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2018-11-02 | 🔗
Talking all about Kanye’s Blexit, the Google sexual harassment walkout, and exposing new footage of Fight Club: Daycare! Then we break down what’s wrong with modern polling plus the left’s pathetic pandering to “those young people.” Daniel Cormier returns to talk strength. Eric Nimmer sits in third chair!

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Hey audio listener. You know there's video right now get it some of your on the roads. We have to download this. Take with you, plain some of you read through Braille, so this is the only option, but for other people that are exclusive, sketches individual elements into the night. Nightly show over there on Youtube or from club members, let us credit outcomes. Last month, the show is daily beyond the clips that you just on Youtube or here on Itunes, it's ninety nine dollars for the year, sixty nine dollars annually. What I've got an accomplished, my club, but I get it- you're an audio only guy or go there no change your mind, enjoy the show. I dont know what to say: really: three minutes to the biggest in terms of the last two years, it all comes down to it today,.
Now either we still has a mug club, we weren't, regressive, Halloran. Now, gentlemen. Believe me, we can stand around and get down to us or wage and claw way back into the line we can climb out of hell. I can't towards lawyer and when I look at all these young monk s face, I may be wrong choice away. Twenty thirty thirty rose guy coming, I pissed off all the social media giants I pushed away. Every Hollywood agent was ever represented me and lately I can't even stand watching a clump of Anna CAS barium telling me you know when you come out as a conservative things get taken supply life, but you only learn that when people start calling you a nice and you find out that life is a game of an age, so smug trying a shot us down before lunch. The anxious we need are everywhere around this month. This month lobbying we fight for. We tell ourselves propitious ourselves that somebody else we change the way. Now, when we add up law, ballads, always lies change. That's gonna make a difference between awaiting away all now, as one might weaken. That's what I thought now why you're gonna go join my club and vote or die
That is why both the clown inflatable bar begging, used to kick the crap out of me conniving, and I had no idea tat we about four times of what the hell does
and here s, a union of which I was fourteen- our team Effort Africa, but my captain and I'll lock a room and Jim Locker Room, Daniel Corbies in the show, did you get up? One might have you weigh GNP in heavyweight James? You probably his last by coming up on Saturday really and his managers of families to decent guy will be taking a look at Morton General about about fear about life about strength, you probably offend, I don't know, that's actually for those air name. The great angiogenesis Eric Nemorin instrument, comedian, you towards a lot with with Owen, vary from German. What's wanna dad you more than you have a little Taylor Floodgates late bottle: vintage port Taylor flooding. Oh by the way I had an old bottle report that turned out it was, it was a great was like we try to reappraise, did quarter black show, never your hotel, It was me I liked what I'm very black twitter. I want to see some black on it like violence, erupt right now.
Right now, arrow anymore, you have my full and complete authority for having our did over the election by the way. Everyone well yeah. That's the election. The poles who question the day before we get to other source right round the corner. What do you think about the poor? Do you trust the poles? you think the votes we get it right. How valid are they? If at all, are you expecting a blue wave? I think we're probably going way so it's like it can be more of a pond ripple. What what are you thinking? What I hear a lot of illegal war? The poles gotta completely wrong before suppose, are completely and valid, and I think this is really the case, and I don't think that, either the end, albeit don't let it manipulate your voting behaviour, however, we're at its most important, of course, inscribing Itunes, and now, let's get into Germany there. Finally, our top story today How much can you asked what not really mean today, but we are still talking about it, because you won't go away announced on twitter that he's distancing himself from politics
abc my eyes are now wide open and I now realize I've been used to spread method. Is I don't believe in I'm completely focusing on a creative, so I'm Jesus. He really is what you like having I wish. We are what we run a clip at some propriety audio, only version if you're not an ideal, because working there can go out. Life The kind of thing happened- I think you might have been here and as long as I can see this the guy, like he's, gonna change back yet stop with the hero where he was kind of crazy to begin with a little bit raise a little crazy watch me. But you know we have exclusive of the new single and I mean if you listen closely, even according to ITALY, If you look at areas lyrically these, he seems a little confused.
Allow me to lie here my opinions right. I had a dream I could get with always came. This said the sun revolved around the earth is, I was my God for about a second man is so hard not to change positions. Dont know what I think I can guess. Dear cod and noble truth, then you would just the best is liberal than my god. Then again, a liberal George Bush still don't care about black people. Logic keep escape me even as a baby. Mama couldn't can't flew to me last week is pay less ruin me on twitter begging, you just supply, and please I'm just telling you the truth main aim completely little red. I dont know how to read man. I was patrol tailored changed him. I guess I didn't get the acronym way to lie map you re use me. Did you buy my sneakers now you did fine ass niggers. We just want to walk out right away
The mission accomplished right away that didn't really take off. Long live I'm around Bulgaria confused, he can get somebody had to be in his here. Ear like just are, you are you insane Carolina literalist here is that you do not use, knows everything sneakers, tanked, yeah yeah. I believe no, never let you do not know before the show names you wasn't here yet and they were all really talk about sneakers net. Now the easy there are terrible as want to be the one on the record saying that all of his opinions are wrong. Taylor, Swift is terrible
Only when I may, when a virus and timber and I've never haters, I tell you what brought again works with us is a huge Taylor, swift, vain and he's the kind of face that black people seeing their nightmares like not lie elsewhere. Moving the hell's angels, we heard you kids to worry girl, etc at such it. So I went to see him like just put a leather three three peace rocker enemy like will. Let him know how easy it is terrible. I agree with the common after I don't love prodigal, but really, I don't think so, terrible Ella brought out. I think it's. Where did it likes pitch perfect intact? News are organizing work out over alleged sexual arrears, comes from buzzword thee. Women's walk is to protest. Recent revelations about global protection of employees that had allegedly engage in sexual misconduct walk out will occur
seems like this week, while the remaining engineers at Google are planning quote the best casual Friday ever yet they seem pretty heavy metal. I think that feeling- on the ball, no love ass, not even a job in Austria it in all the latter is guy. We're gonna get letters, but oh yeah sends you come into the polar. That's it really matters. You know it's not the railway station jokes they can take. Above all, we are able to obtain a inefficient copy of the women's walks having as economic complaints, including some of the alleged, of course, the comments and questions that were never made. Google so tat. We ve actually collected our favorites for this week's seven plus one never forget the whenever, as everyone here well NOS seven plus one this week, top sexual assault comments from Google employees would entitle it at number. Seven you know French between software and hardware dos twenties
after the bullet, let's have outlets have named the great give us number six months ago. You're so fine. I never ban you for dead, naming trainees, so much nicer when he says that it did. You really does sound like you need more like a militant black voice for the exact, maybe like honey. I like. Can you re trump? Maybe we'll go back? You can like MIKE Mike Tyson. You think well, first than one at that I am very glad for my sponsible weeds. I want to thank my Lord favorite Jesus Christ fast for two years, I would make orphans of his children praise be to Allah. Don't talk to me like with you the best, and there was a very fast genera one. What did it do? You know what the common denominator was, There's lots of vice cop seven sexual so come into Google number five. Your Google ass looks great in my group.
