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2018-07-27 | 🔗
Talking all things Toronto shooting and the Left’s predictable reaction, robot racism, Cockburn, Home Alone spinoffs and more. Dinesh D’Souza and Nicole Arbour stop by for the usual shenanigans.

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Earlier moved. My last out on you too, would only little genoa and solar subscribers. I reckon they didn't like me on the platform on the edge that genoa Multi billion? May uploading short video me darkened and my camera. I need none, but a bedsheet camera compromise I went down their bad. Then the young to make large british bore me. Do you make a lot of? yet again point raggedly aubergines biscuits for damned away, but mostly under sat out there. Video download, GINO, We are one that I would do much nuts indoors, dare not to you to judge, not a bragger. You video for the electoral college.
Our advice, which I'm not trying to make up tutorials mash engaged please join our dear Mamma. You too began to see what was wrong with it turned out. Every video been put in restricted. I've been unsubscribe from the latter with crowd or my favorite GINO. I D reached strap Clodagh beard or even one idea I didn't receive. No notifications had a debate. Three times DNA and she knocked in Madrid or nobody owns investigated feed in our view, soon reared ah my job as a lawyer, Shambley, both Thankee giant magic and each have a guy.
And negotiate diversion here to dig. Straight out the charter. He had no matter how good it I reckon he addressed both out. Tat I could put yet and what not I am a little builder, go on in a tub when you do we tab lawyer part, I would But our great you know my GINO, but they didn't answer internally and not the restriction democratization, beggars, get bears, can lead to spend more money on ad, were dying scream and what you do turn obeying for what you do. Train obeying fur now my manner to know notification beard near
had no rich many asian jumpy. But thank each have legs. You can have more clout in Monday's keys, our vision, you do sure all the Father Lotta wedding, who sorry dad
I've seen it is that's it then are we followed but uncles and grant the second a wedding? There's some! Don't trust me. I will tell you that I do not trust the uncles. It's like a whole. You don't, I know its not it notes that I have paid totalling relatives it. When was that ever ok retirement for me, it's the alcohol open borders, Well, you can for you it's always the actual, or we have great ass. They. We have Nicole Arbour on loan, though we have the next to Susan gyrating. We were going to have already lying on, but well at it didn't work, We have a mind another now. Are we love our work in outline next week? Obviously this comes as no surprise so that that are probably a pretext. We talk about this was a appreciate with the coal arbour because of boobs, that's sling, but what? Because a sling, mug club, right. Wasn't before we move on first question of the day, have you found the debate because will be getting into this clip from the rebel? What this thing is emblematic of the left debates have you found debating with progressive
become easier easier thanks to the talking point now becoming so predictable and a follow up. Percent of John I like to hear from you. We often hear about the radical laughed and finding the centre. What percentage of today's Democrats would you put on a sort of the classical J F K, liberal versus perpetual victim, complex, progressive today, give a percentage point. Let me No, because I think there are significant majority and when your majority you're no longer radical changes, it relates to the progressive wing all right producing. The invitation was always, as Georgia was not gave omens what an academic escort with accommodate thought. Your photo shops. I fulfilment of the obligations we good, I'm good appreciate and we Gee Morgan Junior he's here Jim what what did away with the daily the creator like that picture aiming to create Marley, or so you wouldn't. What is that right is that now that the Dublin sector singer from corn may brought in at Brody now brought again is it is filling in here temporarily you, my first higher, actually a lotta with colored outcome? Yes, I have security. How long have so? How can we work together, gods, ethical, since eighty, seven five years
five years ago. Six years yellows and people you can send. Your stories are at brought again. He's often want to get success stories go in the morning and he just happened to be in town. Also Cockburn is that's the story. I knew it. I ever get all alone I ll call arbour. Investors suits he's. I don't like that lead in bed. I just got out of the clink to escape the Cockburn I don't know before that university researchers have barely? a lot of things to research. New studies is that people are racist against black household.
Robot. Lots comes from Spectrum Wally. I guess at the website that the findings of new studies suggest that people perceive robot with Interpol, more fixed features to have raised her and ass. Results. The same race related prejudices, protodyne, Women's rights robots, what you know it, maybe they weren't so lippy allow room anything. He would go up Guy get in there really Michael home, as my Google home as a race, play any
used to play any other Jimmy buffet. That are how many times I asked for killer MIKE. It's it's a re, sufficient, margarita villains, aloof races, college drop and unit point about this problem I don't. I don't mean shit, I've only shades of what's all eyes up and kill us one day, the tea to thing for you it there. It is. I don't know where it is the duty of former. It is actually was my favorite movies? It kid don't turning our tension to Hollywood, Rhine Reynolds attached to a revision of the film home alone, called stoned alone centre on you guessed it apart had no actually seem to title, might need to be renamed us not confuse it with the saudi arabian holiday call Classic wearing a woman drove by herself. Now there is always a cross between
baby driver and not without my daughter and stoning of sir. I am yes, it's fun for the whole family, social advance, culture onto the film centres around a twenty something we growing loser, who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. First answer: the casting called was Mcculloch Vulcan, because he does that thing. There's look look at there's no way Michael Jackson and not have something. Now now we got a piece Stephen away. Now you will never see the comb oh where's a pair of boots, the recent Toby known to have been preparing for this role already here bring me back Edison's normal One is the privilege of passing that lot involve alone could undermine the pretty early, remember out Brok Turner Zone. It is because I didn't doesn't want you another branch on government convicted sexual solve those is
lawyers now claiming that he only engaged in quote out her course not intercourse is the point of that, while the ok people, this is how its discretion, people, people magazine the lawyer, defined outcome. As sexual activity while clothes that can be considered a form of safe sex waited for spent on it that Turner Court didn't intend to rape the victim which do fair. I guess what we're doing, definition of is but it's business betters intercourse, which of course is sex between galaxies and increase for no one is a cure. The rights to insert a course which is sex within a sex within a hand job enough walls go like this and there's rate somewhere, also known, as also is casting call it hardly lines. Do yes, that is the dumbest. I mean So you talk about robes, I'm not making part of that. But that's like the dumbest thing. I've ever heard our course we're gonna balls. You have to have claimed that it defence. Apparently it doesn't matter because ring genes anyway. So it's it's irrelevant. I cannot believe that This is a transcript magical
for an ever going forward and a court black. Now none of it was our course. Debt is where My client was merely dry humping leg against that. Well, simple battery. If you the greatest sleazy lawyer, who is who will say anything you would create that its idea. This is this. What is that its authority outer court hold water, I don't know all I did was hump alike I should like the three months the Brok was in prison. How much out course did he get? Let's? the definition literally Shawshank course interrelated story, a man who, as no peanuts I submitted without exception,
instead was using inanimate objects with the rights of the Kurds. The Kok report- had been in relation to women and other quote one of the way, men believed she was being penetrated by his penis period, defused look, was the poet named caught a perfectly right However, even live and others all day, but when it comes to the work on the fourth conference, no joke detective, we know, two cases in two weeks of women being so,
really accosted, sir, oh right there did you send the sundown the special victim suited. There's only one problem, sir. The assailant didn't have a my god, I mean, there's only one choice: we need to bring in the Cockburn, Sir, with all the respect, copper the closer to sir. Because I do have it I'll. Tell you a cop Burnside enough. You may not like got word. You may not like them. Attitude may not even like the fact that copper push you to your limits just to find out what they, but my God, does no one better for this case and in the only way, You are still standing here, because you know what you son of a bitch, sir. I don't think it's a good idea. Not since I know about Oakland, don't you think I know about that conference life was killed by this man come over here. Did you want to have a German, my precincts? You keep your mouth shut about, Oakland, we'll be selling cigarettes out about tat,
eight and whack between thing hoboes play toy so fast it'll make your head spend? Do you hear me? I wouldn't call on Cockburn unless absolutely necessary, my god, when you're out there with monsters roaming the street with no end in sight and hearing the best and person for this hyper specific needs familiar. You think this week, Lord Jesus, that someone exists out there like cock. Yes, commissioner, take Cockburn sober that we have no choice. The long term Nora you make these and we have to get well know we did. We did we not allow that got a real show that a real film in case you didn't know, can be met I'm going in buying said an inanimate objects at the adult stores inside something them all raise any eyebrows, our clear the stories like clarity but those objects.
