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2018-07-20 | 🔗
Talking all things teachers upset with Summer jobs, Dennis Rodman’s Kanye collab, Richard Painter on Trump/Russia, illegal hand gestures and more. UFC champ, Daniel Cormier, swings by to discuss his recent victory, Gavin McInnes stops in to discuss the neverending Trump and Russia story.

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Oh my god,. Follow me. No iron eleven August,
his rod via muttering than an eighty about Mitch, now. Let's go down a social media and Jason down Jack Dorsey Zuckerberg. That were this game, slowly, a gentle all restrictions. In our relations down it all. Now no quick back all your rightful subscribers and convert them the mug levers and pay in basis Let us not gonna be pleasant, I am a general and more than three thousand bucks chief. I find for three. But I'll bring my have a lawyer and sewer for ten. Are you gonna make up your mind? You wanna, keep your channels alive and any up you wanna play at sea. You mean minds that common GAB Holland, I don't wanna, go gofundme that don't want no patreon. Too many. Damn wider conservatives on this platform.
Ten thousand dollars remain. My have asian bill, Richmond barriers so that you get the head snobs them thing. Thank you very much Youtube Quint will take it and advice. Mr Mayer, chief, Ladys and Disease, louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper,
That's probably Yberville undertaken to himself the gutters quite so evil he is good. What are we going collected but a step, because this shows amazing that we have done cornea? Yes, one of the best athlete on the face of the planet. Right now on the EU could argue someone else, but it
pretty hard as far as accomplishing, if you don't get Mcguinness Michel, while potentially of future senator, which are paid on the show and among club film of you and in its Robin battles, afforded vital to show question of the day because we're going to die we're gonna be kind of roast and a sacred cow today from public school teachers can nay, how many teachers you had in your life. Who had a net positive impact on your life. All up how many stand out, because that's one thing I think a lot of us don't talk about. When we talk about the teacher. Sort of the dialogue national conversation, Pasok and what should matter most is how many teachers have really helped you, and I can count them on, want one hand ass. They thought you know spiders for four We don't know that producing with me in video studios always is dear to us. Now k, foam untutored knock it. You had meanest credit with your comments are thoughts. Your photo shops by the way we can have an art contest, send them an eye for formal negotiations are concluded. We get our be judging by gay, I dont know what
It has to do with anything that was a horrible stereo g, Morgan, Junior anymore Junior, how you I'm doing, while certain and in the Spirit of summertime sacred sellers, seventy and block will allow a really you re. There is an abundance because he had a discount because the seasons over just like back to school sales. He does that with liquor and how are you out of and computer I'm good people, I'm ready with the police and yeah you can send money. You can. Let me I just realized, I plugged you and then you plug. You are the man that means I have to fire. That means there can be. No Sven can other news. They get We're gonna be talking opposite by Donald Trump in Russia. That's the main story of a day, but first more potent Dennis Rodman peasant I did Conway West to North Korea, eight songs for leader the leaders of the here's, the actual video he tweeted economy, West in its entirety, because you deserve it. What's up There are now over. You know, Newport basement
there's some opera shut, our man with a jersey meant lovey. Let me start of your life is a beautiful day when I thought of something when you don't try together man about world. About leaders alone, maybe about leaders of love. Your want one. Let's get together and do this right. I dont. Ok, I don't wanna know what for stuff they talk about quote tailing. Can you with less, do a trick get because I think we're equals. Why? If I was a little bit resentful at these, these representatives yes, bill economy sickening regular got on first street ball, but naming of self captain low. I can't I want to see that, though I want to see them team up what yet to produce passion with it was just where do you that he seemed really like commies wife, acting like a little pause there, like a gradual y know, I mean he really likes. Conyers wife see the next video he released
thanks again for the shadow. You may recall, however, and I wanted to find what I love you so much man and a young man, and I love you white men and- and I was thinking this song met. We could do a music video that don't make me so happy man and you could be in me. Give John and give your wife, oh. Make me so happy May week we could have your wife dance like it in a video what you like with video with the motorcycle it, and I think it be great for the American if with no korean people met at- and she beware like, like I slept so he likes you have this out of it and I love to have it mattered. Motorcycles be backwards on our motives of those who need it. Why do we have to hold black eyes on her side, and I still feel really uncool? Yes, pretty much too, and if you, if you ended up with the person who does a rant on Facebook and care they want to have to natural area for Ella Bam, police officers have now been so they ve insist. And for making a hand yes online, as my local abc in the jasper
department their spent. Many gesture posing for a photo. They did this think some people claim the circular gesture was racist. According to the cities, may Something else do there is also some speculation. The gesture is actually part of a children's game. Where did you ever play this horse? You get to you get to hit Adams evolve and yes and fun so so many years. It's not really that surprising. Given the other Games Department band, including rock paper scissors Red Rover, induct up jus, because the diverse they had. Finally, once if I was just hand, people have been suspended for hand gestures before very common heart Harvey one scene at last year's hundred games from area that didn't go well, because our biller alleys new show, but really, if you that's, not a hand, gesture yelling fire in a crowded theatre, it's more the action that goes with here's the thing. That's me some area, if it, if they really were fired for a white power as costs on the article, a white power gesture, the black pearl fishers, literally,
of the twitter brainwave Black lives matter. So I dont really. I points upland policy, but a kind of antibiotics is very kind of nation with black power and white power is a shade This land whale- and I say this work. We have to consider this. Person in a bikini walked down the streets of New York to prove appointment, Cosmo and O Brien real work, sugar warning and what's she said she was expecting to be called fat shamed instead, general were actually into shouting things like I want to suck on them tasty, toes and quote an article. Let me butter them biscuits and by the way, cats it gets so much worse. But if you read the article in the man's defense, he was actually yelling at the
eyes across the street which see when you take- and I were Anna immediately- went out family meal into diet. Coke excellent work that has now actually take armor actually suppress the fact that to date coax actually cancels out the carbs. Yes, we are that it is a science to you that I ask you said I was prepared to be pointed at shame. I didn't expect to be fetish, Ized
how are we killed? You lucky stars that somebody was into international she's, also being disingenuous, because, given that she sought out and performed sets down at the corner, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, boulevard, pullet effect actually rated her statement, Assize twenty five pants on fire, so that didn't coverlet you're, something else you a lot of you listen. What's rather do that. There is a huge difference between what is between fat pride and slightly overweight women. Exactly this comes after I had just there's nobody. I watched, I feel pretty with Amy humor. This is my wife's. Unless you watch it it's a long night, you an ice cream, do now. I just anyway it's as bad as you would think, are such a massive. Aren't. You didn't think I try. I thought she could be. I think I've always said she was funny at one point. I know I'm in the minority. I don't I don't hate her. I don't. I think it was very funny just not anymore so one note, but I'm sorry I don't wanna Michael, listen, free, single other women, including the extra there. Will attract the only one is not as emu. Should men don't expect you to be perfect. So I think that when we point,
someone whose size twenty five saying this is perfect. This is we don't know, or second, it's fine to be big skinny tall shore. Not perfect. Once you say you're perfect. The greatest level, do I'm accidentally vicariously living the movie through year, your lap yeah I've been using I'm ready for stars in his head. That's what we're we're sane- and you said it happens on both ends actually in one's very acceptable, and one is not so we're not making fun of this girl at all. What we're saying I got a little bit more often than not as a person when she goes out in public poses into bikini and people. Actually or into it, and she said that creeped her out. More than being, Actually, I'm going on. What's the point, we can't win luxury. I want to put the matter. It's like Cuba. What's the middle ground, I just I. If I want the streets, I feel it people looking at me because I'm a size, thirty, six.
