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#346 WAR FOR TOMMY ROBINSON! Derek Smalls, Dean Cain and Sargon of Akkad!

2018-06-15 | 🔗
Enjoy the second week of Louder With Crowder’s Cultural Appropriation Month! This week we honor the talented and tough culture of North Korea! Talking all things Tommy Robinson imprisonment, banned sex dolls, Jim Acosta’s latest blunder, Chicago trains and more. Derek Smalls of the band ‘Spinal Tap’ stops by to talk his new album and going solo, Dean Cain stops by to diss on Hollywood and Robert DeNiro, and Sargon of Akkad talks the state of free speech in Europe and Tommy Robinson.

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He arrived in America, conquered asked he was promptly banned from hostile and you too, they tried to stop him, but now he's yet, despite the first man to be you'll like it had a few men fighting a lovely, I'm not leaving your name united, like one really good, maybe Monday June, eleventh just when you thought it was safe to go back to the elderly. Did you HIV never to festival? I couldn't take it from me. I'm going to need more people a lot. The crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter,
to which marked model with broader annual hopeful appropriation, where we learned a breach of a great this week. I was your server talented, tough fasting country I can hold out for the entire cultural programmes must continue last week in winter, but we're going end of the month all the costume contest, when you're sending your costume, attributed greater and, of course, producing mean video studios owes you can treat him at not gay jeered with your Photoshop, your comments or your costumers for cultural provisions. Winner gets obviously a free t, shirt, Ranger, pennies and Lock America jeers here, and I immediately fulfil them illegal migration.
Drawing conclusions. We get. You call me night, you communicate daddy three summary that sounds like a very gay daddy. We have great ass, we are going to God. We have deemed Cain and we'll Derek smells of spinal tap on the show, the basis for spinal tat, one of my greatest accomplishments actually, you're. Really there are only a few people have really really really really one avenue show. You know I was coopers amongst them and at Derricks malls basis of smiles have is also I question the day before and we want to see what what sucks more than they would you think genuinely that that the state of free speech across our country, or even across the World Europe and out we're going in time of the time it out and situation, particularly as it relates to social media or the World CUP, which sucks more, Also Julia widow, high Jeremy fired you Somalia, which means he knows a lot about wine at G, Morgan Junior. How are you oh geez, do happy
celebrate. We acted that brought a biogas, is got bubbles and that's on laboratory is its hundreds, the whole rosetta, forty quite I couldn't authorities for their allowing their legally Missouri, because people are getting very, they are getting pans labyrinthine aphasia on work sites and then once they broke the boy, We risk having people what it is, a bit of a loyal, also loyal, could tackle forty five and, of course, fan computer. Are you ready with overlays with Washington D C. Added to strike washing DC and Iraq. It works better than you might think that working perfectly, but there maybe I just make it to Hawaii crashing videos, but you can bet you can attract my flight path on twitter at almost almost North Korea is making everyone, Nick.
Remember that we ensure beneficial team from conjunction later, even relatively quiet and little little conflicted bottom. We have is a day to get you first, so Jimmy Cost is an inseparable per recklessly with that here is caught in a hot microphone justifying shouting question. That the whole Trump Kim's summit listen to the smugness yeah. That's all all day, baby I'll die out today, all day long entitled, as it is ironic actually, because all night long is actually now Donald and Kim Song.
I believe, my daddy. I just love what how to spend computers unable his little holding I am proud to have this related depiction of the nuclear programme, looking forward to see looking for senior full for staying coefficient on Monday, I'm looking forward to it a lot Are you just forgetting to turn on your microphone? I just know you're a retarded measures, don't yeah, but it only to make something to North Korea and that's it. I won't make too many noses this. I want to launch you from a carrier of my life dependent. I wouldn't I wonder what is going to fail on the ramp people like what you're waiting the adoption adoption processes from North Korea. Eulogiums got me luck,
you just chaser and the children with ordinary people's. I think he's chasing a piece of cheese, and you pretty much gave everyone really models which I think they teach you around for that until the earlier speak struggling to remind like Charles Exuviae. Now I didn't negative. That is so happy other news of the day. The, U N, is officially blame and condemned Israel for the recent violence in Gaza is comes to us from washed and post. Of course, it proved a palestinian back. Lucian when on Wednesday, blaming Israel for violence in Gaza, deploring its quote: excessive use of force, with no mention of the fact that Hamas, who had the destruction of all Jews, in their charter. Until very recently, you and also demanded the thirty six accusers be charged with quick, stealing all of cause these pills. So therein, I'm increasingly convinced that, if the Hitler around the day, the left would insure him a victory that you were. You end you're, not you and to the left of me. I thought I would cite the wrong people. We ve all that a billiard. They went back and looked at the Holocaust. If you like you guys gonna come again. Hilary.
Well you know it. You don't think that Hamas would carry out the holocaust, couldn't tomorrow, absolutely they're, just holocaust deniers, who beat their. Why they asked. The fun fact is that the person in the edge said that, like few weeks ago, it at last you to do is use social behaviour that the Holocaust haven't deeps, that's the position that they help due to theirs due to their social behaviour of of dying from inhaled toxic fumes. Can you believe that those Jew is out there? They assets that we're solely on the brink of pilot like here's? What? Even if you think that Israel is not keep it put us why, in any other situation, if you thought smallest occupying a land, but the land can Is that of people who wanted to wipe out an entire range of people, but I think other occupied Thank God. There no longer running the show doing that speaking then show Netflix Film crew. There now banned from staring flirting or going under the new rule. Just I'm so happy happy it's a great day it s. Just I hadda what we go back. Strolls onset
I have actually okra who that is, that it really dead and throughout the world. Go home? I so assail Rodman coin. I think we're going to some so Netflix. They ve been film crews from looking at anyone for over five seconds. Other rules and could not asking Europe House phone numbers in their urging staff feeling pestered to yell quote: stop don't do that again. Citizen wants to meet you and it's not necessarily bad response, but it's that is its lead. Some change. Europe contains our netflix prompted them to actually hold production and bill. Rallies. Highly anticipated directory gave you the biographical, Roger Ales pictured. The chronicles of crotch can also the production of the highly anticipate, a sequel to spacey jam. Was one contact about Darwin. Spacey was knots, was extreme cameo buddy and is auditioning blue everyone. He blew ever out away away. Flew everyone aware: here's your chance! Do your dance at the space at the space to stop? I didn't write it.
Also in order available is notorious bill. Nice save the world episode dried humping, the craft services table. That would also seems like it was it almost heap this he was tax of the world. Bill, but he taught me how to make your own ketchup afterwards I am not happy to tell you that the party was bebop, filigree, punish me. I didn't know that. Well, I guess it's. Ok, you hump. The quiz knows catering one of its users pay even mosques, boring cup. They reportedly, I just want to bid to build a high speed underground rail in Chicago Ill. I must here you know that you must there's fan computer, so this is actually what we
really excited to work with the mayor and the city to bring this new high speed public transportation system to Chicago the boring company said. Hopefully it's faster than a speeding bullet said all of Chicago. That's a strange! You go everywhere. If you, if you ever Detroit, would be calling the Chicago pity hope have probably see the vessel it's been about. No, but it's more powerful than a gun. Confiscation out take ear tagging, that's gonna, go I'll, just hang onto so. Have admitted stoppages minutes on time its authority in a fifteen minute, respect zeal. Fifty eight, fifty eight, Suppose I mean ravages eleven at each cargoes. Actually, good on them is six. I think it is double Would you like me, yeah, there's no one left to kill and work, they crazy online to hyper little hyper this house, it's pretty bad, Wednesday, by the way on the importation imply, almost articles would say in poor taste, the importation and trafficking of use. This is an act.
