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#33 DL Hughley Debates Race, Abby Johnson Talks Planned Parenthood

2015-07-24 | 🔗
DL Hughley stops by to discuss his latest controversy and ends up debating racial issues with Steven Crowder. Also, former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson stops by to tell us exactly why she left.

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And now it's time for your dealing advice minute with pill. Cause weeks will ever come from this Friday. Exactly sure he's a real lack of luxury spice was silent, gibe asylum about lack Brad. Despite why, from the lovely eyes waves rob to Vegas
arrive, buys back. Life is about gold rule from gold rules playground here both to private Phoebe ass. He caught a buyer marks, sometimes like a bug Our little yep you gotta, give us flour from drugs. Will you got right because drugs from the flavour of the travel ban,
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You found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, at our team I dont, like all want to bother still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body body hate. My we are definitely going to get your listening. Talk, radios, strangest animal you're, getting louder with router, so glad to be with you again this week
as we go into the weekend, I am your host Stephen crowded. Follow me ass, proud of the most insubordinate producer in all of radio at funded Damn good morning. Bad morning. Now that you just spoken, knowing well, it is a great morning. I started off by making a party coffee at home last night, so that could have my first up before where I left the house then I listen to Mark Robson and Bruno Mars in the car up loud with the windows down uptown funk as DR, and into get myself some energy and then I sat in a room by the back door for a few minutes to really get the show perhaps go on and I was rockin fantastic now silence. So I may get through the news tat with the news: well, listen, ok, Whenever we we agreed, there was a tragedy. One time I came over, what shooting it wasn't we said were net. We got really upset
down or we said, were never going to do that again, even in the face of tragedy, we will always keep it happy. We will always keep it fun. So, of course we have to address Lafayette. Listen you! If your listing this on podcast your other stations, this is being recorded the morning as everything is breaking and at that real tragedy, prayers and thoughts go out to the families affected right, funded, that certainly I've got up pay attention that I've only focused on the local news. So Yemen The story, I know well. First We also will deal here. We are later in the hour. So I'm sure you can imagine how that debate goes Then we have people now have Abbe Johnson from planned parenthood coming in former director to talk about why she left plant parenthood. So she was actually there of quarters a scandal going on this week
where they ve been selling our baby parts, harvesting and selling baby parts and caught on camera horrible human beings who, if we were in the wild West, we would have just left them behind the wagon and not let them know when we packed up and left at dawn problem is, I would put the wagon over them. While those wooden wheels, I mean summaries Plan parenthood, broad that mean they're, just that are like calcified. They look like Groot, Sir, a moment without wagon wheels, it would just break it apart. So we have that coming up Lafayette Fund. It doesn't can you believe this fund, it works and news in his nose ass. You did but I've been focusing on Michigan and local news, since I got here this morning making sure they had all the time the body and Arbour, Detroit Lancing and so forth. I've not had my ear to the radio, just my eyes to the printer scream and you're. Caboose too can so we'll get better luck. I add two people were
killed when a lone gunman opened fire last night in a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana on nine other people that hear something about movie theater shooting. I thought they were referring to the old one cuz. The guy had Bara Yak that guy was recently convicted, so I heard something on the overhead speaker. I can't believe there's been another one yeah. Well fact stupid is no, To go through life, so I wouldn't even drunk you. Ve earned a perpetual The state of drunkenness its Its second hand? Drunkenness? It just comes for when you add those the bases of the sidetrack rose you dont know, funding is, is not a small man, I'm not making any big jokes, but yes, zero tolerance that what was it to beers- and I was really stupid at the table and use wanted to play with Dick triggers guns in dickhead
I can only for rigour, jogger, sorry, sorry did CUP key, a gun showed trigger talk and in my in Maya phone I have dick trigger his name is America. That's just a member you're gonna get through Let Lafayette so nice people injured. Listen, this the tragedy. It's terrible! I really wish they wouldn't have to address it. As these things are breaking. I really wish that we wouldn't, but the fact is the left as already politicizing it and then has been- I've talked about this for a while funded knows this have talked about this with guest for a long time will not wait for a long time and then also with the Supreme Court decision on on same sex marriage. I said it only takes one case before the Supreme Court, it all takes one administration who uses some kind of a societal tragedy, the pivot, to turn into a gun, control issue and we talk, what does this week. New York Times suggested ways for the gun to listen you're, not going outright ban. Your guns, you're going
Do something else. The New York Times suggested that the government use its buying power to basically by up guns. A guy said before or you could, arbitrary laws, for example like New York, you can't have a magazine- that's over eight. Well, that's pretty much rendered any modern, semi automatic weapon and you can't have a soda more than what one thousand six hundred and ten ounces right, but you can have. An abortion at twenty weeks and not have to look at an ultra sound evil. Whores evil whores who work at plan parenthood. Can I say that we can say that the only problems gonna happen as if someone complains evil whores at plan parenthood, hey plan? Hey are you the lady who wants to harvest and sell environment? Yes, you're an evil whore, but you're not allowed to hell a soda you're right, you're, not Amazon, you're evil evil horse. What for Hail he'll hear slots poor when parenthood you are sluts in horse who sell baby parts send your emails. Do at s crowd her
and I got that outlets go back to laugh. Here's the deal there glutton chick, who were going to get better are going to have to this are going to try and committed to gun control. Here's one thing is someone who has gone through a conceal, carry class, ok, again, feeders gun free zones, well your ears, the problem. The law is very murky with that and entertain then you know like in Michigan team in value in the ceding capacity is over twenty five hundred. You can't, a firearm there. Now, what we don't know is does that relate to the total capacity of the movie or Michigan is just one cedar or the capacity of all. You know eighteen, screens multiplex, we don't really know there hasn't been a case from state to state its rich we difficult to figure that out, but the general rule is that movie cedars are gun, free zones or very least they're seen as gun free zones bye, bye attackers, because they know that people I'll you this if I dont know the law, if I'm not,
quite sure whether I can carry there are probably not carry it. Almost life is an imminent danger of my life is in danger. Even if I didn't have the legal right to I would carry, and I would just anyone, our he's just break the law yep, it's a liability. If you're out there. If you're on carers list, if you're Salman Rushdie or marks time and you're out there- and you know, people are trying to kill your family fanny me- and let me hear your gun jack yourself, that is your God given right to self preservation. So let's look at some of these myths year about gun control and as a former movie theater manager, we're not gonna frisk. You that's true enough
you're you're going into sea pixels. We ve got a friend you to make sure you're, not pack and a gun. I'm surprised you mentioned Pisca pixels, usually hate Adam Sandler yeah, but I just I heard the commercial fort as I and my kid wants to see, even though its rated, he d, thirteen sign, I'm tempted to bear down and go ok. I'm gonna watch a movie with Adam Sandler because it does look like it's me a vague large cast, it's not gonna, be folk. In constantly on him. Yet While they do not sambo cast got Kevin Jameson not that midget from my old Peter Dingle jeez brilliant. I love that guy you're doing You ever see the station agent that first film analogue him in and it was wonderful. I saw him an ef I Simon, for was it for weddings in a funeral. What's that won the remit of the English one? Oh I'm having a heaven a brain lapse right now, but yeah. I know it when you talk about the EU is great. Now he was left in the play like the guy.
Brother or something, and then I was a game affronted, let you know just can't get and want to get into these guns tat funded. And then we can talk about that. More. Such data have we have it up a lot with credit, a comedy written this peace several times, but we ve got a top five The list of Gun Miss one is free zones? Keep people say it's not true. Now be two percent of public shooting, since two thousand nine have occurred in gun free zones, it's actually easy stout defined nine, the two percent of public shootings have occurred in gun, for since there are also not largely committed by assault rifles. Now percent of murders involving a firearm, are committed by hand guns a lot of those just why gun revolvers with only six six rounds in it. The makes jeered of me for for being fond of the fifty seven magnum. Why don't you have a Magdalene of the third thirty eight engage where it says have a bigger magazine gauger. It says
and you re likes a big pistol, Gauger, so these countries actually with strict your gun. Laws, have lower instances of shootings where you that'll, that's not true. Not your particularly in the United States was not really hard to compare, and this is going to happen. I come out they're going to compel us to places like Australia, that's it. Brok. Obama did last time now. Let me give you a picture of Australia. Crime has risen dramatically. Gun homicide rates are lower. That's the only thing that is more muggings, violent crime, skyrocketed. But let me give you an idea as to what happened with Australia, because you're going to see this administration trot out, Canada, Australia and we'll talk more about that throughout the show quarter bring on deal here. Here at six: thirty, because he's a busy man and he doesn't like me so Nobody likes Australia, They literally rounded up people's guns took them. They they took
Already existing Gandhi said it was a buyback programme where the governments the buyback you're gonna cash for clunkers it wasn't a buyback broke I'm a page a little bit for your guns. You had to bring in your gun that you had purchased legally, but you are using to protect your home, your family and your person handed in to the australian government. And as they did it statistically, we now know because crime has got up from those were rubbing their hands like flies with dung they were ready and they were gone. Our I ever. Turn in these in awe you know we used to only have colleges and movie cedars now now we're good to go but what we're going to go anywhere where we're going to go into homes, because we know that these things are turning, I think, was about a third of all Austria and guns were turned into the government, so what do you think it's? But you know what do you think There should be some kind of legislation on so called assault weapon, which some made up turn out. The different thing are you really
for the idea of walking in to your local police office, walking in your local secretary of state, handing in your gun, because a government says so not do you really think that would have prevented the shooting? Do you really think it'll stop more shootings in the future on noticing a trend here will go to break down free zones? Sir? to be like catnip criminals? It's like catnip, reflected in cloud tat, never permanent way with good results. Your listening to louder with shroud This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web. A our fifteen. I know you here are fifteen saving black rifle. It is what they are
Fifteen dot com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined, conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dot com. Your listening to louder with Crowder tweet now and tell us where and how your listening online analog, analogue radio smartphone and your city as crowded and at thumb the update shut up or it is not only the shop. Don't.
Billy shot- I had under God, go unhoused. Ok, here, listening to the fund, it damn show, with Sidekick Gay Jared and we're gonna talk about all kinds of interesting things without crowd are annoying us, sir. Gay Jared how's it going today not gain grumpy, not gay and grumpy. It is put at my ass gay. You just put the microwave I am not taking part of jail. We're gonna be talking about star wars this morning and dragged out doctor who and what this experiment has gone wrong and I'm gonna be plans and beetle songs. I will. If I were Walter whites in breaking and these are my beakers. The experimental splutter into my face and look like dark man Ok, if you want to listen to me without Stephen, you can do it on Saturday night. It's his true here, british invasion. Music show, It is no longer british invasion. Music show it's pretty much anything from.
