher, I said I shall comment about how he hasn't he doesn't have cubes yet so we can tell grown, how'd how to rather not I can own a gun and so that just one wild seen anything like that. It was like in use in retrospect. Would you not at reply the seventeen year old with with the cubes comment, Do you think like? If you went back to a guy I may have you re actually see an Achilles heel to that? To my mind, like I view like like I do tree work for a living like I actually within this
today some around men. The talk like that were there like someone, I pubic you to tell me where I dinner here I had it has nothing to do with him being just got so like twisted, in that and I made no. Obviously you know what I mean right and then it just kept going, and I realized that kid. It's like all the flat comes from any criticism that get because when the Youtube thing happened, the shooting, I said, don't worry David hogs roared waiting over to save the day and that started a lot of white firing at me, I saw the boot Jack marks, get released and bought star coming out, and I was racing myself because I've been through this before live with the trans. Get thing or when I called out just infidel, if you Rachel racial sewers Behold, I inward I shall slurs is because he's like one eighteenth, Cherokee nation races like wrestlers wives, condoms, snow monkey and an ice back and other stuff
and they were trying to make it seem like ours raises. Don't like will he key he's a white person trying to get rid of the word mother and father of trying to make a statement about our censorship. I actually young word, even you. Obviously you guys get it no, I again, but I got shot down You know one thing I will say in at the obviously that it's that that the question is not are, these are rules, it's are they applied equally and if you go and look at people are left to I mean what are the people who put up faker nazi means of myself and professors who retweeted no punishment whatsoever. So the real question is demand we bumpy. For he S. Is the law applies equally to national, talked about that. In this case its that's, that's that's pretty cuttin dry, but it I also always talk. I dont give them a reason. I look in there for a reason to say, you're harassing this kid So how can like? Oh? I want, I wonder for party you Michael, like ok, they were looking for a reason and even though that's not what I meant is clearly twisting shouldn't just on the act. Reply
yeah, I know we're looking back, I can see some some, as I said earlier, if you hear Achilles heels, but in the primacy of so many followers do so. Then the kid gets a bunch about replies in it bothers emanate. You know, if you are nobody, he wouldn't care, or you think I'm almost like a pizza from from hunger games where the state takes Some kid you now and they make him say all this stuff, and so I just feel is a comedian. I get this say. The hyperbole in the irony in the satires did a lot of academics and politicians are allowed to say it. I've always enjoyed that right position of a mocking power, but in this situation I mean you, gotta, give it to him, forgetting a seventeen year old kid to try and take down our right to bear arms. It's it's a tricky situation and I do red, giving them ammunition against people like us, but the same time. You know it's, it's tough! It stopped to realise that when I do a tweet it's not just for the people to follow me and no, my humor. It's for the royal. These are things that we're all facing. Now, as it is a global species about.
To deal with the internet and how to deal with the fact that the whole world can now see that I mocking that he doesn't have a ball here in shit. It's this this stream to scatter of Thomas Soul like her, I was just recently appearing on the. Where is it it is not really about buying my great book, one less plug highly recommended. Thomas all. You said you, you ve read domicile my black redneck, why liberal literally changed my life yeah. It should be made into our reading, for every man, I was just saying about economic facts and fallacies, but his latest book is great and it's just as relevant legal saying for the left and sort of the fringe, all right with asshole racial. Like you, you know, I've heard this now. Some people unfortunately have taken ownership of identity. Politics on the right, but you know I was talking about this earlier. The fact that someone on so regardless of the twitter thing own Benjamin is is funny