What's she like, so many of you will get me because they were attracted. What do you want? It's not what you want you when you are what you like about what this goes. You the way I've had my mom's, a thin woman, my wife's us in woman and actually chickens bilaterally, both their parents, nor naturally, very they actually the opposite problem where they ve had rainwater doctors just to increase Cholerick intake elements. It also has its Netteke natural a lot, and I bet women's economic. We we only have sizes for real women in the store to their fate. I think, one of your imagination she's right there you account but we'd. We don't expect women to be perfect, but when you say you're, perfect and you're a land will you make it into the show? Yes right, ok, move at the New York Times by delays. Us is right now, reporting Donald Trump was shown Intel illustrating that too directly ordered cyber attacks and twenty sixteen New York Times that it. So you know it's good, so France be true, took the twitter this one. Of course they was fake news, and so they were trying to quote so recklessly high
and hate the fact that I'll probably have a good relationship with Cuba? I met a down from hater but amounts, might not be a bad investment every once in a while? What must I face a muslim allies and hand advocating in dental reserve until this is not our Indonesia or why are you a year everywhere, Muslims congregated progressing, but here to speak about that. More has been pretty passionate, he's been on shows and you ve seen his political adds. Former chief Whitehouse ethics lawyer now candidate for Senate Minnesota, Richard Painter, thank you for being here, Sir Rio Stephen. Well, that's a bad start up, not happy about what here about all the rubbish on the show all the directive recover from our present? The complete of Russia If handling thereof are tell you even Bertha, Burger President Johnson, fire on Safari jinx, you owe me a coke,
Stephen Critical of capitalism? We would like a clear one could have the period when lit. Ok, What do you drink known? but good the old Gaelic, where further work right. So what bothers you most about this week's handling of Russia? If you were to put a finer, only gonna perpetrator or go further part of any further aimed at different, were marital stage. Five benefits can function with a very simple reason why What is it of his time? I'm not I'm insurers. Ten point eight, that it's not JANET. Not only do they.
Ok, so then what what's your solution further to the american people, a bag, a dog he's trying to see how you could put lifted than it does to defer the domain you can kiss it. I don't think that thing we could not be removed from Bergmann. That's an odd reference to make do she gave me a dancer? I'm going put me Richard Where does it is it? Is it a swamp? Fires, sir? We're? Ok, senator corn, your own, allow analogy you just put out the swamp fire with its own swamp water. They must not just Flim Slam, so you said, but tough, Go around Petrograd fires. I'd send right in peace, After the end of a billion elites,
the two about fishing and fired knock. You hang out when you know what we apologise to our viewers and wish only the best for senator, perhaps senator painter it. May I hope you find what he's looking for. Ok, moving on what other things that will be wildly unpopular with effect with offended all you know what to do this. We actually get a lot of e mails from people and counts women gonna get in on I'm slightly big in this isn't offend me. I can stand as people there, the called everybody else on the on the bell curve. They occupy you're just a curve hip invocation bell enjoying my com. If you people haven't yet joined mocha, but simply to support this show, we don't we don't eat the lights on with Youtube and, of course, life from every year. Every Thursday Pm Eastern. It's never change. Ok, so This was an article in Time magazine called it's the only way the
teachers are working summer, jobs to make ends meet you, the violence is going to be a little bit of an unpopular opinion. It's time for another sacred cow cook. We could probably met at that could stand to be improved. They claim that have not implemented that we're gonna pay for printed, where you had to take off the edges, so unpopular opinion, but stay with me right not all teachers. Ok, I think it's an important job, I'm nothing, not the most important of all. Get to that. I think some pages underpaid, but I do think that public school teachers, in particular, have devolve into professional culture. Victimhood and ingratitude is an art. But it read very much like a dramatic twenty twenty special so that its aren't going to presented here. It is well done summer. Break technically started. May eighteenth, but here
works every day he wakes up and drive to a space he's rented an office building and Lawrence Kansas, starting a seven hour shift at around five, a m as a transportation consultant advising on long distance. Chemical hauling Clocking out at noon to go spend time with his kids. Ok, if you were aware of the agenda at play here, if this would actually read like every mile. Worked, knew why? That's that's that's autumn. This is how you led the ordinary story: either worked or short, seven hour shift. Since I was twenty one. I was probably sixteen. It's been a long Diane's been forced to work the everyday. Ninety three, I know it's. Ninety four exaggerated want to make a point because I think I've found a year heard. The article only gets Ozark it's all of
far cry from Dunn's normal routine for most of the year he's a high school math teacher, but school's out through August, and his salary doesn't cover his full year old, preschool tuition or eight year olds. Dental expanders done must supplement his job with. From a summer job, ok, for our left lexicon schools out- because vacation ok So we really earlier about it. S got a summer vacation for a reason, ass an end and by the way again we work with some people who are teachers actually work on the show part time: ok, brilliant people, it's not all teachers. But I want to take on this article, pretty pretty unwinding. I've had it with you and summer job, or is it interchange in this article? Second job really means job for everybody else
We don't get three months off. I don't get too enactments. If we don't get one month off God, you cleared that for everybody also their title, it's the only way I can be substituted with. This is one of a multitude of ways, but I want more money as well as three months off, so I'm going to do it this way than bitch about a little bit of protest when it's really not about the kids. It's about me, making more money for working less time than aiming at the children really hold on strike that your honor that have to be on the record, your ride already eyes as dynamic India here we gotta go them duns not alone. In having a summer side, hustle educators are statistically thirty percent, more likely to have second jobs that none teachers. Ok, that's a lexicon. Second job equals job.
