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2018-11-09 | 🔗
Steven debunks Vox's latest video on the gender gap in politics, and Larry the Cable Guy stops in! Also ISIS Representative Mahmahood al-Mahmahood is in third chair, so keep an eye out.

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Hey there audio listen here listening to and PR can you imagine how nor I dont know how people listen to NPR whenever I accidently tune into it. On my radio, I buy veer off the road, This is, of course, the audio version. Lot of people are watching the videos more and more of their subscribing to the daily show. Lotta was cut. It comes much more club. If you have not, it is what keeps it's free shows, coming v shows, will cease to exist unless more if you join at Lahti, colored outcomes less Markleham. Ninety nine annually that sixty nine for students veterans are active military just entering the word as a discount because Google's and squeezing Youtube's been squeezing if you look at the apple store, they're, not necessarily super super pro, whatever your view is as long as it's not radically left there given money, the southern poverty loss answer, you heard me talk about them this month. We appreciate the support and if you feel
you're missing out in some visual gags had on over to Youtube or for muslim member, see our tv to watch the whole thing, you're the show louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper
Neglected by the system in a word, deeply and bogus hate speech guidelines, and nobody cares about us until one teacher. So why should we even try and find a home changed everything because there's nothing cool about letting them silence, as a watchdog of that are going to have to go, because my class free speech has its own reward and I saw you don't have to go through life of victim better for you live in my neighborhood for one week in the new tell me you gotta check on a little, you wanna tell us about men and night.
This is you have to rage against dying of what you promised. You'd fight back of math life is going to be worth a damn. You better give me your best. I need you gonna cost around. Like you, I think you're wasting remained there's data. We have Muslim, we like love, I wanna kill for months, but we have now. We have it now because of twenty six tv is twenty sixty berries and those with this Yorkshire, Jorge Luis twenty eighty dangerous mugs.
That's the guy who ruled the days by having a terrorist and his studio came up. Is it snake I? What is its case? Bad? Having speakers are good economic gains, ground idea, sensitive data. We can thank you so much for being here and liberalising in third cheer. Today we have Mahmoud Almah mood Director of communications and public relations for ISIS disease. Stephen glad to have you back see here. We all do that. Do you see this off their side devices? I dwell on my best. Lay I'm here to kill you with kindness. I see what you did their isolation and also actually kill me. I believe you know. Eventually, events are either he's just trying as yours today once again that we have with us. We have led the cable guy today, because you know someone sent a bomb and they thought it was actually start as one of your flags, eternal beginner done flag. Did you see that an eye than when I don't know
This arabic, you guys show that all the time I don't want to believe you hear what I can do. What I say is ready for it. We were at the boy who farts immediately deregulated and bring anyone today. That's tat, no one believes protest in all things and quarterback, of course, producing first, so elation like there's. No a black twitter is called the world star. The question of the day, who ok, who get worse we're carcinogenic Costa. And you think either the matter coming, because I think the answer might tell us who you are you really offended by the democracies in Europe? Is there an equivalent seeing this on twitter people it? Well, you know, because we're going to revoke urge, because just press badge so then it so to do the killer base, their Tucker Thousands House Raymond down as oak door. I own, I am billions remarkable listen, of course, rather that want to dress the year two thousand oak subs shooting at the time of this taken, we dont know exactly what's happened. I lived in more part for awhile Autonomy Valley. Close two thousand looks beautiful great people, so how it goes.
Not enough info to really talk about another warning of the gun control issue. Right now we isolate the winning issue for the right. I actually I regained its one done, big, no headway on gun control when these issues happen. So I it's acceding to treating a tumor just let it go to die. Just don't look what's what would it was ISIS opinion on american Gun, control, We are going to just sit with this one out, goods guns, you know. If you have guns. You want to shoot each other with guns. I told suit her we're going to stop it. I said some thoughts now I'll personnel and about the killing with kindness are leading us for that you got jail. Was this you're doing this with your liver? Ok, it almost like a baseball emphasis, but even then he knows I guess today to put the least surprising news of the weak, Jim accosted. Finally, White House was pulled, it isn't going after the now, of course, the tourist enough between him and President Donald Trump during Press conference Wednesday, when he wouldn't give the microphone background in turn.
Now, of course, lessons on the right or wrong. On the right, see this as a given, while those on the left This is Donald from driving is final nail in the coffin of modern journalism drove her serves. My ears go if we do not have the means to that end, but no one dozen! It's like I don't really get worse, but with the most dangerous place to be between Jim Acosta, in a news camera right with these two and reporting. But at the same time when, when Obama arms are when trumpet,
ed to him. Well wiggle produce. I just channel those armor quick caffeine. Let me give you one more transparent way: Oregon. No one ever is evident studio come on. Let's get this confusion. Obama yeah do the west I've started. I don't. Let's do it all right, so our own throbs said that he would like the guy person right, but he said he was a despicable personas. Like you gotta ass, the line there yet look. Reporters are supposed to be jerk. Sometimes you don't you don't get mad at them. For that you can pull their credentials and he can go back there. He doesn't have a hard pack. They have to re issue it now. So no big deal right, I think I think I thought it was perfect and am also use our, but I love brigands it's. Why did you call the caravan and they were that's what I that's. What I take that I see that I see. I see it as an invasion in good. What do you think it was inflammatory? That's called a difference of opinion
zero, have been backed off Xerox, unknown. To me, you ve gotta, containing William, that isn't that bug you pick out the toilet out or almost talkin about idiotic recital. I don't know you still doing while their mood. You seem confuse you don't. I just want to say that none of this stuff, with the drama in the press room, would happen if Gary Johnson, one. As this is what you guys automatic repress, you don't have any these issues right. People just get shot well sadly, but I'm just saying, cannot Johnson President would not talking about visas. Nice happy place mostly because he's a late, Norma Sexual and that's not that did not say he couldn't hold office. I will talk. This later we'll get we're gonna, vocs rebuttal, because our recent I've learned this week where they say more women need to be nominated because by Gary Johnson seemed very gay to me. I don't know why. One common living. I dont think I don't know, but about that, but
about time that America lacks a president who doesn't know where Aleppo is they are even more serious. Is that without would we could cover free then raises fears that it is essential that almost as though you have ulterior motives, more serious news, of course with another man was injured by yet exploding bottle. Corona does it is an unfair, as is actually third man adequate third made in recent months to say: Corona bottle exploded. Well, he was handling it, causing a gruesome injury. The quotas he Citys, like their selling glass hindrance. Now, there's been no official. Mission. Explanation viewed registry, stopping soak it as if it, whereas an unofficial explanation from corona as yet, but we should that authorities actually events suspecting foul play, as as I always have. yeah.