It was true, they could be a plastic sort, This point is what this honestly, usually, if someone essentially causing someone, he is the person having standing, something the gate. He just like that of my conviction that rich meaning in between leading oxygen. If you read the story, the guy had a very well thought out plan to hide the fact that if he was the light I always have to be off. No one to look into the. I can really I mean look. We lose all your saying, she's like here how about this. We know that I just gave a very, very bizarre crime
I am going to invade the bag safety deposit Box and give them money goes there's gonna, be the dumbest thing. Never gets me now got caught book conquered always gets her man. You hear the partner badge herds, we'll never get that it has a real sore. Ever see together is trying to pull this off Emily. Really, I don't think it would work the same yeah. I don't like lies with my life and I recently talked what I guess. Patrick store is not gay. What a lot of people thought he was with each year. Authority was gay. He's like yourselves, I convinced by claiming Eu Macao AIR, which is funny because immigrant seems way less gay yeah What do you know if you know what you know if they bring on using if they were not even if they actually would ever, for example, ITALY would take for them becoming an actual gay couple, just Patrick Sourcing, yes,
about a further area magazine their Hollywood eyes. Couple people get magically. What do you think? I'm saying that men are just so antiballistic in their sexual urgent, remove one part of the equation which has occurred and does it just yet gay people, which is a party of yes, as at the post, Lisbon couples, work already. I have a headache, headache that that goes exotic aspirin. They go through it. They get the cats go be sensitive, goes against like four for some reason and guys heads we think of guys and guys we're like that. It's incredibly gross right, yes and then for some reason, the general public, not me when you think about two girls it seems plausible, it's too hot distinctive and that's actually the opposite of what happened. Doesnt units wanting, obviously to me as I just never I'm, not a simple mathematics. People like that, like four Boobs Forbes, are better than to that's what we always had an appointment,
video garland. I take three both with an explanation, but that's all away more forgiving, analyzing, just men like seeing breasts Mars Madison leave a girl who works with this now in the awareness and I'm pretty sure, didn't let the cat out of the bag. Suit all right? So a move onto this? This comes from the rebel. I highly recommend that you can watch the entire clip before that by the way hit our notification bell, because subscriptions don't mean anything anymore and I join monk. Let me get this full. Our show every single day, lot of colored outcomes, less my club in life streams. If you don't, you can live from every Thursday here on Youtube PM eastern anyone else. This comes from the rebel. Please go! Watch the whole video Africa context. I just thought it was very good. It was perfect, crystallise the techniques, the tactics and left to use right now when it comes to debating- and mainly there are five in you- ve hurt us talk about them, but we wanted to take a video and give you a play by play just in case there were any doubt. So, let's go to the first, but we're right.
This person by what is, after the torrent, to set the Contact F of Toronto. Shooting not a lot of news about this. For people who don't know it was a big shooting at sixteen people were shot. Finally, well, how do you know how many people die did emerge later? What, lest I heard to last, I heard to persuade her to because you never know. Obviously, some tragedies happened but after that one rapporteur for the rebel went and spoke about, obviously that that the Muslim tie so right away this lady free out and goes to progressive tactic number one before the clipped, the number one technique that uses of course accuse racism cheek and she has got a clap. She only link our community You please not descend to racist things right now. Please, I'm sorry. What do they say? There was ratios sorry. This is not what Canada's about Canada is not about racism. The rebel is a racist source of news coca. I love the flag and the fact that you started with like stone the foreign with the frontiers. Like I've been going back, I gotta go on the phone with their friend while she has kids there with objects that could be easily swallowed.
I'm sorry, I actually I'm I'm I'm doing shoe dokey while much helpless the plastic bag over his head. I took in records due by the way the racism then we know this. I don't really even need a gold is whole, but it's a tool that use actually bring into their their number two technique, which will get too in a second, but first here's what what's important? Why did she accuses reporter again? Go watch the whole video at the rebel it's up here on on Youtube. I think rebel, dot media. Why cheek use having racist years, exactly why I say anything that was races commercial shooter had visited ISIS websites. That is I said CBS in the: U s- and I said so. Yes in the, U S is reporting that hey art and the truth is written at the day that this video was being filmed. Cbs was reporting that the shooter was combined with a muslim shooter had expressed interest in ices. Yes, but my eyes,
even took credit for a sound like they were two more off base, no release potentially right. Go you never not! You can always go by what at ices takes credit for not another, definitely try. If anyone kills anybody, ices, like rats, big, it's all count over two. We we had an honest answer. What really pisses me off about this is, if you watch it from the beginning, he's very like politely, asking questions, he asked a separate question about motive and then said: hey here's what's being reported. What do you think in this lady? Who is absolutely not a part of the conversation leans in still on the cell phone out there, can about some racist step, although I gotta China, because people heading I opinions valued exaggerates out cheese is a horrible human being and this brings to the method of mature talk about the next thing that she does in which this proposal not to tell you how you have no right to speak. They just try to deny your right to speak completely. We see here did multiple times wrote the video. Don't come here, the rebel. Really you didn't. You need to be here right now and this you are not my community. You can leave now
so called media want and need not be here based by some, whose authority you have no this being here with your racist crap debt, your racist crap of my community, get it out now without the somali pirates from captain I can go round a few pounds. I could for fifty nine about the hero these Toronto needs. One or two of your Toronto belongs to me. What about? How did it go on? I got in the way I am the dark night now, whereas his crack anyway. This is this not necessarily appointed just for complete bonus, stupidity, insanity. This is the kind of argument that only the insane ran about the rebel racist source of news, because we're asking people their opinion of mass shooting White and the mass. What is the mass shooting have to do with a man a bit like mine? come on. Man has to with a man who you didn't finish their sentence
the death sentence, because a sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You put words together, can make a phrase that confuses people who are not retarded. It's like flit microwave toaster I go. Wait wait longer that why should I have to its? I have to tell you I want to know if I need to call the empty, if you have a stroke says, were fired from this. Brings us verdict is a perfect example. Does it just to let they don't want to deal in reality, and I dont know if she even believes what she saying our if she's, just that stupid, aren't you so dogmatic agenda realises that stupid? It's like the stupid, liberal, chicken and egg visited the chicken. Is the egg, but just following chicken Liberal Duranno Mayor who, instead by the way you this exact same tragedy to immediately pivot, took gun control.
