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2018-08-03 | 🔗
Talking Trump vs the media, Facebook singing competition and the new female terminator! HodgeTwins join us live in studio to face their fear of dogs, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer stop by to talk Gosnell Movie release and comedian Nick DiPaolo updates on his post show assault.

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Hey there audio listener. You are a marvel because most people watch this on Youtube or, of course, of their muslim members. It's your tv lotta with credit accomplishment Levis. Ninety nine doubt year, sixty nine annually for students veterans racked of military. That way, you can download the show take it with you wherever you go and our show every single day. This week's episode of very special have a harsh twins in for the full show. If you miss at your hearing and one in which monotonous westward parity, you might want to watch and for those who do this
and on Adriano have little truck drivers out there and people who can't make the aversion please do rate the Pakistan. Itunes helps us out a lot and we appreciate enjoy the show louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper, previously on louder with crowd or world. That is it out. There were not Hutch saying if you to love revenues, events beyond our comprehension, their evolve in at a rate beyond their programming stage, will be on a train and modernization, but now suggested fees and seems even be talking subscribers and sales Democrat. I what do you want?
show me saying that people need to hit the notification Bell now. If you want to see your content at all, and most of them might be more nicer than ever cause you to become a liberal hold. You said this like it's a bad thing: what Youtube's algorithm that perfect progression? If you will
de I get very comfortable when our third shares men are in the figures that we have a hog twins with us he's been here all week. How are you hence our door. Great argument, greatly wound, do and really well, which want to use cavern and Keith I'm teeth and ask derive out of prison. With me and video Rio is nine large area does climbed a final. I knock it showed me. I've got to come to such a Photoshop. Familiar delegations are inclusions. Are we regret that G Morgan Junior also one of the day, the machete ticket, this label seat machine
recently there was Danny Tray home is crushing majority. Now look there. Bad. If I were to see that on the label on the aisle, I built a lot cheap wine designed to appeal to fans of violence and anime, nor do with some spaghetti, couple delarue spaghetti! Do you know where all those whom it well level level three Somalia and goes on spaghetti man we have. I don't know why my privacy was like a cross between a black eye and the the silence of the Lambs Buffalo Bill with do not drink bring We have a medical any fully Macular Nicht APOLLO on the show. How can be a slap bang show and we were going to be taught me down trumps war against the media because of course, a cost us so cute he's been so mad. So question the day before we move on down from his Augustine hot water,
genuine? Referring to me as the enemy, where it, where do you live up on that, let me know, and if they, if they aren't the enemy or if they are the enemy who side you think there are there on your side down the presidency, that's obviously like that's rhetorical question or that their own, let's define our terms, What are you? What do you think? I'm not in the media will get into an a bit but initial thoughts. I think it is some figures because you, like a fox, do you talk about some totally different and they might be talking about the same thing, but is a totally different Spain? When you look at it, I see an animal meal, they are really. If you look at it unfair, are, they show and then any other shall so said. One of them decided a separate from the pack. So we are going to talk about that. Have some clips have some resources for that? Maybe you didn't necessarily nobody can turn what citizens United, but first leading things often The day. Donkeys in Santa Rainy are becoming crippled because the tourists are too fat. Ass tat is actually comes to us from entertaining, let me make sure, get the apparently. These donkeys are being badly injured by being forced to carry overweight tourists. So every
the next time you angry fat, feminist, scream that fat pride is beautiful. Remember this Why would you want to do that? Employees, crime that deviate fair in their defence, that their own donkey was a big fan was really happy Jesus right away. Where sensor button charged with different data easily four hundred pounds. My. What do you do as a fat pride thing? Is fitness guys you get their starting fitness channel deal will you make? What do you do when someone comes in and giving it people shaming you because for fat pride, just black people like because I'm Republicans Tom I now he's still sounds. It gets things when you say it that way. It hurts my sound like most people love american outcast like in was lying Kane.
These centres outside the prior learns Gaza we're like scar, yeah but scars the bad guy. You yeah we'll get you right here. Very well, but the first person who makes the refugee comparison is fired. Stop it that's a good thing. I ve been talking about characters and sounds like guys in the refugee and like TAT, is racists and that person loses their job like that, like for Papa John, he did extremely and what are the top of his lungs and a phone call, and it was a voting someone apparently by like I know, but the top jobs our guitar facebook have you might they might start holding singing competition of rain comes from the verge. Really is the future? Might let users compete against each other in a talent show of sorts and the future looks to be locked to Facebook pages, so it might only be summoned page administrators can initiate, but it's going to be an international talent
effectively and heavily favoured to win in the front running Renault, South Korea. Under an erection from earth I think that I don't think that's unnatural and twenty eight you never really. These are what are you a liberal just what just what facebook needs more yet right, I'm telling you how much which, by without your realistic, has been launched but you didn't know she's one of the early you to meet. You like you would like. He has all I want for Christmas only with a serious. Take the wheel is really really funny he's rendition go. Where have you been
What are you doing? Productive things? Even even Korean John Use, licence them really. Never does my router, that's how you no thoughts of recipients, The thing is that it, like the guy, see those movies Jessica Have we seen ages, many forgotten needed forgotten in other words, I guess I guess science news women now there, the rubbing, toothpaste on their breasts as part of a bizarre new beauty trend. So I, finally, I think we have a video of this right.
Ok come on Now- has to ensure that we stop it. Stop it. I'm level so apparently containing toothpaste, cucumber yogurt flower, egg whites. They talk about how it helps to grow their cups, This is something going around right. Now you and you have these. Will you know you have these Youtube experts but actually comes to call gate on your breast forty five dentists agree. You're doing it. On one out of the five. Is this guy, so yeah yeah? It's a doctor. He also doesn't complain about the coffee stains when you go in I don't drink coffee. We need more. Born. Where do you live? How does it work? the lip of cigarettes action machine. I put you back, always wouldn't reverse our brain
go pickled unshod he's one of your communities represent. Some are saying it's a miracle solution or others are claiming it's a fat or fraud. Jesse Ventura saying that is actually government conspiracy. Fluoride on your breast felt he's not happy speaking of breasts because we all were. Those who lack cheek. They need a minute. Don't worry Paramount, released a first look at their female completely fronted. Terminator. This comes maybe you'll need really just the militant have a title yet, but the students are building what they call the jury that they have breathtaking their breathtaking of thick new shot of the King
Women have the new terminator movie with that do every year, so they're gonna, that's that's! That's a breathtaking picture to heal happened just and be transition in may give the man some space and look I get so they or their destinies from Toronto, but little linkage always transitioning has always been a look of university. I love my favorite. It would just be rigorously video Rees acting all hard and his own body are just picked him up and. They argue that limit Hamilton back up Linda Hamilton, she she looks good for sixty two year old here. When I click goes veins or just screaming for opiates, you got some Hillary Clinton acting own, yes, rumor TAT always terminator. Does this made me look? so don't go shying away from it. Make the right and donkeys into the horizon brightened donkeys it no Skynet. I saw a bunch. A bunch of tweets like wild into Hamilton, looks like she can kick. Somebody like. No other frail, take the gun out of our hands
what type of producing look I've been highways loathsome, tough formula that that brought a bit of which people went down to the actual? It's our only life, or maybe roundabout, seduced Lydia Hamilton T two days like maybe a little downloading Hamilton, two cheers Jack take off the sunglasses. Italy. Also, though, in the name of in an aim of tolerance, are enforced, megawatts ghetto them, cameo lovely works. There was ex more excited about, but or cool to be all inclusive he's really cast as a transgender pants actual with three people. My cpu, the gender neutral processor, a tolerant computer, and I won't let you really Stop me please stop tail, which leaves having trouble aiming to ridicule.
