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2018-11-16 | 🔗
It's our last show until the new year, so we're going out with a bang! Talking all things Michael Creepy Porn Woman Beating Lawyer (allegedly) Avenatti, Jim Acosta's continued saga, and rebutting the Young Turks who think the Bible is pro-abortion. Hint: not even close. Nicole Arbour joins us to discuss the fires in California, then plays Hipster or Hobo. The always hilarious Owen Benjamin sits third chair.

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Hey there audio listener. You are a miracle because most people watch this on Youtube or, of course, it's your tv if you're my club, member and really quickly, just when we know this is going to be, the last lotta was crowded instalment for a little while I stay tuned for the last. I meant to find out exactly like into why we're not going anywhere we are coming back, but I wanted to fill you in and I want you to enjoy the intro here of mugs clubs and automobiles, but that sufficient proposing wanna go watch. Thank you. So much happy thinks giving into the shop sorry.
That's it that's what I'm here my sinuses opium under my check impression in the morning g, if your kid spills is built, what do you do do platform on what was that was to me when you're, not a very tolerant person? You are my skin since you first got on you too, starting with your stupid mug club, God you're a tight ass. How would you like a lawsuit for hate speech or what authoritarian too nice personality, combination, authoritarian and intolerant? That's borderline sucker! You! You really Youtube! You still speak! Your mug clovers were around commenting on everybody's video Lou generated millions for the site. I will let you host my channel, so you want to look like authoritarian, which you must suddenly
these ordinary, yes, you're, an authoritarian. My channel was a perfectly pleasant place until you started strong, my subscription by oh, I must use excursion boxes. Who was it? Who invented you do with the birthplace and jury? Is who was there you're an uncritical check? Go ahead, Ban might channel see if I care I have my half asian a lawyer tie you up so tightly import. You can't even you're, no saint, you gotta free platform. We let bill mug club. Now you have three million subscribe who enjoy watching your boring, informative. Crap, I mean. Did you notice on the airplane? You show me a video, and I started reading about the policy violations did not give you some kind of clue like hey, this guy's, not even enjoying it? You know every story isn't worth providing references. You have to discriminate. You have to choose. Bitter funny or mildly amusing. Your sources, our men miracle,
There are none of that. They aren't you abusing asked Then honey? I love you to mean Stephen Crowder, yes, really informative references, it has little rebuttal. Oh and here's a guns. You can blow your brains out your thank me for it. I can tolerate Trevor Noah videos for days. I can watch anarchists barium. Tell me how better than me she is with a smile on my face and people would say. How do you stand it and I'd say, because I've watched Stephen prouder videos I can handle any thing. You know what they say. I know what you mean louder with cracker guy wool. Oh and here's an idea when you're telling your little jobs have a swine. It makes it so much more.
Joy of all for the future you wanna hurt my club go right ahead to make you feel any better weren't easy target. You re Willis references to much. We also left too much sure I could be a cold hearted Google executive, like you I too, like we're going to say what you want, but perhaps not change. I, like my wife, like my memory. What are the real art What does she want
That's a scientifically, not your dad's, because little known fact, they have desiccated horses, all native american- that person Asian did you know that also they private smoking a pipe like this, because this briar and they were not there certainly we can someone actually tweet me. What did the natives invent? The corn cod pipe was that later on about the button knows, and I have no
damn you all and what about the cared Becker, which we all have our case? Even those in third share that its own Benjamin. He is the racist pilgrim today of Quarter black air pollution. If we have at G Morgan, junior simile, apparently that's hard, what's the wine of the day, we have firewater in honor reverence, but what has firewater mutations people whiskey, was I thought, firewall settings, alcohol? That's why I'm that was very non? Describe your one chance of the log. What you do, I don't blame. You didn't even bring the right kind of liquid urban, although it is regulated by, let's actually had a little too silly from northern Michigan, and we have to tackle our run. The show will only bring back hipster hobo question of the day by the way will be providing young Turks. So let me ask is what do you think the worst example of leftist, refusing Quantico the Bible to push in agenda. I think claiming the bibles pro choice is right. Up we will then robotic reactors prison, curious as to what you think atheist cricket list religion and what you see is the most
Regis example, there of the Bible says, insert whatever whatever here can associate myself care could be abortion idea? That's really goes before I move on. What are you most grateful for On amendment at this moment, right now is my friendship with you don't mind you just don't you killed because we cannot afford the area before when I did threatened to kill them both and bury them in a shallow grave mounted on top of each other, which lets beyond it. There's no family found one on top of it or fear. Thing, each other. Actually, shallow grave two giants like hands together doesn't matter what you're, what you're, wives or fiance doesn't know what they say. No one will believe TAT S. One reason why I made sure I was grateful for our friendship is I realized how vulnerable area are I? What do you mean? I'm a body must be put right now. My fiance very very, very grateful Like I'm for our,
you re thorns overdue rewards zero. I love that rape of his wife and kid. So I am grateful to my wife and kids and I am also grateful for Muslim. I would say that I am a truly most grateful for the people who support this the show and the wonderful life that we have, as I just hooked, may headphone hears what happened, not link for these headphones Harold take over from Uclaf. Absolutely I'm really grateful and I am grateful to live in dignity to American. Only how that is Canada Erica leading the news before we get to nickel Armand rebuttal of the young Turks creepy porn wired, Michael Avenant? It rested on felony domestic violence, foreign lawyers charges, it's funny, teams he's an actual new source of this comes from. The alleged incident occurred, Tuesday night, but there is another confrontation Wednesday between emanating accusers Kennedy, said avenue
streamed repeatedly. She hit me first, that's all I've got that to be a good thing that you this is. The guy was going to pull at the string that would unravel the Trump presidency. The hell out of that brought. She hit me first little back to your porn lawyering or I asked you if you need a wheel pointed this out. We really just the warning signs see these actual quotes from calamities website own funds. That website don't tell me what cases you ve won. Tell me who you ve, beaten, gather dust, and I was not there's an actual. If you can't take a punch, you don't belong in the ring. These are actual wotes from other areas, website it and, finally, the most essential gotta back annual bid to keep your pimping. Strong almost seems as, though that you hit me first, so I had to back in the bedroom next time that the police are in a building waiting for you do not run into the lock
same, but she hit me Persia exact, admitting not to get it right in reading gives a bad and lawyer who hit second one also view an outlook in male feminist. It judges, everybody, don't women also have a good, that's a better first starting point, and I am grateful for own act. Following that logic, trail to the end, did a good job. Did a good job you're going to drop the ball on that one, yes, or rather has enabled news, Fox NEWS, as joint data. Now in their fight over the press. Access to the late ass, it comes from see an end to see and reporting on Fox NEWS. I don't know it's like the inception of crap, because in fact, Fox went further than most of the media companies on Wednesday. Issuing a statement saying, secret service passes for working weight, as journalists should never be weapon eyes. Some are accusing factories of selling out
really! I know a lot of you behind the scenes. Good people think they just felt bad for the Acosta the present we ve come a Russia president. Are you causing a hurricane? I'm not going anywhere, sir, your response about stormy, Daniel, Mr President and then he'd only with a microphone and said she hit me first need that guy gets it look! I understand why foxes fighting this like you want to make sure that that the free speech is protected, but it picks somebody else to come to the defence of activities at this like a cost so much. This is one of those times where my my beliefs, arms, like kind of let this one.
