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#44 Ezra Levant Guests. GayJared Officially Becomes "NotGayJared"

2015-10-09 | 🔗
This week were joined by TheRebel.media's Ezra Levant. He educates us on Canada, government media and smart stuff. Jared prays away the gay and becomes straight. Also, Courtney Kirchoff discusses boy troubles.

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At no time for gentle insults with Doktor Betancourt. Well, ravens alone. I didn't fact. You'd be this angry when I came on the programme, but I will say that, as someone who is a neurosurgeon has a background in now psychiatry to stand in the way the human brain works and we have to look at objectively, rather than simply from you. Say, and I do think that, having lifted the scandal that you curtain your lifetime, there's only so much that someone like me can do by sitting on a chair and a panel attempting to assist you in understanding. That is they I can do about the non malleable lack. Of any sort of intellect whatsoever. If your mental capacity? That's that's your problem
U I respectfully functionally retired. This has been gentle insults with Doktor Van Parson. You found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment. I dont like a whole bunch of others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a horrible body out of the kind. We are definitely going to get letters listening to talk, radios, strangest you're getting louder with proud, and we are here glad to be with you. As always, I am your host of
with greater. I am Stephen Credit, as with me always in studio is producer Jared who is not gay you follow him on twitter at not gay Jared I fulfil my obligations. I apologize for the slanderous and libelous claims. I made about Jared who is not gay for the many weeks prior we good. We can move on, ok, Big big week, we are not so it's so funny because we do this programme once a week. It's hard to know what last week, it happened this week with the Oregon shooting and you don't know exactly how much of it. You ve covered or or what of the subject you ve gotten into so I'm pretty sure we ve covered the gun control issue quite a bit and of course the White House decided to politicize it before the bodies were even called for.
Obama decided to politicize this one before the families were even notified, some families where someone died so if there is doubt as to his piece of excrement nests. His essence of peace of excrement, so I'll get back to that we're gonna great guest as relevant. Who I had a rebel dot media up there in Canada, the running the sort of underground resistance are gaining traction. Canada is this liberal waste land of ideas, and it's crazy to see that there are some conservative uprisings you're, seeing that in places like Canada in Brazil, so there It seems hopeless in the United States for you, sometimes if you're looking into Joe Biden, beady little eyes and his pipe cleaner air plugs and you're thinking. Oh my god. This is where we're going theirs around the world were here to spread and bring a message of joy. That's why we're here, speaking of which play something that, I think is the most interesting, and whole areas. Uproarious and insert some other objectives Your TED crews.
Questioning the head of the Sierra Club. This is where tat cruises. At the top of autonomous game, accounts at I'd like to go back briefly to Mr Mer. Your written testimony, you said that the science behind climate change and its effect on minority communities quote. Should not be up for debate I'm curious, as is the Sierra Club is. Is this a frequent practice to declare areas of science? up for debate not up for consideration of what the evidence and data show greater here's. What so important women go through this piece by piece, question is really clear: it's not a global warming, real exploring, not real. It's! You said end of discussion? No debate. Is that common practice? For you? Is that how this issue should be handled? That's a very important lasers and question now: watch
They see, If you are relying on the evidence and date data, you know the science, the preponderance of the evidence. Are there. But but the, but that's a different thing than saying we should not debate. A question that the Sierra Club has declared this scientific issue resolved. And there should be no debate based on the proposals of the evidence to science is settled, but the thing is: is there any things up predate the bay senator? We can debate anything well, you know. I would note that even the phrase preponderance of the average evidence, Diana practising lawyer for many years means fifty one percent. That means forty not at least fifty one percent monsieur Le Baron redefines. For you know, I would ask, for example, If you wanna and debate you, don't wanna addressed the facts, How do you address the fact that in the last eighteen years, the satellite data
show no demonstrable warming whatsoever. Sir? I will rely upon the union of concern scientists and I will rely upon the evidence and again from our own Noah officials. Are the data are really quickly is ahead of the Sierra Clip Loomis influential environmental impact lobbyist groups in the and probably the world and he says he's relying I know I know I did a video on no one not long ago Was- is no a smarter than a fifth greater because no always comes out annually with their hurricane predictions, and so we had to fifth graters make predictions as to how many hurricanes they did it by playing go fish. One of them picked. I think five And I think one of them picked, eight Noah said there. No one of them picked for M picked six Noah said there would be eight and there was five. Couple years ago. The fifth grade There's got it right. No, I got it wrong. To give an idea as to climate science
These were their predictions. Nother prediction that the old, the ice caps, we're going to be gone by twenty: thirteen. This is the famous writer who was cited by Al Gore all across the country he rode at last year to say twenty sixteen, and here we are so it's very. Important to note then we're talking about concrete, tangible examples that our verifiable false one asked about them the guy, just as I will rely upon the consensus of other scientists, I won't play too much of it because it gets repetitive, but this last little, but here is important there, that Is it correct, but the satellite data over the last eighteen years demonstrate no significant warming. No how is an incorrect. And this guy, that the head of this year club leaned back to like an intern like shouldn't. I know this crap, I don't know you should know still going been refuted long ago and there is no longer stopped for scientific debate.
Would you never answer the question based upon what this gentleman told me? It was settled. It is not up for debate. One asking you! Ok, it's not for debate. What about this point? It's not precarious! You sell it. Is I want to understand this. I do find it highly interesting that the President, the Sierra Club, when, when I asked what the satellite data demonstrate. About warming. Apparently, as is relying on staff set, soap he's rely on a coffee runners. The nice thing about the satellite Dana's. These are objective numbers Essentially, we rest on opposition an end to what you said. You are familiar with the pause so too. What desire raised we are thus a bit later with credit common. You can go, listen to it to us and the rest of us, but here's what I find so telling in Jordan. I were talking about this. He bring. Sit down and every time he goes well, we it's not up for debate, and then they head of the Sierra Club or the representative of this year club? Whoever is sitting here at this at this
Sub Committee, this judiciary subcommittee the person they ve put forward to wrap the Sierra Club. Says, I am going to rely on. The ninety seven percent consensus a couple of things here, you. Can you your mind a couple things here: firstly, science is never governed by consensus. It is governed by what's correct. There could have been consensus at one point that the earth was flat. One scientist was right: it's not like history where we require consensus and ok, there were piecemeal in things together that we have available to sort of ok. Well, what are we consider to be congruent with other historical artifacts that in some areas, consensus really matters in science. That's not how scientists governed its ruled by truth.
So. Firstly, they say I go to that consensus of ninety seven percent scientists. They never really tell us where that number comes from, and then this guy is the head of the Sierra Club, whose Rep this in front of the United States. Government is so unfair he's the eye. So there's the head of the Sierra Club rightly saying what I would delegate to the ninety seven percent scientists. I've got the. If you're, the head of the Sierra Club, Nobody knows. Ninety seven percent of scientist is to. When you ask them say well we're we're. Why are you so confident, they're, probably saying? Well, you know what I'm gonna go at the head of the Sierra Club on this one. They go our who do I go to the manager here We are managing that some Patsy for the higher ups head of zero club That's what I'm going to hey you're, one of the biggest environmental impact organisations head of Sierra Club. What about this data also go to? Ninety seven percent Send me.
They said- maybe you it's like calling eighty in tee where they set eager attention to send. You know can tell this is that if someone should be able to have a definitive information, should it not be the sea? a club. Should they not be adequately prepped you gotta use is people can t. Is this guy is the higher the headlights? It's like all crimes like you just these in deep waters, and he knows it. How did you know he doesn't know how to get back and the thing is he knew tat. Crews was gonna, be there look, he knew on its agenda, probably written and all cats tat grows, which tat occurs. You think use planning on showing up the bee persona of ten crews, love to such things as a complete it. It or the one who was a smart guy, come out a Harvard you who that's a pervert example to people just trying to solve the character. I forget what TED crews written a media they go up, then you have been like tat truth,
I go out your Republicans, smart. I explain people like decorous, you know my answer, those people, you say what about tat. What do you mean? The guy? Who has an I q of? Why sixty do you mean the guy who was one of the most impressive Harvard law students ever to the point that, unlike Brok, Obama, both the students in his great and the professors who taught him actually remember him attending glass- do mean that TED crews like an that's fine, but people distraught, these blanket statements just like ninety seven percent, we're supposed to a great oak, won't monies fighters in science is governed by consensus and guess what the chapter fact sinking What we have just approved a stupid. So I guess that's what what's all engage in great Bypath get right. Because I want all third what about the gruesome they assumed it. I dont want to sound stupid myself, so go along with their premise dont.
When someone says ninety percent or ninety seven percent of scientists agree sake. Will you get on that front? which ass or you pulling that, is it your own or did you did you find someone else because a donor online. Seriously
he's so mind boggling and the reason why we're talking about this there's a lot think it into is. This is a pivotal moment of resistance. It's the perfect on tract of someone's front stay on an issue and someone who's trying to defer to narrative. So we'll talk more about that and a couple more examples with Ben Carson this week and then some weird stuff louder withdraw Hale. I didn't see there. What are you doing? Andras lacking an android, my monitoring? Seventy. It bore a fine reverent, have refinement of ragged pull up a ripple hairs, murmur quarterly establishment and reimbursement. You now have some fun. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine com or just call their number. What's that number eight forbore to nine seven, why around here come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easier to get to call go to the website talk with a similar yea list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have it shipped directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine, dot com or just calling for for two nine seven. Why? So? Let me back as always glad to be with you
we had some funny tweets where people are saying they couldn't believe the TED crews deal. Here's the crazy thing this climate change. We have it up at Lahti with credit outcome. My apologies Emma hit the cough button because they sound like an old lady, Oh my gosh, I am, I allergies are going nuts right now. I have no idea what it is. The TED crews deal is so emblematic of left a strain. Don't know this is a narrative. We ve Shack ninety seven percent of scientists. She agree TAT cruise control. The eighteen years with no warming whatsoever, I'm going a further ninety seven percent of scientists. Firstly, I've Found a reliable source on the ninety seven percent of scientists for all we know. Couldn't just be like wine. Crease scientists missing, three percent of his body could be. Is that a possibility you're all we know he blew off his his ring and thinking firecracker accident that happens actually know a guy who did such a thing has missing is entirely and proclaiming bombs.