Area of the law, the original british invasion and beyond, your beetles, your stones, your during the pacemaker, but then you get into your zap LAN, your black Sabbath and you're out and John and you get into your hardware in and around the ran, and then you get into your spice girls, so we ve got gun. Ok, some you're telling me you Gauger was saying things it's, let lay fear, How are you just save, particularly very french left, yet your french influence at all, that's outspread, Salamis Louisiana. I gotta give them I come down the prompt aid incorrectly down there. Will the cage xo plenty of rent people? That's true cages. It's love Bobby, didn't on temperate. They picture Bobby. You know like pronouncing on cash bob agenda. Like the guy, but I remember when I won't thought he was going to be the president. He sounds like Germany. Cricket looks like a might. Show MILAN didn't sleep in spring, that's a very long night. Chauvelin Angelo
nice shouting, kidney rest. It was early M long night April. The another one of your movies, dumb, ass away. You know it paid, ten dollars for a ticket is any way by the end of this film, I can feel like you, screwed me royally with some sort of twist that ruins the intact. Can we do that and night? Can I be the guy had a lawnmower that I just had a right to know that from the happening tat was the way. Will we ever my friend was in the habit of using illegal raised his head Zoe though so I could sit there and go the plot might be. But so is cute a funny thing about them happening now and my friend was talking about an M night sort of planned are doing this kind of bee movie and he just didn't let the steward so, no one really knew what they wanted to do with it and any that happen and film. You know if he was kind of going for. You could see where that line, where Mark Wahlberg there and so old. Ladies, like you just going to kill us now Y know he's I I've.
Already. I have noticed that all ok, we'll just we're gonna, get my family safer right, then the spoiler end up being a bees, the bees that being the really crappy. Ah, the Be early it did you see her No was also segment of his interview today, pretty exactly and cold. There was in it, they had some. Server celebrities. In short NATO, three anyway we ve gotten but yeah. My chamois makes terrible thumbs and Bobby until probably can't when the presidency, I will say this car in the arena and will actually get some clips here ready for later in the show some clips it. No, is dogma. Carly fear area has been impressing. The heck out of me. I've got an idea, she's only running to sell that book, now? I really don't think she's running so that book, because you she's made so many appearances where she doesn't summer even discuss the book. I mean Donald
when he was running use? You know just like you know when I when I was what I didn't I most successful, showing dvd apprentice you might have seen it with, but what, with Donald Trump everything time he opened his mouth. He prefaces it with listen. I think I know some pretty well listen? I've been a pretty good job with listen, there's the number. And my numbers a great he's all it's like. Listen if you're that successful, someone else will say it for you. That's it might my parents, it's it's like some idiot who keeps plugging. It's Saturday night show he knows that he socks body wants people to listen anyway. Just hypothetically, I don't think you shock, I think, you're annoying well, yeah Oh! I sought during this show, but during that show. I know what the hell I'm doing, throw the problem. Under the bus that is going. To send your kids to college do that, but I didn't say: show as a whole sucks just me in it. That's fair Alex allow that
something about Bobby, timely incompetent producer. Remember not the insubordinate one know you're. The insubordinate producer now. I remember we had a conversation other remodel with you is right. Now we ve been talking about funding. I won't. I walk. I won't be me mine now well. Yes, that's my favourite subject, that's enough so We're talking about guns moves us what else we re talking about before funded derail the key member gay jeered. I can't remember what are we talking about pixels, yet Lafayette yeah, it's Lafayette and I've been corrected, several times. I ordered at a bar fain GMO a beer from Montreal and his personage inch. What do you want us faint moaned and she goes laughingly Monday. I make sure that's fine! then she comes back and those were out of that so
ok I'll order in order something the belgian and I dont know the right wrongly to say: I'm not trying to be. You know just the way saint. Just oh, the Bell Goo, my ok was listen, I'm an actual french guy. I want to say these words the way their real. No, it's like yours server. You shouldn't correct me. Even if I were wrong and you're stupid little hipster tattoo and yours, Cupid Little nose ring and I can see that you used to have eyebrow rings, because you there's no more eyebrow where it used to be. That was a great decision. Genius and you're. Going to correct me the train sound, affected and you're wrong. So there are so many levels offence that ultimately lead to zero too. I don't tip anymore. I don't tip someone if there that bad of a servant I used to. Almost like all of them do not have a good one. Twenty dinosaurs he's gonna you to check. If I took a good server at least twenty five percent, and I took a really bad servers, nothing, it's watched me. It's change. You have changed me well,
with greater we're going to be back actually would deal Cuba. We of course you know him, and he doesn't agree with me with much could get heated deal lotta with greater stated welcome to cool new news with super cool approach, I am your house feel coup this week in act. The surprise many Congress voted to day no more cup, it a strong. Now IP read it, they know no retinue, that's all just animate phrase. What I pray you ain't, you may you did. I don't want you finished every you go my way through copy. Why I need to know? but before I go on air travel recovery, people you
the one about the store, I wonder about the one about the store you got. You got the other as their story. You don't do anything. I period you got the rest of their store settled here. To set it to mom said tomorrow, are ready for copper. Go here, Your listen! too little louder with crowd her out
nice so glad to have this next guest. It's really when I get a lot of yes, who actually group watching as a kid, so right off the bat get us combat eyewash that as a child up there in Canada, we get a lot of entertaining as a syndicated show program. I think on television heart breakers, I wanna make sure I get this right comedy to across the country de L. Usually thanks. So much for being in the show. Man are you doin
right here right. I am doing ok now, I'm I'm honestly very appreciated that you ve come on the show, because we probably wouldn't agree on a whole lot to disagree with people get the other than it at the next Wednesday. Candidate It does, but I will say it. You know it seems like we're an era where that's really aloud, and you don't see a lot of people going on sort of August competing programmes. Now I do just sort of lay the stage you're really quickly. What my eye and I felt sympathetic because I saw you face the wrath of the Twitter Social Justice warriors
LE funny about bathing, ran. I grew up on higher up debate. We read that building evidently had Larry Larry people baby, you gotta, have a keyboard deployed cared to the back an altar. Ah, my opinion army are generally. The public is also by ever. I've necessarily deal with a beard was did make me feel that Don T make me feel any level of back like a well ok, we'll before beginning to not because I want to get into what exactly will have been doing with your if they have been trying to intimidate you. So,
All was spawned from some comments you made about Kate rise enter right right then I was. I was anyone out there again, though, more towards the promotion of a place in the european market and soon he India they often do they Don T it of gaming. Where'd, you get it. I feel a bit in order. As you know, there was a civilised civil right out there. I played a segregated bored with big evaded the gate of the third day, and he got aids is basically with space of aid before their time. Aid was drawn up, will hire people out of the gate, leg and without gas ran, and he gave me such a unit painted the baby and he really die.
People gave it there, but on the threat felt don't forget about tax, don't forget the botox baby. Epic is attracted a horse tat bought in every driver. I mean listen, I'm not think that you know one person cannot be the yeah, be carried waterborne, tire move it. I think I would solve the alternate Jim to people like, I think Lebaron copyright is properly plenty. A bag
get a big day did outside. It was a difficult area whose, sooner than you would get a sixteen she's, still gonna these who got the twigs and berries why it is amazing that you get your back. If you look at me like that, I lariat they thought they could get me with something like a rabbit out. Whenever away you're gonna get my baby, then I think that it is a shame that you made it. What I have agreed with people are not like that. I'm gonna rapid a bit. It is right that they can be bright river hours, long people here,
accordingly. I do not want to accept that. My right that they would have to be found its way by whatever public opinion right. On that note, I want to ask you something because when I notice in one move, if you notice this new right away, the accusations came out your transphobia. You know your name, transgender bigot digits, means that in do you see that as a way for people who might disagree with you in a point to just try and save the dialogue before we can even make your point. Just all your dream, big here, the debate as a pedestrian way to do it over gave us the add on what I have to fear from a treasure, the personal or anybody else. I've wanted it to be said that I should like one was deeply maritime over thirty years old. I think that people with a bit used the symbol of merit event and the narrative if you have an opposition, somebody you make a joke about the budget about eighty or fear in a new world through. Aren't you in this particular case right
So you face that and I'll tell you. What do you doesn't give you maybe pause because we'll see this. You know glad you come in the programme, but you have flown insinuations toward black conservatives or concerns in general that their inherent line prejudice think it fairly black or white the federative reported in mine- and I think that what is to happen most conservative black deserves to be people like me, but all I can do, and you know what I did to me- I'm going to tell you what it is. I think, and I think that there is a chance to think of anybody, that dialogue
respected in bulk community Invalid threw out the basic right. But my question is: are you know someone who has had a lot of you? No black conservatives on this programme and obviously snow into the right. I was raised in socialist skin and I'm sure you ve, I mean I know you ve been the Montreal. I think actually watched her set of the just for life as a young boy. So I dont come from this sort of you know. Robert bird backwards K, K, K american background but you have maybe I mean you know you. You did say that Republicans or look like Nazi Germany or you wouldn't see black lives matters. A t shirt said she ll be compassionate, get your comedian, but you have level
that criticism towards conservative, sometimes in a generally, do you feel at every level back there I thought people level their level of adopting any. I think that is ultimately, you were a sample of allies. Spirited away when you hear very lack of everyday life would be confiscated data about achieve worth the slavery. But what do you think without neglecting our money. Let me be specific. What do you think I as a blackbird thing about them? They would you, would you think? What do you think all conservatives, including black or white, think when you said that Republicans don't care about black people? Want you out of it? I don't know that. I regret that, but the proof is important here. What I find particularly good about it. I think that your violent number he got part deserve it.
What very angry and an outer third about who are the only ones by the way, the only ones who defended you in the junior scandal? I do want to note that the man from Walden ITALY think that you see was right. I think that unity was right. You actually would only be written. It depended more when he added that that I think that there is never the principal organ. One update, on the other hand, must be having turned about a fair play. I've made argument but I have a right to expect me up. I don't think that's a good argument, but I will be in terms of what is the point I would make an earlier ease. You will have a situation where people are angry. That government is overstepping the boundaries that their work will refer. The present people right, but when they see this happening, the blithely balkan countries, asylum. And to me a level of it. You said to me that we are not seeing that, though not not seen that and understand I'll see you in the spirit of respecting disagreement. I've not seen that I've never
any Republicans or conservatives say that they believe that should be policy. I will say: I've seen deafening silence from black liberals even such as yourself, and you know the violence in Chicago or the kind of atmosphere that Bronco bottles I will get back like a cargo is horrible and about it. The gavel goggle dealt with equal that Britain, the blackbird at it like going to jail. When did you ever go to jail for less than a thousand white person, but I black people giving black people it. Everyone people make their argument to me. Black people feel black people, nine percent. The time. Why didn't you why people on a text that land purely about being re here? So it is not an anomaly the biggest that people keel, the people had caused a number one is an anomaly, is a number which black people kill, white people compared to other Saharan people of Senate. In return to you, accusing them of being races. That's my point here is what you got that absolutely matter like the having heel. I like you
I think he'll, but you do know why people are arrested on average much more likely to be arrested. Young white men than black people I mean I want to raise thing up on my website I'll bring it up on the screen right now. My point is this: I defended you're right to free speech right now. I think you saw the people are trying to silence you and I hate that. But do you think that their that you have in the asked, and I will say that I do and then I'll give you the floor have been guilty of. During that same thing of trying to silence. Conservatives kind like you're doing now by insinuating rate the movie? There's absolutely, let me be clear, eyed much life after what has been said about the army willing. If what is what I would have preferred about, other people you coming to my defence is animal. What about my position, but it could not progressing let alone even a little body on the Abbe. Didn't. Let me explain to you my lady. Let me explain you take it. If I made a statement, then I'm prepared to speak, but I think that with all the boy
don't worry that might get everybody out and he doesn't want. Let me explain to you idea, and it says this is a big difference between the left in the right. Ok, I've never seen the right, and I know that there is no systematic movement from the right to try remove someone like you from the Airways for your opinion, there trying to that with me on a regular basis. Remember when you were you, you did this right, you tweet it out. I defended you right away. We can pull up. People said really you're going to side with a confederate flag, waving racist, and I sent you a column that I wrote condemning the leg you are complaining. I never said that, No, no you you didn't. You do because the point the same people who were saying that to you are the same people who try and silence me to insinuate that I'm a racist they insinuate, you're transfer and I'm a racist. The thing people now, though, to aiding even kind of.