Computers and actual story rise. National, ok, I wanna make sure because people say you're just making these up to four. Just like the inference knows a real story: traffic. If an atomic, correct child sex dolls and robots tat quote normalize sex between adult minors. The proposal was approved in the house and now it moves on to the Senate. But if you make child sex robot The illegal people be forced to build their own sex dolls and back alleys, argued now happiness. Then only the child sex robots will have all the first move. Unaware indignant are to de two year old and see three. This many. They are of general gender that you met him in the vicinity of the votes on this. I know that there will be one. Given that over the now, they must be considered for thinking ahead of their time.
Salons, our onboard AIDS, as did MRS Sanders you're running for president, says you that you voted no on banning anatomically, correct child sex robots. You pull the Bijou defence of just though none the less there we have ok. So what we do at the interest rate year we hand disguise manager on not long ago, and if you'd been following the news, this is not to get sued, but it is precisely for less to set. This up came are limited to begin with. The UK no longer has free speech will talk, what you're gonna get it doesn't exist, To say it time and time again, please there's no, are you think anyone is trying to argue anymore they're trying to argue to what degree they limit speech thing, a chemical unfolding kind of authoritarian so before either Tommy Robinson you what we re going for a third of our failure to question you just so happy oversold all I could
how is so low to the move for so long and a hell? If I go to the UK to those will decrease crazy. I guess I can't get another speak. You know I can't speak. Hearted is its opportunities. Look I can imagine it gives me, that's why you gotta have it or else they don't chippings took so. People like like learn southern ass now, how they work early period I had they been banned from entering the country count. Dank you, of course, remember fine for making the pub doing Nazi Salute, which sounds worse than it actually is. When you see the video, meanwhile, the flying ISIS flag in London, you raise its apparently that's, not a problem. And obviously Tommy Robinson, is still uncertain, we talk about this. We had some Robinson manager on there was a two weeks ago. Now knock it you're watching us. It will be two weeks ago and the concern is now when he talked about this he's been moved to a new prison.
That's allegedly significantly more dangerous with a higher muslim population. Now there has been some confusion over the exact details, so I dont have any misinformation. Here's the most recent update from his manager, Killin Robertson himself There was some confusion circulating on twitter. There may be some people face. It was seventy percent muslim prison, some huge number year, n n. It turns out that that is not correct at all and that they may just flippant and gotten a mistake. But then there are a lot of their sites that ran with it. Who didn't fact- and this is what I want to make this clear before we get to terminals- and this is why absolutely despise the conspiratorial? It's that freight fake news exists not just exclusively on the left k and it makes it much harder for us to do job or for you to go out there and be properly armed of information when people Laurentian clicks and they are in telling the truth in flight the number two an increase. A number of Muslims that that is not the accurate number which had to be, I believe it was, I believe they took it back. If I'm not mistaken, I believe retracted. I think they put it and would like what you think.
They moved into a prison with a higher muslim population. Words more dangerous! That's enough! When we get to what's happened on Youtube and socially tenders. It's enough! The truth is enough, the truth is always end up in a double edged sword of a new age of digital media is that right comes or that extra set of responsibilities and once at once, my time, nothing the human rights were little more genuine, because people were on board is more singular narrative of news. Now you can. Anybody can from any blog from anywhere in the world, can further and spend on things and be taken. Is gentlemen, so very ably vigilant, a matter which site you run no matter where this here's the thing you don't wanna know it's crazy, but we just we He's had Kim Jong OWN and Donald Trump singing all night long. Okay, this is not the epitome of journalism and we do the work, and so we have come out in issued retracted. We ve gotten something's wrong. When news has come in these people who are out there trying to convince you that they are real Louis. But what does it you're? Only new source we're late night, show ok, but we are meticulous in trying to be correct. So it's not by that a news organization or right wing blogger employs three four five times as many people. As on this show.
Get it wrong: that's by design yeah spend computer yeah. Regis hurt your costs, be because now the left wing media that the second just pointed this guy look they're lying rights trying to inflate this, and that makes people like Look I too, because there we're going. We associate with those of us who are like a genuinely outright I want to emphasise that all rights, like bench, Judge Ben Shapiro, signatories, Jewishness, it is really about their handing out teachers at the aren't. You can then jack exactly at an ineffable, try to do that, but then that means that there is a huge something we do not ok and it's just a disconcerting video that term rounds and it was titled I won't be around for much longer- was taken down from you too, because it violated community guidelines. So this. So the fact that this coincides is, is, is bone chilling lease carry the Good NEWS, is a lot of people, did their due diligence and took the clip download of the clip before was taken out, so we have a montage of some of that here. They want to remove me to silence me to this.
They have tried to stop me every possible. Why are they want to, for the first thing we have my voice, I don't doubt one day what you have social media completely forever. The media. Would you tell you ever they want about me? You have no way of responding Do it to me They can do to you they do they removed it immediately on Roma seems like he was. He is foreshadowing acts of violence and sent committed against him and in violation that video predicting You will be found and violations for non violations will promote the violation. Did you run these people? It scared, because at the point where they don't care that you're watching porn try to hide anymore and that's what scare people are really stepping up in fighting stuff like this, I think or their trying.
Within a really have much of a mechanism. What do you do if twitter bands you gotta have asian learning bill? Rigid exact here is, namely the hallways of themselves, and you know what I'm talking about, how many people can do that right, and so it comes down to people like you having the ability to go. Do that or everybody else, alot of people? Can you just have to be the PIG Bigs builders house, I've straw, those outside of out of brick, as opposed to the others who did with straw and would would stick strong what steps which enormous pissed off that one pig likely ass? If you use your house You see this country went right next to it. I don't care about the environment, not that expensive right down the block that just let you know some of these organizations that we're not with this myth of the seventy percent muslim population, but they are far more money than we do what they typically do. The avengers tend to pitch and what's happening to you to listen, we bitch and we try and make it funny. That's why we created mug covers what allows us to be sustainable and we trying to sketches to draw awareness to it, but we have been Richmond everything we have also his firm on retainer and we are
thorn in the side of social media. Believe you me, we ve plan for this and you will know about it. If we end up having to fight to a higher together, we are so here's the Uk Courts and social media to working together and not just to silence Tommy into put him in prison, but but the sounds any reports of their actions against him. That's what's crazy right now, and this is how the left operates bewilderment at making the rationalization, because this is this- is exclusive to the left. They portray the aggressors as the victims. In the end they have in their northern call once they paint Tommy, is the villain and is reporting as a crime against. Poor muslim rate gangs, the port, Nepal, migrant rapist only again was raped by kid. Eternally are a minority, so they do have the moral Moran that is true, honey, Robins. I might have the jury by reporting about how this man raped a kid. Don't you under? No, we don't understand how we don't care. We find common ground. Probably not! Ok, that's why we're here to meet you,
Some things happen to us before so good. Examples very recently, like people dont, know this and actually spend computer. He did some research with with rage the beast here. We found some things out. Yes, just today, right before the shell right before doing this, the civil non violation changed my mind that he, unless we can offer them, we are training, sit down with a sorry others violation for just find a reason so antiphon and the like that they actively and repeatedly called to fire by us to fire biomass to firebomb our table. You can see these pictures, so I actual are posted this too Instagram saying ok, guys keep an eye out and it was removed as a violation for saying that person wants to fire bombers who a few they make sure we don't get firebomb his visitor violation. Here's the crazy thing. You wrote Charles Hermes, professor you to your uncle, who still there- and I was a Nazi posted fake means me saying: Gasogene, never think about this person who wanted us to be firebomb in
is a co chair. The democratic social works at Uti Austin and ran Burmese Austin campaign. These aren't crazy fringe extremists, Republic, soviet. Rested for rape for calling to report rate brightest, setting up what you said the rape word now we have to take you in said the are words, not our fault I didn't do the our word. He still doing it now, Sir CALM down, we are sending the palaver aligned. Do we propose to protect our team and the fans we had fan showing up change. My people are going to all your and there's no way to stop the spread of information. We I was only then we will all great we're not gonna do it again, because it was just it was to mass of the crowd and we promoted we did alive. Show chiefly mine is meant to be something where you set up in random passers by the big conversation with you, tasks is meant to mimic more. So what occurs Marilla anymore, but right away we're in Austin firebomb them. So we try to protect their fans, anarchy and we were in violation of what what guidelines prudent use.
