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#40 Heated Free Speech Debate With Harrison Greenbaum! Plus, Stalker Jim and Surprise Guests

2015-09-11 | 🔗
This week gets a little heated when comedian, Harrison Greenbaum calls out Steven's bravery for an unflattering story. Also, Stalker Jim checks in and Evan Delshaw stops by!

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About to catch the news, just in the Nick of Time, with Mcnulty come round the man. The room beyond really come on, I'm not that was news in the Nick of time with Nick
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country, folks entertainment, I dont like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image, you very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body. Not only can we are definitely going to get letters listening to talk, radio, strangest animal you're getting louder with proud of so glad to be with you. Congratulations. You have found yourself at the ways were enlightenment occurs. Profanity meat as producing.
Me always in studio the video gas, if you're listening to rest really louder with credit com, is my As regards Sheridan Neck, and we fulfil their legal obligations and given him fair time to make his case you can fly. Him at not de jure, and you can follow me at us. Cracker wow such a busy, weak dominated. Of course cycle by none other than that then Donald Trump. So I got a few things going on what we talkin about nine slash. Eleven to this is nine hundred and eleven. Of course, it's a look it's wrong. The call that an anniversary, nine eleven- I guess I'm gonna I'm leaving roads is neither here nor there to me it's legit. It's you don't really want to call a tragedy in anniversary you'd call it. I've got a tragic nursery accuracy, he's got trivial to their? Doesn't And a trivial, it's amazing how Golly people forget now quickly that the country changes no one point: we were all waving that flag. How
aliens webbing, that's like I was in Canada when it happened, and then today we should the cops industry species the cops in the streets and we talk about how America is more racist than ever and that if a country built on the back of of prejudice Just as it really is amazing, there was a very I woke up this morning. Thinking aloud it is nine eleven. There was a very different feel on this country right after The twin towers were had always a twin towers, but there is also the Pentagon nurse like ninety three I remember where you were when it happened. Yet you know I was pale the few, but because I was homesick, I was actually home. I watch the second plain who live on television. I was. I was the homework to do so, mom common said some plain that want to towers. I the towers worthy, your commands eleven ends. Precisely what boron grams.
You know like I was pitched like a private plainer, something more ram to private, like how do you miss that does the first but I was a kid s. First over him. Had I wasn't thinking you wasn't about long, even if I am taro second, ah, Damn russian sets funding be out back then. I was a thing I remember when I was in Canada. With Greenfield Park was reached. Centennial regional high school in remembrance went into either second or third period french class and tv was on a kind of this. He stairway was in the middle of the really big high school is more the size of like some community colleges. In terms thousands of students. And I remember seeing kind of smoke and kid saying is some some pilot the towers or something in kid making jokes like on a sad, but then you know some pilots fired, get fired. How? How do you miss? It literally can go anywhere other than this one place in sky like how can you miss this?
and then I got the class and they said will someone else had another one in Edinburgh thinking. How do you have to pilots you're? The first thing is: what would it with a like drunk was a gag we're idea and we were still in class, so we didn't really get to hear about it. And I got it? I had one of those old Sanyo phones that was like a flip found my brother and I had them for emergencies. You we were some of the first people, a cell phones, because my mom had some kind of a plan for work, and I said you're coming into your coming home we're picking you up. In our thinking, then gosh, what's goin on something's happening in New York. Clearly what what's going on my uncle my aunt uncle was over there and Arabic, They pick me up, so it is left class, and I was walking out nor vice principle. Mrs Miss Tight goes: where are you going this letter out and the boy said
were american, we're going home and she was ignore not now now and tried to call us back, and I didn't. I think I got an after school attention for that and because you think about the first second being in a foreign country? You don't really know what's going on, and I do remember only several weeks later, the muslim kids actually metaphor: Garber kids were laughing. Then but I give them they didn't Bruno what was happening, but there there are some some muslim friends. I went to school, relatum Muslims and they were they weren't that horrified. Let's put it that way, I don't say that to turn feather people sooner because you're muslim thing now they were, they were making jokes a guy had a t shirt. I plain in New York was like assurances of I heart. New York and I got to trouble for getting into one of them. Making fun of em turns out the kidney cancer. I didn't know it when I made for, but I was mad that is making fun of nine eleven, and so I went. Back at him and he was ball not think early cancer unrealistic as a national of impasse that there's no, how yeah point certain Should you only outbreak unsurpassed we'll, let alone I remember with until they and his friend
I dont want to use his name, I wouldn't want to use his name. It would be absurd to use his name allows it. And I actually was every sensible ago you in your little towers open happens again, a member state, that to me I told them that he looked like a walking shall we say part portion of the male anatomy with teeth, because he was bald. And it turned out tat cancer in and got mad at me and also your mad at me for making rebuttal to a kid who made fun of one of the worst tragedies that my country's ever experienced. Like I'm, sorry, I don't think you got to get away with that because you had some came up and the kid was. Milk and he actually like low stage and ended up being totally fine, and you got his picture in a year book ends. There is a rumour that still like after arduous shaven, his has oil to save it, to say that it yeah, because we yet eyebrows inform errand everything. So
Look, I don't over buying it, but that's my nine eleven stories. They know it. Tweet US address crowded or maybe we'll take your calls later. We like the here where you were and were you think we are you, think we ve we ve, moved on and await its productive. It's so just kind of one of those momentary process, these things on air and everyone else comes up and they know what they're gonna say another where a great American and you It's one of the things that I I feel deserves more than a talking I feel deserves more than just. Let's take the memo that comes out in the mass Ebay. All all I am radio hosts, Reed and feed it out there. Because everyone has a really really strong emotional connection to an event like that they know get out. I told you this, but the night for this is absolute, absolutely September, tenth doesnt one. My dad said my brother night down by the tv Emily we watched till toward torso if it is about it's a classic movie about Pearl Harbor,
right got down. The movie have at dad finer, far sons moment where he said you know sons, America learned a great day? We will never make that mistake again to come home. You know I haven't trust my dad ever since I believe everything as we know in rats what I can't believe you or I had to have a talk. Dad yokes knock knock on television Illuminati either, but you know cut hunting thing to have that that, in your I'd someone up, we ve learned our lesson. I wonder as a kid cause you were put you probably been eleven with eleven eleven ninety probably would have messed with your security a little bit as far as your dad saying something confidently and in realising you know, that's not the case. Because you think your dad's word is is
it had been out on every living when you're a goddamn, gosh yeah, that's That's presumably apologizes like I'm. So sorry I was wrong. I was, there are very few moments like that that mess you up in nine eleven was one of those, and I think especially if consider you millennials now it Oh I'm not we're. Not really. Maybe you are not really millennial at twenty eight who we're too young to remember it so that there isn't a part of their life. It hasn't shaped there. Oh, you mean you. Had a lot of people become conservative because of that about people like Dennis Miller, you know, Fox NEWS really can can credit there act rise after nine eleven. They were the only the only news outlet that give positive coverage to the military in the war. That was a big thing. Never there are relatively insignificant before that it, change the landscape of media and how Americans consumed information and how they thought of themselves in the world? It changed everything and
you have to consider. You have some kids now we're pretty young, but a kid who Eighteen doesn't really nine eleven son, a big part of his life to him. It might as well be like you watching Tortora torture. And I think it's wanting the conservatives get wrong. Concerns tend to be older if you're as your listening to this, there are some people out there, especially when you doing with a lot of these sort of entitled the Bernie Sanders crowd. They don't Stan, help weekly I can go away. How quick wait? You know what we're not impervious to attack they all the time, and I think all why we need a joint military. United States Gary threatened by anyone else, yeah yeah. I can help, it's happened. Our left many people's lifetime audio times and they are always they will that's nothing compared to what we do in Iraq. I can actually it's it's a whole lot more. It's a whole more to target one is innocent wife than it is to have some collateral damage. It's a whole lot more too, What was the death count with nine eleven was a three thousand
figures around three thousand forget? The thing that makes me up as well as a kid was the for sure was the the people jumping from the building and our having to think about that, and I want you if your listing I want you to think about this- will get to the Donald Trump get to the political talking points. But I want you to really think about this. Give. You will say all that's haunting why not that a guy fell off a building. It not the same as some guy jumping off the building, not the same as some guy committing suicide. This is a guy who going about his day, maybe was running on proposing Maybe he was buying it, toy giraffe for kids and we had a day plant. Because of someone who hates everything that we are about with freedom yeah. You can salmon ignorant conservative. This guy was into a position of overwhelming shearing pain of a flaming playing that went through a building.
Burning Gatt burning jet fuel that. Jumping out of a building seemed like a relief. An option that was when we met were put in that position. Who did nothing think about that I'll, be back after them? In fact it was but a bond when I was there. What are you doing here? Listening to the show but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit icon? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, not gold or silver. We're getting bogged gathers news, videos and explosive stop it. You don't fear on terrestrial radio began its toll free without us he's got any money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
I will quote argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com to be back. In earnest moment in earnest. Moment for radio lot with greater. I am your hosts. Even greater you don't get a lot. That's Can we talk about the sort of transition from just radio. Craig S, sort of em firm radio to the digital radio. Is things sort of move in its all cohesive? together, but the one thing you noticed with with people who were younger and getting the radio online, and we know that because we get so many people who text us about the pot. Asked midweek hello pot,
ass listener that they really are. That conversational action. You know used to be well come on down to so, and so is car lot. Where will be broad today, People are aged, don't really want that anymore and I think Big part of it is because You talk about nine eleven. You talk about people who are so disconnected millennials, who everything is digital, that they want their entertainment to feel more familial used. Sit down and watch tv with a family. Dont really do that anymore. So It's important. To be honest, I hope I hope other other people take Hughes from that. Because we are seeing a real shift in entertainment, but this week's Bingham entertainment do we have that clip ready their adjourn? We do ok. But how long can you give me a minute to set this up so budgetary Donald Trump coverage. We ve talked about this I've I've. I predicted the Donald Trump will will self too dropped from self inflicted wounds? Now?
