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2019-03-08 | 🔗
Talking all things Google underpaying men, transexual alien takeovers, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dirty money. Special guest Alex Jones and Mamood al Mamood of ISIS sits third chair.

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Hey audio only listener you are in a rare club. You are old school doing the radio think most people are either watching visually on Youtube or force behind Montclair membership. Using that Africa there a lot of exclusive visual sketches and elements that you'll get me audio only version, but either way you can join up and support. The show if you wanted to keep going at Lahti, was better than come. Slash mug club really appreciated listening to watching on Youtube and hope to see you on the other side of the latter, with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Harper
the french government, dot com? What's it all about now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever beat the SBA C B, an appealing, Wally Johnny dodges on the couch. He succeeded by getting off his ass. Well, really Wally's.
Georgia's goes back on all that stuff. You have heard about the southern poverty law shaker. That's a load of absolute shaped American. Foolishly, buzzing free speech real Americans are mark. We say what I think, even when a pot was wrong when you were wings when you all admired the controversial comedians, the belly connollys yet
can class clone the old man. You don't know me when you get a site like rob what it is, but even jack. In fact, the Americans love, we speak and they're not gonna tolerate a load of pure daft is taking it away. I would never see all your wish to money from with new Indy pathway. Americans are never Lothar, never well with free speech, because the very thought of having no right is hateful to America.
The purported Pia Puffer who wrote that stuff about my, we don't know anything more about the real free speech bout that they know about that of all, and I've got a strong feeling. These Jesse's have the even watched about now, if the best spirit and the best innovators in the world, you know by God, actually tat you, those lazy cry baby baskets we're going up against by God. I do I'm not just going to fight these people, see weekly Sudan and used and jobs. Greece, the wheels of red up we're gonna, beat those bastards what was heard from you, boys and girls and disease that were made up Bruno job. I know some of you are wondering or no I'll check anew,
fire? Don't worry about that? I can assure you I'll. Do my bit there's plc and out of the enemy and Al Sabah Opium the clause progress and have thus spent spawn duly awed lawyer, gonna grab the PLC. By that I'm going check out the ass we're gonna kick all the time, I'm gonna do them. What brewer guys it's gonna be. We're gonna, be guys got, no one will be able to see after this fight- and you may, thank God, me for it thought revenue when you are, with your grand weighing on your knee to you. What did you do these beach? You won't have to worry, I want all come crashing.
Are you? You know how I feel I maybe not but I'm game and that's what my and I will be blooded road to let people s legal, bow anytime anywhere now takes defend Gavin dot com. That's all.
It's called they're, not sick, because I am sick, I'm sure now you listen to the voice of biology of AIDS I am very well- might have we ever Alex Jones, and the show today that you're here this morning was a pretty good enough. My voice but hold up but military, extended web addition. That will be able to say from honourable members, and we
what about your shown wants us actually terrible. We have hay and third chair, you know A mood Almah mood, ISIS, OASIS, publications, director communications that act that extra than their good to see. You again stay very surprising that we have your revisits. Yes, I appreciated replace, rightly ask and that we also veggie Morgan Junior. What's won the day, one of these eight years in the deserts infant eight years- and that is a different thing about that- sounds anti semitic. I decided TAT. I dunno. I would send up your alley, though its and united. I don't do I know what do you want a case like it's illegal? I thought it was waiting to three years in the desert. It's called eight years in the desert is another light, forty, but You're, not gonna, marking the math, but the principles inside right, who you think will highlight this week for Democrats.
