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#34 Dean Cain and Milo Yiannopoulos! "Gay Jared" Goes to Detroit!

2015-07-31 | 🔗
This week Dean Cain stops by to talk politics with Milo Yiannopoulous while simultaneously allowing him to geek out like the super-fan he is. Also, Gay Jared shares with us his first experience venturing into Detroit!"

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You found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks entertain like a whole bunch of others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body, everybody hates my opinion. We are definitely going to get letters. Listening top radios, strangest you're, getting louder with router speedy. Us are glad to be here, of course, Gowan Strange Animal. I love it. I love you. I love the world and I right. Here's the thing I don't be adjourned.
I will go. There will be discussions of Detroit Ray. I knew that is as soon as I said at the different you, like all I'm gonna latch on to something I can argue with funds about for three hours. No, no! No! No! No! It's just the fact that your delusional so glad before it listen, I don't even get to introduce you as the most innocent limits. Let me restart this alliance. Our house producer. That's right I am your hosts, Stephen Crowd or louder with crowded the most insubordinate producer in all of radio fun DIP Dan glad to be here. Ok, so what on us this week has been, but all planned parenthood and news a little bit. Donald Trump, if you got a lotta with greater dot com with talked about Carly FEAR, Rina, quite a bit who I'm developing a little bit of a crush on grows. I what's wrong with you: she has horrible skin. Funding she's going to be on the show dumb ass. I'm sorry, but I am not attracted her. I think she's a great king
and a great human. Beyond what I was saying: ok, you said you were attracted honour as you're only attracted like fourteen year old girls. No, that's not I would say eighteen and one slash. Eighteen and one slash. That's gonna think one yeah exactly even be even gauge here. It is looking at me already ignore Gay Jared thinks you're a pervert. There's nothing wrong with being around there's nothing wrong. Ok of perversion, supplant parenthood, is the big thing in the news is: have you been watching these videos? Are they come out behind it? I can't watch more than the first when the gross me out so bad. It's it's really rough, of course, a centre for medical progress with Abbe Johns Non last week. You're here's the thing to note about this I've. I don't know exactly what I can reveal, but it's going to get worse before it gets better you ve had directors and executives replant parenthood come out and say the real outrage here, as that these people are by this. The deception.
The real outrage is not actually killing babies and selling their parts on the black market. The real outrageous! If someone you hidden camera, the real outrage that go prose created some new technology and here's the thing about this too. I'm not talk about bright part, the trademark, of course, a bright Bart, the man. This is as close to what Andrew Bright Bart did as I have seen since his passing, I mean Is really just sort of what they did with ACORN corn Hannah Giles and James gifted with ACORN to planned parenthood? they have lured the media in the meat it came in and defended bland parenthood. After the first video, they knew what they were predicting it and as a continued to defend it. They started. fall one by one by one. and this thing you can see from these videos if you haven't seen it got a lot of credit outcome for those of you who I've heard of this. Yet this week these people have gone into plan parenthood. They ve posed as people looking
by fetal tissue and they basically by intact baby parts livers kidneys. Reynolds I'm even now I dont know adrenal glands would be intact and they ve got more. They ve got more videos coming out here. Someone so telling funding is. Planet, parenthood and enough you saw they ve tried to slap gag order on them through the courts. Have you seen us all they're, trying to make sure that nobody can release any more videos and the law. it is going along with it because, of course, everyone knows that you, no freedom of speech, not rights. What efforts I lean left on a lot of things, but on this one I just want a slap on right enough head with a you, but you did a fist when you said slap, so you want to when a punch, you need to be clear with her motives: Radio I don't know: what's I got, my coffee are probably want to punish him with my right hand, slap with my le how aggressive government junk how aggressive do you want you wanna, be like you now, playful, so
Murmured you wanna, be like Zoe church Randy with Ben Shapiro, aggressive. want to be more like Dean, Kane beaten lacks Luther. Do up pop laxative jus. I forgot we didn't even Lee with that great guests coming on at the at the a bottom of the hour. Here we have Dean Cain and Milo unit. Of course, dean. Kane Clark, Kent funded swearing, Superman's shirt, Hildy, talking about an Milo Monopolise up editor at large. I'm right, my lawyer, novelist, pants, yes, Actually a blatantly homosexual men, whose also funnily enough very conservative, so it's pretty interesting. I want to see the dynamic at play between Dean Kane. Superman, obviously very steadily, guy heterosexual, socially liberal than Milo, whose from the UK, whose gay but socially more conservative sorts it'll be interesting to see what the dynamic is like their Anna big thing, Milo, you novelist just reached out to me. This weakens it hey. I am. such I am
such a dean came from, I dont know I don't know anybody anything, but if you can introduce meeting- and I will owe you huge Oh this is this- is one of his dreams and that every rhymed with I will owe you ok. He ate This information programme, which nicety listen. Your offending gauge. Erin will also be talking about. Gay Jared took his first trip into Detroit this week and we're not going to go into that right now, because that deserves its own either segment or our I haven't determined yet because we really do need to go through and and and put gay jeered on the couch, because Detroit again that just sound right. You engage year it on a couch work with. You won't get your mind out of the gutter, you're disgusting, human being, who only the that's why you work
radio and that's. Why would do this? We do the so remotely, because I want to be in the same room with you that, often or even if you were Here- You'D- be like across the hall behind two sets of double pained glass. Is a glass. It seems more like a like a fiber kind of material The actual glass, dear little glass, that's nice! Spare, no expense! I would die, I would say, That's the planned parenthood thing. It's have you not simply talk about on the programme, but we had already Abbe Johnson and we ve made abortion jokes before, of course we're all pro life. That's one thing we're we're all completely pro life here, but there is going to get worse before it gets better. In one thing, I think people should really know here is, if you or innocent, You truly believe that you're in the right, you say, release as many videos as possible area concur, and I make one what the union thing right, of course, has grown up with an idle talk about this law, but I was going up a liberal would be,
understatement entirely funded by F Elsie. I prosecute they're in in lancing If anyone goes back and traces back, my tweets visited every put your foot footage? That's what there's more photos you could ever watching a lifetime on you You might have em any angle, you have send it use it. And that what we were always really transparent, same thing with Andrew Bright Bart end up, you are like soon storm, and that is that the ECB men know that serve. It has two for cheese, invisible, woman, totally transparent. Yet why'd, you know, that's the one thing I try to do, I'm everyone is full, they right? We all have our mistakes. Were mistakes will ever flaws? I'm fine with apologizing, if I think I'm wrong, but I'm never going to be someone to apologise, because someone else tells me to apologize. For example, I'm never going to apologize for killing a lion I probably will never kill a lion, but You did. You would never see me again. I killed a lion there, it's a stew
but what, if I hunted a bear, not happening, Bear sausages, grave alliance or kiddies funded ill. article I know at a logical, but you can't it's stupid. It's that illogical stupid. Sometimes I don't know I'm stupid, it's ok, I, the first is admitting it. say you were stupid. That is, I am stew, well, well that the other better than they do. This thing, I ever said, was fraught yeah Friday, yeah, ok you don't have to be here. It can produce this. Yet it kid can't get beyond the board. Unless I turn it on You can produce every three hours, but it's like you're the AOL, I'm that I am the gatekeeper. Did you bear you, the key master. There is no data, soon announced
good I was good. Might proximity effect may have that again give it to me again. There is who do not own the zoo, I'm a guy. I can't believe you said that Bundy body with I will talk about Cecile the lion when it first read, and I thought all know so. Indian died out with greater we'll be back, we can only be so lucky and now it's time for your dating advice, minute with pill, cause wage level comes to obey robber, us. Problem lab Roger he has a problem, will get worse.
Get over the rustle cover up to help the brig with rough thou was not passed by. We all have something like what happened with sometime when you do sometimes, and sometimes it can be driven by stress what you got to do was get the doctor to give you the pill. I'm going to bring you could have caused. This has been your dating advice. Men with.
Nor listening it allowed and with greater. Why you want to use anybody's, gets us nowhere, I am radio and pod gas land. You get outcast as you come back in IRAN, cassettes baby and nowhere else does does the prince. User complain about said music selection, a you ok, I don't you find a lawyer ass. Fine, it's a good we'll get. You know he they did, that that was outcast, I'm only recently the do that used to be in the black eyed, peas, crappy, racist. no, he wasn't in the wide eyed peas.
Seriously that's the name of the band right. Ok, let me educate you, you fool black I'd, be ok It was thirty re Andre. I was real under two thousand under five thousand. It's like one hundred adds the guy. It's like super soaker as you like, but which one you have the two thousand and five thousand ones a backpack ones like a super pump, but they're they're, both thousands atto rocard, two thousand or wherever Andrea yeah. He was in four brothers actually also shown Detroit or people like. Oh, my gosh there's no way that that's like I'd blazing saddles that there's no place in the world, that's that bad or in America, and think that knowledge went to anywhere in Detroit to shoot four brothers. But Andrei was an outcast. Ok, Ramey winning Hip hop group, but Voice. Remarries, we odium him. Black eyed peas are pollination to all that is good in the world, but I tell you what, when Fergie put out her solo M Strip
around the world United and said we ve got some fresh music to play step, side bond Jovian, Alice Coopers poison. We ve got We ve got a song from a girl. Who was one of us. That's exactly right. There's something about Fergie. When I look at her- and I just you know your name, Yet we have to look at you and it's funny because a lot of people that in our drunk that I've talked to a lot of drugs, they like yeah, fergie, oh yeah, and am I dude, I know no, I'm a creep and even I know, she's not good. Looking! Yes, if you want to you, wanna go full on Japanese and put on the surgical mask. You know, like she's, got Sars or something yeah. Oh, very much! You don't wanna, take the Toronto airport, so big news story outside a plan. Had planned parenthood very little outrage from the left, though, interestingly enough Hilary
what an even herself said hey. We need to launch an investigation into plan parenthood. Nowhere from when you Davis, but everyone was outraged, contrasting with drink your coffee in the MIKE disgusting, human being, but I'm waken up no the sad part as Gauger, not the sad borders. Let me take its vultures yet another That point is literally the best part of waking up for fund. It is that in it CUP. There's nothing else for him, but he s to wake up, believe you me if I could stay in bed with my cat all day and never get out of bed. I would be one those homebound morbidly obese duties. They got a folder. That's one hell of a blog is vital and the fear of dead air without vultures, eyewash master, when the rag on its dick with boulders, I I don't
sort of a human being compunction, bathes and survival because, like back its, if If I think that I'm gonna be having dinner with garotters, why for something in the. And series I got like showered. I even put a little bit. acts on my arms in you. It was just like you moors you don't this normal days now you. May. I just use mild spice deodorant. Why somewhat acts like a special occasion, yeah is the tuxedo for funds will see. I can't use as an actual under arms Brady arise, weighty, I'm gonna. Take you out to us special Danner because you Eddie I'm aware my acts. Are you now? It's really nice seriously. It burns saw use my regular. You know old spies. organised immigrants may not into this those with thirteen, your girls, that's what they like asking the commercials. The calmer eighteen and a half to two and a half on paper
all right. Let's go we're Doin Cecile the lion. I swear to you. When I first read the headline I thought so in the end, I you know because only read a few letters, I'm sure we ve gotten that letter at one point words, you know all the only the first and last letters are right in the phrases in the in the words in the phrase is arranged in the way, and you realize I read this whole phrase and no word was spelled correctly. Have you ever seen those? it's basically what happened at whatever my friend Frank. Writes me uncle fine. Looking to Digital, here's here's the thing with a Cecile the lion dies. I met a lion hunter, I'm not a big game hunter right, so it's not something I would like to. I dont begrudge anyone for doing it. I do think that If I mean there's no other reason than go to Africa, let's be honest like that guy, Paid for the permits align honey contributed like ten percent of their gdp. Ok, you're not going to ask For any other reason
four missionary work to help people or to kill something that can kill you. Those are the two reasons you girls but see for me. I would want to get you know like the the most awesome zoom lens, really good camera equipment and get lions and zebras in an I would want to get photographs of undermining our own or Yoda Wikipedia younger Wikipedia. I want the Ottoman empire. Imagine not my arm. Stop derailing what up I'll what about stop derailing here? Thank you very much. Thank you very much fund. It wants it to Pokemon Snap, that's what he wants: a black Africa, the point is. I don't have anything against another against hunting. That's something I do, but people got so out. Aged about the state they were just having Jimmy Chemo was crying. Ok, from what I understand the guy got the permit and he did a hunt legally I really just the way.