Whereby recital eleven for spiral out their Brazil the little round black? I got a little bit little far, but yeah called these call one hand John. So. If you know what I'm John out there, it's it's probably the same one hand, gene technology, so many there can only be some even even at a named John I be back off man, I'm a scientist, its. I've never seen a reliable source and what scientists that, including, is that, I mean a ban. Carson was you're, not pull a neuroscientist it only including geologists climatologists. Is it including the botanist down. The road is growing all the hydroponic tomatoes that you're buying your local farmers market, who is included? That's it Russian. If you're going to say ninety seven percent of scientists agree- And you're the head of the Sierra Club and you dont, know Jack. I'm gonna go ok, all right,
We ask you, who is the other ninety seven percent of scientists for all we know it could have. In a situation where the said hundred they want to trot out hundred percent, but it somewhat thought sound suspicious Just doesn't was back up. The throttle. Orders said ninety seven equal pay people by the attic, yeah. I don't. I don't think a lot of people buy it. I don't think people by certain Sierra Club, this guy, crazy. Those guys are recharge understatement under statement? Wasn't ass just by the way for people get offended It is very important to try to stop it. Where it gets along the trail, especially for or a lot of people listening less nine, not this- I'm not the smartest guy around, but you're, not here not to insult the listener, you don't wanna get off into the weeds where the Sierra Club guy can take it into some kind of like debating conspiracy. Theory settled lava climate change. People are right like instead
See, there's iridescence DVD America that light HU, the Illuminati and they're going to say nine eleven wasn't inside job, and you listen, I don't want, or they say the Boston Bombing- never happened circular nigger. Well, did you read the report that came from the actually block seven square foot for that talked about the temperature brewing point of oil like well. Of course our eldest exists. Yes, why not think now? Of course, I didn't reading Course I didn't read that, So, that's all they do. Is they trained pull out facts with such specificity that you can't refute that you feel like you're No, it's not true, with climate change. Here's a fact! specificity, the ice caps. Opposed to be gone in twenty thirteen but up later, with greater dot com, then the same guy who wrote about the ice caps we're supposed to be gone and twenty sixteen were fast approaching. We're not saying that look at Al Gore inconvenient truth hit truth, truth, whom I feel too, trip is truth. Truth we talk at youth week with Al Gore.
Chart the hockey Stick chart is false. What he said about Florida and Sea levels has been and false what he said about populations has, proven false self discipline. Because I m really crappy parts floor. I love their legacy that There are worrying me, yes floor does not exactly what you expect are now it's about two percent coup and the rest is like a get me out Get me a sixty percent of the time it works. Every time. That's really grew stats. Come from that's where the company, after the cover about like a ninety seven percent consensus step? it's one of those deals. It's important to watch this because it's important to see such a black and white unfiltered contrast in head. Crews is really good in this situation. We didn't do that. Well on debates. He doesn't do that. Well and more does just that. Coming across, like like a normal guy interviews But when he's grilling someone, he is brilliant, but and my question is always none
and presented to whom are you deferring MR head of the Sierra Club? It's like you're in the middle of battle looking to your squad leader- and you say hey, listen, we're down under heavy fire here, their shooting at us and their thrown flash grenades. What do we do? Well, I'm gonna further to the ninety seven percent of privates weight. Aren't you. The one who should have some kind of an answer, sir or MA am we're not sexist shouldn't. You have some kind of response. You are looking to you for leadership. Well, all I know is there are ninety seven percent of people in other squads who say that I am, I know what I'm talking about, what you're talking about just job we're all gonna die. Now that's what happens when some just defers to somebody I'm when this happens all the time and nobody wants to question anybody on people just accept it? People
except, of course, will take root, stupid people just accept. We didn't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Don't except that that's a pervert when, whenever someone says George Bush load about W bodies in Iraq just say, we found WMD in Iraq. And let your second took away on the clock and watch that face turning to a face of panic, because they never even considered the possibility I'm your smartphone say Google but we must accept it right because the media says something there are no w bees in Iraq. There were. We found them it right, because the media says something or no w bees in Iraq. There were. We found them period. End of story Now, if you want to argue that Iraq still wasn't a valid war, that's perfectly legitimate. The problem is when the left they dont want to argue the points here. Tat crews goes to a specific data point. The earth has not warmed at all in eighteen years which to me Ethan just pretty significant right? a paw, the pause, the enemy,
Wanna could be an explanation yes and you like, but part of the definition of junk science, ignoring all evidence, contrary trigger hypothesis, in order to prove your hypothesis correct, you should be willing to abandon your hypothesis of you believe it's incorrect, but think of that for first, and hear people think the pause is a term that had crews talks about that's been created to explain eighteen year non warming, rather than accept that their theory of warming might be incorrect. They call it. The pause, assuming it to be correct, and then the climate change, that's the definition of junk science as relevant from reveled that media company. You do not want to Missus raddle from
and now it's time for your dating advice, minute with pill, Cosby now wait. Let her cubs play for laughter. You feel Q New York, We ve got before the war. She was a woman, mobile world rules, rubble aware of a worldwide. A man Russell have, but one or London. Job Jos wriggles, even though the ball above Black RE repays black fabric of wagons,.
He'll do. You gonna live some cab, you gotta, burger or magic, let me know we were made like gives lived, correct,
they laughed and lacked rather than you got up, proper wrapper break. This has been your dating advice minute, with constant your listening to allow their with crowded around tat. We have is next just with us now, some of you, your stateside, may not be familiar with, and I've known him for a while. I think they coins I want to bring a mine of ceremony. I think they quitted, like the Canadian Glenn, backer, canadian rush, Limbaugh for awhile,
and I worked over that some news and Canada, which was a conservative outlet that didn't exist. When I lived there now, he runs reveled that media basic in underground resistance in conservative media and Canada. Really, guy as relevant thanks for coming on. Rather, oh my pleasure thanks for having me no the Canadian Glenn back with the canadian Limbaugh. My miss quoting someone said something like that about you. You know a lot of folks in Canada use those as insult us. I of course would be flattered to me. Impaired the either man not just because I think they're curious, good, technical question Askern their independent, but their great culture. The enormous enterprises, if need be. On four centres as successful as either of them: weighty law, ethically, and certainly compared to the I guess, consent, derogatory, but the talent pull in Canada. You arming the difference, is your creating the ceiling in Canada for people who don't know rebel dot me. There are some news for the Canadian
cable news network, leaning against government funded news? I love to get to have your you're taken because a lot of Americans don't realize govern funded news, media and now you're doing it online. So compared to those websites and Canada, you guys just killing it you just now. You have a tenth population that we do right, I mean we got about. If I'm on Canadians, but a quarter of them are our french speakers so Actually, an even smaller market and, of course, Canada, by nature is not is concerned, it was the United States, so I'd say beat We of the pond that were fishing and is like one twentieth. Besides no grass and its you mentioned the number one broadcaster employing about percent of all working journalists in Canada, The government is called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, created more than seventy five years ago by govern shoot. Maybe Seventy five years ago there was a need for a government body. Yes, sir, I don't think so, but I mean
the inner relievers I've government broadcaster. That's right. Well, I mean, I can even understand the argument. Even if I disagreed with it for a gun, A broadcaster during the war, for example,. Seriously in the five hundred channels on your cable infinite? or of channels on online seriously. They get a billion extra The United States that would be like giving ten Billy, dollars a year to me, like Enron, Williams was going ten million ten billion dollars to make up his fake Apache Pelikan restores. Yet out free because it just how can any it? How can you exact cell ads. If a government agency that obviously doesn't have to sell adds, obviously can indulge in them. You're vanity Journal, some because they don't have to actually care what people want.
The gas as a key steadying of african squirrel, not gathering patterns, was compelling dv. What's wrong with you. How dare you that's a great example? I mean our version of we gotta get, you can use part Al Gore in terms of Annabelle warm warming worrying age limit like building the science guy, you pretend to be amazed. That is a servant I'll go of all these left wing causes and for little the forty years he has at eight key show on this government propaganda network. We create these personalities, but the government personnel you know it's worse, Stephen, The directive aims to duty and Al Gore maybe had relations but continue. We ve got government comedian In Canada giant often think about that there will be like say: we ve got a government punk rock band, where we have those. Here too, there call Janine Garage fellow and mark merit, but she'll working for the government. What what
I find so amazing I mean comedy. In so many ways. I mean it's about you, reverence it's about its about scepticism, but political rather than materialism yeah. How can you be the median whose paycheck every two weeks says govern Canada. Let me scaled back free Ezra, because I see no started as a state of comic in Montreal at seventeen and You know my in Montreal we had several colleges and one of them removed me from the dock at it with a multicultural fair, because I had bits about Islam and Mohammed and the worst experience of ever had statement stand. It was a concurrence university. They just this before trigger warnings in this kind of mindset made it to United States. It was so accelerated on canadian campuses, vague. Even ass matter fact, before I got on stage, was a kidney MIKE Mayo who did a bit I'll. Give you just kind of some insight. Could he got booed and they complained and had taken off the hook? His bit was, he said,
and it was a liberal by way of night watch this horrible war going on rack and what's happening. Is these people and seen in the run up and screaming on C b c, the camera with blood all over them? And I think, my god there's one crazy commercial for a time at any data commercial about tied in a warlike trying to print was a bit really about profiteering off war with private companies and was clever appeals. They complain and had him removed free speech. Is it's not In it of sort of the ideals of freedom in Canada that I'm hanging to understand at Chris Rock Jerry Seinfeld, they they say they don't got capsules, and as such, is because everyone's recording their stuff one cell phones, but its it. No one laughs anymore, I'd at Andy Levy of Firm Fox NEWS he's great he's got a line that I really like. He says you dont have to funny, but you have to ignore what was a joke?
in any says that in rebuttal to do this fake over sensitive my god. Did he really say that it happens whenever someone makes a joke and annually these right? Look, you don't have to say it was funny, but you ve got to acknowledge. It was an attempted humour, but they are the lip anti humor activist, an act that is not so important because left us off PO did it with me at sea back fact: checking my jokes, they'll never say: will you have? right to sit, though always do it under the guise of what I just don't think that was funny. Who cares you know? Humor has been anti establishment forever, that's one of the places we have as a safety valve, but look through the ages. I mean Solzhenitsyn, he was sent to Siberia.