Glass, it establishes that remarkable ass, you are going to be a next brother was gonna, be like the thing. Unless you have a document of global governance, now I'm down and all You are quite right in saying that they want to flip down and have your everything you know, you're thinking of Laval Burton STAR Trek, which is understandable, but has actually what I thought I had it been the most you like the Rhine, something that couldn't possibly merchant being on set with love, our Burton oh yeah. He must have an assistant jets are just seeing eye dog assistant, basically. That would suck so am I a spaceship now you're at craft services will grant. I dont have to take your word for it. That number four for people who are another in room. I don't care we'll get near named number four: hey! You wanna go star worse people until that's. Why people are bad weather. Gutmann hold that number three Orangemen bad software engineer: penis good, that's
I'm a little bit on the nose. A little directive, Oliver Engineer Abbe. Is it like it's? Ok, it's ok, we'll have to fix. Your mother already knows that you work on the show, as ok, I'm taking number two because the term sexual assault com, it's over the Google. This is urgently the women's work women's work because it was marginal, don't even original to walk. Never do you should see yelp reviews on my it's mostly for stars, but wonder was obliged to do. I don't like that. I don't have that one review after we wrote this as they should be. Google place reviews or something so are what what's that they bought Sagoth under the umbrella of the Google wrought again rejuvenating watching pitch perfect nine about what was the name of that. Quite a fan was the other things. Zagat WA That's a very common thing. It's like it was before Usanga. Was restaurant review mega really walk out of we really are some clan white people have strange thing: why
Then, as balls in the internet area billing age, unchecked zag, it's like how did a faggot report on it like you can never trusted. Zagat, lords, pretentious actual, would have GMO engineer. Read the number one really number one man's overheard, a Google. Let spurred the women's work, I've gotTa Google MAPS straight to your heart say number one. Oh even in Dubai, Venus, even enthusiasm, its automatic number one, I've gotta, Google, my split the difference of YO, number one: I've gotTa Google MAPS straight to your heart and I believe that we're not top Google sexual assault come at an early hour that led to the women's walked. Plus one did you fall out of Heaven because I'm an autistic atheist who really wants to have sex with you ve been seventy one,
I'm not remain in the chamber, go on looking at it rises. I'm really scared, though, that this could backfire follow women like as they claim they walk out and say: oh wait. This is the greatest work experience and I just got setoc just skyrockets, and now you have an activity office full of sex is now turns out that others are incredibly productive. Look at our bottom line. Look France up and down. It will look in their there actually pissed off about something that happened four years ago. The guy who invented Android got a big by out and the claims whenever even substantiated he was, he was supposedly somebody he had sex with somebody in a hotel room writer to give a right, but it was never let us just now and all different. That is they have that that's the worst case rights, Anita Luminous. No, don't repeat it gets you you're out. We here, then I button sent out by now case. What are you talking about that their pissed off over that had happened in two thousand and fourteen?
By that I mean really not back often them like a little but you're, giving me a heart attack, because it's like, I think, The fisheries iq test it s at many such gotta learn what the hell are you doing this to excite and suddenly got thrown a black guy laddie lot. I haven't you like voice once no yet another with you began one read and write the Hodge Twenty two. Not all he did it with me. The first I told him right authorities Jurassic, I'm proud of you for yesterday, you at the hall to sell you didn't do it. I was waiting for you to come. Always gave at these words. The handwriting doesn't just what the Indra guys. So you just need over three total guys, but he was the one they would rise up because you gotta via yeah, so whatever also does. He raped some rapid before we get to pause before the election. The final story today, a saint Louis Day CARE, has now been running. A fight club ring, which was on camera is not exactly easy to thirty, which did you call me we'll talk about next, but what's a clip disturbing site,
recent letter. We enlarge kids ring conscious on each other. Call the fight club for kids by the way you watch neck, like that that mom there is one she's an inch away from world yelling out World STAR hit you she's, jumpin she's never gets two o clock in the morning. In whatever way, are we offended by this? It's like, I know because I got I got it. Sixty gonna get him blue, but I kept his elbow and- and I think that one I think I got to do what it used to be like this- has become vital because to me, if you will have a problem with the obvious kids, each other. I haven't watch the video and actually more Work in terms of the mental health of the children in question,
Jews, but Five years is incredibly confused because in spite of the girls ever seen, fighting I love fight club. Are you kidding he's just many wishes. Disturbed was very disturbed. He was watching their risk lip. Do that. I want everything else in recent years, as this is all going to be rested on me today. Ok, I'm glad I took some traffic levels as follows: Gerald Rights, Android guy, was abstain, reciprocally, violence in it and then like you're, ok Joe, it's a good idea in a thick, and that's it that's all at about the Indra right. That's why not Learner withdrew Morgan. Yes or no?
or never dealt with a totally allowing or may not have grown out of you. None of you. I end of brothers. Now I'm kidding I'll tell you that this is the fact that he had many miles. You have them yet Come Jellia angle. I never knew that outside of yes, Brazil. That say that was actually a test. It did happen, but it tells me Gmo renewed and watch the shell, which is why is incredibly ill prepared than yesterday, show those workload members please, where we re in that he does not watch the show. Ok, let's look at the election, I think beforehand and not really political guy. I think. Actually, you probably are more than I am, and Open Shapiro brought again is brilliant. With this stuff what are the odds saying right now for a public and to keep until the Senate it's about a six and seven chance and then there's a one in seven chancellor of applicants, keepin troll, Thou K so very likely. The Democrats take control Is there not containing a flip? That being said, I think democratic gotta be surprised, I don't have any opinions on this year, but if I'm going to be rested here, jerk I do
They have opinions on this. I dont think I think, because of the cabin nothing that we're probably gonna, see a lot more people than republicans do better or win I'm worried that it happened so long ago and in political time right for some reason we forget stuff after about a week, and so we need something. Usually to happen within the last week of the election to get people out to the pulse right yet, and I don't I don't know if that carry overs gonna have get her done flag on our bomb outside of an envelope. Doesn't do it's not a needle mover Eddie, something else. I think I think the propaganda when the house. I do think that Robert but bye, bye very slim Marge and I think the blue way, if you expecting a giant blue with, I think they'll, be surprised. That's entirely. Conjecture, airports without they'll, be like bipartisan movements in working in Congress have become effect. You know that is not how it far easier to be a second, I'm going to tell us how you really feel exactly like this lunch sucks, rather than tell it wanted to school cafeteria that you're hurting
I'm sorry I didn't go. That's was agonies. What more there was Zagat as a grating system really doesn't go butlers, it's not a restaurant, they re think really. It was yelp before Yelp was a thing. I despair like it's a slur, You guys get away. No, it's it is a fine racial gay Briefly Zagat up up up up up up smell, real abandoning its away, I would be led by the way. Also Zagat set to be incredibly and funny apparent. Certainly have you ever seen terminal be funny accidents. There was his very special wasn't horrible. Ok soon, as you get money, it is destroyed him. I think all the political stuffy does sucks. I just think he's not funny. I'm John Stewart was brilliant very out on yeah Richard. I only said, but I really. I also think this rock money I think Richard prior Eddie Murphy. So frankly, I feel, like I'm, told the delay Chris riled. May I grew there. I don't know
videos. How accurate these predictions going into the midterms, ok, poles or sketchy, and some people tournaments violence- are people completely from that. We talk about earlier it's not fair to say the poles are always wrong. Neither of those positions are correct, but I think it is very important because the left wants you to this. You certainly shouldn't base your voting habits on poles. You should allow, talk about mental segment of fortitude within your core me who had overcome some serious adversity in his life, they do short of its that it's the worldwide to propaganda. You know you have already last year than they did that he should do it needs a priori. That's what the left is trying to do and I think the twitter do with jump in office on the National Poles closed quite a bit with trumped nest. Yeah right one. They gave him a ninety nine. Ninety nine percent chance heroically would win as international action
with me that night, that's our entire elections, which is turning into the young Turks watching the New York Times odds number. It was one of its ever so I have a legitimate question for you. What I'm? Why do we even have poles in the first place, I mean I hear inheres them. Let me frame the questionable over pulse effect, how you vote, like you just said, if you're gonna in a place like. Voting for somebody, who's, gonna, win running away, then you're, probably not gonna, go vote or maybe you're on the fence and you're not gonna, go out Riah itself. The says, are gonna run away, you're gonna stay home, so I dont know that I even like pulls before the election anyway see eye to eye with agree. I don't know what the purpose I why their purposes for people out there should be pulls for people who are running for office You haven't environmental tunneling. They do all the time. Yeah here's the thing I dont care, because, if someone is, is that easily influenced than that their immediate political if I know, but that's the majority of the electorate. Unfortunately, it's not that. I know that yesterday I can now that's actually why poles or an android, no doubt that isn't gonna truces. That's why poles are inaccurate. Very often is it they don't necessarily they're, not there isn't