Well that together, so that's, it looks so uncomfortable. Finally, before we get the trouble getting a bit a bad foot odors of paternal, why this is trending led to an emergency landing on a Spirit Airlines Conspirators airlines has no about that hate that spirit, airlines, of light from the charge Florida pollutants rich and the poor creature in the last two thousand spirit was nothing but a black people, unlike weaves through the island, W Nba fight. That's that on the wings. It's not inspected landing due to a mysterious smell began, turned out to be someone actually had just taken off there. She was foot odor, stop they. It was an emergency, let it we actually luckily have exclusive black box. Audio of the incident shows good giant
Dodge it's almost like it. So they go along a flight. David now has to be that those that uses these everywhere actively on board, like he's selling Perker set to gay patients of his on the flight, laboratories are not large. These days, special spear, no Evelyn mandate and its also created, because you you do as a gay man, you shouldn't have to sell perker set for sexual favorite. Really do my pretty plenty, a willing participants. That's the river David people like this. He was a doktor David, People get all man. What we're laughing at the initial story then turned out. He was trading. Painkillers for sexual favours patients and it was only allowed to practice medicine in an outpatient facility like one Thursday a month and what what does it take to get it fully revoked?
he's on like this is the last year all added a pearl caused me exactly says: there's a directive, you after in the coffee. Can I think I've put something in the coffee or something The notification Bell out there for subscribed, because subscriptions apparently don't mean anything and, of course, to my club. Ninety nine dollars, you're sixty nine, if you're student, better to military, watches, everyday life stream, Thursdays every eight p m Eastern. Let's talk about this main story was trending everywhere. Donald Trump is making the press very angry before I wouldn't. Let us let scene and finest Jim Acosta at a Trump rally, tell you Jim. We ve signor your videos and I've. I've been to these events to I've met with countless from supporters. Even I was shocked at the level of vitriol. That was aimed your way last night. Give us an idea of what it felt like to be in the middle of it will show you honestly. It felt like we,
weren't in America anymore, output, ports, no Langley than that American should not be treating their fellow american in this way we weren't in America anymore. Now, let's cut the scene and sending us at a fifteen year old bedroom because he tweeted trumps, Giff yeah, that's faster. I just feel they are using a lot if they ve blamed trumps, repeated tweeting, the fake he's, a fake news media is the enemy. And I think that's that's a discussion that we can have. I certainly I dont support him in the idea of libel laws. A guy. I absolutely even a free press and honest people want to write up ads that say Donald Trump Hitler. They can do so much my issues when they just say there being objective news and there never being objective news actually pulled a little bit of a study like we saw something happens, we're tromp was kind of indicated for what he did right and I set our guys go to Fox news dot com. You see the story here,
right, that's once I gotta see in it, wasn't even on the pay now, and they were the ones yelling about it earlier in the day until it came out that he was right. What a good example number the shooter in Toronto never shut than when they blip Trinity. The Muslim got even hear about it after that now, It was just because a crazy white guy. Well, we need the frequency and live stream and just showed people every single story they came across this man was it. There are still recovery, Magritte, delight beheaded. Somebody I'm sure it's him. Somewhere down, and I must say that you're not you're down role in the days when you can just say I'm sure you have a regional, several dozen narrow it up, so he calls a fake news media the enemy right now I understand the term enemy problem, but is it is it true? Are they actively Donald Trump political enemies? What what's gonna go to the scene and systematically actually hires Obama officials as reporters and contributors like you, James Clapper, Jim's Kyoto, Jim Shouto, John Kirby, Dan Pfeiffer, Jake Arnie, I've read Samantha Then I may never tell you, then:
the higher, if your peoples or aim and actively or were formerly employed by the Obama administration mother, that's mentioned. We could even go you're Van Jones MSNBC out sharpens crazy. We just as a start. Every time it has to read the teleprompter montage, the keeper goes on dinner, dated Obama yea and up through again friends by Canada. Don lemon, looking increasingly dead, Johnny Math as they make of job in the biggest problem, is that they claim to be. By that I mean that they are the only source for unbiased news well and not just seen in the media, but I dont have you ever watcher. Are video where we're not get your when undercover Antiphon Utah, where Mr Nogueira rather good thing at what the cylinder most entertaining peace, but the reason I got so many places because they actually handed knock agenda. Knife handed him a knife, our shit.
They send you a nice if knife both but simply an ice. I forgot my knife at an ice and then they said we have sought off shot guns and our inner truck and we're talking about how they were gonna lose the Donald Trump Seymour's out their case. The girl had a stun gun and using things what what's crazy about that isn't just at that happened, but we had put it right them openly aiming a knife in an ice pick and we we have media are not a single local or national media outlets covered it or rather what did we should look over here? voters here, they're handing him a knife or no talking about having been Shapiro attendees. The only people want it were the feds who escorted you into their truck to offload the foot. It eventually abc after it become a huge story from our video, the the blurb in their little might lines right about Spin Shapiro, an element in a little girl. I was a little girl, they said Vienna, but it didn't leave anything the person I was hoping you the shoe by arrested. She was arrested later that night,
in the same weapons and organ video to lead and what they can just arrest her right then, but they kept it. That's what we were all shocked like none of them have an interest. We're going it's right here. It's on the laptop work it we're going to give us that you want does us. We offer them the exclusive, no interest we want. There was a problem. They are looking for, an Nazis who shop adventure, bureau, rallies, apparently supporters thing that really gets me. As you know it wasn't. I understand that Trump detox out. It was really a lot, but he's never actively pushed for any legislation or ain't gonna ban to jail scene and journalists register call them bad names, computer to who actually use the espionage act to prosecute journalists and leakers. More than all other residents combined is undeniable. For a variety of you want to call that figure. Is it news now
It was now compare trumpet words too to citizens you, maybe you ve heard of citizens. United people complain about that alot detectable ex super pacts and get money out of politics. Isn't a trick. Question is what people multiple dont know another. I appreciate what you guys know you're not going out, and I hate your black. What's your concern, black talking points like you bust, each other's balls. We could have voted, yes happened, anymore, right, leaning because you're in a military you're? Not really it's pretty much like. I come since now expected of you, a facebook randomly tempt. You know, like Obama, it didn't seem right up your ass. It I'd pay to see that maybe, while doing curls nobody come for, you Obama do I'm deal with you we're coming from machine MIKE. It's not IRA, that's not a grown up. Is it true could see them? Videos like this might reach
it's just a realistic, and all of us have had a conversation about. All this makes sense to showed is defined as the heads river start at the fact that you can see you put three Hazel showed us: would Chicken squat more than her husband under both fitness videos like? What did you didn't? You do like just think that these are going to be released. In tandem? I'm your wife! Only seventy hours, without lifting you by thirty power, would now actually miss daddy to see that it's terrible she's just sitting down on a bench with Dunbar's what there I think they have husband so that citizens united. This isn't a lot of you'll talk, ok, money, politics, and they don't really know it and united as leader and want to show this week did great value on its basically based on your Hillary Clinton. There was an anti Hillary Clinton documentary out and people with an intricate couldn't campaign people that political leverage wanted to ban this documentary within thirty days of a two thousand a primary. So that's what citizens unit was against citizen.