For me, asked the question of why anybody would need to buy ten or twenty guns which they can lawfully do under the present laws, and that leads who had a question. We need to discuss Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all? I know you don't ask me: have you won't fully eliminate tragedies like this, but even if we can prevent one of these incidents, In my view, it is. It's got a discussion worth having that's first up its, I love now, if the number of guns, yeah yeah, I know you to be cut back. The amount of bullets. In the gone we might have wound in the magazine. A watch indulgently realise that didn't help the nazi laws. Why would anyone need for single shot shot guns, maybe just because you wouldn't,
You're? Doesn't shifting numbers around another had to walk around you're right? I mean the fact that there's a guy who may or may not be ISIS because we don't know right- you need for Guns- indicates the fourth remiss exactly to manage and one to two two pistol but am for good measure, as one while he's out there. This is the kind of Europe and I do mean duration. That leads to tweets like this from Toronto novelist. I think vice who wanted to put an end quote on white men. Just cause he's looking for a reason to be created indicated that this was before we finally with a muslim right Well, let's put a ban on white man. Do we figure this out because its Canada, so they assume it's a white male, but that data be fair at the role of the dice s? Ok, you're! So you're lucky you re lucky blow on that you're, probably rolling up snake eyes, but yeah, because historically that's what white meant to do. Tend to join ice, a single blow things up in the name of Allah rights that it makes perfect sense to me. Look I wanna go back to one thing he said he's like if we can even prevent one yeah exactly if we can prevent one of these two countries. No, it's not
now. That's a stupid of freedom in Israel, lazy married, you think freedom was going to, and you know you don't quite have the same kind of freedom, obviously not even close in Canada, but for here it's messy humbuggery. If we even to prevent my son death by banning every single private poor. Would you not do decidedly here about don't we can prevent one voice if we can prevent. Robber from dying in Europe, Kitty, Poland, that I made it if we could prevent one transgender suicide, not the forty one percent. Attempts are just the one percent by telling them that their actually like guy- I wouldn't you, do it for his cot burn. Anyway, they re a car,
Democratic accountability that that that that aid that they have, but my here is tied to the technique they use in an export using the mob mentality. We ve talked about this. A left use this quite a bit the power of the audience to try and intimidate you again into silence if they haven't just denied you're right to speak, you can't speak, you know what now we're gonna bring and other people We intimidate you and not speaking so right. Here it's ring and reinforce bands community. U S doesn't the thing about this community, so this this this is different This is our city, this, our city. We used to think what I mean: Not be here based on whose authority, based on the authorities I live here. Do you? Ok, it's like anyone thought about. My authority. What what can you get deputizing Duranno just by little there he asked I love this guy in the background like he's like this is my moment, and we walked up these bumbling through his words that it goes back to hurt me like that don't go back, he's grabbing the Macbeth
black, manufacture us black, getting added a doctor financial and let people talk about enlisting the White nine this black night. It's just create its coming right, evasive, listen, and this is so funny to me too. This is an all story, but this is not America or really so. There is nothing about Debbie, Lovato and canadian NEWS. All of your stories are met can story drama. Usually you do something so screwed up, you may get a national lose. It doesn't mean that we don't get to cover it. Tommy, that's like gets Captain Philip pirate didn't think it through our oh by the way here, just some crazy bonus footage again, because we think we are doing. Did you prefer a communist society? I prefer socialist society S. I do it in Venezuela problems now: north korea- oh my God, Huber how I'm in naming, although I maiming, although social, sending it to your own, how right now listen leaves our hell holes. I agree with you how laws now you're calling Trump lovely yet perfect,
different kind. A whole courting hoarding crime is the best thing you could ever done for yourself waited go now is priceless. Way to go. I'm done here if you say so, I have to be there. Aren't you quoted trot, therefore, your done here because I said kept a racist which brings us to their top number four technically, although this playing victim, so we say: ok, you're racist. You have no right to speak, let's bring in the mob to intimidate you and at this point, if you're, still speaking what all right to speak, let's bring in the mob to intimidate you and at this point, if you're still speaking what they do, even if they have the mob is they play the victim. The act as though you are attacking them, because if they are a victim, they therefore have the moral high ground you seared. This plays out They took the letter just asking questions, but your yelling at your question. Nor is it appropriate or you will be a school teacher. I guess I am: is this, how you teach our children muddling lonely? Remember not come on man seriously. Seriously. Sir, are you that dense dude nurse?
You teach me seriously: are you certainly that I mean usage or a teacher. I don't question my profession that it's just a scoreboard does not matter just wondering where you're going to find myself to you. I don't have to I just I ran to justify my yelling cussing racist accusations that use That's right! It's my first amendment right, which I dont believe even doesn't exist in our country's constitution. Georgi goes on Taiwan. Her right this is, as I know, my amendment rights It will have a very dramatic. Did you forget that what we call them here? I know a guy to ensure their think if using your right again right here, if you say I know my amendment rise to a police just on a routine stop, they say our right. Let's put you know
Eliza? You know my first amendment right. I know my second I'm right, she's got. I know my amendment right, you don't you dont have him, because if a grab a country which is in this respect a number there, their favorite tech, not their favorite, but one of them is the appeal to authority fallacy. This is what they do a lot the left. So to recap they go racism, deny your right to speak, mom and tallow than play the victim, and then, if that doesn't work that you just really want you to shut up, they either present. Someone else who knows more like settlers consensus from scientists who cannot be here right now or orange order here. Look at this degree, therefore, I'm a so what's the name of the socialists are different, something something quartet something something corner. I have the green economics, so I know economics, but won't you answer the question economic? I have a magic. Actually does it right here, not know anything about social form do not know anything. A rubber representative governments, I've two degrees in political science. Man
we could try to challenge me. Please educator, don't even truck! That's like a female gonna come at me brow. I can't let me go here's my question on this point. What happened or sun like that just a walking home either tattoo somewhere watchdog to get here is clearly and bear is like here I mean how do this again, what might have ice cream? I can just get TAT was hilarious to move the kids like mob. Can we leave it? Gordo we're staying here, we're supporting this and we're getting guys growing right, although they are not with a sight of pretend rights. Yes, I'd have side of amendment rights that are going on in my country. Here with all this is what you been more scary. This is kind of that. These are the limitations of the rageful insane, wouldn't be such a big deal. If we just this crazy, tiny minority of people relegated to insane us, I was being if an electrical shock water, like shudder island, if Thou, where you going ok, there are few people out there instead, and this is what we ve been talking. That's why I want to know what using the percentages of radical left wingers, what they make up of today's progressive wing versus the moderates, because this person is
You guessed it teaching your children. What do you do for a living right? Noma, I'm a high school teacher, yeah! Ok, we got a nice about people like you and about your agenda and about the racist crap you guys propagate in my city after a tragedy. Look about there. It is it's her face. Yeah yeah, I teach throughout the face of yeah. I get your kids for seven hours a day and I get a fourth feed. My ball crept saying that you're racists and that capitalism is wrong, that sole and guess what theirs can you can do about it? Yeah yeah, that's cockiness about her propaganda and indoctrination and really child abuse. At that point, and this is something that Americans really need to understand. Why is she so emboldened to say this? Why can t swear cosmic personal attacks and then threatened to call the cops? Call the cops on the report by the way was no fear of ramifications on her part. Here's why. You're going to call the police about stuff is completely inaccurate and irrelevant. This is illegal. Under canadian law, as you know what, unfortunately not- but if you starts feelings, racist crap, that is hate speech yesterday-
here it is there's the rub when people say why will hall when I did, I changed my we did achievement hate speech. Isn't real people, so you shouldn't say: in things, but that's right men wasn't saying mean thing he has questioning hey there. S happiness is reporting that ISIS speech. I want to call the cops there. It is that's what I in Jordan Petersen and my people like MIKE Ward, have been funny against for a long time. The people who write use, respect and manipulate hate speech laws are the person you see right there, Oh she's, just like this one, the radical left and ok she's, just Craig she's, just a radical left. She just this French, how far she off from militia click run of the college, professor, my needs, a muscle here she was so comfortable doing or or the entire human Jupiter tribunals with matters.