No, yet it seems like you screwed up in didn't realize it was a famous line, as it really is only error, I think the guides. Actually got the wrong line because he had guides taking him from what I read and the guides didn't real they're like all were digging into the lion Ryan they come to the wrong lion. What and we'll have Gerald come in actually later in the show, because another turn it shuts has got its business down. He's a dentist. You can never a piece, left us so now there tricky apologizes, listen. I did not know that it was that line. I'm very sorry this happened there trying to shut him down death threats Gerald. Actually, this week, simplified wine. One of our sponsors had a death threat in his office, because someone made a mistake and Someone said something on Facebook that I guess was conservative and they attributed it to where he has his office. So there's some some parallels airily pretty funny. This is what happens, though, now somewhere kills alliance. This happens every day. The mistake he made was killing a famous line right. People. outraged at the abortion that people selling baby parts people aren't outraged at the complete
in total, wise being issued by the United States. Federal government are not even outraged at trumps, hair, they're out that a lion got shot in Africa. Because it was some kind of a celebrity inwardly, What bothers me is that we're all supposed to be outraged, you not come. the starting point of, if you're not outraged you're, a terrible person, these, People are outraged at all the dear who get killed there not outrage at the bears, who get killed this it will the demon trying to sell every single species as an endangered species forever. You go to the zoo lines endangered. Now these it is an endangered now, every that leaves out. Do you know that You know that the New York pigeon is an endangered species. We have we ever do. We need or billion dollar grant to save a New York pigeon ever thing is endangered. You stricken down, it's like sure. Rats and sparrows Everyone wants to get some money to study and endangered species. Have you would do a zoo? Yet
We get your due notice that everything is endangered. There's always like you know at risk. They they go pre hard core. Promoting that You ve noticed that fundamental. You like animals, but all you notice and do it's been a while, since I've taken bent the you because he's now at that age, where anything? recommend ay. Let's do this do that. I hate that I was in what you do take. He's a big youtube. Guy yeah, you just sit in front of the tv. We get the Samson Smart TV, he watches Youtube and I have to rag him away from what am I gonna? Let's go get some tacos or somethin Can I want you to my mom's Iphone? Well, where are the Togo Place now try to interact with other human busy watch the video games on Youtube people playing began. He why I posted a couple of things to make fun of what he does my Youtube Channel, he watched, these things where it you see that stupid video game in some idiot talking about it for forty five minutes.
I now it so it's a we're. Generational get fucked sounds to me like we're. No, no breaks and we're going up drinking coming up Milo Europe was happy, aren't daytime! That's right! Happy birthday! Didn't came will be talking about, what a social issues with them will be talking not so much about abortion, but drifting dean, Canaan Milo monopolised, stated. hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded. To tell you about. One of my favorite sites on the web are fifteen. I know you hear fifteen saving black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal permits, forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business and talking ammo accessories upbraids. All of it can be found at a are fifteen. That's a our fifteen dotcom. Your listening.
Togo eleven louder with crowd. Her outer nice does lead to have these next guests with me, despite be technological, like here. We ve got to guess ok for a couple of years, and let me set this up with both of them on before Milo Europe was, of course, they contributor to write bar. Brilliant man in lovely and he's off A super fan of another guest was one of our first guess. The programme d. came so Milo Dean Dean, Milo Chairs, make good at making Mila refer in that region?
Thus, while tags, you show civil now you're like mile you're Deacon out about it, I really have you. I don't know anybody anything, but if you can introduce me to maintain, I owe you one why what I said. I think what I said was earlier that guy gets out, because I mean, if you really need to get this week coming ashore with way cooler about at the map. Well, You said something interesting miles out as a dynamic Lewis and Clark, when I grew up on and then Mila. What do you call it? A UK, you don't say Lewis and Clark, no working. We called it. The new adventure, the sick man wish list. all night. right off the bat where that, actually eighty Peters, who was a present throughout their the UK, came on the show- and I was over There- the UK do and promote- and I was aware every place you go. It's actually called sentinel, but differently market it that way. Tat was back in the old ones: toilet cleaner. Yes, exactly what do you know their toilet, cleaner? They called for the greater. We call it, but I don't know
can use it? I actually have someone, I don't know, but maybe you didn't wash out your toilet mouse, my love from the way you were talking and complaining about the technology before the break. Okay, Milo you're, a big fan of the new adventures of Superman Dean. Do you find it there's a different? I have found in the? U K versus the United States like our they. I mean I was miles different. You know, because it has a total crushing you, but like for the general fail, but you know you find a different reaction everywhere in some places. This is this was particularly church. two years ago. It's not so much now, because everything gets released at the same time. Internationally is showing something here, a Netflix, it's all over the place, and you can get it anywhere before it was about three to six eight ten months, maybe sometimes a year before the showed errand, country show. There are certain areas of the show did very well the UK, Australia, France and in their workplaces, and
still he just just odd, where the show did well, but I don't find that the fancy be tremendously different, I would imagine that, like an Egypt, they would have the blow out like we talked about Terry hunters, bosoms and the intro, but in France they would just photoshop it. So you could see nipple. That's why I like rats and in the Uk Milo, so you must have a different rating was considered like a children's show their or how is a senior, He was on around the time I got home from school, and yet at the time, which is great,
yeah cause, I'm like so young dimension really of tv shows ominous school silent about that. But now I think it was a little do you think you could watchman guy from schools could watch guiding STAR Trek. Voyageurs STAR Trek, despite nine or you, could watching events the sick man. They want different channels so yeah night with this it was I mean I don't think I know anybody who didn't watch it. They only had free channels by the weather was DC, one BBC too, and sky registered a. I believe this is the you don't know about that until they do in the state. Most of it is entirely crap. We were giving We were given a cable box. Might my wife- and I we invented most of your tv shows s sure to have a good stuff. Really it's coming. well, you can get a gay people. I come all James
all reality shares borders that people like on Netflix. If I'm really makes of nineteen nineteen nineteen, seventeen, british TV shows oranges and you black is a remake of bad girls from HIV in the ninety. Ninety is that at the moment, given space, a house of cards, the remainder of something BBC, every we invented all yogurt tv now have now can argue with the odd I don't you know the problem as they ought to come the United States to be successful, Milo still of that, but they let the number one draft pick get away. I would have behind. I hear what you ve done. as a bench warmer, Milo, yeah, what's funny because it you guys actually copied a lot of stuff from Canada, the newsroom in Canada and what was it Larry Sanders show newsroom in Canada with before the Jeffrey, Jeffrey Us Jeffrey no there's one Canada it was before Enthusiasm was before the office, it was called the newsroom in Canada and it was uproar
lay funny and wildly inappropriate, but yeah there's a lot of similarities between canadian television. I think an english television allow. of coin in time and on culture is now that you ve Canada as a year as an inspiration. Yes, this is, Canada, is a silly place, but there are a colleague where you're from where I was from. We didn't have conservative. We had liberals and we liberal separatists and come it's ok, so we're gonna call women eclectic mix. Sardine came last time. You were on his full name. Dean came right. Having my whole life not deem now I've Bible, I've, too little didn't came to hey pops before we get into that, have you seen the sketch were cut the guide as this picture perfect impression of Kojak any references. You know how He comes back at me like he's, coming back as Kojak, but beating up hipsters, you have
I don't know what a real man like with your Dean Keynes, David BAR ends, is you're. Pretty boys says that use a view of the reference to this pretty boy, not real man. As a pretty boy. That's that's! I haven't you, prettier than Kojak so pretty whereby would hear it that's true idea, through both an example the wrong I'm about as far removed the hit from a head start as possible to get and mighty crushes Working Cain and David Marianna I simply wrong. I mean, on the one hand you ve got your very positive, all the ambiguous and complex carriage, a sick man on the other. You got this like brooding. Dead do either hipster. I convey, though some none of this is even tie wrong about I'm sure it's very hundreds, its scope, because if they also we're we're couple o a hip seward, whatever pretty boys that my whip coding yes. Yes, I don't know it's a very funny. Guy off Broadway, any he's very finally got thirty seconds of three minutes. I have the time to thirty seconds gauge area producing today and he's, as you know, it's a nightmare so
here's! What want to do! I want to get very much aunt. I want to give you This money must be the only on time, gay in the world. We have to go to a break, you will come back and then we'll talk. Politics will be back with Dean pain, my own monopolise engage year and will be fire lotta with prouder stated. This is powder with router being short, a visit louder with broader doctor
I don't wanna be spent or Norway brace yourself gather your loved ones, and you guys for weeks. Why are you still here Doornail morning last warning? There may spend doorway
This is loud or with ground to be back up. I saw how the neglect of medicines is talking about food yakking, linking called a pretty what I saw you on American one year I get but you're, not weep, ok and honey. community ministry, I'm sure it must bother you because all of these actors might here's my very dean and then I'm sorry, my animal, bringing into politics both of you. Here's my theory, dean, I'm a pretty big guy right about sixty tuna quarter, and am I've been eyes. That's the effort in here
We would incur kids showing their gigantic Ireland. A film called the Covenant words like Chase Crawford's, even all these at the pretty boys that sea w, pretty boys yeah and I'm yours, my five tat one thirty right. Yes, exactly as you know, but they are there, they got the six pack now all of these actors are given these. These training Tipps of dean, Coke, let's be honest, sterile so calm and you are an actual athlete. You play football as a general rule, though Hollywood consists of drama. Only now you have to turn drama geek into Batman. That's like I can't you push up, but have to be to twenty within three months. How common standards in the industry cause. I know several people who ve done them know anybody with them.
