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#317 'TOXIC MASCULINITY' DEBUNKED! Dennis Prager and Gavin McInnes Guest

2018-04-20 | 🔗
Talking all things David Hogg’s upcoming book, Amy Schumer’s new movie, cat rapist, Spiderman pedophiles, Time’s 100 list, and more. We’ll also be debunking the idea of “toxic masculinity” and ruining Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Dennis Prager and Gavin McInnes stop by for the usual shenanigans.

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Ok People like on Facebook Timeline, And your instagram snapshot. You him in real life like on tv, not funny people Jimmy Camera, Samantha Bay. Real funny,
No they're, not their point. Often do you see them everywhere. Tell anyone how I care about the tape.
Floating public death becomes very economical, a crappy food aid is resolutely they act as credit brass ring which, by the way, presuming envious view has always his beard was lucky foam to knock a journey to square the circle.
Such a first ups are familiar obligations during questions. Are we get rid? We Dennis Prager on the show today, one of my favorites, his new book exodus, the rational, liable, highly highly recommended by most yet we haven't back for full, our second on it, because his publicist screwed up it only got it to me today. Then one of our favorite scabbard Mc Ginnis is on and of course, what's the one of the day. Mr Somalia g Morgan Junior Little shut enough to pop little what shut How about that hey? Whose overlays friend computer you ready me. I'm already be peep, simplify Rwanda oh they're, like area after area and dream it please get is almost getting quick, including those who enough so we're gonna have done. Is pregnant man s we're going to have again Mcguinness and then a big topic we're going to get into today may element. This is the question of the what's your opinion on the idea of toxic masculinity actually think its potentially the most damaging
Concept being taught by left us in schools today and are going to do that later, what your opinion have you really thought this? This sort of colloquial is no toxic masculinity. I mentioned here snarling rage before we get into that, they introduce it matter, David Haug just announced a book deal tend outcomes, siblings, David and Lauren Hog are working on the name. TAT. Never again, a new generation draws align Random House announced the book will come out June. Fifth, the hogs returning the proceeds to charity in community organisation, so it's rumoured actually to be a hundred. Fifty pages of M D, mainly taken seriously followed by a hundred fifty pages and claim that you gave us we with them because there's kid and you can't bully them with the Ford written bikes. Boy don't ever saw it. Never again, I thought it said. Are those hashtags is altogether you never again and like all that this tends to reason never again. Never again, I concede territory, don't get it,
thereby school bus. Another story that really caught her eye- California, woman, just pseudo lollipop company- because she claims didn't- realize errors, sugar and lollipops She claimed young earth knowingly engaging deceptive marketing tactics by neglecting the list sugar instead using the moral pick term, evaporated King juice, which just assume. I dont know how you dont make that connection, but she's she's, going after them legally and the lollipop company in question actually release their official legal response, etc, etc. Lollipops contain it's all their black and white, clear ass crystal you, eight dollars, Perhaps the lollipop have sugar. You know they ve always contain sugar. Therefore, you got I believe you rat bed, so you'll get nothing you lose. God gave
Gerald shocked because he heard the uncensored version right now that did not get here as well well up this programme, but everything is out there there, vitamin c lollipops a poor bitch. Don't you took the system see what I can advise. The it's not possible your hand can, when you make a mistake, but in reality they all causing- and I want to blame someone else, but this is also embarrassing for me shouldn't I didn't No candy had sugar beyond that list. It should stop. You can use your head. You know what I'm gonna. Do. I'm gonna come out. Looking wars, don't hit, sent my handling a document to live up to eighteen, you can give us things with the bank gangway people. There's pens. Give us Smarties told me the cat is another story that people will be happy to have happy and of how we, the cat, walked twelve miles to get home to its family,
mediately asked the sheltered, a youth, and I am now come from box by Colonel walk five hundred. Miles. Any debt was dead. Is the best story. Yes, No, I will not let you so Toby's family decided they no longer wanted and the article goes on to say so. They gave him to another famine. But tell me miss them, walk twelve miles back when I got there. The family wanted him euthanize. Luckily, the shelter contact, if way, county abandoned, who took him in and help them find a new family, not what seemed like a happy ending if you miss the subtext. The context matters that this was the infamous rapist cat Yazzi, because it with you, on tax matters is actually was going in. We only found out yet a good skate. We actually found out after the new adoptive children were reportedly tweeting out the me out to movement.
It is actually set me up movement minutes and you can tell me how to, but I was in me out ponds all day mountains. Are they all that give that cat nigh licences? It's like MR freeze with doesn't storm communism, everybody to think Arnold is limited, but must also keep letters. A joker is living in his own personal help that method acting freeze so was. I was in the earth. We note the hashtag me too, and it was nobody by this accordingly alone and on what you are doing all we will be there- and I am not talking about by the captain Gout and maybe they probably wrong grant quality, but I only at getting me a walk on bearing diet. I really driving their own alone. Did you say tell me the cat got you,
walk on role on the Big bang theory. I know your anti Roma so much there. I need you, listen to me very carefully if, we can go and call in real life ass. She was on the show becoming imagine she'd be really cool, yeah she's. blood is on your hands ass. If you see a few allow, this Bert, into how good Lord and deepest pause often got come off I can go all day with the ice. Unsealed hope not the main. Take away just kill all cats. Yes, thank you. I staggered control now spot of Satan Hashtag. Now too, I'm sorry, that's how we started. What did you expect and I'm sorry for this? next story. Emmy humours,
slightly anticipate a new movie and ratings are coming in and fortunately, for she's only receive thirty five tomatoes and the dollar? So that's it have you heard of and they re format of the rating system. What happened and how a ninety by April, Amy whereas the other we friend of civilized you just these keep arousal Jennifer Lopez can feel good about our movies. Vs exact like now see the cell doesn't look so bad right. Now it still bad Sarah Milosevic hardly any day. She knows who she is. It moves Mccarthy's funny and then you can tell me humor Amy sure, look a train wreck wretches believable enough, for they played the hot single girl who doesn't want to settle down, and now she plays the facts that you know at some point you made the conscious decision. Ok, I was acute young. It comic now and that are trying to compete. Eminent triangle tit for tat was most Mccarthy and the treaties. Muslim These are funnier Africa, Asia, her stick, you stick adjust I'm fat and ugly and disgusting, but also kind of
right, like twenty eighteen sort away. I wasn't gonna high right about hardly present its time. High time span for this time. It's time for this week's eye on India, why do we put an India sucks. So Minister was ridiculed for saying that Ancient India invented the internet company. When we see the club dead, who is the chief minister of the North eastern state of corporate bureau? Not only claim that the internet, but satellite technology was created, such an example from the ancient into epic mob out how to write that one of the characters in the Epic Sanjay that's never gets and had been given had been able to global Bible account of a battle that was taking it anyway. The point is that he was basically claiming that India invented both the internet technology, which was met with scepticism. If you can imagine what historians scientists using corroborating historical documents as well.