a good mechanism. There aren't effective metrics in place. To measure voter enthusiasm break so We will talk. I think we have a source later from from acts Young people lean overwhelmingly left they dont vote is a saving with black people, except for Obama. So. That is why the wooden able to measure Donald Trump that they don't measures, they don't have a metric to sort of tests, enthusiastic voting bases. Who really are quiet majority sometimes so that is why they get it wrong. I didn't, I think, that's important, and I do think that try to manipulate that by putting out these pauses doomsday scenario, because they actually want to manipulate public at bay. But I want them to try, because it's even twitter black people not voting this time around play? I get versa, usability why we should get out there and in those on twitter? Yes, I wait. So if you come out of the Republican CNN cause you could you come out as a Democrat, they say you're on a plantation either
science has shown a plantation Kronos ignore me, although, like Twitter, like nobody, got you're just a slave on like two people who say now? That's the argument kinda. So it says that she says I can hear it and I'll give you both democratic disown the plantations. I wait so oh and for that, the differences, the Democratic party the euro trader, not black enough, if our as you know, a Publican party doesn't say you're on the plantation one person does now that the Democratic Party they always it not lack not anymore. We will not be what pearly elegans more black, the member, because she says that size policed everyone adapted and let's go through just a few pulling the bottles that come to mind there. We were too will discuss it, and I was caught breaks it. He were way off and my honey just override the peoples, but would yes are trying to do right to get things right in retrospect, turning numbers seem to have been incorrect. When we exclude making small Bernie Sanders as much as I don't like him, I think he's crazy
turned out very when I have primary against Hillary Clinton because she had more money than God is my son, I'm pretty sure that got caught a glimpse, a ring. You know I don't like making this call those s lead to pay for that purpose. We say it for a few minutes. She was absolutely gotta, be the president and the right about absolutely maybe the president. As I mentioned, a national Poles now, but if they were very, very inaccurate, these entered in a lot of tat resembled Michigan whereby junkie when you saw journey for burning- and I think that now to ninety nine percent, chance of winning ninety something percent chance of winning fishing and Bernie wanted handily after they got that Canada, but lately wrong,
Bernie was like one. My journey, Jus social with time had passed, really is booming nine guide for a car tat name out of their entire Santa Maria live that fails, hate their relation to love. You and if you think I want more of a lot of courage, outcomes are smuggled into seventy four. We can continue the show without you joining my club hours on you too, because of the over lords and we're not sponsored by farmers. Dog even operates at no idea. Why? the award of course number one pulling. This is the abbot trumps election? All of the poles got this completely wrong and I will say this I thought that he was going to lose member before this ideology. Progressive, listen, don't ask me because, if so, unlike Thomas, all of Charles programmers rest in peace. At that point, and even Dick Morris I mean between
that's the guy got massage got it wrong. I I'm not. The guy is gonna, get elections right to offer you my opinion on what I think we're going certain candidates when it came to the elections. Sixty forty chance Hilary winds. I didn't like ninety nine percent of the New York Times, but I did puts more trust in the polls and I learned a lesson did so when we were doing that shows actually preparing myself to talk about. Hillary Clinton, and in some kind of light, as the winner like, I knew she really going to win, really the very prepared, an Oscars accepting what Middle Street one that exactly gray and they were they were. Got my favorites Moreover there and I'm like oh my gosh. This is actually happening. I can't be this in and the best part and I'm sorry. I know this makes me a bad person to some degree. When they showed people at her campaign celebration headquarters, whatever cry for an ethic So this is
for the last eight years- apologies by way of an American over their awkward by God, but guess not only that. Not only is it. He came in really closer to what the hell happened. I will not go overboard. He's got the visor on where's my microphone gotta asking things. No apology is no apology, I haven't got it. Whispered about you're, not that bold I couldn't you back and worked on my strength in strength of care to internal, quite a bit strutted someone else out for the concession. Each member yeah show up she's like how did this happen, while she was passed up, issues like just just take the bad apparent that I think every time you must like just backstage my name is that crazy. Here it comes out. Why were all the poles run and we're going to what they're doing with these Paul's? Now, because of the way is it going to be as big of a blue waivers, they thought,
but I hope that everybody I hate Micro, this is actually what we think of doing alive elections strictly mites it. Let me know if you want to do it, it is going to be so boring, like national elections are concerned, because the cultural ramifications, but a tech bruises, owing to absolutely just Merk beta on our really has not even gonna, be closer outside of that there isn't really a whole lot. That interests me haven't. Get it wrong. Again the Red One, In our opinion, these poles, it's hard to predict too really out. Onawandah likely voters thing Romney actually think they had a morning or was it was really clear up election day but fewer people than that that the cavalry over the hill for raw meat, less so than even Mccain, if you can believe it s because Romney shut it down in the second debate, every killed Obama, the first one he was on that in energy base after that. No he didn't. He was the only one who went after when, after amendment forty nine is avert, any just stepped back began to play a nice guy, and then I get people like Bernier Trump opening address a vote. Voting this. It was who typically vote and that's true, culturally, as a black person. If you have most of your family members,
Friends voted yes Mother was most black women, black women. Ok, can I go now? it's like they'll, be the wine and, like you better, do nobody else. The play and get things in basketball or something that's kind of emblem. It's like the women like hey. Let's do the right thing and then it comes to actually do it. The not there. What oh, come on his eyes, those your voice hours later about to be proud of you for using a wary mark, as I oh, he used it like it's like you have black rains that was proud and that's a gaming term. I thought it came from gaining Merk tumor is that a black to guess is a black How so tat marks- and I like to murder something like that of the babies are now if they hip hop thing than we stole it. We appropriated sort where I saw this without look. For example, at black people often don't vote, they came and they voted quite a bit from Iraq, Obama, young people typically legally, very left. It's it's a lock generally. See like I've talked about. You can surgeons, gentle, not so much
still more liberal, but you can count them getting very concerned as they get older, because a more conservative at this point in their life than even Jan actors are certainly millennials, but there's no vote. We have sorted and hear from box. So the question is: how do you get them to turn out young More specifically, right, that's what happens on the left or continent than average are actually PDP daddy. I dont Wikipedia. He was he puffed area that I would have already as he did. He was immediately. Did he now he's our brother love now? Really there now I d J, I swear. I cherish ruining our fears, his brother love. When did this happen lighter ago? Yes, but a year you have someone from the ninety professor buddy list, but I dont know buddy have, but thanks replying no doubt he is its. I bet you probably said he was watching the naughty professor really worries me. I wish I had a name like buddy, actually telling rhino brotherly. Did you
the story TAT made him. Do it like that you see someone in a club worse. Actually he took he went to his kid place for you see, I lay in the coach was yelling at his kid too much so he took a bell and smacked coat inside the really was getting charges in all these things came out. Music, coming: brotherly, love, em, actually, peace, love unhappy, all a very kind like metal, world peace, where a punch out fans down it's more care about me. I guess that you with that clever, argues that you're just gonna grab. Anybody possibly can and hid him and then change money for grace I changed my life and the care get me now. We still cannot access to work there get the youth thought PD the rocks about campaign- and I remember back then it was, I think- was George Bush was John caring. Cameron Diaz was unabridged that if your vote guises like saying you want rape to be legal Have you been Oprah We have an instrument on network is gonna, feel and hotel apparent.
Enter beta or work there pulling at every single stop in the book right now to train young people to vote here, you're just like there's like litter, putting him on a skateboard care, their brain, I'm gonna kick flip my way in the office, for you don't ever take my word for it where's the money I don't know here's what it's really really shape fatal bade us that everything is again. Really the. Why and see a gang Eureka It is a thing like that. It's, like Hillary Clinton, villanies eyes for a pandering, doesn't even work like what kids like I are washed up K cover banned in a village people, that's what they like listens.