the honest real come on. I really doubt at midnight I only like free political players who did people keep something about me? They just keep the drugs away. Maybe I just the frown upon them so openly, but so I've. Never I don't know anybody you as an applicant somebody like the rock and the way he is jacked up so much, and I guess he's probably got a little help manage to much- and I just worry about him in about ten years, but other than that. I mean whether its Zack African, whose you know is tiny as they come he's tidy but yea shredded. I don't know these guys are doing steward. So I really don't have a clue. I know I've, never done it. That's that's for sure, and I really dont know anybody. Man right finery go he's my written in truth I, but I wish I could tell you other Wayne came the politician. Let's get an apology, caterpillar politics, so Dean you set your liberty Last time you were on in there
Milo who, for the record, a super gay but as socially more concern when you're. So I'm really not that much of homosexual, I mean not anything like them. I don't like it violates stray. I would be the biggest combeferre I swear. I don't even like them very much known on another planet socially. Concerning another another carried, my friends, the better and better somebody, my friend and colleague, lieutenant, but I think it's all well and good until you realize that actually be better if your daughter did not grow up to be crackle quite correctly, it is quite good to enforce them around in may be put incentives in the tax system to encourage people to behave well and the building but libertarians or on the whole libertarian such children their book. There sense for two things are obsessed with weed and making a boy ever want to hear about is like where the next eight is coming from and it would bloody Snowden amidst all I have to
but only by wheat and hacking. Weedin hacking perpetually seventeen DR insane image. Libertarianism is some great intellectual, a philosophical history, heritage of this movement, Tuscaloosa Pascal M, J Smith, or else they wanna talk right weed and I need to transmit the wall because a Threed useful interesting. but they could say about the proper limits, a government that they never do. I'm guessing that you Jeanne is obviously we all hacking bombshell registered she approach, so it get libertarian well that I think it may be a slightly different definition in the UK as it is here or the way I look at it. Maybe I'm just defining a different, because I'm a very much a small government guy. We as far as I'm concerned legalise, regulate tax. It care less. I don't smoke it. My son doesn't I'm a father a fifteen year old. He wrapped, I thought you said my father fifteen oath like well, that's a higher possible, but not the might not watching even expand x. I knew
Jeanne came so fertile. You look at him wrong. You get pregnant. I dont have a twinge, you know if it's you know slime of big, I'm a small government guy, I'm, u socially low, more liberal and that sort of lies be up in analysing the in the United States. I believe more so libertarian, but I'm I'm I'm more hawkish when it comes to things dealing with the military and foreign policy, then allow libertarians and end so it's hard to really defined so but but my view socially tend to be very libertarian. Let me ask you this, because I find I things could be entering discussion, so you saw sir, you know the Scotus. The same sex marriage were basically ok, it's across all states. Now right, it's a thing now. My opinion again, I ve been all the libertarian, by conservatism by libertarians and called to conservative, seems too. was going that way yet was at thirty, seven states were gone out. I had voted on at that same sex marriage and now it seemed there's an unnecessarily hostile environment toward it, because I think it was an abuse of the courts as
returning. Where do you want to think of something that needed to happen to the court's dean? Or you were the rather Cnet state by and then Milo will go to even though you from a UK, but you can have an opinion on states rights. Might my understanding of the earth where the constitution as late as that would be a state's right issue. So I do feel like the the Supreme Court did litigate from the bench and then they I just don't know that that that's right way to do it, that little game Adam and actually we created a law from the benches. That's been activists court. I don't agree with that. So much, I'm completely for same sex, marriage gimme wrong. I have no problem with the whatsoever, but I do think that was a state reddish yeah Milo. I more sceptical about since March motion do think it makes a sexual is really boring. I mean you any good free web enables you know it was being able to fit it breaks.
rule stumble of a club, bleary I'd at four p m on a Monday afternoon, and nobody could judge you haven't. Even the kids are being given gay marriage. We want is a digital, his way of controlling dissidents, subcultures. It is one of settled down, get a house in a car and adopt a child and have a terrible. Ninety five John become just like everyone else. Maybe they being Kagan grow up being gay, pretty awful it's pretty using you feel below miserable half the time. I've never been the victim of any through unpleasantness. But your generally happy
to be your reward, for that is for the rest of your life, you get to behave as terribly. Nobody can say anything. It's a game. Are these incredibly depressing. These awful for Uk Coltrane TAT was to come so that have borne depressing and miserable nears. I'm not a fan of that. Might my thoughts about the? U S, all! That's what I don't like pieces of setting of monarchy against minority in this case, that of them religious rites versus process some sectional than I think person is gay man. Looking I was happy we'll say my view is that then that is left is right. This sort of algae, BP activists, the now pretty much speak with the voice enforcing these development and its people with faith that have to be effectively and whether the insurgents and have to constantly reaffirmed their rights and constantly up eventually about being bullied by the media being bullied by establishing vote
kinds and when you see things like that, members pizza, you know these be Sir Porpita chop owners who get elected and pilloried and bullied into closing down the store because they don't wanna make a cake for lesbians. I mean you're who'd and don't let your Mozilla shielded domestic violence. Rape is the lesbians. I mean this is actually to seek to hide behind each uphold. It really be the cry of a couple of times I mean occupied Imagine if you d cake shovel making. You were taken just gonna end up on her face, so new building, but soon Sousa bullying, bullying move is poor. People who, just repeat reported, think I'm looking for trouble. They could searching around for somebody who is at the core of fifty people. Finally, then find someone. You know what you were called or whatever united some middle of nowhere, where, finally, somebody who will say no more comfortable with this, and then they placed them over the media. That peace is it.
The real issue in the real issue here is that this is indicated to rest. Only here you are going to give us a lot of work, my love, but I The prize me off, I will take the most recent I'd have to look at the statistics on about investing. Aren't you can look up in article, I wrote for bright thought, which is called attack of the killer dikes, and basically you just make you like. Worse now, I'm sorry
I visited the Navy Demille closing a piece of journalism. Fearlessness did if you, if you look this up, you know I I pulled at the statistics down in an initiative that the argument, gay marriage with government or otherwise is pretty much com that Britain done and dusted, whether or not it's for the Supreme Court to legislate or whether, as a state's right thing, seems to me a secondary to what's happening to such generally, which is that that they know this anxious hand, wringing pull clutching white middle class bloggers who are setting minority against minority from you know their purchase evokes and bus beaten and go carbon vice in places like that. You know pitting the religious against gay bidding its banks against blacks and for me, the next. The next ten years really of american politics is gonna, be, but is about men and women fighting, but about minorities in warfare with one another and gay marriage. Is she really is most interesting in that respect the problem in the? U S is that I think, but religious people are having their rights trampled on every day,
as if that is twenty one. Aren't you gonna could care a good point. You met you far too. Salient points. Go back to document BBC, here's the deal. Well, I made a day, but yes, yes, yes, yes, they warned me. He was smart, Stephen, yeah we're the words he said he has no business programme at all. It's it's its offensive really to our audience. What's Pontius we're gonna have Carly fearing like next week after week after these two value this, that's what makes it such good watching. Or listening depending on their living now I agree and I do appreciate you know my last point of view. I think that people's a lot of people just don't know how to sort of package saying Milo, coming out of your mouth now: Dean Roquat, because you have those headphones and got a bunch of ST cried last
How'd you on the show for those who are listening to rest really when there's a hard core gamer headphones. Are you? U gamer? I am a gamer. I have my son is a big time game or so, of course, he's like daddy's it s about where those are my go: ok, Eddie, I'm a gamer! I play world work. That is premature
The game are bad and some call of duty. So have you been up to speed on the gamer gate issue, because no Milo was at the forefront this? What is that? I dont even know that all God Milo do you have time? Can we can we can rise it or is it possible? Ok, with sunrise, I'm writing a book on having to learn how to pitch really quickly to culture. Wars, which was familiar with the feminists and authoritarian civil strikes. You want to clamp down on creative freedom, tell people that are forms make people sexist and violent and racist all the rest of it. I'm no evidence whenever this is all crazy. Finally, these wars arrived and video and last year- and so I am gamers, unlike any other hand and unlike comic books, fantasy site, try, all of whom have toppled over and taken it and start itself. Flagellate thing about. You know what an awful diversity lists in a terrible straight white male patriarchal pursued. This game is dead. You know what actually no wait. You're
about this. We acutely the first we very welcoming there is no evidence. The video games make anybody more vulnerable sectors of one thing out: get out of a get out of a hobby would not interested in your political warfare in something we love with. We in inner, which we do presently to escape from this kind of nonsense in the rest of the world as an explicitly pitched battle between ordinary games, on the one hand, and on the other, the inner the ranks masses of the media, all of whom bought with line about being suggested, loses yet feminine the feminists critics and academics, and maybe the establishment and on the on the books were side, was games and me I was about these guys from sensitive opt out, will best, I think, last year in September,
about year that the animals, when you Adam A came in and was pretty big hole. Of course nobody edible, didn't like it here, a trick figure these guys. You know, I think him, I think, with any six months later, we decided you know what the different just gonna get into trenches and really high this with it with them. Quite rightly he was a bit worried about. You know the allegation that were being flying around them of a bit closer than ample Vanessa, animal them off some of the environment and again there is for the people tat. Basically it with the heat was you'll, know this theme and access. Hollywood guy. You know every once in a while. Somebody complains about some things now representation only on rapid modest before we're going to play some right yeah. I know that the problem of these data on what are you going to go to a break with them is going with great uprisings, ok, gamers side, what every doubt that, if only we could
David brands is loaded with crowd or go to the website now, because we're going to uncensored web version for those of you listening terrestrial stay tuned, your listening to louder with greater, follow Stephen on Twitter S, prouder listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, not me gold or silver we're getting pocket, catheters, just news videos and explosive. Stop it. You don't fear on terrestrial radio begin its toll free without us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
we'll call. It argued that I took a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing water with Rotterdam, you're getting louder with router. So well we back what a great interview with the dean gain in the Milo and the Nero and funded not being on. I am your host Stephen broader, most insubordinate producer, no radio funding. You knew that I would just go crazy, be like dean. So tell me about geriatric. Your sister tell me about, but tell me about the body Jerry had guessed. I see applies, I'm a leg. Man do tell me about that. Amazon airing has just said
blow on amnesty was sleeping ourselves off laid a sea of jihad, narrative shaved or lags an ant egg pastures and upload them to my great age sleeping room. Dad did you do that day in carrying. so glad to have him there's an extended, of course interview out their louder with greater dot com and for those of you who are not well if you're Didn't rosy who are not listening live right now in the pod gases, you're listening dead, if your lessening dead, podcast actually mercury listen to the brakes. We have extended pod guests on the website. In some summah I will say some cool stuff there in the brakes, not only sponsors, but there are some sub crowd shows that people dont know about who will tell you, and I don't owe their eyes gotta. I don't want to say that we ve got to nail esters, but we ve got to build Cosby stating tips on there. We got the Mcnulty NEWS minute. I will go what is going on on the pod gas, but
just go on this week. This week was the first trip. forgave Jared to Detroit and thereby Gauger, and sadly it yeah So I remember I was telling gauge heard about this and people of seeing my Detroit video and I told gauge. He's from your. Are you from Cleveland? You consider some yeah extremism, liver. You consider yourself in Cleveland, I told them. I said there are some no batteries of Cleveland, but nothing I tell you could possibly over hype you to the decay. That is Detroit to how awful truly of a place. It is I, since it there's nothing. I can tell you that could possibly be worse. Where ended. Can I get any worse around you Adam, where the first all allow and I told him there's nothing that could possibly be worse than what Europe to actually see! There's nothing worth it. I could say a mouse!
If you see all of you have said that funding, if you seek bad things, you find bad things get to it, Me start, that's ok seriously. What will this is going to go on for an hour, so you'll be able to make your arguments here, because Detroit deserves fun. It deserves our cell decay Jared gauge Eric did I over hype? It? I know now, as as a Cleveland or in a way we live in constant comparison to Detroit, yes, the lash than all their own, I'm just really thirty. They ever again seems extremely embedded. While we haven't, maybe one block a couple blocks. You have a whole city. I know it is it is the city, but let's ass, the neighborhoods, it's just every single person in Detroit live when funding not doing a silly little gimmick going into a hotel and in law.
Speed flashing it out there I mean why still there. I was gonna hurt Asia. We went to slows barbecue, which was great with abundant when he came and that black guy was asking for money. We could go back to the barbs Bass, yeah funded couldn't get out of their more quit. Now I went, I hung out and generic via another out afterwards, what heckler yeah one I came up to you. I was asked me and you bolted. You were terrified like it was like. I said I was just annoyed. It was. I was like Heaven another you bothering me. literally. I was a case, but I'm still here and I reached, and it was just a cloud of dust in the shape of funding and he was gone, that guy was is annoying as you are my hearty scientific. Did you hear it is one that was gone. Where heard it yeah we're. Ok, here's the thing to do to be fair.