Lenny updating, ultimately to come to the conclusion that it's unlikely, the invention of the internet predates today's indian practice of still proving in the streets. They said, that's what it's a tough south. It be like their man on the moon black, we can put a written in black and satellite but worse in the streets net, but I'll go invented the internet for the Indian Y know what went out with our theories more believe, or you know you jumped the shark society they loved his malignity. Of course it should be that MR death is a member of the Hindu Nationalist, be J P government seek. This is what happens when you combine nationalism with a nation that sucks s. I haven't even any awards because we can keep he's going to look for New Delhi a dying seven hundred year old Bamiyan tree has been put on a trip. Yes, I see
listing on the audio courting a news agency, one of the branches infected by termites so determined to save the tree. They put up drips what's to kill off the insects. Their defence tree, did have cholera, which explains why it to have been pooping in the streets. That's that call up are made. My my having as its seven hundred old tree. This was stuck in India for this inherited. I bet give me the metal unlucky die. Let it go. It's not a guy like it's every how it happened, what those holes at the bottom the trees were for now. I know what that's others, yet that's how they check the age in India. They just stay check how many blown o rings. There are all for people who you're the genre of tree dating methods. That's funny.
Are you guys that that has been letter? You been our eye on India? We don't need the outright. We don't need the outright really want to do it, because now we move to it were international, throwing it and a toxic masculinity Dennis Prager. If you ever comes back in the shop german feeder, did you really do you read the story of a german feeders now offering free seats to spectators willing to wear swastikas? What makes a claim- the theatre in Constance is offering free admission spectators Linda, where our main, with a nazi swastika spectators who choose to pay, will be asked to wear a star of David as a sign of solidarity with the victims of the nationalist Socialist Nazis, which obviously put german juice at this theatre in an awkward position, because obviously, the swastika, on union free, but like first to take advantage this pro
already camps outside this theatre like a star wars. From your no surprise, I think we have a we have. A picture is still there. You expected behind, but angular pod, but send computer. Look all in the name of a hot peep I believe that all live the people in the name of a hot hot, still Bates Furthest spends that trip to the hair? I did I gotta, who has not been forgotten, accompanied by the window. Basic everyone knows proof. Swastikas, all the red shoes risk has run aground up something unique. I hate by the waves according to having imposed, or Deniro, gave Donald Trump, another savage, nickname, that's the actual headline, though Caille by so doing that America was being run by a madman who wouldn't recognise the truth if it came in sight, a bucket of his beloved colonel centres fried Chicken, he D
the Trump our low life in chief quote. I guess it doesn't take much to make, guy laugh anymore. I why didn't is higher writers union whenever this, this rich We can only wonder right for a show because they are absolutely petrified at the notion of being associated with this either with the basic, as I think rubbed into. He thinks you're smarter trump on this one hears relays he's just publicity playing the he's playing along lied, What did here over here? Will you are a low life in chief, Are you not life? In chief, my friend, about setting up a mom, I know where some people should just not have a platform to speak about. These things makes them look stupid. While you has applied But you know we can also just ignore these retorted
not only has much to say about that, but in a rapid and knew it sad to see how the mighty have fallen started with rocking Bullwinkle another fame, Nashville Window Washer. We talked about this for those who aren't Michael members in the daily show, while back the famous national window watcher, who brought joy to many by dressing, fighter manually, wash windows, children's awful. What turns out he's a child pornography with sends two hundred and five years, yeah dressing up a spider man, don't really looking back considering what he handed in with his regiment
we should have seen this coming now Neil Diamond diamond on the payroll. That's really need stuff, the costumes with hospital kids, a kid, producer yeah, not back down by the way I for our coordinator, how better show or does it I was so sing on Tuesday, jeered sucked I sucked awful so
Let me state Macedonia on it off, but, and I still want to know what this is. I picked up Sars to Toronto Airport or something off, but an old uncover, perhaps the best of Us Air, navigation, satellite Robert near Lava Theatre now take an dude, you weren't they, I call on you all to take the antibiotics and expertly others go that goes with it. They go to it right away, you don't take analysing needed and if you do it, you take, it was with a robot I now turn to be. I will say this about the spider man window washing pedophile I dont under guided and earn it put the guy put in his work, so it's never earned its that's about the guy put in working on this, You will get a panel van, you dress up a spider man and a children's hospital I mean outside the windows list is the guy is obviously a per Virgil.
But opening whereat went back to but good good. I don't find for not good for him, but if you don't see, work, ethic, respects and respect the hashtag blessed What a tightrope there? My friend, your wife, you gotta, try going to try and Milo me use departed pedophilia, not at all under saying they're, probably are easier ways for somebody to be upheld, How can we say about half of least resistance listen. I want to talk about this. We ve been talking about this for a while, but we as women really done a segment specifically on this. We are planning on doing it in Illinois, yet because in college gave us a bit late, you someone to talk about the pervasive myth taught at school across the country known as toxic masculinity This is the term n N, N N Y ironically determine the philosophy itself I think is toxic.
To both men and women alike. I think it's one of the most damaging things taught in school so proposes that use the term toxic masculine. Are you guys I've heard this too is rapid? They believe our so called drily constructed norms for male behaviour that our innately evil so dominance, aggression, competitiveness, strength, etc. All these things, and the reason that this has been at the forefront, because after school shootings, for example, does that they always come out in droves. In toxic masculinity is a part of the dialogue, women are better, unfortunately, aware, murderers, society, toxic masculinity is really crushing men in these countries. The right is chiefly responsible for keeping toxic masculinity in our national discourse. They epitomize that toxic masculine, the and the fewer literate men are waiting for the crimes, ITALY for the murder. If there is a problem with men where women are doing so well and that's what's causing the toxic masculinity, they're not happy about it, and that's why the murders have gone up since two thousand and eleven and strictly men are not as good
and we are actually better forget, We are better like forming sent, since our finnish them better at what specifically, please give me a list of things that you think you're better living still bring your biology and it s so they suggest a solution is to change our culture so that boys are more feminine. This is what you see everywhere right now. It is. It is true, by the way, if they give concede some territorial men do commitment I look round on us, but this is ripe guilder what an idea, sorry about that gun to my first thisbite as a groan adult man three weeks ago guilty building. We can talk about it for no legal discrepancy. Integration as it is It's not it's not created all by culture which undercuts organs. We emphasise this society by what we condemn: criminal activity, we'd, honey, shit, severely with prison and even the death penalty, some cultures discouraged, like any more than others, but across the board, men do commit more violence. Ok, now here's the thing the difference is large.