Like my a big air is one I know what I'm saying when. Yes, when you say Republicans, look like Nazi Germany, I'm arguing it's kind of similar or anything, but one party aquatic, your publican party with them. But what would he dogma? The entire party up the platform right now are we have women? We have black people. We have teenagers, even though they do not have a report that you ve got your demographic, don't make any? What about you? Don't let it doesn't that black that doesn't ned land it does. It is primarily to empower the waking, are there. What does it have to do with the ideas? I donors, democracy and you're playing identity, politics, the same things people did with you. I got a picture of all why people find it very. Naturally, it looked very mother. Laddie, look very much like this not be Germany posted, and I made a comment. I have similar that look back. That's still does not say one that when I look at the picture now we ll make you think, I'm it that's there.
I wasn't saying that you were not be that picture look like, but in combination with black lives, you won't see black lives matter, tee, shirts, a GEO p conventions. I'm saying: ok, Meanwhile, what the fat, but how about? Because we don't want to focus on a first off another Republican, I'm a conservative. I would never wear a black
I've manner to ensure that, because I believe that all lives matter- and I believe that the new Euro, any financial may make a point here. The issue has been conflated, for example, when you have cops, who are now facing being oft in record numbers, because you have an administration and pundits like you irresponsibly create a more racially tents environment. I was raised in a post, racial North America, it's worse than ever because of people calling people nazis left. Equally. Let's because I made a joke about a black black leather case, you're never been more to add the gap, it all you man, let's legally, but when black keys at last year, when I say that advertising gag kick you make me your right in equally, he was playing with it till I get with
the carpet killed. Him was fired by independent. Believe then click on it, I'm terrible case. I agree with you and unprecedented arable and end up being a terrible believe after they believed it. No amount of train would make him a revival of the higher leave it and the first thing maybe, on the white paper, we open a twelve year old boy. But maybe you guys hang on a second. I know you're in the middle of it, but we gotta go to break we'll be back louder with prouder state. This is powder with router, be shorter visit louder with browser. Hey listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, what you're missing so much content and louder with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, not me gold or silver we're getting pocket catheters. Just news, videos and explosive stuff that you don't fear onto
Austria already began its toll free, he's got any money just visit there, get your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why we'll call. It argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com This is wilder with crowd, welcome back allowed or with greater I don T, even notice. We took a break, there still go on at it. It will be able to go and manufacture it with their death in the world, and it was fairly deal twenty on the lake. The pot of what ought to be Really is a good start, but even I would disagree, I would say its responsibility, the officer, and he should be punished, ok and never want that position. Is
it appears that body when it. How could you have not heard the position? My producer here is not a guy who's, not a conservative, whose a sort of right wing question holds up. Isn't ok, I'll except that lets say: that's, that's that's the truth and no Republicans cared about to mere rice, having seen that, but let's assume that, if that's it I haven't seen Republicans who have defended the car but let me rice case, but let me look really know I have not. I have not. I have not, and this is what I do now I certainly haven't. So let me speak for myself here. If we do that, can we agree that maybe you need to apologize to someone like Dern Wilson for jumping to conclusions on the other side when he was assaulted by letting. Let me clear, I believe that air was the only one is proven guilty it. All. There will be elected from a couple of fate at certainly believe that he guilty and what were the winning side with out? Never thought of that Don't legally, there was unbearable cyber android testimony,
no. I think I made her way than we have federal law than wait. Wait do again because during our individual it will be as if the way is by the way. The prosecutor, the police officers and in the end a grand you you're not mono? Now it's not the case because it, including the prosecuting authorities, have to clear in your time on a grand jury in that area with the many people who were blacks. I don't I don't accept the presence of other wrap it wouldn't. Let me hold on a second. I want to cause. I want to get back to where we agree. My point, This is just a genuine question. Do you think yet because I really do like you and I think you're funny, and I'm not just saying that casino conservatives are gonna get matter here, that we have a lot of independent libertarians with some of the show. Do you think, though, that some the things that you have said that event. Listen, let's be honest and, and sometimes the jokes like have more leeway for comedians insinuating. That conservatives are republicans are racist generally.
That can be designed to silence dialogue, just like the people who can have an opinion, because your transfer is a day. I appreciate honestly, you were to be, but really honestly, if I would have asked me what I fear understand, I'm we did the council, and I certainly most certainly do not believe that it is the equivalent of the others that is equivalent of meeting a joke and give it another way. The base about booter are travelling to transport and the impact of the big it all he is facing on the other that a major fit uppermost. Something like a man said if I feel bad about them, absolutely applauded that. I don't feel bad about people's misunderstanding. It would have been above which in turn, only eight dapple that you ve given me right now
bad about it. I don't think I can understand that to me. You basically kind of doing what you accuse people to try to make me feel a certain way about its own. I didn't I didn't. I didn't. I asked a question. I asked a question about and brought up some examples review you have levelled at an earlier Lincoln's interminable reference, nothing, the picture. You can't tell me that you and you could put those pictures lie by that, and it doesn't have a candidate even those like had it with you. I can well what they think you pay dividends. Ok, I think that most see but see that capital difference. That's a pivotal difference, MR hugely. You believe in describing motive. You just ask: I asked
question and letter let your ideas. Stand. You told me this is your motive, Stephen, your disingenuous, and I don't believe in arguing that way and that's what people do you let let's do it the third most bottle of what we get in a night in two thousand we went to a baby gave a speech. Additive is sponsored by David right what about David and he got say I did. I wasn't aware there they were. You know who this with a separatist or why order by our waking up. I was unaware that in every by the third most important problem of beginning and end so to show you
it's a wife would examples of Scotland. What does that have to do with money, Robert Bird, who usually an word in two thousand one several times if a plain went down with, though Bomber Biden, Clinton policy, Robert Bird would have in your president, he practically had KKK Dental and accompanied me car. He was a racist as it came. What does that have to do with me? There is no disputing that no one circumstance cover everybody. Just like people. People await the people, s labor, I Obama, it's all anything. Nor do I forgive you, but I will give you might be, as in my opinion, Germany can be like that figure is no one's were anything about it. I was able to help you, and so you
your body. Is why public that? No? No! No! No! That's! What I'm sorry are you, I believe, you're, smarter than that I believe, are smarter than taking a racist republican from two thousand to and using not against me in this debate. My point is that no air was married to me. Tell me what to learn. If a young young black men are always they gonna love all young black men of their use, but basically, but left they come from, circle of. Where did you know about it, you're more likely to lump them in? And I am you just lumped them all into one static day? Well, they were all wearing goody. Where they were all you know, they all looked at the rap music or they day, digital private eye and lighted. It s like it. I'm sure you ve heard those data left african, yet you know I argued while they they wear her. I know I don't know again you just lump a whole bunch of arguments to an entire people will say that I will say that I think that, from a lot of people on the right there, not a couple making, not least in logic paper,
an adult daily like the one you just. May I point out that the way it is true too it is it tat. Young black men can all be served in all. Why, then, do a little a binding effect of their rate me I've, never say that I've, never anyone seen just like I've, never heard yesterday, weapon you're no, but I can imagine living. Its reality, its reality, I've. Never we didn't have a secret meeting behind black people's back people like me, and a longer Rachel and Larry Elder who we just had on. We now have a meeting and say we hate black people, but I digital universe and criticism there. Ok, that's bear out Let me say that I do want to find some common ground to leave it with an olive branch, because I approve Could you very much and listen most guys, don't have the balls to go on any show where people disagree with immense amount of respect to that. What I am saying is, let me sort of crystallized it this way, I do not believe for a second for a second you hate. Friends. I don't for a second that
are afraid of them and all I ask is for what this like yourself to give that exact same than our doubts conservatives, rather than ascribing motive The guy's hold that thought we gotta go to. The top of the hour were coming back in just a few moments on lottery, broader, more with Stephen de L, usually Your listening to louder with greater follows even on Twitter S, prouder. Yeah yeah
But now the in your area shall girls on age. We, oh well, we brought gagged and remained so fine a shelter protect your loved ones. I've tried out, I thought my God have mercy on us. All you're getting louder with router. Well, welcome to another hour of louder with greater looks like Stephen and deal nuclear still have a very heated conversation. I don't even want to know what you're talking about so
Through the guys. You guys just don't do anything. Kindred debate is at variance with me. You will. Let me give you my analysis of what you say and thirdly, that that will be fair, Petworth open air of the day and often found it. Even if people were asperity and open minded, as you ve been, we don't have the family, but we do and we have them because some of the assertions that I've made you our future- you It is, if you take a big and people are bought. You feel exactly these that I was in fighting for four and a half years. These exactly foreign out. I've never heard of I've never heard anyone. In fact he's gonna say all black kids are thugs black. Don't I know you did You did. You said a vacancy all black yet have hoodies if all black thugs nerd anyone say that, as a matter of fact, the one
did her older Rivera who's, not move smart and he's a liberal. What I have said is big will love, although they will arrive at high and black areas or blackmail waterways bill. You got that you were in a hurry. You don't even know you all you need is a deliberate Peter Liberalize. Isa is not very bright, you maybe a person, but you ve. Never no, I literally just said it, but you kept interrupting me. People who are listening. People who are listening. No, let me say this per second just so you don't look foolish. I set it as you were speaking. I said nobody except her Aldo who liberal that's exactly what I said. Davy thing I ever I ever. Arguably they get their newspeak without giving up. If you, when you say I've never heard that combat network, that
That is partly for it. You know what I didn't know. No, no, it's not it's not badly fancy again you're ascribing mode, and this is why these conversations happened to you and you refuse to see the logic in it. You just made an astonishingly, you just described the motive. I said the exact words, my exact words were I've, never heard anyone say it, except for Hurrah de Rivera we're not gonna write and is a liberal. That's exactly what I say. What what. Why are you going back that I gave you that one hurrah those said the hoodie thing? Ok, what I'm telling you and he's a library is. There is a long way from a little now you know no, no, I don't know it I have been too conservative on its programming, a nice guy. I like them, you wrong, you do you know what you're doing why I thought I heard something about news. You argue in maybe that's it.