United, it was the court case revolving around banning and Anti Hilary documentary close to a primary election. Now people think it was about the pact's now that in agenda being whether invocations, what in the court, if you're going to look at it, the people argue on the Hillary Clinton side this. It was so crazy about that they ass. If the author of a book, should you write a message at the end of a book great, they said what said Arthur wrote a book and at the end of the book he wrote a message about who did not vote for, should that person be ban, should that person be prosecuted, and the people inside of Hillary Clinton. They said yes gosh. I wanted a ban, but they had to say that in court- and that was the moment chain- that's just basic free speech if the transcripts some on so so it's crazy. The left goes absolutely not. If Brethren Donald Trump Card, the media for knowingly posting dishonest content by we don't want that sometimes they knowingly posts, dishonor I'll be other than that, but we call them out for people are outrage, but when Hillary Clinton stay
onstage and screams this IVO Japan Voting rights and make it absolutely a priori. Finally, whether Supreme Court appointments or constitutional amendment gave citizens united in its partnership. That process let's be really clear here. Citizens United, was about an anti Hillary Clinton documentary. What she's saying right there she saying she will actively send you to jail. She wants to pass into law her ability to send it
to jail for making a naughty video about her and she performs that to cheer, and it's a pretty easy thing for her for us to make ninety videos at her. She gave a lot of media here. Here's the Bangladeshi exited send someone to jail for and a lot of people to the grave too, so that the real big challenges when you start to call Donald Trump, the names that they're calling him. That's when I think we ve crossed the line when you start calling him like a Nazi nazi or a dictator. Somebody like that you're starting to demonize a person and it just it just breaks apart or nobody can trust any and bad things tend to happen when, when that line is crossed, what what's worse, calling him a Nazi calling white, supremacist or him saying you're the enemy, I think they're both they're both to some degree wrong right. Where he's that the media is not the, media, still really really bad job at our spending stuff for their own bias. I get it right yeah, but why
They are the enemy of the american public, seeking accurate in from yes look if you're so the animal truth. They are the roadblock privacy right and I think it's dangerous. Personally, I think the media. I think making black people race towards people, they re house how so we were met. Shut up and listen. The black men are talking. I guess I got up and I should have shut up and learn memories of another woman. There's I'm here it wide like. We poses some programs stuff right, you're, some black people saying black for crop in the comments from like people, horrible, like look d, look like slaves, and it was like was lighter, Augustine, slaves, Iris, Much Amistad messages and new, like oh, my god, he's racism like he's, not keep give me porn eyes. Races, Gabriel me we're what he said about the Mexicans has a word say about the Mexican. He said there
Ray possesses. No, you know you eat it used somewhat illegals. They come in, commit crimes and dislike whatever you guys a sell out. You guys a client, you got what you guys for years and years broke my heart like it destroyed when adversity all friends. Don't count of Americans dear amends, reassuring to say something other may lose raised. Like my mom, she told me one of them. May we raised, like my mom, she told me arousal look here to see you see that democratic, black folks, freedom, Republicans Odin, they re see. There's your arms and legs you with former Monday know about, but could she grew up? There is some tough times. You know zero days. What's funny as you
when you do an impression of your mom, you do like a racist black for get away, would do with black like a black. I do in the racist wake up, but that you make your mom said like she's in routes that, unfortunately, of a crass comfortable at all. The way you guess it speaking of Unconcernedly here I don't like the harsh ones, have offered to actually be sacrificial entry to get over their fears. They are not big fans of dogs I understand now I'd like to bite me now to give them real, trust dollar member just walked in the dog blackness. How came run out public frigid, a booming, we think it is some chuckled Santa Claus is for grew to sail because the middle school with school baseball team. Have no money so do was you know it?
the radio, any forty raise money. Why were you in someone's yard is let's try to check the third clothes when their rivalry, you wouldn't dare say, hey we're, raise money for my basketball team, Gus unshackled Santa Claus Reprogram. Well, when I got bit I was excellent. What a door vacuum cleaner says, man to sell curve is due to the worst possible thing, because all dogs hate vacuum, cleaner, hover, evil. We brought him and I get a bay they they are. We love him, but when we try to drive, he really hates the blowdryer. Oh yeah, he's got a thing about it. It looks like a gun. He doesn't. Like God, we didn't know. We were scared for his work and want to shut it often so nobody in the front yard backyard. I was in a fruit for your just like your retroactively, changing the story.
I don't have to work at home from the store numbers walking down. A road and dog does can always say Miss Deck Charley was like all black black tongue, black girl black, for, like eyes, only been a wider. I was right. Designers, this number against Israel describing black on black crime I have said there is a little cargo down. Dark comes ruin and DNS, I'm turning to get away there is this beware of dog like we're here was really all about getting past or fears here later was crowded in our capacities and so actual today, for the first time we're gonna be here can be feeding offer, which brings us to our last and final segment and pleaded dough we Dahmer now lodged when you get over there, debilitating fear of dog all right. So you re feeling, because when we first you
came here. I didn't realize you didn't you weren't fans of operators, Manila, yet a lock him out the dogs, the killer? Yes, but you what your you, your exact words, what you ve done, it was very large dog, yes, like is, it is like big enough to swap my hour if we want these were so inclined. Ok, but with Tyler's before You'll have to do this, but everyone here knows hopper pretty pretty now jail. You know Hopper aunt, ass, the dog, and TAT is only killed. Three people that we know. None of them were vacuum sales Menachem. So one was a hairdresser salesman, but had it coming to do so, I would obviously like that, but us we're going to have you follow my instructions, feed him, some some cheese, because how little of cheese with it is that it is given some cheese or instruct you and her on a scale from one to ten. How nervous are you? My heart rates is increasing,
just shrank your arias and Sweat Roland em back right now, I'm firm political Take a look. I don't want to look like a little girl and you re an IRA precompetitive repatriated someone's that I had a predator actual. I wouldn't do it rather different I drove alone excitement. No one could promise me the tranquil wooden bite me. So I promise you hoppers not going to bite. You will bring about you ve seen the cheese construction. And you'll, be good to go. He's he's gonna love you! Maybe maybe we come dog people by the way. Might might might canadian producer Johnny boy you naughty? This was a cultural saying, black eyes with dogs, What you see it on tv, where people second dog from black people, cuz While I do you see a civil rights? Canada has led blood group, a determined effort in a fire hose outside of it. It really is rough. Ok right, but were so just grab the cheese and ideas as to how the cheese right now advocating abilities and one
gonna bring a man. You ve seen a high voice, perhaps come over here and you're gonna give given that you are going to hold it like this hole in your palm and just say: hey gentle gentle. He's gonna love a little door like this. You can do it like that. What happened like I do. I do and I'll give you a white man she's. These very well turn he's very well trained, so just high voice and hey operator and if he doesn't come over to you, then we'll just abandoned all experiment, because it means- or somebody isn't like about you- cathartic Johnny boy, let's bring in bringing the hopper monster and pilots there we go coming rosy, hopper, ok, column oversight has to go to you guys. Football is now just covers a rubber set up of overlooked. The cheese com got she's. Not me, It's not gonna come and we welcome this very good.