We biological and will come back to that along with a symphony of hormones that men haven't drugs compared to the female counterparts. Tamil hormone of course, testosterone. There there's more there's different variables like lunacy, hormone growth, hormone, which we have in higher much higher ratios and women. But let's, let's start with testosterone its links to higher rates of violence, aggression, risk taking and competitive. So first off. Let's start with this they're using a biological argument to condemn men are right and marmalades and to begin with, so how do we know it's biology, specifically? Those airlines that are causing us not to go to because we were testosterone actually has the same effect on women. Women can more violent crimes who have higher testosterone levels, of course. Listen. If you don't believe that chart, there's always the eyeball test,
it wasn t a unilateral. These contain provisions for the lesson learned by the way. I know he cheated. You are guilty, and many more and by what has happened, is also linked to aggressive behaviour in increasing animal. So, let's be clear. Testosterone is like that, but to sanction isn't just evil right to sort. This is a phenomenal promised toxic masculinity. It doesn't automatically result in violent criminals. It's actually so she was a wide range of symptoms as you call them or traits, but they can be positive negative, depending on how their harnessed so risk taking aggression. These are good in some circumstances. Look at Winston Churchill society needs some strong brave men protect to protect the weak, for example, that one when innocent women are better, she went in. New, a building likely guarded by armed men, competitiveness can drive economic growth. We see why capitalists hating progressive dislike these traits. So much by a recent study found the groups with higher to staffing levels were the most successful, completing col.
If tasks so even working with other people. This idea that it only helps individual at their just aggressive, actually just ass. Your own helps teamwork. Now here's something else, but I find interesting. Nobody secession of course trigger aggressive competitive behaviour in the face of a threat, but in the absence of a threat, its directly associated with pro social traits like protective, Miss and generosity in this parliament that support high testosterone, generosity very surprising I want it was decided to include buying drinks at the bar is wrong and I dont know it surprised me. I am the most generous person. You know, then guess at that point really you're, just being fleeced. People nowadays he's a toolbar hell by you, five apple tv stations off the Hebrew granted by the way. I again we have to concede some ground here. Of course, sometimes men have gotten it wrong. When you look back, for example, on some Hollywood classics, I mean like seven rights for seven brothers up I'll, give you this one.
About them, sobbing women who lived in the roman day. Sadly, all whence we men, while a man was on the gray where one troop was right and by and saw them in their eyes only to allow right. That's what I say. I am here today to get me people go back home empty handed you all pretty impression. Young people might solve its active, angry and annoyed, but neighbourly, namely that when around airports, why we could look at one that,
one for you, feminist garden, where we actually have some archive never before seen, footage. Rectory already passed like blessed at the end of the segment before dentist Bragger? It gets worse case warning, so here's the problem, though, with a progressive left, It relates to toxic S going to the very existence of the growing L. Djibouti, you IP acronym, the re protests against racial profiling or the non existent wage gap. All of this is predicated on the idea that generations are bad here. We see the most corrosive generalizations coming from today's progressive left as with black lives matter. They see all black people as a monolith. We talked about this if had Blake S, arms at the white privilege you have is not actually being expected to think one way. All black people should share the same social economic, political have opinions, because melanin the safer and women's March and the pussy had economic trade. All women support socialism. They support killing babies because vagina now they want to put the biological g. Me back in the bottle with toxic masculinity through false social engineering. It's not culture. It is biology.
Your blaming men for their biology. Can you see the problems that might result from is finally being okay with biological generalizations in the aforementioned hiccups is hate speech when it's not talks him at, for example, I dont think all biofuels should think Saint I would never presume that they do, but biologically there's a reason. Every single sprinting record is held by a black person re fast ere. You look at the top ten so that its twenty, maybe to find a great guy in there somewhere, because it is ready, for example, I wouldn't we assume that all women are economically left, nor Not all women are pro abortion nor pro life, but biologically only women can get pregnant transfer back. When we talk about tell a toxic femininity, here's a truth, men acts the way they do in the way that they always have acted because of their biology. That's an accurate biological generalization with less does is try to close their disdain for men by saying that it social to society
Contra, because they don't they are acting as the worst bigots out of all of us of masculinity, really is biological earliest, even a portion of it, as we proven to think about how terrible that term, toxic masculinity is think what what? What have we had passed a black toxic run out in real and in rightfully self, but I don't bring this up to fist pump the men's rights. Ruminant train push them false idea of machismo, but again to point out that the thick victim and outrage culture creates real victims. You know we men screw up all the time. We understand that you take something a small group of a subset of A group and you start to label the entire group on that. Does everybody who, like me in your not these toxic masculinity, kind of people we get pissed off because you're picking on us every single time. You're bluffing us in with everybody else or even worse and worse, work drone adult. Arguably that's debatable easily
the race carbon, but about a matter that we did this circle of draws, no urea, certain private. I told you don't invite me for the one night's on your Gerald wines imagine about not just us, we get pissed off of it being a twelve twelve year old boy today and your entire life even burden with the guilt of toxic masculinity, even told him everything your hard work do is bad and toxic gets violent, but the Good NEWS is, you just need a chain? it has indeed become more like a woman. Do you think there's a lot of reasons. They have such a problem with this, because there are so many parallels between masculinity in conservatism, femininity. Realism, even the rugged individualism, yeah collective. Yet the feelings, verses tat. Maybe that's a good point. We can't we can. We just encourage all the wonderful, beautiful christian woman out there to be great christian woman, and can we just have the guy
that are doing it the right way in holding open doors and sacrificing their lives to say women and children on boats are going down. Can't we just encourage that and the very has been demanded by the way. I don't know what to do with revolving door. Treat me. Let me know how do you hold that open because ears it through the thing, but that there are millions tens of millions of voters have grown up hearing just that using. Let me ask you: do you think that that boy? more likely to grow up as a strong man, immoral leader, head of household or less likely do think, is more likely to love women and to treat them respectfully compassionately or to develop animosity toward them for accusing them of being a toxic cretin. Do you think he's more like it to become a compassionate husband, a loving father. You think he'll run away from married with his hair on fire. I've been set because, if we're going to scream, please think of the children and if you're professors in their complicit media brethren are going.