That became uneasy? No, no! That's not what you said what you said about what you said. You said you can hear these kinds of things all the time on Fox NEWS. These kinds of things were all young black people are thugs, they were all wearing hoodies, that's very different from her all the Riviera One liberal with a mustache said, travel was wearing a hoodie. Those are very different. Let me be clear fact: average attributes of God had the hour of the already there ever get that they were here. You come on, let number I haven't heard now, but you made claim and you ve made the claim, for example, here's the thing. If you go to a college debate Club, MR suitably, if you say I've heard plenty of Republican, say all young blood we're thugs. All young we will bring hoodies here. Do you have to rationalize, has taken the lead in her right over? There doesn't count led to fight it paid it. Ok over the boy
then why don't you speak in some sound? I platitude that all problems like how about backing up you're assertions. You made some very very seriously and is very clearly backward laughter. I know you didn't I don't exactly what I think I've been specifically. Will you bite you You may be exactly all about I'll care who it is that conversation was happening at a time when we all talk about wide like been abandoned and they have been free of any other sort of the conservative agenda has never made thirty variously had made an outrage. The bloody button then gets you want. The kind of black people would agree with you that you're the guy blackened they have the same kind of thing. You want the same kind of like people, an evolutionary elderberry Lenny became less be. Let us be clear, it would be advantageous, who have black people speak for you, the other black equal respect, so people it in a way that people like Larry, Elder Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas Connollys, arise I'll Ben Carson and remove it shouldn't be respect
Law would call a posse again. You take one example. One example you you gave way now gave you drive examples. Take away. Colin Powell, Ben Carson Olive oil is not very proud of the work, we'll be right, then Carson last Fungal Rachel Larry Elder in one about where they could be welcome. Any initiative black diverted felt that far there's not you calling Republicans Nazis or racist it'd, why you can't beat you can't blame me for ports. Nobody not lucky there, no. I believe, I believe, the arguing tactics you use here in a surprising motive for creating regional marking. Somebody if you walk at something and that people don't buy. You look at the people on the market for the people of the market in market a product and it is moving off the shelf. Is it your marketing Is it your method? So you think so you think said, lady, my answer, you think that Lyndon Johnson
the new deal you think Detroit the market of those things really effective to block you play. Think of land management are offered about right now. What do you think about the ballot paper? anyway. I think every black person index right would know exactly what's been marketed to them and its destroyed Detroit and a guy anyway. You complain that you make it the job you met. You met Lyndon Johnson, rate society too, to kill specifically today getting back to what I said before you mentioned a bunch of people who would not be welcoming a lot of black neighbour only feel comfortable in comparable in really, you don't think Herman. Hang you dont think her Herman Kane for Cryin out what the hell were. You block using Barack Obama, has more courage than ermine gain. Nothing remained gained as a black American in Georgia. Let bake earlier you Paypal black people, they black people, like you, can't tell me
What did he give me? But all that you like, because you speak on behalf of our black people? There are plenty of black people not permanently wherever we then that you can only get less than ten percent. You can't wait. Black people. That has been your message. There's not a man as a cheap. You, better diligence, people, you killed the carrier. What'd you do. What you are saying is that dinner, they don't give marketing. If you buy an adult, go eat your beauty. Products are marketed through this with the crab button for them Terrestrial broadcast lesson. I completely disagree. I know you're a busy man. I do hope We can discuss this again. My point is I defend your right to say it. I d believe you're a transfer by hope people hear this and I do hope mystery. I does genuinely generally beyond the sensationalism a of radio beyond us debating on air. The only thing that you ve done that I find alarming. I have no problem you having a point of view
is ascribing a motive to your opposition, I want. You know what I ain't in that regard. I am like most people on the right. Like a lot of people are ok but ok. This conversation in this conversation you're the only one who do, and they very well when they actually grab motive, is affair. In this conversation, only too glad that motor criteria or black people in Euro the thing out play the lead ever been. I've been on bill, a wily, sir. I'm afraid you ve got the inviolable right. I'll tell you if you, if you want to defer the vote with the take root plated you ever you it whatever. I know that you have to change either the marketing The message that the Bare stayed away. I completely remit the marketing the packaging sucks right, though so, if it is the black people, don't biological poor people, they do not have a very high approval, Napoleon proudly it fairly, and I think he could have done it, but he doesn't think be
I got married and have an opinion, but when you just tell me about, Harmon, came about Larry Elder yelling about I believe that we have to go in your second we're we're gonna lose a time. Is it fair to say you should talk about what I'm talking about you and I would it. To say that in this conversation between de L, Ugolino even greater you were the only one to ascribe motive to me by saying I was delighted to do it if it is fair to say that is fair to say this that might cause I'm not gonna get what I want to do tat you come up with you. Have you lie quiet as you bought up a pitcher of Nazi Germany in Inter of export I've? Given you an example of that, but I would say: ass black ass, a motive to you, I am glad about the people, their debt, that figure the of Europe. It ok, but you didn't say I was getting the ingenuous. You said I was disingenuous. Another thing, I'm not really what it inevitably, wherever you are a bit. You will you when you speedily, you, certainly
You never had our that you want to fight the border than you never heard. Example. What the exception may easily. Everything, but I thought that the only to be disingenuous, If you work family, I had never happened, people that made me I was lying Barbicane nor telling you something that what Europe needs my stay. I stand by what I said because he made some pretty outlandish claims and I was saying I have not heard those I still havent heard those. You're going to exert all around the right doesn't want. You claimed again now you claimed you claimed all right Looking better. Morocco is a liberal as a Democrat card carrying Liberal calculated Obama. Twice, I don't love, let what would our agreement with greater? But my point is, I said again: you said they say all young black people are thugs, no I didn't say that, yes, you did. Side and they had a problem with my internet. Is people can literally nor line this twenty minutes and you're exactly let bake later? Let me clear, I say here: people make bigger further what they do and rigour
they are you I'll, be glad. I'm area like the old yellow, but they were duties and people are scared and that the argument I make further came out a little better than it has been. The death penalty, lawyer. That kind of thing we can think degree. We don't need more lawyers in the middle of these conversations in the late afternoon with what people stay, but I ain't gonna work, I believe, Celia. What I'm saying. I believe I have an obligation to bear the Red Black and go on ensuring that they are the region. I can do everything else, the latter, I didn't whether it be Malta, Bulgaria, Romania and I'll, be the exact same per day of the week, and I could have been done.
Whenever we can, I can I can. I can depend on me because I'm exactly why down something absolutely should not in my heart, the thing that they are true heavily in my heart is busy specifically either is apathetic toward towards here's. What I think the reason beg your movement is not where the spring with people like me he's not because of me not because it is not because of wilfully hateful. If not because I am ignoring or don't understand you did, because it does not seem to be welcome hated. You are you're makin, it doesn't seem to be ended. Merely you paid. Carry your water, I don't know, that's not fair. I've not picked any of those people to carry my water. I was at Fox NEWS for four and a half years, and I left lesson we have that we have to go. We missed breaks, I've been whore the professional
I really appreciate you coming on your right. You are consistent, even though I think you're wrong. I do appreciate that you want to go in any form. I do appreciate you taking the time and yes, I think you're wrong, but MR hugely thank you. So much will be back louder with proud or stay tuned. Sorry when your listening to louder with proud I found it
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glad to have some good bumps going on, you can thank both insubordinate producer and olive radio. Fun dip Dan and I even put in another raw rancid song, because that, when inspired me to grab my and outcome. The wolves seedy put another track in their do which one is it from outcome? The world it's safe, w h, ah That's a good one they have some really good that both of those are really can remember. You know this happens with a lot of musical artists. They have a good album and then some no matter what they do with next album. Everyone will say it's trash, and so they did with indestructible were that comes from the fall back down because There are some jazzy things. There are some hard core upon things and there they sort of straw, aid from the rancid sound because an comes outcomes, the wolves was so iconic it definitive GAD, totally yeah I definitive but David indestructible, is a great album and now
look back on it with his fondness bremmer when it came out people like Moon, rooted, sold out man just typical of human nature, you you'd you destroy the things that you originally built. That's what happens if the same thing happened after Applin one in two came out. Zepplin three was me thirdly, more acoustic, more mandolin and people hate it, but in hindsight now it's really good and it ll The way in as a logical progression, discipline for stuff Jim is talking about. Linsey sterling, no surprise there to imagine that there to tell the broad that outline these sterling. I like the way she fingers at violin. I think it's a fantastic during the violin, she's, very good, with it hey in new Richard Dreyfus wants to rewrite the second amendment, one I'm ass, no, given what a day mass is what happens, Lafayette happens and then every completely on educated, Dick, Tom and Harry, an opinion.
On what we should do. The second amendment, here's what you said. This comes me actually from truth revolt, we'll get it up at Lahti was crowded. They asked of which are from a new orchids observer? He said he would rewrite the second amendment. If the old the only amendment that's obscurely redden and I would made, it clear reef, with still over. Maybe, like you know, maybe- The new living translation is allowed for the king. James is little tough, tough he. As you know it will. I would have said this is for establishing militia and everyone has the right to participate in that militia and you can have a gun if you participate in militia. Well, ok, a couple of points you richer drivers. The way thanks to deal here we for coming on. I know what God heated appreciated it came on, but let me get to richer Dreyfus here and I'd be more than happy to host him on the show was well said: God. You didn't write it, it wasn't. Securely written it's as clearly as can, possibly be written. It is open, ended people
have the right to bear arms for the right of a free people. A well regulated militia and, of course, the big one shall not be infringed. You piece of walking human feces One is they all? Oh, oh yeah. I know I just know I would write it will. Thank God you didn't write it. Well we're talking about who would join the militia. Ok, he's making it sound like it's. What you know we're going to walking dead Ramona, the era of you. Now like the road that kind of film came richer, Dreyfus, you better hope and pray. Doesn't apply to only those who joined the militia because no militia. What have you no militia is going to say, hey, ok, we're going to be in organised militia here. Give me the five what two liver spotted pawn! She bald jewish guy from Jaws. I want him on my team will. Maybe need somebody who knows about bite radius. Radio and he's going to know about bite radius.
Need we're, gonna need a bigger but comes and we're gonna need. A bigger boat now know that there were no cider, thus rider They're, not gonna need a bigger boat to to accommodate you, because you're not welcome on above boat. Not welcome on the lifeboat dialogue is the girl gin. Gems, like broad, Oh, I don't know funders having a heart attack on era is wrong and how you said, Lizzie Typical, talented, broad, like broad handed he's are most regular listener along Avery, she's, really sweet she's, a younger girl who really likes the show got stalker, Jim and without Swede Avery. So sweet should give you a cavity she so friendly. Richard Drivers is a dumb ass is really not all of it. He would rewrite the second amendment. Thank God, you didn't write a second amendment, its unfortunately
he doesn't understand the second amendment and, of course, no militia whatever have him. Now, let's move on left, has low information. We're gonna have Abbe Johnson after the break, by the way we're just going to be talking about plan parenthood and then a third. Our will recap more of the news, but we had a few big interviews this week and we want to give them time to discuss their issue. She was a plan, parenthood, director and laughed when she dealt with this, A baby's, an ultra sounds, are very relevant this week. I do want to say that some look at a conservative sites right now, you know me, I'm not a huge trump fan, I think, is a wolf in Sheep's clothing. The guy is given the Democrats. The guy has been a card gearing democratic, the guy said, I'm more of a democratic, the guy said economies do better under Democrats and Republicans any subsidies in cahoots with the Democrats to distract people. That's what funded thanks one of mine that Stephen Steven Reign it was also a Democrat, but I mean hee hee Transitioned, like a decades,
before he ran for president transition, and he was back then what you'd call in a blue dog democratic transition when they went far left. There is a principle as to why transition it didn't dodges from ratings. But don't you marijuana transition like two and I can to five times. I am sorry, but you are without a gunshot. That's right get it will get into this after the break after our interview with Abbe Johnson, because we really need to deal with the whole from fishing and the people, we should be paying attention to be someone like Army Irina, money is honest as tangible solutions average. I'm coming up louder with Crowder Stay. yeah?