I think very much. Everyone who spoke with shares the opinion accosted is a deck, those being and ask. I hardly knew an impressive question can didn't, but it was a relevant that point here be given a chance you shouldn't have done. He didn't actually hit the woman who reach his arm itself as a political football with nobody here anymore. Now. Nobody it anyway specially not if you're going to say that our Kory Kory Lewandowski, like you, didn't even rougher leisurely backdrop worth having Jim accosted spanish Democrats is not capable of it and I don't mean, like you know will it in temperament? Physically, not capable of running up a woman is too weak a vegetarian right away. The guy push another new or they can get going exactly you don't. You think I was a little bit of a mistake. They could just waited like a couple of days and then took his heart pets and probably would not have had the firestorm that they I bet they probably want to do that, but I had a meeting in trouble ignited. I take it that less than just showing Rick ok visit there I put a very straightforward OECD, Revoke, the bass wears a sneak. A guy Bernie Sanders. We're just do it binds scenes. We would you
Barnes, far to get their rights coming from the horse born again, but today poison guy VERDI's, a poison gas covered. Leaving our ties up by half empty your dad? Finally, about a New Jersey man was pulled over for a d w. I, which we had to explain today, the canadian friendly overzealous. Do you. I know your data we eyes worse. I pull over W I, which are then blamed on how they then your jets suck dreadful so just lost forty one tended the Buffalo bills, the main allegedly, and an open bottle of whisky and suspected Marijuana in his car voters in the first and the jets have been used as an excuse for a crime scene without simpsons notorious. If the jets did it. That was a distasteful boy of that work and that is
this origin, by the way, this person not to be confused with the recent s progressive on charges of the murder of tony wise economic? That who also two blamed the New York just let that one right actually thought it was the sharks how many bullets to knock. You have been informed like all my guy courting a loaded, Gunnar, was now I'm going to make gonna do pay your bed finger control and then Christopher Walken threw off the yacht. That's right It is nearly one While I was there. I was a bizarre that that is a really bizarre desert. Learn your economic agenda. Conspiracy trail, you always think I'd like you to cut it out who always that are good at phobia of mail at this hour and stay with us, but about that. One is like that wondering whether dinghy for no reason, why doesn't have the name of the market are they played number two in Austin powers are just forgot, his name war Zone
Come on we're getting farther out every years. You know I'm talking about that is in there and W. Why don't no names very well of actors? I know you're talkin about the guy. You play number two and I now about the worse and smallpox way. Worse now, exactly what the natives felt like I'm avenant, not to think of the name in like twenty minutes and act like a new things that are too all they arrive, something weighing that something is done to unite in ice now inside I was gonna. Wait, that's really there'll be a waste of both your and our audio fifth ahead. That are going to say this is that the programme will play hipster hobo more in warring. What hold, I think, you're that something substantive basically which is currently lacking. If, if if the jets can be used as an excuse for driving drunk with an open container, we're gonna have a lot of people from Cleveland Collar You got one or two games in two years and that's the city that I expect people to be killing each other now say what happened, and I want you to
LOS Angeles, accept what you know about this video youngsters of the recent clip its ivory islets, and I don't really care so much about it, but I can't it was so on sensible, but I've heard this before I've seen the bumper sticker is now republican. Conservatives are only pay, life until you leave the womb and then a formality, and then it list all the free crap that they want. I think we want free healthcare. We want free school, every free, naturally dollhouse cookies acting human right. We need a better job the goblet. I really like it bother when need, but now they flat out are saying that abortion is actually supported by believe the Bible. Let's start this so voters involve Alabama and West Virginia approve ballot initiatives on Tuesday, which was the day of the mid term elections that will update the state constitutions to declare that abortion rights are not guaranteed and, of course, this is a move that also survey severely
curtail reproductive rights in states. Now, I'm gonna keep a real. This deal people, blank ballot initiative straight out, ban abortion, Is there anything less black, less keeping it reeled and Armenia negative armenian genocide deny our keeping keep a real. You know there are many regions are now saying and try to lift. Our budget is now asked the pillow talk they must have, but which are basically just set its voters in a democracy got together. What they wanted constitutional, how those translating Indiana? Where was she exactly? I was their method state our path, as you stated, there's no constitutional right to abortion right yet Zactly and they do not. Down language. They always do reproductive right. It's it's killing that reelect rays to reproduce it's so it's the right to end reproductive did as I like that
cowards, intolerance, most of what is in your words and what is the most important step in reproduction night yeah. Not. Even so. How do you, but you don't say Would you be honey? We said well what happened to be locked up in his long only to reproduce any brought condoms now would be the way to do it, gently and that's what everybody dies and this is like you were making you made this point here before the show scare tactic about yeah, absolutely every every time that we hear somebody start talking about abortion, they're saying: oh, it's because the Supreme Court's gonna overturn row right and all the son you're gonna have to go to different states. Like you said, all it does is basically say that there is no right to it and at some point maybe Alabama if it gets overturned, says we don't want that and our state, oh dear God, you have to go to another state. If you want to do it, fine, though, do it that's. The worst thing that happens is that you are incomplete when you are trying to end a human life ram. Ok with that, China is a little those will unless convenient for the life, that's being ended. The exact like tat the ones there's gotta once been Alabama, so
given the growing, and I believe that there is that there is a whole documentary netflix. I remember someone problem under the title. It was right next r b g related Ginsburg really shortly in the curls on both gets fitness end and then you're dumber how to overturn Roby wake. I say asked Cavanaugh unease. Now I have no interest in overturning Roby way. Now, it just is scale tat. You have left here, here's what it comes on. Some states. Don't think you have a constitutional, a birth right too. Baby, I'm getting more details, then, by the way, has avenue the Bible, their scientific arguments both, but they make the biblical arguments that were taken under the next clip in Alabama. It goes a little further because they would give person who writes to a foetus. As I go sperm. Thank you. Sperm is not life. It's only life as soon as it enters a woman
body come again stupid. It's only live after conception, but this is a point to try to throw a goal sperm. Otherwise, as if that were the case, then Gerald Sock Drawer would be accurately and recycling shouting may what's going tackle it so far, decent arched when people say a factual statement sarcastically with like this is a hat and exposed to be an argument it ignores Burma is in my life, is only after conception, and this is a commonly recognised medical fact before you start getting in your metaphysics Genk with the Bible on its a medical fact, conception marks the development of a genetically distinct individual with its own unique dna. This isn't coming from the West Pro Baptist church upon mad. How about that? Does that worked for you with Armenia, genocidal Jack? I don't know how you I don't know how you live with you, so it's a funny when it has exceeded credit. Is a garbage person
You sold your soul to California that, and I think your name, man it'll, deny the wars JANET, no worse tragedy. Your people have parents hastening with any lad. If only we were used to bring those on a legal level in the United States I'm sure it's illegal the killer, feeders when you're committing a crime, the law specifically divines and unborn child, go here's the law. We have an overly for you, something that the young Turks dumper combat with Steve a sorcerer overlay. Flinching, like welfare and elephants, samples of perfume. Now, that's the thing to it in a wide says, unborn child, and yet she uses the terms I go just so that people will think all this is gonna, be like some kind. Sell thing that we can all just do away with Zaire out
What language of another worries or I going out. I got a great lawyer. That's an area one! We warm up for the show me. The ultimate warm up were a and say no albatross and be beta whatever it is. You go rounding up these when we're always at a loss, presiding out guidelines just like for them to say it's an unborn child, please. It is an unborn child by all definitions that we use in this country. It is an unborn child, even legally we'll just say anyone baby. There you go baby, I'm away with it that's going on boy, no people or are hiding a ball when they use these language tricks that no, of course not ever goes up your wife, and there like can. I feel the fetus bump right. Now we bump eminently like a switch to like I'm still a club hisself right, let it be fair. Anna actually does put to him as I go into better than you thinking. I think I have said it had accomplished all those people who gets shot up throughout the country because
Politicians refused to do anything about gun violence, adulthood, those people's lives. I don't matter where all the children or living on the streets right now who have no food, because republican politicians believing, cutting funding. Even a real round the bumper sticker out people's lives don't match those children's lives matter. Who cares about them all of them children who are risking their lives right now to cross into the United States Crossing, Mexico United States to seek asylum out of fear for their lives there, not people, we don't care about their lives, but, long as there's a guy got in a woman's body. That's when it matters
where'd. You should use every minority group in the play, but where migrants, mass shooting victims, look the poor, I guess, as a minority can claim the Republicans don't care about these people's lives. Everybody, that's a throng of not just I design. We want to drive this point or she's obnoxious here. I don't think this is a southerly create this this this false, and I really am grateful that again to mug lubbers and people to another foreign caliphate, funding us but am grateful. People are starting to catch on. Billy s is not having stricter gun laws. Let's even go with using. We need stricter gun laws that nobody, in other words like, I said all semi automatic data be ban on them all, firearms able used to protect themselves. Is not having your laws that you want is equivalent to murdering people is not drowning,
People automatic citizenship because they showed up and knocked at the door the same as murmuring them. Is there any Republican who wants to make legal to murder, poor people or immigrants? argue that mass shootings should be legal Oh, it's only the left to argue that the murder of an entire group of people, namely unborn children, or they got that it should be legal which always This the definition of genocide, you're picking a group of people and you're killing them because their different. Why climate? Because their small, I mean vague out talk, talk, talk about during somebody anytime, that you sit down with somebody on the left that that genuinely has a concern for people. You realize that nobody wants pour. People out there. Nobody wants out. Nobody wants kids who are fleeing persecution, though that's not the case to have to just sit there and look on the outside. Looking in, we basically have all of the same concerns. We just have an idea for actually solving the problem. They haven't idea for three.