And you were right- I cannot remember, had only recourse the entire no one at the God is that I think that for second she's, a high school teacher, how far off do you think she is from most high school teachers from most college? Professor, let me ask you this: how far off do you think she is from Nancy Pelosi? How far off? Do you think Rodya ideologies from Hillary Clinton picture this woman and office? You know why? Because we already have of them, and they want to be in control. As you here of what you can say, the only reason the United States is what we are in and they are not is because of the first amendment, which is what they want to do away with in Canada. They don't have it at all and shaving vocalize is just listen. I'm all that. I'm a bold and say because I say it's hate speech and its illegal. She she does uses as card March, to accuse the man for saying what about this matter may that some involving ices she thinks that she can verbal Aber right, harassed. Somebody
and she'll get away with it. You know why, because she can call the cops and have this guy arrested of grasping the question, and you know what, in Canada and in the kind of United States it, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, the young Turks, every one would have given their choice that man could be arrested. It should send shivers down your spine call in Cockburn Cockburn fix us. We have domestic Sousa this break my dreams, Mr Wigand Feminism. So you know I was just talking to class. Now for harbour, proverbs sponsored exclusively by Magua
so a squirrel does not run because at how somewhere to be a squirrel, run dick closer fusion is the job of the Baltic. Doing ok start doing more proverbs spots by mug club, Tax purposes, but I realized what kind of thinking I've been watching river monsters and when he strapped in doing that fishing does he doesn't come like you, An angle I've never really very much, but I just use this thought. And your real it in apparently have to give it some line. It's it's a whole, What people are in the way it is prescribing a dish is before you put them in the dishwashers have Ado. The rat would make sense. That's what I'd like to know what else it also makes it really mendous fighter. You will
the valley. Karate, tournaments. Washing dishes are next gets here Hugh huge new magazine, the conservative and home societies heads and maybe some of the biggest documentaries of all time we ve had him on the show before you can follow him on the twitter. At the nationalist outta that kind of policy. His latest the death of a nation premiers August. Third, MR deserves our user. Greater beyond this hell. I'm gone I too have you on the show now you're, looking you're, looking ten, which I do not know the weird thing, because you're you're a minority but you're looking more time than last time. We saw him again some some. I think it's because I did trip to Hawaii and You know every now and then I have to reinforce the natural damn so plus this also preserves night. The credibility has sometimes preface my statement with as a person of color. Yes
I can only work if I'm not a force and no color, but what we really a person of a shade, more self. But it's funny because that's we were just talking about that. I think yesterday, the end of a lazy p, you couldn't say color people, it became racist, so long, but they do. They just never admitted at another kind of right back into a they dispersed to people of color, but that everyone yourself included, so it's not very accurate this is true. Well, you know, I think what it is that the Danube product party bees the Democratic Party used to be the party of the Working class and the Republican Party was a party of the business class, but now Democratic Party is reorganise when its essentially, I believe, it's the party of the ethnic plantation, none other forest, originally Stephen the Party of the slave libation, but today, that plantation, it's gone, multi racial young, so they got not just a black ghettos. They got latino barrios, they got the native american reservations, so they don't like the campaign,
a vote individually. They just want to collect each ethnic group deposit you wanna Plantation, create. Kind of intergenerational dependency in which you trade, your vote in exchange. For a kind of me, the provision and then your permanently in Thrall to the Democratic Party, now want rapid. If you gave you can make it work, it is a good record, especially via the this isn't a given free sandwiches and you take him to avoiding booth where the option is democratic or democratic heroin. You know you put just put that on the ticket making payments that C s genius of this migration system is that it gets people to vote democratic, regardless of who is on the ticket right, the sister. Let me ask you this: have you do have you the referred yourself, Has anyone ever authority was asian American being Indian, because I was wonder about that. Well course. All these categories are kind of bogus them and when you think, for example, I mean my wife's venezuelan right, so she falls into that latino camp, but that can
Louis Cubans that includes Mexicans Similarly, the asian category is very wide. I mean obviously Indians and chinese- don't have a whole lot in common ethnically or even historically right, but we got thrown into the same barrels. To me the puzzle. It isn't the ethnic label it's it's lie. Asian Americans aren't voting in ratios of eighty to ninety percent for the Republican Party as a grew Beijing. Europeans are their meritocratic their entrepreneurial. They are socially to the right of had Robertson acts were reasons unknown bay. I still in the democratic camp. I don't know how agents are thought to be smart, but Is one area that formats recover there still very smart they're, just misled on that? but I always wondered because people oriental we ve always so this is a much more accurate term, because
people, I would not say there s just as if I were describing you to somebody didn't know you raise, is he's skies written a letter box. It he's that Asian american Guy, anyway, feminist or even offended minded all the use at all times and in Chinatown Oriental on earlier on. Every building you said asian American ago behind the indian gentlemen, to the national, tell us about your latest film. Now you you ve done and quite a few that have been really big, and this one is death of a nation. We have some footage rolling here. What's it about working people expect well being The poster is a little bit provocative. We mourn the heads of live Trump and Lincoln and of course, the never trump you think I saw that tromp is, is a steep falling off. I'm Reagan, I think I'm going to constipation attack here, because we know How dare you compare? Tromp Lincoln, but interestingly, situations of the two guys are not that the similar I mean, I think, about all this political Raising ass, we ve been seeing since the election is about a major
political party, the Democrats, refusing to accept the result election and outside guy comes in challenges for the republic and take it knocks out the favorites. Beats another guy. Well that happened in eighteen, sixty and so in eighteen. Sixty the Democrats also went nuts. Then they broke up the country this time they merely trying to stage a kind of cool. So the movie it's a deep dive and two big issues. Fascism, and racism, all white supremacy and, as you know, these are the two incendiary tales that the left is trying to hang on the Republican. And so the movie awkward questions this challenges it takes. You to Europe takes you into Mussolini dived into not just the history of the Democratic Party, but where is the racism now, it's, it's tie opening and it's gonna blow people away, so I'm
I've seen it yet. I haven't seen as yet, but we ve talked up Mussolini and show quite a bit in your movie. It's here rather pathetic character, because here, whenever I think I'm Mussolini, you know Hitler terrible person, obviously stolen terrible person mutually also a terrible, sad, Hitler's yeah, but he spoke, but it also makes me very sad because he was kind of pathetic well. He was a very strange time and if you look at video misleading online, it almost seems cartoonist. She, you know about the arrogance programme. Your talents. Kind of the mafia movies. Well, must believe me is that in italics help who is your money of gold finger? Yes, goal of anger, As you know, he is exaggerated. Mannerisms inside now, interesting in his own time was Selena was seen as a serious guy. He was there, very well read any sort of marxist literature in history. He wrote extensive
I'm your scholarly early, sunny, scholarly articles. In that sense, he compares very favourably with Hitler and, of course he was a man of the left right, like wings of Lenin, running centre, telegram congratulating him when he started the though the fascist Party, then ITALY, and also the fact that Hitler was leaving came from the left, yeah well read, but what I mean is that you would seem collagen useful idiots to everyone else who was in real power and that's that mutual any wasn't very good at it. Incompatible good at being evil comparison. You know, I'm not saying it's all them are evil. Let's be really really clear! Everybody! Ok before hold your comments, but mutual, any kind of sucked it being evil. Well, that may be true, certainly have the kind of scary. You know you have the power that Hitler did and then that, but let's remember muscle came to power and nineteen twenty two and he wasn't ousted they'll. Nineteen, forty three, MR, so he had a much longer tenure Hitler