find our way fine area sex. Your listening to a little louder with crowd her out at nice tat. We were glad to have his next guest with us. Actually was a record nation by my wife who read this ladys book, unplanned you can find her Abbe Johnson dot Org, not that combat organ it right Abidjan and thank you for being on the shelf. Having me, I am very glad to have you on the show and am later
a full disclosure. I never live you do. I read your book. Was I've read excerpts, but my wife was enthralled and She was one is: do you have to have her on? So you know that without some pro life people on the show before my wife knows all she reads, almost anything get her hands but there's something here that really touched her. Have you ever noticed a reaction from many people who read your book that dumb? That sort difference did I guess from a lot of other sort of pro life sites? Are books? Other yeah? I think one of the things that, because I used to be a pro choice,
person you now and then, and then writing a book kind of about being that person and being in the pro choice movement. You know my purpose was not to vilify them, but just to help people have an understanding of where they're coming from not saying that it's right, abortion is absolutely wrong, but that you know were not at war with these people that are working in the clinics or these people, who are pro choice, were at war with ideology, but not the people themselves, and so I think that was something that was new to the pro life movement and honestly because they had for so long wanted to make enemies of the people who do support abortion right. I think you're right, I think now have talked about this. I think there is a time for that. I think is a time to throw caution in the wind and offend people in it Kay, because you are running the right people and I think there people who are not beyond reaching, and you need to understand the difference in and that's really should have a scheme,
I guess of expressing political ideology is knowing how to walk that line and await its appropriate for your audience. So you worked. You worked at now as it was planned. Parenthood read it wasn't a sunny abortion clinic at any rate it was claimed here had clinic the director there we were an abortion facility. I was there for eight years now. You should You are an abortion facilities that mean that that was your designated purpose of this plan paranoid facility, because we're told that you know it's a very small percentage of what plan parenthood actually does yeah. Do you know if you don't agree, I can tell you now:
Where are we? We were there to it's kind of Turkey question, because we were there as a family planning clinic who provided abortion. Ok, but the whole premise behind being a family planning clinic is to get women on a contraceptive methods that will eventually fail them. We know that fifty four percent of women having abortions were using contraception at the time they got pregnant, so the whole purposes get them on a contraceptive methods that will fail them so that we can make abortion patients so were willing to be lost. Leaders if you well in the contraceptive movement, because we will eventually seldom are big, take an item which is abortion now you say that I want to be clear, because I'm not necessarily against all contraception.
Where you and now you say there, you are actually incurred to give them the less effective contraceptive available are due to meet it. Just been contraception and general. Only one again, we want to give them a contraceptive methods that has a higher risk of failure. Real right, sell him so and what's gonna have a higher risk of failure. Those that have higher human error failure rate sprite, so birth control pill. I'm thirty five years old. I can't remember to take a pill at the same time every day right a fourteen year old sure, as Hell not Gunnar member, to take a pill at the same time every day said that its ninety nine percent, effective right so put her on a pill that she's, probably not gonna, take at the same time every day that she's not going how to properly take eventual, she will get pregnant, and then she will be one of our clients that makes us now quick question because you're going to have critics here was that actually outlined he was an employee at plan paranoid or was it just sort of an unwritten? While we know that this kind of
If we fail him or do they say, listen, our goal is to get them on the big out for abortion yell. We had an abortion quota and die. I've actually exposed because I have the document showed where the quota wise on our budget sheet. So we had a quota for abortion, so we were to sell abortion to women when they came in over ninety percent of pregnant women who enter plan. Parenthood will have an abortion, so women with a number over ninety percent over ninety percent of women who work in through the doors will have in a break pregnant when pregnant women bill got yeah. So the idea that there there to offer option or refer all as for other services. This is too far because my director told us that our goal was to create every phone call and every client visit to turn that into a revenue generating visit will,
Woman comes in and she's pregnant. The only way we can do that is by selling her an abortion right, because we don't do prenatal care plan. Parenthood does not provide prenatal care at any of their clinics across the country. They don't do. You know adoption services make money, offer that so the only way we can make money was to sell women and abortion and we were given the directive to sell worse. So it's the Glen, Gary Glenn Ross of Dead babies ABC always be closing. That was given from the top down not to make not to make abortion jokes, but we have to actually do It wasn't a horrible, uncomfortable, serious debate here. You know you, you know what you're gonna get to rally. That's exactly as you know, and I talked about that with plan paranoid, their website, the highest quality health services at the lowest possible prices. This is the first video ever did that when you know semi viral, I think of a time it maybe got thirty thousand place and we did.
Crazy, pizza, abortion, barn and it was planned Baron as a dirty used car salesman, because I thought back then not knowing what you're saying now that it just seemed like scummy, greasy, dirty car salesman and your tongue. Behind the scenes. That was the goal: abortion quotas, Sounds terrible people who we making what using humor is not making light of a secure its shining a light on the situation? I mean. How else did abortion quotas? It's it's so laughable its horrifying. I can't believe it back. That's? U, with indirect, look at what will come back here from this break, I want to talk about your turning enough at my wife and I thought about for a long time
with greater Abbe Johnson DOT. Org stated this is powder with router be sure to visit louder with browser that serious time super serious. A lot of Ukraine or heads listening to this part guest aren't even following me on Twitter, at S crowd, or there are all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their. You won't you're on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my insubordinate producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me, for
twenty seconds of this louder, with prouder promo in your dog, about Stephen Friggin granular, decry us what you do you think life both greater at s, crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make him cry. Accra, tears of joy with a terrorist. Take you up. This is louder with crowd back with Abbe Jones in Abidjan, Duncombe Book, unplanned, listen! life love this book and she talked about something Abbe get a little serious. You should just what you're turning point, I don't wanna give anything away for the listener, but you pinpointed get two very specific moment which I thought was was pretty young impact fault. You wanna talk about that yeah. So after working there for eight years me out the director, so
isn't, as you know, in the room very often for medical procedures or anything like that. We had a visiting physician come in from out of town who was performing abortions at my facility, abortion plant, hundreds Protocol and the national borders, and that our action there protocol for abortion is that it be done in a blind manner, so they have a section tube. That's hooked up to the machine and rageous blindly poke around inside the woman and uterus until they think they have enough tissue in a jar. So It was the way that I knew abortion to be perform day in and day out, but this doctor actually used an altar sound at his own practice during the abortion, so that he could see what was taking place inside the woman's womb, because, shockingly enough it is safer if doktor can see what he's doing law he's performing surgery rain, so
I don't know that I agree with the promise, but continue so that was in the never really thought about before. So he said that you know it's time permitted that out. He would have me come in, so I could assist my job during the abortion was to hold the altar sound probe on the woman's app then said that he could see what was going on during abortion, and I watched a thirteen. We call baby fight and struggle for his life during that abortion procedure, and I then that I have been lied to. I knew that because of it I had in turn lead to thousands of women who had come through my facility. I estimate that I hope to provide about twenty thousand abortions during my time with point here,
so am I knew I had to get out. I knew I had to leave in. That was when I made the decision to quit how soon that occur. After that moment with the altar, so I left about a week bigger. Ok, so it was. Some people go back and they go. I had my sort of come to Jesus moment. You realize what then really happen. So this was literally within a week. You were gone yeah. I didn't want to leave my job because I made a ton of money. Oh sure, and all my friends were theirs I didn't want to leave. I was trying really hard to make it. Ok in my mind, you know what I had seen by after a week. I was like a cat. I can't do it. I can't make this right. In my mind, regional funds will move em, no, no, no. They testified against you in court.
Sleep. So we are really talk. Anymore. Can gonna put a damper on the whole house now? How did it would have been totally testify against you? What was a very well three weeks after I left plan parent head? They took me to courts and they were concerned that I was going to share proprietary information about the organization which that was a reasonable concerns. For them. It high cameo. Let's be honest here, let's be honest, yeah. That was the concern, but you know you can't see somebody for becoming programme.
And I had never signed any sort of confidentiality statement while working there, so they lost in that but well even then, though it would seem in most cases. You can tell me I'm out of line here, friends, people who are your friends, you develope strung relationships generally speaking. If it comes down to siding with the corporation for an organisation or a friend, they would side with the food. And so what do you think of such a strong Paul, but they decided to support plan paranoid, the organisation to come against you Abbe the person in court ain't many They were concerned about losing their job. They were higher level. Employees at play here so I think that was certainly a concern. I mean they did know that, but that this would happen, but after they testified against me, they actually are tired, so you might have indifferent if they
I have been able to see ahead to that, but women are now building a crappy witnesses. I guess oh yeah, that's a real reason to be fired, but a glad they were not I'm not contesting it, but that's a red reasonably fire. Now I know I mean I was gone by their fire problem is it just gets replay. So let me ask you this. When you see we have talked about this, my producer, actually, whose is not here right now, fund of who is liberal, socially, but incredibly pro life. When you see the political football being, with the issue of abortion and plan. Paranoid comes in news. I mean right the defences always from the left No, no! No, no! No! No! No! It's not about abortions. They they provide health care, to millions of women in this country would otherwise never be able to afford it? The right is just this: is their anti woman, sexist crusade? What do you think when you hear that.
You know plant here and who does not provide any services in regard to women's health care that low income women cannot get from any other thoroughly qualified house in her room. Public house, but Elsner hospital system are met. Provider in their city. There is not one place where plan parenthood is located where there are not multiple other options for her to get healthcare. If she's low income and We are not blame. Parenthood is not always that inexpensive mean. Sometimes women are having to pay anywhere from fifty to one hundred and seventy five Dollars for you need to get an annual exam with plain parenthood, sometimes not, but sometimes they do, how much heard an abortion cost and comparison? It starts at four hundred dollars. Ok, sleeping abortions are necessarily inexpensive. Now would have some I can't afford it. We would give them-
on how to raise money for their fortune. Ok, so acknowledging emergency room where you have to. Serve them anyway, and then you have to pay and that if a woman, Hey man they're not even altruistic and their abortion providing still comes down to the down with her aunt charitable come on. They are. We with this is like really heinous, but this is true, when a woman would come in, we would take her payment, based on her last cycle, so we would say: ok you're. In a week, based on your lifecycle, your eight weeks in five days, pregnant right. Well, if we got them back to the room for them, San and we did the altar sound and we find that they were actually, let's say ten days, ten weeks in one day, pregnant where there is a price difference between eight weeks and ten weeks, a hundred dollar price difference, so somebody usually the last person hired, would be task to go into the room while the woman's on the table,
and say: hey, I'm your little little bit further along what we thought you were so workers need to collect a hundred extra dollars before we can start your abortion procedure and then we would be like is down in your purse, me to grab it for you. I heard your boyfriend haven't friend, or how do you want to take care of that I've been hustle in the streets of New York, more politely literally. For a bag of eminence I'm not joking. That's a true story. It cost two dollars. Repackage, ended up losing twenty dollars, but I had five bags of Eminem, so I guess it's ok. My cousins net me forget it that is on believable. So ok, so, again Glinda England Ross. It's all about the Upso right. It's like do you want the large popcorn but John Dollar, abortion. What we know. Where do you wanna go a politically for those listening? Were you Were you to the left before? Did you shift your whole political ideology or just in the life issue?