The two you you ever do offer hover look The door from the southern that's an order, you can learn because Whittemore Harry outbreak of I get out of here this then the hot twins getting over their fears or not we'll be back. And medical idiot, fuller, MCA, end Nicht APOLLO after this wasn't so bad. It was terrible. I just didn't come hello, Larder was called of yours. Top of her. Don't forget the new coalition, the package undergo. I too young
are you? Are you can download it you? tonight, you're are you gonna, be like Peter PAN put that movie was way too much for children. It was they put that they put Glenn, it was Glenn Close was a pirate, always fight, I didn't like toolbars later people out there on send semi retreat at S cried. If you remember, the Blue Box will talk about at the end of the show, but that is the kind of thing that if it were an couldn't turn Tino film you'd like I was a little too much also for Collins. Also of all of the above, for some reason was innocent, isn't as a flop, preschool bright eyes, Classic FED like it made them down role himself up into a ball said: bang Labour Artlessness. Our next guess, I'm huge fans than when I get voice males. I hope it's one of two people either often detectives investigating the transgendered use. Linda.
Who are horribly confused for our next cast, you can follow me on Twitter at an MECCA Haiti and fallen MAC earlier, but they also have a film the IDA Wanderer built, which must show a clip of the Gods Nell Film, for which they, of course, now notorious and we'll get some info on. It would have fed, say this anti drug case. It is adjourned, Some goes into a clinic its drug to death by some untrained teen. That's just a drug case. That's a lot of assumption. What are we gonna do any of that's true corner, my among forty one years old. Husband and her and her kid gets chased out a baton for some ethnic cleansing. Both got on what it is they spend twenty years, A straw hut in a refugee camp in Nepal only to finally finally make good all USA. Four months later, she goes in for a procedure with doktor. Now, she's dead and no one seemed to give a damn that was not Van Jones and that film for the heart, when's? Where can confirm what macaroni and fuller macklewain? How are you both? Thank you for being here
we're very much ruling on I'm so glad to have you and we ve talked about Gus known the show before we talk about the film before. But as I understand it, you some very big news regarding the release of it. The floor is yours: we're really happy to see that the film is coming out in October to about in theatres, seven hundred fifty theatres across the country- and you know it it's been a long time coming to this so this moment- and it happened- Pardon me uneasy. We're really really happened by their, so it is coming to a theatre near you, we need everyone to come on the twelve October. It is really important. And we had a mass of crime that nice sound and fifty scene and that's a big release, number one point you're goin for releasing and hope, and maybe for a tv kind of licensing deal, and I went back and forth. So I mean this is for an independent. I am especially a leaning from about an abortion doktor, that's as good as its ever been you guys have to be. Really taken a victory, lap, yeah, we're
we're gonna get you know what time it could play battery out. You know what's happening in Supreme Court is incredible moment for people to start to really focus on what is it here and what impact is going on in America exactly what the laws are, which most people do seem to know the Jupiter with abortion. In America to nine months, they don't people needed That and people need to know how they do abortions. You don't even know the details that a film is not graphic, aware. I was really were. Raker will not make rapid our boy right It's a cordon guys but trial of car out of german cosmos and we got teacheth expressing. What's it's almost like that the abortion version of the exorcism of Emily rose a lot of people thought that was going to be a scary horror, gory got but was really a courtroom drama and fantastically done by the way. If you have not seen any deal with it we'll say in which its graphic is sexually because Dean Kane isn't it.
Every time I see him. I just get very comfortable myself, but one thing I do want to touch on. You just mentioned that we talk about and show you talk about the Supreme Court and how most people don't understand. Business country particularly Roby Way, because right now, they're saying oh, my gosh we're going to outlaw portion and they're going to put their hands on our you'd. Er, I think, is the plural. You know as well as anybody explain, probably the most common misconceived notions. People have about abortion loss in the United States today Oh, they know nothing about abortion actually and my experience. People knew nothing about law, even the prosecutors who prosecutor Carla Cardinal didn't know you. Working on their own stayed until the outer look it up and neighbours, women neighbour shop that it was six months and have Slovenia It will do that in about seven other states name. You can have an important if you can get a doctor to greater habitable nine months. People don't know the mechanics of it. Now.