My prediction- and I said I think, that the catalyst for that will be Carly, fearing it at the debate. You can go back, I think, brought about four weeks ago, a lotta with colored outcome, podcast and you'll, be able to hear it. That's what we ve been saying for a long time, self inflicted wounds, and I think that it's going to be like the gladiator kill swipe down, neck with the sword with the broad sword, Carly fearing. I do in that manner right at that moment, but I think I think that It's going to get us a moon, correlative, fearing offenders. No, I like her because she was only politician willing. They come on the show with no talking points in that was very impressive, but their multitude of candidates, for whom I could vote for in good conscience. I did vote for fearing about four crews. I can vote for Rubio. I could ve for Gendo like involve around Paul. I could vote for probable. Ben Carson. A little red is complete lack of experience, but am I vote for them and not feel bad about pulling the lever by the way, I should have said is coming up
For the brake Harrison Green Bomb from last comic standing to talk to talk free speech to argue probably about free speech. He wasn't happy with me. We covered that story where he made fun of the Bible, nor Mcdonald called him on it. He called me on Twitter really well, to come on. The show is absolutely, I think some left us are kind of surprise and like review, you were brood have begun to debate what yet sure crap ninety of ten may never follow up you did he decide, Google Anti Leah. Yes, no. I mean that these you don't even follow up and come on the show, but Donald Trump right now this is a well Hocker JAM will have him later. He said, he'd vote for Obama for a third term before I got for Donald Trump. That's interesting and uses conservative as they come. As it is more everything is a personal compliment which you would really great was because the only attacks are personal attacks. I'm not saying he's a sexist, but it may It really easy for the left to argue that when Rosy Frank,
just that big bag. Galleys, adopt Bilbao when its cause fearing this week was look at her face ever seriously. Look at her face. That's the of relative seriously, and I wrote you I think our leafy Irina. I look she's probably had some botox work done. She sixty one years old and she had cancer. You remain so I don't have a problem with getting a little bit worked on an EU problem. It's ok, you probably has I think, she's pretty for sixty one year old, no, I mean you can tweak me. What do you think I would die when taken? Sixty someone tell me issues like sixty one that I thought use Kosovo, maybe like early fifties, but even then does she still pretty what, regardless of how you can look old and look pretty, I think she's a pretty you know, distinguished of older woman. Now sixty one is not young, I think, should be authentic, single senor, Lovin older sixty one, I think, she's pretty then Donald Trump, wouldn't know what a pretty one euro looks like, because he's never state with one. He trades the man Donald Trump,
of anyone here should be the man who, seeing you know, sixty one year old, woman naked he never na zones. You, like thirty five year old woman, I think is other woman is forty four and by the way, his wife. Select, Georgia aboard the plan that the work that's going on with that face, There hasn't been a natural cell content, o tangled yeah and she's with, we hear voices, yeah she's with them. Furs she's with them, urges all that's left play this. He was called on to by great events such as this. The closer we get to an apology by Donald Trump is just walking it back in saying he didn't mean it that another. Can it like that and I have made person. Comments about others, like guns, Governor Perry and others. But what are you talking about this one back about colleagues area? Now, I'm talking about persona will, I think, of Asian. Her persona is all tied up when you think about it. You had a tremendous failed business. If you look at you, let backward if you look at all when you know. That's all anybody here from that you
and talking about Russia really cause rights. Talk about someone's persona. When I talk about their character, when I talk about their records, I go look at his face: resign relatives, ACE and in the trunk As you know, the thing is car. We fear INA didn't play them damn car use it, I'm not even going to give it one minute, one minute to try and figure out what he meant. I think I'm getting under skin and the Trump supporters go poor, poor female, but that's not at all. She moved on down the trail. Listen Hewlett, Packard! She you can argue that you know the greatest wrecked. We asked that show she answered for pretty effectively its work the few companies that is still around after that whole chain. You have said that they were glorified printer company and In others? The Iphone More funds and exhaust hp is one of the few that they do have hp. Smartphones only have Del smartphones
she was really about transitioning. She saw that coming and she was fired in the boardroom brought by the way. People and I ballroom came out and endorsed or sensitive said that they were wrong down was chapter eleven four times so for going to talk about businesses. They both have their faults, the national, but he want to do that. Look at a vase, rightly a face is discussed. If I were married to her, I would trade her in for a twenty five year: old gold, digger. Ok, ok, yeah, he d start with. Somebody has really been a whole lot of homework on people, so he doesn't really have a whole lot of how dare you your gotcha Wash gel Edith, I want a mission will be born. Has so I mean I've seen her face. Probably is this is what I don't listen. Listen. Donald, go out. You know last thing like Donald Trump should the next time it does the enhancement of attack to a woman or to anyone. For the looks Donaldson Donald Trump tribe note to self doubt itself people works. What you look like a war
leaders with Adieu Bay? He looks like leeched turtle bag. I say bad with growing another regions. That's what Donald Trump met looks like Why is it appropriate for years? They not backdrop cause, I'm not running for president Harrison. Brain bombed, argue free speech after this
hey. This is Stephen crowded with louder with crowded, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen. I know you hear a our fifteen saving black rifle. It is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want to community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined, conceal, permit forces, as well as the best online gun store in the business. I'm talking, ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dotcom, your listening to a little louder, with crowd her out to bring on this next guessed the actually had a bit of a bone with me on Twitter. We both story towards less common stand in your Mcdonald offered for the second reading into competition and
There was a little bit of controversy, so he said that if I were, raven would bring on the program called me out. I accepted it. Listen I posted the story. Fun. I, U Confinement, Harrison, green bomb dot com or follow him on twitter, linen though I think at Harrison Comedy. I got those two right Harrison. Yet exactly! Ok, good! Well, listen! Let's! Let's let you take this off! I don't want you to think that the painting us no wait, it's unfair. So so you, let me know what you wanted to come on first and then you can. Then we can dance. You see our rights while the The article was gay, comic, batches Bible and I am neither gate or basque. The Bible so was untrue and both forgot I am actually right now not a doubt. This is gay comment, first, article that you posted the other essential about them. Ok! Well! That's what I'm looking at you! I know I've bought up myself by this from your website
So what about the idea that inaccurate will first saw it may set idle talk about my sexuality, so that no return this is four Bible batting scenario: you're no luxury and homosexuality. Ok, so let's put the difference with debates this animal- I mean I don't talk about it. There's nothing in the sad about sexuality, say you're, just basing it that on a sort of bad stereotypes, are you going I am not now. Ok, movement, my apologies, you deaf, we come across outweigh or but I think it's weird tell I first biting you use that information a little bit just because you know I it seems like you're trying to use it in a pejorative, sets sure which is that the more productive musing using the word I northward retorted means but Sri Lanka, so you're comedian right right right. Ok, so you are mad that except you, I did not have done you felt like the edited out. Your clip so are linked to the whole clip here.
Right here in this video, for those listening to rest really will link to it later with Godaddy COM, the entire set. So I Wanna, say Bible bashing, and I guess, if that's unfair, Mcdonald. Obviously one of the greatest comedic minds ever in history of comedy widely agreed upon the comedy community lay great said that he didn't they It was brave because resent that it was brave, he said you know what you're talking about. So you said that the context of the full that which you sent me that I watch chain do that, even the article where it says the look on the comedian space was all I needed to see, but that's not even the fate that are actually my face after he said that critique that they added it to make it look like that how much like yeah so that I mean The document will give us an ethics watch. Your whole set your hopes that was obviously making some of us find someone. You quoted the Bible and you talked about it being Fagin being a non existent birchen and comparing and Harry Potter that's fine! Last night you can say whatever I'm not. I found what that does. That's out of that just yet it just face. Now that chile is- and you could you know, people can watch the club
You can watch some based on actual experience, I mean the subway and there is a person there. What we want from the Bible. Yes, he I'm nearly quoting from the new testament, precise jewish that are coming from the wrong book. For me, programme which I don't even want to speak correctly from the dismantling of the book of Matthews continue just again, if you gotta get outta, who knows what words mean once map I may say now, which would have thought it would have maybe norm who, as one of the highest I use in entertainment, history next to James, would suggest, sayings of you want to go into the whole struck the this is what pejorative means. You didn't even use the right named the book and that's what normally calling you want. You said you didn't know what you're talking about so continue right, but why was saying first of all was using the word. I thank you. I think the benefit of doubt and see what you do know the work which were met because using the word, regrettably, the bad thing, but anyway, back to what we're talking about the job. The fact that he's been orderly and comedy all the time. I mean something of the sort
justice warrior problem, as you want to become offended when it's convenient for you on the fact that I can get up on stage anymore ring of Muslims wanna, saying calling somebody gave something that negative That's a I didn't say I get it or their majority is negative But I didn't say that you do so using an upper interpretive where I sent you a lie that I hear you second panting you just where that's that's another tactic of sorry, but that's another tactical. You apply I gave way and will bind the tape, and here go, have a short you are using the word, I said sure your neck. Said you were doing, observed Norton way, I think you're a insults, and that is inappropriate. But besides I don't go in comedy. I don't think anything is inappropriate in comedy continue, but this is a good way for the union to see how the left views, harmony versus the racket, youth comedy out I'll, be honest. You caught me, I thought you were gay you're not. I apologise for that. Continue with the story or the point is the jokes about people who will you
everybody agrees that the Bible is the ultimate authority sure and if you're going to it, I think that everybody can agree with, and this person was quoting that book to the wrong person. This joke in question is clearly about Quoting a book were not everybody agrees that the ultimate moral authority- and that's me, responding another book that you know the and that's the whole point of the job that right, you don't that's like the Bible, bashing or thing Spain, with other jobs, where I get a little bit more into that stuff. But in terms of the jokes in question this joke, you know everybody got it. I think you know in the clip day edited nor to sound like he was talking to cheers that what he said, something he was cheered. Not the case. He was booed by the audience. The booth had to be shot for him to complete what he was saying, one thing alone. One second, can I want to give you. I know you are really very reluctant about the censorship deal, polemic kind of explain something to you here and I think you're missing little that I'm sure everything we wrote in the peace is very very
if people go read it will Lincoln hears. It is a stark contrast. What you're doing? and we are doing, is a tenant of the left in its what's destroying comedy. Let me explain to you you Everyone got it assuming norm, didn't get it. Let me finish, and then you say as a matter of fact, people boot him, so we had to edit it. So when I wrote peace and what norm said was I don't know I didn't like the joke in thinking you what you are talking about, what I wrote in the peace was. This is shocking. Because no one says what norm set because it's really easy to go up like jokes about Christians in your it's really to go up and make mid american seem stupid. So because no one says what norm says it shocking because all was on sudden being a christian, more right wing is more too, but we talked about that and what was edgy in comedy ever thank you, just did was characteristic nation on myself in norm, people boot, he didn't get the joke. I didn't see any of those things to you and I don't know why you feel that's conducive toward and intervene and for better comedy, that's that's social justice warriors into a d,
Disagree I mean, I think, the principle this piece. You know it stretching it to say that your article as in any way comedy but I didn't see the articles comedy: ok, ok, somewhere on the same page, but no it s not the point is the articles making it see anywhere. I wanted to speak their. What the situation was in terms norm said his thing he was booed ignored. When I mean I didn't realize satisfying situation, that's fine! We'll get that context up. You know. I've got but then comedy and been called to be fired by haven't posts twice once for saying the inward, which I didn't say in wants for making a rape joke about Ashley Judd, which I did not make. I in no way said on the matter. I owe me, I know ways out of other than your Joe defend that ethical means right just about whatever they want right, but then you don't know, what's pejorative leaned, that's an appropriate and p bowed and you know because somebody get the joke. So you say that dont really mean it and that's why you? What I'm saying is when somebody the word gay, has been used as a pejorative for a long time. It's a schoolyard deaf people used to call
people yea when they were trying to insult them. Listen, I sooner because I thought you were gay even now, I'm sitting on the fence. I'll take your word for it. Then you dealt, then you don't that's ladder my view of the work of your ears if you're using it as a pejorative, if your using it, because you think that something that would be insulting to me or insulting to call it. Buddy, girls even crowded, yet gay people Is it for me for years address you that guy, I think I thought you were here and I thought not provided contact if you're not I'll go back and directed not. My point is not that much. It is an old matters if you're, not gay. If your straight man and I said gay, I should go back and correct right. So your Europe I didn't I and that's for absolutely yeah we're range from bad yeah. I dont want to be fair, Thank you. I don't think I'm the only one who made that assumption, and it was wrong when I left solely by it. You see my foot
act. I talk about it allowed. So it's not like this is new territory for me right. So to be tough. I can only man and I met. My heart goes out to listen. I was I was unaware that less that do not get. You hurt well areas areas here, he likes it or not. Gay is the life. Of here. This is the lively journal there, all the time that it's gonna be tough life, any proposition and all the time and not begin with another gave her. I was, I don't think I've products if they start that's. How could you not listen? I'm ok, let's be honest here. I alone am a couple. I was Isabella till I come across anywhere near as gay as you do, and against goes into. How can you say it you come across this guy? I lived in Chelsea. We find a roommate four months earlier Others in every single day. How are you not proposition living and being in New York City, No, you said promises and all the time it is. The market has tat all the tat every known and aren't my issue as it is this and I think normal right. And if you read the article, the article was talking about what people think as edgy comedy and I've talked about this many times,
as someone who has a mean, actually it's completely changed my life and my approach to Carmody because of death threats. It's one thing to make fun of Christians. You make a joke about that. You make a joke, but why you don't make jokes about Islam by further, thing is the irony of that Joe gives. It is a joke about them right, not really what it I do not remain as a joke. Is I want it? You can tell from the audience the joke is like I dont do it because you know they kill people most of them down, but it's the ones that do not count something along. Line on butchering? I couldn't remember the exact joke you can give it, but that's not the same as going up and saying You know that I was a fictional book meant you spend a lot of time in the Bible and Christians and Southerners and maybe destroying taxes and ask them what they are and you spend a cup The second thing, when you know me, I just building about taxes as a back. They they do have a law that allows why people to hunt yes, my vote was inevitably, I think, that's acting. That's fair game from you. Talk about the idea is obvious: ain't text should kill itself. As me saying you shouldn't have a Texas and there's a there is also Michigan raw
few state were behind. You look at hunt, I'm all about. You know the people. How is it going through? said, hunting license at the summit. I think it's funny, but it goes to a norm sat and that's what we're talking about it. Easy. It's a lot easier to go up in New York and make fun of Christians in the Bible Especial and you did so inaccurately, which is fares. Like I inaccurately thought you were gay. Then If I don't get, I've made quite a bit and accurately, but you know, norms norms, criticise it off with the name of the book for Matthews for four Matthew. Ok you're saying you start also look yet so so they go there's a starting point and then he went on and he talked about people referred I for now, is they told their knowledge and we get so may not token Harry Potter, author, Jackie roaming, around? Let's get that right to that end gained has nothing to do with its peak. Believe me, people will send letters talking
her sing. Anyone who, rather than by the way also the Math Matthew which it we're talking about, is also known colloquially as Matthews version in the short and version that is humanity ring on up on Google right now, I did I did. I left it. We're gonna go back for fact, let's Matthews about the or interchangeable according to the internet, anyway backwards, even now. Accordingly internet, you can also put quotations inside or outside of periods. That is all I mean I can find how there can be set up with you, my talking to a Canadian here, so we play by different rules. My friend listen, I think, you're funny. I think some a lot It's funny the bit. The thing we wrote about was accurate and I stand by the norm said you should know what you're talking about and he was responding, arose answering samurai, bribes and norms. And with grave at all and that sent the roman boots now, You were to go up and make islamic jokes. You wouldn't get a laugh row, and probably wouldn't praise. It is brave nor Mcdonald S praise was brave and he would still get boot
You see that events in the Environment Committee now that's what we were talking about an article. I you know I I couldn't see little bit of that I mean I think, but my point was just the reason they were going on, because I crossed my sat and they didn't like that. He was british it, but you know, the whole Jake. A rolling line of reasoning is silly, and I was you know where he sat Jake arising as a Christian. The my point was it didn't matter what book I was comparing it to. My point was saying: if you don't believe in that book shirt, then you can use any. Other book it won't make a difference will get rid of matter if the book is by Jake you're rolling, who the Christian, The book is written by anybody else. What can we have to go to a break getting into explaining a joke, which
when I was first thing in the world has exactly and that's because of your cult of leftism in that seen in the rescue sets a lot of a product we won't. Let him come right back for me like this, is powder with router be sure to visit louder with browser. is an earthquake warning morning stage: fifteen forty six in effect.