Money and power at problem intimidated by the way. I think that a lot of them are misleading. They do thing I ever saw that does anything it doesn't there's not along that has brought more people out of poverty than free enterprise and italian replies. Evil capitalist system with the Turks want what the yet t, why t want and Armenians and generic the armenian genocide and eyes and incorporated by what you look at me. Look at me alone. That's help was filed. Although one of the things you So what happens in the most? They are the most there, the absolutely the most charitable people out there. Studies have should stipulate Bryce. Who really cares? The book avenues to read is not what we want. These things taken care of and you're saying that we obviously don't I'm like this just doesn't add at all. No, when I watch Anna is burying targets, I'm grateful that I'm not. I don't middle eastern overlords because, like me like that milk is the argument that the same argument with death penalty, its views in unborne baby is the same as a murderer. One is committed heinous acts and can't be that eighty like these are
But you're just so my numbing that I'm like don't take money from Caliphate right as I have not got his, which Spain, which, by the way, hidden ratification bell of yours right because subscriptions wrote me a whole lot, apparently on the Youtube organ muslim men in dollars, annually, six knave, Austrians veterans motor now and you get the daily show, but you get anything out here to get what keeps this programme going. We don't have Al Jazeera money without restraint of funding. Was it was a twenty million and whole. Second, I'm sick. Oh my god, we have forty people here, working in an off as going on that Arafat against are right next clip In that way, they can tell you what to do with your body. That's exactly sure that Mr Rehn the right once it has never been about it later there, your mom good religious people out there might have higher daily knowledge, is likely to argue action. Oftentimes. Those are the religious people who don't try to force their religion down our throats or not.
The ones that we do here from don't really care about life. What they attributing motor that I personally do major potential choose their own fate. They hate the fact that women get too. All their own bodies. Do you want to go back to the good old data the woman's body there hasn't been born? You know it's a psycho than I am better than you and, as I get outta here I'm never understood this again their attributing motive here, so let's just go with what it is that they present. But what is it the left obsession with this men and women to be able to control their own bodies. What we did it's an argument that use ad nauseam commuting Amy one policy can be one of the two twin may comment Instagram, what I'd do whatever you can reach me or o energy? Can you, namely one policy from conservatives Republicans today specific ugly designed to forbid a woman making her own choices outside of abortion, one for you think of any possible. Does the argument hauled water now, but,
talks are wrong. Germany when they want to bring young girls from chew, using fishermen with Eichelberger from you but our show it finally do now with actual giant we get Iberia, die right, you're, not very there in our mind, ensuring that young girls from choosing what school due to from chew which health insurance plan they can protest from? Choosing what a car they can drive. Despite the gallons you, the miles per gallon, choosing to lawfully purchase a firearm to enjoy your God, given right to self preservation or choosing whether you can bring a big gulp or not. You are, Republic, irreparable unhelpfully legislation. Now at straws in California, assault on the table in New York from the most obscure examined measures is to go into all of them. They want to choose whether women can use what about drugs. What about what about
using comes into our country needs. Like my country, my rose, write about I think we really brought up selective service, the garment. Actually, rolls men's bodies that my body might show that I'm in Normandy. What happened? What happened then goes against all facets of such I've never even heard that boy, that's not true. We talked about you, don't pay attention to the show. That's been on the show before I knew that one and some say that his fake crappy feathers were tied too tight, you stated that the only time to conserve never stepping on choice is when it involves choosing to kill a living being other than yourself. Why was entirely consistent. Just wants the young. Turks for a week and you'll see them to eliminate choices. Europe
to choose view male or female, but let's go a thematic area, because that's what they're on about about five different topics on any given day and that's just the state- that's just the marquis- show all even know about the other ones or they do pop culture. I guess what I was caught in a less let's move on in if you're a woman get out get out before? cabin on other guys thing away: Rovers ways: anyone, otherwise they can take away you're an alarming imprison. You increases array, their religion implicitly. Saudi Arabia, that's Ireland was equivalent of Muslims right right, but by Muslims from up by living jewels. Are you saying that We want to take away your rights and imprison you because of their religion, none of these laws. Rotunda mentioned religion at zero zero. Some of the beloved actually has to admit that the changes in attitude toward abortion law since Roby Weight and recent you having more pro a more proactive generation, arguably than ever before, is
how due to scientific advancement, yes nineteen. Seventy! Maybe it emerges that maybe maybe you could actually suitable it and understand that what you think it's a clump of cells with today's take The ultra sounds whatever take your pick out. All of the technology we have today which develops Let's go with all of it. Let's make it all admissible, all all that reality that we have an understanding of human dna and understanding development. The human body and viability wish it supports the sign Luckily, the idea that unborne babies are human beings. There are even can no longer a debt dinner completely viable by the way down to twentysomething weeks, where you can have a bush is vital in Colorado. These five or twenty six weeks took its veto. This is why you try to set up on the only about we only argument against abortion is really just by the way the Bible says. It's a good thing or second, if not the only argument against abortion and you're wrong about the Bible, because you're wrong, but nearly everything here, he's out, I just want to eat.
Yeah. Let's go tonight cleverly quickly as just a baby. How is it to be other ego s rather than I do so with a vague out right exactly we have to be responsible for what we learn. Yeah she's she's acting like that that, but that we just saw right there was not an unborn child, but that is just a clump of cells. She's acting like we don't have all of that technology, just as you just said that we have you're acting like you're, leaving So that is why don't I followed you fighting windmills, Ergo luxuries would move that will put you in Kyoto. What support you would present because of their religion like first off, he doesn't even want to overturn Roby way. Protecting the Arctic is fourteen. Seventy with religion. Third, a pretty sure you just had a seizure, because a shining retarded, Yet, although I know several atheists that are against abortion is well Chris, regional, if you want. Actually, you said the more: we learn about science, the more that the more I find it actually indefensible to draw. Outside of conception, boring. Some extreme examples are going to Britain's you with my wife.