Frankly, I find this number surprising when I'm horrible math- and I caught this when you consider the average american job is to it and sixty plus days per year. Teachers are only contracted work hotter than eighty five days per year. Good gig, I'm surprised it's only thirty percent. That means that if you. I'm not good at mass. All, don't carry the one Seventy percent of videos doubt that's called certainly to make it to have their cake and eat it. Three months out of the year to point: one million public school teachers in the? U S earned an average of only fifty nine thousand dollar during the two thousand sixteen seventeen school year, according to the National Education Association, Labour, you did, they only do. I know you. Ok,
So this is about six thousand two hundred dollars a month. Cake permit that twelve months, twelve month job and its close eighty thousand hours, it's like seventy nine thousand hours, that's twenty thousand more than the national median income of nine thousand locations that that's median by the way, I'm an average shutting out of money, that's more money than I pay. My employees is about, and it is a terrible to work every day of the year except for a few say. You think like that again this is not to do. Too much our further I'll teach. You listen all of those subjects. I think people get a little tired of it. Yes, you can create the most important job. Not neurosurgeon is out there somewhere our doktor, perhaps Edward you saying all teachers. Listen you taught social studies. Ok, you did precarious! That's, not exactly your fame economics rate recently, MRS Prison, now is actually in one of the reasons we bring. This up is because you guys go on strike all the time for very obvious reasons. You want to get paid more money and you're
Teachers Union that then lobbies the government to set your pay by the way, a political will to save money and co productions. Just look each applicant lecture unions, not even coils you'd, be it should be illegal and you you cry to us every single time. It's about the kid! That's what gets and for most of you are a lot of. You are under the number it's about kids, but when you're out they're asking for a twenty percent raise like in Arizona, we haven't been there, grad sort I get to area, but I'm sorry. I had to step on something: that's why we got foreshadowing factor twenty twinkling else. It's
also expensive to work and education. Ninety four percent of: U S: public school teachers report pay out of pocket for supplies, spending an average of four hundred and seventy nine dollars a year. Again, I'm horrible! Now are you serious settlement as that's forty dollars, less than an intern pays out of pocket for us fallen tree and thereby create follows on our own time. I have twice the amount increase receives aid have never turnings haven't we just pay them five hundred dollars a year less and give that money to students for supplies problem solved. It's not coming out of their pocket anymore. Yes, that's not! My document has internet is because you can't expect report a ball gag. It's true. I have tried all delays for this. Oh, yes, you could ever that's why we literally have you been in early? I think twice twice twice wonder that my mother had to do it and uncomfortable its conflict as an uncomfortable exile sheet. Here's the thing most p
I think, have some kind of grape with their jobs in most in our hearts just urged. Naturally, our hearts are oriented towards the state of lack of gratitude and grateful to teacher just have a lot more time to get together, bitch about people support only operates as stop it. I to tell them to you the number two pencil, so it doesn't mess up the scan tron machine when I put that still the technology is another reason for like I'm talking to a wall. To reiterate does business into be specific three months more time, never body only has a tick. Let's go look at that say to indigenous to say two, let's be really terrible days till you scan drawn those, that's a today even have not number two pencils, I've never seen one. What is it a thing
no, I only say number you say and opportune and what happened on the line? What happened in ever want to be just get rid of it. Never give any kind of knowledge mean credit for Wednesday night. Yes, we just contribution. We will see when they sit skip it more from those that's what fuel the nine they teach us strike this past March in West Virginia, because they're doing a great job and we have the words edgy gray, haired teach after teachers found out. They only be getting a two percent rate. They organise our mass eventually forcing the governor to increase their pay by five percent and PAWS Healthcare price hikes protest for our wages quickly, spread everywhere from Oklahoma. Colorado. Ok, percent raises far above the average of three percent annually, for I can work right You said teachers elsewhere in Arizona gotta talk
percent re that's insane across the board rights cells agreed in this is contagious and they didn't teach the kids twenty percent better. The ten or twenty percent, more aright schools didn't twenty percent more on times in twenty percent. Less scan, Tron Hicks by twenty percent. Less not even at that point is therefore, in my view, this is worth like we're talking with it with the fat pride you. What it is is the grace window closes one ingratitude right down. If you wanted a future, if teachers is ok with a three percent, we want a three percent risk for percent raise. Ok- let's go with that at that point, but let's say someone, so you know what I'm gonna give you a six percent rates, that's twice a national very excited to give the teachers, but you say twenty percent, guess what you think that person wants to be gracious deal you, don't you think the public, the taxpayers, you think they're happy with this performance is the exact opposite. Mingled
It closes doors and people, and that's why I say that that the tides are shifting right now with a lot of teachers. Prickly is yet more private schools prickly, as yet more people doing school online. There is a lot of competition. Not all teachers are great we'll get to that in a second back to the voice, as team drop some jobs. Teachers likes the seldom picking them up, forget life guarding and delivering newspapers. Instead, educators are taking advantage of the gig economy, somewhat dogs through wag, a pet sitting at or some deliver packages for, Amazon, flexible employees can earn up to twenty five dollars. An hour are ok, you only work nine months of the year, so you are forced to take a completely flexible name, your own hours, high, paying part time or how to get fired job thanks to the modern economy by the way during your two months vacation, because you only make the equivalent to twenty thousand more than national average plus lifelong benefits and by the way, this sharing economy, the gig economy, an economy that far left is to support your unions that ninety percent of the time look it up. It opens its hate this
eight economy. With this I'm going out at an alien b. I pick it up. You old, socialist cute irony is too rich. Sullens Sullens is a first name on the annual monitoring at this critical look. You had this At the same time, a boy, a white guy named Sullens, who was a masters degree in its National Board Certified says he earns about sporting seven thousand a year and base pay. You can usually bring it about two hundred dollars every few days with lift whether why money he uses did have to help cover Otto bills and medical costs for him and his husband. Last year he worked better religious pre school and they don't. You know what I was going to launch this up. I wish: could take vacations. I wish, I could sit and do nothing during the summer he says
Don't we all I dont them? Teachers are really paid for the value of what they provide to Sicily I d like keeping them about two days just in case the social agenda were obvious enough that has ever been definitely got. The human is husband or teaching children and they would love to take summers off. The text son, the two daddy thing in their right. You got that right now and we had a religious preschool. What religion. I don't know, maybe maybe your unitarian. They have schools. I dont know another Unitarian Montessori School, sorry, but I have to accept Christian here's some honest. I've had some great teachers, but I've had a lot of money. We average it up most of had somewhere between in Canada little but different did immersion. So I've had some are close to forty teachers by the demos in college. Right most will have some of between twenty five and forty we'd go through It's going ice, cold K. I can name you for