Should it be something like should be something like draggers bridge we're gonna go with the village people who wants to deal with that gave us an enforced. Some street village person now indefinitely makes sense for us more. So that's we're after party, was not even one person accidentally on beaten, like the most nannies video I've ever seen in my life, really felt ass, though you think so or hold your tongue, sir, because let's go to that's clip, are a real young verity see ahead attack roarings, yet regarding we, in hardships at Google up up up up up up.
Worse than earlier clear, as I was glad that you said it so their way, that's not real. That's real, we receive large is out of touch with the use, don't be fooled because black, don't crackling man is not he's, not young, and I note the kids are into their into this way. There was and tigers and That is absolutely said, crews, but that there was a fire but TED cruises. Hiring all of years of persons are very important, very important achievement I know- and I want this to appear too. I wanted to take place in a subdivision with no tree, so it's very clear that they had no but it not ironically, but truthfully and all white people. I really think I really like I'm not a conspiracy guy, but I think TED Cruises campaign has been texting. My phone under Vinos, like in shooting already is calmer. Like all of this is it
Nobody would do that to themselves. Well, they won't work because here look elections, unfortunately become a beauty contest in United States right instead of looking at the skills that somebody has their abilities come on you, now, I'm pissed what what beauty Contests Donald Trump, winning he judging them through a one way, mirror Not only are there other than the bureau and global knows this and must guarantee their story. Those elections are out of their beauty, countless it I think they already at and what it means to me to say this way: Donald Trump Rally to base of people that was met fifteen years ago, twenty years ago, Donald Trump stood no chance. You had a real up, an entire base of people first. For that to happen, Brok, Obama did the exact same thing basically went out and said what everybody wanted to hear. I'm gonna heal the nation I wanna. Take us in the right direction: didn't have the ability to do any of it intruded up. We are not looking for the best qualified candidates were look
for somebody to makes us feel good and that sex, because politicians will always make you feel good. They're always gonna say like their ground here. I think that's true to a larger given not entirely you, don't you don't feel better after the village, people in Greece during the hearing that we know what I'm going to make a prediction right now, the Stephen you're right bathers gonna, lose and right after that, they're gonna try to get him to run for twenty twenty. Not only is he going to who's this race and suck at it royally, and I can guarantee that not one in twenty twenty in, because I'm an interview muscle, ready when the political ass you that's exactly what they're gonna do they like this guy's got it. We watched your video in the suburb. It was great by the way have been limited to women's work anywhere Stephanie interviewed when Wendy Davis. I never expected it was also we just go ass. We live an interview and then they are really
I think that my wig blows off with the wind made interview. I guess this is so embarrassing. Stick is totally it's totally finest. Oh, my gosh, you were never going to make out you're, never going to office again gladly vote and by the way, I'm very familiar with the pandering, not just for the youth vote. But, as we know from my here's, the thing I hate to just bash I wish I were more proud of Canada and I am but Eurotunnel pandering, didn't it's an each vote but the indian vote. Let's look at the Prime minister of my former home country, like other you thought, a black leave out of white trying to have acted, embarrassing about made it even wider to do.
Why do you really know bars pretty locum alighting? That made me want to put on a deeper in going to starvation. Diet like that you gotta get white people are indian, culturally, you don't die, preferring to starvation. Diet. Tell that de gondi. Doesn't Gandhi thought ahead. Really, I just know lives. Thank God. He had a lot of followers hour, it was, and it was unwarranted little. I think you would. I warn against a few without I hate you. I tell you about there's a point for with you. Crummy poles are often wrong. Guy more broadly they're, not the end, although not the be all postal. Theirs is big blue way. That's what made you think it could be true, but it certainly what the media wants you to think they could have believed before I end that Donald Trump was going to win was going to lose, was Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania, all I actually said I think he wins Pennsylvania and Ohio. I remember another I'd, think, there's no way he wins Michigan and has in Michigan,
Many people a mission there it's, but the truth is the appeal to a lot of the union. Voters who, probably my westernmost, might want to support trump. This next go around. So I said no Michigan He wins, pennsylvanian oil. If you go back and look at it base it there's no way he wins. Michigan Wisconsin, Ohio, pencil. They then they should. He doesn't mean anything in the MID West and even over, so they could have actually thought that. But we know for certain that it is what they want it and it's what they usually in what they everyone in Michigan to believe and in Pennsylvania doubly and right now. They may believe that there is a big blue wave coming or they may not. What we do know is that they want you to believe it to stay home and not vote, and that's why you see the desperate pandering for vote. And what you want then doing a very unpopular tradition. That I hold point me: if you disagree, I really dont care. I hate get out to vote can paint. I hate them. I can't stand if contrary West is at home and someone makes it to the gates and says shoot me sure. Have you our voting this election. Now you see
Jesus. I won't have you look at the issue. I am a vote now because you re not tolerable. If that's what it that's the story, I don't want you out of there. I don't want people were uninformed devout islanders. There's nothing, there's nothing virtuous in voting! voting is not. The voting is not the end. All be all itself, it's it's it's a means to an end and the left just wants any person. They can load up onto a bus and give a free sandwich to vote to vote. I don't want you voted people who do not understand the constitute. You probably shouldn't people who do not like playing fast see football and you have no. I won t. Let me point out if I dont worry, because I know I'd lose sure I might role the dice and get it right. That's not how you're supposed to play with a constitutional republic, regardless of what Don Lemon Anderson Cooper, Con, yea, West or Drake the butter soft from Toronto, who I don't even think it tries to Memphis, tells you if you don't keep yourself up
first of all the issues if you're not informed, stay home, John Vault, I don't want you determine the fate of our country. We have Daniel Cormier coming up next. Hopefully he that he was even late. You miss last time I have a bone to pick with him. Why you feel our place. Like Jamie Fox, drink quarterback, five for or quiet time. Filming is literally fifty five years old. Would you not way. When you are drawing together, without a member, club. Some have gas is largely role.
Join Magua today and vote or die its individual Our I gotta think you'd Mattie standing in the corner that she wanted to those go. Do you go? You rose to cute Mary are next guest, I'm really happy to whose that there on your tv DC, it's a horrible nickname. I maintain that you can call him. Of course they see underscore emanate. He is fighting against death. Louis, whose nickname I'm not allowed to say as a that will not do you think that's is to get a ok well for General Carr Metropolitan area should bring back sir. Thank you for having me again been appreciated, appreciate, especially after stiffed us the last time. If you were not the bad men and a planet, I would be upset you could be,
that what is that a crowded confront? It would be called me. A confronts, crowded, more like commie beats graders ass curled up in the field of migration. Now you know minus ideologically confronting in yours. Is you know you people up, but you're you're sharp guy, so maybe going into this Derek Louis? while he goes into the black peace is not just a gag on white people, sort if we say it like in the wrong restaurant we get. Our asses kicked sees its. They give their just walked in and you get aboard the black bees. The blacklist like these Just gotta gives a bit out start being because I didn't want to reserve the right to just beat people up, and so he gave himself a nickname. But it isn't it they worth oversight. Should I say it should I
Yes, what it all those yellow yeah and if your Papa John, you just scream out the inward on a conference, cholera- and I don't know what happened there, why would you do that pathogens issued by the way, for he was quoting someone else who said it and still he's no longer Papa Johns guy? Look what we normally do, this gear do the only pathogens anymore. I've. Never. I never was a big fan of it, the doors a little bit too thick. Ok, there's a fool that I don't like you know you got the problem. You have a New York style, Peter Guy, not not a deep dish, just like it loaded do not that. What would you do know you're nicknames DC, like you say, which is really just an initial. Are you upset at all that you didn't take the black beast beforehand sometimes guys just our creator. You know I'm not the most creative guy, I'm gonna go. It's think my headphones Steve decide here, you're better! Well, I can tell you any differently, because your you that we are now
can really here you ok. I wish I would have been a better job of picking my nickname here's the deal I went to school level mistake. State and almost state. They don't do the best job of choosing nicknames they're, not very great and right away. I don't want that started, calling me DC furs and they just kind of stuff. Ever been called Deasey. Until I was Oklahoma's, Coach Smith started saying it all the time and everybody else is kind of picked up on it. And this is by the way opponent I want to say- for people and we'll get into more and more kind of macro issues. While everyone here is wanting, everyone on the planet would be terrified to fight Derek Louis right, we're still use the strongly favour your expected to beat him no you ve talked about before, how being an underdog really drives you, you know, for example, go on working with John Jones. That was just a legendary rivalry Does it ever worry you a little bit that people are kind of expecting this to be just a walk through for you?