If you feel the earthquake in your area stand in a doorway because that might help this has been an earthquake warning, this is louder with gravity winners and reading plumbed Nubians, not my biggest problem at Harrison Harmony on Twitter, because Chernobyl, tweeting out about this. So here's it. We were done before the break. We got into explaining the joke. We didn't explained a joke and the they re mislead. Laying Ok, that the EU be white quote about it's like they setting a frog that it the frog dies of it in everybody's board of it right. I was I but no one can say no, no one would ever have explain a joke if people didn't get so affair,
now. We know that I wouldn't have earned it at your hope at all. I was pointing out the running and you were ended as year. Bring up norms, criticism, yes, norms. Criticism is based on a false interpretation of my job. He clearly didn't understand my job or if he did his interpretation, I think, has to a job of it. Frankly, didn't I think he thought it was very safe, and I thinking J J Rolling is christian and saying that that is criticism anyway. My job is silly basil, we're talking about not talking about the brain part, we're talking about I don't know not what I that's. What I was talking about and leaving one unopposed another article we're talking about a normal yea exactly now the Fort Neuro Wholesale Hold on a second, the meaning that in the end, the main thing when we finish the main thing that we focused on and the main thing the norm said was in response to Roseanne BAR who's, never made an unsafe joke in her life when she said it was really brave nor
sad- and this was the only risky thing amongst all the sets there- that within against all the judges, the one risky thing was a thing norms that me said. I didn't think you risk at all. One hundred thousand you might it it out. He talked for about ten minutes about Jake, you're rally being requested and all that stuff. So my mom, I will focus on the progress of the peace right, exactly the bogus, probably added verses. What happens is that is different, but might my point: In that event, that's fair to say they added. You will look like. I said, that's, fair, yeah! That's why I want to talk about If you went on about Jake you're selling, I dont know just like I don't wanna judge you based on an editor. I didn't, You just like. I don't want to go to have normal right and see what I did see was I make a joke about the Bible. Him say: that's not risky. I think that was accurate. I mean we're garden the risk or not that the only just my I can only give jobs. From my point of view, my point of view is: is somebody who you know is is sceptical of a religion.
No, I'm not I'm not very means removing comedy, very safe, mainstream. Viewing comedy that was norms, point we're going that's the only way I can make a joke them coming Graham Perspective, and I dont know if it's obviously itself. It still needs to be said when people, like him, Davis you're, you know using the eyeball to save you can't get Mary Ann and then getting divorced three times that People use the Bible, fluttering Harrison Unitary, let their standards like my stuck with it, Does the council not having to back it up, because that is the most poor line of reasoning of Emerson and CAN Davis, and you and I would agree in the camp David. I suggest a fire behavior you and I wouldn't reenacted you're, not exactly the same thing. You did with norm the same thing you treated with a peace which is normally didn't get it or just you know, norm was booed. Its king David said three divorces, lesson and argue. The case argue the law. This is what the lambs it does. Argued, uprooted and ass in the character of the person erudition higher time. I've said your joke. Wasn't risky your defence does not know what he's talking about people do
another king David thing is not the Supreme Court in the laws in force in the member states, rights or tyrannies, its she had a ton of divorces, that's pool Poor reasoning- and I think you're, so I do not necessarily poor reason aid, as the recent people bring it up. Is it you're gonna use the Bible to justify your actions? Then you need to follow the Bible, the bibles against game It is therefore worth marriage is also getting divorced. Its irritable crap and you know it. That the Bible doesn't work that way you're going to follow the Bible. You have followed a hundred percent. Therefore, nobody is a Christian can actually adhered to any biblical laws, because no one is perfect. This line of reasoning overheard, but the point is that people were nor against gay marriage are using the Bible the by it, and yet you know they actually none. Who is now an occasional you will love of atheists who have talked about judicial tyranny. People
rain Paul out there who are not big government, religious, we're not talking about that. We're talking that can only you try to turn feather everyone who might line up with a different point of view than you, just like you do with nor Mcdonald, by painting them as hypocritical Bible suppers, as opposed to arguing the laws, posed. Arguing the joke and safe lily pad which you hop with your joke. You argue that Northern gettin he was boot and it's my wrong that the last year, which was about my my overweight cousin, an equal amount of lack a new scene, the so called left side in any been reading about matching, gave remember a day, Nicole Arbour, young and that'll thing about. You are doing the fats aiming video and then censorship with all that whole thing doesn't like I'm, I'm I'm pig Yes, yes, you are you're, not picking, not one, but yes, you are you do picket. You do say why can't we use pejorative Lee
No, it's the same reason when I have to get to know its aim is to ensure that we really have to, because I don't, like you saying you can't use gay pejorative. Lay there some kid right now who lets say like me when I was seventeen getting started before the smart phones or some kid starting an open. My club, who has a bit we're out of context, uses the word or like me, Out of context where I ended the ended my set on the word, I ended it, quoting a famous french rap song and I was actually signed a Tony Camacho, my first manager, whose you probably all have you worked in New York. We can also ended it on the inward. So someone now can take it out of context and say it's inappropriate to use that we're productively and ruin somebody's career. I've. Never ever in my life- and I say this is an allowed- an amateur you just stay out at all, but I say it. I can make it very clear. Ok, I'm saying when you're doing it in the context of a set. If somebody tried to make your saying you're, not using a pejorative way, then its defensible, but when you say that the word gay as a pejorative dat,
problematic part. It's not that I don't think we're not. I don't think when the APOLLO, I dont, think when APOLLO goes up and people who are not coming up its Jesse doesn't use what they'll do. Like your liberal, it's I don't know, that's not budge, orderly, that's not defensible. I dont think, but he's that why is that not wise at defensible bath pejorative using the word. Or about joining, I'm against him using that, but if you're gonna, but we're talking something very different. No one! I use it. It's not appropriate outta pejorative, I'm singing comedy everything is appropriate or end you're talking to someone who always did a clean set. I have defended Gm Norton. Then it on the same side, people like Amy Humor, I've, I've attacking when she goes to push gun control, and I defend her when she gets attack by a by feminist and social justice warriors it's about consistency, and I don't think you're being system of fair either fend off anything they want, but I don't have any and that's that's him,
there are four media. There are people who hide behind the batter poverty to justify the dirty war. That's got the guy that anybody who the real power is not a matter of fact. Finally body getting laugh. I think we need to do and I ran everything. That's gonna break that will help me. I'm gonna break it's gonna cut. You also know when you think you're being able to go to lotta withdrawn or dot com, uncensored web version. As we continue, we can say whatever he wants stages, your listening to louder with greater, follow Stephen on Twitter S, proud of it.