that a positive impact on my life, can you can you too? Can you think of any think of your? Can you think of it? I can think of probably too that had a big impact in maybe two or three others that had a good impact, but I can remember the names motorway really really terrible with that, but one of them was one of those. Remember me always yell next year, Poesy give any teaches us home schools. I plead the fifth, the candidate states and a good teacher. So you do if you were to beat you a lot in Germany, maybe in Germany and the switch you get better results than even the paddle. I can count on one hand. I can get to know the exact named Mr Mitchell. My senior year, English teacher debts Centennial in he was very clear, but how your braided k you had to read a book and you had to write an essay on the book, you deliver an oral each semester. You did your written test on the book, and then you how to do a written test on something that kind of grammar, and then you also,
ten percent of your great just for writing every single day in a journal. He said, if you do these things, as is how your grated and kids loved him he's data for class, and the school board, came to him and told them it is grades were too high, so we just took it down by five points. Next semesters, lemme get fired, see. This is why we hate schools. Mrs Berman taught me about World war to the Holocaust, a nice graduates, one a few like board, certified people, and while she reprimanded me, she actually encourage kind of class clansmen shit that you see today that you're being smart ass, you can do it you're, not on my time. I find it funny, but I will kill you out now. We know who to blame. You could have nipped in the bud, I remember Missus Robarts, but then my seventh great Home room teacher state after or two to help me with with my mouth, and then this is needed. Here is a good example. Strict, fierce small I think south Indian Ladys, was very dark darker than most black people, I mean it was. She was really dark, camouflage and most guys didn't like it. Most kids did not like her, so it was here by the way, in the fourth grade innocent I think a form of
through that year items french immersion, from what you guys. But that's where you have an english half in French. I was learning math. You know history, geography in French and I fell behind. I think I thought I was learning disabled, none tat, but the point is midway through the year. For some reason, all in it was a switch me to learning English learning English remember, and I was fight. What sort of learning an English was always he's not retarded because it is slow doing math infringements of EU speaking the language, its very difficult trying to learn math, which I dont know yet right seriously pinned down they didn't have so much to do with math is really are from its MRS now do state after school, and she taught me long division, which I cant do now. I cannot remember. We have calculated decreasing. Is it took about three sessions and so my senior european going never opened my math export because I had a teacher, won't name him really liked him as a person, horrible math teacher. Seventy three percent of its students would EL, the provincial exams, but three, actions for me to learn long division, which I didn't learn all think of that,
half of the school year, nothing you'll get a good day, sir you're learning disabled got the ideal. School system. The public school teachers taught me in three sessions, with a truly devoted teacher. I learned at all I had what, if I'm not condemning all teachers, what do I think, I'm a simplified, I think miss now you deserve a six figure. Executive, salary and other teachers deserve Intern based pay, they go and are not. Actually I have it the quick, easy solution to this. If you take the school system that we have right now and make people can t for jobs, teachers going to make a lot more money, every one of them could possibly get arrays if you take it out of the government sector and put it in the public sector, or is that really what you think are a rethink its performance based on this intrinsically paternal system? Given that match your reports that you all you you'd have you use words that you pulled out of Harvard that doesn't apply intrinsically paternal system has nothing to do with competitive,
paying your dress there. Also I haven't, I would never have a buddy who is a teacher right now. We love that the good teachers we loved them obviously have said it before my buddies, a great teacher, but he chooses to do it. He knows he's going to make less money, and so therefore he doesn't complain when you may this money outworks a second job he chooses because he loves the fulfilling aspect of it. He gets too, so into people. That's fantastic, go for it, but don't they complained to me that you want three months. And more money in a longer you do it. You know what you're hurting that just like that, that the size twenty five size- thirty six percent atomic she she heard the women who are slightly chubby or because the more you demand that people accept you as perfect. The more you demand that everyone. Take you for what you aren't. Take it at face value for perfect the less grey people have for you. Teaching is the single most Port job in the world Map said listen. I think teaching is an important job here. Migration. We will only have an important it's. The most important with the person separated can join twins at their head, What do you do today, NASA it the most important,
those are the most under page, one. Second, necessarily we're going to there you gonna kill another paid a lot. I want them to be paid a lot. I've been put under twice. I want them to be good at their jobs. As you just said, teachers are generally underpaid. Most people go along with you. Close people miss more opportunities in their life for in gratitude, then I think it is just an attitude of refugees, not about being great this false, surf positive self help, it is about a pre creating what you have and using. That is your platform from which to propel yourself, or do we will open doors by being grateful, people will want to be gracious to. You are speaking of of very gracious, not gay jeered force me to do this. It is time for a mug club movie review. What I have to there are major we
come reviewing today. Mamma to Romania too, yeah, so yea getting so we don't have to you weren't there, so that we can give this analysis because I can't tell you what happened in nineteen. Seventy nine, these girls, Don Italian, regret it from our university to free to embark on her journey. She meets Harry Bill in salmon, falls in love with SAM Bonanza Premier, ok, here's the deal we saw Mama me at the single I threw up Mamma to appreciate its just based on our environment, getting a little bit thin with the
our greatest hits catalogue. I hope there's not a three and dear God, no pierce browsing, because I will again I want to like you so fantastically off. I've lost respect for for those who have not seen it. Here's a brief clip now for hopper proverbs, sponsored exclusively by Muslim, said that if you do adults from tutu you freedom for I do, but if you give it up, a cow. Why do not make tutors, but I find a buffoon some farms, a papa could figure it out
Mr Montalvo Stephen can give hopper. Maltese is because he has funds Stay do far more about proverbs, sponsored by Mug club. People can do I dickens in real life. We ve been asking for fans, but if someone could it would be our next guessed? It would For people who don't know, I'm not gonna lie. There are very few. I've talked to people have met my life who intimidating not just because I can be the crap out of me, but there's a certain level of fame and notoriety with which no one accountable. One was when it met Clint Eastwood I I didn't want to say that I love you and every which way, but Lucy injures himself as the Mayor Carmel, they emit she's himself as the mayor of Carmel, one was g s p and our next guest case, you don't know.
Undisputed light heavyweight champion boom, just defeated stimuli to become the undisputed heavyweights aunt loom areas a full time. And commentator for the sports of sport of mixed martial arts. Daniel these core me. How are you sure thank you for being here? I'm pretty good man. Thank you, bad misty, we should call on us from Europe from your limo there I see some wanted to drive, I hope to reach that level of notoriety someday. It's it's light like you know, you stated there might be a bit of a power moving all gonna steamer busy gotta keep moving Yes, exactly what I really think you need to make a power play DC wrestler. Everyone here is terrified, so, first of all congratulations obvious than what might be one of the biggest accomplishments and sports. Let alone makes martial arts everyone- and I want to talk about the listener fight, they want your ear, and this is the big big biggest fight coming up, but preserve friends, want necessarily familiar I'd love to cannot get into your story a little bit yet I mean some serious adversity. You ve overcome your yes, people are no cap there, the Olympic Wrestling team and