It's not what you said why that was. Our lives are always trying to modern. Why my children it gave all the rights accorded its like what once it had hardly once you know you see there s two hands: it there's no going back outside While this is the worst thing in the world once you see that and they never right about that, Cosmo about other women that did believe this nonsense, make that choice later advocated ingested haunts them young and that's where we see that no, you now know you're fearmongering. Neither Weybridge cabinet wants to put you in prison because of Israel. Ancient cultures used to considered a crime against the state will have an abortion. More we're gonna we're gonna get certain signals are next at first, but I have to honest with your religious and political leaders have kept you in ignorance. Pleasing libel is actually pro abortion,
fact. Now, if you ve gone astray, while marriage, your husband and you have made yourself they will aid are by having sexual relations with a man other than your husband. Here. The priest to put the women under this curse may Lord cause- you to become a curse among your people- way, makes your womb miscarry and your adamant, swell may this water that brings a curse, enter your body, so they, but I want to give a little context hearing and we're gonna die seconds Harry's on a little. It is clear as day. There is no question about it. If you do let me just don't believe in mind. It is pro abortion. You don't believe in data zero you just recovered. I want to put you in prison. Ok sure is that we do not believe in day chink, just imagine not being beholden to any sort of truth. It or have any idea is clear as day, but you don't but clear. Is none of that union believe that toward clear should exist were just why? What do you mean a lie? I'm doing what you do like
was about two years I dont want, or do they distribute motive? What here, do you really we note the young Turks knows that break. Are these so lazy? They didn't watch me the questioning reason I will not overturn Roby. Why did you not watch it? Yeah well, either either really lazy or they assume that their audiences really. Lady, take your pick. But the crux of this argument here that the Bibles probation he claims- that must I sectors frequented the verse is about abortion? It's not it's about it. Two thousand a woman. If she's unfaithful to your wife, if you then failed her husband she'll be back baron, Baron and unable to to have children, and you notice that he used the ivy there in that. Actually Miss translates the word or incorrectly uses missed. Right. That's why you're here? It's the only translation that says miscarriage really so, and I read some articles about this and I say that the enemy actually in incorrectly used. It there's a lot of explanations for what this could be talking about, but abortion look, even if it says miscarry. Even if it says in this one instrument, it would not mean that the Bible is pro abortion. It would mean that the punishment
we're. Having an adulterous affair right, having a kid would be a miscarriage exact for EU leaders have not, because I just don't want kids, not because I just want to have unprotected sex and have no consequences in my life. That is not the same thing, Now it is the only thing I can think of it as an assault fable. Look before you cheat slow and not a whore wins the rays. I'm just trying to find ways of Turkey are getting to the point that would bring that kind of your point. The point that the chink claims of poisonous it's- it's, not poison, gendering, poison, its water used in a traditional jewish ceremony and causes no elephant if she's, not you don't husband. If you pay that less so slight stomach discomfort for sure get some popped up, it's not
a pro abortion bearable, as it is a don't, be a lying, cheating, horror, lesson and look anytime. You have a confusing text any anytime. You have something that makes you think. God is thinking away that you're like, while God would never be for that use the entire Bible right, yams, the entire, but we'll get a little bit more understanding of what's going on and also realised that you're talking about ceremonial lost. Six hundred thirteen ceremonial laws that we are no longer under Christians, all that stuff was taking care of it- doesn't mean you'll testaments, irrelevant that the law doesn't matter ragged needs. The law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ right. So we have the new testament to look at you you're, acting like
any other book that you would read, you would read the whole thing to come to an understanding of what is being said here. He's trying to cherry pick something for his own, and these are gonna get when you do believe everybody to finish it. Jake begins at the death of Christ and doesn't keep reading you get to the resurrection in german annex three inches from the stream. Looking at her mind, going I'm fairer than you, it is a pretty intense their jail noses. Definite comes, I love being around you guys. Do I really I notice on August, really quite when Joe talks, and yet you giving me now man is he's really does know this definite. When you can t know if you want to ask for some years, is of course, that we often get almost. Is there any buckle, backing support to proliferate? You get this a lot more like there's. Nothing in the Bible about homosexuality outside political and roman but it really does as far as supporting proliferation. In addition to the science, you mean you're. So I guess Checks ever read Jeremiah fear my one five one, that's one we're gonna
he says before I formed you in the womb. I know you can, if your name just what you talk about, what budding shanks argument because he's trying to exit the only argument for abortion against abortions are, is, is religious man. I got confused myself, Watching the young Turks turns my brain in the marshal. Do you meet basic rights, your mind? Don't you see too close to the Youtube someone? Thirty nine thirteen, where David actually tells you need me together, my my mother's womb, the nationals is, it is it? Is it look when I'm good with the look one for the first look. First looks one I must say you just put them. Both Elizabeth actually says to marry when the sound of your greeting in my ears, the baby in my womb left for joy. Argue
of course, one of the most damaging here, if you want again to religious sort of laws, were dumb Agnes, twenty one, twenty two versus twenty four twenty five which craving to finally proportions try to twist into being a pro Debbie, Waterman Schulz and twenty six we called abortions and our Otto tail. Let's look at the actual verse is the actual risk. When men strive together, need a pregnant woman and her children come out, but there is no harm. The one who hit her shall surely be. And is women's husband shall impose on. Let me find ok and he showed pay? The judges is your modem tournaments is actually think we're using King James. You little aren t they all you have to do research. I can do it, but if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life. I for I tooth for a tooth Hadrian foot for food borne from it. So this is actually talking about punishing someone two times over. You heard a baby you're exactly so. The baby comes out. It's fine everything's, to go right, you pay a fine because you did hurt the woman by hitting are causing the baby to be born early, but right baby comes out in theirs damage. That's trouble! You have to pay for that with a life which means you ve committed, murder right, I said
We already have that double homicide. We kill a pregnant woman. You know, I know let's just using the same law, this is an exodus, so it's right among those same six hundred and thirteen laws like clarify was law back then, and its law today was that I mentioned earlier so that we can talk about Doktor Christie. What we didn't list any evidence. We looked at all the evidence that was set up in a local radio. They don't mention our laws today or the biblical laws while arguing about abortion law. They try to transit. This idea of child coming forth as miscarriages and argue that there's no penalty for feed is dying. That's what I've seen enough for exactly and twisting the pretzels now exactly but let us be clear: throughout the Bible, Unmoor babies are knit and they're not seen as clumps of cells not because we think it and new international version you living translation and just because they see them as human beings, and you can't you can't read the Bible and think that God would think that right. You can't read write every part of the Bible that talks about life and how sacred it is and think they gotta be like yet will, if it's just inconvenient, gonna kill em all or if somebody accidently kills your child and you have a miscarriage. Just it's like a fifty dollar five,
ro? It's totally cool right. I got the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob does not think like that that why, I say that there is no doubt that the differ both be fruitful and all the boy was a party right. This is the is the other, the the gospel according the beastie boy up, these aren't religious laws are common sense that Haiti is a common sense, while acknowledging that common sense loss. These are, basic human biology laws. Are I'm so sorry young Turks and I want you guys- are dry on conclusion, I want you to look up. I want you to read on the science to look at a developmental chart of where a fetuses, where what would it and tell me when it becomes a clump of cells, but that turns into a human being, but sorry that the internet, you wrong on basic human biology. Ok, mom, just a science class you wrong also by the way on the Bible money just Sunday, school you're wrong on choice, you're wrong on universal health care, the young
Turkey is wrong on the birds that sink the young girl is wrong. Everything will be back with Mccall Arbour, that'll be funded in history We saw a few more magua memberships, wooden, Garonne Badger, a few more shower current rings does bugs on my legs than what you claim that music. It's a trap. Needless trop spell trope, Canadian American, probably American, the canadian version sounds a little.