We drove end. We actually drabant, we didn't get on the seventy. Five is seventy five. Ninety six on twenty six January sex in their seventy five yeah. We can go through eddies. Ninety six, as far North, that's up in the year in Oakland County like that's what we're came in, became in kind of through that and they came or weeding going the freeways. Oh no, don't actual lovelier coming in from like Ferndean you're, probably took Woodward's out no Egypt Jeff, because we went back, where my old place wasn't engross point I like you took tat, has no longer nice either it's like they ve. It's like the whole city has moved out torn and by the way. Let's just get this out of the way. Ok, Subaru, yeah, ok where it was entirely black case that we're not making the judgments based on race, but let's just get that out of the way you could Find a white person as we were driving into Detroit okay. So what do you mean you? What do you mean you people let's get out of the way in
they were going to be commenting on revolves around the policy. The mindset, the lifestyle of Detroit Free, those of you who want to make it a black white thing, go ahead. Let's just get that away so we drove from mild area Jared, through which it Jefferson down is emerging dad's old area well my old area. Was that similar across gross point and not going growth point in that? not nice anymore and then my dad, you some dazzled house, yeah yeah, I know No one looks there, it's open eight, its programme, the lot you buy it and one other is great home. They were contrary to what one hundred of the hundred and forty square miles of Detroit at all EAST one. Third of all, houses are abandoned, its great home profile like ice. The neighborhoods, I will admit you dont, ignore the name.
That's right! That's the truth! Now! That's that's! A love of wonderful, ignore them. Neighborhoods in cities, gray everywhere else, cities are proud of their neighborhoods. Ignore the neighborhoods ignore the complete will accomplishments right. There's one good hotel, Joe there's like fire ten good hotels, war. There is a very sad that there our place inventions come down his throat and want stab in the high. There are places to see concerts. There are places to get great food. Why I've around a neighborhood I mean even when I'm here in an hour by not like derive around of rigid neighbourhood, a neighborhood is a is, is a place where it is not a neighborhood. Here's a funny thing about point of view. So why a former language he thinks it's. You may agree point. Jeer at you made a great point and we'll get to actual Detroit backs and a bit you made a great point about funded, acting like he's among the true amongst them. In Detroit right. You made a great point about the pitcher
but now to be fair, gorgeous pictures that funding showed you, but you made a great point about it. I urged the Russian always pictures, and I thought this was We are not a recent figures. I make no one takes pictures everything Of places they go every day or even some I frequently this week. I never leave the house without a camera, but it didn't. Do you no harm, there's a real. This rate look like they were blue because we're running from gain bangers enough, that's they're all over the world who areas you're, not gonna, find bangers like trying to beat you up in the de I or the science centre. There you go. you gotta go in the science centre. So there you go, it's like saying: hey Baltimore during the riots is great. It's great. If you go into the yard, the Space museum. What we're, though, things called whether you see the space things on the ceiling of the observatory, things! No thieves! Are you not I'm talking about that works like in the that's like a fake ceilingward looks like Stars Europe's on.
Their thereon observatories. There's only no they're not observed called something else. In Montreal we had one you'd go and you it's like face, laying down and looking up at the stars. Funny? So I've got a bunch of back okay. Let me let me give you some facts, and then I want to get more into Jared's personal story. With Detroit four hundred and eighty four gay Jared, so I'm trying to see Here- ok, yes how many times the murder rate is in Detroit, the New York City thinking I come, greater you how many times greater in Detroit, the New York City- I guess I'm Louis, Moreover, this probably reaching eleven a time. Just already eleven times, the city, you know they been lying for years by the way seven out of ten metres go completely unsolved. completely unsolved, I'm an you could have
you could go to any any area Detroit including downtown after dark. You didn't go to if salami and get killed, do not even the same thing. So here's the thing, the problem with a problem with you? Is where you have some kind of an emotional attachment is you can? neatly, remove logic. The city isn't about the fact that there's one nice building now that is our on you ve that you ve got it. It is it's what no hope you ve got the new centre area, the point funded funded. Let me my point is very important to stay on track and then afterward you can derail to you little heart's content. This is important standpoint, you're funded, let's say it. five nice buildings? It's not about the fact that their nice buildings that are in decay from before it's about how the city, the community, how people live, how the policy, what the mindset isn't it that's what makes this lady any I'm sure you ve tried and if you take your average unemployed resident in what might have been pre,
usually called a neighbour. Would yet there idiots there. That's that's right there That's right, that's ninety nine percent of its, but you have to overlook those No you, don't you dont, you don't ever look, you don't have to look to be objective and if you look at that, we have to but that is not where you want to have your tourism going if you want, That's what we're talking about Detroit we're not talking about you know hey! If you look to the left of this bus, you'll see us It's not ignore the man being raped. If you looked to the right of this, we're not talking about that we're talking about the city of the troika. A fair judgment city like that areas, city, not a silly what what someone from you a sober, comes experiences once every once a month once every month, but it's what is that experience the grocery store genuine. When I won't have you ever actually been ever in, actual residential area outside of the four blocks in them? Somalia, the whole neighborhood over by seeing Sicilians drive around through there take a look at where my dad grew up that house. Yes
he's gone. The house where my mom grew up. There are people still living there We were a few years ago by die out to change that Neighborhoods are not supposed to be The tourist destinations you're not supposed to go we're not talking using you're, not supposed to go seeking the crap we're I was to go seeking you're supposed to see how a city lives. You know you ever run my fear. I wrote the train in Chicago to go to the comecon from US hotel one year, and you will know that was beetle con. At any rate, you could see that their. Tons of garbage, and I'm so miserable places there. Anyone else- and I remember in Brooklyn, I saw a lot of closed up stores. And I saw a lot of poor people, you don't you have to just get past all that and find
gems everywhere you go and then you lie to people and say to trudged. Really well off will go to this brow. I'm not I'm! Not I'm telling you that your eyes lesson. I you moron, I'm telling you that there are things that you can Do you can enjoy and you can have some fun you really yet you always. seek the bad things in life, the most miserable person I know and when it comes to people, if you ignore people, you can find some happiness in this world. About to catch the news, just in the Nick of Time, with Mcnulty table as borne out from what are you talking about, you're, right, you're, right,
that- was news in the Nick of time with Mcnulty. you're not listening to a so called by listeners, terrible scene rap. Every week we like it that way with broader. Thank you we gotta call during the brick. Well, we don't take college or someone called in Gaza Carry on when you guys suck click out before I could even tell me tat. Every talk show is the same crap every day, at least at least we're not same crap five day,
We were not the same group and all the promises. The conservative, a ready audiences used to better calorie o bows Democrats does repealed, look ends and they go as clever. You guys just suck the people who want that. got to just change the dial go ahead, I don't care, we don't need people who just want anything everything he's telling us we sought, but he's listening enough to break and call in I genuine guy yeah, listen look honey internet dialogue in a prick. Germany buying grounder wears a thing, let's be honest, half the people listening hate you, because, the conservative right nuts, no. A hundred percent of the people listening hate me, no half of them hey you, but you know what And if you don't wanna ride around me and no other, programme. Do they do even try to provide any kind of by everything is totally one sided. It's not funny, everything is just boy I mean if I ever listened like God you can Hannity or any of those guys. I want to shoot myself in the face. I know
it's just like kit, and so people listening. Thank you so much. We appreciate your support in the programme and, of course, listen. This is a great example. We talked about this a lot a radio stations notepaper rating. So it's hard to know, but we know the interactions are pretty good and were very grateful, but the podcast sector. There is no reason right. There shouldn't be a reason that we are absolutely kicking the crap out of major terrestrial radio, shows on the pot here's, the biggest difference and funding talking about this on radio, the businessmen it's just sell your audience to the highest bidder to the advertiser. Our model is to built to cry eight something the audience wants when they give us feedback you tweet US address crowded at funded. Damn we listen, we have been. on who you want to have on we're. Not going hey? We want this giant this giant sponsorship from a non profit, so we're going to have all of their senior fellows on. You notice, we ve never had a single politicians.
Not one the one we might have on his Carly fearing it because I like, and I think she'll be funny. We'll have what on we don't have senior fellows, are councillors or advisers? We really don't do that. You know why cause it's boring And going to say the same thing it so hard, we gotta think maybe one on actually had a local election or some friends but the problem is they always do the same thing. They never give you a straight answer. They sit there and they give you some political answer, you're not informed about anything. You're, not learning anything annually, growing and you are also not being entertain unless you're, you know- maybe maybe some people who are needs political hobbyists love to have a local politician on answer a question for five minutes. Without saying anything, we don't try new that, let's get back to our discussion on trade. Of course the show broadcast out of an arbitrary all the way out to lancing. So one third of modern forty square miles of choice completely abandoned. You know it used to be worse over two million people jeered in Detroit and
now. You know how many people live in. What would you guess when you're gone through their? How many would you think, live in Detroit fifteen, ask a splendid things. Look the same, but I really no there people I resign funded round. I'll get. Oh yes, he said two million our yes, maybe one point one. not what they say they admire it's under seven hundred thousand their know how far underneath, they seventy thousand ten. It was seven thousand. Might my dad and I that's a reach It's recent aren't thousand their knowledge and I would be surprised if its half a million- I just price. There are more people in Detroit than them new than Grand rapids. Now, there's that cute little blonde, it's been fix, up houses on tv. She went she fixed up some of the houses there on her tv show. I forget what her name is. I think it's camera or something like that
We re those were really cool. It was good to see the architecture of those homes and what houses down the trial in environmentally change the policy to change the mayor did she cheated out of that had got change that involve arrested the government and all that is, is just beyond. repair right now you know so you have to do what you can do. Not. Oh that's going up the points, a yearning to you like in enabling a drug addict Detroit need some kind of like the Republican Party, what we do burned to the ground, so affinity at all. I agree that it now it didn't it didn't, because if you want to change something in Detroit here, we were talking about those people who, of their get mommy and daddy had to stay together. Firstly, that's why it so important What have mommy and daddy both worked burger flipping jobs at Mcdonald's, right making minimum wage they could Their children, out of that war zone, they can move anywhere where their kid wouldn't be nice, but it would be safe. The only criteria for people
live in neighborhoods in every neighbourhood, renowned Detroit is free. Is it you changed that by no more no more welfare, you show up your work and will pay you wanna get you work. You get welfare for a few months will place you to job and you're off and making sure people paying property taxes and making sure still playing paying property tax is not at home they bought for a buck. You change that peat. Have some ownership of their area. Here's. What did we were talking about this? You know Why throw your trash everywhere, we're in Detroit that we watched people walk past trash cans? and just throw their trash. That's not somebody else oppressing anybody, that's people in their own labour, just scrapping all over. You look off any main street in Detroit right now, any main street you drive down Jefferson or thing is Chalmers mixed up the streets. Are you drive down any main street journal? We're talking, you look off to the right and you go this is down to. Is that the EU p
completely. It's bizarre is overgrown with forestry, its red light, wild packs of roaming dogs town Detroit. I mean how it does like this is actually five or six blocks away from downtown O. Five or six blocks where five walks You do as the fact that justification that that is so abnormal compared to anywhere else and plunder cipher. Maybe Haiti This is where I grew up this. What I now what, sucks louder with crowded come back after the. and maybe they funded what's wrong.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of gift to send my friend's hot niece? That's creepy. Does she like why everybody likes wine? So what's the problem, I just don't know what kind of wine she likes. The good thing is you're in luck, because you can go to simplified wind or call eight hundred and forty four two hundred and ninety seven one thousand nine hundred or you send an email in a qualified sommelier will find out what you like your price range and carry a perfect wine was for you or your friend's hot knees, simplified line, dot, com or eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine
tat so glad to be with you dancing unhappy song. Put talking about. I'm happy, that's right here, you're, something I wanna a this. This needs to be proposed, reason it so important. Ok, the reason why detroiters choices for the reason the most watch- video I've ever done for, like a twelve, A documentary on Youtube, which is unheard of is about Detroit, is because Detroit is what
Rock Obama wants for the United States of America Detroit since nine seen sixty one while sixty two- I guess, since sixty two has been in hi early under far left Democrat rule welfare policies, great society, constant? constant Gimme a constant handouts. There's aside to Detroit was the wealthiest city in the country. Liberals came in gave more free stuff which gave them more control over businesses, and now you have the worst city ever one of the worst things was Johnson. Try to hold it up as an example, and connected his policies to it, and that is what caused a lot of the problems right with that situation if, if they had said no we're not gonna. Let Johnson come in and do that things would have been different. Rightly know Lyndon Johnson. The famous got from him as I'll have those and words voting demo. that for the next two decades or next two hundred years I don't have any.