Because he made a joke in a private letter, he called stolen the whiskered one like it's, not even a big joke. He just sort of made a joke about stones. Bush mustache, seven years in Siberia item a in the iranian Revolution said there is no humour in is Lamb and gets because humor is and he authoritarian right, it's disruptive its insurgent and you can and allow that when everyone has to be serious and sober- and so it's that same, moratorium streak it so I wrote his years ago. The left was the house of free speech but that's when they were insurgents right, that's what they were. The ones boycotting conservative University dean's now that all the university beans and professors are leftist time to show
out in the insurgents whom rife and what's funny they still actually goes. People are that the big you know that the big power hitters right, they'll, though still bring up my ward about jury, fall well with the words twenty fifteen or users, but I want to take you wanna take as an area where that you know. Obviously we had gathered, and he was talking about comedy too, but gum media, that's something I think a lot Americans understand when I have Americans and age. How long do we have in this segment wherever five minutes? Ok, we're going One Americans merely go to corporate media man. I've only, alas, energy coming from Think of the alternative, women media, that's what we have, and Canada and I'd think Americans are very out of touch so cannot tell Americans what that's like a little bit I mean: do you have a media? That's very critical big, a liberal government that encourages more funding to them, or do they tend to be harsher on the conservative candidates who want to cut funding to the media lacking giving an extremely spaces
For example, we are literally a week in a half away from our canning federal election. It it ran like it's amber. First, two thousand sixteen up here. That's how close we all do election date and, like I said the CBC, the canadian incorporation is why it is large, as all other media combined, it would be as if PBS had it ten billion dollar budget. That's that's the scale! Imagine that and of course, such a tv and radio its internet, so the competing against every newspaper to, even though this she doesn't publishing print newspaper they're online, their websites that digital there on the go, so they compete with everyone. So what you have you have three main parties are incumbent, Prime minister, but not so conservative that he's there too
Two privatized: this government broadcaster- no, my american standards- you would be you know very centrist, John Mccain Young, but you ve got to left wing challengers once a liberal once a new Democrat, we call him The crap in January announced, if he wins he will give CBC a one hundred and fifteen million in dollars. Bonus like a success basically said. If I win the election, fifty hey: hey Half EU journalists, I'm gonna revising to carry my wanna kids, that's right! The other leftwing challenge, your name just untrue. Go he's not gonna be out. There used to be a tv host for my mistaken now. He his father was Prime Minister of care. Forty five year yet will use up so the
you're the new Democrat. So when I was like a canadian version of american Idol or Somethin, like that, you know that's other sort of a primary former prime and sets Benbow Rooney. Oh ok, that's hard to keep him straight. Yeah, there's a lot of bad children, a former rates, this the comparison with Chelsea Clinton just and Trudeau in Chelsea Clinton both had parents who were successful or long term. Prime ministers, no one would Chelsea Clinton on her own merits. It would be because she is part of the family. That's what's happening, we just intruder, but here's. My point, Trudeau, said Thomas Mann, Care of the new Democrats will give you a hundred and fifteen million I'll, give you a hundred and fifty million, and then I got so. You ve got these two lessons. Are you sure basic knowingly ice cream, the cafeteria guys it's? It's called the successful. It's like a groan mission. If you close in the sale, CBC you're gonna get six bigger top up and by the way, in the era of media layer,
everywhere. That's a lot of money. One more wrinkle! You gotta government, journalistic you gotta come a tv station government radio station. Of course they ve got government union I mean that the union, Russia, I dont, know how you even habits. A union for creative workers. I understand a union for coal minors how'd, you have a union for journalists were here's the thing down in the states. You have things called super pact. We have something We have the same sort of thing in Canada. The called third party campaign groups really similar right. They can they in media guild that the union that represents the government reporters. They have a super pack. They have a third party camp in group spending their union dues attacking the prime minister orders. Right who, by day, are reporting objectively on our conservative prime minister are paying for a campaign to attack him
with their union, do sit right groups of conflict of interest. You can imagine that government media for you, but it's the sought it that sort of, because we have The agency's here you something I wanted. I shouldn't get off to foreign. Sweden can ignore politics just because it gets a little complex, but I do think the macro sheer that american seed understand is this. This is at least strikingly similar to the alternative that leftists one For american media, I'm not a huge fan of corporate media, sometimes right it comes with its faults. I think just like we can agree party system comes with its faults, but so does the parliamentary system right? They all cometh with plus and minuses, did achievement But let me home because we gotta go to a break here in thirty seconds, but I know you're done what we covered on the site. You are an end in drug is insightful and even media had being, we know. Let me let me hold, because we gotta go to a break here in thirty seconds, but I know you're Tom we covered on the site,
and in drudges, insightful and even media had accelerated way pass the era of Russia. So it's just crazy. How quickly happened come quick to adapt louder with broader will be back, because this is our with router, be shorter visit louder with rather doktor listener. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, but you're missing so much content at lotta with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, not me gold or silver we're getting bogged, catheters, just news, videos and explosive stuff than you don't fear, on terrestrial radio against its toll free without us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why I will call it hard and that it took a better lotta with credit outcome: don't listen to fund if it doesn't processing lot with broader dot com. This is louder with crowd. We are back at the correct myself rebel dotted with canadian superstar as relevant. That's like thing tallest short,
And you sound just like my doctor, Montreal doctored ramble. I've talked to my dad about that. You have that sort of that kind she buttery smoothness that ages, Fine leather to your voice, and I was a kid I used to go any. He just put the stethoscope against being asked me. Want to listen to his voice. You got that kind of voice. So sire? I just hit off really quickly. You were talking Before I went to the break what Matt Drudge said to Alex, I now exchange where people can say anything, but what mad drug sent was important, glad that he said look as so. Much of our communication goes through Facebook or twitter, or you too, But he's terms of service become the new censorship tools, for example, if a bunch, of social justice warriors think your humor is not funny or re hurtful. They can petition Twitter Your twitter account deleting rang or your facebook account deleted. So that is not government censorship. But when these so I M here and I'm not-
corporate. On modest socialist, I'm on re, spiritually, there's metallic mercury. Six hundred saying, as so much of our media is channeled into these carouse. We are at the mercy of these homogenized in past rising. Did you suddenly we cover this? Did you see and alive MIKE what Zuckerberg said to Merkel learn Germany Talk about the migrants and how to tempt down criticism of yellow on Facebook and in your right? They have the right to that end in the spirit of a full disclosure having worked with with Facebook and twitter uncertain. Twitter is much more even handed there. Now, nearly as quick to ban people like Facebook is ever and Jack Dorsey, whose theirs is, is right on some issues and left in some issues, but you're right and one christening. I would add that that Matt Drudge touch on, but is also very important, and this this is the flaw right now. A sort of social media news goods. The good thing is someone like you, Ezra, someone like myself were able to build up an audience and speak directly. People without some middle man without a gatekeeper and that's great
the downside is with social media like Facebook in particular, is a curate's you It says you like this. You share this. You dont like that we're not going to show you the things you dont like, and so what it does is its incentivize and is particularly problematic for me, as a conservative, who really does believe the truth matters its incentives, both the right and left not to tell their audiences what they need be here, but to cut through the face. Book Timeline or the Instagram Timeline to post, what they know they want you're, not gonna out. They need to hear what they want to hear rather and that's why Echo chamber has gotten far worse, so that's a downside on the flip side, there or to echo chambers, there's one in government media with the monopoly and can, as there are no pluses to government media as you haven't Canada, despite her left us try spinet in the state right. Well, I mean the fact that you can block people who disagree with you. I mean I do it because I have countless cross and hecklers,
but you are, you always want to have an ear to your critics, because occasionally a critic, even a bad faith, can get it right, are you familiar with Charles Murray, the great american scholars? Hee hee, wrote a book called coming apart about about different, so loads of Americans, and if you, Google, Charles Mary Quiz, how thick is your bubble? Utterance that it's a great little online quiz that ask you questions like what time on a factory floor. Do you have any real friends who you disagree with actively about politics. Do you any ask you? Questions in this the testing. Do you know how the other half lives and which which is very insightful he's not saying it's right or wrong. Any of these things is just fingers the different America's. Increasingly, you have Intellectual orbs, snow
he class in Manhattan and Delay and they think they're open minded. They think they're taller. They think that progressive, but they actually dont know what the other half lives like. They think there for the working act. They ve never been on a factory for one of his questions is: have you ever been in a parade that wasn't anti war global warming or gay rights, well. It was dressed up as a trainee and gone into planet fitness and if walked into feminist, film festivals and my underwear, I would say that I think I have some semblance as to how the other half lives. All you thing is. I mean for four law fancy people in L, a any York being in a parade is so hick and small town, but for dinner, Most number of Americans. That's actually how you show your love and your pride of your city right yet and so he's not, Jordan. Canadians are super judgmental that Canadians thank the here southern accident. You must be stored and I was that way and I moved to Texas there's a guy workin on my car
and I was always like mechanics cousin, Texas, you not so with things are so unregulated, you can get everything for cheap and really high quality. That guy would actually come to my house and fix my car right there in my arm, my parking spot and he had no teeth and he had a leathery skin. It is being women realise this guy's, a genius. You shit mare dog, about this well when they changed our guy re here. If you and action when you talk about it and then, often the science and stuff, and it was like some biochemistry something going wholly cry but no one's gonna believe him if he goes to Canada because of his axe. Well, in Canada, one of our government comedians had a stick called talking. With Americans would go to the United States, and he would ask Americans questions about basic canadian facts like what do you think of Prime Minister Putin?
routine. Is a french Canadian re, regulate French revised gravely and cheese, and it will be hilarious. Tell you ask any Canadian: what do you think about president's hamburger? Yeah I mean yeah, it's easy. I thought I was sad for Canada because it he had seen income the quenching and then, when you look on the flip side, member that fit through and could back when triumph the insult dog made fun of french Canadians. Remember that you know what I vaguely every once in a while, I mean there's nothing, shows canadian By the way I love Canada and I'm confident canvas actually in many measures. Stronger, more conservative, better country. Higher economic freedom Index, yeah. We're doing well- and I I love America, but you ve had a rough sup is everything that's with a God with their friends and it's not
labour, but there's something straight up whenever it maybe he's mentioned in our voting. Yes, your heart by here with some make a big and haven't you gotta be mentioned in this debate. I want to take this to the web extent version with international law to run about com or the rebel got me one part about uncensored here, as we think so much for coming on the show and those listening and extended. Uncensored Cassandra goes crazy after this statement
you're listening to louder with Crowder, follow Stephen on Twitter at S, prouder and no time for gentle insults with Dr Ben Carson, wow whoopsie. I understand where you're coming from and I can clear those questions up. Quite simply, if you give me the point between you're cackling in year discussing issues about which you clearly have no understanding and things, and maybe the facts it you did. Fornicate with people like Dennis Rhiannon and people who earn of known infected venereal disease is- and I understand this is a doctor- those can have ramifications on your nerve psychiatry, so
I say this obviously in a respectful way, because we don't need to be engaging in in a necessarily angry rhetoric that year asked as a whore would make you less likely to be qualified on the issue of women's health. This has been gentle insults with Doktor Burnham person, you're getting louder with proud spirit, as always we're happy we'll be here in the second. Our your hosts, Stephen Trotter, join in studio, producing, as always, is not gay Jared. We're good,
The letter? Ok hot and let us move on. I was wrong: wanna go right into it. I I'm going to admit I was wrong here since it have often it actually does happen very often when you are Go back. I just don't make a formal announcement of it. Yet lawsuits Yes, lawsuits help They do accelerate the process, a process less its. Stay shipping. Yes,. On Ben Carson. Now we ve talked about this on this program. I've always liked Ben Carson said I like him as a person, Dont know if he's going to be present for two reasons: executive experience and that's it was a concern, but I I thought he was a bit of a bit of a was. I was wrong about that. I was wrong about that. In the sense that. You know you have then Carson everything ITER.
Facts about is very measured and he never gets upset and he's a little bit mumbling in the way that I'm going backwards and you feel like yes, like you've gotten into the flux, capacitor and you're, going back to when your parents were born. So, that's the way, he talks about everything and I came across a kind of weak but when you realize it's just the way, he speaks Neeoka innocent agenda to the rhythm and you hear what he sang and how he defends positions that offend leftists. You realize what on a second taking a wildly, controversial position here and he's not walking back have to respect that he's we can probably some of the most uncomfortable positions of. Conservatives here and any isn't he doesn't apologize for them? He doubles down, but he does it in you're. He might as well be saying, even though noise being very light.
Through you off Bledsoe, your mother is a flimsy and in a year, while a person I think you're going straight to Hell, he could say any of those things on your site. Well, that's a nice guy, like you just beat the hell out of me. I didn't realize it lucky you ok, It will also, I think, I'm a little sore. I think my by think my took us is a little, but so are someone spanked me, but it's like covert spanking, so one that was there are few this week, where he's been making the rounds and gun control and We'll get to that one, but one that was really important was with what they go beyond the view where she brought. Back up his comments about a muslim president now well play this one first and then we'll go to the other. So like us and I'm I'm I've been a little bit wrong about him. And I'm coming around the Nazi Germany can happen here. Ok, well, I'm just giving you doubtless been. Ok, thus open.