This means in order to save space for professional online victims, there are literally grating unsay spaces in the physical world, from acts of Syria's vial. The brutality coming from the lab Stephen. You disagree, Galva, Gaierty, so rich. The irony is a rich on these include my left, all the people that are teaching Jeanne cutting colleges right that the prisoners and that the administrators there in colleges due to your kids, you're playing money to go to you, I'm only to create a safe space baby. This is our own choice on the street as our universe, all I've sent. Ok, we all want to say space our whole enshrined how we all want to stay. Someone really want pillowy at an online right right, so until interim twitter, like people showing tat, really hurt. When was it ok, so the only way that we can criticise this American get hurt. You is by hurting people in real life through the follow they follow. The alliance airspace relay firebomb violence of the sphere.
That way there communist a figment of imagination. Ok, can you want an aim, of course check? Yes to agree with all of these and other eyes or setting about technologies happier behalf, I hate all the things, and this is why we did it. We sense then, computer into at this is why we become disruptive asshole. Sometimes look we do change my mind, you know what we do it, because it's meant to be. Symbols meant to have a dialogue, but every now and we send in spent it wasn't very productive. The whole point was to point out that the only point was to showcase the absurdity of the left. Yes to publicly embarrassed these people. Why? Because even more civil as humanly possible, even we play by every single one of you see with Tommy Robinson or you see it with without with us- are gonna get on twitter relate not heeded. Britain will we see a lot of people? Certainly we ve never every single one of the contradictory, sometimes illegal borderline illegally party consent state laws. As far as filming arbitrary rules, they could change just grow us anyway. So why does it seem like are becoming increasingly hostile wise if you like on? Sometimes this show we go too far.
Why are we sending stand back in four should really going to sea, and one is yours, p yourself laughing lies in what we're doing his words, sometimes unnecessary and there's no point other than to irritate the left, because you that's. Why, and here is the other thing we ve been official statement, though from the trunk he's been quiet. We have to do this before we will actually we if they are going to have run over time. Even pretty quiet seems a little conflicted Kim Jong is released, an official statement, s regarding the meeting with Trump and how I feel about it and after that sort of a cod. I met. The President Ass Donald Trump gave me a frightened. He said I have a debt geese rye
I'm tired of making I'm tired of right and wrong. We just cause- I am I said, is saying it's gotta be wrong. Time begins to really mean that he thinks I am now I'm just so. Rounding up like a big brother programme
Sprang to regulate our women among the Welsh whatever last week and we have had- and it's been better- why he's been state side and now is no longer stateside, some kind of sorry that we missed him, but you can follow on you too, because I don't think you can follow much anywhere else anymore. Sargon of a cat. Mr Cat? How are you, sir, I'm very well? You can actually fallen on Facebook. Still, ok, we haven't bought me well, you know what I noticed that Dutch or their work instagram as is way worse than now than Facebook, in its obviously owned by Facebook. We heard someone say we had some one from out, not finance for, but why should we just talk about it? Someone who works at? U t we just talk of this earlier on the show,
demand that people firebomb us while we were going to change my mind, highly controversial segment and treated it all out, and then I posted a picture saying hey watch out for this person, because I want to firebomb us and I apparently violated policies by posting, their exact sweet right so very difficult to follow, but you're. So it was not so let's get you weren't states for a while what what? What was it like for you? Is it Was it your first long visit stateside none opened the states few times for I was really get on to the University of Poland. Poland, state University was invited to talk with the press, it Peter Bagasse in philosophy, press there and he's he's been here, rest endlessly by the data? Please, and we were taught him a biased response team The university, which are basically I mean, I'm not being hope Can I say the kind of like a progressive version of the police of vice and virtue? Ok, if youth, if you're doing something that falls outside
progressive orthodoxy, you can be reported. He doesn't have been crying You know in nobody's gonna legal power it it's just if you'll doing something that can be considered offensive, and this I mean this: could this could be done to obviously using land? well that is deemed inappropriate. Snazzy university, not swell adds now like biologically proper pronouns can be considered a yes, yes, science. What was, amazing how the refunds denies on the left and the right and everyone wants to believe, is just the opposite team yeah has the south denies that some the answer? We we worlds interrupted by someone from Anti for pulling the fire alarm, but luckily We must protect the whole out. I mean, I think the whole at about eight hundred seats in those spent. Seven hundred of them were filled nice, the area is not only had because it did to the fire thing, have ink secret spot say doubly automatically extradite within its borders covered in ink. If they do not like someone who try to rip off
um yeah Niemann markets in the nineties member those these have ink, don't use it anymore, so suddenly accolade holes. It, didn't we we didn't. Have I put some the fire. She was settled quickly and so we went back in and in the heart of the dsgw doubly menace we gotta to take a nice big, dumb, pull over, thereby response team nothing about very nice, and these are terms and philosophy automatic user. The professor take a nice big dump on their responsive limousine. Did you notice a very different sensibilities with Americans than in the UK, now being here now and twenty eight, because I will say it changed a lot since I've been in the states and when I first came from Canada was culture shock. I can only imagine now in the sense that there is a real divide of people who support things like the first amendment, an absolute truth. And the people to pull the firearms Amelia. This does a massive ideological to divide between those two people and its nor ganging smaller rise, because
inside positively refuses dialogue. I mean, I, I think, one of the reasons that your rum my mind Series has been so popular is because people want to see the conversations happening that frankly, the left have been shutting down. Yeah philosophy, Kate at least, and it's got to the point now. What the problems are so bad and they're. So obviously, in people's faces that you can't just pretend that the person is bring up, an issue is a bigots right because there are so many people with real issues that just you can't just assume I mean was a Dan Harmon, said a third of your country, a Nazis and said Dan. Are you listening to yourself? You really think that further there has been taken over by nazis or is it your perception is gone. So far radically to the left that your basically communist this third was. I look sense of German. We're nazis had actually has a good idea. A third is more. The Nazi Party won with some thirty seven percent of the vote.