really really high hopes for you because you are so high level, and you had a kidney failure from cutting wait. Dialysis, yes, not to bring up any source. But obviously tragedy with your daughter things that most people would. Justifiable uses an excuse now yet become the USC heavyweight champion at thirty nine. And having had yet Ryan shawl recently World's strongest man endorse Saint Pierre and some great people at what they do, How did you do it? Did you always believe and know that you were going to be here? What's that, like where the doubts like along that path. You know man, the crazy thing is the site. When you when you do a lot of these things that are dealt with in expressing the tragedies in life you can to suck it up or you can say you know what might might my journeys done in? I knew that the best way to honour all the people that I've lost, especially Canaan, was to do something truly, truly special, so
use it as a motivating factor in my life, and I have done. I feel like all the near. The very close calls I had would become in the best led to that moment on em on on July. Seventh, our July nineteen, What's keeping but come on it's a big Billy. I never expected give or take give or take a couple of days. I have a lot of things going on at all our chauffeur. China really make myself
more visit, and I am, I really did know the date. I did not see me as God we proceed but under but we'd. I doubt myself in like manner thirty nine years old. You know you know what the craziest thing was like before the fight which the baby and that he was the guided definitive got three times the most widely Chap Walter, I'm in the back in the locker room, I'm walking back and forth needed thoughts and have it to myself, because my cogent teammates all excited I'm telling myself when I lose I'm thirty nine years old. I'm done with this! I'm never fight. Can I dont need to deal with this anxiety? It's all like ours are trying to give us a rhythm. While you gonna lose the fight that what is going on. I couldn't rascality, always mumbles people from Cleveland. I dunno what they're saying this makes no sense any reason it was just and it was just like
everybody in saying how hard it right now, my men, I wonder, does do- is gonna hit bill. What in the world this would have ordered felt. So they don't. We obviously types of questions, but the moment I got into the Ark none I was like. I could never give this up again give this up until it found me give it up. But you know what I am interested in the fact You mentioned that you'll anxiety, some fighters, so they don't get it seemingly performers, I'm afraid I take the stage ever. I'm always nervous and I've always been very jealous of some people who say they are not, but you, someone who who gets nervous before everything. I think you should embrace that. Don't you know, because its competitive nerves right, like I M, excited about the opportunity to compete in tests myself entitles myself, but not knowing what the outcome is. Gonna be makes me on alert, and I feel like the time that I'm not like there is one. I'm gonna lose
what the outcome is going to be makes me on alert, and I feel like the time that I'm not like. That is what I'm going to lose a fight, and I feel the same way with you right like if you're going onto a stage. You know you have a job to do. You know you have a message to get across and it's like, if I don't get, if I don't present my messaging and in a good strong way, this can go sideways very quickly, so yeah, the nerves make you want? Reginald earthshaking leads up level. Don't you expecting me so often still go sideways from life performances because people punch me we're going to have to say, and if that's ok, I asked what the question I want to ask me. Let me specifically about about that fight because now understanding I didn't know that you know that the anxiety to sort of self doubt Jude had animal watching it. And you starting off and being a little bit more cautious, and I turned to my dad watching this fight for people who don't know, go watch it. It's a classic saying up. He's time them. Now, an emigrant your hands were little bit up. You fight taller than a lot of people. Talk about that. You rode with the punch coming
in that over under, as you haven't you know that a thousand times and you're gonna get a sense when you're in there going ok, I've been here, but for I know it's about to happen. You till you know it will not. When I was wondering about its budget, our once I felt it I'll, say: okay, this is nothing abnormal. You notices right. He is hard with nothing. That I haven't guys, but why not been something that I have in my kids? That's gonna, also hey! I'm supervision drive the car and raising my kid. What do you know you look appreciate? I am a busy man did, but I was like location abnormal iconic got his time in a little bit. Let's see what happens, but when he went to that under I live to get my own develop because, time and time again early to fight, I tried to opera cut him right right. We had picked up one something on Ebay does when he looked back Siberia, quench he'll leave his hands. Loan is chins kind of the actual after live form that time I'll do uppercut twice I was like
can expect upper cut his hands. They loaded closer due to overlook any landed Armenia to something that me in my coaches, special revengeful Sanchez did over and over again we went uppercut hook over to top up we're gonna look over the top and once it was in itself, he disappeared from in front of me, and I, like all my goodness, this is actually happening, now? What are like a fairytale? Don't take your foot off the gas years ago. Migrants and he's up credit has crept in recent weeks and we see people do that right. What room dropped him? He got up and you got back anyone that fight but hey. I was like, oh my goodness, he's now job one and the head of a couple more times than five years. This was on July, seventh, correct, just making sure U S How does it feel at this moment in time to know that you are virtually one hundred percent certain there. No man walking the globe who could defeat you and on hand to hand combat at this moment in time you notice
Everyone can be a bad man on the planet and you have the everywhere Cappy, though it's it's a good feeling. Whatever you accomplish thing that you look forward to you, Your entire career unites I've. I've I've come up short before so to accomplish they're gonna be the guy that was so well thought out. It's big thing is with NATO, I'm a short guy right the most muscular guy right, so guy I wouldn't know what would you say that DC? I would say Europe, I would say you're about average you're, a good looking guy and lose any of those things are looking guy, just eight, I'm a good looking guy, I'm beautiful, beautiful, Why some beautiful? So I bought people wouldn't try steep aid, because you six four two hundred fifty pounds ready, see me I'm fine, two hundred forty pounds I might be able to the disclaimer, don't drive, or what we get more specific, because it's a very gracious answer: Josh Barnett
one it to me. We can bring this clip. I don't think you can see it right now, but one of the most amazing moments in all of fighting use, throwing Barnett- and I know you have a lot of life form, so I dont send us to at all denigrate the guy like a small, I'll try and for those who don't know watching, Judge Barnett is a tremendous ressler who could throw any of us like a small child when you're fighting one of the top. What will see champion himself, one of the best where's around the discrepancy is so huge between you and someone like that in this fight. Does that confidence carry over the next five years. It still back two point zero and you have those doubts in that anxiety.
I always have the nervousness that that that will never go away. But when I fought Josh Barnett, I knew that I was ready to fight everybody. That was that that was the fight for I felt I grew up like I was like man, I'm a true marsh largest. Now I can fight any body in the world and been ok, because I know that jobs could afford anybody in the world and then ok, so young John. I always say that just one in spite of the fact that our group, ok yeah, but it was. It was the fight that dumb. I was so terrified, my balls retracted into my body. That's how I met you see a tuna fifty men payment
Twirled around. Oh, my God privileges. It's you done some recreational boxing this that the different I've magnetic such people view in a box of context. We I hate areas somebody out there that could do that. To me, that is a scary I've had it. I've had a done deal with action. Oklahoma, state, Ressler soup likes me to high Heaven in hours using ok. I understand this level who was it a guy named. It was very nice. I dont want to put out his name, but he was very obvious. It is very nice and I was the one who started stand it because I wanted to. I think his name's trains that guy book game in Dallas and just unbelieving. Just unbelievably strong interfere, I say to you, should feel excellence in any round now. I've had it atomic soul and the show one was brilliant. Economists ever to talk with him is to experience and a new level to go someone like that it was an all american it. Just You assume, you're gonna get your ass kicked, but you need to feel at one.