so sometimes what inspires me is not what people say or what palpable complement them, but the insults and, like I was saying earlier, I was feeling down because we're just how the social media and we ve had this exponential growth, and so it sucks. I don't really get to go on social media and even see my fans cause. There's so much negative back and some others want to hang out with your buddies and we're all learning how to process this as human beings? We ve had this. No, we had we were able to have a circle of friends. Just like you said it's kind of hard to imagine people who hate looming looking for that to happen, but back to my original, but was Thomas all someone just said it today and it made me feel so much better by myself said, he's a tremendous kid you can't anyone more cerebral or civil, then Tom, source of energy- that I am like open from a majority is the same thing when someone says: oh Benjamin sucks he's not funny. I've had it with Nicht APOLLO, urging Norton to be in the jungle or second question myself, but
question that Owens funny or that make the parasol makes it easy problem about me, even if an array of course itself what it gives a lot of people in saying that now where they like, Oh yeah, oh you you're, a hack whose, whose doesn't do anything I'm like I bet you upset produce to our especially this year and I've had to specials Whitcomb, central and another with another company. That's five in the last four years. It's the same thing it's like. If someone said it, asked even is an ethical. It's like a joke. It's almost like the exact opposite. I bet you would. I bet you would think its ethical if you're hanging out with prouder, I think me like new budget, but you would think it's funny. If, if Benjamin helped right it for their show me yes, what does it where's? My speech will go to support you week. We wanted to fit you in today. We have a ton of time we're supposed to meet so much to really you guys, army, huge, pianist, dad comes my height, my piano, and that's where you get the specials and then a patriot,
a compromise, w detail like you can t do the minimum uploading to write you just can't live stream. I can stop. What do you do Benjamin Comedy, and that I know what the future holds me, but I love you guys. Slogan: lucky was posted and just do me a favor vertigo. We lesson be careful with Youtube. Just like just I'll do anything that I'll get that removed, because we need you on their so consult us about a hundred k this week are quite different, you later this week, Evelyn go subscribe, it own Benjamin Comedy and support them. We have to go last Sunday for this. Thank you own. Benjamin. I much love
all right all right now time to call this double secret Patriarchate meeting to order first item of business, it's imperative that women don't get down to the fact that marriage is merely glorified rape, so it's all do our best to keep it, you're, a hot shower, fantastic, I'm I don't ever do we need a you, unified set of standards on what will be determined as the most updated. Yet, of course, very oppressive, so hundreds of beauty for women that we don't even like any ideas suggestions from anyone. The Romans opened now your Jordan to shine desperately what, if we told the magazine. Companies like that made the magazine, France. That we all like robust, bosoms and hips. We plant the eye Do you attraction to healthy memories and birthing hips, even though we know light bulbs and but William
that's right away to get their got any ideas, What if we told them, we like them smoke it like, we can give him perfume Who are you man? I see what you are doing, even though we greatly prefer slimy wrote land manatees, we convince them that actually value. I gotta behaviour. Parliament We can emblem some kind of mind, control chemicals in those products while we're out of their new boss. Many give him some sort of a slogan trillion granted in their press subconscious. Something like because- that only a little more readable and less on an absolutely any other slogan, ideas about maybe something like Maybe she's born with had or more, maybe or or maybe it's maybe we need get out marathon. Get out taken out what's wrong.
Now and doktor saw doctor
I'm doing your bankrolling so hard. You forget tat. I know you know I screwed up enough. Thank you so much Doktor Solon own Benjamin. What the recent was well, you know we just what we believe in this next week. Dean of beauty. I oh dear upset you much doctor and was I plead over me doc, refer to me by my first name, lasting, because someone's gonna think about that? They don't want to be pretentious and didn't say doctrines book, just as Tom hello, perverse pretty Tommy. Maybe they are also I'm cars to Dick. I didn't know. There's no way around it. Doctor soldiers up like you, I can. Let me for that don't know look use. Mr word forgot. The doktor thought all right not any means nothing happened, sometimes I'm sure you're, not your best batting average we have had, we ve had died of busy and a rough I've had a rough to travel. Never tell you about. Illinois who drive out there, which was terror.