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in the wonderful video studio, my wonderful video producer Gauger at this delicate and he has fulfilled his legal. I familiar obligations. You can follow him at not get yard, so they Go Harrison Green Bomb. By the way I mean there's a three hour extended interview on the website that will be getting up. It went quite long. Quite heated ends. Zero progress was made the only point I was trying to make with free speeches either it's all ok or none of its ok and you have to the east offer that premise, for you don't If you do believe it? It's all. Ok, you actually believe in free speech. By the way you can't believe in free speech and hate speech last then you the cards forward. They may end. We couldn't even agree on those points I try to move on to the point that will do wonders. At least it's your mind, set the progressive leftist mindset that sensor speech that create,
but to be afraid of speaking out because they're afraid conservatives on the one who makes the ones you may you're, afraid of speaking because I dont want to be called a racist, you dont be called a big it. You don't wanna, be called a one percent, her regardless of where you, what line up politically, Not all issues are left or right, but the free speech issue is a lot of people wanted and I spent Left or right some that should be straight down the middle guns- firearms. So Australia had a gun ban you dont know we covered it at the website. Ladder with car and now, there's some new findings, so new results, people claimed the gun ban. You no gun. Violence went down in it, so well what it was in Australia. Just so you don't sound uneducated. They had a gun buyback programme. Or citizens who own guns turning their guns. They were bought by the garments, so you are paid for them, but the buyback that battle perhaps it will never happen. Will back was mandatory, so
oh the guns and shop you only. You must use them, Why didn't you lambs. Because our leaders in Australia Sound like Hitler justly they do, I needed a day, I regret and thereafter the great wars. Your problem is you talk here in the MIKE and then you come in and you blow out the urgent solution. So pick a distance and stick with it. I don't wanta seriously pick a distance stick with I'm not into that anyway. So they had a mandatory buyback programme. They claimed gun violence went down there. I'd, be some truth to that, but once the sixty percent of the time it works every time it didn't it. It didn't effect crime, so you want to curb suicides well guns of the most object, use and suicide. Listen if someone really wants to kill themselves the numbers, I saw some guys some friends twinning
that kind of funding. You know On bands and how they all this think that this will have a specific. We said that the gun suicide rate I came dramatically down like all that the great look at the numbers is: exactly the same numbers from ninety ninety, although there are now run suicide or overall suicide. Overall suicide, just ages the cameras and stop it s exactly issues different stuff. There just grab a sledge hammer and go in reverse It didn't affect them, you that, but here's something that it did effect gun ownership in Australia. Since the gun ban today, is higher than ever. So we haven't I lot of current. I come on reading now, legal gun ownership is right, back where it was one but right before the gunman so trick climbed match. Was there the nineties correct ninety six, something around there? I think I wanna have, and I don't want to get the number wrong. I think he S. Ninety six. Ninety nine Yunus nineteen,
six of article, ninety eight, we get letters people trying to remove from the air, so one thousand nine hundred and ninety six now gun ownership is just as high as before that, but a legal gun ownership is higher. Over all gone ownership in Australia. Right now is higher than ever and their claiming that you know violence is down. So. Firstly, a couple of things here: If gun violence is down well, there's more guy ownership than ever so it didn't work. Secondly, a crime has been in the we're all crime rate. I dont know why the left seems to have the floor some the gun, if its wish. You know, if it's a crazed, shooter it's the flag, it's the gun, you know anyway now comes the tears, but I want we don't acknowledge actual motive. It is one of the things that they apply this this. This is
motive to an inanimate objects in statistical it never bears out the way they expected to now I dont want to being an ignorant. Conservative or a lot of a lot of conservatives will falsely argue, was going, osier goes up and crime goes down not always Not always so. Just like Gunnar you, no gun bans, don't stop crime! Ownership doesn't always decrease grant. No, it is true, very few. Carjack kings in places where open carry when with loose gun laws, Jenny was being in the United States, so placed like Vermont, what the most liberal gun laws places in Texas Arizona. Yet you dont have as many violent actions against civilians. That is true, but it's always the case. So. Don't argue that if your listening argue that point you can definitely argue beyond any shadow of a doubt. Is there is no direct correlation with ink? These gun crime, with more guns, we know
there is no consistent correlation Morgan's equals more crime, not there's. No proof of that whatsoever instead of trying to prove something. It's really kind of hard, comparing violent crime dad we're, whether its across countries or even across states. Just eight will listen there. There is no correlation foreign Crisco ownership and then bring it back The freedom argument you neither believe and the right to bear arms you to believe in the constitution an amendment that was written very very plainly by the way, some the founding documents can be a little bit hard because the English was different to bear arms shall not be infringed. It's pretty basic No, it's pretty self explanatory. So if that helps, anyone out there. You know cause I'll see. Conservative sometimes could cover their pants down ago. Actually, one gun gun ownership goes a crime decrease, as many have left us to pick some pocket. Well, that's not true, and then it goes tit for tat suggests. Just don't do it, speaking of which well, actually not being wish young gauge here. It has started going to the gym bizarre.
Thing for him and because he owns guns. But he rose without again. He was helpless, so he started going to Jim Gym are today. Actually, it's not about it you're. Not so it s not about it all. Well where the Jim and we can't. We literally can't talk about what happened in the men's room on air, and simply see it. Actually it's a biological function, but there are some one in there was very sick and was one of most disgusting thing that ever all labour day a site. I tend to think you might have intentional because they were not and it might have been into how to get a staff. Member is so. We got into an argument with the guy and work there who then kind of apologize. He was having a bad day because he had yet he was, called in a labour day as Mr Clean up crew, and there was a guy at the Jim in does tie into anything cultural because ties into delusion. Whether it's you know you wanna be a boy even though you're a girl or your, just delusional about everything, whether you're Stephen Seagal, whether this guy, the Jim he kept coming
over two hour. You want your producers to be gay, but there happen to be stored. Perhaps now are you want the entire audience scenarios double life? You live this guy first just to the gills. Ok. My shaved had the kind of shoulder acme tank top and just Everything you around one was people who just everything they say is a lie like just compulsive liar. If you never actually been around a compulsive liar, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about like. There are people I know who will lie to me to my face, I know that there are lying. They know that I know they're lying, but they will defend to the death and usually it's the kind of person who than walks off walks off in a huff and claims been offended- and I don't have to take this because you eight something that's truthful, but it's. The really don't want to acknowledge its. They lie about it that like a guy, I know, maybe too,
pulse of liars. My life one was a kidney carbon in high school. This guy was a compulsive liar. I've Emory HEAT start talking like can I saw their altercation, the bathroom war. These guys probably say no one of them is a crazy person Mary. He came over to talk to us with everybody. I am sorry to see that back they're gonna, take this stuff anymore, hectic Saudi Arabia or take this crap regions economic or to anyone paramedic all day- and I don't know, you drop and want to be, like ok, give circling back around at that point in Eastern Turkey was looking for some sort of compliments right. I don't know what is it before you have someone who just clearly doesn't pick up on social q, so they just like they just want you in contact so desperately that they'll just ask basic questions. Member you looking at me like when he turned away through this pen. They look in your eyes like this crazy participant, crazy person we comes over afterwards Who do you think about the weight built? Some guy says you shouldn't use await Beltran. I use YO from prevention, do you know anything about the literature go away
Like I don't know, you don't want to talk with you and then I was teaching jeered, some basic kind of like as we cool down. I do sometimes some clinched drills. We grab orange kind of showing that this is a disk just stuffed or court. Martial arts or people who have no idea martial arts oysters- and he walks in this is like a room that separate far away after already taking everybody off. He walks in insurance. Decayed Sherrod shone like our basic wrestling. Take down my ok. Here's a gable grip during a charity goes just pinches. Try. So he'll, let go faster. You can imagine. I said he has not. Quite that way doesn't work if not quite like an out she in real life Ulster, and he goes you never get done was to me wrong. No one would ever get that close to music just delusional more on and we couldn't shaken. We couldn't shaken and and and that's the problem with with leftism, because ass the ideology that just smooth transition. There is a delusion that if you tax the wealthy you're going to fix
Have you text the wealthy at a hundred percent in this country? That's something Bernie Sanders. What they textile wealthy is one percent at a hundred percent. You won't off the national bet with us. Delusion and people were the people are ok with lying today. I want you to, Wait me: it s crowd or have you ever known a compulsive? Why? What's your best compulsive liar story? our view of em we'll be back, and I'm gonna go spanked year. Lotta witchcraft, now, it's time for your daily haiku with sensory stereo time whoa beauty high through who actually magazine get you in roads of this has been or daily Haiku with sense stereo time.
Rain sit in the morning beautiful. Actually, you know we have a more stuff to talk about it. We're not gonna talk about from too much we ve been allow some people think of Trump. You know there are some good things are some bad things, but the people who love em there's never want to hear it. Does anyone here in the union rightly critical, but Jared and I. Went into Detroit. This week we shot a video in Detroit, a pretty pretty in depth. Video pray, it was a most gaviria things to begin Well, you know how to give some some premises. Have a video that's been options about two thousand nine called Detroit in ruins.
About all the economic problems of the fiscal economic collapse of political corruption in Detroit, which was once just a fantastic city that has been brought to its knees by by left us, politicians and unions, and in really just horrible policies and I feel so. Will your selectively editing at their lot of really nice areas of Detroit you're, not showing them Our argument has always been. We contend that you have to see how people live to truly understand a city not just visit. You know Tiger state for tourist destination, so to pray to you the listener, the viewers ladder with credit outcome. I think it's going up Tuesday Wednesday. We stop, from downtown Detroit. Renaissance center tat stadium we drove out and three when directions we drove out, you know it, you cannot be gentle but not Northeast North northwest in any direction from the town area that people claim is rejuvenated and nice, and we have a mileage in time. Ticker.
To show you how long it takes until you get into an area where you wouldn't send your worst enemy. In nearly every case, it was less than half a mile. Less than a German, DR going out because there's that bridge and it's kind of commercial, we turned into the first residential area. There was the first Residential EAST North West from downtown that's right. So you can see it it's in real time. It is announced it you can see is driving from downtown were there's about four blocks of nice buildings out to our people live turning into the first area, and why are you laughing at this picturing, I remembering driving through me, like you, know Really isn't that by then The latest Alex one like bridge you cross or run little like one black look around I want you to know please now now now
exactly that's how you feel tigers, aimlessness anymore, by Weight America Park. I stand for leaning over the tight were the tigers blight. I don't hear The point is we decided to take. The areas of people would most associate possibly with the truck, and there are a few there are few. Nice spots, but again We can't Eddie hassle and put on a good face. My argument about the Troy. The reason I focused on it so much is because my dad was born and raised there actually in a video. We go back to my father's house out there on modern. Out by seven miles of still in Detroit kind of getting out a little bit. So we show right around downtown and then kind of a drive out to where people like my dad lives for a long time, and it's kind of heartbreaking It's important: we always talk about this, its import because it so emblematic of the left right. If the left worked perfectly if leftism worked purple,
Detroit would be the best city in the country the policies of Barack Obama wants. Hillary Clinton wants that Bernie Sanders want. We ve tried them, they ve been tried in Detroit. It's a great little incubator, it's a great petri dish. This is where we are and so we did this video not to make fun of a city, but because It's it's very important that we talk about this. People who don't want to acknowledge the problems and its a geographic problem, Detroit Detroit could be a great city again. The wealthiest city in the country is apparent going to a PDA meeting. And just not acknowledging like eight listen, you're. Sorry, your problem, Miss Michigan Europe. Your brought your sons, a real problem, no, no he's the best. You may be had some problems, but he's good. Now, no
I'm sorry, Miss Michigan. Your son is no no. No, he is good. My sons, a good boy. Actually, I'm sorry little Detroit is, is, is murdering and raping everybody in kindergarten. Buddy shared his lunch serious once you I mean it doesn't help. You need a discipline that child need to acknowledge the problems so that you can fix them. That's the issue. That's why people who understand economics of the city who understand the political history of a city. Give it such a hard time. Especially only give something a hard time that you know has potential Detroit we know its potential was the wealthiest city in the country. Whatever be that again, probably not, but it needs to be broken down effectively. Don't Here too, we burn down to be for a phoenix to rise from the ashes. Green space needs to be smaller me you're, talking about a city that was well over a million that is now probably under half a million they claimed set. Thousand people are going to census was really fudging. Those numbers a little bit hegemony,
I thank Digital was at one point to one point three something one point: five you're quite a few people. I have a number somewhere in the sight of them right in front of me, but basically how'd in this giant area, and it's just it's like it. Much will be the EU p. So many abandoned spaces so we have that video gona in real time on a driving boom. Detroit go a wheel like a wheel, the center of the wheel and spokes DR monotonous spokes? She against EAST areas nicer. The west areas nicer than author is nicer on edited people can watch and see how people in Detroit really live. And jeered was quite scared. It was scary it's a scary, scary, scary place, but in a lot in fairness it it could be worse where's, How can I get any worse? Look around you Adam, where first of all a bow, it's my job. Instead of those clips well
those one there was a busy weeks and we went back. Don't we went to Gilberts Lounge, where my aunt used to wait tables and Eminem used to Busboy so was pretty interesting, but It's so the busy weak and were were route and for you were written for you, d, just get your stuff. Together, its garlic, Lindsey low harm. You see on the news. You really feel bad. You really hope she gets her act together, but deep down like you are, I don't think you're gonna. Do it Lindsey? You might even other cabal a bracelet. Up on him across the train wreck. I'm just gonna miss someone thanking me for staying off trumped today, what's wrong nice them, but I think we need to get back on its thirdly, I have I have to do that. Opposite of what you tell me to do doing here
I have. No idea of this segment was Bernard. Had you know, I had a perfectly lined up, and I couldn't do that now that I'm on it is like on this. Otherwise we will be back. And we will be back after the word bromar sponsor, I was there, what are you doing here, listening to the show, but you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Not me gold or silver we're getting bogged gathers NEWS, videos and explosive. Stop it. You don't fear on terrestrial radio began its toll free without us he's got any money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
I will quote argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com so good to be back, I feel so bad. I forgot to announce our next. Yes, we're looking for to have on having on I just mess it up right, away, founders, Youtube Channel, great stuff! Fellow cannot form You can follow him on Evan Del Shaw, Evan, thanks for being on the show, thanks for having me, I'm sorry can kind waited into a storm here. You got gay Jared here. If he chimes in at all
well, you know we have. We fulfil their legal obligations, you can follow him at knock. Age aired and enjoy conclusions. So ever you your case, In writing. We live in Toronto. That's right! Ok, the guy wait. A Montreal as we are actually been. The Montreal agreed go on about it all the time, and since the socialist wastelands are not too keen on going down there myself, except I hear the rivers are pretty good, so that's tempting a hot spot for everybody to go from Ontario. We were young because you can drink. I think that drinking agency is younger monsieur. I didn't. I don't think there now. It is Eighteen there I would Nineteen ontario? Yes, my go, then it is true its eighty years old. I didn't know that all the Americans go to Ontario yeah. Ontario people gotTa Montreal and it's you I've talked about this and show kids were just getting ripped at fourteen and Canada like the Alcoholism is a real problem in Quebec,.