Hitler were basically lasted little over a decade with leniency. Kinda, almost a quarter century killer, that one hit wonder no one hit wonder that Walter P P put an end to it, otherwise he would have, unlike other just churning out here, it's no. That is true any good point. To contrast, that doesn't mean that popular is right. You know Winston Churchill was ousted immediately after wartime, because people wanted socialized healthcare. That was a big thing. The people do member about Winston Churchill, so that that it he was there a long time, but you can't you just makes me sad because he's such a winner, that's how I feel about Mussolini, sorry for the direction with this, no matter what kind of push back if we got from the left with this film, considering not only the cover, but the seem you know go in with with linking in President Trump and the Republican Party in a racist democrats well, we ve held back both on the film and on the book. The book comes out July. Thirty first, the film is out August. Third, no one scene, it answer it is Some people are attacking it without having seen it, but in the past, as we have done a lot of screen,
and things that people were able to see the movie before it came out, but we're opening in one big, bang and fast the internet is next week and I expect that things will will get kind of lively at that point. Now, of course, is a professional cadre of critics who tend to go, see the movie and then no matter what it says. They start bashing it here, and this is because the on the left in and around it led the better. The movie is, the more effectively makes the case the lower. These guys tend to rank it because they realise that this is going to cause them ideological pain. So we pay no attention to the critics. What we pay attention to the audience- and I predict the audience- is gonna love the film. I do think that it will become a good exam. That actually was? Did you requested the many serious the Kennedys with Gregson? Your mother was very, very very well, they put us. Why is undeniably, while there is a lot of conservative stuff, a lot of questions about the model that great? We all know that the the Kennedy
was really really and it was actually very accurate and that's why I don't like it Nick got pan by a lot of tricks. Final question: we, to get going. Mr De Sousa full pardon from the United States President here with the other day click on doing the misdeeds of this previous administration. What is that feel like, and can you by a gun. Yes, I can. I can also brought again I've got my right back in. I feel like I've got my american dream back and, of course the was just rejoicing in the fact that they could hang the felon label on me. So now not one of a very small population, Stephen of excellence, is ignored. Leave your phelan. You fell in polite products as a small bottle, nation of us pardon guys funny I animals on cnn- and they were like, you know no shop, you really are the beneficiary of preferential treatment. Very power People like Senator crews and the President got you often
Well. You know what the very powerful people Obama and holder and paper. I got me into this in the first place, so it took a few powerful people to get me out there. It was again Chelsea Manning a winner, the executive, sexually or removing, which already I don't know exactly something with demanding and involves a winter, but that is I am. I am glad to hear it now that you're, the count of Monte Cristo most people go in and they are imprisoned in the reputation is tarnished for life, but you potent lines in the walls graduate through. You made your way out. And as Edmund Don TEST, you put the other guy in the back of the caravan and sent him to present them just the leftist critics in the media. You know they're just gonna, see over this forever Dinesh enjoy that well is that the kind of Monte Cristo script is fully played out when o bomber Hilary occupy. My now bake, aided bunk in the confinement sent. This is waiting for. Yes, there, you go
only with a very angry inmate. I don't I shouldn't. We don't mean that little bit aren't the film is, of course, death of a nation. It premiers August. Third, there's a book to go along with it. You can follow him at the neck to Sousa the next D C d. Susie I just because I'm like, I can't find him into doing Diaz De Sousa, because Necked APOLLO confusedly measured, assumes a thank you so much. It was you best of luck with the Philip, always a pleasure. You enjoy rights go around there. It is again so strong hands. No, not not you up Y know, I'm talking about that. Snazzy t shirt looks like someone's, been dropping some goin louder with greater shop dot com.
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nl, as this gradual, never seen a gorilla. Do this I've been waves, ominous emulated all the wrong I've seen one ich and I've seen one head, but I've never seen this premium package, which is odd because the bear full of money. All of the monkeys are doing. This is predicated on The idea that all monkeys do that's, why? I don't think Atlantis our next guest she's returning gets the first entry when it was kind of awoke, we're no idea. I think she would say most the feedback, very positive. We really like having on you can follow the twitter at Nicole Arbour course. You can also check out her Youtube Channel where she receives hate regularly, as well as praise community External Nicole over. How are you How are you and fantastic good ones? glad to have you on the show
you're really nice- and I am so glad that you haven't been fire bombed. I've been so worried about. You can take you very much, for that was what inspired me to bring about. You sent an email after we did the phone call with the reporter at Austin Chronicle. It seemed like that was impact full for you for some reason. Oh, my gosh war. Just I've has so much fake news written about me and I'm just unlike the fake news warp. Right now, I've been watching you in on her made me so happy, because I've also done something similar with a reporter. Last year after I did, I hosted dislike lingerie fashion shove and a man probably has never had sex with his life decided that that was very offensive called the girl strippers, all sort of and I called him on it lived on my facebook, you again like there's a litany of things, just just kind of thrown herself voluntary, lingerie fashion, show offensive, and so his insult was stripper. So
till it was raising funds for like a children's charity kind of things like this guy's night out classy girls are in luxury, but whatever they did their best. So was small town in Canada, but as reporter anyone wanting to make himself these women have hooves like that. They don't have hooves, but it wasn't the victorious. Her show production, your the girl Roy gorgeous everybody did their best. Yes, it was offering any ok, but this gentleman, I believe from CBC, comes in and rights this whole like Expos day about the girls being escorts and strippers, unlike the Strip show and his leg, That didn't happen in these poor girls were being like fired from their jobs for being escort, so I jumped in went on a phone call. Dude but live stream dinner. My facebook and I M very demeanor. I review issues you. His google search. You hide out. Those guys are acting illegally. He asked their number. So he could validated sources and when they turned him down, he wrote an article I can buy it. I can faggot showed only seventy zero, but I
It sounds like it's probably about right, someone to trust trust you to totally factual, get it right. Funding of ending the link to my lads dream is twenty five, where I can appreciate that, because it when I had a lot of even some black, they could talk about this with the young Turks. They actually is to go after. Me and addressed me when I like forty thousand, you too and now they will roast every time they can hear every conservative not named Stephen crowded, because once once you crash Shank Wiggers panel as chink weaker, it cannot like you aim is the one I shall not be spoken in their halls, but that's something to back. Then there used to be fatal is written and I have deliberately really combat you know if the data these wrote something or of Washington, Post roads on the contrary to taken on the chin and tell your followers, but they weren't numerous back then, and in that We thought with the US and Chronicle, even though I know that I have a huge readership, it was just Selwyn, accurate and so emblematic of all the big newspapers. That's why we did and she came. The sound of the same thing happened to you. It was so also my love
so much for you. I think you really that more of the river located just take, I think, having led door, and he was one of the early- you tuba political channels, how the world works and dumb really kind of nerdy super smart type, and he has like a hundred fact checks from wash input from washing posts. That checks the label, things accurate and he has all the links and why they are completely wrong and will do a full our show on fat checking wash in post backtrack. So what? If? I'm glad that you are now. I understand why resonated with you and we will do more, that ok, so you were of this happened this week Trevor no on the apology to efforts aboriginal joke. Have you read about this heard about this? I had no tell me the sorry. Ok well be. You know it's Trevor, no as Trevor Noah and it doesn't really at appeasing crocodiles, is futile and and and and now apparently made a joke on average when I'm stupid per se he's still further really fun now, and he s a jump in that. Knowing I apologize, I think it's fan
you refuse to apologize initial, I dont know the exact up to date right now at the second, this interview, but it was a joke way said you know, for some of you say you ve never seen an attractive, it was actually a free funny. Joke said I you know, I think the joke was this. Ok and you can tell me if you find this offensive or not, and often used to apologise as a woman as a woman as with brass domain. Have rewrite it. We should read only six men you get pregnant too. I read it see his job something along the lines of you say that you ve never met an attractive aboriginal woman and to you I say yet thing like that. Like you, any of you haven't met all them, and may I don't. I wasn't gonna sex joke and apparently is deeply wounded. People now I dont like Trevor Noah, but I think it's a pretty benign Joe. I also think that most aboriginal women are unattractive. In my experience, your thoughts I have met a tonne a really hot aboriginal women, their native Canadian and Miss Canada.