Khan endorsing Omar Representative James Clayburn, implying a more had it worse than your average holocaust survivor. Let us now and they are going to get to court dazzled potential campaign, finance violations that we actually have Cortez Michel, oh yeah, we're going to have to hush up. What are you? What would you say there mom outta this week is to highlight four for Democrats. Anything with the eleven all modern man the out there. Finally, from another party, she can, for you Did you ever any relationship with her? Now I thought I'd never crossed paths weather, but maybe one day you re married your brothers to a completely new is before that Google S remit is Google attempted to address. Wage equity suddenly turns out paying men way less than women. This comes our times a thoroughly of salary reach the surprising conclusion. Men were being underpaid, but the count,
We acknowledge that the analysis did not address broader issues of gender inequity to swiftly The gap Google immediately executed. All men by way of crucifixion yeah, that's in until remaining question from a financial woman said they could so they don't care for them a whole lot. Have you do that's equality crucifixion? Somebody he's done it many times like this, where I wonder who that guy is with with the organization, is comparable to google it for guys and easier to get ahead or definitely have the guy's, definitely better getting ahead. Even two heads Three of them. We believe listing a terrestrial that is not a sexual reference, merely murder, but citizens by love the last part of the broader issues of general academic. Ok, so you guys have been feeding incest, gender pay gap line forever, despite facts to the contrary, and you finally do it study. Aren't you like? Oh, but there's broader issues of an equity we have to put at risk.
Yes, Sir broader his mother settings, namely we have many Asian. I find it almost brown like there is us I realise there is a lot. It's scary. It's gonna turn and when it does not can be pertaining to, I guess we'll call. This extra calls extra science fiction and Ex transgender man now wants to live life as a sexless ale. Always has never remove or give them a second comes from the mere. What share jurists? Ok before I got continues, who here, when you read this story, red, ok, sexless, alien, remove, nipples named Jeff New immediately show of hands. It was named effort from labour, now, No, my dear me, so Cherith named effort, Dubois character. Labyrinth says thank you for clarifying mere just once people to accept two years and admit that he would rather be called a thing or it is not looking for a full blown except in such Islam, for tolerance.
Was this as it is like a pretty much in industry to fairness is important too, to acknowledge. Ok, not all trains. Aliens are a monolith as seen by these colleagues. There stern rebuke at today's press conference as bridge the space alien Reddit of Amerika, one whose who's worked tirelessly for intergalactic these rights. I feel it's imperative to milk. The jurists is not representative of all community. You call this. Talk about it your job. Bang or bacteria have these local regularity fixed up where you been working again and the changes itself so that with our a lot of developments can at last and yeah demonetized, but it is That's very kind of you to those issues where natural to talk with the instability, because the person who cut off their nipples once a name themselves. After
not even a very good film by the way, not read fulfilled its very neat and then, like the rest of us, go along with this delusion. Look, I don't know what you the steel to have your nipples cut off? This is a new kind of me, but I will say this to during the the clip. Look, this up safe search on watching this, don't ask me how I love my space training, who the space training power filet. The pilot Vallejo worded inverted and then reopen come before it's too late by the way. I lay this completely at the foot of the dams. You guys own this year, that said, otherness do algae, BT, stuff algae. I think initially, L Gb, whenever it was Jack. What the the Jerome into this really said, algae, BT, Q, a twice
I wanna go like this is why you came in our role now eagerly because you are going to achieve a blind spot. Yell gb. Take you you didn't like the eighty IP and asylum EF. I mean you don't forget to spirit for questioning like I'm a mood today? Added to it Yes, you guys been trying to subtract from it for a long time. By throwing buildings I get it, they had to it any good. Ices Taketh ways, firstly, circle of light and whenever I only heard everything also horrible film horrible Libya, I didn't ask no use a UK son, we'll just stopped algae BT lessons after muslim parents protests. This comes from the guardian about section and muslim children withdrawn from a school for the day, and the school confirmed the less. Would presume only after a full consultation with every single. Errant years that the story gets a little bit confusing because both Muslims, as you well know, and Algae Montague, a ip and silent number two- are protected classes in the left. So
to make sense of it. All we actually turned to this week's lotta was crowded marginalization, rankings,