Right, but that doesn't obviously make thirty seven percent of the Germans Nazis. Now the party So more Americans are nazis. The nazi regime are not worth the naughty sleeping giant. Let me get my meeting, maybe if you made right, I have this thirty people on campus. Like a lady who worked at? U T, she was wanted to firebomb us for the change my mind, it was a word dangers change my mind, but what use are raising the lady who sat down- and he was a man- was a transgender man to woman. That was the one conversation that was civil. It was the feminist who claim to be intersects, which I read up after what I think is BS who screamed in screech. It was the? U t asian registrars office who wanted to fire bombers, threatens gender person. Yourselves? Z, self! Wasn't unobserved, please be reasonable, so I carry it isn't it is anyway, bovine avatars there's a distinct supply and demand problem. When it comes the Nazis, the massive them and four Nazis right now I'll be there now, if it be everywhere, but the market just isn't filling this arm on. Basically
thinking. If I opened the Nazi University, I could fill a nation, the muck, your good, if Nothing else that you go boss, uniforms, you can you can start a storefront, oh yeah, I mean I mean: really much the Nazi myself, but I'm sure probably dig up one or two: we could learn from I mean for grandma. We can make a lot of money off Etsy. You noticed sociopath, so some patches on their sell some so make it a package. So so what was the most bizarre thing? You can't we Saucily Antiphon videos but isn't when it becomes white noise. I hate to say it unless you, because they are committing acts of violence and pulling so many fire alarm. What was your weirdest encounter states actually using the show? Portland guess I went from the book store the the ashes based around and it was really I mean it was like Tumblr come to life, everything in it was
everything and it was like the most cliched s. Database feminist, nonsense. I M of the black lives matter and was in a piece of the criminals. I went in there and I got some buttons my favour, one that the often on said riots, not diets what we're honey it's an anti fat shaming is, if you say we should lose way we're getting the riots that is like us moving, alas, really knows. I guess it I already let our stand or you would have derived its loss. If I just I can't found Mosquitos they genuine they they not only do I think that is more productive to riot. Instead, it live a healthy lifestyle They believe it is so much more productive in fact that it deserves real estate on a button in the take of any leave a penny jar. I paid dollar fifty four, this bunks, those like I'm, never gonna, find out.
This anywhere else and do not really unfortunate thing about this is I was one of the last people to purchase something from my shop because is shut down the aisle, because the evil, capitalist patriarchy for some reason won't sustaining, Well, I didn't want to get that. I wanna buy that many birchen stocks. I understand it surprise surprise. You can feel that market which could fill motorcade with fat its feet something like that, they were basically messing up, because eventually it can be me having led them as a university, the feminist, bookstore,
the communist commune as well. Anything I can make profitable. I think I'm gonna go full, gives us how I am a capitalist. Yes, it s like playing harvest moon at this point in our peachy. Only you end up making a lot of money off a few people have Terrier, it's always empty its final question: if even follow Tommy Robinson Controversy- yes, I mean there are some things. I've talked about this. What I'm like man, I really do feel shame sometimes for MIKE for some actions on behalf of my country. This is wanting. I've got to imagine ever even some left a sprig of comments it I can't but leaves, as this has gone really far and brain at the guy. Doesn't, I know, you're an atheist, but I'm I'm just praying and open the guy doesn't get hurt. This could end really badly well yeah. I mean the case, though, that the tolerable situations interests me in complicated when so that come from the three months ago, he was arrested for doing the same thing, which is filming and broadcasting outside or on core property. When
that's prohibited because it that's. The worry is that ill prejudice, the jury and so great a lot about you doing this and he was called doing this. He was given a suspended sentence of three months. I think it was an embassy told not to do that would in time and within that time he went and did the same thing right and was arrested on charged with potentially prejudicing the jury, and so the suspect, the suspended sentence was just recalled, and so this is what he's going to jail box on the face of it. It looks like this. One incident is really: it looks like it's Tommy's fallen to be found in this case it is Tommy's fault, but this isn't. This isn't an isolated incident of the police. Being frankly, prejudiced and heavy handed with Tommy FRY note that this is. This is one bad example ready, because there are dozens of other examples where, on on film, you will see leftist protesters attacking Tommy and his friends and the police will arrest Tommy and not the attackers.
Ass soon, ass he had regularly and also the question becomes. The law isn't worth. The paper is printed on if it's not applied equally- and I searched highlights very hard to find somebody else who got this kind of a sentence for four filming effectively child rapist. You know I mean we're talking about with. Let's be clear here: yeah, listen, there's a law! I understand it. That's what we have a single party consent laws in the states. I think it's very important but put someone in a prison for effectively parading the worst of the worst among humanity who get lesser senses. That's the issue here and then transferring them to a prison which were still waiting on some information. It sounds like it sounds like you think that the final question- and we have to do you- think that you tube social media and governments are in cahoots because I remove this. Video re talked about this happening. Not just got remove this week, dealing there's some what is its loss? Was there in cahoots? Is mobile? Governments are especially european governments which are either.
Even when the not left wing that quite left wing wiper ass. If none of these Vienna interested, you know me leave me, I'm free but my prime minister claims be conservative, but then she claims to be a feminist and that doesn't make sense now. So it's not the in Cahoots. It's really that the governments are chasing after the social media platforms, because they are tired of people saying things that the government's don't like, because we don't have faced it's early, involve then its while you're at it. Not me whenever I say a lot about you, don't know you don't you think Amerika to purchase Bruce fruit? Yes, yes, I do. Yes, I did because a year I caught you right. That's why you actually have a constitutional amendment. The guarantees, your freedom of speech. We don't have that. We do not that's why not go back to Canada, Ireland in Poland. Maybe they seem like their little that morning in aright best way to find is on you too. I know your facebook now, but it still
are gonna cod right. You have to change it. Ok, it's gonna catch. Let's get you back on sooner and get you back state side sooner, because I know people here are our loving it. Well, I M actually planning a trip to Texas is simple. Because a little I've got a lot of them. Subscribers aren't. I have a lot of requests, so I think I think I have about market demands, are not regarded and do my teeth, I'll be sure, the fire bombers and Austin Texas, no Sargassum. Thank you very much doing they met.
As a first time Riera for he thought yeah, it's fine, if you're by one for yourself. What will we put you get the nine millimeter people you can actually managed to start shooting you want to go to achieve real results. More, like the first time ever, shooting came in ozone, relax, picked up the Walter and was very, very big right off the bat you're good. So, are you gonna be binding, fire absolutely bundle, you think my love now forswears family ones and the second generation sweetie the banana telephone isn't working. Never none of the electric chair working ok hold on was this fritz Junior? Did you fix the electricity problem? What what did you do? Did you get the proper Catherine devised, a rotating paddles, into moving water to create enough of an electrical current.