I was wrong about you, alcohol. I am sorry you found it. Spirit. Have you I'm more of a bad light? Lime guy? Oh my gosh, like I said the Deuce guy, I kind of laughed a little bit at this and I'm sorry this. Maybe like the dark side of humor. For me, I cannot think if we just stepped back. Let the corona thing take its course Corona Cheek Hersel, because they have to worry about it a little bit if you during corona this might be just sort of sort of like, raping batteries, yeah agnostically loads bridges and then back NGO little but nature take a horse here. So I really would have thought you know. You wouldn't think the explosion you'd think it's mexican tap water would be the high risk factor there or that a good point actually mean This revenge, I think, is yielding that's a real turning a deaf. I hope you're not to say something now, but I never. I never know because no you're no terrorist, he little Jaws just up to something in my mind, creative rights. Turning to big tech, the Youtube gamer Shamrock
My saying that right she Rico here, I once you have my way and I want this man to be getting to show soldier Cogenerated Halberts pronounced in place. We would welcome you here to channel deleted for sharing cliff in which fed a suffrage feminism, alligator delighted to learn to read dead redemption to game. You know I can't really do justice, let's just let's just watch the clip. This is what got him band here on Youtube. Maybe it's a nice not disgrace. Billy, no, more wars! No hunger! Stupidity will elective woman president within the first ten of course you see men Arsenal, don't worry it's coming, two francs, you need us. Women demonstrate new out football, get the lesser you guys. I've never played this. What I was what non gamer. I can't stop planes
gets, gets its better. It gets way worse, but now you know what that, although we are at the alligator, is in keep those its high protein by had not play this game, and I love this and with so that its truth, then, is Youtube. China was reinstated, I swear. He actually came back in the very first that you are one of the first videos called the poor
a mexican hiding together they can read dead redemption, so this guy doesn't care. It is a good thing that there is a strong and I'm gonna gaming community, because if this is a violation of guidelines on Youtube in everything, is a violation of gather that you too, because if you do, you do need idea how many people you kill in these games and most than men. That's all you! Do you blow people's brains? Are you can't it if you are starting police what people do and video games we're screwed, because every videogame out there, this popular has stuff like that in our little abilities stuff, like that, I said it promotes violent someone. What game that's fun doesn't Like I know, racing gave uncreative outlet, racing games done, that's. Why ran into PETE Hatteras Little Lope the open I wanted you couldn't could have could of Catherine with the helicopter going through the maze. Oh good, Lord, no, not through that's, not very But our countries that we represent- that's what I'm saying Mr Obama, that's what I was going to express the plight of the turtles from the Mario Brothers. No use
on the third, those like a bunch of savages, we would never play such a game. Now now stop industry. Would you do with the turtles there in Syria? don't have darters I've, never seen a turtle there really yeah. I don't know if somebody ate them all they'll be. Serbia novelty, which we should like to make is do we should show you the true the turtle? I would laugh at that, and I would love to do, go to the San Diego zoo. If that's down the street or something I don't know, no are nowhere near a little its land and air thirty reactor. You think everything's clause, I'd idea now it's likely with Canada have no idea that British Columbia is nowhere near Montreal. Finally, in them into in insider news, justice, Ginsburg. What Well, you know hospitalized for fracturing some ribs and adopted an important statement Ginsburg. Eighty five experiences, comfort efforts. If she was going home following the fall was admitted to George Wash Ing University Thursday morning for observation and treatment and actually level
an empty and seen as a mug club, member and snuck ass, a video of the justice before bringing her to the hospital It almost seems like tasteful distasteful, maybe going a little yeah, just whether I was bad? I was real phenomenally, thereby the way for through greater guesswork. The GNP Senate pick up seem a little bit of a bigger win. Yet this is what they were targeted later Ginsburg. Have you seen the documentary Netflix? different trying. So I can reassure you, may not think rapid Grandma Arbour Matt Damon talking, but I was I want to see the actual tables and John Mccain because he's very chance he dies in European is present with bet against Burger Bernie Sanders. It doesn't matter all of us. It is old, now look at what is it with. Somebody said that it was like a school ghoulish death watch, basically for the Supreme Court,
I can remember who determine junior or somebody who knows him. It was Herman decades are, that is absolutely the sinister nine and there was a good attributes as a good, solid plan. As I have a serious for you, like. I have a big problem with lifetime appointments for Supreme Court justices for stuff. Just like this. We get to basically sit and watch people. Whither away, they can't use it to profiteer of hovering commercials, but that also true in self lubricating catheters that yeah it's well, but I do have a brown important appointments. I mean I dont think that Supreme Court justice it should be left employment. I think they should have a term or something where it. If they get to old, we get. We ve got a situation where she's not able to really do the job she's not able to walk, apparently exactly oftentime, Riah asleep. I'm we shouldn't have this person up there just dying in front of everybody. We should let them go off. Graceful. Editor of the agreement are well. We have here were receiving we're, ensuring that their Natasha rip it against Burg's Rhebas, actually not doing so well. Yeah
Gerald see, surprise she has almost as though he didn't read out today. It all wait. There's a show the terrorists, the terrorist gambler, how you doing their mood this is live right. There are not second change right Ok, so as a loose easy rips have about left him, appointments is out. I want you to finish. That's pretty much better series, for me the lightest end. I really dont filling out of the box or bottle and the way we need a football writers. I kick ok knows, but you you, our states and opinions on this, and I had to watch this before. You came into chimeras and this is more
ass. They were going to be talking about this on air. Yes, Kindle fire this really. I really don't think you should do anything with fire in the names. Ok, burning people alive it just kind of brings up Edmund thinks it's a brand out. I thought american arriving at all, but are you Hon you shouldn't you? Should it's it's appropriation? That's! I could see a point at this point in our Europe to conceive any tear out. Are you gonna use at the terrorist is being nice to be the new he is. I have no problem with it. You can buy what No someone, the crazy superfine who really love you there you them. I did. I did then I do. How do I once made it up? Now? I wonder, is not one for Georgia is running out and he was right now she was a fan identity. I was gone to what we were talking about at the time in the wake of the originator Ginsburg of this now, because if she falls asleep, you can like snicker and make jokes about her, but you're still awakes. We came in plenty of time. Leave