Well maybe Gauger component, but it's pretty well non quota and what he did the reason he picks Detroit. It's a good point fund, Aborigine, picks Detroit. It was kind of You know trying to take credit. for something I was already fantastic again. You know your ear, you adopt a champion, show dog and go look. What I created with this dog. Look how well I train them. Well, now you adopt champion Show Dog Detroit was the best city in the country, so linen. And said, o Canada place it basically put on my model cities programme. I now we'll pick Detroit, it's already doing. Well, it can all. Stay doing well, because Detroit and out given a whole bunch of money into downtown Detroit. An algorithm take credit for it and say that if the models that he's programme and not so much the downtown, I mean the he gave that stuff to the neighborhoods, whether now there's a we're living in that, then they got lazy votes at its everywhere. It's everywhere from downtown out. I'm in the truth is peoples. You need to drive like fond of even said even realize you drive for blocks out of the downtown and you're in the areas which are certain death. According the police,
so there's no other city in the country. There's never been another city in a country, words that that's why I take ninety four I take ten. I get off by them, I grand casino- and there are several real cool places to hang out. Yes, I admit neighborhoods. You have to know where you want to go and you go to the fire. Places and you enjoy them and then you and you tell everyone who will listen. That Detroit is and it needs to be remedied through policy and a fundamental choice. The government will be wiped. Knowing what had happened in animals, exact back Detroit needs. Batman. Detroit needs the Joker. They re. I mean it Spain is that a nuclear bomb or punishment must be more severe. He missed you New bain. Is that a nuclear bomb under the city? that man doesn't save him. Man should look at the right go,
by moving doubter stuff, I I go there there, If, if there was a way to straighten things out without destroying the history from before the Democrats took power, then you ve got A foundation that you can rebuild on There's didn't I understand where you're coming he my eye, and I know that people say Dan blind because of this, my love the historic architecture it heavily sways, but that has nothing to do with the city, but that the historic market, nor is there in this city and It isn't horrible Duquette you ve got up if they just rebates.
the building, there's that's open again. The restaurants running I wanna hear legacy that there's a track place in that building, so it's building. So it's that opening again. I need you to hear me here. Ok, I guess I want the audience lesson. They don't care about. Detroit didn't care about where you go to have a coney. It's a macro issue. The troika is manufactured for opposite the highest muslim population. Detroit is very much a liar born we habitable, Detroit in general is very much like the UK Detroit is so far left that they appease now didn't even responded domestic disputes in in Dearborn? Now they let them handle it, because a lot of those things are handled in there, you know, and in their mosques detour It is emblematic of left US policies It's whenever they say hey. We want to do this and these will be the results. We want to do this that the other. Well, you did this that in the other four five decades in Detroit, there has never been a revolver going to come in and say: hey you don't get to do that Detroit, it never happened,
as someone who is what the reason I talk about, other people will why it matters because you live in this country. Okay, if you want arm yourself against the pragmatic results of leftist policies. You look That's right now funded by Anderson. He like some buildings and that's great, but if you will You know how a people live, How way city develops under I? Well, I don't want to know anything about how the people live. I want to go to the court, places, I wanna go dance I wonder what kind of second you understand that its irresponsible. It's you, sponsible for you to say to people know Detroit Rad man. Could you want to feel like you're included in a cool city? You need to tell them it's dangerous. It's really bad! You dont want to go anywhere except for a couple of buildings, because Detroit is dead and policy is just wanna, but there are a couple of cool buildings it. I will be with you and you will get a whole campus. Marcia. Syria, you ve, got the new centre area here and it is, our aim is cleaned up. Did it's more than reasonable? It's more than just a couple of buildings. There are probably.
Is that not reasonable funding would be more responsible way? The one phrase is you: dont want to just blindly follow GPS, You want to know where you're going. What is Jerry? sat right with Cleveland, you have you have bad pock. Any city has bad pockets right gauge but you said something else about Detroit, rarely rule we regarding miles and miles and miles of just I mean look like it to people think that they really go all the way to decorate these sets for these zombie apocalypse movies. These You know whatever it movies, it's it's nice. That's out ever think you like this. If someone Thomas was an act of God that came through here, if this was a This was a you know. Ah then beside it be really sags. Its cutaway looks like they do. Then you quickly remember this is: was inactive goddesses
it's an active douche bag. Someone took the effort. Now I did just happened. It took the effort to go up on a skyscraper in Greece. de the hell out of it in boarded up and terror. To crap I mean this is its role: active douche bag during yeah for years, for that effort to do as well as its shock me as like someone took the time of day to make it is bad and tabled enabled by liberal government and told it's not your fault time, a dish? Magneto, that's that's recipe. Will it's? It's. It's yeah told told the exact was it a what they need to be told, but you know I think I was redraw through and I think we could probably fix it with. Maybe I think requested, couple. Dockers is make sure know. I know you know you're here the bankruptcy dentistry. Just have a cadre of dentists, driving through their teeth and if you're gonna get letters. I'm going to some of your dress.
Should I find your address now. It's true It is in again it's important for people. Listening is not about Detroit. It's about the country at large. It's not your fault. What there's this art town in Detroit? That's! Really when it's the Heidelberg project, Yannick, and you go through and I put some clothes on trees. They paint like gonna, creepy yeah. They paint like an old junk yard, pink or something like we're. Saving to try to art has yeah while yea all. Years of policy and economic collapse and political corruption are fixed because you have. Your call we spend a sweater to a weeping willow. I mean that's what they want to and we were their driving down there and a method had blown up remedy was that you too four miles and we'll talk with someone who ran a restaurant in the nice area of Detroit openly. Are we leave by nightfall? No one here is still here. My bite by that were all gone in our view, if you park, car, the guy at the park, your keys, are left on a hook line. Bulletproof glass, he's gone and you may be able to pick it up tomorrow. People actually live. There do not stay there and Number she said she was out on the beach and bell I'll
or to like math lab lobster or house fires in smoke. You can see from not like me. What do you do to write? The cops are over. The fire department showed up there. They want even to put it out. Let a bird just let it burn what kind of like haven't we, efforts to a little bit little bit. Uniformity and when you have thou on it, just looks it's better if it's in better of the neighborhood actually was burned at ground level. I want you to happen to you what you see these houses are banned and command. What happened here. It was electrical even at trinity for nineteen years, we need to do a greening happens, so you know how arbour has a green belt around it. Detroit needs to have a green belt. you you down size because square miles. Wise Detroit is huge, not use in a lot of that property green it raise it. Put a like beautiful trees. Parts do something
central park, but all the way around Detroit and then her Ahmed separated a lotta doc. Perfect people are agreed a lot of flax to put on those trees. wrong as your time up putting a ring around it. You just creating a talk for kids. I mean it's weird because here I am a pro life guy and I think we have too many people, in our world who don't do the right thing anymore? Do we need less people? How do we solve all of these problems? Not just a trick worldwide Now the really isn't in overpopulation problem, you know with seven people you could fit them all in the state of Texas in it wouldn't even reach the population density of New York City. So what we're fine with that and I They were fine with resources. Of course, people in third world countries are going to have this. Max us and in Detroit could be, you know, really a third world country. If you look at here just crazy that we were driving and litter
abandoned. Building abandoned billing, abandon building about nothing, nothing close down shockwaves, don't shop brand new car dealership, everyone's driving a new GM or a brand new for nothing. Nothing abandoned, abandoned, abandoned brand new Verizon smartphone store everyone there, the only things that made it we're sorry, liquor, stores and leisure services, cars phones, flats, since there's no world markets, there's no hold people say you know all these impoverished areas- and I know you're going to have have your little twitter button and say that its racist, because, again I know the Detroit entirely black, but, let's be honest, they could easily if they can ring in a car dealership could easily have say: hey. We want to be customers for a trader job there's if there's a whole foods over by Wayne State, never worth. What results lows you saw. There is not a very Barker Behold Improvers, nor for hermetically absolute last year it is grown ends. Yeah there's allows yes, I want them to be in
I think, they're pan beakers, fresh erasures, are never out of Stock Bell, that's great rupture, washers or never out of stock. Nor there. It's like, I need any a plastic been that won't be eaten by acid and eighteen, gallons of any one of the ones. Funny, though you you know, you think about the vandalism, here in an arbour? I got carded for Reimer and I thought re out, don't use primer in Canada further. I think it's for drugs. No, they did they always card you for spray paint. Because of vandalism in in places like loaves and home deeper when that- and I said you're carding me for Primer Hap, how many animals do you know, but primary while yours to make street drugs has any freeze, and the same thing you can't get like a certain amount of asthma medication like Bronx or the third time it's even because of the yacht pseudo ephedrine, That's you used to make map, so I wouldn't surprised, some like that. Does it
to have a limit on how much any I haven't made merely as much math is you have so I will default do on our true you not made as much as I do understand the attraction to map either like there's one thing that I think would be good about it. Do you see how things People on math are my God: what a diet it was. people are turning the whole, so much more effort involved ever want love your house. That's that's, always applies or do well the Anything else I'd servers, I get the attraction like the heroine of their office have never done illicit substances reopened. It's obvious. I only if I get the iter, action, a marijuana. One will understand, someone could say. Ok, I want to try that I get the action to maybe say LSD again to the young people listening, you should not do any of these substances. I understand the attraction I do understand. The attraction is something that's gonna make you twice,
get out of your mind and as anxious as all get out from my understanding of math there's a few seconds of euphoria it be like taking fifty after all and asked loading it so you're, just jittery in your nervous cinema, C p. I dont understand the attraction to those Maybe someone can treat me address crowd and you can explain it to me. we'd be able to read the tweet the man, many breeds exactly the same. Every week are right: let's go to a breakthrough. the lights imo. Clothes out are Detroit discussion and come back for you
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my party has your listening louder with prouder. Follow as prouder on Twitter go to louder with broader dad got an It is right for food gosh at we're back and funded ruined it as their usual responsive like ten debts. Now great, stir funded Dan will have blood on his hands, belies the the big bad on radio thorough.