Ben. I want to give another only to say what you said and explain what you meant, but I want to give you the other horses would she's not support a muslim president. His religion is in constant, inconsistent with the constitution, and then It's ok to have a confederate flag on private property. I can explain all of those quite easily book by the way right it's about our laws and what is correct in this country, and this is a plural, Six society right, so that means no my way or the highway stuff. It means we have to learn how to get along together and they ve given take with that Now what I was saying about our common and I purposely
that, because I knew the left wing we're gonna crazy. He said in a better like Miss, comes out he's gonna rectum scrambled. What I said is most of the people not to Germany did not leave and what Hitler was doing, but did they speak up now? they kept their mouths shut and when you do that, you are compromising your freedom and the freedom of people who come, hide you. You have to be willing to stand up for the way that the election in Germany it won the elections. Doesn't matter. What did we know he's the evil? Also there were people stand up just so you know you're, not the White rose society. There were lots of folks now, if they might not have been enough and I will repeat that was a point. That was not what was ok with might not have been enough. I, stand. What what is doing- and I dont want to grandstand- I will be going to use its now she's, not supporting Hitler, that's a perfect example of the left can never just concede points.
Were you say is true and they got me all right. That's because in fact I think that with this, so it's like They couldn't even concede the point that he was talking about people, not speaking up in the face of evil or tyranny. Talks about Hitler and the Germans were against it. When there is a huge number of Germans were against him and they allow you won. The elections of other point is evil manner. While there are some people who throbbing there weren't enough well, there might not have been enough shut, the hell up, Whoopi seriously. Can you shot you're, stupid mouth? Can we all suited to table and can see heed their word People who stood up against Hitler, Hitler was evil. Bad stuff happened. Can't picture a parallel universe. Inward any response to that statement Be Goldberg is anything other than era now, given that one
Instead, you feel you need to get into the underground Germans who opposed Hitler in its IRAN. Of it to the point that he's making this is the issue with left us, and this is another tactic that people who like to acknowledge it feathering out of a valid point: If there's a really really valid point in in doctor Carson zone in on one there Even though he sounded like a slot on Xanax he zone and on that point, I can't let him stick that landing, because they have a vested interest in the democratic party. Secure, We know that about the view, so they can't let him say, listen, not an appeal shut up about serpents Hitler any with an evil man- and that was my point No its appointments going to resonate with American, so they can't let that point stand so they have to up, something it's largely irrelevant, so they can sound pseudo intellectual to somehow maybe discredit. The arguments are well over a kind of maybe enough. If Hilary
came up and made a statement which is likely a lie: go ass. We asked very true very true. Very true, I have a wealth of experience Many accomplishments is a strong woman outside of screwing, a man who is growing every in turn in California, who happened to be present as good point good point good point: I think that abortion should be free, no comment from us, Hitler was a bad man and he was able to be a bad man. Could not enough people stood up against them and I think that's an important lesson to learn in history. Wow come on now we have to carry on their mom a black person with a jewish name. I just Just can't I just can't I just can't I can even I cannot. Even big, sober and lost all dogs.
Around only under them, point. Under that point, we will discover we have another clip from Ben Carson and end in Wolf Blitzer. The gun issues can been getting all kinds of flak from that. The issue is again: What's? The matter we want to focus on today is how the left tries to frame debates. How they try to tell you how you can argue nowhere else does this occur neurosis. And it doesn't a current right. Here's one thing: I've always talked about this because it really is ignorant for a lot of conservatives doesn't mean you stupid and just like it ignorant for liberals and conservatives are stupid or to think that all atheists or stupid are all Christians are stupid. Few go across all of those ideological and political will of life you're probably find a pretty, forty diverse intersect like use. But seeing that liberalism collectivism is bad.
First the interest of the collective. Here too conservatism constitutional, is on which is based around the central idea of the individual. I do You think it's a fair generality to presuppose that. Liberals are much more prone to group. Thank God. Ample one. Let me gonna give you one here. Brok Obama. Sickly junior senator, no experience. No one really knew anything about. Him was entirely character and rhetoric. The left, invite at all just were behind him period? Didn't even try to didn't matter doll. From very similar on the right. Very charming charismatic lots of rhetoric really a record not really a whole lot of substance right, but he he's a populist. He says what a lot of people want to hear right now, so contrast that Obama, virtual,
secures a nomination without any kind of of questioning our criticism very easily Donald Trump on the right, He's only got about twenty seven percent he's, not even close to a majority of conservancy made all these waves, but there are Conservatives again because of the individualism who are gone, ah ha ha ha ha hold on, I'm not on board with us. It's why the Republican Party, the conservative movement, will always be more, I guess you'd say swift fraction. Fraction aided, I don't know it always a little more divided, because you have you, I'm not talking about diversity here. As far as we have a black eye, we gotta check see, look, look, look, let's try Bernie Sanders unless trod on a black mood. What I'm saying is we have intellectual diversity? You have plenty people. Let us look at the candidates. You got ran Paul whose all about Canada, soil use,
it clearly for renewables states have the right to legalise drugs. Knee jerk Bush doesn't do they have the right and all you have different views on gay marriage. You have different views and the tax code, all of that and republican Party, you ve, got to Latinos a woman and a black guy, some of whom are senators, some of whom are private sector experience, some of whom may have been governors on the left You have a bunch of old white people who have the exact same opinion. On every single issue every single issue: all free democratic candidates, have exact him opinions, but they have Morocco Bomb who acts like an old white guy where the same opinions with all races. Little bet, let I'll bet level, but racist and it's ok Matter Journal list, and I don't care if Europe men did that with crowd. I will be back after this with more racism and other jokes
but what are you doing? Beggar with lots of de where'd? You get it. I think you know I'm not a war not up for fifteen dot com. They have been doing and accessories for sale at the best advice there was of a web host there's another one with what they are doing. Well, if you do not have the best place to go in that the take away with affordable, never stop dancing in the studio like a couple of monkeys, right white
gives us stop it, stop it. Will your racist mine Funny now that you can't like say like? Are you goofy stop acting like a bunch, little monkeys, people like that start looking through the chronic. Is there a black person there? Were you making a racist comment? That's my grandmother used to call us kids like little barrel barrel monkeys Thank God. None of us had every kind of ethnicity jumping on the bed or something like that. Somebody monkeys jumping on the bed. Oh my gosh, you can tell us or anymore imagine that a man in a white adoptive parents, so it is time for its term, Four bedtime, kids, tell you a story about among its about our beds. Jumping all have people on the bad shoot it had done to solve, shoot shoot it gets should they play cricket in India.
India is a horrible country. We all know that we can say anything you don't have taken. This is kind of connects us think about how difficult, unless before detective, to operate in twenty first century politically correct Amerika, you can't make assumptions based on anything just erase the disease. He was wearing black shorts. Ok, anything else. You can tell me he was about five eleven Kay and there seems to be some to decay- was he Blackie was black as one of the things you can. I watch fighting in the EU have see sometimes and alike, and of course we have John Jones in the red trunks. And Alexander Gustafson in the blue trunks aright, Firstly, we were able to guess by the name
Gustafson, is probably the six five blonde Swede Viking. Secondly, just say the black guy fighting the white guy. It's gonna be the easiest way to delineate. Its unreal. How bullet the correct we have to be with us now are we were talking about this enough, for example, if I were to say Jared that block people in general are faster, more athletic. More explosive. That's, why you have the NBA and a foul of all track records ever a black most people would agree right secretly. Yes, think people find that even offensive in a white men can't jump That's an mutely can't dance yet exact, Now viewer to say on the flip side, Can we accept that now. If I say Asians, on average have hot the highest I accuse when it comes to.
Scores and score the highest. An essay tease. Most people accept that right, most works, that so it except higher than white people so we said: ok, it's good. We say blackmailer more explosive than general people who was the Asian from you, my keys. This change that Asians have higher argues in black people. This is the contrast it doesn't change. Anything which is acknowledged. Agents have a higher iq than the general society than me You have more Asians who get into brown and I think, like white people across the country, quality, no art. It is one thing. We just can't be honest about the differences right now unless unless it's a positive side on the flip side. If I were to say you know something about it. Well, black people are stronger and more like the nations. It's not really is offensive because Asians don't start in March, you ain't, but it still is still the same truth. None of those things that I have said are changed at all. It's
the contrast of truth that people find offensive because you're allowed to say what do you know what to say the other, and it doesn't mean that any race of person or ethnicity of person is superior anyone else. It means that we're different just like men and women are different, but that's another, We want a blur the lines of gender you're, not supposed to talk about the difference between them what if I say you know if you say: women are women are going hit, yet women are stronger, feminist rally. Great, if I say actually, women have lower. I use my daddy. Either by their Mormon in prison. More men are violently want an absolutely men cause. All the wars also were smarter than you hardly crap. How dare you, how There you go now. Our young men are smarter. Let's go so we'll talk
I think that they are going to take this northern say Stephen sooner blocks of like huge and soda women. No, I didn't. I was talking about some truth that are the exact same when set in a different contrasting context. There are no longer acceptable. What's remove any idea, what let's go to athletic performance, people tend to be faster that tend to more explosive. They have those fast which muscle fibres right. It's just a fact. Ok, why people? Sorry, that's the lock of the drop, people tend to be weaker. If you look at strong man, it's all it's all. These morowitchs, prudent, now Skis and Jesse Maroon days in all these giant polish Vikings Norwegians with fingers like sausages, who can Carry a ton of white now they're, not gonna, outspent, yeah they're not going the fastest and most explosive guy. That's where that's reserved for the white people, the track, but then it comes to the strongman competition and when you get to the upper echelon again, there's a bell curve. It tends to be people from a certain part of the country. For whatever reason
Norwegian, Viking, bloodline for maximal strength and there's a difference in maximal strength and power power, strengths, time, speed, they tend to be the fastest people. I can't think of a Norwegian who said a track record like you same bolt. So even just in the realm of athletic performance. Just physically But if you say it is considered horror, and offensive some of the women. You have breasts, we don't. Oh my god,. You can slap on an apparatus like Caitlin Jenner, never gonna work, never gonna work for it. While we have to go, I was just there. We should talk about the climate change thing because gate not Gauger. It was asking me about climate change during the break in kind of what it is that consumers have a problem with. There are a few Fundamentals of precepts that you have to accept for the current condition climate change legislation so there is a difference in. I think it's important for conservatives to note that even
Your conservative Let's say your scientists, who is convinced by the science that climate change is occurring, there's nothing wrong with that. You could be wrong. There's debate to be had The real problem is of legislation and so There are few. There are four things Dennis Prager talks about. I think two or three There are some that even talk about as far as legislation. There are few steps that you have to accept to get to the point that the Sierra Club that Barack Obama that Franklin when they're giving money to cylindrical that they have, to believe to justify that, and if any of these four things, if any of them are not a hundred percent accurate, it's a huge waste of money and, of course, a violation of fundamental rights, because you're taking some money to put it into something that you believe and ideologically I'd rather feed. My family not pay for your solar panels, crazy. It's crazy
we're crazy here. What's that what we are louder with broader statehood,
now, it's time for your daily haiku with sensory. Stereo time moves rabbit. The creek new sounded like that. This has been your daily high too, with sense, stereo glad to be back here after the hour, and we were talking the foreign bragwaine, maybe annoying. If I talk like this now, what I wouldn't it be annoying abandon bring your microphone in Sulaco slightly morning. Version of me:
sound. I gave her an area in Riyadh bag. You do this, I could not get our I'm sorry, I'm sorry heavy! I missed it. So we were young mothers before the break climate change. You asked me asked the question for the audience. I was just asking: what is its civically, If I make sums set aside plain, doubles advocate some very wise, a concern have a promise. Is thick idea of climate change in general. Is look at you Man made climate change legislation. What is, firstly, how I have a problem with them apparently marbles in your mouth, because I could barely an alarm in annunciator all but waste. I get the gist of the chest. Was now what you just said. You get the just what you heard in your head. Was you get the just? What we heard was Jeff. What what did you say?