I think I was nearly nearly everyone is a functional arts, but you say it's what's weird. Is you know when I was in Canada, their work? People like you really Like Son NEWS exists, it doesn't just now now there's the rebel it was just in Quebec liberal and liberal Socialists ice when they see someone like you on Youtube and ass. You do in these videos that are frankly hysterical about social justice warriors and kind of free speech. That happened is our different climate in Canada that I'm not aware of now, where people I'm tired of it because you know speech laws have been, there has long been alive and erroneous assumed a we'll get you. You can't say that its offensive your other there isn't there isn't. I mean I think the popular opinion is actually what I am. You know my position, which is I like to have free speech, existent, very broad spectrums, I think, the narrative is controlled by the minority that likes to push these feminist social justice net narratives. And all these other left wing,
pieces Ontario mean I don't Think where we were. I dont think let the climate is, is really that progressive in the brain. Spectrum when you get us Toronto, maybe you mean I know that the progressive voted. Show out by the immigrants and stuff like that which but I mean which is funding only think of when you think of. Can I may I guess and in incorrect we thought of immigrants. You think of a lot of lebanese and haitian and stuff like that, but I guess I would Think of them is inherent in here, progressive. But I don't want us it's like in Toronto, Well, yeah, there's that there's the deeper than the union's genes are really what controls. I think our political climate is well, oh sure they they real pretty hard the last election. They were huge had they they spent both of the well off rhythm, major political parties. Andy pay, the liberals and conservatives. Retiring in dumb was ending in the states. Not talk about that fifteen over the top twenty political donors of union find it right now. It open secrets are unions and most of them up
Sector unions and everyone talks about big oil, big farmer, the coat brothers- it's not even close to the influence from unions, and I know that the same thing in Canada yet This huge up here on such a funny my daughter she did this little Simon at school. So Jeddah come up. This little like my country, the troll country and build this political atmosphere. So I kind to help their own gave us and pointers on things our wine, but damn She concern me a one point of a few days in do it. She told me that she named the conservatives, it's not going to overwhelm now it's every yeah me! That's that's something! You don't want to bring the school teachers unions, they don't want you're insane conservative had at our school was saint. Francis of Assisi have talked about this with we had a guy come in dressing, a wretched mask, I'm a great school zinc. Thank you, your parents for voting liberal, in in school a great because they came in and it was assumed which is ironic
the Catholic School in you this radically pro abortion guy. You think that a catholic public school would have some kind of a problem with it, but they abandon those principles at the door people your talk about your separation of church and state. It doesn't exist in Canada. He will let you know the Catholicism Antonov on Terrio, but cabuc was. This. Was the provincial denomination public schools were catholic schools I mean. I can't really speak to queue back Ontario though there to be a pretty nice. Just like the states, I guess Warren Christianity, everything's Islam always gets. I shall pass for everything we got. Imams breaching how you can we need to watch your wife the rest with a stick to keep her in line. But nobody seems to be nigh about that. But now the question of access to abortion or anything. It says you know you're this big at that time. Haven't you
you'll. Never it'll never happened here. There's no chance would happening in the states. Evan haven't you heard we're just absurd reactionaries life you having it's interesting. I've been following your politics, a bit term. I mean we have our own kind of like Hillary Clinton up here that runs Ontario. The only real major different, I think, between Hillary Clinton and Catherine Win is causing one is an open lesbian what happened but I mean there's a lot of similarities. We have, let me see, deleting email for school big gas lamp Seaward stir. I was I mean, there's funny when I heard about Hillary Clinton, Gmail scantily, we had that learning was last last year and two years ago I was gonna know in Amerika, the original anymore, yes and the best diplomats, comedian and the best political scandals all come from from care what that you're, your lady did, she kill a guy, gets Hillary Clinton killed a guy. Now why not that I know of no. We
we take your stuff and if we make a better yes figure, beggar, garlic, Spencer, steal that have nothing to do with Donald Trump taken, rob Foreign descended, put a spin autumn. Haven't you, up a little, but I think I know I know Rob Ford know. What's he doing up there in Canada cause? I was just you know that was a comedic witch hunt in the states for those who don't member rough ward was smoking rocks and he was still mayor of Toronto and dim, even like wasn't even apologizing for a long time. Now, people realitas. His party sees you actually still counselor sits on the council's Toronto, but he doesn't get the cupboards that are used to get, but it was going in writing when you, why several dynamic that the progressives drove them not because we have the most politically incorrect guy in the most politically correct part of Ontario, I guess
and I think heart attacks with caresses had to have just skyrocketing thirty to forty percent. Just the things he said, but on the flip side day you know they would always attack things that they hold sacred, so they were always talk. What his way it always is big fat, slob and, as you know, at the same time, the diva have these big rally set these firms. We should be celebrating million other hundred pound love, life, I guess I will yeah. So I don't diabetes March, they very popular possibly rounder larger I've missed slot walks. I've been meaning to get out one of them, their region in. I think they are Regime, neutron, our western fairly other Montreal yeah. So I don't know where they started, but our members a kid going. We hold on a second you're, calling it a slot walk, but I call you a slut a chauvinist. Let me I'm a little murky on the rule book, but they're really big in Montreal level, in it
I mean you're talking blatant notary like in Montreal, the gay pride parade was worse than the fulsome street: fair in Samara, he's got me basely talking about guys. Getting it on flouts it's it's pretty wide open. Yet the same thing with the pride brain toronto- it's pretty pretty out there. I remember that cover Montreal Gazette a man in a thong with breast implants- and it was all shown right on the carbon. Remember my dad had attic My dad had to have a conversation with me. The kid I'm gonna dead the man, clearly breasts any dislike. I dont want to have this conversation with my six year old computer, where the birds and be son, you have but there we have a big guy outrage. A backlash going out with just introduced. This new progressive sex said curriculum in Ontario. So if we ve,
I guess you should do the divide. The progressives are calling the one side, all homophobia, because I don't want to have these six different genders now. I could name them all to save my life, but the big question, if you dont, if you don't agree, the premier will call you homophobic and transfer back in everything like that: radio, the bread, the progressive playbook so that some That's interesting, you're lucky pulling their kids. I today to have this big rally where, for the other kids at a school he's coming a lot from the religious fundamentalists? I guess, but there is, I mean there is some concern with it. I know initially it was developed by an how can these convicted people guilty the term producing child pornography in all these other things need to be enhanced. Defensible people understand, I'm Rwanda he's just enough pamphlets there, when I was in Montreal for the Indian, a liberal party Part of their political platform was defending child pornography in the guise of art. To a certain level I think was maybe too like, I want to
twelve or fourteen I mean they were sending this out so Yeah, I've never seen anything any direct, I mean direct up again under any information that that's it, I definitely feels that way. I mean we're the age of consent and come back as fourteen. They we seem to jump at the chance to defend a child molester pedophile button, right exactly as long as there are, of course, in the liberals and lungs or liberal, it's ok says the main thing if its, if it's a priest, it's a problem, if it's just a if it's your Hillary Clinton what's your name caffeine? When Kathleen went so she's an open, lesbian, yeah, so You're, a Canadian, that's an outsider view, so too, not completely out of line just to think again. The cross is blatantly lesbian. Now I mean
Is the canadian think that too, because Canadians, even though they don't even believe in hate speech when it comes to commentator on american issues, sometimes they dont have to tiptoe around it? So it's a kind of widely accepted now in Canada that Hillary Clinton is but I do not even for the rest, I can't obviously must be for myself I mean that's here I mean you know it She she goes both ways: person Ass, Madame whom she runs it by the poles like she would have president she. So spying These aspects are new platform, isn't that she can be more spontaneous and spontaneous bill, I'm be more spontaneous and a better is hell now plays list We just still sleep and several departments. I think this is so clearly a sham. I wondered Canadians, look at it and in get it to yeah, it's it's it's it's a weird deal up there in Canada. Do you feel like there's a growing movement with people like you were defending free speech because it didn't exist, like I said when I was ready to like there's a groundswell
you're, pretty pretty big movement forming right now. One organization CAFE Meaning Association for equality. They ve got a lot of Action and they ve been speaking of love, remains rates and the feminist actually hated training I guess male spaces, and what not so I'm see. I guess it would make sense that Canada, being one of the more progressive places that you're gonna see the backlash and start to happen here. First from I understand that the climate that I feel it on social media. Why not? There seems to be a lot of its people. Kind, This man's were male rights advocates and what's the other one Mig Tao movement coming out of trouble, you said because anything that men spaces- I mean, like you, think of okay, the Jimmy's to be like men space, but one. That was the ultimate the men space at one point was immense locker room. You even have Let anymore No, I guess and everything that has been a while, since I had to worry about that too much, but
Yeah some girl comes in with a prosthetic, and you know you guys have to put the towel on, but guess, if it up I don't think would bother to many but like myself to group up in a hockey locker room and in no time. He's gonna. Do you just used to everything hanging out Y yeah ashamed when she went to grow playing. I guess we'll, let you go in about thirty seconds, and I will give you this before. I was in Philadelphia flyers, locker, Missus, Kebby, Nanine, Eric Windows, robber anymore era and Eric Windows, of giving an interview to a female reporter with his Swanton just hanging. So you never see that, and now they have a row you have to cover up when talking to a female reporter. There was a problem in Canada and that's what I love about you, Evan Delta working people, find you on Twitter at Edinburgh share on you to search to find it the Youtube. Videos are absolutely hysterical, honestly recommend everyone listening watching. What are we doing? Go watch them. Some of them are really funny, and I don't mean the sense of duty to hack stuff, like our kind of funny their funny
where Period Evans Elsa thanks for being on, we will be back after these words from our Stephen crowded with louder with greater, to tell you about one of my favorite sites on the web, a our fifteen doc. I know you here are fifty seven that the study black rifle it is, but they are fifteen dot. Com is actually the best website. If we want a community from which to learn about how to care for your gun guns, safety were defined. Conceal permits forces, as well as the best online guns store in the business and talking ammo accessories operates. All that can be found at a our fifteen that that's a our fifteen dotcom, do half will ya
I thought that we had technical, never go it's just me, using my voice, gotta catch ere. It thought the doktor S, desire to remove, don't know. What's real Whilst being of what's real funnel funnily enough. I don't know you knew this. They'd a study with a marine now we have some data This can be a shocker and a one you feminist, a tweet me it S. Crackers like an retweet. You laugh and let you know how little I care. All male. This is from the hill, I'm was going to read the headline. Because I want to be fair and balanced.