Dont show with court quotas, not non credible security threats. There were so have tensions were high, and then this just a Are you busy week with a lot of stuff to be taping, you and I actually upright private engagement to do on Saturday with with Dean Kane, I'm not a corporate getting along. Time, but it's actually, a good friend of mine just been go and burn. The candle at both ends should probably slow down, but am we're talking of before we move on. I realise just just just to remind you that this is the face. Sanity, even if you say why, if you re going to put out video what what are you just learn the language mid skin mail. You gonna see what are these two? What,
some key lights, I mean you know. I have no idea what just learn: learn: how to chrome a key, that's most disturbing of its the lack of quality of quality economic if the lack of quality and egoism. What I think will be the first to admit that something that we ve done. Last couples who experiment was amusing something's work, something didn't Illinois we put on a show for the students period. What change my mind is really meant to be. We got out their Norway more people than we expected. We cannot have a security done properly in situ, just a little bit tens probably do an alien chief reminded once we just sitting down and kind of conversational but we re not announce. It usually always know we never enough there. I can't whole goal is to not have an audience, but at this point we were kind of work between a rock and a hard place, because we wanted to fans to have some kind of a show that we could do. Secure turn turns out it wasn't really anyway, we want to have this spot that we anticipated so a lot of stress, but you know what a big reason for bigger than will keep experimenting with new things, and sometimes it works. I dont. We appreciate you allowing us that flexibility we ve talked about this. After S, emu was
if we probably the most, it was a most visceral sort of mama that it had no hours are while kilometre we're coming up saying how important this was and is the shouts a late night comedy show. I am not Doktor Thomas all, ok I am not an aim radios, I I do not want to be your only source of information. I want to be that we want to be the show you can. You can go to sleep with that, enjoy yourself and have a laugh and not want to put yourself in the face. We won't sleep with you. Yes, pretty much take what we want. We want to teach you and sleep with. You basically want to be that college. Professor. So in some Emil's one of them, I was talking about it Illinois and here's another one and we will keep his name in any enea. Any ibis observe specific references secret, but this is something that I think you can take something like this, and this is something we ve always talked about. You can take this kind of feedback from people and you can use it to build yourselves
You can exalt yourself or you can be humbled in ingenuously. When I read something like this, I will I will meditate on it for a long time and think Cashman. We have a responsibility. The responsibility first and foremost entertain, but a lot of people we ve talked very far too long before we did the show a lot of people felt that way, but for them this is. This is their only. You see that lot when we do these eggs beaten greasy get to meet people like that, these people, don't these are the people who these other jocks in. Popular kids, at school EU that gives the EU the misfits yeah exactly yet that's one thing to you know in the less tragic over the sure, like four dumb jocks. Actually now we can look at exactly whose watching when watching it is. It is the marginalized people, but it is the marginalized people and their terrified, and this is an example. Actually, someone from Saudi Arabia who was Let me read his letter forces a little longer to hope. You go with me on this year, again, Turner, with the overlays anything specific. So forgive me for looking detrimental penetrating his letter. I dont know it by heart.
Yes, m. You show I had planned to spend the night in Dallas ass if some one in transportation, so I brought my backpack but couldn't find a place to stay without a photo idea. Since all ice gave me was a paper parole document, that's relevant later the ice thing at root in amazed. Amaze me, when I sat here and read the full letter I managed to wash show after leaving the backpacking friends car that I met there, but he had to leave a bit early and I couldn't go into only after show with backpack and couldn't find a place to leave it english notice, first language by the way? So, don't don't don't hammer me, or him on it. Now they got that out of the way. I was an atheist. Long time since my early teens, mostly to Youtube another online sources after wanting to research and parts of Islamic, do not sit well with me at the time now everything people around and not Islam itself were the ones with the bad ideas I later found out about your show during the Gamer gate days and got into politics since and more so. During the election most divine, fake, random names on twitter that that's, how often starts
years earlier, I managed to score. He wrote years earlier time, I'm trying to trying to fix the we appreciate it, sir, the per person he knows who, who is this to give you flattened, describing correcting, as I got years earlier, administers score government scholarship and left the hellhole that Saudi Arabia. You said it not me in an early twenty, seventeen during my third year in a university in blank, they suddenly cancel my scholarship due to quote not performing well enough, which do not hold when I compared my scores to other Saudis and seem scholarship, a usual the saudi government is when they suspect someone abroad Commenting thought crime is make a random reason to call them back then deal with them inside the country to avoid any international scandal, since liked, my head, where it was kind of tourism visa to the? U S and applied for asylum. Once I got here. Due to a misunderstanding at the airport interview, I ended up spending some time in ice detention, which wasn't all that bad really.