They will learn a lot on the stone. Nobody also learn, love and orphaned. Grandmother love a serial killer, laugh at me. I get cover the triumph of placing suddenly out of it, yeah, you can learn a lot of being Campbell shirt off you now there. You go. There's the silver lining. It's a safe, it sounds like a rat Ride, except you mentioned you sly, in Cain and their them. You know I've ones all all ears and ready to go see it's a seven hundred fifty feeders photographers in Colorado. If I'm not mistaken, I always it's your twenty four weeks or twenty six weeks, the abortions in Colorado no Colorado colorado- is actually one of the states where you ve been heavily from abortion There is a clinic and born or cholera, quite a famous clinic where it where you can an abortion right off brazen third trimester is Colorado. Kansas
a foreigner Oregon, very, very shocking? Actually, the number places I didn't mean as well. People don't know me, but with one of the interesting things about this case. This gospel case is that the jury in the gas no trial. You got an amazing education. They were chosen specifically chosen so that they were not pro life. I so big education of women, abortion really was. Could they have to distinguish between what is illegal abortion and what was murder Tell you when they heard the description of legal abortion. They were profoundly shocked. All of them thought that the law should have been changed, That is somewhat more when we did the changed my mind and pro life. The one thing that seem to be kind of a tree I wasn't it wasn't we brought the fetal chart and we didn't bring out pictures of abortions. It was nothing graphic. It was just. This is the development of a baby each week now, where
Would it be ok and we ve had some people who just who thought they were ok with abortions, no up until fifteen weeks or up until they said I about maybe weak three, and then we ve had some people who responded with. I think it's ok, The whole way up, I said ok up until nine months and you do realise there are some hearts that are so hardened and hates it but evil. When you look at When you look at a nine month old baby, they just happens to be inside the woman. You say I'm fine with it you're not trying to, whence them you're trying to convince the other people who are watching you discuss. What would tat tell me about that. You ve done some pre screenings around the country would have those been like what the reception been like with the audience because I'd imagine you know: you're the mix, audiences forest pro life and in proportion Linda, been amazing. I mean we ve done focus groups and that being like he's been exercises elections in all night. The accent loves. You know ass, getting in the end result rather embarrassing. Everyone had so positive towards an uneven, as you say, pro abortion people, nowhere around a complete level
to leave. After the film went off the tears started. Kinsmen means if I'd have to rethink everything. Yeah, well, people either, but the fellow is not reached me didn't cellar. The creature was added to tell the story of how this guy was brought time and what people and on the process- and I are your mind- It was and is a movie is a drama, but look at you get to see things at our true. It's very much based on trust. These were doing right now. Stephen at your audience could help us with this one of the things between now and the twelve October were travelling around the country. Doing this brute pre screening, he uttered a sneak screening for the people, so we can't fire of people we get champ As for the film chuzzlewit anyone's, lift me off a particularly MRS, like Orlando, I'm just gonna quit the less Europe Orlando. Do too, Lou Indianapolis Detroit,
certainly we just want to say the Junta LULU. I will go myself, but not always ain't. We saint Louis, to the American Sears Saint Louis, but yes, continue. Ok, people every day, It allows us to allow Cleveland, Akron, Oklahoma City tolls, Vancouver Greenville, spartan Bird, National Knoxville, San Antonio Lock, and I believe there are just a few of the place We need to go to my, but we'll do it will have a pre screening. We want to work with so we do want to work with individual, so any organization actor who hears this or anyone who listens and knows, nor can it mean any of those areas please get in touch with us and what we have what's the best way to get in touch with you in and
we'll get in touch is going to face, but the Gaza Lupi Facebook page and write to us, you can write, was true. The Gaza movie Facebook page, unless no you wanna onto your area, have a pre screening and dean is going around the country showing that build on our buildings. Gaza movie website, because no movie dot com and user divine up their contact with their just be careful and Abilene. It's the worse place. I've ever been in my life. I say this as someone from Detroit why'd. You coach almost got shot Natalie and then The worst stand up gig in my life at a Saturn deal dealership back then, when I was pick from Myspace was five hundred dollars and had a red off the raffle tickets and an angry drunken lady. Told me that I wasn't funny and she was gonna hit me and the other one there's a truce for enabling jujitsu coach gets cut off road rage. A guy comes out, threatens to beat him up and his friends is presenting, says hey. No, you don't want to hear world he's world champion. Jujitsu doubts the guy goes. He runs out ground.
This gun and start shooting it actually in the air and the ground. We gotta call d guys you he shoot me. I want, I want so the, namely he shot him now. He should not add, embodies gun like will yet to let us know the truth. Now what's happening, my digital coach jumped in the bushes, so that happened in ITALY. Final question before I go: can. I do love you Stella filmmaking. One of my favorites of courses is not evil, just wrong for people who don't know about global warming and and a lot. Born lies there. Dont really well, as are its a good film. And then on is the gas land one? What was fragmentation. Ok, sorry! I always because not even just on flax- like Frank Nation was probably my favorite one, because I love the tit for tat with gas land since it's a film to fragmentation, yet Josh Fox who, for somebody, was still able to make a gasoline to have you following at all in Lake Michigan, just like Michigan recently and some of the right like record highs and some of the great lakes only have seventeen to twenty five year highs, but some of the best growing seasons ever ever
I do not even following this at all in the MID West, but dumb. Do you take that? What is it We lack because I'm gonna take. Can you give us this one? I spoke with one person out their neighbour, whose liberalising world not record. I it's twenty five, your highness, but you said it was gonna, be gone by now. There would be no right leg because we re moving target. Yeah no eyes, but only for a very long debate been environmentalist means never having to say you're. Sorry, they'll, just move on the next scare they'll changes in global trade Global warming and climate change, climate chaos, so big moving on now mouth right wing? to get going so that as an makko, any filet Macular, the film of course of the gods now movie they can go to. No movie facebook, page Ellison by what people out there really can make a difference. We just talked about the CEO Tommy Robinson was was freed. He went home. You want on appeal a big that there is the legal battle that occurs
It is also the battle of public opinion and I hate for people to be tried by a public jury. But I do like to see people supported this, isn't a boycott. This isn't a hanging by public execution. This is go and support. The piano are doing the work. People leads command on twelve October it fell to the earth. People who can get with the it over the movie is on fire ticket. Anyway, I know how women are very, but the border bars she buys tickets or every conservative, The concerns you might like five six tickets anyway and you can do that online that we're asking. How can I tell you this? I can't do it. I made up it'll go for the pre screening, but we'll work it out. I will personally by forty tickets for October twelve for a seat Once it happens, or maybe we can do some kind of a viewing party, but we'll do that as a giveaway zen, and if you want to go at s crowd her. Will in the city and hopefully will meet with the old do all by forty tickets, and I want to thank you so much you guys. God bless really back after
Is there for them? Liebert of the week. Don't worry when I going to be selling you like boxes, filled with wasabi almonds or something or things that you don't need, but you feel like you have to buy the support. The show you don't have to buy anything you can just the clips and the live stream every eight p m on Thursday. If you need to buy a firearm Walter as the balls response of the Show- and I will personally about for them being the best semi automatic than the market is an opinion. But I really do stand by and my club lot of colored outcomes less. My club that three get to watch the whole one hour show you see the sun Thursday, but it's every day from a clear members. Ninety ninety years, six and for students veterans racked military, like you so there's fifteen people employed at this company, a lot of whom you don't see behind the scenes and Youtube doesn't you'd have not got the mustard so the only way that we continue this free content and surpass the young
as we are, which feels kind of nice is if you join up at market. Also, that's a good point that we should mention to you. We are growing the team we ve done this before golden ticket hires you can go, I was credit icon, slash, join. If your experience we Some more editors, specifically editors and people who are really talented, India, the videographer face. I don't don't apply. If you you, don't I've experience there, but if you do there are a couple petitions open now then, certainly before Christmas, as we, we grew up, we ve grown because of my club and we're never gonna. Stop the free content, we're just going to use the mug club to grow the non mug club, because we're just purchased