Now I am, I was definitely as left is left could be. When I worked we parenthood? It was funny when, when I first started getting cause about doing media interviews and in narcotics to go on. Go really show, and I called my parents who are very conservative and others. Like my gosh, I'm gonna go on Fox NEWS in my Mama's lake. You hate box flowers like yet I think maybe I'm finished her watching it now, but you know it was a mean it wasn't. A lot of things changed my life, so you know I'm probably too liberal. For most conservative, some too conservative reaffirms the rose. I follow a consistent life ethics out against the death penalty against abortion, against assistance to us So what kind has me? The middle? Ok, not mix
so then you would have a better perspective as someone who is pro life. I do say this, though, since your pro life would you agree with me ass, it was in their open, ended issues, our close and issues. I could vote for a Democrat in a local election because our pro life Democrats and a local election, who don't mean I didn't have a control to increase the size of the federal government and local municipalities have the right to be public schools, that's within their right, but I do think that if you are pro life, if you believe that is a life, it precludes you from supporting the Democratic platform international am I to line now. I think you're absolutely right, because a meteorite, the state sate local elections. I mean I have you know. I have personal prolific Democrat ran to live happily. Four, but when it comes to you now, tat- are all election national election. I hate
You know I wish it wasn't that way. I wish it wasn't such a party issue, but now I mean you ve gotta, you know at the Democratic Party whose trying to take got out of their platform. Who is trying to make abortion one of the top. You know it. Use in their platform mean how can you women's health, careful with your language, no right, rhymes arms areas, don't make me be sexist incorrect yourself, loathing woman ness now now we have a new pleasure in Washington DC. Theirs is clinics, culture, Arafat, and they are all asylum, the abortion sparse it yeah, yeah, really you, I know they like a morphia numbers than we do that their ivory I'd behind that showed the disgusting Broad's Rincon tee. Talking about their uterus yeah, which by I don't really want to talk about. Uterus is even if it is non abortion related. I think that makes me sexist, but just a personal opinion. I don't necessarily
you're, a guy. I don't! I don't want you hunt. Yours is either a budget. We want to talk about my Scottish. I think it's fair. I doubt that is fair. That is there but I do think I'm entitled to an opinion. For example I'm sure you have very. Impassioned opinions on condoms. Ok, Well, that's okay! You have to, but it's your right this levelled at national level, to one after another bothers me right now. Uterus now opinion. It's not about your uterus. It's about that life. It's about that day. And this is one thing where they get well Republic and sort you can do with your body In no other instance, none do It does a republican Republican Party platform. You might have some individuals in electric Morrison your feet or something like that, but no actual republican platform hasn't it in a lady's body. In any other facet, aside from one has to do with that,
they don't want to have an opinion on whether you can buy contraception, whether you can save your legs, whether none of it shouldn't that so people. Let us not only about taking their party is not really interested in what you're doing with your body were more interested in what you're doing with the body of the innocent person that in your womb juggling that's what we're intercity. Nor are we want you with your body. Even though pierce it up environments, bunch of tattoos do whatever you want, but whose You yourself have the planned baronet. You piercing someone? I don't have to go to break asking some every Johnson that patents to its end, your listening to louder with greater follows. Even on Twitter S, prouder hey
Stephen crowded, with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun, gun safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories upbraids. All that can be found at a our fifteen. That's a our fifteen dotcom you're getting louder with out so glad to be back in this. Third, our most important use your knowledge, radio, wonder who wouldn't
you didn't just take one of those energy dive. Did you you look like someone? Are you ok? No, I feel better now than I did all morning, while you barely even at any energy there. The intro you sort of half ass pointed at me when I was reading an interesting story. I look at icy. I've got important papers here that I'm reading rightful as important papers, it's actually the restraining order. I think not there. Jim as out on him This is the converse chuck. I also Abby Johnson, is actually a web extended interview. All the interviews you ve heard today we do web extended versions, uncensored lotta, with credit dot com. We had to let her go. She had to go during the break, so here? We are now with some other news down. Tromp is all over conservative media. Let me say something here: be honest here?
always honest, but really when I say. Let me be honest: it's not like other people who are saying what may be on us, which means they ve been lying, the whole time What I'm saying is I'm going to say something: that's going to pass a lot of you off a lot of that's not anything new. Well, Conservatives aren't going to like this because they bought into Trump wholesale for whatever reason: Donald Trump, it s first, conservative, media them. Conservative media right, the people, there who have the big platforms were golfing bodies or the president's are golfing bodies with Donald Trump probably the worst thing to happen- the conservative movement in a long time, There is whether you, wherever you line up with candidates, Democrats have low information voters. Rush Limbaugh has talked about that to turn its being used, so do Republicans. So do concern
they have low information voters. Those people generally support Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a card carrying Democrats has been no not like Ronald Reagan at one point than changed recently supported. Hillary Clinton recently gave six figure, everyone wasn't giving its Republicans by the way recently supported Barack Obama His whole life accuracy a lawsuit delivering pro democratic liberal. For most of his life, and conservatives for some reason what he showing what needs to be set when there were actually going to do. Let's do this across to segments first segment. Let's let done some digging. Actually, Chris Moody, overt Yahoo NEWS did some digging we're going to give you some recent meaning within the last. Several election cycles quotes from Donald
and they were going to give you some quotes from someone named Carly, fearing I'm not endorsing fearing. I think there are a lot of great candidates out there. I think we have a huge field right now, but I don't think so, people are that there's one person right now, there's one person and only one person who is going. After Hillary Clinton. There's only one person right now: who's not attack ruby, ozone, tack and crews on tackling Trump there's. One person who wants a piece of Hillary Clinton and her name is Carly fearing sure isn't Billy's you I want the whole. No, and she is delivering death blows. I want to put together montage of Carly FEAR Ina, and let the bodies hit the floor, are you sure of law at the body which is not more exactly make. You have got, I wrote my own little laugh improvisational, music, translate years a quote from down from. Let's give this to you right now: if more as a democratic republic. In that letter, good for London shocked
if I said that in many cases I probably identify more as a democrat wooden beforehand. And it seems that the accounts- me does better under the Democrats in the Republicans out shouldn't be that way, but if you oh back, just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats. Certainly did well understood why you like, representing the United States in a deal with around. And with this regime these are really have different people. I think Rudy would do a very good job. I would be very much more. Militant, I think calorie would have always always surrounded herself with very good people. Calorie would do a good job. I think it Romney would be very good. I think different people. For different reasons could do the job. And four summary: we have more things there. That's there's an extra fifty
reset ends on this clip. That's completely unnecessary, but I just asked it. He also went on two years the important context that he went on to bash congolese rice, while praising Eric man- well, I've got you. I've got Ura the music for Carly. We for you, Ok, thank you. That's my ringtone! For my kid, when he goes well again, taken over several interviews and go louder. I got it. I found up. And you have them in some of them will lapse in two thousand three or two thousand for lenders, one two thousand and seven two thousand eight. And then you go when he was no longer running for present. Just watch the celebrity apprentice season. Ok after he find a ran for president, but Fowler paperwork. He was just really submit on promoting a shop this is not someone was respect for the political power.
Says you literally ran for president fake ran for president. Promote his show. That's what I did last. I would do the same thing though I mean that is The only thing that I like about it is that its very showman, and that this, One thing that Angry Tom mentioned on line he tweeted that he doesn't want Peaty Barnum as his president. It's true, I dont think TAT Cruz stands a shot because it comes across as very very weak and I, like TAT, carries a lot as as a person, but it comes across as one he sits there. Any he talks in an interview that a mare here this is a land of immigrants. My family came from here. And we made it work and we de the Americans. Yes, he that I think that the best person for the job of president isn't always
best candidate now, because twigs two different skills sets far as I'm concerned, you need a captain Kirk, you don't need a spark yeah man, then, once there in office, Unita Picard guessing at a picard, I dont know I I dont know. My point is that I am amazed that so The conservatives are pushing him when I was the conservative site. Right now. I dont like John Mccain at all, but attacking John Mccain's times. Prisoner of war, listen, I dont like John Mccain, John Mccain as a coward today, regardless of his service back, then I think he's a guy who caves, I think, he's a guy doesn't have a lot of backbone. Resent many principles bought, Even so, I'm on the last person you would find in a long line of people who do not like I dont like John Mccain, but I have to respect that the guy. This country was taken as a prisoner of war absolutely, but in order to defend Trump people start attacking Mccain it's it's unreal to me that this has happened, that people
bought into it wholesale. I think he serve some valuable purposes. Donald Trump we ve written about that. But This is the man who openly said he's a Democrat who is openly given. Hundreds of thousands of Democrats is openly been a card carrying member of the Democratic Party, who's openly condemned Republicans, who is openly bash. George Bush's openly bash Condoleezza Rice was openly bashed plenty of conservative candidates. Out there Too conservative again, if you watch celebrity apprentice, the last season were pendulum, was on consistently bash the conservatives and praised all the goofy gay stuff. This is guy who is driven by what helps Donald Trump. He is not honest. He is not straightforward. You think this is your one last great hope. I honestly, I am not convinced that he's honestly going to run. I think if it comes down to the fact where he's the guy he's gonna wholly crap I am actually in this thing: he's going to have to find a way to just flame out. I don't think he wants it
All I'm saying is don't go out and say well done from genuine saying it will come back after this break and I'll show you We fear and has been saying I'll, show you how she's been handling the mania dial trumpet the only one saying there is one person out there right now, only one who is ready to by and ngos rate railroad when everybody What did you gotta? They also engage. Oaks took their telling my dad called here's. The jelly really best you dad is best not Magi would doubtless pissed is present. You're gay episode gaze visit busy four commie gales. Music, like you seriously say about your daddy's, the growth of a humorous, not my fault. It's part of listen. I saw what I say: I mean
you don't know what you see. I think it's exaggerates dialing illustrate. How do you know you saw? It is examined our reality and the shell, but let's just not Africa's came from nothing. You might have to have a conversation with your dad. Why don't you get it yoga show me finally uncle that diseases literally like eat. You guys used to pay me. Have you condition we can take My can take any that you're, the one who had a go put your twitter is not gay jeer at which, by the way, is a worse move. You can make Nor did, though, if you honestly, I don't think I don't know if you're gay, I don't love you. Ok, I assume cell ass himself, but that's all worse. Move you can make me want to prove that you're not you're alive. Wake up early Felicia crap we're coming around your listening to louder with prouder. We back. Ok, we just talk about Donald Trump, and
Listen, you can point me a task router. If you think I'm wrong, it's okay, I don't hate people who vote Donald Trump. I see him as a little bit of a litmus test now, certainly between those in the media. People who, like him, but between people and media. If an outlet out there is telling you all about the good of Donald Trump and that out has not told you about its history. As a Democrat, as someone is given six figures eloquent to someone who supported gun control of so many supported illegal immigration is one sport at affordable health supported institutionalized social. Eyes: Healthcare, if they're only telling you the gardener, not telling you that that's a litmus test, their hacks, that they are hacks. Looking for your clicks You can send them this little audio beauty. Is they can't fire me The beauty is they can't take. What I have were honest louder with greater we meet. And a couple of writers, we ve covered the good and the bad with Donald Trump. What are you laughing about funding? We want clicks to those who keep clicking
now we do want clicks, but we do want a lie to you to get clicks. Well now. No, we just want clicks, but more, if we really will talk about Carly fear Rina, Carlos, China has a big black dot on her record right they'll, go after her that when she was head of Hp- ah the value, went down that she wrote devalue down, but that was also around the same time. The Iphone was created Carolyn. Pull out your age, be smart phone right now, listen, she's, not Steve jobs and tech companies. Not all of it rests in falls on a ceo, but I acknowledge that you know she was a first woman. She was all over the news she had broken through that last ceiling. But a lot of people would say she didn't do a good job. That's a valid criticism in that job. That instance of a job. But here some things I would like to live like a run. Some clips here. This is early fearing a recently being interviewed on the planned parenthood situation and asked by Jake Tapir about Scott walkers extreme positions on abortion. It's important for you to note
This is how you handle the media. You don't go away, was governor the Mexicans. You can little but more thoughtful and still leave Jake. Tapir rubbing his bottom. Your position on this legislation, which does not allow exceptions for raving inside what about legislation that sitting on the Senate for right now I would does allow for those exceptions. Anyways also declares Seljouk back. Let's also talking about Hilary. Should opposition. Let's talk about what extreme is it's not a life until it leaves the hospital. That's Hilary COD This position it celery Quintus position, thirteen year old girl need her mothers permission to go to a tanning salon or get a tattoo. But now, to get an abortion. Its Hilary cod his position that women should not be permitted to look at an ultra sound before an abortion, and yet people are trying to harvest body parts can use
ultra sound to make sure that those body parts are preserved, so they can be sold. That Jake is extreme, beautiful, beautiful, there's more to you just to clarify. Do you think there should be an exception for rape in itself I would really be delighted if, for once, the media would ask killers, you just answer the browser extreme. Those unwieldiness decision was not alive and it's not alive until it the hospital, my position is very clear in our deliberations consistent ever since I ran for the Senate in twenty Twond, any one can look it up. Yes, I said exceptions, but the majority of the american people now believe that abortion for any reason at all to be paid for by taxpayers after five months is an abomination and this videotape, whether your approach, choice, woman or a pro life woman. This video tape is depraved casual nature with which these people are talking about fetuses
and tissue and specimens. I tell you what, if a woman looking at that Ultra sounded that same stage in her pregnancy. The doktor would not be talking about fetuses or specimens or tissues. They would be saying: look at your babies heartbeat, your babies, eyes, look at your babies organs earlier, wanna. Thank you so much. Thank you, Jake Tap, the media not quite realising the price they have to pay. If they're going to try and Corner Carly FEAR, Rina. I don't think they really know what their king and see what all the price is wrong. Bitch don't hit the dump fund set up. It's just a joke. I don't do one I've said the word- a you're allowed to say actually words aloud. I was looking at the words that are ok.