I want a paddle upon Dammit, first Junior deeply Elizabeth. You see what your son did. I see what he does something right he's yours when miss me. Is this your rather stay doom for more was firmly Robinson, the second generation something tobacco beetle from all the pipes could be a lawyer whose roof we have this day, neurons Judea sound bite. It happened disgusting by the way. Very glad ever next gassed always know, don't get used to looking at you. I can't figure out if you're Kim, Jong Moon or out, but she knows paternal any HBO film. It's kind of a fine Europe with a media access to choose your own pat, either way it ends up tubes, someone being sexually accosted against their will next guest big fan
real dean came in. I do have the plug. He just send it to me before the programme masters of illusion begin season, five here and there journeys filming another documentary on Holocaust and I as a whole bunch of into a whole bunch of noting Keynesian Miss anything up. There. In this area that at all then you neglected to add, was there are two day I'll be being sworn in as a reserve police officer eyes at Idaho wow. How did not come about It's actually urgent task force that Erika strategies on and he's a friend of mine for a long time it was drawn is an actual fully supports. The actual is an actual least as I will be in less than a week, did you have to go through training, difficult I am sure we all kinds of goodies, ok within that congressional, but effective like a long way to get, it could still carry permanent pit, that's a lot of work
Away but I do live in California. Look at their eyes met this business rope. I would pay the same. Dean came and Stephen Seagal come to fisticuffs, because I know he does here that show law man for a while. There will have to what is being, I would run around him a desire and I would claim victory after heart attack and then you that's exactly what I mean. You gonna. Russia does not want to go there and then came a nagging room that things happen. You're notices always try to allude to this, but you like rehearsing, Rear ever ever, actually fought, and I can say, you'd rather not find out what happened now, not in fact a cell, ok speaking of which you don't we never gonna get. We have celebrities, who are often find themselves opposite to meet other actors in films. We never gonna, get you guys in trouble or cause drama, whether needn't be any but Robert Deniro. I guess you're you're kind of your wits end with the guy. Well I mean
to get up on stage the tellers and just say a few words about the current president of the fine. If you do agree with him, say something like that, but you just and then getting a stand. Innovation and doing it so brave, I did so not raise. That's the whole point that I know that what you meant, but I mean it's, it's incredible to me. I do It's embarrassing so lemming like it's ridiculous. So I just don't understand you know yeah, ok! So, yes, the president has use press language in the path he has not. Wonderful, I've, never supported at all supported, laugh, but that's just ridiculous and wrongs do make a right. You can't blame proper. His You know what he said. The boy- and it was this guy is something very dad like two wrongs do not make a right, but I never had such a third eighteen by the way, graduate advisable by wings are no longer club I can go anywhere and do anything he come with me. Did you give him the boot out of the house runaway say, get a job.
Every four days before games completed, noted sums, bedroom door and I'm keeping the gaming chair? Do you know good gonna get your finer than the rubber yourself for me like I was we'll put em a line for a while. Now it's just, I can't even go back a watch movies, a lighted them reality, its eggs at heart. I see that I don't want to. I can make that distinction just because it is extended to India. Actors as it is. That would really pretty much run. Every movie I've watched you, so I can make it. I think, he's a fine actor. I was going to use that a great career day does great work. It's just that sort of stuff back. That was beyond the pale for me, and I'm really embarrassing for the people who stood up and applauded that, because there such hypocrites were to happen. You know I didn't President Obama and his policies, but I wouldn't ever stood up.
That I probably would have, I'm not gonna lie, but I would have expected it. I wouldn't have expected a standing ovation from Hollywood. I wouldn't I wouldn't have in a huge, also something else. I would say doing that an award ceremony would be met. More brave than doing it toward Trump. That's why member Johnny Ramon when he said I love you. Data love George W Bush, unheard gasps, because was grave. If you compare it, it's not the same thing either, because if you just apparent unemployment alone- I support that you would have had a reasonable excuses. Chanting chanting, denounce Obama because of its policies that letter numbers, but Trump is doing really well. So we do need boo trump right now. It is careless and you hate America, but that's a good point deem here. He has we'll get written. What's that would offer was until she was talking to that now. I know it's really hard for it went out there right now. Do you do age?
When are they stolen clothes that they don't understand that most Americans, including people by the way in the bottom percent, as far as earnings, are keeping more of their check that that costs are going? Taxes are going down that employment. Going up to people who are not aware of this, that the think it won't go new economy such right now they are not aware they Everyone is daddy, got research, whether it's unbelievable, because, in our view, watch five different channels, that's what you're gonna hear you can hear all the terrible things present Kim Jong IL such sat down? Can juggling do I catch up with you guys the obligations that there's a dead one and the fat one behind it all the time. I'm asian, I can say it right, your very own, stretching the limits that Yellow pass right in Dhaka. As my given name without acute and changing as I became a Hollywood get even though I got adopted, and that was the name of human origin, sorry about Asia
Thank you for that. Ok, ok, so cigarettes, so you really did so you think it's just. They have no idea. I think they have no idea. I really They have no concept, because this is a historic summit, and this one does and they hear how it's terrible that he's sitting down and legitimacy the care. What once and just do it, Other complaint about our pulling out of the uranium like losing and pick Elaine. I think the main were used to the to the diamond lane. Hiv Lena carpooling. Also I lanes, but are my motorcycles and moral five lockdown exit, but it does you this. Our put that drop one that that they dropped his writing. You didn't you see my daddy, he might be as people who, at a lot of you, haven't seen us, although I will say, there's a definitive increasing, plays on your prince and highlight since we ve talked about it. It really is people are realised, people don't know yes, so much there actually flogging as hate speech. If I hear he's just really weird and its aim is Eric
is someone who is a real athlete, a high level athlete what what do you think we're just gonna talk about Stephen Cigar, but this kind of Robert Deniro. You ve hurt him. Do this? What really bothers me more? So how did they say? F Trump, ok interested in it sucks, but when they play this tough guy thing because they did for weeks of training to do fighting for the stage you know boxing for the candle, which is very different from boxing, relate as someone who is a real. People go watch american gladiator back in the I think, with the early nineties, drinkin one smoked, It was you and actually another good athlete, the guy from Scrubbs. I forgot the name the actors needs to begin like, yet he was right You never, but it wasn't even close, that the fragments of team can you spoke them? What do you think when you see these guys you plate, who play tough guy? Who you know there are poorly Highschool drama club yeah? It is that doesn't bother me. I'm a bit like I've guys. That's it that's all rhetoric. It's all! Baloney you know, I was with Chris Kyle's is something else that you know Well, wait when somebody with a former ranger
Sean poor. Now that says it. I listen, you're, ok guy's been right through it sure, but you never see them that sort of language or that sort of a town, the article and what it is. So not in Europe. On the other, we add tat me five one, That was, plus years. Seventy seven years old we gotta fight, I mean, and what is that? I just don't get it We need any say, wanted a punch, Donald Trump, or was it worms that actually wanted to fight him like? I was only knows what I've been Deniro and using I dont use It is quite rare out over the playground an elementary school about. What is what do they don't think about it frees because I've said this Donald Trump was a guy when he's running in, for example, here at TED Cruises, dataset synergy, of course, at the prom with President Donald Trump. At this point, Donald Trump people and president as these, got his aspect, and it's not because there's nothing wrong being raised wealthier silver spoon, but there is something to be said for being a guy who's got in. Your ass kicked recalled on your bs at some point, and I dont think President Trump has that's why he doesn't mentioned in the real world. You call someone's wife, ugly insane status ass near JFK.