Stickeen weird forty confidently tossing you in their life tossing her down your sticky little maple serpents aconite into whereas I don't. I don't want to serve their sentence. Again. I have no idea how many robots do this or why they would do this, but apparently to feel that they actually do really good evidence. Casting a shadow she's been on the programme several times and people say she's she's nice to look at, but she also is interesting. To listen to when she speaks just
just can't about half and have some people just looking at you know, or of course, can follow on Twitter at Nicole Arbour with a? U because she's, Canadian and, of course, neuron you two pertaining in vinegar for the book, it's how to lose excuses and Believing win already that not actually mechanical arbour, how are you amazing how're you how use it will just says amazing. Are you really doing amazing? No my mind is actually blown right now. What I've seen an ally of the last few days? Ok, we'll good their brave is exploding actually from from the fires and all of the night Inquirer is literally more accurate than most press at the current moment. When it comes to these fires wouldn't say, explain to people who don't know you, you ve made a trip down there. You ve been spending some time another. Now what? What do you mean? As far as the press is an accurate will from what we ve seen the sudden similar controversial issue, some little surprised
didn't think so either. So I joined in with a search and rescue team to go, save a bunch of animals that are left up and Malibu because they had to evacuate, though it was really the owners faults, the police made them wave. So I join a search and rescue team. We go up there with me coming said posted that the animals are abandoned man once a fiery. We get there. The full online search and rescue team to evacuate them find out. Now. None of that was true, we were evacuated. The animals were alive, most of them. A couple couple perished by a couple: people perished tutors down, it was just because media hoop lot at the car dashings were spreading. All these huge celebrities were saying now below the fires mistreated their animals. They died, they were abandoned and just now that was true. It was insane. So is, is yours. You specifically with his story regarding the animals or cut in the media coverage of the wildfires at large. Yet there is like a lot of tragedy. Tourism going on right now that the fire department
specifically saying please, we love you, stop coming to our fire stations and dropping stuff off. We don't need it right. Here is a list of people who need help and then celebrity keep, showing up at the fire houses being like hey, I brought this. Don't you take a photo, I the press, like all this celebrity save the fire department brought their bloodshot. They like they're, saying please you're all in the way move right here. It's happening everywhere the Medina thing. Martin, she could actually carry just a fire, the fire here. I don't think you can put on the jacket on these very much help.
So many amazing volunteers are actually helping that are also like. Ok, get out a effing way. You guys are in the lead, but that's a big thing too, and we did this help for Hurricane Harvey relief. Nobody, too big a monkey, DR. What we actually just found a couple of organisations if the fund, the ones that are reputable because, like you, haven't, been some controversies and you never know what you're money is always going like bono's one living longer, less less than one percent of the revenue actually go to those in need. Ironically, and then there are those who these expensive outlets ass, it transparent that it was well. It took some digging, let's be honest, even advertise that less than one percent, but we found some reputable sources and said what what do you need and this lesson if we really need some money, so we can buy food and that we can be kind of flexible because it did depends on data day. So that's what we did, but a lot of time. People want to do that. The field What feels good photo our palpitating hearts in the right place for a lot of them. Thank you for helping, but, helping somewhat of helping them in the way that they need help and assumed. Like that's what you ve been running into, I felt like certain because I wasn't gonna social media it up there like. We were just
doing whatever needed to be die like theirs is awesome organization called Paul works straight puros. I was doing whatever they said to do by then, People started saying the call we think you need to foulness, because these people are being labelled as animal abusers and that all sorts of things- and I was left to dispel this giant effing rumour, that's ruined this family and ruin this business like a hundred per cent fake news and I know The Whitney Cummings add that intentions. I think she's good intentions, but when she found out the truth, she wouldn't apologize. What it is about attacked me, but she wouldn't apology to apologize to you. So how do you know she's at the last? They? How do you she found the truth, because unless we will just don't know, that's ok, kid, We have so many people in common that it was for me to get in contact with whether she paused she had posted that you know who I am, and I really cause I'm texting with you right now. Like you, are tweeting me right now, so I and shouted about posted at the little and it was
until I tag Joe Rogan Unopposed, like super smiles that other people can see. I tagged him. I know just gonna hit her up like this. This is my last ditch effort to get a hold of his cheeks. She stopped laws, pause hitter up just so build. Isn't it when I'm on my preliminary you're not do not he's not a dermatological user, not a lady of user time, when we should be clarified that you know, because Joe hit hard continue get cold. He is like a beast of human is, if I felt like I know they Joel MESSENGER and like it least, get her attention and maybe shaker shoulders. A bit me like well chill he's like yeah those two broke. Girls, it's gonna, be three broke, Earls Real, fast shit like
the lawsuit storm is in full effect now and for people who don't know I'm not fully up up today. What is it the Whitney, because she also use, I think, are our good friend own- will be here to play of your own, a bit of being a white supremacist, so emphasis and I'm uncomfortable being on your shoulders I sprayed on, and I think he hates me her well, I can guarantee that he does not especially not concern the outfit England into the black people does any day. I can't see not stay at the black people sober so that he has one open form in every city, but so what was it wouldn't coming said specifically in relation to this, I want to make sure people get the timeline right and it's not just already Cummings it's about a lot of the coverage that we ve been seen coming out there and again. This is a crisis. People want to help, so there more likely to believe whatever it is that you say so, just when you coming timeline first, because I dont like her. Ok, here's what I do not like I think he's labour market. I love you so cheap
did on social media. I remember a couple days ago that she was at Malibu unsavoury. She took videos with the giraffe with a bloody knows, show pig that was burned. It turns out, he was burned, he's just a pagan. He was dirty and, tomato tomorrow. Does whatever cell On Sunday night I went up, there were certain rescue and we had all this hey because she said they didn't have any food. The animals it. How many food and weed the grounds keeper because he was actually there. I was. I want to. I went in there ready to attack these people for leaving his animals. I was wrong I had an avenue, but we go at the grass. People whose in tears, because he's being called an animal abuser, this dudes work there. Thirty years he's barefoot his shoes are barred and we say around the property to prove that the animals are okay, this didn't in his crying at what she did. Their business and to all the people who work there and then we're like. Ok, we're gonna come back the next morning and we did so. We didn't tell them when we were coming and wish
with six. That's the independent, that's two of them are exotic animal experts, five that tax and LAPD, Ellie Fire Department, people, like humane society, indifferent different organizations just so we have proof of whatever has happened and not a single human being. Has said they did anything wrong. In fact they ve been given like five stars across the board. From there and unlike she said You know they. I've got their exam car collection out. No, they didn't,
standing there with. It is burned to the ground right as a clean. You can't say that with with animals too, it's really easy to do. I worked at a no kill animals to one of the biggest in the Midwest actually end. They had just for a little while they had, they would read the great the dogs. From eight d. I think I've talked about their several to actually ADA F, but I faced on both sides are well the pet teach at anchor a term production have no idea, but that scariest dog I had ever had ever met. My life was the only f so their basically basely Tommy. Like this. We read them from eighty there's f, but there's no there's no efforts. If it has won three legged re parities, warehousing unworthily going to look at him, didn't look money. I there was a three like a great Pyrenees and have talked about it. It is even a gorilla, look you in the eyes and it goes Pierce is your soul all he's past and he could rely on my way. At the Detroit Zoo anyway. It's another story this Pyrenees was the only F where it would be eating. And if you walked by it would stop. As far as three legged. The thing was four hundred and fifty pounds and it would just stare and you would like walk past
What passes dog in the holly what passes kennel and if you walk back ten minutes later. It was following you that was it, and I never. There is one person who could handle this dog and remember some people left refusing all they miss treat some of these dogs. Some of these dogs don't get any at any rectum. They all have time, but obviously, if you only have one handler and it's a volunteer who can deal with this dog because it can murder you and it wants to it's not going to get as much time as the Jack Russell. What I learned, if you had to people, Who were there and you have wires- Because they weren't letting people back up the mountain, the police were there to stop. It was so dangerous. If you live wires. That fell down everywhere all over the highway, and people are saying You should have evacuated that put them and trailers trailers are was african. Accused at that point. Bravery through live wires, so we going to cook the animals. Are we going to evacuate them properly and wide open area dirt
doesn't burn so utterly report like a huge dirt area with a lake they were putting. The third degree burn pit is how I understand that you have had the ALA Fire Department said that that was such a great evacuation plans. They would put not only their equipment but their men there as well in our emergency. He think they'd ok, you know may I just what incorrect it and wit me. You know that's up to her. She wouldn't corrected either, but that just wasn't lappet no celebrities posted about. And I know you like Whitney in you to our friends arms being for myself that I dont like her, but I do think it's important to note here that listened with a big. The big problem is now people get stories wrong now in the media, get stories wrong. When they know the truth. And they really need to correct in saying that happens, a lot of people dont corrected because any go gets in the way. Ok, final question: if we're gonna go play hips Europa, so how does it stand now in terms of the area's lost kind of communities hardest hit? Who are those still at greatest risk
There are a lot of people that still need help and there's a lot of animals. If you aren't animal letter, I would say help power you can don't its power in their amazing people. I just I've, never seen humans. Just volunteers act like such euros, like I was holding giant sheep with them and giant order, says and they're just doing what needs to be done so. There are great organization, you can donate you if you want help greatly Paul works, Anna is just what is the website just pop pop works that org, and only that because of the serious accusation that, like ours, does very silly ladder with kind of Nottingham assented dot org. We are listening to stick around going to play its role but yeah All right, ok I'll, be right back with white supremacist, our own Benjamin Nikola rippling. It's your elbow! Don't don't change in no time Greetings America, But here are you wanted to you what are most grateful for?