Last year, the friggin babe actually issue one Miss Universe. What I'm going out about south african? Doesn't you have to say first nation, so I could I would never. I would never further them as ever, regional, so you're, racist and most have described this time. I've been told Emma raises many times: it's fine, I'm not even that fast, but yeah I think that in the twenty razor imposed, the Associated Progressive ends up where they got gosh. I really appreciate it guys. Thank you for having made the I think it's funny whatever I like that he has to apologize out or the new offended people, because he's doesn't the thai months time bringing the engines will, because you also tell me just off that you were made with the french soccer team at the World CUP and you had a Yoda discussion about Trevor Noah. So I met the okay. This is a fun fun thing. So tribunal was talking about the french soccer team, saying that if the wind for Africa not for France, and then saying upper all actually from Africa and the team was-
like no two of us were for born in Africa, but were mostly from here and France got really pissed off their ambassadors. Fingers on from the consulate wrote a letter to his show. They were pissed off about it members, like no one redoubled doubt I wrote it. Being like charges, magazines, the widest black I ever, and he just whatever he's projections and responding? Don't I get Instagram message from the french soccer team laughing at my post. Unlike win for Nicole Arbour, then the last one hundred party like a couple the girl and some little man in a suit comes up to mean. He looks magical and, unlike I should follow him because he said follow me. When I was always a little man or little, like actual, like little, not noticed that I can tell you not talking not a married man, damn you fired from love. How has it without continue? I love. I just wanted to clarify what the dryness Matthew, but we do have an animal
turning this man he's just a tiny gentlemen. You ve got a little person per SE, Letty the tiny man in this like really like soup, and he is like follow me wants to meet you, I'm like, oh, my god, does the owner Chocolate factory distills magical though I follow in that seems reasonable, and it was the French the team, and I have a video of them. Handing me the World CUP and, unlike the milk, we think it was funny like you, the World CUP for traffic Trevor, Noah, exactly I one MRS Read: this is my wife, the ordinary and I hate to correct Dubell unbelievers. Don't own jocker factories earned during their indentured servitude, indentured servants to like what man who does on the chocolate factory was very nice suits and he can pretend that he walks weird and the does a front rollin, it's fantastic hazard shock, but actually, nor is it what we actually had little person Jesus little person, Santa Wrestler, our Christmas list for the Spirit of Christmas
promoting and they were very spirited, but I will take it as someone who use. I that's a good example. If they want, if they say it hurts my thunder, say midget or whatever it is. I understand, but words, and of matter, and it's not really descriptive when you say a little person, because you said that for a long time, not meaning people who are now called little people at one point, it was dwarves, it can be a gymnast exactly a gymnast or David Dal being escorted from a united flight rightfully. So it's really hard to tell their just little. So that's the problem that that's why this this legal, Lenny, Britain, crazy you ve seen document- are properly read about them as a comedian, but they don't take my way away. I'm amazed at the left is coming for words and dictating this, and do you think that this is at last? We spoke Do you were kind of middle of the road? It seems like you're. Think, you're leaning, more more and more right. Now, as you ve been embraced here is I am being embracing, it feels nice, thank you to the people with brain I appreciate you, even if you D, like
this measure does look. I don't take it on going the boy good, I know I am here slavish, so basically I really love what I'm here in on your side, but I that I am the most useful staying a little bit more purple right now because when you're yelling at people from either side the Edison doesn't listen dear, that's probably true, but the kind of my point is that the yellow you, no matter what from the left, whether it's the fat, shaming issue, which we talked about this. What nice it with Trevor Noah, I'm actually surprise at the french soccer team, went out and grew grew, grew spying aid because the french and be because our ass our team and were willing to step in with you and making fun of travel. Nor the point, I think everyone is so you know I gotta- take Funny awoke, as I had to ask some questions so mean. Asking these very ripped black men. So are you from? forgot their sleek, Knower friendships.
Stupid blind area. It was wonderful the conversation, the exchange, everything it was a lot of bodily say about lax in Canada. Now, because I remember I had a friend who was from Jamaica, they stay it. No, I had a friend from joy. I would get really offended at African American. Her name was wording was Liane and she'd say I have Yes, he is like I have not african my grandmother's at my grandfather. Grandfather delegation went back many generations too I got circumambulating tat this this roused today with people on the entire webs, because where? Where does it stop? It's like. I had a conversely and with someone like, I'm African American, unlike also from Africa, do like no, I'm from America like, but you ve been to Africa. Like no, unlike so your american there, like your racist loops, gets the Monti bite.