It does not do. Opera is going nuts in the studio right now, my dog anytime. I do a weird voice. It's not me he's like what is this, but maybe my suicidal nature lean into my wanting to go to Detroit. So often each took it to a really that you took it to a darker place than Detroit. Here's what so funny those, although hipsters moving in and there. well Detroit getting better. I do like hipsters, three hundred and seventy seven homicides in Detroit reported and twenty eleven two thousand twice? that number rose to foreign eleven, just at you That's interesting, justifiable homicide right! So many, self defense schedule, your gun, guy, just a fire, two viable habits, It's a shame even get it out, ro- is biased.
seventy nine percent thousand eleven. That's almost double. Maybe the people going like I killed somebody just go out there. Where were you react farmers, ah tat, I ve been trying to nail him down for years, are good for the army, d my weapons that registered, honestly and its. If we were talking about that, though, you can take it try again emblematic of leftist policies right, it is a nation. It's really said. It's really sad to note your deal. Googly right came on last week funded and he yeah. Well, you know where people are buying, what you, so the proof is, the pudding is That sounds like the proof is an appalling like yes, what's your point so deals you we was unless we can give missing, go to the website and he was saying that you know black people wouldn't respect Larry Elder, Herman Kane-
candidates, rice any of the Bible Republican disabilities. It he said you were black people and respect and they couldn't come into their neighbor S. Message on a marketing yeah There are buying your product. That means at your product sucks I want I want it will keep up the mess problem in Detroit and specifically the black community. That's a product that sell, unlike for bees, and do that through I'm serious there aren't many shows on a radio anymore. These days, that'll give you your firmby references, I now crack. Oh, I had two of those dang things. We kept him at the odious station. I work get back then, so there are many and varied eventually for security in their most of our people, but you don't know It was a priority. This it was over there by high pressure to water guns are gone thing of the past, but like the toy? It's true that I'm listening deal. You know it's not the product! Listen! There's a lot of chronic it's been sold to the black community. Detroit is a great example: listen to
It is a welfare city K. Now again, let me clarify I'm not saying that all black people on welfare that their incapable of no, I I believe that that the community's at Detroit are far better. The government has given them credit. I will I you should elevate these communities. But again, if you're off only standard is free. only reason you live in Detroit now I get left us policies, emblematic but a whole country so stay with me. The only reason you stay in Detroit is because it's free, it's not like. Well, it's a trade off there are good schools, but the neighbourhood. No none of that real or going. This is the community with good schools, or this is that this one has been everywhere has a lot of trees. So that's good couple. Fixer Jack is the fifth ruprecht restitutions, dilapidated rustic. Their only still the only standard to stay there can be free and- and I hate that asked you about words: a community there's, no sense of community. If this isn't a community pick up your trash. of community.
Burn down the building next to the family of eight who live there? That's not community! I don't have one pickup truck like is like yours, said: there's a conservative marking the packaging suck. Yes, That is true. The conservative packaging needs help absolutely, but but you can compete with Santa Claus now. You can't compete with free. There is no republican and who can come into two. A city of people who have lived basically for free, I mean, look in the middle ages. People standing us requires with nothing to do. It's really sad that removes human direction. I would love it studies to and people who are unemployed depression, which of course, is basically the Neuro transfer that gives I have to go out, never, whether all unless there's no dopamine the computer just fired the music. That means we're getting close to the top of the hour dummy that you don't know how much time we have left. I can see we have forty five, forty four forty three
There were three line. I heard them but seriously it is. It is really sad what has happened to a once great city and a once great people, and I'm time when all people within the troika and now the old. Standard to disdain is free and it's really hard for someone to come in a mayor, any kind of leadership and say no more free. That's what's required the change Detroit. It's really hard to compete with freedom and think about it. If you could eliminate your grocery built, free, but you wouldn't have as good grocery she'd still got well, it's free the problem. I an over be fixed lotta with crowd, we'll be back with Gerald Morgan,
and now it's time for your dating advice minute with pill. Cosby wage level comes to me from us. Probably Roger he has problem, will get worse Getting over thereof come to help the brig with rough Thou love was not Bob Bob. I'll have something like that happen with sometime when you do sometimes- and sometimes you can be driven by stress- what you got to do was get the doctor to give you the bill. Let's go right to play. You made a little
What you could do, This has been you're dating advice minute with. you're getting louder with router speedy, so glad to be back, and I part of that song, your host even crowd or most insubordinate, looser and olive radio follow him at Funding Dan and gay jeered using the video side, which you can watch on line gauger at his twitter handles not de jure it, but we won't get into that. We don't need to get into that right now. Some day will put him on the couch and figure out. What's going on there,
we were talking about Detroit before the top of the hour. Here's another story, comes. That's we're talking about Detroit kind of makes me think of of Dearborn and Islam. Did you hear the story about the men in the UK who was arrested funded? I saw something briefly on that, but it was only a hundred and forty characters are less Yahoo Kay. This man Tommy Robinson former carefully english defenceless com. Like a pen, PAMELA Geller thing on the UK, was arrested. to prevent him from attending a drama. Hammad cartoon meeting so it's really important areas as he was arrested in the UK. Not for a time finding a drama, Hammad Cartoon meeting. Not for having even drawn Mohammed, but for planning on it, the man was around This is a little, you know, you're a kidney go who are you the thought, police Hey police are the thought police? What he? Where am I you're, not the boss of me. Yes, we're.
But completely the both of you, hey, Ringo we're completely the both of you. Are you get? You can govern what I think the best thing about his love. Why do you me talking with Ringo those weird. How young mortgage marinade away unless building the new limits like theirs. now. I, when I do the news I sit up straight or, and that's really the only difference, Arabs and I got the glasses, my voice became more nasal because the damn thing's pinch, my friggin, knows well anyway. This is, if you think this can happen, do here's the big question. Do I really sound like Wallace Sean we whose, while Sean inconceivable? Ah, that's right. She lives still He isn't anything after toy story. Will they still make new toy story shorts. Every now and again he's the voice of wrecks. I believe I don't like
confrontation. I love a. We ve got a perfect Rex dinosaur home. It's totally scale killer its autumn. good for you. I do think it's important people to note that this can happen in the United States. once you create hate, speech laws. Once you start giving the government the police ability to censor speech? give them the ability to invade into thoughts, hate crime. really silly Gauger, was asking me thus either dames. Go what why why I hate crime? Is to crime- and I said that's perfect- I said in your naivete- you just summarize exactly what's wrong with it. Murder doesn't need a footnote. Theft doesn't need a footnote. We killed that guy, Why? Because he was a homosexual. Well, we're gonna, give you double secret death penalty, what what difference does it make
if your laws or just and their clear and punishment is consistent and who cares about the intent of the crime Mb on again intent was a premeditated was an act of passion. I am so hate crimes, or silly their silly on people's area are supporting a crimson, I'm not supporting a crimes. I support harsh law against crimes just try Be consistent now you have hate crimes hate crime in the UK to offend a Muslim. It's a hate crime do have and a Muslim. Listen! treating women. Well offends Muslims in the UK at your wife back to you. Why don't you hit her because I love my wife. How do you not offend a Muslim in the UK if you're a civilised, sorry raising their barbaric. Yes, would not have liked my dinner when we aided slows strew yeah yeah
We had the pulled Bork sandwich, bacon, honor you, it was pulled, Bork Bacon and a big slice, a ham. It's called the triple threat the triple. rather it is the job of run, love that sandwich aided in Dearborn. It is a global threat, times a bomb. You we're going, make sure that there is nothing left, but about them both to hit the bottom in an animal is going to follow you and, of course, any woman. There are five mile radius just to make sure they know who the bosses stood that do about with talk about this. Quite a bit, naturally Joe Morgan will be on after this. He knows a lot more about Islam than than most people do I've never stood the mindset, for example, of the genital mutilation. It happens in Islam. It we're talking macro today think about that for a second How pathetic are you was a man you just want to make sure that a woman has no barometer for sexual pleasure whatsoever. That way It's not it's, not my fault, I'm grades, great I'll.
Maybe I was gonna. Do I will comment on what the government than one? But the thing is you got you'll, never know it's a shame. It's a shame. It's not fair we ve got to have absolutely zero game to want to do that, to a woman another thirty percent of the time it works every time. You ve no game, I dont know I mean tweet me what he had asked crowded and am I the only one who was an item about sex on the show and some people going about TAT. I don't ever train get graphic about. It During the commercial breaks, part of the fund to me is making sure that my wife has a good time Cooper song right I wanted thank you to Heaven that would make day complete, saying I had enough of show hosts you and me singing the rest of the week. What we are here is what we are. we should beds love. Em
d? You that's refunded because that's a for a funded man, what I am What I m and data more like eighty break out, what is what prolactin overridden profit added. Expressing enough. I was impressive how much now, while you can actually wrapper Your terrible thing, don't get me wrong. I really do think here. I can read ivy betters in crowded. But Europe is about economic you're, Mr America, video has Osprey people benighted yeah yeah, right. You know that when I was a little baby boy, Mama me a brand new toy to turn tables with a mite gonna learn to wrap like Adela, my House, Ireland, is that we have lost our lesson in front of you think you can do one verse so that people
I saw a balancing, it is it's not embarrass, then you stop net. What embarrassing is trying to see me break dancing, Kara Hole in that freakin cardboard, that I've been to see the very did. Right Detroit here paragraph eminently we're talking about that. With Detroit we were funded Minos up, he was saying I got some great bands and bars, but yours is detour it used to be the best of everything I mean highest: per capita income they are creating. These untasted cars, the vast music, I mean your time Rock n roll. You know Alice Cooper, egg e pop, of course, no grounds free our standing temptation of night, where others man they were the fast and really there not the best they're, not pumping out the best of any thing. At this point, that's really sad when you think about it. That's like
You know that's like being David Hassle, half at one point, you were just Van everyone wanted you and now you're, just swearing eating burgers off of exports body bags, because a run up the berry down there? Yet police in Detroit say enter Detroit at your own pay at your own risk right now,. While we wash and dry by how many people who were clearly stoner or be no high out of our minds to the day, I will point: did that what you are more of a suspect. You pick up. You know little gay hipster. There are like hell out the good if you're up to now get your eyes in Burg back Would it not be Jesse Pigman, and I was the Heisenberg I don't know you were gone. What are those little? Those two guys go here, get the clearly one must be pitcher and cancer learner undermine an indian village what's happening here. Will I won't, will Woola take this in a healthy direction because actually with Cecile the lion. That again is a macro issue. Isn't it sessile that sessile? Yes,
feels a girl's name. It was a male lion, sessile gyp legacy. So field from the tigers are pronounced a correct. Ok, Gerald will now General Morgan will do, is due diligence and that's assess all the lion The big issue there is, of course the guy has to shut down the shutters and people are threatening him in sending death threats good under the show Gerald Morgan, who run of whose actually Krishna apologist he talks on Islam and in in the christian faith quite a bit. He had a death threat in tat. Says at his office facility where they had to leave because of What someone said on Facebook, so I think it's an interesting comparison. I want to see what happened with him and why people are so offended so will bring them back after the break. Will talk about sessile the lion and Gerald Morgan's death threats louder with crowd, or do not change that dialogue will send you a death threat and lock your house
hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with prior to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a artifice saving steady black rifle. It is, but they are. Fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined. Conceal permits, forces as well as the best online gun stored in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All of it can be found at a our fifteen die. That's a our fifteen jack up very abundant just because I don't like just because I hate London law of this house
His flock is D. Some used is other party came to just I'm trying to talk to some guy. So hang on. Oh yeah, because fund it's, the big fan of the d is spreading You have talked about earlier. I love the day, our guests coming in on this now good friend, the Shell rocket scientist, neurosurgeon christian apologist and all apparently the receiver of not quite but a death threat, Gerald Morgan, thanks for being on absolute thank you very much, sir. Sorry, that you got a death threat. Well, yeah It was a trying day here in plenary. Taxes Ok, so let me luxury but dont, give out your dress people now I am five. Well I've waited, Right now so Cecile Cecil the lion right that were held a vessel sessile. Sounds like a name of that would be like one of them up: hecklers,
Ro social dialogue were kroner, or do you think it's kind of a bad now draw pictures nipping central? What's going it's, I think it's like that. Though field or the Detroit Tiger, informative dredging. I have no idea. so that happened, the guy based that's a shut down its business because of angry liberals. Now, a parallel there Gerald what what happened! You would tell me about this yesterday, Sunday, I so I basically just making the point that we have some pretty aggressive, selective outrage when it comes to media. I think have the social media Justice League that runs around threatening peoples. Lives when they either make a mistake or do something that they disagree with right, and this and posted something on Facebook, and it it wasn't incendiary, but it was a little bit over the top. So I understand that while they had a little of identity, confusion and I actually found a girl that had the exact same name in the building
found in a death threat, because people started posting art. I found her name hears. Here's a phone number in the phone number linked to this office addresses they called the office and call them a death threat on the right, person by the way, and so the entire, company had to shut down centre. Employees on the police had to be called people, morons these days. That is the point you dont get crucial. I got your reach are exactly I mean, come on and you're talking about a line, and I get it if you have killed resurrected Mfa talking December, I still wouldn't get upset about it. I get that people don't like that. Fine like it very seriously. Gonna ruin a guys life. For hunting alliance with a bow, I'm sorry I am certainly not about and shot it with a bow, and then he killed it with a rifle later. On, I got here you know is doing is due diligence What is this like? The swedish others breaking whose actually Cecil the lion actually killed? All of the mails from the previous administration when he took over the pride? Ok, you got.