Despite this nonsense, they need to know the serious generational consequences that this lie can create. So there's one factor we ve talked about this that determines the typical likelihood of a child, making this work, the finishing school, to going to college, to avoiding present to domestic abuse, to drug use, to team pregnancy, to school violence, and that's that is singularly. Does a child have a debt and his daddy still on the picture. So what do you think is going to create more and by the way? All of us here are man enough to admit: one were wrong. That's the seven rights for seven brothers, directors, cut out I'll admit in retrospect a little tone deaf take a look Dennis Programme for this, gee, I don't think I've ever gonna find a man or a woman o one like the Roman about salmon. Women are saving on whatever their call it'll Romans they wanna thing conflict urine, they're out there. Score. No territories and resources are scarce, but today They saw a woman Zapata and what the Romans do. They were on down there, snatch them up and carried them off, and if you can't do
a bunch of old Romans, William, rather than by the Romans, were those ones I'll- send up north of here- no I'm talking about the olden times a robot and spend computer book look I'm drunk about history. This really happen. Oh you about them! Sob and women who live in the Roman D. It seems that they all once women, while their men were all great roman troop, was rotten by and saw them in their little more back home right, at least that's what Luton said: what are they socks? a little bit: Raby Rabies? no! We are the rest of us all
and the women were sob and sob and sob and written to beat every muscle, robins, rob and from that right is wrong, seems they cried and kissed and kissed and all over the room countryside. So don't get that when you take a ride, sob and unfit to be time for on the rioters, I'd know definitely Raby. Now, I'm I'm whirling possibilities. I mean is that these women do not even willing participants yeah, you sure thing very original version
the biggest workshop and sob and sob and screaming conquers worth Robin Roberts, Robin Rachel, random screamin screamin, ran. While I servers myself when she talks to the sheen better be made worse,. Always but even here arrival credible next guest, usually here's the thing. First guess
We have known for a long from interview because we can get it done in the other. Fifty minutes that we would typical you on a Thursday afternoon. However, I just got his book and full disclosure I just received this morning. I was not able to read it. I'm looking for to its rational, but I've already these they read twice already twice it'll for the folks. The rational bible. You can purchase it on Amazon. Of course he is the radio host author of this book and creator of Prager University Dennis Prager how're. You, sir. When I'm with the oil, actually I'm pretty good old time, but I am even better. You and that's not a joke. I really am a big fan. Will thank you, sir. I appreciate we always having to show, as promised, will have you on for a foot a full. Our show once have been the dive into this book, but I want to start with the idea that the concept of Parliament s book is really didn't seems like a very nice crocodiles, no one's gonzalvo cover and e books. He spared expense. It really is an enormous new times best seller list. What what? What is it? What is it behind I've, never really been able to understand it. I know that
there have been issued with Jordan Petersen. I see people are top on Amazon like yourself right now with this book, and it never cracks in your comfortable explained this to a simpleton like me. Mister Perker, there is no worse, nation. That's why I my column on Tuesday next, more view, town hall and other places which the New York Times responded to yesterday with a whole series of tweets, which is very uncommon yeah they. I I believe that I I opened up a scam yeah, because this is the great unspoken universally, virtually universally known thing? The New York Times best seller list is not a best seller list
What what is we don't know what we don't know. We really know now and I'm not joking, your ear, the elder, the almighty when you're you're, smart, I'm giving you the you dont know either. Why me why audience I? I think it is easier to find out the ingredients of Coca COLA. To know how the New York Times derives its best sellers, it's not based on vessel, I show- and I I I dont care really the book will do rate, whether or not it's on the Times bacillus, but its number two on the street journal. Bestseller number two. On our publishers. Weekly wishes, the Bible of the publishing industry bet they're bacillus. One according to Ingram, which sells the books to eighty five percent of the stores right, so that the people who distributed saves number one and it's not even fifteen, on the New York Times.
Always show there has been a long time suspicion that that politics, If you are conservative and especially a religious book, the chances that doesn't mean there were no conservative books on right. My last book was on, but I for one week and now was it but That there is a general realisation, it's it's not for real, it sort of like the hard copy you talk about No one really knows what it means. No one knows how to work. It, no one knows how to play by the rules and it could be changing without us. Knowing I've never been Jordan Petersen Doktor during period has been on here's. The thing ok, so I mentioned Peter said: yes, I said Peterson. Is the number one best selling book on number to raise the number one and he's not even on their list, so they responded because we owe me put on books that are printed or public
by american publishing houses must but first of all, which is preserved source, not a bestseller right, let's be honest, number two its published by Random House, Canada, but random houses, look at me Harry. I'm surprised, they even published in Canada, though the hate speech, laws and other facets, and all a variable, I am I'm sure, do hockney, busily yeah of ours, David Hog just got also Rachel you can. You can actually go anti that'll, be a number one New York Times, but, like David he's, got a book a book greenhouse, yet with random house. How much did they pay em too much Dennis too much less comes down to partner more than their dialogue and well
as someone? That's? Actually, it's completely in offshore Jupiter someone who's, obviously, a deeply moral man and you talk about right and wrong in an actual talk about at the end of the show that the happiness hour, I've been thinking about that quite a bit. Lately, it's not it's an hour. He d specifically to show just devoted to happiness in your moral obligation to be happy. So as a moral person is someone who deals with philosophy more what's year, view on a David Hog. Is it owing to absolutely dissecting. Destroy his ideas, because he's under age obviously plays both cards. Treat me like an adult, treat me seriously and then says: I'm a child, don't bother me: What do you believe is the morally correct approach. The little morally correct approach is is to respond to how he be and how he speaks. I don't mock people. And whatever their age. So I Use that sort of thing, but you are
highly right. They set the left sends kids out then, when you attack what they say, you're a bully for attacking a kid. I had this than the Democrats. At their convention, when Dick Cheney was still vice presidents or talking but twelve years ago, right out whenever it is AL of ten years ago, and they had a girl get up, I think she was like fourteen all she did was mock mock the vice president, which I would never have. I would never allow my child to mark a Democrat, my father allowed it and look how it turned out. So you problematic decision well that now that is a good challenge to well. I I market regardless I got island. I like the way you turned out anyway, show she's just cramping the vice president of the United States and I found that offensive. I don't want
fourteen year old, cropping on the prisoner vice president, whatever party right, it's that at that's not their business, and I would all you ve delude with all its programme. Conservatives they pick on fourteen year old girls. That's it that's what they do right, yeah Why do I got an because Jonathan Chrome was a conservative young guy at Sea Pack, I was on a Fox news, so I made a joke. I said something very effective. I have skimmings older than this kid. I just don't know that he should be keynote speaker and I, some flak on some blogs and conservatives gave me crap and then I had to introduce him. I had to introduce him. Five hill. Then it and Senator Rick's and tore me in the green room and once you found out, I was a fox. These concern
These are also our young. Unlike panels, I'm sitting on, please just don't run a search of what I have said. It was just a harmless joke and then I got a droll because it you know what I'm uncomfortable using children as as political ponds, because someone like this a Jonathan Kroner at the time. Fourteen year old conservative activists was really population. I think that there is a strong Chantal become a pot smoke, hippy at Berkeley, and you know what I was right about everything except he went to Colombia and he ended up writing for so kid. The hats just a guy at the advocate propping up kids, I felt like I felt, like Clint Eastwood ingrained terrain. Oh just going down like a crucifix, riddled with bullets for that kid, because, like this, kid absently hasn't come in spring, the valleys. What's going on with your Youtube case, Mr Prager, the Prager you filed suit with Youtube and I've just heard some bad news, but I want you noticed
it well right now. Work were appealing because the judge remember this is the ninth circuit. I don't know what you know about the nine circuit. Excuse me, but it's too It's a little to the right of Lenin and idle John Lennon, I mean Vladimir Lenin and s they ruled this was the interesting thing, so she rolled against us, but without prejudice, meaning we can appeal if we presented different argument. Ok, but what is interesting and to me this is a partial victory. She said- and I have said this before she ever rendered her verdict. I said it will be a victory for Privy university and for the country more important for the country.