you know. I just. I think it's on me to make sure that I prepare myself to the best of my ability ray. I can't let the odds dictate how I approached the fight. I've been a favorite For I mean I was minus eleven hundred versus Patrick comments. I was minus nine hundred Then Henderson, one of the greatest Whittemore smartest of all time right, I was still able Compliment my game plan to fight him in the way that I wanted, because I also found for food and see those fights You rag doll both of them. It wasn't even close if it that's. Why wonderfully like a man at the sooner or later, I'm role that time times, because you did didn't Anderson noticed respect any them. It wasn't even close, you know it. I know, It shows that little bit of Euro as Victor, where you're a little worried. Like I mean I, I don't wanna, hear overconfident at some.
Why are you worried at is gonna beat me at some point will guide only around like that every day I will never say I rag doll. I leave that for you to say you ran down it's all you literally picking up and I loved and innocent. For those you don't know he picked him up what I went and it looked like it actually cartoon where we dislike- want to stumble weeds Buell, it was, it was very, very effective. It was bad, it was. It was one of my better performances, but my will deal. Is this right? Then Henderson's, guy you truly want to mess with. I must would have in the confines of the the guy right. I would prefer him to approach you. This in random environments that bees unlikely that you think there's an avid hunter. He I you to bow and Arrow Guy is a true, true bad man has noted. Hey there
love you buy an item. I got it. I like the one over here talking gray though, and I would rather than any other shit I would, rather than any other shouted like five I've ever better, they would using private. May I would love to see those supervised and Dick was Tom eventually chuckles ignore I really want to see detonators and come over. He was the main adapting women remain Rembrandt. I was again in Henderson really and I like retracted air was the man. He was these, but you know he's the man, you rag doll them. Ok, so someone who, obviously everyone else would be afraid of them. Did you being a witch spooky for Halloween. Would it do following we my kids and my wife here. So we went to one of my friends: has nice apartment in town way had like town six hundred apartments, but They listed all the ones that were giving out trick treats and we went to the doors down floor. My kid what everyone which was absolutely so we went through a few and then we went to the gym in the guide. It was working the dim with colleagues
oh my god, oh my god. What I'm busy these easy you just stuck his head in the candy been grab. There's much candies gravity during my kids bag in Ireland. Hey guys We have been appointed solely due at all. What I really learned from that story is the person at the front desk. The Jim was gay, indeed they are now me like Danny renders Diane. I that's what I love about. You might even realize it. You know it's like. Actually, my friend general does in here. You don't realize retorted black people. He was a black eye voice have even if those people realise, at dawn dont even mentioned it Roy. What the hell you doing, you're firms can happy yeah. Ok, take a general, ok, so or turn was it gave sub letting us. Let me ask you this any plant, I believe in a closed ballot box
replying on voting coming up the size elections. Just I honestly honesty There are some elections coming out like very very soon, but I've been so busy warned about the fight and I'm really paid attention to much still get. So that's why they're all about it! That's yet life is all about it, that's Good did not set was a lot of you like men. I've been paying attention, I'm gonna, be first in line to votes, do not hold back a little bit. I did this question because obviously Ito could be recently had. Is his scuffles to put it that way, and you don't you work with with a company of sea, Dana White came out publicly where's president Trump and could be obviously not a big fan. You manage surely stay out of the phrase as customers on tv costly. The commentator are yet put in the middle of that knowledge is something you just carpet. Don't I don't? I don't touch it largest, just don't touch it because the reality is there is no winning right there. Really.
Is no winning either you're. All you're here are your there and I or rather not involved, because then it doesn't isolate me from here are doesn't isolate me here right inside just gonna stay away from it like. I really don't like me, use in my thoughts are mine use my thoughts and I don't need you are only too Sarah me and if you express one you can obtain a white man at unity. Expressly other colleagues, entire troop of Dagestan will sit on through into the crap. Everybody agrees. Is there's no way, there's no. Winning with that, no never let me ask this: we can talk about this kind of, as it relates to the current climate. Lotta people talk about afraid on the on all sides, like you say, is as the at his men on on the planet. You know it's kindnesses, what's obviously bestowed upon the heavyweight champion in an invite everyone champion. What what Daniel Carmen. What do you fear what like genuinely? What scares you the most that brazilian wandering spider notwithstanding its at the top of all, but you know. I mean I think my fears,
as at the same as everybody I mean honesty, we came in New York City on Sunday for the fight and I was just Are we you know, there's a reason. We went to my friend Jimmy's apartment, because its terrified to be out on the street nowadays, which are children and I think, that's my biggest fear. My wife was talking to me about going to a parade and I was sick man. I don't know. I want my children any very densely populated placing crowded, because that seems to be the time that people want to do. Crazy things. Yeah I was like men must try to do something safer by my biggest fear. Is that something happened my children, I mean all these horrible, will things that are going on almost daily. Now I just want to try to shield them. My it's my wife from as much as possible, so that what scares that's honesty and some very safety like out, I don't really go many places would be.
Crowds evolve, concerts, basketball, game football game as much as I would love to go, watch the same way everywhere Obviously I really dont, because there's always that The underlying fear that thing so crazy right now in the world, you know what that's something! I had to deal with a lot of him out, minister. Mrs, did you call me, but This is what I do you know it wasn't, can be more polarizing end. I am curious as to what how you balance the idea of sort of either paranoia or anxiety in public places versus a legitimate, healthy fear I had taken to Tom Jones. I know Tom Jones and Allison, and I miss both concerts because I got to us in point rested, you know what I just don't want it to be or keg with my wife. And to everyone else who and who doesn't will understand it. It's a different kind of problem that you're into our being paranoid. How do you back Ok! This is a healthy fear, verses. Maybe I'm unemployed that this out of proportion, I think I think safer, is better.
Like that. Just kind of my my idea, like IRA, Err on the side of safety then take a chance at risk. It and and and then ultimately cos you something that so terrible that you really. About back from, but you know when when you say you miss the point don't concert. While you missed the concert, but at the end of the day you still have your wife and you didn't run into any issues in those. The things that really matter men, like you, just can't it's like you just when you live in a public ice. Express you are right because you're very the vocal about you're Belize, whereas I just kind of state is a clear right, ear, vocal Swimming they're gonna be a certain, thereby third people A truly either want to hurt you or What I truly support you sometimes you're supporters are very dangerous.
They kind of crowd you, given that you have been heard of the heavy vermin hurt by fans actually at a finger, jammed really badly ones by guy reached out to sea and jammed my ring finger like hard. You ve had some like that happen. What grab right, like people of brandy, right, you'll be walking somewhere people a grab, you know, grab you enemy. It's scary expressing my they're on tv a lot Even the other day were in New York City and my wife, on the street, where my children holding each on one side too David Busters and said I sees walking down the street die starts walking towards gets dollars, need It starts to open his arms. Like he's, gonna have my son and I we may follow my wife about when I'm at home kind of heightened crevices and she psychological back in its airs, breezes every single time. Ok, I saw what happened. Did you They can somebody does that I'll, probably frees up so toys, DORA lapsing. Those did you buy. I say yes, because one I went down the hug my son was it wasn't a gmail to ram.