was come into this guy took out all of the kids, ass guy. That was in charge of the actually do those a jerk usage Could he actually do that? Is that your lions do commander, you gotta, kill all the other. What's the water supply, could she soon going to pay? This is a democracy and would somebody like to anyone this brave exactly Someone coming in right now and just a levelling your house and murdering your children and saying it's mine now and then the guy. gills that guy one gets outraged exactly exactly. He got what was coming to her. We just didn't know about it, so I just don't get man? I really don't. I dont know in it. It's dangerous can a joke about it, but it's dangerous. This guy's life is ruined his practice. His family everybody that knows him like it is. It is true, scorched earth it's like Detroit. May I listen to you. It's it's a tear.
We'll situation, because we think that we are morally superior to other people. What have we funny, though I mean, honestly. I have to respect that found in a death threat? Most of ours are emails but took effort at a phone. I mean it. number. If, if there was a rotary, is more power to them now, that, and I mean there, they get out of bed, put the crack pipe down in. make a phone call. So what happened the day just did they cleared out and say: oh it's. What did the person who made the death rate apologize? I hate ringing yeah, I'm sorry! I was wrong. Number I didn't mean. Are you not that same person, I'm so sorry, great name now, like the name great length of time, is manufactured should be ashamed at other people are selling your name. That's the real issue here. That's real tragedy! Well, sorry about that, also by the way, shut the bottom of your car If you're going to go anywhere for the next thing, that's our two come too few something of what you have just said.
couple wires got crossed your kids may now. Becoming home at no time Europe, Spectin MA. Am no worry about that. Only about twenty minutes late I'll make a phone call that a lock it resolve good. What's yours, If this so I mean honestly honestly, I can't Think of it ever really happening with conservatives getting so mad at the issue of death threat now about the absurdity of saying that we are so pro life in this world, that we will end you're, lucky rioting, of an animal, that's what Peter did. They basically said this guide and not basically, they actually said he should be. Hang they'd, that's what they said. tweeted that out. That said, he should be extradited back to Zimbabwe and hang
come on. Are you serious, yeah yeah? I this is my opinion eyed, the guy. I apologize. I think that he's got a double down. You can't you just can't give them an inch if they said you know, o Stephen credit should be hanged. I'd send them a naked picture and say how about this for being hung Peter and I would just send it to them, and I have no regrets- and I would put it all where the internet, I would be an have any wiener times ten. I just I cage built the animal I couldn't I wouldn't, but you can't give them an inch. I haven't seen that from He does so. I don't wanna you're sure you can. You can definitely confirm that they are all look it up for you, but I saw it on twitter. Just yesterday, when I was looking through all the arts. For this. I farm wrong. I apologise, but I'm ninety nine percent sure that that's exactly what he said. So as your reaction when they said there was a death threat about a facebook posted you meet legal like ours. In an angry liberal.
don't I dont know that I have any respect for the person doing it, and this is something that I know you ve experienced. People are incredibly brave when it comes to being online and being anonymous right? If some had come here and said: hey you! I have no weapons, but I'd like to beat the crap out of you for this. I would have had more respect for that. do that still stupid, but I would have had more respect for that. Nobody, nobody is actually going to follow through on this things, people just love to be outraged and rage is easy and responsibility is not that's. The problem is a good thing. between that rage is easy. Responsibility is now You tell the funding who gets mad every time. You acknowledge the truth about Detroit me once yet. Only talk about a hotel y know, I'm it's not one hotel! You guph Europe. Currently, there are a lot of great things. You just have to seek things out that are good. If you're constantly seeking bad things, you will find bad things. If you seek good things, you will find good things. Get things. Are there just you know,
is it s a good good good earnings? Are there in the area? That's that's not true the three finally whereby the Detroit I see. This is why we can have good things so gyro model I just wanted to confirm it yet, at its reported by the Washington Post Dago Peter costs for Walter Farmer to be hanged killing Cecil the lines I it seems to me. The only cause there's nothing illegal about hunting, a lion in Africa with the right permit for safari. It seems to me the thing that the he's major screw up was that he happened to clip a famous. Why am I wrong? Not at all actually what it is- and I I don't I don't particularly like hunting for sport in that You know like big game, hunting, killing alliance or an elephant only found out. I don't care, I just don't care enough, doesn't affect me, don't you a famous lion? I guess maybe as the moral of the story, I don't hate that out prior figured out this, Why you're, probably safe? If your fishing them? I don't think it's only celebrity carp killed, we killed
don't say that shot a fish fry in Detroit rarely the let's turn a march will be back with Gerald Morgan more after this latter with ground. Yeah, you're gonna die.
tat we ll be back. The final half our time, your hosts even crowd or we're here with gas rocket scientist neurosurgeon and But if you have an idea of ninety six, that's how he accomplished all the jailed Morgan thanks for saying TAT. Absolutely thanks for the bump, and I ask you to appreciate that sweet. Why rounded up there's, really bad until you rounded up. I appreciate that a lot funny about you is
you. Were you play football another day, but then with injuries you went from being a jock to a super nerd. I did go to being a little bit of a supermarket amazing when you take away a sixty five hour week, job what you can accomplish in the classroom. It's not a bad gig. This is true and funded, doesn't ever acknowledges prejudice and he always thinks yours makes one a football players, Damn jocks, he didn't realize I dont make fun of them. I just have disdain for them right and that biased comes from them. Being jerks while in general we can be a little jerky, but its typically because we have raging hormones and we looked waits a lot as he. Why do people do that? Why dont people try to be nice to each I agree with. You are literally an ass everyone. You me. I am only an ass to those people who disagree with me Would you like? A large proportion of the population?
I consider Allegro your level in order to go. Yet, if I say, if I say I likes some immediately crowd or says. Ok, let me make a note of this. Because I'm going to dislike it. Ok, you at all. It is an act. Let me tell you the first. If you had an if you hadn't, set out loud that you were pro life before I did, you would have said that you were pro choice. Just to spite me, that's what you think of me. Yes, you know why because your unprincipled, so you think I would just waiver my principles to piss. I am not unprincipled. I just have diverse principle: zero principles I'm I'm very specific on them. You're, like Donald Trump, only principle that matters is what makes you feel at that moment here something true. First time I met funded gate Gerald years. Why you said that first, whom I met him, you try the school me on comedy and tell me
there has been no good comedy like an alas there it will feral socks. I clearly was never oil Pharaoh or grits Farley, the English the office was killed. happy. There. Lay version was good anyway, see so that I was happy that right there should get Haymow that is worthy I. I can understand people being annoyed with welfare, but ok are gay. Jared Gerald are, Are we not all in agreement that Chris Farley was hilarious? He was hilarious was obnoxious, he was hilarious. I don't know what shows you were watching, but he was hilarious That is those stupid. The only reason people found him remotely funny was because he was fat and unattractive
Why am I often find you ve gotta use? What's he got, I don't know is presently athletic forest. He was very athletic. Croesus barley, shocking. You get mass moving forward. Man, you gotta, keep the momentum money to start. If you see on the z understand you, I didn't disagree with you to disagree with you. I disagree with you because you were wrong and everyone here never wrong. Really you're, never wrong, never ever wrong. What's the capital Vermont What is the capital of Roma come again? Give me a chance. Google is damp and I've for I can I am my of dumb ass. There God you're wrong, make no longer state that in the affirmative, she's so annoyed right now this is one of those instances were funded like You can see in a species like the end boom goes the dynamite get he mentally just wishes. He could not be here, but he still half, but I do that. Every Friday
So much easier would have just somebody's feeling guy you sexes them and find this happy place oh, I don't get my cat and find my happy place. I'm like lime, like a mentally deficient Ernst, Stavros Blow felled of why the ones that are Gerald. So you had this debt threat at. Let me ask you this because you're pretty reasonable guy you've talked about this and you even got some people were mad. We talked about compromise. I think there are close handed issues and open handed issues. Thing is what's a leftist right now, like a close handed issue is a lion and I mean that's the that's worthy the different like for me. I can't vote for someone I can If they are not pro life, I can't something like illegal immigration. Right. Mrs words going down to obviously it's a huge problem, but I would be able to vote in good conscience for candidate who came out said: hey, listen. Would it be best if his deported all you illegal immigrants. Yes, absolutely with a split house, Probably not going to happen so I am willing.
compromise to try and cut down on illegal immigration as best as possible and remedy the problem. For me, I go. Ok, that's not a closed. It is you, that's not an abandonment of principles because they're still about borders, but they're trying to do something. That's feasible. Do you feel like right now? both sides are not allowing for any me, be open. Handed issues in its problem absolutely were definitely majoring on minors a lot of times. We we try to find issues that divide us instead of issues where we actually have common ground I was telling you in the break. I was sitting at the table. Last night was with two guys that are very, very well entrenched in back from Detroit Area, and one from Ohio, who are very big liberals in to the Teamsters Union the whole deal, and we had more in common on what we wanted to achieve than we ever gave ourselves credit for, because we could sit and talk about it. We re will have. Productive conversation. At times a heated conversation because we have very different opinions on how to get there, but the problem
have today, as the people don't take time to listen at all too many those are all about how many sound bite you can get an how you can kind of thing the other side and make them feel bad or or get adds because people are watching us. Amazing video What I love about, what you do is you? Let people come on and talk about the issues that they have talk about the other side as well, so that people can understand it and figure out. Ok, what's that, what's the place we aren't gonna meet together on this, because, like it or not, we get differing opinions in this country. We always will the problem as we become soap all, but if you believe one way, you're an idiot and if you believe the other way Europe, Idiot in some one standard he rather later? If, on the other side, it does too, he just listened with disdain, on his face. We couldn't you no good examples. We couldn't put fund upon the call with the ugly because he wouldn't have let him speak but is one who never lessons to anyone, but his own opinion. He just said he hates people Have we had? We had a pretty much everybody, but I love buildings. We had a
has been an transsexual on that site day and they both at equal time we ve had a terrorist is ideal. Hugely we ve had a hip used from Youtube is far far left. Liberal, I don't know in front of us. Even fund up is on the programme set. A bad example fund just thinks it yeah, he eat you can tweak tweet me it s credit. We not let anyone else speak. Do we only I've conservatives on the show I've? That's not what I've been seeing an here's, a thanks. Even I thank you. And I are both smart enough to realise that we don't know everything and that our one of you in the world. There are some things that we don't move on. There are some absolutes in our life, but those are derived from our faith in and reasonably so we can back it up. But on a lot of the other stuff, We need to listen to what other people have to say, because I have experiences and they have under ignore background. Little help us understand. What's going on better that we don't have and that that takes that takes you. You know that takes a little bit of pride swallowing humility did you know, I think that's.