Judge merely announces. The truth is Google, the Youtube is not neutral is in fact put politically motivated right, ideologically driven shoring up. She said the notion that Youtube is- is neutral. Ah, I'm a conduit for all views. These her words. Is mere poverty. While this law, we'll terminology that I'm not. This is puckery, don't know about it, but it means what real language rapture. It is legal terminology- It is just its hyperbole of an advertise right, absent, okay, so fine, so that a great yeah but that's a big deal that is now officially noted. It isn't true. They are politically driven. Well, I don't wanna, I don't let the cat out of the bag, but I'm sure you guys have some tricks up your sleeve, because I know some Prager, you people were there at the u to meeting and they went to great lengths to ensure that that was not the case that you too was a neutral platform. So that's
the issue, the issue wasn't bacon ban, whoever they want. The issue is, if you're being dishonest about. So that's right landing people, that's correct, that's exactly! we're doing a simple twitter right. Now we talk about the S m. You show our half asian dollar bill. Richmond has filed a petition for information from Twitter because of the ban in the south by southwest these policies. We don't understand, we don't know why there was the ban and out we dont if they have an office still in Texas, so that will determine how we move forward, because in California. I think they're required to actually release those documents. So to me, it's a victory if Twitter says All you want is information regarding your account and people call you a NEO nazi and photo shopping. Swastikas on you, we're not going to reveal those documents are information if they refuse to that's already a victory to me, because we just that it's not about monetary damnedest. It's about information here! It's about getting answers, but we do want monetary is of no interest to us too.
To get money from them. We we simply want them to uphold what they stand for. So what's an except for you with with Youtube it's our. Our legal team is PETE Wilson's legal thing. They came up with the idea peoples as former governors, editor of California, he's he's up a big support, our Prager you a big fan of my show and ends kindly he came out and said you guys got got assume. This is disgusting, so they have been handling all of this and they are argument with they're going to present other arguments and re submitted to the year through the court. Well, good luck with that unites funding. We taught at a turning point for us. I was trying to work within the rules and in get videos monetize on Youtube and find out what we are and restricted mode. A turning point for us was when they demand sized and manually reviewed it into this- is not advertiser friendly. It was our long form interview on human nature,
if human beings are naturally good or evil? That was the video no profanity, it wasn't even political, and they said this is not suitable for advertisers ass. If it's gotta be a blacklist and breakers on it, that vat is fascinating, that that was the subject that that is one of the great dividing lines between the right and the left. I wonder if its past, why, by the way, that's why I love the Bible. People believe in that Bible. People who believe in them understand that people are not basically good right of the left and secular world have a romantic view of human nature that has caused much more damage, because when you know we're flawed, you know you have to work on your character every day
you have to work on your children's character every day, rather for basically good. All you need is love right. Exactly you make yourself if you know that people think idolatry is only a golden calf Golden Catheter talk of exodus, but I today's is David Hog, it's making yours of the God of your own universe. Seeing yourself as perfect, if it's a damaging saying on the greatest hockey player who's ever lived, I don't need to fix it or waking up every day saying you know what there are things to improve. That's the belief if you the human beings, are naturally I don't the evil, but not necessarily intrinsically good. Let me ask you this. Could I know it's exodus guy slavery and freedom will talk about this when you come back, but just to tease it. I would and you probably have some answers in here for people say well, you jump,
God who encourage slavery if you read, but God who killed tons of people right. Imagine you address this. That's why it's called a rational Bible, the best statement about this work. This is my life's work of its volume, one while ice work. The best description was it gives intelligent, people permission to believe. That's fantastic way to put an end, while Gerald had to go he's actually apologist. He does. He does some teaching at that churches across this state and Really that's one of those issues that I think for a long time, atheists had the coroner intellectual ism and that slowly, but Looking down as they ve created this Holy alliance with the progressive left for people are saying you know what, for the first time and listen to someone like Dennis Prager for the first time, I'm willing to listen to some of the Jordan Pearson, because these atheist, irrespective gone so far around the
and maybe there is a rational way to approach the Bible and at worst mistake for people to find it. Senor Amazon is the easiest, obviously, but their local bookstore, even Cassio in most places, has cost skull. So I tell you, I am very proud to say who else has had a Bible commentary Cassio Jesus, Ok, welcoming the new testament I'm gonna make that he has accepted, have sixty to win screens that right, and it was really Jews who do it when it was it was your game of telephone from Jones is obviously something to backtrack. Man. I'm really you're bordering this. The rational Bible from Dennis Prager, of course, Prager. You please support them. Let us pray or thank you so much for being here, and we will have you back here the next couple weeks to do a full our once I've read this, I haven't read it yet. I apologise that decided to me
months. There will be back with me just now: a lot of wood cutters shocked, Ranger Pay, these Ladys Radio, the bill put a bill, been filled, the port wine or legal water with broader range or been fee bagging, an angel with doing things like yard work are tending the garden they re like you, a fuller dead eggs.