This is where I started to amend Anyone who so important words which wasn't all that bad really can you picture any american talking about those kinds of conditions and ice detention centre which wasn't all that bad? Really I wanted it gravity said the food was very good some days even at the time. Very open minded when it came to Christianity, mostly due to your show and people led me to. I can't claiming to others only problem and attention. However, where there's all this free time and of good novels to read in the library the excuse of a library to head. The syntax was also. I got it wrong. I apologize, ended up reading the Bible lot and talking to some christian detainees and later went to Bible studies. Often a few months later I got paroled from Iceland. To having a plausible reason for asylum and no criminal record in any country I've been to since then going to church. Whenever I could. My sponsor gave me a trailer to stay at and I'm managing fine, I'm just waiting to get a work permit these days, which is taking a lot longer than expected, but I still want to do this right, so I'm trying
to hold on and avoid getting any illegal jobs. Until then, I am sure that true freedom will be worth it in the end. Thank you again all the hard work that you do, what I knowed it must be very hard and your and sometimes but please remember- the Show- means a lot to many of us out there who may not be able to speak up and have a voice of their own. The fact that its entertaining helps to warm regards the exotic fan. Anyone on the specifies name Now I read that, and I reinvigorating Go Yad has been hard and many of us have done. We ve been bitten by five hours night sleep for a couple weeks. Now but now probably nowhere near as hard as being an ice detention centre and probably know or nears heart is facing facing the magnitude of being called back to a saudi government that wants your head on a platter who, by the way their progressive because a lot of female politicians sister,
DR now, nowhere near as difficult as that, nowhere near as difficult as living in a trailer awaiting, hopefully, a work visa and still trying to do the right thing. That's why, when it has isn't all that bad really- and he goes on its Not so it's not false. Humility is not himself, that's not that bad! You can tell this is a guy filled with gratitude, It's a weary tat. When I read this, I can't feel any other way other than grateful yeah. We have some pretty tough transmitter. Is that a lot of people come in to work on the show and they left us using a work of art, the door they walk in and say no, they don't want this workload. It's it's not just talk it into microphone. Anyone here works really hard, not so much of a so important we employ so many people are takes a lot to make to show happen hard. It is difficult, but it is nowhere near as harrowing as the prospect of life this man was was facing. I can and can you imagine image at all can undermine Saudi Arabia for any reason, but certainly not with the trees and me down.
And you know what we never set out with we're. Listen now get your nerve. Both most people here in this room are Christians to one degree or another, is pretty well known, but we never set out to try and convert people there enough christian someone of churches and go to for that, but the does need to be and we realized we serve as somewhat of a bridge between the pastor and the sermon in any Schumacher hamster vagina barnyard animal, the giant right, There's got to be some kind of a bridge, and we're somewhere in between is what I would say. The impact that had with this with a show and in and we ve got a lot of flag in the last couple of weeks, because you become target number one when you grow as quick you haven't again, that's because of a formidable team because of people like there's this guy came. Ours cannot only came across cross the ocean to United States, but he came hours from his trailer to make it to the ESA. Mew show any missed the after party, but because the cops ushered is happening and we ve had a lot of a lot of problems with campus police
being is accommodating, as as we like them to be generally known as a seller. I'm going with this. All I'm saying is it's: it's been a weird for weeks, where we never really thought of ourselves as a kind of people who would keep someone an ice detention centre alive or someone with PTSD, who would say, I feel less along watch, your show and it's something that really echoes out a lot and things may go get off my chest months from now. Looking back some some some personal issues have been happening. Some health issues that have been too but how do I look at when I read an email like this and not just to this Ex Ante family went out there listening is I mean I I know you don't owe your life to anyone, but I really do feel that way. A lot of the time. I really do feel that Oh it to you not only to continue doing the show to the best of our abilities, but We thought about whether we really want to fight twitter. We be willing to fight Do we really want to have real rich? There was a big decision like pill, ritual retainer, retainers, not cheap in us, and you law grad. We signal on we ve got it