Nothing like we so there's enclosed in it issues, there's no one is going to. No one is going to convince me that abortion is is morally Well, that's never going to happen site but, like I said I can go. Ok, what's the best solution. for illegal immigration. Now, do I would love to deport Annie and all illegal immigrants, science and build a giant wall and make sure no one comes in here illegally. Absolutely do I think we can do that tomorrow. No, so I'm open to different, pragmatic solutions. Now trump bans will go in Rio. We gotta get ready, Mexicans where'd. You say now No you'll ran a dozen. You love the Mexicans. No, that's not what I'm saying. May I from my mother, barely mother has an accent so severe. Have people in Texas can't understand her I know what it's light for someone to be an emigrant same thing with you know: people go on, I think, if stock or german outgoing Stevens, not Stevens, is broad choice. I guess, because I support Carly Florina, she said exceptions for
abortion and insist here to think about Carlini Rina. Here's what I love about her and tell me if you think, I'm wrong Gerald. I think she's sort of emblematic of what we're talking about where they that left us right away, go where well abortion. Abortion are you are you? Are you make x you? Will you make exceptions, for instance, for right what about Procyon, these twin, one has the baby you're the one dies or Yoda, and she goes ok, ok, ok, yes, let's am allowed to make exceptions, for that. Are you allowed to make exceptions for third trimester Are you a lot to make exceptions for the ninety nine percent of abortion cases where foot and she go and she takes them right down there? Conservatives go see she's making exceptions, I dont know she's making a point. I think handled that really You been following her absolutely, and the point is that she she's being realistic. What would you other have right now unlimited abortions, or would you rather have at least some kind of law that says hey after twenty weeks again you can have an abortion. Would that be better than what we currently have right now and if somebody can
and in favour of that, and I am willing to make exceptions for the two percent of abortions that might followed this category that we don't really not to deal with yet, but I'm willing to make any any you no compromises on saying, hey after twenty weeks. Let's, let's just let's call it what it actually is from the beginning, the child. It's in your warm ok right, protect that I would rather be there and having it crustacean to be where we're at where you can pretty much do whatever you want and let me see the planned parenthood, videos that come out and just destroy anybody's notion of what that company is all about. What that organization does yeah. I think the injured- and I have talked about this in a danger to health me- run Lotto clattered outcome and we do quite a bit of a traffic, but we also know We could do way more traffic right if all your posting was home, Donald Trump Blast, liberals in a big way, and what happens? with news now, and conservatives are just as easily manipulated as liberals, they don't like to hear it, but they're just as easily manipulated by media just by a different kind of media. All people you
general rule. Ninety something percent of people are followers now, whether there the mainstream followers, like liberals of followers, I conservatives not Conservatives are leaders of the movement, the problem is we hit a point now. Where's delivering the news that people need to hear instead of saying? Hey here are the candidates that are available for the debate for the GNP, for example, and in dealing with right now conservatives what you It was you go? Oh, nobody cares about. You know. Carly theory is palace, Nobody cares about tag cruises policy and this they want to hear about Trump and A guy who hasn't scientists, paperwork, who doesn't even but donation or issues page gets all of the press because it's not about delivering new, that's necessary, but what gets traffic gauge charity? I think I think if I asked ballot papers something, but it makes me think back to no talk about Larry, king and how he talked about. You know Fox NEWS is and how the Billy till luck depressed
What do you think it seems to me like that's kind of what some is the fox or any other places are kind trying to yeah, there is at the end game, or these are different and game for them. There isn't. There is an end game there for both conservative than and for liberals, I'm not going to call out specific conservatives are networks or any of that, but listen there's or there is a vested interest right now from top down for Trump, maybe Jack. You can see that begin to see me in an inn. Conservatives who think anybody says drop had spoken for the vast majority are not getting the coverage. I dont know what they're smoking, maybe they're, having paint that they bought at the lower in Detroit, but but my what wouldn't it actually do talk radio better to have more Democrats empower because then there is another thing for another eight years to complain about yeah? I think that's your too! I think
but we don't complain about anything I this week we talked about Detroit so that we were just talking about. You know O Burma, but I'm talking about like your typical Rog ACT as it means that the greatest period of broadcasting for someone like rush limbo- when he had his rush verses Bill Clinton. Eight years makes yeah. I think I think you're Rutledge Gerald jobs are you're the guests and we were all talking. What do you think? I definitely agree. I think I think whenever information is tied to profit it it becomes challenging, because it's no law here we are on both sides. Just like you said it's no longer about what candidates are really best and getting Charlie's opinion out there. It's more about seeing how many people will watch because you're talking about Donald Trump and seeing his hair blow in the wind like some magic carpet ride. I don't I just don't get it I can show you my hair is harder riots and outrage argument. But now I understand I understand that Donald Trump is
mark here. He really as he's not an idiot. I don't think he's he's a good presidency began it. I don't think he's going to actually run for president. I think he knows how to play the game. now and get a ton of free media attention and he's gonna do a very? job at it. Then he's gonna run away, but I think the problem is these hurting the process, because, let me tell you he doesn't speak for any silent majority at all of anybody. Nobody, in mass follows the sky. The reason that he's doing so all right now, because people don't care about the presidential election. Yet the people that are out there taking he falls and doing things are the people that are fanatics about their candidates had seventy five bumper sticker plaster on their car. It's not the masses yet zone, not worried about this at all. I really don't think the Donald Trump as an issue. How things are bushes and issue? He'll probably be in the top three or four candidates by the time it all kind of shakes out, but Trump Trumbull fall like a lead balloon, my friend very quickly or not be doesn't, then I get proven wrong and in a way,
bigger problems and me being were hungry, got Donald Trump, actually in a presidential as it may be revoked ethically. It's a twitter by the servers earlier this week, and I mean analytical again to conspiracy theories and thereby kind of of entertaining my mind a little bit I mean: do you think it's possible? It is possible that a mood trunk trump, no legal, bigger than Trump out there and there's no big european Spirit than heard what not there. I do think there is even a slight bit of the probability, but even then I may think about it. The guy that you know the curtains were well their front seat at his wedding into Gaza, five yeah right front row I mean the guy: has a month's be die, I think fund. It believes that right, funded, say again
you think the trumpets train it basically have Hilary draft in behind it all. Yet I would totally thing that he is in Cahoots with Hilary for some reason: Heath figures that if he can get her in, if he can be a cloud and trick people, to supporting him on the right. You know in the primary reason a fourth and then he gets into the general. Then Hill real coming. I laid eyes on ice dear. The boys run third party. Now, yet heal your parole, the thing either where hardy, I think, you'll do even more than Perot. I don't want. You know I mean Gerald, you think. That's I'm not saying likely I'm not. I don't really know they're a subscriber that you think it's plausible either. I think it's definitely in the realm of possibility, whether it has it the two or three percent chance of being accurate or a twenty percent share being accurate. I don't know. I will say this, though you're you're right. What we are seeing is that he is a little bit of a lightning rod that liberals can point to incite, see
see all you moderate seal, you people in the middle who are kind of leaning Republican right now, that's the kind of candidate that they want to put up. That's the kind of guy that they want to put in charge and there the people, but are wanting to do these terrible things with illegal immigration and in things that's it. I think he is a bit of a lightning rod right now. I also think he's is just one of those guys that is just gonna not be a factor. I dont think. Even if you re is a third party- and I know you disagree with me here- would even show up my opinion it wouldn't. I would bet I would bet my life and the fact that he. The matter, but I would add that it was no more than zero. I don't think he would honestly. I know because I think people understand the serious nature of what we're getting into right. Now. They have no other candidate really to jump behind in mass they're kind of seeing what the field is like. What is it? he now or seventeen people are very large, feel now now here s the thing are there so many people who is the only one for them, because he said the other mexican comment.
so I really do think and in their food. If you tell these people, here's the thing job there not reasonable. If you say well he's given hundreds of thousands of appointing the front pages when it rains, Given way more Democrats now are we need a non politician. Donald Trump came out and said: well, listen. I work in a democratic state. Frankly they love me. They take my calls. Frankly, the numbers are great. I work with who I have to work with, because I do business. In other words, he saying I'm a politician. I give money to whoever helps trump and then you have a spans going. We need someone, who's got integrity, others there's just gets nonsensical. Yes, Donald Trump has integrity of its look. Look. How loud he's been in the media compared to the how quite how surprisingly quite the recent and meet here's one thing that I think and then we have to let Gerald go and then go to break. But here's one thing that I think said you there's no donation page right and he said full of com? They wanted to offer me five million two million dollars it, which I think is a violation of camping finance. I think would have to go to a pack, but he's not bright enough to understand that when you speak
anything so the only wanted we five two million dollars, but I tell you I want to do that that comes with contingencies. They want to be close to and are not, and I want to get away with that begs the question Donald. Is that why you gave its figures. To Clinton is that why you gave six figure to the local politicians of New York because you want to be the corrupt person with a connection to a politician, because you ve now, you ve been on the other side. Why? Why now do? Is it your fraid of people acting like you? Actually, you can trust himself to act like a scumbag effect, now listen Gerald. The fact is, frankly, I'm a great scumbag if everyone you're gonna feel it's gone bags on the best one. Everyone loves. If you look at the polls, Mexicans think that I'm the best of the scum bags frankly you're wrong aright.
Gerald. Thank you. So much work and people best find you at G, Morgan, Junior at G, Morgan, J R, where and send your hate tweets, but do not send death threats to his office, funded by those on the phone he's not bringing up the bump, but we are going to a commercial break. There you go funded. You woke up. I think he got the hang of it later on. Or will wrap up this show in a nice start next week the computer or run those bumps
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I can't believe- and I was so happy that Pandit finally got to that. is rooted in. But like a youth, Bastard turn a Yo Yo Yo can somehow what they hit. But I m here to say I sucked producer, but but they re We have a couple of minutes because we went along with Gerald, but I beg you so much for being with us today. Obviously I am Heracles one minute, bearing in mind the news, Donald Trump Card in the business of fabricating, not side of one parent or the along hasn't been a whole lot. That's why you ve seen all this outrage over sessile the lion. I think the big take away from today. The big way from news of this week is priorities, we are at phase right now where boarding and selling baby parts just phases, nobody but a lion being killed. Everyone is in an uproar were at a stage where a city like Detroit,
that has been destroyed. You left us policy once glorious city, just like fund beset, doesn't upset anybody. Where we don't blame it on the entirely liberal Democrats have run its sixty to give Michael more going on blaming it on white Republicans, as he says, we lose sight. We ve lost the plot as a country, let's try and get it back to it through humor. Do it with levity. Happy warriors lotta with crowded Yeah morning.
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