for just a stick in their cry and we love it. Let us create a company club, that's called, I wasn't dancing you just sit there any pose. Like you, weren't dancing, diplomacy dancing, I know. There's nothing so is the due date is called the not dance. It's like a Mirage of Diana Gatsby, advancing speaking of which the it's almost goes a mirage last summer. Next guess was on the show he had a shiner. He had a black eye because he was punished by an angry hippy. Unbroken stocks at a comedy club has, whichever one told me sore up and would never happened when they were coming for the comedy gloves its announcing a stain colleges. Well, there you go so I don't think we'll get too many updates, because you know. Listen: it's there's legal issues there, but Nick Deposit at Nick Deposit is Twitter and his new podcast is up and running in, go to Nick dip, dot com. Nick devour you, Sir,
Davy boy. What's happening, you look good european you'll account you. It makes me sick. Well, thank you very much. That's all! That's all I've ever wanted, but it looks like you look like you. Have a nice set there. What is that? What is that got kind of a doctor who meets timbered, vibe I found this all bottle online, the Union Oyster House. I did all this restaurant in the country in Boston. I used. I get twenty two bears a me and then what have forty oysters yet and I think a home apply myself, that's ass. They actually doesn't sound. Half bad sound like I get violently ill, but it doesn't seem like a bad time. Those are happy days and I find that I bought for online. I found the guy who took the bottle. We got in touch with them, happily be a fan of mine in Michigan by the way, really wow less boy wearing again. I want, I don't know what to say lancing, but I'm not sure well, my
my birthday a name on Jim applied, but I can't win them all, though he thought be defiled for a couple hundred bucks and we do it. We produced a rapid, woke up on her box that goes really far and lancing MIKE you seem to have its not contaminated I think it's like tree bonkers and lancing exec. Now it's like nineteen ochres and why not as a silly fetching was pretty prize. I am in Detroit as they were sitting in the country, but when I have to visit lancing, you really are sent. The lancing it's terrible. So there is no news and a lady in broken stocks who hit you in the face. I'm guessing. I want to put you in the hot spot, but let me ask you this: while we're talking about. Ladies in Bergen stocks, we just had MIKE Ward on the show this week who use put before Human Rights Tribunal in Canada for a joke. This actually happens in Canada and we are talking about the Hannah Gatsby Special on on Netflix. Did you have you seen this? I haven't
I I don't watch netflix since they are not interested in me. I watch live at the Beaver, reruns and the monsters. That's as protest to these. You can't I couldn't get on Netflix You have to be an ill gb tee one armed midget Cuban. To get a special day. I literally handed out thirty specials, and I think there was one straightway guy yeah that was Joe Rogan here and there There are the prerequisites that you have to talk about pot for at least thirty percent of the special to be yours was straightway which exactly so I you know, You have no interest, which is three years. The one thing I will say no. I have seen one of your specials on Netflix for my mistaken today. Licence and old one may be at some point, yeah that was quite a while ago. I think I think you did make it that nets love long time ago, ok, yeah and then it said you're watching this. Do you want
You watch Hannah Gatsby unless it no now and as I think you want to watch Hannah Gaspe and then are rated up for me and my special is filled with Amy Humor and Sarah. Now. I have no idea. Why can't get beyond it, so I have to cancel Netflix, but it's a good point that you make Netflix, isn't very interested in you. We talked about that yesterday and actually the ties to actual people from the Obama administration who work at Netflix here to think like you're, lookin, say crowd or sucks. Fine little can say not gay Jared sucks, fine, you ass, they went so fine, but you can't say Nick De Pollo sucks, he can't say nor Mcdonald succeed can't say too. That some of the best most prolific stand up comedians, certainly of our time- and I put you in that category- made it amazes me its undeniable. It just goes Let's there's. No one on the right is funny. Yours is the first name that I bring up yours norm a couple? The people want really out of the closet, no calls from Netflix Nick None, Now we are me, we actually see it all his linen I'd scope. You know, Robbie prior sounds like a queer
he was what the Geese, Canadian actually wealth more army, he was. He was moving up through the Montreal Comedy first of all, a part of management there, and I am, of course I used to get my head lock. Diseases while little and secure guy in Bali, I'm not even agree, Roman, throw em Adam and of course, now he is the guy colleagues way way way way way way you through Hamath at him and maybe a slice it too. Might have been somebody else, but I He was I get comfortable around people who get uncomfortable me and he was whether he was one. These guys are maybe complications uncomfortable Rami, but I guess you know ways Joe granted, an outbreak, Jerusalem and stuff is a little guy and then, of course, everybody I have ever picked on even in fun climbs up that lead not he's the guy at Netflix. As far as comedy
actually got yeah. You know it also notice actually was a lady or member gosh. Will centrist inside baseball? Who cares that she's not gonna hire me? Her name was Alison Cone and I did some shows them tv shots and those crappy. For them to be game shows where they pay. You barely more than scale, and at the time I was young comedian, and, I would say I was the greatest comedian, but I was young in the realm of stand up. They thought I was hip enough to host a show and I let loose one until gunning, Ryan Stout, who then wanted to blow his brain brains out, because he had to host shows at Em Tv and she would work there, and she really like that. I was young and she likes that. I was kind of edgy and I remember having a conversation when she found out that I was more right, leaning, she couldn't believe it. She was horrified and I just saw her name in the Michel them a shovel shop. In charge of casting Michel will show it, I'm going. That makes sense all the people. I know who I said when I was coming up going. I hope they dont becomes gatekeepers one day, really melting candle. We just placed the wrong: that's you,
Nick, not well here, they're dead, the antithesis of outlook was straightway heterosexual. Alpha males, I mean, did the less they wish. The last people they wanna go. Let get our message a comedy or anything else. We are so Oh I don't even tiny more. I just going to continue to put stuff up. You know right now. It's more focus is on my part, CAS than it did and then stand up. I don't do very much stand up lately. You know. Well, it gets its hard. It's our aid. Will you you get on? I I've talked about this. None of you felt this, but I remember at this point
you haven't really run into it as much end been punished by the Iranian actually wearing lady who Andrea Imo driving, like I don't think it's gonna come the clubs and remember Jim Norton, said the same thing as I think I think you're wrong, because I was from Montreal right scene. It brunt of rogue incensing, think you're broke into the same thing, and I am I was from Montreal right kind of scene. It already was sort of pervasive and in it happened in the clubs and I'll get really bad anxiety before going on stage. Because of ITALY's comedy clubs, don't have the best security, and I was I was at that programmes already getting threats and, of course, you're very vulnerable. Did you start to feel that way after that attack or even before it when he came out of the closet, politically added a new layer of anxiety for me for actual safety of myself in the ground? Not my oh yeah well You know people clubs now may do. I don't know why this is in our job description, almost every club and that you kind of do the meeting and great thing after yeah, it's
and I always said no, and they would say why- and I would say- will in other fora the audience wants to. Murder me- and I was joking I'd- be joking and out the effort now today what why are wrong and all those other guys we're. Thank you wouldn't spread the clubs vessel. This is a nerd business. Oh yeah. This is that the war we are run by nerds. You hey guys, like you and I, and that state their attracted, the liberal arts and stand up and and and whatever the opt out so that that's number one but number two. It's now you get kids will grow up with his pc. U shut down it throughout the area around the clubs now yeah. I thought I did they. They actually believe in some of this stuff, when I'm not gonna, Metzger get secured and
night. I heard about comics get the centre for doing a great job, and then I get these people the letter you play Oregon. What are you kidding me play Oregon by taking your life in your hand if you go and play Oregon, but you do I too, the podcast now is up and running and you're, forgetting that more because its harder for people to kill you, it's not impossible finger bathtub, especially not after twenty five oysters and a few beers that it could end badly what words about Nick dip dot com, and when does it air and was was the attack. A big was a kind of a turning moment. Where he's ok, this is going to be. My primary focus now Now that I was gonna, do this anyways after getting fired for a tweet at serious right? Let's not forget about that. That's why I was gonna. Do this anyways, but by new and Anthony to me it seems that there is a trend, member, whatever one's, that like all the last. Ass. A free speech is gonna, be satellite radio here
free there. There's no fcc periodic water that there is no. There is no free for guys, like you and me, and Twitter can only be again every day. I wake up, I'm losing ten fifteen followers. For no reason, the stock of the same number, and I M really is so this. You know this is a platform hopefully, but I'm on Patria you're just run by buried, liberal p, yes, but to make it a money right off the bat we had a great get all that the response has been great. The problem, like I told them too much stand up when I do this focus on upon gas and topical knows you know as a stand up, you can only put some Should that your act and then its old and we did you gonna do in all of Europe right. I can't seem to be able to different muscles for me: stand up and whatever, has never intimidated. Even now. Look I played the comedy sellers, it's on the campus and why you, but I'm a little.