I think it's a valid question and answer session. A lot of you probably ask so We get what's the endgame right, we have to get down to the end game, which is legislation. And that's what we believe with things like cap and trade that we believe right now when you're talking about Sierra see a club who tattoos was debating right, that's the onion! So to get there start with. Ok, the earth is warming. You have to accept that one hundred percent. That was accepted until I was at the pause, the eighteen years, where there's been no warning. Not even all scientists necessarily agree that the earth is warming us, where they ve changed to climate change. They say was actually just more volatility of a temperatures, so what change that now. Ok, climate is getting more volatile but really was global warming. So, let's keep keep it with warning. The earth is warming. Have to accept that. Then you
to accept that men are the cause of it. It's man made global warming, even though we account for less than one percent of carbon emissions when you, when you take into account animals trees, the ocean, the sun, so like a bolt on a rear hub cap to your car, when you're engine is broken and instead of lifting the herd you're, like I'm quite sure this bolt on the back of this stopgap all the problems Is that all your right, skunk again you'll be problem as I point eighteen trillion dollar whom the fixing it so you ve got. The earth is warming. Men are the cause of it. Then have to believe in Dennis Prager talks about this. I take it a few steps further. You have to believe that it will have catastrophic results. You to believe that It will destroy crops that are worth everything from destroy crops, to creating a giant, easy big oven and which we all have to live to. The fact that it hurts poverty communities in urban areas, that's what they were, arguing that the Sierra Club, so
everything is now due to global worn out about that. Yet so you have to believe that actually, poverty, global warming is affecting poverty that actually women's health is effective because we have accept all these things. So the earth is warming. Its mandate and it'll have catastrophic results. She have to accept those three things to then get to the step of K. We have to collectively do something about it right. You have to accept those three things when it comes to do You believe that this problem is so monumental, so cataclysmic that we We all have to join together and do something about it. So my fee The question is Why do you think the federal government would be able to solve that problem? You have to believe those first, three things, and then you I too believe that the United States federal government, is the only organisation or entity efficient enough to stop man made catastrophic global warming. Take your pick,
which one do you. If you have a problem with any of those, you have a promised legislation and global warming You can be someone who says hey, I believe, in global warming. I want to study it or you can even be somebody said: hey you know about global warming, a thing men are the cause of it might go and what let's see what we can do about it you can still believe all those things and say, but listen, the federal government's not going to solve this pudding. Extra tax on gas is not going to solve this. Giving several billion dollars to a solar company that then goes under and squanders it likes. A lender is not going to solve this. You can be a leftist along the trail, someone who sold on all of those things. Fine, I would disagree with you, but you can be one of those. Ninety seven percent, but when it comes to arrive. We agree in all those things how The United States government stop or reverse global warming. Only
I didn't say fudge, that's the answer. You again. And so they try to add some kind of collectively well, but maybe, if we taxed gas more, maybe we invest more money in solar wind. Maybe if we stopped fracturing these are just such small pieces of the puzzle when it comes to the environment and will you take? to account cow farts, that such a huge thing, the methane from cows and not right in our regions, are arrogant, factory farming and about the emissions well there's more trees than ever to right. Now there are more trees and ever because of factory farming, people don't like to accept that, but because you can yield ten times the amount from an acre We do have far fewer smaller family farms, but factory farms, big farms actually allow us to have more forestry. A lot of you know when you drive out. For the rural areas here in Michigan and gas sources, so much country and are so many trees? I was
farm land because everyone has their own farm not too long ago with the agricultural revolution with industrial revolution, they didn't really need it. Not saying those are all good, things are bad things what I am saying? Is people just don't want to accept? They don't want to acknowledge the reality that technology. Is the way out of global warming? If it's a catastrophic problem not the government in others, nothing more incentive icing to fix a problem. The necessity. If we're actually running out of oil. Who do you think same people, we believe, are evil. Profiteers off of oil they peak oil we're running out of work. Who do you think will be the first people, the very first people to figure out a new. Alternative source of energy if we actually running out of oil. Think it might be the people we're gonna go bankrupt if we run out of oil. You think they might mean they diversify their portfolio everywhere else they hedge, their hedge funds, they literally hedge, their bats, financially
you don't think I go to listen. Men were actually out of oil. Don't worry, we're gonna lie about it, this entire ten publicly, but let's try and figure out electric solar somethin, like that. The technology, the evolution of get less than they ve come from Tesla, the previous, so horrible cartoons like every jack ass, you can drive on the road, got together and said we're going to drive a previous. That's my problem. With the press. It handles like crap. People who drive it have no idea how to her, they cover the poodle in a lotta. They do come with a brutal and Larry now great. Now, because the poodle and flat white light white flat white Because you know what I mean. There is nothing gayer than going in and ordering a soil latte. No, no! No! No! I would challenge you, Ok, jeered orders, a flat white, delicious he likes his and he likes his drinks, how he likes his men, women, flattened white, so twigs. We call them. Haven't you they're Twinkie felt labour law had out be delicious now it so much
so, like hotcakes beef kicks in your preference, just like the beef guy. So that answer your question. When all things, as is, if you take people down that trail, Very they are the ones leftist are the ones when it comes to climate change and certainly proposed legislation, they are the ones in the position of thing to defend their arms, Luke Truth because all I'm saying as well I am not entirely sure that if the world is warming that were the main cause of it and I'm really not entirely convinced that the United States government could fix a problem that monumental you see with had noticed it was pretty obvious measures. The waiting. Slip in all these initiatives and agendas on as if that was that bodies, one Was this one with with tell crews it? What was it the underprivileged minorities somethin like that as a climate change, will that's
I think people to want to talk about two may we work it right with with Laos prouder when they were totally transparent about this. If there's something trending politically, it's going to get our attention So if something is trending, whether its whether it sir I propose legislation, whether it's Barack Obama politicizing a shooting right that the top trend on twitter of the top trend on Facebook we're going to go hey. We have an opinion on this issue, but let's tie it into something that everyone is talking about right now. Let's use the system to subvert the system. Everyone's talking about Obama's comments in school shootings. So instead of saying here are some statistics on public shootings. We tie it to write Here's why Barack Obama in his speeches, wrong about statistics and public shooting, send you you tied into that? That's the way media works you tied in to what is topical. That's how you get
Use, that's how you get listens, that's how you get traffic another's, there's a line. There were some people just want to lie to get traffic. You know where they want to only pose positive about a specific candidate to get traffic and not something we dont do, but tapping into trends is important. The same thing can happen in the scientific community. If I want to study for example, trying to think. Grit, allegedly non homosexual coffee drinkers and there seen ingestion patterns of flat white trash, now get out here. But if I say I want to study homosexual, allegedly not homosexual, coffee drinking patterns in relation to global warming changes now. I think we ve got something here. We ve got a great just I want to study the slots migration patterns now
I want to study this loss migration patterns as they ve changed in relation to global warming or listen. You they ve changed. Why we gotta find out because of global warming. Here's a grant get back to us with that support. Is everyone to play the game yeah, just like just like media, even if you don't buy into you, have to play the game. Surpass this point exactly you have to play that game and it does happen and the scientific community- and you know what else it happens- do was in college people to understand this. Why college is so expensive, there's so much money on the table from the federal government in the form of grants and scholarships? You have to be amended can't compete if you're not taking those grants or scholarships. There are very few there's hills: they'll college. There are a couple of private institutions that don't take any kind of money or to any kind of grants or scholarships but think about it. There's a grant for under obliged minorities you're, going to get in the college, with based on a certain amount of scores who can afford it.
Ok. If your college is four thousand dollars, will that's deemed affordable passivity? this grant for twenty five dollars to make it up if they can't pay them. Twenty thousand dollars where I'm going make the tuition twenty thousand dollars to get that grant from the government? This- is money on the table and we have that where we have the new gender Queer Trainee grant for people with rubber penises who are underprivileged and can't afford to wish him well. The thing we don't really need it, because two issues only four thousand dollars only three thousand dollars, while you know that doesn't qualify for their whole on a hold on hold on hold on how much does this tragedy need to be able to not afford while there needs to be a gap of twenty thousand dollars per semester, that, while gosh it's crazy, are price, just went up from four thousand a semester to twenty four thousand, so little
Franz Gender Jenner you're, going to pay the four thousand government you're gonna, give us a twenty thousand dollar grant. Now now we're we're better off we're a stronger collegiate community for having done this. That's the thing people nor any Johnny you get the governments involved. It Nebulae markets, it manipulates manipulates,
you just can't compete Successor Lamont was that you can't compete with that. We can compete with endeavouring supply of federal funds, just like the: U S, W and GM and heavy morons. I'm sorry in Detroit monopolising here don't feel that way who owe you know there was shut down. Willard living up a Wall Street there shouldn't be jointly should shut down. You can't compete with never ending bill on day here or other Merrick and car companies. It don't exist yet deserve to come up and take that market share and guess guess who that help you meet the middle class. We get Iphone. We get cars with air conditioning and looting, lotta withdrawn. Holding back after this highlights, didn't see there. What are you doing her? I'm just like seeing an android, my monitoring. Seventy a bull brow, a fine reverent, have refinement of record book rebuild their murmur worthy astonishment. The November, when you now have some fun on a really know, a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine dot com. Why does call their number? What's that number Jerry aid for four to nine? Seven? Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easy to get the call go to the website talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have it shipped Erectly to my door or give rapid sent to a front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified. Ryanair, sir. I prefer a more of a barrier to entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling for for two nine, seven o Andrew Double UK. We should do all of our songs. Introduced UK in the morning spoke. I can music
is called gagging music with Adam on the show, is incredibly intellectual in you know, I think it's important that we are already working Moon while Brower, I'm sorry MA, oil move. We Rupert Morlocks com hands on vanguard, being a real black man controversy. Further investigation by one Sean king who did, flowers, investigation, discover that then cars and is in fact a sun Tzu, boldly caucasian Father, mother and child care himself. Toy it all away a black. Damn I don't know, I did not know that he pulls off www. I'm surprised! You must have a great tanning bed, the really good one
then Carson's White, John K, Shonkin Black, my worlds upside down, and I know what to make of it: like I feel it gets war of the worlds. We should just jump out that window story, though bomb you ve got this Yassin Clock, he put the clock in a suitcase yeah? How would you do that? Travel, clock, outs, travel, clock, gonna, make sense, We ve got the Ben Carson thing here. It's funny Rupert Murdoch got under you, ve heard about this right. I have furthermore, not treated out that banning candy, Carson, terrific What about a real black president who can properly address the racial divided much of years a thing. River Murdoch is. Is. It was unintelligent for him to say that, just because, if I say that like the horrendous racist crap that we set on the show, time and time again and Trans phobic and homophobic and anti woman in particular the church. I forgot,
such until the story came out this week. I am I'm an unabashedly definitively, the worse, there's, nothing worse than the church, think it might look my hand. Consumer camps are shaking shaking because the damn shut so we're we're aware of it, like it's not lost on me that I'm a jerk per Murdoch has no self awareness. He didn't realize treating this out what that that's kind of my issue where that's a little bit of a liability, but you know what he's correct. Was a real black president, the guy who, as black parents was raised by them, raised in black, mean he's not. The guy was raised by his white grandma there. Why mother Hawaii Och Obama no canyon engineer. You burn in Kenya and Boring Kenya course. Bertha People's route is Ben persons narrative.