Yeah you're gonna be ok to understand. Yes, exactly had only to try with use. Skype is good enough. So something always don't done really interesting. Mentioned your wife, any rivalry, obviously with with John Jones NET, so much the fight game aspect, but such a stark contrast, voice, thought and lifestyle with him. Hidden runs pop in hot nightclub, pretty seen as a selfish guy, whereas using the really focus in your family and always lead to sharing your victories very graciously with teammates. That those relationships the ground you and make you stronger as a person, thereby as a fighter. Yes, it does. You know, because reality
is I could never do any this with my family, all my teammates and my cultures, like from the moment that I first experience high level mix. Martial arts, especially watch a king Velasquez, become heavily champion. Everything he said was we. We thought we thought we thought we could do this. We thought we could do this and I remember goin. He has taken full credit for it is. This is a team and I was like you know what I'm parted at team and then I started to experience and for myself like, while
It really is this teams victory, I'm just a guy. They used to go out and show what we ve been working on for the last twelve weeks. The last ten weeks, I'm just a guy that goes out, resent the product the mean nobody does their job on their own, and I believe that what guys will I'm this and on that note, that she's very, very selfish, millet families, everything you know, you don't want you to issues that that that dead, dead, real that rule kind of crazy type of life on the sea is not for me in all its forms is obviously for Jones. It's awful what makes you feel good right because he lives he lives so like like on the edge young guy. I think he might be like one of Gaza needs to live on the edge, so many lives on the edge. He also fight like that right. There are not many guys can just be absolutely free and fired the octagon. I think Jones is one of those guys. That's why you see of doing spinning kick your elbow
Does all these things, because there is no concern for what's gonna happen, not no concern for the punishment of the action, and I think that's why you so good at fighting, but also Weiss, also struck the right to become native site, its health. These ideas, healthy cycle, the creative fighting, goes hand in hand with grenadier. Octagon wondered when they're coming. We don't it's like this. A great example of of humility. In another sense, it listen. You know you're the better planet you're not lying about that, if not false humility. What gratitude to people who helped you do that we're talking a lot about masculinity, this idea of toxic masculinity today, I think you're you're a good example. So people can understand that there's there's a balance between gratitude and so being real in looking yourself in the mirror and not to stand a sort sore spot. But this is a I question. I do ask that that man, you ve never met you ever thought, obviously soundly not John Jones and then it s so many so so many times hot because melting Usanga cups like they looked at the arc of the covenant right, if it still something that
it's a real mess that you want and you even think it would ever be possible, given how much trouble in the suspensions he's been into you know. I, our business is eight partnership right because, as two guys have to fight, we have to promote the fight we have to get to the fight. We have to do everything together to present Why is it supposed to be in? There has been a number of occasions where we haven't. You know for John and I the to fight that we ve had we ve been scheduled five times in for one reason or another we haven't thought. I would find him again, I'm a competitor. You know. I would love to fight him again. I just don't know if it works in the timeframe for what I have left in my career in I've. I've sent for a long time. I will retire by time of forty years old,
that's next march, you know in when I started saying in early people thought there's no way, but we had years away from that date, but noise we closer was while this guy might be serious young. I just don't know John going away back in and went on for that's his fall. I mean I can't hold or allow him to dictate end saying that goes on in my career anymore. Men s answer healthy way to look at it because I know what you said: the guy guy was in your head for a while. I'm in those that was, it was a rivalry for sure. You too did not seem like each other. Aright listen, I think we're familiar enough now. So let me touch a bit of a cripple than did Nick the nickname diesel it's not really a nickname, Daniel call me it's just. I turn off zones. Can we get some more go in here? You know- and this is what this is my nickname when I first started. Fighting ad hoc almost state was that Esposito
is the assistant cultural mistaken. When I go in there and present my cousin, they called me to come from panda and I will die at the moment. I could see that I take the moment right out of court Ok, you're gonna see disease gullible. I can change that. I'm change. I don't know, I think kung FU pennies got a nose ring to it. I hate to tell you this, but a lot of people watch this show and you mean you, you did a few people know saying that come to bed, but in a nice where I didn't want, it's a lot better than self given nicknames like the dentist, the sky we'll crusher I'll. Take it over that, but still I think we can do a little better. Could you imagine Bruce Buffer Daniel. For bad area being ridiculous, the
we went out and ordered, or my children yeah will then on your last fight, have Ruth buffer belt it out in his shark suit, and just just let it rip out. I know you're busy and you're. There was you only when I let you have no idea how much pride Bruce takes no suits those are all custom made beautifully, whore Bruce Buffer in for the bigger fight you may find it just. The material is just phenomenal. We share lock rooms. I call the fight in the dead, the care that Bruce take. Suits. It is something that we all agree that a lot of words inside the lining black inside the lining. There are so many words and phrases. Offer that disease every positive affirmations and is why I'd start than the do like the greatest commentator halt I've gotta go like so much ruses jacket.
Doesn't matter. I rely on Wednesday to striven they didn't like that. The act that sends out of the diet reminders, don't forget to say some. It's time beheaded rose on, the ground has been Jackie. You say that the body like doubled up one thing the out, because of course it proved on things jacket, all don't do it, because it de as brothers are listening very well all right Daniel Cornea, you can follow me on Twitter. Of course, DC underscore emanate. You can watch em on television everywhere endless, and then we are every time you fight were written, for you mean my dad we're huge fans. I really appreciate taking the time and the insight is well meant. Thank you so much. I appreciate you have me. Thank you. We welcome government s after this. I think one library, the weak thanks so much for people who are supporting the show it means a by my support I mean those who joined mug club lot of Canada. Come such Michael. It's ninety nine dollars annually, six and for students, veterans or active military just entered into a promo code and
Let's see the show it would you live every Thursday at eight p m Eastern every day we do it, instead of just eclipse because, like you said, you'd Youtube, isn't pay the bills. You don't have to join. If you don't too, but this is what allows us to go there go on location. Do the daily show confront people who are dishonest about journalism, do change my mind. It's all put together by you. Comparison and elsewhere. We will have so many so many commercials. For all of the weird sponsorships at you here across a lot of pod, casts in how many there,
containers. Do you need a lot of Canada come slash? My club in Georgia, this case is going on our direction. This exposed we really hard. But now, let's, like your pray, tell them that they will now we ve
these gaps in our next guesses determining natural? Is it pretty natural yeah? Well, natural Now- and I don't think so- it's all natural these days gets solve. All banks are right at Gavin Underscore Mc Innis. I as a show results here today and I believe, a knock it. Yours is going to be on his weakened, programme here in the coming weeks? Given the finest hour, I'm good not gay journeys on the show tomorrow night when it is exciting because I was interviewing homeless people on the street the other day and they were very about you, sir laying off there's something! That's gonna have or somethin there's hoboes in New York City that our interests. What were you doing? What they have options? I just I interviewed on the street, for analyze and as there is a popular bomb in New York, called the Haider Hobo get on me yeah. He was like. I love it,
crowded man varying, I thought you were saying you have not gay Jared, which would lead to more questions. Zactly saw the same, be proud or you love an integral part of it. If you'd, like the stern, show you like Robin Quivers, I'm enough with these these two this nomenclature. So one thing I will say is first before containing else. Do you like your chair? I noticed we have the same chair and I used to have one of these from a long time ago to Herman Village used to be great, and now it sucks it hurts it hurts whack it used to be: Guy had an old share and then they change manufacture, and now it's like there's this thing digging into my back. It's like the princess in the p. Only with her needed discs you can adjust that thing in the back. This is your worth speaking, of course, of the aid on share its an eight hundred dollar chair made of asbestos fibres. Where there's no real bottom of the chair to suspends you when you fart, it goes
the match and into the atmosphere exotic nowhere electorates, but they will put and brochures. But everyone knows that's why you by our lives it so have you been following. Is that the that, but no bows, video toxic masculinity, video, that's been circulating here this week, I probably have are. I have a bad frontal lobe. My my back lobe is probably very familiar with that. You have a tremendous right: ok, we're gonna, show a clip just to refresh your memory and then get your thoughts. Muscatel Roquat masculine adjectives,
having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness, some of the synonyms macho manly muscular red blooded, my goodness strapping strong, brawny path. None of these really sound like me is what gives us in trouble when we say that there's only one way to a man, so many individuals they try and fit, and it just gets to appoint rights to March where they are doing harm to each other. So you, privately with enough a couple of things, here. I noticed some serious asymmetry going on there and in an area real man in the group. I know this is a hot topic of yours Did you have a seizure when this occurred yeah? I had Caesar inside an internal seizure, but I'm such a real man than I can keep that to myself and not show it outwardly. Ok, listen to some of those adjectives through that they have a problem with strong manner,