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during the break our producer was was well known. Our producers are next guess. Producer was yelling, and they re back and forth, but can we get that? Can we get the wide shot or the tight shot light enough? The wives gonna work so just sent me in a great mood Greater com collected conversational aerial do, of course you know this gets even my favorite guess, one of our most regular guess him in him a letter that do Shapiro there. There tat number one. Number two, depending on the weak? His show is get off my long on the Sierra TV. You can follow him on Twitter, is he still there have been underscore Mckinnis Gavin? How are you, sir? I'm wonderful, yet twenty much that every time I checked twitter, It certainly got here. Oh it's still works. I now think it's it's a pleasant surprise. At this point I have no expectations can like when I want to go, see ready player one. I had zero expectations only. It was an unpleasant surprise. It was worse than zero expectations, yeah speaking low expectations. You have before you, I believe, the time
one hundred times most one hundred influential people. I bungled that, but I know you you ve been beside yourself over this. The bigotry of LOS low expectations flourishes on this list. It really is amazing. They ve got to get the categories. Are artists, entertainers icons and leaders I don't know why artisan entertainers are different. I don't know why I conjure leaders are different and the criteria that the chosen for this start. How is a mile couldn't Johnny the guy from Silicon Valley. How is here on the top one hundred most influential list? Well, currently, let me explain the priorities old, visible minority for diversity. Then woman and then are the influence so at all, and that number three, how United followed this and also say that there is a bias for trainees, who are what they call the barely possible in the community because it If it's a passable, they wouldn't be a visible minority. So let's go be someone who you're like while their sprout and that's it
make a list. What what is it? What you mean, I think it means say I was just say: everyone you gotta, go vague and everyone vague and vague and vague, and how many people would vague and I think actors assume they have a lot of influence because they have seventeen million followers, but that's just cause people, like looking at you, are they like when you're James Bond or something it doesn't mean we're going to you for our education policy, so they're, not influential yeah, well, you're, a good point, that's it with but this before, if you look at a late night house on the main networks and cable television, and if you look at their interact free online for the size of the audience that you would think they have. Eighty Unbelievably remote, is moderate its. It continues to surprise me like, for example, when you can comedy central comedy central, the show Jordan Clippers unusual, we're just talking about how terrible it is as after the daily show
mean our numbers, which is what is known. Ass, occur starting with the daily shell. Yes, your seat, you're, starting with the daily show. So, yes, I can only echo your we're. Take John Stewart have that could be cut in half, and then you have this guy Jordan Clapper He is seventy thousand twitter followers and note, but more importantly, no one interaction and with so much money do you think, that's a disconnect where they just think they ve been condition. I think what we spent this much money and advertise so we have this much influence and doesn't work anymore, yeah that that's the huge mistake with his entire listen Trevor? No, it is on the list by the way I every it seems like there's just like a third black woman, but there'll entered minors or under achieving writers who put out a book or a poem or something and then every time they cut too
white guy, which is very rare and begrudgingly. You have someone like Coal June who trained children's t cells to fight cancer, gas, or you got this guy John Way. Pan who used quantum communication to dig Claire Quantum States. If I don't understand something with photon right, though there was general clearly lie at the heart of the point: zero one top people in the world and then he's with the main check. The first when you get to is some chick, whose what's your name me. I've got to hear she's a movie with seven a heart For me, I did read everything I haven't heard wrote the right up for yeah exact is bright. Well, you know. So it's kind of like me the person is but the atom rotor forward. Maybe that's how you maybe that's how you make the list. I, though I will say I saw huge Akron on that list. Is it? Is it just because he's gay
what it does not know. You had attractive you're, not exactly dog, on your first off, when I saw the cover people and I thought well, the show tunes only hosted the Oscars any wasn't. He wasn't just doing show too. Very Ethel Merman you now there is businesslike show that only gets you Jack he's wearing. Let s get. There is even the cover people magazine full on like slim doll make up, and then the rumours that, of course he was blatant homosexual and they did. His wife who, having I hated but homely Harrison. Don't you know rated sexy man in America and I'm gonna like come on old at feared by the way like operas, husband is sustenance, so rare. What we in the Congo and he's not her husband. She never married him. Ok, whatever they are Today's liver lie like that for what US sub zero fridge and real spaghetti,
I don't understand why you wanna be a whore. Does some homosexual and not have your own life. Well, I'm pretty sure did asthmatic he's he's getting free, Oprah, favorite things goody bags, so that awesome pockets the fate of many van and those bags, but somehow she does it. Ok. So so what do we have on this list the Times one hundred most info? this Algiers my favorite Prince Harry, thank God for prints. Hasn't been amazing this year. During all that he does. I do feel bad from their going bald in the public eye. Like that's, really tough, to do ass. You know it is rather was the one sorry prince area of eloquence area like if Donald Trump, pretty what's your guy right could start world war? Three, that's that's an influence, and then Prince here. I don't know he went to a ribbon cutting ceremony and ate some cookies and then his girlfriend well she's, Prince Harry's girlfriend that matters she touched some starve.
Lily the opium get on part of them on their. We need her and the mix sedate cod will like yet city kind. Just intruder they are influence in that city ruined London and just intrude always ruining Canada? That's it. Together this list, and not you not. How do we now have a footnote footnote like city can by the way, did become a national embarrassment by proposing knife control, and you know it was provided by people simply stating towards kitchen lives, and now you know his careers over. How does not even mention did not see the embarrassment from allow these people. I'm right up, like the elephant in the room, is always one and I'm sure women ran this thing. And there I know the time its women, I think it's gay man in New York. I think it's it's gay algae beating you, a IP men in New York, wanna, make themselves feel your neck of the woods. It cannot go on yeah what what's, in its opinion, the words over their time. What will what's in the water? You write the maggots.