This isn't realise. Well, no, it is really could not without looking at you and in their bringing up a page from Hitler Use in Aragon, sought thought so nailed it. So that no matter what you say at that point survive everything, we're ok, as an example to we talk earlier this week and that we have to do to get going this. This lady saw who walks obviously has a fat. Pride thing is no new thing to you. The lady who walked the streets of New York was a size like there six, and then she got nothin. People are good for walking exactly is creating willow left by stronger, more that benchmark, creating union jobs to fix the potholes she's GINO she's boosting the economies are shovel ready. Yes, there wheelbarrow rent jobs, one see this that where she got mad, but the fact that people are kept calling a. I didn't see that she should be so happy what you got mad about it and it can't yes exactly
kind of my point. I think this is something that nation a lot of men right now and obviously essence, because the fashion was kind of you, your rights, notorieties, most women are attractive to men. Like you talk about those people in Canada, lingerie random noticed the axe and partly with measures enlarge. It seemed that there's a lot of lingerie going on. That's ok, but the points these women are perfect, like you said, but men find them attract, all the women that I know who are generally within it Andrews of health. Most men would find attractive. We don't expect. I think we're men get will upset about this, and I wonder whether you feel as a woman who's been lambaste braked over the calls for talking on the same issue. Men Michael unless women to look one way windows, but you would be one way we just don't want to be demanded are compelled to say that have to love women every single way. We like women most ways, just not every single way. It's the compel. It's the compulsion of finding something attractive is. Is there
category I totally get it you make sense. I dont like really skinny guys cause. I feel like I'm going to break them. There's nothing against really thin man. I just I feel like I will break you, so I don't want to play with you. I don't find you sexually attractive that I want to pick up my teeth with it but they can only mean so I get it get it in the reverse and they can't force you to want to bang them. But here's a fun thing is guys, will pretty much bang anything and always hotter than somebody that's kind of the fine. I made a posted about that period like let's go you're hot in somebody but dont for somebody to think you're. Hot guys aren't like large black women are not going to like me and I'm ok with that right. Exactly that's is that is exactly correct and actually it's a little bit harder for men. Lively little is I've seen a lot of these articles. We were talking about this in the pitch meeting where they say men if their fat they're just funny. It's more acceptable, like Corsican, but women aren't sexually attracted the fat guy. That's not a regular thing like we're the cook,
poor jester it's not yet, but it's the same problem right, unlike that women women who want to have sex with most that guy's where's. My has lacks back. I one time I did I did Erika was almost like my parents and it makes you feel really attractive. Honestly like he wasn't like biggest, but he wasn't bigger than I would usually go for it and it made me feel really hot. So girls do a fact. I at least one I don't know if I'm comfortable is directly the cut offers for skinny for you. What's the weight limit. I don't have a weight limit is just like a look. If it looks like you care about yourself and you don't smell weirdo, I'm, ok, ok, that's fine, Blueskin, a guy to care about themselves. I'm sorry I took a shows us actual. I didn't mean sites work, it's ok, I'm I'm quite sure My final question: you said you you mentioned and about the Maxim Party with a gold figures they, I would imagine, is very uncomfortable There were a lot of gold diggers there, and so many girls were so upset by them, but I'm
offended by gold diggers, because they're gonna have ugly kids like it's not hot guys. After by women, so karma bear bitches Joe worrying right, ok, they're, feeble, Follow you to traditional. It follow your tour. Where do they go to go? It's too gram Instagram to leave some I be letter. I let her be Nicole Arbour on Youtube or Facebook, Nicole, the cool arbour fans, I'm pretty easy to fall. And while I know it's not for Americans, because you spell with a u just like eighty spell color, so Nicole Arbour, you we're very inclusive. Even without me, let us can complex is true, little, they put little skinny guy line to the seven, our technical arbour. Thank you so much. We have to go wrapped the shop at a nice boy proceed taking the time, hey kids, I see that social MR and become a cool hip thing, because it s
crazy, I'd, Lady Alexandria, Cortez and, of course, Bernie Sanders in his veins pens so I thought I'd failure in real quick about the realities of socialism, socialism is like studying, really really hard on it. S then another kid. It's in the teacher
a gun to your head. Now, both that's not bury their new ass. So when dad raised were crazy talks about socialism for just imagine that it always starvation and genocide, Cuba and Venezuela genocide. Bernie Sanders has three houses. They want so hill and take your boy, it's a terrible, terrible terrible.
I am now time for your dating advice, minute with pill, cause now wait. Violeta cubs suitably from Brussels. Phil Q, New York, arrive before she wants to be girl. Wild rose above the wearer worldwide love of broadband, but one or London Shop, Job Jos, reviewed
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Replied with a reptile awesome show that, but that was not Judah Nicolai backward cut back where'd, you get rid of writing and before the lesser he could not make it there are. Today I mean if you are bringing in a depute, I don't
we're center. We note that really mean that it knows how to pronounced over the apparently when we looked it up. I've never even heard of this term before. Wouldn't you for pr purposes just now just find anyone named not of its is also Kirsten Cockburn. So they double cases like a really cheap Well now that gets out of that. We avoid it's interesting, because all the Cotonou is involved, men, willing and satisfying military woman. It almost seems Ngos, sexual or almost ings bill rightly ask. If we talk about there's a woman, I feel that we do have an incredible show with honourable shows on. If we actually know who we have. I believe next week, Lee Doorn of how the world works. Haven't been around in a long time. He just sent us this article article sent us a sheet with eighty fact checks. I think we'd just talk about this with the coal and I we is confirmed, I believe, for next week on Washington Post their fact checking sores gonna do an entire episode on that. Just to show you how far just to show you how deep the routes are of dishonesty enemy enough, not to absolve anyone on the right when they are dishonest to the figures that we talked about on Facebook. Of course, that happens of aid. One right does it, but it has been
it's been a long standing history of the left going completely there at all. Job, the big city that is the privilege in life, can you name it pretty whatcha with their own facts? And you may me any liberal journalist who were mate, who was unbiased, who just delivered a news? Brian Williams, now Dan rather know Don Lemon, now Anderson Cooper. Now, because, at one point Walter Cronkite Course not at one point. They were all consider journalists. You expect to learn how Donald Veterinary matters, none of them, I can say, probably close. It will be ships, myth and he's a moderate Democrat as far as I understand it, but none of them not one think about that. For a second, maybe one are you ok, Jake Tapir? I remember one when I, when I start two thousand, I was at a PDA tv and hot air and add more see, there's no one, but you know it. Jake tapir tends to be pretty good about now it just just, that's right. I don't even like an AIDS two years ago, I should think Jake Tapir was much we're down the middle honest. I thought that two evenings
and then when they always veer, it's a curve Bobby and starts, haven't a couple of branches with Chris Cuomo and I end up now far right. So I'm gonna tell you when you're, I will use again this last second guessing package. It was when he said that we should name this segment, something because sometimes you like. I wish you'd upload this wishes. They have a name for like we'll go out or something with Courtney may be running, cuz we're going to change my mind book and we're trying to make it very economical, maybe doing a pamphlet version of people who are in college at the really basic arguments, then maybe doing a longer hardcover for people who want to buy the gift, but there's no book everything about for all the self help book. Hate and a couple things. I've talked about really very can. Certainly there are a lot of key details. You need it. In life to avoid the major pitfalls as far as being successful in having interview the most successful people? in any of their millions with a stand. Daniel call me whether sprang show with its people like Thomas or some inconsistent, yet to believe in yourself, realistic belief and yourself and consistency in discipline. That's a good stuff, but
Lemme get too to really really bad things, the worst things for the human soul. Astronomers. Have I lied to my mom recently? Really bad bold face like you know it, it was sorry, mom turns out. She needs Bunyan surgery. You know this and I actually I did the same when my dad had melanoma I am just said, like our skin cancer. That's the easiest thing to remove now, that's true, but not melanoma. My mom, I don't know a whole lot about Bunyan surgery. Ok, all I know is that I've heard it's terrible and my dad reiterated that saying. If you have to do to Bunyan surgery, They say do at all, because you'll never go back to my mom said, have to get bunny, you're doing without even thinking. I said it's an easy one. Around and it's it's it's wrong. Ok, what I did was wrong. It was a cowardly act. It was a is a cowardly way of dealing with the pain of the issue and trying to mitigate
does the reality of it. I know people think white lies, and yet there is a difference in severity of lies and we'll get into that, but it still is cowardly because I was sitting there go on I dont want to deal with this right now. You'll be fine, melanoma, no big thing tradition of doubling. Been honest about it. Now, some of you out there before I get some this advice, some of your beyond help, explain what I mean by this feeling. They golly vice in the world can apply it and you're still be miserable. We see it, how you will do you know who read the books they put up the effort, since they have their prey groups into all things that are supposed to do now than me, but they just never ever get their act together and in there on helping, and by that I mean you helping someone or me helping, but these people are not beyond hope there beyond physical help from people like you were I not help. Let me explain what I mean by that. I had an idea Nicole. She just passed away recently lung cancer.