You're, probably gonna, get your ass right, see that's a point, but just saying I want a punch, Donald Trump, it's it's at the point of being nonsensical, but the beauty of this is I've. Really. This is happening at the same time we ve talked about. Does everyone sore, the moans, that there will never be the big numbers of Johnny Carson again or the numbers of the big three percent COBRA Kai its compromise, getting thirty five forty million place, yet it Ralph Marty on the show you ve got the big Three with Netflix Hulu Amazon and maybe HBO all of these at a lot of these additional roofs of cable channels going away and it's happening at a time where concern where the american public have more access to information. I really do think that people like the new are losing their stranglehold and there like a baby being put to sleep right now. I sure hope so. You're right out much. The bottle. You're gonna be my bottle now. You know
being came. Another man, everybody you're gonna get better data sharing as well as they did. I think our travel just look at is pathetic. What the hell's. But let me say that, because you said that was made the very excited because I finish- work today, I'm going back whatever, then my son and I are going to watch the first karate kid he's never seen the first one he's only seen the Jaden Smith one. That's your fault! parents you ve drop, it is. I hide. I think that what I know that that completely my father, watch, the original one, never guess was damaged. Ripley Tropical revived so excited It's a good idea that I've seen it dying to see a very good. It's really worth watching very good shelf, and it really is the right forum.
It is the showing them it doesn't try to be more than it is, but there is there's the characters of re empathetic every talked about it on the show, but I would say it's one of the best shows to come out in a while. Unfortunately, for you too, I think the numbers ushering in a bunch of people opened you to read account Wash cobra kind, and then closed it back because it you know you can then watch right now, but I do recommended and then you can teach us and the less only. What is irrational. Credit can see. Seats, see that's very different, Jean Smith version, which is the only a parallel universe where the black had gets bullied by a bunch of smaller asian kids fleets that app club I started gives you guys gonna love it you ass, I was. I was there smithy errors when, like oh wreck, a kid first instinct to bury, even though he for the Tower movie ever
oh my gosh, I have for you, you know I have friends actually will buy, he's been dumping. If he's been unshaven, swollen and Bob sat. Japanese people are terrified of black people. Do you realize this? The aggregate? It should be The poverty is Bob's up that at eighty back it up young, and I know that it was chinese and mixing Asians right now, but you don't care does every Ella pass a right that is at real Dean Cain and its masters of illusions? season, five and working people out? Where can people find that are that have a cdx Localsyr Press, the cw or whatever? That is whatever you are, and what you're a part of this lovely powers on the word. Is it inside Dallas Texas? I dont have no idea. Maybe worldwide asked in a cappuccino: three could be general seven, but you're gonna see that's wonderful, put him down there. I think we have to get going. We have Derek small derricks malls or from spinal tap on after this I don't
yeah, but you gotta go now available lot, would quite shocked. I com or ranger panties. Without the slightest ranger pay the bill put a built in silk support. Liner water would arrange Europeans, see bagging an angel with them doing things like yard work are tending the garden they re like you. We are dead eggs. These ranger panties are so convenient supportive and comfortable. They can be used for almost anything like watching tv luxury lying about the fireplace like bedroom, covering up first supporting America, Canada, why your lot shop with product range european, because Freedom of Republic right now we want the second generation.
Two very important to learn when you're hunting you have to. Ask your sent and be quiet as possible. Hunting is not as much about actual hunt, so much is waiting affected. Oh I got it and after them he too, had a properly feel dress the animal, remove the head and ensure at the yet. The meat is preserved. Ok, to see the wild hardware. My friends are just one. I just tell you further. Ah all that would have felt for a month gosh
I'm really regretting- was martyr. Readers with your mom slash, my mom right now stay do swiss family Robinson, the second generation of another open, or one of my absence, probably get a most excited whenever having on our programme very very few accomplishments on this show that I'm proud of genuinely making aren't there and there are two musical artists who have talked about one again. The show Alice Cooper is one we want because of his fascinating biography and our next guess. You know him, of course, from the band spinal tat
known as tap- and you know him, of course I can parliament or at small life his newest album- is actually solo, album right now, small change meditations upon aging. You know who he is at this point, but have Mr Derek small? Thank you, sir, for being here thanks statements of, I am so glad to have you They know your work with with the band quite a bit and Now, you're going solo later a career won't. But what was the inspiration for doing? That's? What did you just say? You know what you did you wake up one day and say this is this is for me I'll pick up every day. If you When did I make this decision? Yes, it was so well the band you know ass his we break, maybe I'll break up. I shouldn't say breaking up because we Do that? Don't you,
gallon costs each other and throw things guess about the many things to throb of what we would you dissolve right. You know now that do you know that they d, the old Super, can't Andrea get over that now I dont use like It is a big supercontinent. They realized was before all continents, split off I'll get one calmness. Yes, content street! Yes, yes, you have yet at that in this light three in a million years ago, and then you turned round many years later and as Africa South America and this Australia right, that's what was left I turned round. It was no more Andrea Right waits. It's almost like those in the West Trading company, employing to think about a fifth of population
earth and then you know even they had to to change of all than, and people went their separate ways and I'd say that the band would we certainly comparable and in scope to that, so you don't break up you more dissolve. So is the minutes on amicable terms? Are you still good friends is not when the band, Are you saying this number western trading company, unfortunately outspent it's been awhile was. There. They might even in a new name like so that's. Why didn't? you never any more from this problem. Not next year will be a large number of good terms. He's he's got his hands visa. Say it's a hobby bodies for him thought disease. The breeding miniature livestock than the former Berkshire. Ok, don't you know,
What was that a guitar? Your livestock, like, I know I know, nubian goats, but what else is there? Well, he started with horses because forces, as you may recall, again at the time Angie later, we'll smaller to begin with, we ve Brent them up he's trying to break the background, to where they came from. So it forms a nobody. So he, but he's an extreme, now he's a guitar player that these are the Icarus Rock wrote. You know they fought the sun and get the wings burned, and then you know I've got it. Then get some screen on the wings, so he's pushed too the horses now to small. Have you can't find dropping small enough to write them so he's got his hands and he does do goats now, as I mentioned the those again now, the too small to milk, so Europe Vienna, he keeps it nor what David? I have no idea
I get letters european cause. I don't use the internet on a british between us today, but I abandoned region and setting the time you I would say about the goat cds. If he staggers, you know it's a big. Thank you mean I have a lot of experience farming. If he staggered to go to the milking he might, you might be a little bit more successful. So if they drink some alcohol you they stagger. That can happen yeah of this now, what we weak, when you, when you stagger them time time lies in a milk one and you allow the other sort of reach us. Yeah, yeah yeah my say I'd, ask me overturn yeah. No, I didn't I wouldn't. Let me I wouldn't feed the goats out I'll call, but you never know you could you you could create anything. But let me ask you this, though, since likes it you're using a whole lot. What's it like, you know going on the road now at your respectfully, your your your at your age or you're, older you're, you're, much older, I'm old, But what is the internet? Then the internet didn't make me old, no, but but being