to be strong. I'm not strong will then your letting us down it's like beautiful. I know we're. Not. Women are not all supermodel, but every woman wants to be pretty weird, new reinventing the wheel where there's no rules and afford you're, pound woman with ferns. Oliver Bates is just is pretty. Is that supermodel no burns. I don't think we should talk in the same boat shit that might be out of her control, especially but the phone grounds. I go with you if it within control or not, is irrelevant? The point is that some people are prettier than others. Some women are or feminine than others. Some men are more manly than others. You can't just throw out. The whole definition does nothing to aspire to look well. I didn't so much money to fund the theatre promised strong, but red blooded red blood. Where does that were thrown out we're getting a little lose with what gets tossed under the umbrella. Here, none of these things described me you're
reptilian what's happening right now. The conspiratorial youtube of the Illuminati right they're going nuts. Yet this is in thing to get to know you talk about this and we obviously people get mad when you discuss and there's a controversy, but the reality is no one expects all to be all these things, like you said they are just good qualities. That being said, the left don't see there's a good quality. They see the other goals. Yet our goal, and the modern man is a socialist little wimp and when he does is set at home all day and be soft and thereby depriving the child of a single mom gets a man in a petty- and I would say at least between you know, millennials and and young men. Today, that's Finally, the norm the whole, like straw, red blooded, I'm tough. I don't cry You know, I want to date, objects and party. I think that becoming a minority sell. Those guys we just saw are actually the oppressors there there that they're, the ones getting p
will fire they're the ones making everyone uncomfortable? The real man is, is kind of gone. Why? It was obvious that honest cut, so much Kara knows is pick up culture, the hot checks and party, but we are talking about a young generation of men who aren't learning how to be fathers, how to be good husbands how to get out leaders of their community knows is a bigger interfered Brok about my speech recently. Where was it he was abroad. He was in a South Africa, South Africa to threaten. He said you know. I know it's easy to see think that democracy is gone been given over to the strong man, something along those lines. I'm gonna wanna. Second, theirs Nothing wrong with a strong man, there's something wrong with a strong evil man, because the evil is amplified. But you want a couple strong good and to keep them in check, but the left see strength as a negative what the training of juice land we confront. There's a person threatened plotted to slash tyres, but they listen. I was six. Do therefore I'm wrong. You must monitor this already hide your daughter s beard. I thought yet. The Obama clip boys Mama thing men are kind of getting on my nerves. These days
I think, therefore, that I didn't know what there was one we was talking about the strong accuracy given over to the strong man, maybe darker days, yet we ve had darker days, but still you now to use the term strong men as a pejorative he's. While human being is any, I don't like him night. I think this whole don't cry and all that stuff I think it started in the seventies. There was like it's all right to cry and that culture in the seventies was like. Don't beat up a kid, z, feminine, don't bully kids cuz there, they appear to be gay and they had a point in the seventies, but the pendulum swings. So far the other way set. Now it's bully, people who seem to ass, given in being ashamed of being mail and every time there's a college student doing answering a question in college, he has to get up, and I know it replace a privilege and I'm a white male and I'm still gender, but I just think you know these qualifiers. They have to give so it's become taboo.
A proud mail, but here's the secret, the patriarchy. This tough guy thing built the west. World nowhere. Our gaze and women and everyone else safer. So don't get rid of the poor. Treat Turkey or you'll end up with something much worse, yeah ISIS! Yes, why You two others in a further the liberals take over and you got three hundred genders and you ve got Trans prisoners model. Thing, women in jail and an archive it would be worthwhile in actual story that we just covered today is not being out of turn. Yes or secondly, you the opposite and you have the fast take over the Islamists and you, Sharia LAW in it like we're, seeing in Luton, England, like we saw on a ran so yeah it's lose lose. Ladies, I know you don't like you and Daddy says it's bedtime when you got to eat your vegetables but trust me. At least you have, the ball in a bed about without out for someone in Venezuela right now, but I would for vegetables of what it is about. It is actually
A good example of that you just talk about. Islam is us and Sharia law Every time a strong and Ben Doktor been Carson caught so much flak. He took a strong stance you, can think of someone who sounds more meek than doktor by constant and heed said I don't believe it is surreal. And the constitution, I think they're incompatible. That was a negative to the left, because that was a position of strength. We're not talking about an older muscles, we're talking about strength of character, and they, still pounds on you, even if your doktor bankers- and so I heard it well- Trump came along. And he said why we, I can call them anchor babies. What you want me to call them undocumented workers of civil society and Ngos, and I'm Saint Anchor baby and this whole, like that's, really watched trumps, twenty eighteen, that's that's. What New America is about just like now what Listening to you anymore, we're not doing your bathrooms we're not doing, and if you're crazy ideas were not calling this racist or that racist or or bowing to France for climate change,
and and making sure that we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We're not playing any of your games anymore and that's why the left is so apoplectic. That's why trumped arrangement syndrome so huge because they go wait a minute. I need you to play along with my gains. I need you to recognise that you're, evil and and slavery in you stole arriving from the union's. If you take that away, I got nothin yeah we're saying you got nothin. Why think it and this kind of a theme today, the ingratitude ingratitude, is a really crippling problem. You that, from the left a good example be apparent wanting to teach their son hey when your dog does one grandpa. It's ok to Are you gonna teach them? It's ok for young men decrepit its appropriate, but then they have a teacher going now, it's ok to cry or whatever, so you can't bestow the grace upon the kid letting them know when it's appropriate. This is ok because, that's from the left, just well homes, daddy, will give you a cookie and left us and then there's no grace and its we're import that culture to what I call them, emigrates, where these them
Prince come here and they won't shut up about how much this country socks and you go a. Wrong and its way better. The eared, like that woman decline, the statue of liberty, she's from Congo. You know, what's going on the Congo, why I can state on you show, but soldiers are making children rape their mother? Will you just did it? They were be heading Dozens. Their enemy and putting the heads in a giant pile then she comes- and she goes. This place is barbaric. Really. What effect? you about. You go back to the place that made the worst movie of all time: white guerrillas really with laser guns. I've had enough of this. Nobody thinks you're absolutely dealers and remember that foremost, because I look forward to it so much data at all. The commission's burger king in the Watches and Congo was all bad. Are you not? We do have to get going here really soon. Next year is going to be on government to show this weekend at got an underscore Mcguinness and people can sign up at sea. I didn't like him. Yes, that is the case here. Mug? I thought you'd among I,
didn't catch on, but I'm not gonna, let fall by the wayside. Right will fix that imposed gabions. Thank you very much hope you found your shots. Knock it years come on. Your way will read this now for hopper proverbs, sponsored exclusively by Magua, said the toll furnaces make friendly neighbours. I shall never squirrel codecs the funds and there were chosen by degrees to fighter we gotta talk. Stay, do far more harbour proverbs sponsored by Mug club
that's probably medium rare, the classic running dance, because we have such a fine gotta meet, sometimes you need a doctor up. Sometimes you just go to classic run against this is this is called theirs
will plug we're still lead from the wrong buns lay Mama MIA blame the Mummy or a good directive. We have done you put things. I hope we have embarked on a show of the two in government in us. Yet go watch Daniel cornmeal fight, it's like a bad out of hell slashed little black ball of hate It's very, very angry many fight. He really is a site to behold in men do not have thirty nine years old was pretty inspirational. Knows it's funny trend it. All the enemy, and here you see we have had on the shelf, none of them early, jerks off very jerky D. Ya think those are like the most toxic pay, we are called rifle on the planet, but protect their own them down. Earth really nice unification. Feel very couple being around than I've razor the boys in the playground, for, with the exception of a couple, they tended to be there for people who were bullied narrow Pierre was bullshit. You talked about it, Korea is talked about that so much, but a lot o along a lighter way classes allow. These guys were bullet. Do not people
Like to wield power uselessly, won't let him you're about Daniel Criminal beating up someone who is smaller than I'd like to see that yeah, while he doesn't reckoning professionally passionately supposedly bigger than him, but Definitely not only the egoism check nice, it's kind of yours, it's kind of like you're so exhaust when you ve had such a productive day, you're so You will have the energy to be mad german or like if you d, music, for living lasting one do is like a home and just fiddle around for your own pleasure. When no, I don't. I don't go that way. I mean in the sense that David did expended all of their eagerly. To call energy in the gym getting their asses kicked by other people who are better than them, knowing their role that by the time they come home all that egos I've em if they ve had it beat not, it does happen. That's why I say it's good for everyone to take up something new that you're that you're not good at take it up. I challenge yourself a talk about that all the time and then something I'll say. I definite I really appreciate Kennedy was about his anxiety.