this time, given indicted for all the members of my club, who have, through your support, allowed hopper to become a cheese, a corner sore eyes. I keep a cheese journal and I, like most of you, are not a moral I've been sitting by the fire patients with my boy, human, I Ain T Santa Are they show you my nose? I prefer sharp shadow. And not a big fan of a brief, be Bree. How do you say, but I still after eight it at all- and I take it so much for those who join up at night with product comes a mug, and I will leave you with a joke. How many cheese is? Does it take Michael. I Bob.
I don't know, could are aided him all who want even more. That actually really does make military rest very cestius outfits. That's what are you going to say? Look hopes you ve got he's got breast, but I don't it's. The deep cut ye are getting involved in the twitter ethnical Arbour, whether you just like guinea and spell color and her Youtube channel her book is how to lose scarcely anything when already is not out, but it will be coming out to become thanking forestick, I didn't say it was out. I could see it was out of a bookcase acres laughed at my students, and I said it was six thousand stop promoting this love. It's really are because Those are advance copies of books all the time. So I have no idea of its storage and I have a stack of books. Now be honest. I read like fifteen per none of them
and then we have them on as gets so we don't usually have people on us guess. If I haven't read the book, I haven't read your book because it insanity because you're not that nice has it not. On what was not done through, replied you that's. Why I'm doing this? I love I forgot about it. She chooses vacuous she's illiterate, so just watch for you to call out and watch premises own Benjamin, his back. He was watching the green rumours we're talking about when you Cummings, I'm sure you know he's had some runs with her. Oh, yes, I'll be easy for no reason. I was rather like ten years imply that I was a white power guy, so I put we pointed out that are facing they come candle and that kind of took off a bit and took off because it's true looks like a candle. Therefore, because Nicole doesn't want to be tested with this here right. We don't get you in trouble, Nicole. That was definitely commented on my stuff online as a where did this come from that everybody is obtained from its rightful Ziobro, spiteful pillars,
I am very uncomfortable with the direction of this programme in general. All right, so we kind of failure under rules during the brake, regret, spiteful pilgrim and are you? Are you re you're play? You think you you're a gateway to king, really rare thanksgiving you but I love her she'd like earlier. Does I dropped F and now she's, like bats bodies area they gonna after, like do extra work, believe me rights. We probably well, but you know it: Rory Thou write letters which lack crackheads not just will destroy Whilst I shant morning, we go this eminent garfunkel theme, no reason no rain, and particularly fine thanks.
Work. They did gets worse, ok, so up number one. I regret, of course, require blogger. You ready already free, really wanna broke. I literally that Iraq so close up. Our right of this picture is stuck in a turkey's vagina. How did not stop on? I don't think, that's what we staff and we set for Turkey, and I think you need to get your mind it even spending too much time. Reading Whitney Cummings incidents, that's gonna be a bleak that people won't even understand why it's believed tat. I terribly ashamed of what I found a horrible ass. Our us bring up number one right: let's let the leading off first here we go ok, Nicole Arbour. What do you think is that a hipster hobo? That's upstairs. I would meet him in Venice for coffee, for you wouldn't have invented recovery. You may tell me about it. Start up pressure on protein wouldn't actually be a start up would be like an app that's actually, India, approval phase and it never gets approved own at any yell at me that my first first I thought there was probably a crack addicted. Almost person within, I think it looks kind of Guy the flaming lips
So I want to say it is a hipster. Ok, so one extra one: it's out you don't, let's bring a picture back up before resuming here. Courted like you get up there, I'm gonna say would usually can train ominously hipster as well. Let us not order black rang. Hips, you see, you know, is factory t should now you know it, though I feel at the lyrics, are incredibly they're, not content with the actual picture he didn't have tea. You can set it down, and now it's examining Garfunkel and are being re considered over of our playing that ok sets everyone is is, is is one for one hour. Nikola pretty good at this game seems like you dated quite a few hipsters their performance. Personally, none of them are public. Well, there is not much Orang. Ok, all right, one Ladys go first, let's see this, this is gonna. Go Nicole? Why do you think they're hobo, right. Ok, why? What's your justification? It doesn't. It looks like can play guitar, but he has used enough money to buy one of trust.