How? I not you didn't wear the same colored shirt as I worked in the past. We have finally like that data array randomly we should coordinate. Now now east or quarter Breton blacks than I do? well come on. That's not even the blue on partially colorblind. That's not to think of it. I think I think geared is a quarter black and then the other three quarters Dickie Greenleaf, with the short button, assure alone. Whatever the mixture is its very white. So what are we end up? I mean it's three quarters. We talk about democracy and we talked about Tucker Karlsson, but let's coming into the realm of of identity politics in the wake of the blue wave, as has been calling us by the left it we are doing is analysis when some loose and natural that the election was in the wake of these elections, people try into something. I think that isn't there exists, written and push agendas that don't make sense so laying the ground. Enter VOX is Lathes video telling us
the weeny devoting more women, because the twenty eighteen midterms were huge for women candidates. A total of two hundred and seventy three women were on the ballot in the twenty eighteen midterms, representing both parties. Now compare that to the past five elections. That's a big jumping women candidates vying for office, women must be pretty well represented in the? U S government now right, not exactly ok, Here comes the doom and gloom buying the first before we get to rebutting this. Is their notice? Isn't that one straight male capable of narration, but all of the Vocs studios, not one but not one of them once the hiring process like there are you gay, chair,
yes or yes? Do you sound a feminine, and any real right had eleven can add on is that Argentina is like the opposite of what you purchase a gun which, by the way, I'm not one who sees racism and every rock, but when you get when you gotta purchase of irony that are our It has caucasian blackened and latino and in Africa. Non latina. We have to check the but justified on. Let's eat, I was literally single, have doesn't say non black nodding at work, not letting. I assume, because of illegality of citizenship, is a trick question. What really is that we really are usually box just one just what you mustn't be afraid to expand your horizons. I'm sure there's a straight old white guy there, somewhere the one controlling the purse strings line him at him near rate the next video. Alright, let's move on to the cliff the share of women in the House and Senate has increased over time, but it still right well below
share of women in the? U S, population, and if you dig deeper Congress, looks even less representative women of color and make up eighteen percent of the EU s population, but before the twenty eighteen may terms be accounted for just seven percent of com. A slight boring, so you might as well. This is a rather clips are gorgeously, it's quite like giving away. Now you can be you're, not muted, because I'm chairman would love to hear your comments around. What VOX is doing. Women in your culture. Typically right at that always go. Hang I don mind it like. I was gonna fall asleep, unlike a really greater Ginsburg impracticable, you wake up like mine, the Elect women here, I bet you imagine if the dinner with Ruth Better Ginsburg Bernie Sanders I don't have an edge issue which should be the words. What for twenty
I think I ve had it ran. Why why why? What you say bench, that's what Britain's recess derelict there's a pet, that's by tat name, it's a term of a deer. My fell sleep much time. I've endearments rarely get much so I dont understand Vocs video here. Women make up fifty percent of population, only nine percent that they would make up what nine percent of construction worker who cares, well and they voted. They voted for these people. Though the women, the rival yes vote, more vacant vote. This is not like some advanced country where that is not the case that they vote.
This is where they voted. We did because not enough suffragist word we were FED decried through, so we got to the point our the now. Everyone can vote one at a time. Ok, when fifty there, like fifty percent of the population, will not only make up this percentage get looking to make at nine percent of contractual, but they make up seventy five percent of education, health services right. This is something we people go into different fields. Gender! Women are really here from the bureau and Labour Styptics, since what does every job have percent a mirror image of the census of the United States. Demographics. You know it Why doesn't mere the full eighteen percent of the women of color like eighty percent women, are ok, Thirty percent of black women have high school degrees for percent have college degrees It would send a reason that they do not make it at the highest levels of government, though six eight point: five percent do make it an ice loans of Adobe NBA. Well, in the document. Innovators, it box is gonna, be calling people out one that they have a little bit more diversity and their staff instead of gay
let's be latino males added a very good like ninety seven percent of their workforce at Cancun. Farmers, as I was latino. I can just pretty much confirmed today as I might, including it's not like gay dar, like cities sonar would be here soon, I'm getting worse, but I'd be a really good hours. Usually people, usually when you're looking at their saying gave our. So. That's not all were hearing, so that's what I like your looking at that Eight years likes cables are coming back to you. Re looking gave observing back that's when we wanted your honour on this. I don't know, there's just thinking someone to complain about in saying all whether they represent this put their number. The population sensation represent this percentage of the electorate. Why I dont why runaway changes every single year from straight male too,
not in fact, but from three miles from white to black from male to female. I mean you: can you can follow a district? You can follow the last thirty years and you would find something. Different Jude certainly would find some diversity of thought unless it's in California or New York, but that's what it really where we should be talking about here, but it can vocs just you need a vote for more women, because why they make a fifty percent. The population. Ok,. Need, I say more: yes, you do more about. The argument was over when other accident studies in the most egalitarian countries in the world. These gender gaps actually spread out further, so in places where they have the most opportunity, the most equality women tend to segregate themselves in careers in fields and industries more so than we see now. So it's absolutely scientifically disproven where they want to get so. If you say, seventy five percent of females are in this workforce and there's only ten percent of hears engineers in the most equal societies in the world. That gap is actually larger. It doesn't get narrow, which is what you would expect, because they would have me
opportunities that can treated more equally and it doesn't? Narrowed ought actually gets ardor because people self select out of these things. Most of all, we have to move on from out from women and black woman to the more the more important mar dressing issued ashore. Next clip algae BT. Women make up about two point: five. Somebody who s got by all look to open the algae BT women in congregated in time, that's less than one percent scrutiny by the way. I just love how their tossing he and just then, Most of the algae bt live like ninety, Gee condensers at two point, five percent now. First, I think another try to its that five percent of the population is gay, five point summit. Now: it's not they just realized if they now keep pumping up the percentage that people more embracing the towel letters, cultural ramifications, but only two, maybe because it's weird.