All male marine units outperform squads. With women. It's out there, it you label oh god, is only only deeply Norton. You play militarily, a girl. You play, kill, kill Papa, like a girl. Kill her power among virtue, but you but you, but the girl, here's, the truth, women you're not designed for battle. Are you saying my breasts? Aren't yes, but they make a fantastic, makeshift pulse. They do that's one thing: women have a lot more places to conceal care. I always envy you did they make this next job of explaining national laws for women to carry their gun, gunnery Ike sideways or like a straight down or independent, and it depends what cup you are. It depends your copy. I wanna want to go homage. Calibre we want to carry yes to putting one cow
depending on the calibre of rests. It determines a caliber Let's be honest. People agree rather different caliber of breast, But the point here is so all male squads teams and crews demonstrated high performance levels on sixty nine percent of tasks evaluated. Compared to the gender integrated squads teams and crews. So the someone it They, then, is this. Is this undeniable right, the stats, the studies, its undeniable, its overwhelming evidence, but then they still have to release a statement. Female marines that performed superbly and combat environments of Iraq and Afghanistan and are fully part of the fabric of combat harden marine corps after the longest period of continuous, combat aright lesson. Women, if you're out there in the front lines. Of course, we appreciate you and of course we support you, but I don't want you there. Really don't. I dont want women out in the now we okay who's the best person for the job, not a woman in this case now,
a woman. Should women have positions where I mean you can have a woman. If there they could be as good as anyone in a fighter plane. They could be as good as anyone when it comes to strategy to be as good as animal when it comes to tactical. The kind of maneuvers. I don't even know what them I don't know the military work. Someone can get mad at me out there front lines when it comes to physical task. Listen, there's a reason that your physical test is less than that of a man. You should be afraid you can't take pride in being a woman, go what gonna be Ok Temple ups, three. You can pull us effective, F. You want me to do tat polyps. This is patriarchy, all the guys Avenue and beloved laughter guys. Will you want equal pay? Should we like pro right it further pull up how it shouldn't be performance based pay, you shouldn't be
performance based entry in the military. You know it looks The pull up zones are hard for anybody. Ok, let's get the polyps aright forty pushups, I limpid female gymnast can't do only grow pushups. Are they grow bookshops? get on my knees now you can't get on your knowledge. I pay less it. Lady. No one is asking you to get on your knees. Ok, it's not Donald Trump here now trust. We don't want a lawsuit, no one's asking to get on your knees, whether how nice about the data, perhaps you know, just like normal men, push up the white do you want me to do pull and let me guess next time you expect shoot the garden the charge just like it? and why do right about what you gonna turn me into it? We want to turn you into a soldier, ok and you have breasts and you get to bulbs, and you can't many pushups we do this same exact, BT requirements for men and women period, equality for all you do the poems you do. The push
you do the jogging. You get no special treatment. If you make the cut you make the military guess what you'd have very very, very, very few women in the military, unless you count Caitlin Jenner, if he felt like go on it. What's funny is in the same exact study. Are you from the hill the summer Female reams of performs superbly, no herb, shoe means. You performed it just Ancoar tryst equally well better than ever. Possible median performance could provide It means you ve gone above and beyond. The call of duty. Super It really is not sixty nine percent of the time. You don't do it as well as a man. Do we appreciate you go and here's one thing too bravery is well bred in his home country. For some of the time was it. Does it work now,
They said sixty nine percent of tasks evaluated now These three out of a hundred and thirty four. Ninety three out of a hundred thirty four tasks about it? this is all male squads did better than gender integrative squads, which means have another guy. Just a man does not just compare like the boys versus the girls, the shirts versus skins, I'm not gonna, be Ganz. I thought you were, this network, we saw your boobs now. Ok, I want to make sure them clear on this: much on clear and are also you show your breast and public down o Brien Parkin at hand, but you don't show your breast and the military, just wanna make sure amply animal. So these are gender integrated squads authority, the meals buttresses female squat, only else wants did overwhelmingly better than the male and female
squads gender integrated? It's not been closed. You know what we don't do. The study of the all male Squats Brazil, female squat, could have not gee. I Jane to be more is not getting the sergeant ass with a stupid. Little Stevens had got my fight. What really happened that she gets off the climbing wall and then you move on and the men go out and save the day like the battle. Here's my problem when we are sending women who are woefully inadequate here, going to these studies out to the front lines. The die for our country, women sending them out to die and we do so in the name of progress really That's the new equality! back with a third hour after this doubt yards. Yeah I know
time, for your dating advice, minute with pill caused cubs was where the doubt Roy you give away our problems with water, three above was removed. Seven long work and wizard sleeves read rivals go away. Rough our motto. Every word you would rather broaden the boy why who gave a woman, that's all you got a lotta was only three: are you gonna? Do. Where'd, you go abroad, we cook you should go.
When the cowardly, our lab now leave me alone or by armed, enabled adapt brought about by this, been your dating advice minute, with pale caused getting louder with proud that our warmest You didn't, let me introduce you, I didn't I am your host Stephen Crown this has is allowed her with crowd her a producer who happened to be in studio with me right now, as always gauge aired, you can follow him at not gay Jared ok I'll have leisure. What does Walmart mean
We don't want you gettin like out of control and try to take over the show com. When hijacker wonder, will you not want that happening We don't need any of that. What does want to shoot up? What are you an ominous? Vomit is not only do you come in, you come up with an incredibly irrelevant question. It's an is an intra. Why, while modest we did this ominous spirit us whatever. We were talking before this about Roma women in a military. These are we were talking about women military. Google I know people going to get mad and women in a military. We were talking about the physical fitness tests and how they deal with the physical fitness tests, but the actual tasks. They didn't. You very well One thing I will so we have a story up with the website, Did you hear this Angelina Jolie I saw the headline that was that was but the extent of that yeah she does.
Before the? U and high commissioner for refugees and talked about ISIS and how they are going to be using rape as a weapon of war on a scale the likes of which we ve never seen. So she sitting before the? U N, which might well be called that we hate Israel in America and we want to be, is logically sympathetic, council and she said I We really need to deal with. This is the real problem, so you have laid down amount is offered it to adopt all them had our per head well she's, pretty tough on terrorism. You know Angelina Jolie, as is pretty left on a lot of issues, but then she's right on some other issues. She acknowledges the global threat, that is Islam in our data course. John Voice is very conservative. You know I have some respect, for I don't agree with everything, but she's she's work with you and she actually seems to be going out there in doing a little more than a photo up, because she's willing to say hey rape as a problem in these countries. Ices is using rape. We really need to help these people, and it's been pretty. The media didn't talk about that if she adopts another, if she'd, apps
their child. Everyone wants to praiser, but this is something which is actually trying to do some good, but its politically incorrect. Tweet me it s got to have you heard the story from anywhere else. I've been seeing any place cover the story, that's a big deal for a Hollywood celebrity one who particularly has been given humanitarian awards to say rape from ISIS. Is an unprecedented problem they're, using it as a weapon of war? Historically, by the way, most islamic- I guess you'd say: military forces have used. Rape as a tool of words are very it's a cultural Americans understand its dominance thing. That's why Men are offered so many virgins in Heaven they about who really wants that many virgins and haven't. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, It's about dominating it's about the HA hive de flowered. You that's part of the culture which begs the question what kind of a man are you if you just want to have countless virgins house? cook. How small must your ego be that
to have a bunch of women who have nothing to compare it to enter the virgins, have a say in it, of course, is the next question. Are they gender neutral virgins now could be, could be you never know with ya with with with what's going on now, I don't know I don't know of Heaven is that progressive, but I think they got there and it's all look like Caitlin Would it be like a real big disappointment. Even generate, so what I find so funny about the Caitlin Jenner thing in this happened this week, Caitlin generals and others for I Caitlin Jenner, was on Alan and set it in. I was kind of against game air. Because I'm a traditional I was against gay murdered because I'm a traditional lost, and now I can't it's not my job. I got no. I have only one chapter, nine and Alan was Saint, doesn't sell your fully on board now- and I am, I am onboard, I'm on board, but you know Caitlin Jenner, wasn't emphatically on board enough. So now the gay rights groups have got mad at Caitlin, Jenner,
maybe maybe hit his her in a political stance, has urged the wrong everything is in a little bit of transition, everything's going a little bit of a transition yeah. What's up unprincipled man, principal man is willing to abandon it for convenience. Urge not my job to China, where someone trapper. Sometimes it is You saw the old announcer the Batman Robin cartoons unite. There were the old, like Adam, lest voiced ones, from way. Likewise rhyme grammar, the Joker yeah, the joke voice, it's, but that's Ok, I'll ungenerous shout and one party has made a dash. Brad reminded the spread of vanity. Fair ones. Go out, Barouche really looks like a Caitlin, and then you really but that was some angles and some serious airbrush, because when you see Bruce Jenner live on a television show now is Caitlin Jenner. It looks nothing like a woman did not even resemble you wouldn't even be a question. That is a lot of money Photoshop hours, I think for those
very good manners me in this came out. Mashable had this whole thing. Is this video going viral? We have this about the website with transgender children. Delivering a video to them. Twenty years from now like it gets better it. You know, You'll know who you are. You know it won't be like delivering this video you now and which was really feel badly. Transgender kids and you feel bad. Any teenager cause it's not a particular enjoyable time unless needed. Psychiatric counselling, Highschool wasn't super enjoyable for most people, including the popular kids, you thought had a great time, but you kids in this video. We have it on the site at one of them looks like like he four years old, drawn his hair out long and puts on a pink necklace and that's child abuse. To me. A child at that age should not be given the authority to make lifelong permanent session, certainly not to alter hormones or or main his bow.
Name, is little body and high school kids will take any. But take non transgender, high school kids and have them deliver a message them. You know like a time capsule for twenty years in the future, it's gonna be a tiered tyrker. Have twenty eight year old, deliver a time capsule to six FI there's sixty five year old self, it's going to be a tiered Yorker when you are school. You felt like all man. If I could just be fighting, be like that quarterback, you know whether loves or that pretty girl life would be back Or because almost everyone in high school, this feeling of wanting to be something there not, and that's all think about this? We grew up right. The p essays were be yourself, you know, go after your dreams, be yourself, don't try and be someone. You know it's, because everyone trying to fit in with don't try and fit in beer self. That's what we told kids for a long time, saving what the fat bridegroom It's all about loving yourself, accepting yourself for her. You are the one exception. Is the gender issue? What.