Socialize healthcare again, then the whole other time, but she was, I always always always afraid of her. She was kind of me. She was very me actually thicket. I just had the last person wanted ass. It was with my aunt, Nicole. I didn't know this going up. She had a very abusive childhood, not from my grandparents, but they couldn't afford to raise in the great depression. Societe belittle another family for a period of time gout in your feet and they were horrible to her. So it makes sense now. But when I was growing up my aunt Nicole scared me, I thought you was very very mean spirited and I didn't like writing like being around her. I was scared of her. She never forgave my grandmother, when my grandmother was dying from lung cancer and they pride together and my grandmother apologize and she forgave her. I know the bills say people never change there. Some. I sought This person would be beyond help because my entire life that I knew where she was never a nice person and then after this death after this forgiveness, she was the nice and she was the person whose, apart
I wanted it was an entire I've, never seen anything like it. It was like Ebenezer Scrooge. Only it would have been considered. Lazy writing. So I've seen it became so some people, beyond help, but they're, not beyond hope. It just means that lesson is that, as a christian I can. I can call it spirit, Will you call it whatever you want? Maybe someone apple with our new transmission. I have no idea was a whole different ethnical go back to my why it's wrong an altruistic, almost all eyes, pretty much all them span from cowardice and the two things most corrosive to the human soul. We talk about the things that lend themselves to success are ironically success. Also that can really destroy people, an aspect of life with external factors, an entirely new control have talked about this other factors at play and cowardice of talk about this.
In terms of which you have complete control and the worst sin that you can commit against. Anyone. More importantly, yourself is lies of cowardice and yet live toward hurting someone's feelings like I did those ultimately spawned from cowardice. I was afraid to deal with her feelings, and so I sidestep but alive and sent them to justify. There wasn't right, but as far as the lies that that really mould your soul, it's the cowardly lies at you tell to save yourself and I've done that all eyes are told to avoid discomfort. That's the reality right. The different really clocks in between telling a lie to avoid someone else's discomfort like what someone ass if they look that verses tongue lie to avoid discomfort yourself, often knowing that that burden that hurt gets asked on to someone else, and I've done that too. There is a part of my life when I was in junior high, rub done that too early
and finally need to pick him up to the airport. You say: you're unavailable, really you're doing nothing, you're playing video games. All of us have done that's a less severe version but you're not line that not hurt his feelings. You're, not because you one thing at the airport lying about the broken base. It remain merely like. I did that saying it wasn't. You wasn't lying to save my mom longest. It myself, but they gonna work, some examples: Jesus thirty pieces of silver silver. What a line to someone? What about telling someone you love them! You ve done that we tell when you love than when you don't want that return, someone to trust you that's when we say a lot right all the time. How would we really know what trust means? This advice it because you to be able to trust yourself. This is the actual definition of trust. It's the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something I've really try to curb using that word because he sent out and trust me trust trust me as a promise. Trust me to have the Canadians are going to go all the way this year. One second, that's a lie, there's no way
We ensure that trust. There's no way you could ensure that the Montreal Canadians are going to win the Stanley CUP this year. Why should I trust you? Why just just hope they do trust me. I'm not a fix a car one. You ve never worked out a car. I did that once when someone said do not affect us daughter. I said yes, no cool. It was my own car to be it was my own daughter and I ruined it- turns out. It was a tray. Was a transistor alternator, something anyway, but try our trot trust me. You're back. We know as well as a colloquialisms, but we usually don't mean it right. Just like our trust me man, I gotta, have to be real. I got you trust me lies of cowardice. Breed betrayal, in of those who trust us most,
Those who love us most of ourselves. We betray our self, and we all want. Hurley know this to be true. Isn't one thing: it's really comfort for people to talk about because incomparable to admit it yourself, like I've had to do but human beings. We do have a lot of respect for this kind of stuff. Like long shanks is gonna long shanks. No one really thinks a brave heart and false long shanks tomato betrays brave heart out of cowardice. For you can't stand being memorable, you can counter stand at you. Don't blame him for being arrival, he's ten nor speck for Catwoman for locking a man the little guys next steps at that that Australia actor. I wish for get his name, but I like him he was an bloodline. He thought the money would save him from his own cowardice. How often do people insult cowards, for example, by calling them Pontius Pilate
Never Judas and that's we use when we often call people out in that sense from lies with car, is never a real practical reason why decent people revolted by a kind of cowardice, and this is the summit. This is the one thing again with success- handling success at the whole other dear. We watched people deal with success, both really well and really poorly people who ve been on this shop. Some of them. I can hurt everyone around you, but giving priority to combat sports came the first thing. They teach you when the first thing they train is how to channel the flinch reflex right. They teach you unboxing, for example, not to look away so sure you'll footwork, you learn had movement. We had a vote taken on the button, but you also learn that this is a fight and every now and then one shot is going to slip through, but those are getting out of this life alive and no
he's getting out unscathed. At least a few shots are coming through and when they do, you cannot look away and turtle. That's the first thing I thought, because you're just dead at that point, you have hit the ground because the coward, the personalized themselves, to personalize to others out of cowardice, thinks there avoiding the discomfort but you're just setting yourself open and shut, and that's what happens to people who live their entire life. That way, when truth is coming down, the Pike eternal up to others, comfort and then guess what there's more truth, come already into it, and I've done it. I've had terms our life ribbon, they're, trying to avoid the discomfort with lies of cowardice, what happens when you turtle up and you look away- you don't see the next shot coming. You never see. What's coming down the pipe you're afraid to deal with the discomfort, and you set yourself up for a world of hurt and it sucks your soul out of your body and I've seen. People who run the twilight years of their life could live their entire life that way, and you just get March, stepped into the corner and taken it.
Some of you are beyond help, but not beyond hope. Some of the open telling these lies of cowardice for so long that they become second nature. There's nothing. I can say or anyone any you think you could say for thinking to someone like that would be able late even be able to acknowledge it. But most of the vast majority of you watch this. You can catch the very next time you in the hot seat You have a chance to tell a lie that even you know, people globally and get you out of it. That's the test, de you. When did you stop lying, we know get caught. Do you decide not to lie. When you know you can get away with it, tell the truth: instep, that's bravery. It's not only doing the right thing in the face of fear, but doing the right thing. One present that's the thing with bravely often set her heard fearless. You heard me say this before their fearless brave people aren't fearless dirt. Fearless people are psychopaths people or for their psychopath brave people do what's right in the face.
Fear. More importantly, bravery is doing the right thing, not only in the face of fear, but when presented with the equally available option of comfort, there were light weapons that are there. There's the brave and there's a feel for now. There's not the brave and fearful the brave our fearful, the world is filled with the brave the cowards. It is fill with. The leaders, the strong men, women heroes, the people we admire and comfortable and it's a lot easier to stop those lies of cowardice now tomorrow. So here's what you do people say all right: what's here's a life tat, some of your beyond help, but wake up tomorrow, it's ok, I will make it a point. Jordan Peterson talked about this to never tell a lie to just just to get myself out of them. I'm not going to do it not going allow myself you, I'm not gonna live here. Just tell the truth. You're gonna have to always tell the truth. I just don't tell them I go after the Bunyan thing. I spoke with my mama, I'm sorry, mom.
This is really gonna hurt and it was very, very uncomfortable. You know what it was the right. Have you and then because of being honest, I can do therefore actually need community itself. That's at the two things that we talk about with interviewing the best people in the world, believing in your self discipline, consistency to things that destroy success and cowardice and what an encounter always breeds lying to avoid discomfort. That's what most of us ass human beings. We avoid discomfort, leave the harder open, as I always do tomorrow, you can do it too easy step to self help. What you're gonna hate you won't like see you next week,
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