I challenge anybody that take a melatonin and try to make it through this video, so boring choices, pretty monotones. Why that's? What I'm looking for someone? You know? It's not gonna happen nation. I need you guys. I need a place treatment it probably because it's weird where we had we, the first range and may have a Texas town on the show, and yet the whole time was inside. It was very respectful and we set there. We talked about sort of. We went back a thing to do to butler to fund. Above while we talk about gender theory withhold their underscoring in my head. This is we are this as we have this, so I did when I watched it. It was very, very bizarre and most people probably go now Does it mean that your less than doesn't mean that I think you should be the victim of a hate crime then if somebody is really good example Leslie in Austin. We all remember usual short short. You see is by Annex II, Pat passed away with really said whose Collagen Austin Icon right. He was now. I don't whose homeless, there's a legend kind of sharing the boy ass. He was weird, but people liked him. They embraced him
What are you set it up Not you! I've only appreciate the dress up. I don't unanimously Leslie, we count as a Leslie. Ok, This is a new. There are interesting country above my head. If you're gonna, Montclair member, you can watch assurances that hit the notification bell. If you subscribe to because subscriptions don't show up interception, bottles any more and that we direct meant. Of course, you don't Michael the less you want. The whole show to go away and women are coming change. My my we might be back at TC you on Monday, or we might be back their Tuesday and broadcast live. Who knows tc you? Who knows you thought you'd read us out and rail, but coming soon on baby, I will say that someone might have a case of an ethical and take a look at this. Are not showing what towards candidate spent time. Talking about women were much more likely than men to discuss issues like education, climate change and minimum wage
and their two hundred percent more likely to be blinded by a third more because national security was nowhere on that last no first up this link in areas like they are more likely to talk about these issues, which right, ok, first off, you really trying to straddle the fence here, vocs like out more likely to have mentioned these issues at one point according to art, gives a rat's ass fer, let's go with ok, these are the issues that matter most to women. I'm a change education, minimum wage, what you You here you ve got to convince. Everyone is what you think a chart saying that women tend to get not about national security, not about the primary purpose of government. Keeping its citizens say that that that that the fact that they couldn't care less, that that's going to. I guess appeal to more voters,
I shouldn't become, I shouldn't enterprise or dumbfounded, I'm just disappointed to look. I understand that politicians are gonna pander to their audience and they're gonna talk about the things that are important to them, but if I see climate change in theirs, fifty some odd percent of women talking about it and not saying it's a hoax, I'm not voting for that person or at least challenging it as being the ninety five or ninety. Eight percent of all scientists agree kind of thing that I see that on somebody stalking points and like I don't know if you know what you're talking about trying to drum up votes, but that's actually code for you're gonna hit her which support we do. We ride to to convince people with pie, chart and stuff like that? Initially the big my eyes out that effective. Now that effective that your religion of peace or that you know what we started, we started.
But you know President the Ross poorer Social one- and you ask us today- is a third party extravaganza. I answered and arrive pivotal. You didn't have a news with his american interests. Are let's go to the next clip, there's even evidence that women make better lawmaking one study found my female lawmakers, bringing nine percent more federal spending for the hours that better than their male counterparts, and that's on top of the fact that women, makers sponsor more bills than male legislators? So basic interviews, yet boxes and that women make better lawmakers exclusively because they,
Chris Federal spending in bureaucracy and red tape that bad. This is also why the snakes make better pets, because little known fact that are likely to buy you things of potentially kill you within the brazilian wandering spider is great to keeping your tray because the commons properly, and that you mean a reminder that the athlete boner boner spider, but when you say that where you feel like a bad example of vocs right, you're, just as arguing that everyone consuming any and all media is a far left Us- and this is a decent wages thinkers. This divide- it's not even because of people. I was trying to break down to her. I was in store aunt if a dragon people out of cars and been them up it's because of an out of touch, it is a blind spot that is growing so large. I think they sat round here. We really people, have of them. Are women here. What's, let's try but they spend more and create more bill. We then they care about climate change and not the military has not sexist. What is it then more than in other languages
ok! Well, what are you gonna blow right? Listen I'll! Have you out of here case made. It is a case to remove your fine, but then there reasoning is the opposite of that next clip this success might They help explain why women are less likely to run for office than men in the first place, mining men underestimate their qualifications and perceived gender bias and notaries which discourages them from the internet. Because of these hurdles, only the most talented and ambitious women seek office. Ok, these women, who were elected during the twenty until mid terms, we'll help inspire other women to run for office in the future and as more women joint government, their representation will become more and more normalized, and eventually a video like this won't even be necessary His name is very necessary. Now all yeah, well
your job is to make vocs plan, but that you suggest that, let's let Stephen take this one, I haven't thought about task. I'm trying to I'm trying. As matter you make me watch box videos, I know, but you might it not agreed on a play, another song man I got it will look. I wish they would have been supportive of women candidates. I don't know, maybe when Sarah Palin was running as the first right by President EU candidate in absolute disease. No? She was, but she's beautiful that's what I heard authoritarian method. I read the allegedly was allowed I'll give you this lakes airplanes little quirky for sure, but they said no second, it leaves no. That was satire Gerald took what it is like I'll give it to. You know, don't hear me, I don't want you to give it to me. You know that I do not think that European I've met to spend time on our Hudspeth he's, not a whore lard JANET's Ross.
Is our whore. You will hang people at the heart of that line that we sarcasm. Now, if you will quote you unlike hand, this quote to your enemy she's, a whore fine. I don't know where that really didn't make legal. He, irrespective of minor, exacerbated the horror, got it she's, not ITALY, but I wish support would have been there. I mean the only thing that people could do and she was running for president was make fun of her. I thought that we would have the kind of- and I dont know me this in a bad way, but I thought if there was gonna, be a woman card, something they got women to go out and vote in a way that they hadn't for Republicans. In a long time it would have been the first vice presidential candidate. That was a woman. There was a female and it wasn't. The exact opposite thing happened here, yeah. Why? Because you wasn't super qualified and because I'm a green one, eyed right candidate was more public and women. This is the import republican women, actually care about qualifications and actually care if you represent wrappings it. I think european, automated better vice president than Joe Biden, yes, namely because she isn't, you know molest bikers
what am I think, I've Cortez she's, not qualified. Nobody could have got all that. There's more our yes! But that's the point, the it's! It's. It's the same problem. We have with any conservative of any Republican. It's like hurting cats. I thought was actually Thomas all who said that, because our independent thinkers, they don't just person that no matter what women, with ok republican women didn't say when China a giant vagina, much vagina bodies forever and I lock it would be with its but They do it the, although it doesnt matter that she's a crazy bug, I'd socialist, they don't the ottoman examples you met their use in there. I think they have Senator Marshall, Bergmann challenge Conservative I think led the investigation into planned parenthood, this member, the celebrated parcels and then one other. Where there's examples. That is that all our lady who was an extreme left as Muslim, which might seem almost a debate- Seymour on loves aboard
its Israel and is opposed to cutting insurance payments of of convicted tears. You guys are popular Omar. The I have the bumper sticker on that kind of our next to marry, Johnson and respiratory, no at the camels full of stickers. The camp was not very happy about it. I don't want you to remove the nail thinner, appearance, tat technology over there and ends in Syria. I don't think so. We're working at that are you. Are you working out? Isn't each? Is it really is remarkable to me the identity politics that they play with women. They assume that everyone is going to care just because someone has woman in running on their take it, and if you don't, you should care now, we'll all. Why? Because vagina, You ve got you ve, convinced me, isn't it? I can't even gotten create confidence designed to convince anybody, because it assumes everybody agrees with them. You can be a woman envy opposed to.