Besides the lot more black American absolutely resonates, probably more more people than what brought them probably also operated on more black people, so he knows how they think it does. Not everyone thinks singers about the black man. When you go in and you perform surgery in the brain you realize that this an app seas. Got inside you're, going to do burn Ben Carson thing about space mountainous. When you actually think Carson. Ah It's all right, it's almost is frustrating as the church. Almost yeah. The heavily from salon about the regions want to lure Carson out, like men like you back, if they didn't back off- and I love that perfect
Come in here ready, just Zactly. Beware I cannot do play Carson brilliant, and so what we think about salon you see there are see their headline about the murder deal The headline suitable, it literally reads the one or racist tweet s as everything about Fox NEWS and how Republicans look at raise written by a better miles, XO. So hilarious I mean. Even if you divide I said the squire agree with recital no wise real intention was he's trying to erase ass are not known, reliability, racist, but even if he was This is wholly areas that they would just I mean, can you imagine you have the headline? The war terrorist tweet that says everything you need to know about Muslims, you're goin to eat just cause.
You can open up just a Muslim America. We should do that and we should do in entire post around then people go to the tweet and will create a profile from a hermit interest. Mohammed. We're that's the tweet, Show me the Christians. This is the same news outlets is next column, was called F Ben Carson, not F yeah, no worse than we say that we are getting creative, they're, getting very creative with their titles spread letter written by Britain, Viper you're. So long is the website where pedophiles should be understood, but Rupert Murdoch deserves no mercy. Forgiveness. Here's the issue with repayment. I understand you're trying to do. He was kind of doing what we were talking about earlier in the programme to disrupt the narrative right he's trying to draw attention to Barack Obama. Black guy conservative old white man he's trying to draw attention to that right to disrupt the narrative. Here's the problem, Rupert Murdoch not funny. When you re looking. We are looking at. It was kind of MR burns. Ask when you Spent your whole life- and this is what conservatives have done, and this is why we're so behind and a score cards when you
but your whole movement, grandstanding and feigning offence, and all we need to be outraged by this People assume that everything you do this sort of centres around that mindset. And that's why you have some like John Stewart who gets away with things or bill MAR the conservatives can never get away with, and conservatives go. Why can you get away with it will? Because their funny and you're, not so, if you always opt for the grand standing before the punchline you're going to lose and so Rupert Murdoch has always been grandstanding, he's always been up. There has always been goin
You know this is. This is how things have to be, MRS, what's unjust, but he never been funny, and so when he says something here is designed to disrupt the narrative to sort of point out irony, we don't have a history of pointing out island and certainly not in the way, that's palatable. So what he said is absolutely correct: listen Ben Carson by every measurable barometers, more black than Barack Obama by his upbringing by its cultural sort of experiences, and certainly by the MILAN in his skin, Rock Obama doesn't even pass the cardboard box test he's I'm. When I get tat, I'm blacker than Morocco are purely political level. But we will always able that guy's, not black enough well, would then Carson. Don't we have that argument regardless of whether he's the best candidate? He is the blackest candidate and that's the point they were making to point out. The conservatives aren't all racist, we'll come back after this coordinate your job coming up
this weekend, feminine feminism, you're getting louder with proud happy to be back in this. Third. Our making, of course, are producer. Wham are wonderful, Detroit, Ann Arbor, affiliate, Derek horribly uncomfortable here, me and my studio is always is now Gay Jared bullshit. That's good glad you Who should I appreciate your appreciation? Precision,
your appreciate. His appreciation of me tenders are not because we are going to have been Carson, Garza Guns and Nazi Germany familiar c mon. Let's have turned a corner sentences from the german citizens disarmed by their government in the late nineteenth thirties and by the MID nineteen. Forty Hitler's regime at mercilessly slaughtered, six million Jews and numerous others whom they considered inferior through a combination of removing guns and disseminating deceitful propaganda, uniting submarine Carson area, evil intent lungs with actively little resistance. So what does the
What is the point you're trying to make it? If there had been guns, your retorted person might not have been a holocaust. My point is they were. That was only one of the countries that I mentioned. There were a number of countries where tyranny reigned and before it happened, they disarm the people. That was a point Noah Webster said when he was talking about tyranny, that the people of Amerika would never suffer tyranny because they are so but just clarify. If, if there has been no gun, Control Laws in Europe at that time. Six million Jews have been slaughtered and make the likelihood of look at Switzerland. Being able to accomplish it goes with had been greatly diminished if the people have been because there there you go it might not quite a might drop as Wolf that people still so rude stupid. It's perfect people from the left right they go well. Just listen have been Carson's comments. What about it? the question to that dear. Listener is water
Ben Carcinus comments. And then again you sit just ask him sore throat right back to them What about Carson's comments right? Ok,. What about an Carson's comments? Good answer, It's only I didn't say, fudge what supposed to accept that his comments are asinine. Of course he was wrong. If the german fabulous was armed, it would have added precisely zero back down Hitler. Are you Functionally retarded I mean here's. The thing is, look at Switzerland, Switzerland had two things going for them. Right People talk about does remain neutral, like Switzerland, so it's a wonder two things going for the mountainous regions, their geography and an entirely armed populace
That's why it's Hitler avoided Switzerland, like the plagues, and we know it lets let's hit, blast Let's, let's avoid that, we don't want to be going into a country where we have to be driving our Panzer over their mountains, also some swiss. Mess with a hot chocolate tin can can blow us away with their hunting rifle. That's probably not best placed to start now, let's go into France there pansies that's what happened, So do we know that Hitler wouldn't have happened? If, German citizens will not have guns Do we know that these giant evil regimes, or like the english empire that they wouldn't have expanded if they didn't implement complete gun bans. We don't know it. But we can guess and it certainly not an unreasonable guess, journey Talked about this this week, you said some of these key. People our age.
When people are age I mean I'm talking anywhere from twenties, thirty's early forties, twenties. Please, let's say. They need a war in their backyard. They ve never had that. You are talking about that right. Drawing up that you just you said one nine eleven happened. I talked about growing up? I always has idea that America was. The biggest investor will come when it came to a kind of Thence they never have to worry about war, my backyard and if, as it gives rise, very thought, I don't think you know. Sometimes people in nine and eleven, but that starting is forgotten by a lot of people, but especially if you look back alike. A harbour that was became a reality. People like only crap there could be right. Bombs do My backyard tomorrow, if we don't have the right, a big difference, do between Pearl Harbor and
nine eleven is pearl. Harbor happened in a world where too was gone. We weren't getting involved and we knew that this was just happening over Europe, and then it was falling to this giant mega power we knew was likely evil and then What we tried to avoid was on our shore and these people who are a threat to the world. I don't. Even with nine eleven people set out, it's a bunch of rope. Terrorist we're gonna, go, beat the hell out of them and call it a day. There's an ideological war now against western ideals against, christian western ideals from Islam? So it's a little bit different. I think people don't appreciate my can even picture what a world World war were. Look like, I think it's kind of like it's up and look for the movies at the kind of histories of those like you. Don't really think. As a group this, as I do that were passed. Somehow right idea of China going to war with us or Russia, Russia or yeah Korea. Ever I don't know.
Makes anything they got anything more than a roman candle and those are useless ball. The porters like pop snap, yes, that is, that the authorities load a bunch of those other two at all, capsule launch it over hey, can can you get some cherry bombs? Not I don't sound more too bad a fire. Has it at a roman candle standby very bad, I'm no one guy! You will the file with Roman Cato. Look over. I may for whore so that I can do access seem so bad, but yeah It's true and is just even look at red dawn in the aid. That's what I was like the Russians came by right, and so was it was immensely successful. Was idea of the Russians in these kids fighting back Wolverines then they re made it. A couple years ago and actually wasn't a bad film stars. Remake and they did it in Detroit, of course, need to look for opposed to pocket uptake waste. So the trail is where they go Robocop
anywhere you want to shoot, opposed apocalyptic nightmare. You go to Detroit, but They had to change it to the Chinese and then because the chinese film market was so significant. They changed it to the North Koreans and ass? You saw it. Just wasn't super believable. The North Koreans came here and cause it just so it didn't really do that. Well, because you don't have a mindset among the public that there still is the need to preserve and protect your nation? I think there's there's something fundamentally different from those between conservatives and left. Us is that this idea is of value placed on Indonesia. Dense and self reliance, and you want that, I've, given you want that, not only as a personal level, you want the Billy to provide for cell to protect yourself right, but As a country to be independence, right in You live in Sweden have that you kind of is at the mercy of whoever comes along a want, your crap right and that's That's why many concerns don't think we should be a part of the? U N, they don't help us.
I would agree they want. You punish us. Apples. We talk about this in with lie with credit, I own the site and employ you and when people are Courtney and Brody in all of your providing a very valuable service right when people say the United States, national defence is out of control. They spend more than Switzerland, Sweden, Germany. These are all three countries of better you haven't. They can do it because we burden that. We bear protection of the free world soundly sure when it comes to military might we are. I only was crowded dot com and I am writers, knew all provide very valuable services. Now that being said, we, you know, we ve had to replace people, who ultimately replaceable we ve had to do that where they had to go on or move on to something else. And ok, we find someone else not saying irreplaceable, though you're fired what I am saying is, if I had to, we could find someone else to to help provide that service doesn't take away the value differences. If I go away, none of you are employed. The business ceases to be there
Burden falls on my shoulders and the rich does, and so the revolt reward will also be reaped by me. The and to protect the free world falls squarely in the United States. You can choose Sweden, you can choose Canada to not spend a lot in your national defence. You can choose to have a military that would actually rather bring and sausages and beer than actually fight a war. Germany, you can choose to have a laughable military. And a workforce where fifty percent of able bodied men don't work. Sweden and the reason you can choose to do that because the United States bears burden for all of you bury it that the United States, Canada, doesn't exist, Nowhere in Europe today exist anymore, Annie, I can go back in history. They save your button. World worked well sure. Ok, absolutely that's fine but there's never been a nation in the history of the world who could literally take. If anything they wanted and they don't.