I dont want to exert myself. I want to be a boy. Wasn't now, don't accept yourself, don't love! You should hate yourself until you get a pain. No, but you have a being you wanna, be unusual, hey your love! Until that happens, it's the big irony. Just like we, We complain as a society. We complain about Photoshop and unrealistic expectations of beauty and magazine covers right. Someone praised foregoing, make free look. What would have cultural and make up free you're like ok thanks, we don't need it, but the Photoshop as a problem, the exception Brisket, when Jenner just switch it up now and now to transgender will. Now we love Photoshop because the Photoshop reflects who they truly are there? does browsers, and can I you shouldn't versus accept himself now now photoshop
Photoshop and surgery and hormones. Patsy. We truly is I'm fat. I want to lose weight now. Example, you are, I think I should lose weight. You should love you? I don't really feel good about being that you should love you. You mean tat. You should do with spread for doves soap untouched to Chauvelin how beautiful your cut off my penis we're gonna. Do that we're gonna Photoshop and how are you, and we also have to accept it. Let's change one thing: ok Mashup over, so these kids are gonna summit later with credit outcome. These videos friends entered. Let's change one thing that little girl set of wanting to be a boy that little girls, a black girl in a predominantly white school, get
Tease- gets made fun of feels like a fish out of water, because the white kids maybe make fun of or sometimes happens, kids can be cruel right there. Europe wants to be a white girl. You'd have Counselor stepping up and telling her to love herself and to stop trying to beg to fit in and you're different, but it's beautiful, to be who you are, but I changes to that black girl wants to be a boy. Oh my gosh. Yes, let first, I will make sure that no one ever make fun of you at all costs. Bullying campaign. And then yeah, let's, let's, let's, let's get a prosthetic in the meantime, just where this belt, with this hanging from aunt and it'll, make you get used to the transition, some those two. What the transgender movement. That we don't acknowledges that the serious health ramifications, but a very serious right. This
do that everything is about. Happiness is just on it's just that. It's completely disingenuous. Let me give you an idea for people listening. You dont know this right. You ve heard of going organic right. People want to eat organic food; they want to avoid pesticides. They want to avoid. You ve heard get your about Bp Free, like yeah, two bottles, that's a big thing: don't care will be Ba. Ba is a form of plastic, chemical that they believe can reach into water without causing o estrogen sure and without Is the reason they do want to do things they clean pesticides that clean the hormones in the milk sector, their altars, your hormones causing mimic estrogen in the body. We know that's bad, we know as carcinogenic and it's bad for you. It leads to cancer excess estrogen. So we to ban this, we seek for more trends, transparency, labeling with come, ways to avoid these Ino estrogen, because it's not good for you. An actual Inge estrogen, is injected into your, but, however, the twelve year old boy.
We don't acknowledge and it's a health problem. We say: what's Firth happiness, if that boys ringing, a water bottle, has been sitting in the back seat of his Volvo for low too long plant down. Just exactly told your head, Well, if you point this up, it's not hate warning someone delete a healthy life and not made themselves trying to help them not eight out of a project. A fund.
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super soda, hey I'll. What what does that was? I mean hey yeah here so the k, yeah ay, that's the way. I did ya ya, see How are you see ya? yeah, I like it, I'm about to go play reputable little women's pay ya. I voted the way. The financial we build interactive club because early That is only the women in White Lou We don't have any those riff Rafik you'll find at other racquetball clubs. Oysters are fantastic. All in all, women will do. Prisoners are breaking new similar. But after this letter here So I got a letter. While I was too but the women in a military. I want performing their name is Catherine This was just right now, as I was talking about this on air, came to me the direct message on twitter She said not a feminist, but I'm a former surgeon of the Marines
finding does not surprise me about them being less equipped to deal with tasks. So this is what she wrote. I wasn't Direct support of to force, weapons company or maybe to slash sorry. One say exactly mission. Gibbered wreck your shoes insupportable weapons company in it I understand and she was the year here. Should I went on foot and mounted patrol and hostile areas. This is a starting from the range I didn't. Belong their physical fitness was, the biggest obstacle affecting mic mission accomplishment. It was the males need to protect us. We were a frickin. Stretching district not good, I'm proud of my service, but it's wrong wrong. And she's had just so. You don't think I'm lying. She sent me a picture. Of her leading a first. There were there and she's economic just like you, very cute woman, very pretty not a feminist.
I'm assuming I'm assuming a pretty hatteras actual woman who was a surgeon in the Marines, was not a liberal activist and she's being and not make sense. I've heard that Alot actually had when I went out to Guantanamo Bay. My sponsor was a female That's a sponsor you to get you one bays and vouch for you and she was. She was a sergeant I dont want to misquote, but she was she certainly letter the people. She was in a position of leadership and she was in the army, not Marines. And she said she would always get really upset when girls would come in, she said with a change the rules. I wasn't allowed a yell at them anymore. In other LEO Ernie Conniston. That you here and now in now for mental jacket, No that was allowed. She said it. We just they would come in, they would just start crying and they couldn't do that. Push shops!
four yellow them did a push. Ups are made fun of them, they would get mad and we could get rid not so we really really had to be careful in lower standards across the board. The one area where I don't think that's the case as much is the Marines Zalm, I'm quite sure the pity requirements are different from one another. Damn we think about meeting by these people. Going I mean you can have a turning his great turning change lot of your instincts a year, Europe, the ability to carry out missions, but doesn't change. Her biologists change your basic in six as a mail, for instance, I she said to protect or basic If woman, you noted You know emotional states things like that necessarily know exactly eminent. That's a big thing is it does? stop men from being men. There are certain timed and never let a soldier behind. Well, that's not really true. If there's a time you have to save a bunch of people or you have to move on and one person is- is lagging than a helping. Sometimes you have to make a game day decision to save other people. That's just the reality, and
I've had soldiers tell me male soldiers, it's a lot more difficult to leave a woman. They would give special attention to the woman, because its male instinct guess we're all sexist patriarch. As you know, we want to be, women, safe That's why we generally go to war. In the first place, the reason men go to worse, protect the village of women and children. Women, inherently to man and are subconscious. We picture them as more valuable than We treat them that way. That's what you do with kid gloves You can add a hundred men, the button each one woman, one Can reproduce at a certain amount of mankind? Is brute go go reproduce I mean you can just be. Yes, listen, you even go all day long and you can make dozens of babies in a day depending on dedicated. You are to your craft, but a woman can swim ending with the queen and
and men understand that and that's not saying that women are inherently more, I know we're going to get soccer team going to get mad about this, and I think women are more valuable than men or men are more valuable than women. As a society for a long time, men of one or two protect women. Because of that because of that instinct of we need them to stay afloat. We can there's only so many of them. You know anyone else can take my wife if I go and can reproduce, but this if we were not, a women were done, sets You can't just curb if you're in a field of battle- and you have a woman and you see her and She'S- hurt it's a male instinct. You always want to help them. You always do and there's nothing wrong with that, but I think that's a beautiful thing. I think my wife think that's beautiful women article upon those site. Now Courtney, our new wonderful writer, wrote from a female. Spectrum as a conservative, how she's tired of man
gaming, how she wants men to be men because she's getting sick of looking for men in their all ready apologizing. So many comments to Sunday comes that one woman skill exact same way about this new feminine, its Chad shocking. It seems like normal, then think about women, mostly women, mostly in common thing going. I thank you so much. I don't want my man to be a woman without breasts? irrevocably this, but I guess we are breaking news or I'm. I gotta go to quickly Well, they re long oil groundwork. Renewables lovely girl, drop, vitally drove criticisms regarding the lack of foreign policy, good I think we got a lot of name, William, Rita and then girls them
filled with a blue prices. We'll give RO the rugs and leave him? Then you I didn't Donald Trump is on a role that he is unwell, he's impervious to insult sieges, labs it back in a way that you are not prepared to handle that guy. That guy He calls you, you know, listen. What do you do if you call em out you're hanging foreign past experience when for bankruptcy four times daggers? Joe? Your face frank, the bases, ridiculous pc. U I want the whole That's how you gotta gigawatt, I gotta get a lot of its forces. Its Listen you not equipped for you prepared for response referred for desire, prepared a dogma policy promoted up, but it is an insidious calls. You like. A puppy head
and this stings these nets stings and stop the long like he is really great, really gets my vote I never we buy outs Docker Jim is an online we bring in stock origin. He wants to call in and talk about anything this week, so lottery Garotters day to some of your calls, an stalker Jim checks back. We hope these doing ok, but whenever shower stated Is a year checklist warning you now how sometimes, when you are under bans, twister wiener into weird shapes words,
like the super soccer that could go around corners because you sat funny, please be sure, to check your apparatus before use to avoid public embarrassment. This has been a young all morning. Nice dancing a happy song and we're happy, because we ve gone to a phone lines and we have one of what we have our most regular listener. We how stuff-
current standards and thank you for calling answer. How are you done? I am doing well such a friendly stalker is a friendly starker seeming Sunnyside. Unlike other white, you let him in your house. You think he's going to be nice cup of coffee and you're. Just never. You never know. What's gonna happen, we way the welcome that and then He's too have too many only leaving a body back so stop. You said you're in a good mood today. What why you in a good mood today an excited already in my new we Argovie Kishar today for a mile and disturbing shop, etc, keyboard Ashton best friend, he's got advertisement former and she and her shop, she put up a line of teachers just for him, Nelson, we argovie for support, form and one. I am certain that the Kaufman's Like members to help him, that's right, I'm proud of you. Wanna do
as I have my picture, taken with an honest and it turns out We get our attention recently a stock of how to do it, but you have to get close to her, We are you, ve talked about that will get up as a link on twitter, though, that we are Gabby fur through for raising money, because it is for good cause for those listening who don't know. Stalker Jim we're not his actually we're not his favorite people. Any files Linux thoroughly. Vienna's Myspace topic is topic, maybe but Lindsey Sterling would be number one idea: early near the top table. I follow that. I can follow ok, we're gonna current block you set up. You said that I tweeted me about that, and you said you know you feel like email, you needed people who you wish you whose risk You wish you had now. What who are you talking about was that, because the guns and twitter tips for some people like an Baldwin, Michel, Mulligan, happy top and concerted Antwerp TCP another
but after the knife area, one point or another by arguing with and do not extended that attend, really they blocked you yeah. What Michel Magua justify? Could I screwed up? I sent her the comment about feminism and I've centrally to address you today, video and I'd. My heart and I didn't realize: hey you're, talking to a lady you're, not talking with even greater and said I wasn't a proper linked to say so yeah. I don't blame you for that one he was about four years ago, and now she blocks year by year, You know my shell she's one of those once you're blocking you cannot stay blocked. I had to. I try that things, you hold any animosity towards you. She would get actions, it may happen in the moment. New probably sent a link. I met that yet understand too I've been there and we spend time with her and her family. They get something. A really really rough, so she's, just really quick to try and come to protect yourself. That's a Adam! I don't have any
our joint about. Anyone can choose right to do so. I stood up. Ok device, Good lord you're, very reasonable stalker, but here's the thing you So you acknowledge, though, because when you used it used to be involved with the ship, before we do. You really acknowledge your whole lot, because you you were, Thank you. Now know you were pretty negative, for example, and it would be a lot at when you first came here. I didn't know if you weren't a left us too kind. I hated the show and it was said, attire or, if you like, the shell, because most of your comments were not get when you say now, you you realize that might have been the case in you. You didn't mean to adjust, maybe didn't translate. You think Well, I got my online start on top before that wasn't internet to speak of an ice, in the chat rooms discussing computer stuff and when we coming from the other chat rooms and say: hey my I'm not going back, then there's this guy, the creep about it, and I was doing today now, listen forbid! Let him talk and for a couple minutes now going. Eviscerate him. I just now come the pieces risk and so be it
the keyboard warriors the column. Now, that's where keep away, and I didn't realize that that has been pretty much. My mother called my standard up. Procedure. Yeah, yeah, current Orange Twitter, yeah, well, twitter message: boards is everything onto the internet. Well that's and there's nothing wrong with em in youth such a pretty hard things too, to gauge arena but were well. We are legitimately thick skinned yeah. We really care that much, although I have given it back and likely, what do you have to be such an ass all the time? I remember one time you'll, you know what you are right, but I will say this document, I like seeing your development and We do care, we do you know you now, it's ok is don't you think started in going to be so we care you know there are people out there definitely care. We do it's, not an act. You know just make sure, obviously don't cross any like serious lines where you know you trying to fire safety at risk, but Tom
you know it wasn't it hurts. When you have people who are involved, the show who then decide to just cannot take off and in don't value the friendship. So we do. We do value your your ear listener ship and your friendship, but I know you don't wanna be called a fan that term offend our rapid. Why wears off at you? why, because I grew up in the age of colts any your fan for some reason I don't know I just associated with their young people, follow like trawling, Manson and the host of courts. Data grew up. Were you ever in around that era? Norma. With almost any one occurrence gotten out before not too bad luck here. Will christian villages, coal, it could so called Christian? Oh, As the world, like you, look like Islam, I can tell them what they call themselves. Buddy you're like let boil Baptist only in on speed right I was absolutely outer yeah and but listen if you like, my
the way I've changed, I've gotten an. I know I certainly do thank once fire album or something because the trees, The one thing she is she really? What is it the music? These? Is it the music soothes savage beasts? Is that what it is it it's her message: it also motivated of bigger and hurt you Talkin about how arrogant the love you and how are you you should not let others stop you you should be more targeted lies not let us stop you're, not what other stock you, because it s the case with the call monarchies you see in this area, just stopping them on the people. Did you know she was an American got talent and there I can't say the description form, but you know you look on Twitter. You know this organ savaged her. He insulted the crap out of her That's when her career began, she made the coroner finals. He insulted earn said she's sounded like a bite of dying rats and after that she listened again and made
they never sell a little. No, not acts. Pierce Morgan is actually I'm here, have, you can do wonders, but is actually a walking bag of dying rats. So that's where he pulled that from our. I can believe that, yes, the dialogue, especially yeah yeah. Well, I was glad to hear okay, so industry now has Lindsey Sterling, as people You are you're still used to have an awful lot of communication, yes or no I got a messenger. Laugh was actually had need, suicidal after had gotten somebody centre. Saying that he had reported one. My earlier comments, Angie that achieving she no longer he would. I posted we'll talk either at Command Jim. What I talked to her assistant, Miss Fletcher, ashes, within walking in that you put him under the we didn't. So ok, I don't know she might have needed me. I'm occurs. No, but I talk to you. I would say one thing: if you dont want to be with us for kind of fine, because we have such you know it feeds of Christ
people. Now I'm a thing you're crazy, but we have feet of like so. For us, an extra handful of your tweets are to make a big deal for Monday sterling. I would definitely keep your volume. The volume of tweets overall down, because that was the first thing, think a lot of people have blocked you stalker Jim. Now because they necessarily even hate you, but sometimes do cleared timeline too much for the can't read other tweets. Then someone else did you see my tweet network will knock a stalker Jim sent. You know. Nineteen hundred tweets after that. I've got a separate twitter account. I have now fora such thing. I got a why don't you use the years, the weird part about it? Why don't you just like neighbour, creepy, Betty's loquacious just tone down the volume in only two creed of separating out this account. I own component, you you got my politics and arguing and start not decide to do this. You told me, you know that that's why you're blocked venomous at one. I argue it and I have my fun
and that can be livestock. You I've had your way better than professional account. But I hope you very privileged Jim You have your own account exclusively to stop me, but I can't dare call you a fan. That's offensive what like that, like a good idea. I didn't hear that it can be a very poor one say right, well, lessons Doddridge Emory have to let you go because of the good, oh breaks you, but I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I'm glad you listen. You know a man the stalkers. I've had your way better than the midget I've talked about on the programme before you don't make me nearly as uncomfortable so You got your issues, I'm glad to hear that they're gone. Ok, I'm glad to hear that you are doing better I'll put in a good word with Baldwin and we'll see what comes from there. But what will check back with you in a couple weeks a chin up, ok,.