Abortion, or at least you know you can be a woman to be opposed to abortion at twenty six weeks like in Colorado, you can be a woman by you can have that's not want to pay a fifty two percent income tax about that right you can have all very or you can have a uterus and We want a strong national defence can be slightly more feminine. You can have wider birthing, hips and- want four thousand people coming from the Honduras and the care of invading your country, not one of them showing up knocking on the door and getting right. You can be a woman and actually think all of these things you can hold all of these values dear, but the left wants to learn a hole in a second. If you have oversized memories, I think men actually have memories of hair, apparently it was likely to those. I was actually read a story about your name apparently collected, but oversight. Is it over our memories? Large rural women is that what makes a breast I dont know
I am not entirely sure to biology. The point is ready, for the point is you can have rests EVA China and a uterus and have your own point of view, except in the world according to vocs. But this is the kind of support gives them up at night, and we have. We have more important things to deal with. Measures
Oh my god. Oh yes said now, I'm not, I don't think you're gonna be back Mahmoud mood. I feel uncomfortable with you here he's gone to see. Seventy two virgin daiquiri circumstances. Seventy two, I'm really sorry about last month's, countless in your culture. Doesn't it oh yeah. I forgot rightly said we have to get away. I play the game are governed by after this and my Lord Elmwood everybody. I just want you know, laugh about things every night
they'll cause base as it being declared a sexually violent. Predator is going to damages reputation not available for common we're all the women that he raised. It didn't stop here too. One word and scrap clinking Evans. My shoulders working now has its kinda I'm getting out of life and for those who don't over those who are not weakening about members. Of course, I am, I fell. Asleep woke up with with blinding shoulder paint as one does and non fine
I still don't know exactly what happened by our next guest very excited. Have our next guest on many of you know. Of course this is Larry. The cable guy Usanga suffer probably pretty sure you're. Hopefully your where his last name is. Actually the cable guy is really misdeeds Whitney you can follow him on the twitter at get are done. There Dan. Thank Slash, Larry. I have not done this, but thank you for being answer Why are matters for health? May I hope you know I gave up on coal and asked me to do that. Did you hear what he said about? It Well, I I I don't know we can say the same for the the practicing physician, but who knows you might be into some weird stuck as it is it dip in your mouth right now? What is it? What is going on. Why die it for awhile and I'm sure your hall, excite China did show your so yeah I a little Levi geared in every now and then so I don't have to each other. Your work. You know how that will end up I'll, probably end up the sugar anyway, and I won't have any change so there.
Today you go. Then he has endeavoured to do both sugar and nicotine we see it. We do not like the Jew was a what I try, I consider the guy is a little here again. There will now and now we can see your boards
I think now, I'm just as acquainted with you as a physician. No are good for no one Benjamin actually used to to dip in. He talked about how our then you just had. He had to stop because he did a lot of diplomas cigar guy. I'm not necessarily did we really had a long time we always do almost cigar guide to. I love cigars, valid Bradley alone inversely for your own, but I gotta take I quit I went, I went dead, stop just quit and I'm tour with thought worthy and we're doing these things go back yard, barbecues remained fox worthy and falling had any money. In a Marshall tug. We had this big big thing for our satellite radio show in man I was losing weight. I was doing the issue that I love backstage for the first one. The whole counter is doughnuts news, cakes, pies and I walked right out and I told her to measure Damon go there. Still right now give me a bag leave. I guess I cannot eat that stuff. I'm going to get my diet,
and he said here, but you quit most await me, and I should I know, but I'm just gonna, do it when I do these things so that I want so, I won't tat shoulders were got me back a dynamic about it. I was just they live about that strike. First, that law the cable guy is a diva and second that for some reason your tour manager, when you tell a story, sounds like you, let the cable guy, you give him a character gears myself sometime what I think Support, might surprise a lot of surprise. The tunnel people it listen. Someone from the south leans, cannot more centre right. Then. Let me ask you: this is so, character, lay the cable guy. I was sometimes it's it's easier animal. We do characters you're in the shows and those who feel invincible because well it's not necessarily saying that, but I think it also surprised some people with some of your tweets recently talking about, can accompany the state or in the
Well, it's a three reports that maybe by Angela I'm not a look. You done it you're, not an idiot it to play in it. I mean you got a pretty linkage. Leave March leave Martin bladed Eddie a great deal more, it's not a dumb guy, I'm not a dumb guy. I love that dialogue. Humor, you know, like you up with a real small town in South Eastern Breschia, came a country kid I gonna throw livestock. I was a pig raised hog. So it's not like. I was living in our apartment, New Yorker allay night. Should you know how I can make money I'll turn into redneck bribing that of the case. I grew up that way
and I moved Florida when I was fifteen years old and I started doing stand up in my early toiling as well. When I moved to Florida, I naturally gravitated to all the Florida cracker did right because they grew up like I dig roof and lifestyle that I grew up in an so when I started doing stand up, it was regular stand up. I had you instead Martens books, Dean Martin in his book, the heat I remember what he was talking about the process to stand up and necessitates the ten year
read a really find out who you are to be comfortable and what you're doing and that's what it took me a lawyer, I started doing character version and I did all kinds of character than one night. I did the cable installer and it was funny I remember after I got done doing it at the comedy cornered wife Palm Beach, that night David Spade and Rob Schneider were there and I got down doing the character and they, both came up to me, said mad that various that's what I didn't Saturday night like character, you should keep working on that, The comic come up on my bed. I'll call, as that would make a lot to make a long story short. I dont want to bore you with, is not very interested. I'm still waiting my ten years to get comfort with my thought about it that after, but the vehicles used Paypal, it happens, quick, thereby birch. Something does most people, so I started to do and the character.