Out and John said it on my show before there goes through its very weird thing? The FCC point here is listen we fear arenas not just speaking in platitudes she's. Not just going to a prefab answer. Carly fee arena answers the question. And then drags the leftist hack interviewing her two relevancy with policy. Bring she answered the question and, in short cities board accepting these borders of juice or that are trying to do there trying to get her to say I don't support any exceptions for abortions and rape and incest because they want to paint that is crazy. That's what the media wants to do: and she's, not letting it happen. She saying: hey, hey, hey Jake when we spanker pick your wooden spoon, your God sign pick. Your switch is Mama's,
Molly come home or car just rolled up into the driveway. Mr Tapir right. Child services should come hall me away when I'm through with you Jake. The overwhelming amount of Americans think the taxpayer punted abortion after five right tat, tat, TAT, TAT, TAT, TAT, tat, tat, boom, point f: point after point on data and she's able to retrieve it from her memory bank to bring out against left. We have so many of these things up online with the view another one that no one saw when she was on morning Joe and they asked her what she would. Well. What would you do? You know it's easy to talk of big game. What would you do to help with the bureaucracy and government right away? She goes down the list and I some of you know me out: I want I'm on the shore equally discussing social issues or were hours political sort of social. Commentary, I'm not in the business of endorsing candidates, but I have never seen any body anybody
in my lifetime, directly answer questions and give exact tat enjoyable, specific examples as to how they would fix problem here. That's the tapir view. There certainly comes across a lot better than the ones that I heard when her name first started getting bandied about and she was on Laura and she was on a couple of other things, though interviews. It was always my book, my book, but listening to that makes me say: hey, maybe This is a valid candidate and not just somebody use shilling for a book liking. What I'm hearing now yeah. What she hasn't been talking about her book for a while real in this election trail she em when she was in mourning Joe in God alone. Was crowded outcome. We have this clip up They said. What would you do you Tom? I don't want your Accra c c of experience. What would you do what you want? What are some tangible examples you would do which they will never ask Hillary Clinton. They never asked Barrack Obama she's it. Ok, how about baseline budgeting, every single
portion of the of the government, every single branch of the federal German has expanded year year. Let stew with baseline budgeting, how about pay up performance based, You said this idea of seniority and government that we now ploy regarding what how people are compensated. What they make is ridiculous. I would go to performance based pay baseline budgeting for starters and were at that time that that that that rapid fire down the list, exactly what she would do. I'm tellin you, I'm not looking for Wanna go raw. Her, I heard the Mexicans nah hurry, I'm gonna, take out China and not give me actual answers and solutions. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for we kind of person who gets me excited when it comes to politics is someone who is honest, principled and who offers actual viable solutions. Yeah, we haven't had a viable solution in RO governments, since before two thousand and eight
I just you know. I think that when politicians come out and they they speak and they're just the bluster and then I dont really give an answer as to exactly what they do. Those people If we want to be consistent, we need to come down on them today, what must be abolished the where we need- make sure that they understand it's not acceptable to just rally up there. Ace in say a bunch of crap. It doesn't mean anything yet hey, I'm, I'm putting together a bunch of words that make a phrase. Let's have a rally, I've just adjustment. Comparable with that. I'm pass that. I hope I know people going to be mad because our big, I don't hate Donald Trump. I will,
Don't I just don't. I dont like seeing people be led along the path and nothing adequate funds being quiet because he's looking his lips and what did you PETE? I ate some seriously good chicken breakfast tat. It was in the fridge Gently woman up yeah, I put in the microwave lotta with crowd of state to theirs. Or chicken love books, but there's a our aloud with greater still to come, Now, what are you doing here? Listening to the show but you're missing? So much content at Lahti with credit outcome. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Not me gold or silver we're getting pocket gathers. News, videos and explosive? Stop it. You don't fear on terrestrial radio began its toll free without us he's got any money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
I will quote argued that is actually a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com. One tat we thank you for doing it and singing rivers, Cuomo, profession, with leader? Wasn't enough needed, but what can I say, can you say for when I sing people collapse? I think that's you now. I love
you're, the one clapping I used to be a bar band people in only one who thinks that poor form what you will. Like when you watch award. Should I wanna give us on warden. They walk up in their their clapping. For themselves, is kind of stupid, but you moron you're, the one that is getting the award stop clapping and I don't want to do if it s just a pavlovian, like all people, are clapping, I'm clapping to art there like a seal August, it could be clapping, warlike the studio or the whole ensemble like there wasn't just a specific person, but maybe one kind of base year receiving the ward based not enough in place of your I'll show. If you're winning like likes best actor yeah, that's pretty stupid. Yeah! That's pretty gay comment. Birmingham! Oh yes, there's a gay policies like to do that that now,
story. This progress this week see Mcdonald's as its worst outlook. In twelve, you worst financial outlook. In twelve years you see that funding yeah. That's because I finally convinced my youngest son that he should like Wendy's better What why why was so important to you, because Mcdonald's is crap. And when one is not crap now Wendy's is good, better fries, better burgers better looking Red headed MC commercials not acquire. Oh, my god, it all comes under the redhead. Comes down, surprises, soggy cardboard! No, they don't! They actually have like part of skin still on the fries. Their fries tastes like if you were to deep rye, all of Donald Trump Chapter, eleven bankruptcy papers and seldom he's writing it, as he said not unaware that. Now you say that that is running out
hey scuba. Has that that little bit that taste of failure you're in no aggressor. Failure, aggressive failure; Would you remember rallies Sprise, rallies Fried is where are these aground Aceh some rallies are now called checkers, but checkers and rallies are the same company. And they just how's your names for some stupid reason. I remember there was a story on twenty twenty I was terrified. It was about. Chiropractors is about cod. Fractures, snatching up, kids and pop in their backs like make like exit parents to like, I don't know. I just watch as a kid I swear uses. The true story is the dumbest thing ever is true. They bar Walter's like you, Cairo targeting young children. You know how she get a job as a broadcaster on their understand, hey, can you get? Someone is unattractive, ya, think in fine one issue, to have a lisp, though a g rural and we're gonna have to really search. I allow a hey Barbara, yes, would you like to be abroad?
after it's been my dream so anyway, our Walter's was like twenty twenty and your tongue MA chiropractors. Will it work on kids, and I remember the kids I better go and even as a kid I might have been seven and I'm thinking Well, this is illogical. Author popping your back to stop getting in the car and they would have lure them in taking them to rallies first. So that's that's. What triggered what you say, rallies bondage. I was walking home from school one day and some guy pulled up. I was prevail. Elementary, so would have been fifth or sixth grade in guy pulled up some carpal. That was probably asking for directions, and I was thinking my god he's going to my back and what about chiropractor? I was terrified of chiropractors as a kid that was like my stranger danger- was hacking chiropractor doktor danger Warning will Robinson
if only we wicked, warn people I mean I usually just you know they don't usually abuse. You accept your wallet. Chiropractors do Then there are a few very good ones, some of which are our advertisers. Looking well right now have to be quiet. Be careful what you I remember. Someone wanted to send me a bill at twenty five hundred dollars for a visa, for this treatment back and I know what's wrong with my back: I've had spinal surgeons. Look at my back I've them. You know I have full of go to have some pretty serious injuries and I'm a roman to a buck. Chiropractors tasked with my information that already had- and he said one point- four billion dollars worth treatment. And I didn't given the I had? I just gave him the x rays. And he told me a ring that was wrong, but we knew from memorize what was wrong. He told me, was wrong and I was not at all but was actually wrong and he offered me treatment, expert. Twenty five dollars news gone. You have a YO, Yo Yo. Her needed you have a compressed disc is what you have here see this year. I can already tell us he goes and we can now. You know
that's never fixable and later on August. Eighteen hundred dollars, nice well, you said compressed dictionary. Compressed discs are never fixable. And he said there but we can help treat it I said well what about decompression therapy, which is modern therapy where they decompress your spine, and he said how did you know about that?. That's because I've been deal with a spinal surgeon, dumb, ass everything you just told me was a lie: you're gonna hit ill for one in five hundred dollars. Well, I can tell you lookin at this x ray, I said, I've got em arise here in this. I didn't given to you to see if you were lying and clearly want influx. Then you can fix a car without overlooking under the hood some people, some practicing them a very limited purview as to where they may help, which is, if you have specific spinal injuries or maybe alignment and the MRI eyes and the the x rays are done. They can help with that, but they're not gonna fix your head called or your allergies with spinal. Readjustment adjustment, it's just its its unreal. It's a big, it's a big scam or most chiropractors.