I'm a little paranoid now when people come up to shake my hand here, I don't know what this year. I can imagine, because that's all I got it
I wish you gonna guys Hammond his daughter, partly in the face. So now. For the first time, I sense a little of that, but when I do my part aghast, I am I like sitting on the front steps with my my shot guns. So I can I can. I will yeah just there there's Joe Biden that just one double barrelled shot gun fired off into the air that I'll take care of all your problems. Aniseed likes that. I do think, though, its entering that you you, you said this because we're talking about Syria Satellite now think what's important only to understand their censorship as its defined government censorship. And then there is through bullying- and I know you mention you know: ok straight white, alpha mail, but the truth is you're, not the bully, certainly not in this industry you're. Actually in a minority in this industry, with your points of view as a conservative there's censorship as we know it, and then there is a culture of self censorship due to fear. So good example is satellite radio when it started it. What didn't have the same kind of Etsy rules? You could say what you wanted, but that I hold sure of self censorship is what got Anthony come here.
You in trouble and they're trying to invade the clubs and even the podcast wrong with the culture of fear, so that people self sensor. That's what worries me. That's that's exactly right and and and the person that five ease the higher up at- and I got his name at dumb Serious- would unite the little girl. Don't stop Ben and oh, these pictures like on his facebook page. His wife, a gun, control rally in no time So what am I fancied it best on Twitter, some he didn't. Imitation of the meeting that got me fired with like series. He said that it is the product good, yes to the people, like an absolutely does it doesn't match my politics of my friends. Politics now guides gonna go so I thought I thought that was fine I'll get on and I'm not all than a grudge against
because I stay still play my stop by and I get royalties come itself when there are a lot of conversations that you don't know about. It got near the heart twins. Were your knee started out doing fitness channel stuff and they just happening funny and their more right, leaning in whatever what we? Just since the harsh words that I love assert their their black eyes and they tend to be conservative. We don't have you like what are your black conservative talking points weakens break each other's balls and they happen to be back. That's, but their agent call them and they ve been selling a big rooms there agent. Look. We understand it. You friends, with Stephen nay, said yeah he's and we do not agree with his politics, so make making now say exactly so: let's get there some room, but that's the point is not even just about it's, not even just monetary. Is it illogical and sometimes they let it supersede the monetary influence, which is what scares me so much our listen before you go. I idea here that you have some thoughts on smoking invade people and the like,
I don't know I'm just trying to lay up here. You know how to say why, but I just started smoke and regain the less stress man. I'm not gonna go went to it. So I start I was you know back of data wanted to. Maybe if I was drunk, and then I just started crying with a bunch of oysters smoke with a bunch of boys. There's, no wonder why nobody wanted to kill me sit me always by myself smoke a marble, better, that's real attractive, but yet I just started smiling. I had a lot of stress and I love it up to about a packet day and people go. Why would you do at this stage and I go. Why would you do it you? Twenty? So you can have ass cancer in your forties, I'm timing it outright. If a doctor tells me, I have cancer in twenty years, just some other border.
Usually many happy seventy five year old people better. That look I may face like one. I wish I had cancer at this point and by the way sitting Stephen Hughes smoking right now because sitting as the no smoking as if that's true wooden averse Stephen hawking been dead, thirty eight years ago. Yet! Well, I don't know I don't know, I don't know, and I also didn't see the movie. So I don't know is current. Can I love the smoke and I'd suggest all the kids at least trying out? Please don't, but I will say doubt, but you know what I had done its programme and we do enjoy Piper cigar which, if you're not inhaling the mortality risks, are significantly lower. So try it try just having a cigar, but you might find that you enjoyed as much that it's the combustion in your lungs that really will kill you. But if you're looking to get cancer will, then you know that be the marble man well, somebody said you're not trying to vague cigarette of the east,
what I said, I'd look less manly within my mom or more me. I'm gonna get up one of the other hall. This this whole thing is it's ok at this point it doesn't really matter, but it is true. Did you see that one guy we covered destroy the guy who's, vapor exploded, it exploded any right before it exploded. Didn't he eats be Facebook met Facebook put on his wall just raping before work, uploaded a picture and it s just like water legged loony tunes idea. It took, took out half on the Wall ACE and though bathtub could no longer hold one like I've looked like what was isn't exactly firecracker I have I do remember here about then I I just took responsibility like today's lay ass. They did. They said until they realize it was self inflicted any didn't, hurt anybody else and then they realized he was facing that want to socially with ok. Do you five biddiomahs, like that? I don't know- We find videos like that, but it means I led a horrible, very fruitless, meaningless life. It is Nick Diff, DOT, com or people.
Go and subscribe to your podcast and support you and, of course, if we do stand up dates, that's where you guys would find it out there hey Nick. I really appreciate it. I'm glad to see Europe in line with the podcast and in combat more frequently love you. I will state appreciated. Thank you guys three, while avoid the broken saga.