Industry in New York is predominantly gay, but it's also heavily women and they have the exact same case. They both love Trevor Noah. For no reason there are negative. Right. I don't already women who, like Trevor no, I dont know I don't know they have to be over forty. They have trumps EPA. Guy he's on the list and it's written by the press. Is a p, a woman who was pushed out and she hates the Scots and thinks he's gonna ruin the countries that she gets to do a right up. I mean these people are so blindly partisan that it's just weak, flimsy propaganda yeah, let's Billy Bobby Browns- and I noticed, is familiar. Brown fidgeting choose the least interesting part I'm also number eleven and Levin Little kid in stranger things Cairns analysed at that one of our main god I won t remotely like is on this list? Even they even got the guy who is underneath Mugabe, while all the white foam,
we're being assassinated down there and then he's there, because he said you know what let's give the farms back You want to give the farmers back now that everyone starving to death. How influential of you honourable mentioned Coney on that list, You know it's like you tell a flimsy propaganda. We actually had this initial met and we cut it because you're going notably, must front page CNN today, front page scene and outcome. It said that there is an article two Donald Trump announces. He he will seek reelection I scroll through what for five years. Russia- and this is a front page news right- you would probably think they want. This is big nuth. We thought this is big, maybe let's corroborated anywhere else nowhere. They took a statement from before he'd ever become president that he said he might seek reelection if his first term well and then commentary from Republicans who may or may not back- and this was front page news- is There are enshrined trying anymore, which to me is historical: ok, can we start to get bigoted here now? This is
ought to be gaze and women in the media. There's gotta be something going on here. This must be the the the dad, the patriarchs abdicating, the throne, to this new generation of people who don't really care. What's in the news they just like the look of it, and this has got the new flash this list on the website, you can't school around it's a nightmare to go back and forth with, but it does look nice and it is pretty black people and exhaust looking women from all over the world. Nothing to do with substance. Each article is up grab long by the way yeah. Well, that's that's how you another influential. They were so as well We could only fit another, but that being said with Donald, who should probably be number one, whether you like it or not, only a paragraph. I should just say, president of the United States. Only TED crews wrote that for here. Making demands after it uses dad of assassinating JFK think really had a really did causes wife, ugly, don't forget, now
all right. We do have to go I do I reckon people go and check out. This has, of course, your show which is get off my lawn. How can people signed up for that wonderful programme? They go to work to be done And if you sign up you become a member of a thing I'm doing called the mug group. Yes, where it's a thing I invented and you're part of this group and you will get a mug like this and you can get oh it's fun concept where we all feel like were part of a community part of a group and we all of the same exactly what it sounds like a lot of lawn Mcgovern lets you that lets. Let's see that wonderful, I based on an area spared no experiment staples with a screen print, but not this one hears is hand at so I'm I'm, I'm pretty proud of it. So you know it's got out this crouched down. Evan Mcguinness, Anthea tv. I am show Mckinnis with your volume, I don't know why I was even prepared, for this is another show no of changing and
Ok, you know we have died out a ball with your excellent words that making a significant wrap up. This wish. Why are you tonight Lotto rather shocked that guy Prato, Ranger pain, because freedom of Republic is right. Which way?
routing dance. Thank you could Dennis Prager into again Mcguinness you're what I just because I'm still I'm still sick. I break out a bribe pitched by those now and because, with my nostrils stuck for butter about time, because rhythmic us, like a hundred miles,
wasn't on so which violate for informal apologia. Tuesday was the worst shown ever done, and that's why I want to turn what is less segment as well. I just felt better because you deserve better and I was I was sick and we can we do to change my mind into it. You can hear people like it hurts my voice to your efforts. Death's door literally said, I had no thoughts. I think it will be one thing I have my vibrating, you know we don't really get to take days off with with this show in the same way that most people do you really get to take a sick day, but you know what that was right there. That was excuse and you shouldn't give it to me. It was a crappy show and it was. Fault and you deserve better than you, and I was actually thinking about this. I felt bad my seventy all night, because this was given to me not to get sentimental. This kind of what this lesson was so given me by guide us at me. I'm sorry man. If I forgot your name if its David, if its Chris, the basic White Guy, named it's a Navy cross, Memory came about more than he set out what I say. I can't take this really really want you to have this, and I said I I can't.
It was. It was like almost like, like an old jewish people, I can't I get paid across take and I really felt genuinely bad taking it because I thought well. You know I'm two years from now he's propaganda hate our ship. That's a natural We do not really new, really really help me get through a hard time, and when I was serving, I appreciate you give us your name across Anna I'm kind of shame to say I didn't really know a ton about a Navy cross, but I guess it's the second highest sort of medal of honor that you can get for now of heroism. So when I see that- and I go, you know and have a scientist infection, I lost my voice. I dont know what this guy did: earnest cross but a guarantee. It was worse than that guarantee was worse in Poland, a few sixteen our shifts in a row with four hours. Sleep could probably do that while is being waterborne and having someone saw his hands with machetes. So, thank you, sir. Please send an email through the lot of color website, so I can catch your name. I I. I really would love to talk with you and I M going to hang it somewhere. Where you can, we should put the Question
I'm not, but I've had enough, but there's a lot seem superior put an excellent hook. The liquor I've had it next on a class, I don't know. I want to put at some point in the floor because of the images sell, your meant a lot and any you guys deserve the better we can possibly delivered. I know we have a fraction of a fraction of the budget of Seth Myers salary and we do the best we can- but TAT is theirs. There's no excuse for not short, not not not being at the top of arguing. In one thing I can. I want to talk about what we were there. We are all in a bad mood because we were sick we ve been over worked. I've had a lot of like maybe some penalties by custom, personal pressures and go on the last couple of weeks, but some something I will say no and think not Dennis Prager his happiness, our latin here he has his philosophy. It your moral obligation. Happy and actually had someone who was a doctor say well, you know no one else through you're not responsible for each other's happiness. Talking about spouses liked! I just I completely disagree. I believe you are largely responsible for espouses happiness. Through being happy yourself. A me. No one's gonna be happier if you're missing,
call husband overtime. If your miserable wife, all the time, it doesn't mean that What else is a miserable bastard? You take it on yourself, but it is your job to try and set a town in the house, and it is your job to transmit a tone with the people. You meet it lizards, it is our job even after we ve done. You know to our show whether it s m you. Their its Illinois, whether its Ino aunt em, we're going beyond the fall, a whole tour and even setting up for nine It is your job to set a tone even when you're doing the after party. The meeting greet me have no voice to make sure that your happy to be there, because I thought about it. How would you and most of you feel is we have a lot of your burdens that you think about four that they did not want to do is show due to I was I I just you know. I was basically hunkered down like bubble boy until the show threw off the covers and came in. I was just so so sick, but I thought you know what what if I didn't have it. How would I feel five years down the line if I squandered this, and I just I just didn't, appreciated and that