A body, mind radio station and Tampa ninety five, why China? It was the Larry she was really popular. Then I got indicated in some other markets and sleep one night. When I tell you this is a fact I never met ever do it on today it was the year of the mine. It was radio. I was always a fan of the show. All in the family to our g was hilarious and, She always aware ones doing your experimenting and then sometimes some kind of becomes recalling parliament, for example. I never expected to actually interview Wendy Davis as a training on the state capital. It just happens because she was a little bit great follow up. My Wigan had blows off. Unama covers blown. It became one of the most iconic moments in all of this programmes. History. How did you get so much? She invited me over nobody. You ve got some great tweets, really kind of tat, because the left has come out in talked about how right leaning for
it cannot be funny or they just want understand the medium of comedy Of course I disagree with tell us. It will be, we're by Canada, country or tweets are people who are necessarily in the no aren't following you in your heart, and I definitely welcome that unite furnished by other thing. Yes, sir, I go ahead so anyway, to make a long story. Short a buddy. My build me as Dan Whitney a gay Larry. The cable die at his common club one night in Florida and I went on stage and the Larry, the cable and I was doing fine. I mean I wasn't funny comedian, but the Larry stuff just killed, and so he came up to that. I couldn't follow. It You know I try to go back into my own act in a good mood ballot papers. You did not get Dunham shining on the grass and take it that yours and my real name down the boy did Whitney Acre, lay the gable right people Rarely do gonna be awaited left, and so he came up to me
I you know what our raise your name and I'm just going to leave the cable guy He has been you do your whole show like TAT. I should look. I talk like that. All the time with my bodies below my bodies are super sounded, so we just ass, though I were launched stage. The second show- and I did my entire show like tat and pretty much arrest- is history. I ended up syndicates myself on twenty seven, your stations across the country, people always say he came out of nowhere. He was an overnight such sensation, but that goes back to watch the march and it takes ten years. I did. I called radio stations five days a week every day for thirteen years and developed an audience, and so that's how my career happened.
With your question about what I was tweet now I always get irritated comedy, is so subjective, obviously subjected burner. It's like soda panthers, different flavors in you can like a flavor and not like your flavour, but I always get where it paid and when I see people come this blot out on the internet. First ball. They don't know anything about the business and they go. There is not one for concern. Commute conservatives do start pulling the others, no funny conservative Romanians and even when you present them with fat and the way. I think that is here, so you can determine how comedian successful on by the free market,
market did Kate, who they think it's funny and who they think isn't funny, and if you go by the free market, there's a hot party could serve convenience out there tonight even been touched out a you know, shit they put out on the internet few years ago, the top twenty selling comedy artists in the history of the sound scan era novices patchwork. These are album sales upon shirt draws and the very first line is the blue collar comedy tour dominates ten twenty spaces run any. If and when you shall not without Adam Sandler was on their whose death it away a conservative,
Major Jerry Cloud was on their. So when you look at the facts, obviously there are forty considerable. I think in this lends itself come out with car. What else you were talking about and where these sort of leverage is that the media are now used argument, Netflix and Hulu and Amazon prematurely dominated now? It's big become common like three main networks again and they are actively pushing a guy, They were there not going to include a lot of conservatives. Typically, we had people on the show who talked about that was just in the net was a recent special but she's yeah, I'm going to do jokes because there's nothing funny about being humiliated. Actually this there's a ton funny about being humiliated. I got humiliated all the time. It depends on how you look at it. The industry is trying to manipulate the free market a lot of ways like Owen, our good friend. You know we ve lost agents and management. How do you? How do you view then? Do you think that these gatekeepers you gonna go away as we continue down the trail
You know I I have no idea. I guess always. I've always just thought that the free market is where you get your reward. If you're comedian, I mean barks worthy told me a long time. We'll job taught me so merchant stand up. And now you are one of the things that you have always told me will show. Business is called, show business parisian everybody likes to do the show nobody likes to do the business Randall people funnier than me. There's a lot of people followed and job, but there was nobody better, the business than me and yet another. So if you're good at the business, the show parts gonna come, and so I always learn that from Jackpot jump always told me there too, we should look you're. Don't ever told me right of berries. Ever expect to win any kind of award from your peers, because you're all
you're already common out doing a southern character. And they Some reason Hollywood does not like that and the proof of the pudding as you know, job has sold more albums and bill costly and Richard prior combined. Was, he hasn't raped anyway, he's never that that is well spent and he never ever has won a Grammy award for his albums. I mean there was nobody, nobody even touches. Jeff I mean job was selling every I'll be put. He was selling to three million tightly yeah. I know ever met these noble want it. So when people say to us you're, never gonna win anything like that, I always say: doesn't matter the prove vision.
Market right and important within how many lost so so that so, like you type of being subjective, that really is so volatile, I'm about when I was doing. If we probably all remember the Knacker conference when starting and stand up, this is now. I guess this is a general tat made. A cowardly did made a killing and I got a murdered ever read what I went out there and I was Canadian does put it. I was eighteen, I think, my first knacker and always I've always been inherently conservative right, a picture of the political comedian but others look links and I went out and had some material. I think at some jokes about about Islam so and you could hear the audience get really offended and remember. I was brought back state effort to get you can't you kid. This year at NASA. But a member someone was telling me at that point. They were taught me how you were the biggest naming comedy. I heard these. I won't talk with them publicly, but the nuts is that you are getting paid for every showing. Oh, my god I can. Even possibly imagine that ever for that was: was it was kind of Dean cook
for a while if you have any shimmer Kevin Heart, but really me look at Steve Martin, it doesn't like comedian stick around for a very very long time. Obviously they have their audience, but the person who is number one. It's like the heavyweight championship, it's really hard to hang onto that spot. It's usually not more than a year. Two and then they come back around its is that so for you that was ever difficult to kind of deal with these. These legacy activity, the variants there from year to year You know I was always I mean I like everybody, I mean Stephen. I mean I've got along with. Obviously I'm a conservative comedian, oh, but I dont know with all sorts of community, and you mean I'm friendly Louis Black and I'm proud of you, I'm friends would cut my body Tom Ryan's. A super levy in church I'm time I'm unfriendly allotted comedians it I don't agree with, but I must guide the loves the craft.
Comedy I'm a one line comedian. I was a fan of all the old guys coming up, so I do a lot of one liners, but I'm a fan of the craft. One of those guys it. I may not agree with your politics. Mariposa may hate, you all it takes. If you have a show and probably won't watch it, but I find you funny, you do things that are funny, because I love them the way you can start the joke so I've always been like that. I'm not way to accept, but my philosophy is I just if you want to masturbate in the green room, I'm not going to watch it. You know that's kind of a hard line for me that I set right. Well, a lot of people have to shut shirt thing. We have to set the certain boundaries healthy bound. Last last question separated everyone's mind that we can, of course, cannot talk about but occurred after we originally spoke about you coming on the programme.