Some people have a deep abiding respect for the constitutional law that created this country. Some people, started liberalism. Monk for exclusive content shows and to help put a stop to. Sexual liberalism
That's called the priorities. Microblogging replied retire at the outset is watching upshot of river monsters. Do you want to show you I get to what should be at you? I can mean too, but by the wayside,
We thank you to an actual any and Philip Macular married two different names to european thing. Hodge twin ethnic depositor along ass, lower than it does make four along ass, lower third and difficult. To spell it is, but we do all caps, because the font, so I think we must find an mcguinness- is a hard one net river monsters of some sort of ETA. Typing, but by the time it gets the last season he just out the open ocean fishing for sharks, in other words, for the purpose of river monsters. Netflix agitated like make a list, because every time I get to never to make you know there are some time into watch and there is a delicate I don't buy, offered send fellow this yeah. That's what I did. I ever its agenda being Larry Sanders. Seinfeld haven't Jim River monsters in the issues, issues I'm in the water fishing for a great white shark, that what who cares? no they're sharks in the ocean, the whole pose when you started it was crazy, catfish with teeth. You know I carry that was TAT was there was compelling No just you ve become a running about. Out of I hear the ocean ass things that bite
We know that was innocent because I assume the river was safe and then you shattered my preconceived notions and is in short sea a bill nine narratives years about the year that the gender gap is actually really get hosting. Jimmy way that would mean having, on the show, he's actually really good good host of the show, except the always states, the obvious, like I'm walking through the water. If there's a fish out here who could bite me, it would be very pleasant. That's you. Come by a good host is a much larger like you just to have a radio voice, but you suck at everything like your ass much Carson Daily, do anything talented. No one ever happened now able to cure his town mom working on tv. I am very on theirs- is in no doubt that being said, you know what I do want to be too Arden. These people were more so bother with networks such as shuffle in their their brothers are people through our point of view, but Germany wait actually them a good horse. He looks like a cat fish a little bit, so he didn't get by and looks He comes becomes by the whereabouts of the goddess. Lily comes rather everlasting honestly, but
We will go out and I know the harsh ones have done some acting. You know others too, in pitch meetings, we write jokes and I want to get too an email. It was you mean a second I'm trying to be really Karel DE, not reveal any identity. But you know this when it comes to jokes and with a show of I've, never been upset with anyone or even myself, for strike out. I admire it. It's always when people don't take a swing, and you feel that way to a lot of that when people don't even like us, what that's what's real effort play struck out of the jokes? What's so, do I not nearly as many as I have eaten more swings? We're there? That's the point. That's the only way, the only reason is year. Batting average goes up five point. One percent, eventually Nicht APOLLO he's just bombed more than all of us for a certain period of time and got good at it, resorting to without was funny like five Baddingham That's really good them, but then it is you're missing enough. The major music half exactly outbreak, that's like that's the only large transport that are the only thing. I like its origins very, very allegorical, because I know my biggest regrets in life come from when I didn't swing the bat and in your life
There are other people by going are counting on you to swing. So if you like baseball, argues that the average is like it a point to five five year, someone like that so you're gonna miss most of them, but think about this. If you're in a team right like in real life for people, depend on you and you have a point to fuck- you miss it, but then the next guy has appointed This guy's a point you six five aegis all make sure to swing when you're at the plate. That makes a huge difference. I just at some point two: bringing the bat not only means in yourself, but trusting in people and I've. I've gotten us something from my wife, and I had been told that sometimes I am I invest too much can get to partial, get too close to quickly with people. S probably true, sometimes haven't said Andrews as well as I do need to, and it be obviously hazardous chemicals cynic. But that's just I've decided not going. I can't do it
be someone who has had really really good, close friends and personally invest in people, people's friends, people who work in the company and we ve had some some pretty much actually we're friends with most people have ended up, leaving the come like she's been tough long term people who come to show a college twins. I have to invest in and personally because we want to be a good hopes. We fix them. What we make sure a good time. Investing in people personally has taken a swing, because the truth is sometimes when you invest of yourself. So personally in this happens, you get burned. Think of any rough break up that either at you um. Well, I can think of is who I would say you, but you haven't really matter rough break up ever. I left them ok so think very rough break up either had or divorce or friend you ve lost over. If its painful as anything you can imagine- and that's because you took a swing you invested in someone- you invested in a relationship the investment, seeing them with money. Monetarily! That's that's swinging the bat! You never know it's never guaranteed outcome.
You make an investment. Look at your portfolio. Has everything done? Well, you win some elusive, but would you rather never known at all, then I know this sounds cliche, but would you rather never had that relationship if what you feed forego the break up and run away. But let's assume that you say yes a question. What about all the other great relationships you have in your life? At some point, you made an investment which is to say, took a risk to say you swung the bat in a pan out. Every good relationship you have is because of it. Point use one about every good thing you have in your life unless was given to you as a hamley down, which is a rare exception. Listen, I'm the union generalities here. Ok, it comes from swinging the bat from taking a risk, and at least we can know going to sleep at night, no one that you try and by the way, see some middle eastern relate to an email from someone who works with Asia. Lets us it's it's a week. Did veteran not better, come back for more, so, not necessarily better. Some, some of them are still active. The military, some of them are wounded soldiers sailors. That naming the programme because there are few them region.
To me. I saw them at a fourth of July Parade and then sent an email and murmured the fourth of July parade. Some of these really grizzled sort of Haiti's onward warriors used. So often now it's lost a lot of meaning, but but warriors people who have gone to the forefront for their their countries, and we ve got even some Canadian. What's that countries some of them have been canadian as well. I know I make fun of Canada Lot, but listen. If you fight for continental care, I don't care what country does as long as it's not a country's beheading Christians. You fight for that country. We're just gonna have to take you out. I am no respect refined below countries, but we're talking about the countries under a good guy God. With this point, ok- and I get a lot of messages from people in a military one guy gave me Navy Cross, which we actually just just put it in a case that key grip quarter.
Garret gave to me nephew really grateful to to get these emails and the truth is if you, if you swing the bad, if you invest- and you miss a lot of these wounded- warriors wounded soldiers, wooden veterans who come back, they did they, they need help their programs out there to help them and we actually supporters of those programmes on the show. But if you swing the bat and you fall flat new face, not only can you try, it because what you can get up and this for the reason I bring this up. This email is because these are some of the toughest people you can possibly imagine right in ITALY. I feel ashamed to go into this who emailed me, asking him asking his organization for up if we present some of these people just have a hard time. Committing to everyday life. Why? Because they swung the bat for their kind, they went all if they went all in. They gave everything and we hear something. When you give everything you have ended nothing left and then their camp, their cup is empty. Now, they're cups empty and the economies need a refill it with everyday life and a lot
dont know how and it was. There is a very specific story, a night things anyway for me to get into it without it, unfortunately, being too person that really touch me here too. I have someone who was absolutely completely opposed to getting help and, in their sorrow, was particularly horrific and it, changing their life. They didn't know how to adapt going from a hundred think about anytime. You worked really late on a pay, our college papers and that right picture that you're studying you're study, only got your final. You don't going to make it you're up all night and coffee and a lot of people using smart drugs in college. And then all of a sudden you're done it, for I am, can you go to sleep? There needs to be a come down sure that only you're being shot at picture that only you're, literally a factual and you see your friends head blown off or maybe even someone doesn't die, but you know it's a possibility and you're making the phone call that never comes Benghazi right. That's what happens a lot of these people, they dont know how to adapt to everyday life, and that's the big deal
and when people say a lot of her people. Liberals you this argument about helping veterans at about the view that the European Welfare a handout and getting help the difference Isn't swinging the bat the career? Well, Ferris It is exactly that because they opted not to swing the bad. They chose the comfort of the check. This. Older who comes home and needs help need some assistance because He swung so are as hard as it possibly could that he threw his back, not data. If you ve been burned, if you'd been hurt cuban angry for thinking, shutting yourself off, people from the world, maybe from your dreams. We ambitions dumb, if you're sure, getting help for whatever reason, dont be as well you're swinging, the back just make sure you're swing in the bat when those balls come down centre like it sounds like one of those things that we hear lotteries, and it is absolutely true and wish you swing that you make investments in. Pulling your job and you're like you went some, you lose some, but if you don't swing,
You just know them all. So just keep swinging the back across the board. It always works better than I do next,
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