There was one. I remember in nineteen, eighty nine I was working at a radio station called WMD queue up in Roger City, Michigan and we had a client that was a car wreck. Your place, and I said I'm gonna, go over there and I'm gonna get things checked out. Sometimes my back would get sore even then when I was thin and she just sat bottles of alleged medicine. On my back and then said this will help you, I said, are you planning on putting the bottles of medicine known. This is all you need. Unlike you, ve got to be kidding me This is the deal this thing. I've ever seen, and then they tell you about the they either pharmaceutical industrial, complex death, wise to keep his back. If you will come and it uses, put the bottles on your back. Are you crazy? Those guys are recharge, it's it's and there are some good car back. You're not telling me said, but enough there promising you more than just some basic adjustments. Now now don't buy
Two anyways, I want a whole new spine. I just want to have a whole new spine installed, like wharf did adamant by now would be awesome. There would be called out he just at a whole new cling on spying re grown and put in figure. This first Can we talk about tangents, you mentioned rallies and it made me twenty twenty structural or chiropractors Snatching up children- and and I remember I hate to say, but I remember it was a Michigan It was a black remember sitting there never liked what what what did they do? You wear it. They picked me up dear Papa back, I could get my back up the bill. Why? You never really like what. Why wasn't marble authors? Who was the location? Reporters she set it up and we'll. Why would you keep going bigotry? rallies in stickers, what I just sit around. I can remember this clear as day if anyone out there, please tweet me it s crowded or send it to me. If you can find this report, because I swear to you, I was terrified macro brac to resist because of the
because of that one report. You know it come on after tea giant answered, like twenty two you now and be these just these horror stories. I remember being afraid of the island all in the cupboard because of all cyanide, multilevel. All when I was younger. A razor blades in the candied. You know what they're saying that actually never happened. Just an urban legend. I mean I'd, no, it could have happened. Maybe gauge arrogance and opinions on this matter was like twelve housing. Gonna know allied violate. I might have some. You know something in his background where something like this. You know there is obviously something not quite right with his childhood from the turn out. The way he did did you ever have anyone like messed with your hallowing candy. My parents are like that. Strangers are reasonably since their razor blades candy. Parents
Let me check for savings there. We missed opportunity with planned parenthood. Now gonna put razor blades in this kid's candy. We can't get rid of him. Jerry was, stupid in even higher. That's a new Kennedy is called Gillette. The best man can do there, you go ya, tries Gillette what s the chocolate dive and even worse, I found was lollipops that an intelligent, a persecuted on arms legs by these Ladys, your past them out there they ve been sucked downloaded yeah. Oh that was roundly tat was pretty common, wasn't so much you know malicious intent, as their social security checks- were commonly gather behind an uncle Drunk Steve They were steed was french gray, s name was speed, hilarious is and that he would always just forget that it was. Louise, and so give us like a six pack of Pepsi. Now that I can deal
with yeah, so we ought won't guess what we didn't we were thirsty was hollowing. We knew we wake a functional state, shrunken stupor, Are they boys following a buyer I don't know a museum, you like vague when he was looking for candy. I forgot to go to the junk juncture, was like our right at this juncture and where he would do the whole song and dance routine like we knew he was just waits distance fitted. You guys Dagda Pepsi, always best do not Coca COLA. You, like the Pepsi, we're like oh yeah. I guess you know I guess we can do that will take a Pepsi anyway back to Mcdonald's number. First, though, that bring another point Billina, yet Tangent Pepsi in Coke. Why can't see people, like both I, like both Pepsi, an coca, depends by what I'm in the mood for, I don't know, I you know that you see there are the Pepsi challenge there you're that journey.
Arousing grand been untiringly. Did it down on beach? They, like. Camera? Some of them are gonna use it for commercial or some local thing, but they were taping near like I want to be paid for being a mere commercial right. Well, there the rooms, one of them the challenges it sure, so they having the cups nor covered Nego, which one you like better and I drink one the other one, and it is one that is clearly better I suppose you mean the one that's been refrigerated worsens the one that's been sitting in the sun. My dad's refrigerated Wanna Pepsi. Ok, move along down, Align kid so designers, that's the kind of stuff that list it happens in all media and someone going mad that I defamed Donald Trump There are low information voters on both sides left or right. There are low information consumers mostly on the left, no honour We found a bike and listen you're. Twenty is your much more liberal than I'm I'm I'm quite it used to be you'd. Think that law,
rules are dumb. Conservatives are smart, I'm entirely. It's not as simple as that there are smart people on the left. There are smart people on the right. There are dumping on the left, their dumping on the right. I generally believe that people on the right of more understanding that economic, but the general rule they tend to be more business owners. They tend to be more proactive, more involved in their communities, but there is still plenty of people who are unintelligible side, but liberals do tend to have more education, a bigger diplomas, if you will more letters after their name. What surprising, as when we look at the fans. No, we have millions of people across Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. My general demographic, almost while nearly all of them are college educated, most of them have college degrees and they tend to be. You know younger males. If their older, they tend to be educated females. So am I
sperience most people who are conservatives out there tend to be educated but yeah. They might not be you know, they're, not the kind of thing Here's the thing. Are you considering a masters in german poetry to be have how a degree, because levels at the corner on that one german poetry would probably be pretty cool. I like The sound of the german language when I watch german films track drunken stupid is nowhere to go through life. So now see imagine how much better that would sound of he said it in German. You so angry. Gosh. I think about listening to some Ramstein after I get them with the show. Never go for retired menial till half past me the point is: this: Mcdonald's has the worst financial outlook in twelve years scorn one of the reasons, and this is Mcdonald's rub themselves. At least half of the operators in my region are on the verge of collapse, with minimum wage for fast food food workers, potentially increasing to incredibly high levels. We are facing a car
the situation Mcdonald's now with a bad financial outlook, their bracing for a while, worse financial outlook because raising minimum wage, it doesnt work Let me just be clear about something you do. We talk about the minimum wage thing for a while right, yeah. Berger. We reached a point in this country where burger flippers, believe that their burger flipping is a fifteen dollars an hour skill set, a necklace monkey could do their job, I've looked NEO liberalism and how many times you we're gonna talk about, not mourn. I I've, seen a chimpanzee right, a subway and am entirely convinced that that's more difficult than flipping burgers at Mcdonald, and this is important to know when you talk about the minimum wage K. Why this is cisely why we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy. Democracy, he is mob rule and the
Fathers were very concerned about a more majority, simply voting in their own self interest, basically, parasites who will eventually devour their hosts Paris It's like burner flippers. Refuse to learn any discernible scale who refused to. Gate themselves who refused to take go out and start businesses of their own, who want their God we paid. They don't want to provide anything. They dont want to increase right the size or go out and bake more pies for the economy. They just want to take more and if we hit the point where they oats in their own, self interest and boat themselves, a higher minimum wage ever collapses we'll talk. There's more rapid, all up in a nice bow warrior after we keep the lights on with these sponsors outer with round serious time
Super serious, a lot of Ukraine, had listening to this by guest aren't even following me on twitter at s greater. There is all kinds of stuff that you'll find on their you won't. You are on the spot, gas Youtube videos and you can follow my into boarded producer at Funding Dan. Finally, a plug for me. First, twenty, Secondly, this louder with prouder promo in your dog, about Stephen Friggin groundwater, to cry out what you do you think life both crowd or at s crowd or follow me follow at funded Dan. Just try to not make him cry. Arkwright tears of joy with a terrorist. Take you out.
You never know what you expect during this show. What what are you talking about wonder? Well, I just gotta. Very interesting text, message from Gay Jared in it really explains it. All I think so. I think it was a picture a deal hugely, but are you or you Julie? Perhaps
That was miles. Boyfriend file as well as one has got a nice little picture. Oh man, there are some people on twitter right now, really mad! Listen! Listen this this cruise, twenty sixteen character, I like TED crews. I said I like tat I didn't say all Donald Trump voters will in low information voters. I said those p or on the right who tend to be more low information, would tend to vote Donald Trump K. Let me to find myself here, doesn't mean that you can only be a low information voted for Donald Trump, If you are a low information vote or someone who doesn't do research, someone who doesn't engaged in a political process. Going to know about Carly fear, Rina you're, not to know about TED crews. You're not going to know about Walker you're, not going in all about, ran Paul you going to know about these people because they're, not cultural icons, Donald Trump is, Donald Trump, it's a celebrity, so we have a lot of people who are engaged in politics at all who here Donald Trump say something and go. Oh, I like that our vote for him. So yes
very nature more low. Formation? Voters would ten to vote, Donald Trump on the right doesn't mean that all low information, but if about job- and it doesn't mean that your low information voter, if you support Donald Trump, if you do that's fine mildly, thing, is you have to justify your position on a guy's flip locked in even hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton and said she would be better than candle rice and camp. Right, supported our campaign in Illinois and was foregone control and force or less healthcare mildly thing. Is you have to rationalize your position beyond? Will Reagan with a democratic one point: do you know answer for that. Donald Trump needs a flash of genius moment. Donald Trump needs. The was my epiphany. This is when I realized. I was wrong any adventure in the world has to prove that if you you invent a longer lasting light bulb and someone else resent you shouldn't for fur patent infringement. What's going on, you're going to get to court in their rooms. They will lose your flash of genius moment because we found that when people come up with very create
ideas or their original or they They change their world view in every. Yes, it is a tribute, its a trip well to what we call a flash of genius moment. There's a moment when the lights go out. That's why it's used in court. I want to know what thou trumps flash of any moment it. That's all, that's my only question outside of that I think you're right now we're getting some news coming from off. It looks like it was a fifty something you're old, drifter. With the shooter. That's terrible watch it watch it this week, there's going to be a push for gun control, there's going to be a push for gun control and then they're also going to be people in the right. We're going to create a conspiracy theory and said it was all orchestrated by the left of the false flag to push for gun control. So use your brain, there will be a push. There will be a pivot, probably as soon as the show is done from Barack Obama to move into,
limiting guns again there will never be an outright ban, but I wouldn't be the first step, the artificially manipulate the market may be. Is the government's buying power to create a shortage? Now would be the first time it's happened. That's what's going to happen now, don't buy into the high from conservatives peddling there in our self they were getting pocket catheters. Who will try and tell you that this is a false fly, orchestrated by the left. In order to take your guns, that's not true! Gay there. A tragedy out there that the left can use to politicize your rights they don't need orchestrated, they don't need, shooting orchestrate shooting there will always be. There will always be evil among us. There will always be mass shootings in its terrible. My thoughts and prayers dropped that family it will almost all occurring gun free zones, I don't know how you think. That's gonna stop of no de I honestly, if you can tweak me it s, let me know if you think a valid argument for gun free zones, room
They somehow limit gun violence. I have not fond of you easy anyway, that would curbed nonviolent. Now, because it's just keeping the people who are law abiding citizens from bringing their guns in and the law breakers are not going to Following the signs that it's stupid that a little stick around the door is gonna, make a difference, Chattanooga Gun for his own movie theater. Funding where you are gun free zone, there's a trend here, the trend, a gun free zone, your exposed, right, because everyone knows there's no way for you to defend yourself, put up a sign in your house and gun free seo comfortable. You want, you won't be. Could you Oh, it's dangerous, you know it's exposing and Democrats want all us in John Free Zones, all the time don't be fooled
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