People say the United States in a war for oil and there and evil empire. I'm going you do know anybody empire. It looks like anyone pyres Canada ceases to exist. Sweden ceases to exist, certainly all these Greece, oh my gosh If we want Mexico, I don't think we want Mexico. We want, I think you're, just you just because I borrowed ships are so them better overseas somewhere yeah. You do. They use Mexico to fool somewhere european countries and a given themselves that, like us and say what will change and Mexico for, double Quincy's, nor races. Crap you show up like earlier. Can coon you gonna, booze grew out of the deal. Assuming you know, people forget that President Bush not a huge fan of him in a lot of respects, but he was a wartime president. He had the highest approval rating of any president. Ever after nine eleven because he was a wartime brethren. And even then with nine eleven. Even that wasn't a shocking as Pearl harbor. When people feel hate when you to protect our country, you want a leader, you want a man there and The truth is you talk, just like in the dark night
Commissioner Gordon niceties of war hero peacetime, generally speaking, one p, follows war War hero is vilified historically and he's not appreciated because We can't even put themselves back in that mindset of being in wartime. So a lot of people, crap on him, and I have so many problems of so many spans of government that he put into place, but in the had a tough guy, George Bush. In them he was a wartime president and no one appreciates what he did. You write simply because we have the luxury of being and worthily is a good point from non cage here, a lot of people. They need a war in their backyard to realise how fragile it is. Courtney cured shop after the break. We need some estrogen,
We'll go to Google NEWS News with super cool approach. I am your host few coup. This week, Doktor Ben Carson came under fire. Oh dear me, is called with awful mad. That Damn Maxwell House. No. I don't want to their Maxwell's in a k I drink as awful. You going to give some different government for re come up. You spread in this too.
You gotta be back. We must coordinate your job, we couldn't get her on the line and I know what her dealers. I don't know what to do this, but I think that means that she is fired. Kids, brilliant contributor over here to ladder with crato dot com, where you can go and reads and were wonderful columns, hey hey, It is this german student diversity adviser. We talk about her,
HU, I tweeted I'll kill all white men. Yes,. Classy guy she's been charged. You think you know why come on free speech, I defend free speech, DAS red Sir Mucky Threats are quite as clear cut, so this is a student adversity. Visor, her name was by harmless stuff. Student union, diversity adviser, sorry, lemme, get this correct. And she tweeted out kill all white man. This is a North EAST, London, Twenty eight year old from Edmonton in Northeast London she sent out. This message is that we should kill all white men So now she is being charge there. I guess investigating here's. Thing here now. Obviously I don't think you should necessarily be prosecuted, kill all white men as a hashtag. Doesn't necessarily equate to a death threat, questions. What have Bihar Mustafa tweeted kill all black people.
This happened in London had this happen in Amerika. I think she would have been invited to the White House. What The Mustafa who tweeted I'll kill all white people had not been named Bihar Mustapha in the first place. What if she was named, like I don't know,. Trying to think Stephanie Wilson Tweeting out kill all black people. Private have done that. Well, also, something to note If we actually did kill all white people, losers Bihar Mustapha would likely no longer have any one with enough so Guilt could be will to employ her as a student union, diversity officer, I eight, the human race I'm not a racist unless you count hating the human race. Which is not very christian of me. It's not
good things. I don't need the human race, I'm tired of it. I've got you. Sometimes you just get exhausted with stories like these. This is what we up along with greater first Student union diversity advisor. As far as I'm concerned, either diversity should or occur or it doesn't it it occurs organically. If diversity is so great, you dont need it to be advised. You dont need the government to step in and demand. It will happen. So don't even know one an advising goes. These these around campuses all all across the world, not only the United States, but here in the UK, diversity advisers so pair, if you're sending your kids to school you find out what that means. Is that hey, we don't have enough black eyes and this floor at the dorm is that we need some trans genders to even this whole Sis privilege out.
It's a term that fluid by their own definition right, gender, fluid everything's, fluid! Diversity That's the crazy thing about Because I think Larry Schwaiger CART made. This point may was Adam Baldwin, that on university campuses, And among the left they pay. And they advised for all different form? of diversity, except the one that matters that of intellectual diversity during its union diversity advisor is saying: hey wait hold on a second here, this EAST London University. We We have enough conservatives, we harness We don't have anyone here in this school who they constitutional is staying. In these terms, we need to get more points of view from that know. That requires a trigger. All diversities allowed, except for intellectual diversity. Among them.
Speaking of which one of culture we have some war stories here will get back to bend Carson. I think there's so much that he did this week has been making the rounds and his pony had front of trump trumps. Yesterday's news, gonna Paltrow, is doing this thing for those of you dont know this is this: is the woman who names were kid apple? Who divorces, are husband and says it is good for her children. This is the woman who wants to help the every mom and, in her cooking book, writes about dinners with lobster and morale mushrooms at only comes out to a price tag over a hundred and fifteen dollars because treats yourself so She also worshipped Barack Obama literally worshipped him, but she as a network of a hundred and forty million Kenneth Petra. This is where feminism is going and She complained about, should look. Nobody is worth more than money than Robert Danny Juniors worth. And if I told you the disparity, you would probably be surprised again. We're talk. This is kind of the common thread of the programme. Today in assumed premise that we- have to agree with it:
I told you the disparity you'd, be surprised: what does that assume? It assumes that there are equal and one is being paid more solely because he's a man. Let me tell you then one of I would not be surprised, would not be surprised. You know why, because no one says about iron man. Hey! I hear that Duennas Paltrow was moving in the role of pepper there If you people say I want to go see the new Gwen Paltrow Film, they do about Robert. I know you do now keep in mind he's been acting since before you even entered the industry. People complain that Jennifer Lawrence didn't make as much as Robert Downy Junior Robert Two years been acting since before Jennifer Lawrence was born. But again this is what the left does. They assume the premise they assume that. Just say no, Germany attorney monitor. For me. They assume that that that
everything else is equal. The only difference is gender. The only difference is that of sex. We know. That's not true. We know that's the case, but they just want you to accept it and assume it while, as Robert down only makes more than one of petrol, not because she's on likeable not because she's, unlike able on talented, unattractive and works less, but because she s breast. That's what they want you to believe. That's! What sets where's climate change with the ninety seven percent. Its assume that, of course, ninety seven percent agree with the head of cereals, even though we can't point, let's assume that of course, you're a racist if you're a conservative, its assume that well what about TED crews to somebody open its assumes that gonna Paltrow is being treated unfairly because she's, a woman there could be any other reason that Robert Energy, or makes more than Duennas Paltrow.
Its assumed the kill? All white men is acceptable because of their systematic oppression of minorities. So it's ok, because it's about systems of power, its assumed that conservative or sexist feminism inherently has the moral high ground, and if you, the point, is if you're going to argue or you're going to have a discussion with anyone from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Don't let them assume don't let them frame that in all them on its spring of calls for trying it Courtney lotta with broader, stay to jeer at what are your bag with lots of tea where'd you get it effigy neck. There's another work for our fifteen dot com. They have fifteen and accessories for sale. At the best advice there was a web host. Now, there's no matter what you would do, what a pretty well F agenda are best placed to go and that they take awakening portal. Stop glad to be back. We had some issues going on with the text. We have whole new studio built up so
We have a few issues, but we did manage to get her on the phone, and this is actually one of one of our best writers over louder with The crowd or dotcom, there's no, the arms are going to bring. Iran must start. Everyone Courtney, your job, because I thought it was feminine. The song yeah don't know. Ah scarlet have preferred that fast, Dorm, trooper, Darth Vader? How that would have been better? It's true nighttime, I don't know, we assumed you wanted something Pepe because you're a dame lets
Wait. Broad generalizations are kind of our thing. Yes, exact stereotypes. You have breasts. Therefore, you like happy things, sometimes sometimes it's true well Stalker Jim, was an easy one. To figure out years was a little bit tougher, so Courtney, if you're you're there on the West Coast an wilds dark you're too, mainly because of Get your soul, I we, Thou, not gay Geraghty, that not gay jeered So we ve been right about a lot of stuff Courtney this week. What what? What do you is like? What is stood out that is the week of Ben Carson, then Carson, is an unstoppable train and anyone who gets in his way just gets blown over, but with feathers like don't even know that they ve been creamed and they don't even know that they ve been had so hard. They just probably walk away going well Ben Carson he's a nice guy
don't realize it they ve essentially been sexual costed. Lack of a better word on all in almost equally figure for love, it can always mistaken for love. You know it's like it's like Lena Dunham. The next morning where she set her friend, was like. I think you were rage. You think I was Rate I totally things, though: that's it. I think it was blood is waking up in a world of regret. Today, yeah, I think, he's regretting. I think, he's a lot or your it did we dismantle horribly uncomfortable Courtney. Are you ok with this? What the rape? Yes at all, their me. Has Rachel fanatically the also kind of trademark aids? Jokes AIDS jokes are if you can fit and AIDS joke in there, along with gluten free joke you're. Just your bank, all cylinders. You offended half the population earth, when you talk about Urban Carson train? Is it a black train like
power to call at what do you mean you? What do you mean you people? That's my question to you, Can I make it's more of a high speed rail link. I'll come on. There's no way Ben Carson's a high speed. Rail is the exact opposite of that. He has a piano is, is slower than you this morning with less than two cups of coffee you know that the Heath ok, we're gonna use an analogy. He's here. The turtle and the hair- and you know tromp as there is the Harry's he's running and he's running hard and he's got all that. Energy and everyone thinks oh yeah, he's great he's, gonna win, and then Carson just keeps chugging along at its own pace. I hate that story whom, until you, I hate that story. The morals of the story is not slow and steady, wins the race Courtney. The moral of the story is, if you're, in the middle of a heated race, with strong lead D. Take a map who may that a brilliant parliamentary, those ESPN? Now the torrent,
afterwards, like the post, raise the hair ass him hey. What do you think? I you know you? What do you think happened, their wealth? You know what story I was. I was an elite. I thought I was doing pretty well and then come around that last corner, you know probably could have done without the nine hours of ram sleep. I believe that's where I was the most crowned now the moral the story is don't doping arrogant, poop face Instead, the hair of air thought. Oh I've got this, I'm gonna win. I've got it. I don't need to worry about it. Nobody going to beat me I'm the best, took that nap I just I still go with the map. I'm gonna be permitted. We totally literal about it. Do take a nap in the middle of a race and that's the greatest thing, though, is Ben Carson's into the kind of guy who would take a nap like in the middle of a debate? He just seemed like he's nodding off, and we ve talked about that. I think for a while. I interpreted that, is as short of weakness, but then, when you actually listen to what he saying he doesn't, back off his statements, he just did
stands in them in a very short of ease. Like he's like he's like like mush like you, can break a stone, but you can keep pounding Ben Carson and can't break the mush he's, not a great debater. No, but look. If this, if this raise had been going on two hundred years ago, a hundred years ago, before television, he would be in the lead, he would be in We had crews have been delayed because ideas, what matter more than your your appearance on television. Unfortunately, that's just reality right now. I dont know. I understand your point, but if you look back like Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln, I mean they were real bad ass if they were really firm. That was always kind of a really important quality. Was people to feel confident didn't have to be?