Her mother get my work, an uncanny reaching puberty jeez. Okay, I will thank you started and we appreciate her brother and we will have started and will have a MAC again as the longest trumpet hornet The long trumpet was up. It's usually is on the line for so long, but you know listen what he's gonna do after that call now you know how long is gonna be around now someone that unstable you want to make sure that knows yes in France, any as he is a friend of the show you know My worries are that when he says things like suicide, I'll cuz I'll talk on the drive like a man come on. If it's a real problem, you know let us know. My worry is when. If something happens really badly and people go, look Stephen Adam on the shown in joining about amidst this kind of what we can do, everyone else. And then we will be mentioned. The note it'll come back to us I just you know.
He's really hope. There is some kind of act of massive violence on his behalf it's weird fans he's, not a fan, a stalker. He isn't like the term, Fanny prefer stalker, but we do have some weird fans, the ladder of Croatia I think it is. I think it's and I hope you're, lessening no, you can t you can always tweet made us credit, we're very accessible. In our lives are pretty open its pretty real. There isn't a lot that we don't really talk about, trying to think what I wouldn't talk about. Second, the clan meetings that we have you no one were when we're off there, by the way you need to? We sign that By the way is your? Did your mandate, the sewing on the young, the new hoods? You know what the eyeholes. That line up right, that in rotten, did in line of right You know they make. It seems so easy and Charlie Brown with goes costumes, but it was that you asked the prince actually had that's that's the pattern she had just
is made for www when the white yeah only add that was one thing. Charlie Brown is, for example, Charlie Brown is kind like like a stalker Jim Character, Charlie Brown. They were so mean to him as a kid No one would have been surprised of Charlie Brown to shut up the school. Now. Just now, men kick gonna door whose viable Ok, now, Lucy pull that trick with the football poultry I'll that to pool that trick with the football Lucy Gimme, the blog. You shut up, sit down, gonna pull out over the football the parents that gave me rocks for Halloween, while my mom, I want this. I want ya my hand, gun, ok, because I'm an eight year old kid and you found it appropriate to put rocks in my trick or treating bag that, child abuse the likes of which no one has ever seen. Show me behind this: is that would be a terrible special, be it
terrible christened ratings death. He had some pictures. One going go. Well, their learning about Brown? Where are you going Charlie Brown, because the voice of the ices fly hello, my tribe rises looks like the Charlie Brown writing yeah, but The perfect example: let's just changed, so you could not have a show like Charlie Brown, to NATO with way how sensitive people are. You don't know about bullying, no kid with it. US that a greener has been bullied as badly as Charlie Brown. I treated that kid poorly any with strength and he was ball to trial you know you ve gotta, like taking, saw palmetto apparently help with early onset milk that involves, I don't know, I'm trying to help it get. I feel bad form, but today I guess you have to start to support group Charlie Brown, Shin Rapid.
A point and I spent a lot of with listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show but you're missing so much content at Lahti? With credit outcome? Don't worry? I'm not trying to sell you anything, not gold or silver. We're getting bogged gathers Joe, news, videos and explosive stuff that you don't fear on terrestrial radio began its toll free without us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
I will Quote- argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com- don't listen to fund if it isn't processing lot with broader dot com. One certain of the day I mean I get turned towards the end of these programmes. That's one thing to let of conservatives: they'll go like our falling and worked a real day american life as someone who has worked and fell long time, a lot of those guys. What do you like, Ben Affleck or christian Bale? Don't work easily eighteen twenty hour days their paid a lot of money, but no union workers drawn in a car battery works twenty our day, it's three hours of rest and goes back in and ass to starve themselves for Raul. It's a it's a rough
I'm at the show too we talk about you, don't do it the only programme with talked about it with and about whether US indicator at one point. Only two hours if we were to do it, but It just doesn't really interests me all that much because at a certain point to fabricate news, let's be honest here this week there were a couple of stories and then you're kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel to get some stuff. The good thing is with us, you know comedy entertainment is relevant politics, but by the way- and we also you're- not an enemy- the path things talk by the days of half a thing to talk about today, is it raining right now in twitter? I know you're, probably listening not only in our on our wonderful home station, WHAM and Conant Alaska, but them you'll see on the pot, never forget nine. Eleven nine eleven day Patriot Day, God bless America running on Twitter. So that's nice to see some people are giving us cause for not having a moment of silence. But if you go I can listen to the front side of the programme. You'll see we talked about nine eleven, quite a bit index yet a cholera so
moments of silence on radio our little but different limit tough, but that don't mistake that for any lack of reverence It's a big day now, it's a big day, it's a big, its hey, seen even conservative right now. If you're looking on twitter politicizing saying of the pilots could have had guns, it would have stopped, it Listen we what's his talk about. Let's just talk about affects us moving forward. Not everything always needs to be politicized aside, Anderson at the left, but let us say it, but I'm not seeing people politicizing it on the left yet process some of these things. I know you know nine eleven was really hard, but there's something in a really impact. In me, a member I talked about that early in the programme. The guy who jumped from that building. For me, it wasn't that oh there was an attack for me. It always needs to be personalized. There needs to be some enough for me to really grasp something other than most people s with a left so effective. They tell great stories right. You need to have open emotion concerned. Make the mistake of always invoking the same emotion outrage
anger with the political establishment in our really good at evoking you know it something it's funny or happiness or even discomfort. You know awkward, these emotions that are just that they make up the other that they're all facets of the human condition and their important. When a touch on we tried it out with the show. So for me, nine eleven was at that moment was really stuck with me because the guy was jumping and I had a think of ok, something was there jumping was better than what and I de mentally go through what that was like in the twin towers. I had another, like that. When I was a kid, It sounds stupid. It was a woman who was a close the family in a sense that she was my my she cut my hair. She was my barber hairdresser, really wanna call it from four years old until I was thirteen or fourteen. So every three weeks like Work, I would see her. Her name was Yan
whose Asian and she a beautiful little asian girl, her husband was caucasian. She was agency, not us desires, they look like porcelain, dolls, just so gorgeous and the girl was three initiate a son and he was about maybe nine months size, every three weeks for good ten plus years of my life and she became a families, as regards the whole bit and her dad over in. I think I'm calling the funeral wasn't. Hong Kong and so her and her husband and her two kids chartered a plane to get over there. Her mom was waiting for her in Hong Kong for the funeral and they're gonna planet would open a crash in the middle, the ocean, the entire family, her her been her. Two children died. Now I had other relatives die, who I might and closer Wes, That really me, I didn't sleep for days and the reason why was because, as a kid I was thinking of the mom, I'm ever thinking. Oh my god. Imagine this imagine if my dad, let's say, were to die.
As a kid. I wasn't married so right now, of course the first would be thinking of my lovely wife but as a committee, imagine my dad will die and mom and Jordan my brother were gone and there are too few and I need to fly home- and I was just waiting for the death was horrible and I didn't have the support that I needed and you know how hard it is without family, in your loneliness, just like you're drowning, but I'm going to get a breath of air when my family gets here. Will at least my mom and Jordan get here and we can mourn together. We can comfort each other and then they died in a plane on the way there that's what happened. I couldn't stop thinking about the mom. And that was one of those moments for me. None of those moments you can tweak made us crowd, or were you really do you really? have to look at death and think about death and accept it in first in the finality of life and not speaking, some false platitude live like there's no tomorrow. That was something where, for the first time ever thinking these were young people. A whole family died it really really messed with me.
That was one of those moments. There was probably the biggest one. And nine eleven was a really big moment for me didn't fully understand the scope of a terrorist attack, and I was against kind of conservative without really knowing, and at that point I was still in the middle school in the eighth grade or ninth grade and none of that I'm not gonna, get all of that right. No kid is fully going understand that, but seeing the people jump from the buildings is what made me understand. Evil. As you can see war and you can play army and you can watch those films and, at that point, I'd even seen: saving private Ryan and hear here's war and people fighting. That's a part of life. But someone who, proactively to targeted innocent people. In the name of a false god in the name of a crap, the evil religion that as Islam
pure pure evil. Someone knew what they were doing and decided to put innocent Americans, most of whom are probably tolerant. Liberals, let's be honest, were sympathetic to their religion and the World Trade center. Talking about New York City, at least some of them some consciously said I am going to put those human beings in so much. They are going to prefer jumping off again and they did that and they knew it and then spirit. That's an evil. That's not geopolitics, that's a human condition that will never go away and that's what's important for you to understand that doesn't go away with an resident. Doesn't go away with new regime. Doesn't go away because some people are playing nice for a few years. That's how you get caught off guard, Condition of evil always be, among,
Did you just think of it that way? You know what you remembering and no, why it's important to prevent? It's, not it's not a political thing. It's not just an act of war, It is a reminder that evil will always be among us and good has to fight it later with crowded taught you next week
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