Unlike the region, we look and ask them what they want me. Cummings funny is wealth. Nicole, didn't say that I did all right on time. How about this, because it looks like he has its strongest jar. Why that be indicative of a hobo. I don't know territories, usually don't have a face. It could take any kind of trauma I hate. I would I want to win this game, but also feel as other needs. We won conjuring you're. So I will say hipster though I do actually think hobo, but there is a possibility that answer, because I think that that faces seen a lot of trauma. Little known fact history often seen more trauma than hoboes, because the college so it's a little. Let us know you're a black available faster here in the trigger with a hole in the rain meth, no g D. Right ok, so it's your beer too, for two and I'm one in one and not any
We give him anything or just take the picture. I have no, dear it's probably a lot of people who went down there wildfires. They just took this healthy and kept on moving down pc age. I like such a dish pulling at my camera, but they told me they just vote and Ford forward, though it yesterday. Yes, you did. They will not several times here several times by the way, but little in fact he actually voted for Rick Scott, but it wasn't counterfeit Scott. Now it was you, I never I'll frightened up a vagrant, As all other vote for people- and I may Didn'T- throw yes, yes, I remember that exactly ass funny, I don't know with big beta albedo seems like he's gonna be doing pretty well, though, probably run, and twenty twenty only risk than our right. Let's bring up the next one, let's eat our three. Ok, all right, Nicole. What are you? What do you think? You're hits Europa. That's a mumble wrapper, that's He has like another one Spotify right: ok, nickel, also, homeless. Ok, you know because it's exists in a binary here. You have to pick hipster hobo members are worrying me
it's one or the other. There is no door number three I'll go right, I appreciated. Thank you. I want to go a whole ball, but I wanted to keep matching everything she says because that they're going to face tat New York you're only allowed one to get into german juice, but something to say. But still gonna go hipster they're going to change it up. Yet I will get us well, I don't know anymore, but I would say Hobo, so I would go home with this. So that's, let's bring this back up your quarter. Blackguard you say hobo, you say it's your. I say I'm on what is it? One means the whole Wendy Legs now will either agency they only baby. I don't know I like asian Feed and others- a hobo thing. I have no idea fairly sound. If I'm not really sure there's their town, it is brilliant lyricists, not so much, Let's go, let's go, let's go to number for you. I think we have a guy right. Yet we all rights that we are going to get an uneven number surface Supreme Court so that we can have
hi breaker, ok, let's citizen a communist and we go. Who cares little blurry because low read what you think Nicole? is. I have started out as rain Wilson when he doesn't shea, if she's on its main, assign yeah, mind otherwise known as just rain. Wilson s day amnesty to fix, it looks like a billion euro having a mother's, weird, tiny houses, that's debts when I watch the documentary and then- and I notice that nobody actually had to live in tiny house is also it's actually significantly less expensive to just live in a small house as opposed to a court in court, tiny house. Yet it's it's like way better for the environment. Yet is it is just getting old house or like living a trailer park, but don't want to do it don't have time? Do you want to go? Look my bed for them to a bookcase, bring us up public, arrogant, hipster, Homo Nan instrument when no one,
what news hipster? Indeed, you where's will skies and ninety five start right whose what we all second Nicole's get all them right. You ve got a generic and you ve missed one. I've missed one, I think maybe she's she's, dated all of these guys yeah. I think you do know them all personally now you're. Just like a pilgrim. You can't hastily dressed like a baby gather Bailey by MRS Breyer, be founded on its agenda. It's a jar of costume. If you go to Spencer's, it's actually labelled white supremacist, baby Pilgrim Animistic set out our right. This is the last one we get one of the final one. That's let's see what this is here, Nicole, even get him all right. I got this one Nicole. What you think hipster Thus I hope I have about LEO gettin the rules. Now it's near urban areas and homeless. As you know, the difference We need to know that it was in a hollow and homeless person. Yes, trains,
we gonna executive- is learning and have one of the six with a handkerchief. Yes, was never by the way and I drink it was. Never an efficient way of carrying anything is to have the courage, if, like counterbalances it, no not at all, just throw a battalion. Throw burlap sack over usually be better off, if you say almost use use attic, always almost Hobo although I'm home only I say, I'm, ok, let's see what news Joe you see, he's just a train. That's not fair at all. I guess what we have and we have a new champion here of hipster Hobo, its Nicola, which means we have to come back to defend your crown. Nice I mean I will find three days after an important new cycle and have a story for you. What was no, I, but I think it important stories you been doing a lot of good work there in
a thorny- and we really do appreciated tat we would have to go on Youtube channel- is, is, I know, you're Nicola Brundtland? What's the future cannot ethnic collaborate yeah? is to grant letter. I let her be nickel arbour and whatever others would arouses Albert a couple days, but politics is don't people do and help them politics outward profile, Oh just happen. You're like just went away even figure this out. All this time, she's heinous go to the break up up up up. Look it's our thanks. Giving Turkey is not a mere look. It's it's a miracle that guy becoming out but be saying. You should join my club, it's only ninety nine dollars annually, six in every student veterans about military but battle about by sets a key. It's a terrorist or I'm saying you get out not only this show every day, but you also get the funds.
Tv line up and, of course, is not funded by foreign caliphate. Shogunate goes over. The free content goes away unless you join my back back back as is also saying you can support it. It's Christmas is coming up and, if you're looking to purchase a firearm for a loved one or family affairs Self Walter, they have the balls to stand up and support the show back back back by lot with Canada com such mark of a preacher he's about to go. Take him in a synagogues when you get this report that Turkey has not met
it's called the pantheistic heathen, praying to the God of reptiles. No, I didn't. I tell you your land, there is one thing that would they. I learned a lot of modern science proven time, a kind- the Bible quite a bit today, bioethics, Glauber how aviator hobo in their own did actually IBM catch. A flight didn't exist until modern, Christendom meddling in your life,
People I appreciate we will not an atheist yours who go on our Christian, but I appreciate the western values are recruited from on Christianity example, but we always talk about how I need a god to tell me not to kill or not to steal. Then I must be taken Personally, you much this be a terrible persons. Accretion. You need to get its a crutch, what ok classic and what ought to be merciful. I wasn't a value until modern Christian and what about two? Not cheat and your wife, Is there were light? There are locked in. There are a lot of values I just I just I just ended and that I am, video chatting the attic experience before the appalling dollars you bid
lot of values that we actually getting. That art did that don't necessarily just come from society at large, meaning globally. We don't share the same values from society, a society. That's one thing that the Olsson I've I've talked about. Obviously, who I am a Christian, is rivets variant for my faith is a big, but it is what defines me, but I do appreciate that now I don't know, there's a bit their farm, or people who at least understand and have come to terms with the fact that almost all of these and the serious objective, even if I dont know even I don't believe in god- yeah I mean I don't get it I know I don't get it where's where's, your moral compass yeah I mean yeah and biggest, would give me like. I'm ok, I know how you're supposed to live Life- it's also. I love that about being your mother and break. He drank it. I did so last time- and this is one where we re often can wrap this up in an inn. Ribbon for you. I know it's become crowded clauses and I appreciate how how much You guys have. Let me get you allow me to take.
We're going to be earnest in intoxication, whether hopefully help so a lot of people in and when we feel responsible in doing that, so I need to kick start this off before I. Make a formal announcement and letting you know that I am a huge hypocrite. We're not necessarily make sense when you just out of context, but let me kind of explain how that is the case, because we recently done some life advice, segments and I've had to spend some time some. Some life advice that that I know I should be practising. I haven't been This is going to be right now. My last show through new year. Not really tiring. This is to be my last show through new year and its specifically due to some
the health reasons, then don't don't worry, I don't have I dont get cancer aids. I can see cinnamon real starting right now, we'll be back so the second week of January, so please bookmark and an income back but of health issues, medical issues that require more attention than I can fit into every other Friday between eleven opium, which is literally anthropic every other Friday, because I'm don't realize you know we have forty staff members of the young Turks so foregone doing to change my I therefore go on doing a show on campus with the travel back. That's the whole team. Is everybody all the time? everybody all the time you that's Evydince, Madison its arrogant wreck. Pretty important critically myself. Sometimes we will stay home. I have to be there. Always you it'll, all not complaining. I spent timewise, I literally have to sort we ve tried to do is actually this to give you an idea of the inner workings. Here we do what we can
Romania. We take it off down the weekends red. When we can, then the next week said: ok, we still have to work and insane amount, but I find a window tat. Okay, I pick the dentist this week or to a doktor or whatever it is rumoured challenges any Ellison, alot of people. Probably you know, I've talked to honour quite a bit about having thyroid issues and in ending I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year and a half ago. I didn't really take it super seriously, but nothing not going away but yeah, auto, auto immune related to the point of them. I had a doctor recently kind of set me down, so you're not gonna. U never make it very long, not because of Canterbury wasted because distress and how its affecting kind of this idea is. Each year's work, because I don't want to be
really dramatic for coming back the second week of January. Somebody needs evident, for several other reason can be a lot of big developments happening, but it actually look me in the ice. It listen the disease state unless you correct it progresses said some progress. Fats have seen, people had cancer and they go in three months and someone for several years and even find so when a less corrected what you have is progressively getting worse. You are progressively doing damage to your body and ass. You ve corrected it. It's going to get worse, and sometimes it goes around. The ban were then becomes something permanent that you now you're trying to correct it retroactively in post, as we would say and programme as was fixing it live, we'll do it like so many makes make mistake. This is one thing I know a lot of people tongue. I see a lot of people talk about you to burn out. This is not yet. It's like! Oh, my god, you mean you have to talk to a camera while people to be sixty five thousand a month on on Patreon. I know what a freaking nightmare right like I took this. That's not what this is. This is
I'm burnt out, and I dont want to do anymore, though I am exhaust, it's not it's it that there is nothing else. I could dream of doing Outside of this there's nothing else, I want to do and right now I am. And less capable of of performing being able to do what not only is important to me. What did the only thing that I can do, but what it is it so important to too many other people who watches we just it three million subscribers, and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much every region, mother, please, please, don't don't stop mug lover or cancel your memberships, because we're gone for good they were going to combat were always try to think of ways to add value and honestly that, with a million ideas that we have not been able to implement because of all the things that we have to do simultaneously and look into a second, but we just it three million subscribers, and it's because of you and it's because we're we're gunning
for more growth regarding the reach, more people that I do need to get healthy, and it is this isn't just myself. Everyone here has a very significant workload, not only just quarter blackened end. An engineer, abbey and everyone there in the control and everyone here works really really hard to even idea this been going on for a while. Every day forming for the last. I would say: let's go for a while, but last for five months every day performing doing this show is for me has been worse than the day before it in my bill it's almost like, It's in again? It's not that I don't we don't want to do that. We know we have to do. Is we know how important this excellent being a look at the finish line and your legs don't work and you're not able to get their nets house.