so sort of manipulative of the media and just throwing out bombs, but they had seem really straw. I was just kind of a prerequisite for male leadership yeah, but there were strong on on character? They didn't just rely on their media charm. Yes, so Teddy Roosevelt was a big game. I mean he was a big game hunter. You would make the dentist that killed We feel the lions look like a he would have called the soldier. Yeah I mean he was. He was a genuine bad ass. He he killed. I mean I don't approve. Killing animals like that, but he did and hang onto them in one I approve of killing animals like that, the big game. It ain't here. As I'm an animal lover that's stupid That's sides, Goofy Dumdum, talk what're, you tat! You need to get come on you're, so right, give me a better rationalization than you like cuddly things got anything that would rip your face off by the way where
so I wouldn't do I. I couldn't take down an animal with a gun, or a bow and arrow or a knife. I have no problem with other people doing it if they're gonna use it if they're gonna eat meat, if it's. Step mounted on your wall. I don't know that that to me as it is a problem super forgetting your meat from factory farming. What how dare you This is where you heard it folks. The last time Courtney cure job will be on the programme condemning hunters. I'm condemned hunters, I think I think it's great if you want to go out and hunt, do it. I support you. If you're going to, take down your own me, there's something really sexy about that. For a guy you're gonna go hunt, your dear you're gonna be out in the woods, for days and days, hunting elk- and you too, get down and use Ebay you saved at me, you don't like Manly meant. Is the thing gauge here about Courtney? You know who she thinks. The perfect man is not gay. Chris Hymns worth now. That's not, I think,
perfect, manifestly, not gay, but for were Positive easy he's, a good looking guy right who's, your perfect man, Courtney, oh man, I don't wanna soundly air he's a real person as me as I would now hold them nice. Try that, because ethics dear always, is seem smile, I see Derek smiling over their Lamb in Detroit he's. Given us a grin. A grin that is being promoted and picked Eric out of a line up. I have no idea what it looks like well. Picture like Dean, Kane with a little bit of like. Let alone a second option or what the hair of mile monopolise Dean, Kane blended, where few Jackman, with the hair Milo OWN, is a good looking. There's a guy, isn't someone. You know words at a celebrity. Ok, I think right now, if we're going to go further,
actor and that genera because stay. Anybody on earth is Lenny. Cravats come on now guys hoop, their noses and their face. That's I don't buy that attractive. It all right here in the days of of pirates that have been a good thing, but not not. Today, you just you talk around the point here. But must be who's. The guy enery cavil. Oh, my God is written about it in a day. Is three so easily rain that you boomer she so easily fooled. We cannot go, couldn't do a single push up again. It got cycle plays We literally couldn't do a single put up. I've read his work out plenary like he barked up to one eighty three and then cut down no one. Seventy six, like your six, what one son of I guess you must have the legs of a living, aethiopia famine victim because he's got you know, he's got a nice. Just
get yards noticed that not gay chaired ok, Henry cattle, so you like the sort of pretty boy british whose fake like masculine. That's your thing Masculine yeah I give a pretty masculine onscreen, so, whatever their doing its working he's great he's got him he's got a nose that looks like a teller. Tubby brother eddies outlining a perfectly why it took me five minutes to get to this is because I knew you were going to do that because he was gonna badmouth Henry Curve, assigning like others, nothing, I could say, there's no one. There is no. I could say and he's not gonna rip it to pieces. What about Somalia, you sent millions this is the problem with women today is the problem, but they don't appreciate what about like? What about like a Charles Bronson back in his prime, ok yeah, ugh. But Henry Gavel above the death wish. You will be what a puke.
She's, no grounds, and there should be a hysterical right now. Science is either got a great poker phaser. She just hate working for me. She hates it should despise. The set I worthy replica like more artistic, like Kurt Cobain not dead. What your opinion on that? Oh that torture, the tortured, saw, there's something there's something attractive about that the movie the template of type, That's there's something there's something that does not touch on a few love handles. Dando It doesn't is not a few hours. Vicarage Eggers does this. They have decreased. I didn't know what a bakers doesn't was until I was fifteen. I had no idea is that yeah I didn't. I said I didn't know that only doughnuts and only Bengals has just round bread hate spring of us. Ok, genuine question. I think a good looking guy back arson.
Person is needed. Looking I google yeah he's a handsome man is yeah yeah these attracted. I would let him touch my brain. I would lead work. I, like other some dots between touch and my brain retired have say out of your safe. In a man's hands like that, you ve, like he's a guy who's in control. Now, let's soundbites right, there I think that is a guy says: he's not gay exactly. I know. That's all think, that's not what it would be great if we could figure out the gay, Jean Orifice part of sort of you know, Neurology, just crack open journals reality I mean Now I do, I think bankers is a good looking guy and you know what else I think about Ben Carson. I talk I tweeted this out there. I came in fully pimp
He was the only guy who dressed differently history. Mr ten zero pinstripes you'd know untasted. Now it wasn't like violence that are going to change anything but in a Rubio crews, everyone else's like they all, have the same agreement. Only white shirt, black suit red tie A man and then bound cars, and that is why we couldn't have more female candidates geometric. They also were in the same thing, Libya, disaster the council, and we start with you put Carly fearing the same dress next Courtney. I think she would tower over her and like club, her Courtney pretty strong, pretty strong, broad and their regular, That's true. Also I'd pay to see that whilst Car I like carbohydrate, just the idea of fighting jumpsuits or wherever talking about jumpsuits, see there is a proverb sound by it.
It repulses, not gay, chaired the idea of a pillow, a sweaty fellow fight between two attractive women. That, for some reason, is more offensive to gauge ere it I dont know we'll be back with more Courtney after this break. This took a weird turn: we're going to continue down this return. Girl fighting is at no time for gentle insults with doktor been cars. You see, Mister Blitzer understands why one committee feel that way, but I think, if you take my comments in context, as neurosurgeon you'll see that I was looking at it objectively. Just like, I believe, if someone were to look at you, you're match and celebrity jeopardy objectively. It would not be. Dissimilar to an incident of rape in an away the way that end Richter handled you in an intellectual level, and I think this
of demagoguery can can go either way and I don't think it's conducive to a better dialogue, considering that in the figurative sense, yours, actually assaulted celebrity jeopardy, This has been gentle insults with Doktor Burnham person. We are wrapping everything up here in a nice breaking news. Justin Bieber penis just hit the internet, we're gonna talk about Bernie Sanders tax plan, because I believe more pressing than Bieber's balls.
This is this. Is the central American NEWS for you. It is just in beavers, nether regions is hit, the internet and the reaction is but but bigger, rather the front page of it as we do this in. I always scan through news and I'm going through having imposed- and I see this thing on Justin Bieber right away and it comes right if in my time line just unless they are those just and beavers, I think they are. I can't believe that this is news now and the worst thing is this is going to get more traffic than all the primary combined is not even going to be closed. This is where we come running, an era where you could do stupid stuff as a kid- and
Not everyone would talk about it for the rest of your life, yeah, but does it was still violate me times for me as child soldiers to stop doing anything on camera, Blossoms and one even didn't do it. I can't really didn't do it. I wasn't you like a sound like you wrote a note in class and the teacher was saying if you lose your declares when we read it and you rip it up now, it's like you, send a tweet in your carried out and cuffs. Or you kiss a girl and sexual harassment near kicked out of school, assists bizarre that direction which we ve got enough for any kind of justify the Bernie Sanders thing we actually video. That's going up lot with crowded this week, Talk about Bernie Sanders quite a bit. His plan. Okay, this is someone running for president. Our current debt, I think, is a teen trillion, what's the deaf do we know jeered. I do not know. It gets the deficit. Is it over trillion? I don't think it's quite over chilean bigots like
eight hundred billion, so for those who don't know the debt as a cumulative, the deficit is worth spending two years on the words if our debt is ten trillion, but we haven't F, a set of one trillion. In ten years the debt will be twenty toy industry. Those sometimes people use em interchangeably in the left, deliberately uses them interchangeably, sometimes to confuse people. So, Sanders. Plan would cost us an additional eighteen trillion dollars in addition to the current deficits, we are running. Ok, He has no proposal to pay for this, and I am saying this because I ve been circulated right now, and people will actually the Wall Street Journal was debunked. He taught me how to pay for cutting endless military spending and raising taxes. Ok, let's sapped that I dont know six point. Five trillion dollars and taxes can be realised accordingly. Is talking about that? That's so leave us eleven trillion dollars short
about cutting endless military spending and endless mill military spending as but how military spending only makes up about. Eighteen percent of the total budget nowadays number makes up. Fifty four percent of discretionary spending should only makes up about eighteen percent of the total budget. So if you, total military spending about six hundred billion dollars by a hundred per cent. And added that on top of leader no taxes in the wealthy its wouldn't covered. So then this is so then Bernie Sanders people they point to that media. Blanket megawatt, ok, Well, maybe not, maybe I'm not your taxi wealthy, but the military spending. And then you go okay. If you could all military spending, it wouldn't be enough. So now we removed the two concrete numbers that Bernie Sanders. Voters trying use that's burnout and they go well. His nationalize healthcare plan would save us money in the long run, even those listed as a cost, not as a benefit, even according to Bernie Sanders own plan.
So you do the math and you say: okay, so now we remove the concrete numbers in you're talking about projections based on what you hope. Well, the affordable care act was projected to be, I think, a third of how much it ended up costing point me to any government program that then end up being wildly more expensive, but we ve gone numbers that we know are completely in totally unrealistic. They're not use their impossible, and now we ve gone into the territory of well. Actually things would become less expensive because we really really believe in the idiotic g of Bernie Sanders plan. And the reason for this is it's very hard to compete with the lazy person who wants to take something from someone else. Yes, most people who are not doing super well, financially, are lazy, most people who are unemployed, habit I certainly do not think we will get tough break but there's always a choice. And it's a perfect example of this red throughout the show.
And assumed premise that what the left wants Terry Industrial Complex, that's the term they use the jury industrial complex. So what a people is sort or the bumper sticker win win air force has to host a bake sale to buy bombers in our schools, gala funding they need, then we'll know. America has no right play. Something like that. I don't remember the bumper sticker them. Therefore, graphic memory for Eddie Attic Bumpersticker, but at something That well, actually total government spending on school out places that of military now, majority comes from stating this apologies, but it just again it's a common myth, He wants you to assume the premise and don't question at military industrial complex. We reduce suspending okay if you cut it by a hundred percent, still wooden cover your plans, We spend more than older and school. No, we don't. Drew the is an idiot, no he's not. Virgin uses racist, no, it's not. Ninety seven percent of climate scientists agree with climate change. No, they don't you don't have to accept it
that's crazy things. So many conservatives have been browbeaten and it's worked because leftists said, while you're racists, your sexist your anti science and you're so afraid of being label, that accusation that they ve been allowed to go out here completely unfettered and just for upon the rest of the american public. A premise here promise there they demand you assumed to be true, and it's not A lot of them just aren't true. The great great depression was cured by the new was fixed by the new deal. I wasn't Ninety seven minutes. I know it's just not it's just not true, and if you did, I say that pause that breaks every rule in radio. I leave it there because that's what you need to do: untrue, your honor
and looked an answer for let the left answer for the claims that they make just like, if someone's going to tell you that nine hundred and eleven an inside job and our government is run by the Illuminati Satan worshipping power elite. Okay, prove it to me the same thing with their claims are just as grandiose they can Those grandiose claims they require rain, LEO's evidence make them provided, and if we all do that, I think you'll find that these assumed truth. There are going to stop. Throwing out these premises before to defend their position, as conservatives have always been forced to do see next week louder with crap.
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