You can really I mean that's a tale of of Ebenezer your Scrooge. Really that's a tale of people, the lost redemption that they never got to give it that way. Whatever burn it. Isn't your life that you don't want to? Do it's probably something pretty consequential, and I want you to think for a little just for a short time, and how would you feel if you didn't, have it often its relationship with? How would you feel if you know that relationship sometimes the job? Would you rather not have that job? Sometimes friend a lot of times it there's that old that older, I don't know what you call that old of its full Taylor whatever does as Canada a fable where people are problems into a hat. They mix it up and they could pick any problem out of that happened. Everyone pick thrown problem back by data without another, continue to point newer, mentioning that this may call it. I feel it got from teaching me listening and you can be sure that if you want but
yes, well, they have fair maharajah underline so coca. Listen, I've been learning lately category. That is. Is this idea that being okay with with troubles in life- and we then we know from from John Sixteen that it'll just you will have troubles its promised to guarantee? I think we go through this life, sometimes with this idea, though, if you just work harder to get a place where we're gonna be caught up. Something we're gonna get caught up in everything having to be smooth an area with a ship is going to be just harmonious and every every facet. I think, like think about a cat like owning a car. I think we think about it that when we have a flat tire like that's, a big failure of owner car ownership is like that's, not a failure. Kurdish impetuous part of owning Are you something you do it's more frequent part of only a car concerning the Sea club parking lots? This is true if you spend ass a tool. But think about marriage or anyone else. You know you know when you have hard times a set of failure merits have a hard time. No, it's it's one piece they merged hard death about you. That zone
embracing the rough patches and mingle K without friction in life is, I think, is something it's important to do. Too could point, I think Winston Churchill said their success is moving from one, for is the ability to move from one failure to another, and we talk about that a lot less than you. You talk about. You know, Jesus, that's one thing: I've ever had a pastor, someone saying the opposite. A love is fear. Is that fears young enhancing and you nothing Jesus was afraid when it was literally praying that yet again to stand as a parable if we're gonna be triggered, take it has just at a table, but him saying take this cup for me right before he knew he was about to be crucified kind of a rough waiting up far as I can there's stick in the glass catheter down, you're beholds passionate, but they doing in one of asian countries do not know which one german woodchips up you're sums crucifixion it's right up their prey rough needed? If there's any other way, please come, and I won't do this and guess what there was no other way. That's the story of crime. There is no other way, and so then he made a decision and said: ok, I'm going
That option is really more apathy apathy we Eddie, I feel like be a better. I didn't know using its hate, maybe hate it makes it, but it's something that people from around because they want to sounds more like I took humanity's one or one. Do the opposite of love is fear, shut up, I'm afraid, I'm afraid of sharks. I don't hate sharks, I watch shark weak, but you don't wanna be eaten by one. But now that's that's a good point that you target with Mary: it's not a failure. The failure is this is to stop, and I think this is They have he's kind of an old prayers. One thing and meditation is another. I talk of a high couldn't do these guided meditations because you are so frickin lazy. My doctor said: do this guided meditation were economy, for someone is telling you to relax they go. Sure jar relax you're in IRAN and I've done that before axes and as an athlete guided stretching out. Ok flexor him strings release its. I know, there's something to it, but really bottom you got the guide. Imitations out is the worst process. One woman said you're walking up to a staircase. It's a peaceful sticking
it could be made of wood or some other material. Never wear anything at that point, these rather the dimensions for the synagogue in the old testament, come on you're, giving me no specificity but Mary. Asian. Isn't my meditations conference about the clearing your had or focusing on one thing and Dennis sounds like a moral obligation to be happy and something this helped me absolutely. I think, forever. If we just take this attitude, listen first off choose to be grateful. Now, not just choose gratitude choose to be grateful. Gratitude and emotion what a times people separates unless an involuntary emotion, I can't control yeah, you can't you absolutely can control it. Just like this guy who was grateful enough for our show. To give me his Navy cross now to me that silly I should I should be earning something to the ECB. And giving it to him, but I will cherish out of respect for him. Thank you, sir, but that is him,
choosing to be grateful him saying the crap hit the fan, and I was grateful to have your show. You can choose gratitude at any point. You choose to be grateful for things that you have the number to ease. These are the three things that have been a huge turn around for me. I used to do it get away from it, because some things were bother me so socialism just about to change my mind stuff, it doesnt work. If you don't the book, and I don't want my book- sometimes choose to be grateful than or to choose to be happy- and I don't mean be positive, get us some pills. Why can't be bothered? choose to be happy. That means in the face of negativity, you choose to be happy regardless, who choose to be happy and the number three choose to be excellent and the bill and TED's sense choose to be grateful, choose to be happy and choose to be excellent, because you know what that will actually lead to more one into I've talked about this so many times so many people here have never redlined it their whole life at whether to lifting the.
We are seeing again running as fast as you can and measuring getting your heart beating as fast as you can taking the most difficult intellectual test. Driving a car is best you can find. Being something that you're good at animal lining it as hard as you can. Everyone needs to do that at some point in their life. I think, if only to do it actually frequently in their life, because you dont know the measure remain until you do that, but fine, what find a thing in which you are excellent and choose to be excellent if its Qatar of its basketball, if science choose to be excellent, guess what you can do a lot to be grateful for because if you know, if you let you know that you're living in your purpose and you're using a gift- and I don't mean in some abstract You can't away, I mean fine, practically what you are good at doing and be excellent at it, oh you're doing it, and when you, when you run into those hurdles, that we were talking
knock it. You just made a brilliant point about that. Don't see it as a failure. That is an opportunity for you to be grateful for the fact that you are even attempting and live in a country where you have the ability to attempt to be excellent and be happy choose to be happy. You are pursuing excellence in something, but if you move that third, one, that we have a lot of people out there who are purposeless and that's what people seeping with ideas like toxic masculinity because competitors competitiveness, DR aggression, these are not bad things. These are good things when a hornets. If you are going forward this, we can be forgiven an affront meditate on this
we'll tell you it is because I haven't read a book. No one told me, but this is a human right down some gratitude to write it down in your office. Is something of a doctor told me nothing. Ok, didn't really help prevent a bible, verse but meditating on shoes to be grateful list. What you're grateful for count your blessing choose to be happy and before you walk out that room and that session choose to be excellent in the opportunities you ve been given. Try them! Let me oh, how works out. Could change your life. It's helped mine, sometimes something still a big scene
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