road now, as it is at hard a lot harder. You know at your age than when you were you know younger. I demanded well at all, really is no still fun. I've met me. One of the cycle is cool rock n roll transplant about how rotten you'll keep your young and there's not a June on the record. These reckon Some will deal with the questions your asking, even if conveniently enough, just so warm his colleague get old unease about the Rock n roll lifestyle is about, basically, if you're, at the top of. If you have any thing, it's you know private jets and the best champagne and the best whenever there man, if that's what you're into no judgment and job and that's how good you are your few know, but if your few runs down like me, Then it's you know, can look a little city in a little dodgy and you think you get up there in dental doesn't support the sun. Now
because you think what could I be doing otherwise, every citizen, a pensive, you know waiting for the talented burn out. What I'm curious, because you say that you are there. It is too early to the albanian another songs that you view you ve talked about, but then you also have she puts the bitch in the abyss. Weary is one of your softly peach, no between yes and then and help to pay where work were. Satan is actually concerned about his aging appearance, so you can talk about a sort of staying young, but there is also this. I notice underlying theme that it almost seems as though yeah yeah some fear of coming to terms, maybe with that the aging process. While you have to tell me I ain't, doesn't it yeah for every year is a yank. Nothing is awaited, Chinese put it so we this all genre, would like Memo too willing which Donald Fagin his guests. Vocalist
Smokey Bobby horns around it and have got right. Guess reckons that I know I've. U have David Crosbie Keith, Richard Wright right. I know PETE Frampton. I thank my missing an outbreak practice out front as I apologize. I know such reality. Steve look good as a route. Thomson abortion if a Rick Waken. Why Rick waken it to me, but I was set up memo to really is a song about people, men who think that this little problem downstairs. I had come to your country and our seas advocates. Which of these blocks in the thirties. Maybe early for these nice looking gazers rotten alike, The canoe with a nice took a basic wanted or hiking bicycling mean now sport
Very active Viner, something very active: it looked like the DAWN Rand, always sudden voiced concerns. When the time comes. Will you be ready, and I think it is this- some kind of epidemic promised so report the songs you to take a pill. You noticed him a copy to get it up, get it up gasoline source this is always not it's. Not a negative is not a positive. It just is it's just for an isolated motivational speech for Willie. Look for the world. For the women. Like everybody, everybody needs a petrol. Doesn't get you talk a lot about meditation, unknown alot of interviews did do it is something you do do specific meditations for that that up anatomy for four Willie it sounds
Maybe you do now now, don't I argued meditation boot would slackened you up a bit. I think they are known as ethical yeah. I haven't tested it myself, but I believe that to be the case easier, your rising. I think that's it! That's why the monks do it? Yes, Wabi by Israelis. I need the monks, do it, nay, they do up. They give the mongolian throats hanging out something that also I've I've seen people do that. You be amazed at them. The amount of ass, a musician, the amount of wine that can be moved, fight, functional me. Ask you this, how you seem overseer sharp you're with it you're doing a solo career. Now, what keeps you going? What keeps you so fresh compared it the Syndic, there's a ring.
Steve drop off with rockers eating, have people like yourself for Alice Cooper. If people in the jacket and then you have people Connell, I cannot go there out of Oz Oz born. How do you do it? What's the secret? Well, I I do have a physical intromit that I maintain, which is I like to run. A resistance run against water, and you know sir, you spoke to do. Nepal has greatly along just graveyard. Was review legs. I dont have a book. I do the tub, but you say you get some of the same effect right on it. I want more Europe. Stephen based players enough, like guitar play. As you know, we were not those except you fly to the sun and get your wings burnt up. People were with a good will The ban, the fountain tat I ve, been doing
with a lukewarm orders. I say so will I think that gives us a little bit of staying power. That is that the high flyers may have yeah. I just a guess about that, and I mean maybe right what we would like. The baseline keeps the whole the whole tune together. So it makes sense that you keep the whole together, you're the glue that that hold it together. I would imagine that listen to me and I would go ahead. I'm sorry, you're going to say
dramas come and go, but basically is always that I that's a history with it. I would I didn't want to have enough was sore spot your ear in your history of touring, your drummers with your bonds that they have not fair it very well, is what it was when you gonna solo. Now, how do you do with the back up instruments who uses a drummer, and is it been going little less rocky won't goes. Rocky innocence is wrong, but I know you made it here's the thing. I unlocked the sickness per se, but I do understand a few things about you to prepare and he's having up within three. Gangs, biotech is David, not you and me, and we were three some tat we had. People with a series of donors have signed was hung up to that and he thought none other than I thought you'd be attended to three and four have that can have that yeah freaked out bit the doom
Luke shut up now, I'm a one on the sole glances. Ok, every drop of Spain on this record Chad, Smith, Dana Hawkins, told she commitment basin at Jim Kelly Maisie robbed from it a broken up after the sessions. It are you do me never been. I never been. I'm glad to hear am glad to hear that doesn't necessarily- and I don't have that- proves your theory, because it as long as you have a guitar asked or in a drummer, you still have at least three members in the band of someone's gotta be number three the ban that they're just demand them aside milk? I so they will not have the right Brenner right, isn't it doesnt he'd? Second, in the same way, in the same policies, yeah. I don't I'm not exactly sure in the biology of of the underworld that you say you're, not a Satan is per SE week. What does that mean? Levine, Satanist Yeah I've made up, I don't you know, Bill Adam, engage rituals, and things like that. I just you know. I realise that this is an important country.
The scheme of the earth and it is good to pay attention to keep a good and in good terms like girl, is like Trump and the north, you know what is more. The no you're, not you're, absolutely right. That makes a lot of sense and it seemed as though you know. Sometimes you just got out crazy. The other crazy guy and then everyone is crazy. The album we do have to get going to take you, some small change, meditations upon a and people can find that out where MR smiles where's the best place everywhere records of either. Although rented did It s all right now, but you uphold music items, but if I were strange chap at the corner, who still says physical records yellow, why wouldn't want to pluck Mps we'd be private liking. It you're not making much profit offer that, but I appreciate the spirit that is Derek small. Thank you so much and we have to wrap the Shoah. Thank you much mistress miles you be well and will it for those in others,
now who swiss family ones in the second generation I just I sometimes it is really wish there was just one other family on this island. I know its share would solve a lot of problems, but you gonna do what you can do to keep the rapids name of is that Junior would see dragging hunted one probably but it s drudge, you took the head of our ostrich you're, not over me. Go you dont ostrich. That was our only modem transportation. That's how we get around what what what
Anything, that's because he's tired! Do you see them every day of your life.
For crying out loud Fritz Junior. Well, he takes after his father's lash brother stay doom for moves with family Robinson. The second generation.