thank you, Stephen. As you can see, the workings of seem quite a shake up this week with more joy status, changing at a blistering face, as previously mentioned due to their upset victory at the Birmingham school. We see Muslim jump over gaze Bastard, I jump up for seconds it and all you can eat. He learn buffeted elsewhere. Ratings. Rumours about democratic resolution condemning anti Semitism is we made it appear, the Jew might be rising themselves. Could, after an industry where TAT Magic Loki. Some Democrats are now demanding resolution leaving the current resolution in doubt, so Muslims have officially rigging the number one spot to be most uprising of the shocking debut Stephen, the Trans Galactic Space people. I haven't seen anything this uprising since the look on his face when you caught me with his daughter for this week's. Even now, if you'll excuse me, I have
resting in the slow cooker we spend spend alpha retainer growth in pollution is never a good well does it does not surprise you that the left is embraced, your your people, Muslims as the number one bed. That's why I'm here Stephen? I want they imbraces. You know we want you to see this out their side of a basis. This is our business if you feel that jihadi softness, yes to lie down what same thing, actually and ironically, because when I shake your hand effectively squeezing the Sherman, Finally, it looks like looking rights, ethnically accurate you'll, get it at a meeting in the urgent. Like we ve decided when they say Muslims can we created the modern american systems can hold a man. That's a silly sure that your correct about that also budgets using but why why we asked what they wouldn't tell me? Why did it is quite a large
I would certainly like to tell you what is the political will to things that you, like toilet paper and raising rails ivy? Had carbon candy as for example, it is cruel, yeah. No, it's just ass. It was caught. Cotton, headed candy. So finally, it looks like Alexandria, Cassio COM, as might be in hot Federal Election Commission complaint actually says at her chief of staff, could have funneled nearly one million dollars and donations. Comes to area the overlap introduced. The congressmen are team can be facing major, find potentially even jail time to be fair, camping, finance, lock, complaints can There must be political course, so you're actually give her side of the story. I won't be quiet when I only with inspection is. Theirs is this woman, Alexandria, Cassio Car TAT, Miss Cortez. Are you there? Thank you, ve been with us. Ok, there is no violation, Stephen ok. There is like no
violation at once. It was always there was welcome to the show. That's that's relevant, you're thinking it Stephen. You just can't stand the thought of me, a latin acts of color being of powerful. Is you a man. There are making things I know. I just want to ask about the efficacy complaint that actually but seems to Saint hate speech with the complaint. Yes, how exactly because I hate their questioning me No, it's actually complaint. That's been filed against my God Steve, and this is so. Hired I'm over at first it are trying com, I suppose they campaign finance violations. Then you'll call me a socialist, which I am the donor homey anti semitic, which once again, because a residual clearly divided bagel from slump in the Bronx every damn overhead. Ok, oh
get congressmen are you ok is it is not a car why one might be? Ok, don't patronize me Stephen top man for nice name congressmen. I think your voting, the question about the universe, it that's all. They are taught me because I'm Powerful woman merit your man tacking me, no, no, its internal, because your voting, the question: how can I use no man binding my question now we we're we're question UNESCO, a question. I asked a question: do you have a question. Don't. You dare may interrogate me This is going nowhere. Congresswoman Cortez everybody. I proud, don't you may not balanced man, we that's ever gonna, go it s, never gonna go anywhere. I well he's getting concern about. You guys were muted, though I appreciate your planet and we in this house by the way this week. As this, we winner of last week's trivia contest is Sirop is at best bettered
the third sound back I'll bet, thou. I found it. I m sure, then, can it anyways Twitter handle Sarah, but for correctly answering that the at the stars were from cobra I shall visual United and I sure yes, that's by wearing. I am so sorry right now you really called oh, my gosh, yes, really glad it's cold and I'm sweating, because I'm wearing already very ill now, since this is not going to be ok, so I actually want to get into this Cassio Cortez, it's kind of the year this I guess, sort of what we call the dark money scheme. Why here's the context, recent complaint to the efficacy of the alleged that the case. Pain moved. Almost a million dollars K contributions from political at your pack spoke twenties by the usual important they established following it to private companies that they all, so controlled former. Obviously, commissioner, bread. Actually said that the scheme is open, Cortez up to mass reporting violations, probably some illegal contributions. Violations exceeding the lawful limits. Also it looks.