No, it will lead to some guy on get it wasn't guy walk in the street, he went to hug my kid and seal. Don't you touch him and she kind of kick them and I hope. I laughed because you did not freeze right. You instantly protected our kid. You like. Don't you ever Jim and she called Daniel dont. Let anyone touch you, people, see them in the public to and for her who really choose a public light, some someone that has a public life, its eternal kids, have the kind of live, wait you. Yes all I mean that's a real thing in a scare good for her, though you know it, I think I think you do get a little more light if you feel this way, for example, we just as we did this make sure you them on thousands of people showed up in there just after party afterward. And there was a there was a guy from Michigan State sitting down, just started really trying to start up a fight,
I was there I was- I was basically my friend was Liberace for our own. Benjamin he's a pianist six. What's there to it, he's a giant, so he stands out like pink rhinestones Cape and I'm an atlas chaps. And short shorts. So you do what you like an f and gay cowboys. Again man, I guess so trying to go on for a fight and ass have he was. He was an african american gentlemen and obviously people right now with our attentions I was like. I dont want again to a fight with this. Because the liability. Now that being said, if this guy we're shoving someone, like my wife, cause you to get a little bit pushy physically, I they probably go berserk as promptly you, our licence, like your your wife, maybe freezes when it's her, but with her children. Mama bear having kicks in it kicks. In an unhappy it did know and told me my son. Even don't let anybody hug you like yeah, you don't have to take pictures if you don't want,
to you, don't have to let anyone hug you you'll. Just because that's not support! The deal their dress, Give them on trying to enjoy a New York City yeah. It is maybe that's really creepy a guy's Eric programme. Kids, I mean I'm not. I get awkward with like kids, I know my friends when their kids are there, like you know, like my friend, Johnny Boy producer, his daughter has a major crush me. But I want to marry you. Unlike all that's what you think now look at me like your everything, I've ever dream that make it more awkward. I turn a journey. Blank John. Never did. I will never take advantage, probably just say it now and you can make it more of its Darzac gets you done she's very. She is very, very aggressive at a young age, so you did last I think that you know that you spoke about this. That we're planning and hang up your gloves? I think you're your birthday and in March or forty birthday, yes and you,
you're, not only broadcasting with me, but I know you ve talked about branching onto other sports. You just used to good commentator in general. I think you break them all, but a lot of people think of what think of a way fighters. The Think of something in their minds. I that is the black beasts. Let's be honest with me, I know he's not that way nickname. So you have a career for, broadcasting Are you hanging up? The gloves still Marjorie is that is that Rosetta stone, data so saying I'm not I'm looking to fight this time in and hopefully fight broccoli the beginning of next year and in the reply, but I mean I just I want to be that guy. That goes on his back when we ve seen so many of our great champions that had all these signing examples. These moments that our action, our minds for ever they state to all written by time it's over there getting b by people they never would have gotten beat before so it's gonna, be there. I wonder I wanna leave people the memories that
I have had up to this point, you know a case in point right now. We ve got Chuckled they'll find your teeth. I mean those guys aren't broke their not broke guys like people he's gonna find running. I broke their fight because they still think they can fight. I just my memories of job losses. Him in the octagon. Just go crazy priority, Ortiz doing a great bigger thing. You know what it's like their fighting each other in one of them has to lose And that will be something- we'll be stuck in your mind about your talk with them and you lose this fight. You two zero yeah. Why the grave rivalries and sports history you gonna, give this guy the last one. Is it doesn't make any sense to me it's it's not that it's not really want to fight and then in a who, not who knows what Tito's doing over the who knows what anyone's to learn. I later, let's be honest, secondly walking even I am I himself to their fight,
Four golden boy promotions asking the lawyer is promoting the fight on paper, and I mean I loved. You know I think tingles a great guy too. I just I just Were I worry about what happens on that night yeah now. I think I think I think you're right limit. Let me at this use you see that you are really tense at one point, your career, I think kind of and that that period when you talk about how you really feel yet something approve You really didn't like John Jones than you couldn't get back, and because all the drug controversies we seem to see a relaxed, really happy Daniel formulate. I know your generally of are seen as an affable guy, but two its noticeable. Let me ask it Is there some kind of a corner you ve turned her Just because you you keep winning. What do you think that you can we allow misdemeanor? I know every icons and giving it can maintain this Demeter and this calmness if you were to lose or anything it just victory makes you so Let who I am I'm and also steam mean having to cut all the way here and I wasn't saying out their stop. That's better right that take off somebody,
I offer my face. You a gorgeous either way you look at an unfair advantage, ring out here. Girl going. Are you a great thank you, faceless man for helping those Bob? I guess that's Bob. I know I'm sure. As hell I'll bet, you do see much more relaxed to rephrase. It would seem that will allow the ways than what was that always that cutting all the way you don't buy another heavyweight now, so I'm not losing forty five pounds to get to fight. You know I mean, and also just really being could take with everything that I've accomplish in sport, mean win or lose. This weekend, which I won't you can take away what happened in July right, don't images of me with two belts, always remained the same, and I think there comfort and that there is a comfort in the accomplished and I know that even though uncomfortable any accomplishment I'm not ready,
go, but I am why haven't they will never change you can't it getting away from me anymore. Why? I'm really glad to hear that- and I am sad to hear that you're hanging them up just make sure to things probably two things: you're, not just gonna go. A ton of weight and be a walking coronary like a lot of previous o lineman in football, that you know, you'll stay healthy and don't get a propeller plane. We saw that it was rocky Marciano. We don't to lose you to an elm tree. And finally those two things you don't have to worry about. Ok, ok, ok, ok, I gotta be careful with eating too that's one thing I gotta be careful with, but I gotta be on tv for the rest of my life, so I gotta maintain at least some sort of you're not disputed an eye out of my face together. I've got my teeth, takes the view that no did you wait. Let report that might cause you're hockey player is don't get your teeth fixed big we set. We tell our crazy fighting is hockey player back in the day. Enforcers would have forty fights in a season to get right back in the idea that it is never fixed their teeth until the end of their careers was at a conscious decision for you, yeah was time I started to do more things
your soul. In more like more national things outside of mixed martial law. Who knows an idea or away. You need to present yourself when you're doing and it was time take. Done it a long time ago, and I also knew that you know as I get closer, it was totally get it done. I pulled offered offered off because if this thing it's not about Saturday I'd, go get it fixed again. Right only have one more fight, but five six years ago I had thirteen more fights and of those get knocked out. Every single, It really didn't benefit myself. It was just allocated that there was a tough did we ever self conscious about it during that time, like the real every night sky economy came. Who I was you knock me. I've always had like partial that I could stick it out. It will not do. I always had things that I could like put online put like a retainer and all this, but I just shows- I was always at the moment, while well
a bold man in your braver than because I get really pistol, but all these grey hairs that I have thirty one on chemist, captain phantasms, bull crap and my wife that you should just four minute monkish was to support me as I do from a seller, This idea, you aren't, they made the guy, the guy that has glories here like you and it's all silver. I think that's the one makes will distinguished. Actually I will thank you put it now. I have now. I dont care that you can kick my ass. If what you can grab me by my still brown hair, now, I'm gonna, let it go gray, I'm not going to do to the worst is when someone goes gray and then they diet like in Do the gradual die? We patent within one data was blood was bright blonde and like every one is watching me right now going we saw you yesterday at the state or do no question. Obviously the fight our measures, blackberries Derek Louis. It is having a member's second Yossi to thirty. Let me ask you this we're talking this. We're Bozrah manner,
what I say there s a second time. It doesn't know them and second that Friday prided seconds on away and the third is the actual fight for medicines. Garden, I am terrible numbers. Fights are always Saturday, unless I think sometimes author, in different countries times on society s its November. Third, you have seen two thirty. We had sort on the show you. The data was talking about serious neck injury that he had had a point and on how familiar or you are with it, but for him it was a real struggle to start even moving in a five pounds and an end now he's back to basically footfall ability. We a lot on the show about about strengthened idea. I think this false idea of machismo when it's often associated with fighters, use bra use bathroom as an example, because for him he was weak as a kitten with one arm after the neck injury, but he was dead because they're coming to pass on a push pass this eventually he got back to where he was, whereas a lot of people just don't push pass. The discomfort to Daniel Cornea best in the face of the planet. Right now before you leave. How do you define strength. Would you say
matters most critically for a lot of young men listening. I like mental. You know on the in and I think. This might be like all. We only had a small fry promotion, but I think strength to me. Is defined by guy like Derek Louis, you know when there was a tea, he left, Louisiana down the taxes and got in the tunnel ended up in prison. Now you know that when you go to prison there are guys in their efforts. Nice! In what they're gonna do when they get out They're gonna be better when they get out no, never go back and make a light. My family and a white these notes and do all these things as to how life is going to improve. But in the back and presented and re write out right now set of his red. It is true that lose never went back. Derek Louis became a millionaire there.