we gotta, because someone out someone out there has to do it. Just like that. The change my mind. So what is it meant to be a debate by the way but We have people on the show. We invite everyone on to debate its, not because I'm a debater I've. Never. I never claimed world I'm a late night house, it's just because no one also step up to the plate. Aside from a handful Someone has got to do it, I'm not doing a lot of this because I'm the best, that's not why any of us are doing. We do it because of letters like these. We do it because it some point: when you have a bunch of people looking to you saying: hey, can you you get one over on them for me, yet you ve gotta say yes real! is, I don't say two selfless endeavour, of course is not. We all make a living doing this, but it is something that I still can't begin to. Apprehend and for which I am eternally grateful, and I want you to keep me accountable. I What? U everyone in this room? If you say you know what I think you really screwed up here, and I think this is right for you, I think maybe you're you're gettin on the wrong direction? We want you to hold our feet to the fire,
We want the all reason for creating this is for you. This is one thing to that's a new concept here, people what you hear this. I just make my art for me, though you ve gotta, make art that's authentic, and this is this: is art comedies? Aren't you ve gotta make art authentic. You can't lie people smell on you from a mile away, but you can create art solely for yourself. The main purpose of what we create here is not for us. Main purpose of it is, is for you, and even more so after Essen, you and Illinois and letters like these were overwhelmed with the response. I'm still continuing to process it I know this isn't anything particularly articulate, usually open for some inspiring closing words. Here's your did. I can tell you I didn't have to feel ever since I was a kid with ESA Mew. Now that's ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of going into a theatre in, I would see richer. Jenny was one of those grown up and a member him in Montreal in a feeder with the saint any feeder, and I thank them. It was eighteen hundred going without thousand that was a dream of mine
Today, everyone has your dreams, everyone has dreams out. There's some are bigger, some are smaller. A dream of mine is a kid was when I was watching, which are genuine sounding that there's a man out that one day. So to go it s m you and have a cedar fill the twenty five hundred theatre. Filled with people cheering and there for what we do for what we create its. If anyone else out There- and I guess I can't it's kind of isolating cause so much- you won't talk, people talk reaching for dreams, autonomous, really talk about achieving them. It may not sound like a big dream, but it was for me as a kids when you're picture in a thousand times in your head for tat. I know how I feel something else and I suppose recently a doctor funny enough blast. When I was ass? If I hadn't morbid thoughts, as we often ask it right and of course is why people are afraid to answer honestly for tongue a gun control. Someone is ever had a morbid thought through different thoughts. Have said what you know it honestly. I've pictured my death a thousand times here, Pendragon.
What you mean, I explained to you the same way that as a kid I probably pictured a theatre like us, and there was a saint anything. I pictured it a thousand times man. I've told you about this to visualize Asian going through what is a crowd? Look like what does the airfield like? What are the lights like picture, the sounds picture. The touch picture that that the site try and put yourself there's, not a foreign situation to you on big on the power of visualize Asian, not dynamo. Meditation, your tantric yoga, just visualizing, something before you do it. The same thing has happened because lesson we have a credible threat but very serious, very credible threats and when you go out, the kind of security tool that we have to have, and you know that there is a possibility,
some point. Your life. I told this man, I said yeah you're, not pictured a thousand times I've pictured walking on inside picture the audience cheering at pictured the bullet going through Flash a picture of breaking bone. What it would feel like. I figured two streams that picture the lights to the sounds that the emergency and I'll tell you this. This is true and I pictured it because of the same reason, I've walked myself through jokes bombing through audiences being terrible. I walked myself through this week always try to picture getting back up. I always try to picture how it would deal with it and you never do until you're, really you really come into it, but it's not because I want to, but I said I always walk myself through that scenario and every scenario that I can possibly imagine I get back in that region is wouldn't I wouldn't. If they want people there who care that's a huge complaint. We talk about mental health. We want to put it on a pill, huge component,
people. We should ensure that you do. They have no structural, have no family, no communal structure that I've anyone who cares about them, and so what we got three weeks that are really try when we go through weeks here times that are incredibly difficult. Some of us have seen family issues some us. That's that's, really tough break. Some of us are deaths and the thing we're going to let you know what keeps people going is is having people who care- and I know there are tons of people out There- Turning to utter a letter like this, that can keep someone go on for a long time, so it actually problem means more to me than to you, Mr X, saudi atheists. Slash mom, and I hope you don't mind me reading your letter on air Doktor, Thomas all Thank you. So much on Benjamin China will see next week.
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