Feeling every single day for a while now, but it's its candidate, the nickel circling the drain. The last few months, words gotten really really hard to to sink to physically recover. My by doesn't he'll we where I live in it like em. Like twenty years right shoulder injury around like I don't know how I heard my shoulder and now it hurts worse. Two weeks ago, I am so grateful both so grateful. Now are the people who make this they show passport and give us all the desire to be back in and ready to go, but for a team here who really for the first time. Encouraging media to to get healthy into? Do we need to do so during this prick? Now we're moving to a new space to even idea and not like last time are we primarily moved into more space for storage, but now more space for production for new programmes were dramatic Actually, increasing staff is all going to be happening before the second week of January, dramatically increasing stuff medical increasing budget in research capabilities own filled in for me yesterday that wasn't an accident men
if you enjoy it. I would like to. What a show without one is like when he doesn't have to scramble when you have to worry about the Youtube gods when he has protection under the umbrella of my half asian letter, Bill Richmond were able to actually offer some resources here. Tit to let Owen do what he does and we might have some announcements regarding our coming to Muslims. Who knows still working it out. You know he'll be here and third share much more often anyway, but There are a lot of ideas that we ve had. It want to increase value for people out there because we live. We eat sleep in brief my club. We really do. I know it sounds silly says, there's a token, its eminent, what wonderful its hand hatchets garthie, but it doesn't mean that what it does is it what it means, what it symbolizes in its valises the ability for everyone here to make a living the ability, everyone here to make a living, but when people are getting shut honor, seeing these false copyright violations and yet listen. We work really really hard, but we have much more peace of mind because we are not beholden
to the evil, censoring overlords who deny the armenian genocide or their funding caliphate. We don't have to worry about that big has of the people who support this programme and its because other peoples for this parliament's. Because of how much you mean to us that that I've got a fix it, I am unable to carry out the problem to the best of my abilities because of knowing the workload, but my diminished capacity. Monetarism has been extremely humbling to get to the vulnerable side years. Mainstreaming gambling to just can accept them only thirty one, but some people have talked about universities, people watching you cigarettes but you're always after grid. I haven't taken an actual a week, often over half a decade- and I know you see my boy- you we ve had weak Remington shows, but you know when that happens like no other, because now that we are
your whole studio up, they were poor, painting a whole green screen area a week, let alone enough time to to really need to travel now and in and see some specialists, but I used to do it and we're gonna had sat point we're Lily, I! So what is happening? I used to be able to do all of this. I used article. Sixteen our days was not so much that they often and now, just every it it's how many countries have to accept, because these are the things that I can do. This is what I am capable of doing at this stage of our life, especially if I wanna get get healthy and like many that's a you haven't kids, hopefully, eventually I really hope. Is that not only do you continued support is not myself, but everyone who works to make this. This issue happen and I'm going to leave you with this. If it if it helps, I want to wish you by the way I want a merry Christmas and thanks not only to welcome but a wonderful sponsor Walter.
We talk about Walter by the way. What does it mean so much to us, we will be, will have some more sponsor event without without people line up out the door, particularly around Christmas time. One in response to the show but we also know that were not able to just taught it would change the show if we tossed in fifteen, live reads per annum sponsors of a rotating when next released shoot commercial series. We want to get back to shooting more creative commercial. We have an idea, did you do that, because even a little bit underwater with some of them immigration, you are trying to turn a staff move to a new place, get new technology up and working while doing a daily show, which has not really been feasible, but Walter has allowed us because they step up stepped up and they said you know what we want to be, every shall we want studio naming rights there are tons of great firearms. Are you can like logging and like it? You can? Like six said you did that, there's there's I'm turning Who else out there would be here? I don't know, I don't know. I can't even think right now, but the point is,
like Mercedes, daylight, Bmw, there are good cars right. I prefer Walther, not not just because we we, we were seeking them out for a long time, because I like their firearms, but they have the balls to support to show they have the balls to step up. Hey, it's a controversial show! Well other companies like Smith and Wesson Honour or a router, whoever it is our incorporating trigger locks because they want to catch a gun lobby. We're not gonna, do it. We have never done anything. We're Walter has advantages to controversially, go man, we love, we love what you're doing, and and thank you so much for helping to support our companies are not only you guys do with with Magua, but Walter. Listen. If we're gonna go and purchase a fire, we don't really have a big. So it's just truck driver Walter. So think I've never had any one. Try, Google, Walter peculiarly! There's the people use Google, Walter people, you see how many pages it takes you to fight. Anything other than a glowing review about having the best kept secret. So it really is
an incredible feeling to be sponsored by companies and to its that they sponsor two shows the phase that they place in the show where we don't, we really will have to set these were a numbers this week, or this is how many liveries, where we call author, they say. Thank you git. You got it where it, what more grateful for this partnership and, worse, ok for the partnership with them, and we appreciate you guess, there really been some great this year, some unbelievable relationships at even create, and I want to say one thing to this is also such an amazing team. You are building up this kind of eighteen behind the scenes where I want to make sure that I am able to Tipp to give them my best nano you my best, but the people who put all their blood, sweat and tears into making the show possible. You wonder why there are no overlays, whether Sophie sources and shows that the young Turks or most conservative programmes honestly, but all the leftist programmes that I can think of outside of John Oliver. He does provide some sources. Samantha B we want include, because slate should not be chief amongst its ethical. It takes work. It's a lot more work actually bring these Epps. You guys are able to
look up the references to lie? It's a lot dimension doing do in sketches and Photoshop sneeze people were unbelievably skill behind the scenes. It's a lot more work. This multiple dont do it, so I want to make trade you write by them. Finally, allowances this, this temporary break again we'll be back January. Second, is not because any of us to really not want to go away It is precisely because all of us- and I can certainly can certainly be for most of us, but myself absolutely are in this for the long haul and we need to get, ducks in a row to come back to come back as strongly as we can and when we do we're going to be raising it on. I hope that you're part of it merry Christmas. If we don't see you follow me on Instagram louder with Crowder, that's going to have been verified yet and you'll be able to watch her recover. It's going on and an end if you want to get involved some, but I dont know why you but apparently that's what kids are due on the instrument these days. I love you. I appreciate you so much don't forget about that when you're buying gifts and oh my god January's gonna be, can be rough right for that
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