This fine for the heavy. We can't be simpler world. That's. Why would people see you not the guy out within seconds, unlike ten seconds, that that doesn't surprise me, because this may fall from the pits help to build himself back up to this point That stretch right when you are dealt with unbelievable adversity, face of that. I personally you dont crumble. You try to build back when I lost my daughter in life. Try to knocked me down and put me out for account. I tried to rebuild myself when a person goes through these terrible tragedies that are going on today, the families of these people are dying. In these mass shootings are dying when someone decisive, their car into a crowd of people. These families that scrape themselves off the ground and rebuild that Strength when you're Del unbelievable adversity- and you come too
and become better, for that is what the fine strength me. It's not about lifting something up. It's not about! When everything's going good year, everything is about when stuff gets bad. How do you change it? That's why that's right illustrate this and that's why I respect the guy. Fight, nor suddenly live answer. Very gracious answer is very accurate of the black these, but I would add one to complicate I'll. Give you a pat on the back else. Think equally as important is when someone does have great power, it doesn't mean there is an adversary, but when
has made it through the adversity, how they feel that what they do with that you ve been a class act as a champion, and that means a lot as well that fight us happy November. Second, third, I was I just I was there. I am I dont say second, don't say second also, second and Iceland. Second, always gonna, kick my ass, an ice at black beast and it's gonna be! Oh, it's gonna! Be a hate crime. You have three thirty, never second Daniel call me thank you so much or be safe. Ok, Mercosur! First off these are my toyed by look. Toys I get now. I don't forget a mug cub, Will you do? but I notice that farmers dog, which operate along with Jesus onto other podcast that shall remain nameless They don't even have a dog.
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Stop that licking now as variation on an older version, but I'd done about that was there was a little Ganis little drowning hey man like that I'd award put age Oliver, the poor UK. Erasmus Elastic direct, regular gayness you're, not
That is why don't you hated that hit that hit is having a backward but our report and that, if even get HIV there's only one way did. I think it was indeed a tv film, and I think it was Mario Lopez who played him. Couldn't even get Louisiana my lips poor guy. That's the worst way to go that really is still with us. I couldn't we get like John Lycosa. Ours, and I don't know this voice own bedroom and have a formula for you have em we're just watching Stephen Seagal films and at one thing that he never gets hit. And as in research efforts, and how does this happen is that, though, is he's like my there's? An actual quoting my audience would never believe such a monumental. I'm ah son, he really believes, is allied. He wrote it into the scripts but he does not know puncher was at home. There was that by thanking Daniel coming. I was this close to asking you Daniel. If you could die, who'd, wouldn't fight your Stevenson, jobs per they wanted to pass him off and he would get to know. You know rostrum off the shelf
he's so nice, though Daniel Cornea is super juveniles and I'm really said, is going to last fight and a really good guy, and you know what I think think is worldviews, might surprise you and had not trust animal Did you really really hard worker he's a family man and he's a good guy? Was it almost two months ago? You know there is a film, I don't even in the film. I would love it. If you please, let me know assent sending us and in your tweets and also by the way, your questions advice it. Let us call it a calmer doing a segment next week and devils advocate next week with seven moment approval he, John leg was, I dont know the film was Stevens going down. There was another; apparently he was posted die. There was forced to shoot at six, a m- they only shouted at eight p m that day, because he just refused to dying. He was my my My view is, would never accept this, early unrealistic. Gathering some water say something quarter, blackening artists Gretel, what some I was hurrying on dogs. You really need to get out of that rhythm. Ok, so let me
got the clown man. It's been a marginal areas has been a tough spell. It's been a spell for awhile for me and am incredibly appreciate. We do these live shows. A u of eminent example, is really really hard required. Getting a lot of people out there Seventeen hour drive most was flew. One way drove the other way to try and find a pass it off. And there are some things get. Some things could have gone better that we had issue. We talked about of year, member mocha with the union numbers at you have em, you didn't. Let us get in we're supposed to get into that. We're aligning everything. Tat takes a crew of twelve people was very hard and very draining physically and listen not cancer? Nothing like that, but I'm not a guy like sinister Illigant, my office and is it's not in the best of sorts right now. These are things that are that can be corrected. But serious enough to warm up. You know I've taken root a couple sick, too sick days, no history, this company
at a time when people see when I do it didn't realize, is actually rebuilding something or actually always taping. Something like a change my wish. We can't do show that able to change my mind or doing you have em and was date days and days of getting out several days of travel. There might be some more in and you know it. Let me know if you would like to see us as a villain host not right now But probably wrong Christmas break. One thing I will say: thou doing these live shows which can be really exhausting and they really can. The reaction, the interactions with that Fans of people are really incredible. The p support the show Montgomery I mean it was crazy to me- is at least sixty seventy percent of people at that that theater and by the way, overflow. Thousands of people were muslim. Member, oh yeah, there's a so that's not even just non mug clearings Muggah members get their hours in advance. So that's always, as it really is a team of people. We really feel like its familiar, only overwhelming support. But he also due notice an ongoing, seemingly progress in a secure, and I particularly
coming election fear a theme of people being And I never really find it we're wasting it over them, we'll find that the show helps them. Some people say: listen man, I just didn't die, I'm so tired of news and politics. This was a veteran who talked about our aid, suicidal actually ever cross. Their women figured it the perfect place to put it yet. So it's just safe, so thank you, Sir again for sending it, but we can put right next to the full The ultimate warriors action figure that MIKE Ward, give us that next to a Navy cross, crystallizes this show civilization helps them. Ah, it's really important, though an accident when I'm therapies, private, better than the show furthermore, on the show needs there be something is using this difference between being afraid and always get the chance to answer people this way and are being afraid of something in being fearful, you're too, thanks and at last said, weaken or often ends up be. I think it ended up being branded crowded club
is because people are uploading it anyway. I want those dollar dollar bills, so I try to be vulnerable. I try to be earnest Little think lies help I dont think being complete disingenuous helps I don't think false ego helps, and because I know a lot of you out there might be experiencing some of the same pain in fears that I've gone through or that I'm going through or people even here, sometimes studio. So if it helps you, It be wrong for me to keep it to myself and I think a lot of who often go you. Don't be afraid I'll, listen to be brave, but they re tell you anything else, what safety or the rock or someone again your comments. I really appreciate you appreciate the enemies of Daniel call me because of course it is in a world level. Ass kicker in on this, shall not always, but on this issue has been very vulnerable about what it is it scares and about the fact that these nervous poor every fight very specific- and I tell you what for that inspired me
but the hearing Daniel come here again. There is forty five. I don't feel so bad about. You know throwing up for painting the porcelain before every single live show Coalblack noticed joy. I don't enjoy speaking life, very, very nervous. When you get up there, you wrote it well. Thank you. I appreciate the lies checks in the mail. It will clear you needn't family and for the clear anyway, just like just like a black belt from Stevens ago your check cleared, and I'm amazing. If it does help you the way. Daniel core me, o Brien Charge or Saint Pierre, Thomas or without a lot of great people here have been virtually talk specifically about things. Scare them or difficulties they ve overcome that spends money has an inspiring to me and so obviously we also they're laughing that scare me, but I dont, labelling commitment and when we go through it and I love you- Two you guys come on what it is, it most you're going out on a limb here and I know to be used against me eventually, but I also know that there's someone else out there probably feels like there alone might think that at the end of their
and maybe this help so it's one person is worth it, I'm afraid, if I'm afraid of being alone. Doesn't mean I'm really afraid of this idea, people talk about being alone in a crowded. When we have been here in sound lyrics, it often happens. I can be surrounded by lot up in not really know who are, friends were no. Who is really cares about me and especially when you have so many supporters and am grateful for them. You're, afraid tat goes away and there's the sort of dead still of quiet advertisement. I'm afraid we alone, I'm afraid of burning up. One of one of my worst fears, I'm afraid of burning Alec after University of Michigan and again, when you have kind of health struggles, nothing serious its heart Sometimes it's hard. I can always get up and do the work that I need to do is provoking sharp hit the mark. Do the sketch fine right the joke, but- and you don't have anything to aim for some of these rules
think of right now, ok, where we go to the next year. What's the next super video will, where we're gonna go on location, because so much needs to be planned in its like an old line tamer it's the different legs at this tool that keeps the lion completely confused. That's the only reason that this person is the circus clown is not getting eaten. I get it I am sometimes I'm afraid of burning up. I am right of not being deserving this platform, Frank, I'm afraid of them, something I've always been afraid of, I see the face. I see people come up when they tell me their personal stories in how much this programme means the moment. I really am grateful, but am, I think I often feel undeserving I worked really hard. I believe I try to be honest with people I probably work harder than anyone. I know it's kind of reputation in the industry. If we ask other people, I am a clydesdale, not a show horse. Clearly not an arabian prancing dancer whatever it is, how you equestrians, I don't care, go to your disrupt dressage, but I'm afraid I'll often feel undeserving of the platform.