You ve been in a national news recently for of a story that you probably don't want to be when you saw these images were used brute. When you read the news, were you surprised when I was surprised that made me sad? It made me angry and you know, and they said that you know, and I gotta say that there was dad like a ghetto dawn. Somebody put while get her done on one of those things that were sent out in the mail and first I wasn't spell right. First of all, the guy knows, and get done is usually spelled right. So appointed saw me as a measure to mine. I was not who is not, but you know it's just frustrates meaning irritates me. Whoever does anything like tat is pathetic and they should spend the rest of your life in jail. But I you know, I, the Mai phrase get done has been around I've been saying it's inside copyrighted ninety wine and it's been used from everybody from
Little League baseball teams, the football teams to catch of hospitals alone. How many times that's been the rallying cry and cancer hospitals for these kids. But it's a great praise is a fine phrase. Its intended to be empowering for people there situations and gonna, let anybody hijacker treasure phrase. We raised a lot of and he forgot all right I'll at that guy appropriate our gag. We don't. We do not continue and that, because an organ, many more attention than we thought it was, it was less than it was the elephant in the room. The outside. The envelope that we had to address it is at get are done Larry
damn near the Keyword is year. Gaitered y know, but people will misspelling get are gone. Where did thanks must remain your brother and be well. I forgive you give your way for phone back ass and she's dolefully technology are damaged even after enlargement. I thanks man take care and we'll be back after this to wrap this up.
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That was called the cocky diver, with no tolerance for called, who didn't really that there was an undercurrent.
Do you understand? It makes perfect sense its along its along name for dance. I thank you delay. The game go beyond the show and it was to have a mood elements. We actually had to have him escorted by armed security and bring me there's a whole Dick spring firm security change reminder next week. Couldn't broadcast from t see you on Monday and Tuesday was maybe, when we're going to go there and show up. Who knows who knows the chalk doesn't like the chalk, israeli nonspecific, very vague, I've been very vague by saying that what we does anyone a campus Monday or due to talk about what we are by the way we know we ve got to the golden ticket sweepstakes, and I should also When we talk about we're, hiring, here's reason your email. I think that you should do this. One does not really. What has for years are a picture of my penis get that when we talk about we're hiring, here's reasons or email, ok, hey! I think that you should do this
doesn't really. What has for years are a picture of my penis unlike hold on a second. Are you a Fox news, staffer and always turns out? They are so we are hiring people This is something I want to make sure are very, very specific, so follow these instructions here. This comes we from Smooth Manny who is in charge of the editor, we're hiring one person right now. Main qualities. Expert in Photoshop, so after effects and for mere needs to be a mastered image. Com, color correction, particularly some I don't want photo bashing, is exactly, but I know that it's a thing you need to know. Obviously you have to be afraid of the show familiar with the show have occurred. What sense of humour time in story flow through video, editing and creative choices, so the reason we're being very specific years because a lot of times peoples that anymore, I have no qualification. That can do anything, but I would like to show. Can I worked? There was a guy, appreciable we- necessarily hire you
We will have some key positions opening up soon and that something that fewer less skilled in a lingering less season. We brain alot of people's manufacturer effectively a piano and wish for wine mood. Your way up, climbed because you must be willing to relocate and soon, if not don't waste the wonderful staff time here, because the. Had relocate their in charge of relocating people. If you dont have to be registered located? So if you did, I will I will not relocate then this probably is an obsession for you. You mean be able to work under tight deadlines, work this system. Steel, meaning you years own, puts it making. This is. This is the most difficult possible scenario, because we don't want you at last. We have too many hundreds and hundreds of resignation and so we're trying to build now, because we want to find the right person help. Folks, only added very tight deadlines. Work with others became more than twenty constructive criticism and listen worked long and hard until the project is done. This is, man. It's not like most were put there aren't weekend. If a product is not done because people want to kill you. So if This still sounds like you is waiting,
you to send an email to. I am your expert at louder with crowd or dotcom. You are title your email. I am the x You seek dash to three seven, eight, the numbers so again This is exactly why I am the expert you seek dash the numbers two three. Seventy Gluesome sample. Photoshopped are examples of your incredible photo. Bashing scales month resume real or port. Alyosha, mainly Photoshop expert in three reasons: why should we hired above average failure to do so. Failure do any of the following. These instructions will result in immediate dismissal of your submission. So what you will- it wasn't. The Essen Courtney will find. Courtney will already was what is also very specific she's like I. Want to look for five hundred more Reza maize, and I did if I see- and if I see another debt pick them like- I'm sorry- Courtney that you had to go through that you put a filter, we should put it health or on those ba, don't really weird images of yourself actually do but dont Senate years in those two countries
light into the deeds so either the busy we actually do have we have under the life advice programme that will be coming in a changed, my mind. I could talk about, and this is something which we had them cause. The lesson of the week, which we often No it became crab was a credit clauses that articles it isn't that we ve done for a long time to lessen the weakest kind of an option. You talk with you as an investment. However, something a little more earnest that that other chosen. This really do. This is a major asked him for. I have this book marked on my computer, and I'm actually going for none can have is framed in my office and it might seem a little dog. It's actually a daily beast. Articles of the front page was key the on making of a conservative, pundit it was, it was a hippies hippies with Caitlin Dixon Rota, Caitlin Dixon authors, the concerted, funded daily he's one of the biggest news website at the time,
and I remember her this is what I learned about journalism too. Where things I thought we're off. The record were in being on the right. And this is entirely written to I don't know why it was written and I was a kid and I had left foxy, we kind of separated and it wasn't. It wasn't as looking back at the things were handled right and there is a non competes in and which they were right to enforce. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I know I remember how down I felt because at that point all of it. What but what was written here too, was mostly real. So imagine your me you're a kid, and someone goes on one of the biggest news websites in and enrich the unmaking. Conservative pundit. Just talking about what a failure you ve become. It I just member how deeply its diagnosis, but I didn't really like to talk about for a while. So for the show would have existed or us we were about to cross over three million subscriber market. It will be something that if anyone even brought up would sting really want to talk about that. That's one thing I will say appreciate about about President Donald Trump
he has these had pieces overtime doesn't care. He just gives I think he's wrong allow time, but it keeps gonna screw them is his philosophy, which sometimes is correct. That's going to be the theme of this critical is through them, so I'm a break We do this spurt an argument with my parents many of you probably had ever my parents, talk about your retirement gaubert, home a kind of christian theology and I'm not a prosperity, gospel guy, whereas I got wants you to have a million dollars in a g, seventy seven billion a year. Six, no sound of tying the momentum appear somehow got one things for me and I was I was better. This is a point I was pretty, but an emigrant point of successful evil people in the world. Sit on Hussein's no Bin Laden's, but like even the allegations of the relevant using was a specific example because here and if I just bought the edge again very recently, Well, it's me. You got money if you say that we would good guys end up doing. Well, God, what's good things than what about what about this at almost into what about out like out Baldwin he's one of the most successful actors at this point there are actually the eyes out bone when always the crap.