Because you ve heard you know me before shows I've always been that way. Even, but when we did some you, we had enough to thousands of people, and I just thought: oh, my gosh, what's gonna go right, just that it's just a nature, its. How I am some people don't feel that way. So I don't know they can help to launch exist. There are so many more things angle with so many parody all wrong, most Neither can we like the insurance right or not going through that worth her that several hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment. That was a big deal, but, insurance not coming through for ya, but but doesn't exist between gratitude and false humility, and you see, how can we talk about how grateful we are to his family? He's? Not just blown smokes in my family has made me great. My team is made me great. Guy, upstairs gonna think we're exactly. He really means and he's nothing well. You know I'm ok, but none of these and the bad as men in the planet, but you know it's because of these people and that really we want to talk about gratitude and talk about this, and I will tell you my entire life changes when I'm living in in dread it to someone. Couple had pretty some tough tough lab at the end of the under this programme is Michael. Can you go back to ok, here's
I think that everyone can do and change your life granted. I mean it in a very practical way being ungrateful. Closes doors being grateful opens doors I'll. Give you some very specific examples you can understand, but I told a story a while back and a resonate with some people grace is something that I think a lot of people do understand today. You know, good. Bye targeted- and I was a kid. My parents too. Toys or US member, where as it was a crushing the panel bus station in Brussels next to check swing, wears a guy who took the relief Simpsons Comic Book worst film. Ever he looked just like it was a comic book store. So I went to this toys or a store. And my parents must have been a budget of of fifteen dollars each, I think ten dollar fifteen hours. You can pick out a toward my brother and I and we went in and what did we get? We got creepy crawlers,
may we pull together to get creepy crawlers with it. There's gonna be the commercials member. There score. We were moving dreary, Hungary, grin and dad additives. Rockings. Look it up in the kids I got em. I wanted so badly to put a spider on my dad and indigo no religions, letting the French for you goin up. Did you watch? Is a french government retaining, I dont know they probably did exist outside of his reason, your French. They tend to be really over the top to know how you, over the topic. Kids, commercial s, that's why I'm so carry his dad would have been a transgender. I don't know that's how they would have done it for so we left with with the crew, because we were so excited, we were thrilled Do you feel bad about this? To this day, now my data monotony. They may not remember, but I felt really really bad about it. So we went back to our car and we found out, we just had the malts, we didn't have the machine. Must have been fifteen thousand under the sheen. Very specifically was forty nine anyone remember them. And dumb
They had to is that they had to take us back in in return because it can meet their just moulds because we couldn't afford cubicles machine. Now we had some periods in our life, for we did really well and we had some periods of life. When I look back that, might my and struggled, and I Didn'T- maybe you understand it or fully appreciated this. Would have been one of those times and we're going back in and being a brat being upset. Can't we get the great listen if they could have gotten me, the creepy crawling, I'm I'm sure they would have and we had to go back for you know they weren't. They were using, I was being a spoiled little jackass and they are already being gracious they are being gracious and taking me to toys or us to get me they didn't have to do that, but because I I did something more and I wasn't grateful they didn't. To do that for you. What do you think, after that? I got more trips to toys, Russ or less probably less I want to address Bell there. Looking back now, I know what I never cold shower scenario would enable member here something else too. I went back
and we got where they get stretch. Armstrong has hit a winner, dog and remember his name, but they were many ones because we couldn't afford the basic stretch. Armstrong and mine broke right away. The stretch Armstrong their arms as tore it off, but my brother are producer Johnny. Well, you know I grew up with in high school. When we met junior high He saw the winner dog toward because we became one of our favorite toys stretch armstrongs a winner dog toy with stretch out and was really cool and was a winner. Dogs was funny all the jokes, and if because if we have had our way, if we'd have had what we deserved, we would have never expires at the end of a being creeper crawlers came and went and that we know that was in the house and until my brother went to college, I believe, but think about that, times grace is, is more than you deserve it. You're, Ungrateful Fort Mandy, you closed during the teachers unions. What if we want one percent one. If they are willing to give you ate, do you think More likely are less likely to help you
when it. When you have an attitude that is under. I will tell you this all the time. How often have you had friends or family who to help out because you want to think we actually know we talked about this, but then you have the friend the family member who always want something from you do you help him nuns. Not as much you're, probably here you probably giving him less than the people who are asking It's not about just, as I pointed out just it's. The natural reaction of the year inside us. As I wrap, it's got to close the door a little bit and appointed If you want to receive greater, we let us as Christians right if you want to receive grace, you have to be grateful first off right, and it is something that the person receiving the race doesn't get to dictate. The terms of the great we say tat. Once given enough. I want you to what my life to listen Why you do what you want to do, but I'm not gonna put your flag up. Well, I'm manage champion my cause and that then it do I think you're morbid decker less. You think your help, your cause, this
happens. You override you're not grateful for what you have take your pick. People do not want to help you. It closes doors and you'll, never know that's. The worst part is you'll, never know the doors are close, you could take aeronauts and people out there. You know we're with a lot of young people. Listen either teachers unions, maybe there's someone else who go in and in you you, Wanna Rex, great Most bosses are looking to screw you, so you go in and get a boss who wants give you a fifteen percent rates, but U S for sixty honest, amusing sort example longer than ass for sixty percent, racists called thirty and the basque us. As I say I soon, I would have as both sexes car forty that them so said, Balin go well, I was really excited to get. I was really excited to give that kid: the creepy crawlers. I was really Zambia and must reach Armstrong, but instead because it ungrateful demanded more mobility nothing happens more often than you know, and you cannot know, but what I do, is when I wake up, and I and I do every day gratitude
The first thing I do is even when I'm on, even when I was very unhealthy. Thank you for that. Of health that I do if I am grateful for this house, I am grateful for my wife. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for the support of France. I am for four. The meal bars that are even more and that only have four ingredients their hard to do. What the delicious and nutritious I am brave over. That's all those little things and it changes my life ever. You won't. You a better relationship with your wife. Your family. You will do better in the workplace. You will People react to you differently that same change, your personality, but if you can add that, at that passive, your personality gratitude, it makes all the difference, because then everyone else wants to bestow grace upon you. What are you ungrateful little percent? Nobody wants to us like the spoiled kid at the party. No one wants. The kid is great. The kids, a lot of fun with family gets right. Let me have more money again most and a little nap scotch. That's my grandma death. May he couldn't stand other kids,
like the scotch, because they were not grateful for the fine liquor that my Grandpapa Armand on my maternal side would boost upon me. That's a lesson, be grateful and drink it. Scotch.
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