I'm afraid of mistakes it I've made which have harmed others, and I dont essentially know what they are. Sometimes, when you're in a leadership position, this keeps me up I'm afraid. I have made mistakes that have caused ripple effects and They were mistakes. I could have avoided, especially when you don't have employees in your in your urine, your mid twenties. You make mistakes, Mistakes are ok, but I I I I have trouble sleeping sometimes I think I this, but I that's something that bothers me I'm afraid the brazilian wandering spider. That goes without saying I'm afraid not doing not knowing what have done the right thing. That's among its heart phrase, a mistake, and sometimes not knowing if you ve made a mistake or done the right thing, because sometimes you make a decision that you have to for someone else team or someone else in your life that negatively affects one of the poorest somebody and as I we don't have that much room in the lifeboats. Sometimes they car decisions, and sometimes you think you have to make our decisions and is just wrong. I'm afraid that I'm afraid of I'm afraid further used have a bad temper
Frederick, coming back Fraid of MR I'd rearing, its ugly, bisexual. Had there was a small short face now, I'm afraid furtive fraid of getting angry fraid of being too emotional. Afraid of obsessive, because then I'm afraid of alienating friends, family people who care about most something about a lot from there's a lot of pressure. So a lot of compression comes hyper volatility emotionally and I'm afraid of pushing people away, especially when you have people who you love, who either work with you or in close proximity. This is I'm afraid of. This is why I mentioned there was a pause at: U of M, I'm afraid I'm really afraid of having children. That's it I dont like kids, not true like it. That's a smoke screen, I kind of don't like sticky, kids. But I'm afraid of having children death leave because of threats,
turn them into a life that they didn't choose. I've had a lot of close calls. I've had even just not close calls like a very unpleasant kind of do that. People who just work for this show who had been spat on with had people get violent with them? Even if you have em, we had people try to start a bar fight for peace. You weren't even on stage within you worked with the crew. Unreal afraid of having and bringing them into that. It's always been Bozman, because of that something else, I'm afraid of the fact that my fear of of having children could cause irreparable damage with a wifi no deserves them. Nothing and never gonna have kids by the way, I'm guessing at ST. It's a fear that I struggle with. And a lot of people start with these fears. We talked about the church groups. Often people aren't honest. I need to be forgiven for being a workaholic. I spend too much on Facebook no Antonia executive, I'm afraid I'm top up I'll tell you what my witnesses are, because I know in some of these are actually things right, feel as though I should have expressed a long time ago, because costs,
we encounter these life performances were people say you know what I really struggle with this and you help me with it. I'm going. You know when it's just tell people. I just tell people that I struggle with it. Just tell me what I struggle with with burn out and fear that I just tell people I'm afraid, I'm having children, because it might help them too. Feels, although we are not so much from the left. Oh don't be alone only trying to tell you shouldn't feel alone and you're depravity. I'm telling you shouldn't, feel Villona being Fraid of things, but hopefully there's a solution that will get to after this I'm afraid aid of all this going away and fifteen people being out of a job something that really scares me If I'm undeserving of hope it all goes away, or you say the wrong thing that can happen to anyone these days. We can really bless. There's fifteen! people who rely on my club in your support, not just myself. That's something that really scary. Here's, a young man in on this, I'm afraid of not being to discern the things that I can control and the things that I can't and wasting energy trying to fix things or trying to contain things like?
Control, I'm really afraid of not having discernment or not having perfect a sermon. I think that's what a lot of these fears stem from an even more. I think. I'm I'm afraid not fixing. The issues that I can control I would even harder to live with such a vicious this never ending cycle of what can I control? What can I not? And if you can control it, you better do something about it, because people are relying on you to fix this of your control, your spinning you're wheels in the people who are relying on you he's going to see you burn out and then you can help them. It's a really difficult thing to break it's real difficult cycle to break I'm afraid of all of these things and snake island, but don't live in fear And neither should you when I hear this a lot particular this election, You shouldn't living, it's ok, to be afraid of things. Everyone is afraid. Bravery is doing the right thing in the face of being afraid,
but living in perpetual fear is different. Just like people tell lies but lie to yourself consistently is corrosive to your soul in a way that is very different from telling somebody they dont look fattened address, live. In a state of fear is different. From being afraid, you do not have to live in fear rigour. The election, because you're not alone- and not only are you not alone because of believe it or not. God is it you're, not alone, but let's get out of you know what people bases corny sort of metaphysical bumper stickers you're watching this live right. Now, ok,. Look out of you were watching, live with you, George, afterward just what Grammy subscribers mug Lubbers. There are next to you. Takes also known that there are millions upon millions of people right now in with you, and you know what those people that the subscriber you know what those people have bought. This isn't it's its awesome, its hand edged its garthie attain painted. This is just a symbol. You know why millions of people have supported this programme is not because it's the AIDS, its
every now, and then we get a few right. It's not because people feel as though this is the only place they can go for political information or insight. Millions of people have signed up because they have been through something similar to what you are going through or to what you have been through. Look at that subscriber counts the ceiling right now and you too, by just last month that the ceiling for conservatives on Youtube is our channel right. And that's also a burden. It scares us because Romania were changed the blueprint every single week and are trying to do right by you. Elections fluctuate we could so many emails is personal life advice. But what do I do with the election? I feel that our countries too, I haven't every single election election. Change, parties, change and it goes back and forth, but when loser draw, whether this growing Ex Cora you're, not alone don't need to live in fear. You feel better at all those that help you feel better. I know some of these really feel good segments, but it doesn't really matter. Okay, cuz. Will you feel better or not? That's the truth, so take if you feel better good now, it's your obligation to help the next guy go. Make
today right now, if you're listening, if you're watching this show immediately, pause. This there's only going to be a few seconds of music afterward. Anyway, you really need to hear you probably too strong song. A million times of pogo part. Right after this phrase and immediately go ensure that somebody else out there doesn't feel alone and doesn't need to live in perpetual fear. If all of us do that, what changes this country and that's what creates a team and that's what gives people not only self belief but believe in their values and belief in real change, make sure today, right now this is the last phrase I'm getting near the end of this now name that movie line you go out and ensure someone else doesn't feel alone and doesn't have to live in fear, because that's why we do this we'll see you next week. Devils advocate stuff mountains,
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