And my parents remembered dinner, what they said. It wouldn't convinced me that I was wrong, but now it has grown up. I have realised how wrong I was because the truth is that you, Don't really know what somebody else's life is so this, but ugly things happen in pretty houses, lonely ass. He does What would you trade your life without Baldwin's? I think what is your marriage number three now I believe range from his daughter, largely celebrities, health, and you see a starlet who has it all right? You see this all the time and we said we envious liquid time what the left is really they they cloak envy. As empathy and I think it's one of one of the most common human traits- it's the one that we need to guard or hard against, probably the most envy. Certainly myself, I can speak for anybody else. I know it's a minute's comes very naturally to be envious. Another. We see some indicted, starlit or a star young man. They haven't all, went well sudden they gotta rehab sub, some kind of since it is already the perfect couple right, how many benefits have there been down and bank domestic abuse where they get divorced? what their life is really like in your
something else. Just as surely you don't know how your story ends and at this time this article on Israel, didn't and show you seed and even exist Dupree daily? Shall member hashtag never daily, that didn't even exist? and not only is there something here, there's their self doubt that everybody has, but this journal I learned the harbor. This journalist this authority figure was publicly. Declaring me to be a wash up. The self doubt going to maybe man you're twenty or twenty five and you ve used PETE. I dont know, if you I don't know you go from and then someone else's thing have the whole world front page do he's picked It's done down for the count front page was I do that, creates more self down and it's a cycle and yes, this writer sucks I just just like I can't control exactly what everyone else does with their lives all I can control all you can control breaking the cycle fierce, if only you can break that. Second there's nothing
a crushing. I will tell you that's. Why have this units whale will have a friend of my office to remember? There's nothing, we're crushing, then having someone else publicly confirm your self doubt You can take it to a smaller made. Maybe I don't know Europe your subconscious by your weight and someone tells it gonna treadmill you fat bastard. I had at once in grade school critical eye. What's Great here was a junior denies that I have no idea of the schools. This, maybe a terrible set Negro Party insolence a four year. What's that is if the Costume Party had that exact thing, I d beds at a much nearer. The girl asked me if I fell off my bike and I said yeah and you could see my soul leave my body. You could prove you if you had a if you had an ultra low can we could probably see the moment where my heart baroque snapped and half like Ralph from the Simpsons, its crush? It can be actually crushing of someone else confirm something you're. Of conscious about some something that you have self doubt about. If you let it or you can choose screw. These deeper than amethyst, even in his inner wait, I'm just trying to kind of ease us into this. Maybe a self doubt that you,
think, you're undeserving of a good life maybe have achieved something pretty great and let me deep down, you think you're, not good enough. And someone comes along, as has which usually area like she's, not sticking around lot of some kind of every kind of that as well. By the way what say their entirely wrong, you can let it crush you or you can say screw than many of us often the world's most successful cable news channel as you and your filled with crippling fear and die because you don't know the next step and then maybe front page journalists declares you dead to the world. You can lead to crush you and for a while I did at a petty party, or you can choose to say screw that, and you know what happen again tomorrow I get back and which also, though you you'd think either you too bad feminist crocodile feeder, and that's that I got channel back ban tomorrow torch the pitchfork MA. Come for us. I know it happens if they could have dealing it'll hurt but chrome,
Make no mistake right now, and I else I think this is. Why talk this often when they're calling for civility and they're calling for unity? I'm not I'm not calling for violence and calling for rudeness, but I am calling for everyone whose out their who's been silent or who scared or been marked or intimidate, who's been accused. I dont know of being a gang rapist, you don't need to hold hands and single. Who to screw, you can choose to say screw them, what say someone accuse me of being a gang rape? Is you don't have to be on board? You don't have to find unity with people whose sole purpose in life is. Crush your spirit. And here's. What why do you say is good and because you do need to have you doing to have wise counsel have talked about this. What year, people around you, who you trust, people who for you genuine criticism, so when you're wrong people call you on it, but the reason, who have that closed circle is so that you don't listen to all of the voices that don't matter, and you shouldn't listen to them. Why? Because you?
story isn't over. Yet here thank everyone they are, to some degree or another, is great at something. I've talked about that find what it is it your great at doing. You are destined for great things. It may not be what you think, His great it may not even be something that you're anticipating. I may not even be on your radar, but your destined to do something big guy wants yeah. Ok, you can see the universe wants good things, you're, tantric, yogi instructor for all. I care wants good things for you, but the world needs good things from you. I need good things for you. This entire team needs good things and will both be damned all of us, be damned hell if you're gonna, let somebody else pen your last chapters, I remember this happen and its stung so badly picture you're that kid you're gonna man, I don't know- I don't know what I can do for the rest of my life. I've got nine months here right. I've got a sit and
kind of still on this decision and hope that I stepped out and faith and hope that its right and someone calls up and says, hey you, don't I'm doing a piece of profile piece on you? Can we talk about some things? I can so sure this will be off the record and then the undoing of unmaking conservative funded, goes on to a new site that you read every single day that sucks but- and I keep it there because you know I keep it in front of me and I I read it regularly. You know why, because like you always want to. Second, there were stage in my life. I thought this person was right and they weren't I was running that person right the next chapter to my like. You don't have to do that, can shoot. Let someone else not only dictate the next chapter VII life not only right the next portion of your book, but you can choose to let some one stop you from writing it yourself. Don't you can also use thrill.
That's ok, there's nothing immoral about that. It certainly not any less virtuous inside the of unity out there that we trust we try to fade as their working to find common ground with people who want us dead with people who want to completely incapable of seeking gainful employment. They were people who want the world to think that working rapists. Now I think that you sit down determined what you one life short of course, make a plan and if the people don't fit in with that plan, if these people are trying to stop you from reaching a gulf, guess what it's ok for you to say through them. That's it that's the message that we are seeing. That's what I think is Monday.
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