Moving a hairy, ass robot. A really fat guy flowed on his back. It's one of the funniest up into pools, looks like Mr Rat Berne and Arthur when it is like a shark thing leads a gut. Thank you so much to sort out of a car dean came Derek small fantastic. Shall we have an unbelievable line and acts we have one, they emulated about brine, shot world's strongest man. Is going to be on, I'm not sure if we have lacy green on for a long form and our However, opposite the big video Monday speculator, who invaded analysing just in case you won, my guess is going to be the video like debunking democratic socialism they send along. No. This is a kind of this is not the place for that. Hopefully, you just really get a huge laugh out of it, because we realise that they do operate behind closed doors. They claim they want one thing and we go behind closed doors and they're trying to teach you how to get taxpayer
on the piano blockers for six year olds. What wars of a safe space can you get when you, when it's one against how many in there, in a single room and there on their terminals, arrest him up house must on good and other border expensive. I think continuing to with this this, Women think me, I know lecture women, an alarm bell excited about that. I actually at one point didn't know like if we run the outs because he ended on in awhile and because you know you know some people who were at its network or Nazi Archie turn now so he's it gives a great guy either a lot of you ass. You are asking me that I never answered suggestion. I think it means going beyond relax and he's like he even Encyclopedia of Comedy Encyclopaedia Britannica,
You never did stand up very, very funny. Very sharp guy he's demons. You know this has been reached on a Tommy Robinson in an end. Will follow me on Twitter and knock a jeered on twitter and will do everything it because we can always post videos about Tommy Robinson, but on Facebook and Twitter on Instagram. We can try and keep you guys updated. I really am just do not keep us keep Cuban. I know thoughts and prayers. Sound like they dont mean much anymore, but I really do feel bad for the guy and you know it. You do really get to this point now. You know that the left not complain about civility when they push you this far. What's it more seconds someone wanted to firebomb me and I posted sing. He put eight. If you see these people trying to firebombing stop any then you'd be in my boss. What can we do? some common ground now who doesn't stability? Now you have a child rape
and then you have Tommy Robinson calling the children may be scarred the lines and maybe some grey area, their arms and maybe book, but but it gets a harsher sentence. Then he say: listen. Can you see our point of view? No, no. We can't Mister and missus civility or we're the ones who started to change my mind segment. We had Chris four times. I he came game. I worry came and told me you don't care about. You're back, but you cannot push people this far and then expect an income bitch about the divide, page about the ideological divine, this country. That's why I'm ok with it! We we have to fight back so hard at this point, but it is, we ve Tommy Robinson gets killed in prison. I will personally the advocating for revolution, and I dont mean just some words if that man gets killed in prison, if that happens, that that's about as bad as it gets right that that's to sound the alarm and I'm not being considered
Torreon here that we reached this point where you just today, cascaded was I'm home. What how did we violate? We don't even know how we're violating policies, and they may be something like not explaining for democratic one. Second, they hosted a town hall. Yes was open, yes, invitation, yes, single party consent state. Yes, the man was handing out his car doktor rex, but actual name. Yes, we videotapes we're talking about putting its impurity blockers. Yes, why they are moved. He didn't like it. Here's to use so that funding ground you so important for audience is that we're not just complaint, because it always heard our channel her, we What were going up against is the entire mechanism for which you receive information. Yeah, it's being is being curate by people behind closed doors, to see what now what they want you to see, day in a day, I goes well beyond our. They try to feed you that, with along with that information, hey what
have a dialogue, you don't want to dialogue and this one thing elephants they do. They owe you were Uruguay situations, a little bit more nuanced than that conservatives are so reductive that Why were divided? Now, it's not more nuanced. Sometimes there is sometimes there There is no more nuanced. They said, firebomb lottery, crowded, changed my mind. We hey guys, be aware they might try to fire bomb. You. Where's, the nuance in that and you band our post one person is a child rapist. One person reports a child rapist, where's the new wants in that one personal is the law to create content, unemployed people, one person flagrantly disregard? where's. The new wants in that, and you can just keep ass. For new wants. While you push people further from when you pushed into a cliff their car, do some crazy, desperate desperate things and then you're about to say, you'll, Tommy Robinson right. I don't think he's desperate lesson. We,
We are having a meeting with with half asian little bill which went on Friday because there's some things behind the scenes that what I think about- and I try to focus on the positive and we talk talk. This a lot- and I know usually this final segmented- is somewhat inspirational, but you should, when I think about it. If I spend more than forty five, I get really pissed off, because women, by the rules and in all of the people that you see in the studio, not dimension everyone on the edit sweets and people who write at lot with Canada, com people, they Courtney, embroidered and inquiry they depend. Knowing the rules to make a living. What are the rules? Ok, here's the rule sheet, all right we're following the rules we're going to ban you anyway. But it's more nuanced: can you Tell me the nuance nope, but can you just be civil about it? Piss off, I'm not gonna, be civil about it. Of course, I'm not going to be civil about this term.
Are we to do with being a little bit more reductive? I was talking with someone about this either day. I think I might actually a debate that hasn't been uploaded. It might be uploaded a gentleman dilution of their productive reductive. What's wrong with being reductive, you heard me say this, but I just watch the darkest hour again recently Gary Haldeman Big conservative in hollow, if those I don't know Google search Gary Alma Nancy Policy, you will not be disappointed by the queen. What Winston Churchill was absolutely right, We will never ever ever ever ever surrender doesn't get more productive than that, but what's wrong with it what's wrong with it. What's wrong with never ever ever, surrendering to Hitler that fight with everything ass? It is absolute us, it is black and white. It is reductive, it is your job to prove to me why it's wrong. Just sing reductive doesn't mean anything. So there was ample. Can we have an honest, conversely, that when people just say something is, are they say something so emphatically they want you to steam over it? That's reductive alone will get scared, would have no say ok
how so what's wrong with that? What's wrong with my statement won't eat when people say thing, I wouldn't even biology is a social content that we all know that why you just made a productive statement and trying to claim that I was reductive, see how that works. Why is wrong, and this is also why have a problem with the right when people say that Tommy Robinson was sent to a seventy percent muslim population prison. This was reported. White knew this widely by several different. Where's it where we had an article almost printed up on the website we hold on hold on register of east or research and spend spend communities. It must do so, let's make sure, because I'm I'm seeing these saintly sources, but there actually are competent, licked back to the same sources and it turned out it wasn't trip. Thank God we didn't publish it. The truth should be enough. The truth. This is the I have such a problem the ground with the conspiratorial right who say by any means necessary. They just want to lie now know that
help at all either, because then you give them some ammo, the truth. It's not! The truth will set you free, like some stupid, some stupid tropical Tootles that you that's not what I'm saying, but the truth in this case is enough: I want you state that Jordan, Italians, predictable guess what the burden is on them to prove to you why it's wrong. Sometimes the truth, by its very nature, is reductive. That's why it's the truth. Certainly absolute truth, absolute truth is the definition of reductive I give you some other truth route, that true truth, that our true absolute truth that I'm a doctor can get. I'm gettin tired, my brains, getting reductive firebomb them. That's a pretty absolute. Please don't firebomb me! That's pretty absolute. I wrote the kid. That's pretty absolute. Don't write that kid! That's pretty absolute! This is u to policy, that's pretty absolute work,
and you too policy. That's pretty absolute. We changed our policy, we're gonna, unemployed, all of your staff. That seems pretty absolute. So when people trying to tell you there's no absolute Truth- actually doing so in telling you, through some form of absolute truth with surprise, is reductive. We're at the point right now. Would you cannot allow them to push you off a cliff, so prepare be the pig who build this house at a brick. If you need a half asian or are you need a lawyer with what Santa's last name get ready, because it's coming do not allow them to push you off that cliff, because sometimes you can bring that they're going to push you off the cliff I come around since they push you off the cliff. Stop get your heels, get, get get your mexican style cowboy Hughes ready if you need to figure than acme cartoon before the end of that clip, but once you're off you are gone and then start back as hard as we possibly can staring parties now, they're, not even trying to high they just it. That's why they just make a statement.
Sooner. Does him don't scheme over right? Now is the time figure, you look at what there is terrifying, Secondly, inspiring. I wish I wake up in accordance with what I see stuff like this. It's that bad out there you gotta do something. That's. Why said, why keep your head junkie, now there is. There is not going to be a tomorrow as far as freedom of speech. There will I'd be a tomorrow. As far as you being able to fight back you're born you go off the lift. If you don't fight right now, hopefully had funds, because we really funny when Chauvelin Lundy worse than those of the elderly, will they almost exactly see them
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