The love the money could have turned to her boyfriend nine. I move that we have a good look good on tourism, however, and using I know that we can say this has been going on for a very long time and it s pretty jump in your report. You could say is good on politics for a long time, and you know what you'd be correct, except for the fact that a huge part of contents, new impetus into report that appeal has been per supports. I'm We base it's really hard for me to talk in Europe on the matter, but does he reeled against these exact kind of practices? You that's what's important here. If you don't believe me here is actually a video. I think it's the most watched political video on Twitter ever forty million pounds in She railed what are the cornerstone of her campaign against what she called dark money in politics screaming. How packs and politicians can work together to currently move money for their own gain. This is her. This is this is from this straight from the Google leave. Now Want to get away with as much bad things as possible idea
leap to enrich myself and advanced my interests will, even if that means putting it we're putting my interests ahead of the american people, so if I want to run a campaign, that is entirely funded by corporate political action committees is that is. Anything that legally prevents me from doing that. Traditionally, just taking, no God let us say, I've have some skeletons in my closet, but I need to cover up so that I can get alike.
Would you agree that statement disagree strongly disagree that I should steer clear of that when she was taking note when you look back and without using for sheets facetious I've asking for a friend of a friend because around whose best friends girlfriend sisters boyfriend knows this guy some Bernie Sanders pass out of thirty one flavors laugh. You think this is called by his legal advice that I can depend on an impasse. How would you go about doing so at www repeats? What no it is. So it's really interesting that the reason that this is important is that there is a lot of reporting that happens when you have a campaign that gets money right, we'll have to spend it after report. All of that packs have the same kind of issue the companies are set. Thirdly, can dodge all of that, and they don't have to say anything about what they do with the money. So incredibly important that and she just said what, if from skeletons in your closet, that's exactly why you do what you did Wreckers. Maybe you do have some coming off at all Europe's citizens in the mood.
It's just expressing my love for a sea got some great ideas. You guys should totally enact them. Somehow that some say right away that already have a living, a living wage. What we're gonna do a second on this next weakness, mainly because you treated me this week, Hoping to have so much systemic discrimination but Edith whole living wage only paying or tops staffers eighty thousand dollars drain, etc. Below the cut off for it would have to disclose the space would be to blow the cut off of transparency maps so effectively she's in Athens. These people are only making eighty thousand dollars I dont want to cut off is one we, is that what it s, one twenty so it is one twentieth of staff- would be making more and he's the guy who is in a little bit hot water right now right and they don't have to disclose outside sources of income as well. So it it's it's it's brilliant. There will say I have thought that border rivers Bob, but this is one of those this is brilliantly orchestrated- could just be by our campaign manager by speaking the brilliant
castrated! You know you ve seen the Oscars life's you're no force rights. We fought them, get the notification bell. If you subscribe, because it may not mean a whole lot and also bookmark. This page come back to it because notification, that means a hole in the future by drawing up a lot of kind of guns, plus mucklucks innocence, carbon itunes, for the audio burden there some exclusive zone there are so using what they think I wanna get to it. Far. As I know, I don't wanna be completely in front of you, attention from MSNBC. Cnn d left me out certain other haven't in posters. Now, with one story, I think I did you have any post. What's conservatives are trying to tarnish air thieves, that's exactly. It gets turned around every single time when the right of citizens to what about isn't, but could you recognition assumes a lot of people, like all international shoot, violated camping for years? What actually happened? He wanted to donate five more than five thousand dollars to campaign keg, and it was a friend of yours running, I believe in California didn't win so he asked his wife and two friends to do so on his behalf, and he would pay them back later. We're just hung about three five thousand now objects
it is in prison in a halfway house. Thank God halfway up because it not well penance, it was real the year and find thirty thousand dollars with Cortez were actually dealing with close to put at least seven figures. Potentially well, that's a little one time offence in giving money to a friend running for offers, and even when we're talking about systemic rumour that word Cortez a systemic problem that the money was transferring huge lump sums to the tune of thousands of dollars for vague services like shortly consulting as far as it always has rendered. We literally have no way of knowing what this money was used for or who ended up using it again. This is only because of the whole we ve talked about this project, or she talked about this. I think autonomously Alex John they're not they're not pushing for transparency nor in the realm of free speech, but they ve tried to transitions in Britain was pushing for transparency, is relates to election finance, lousy having finished. They're, not known, and they had a jump through an exceedingly difficult number of hopes to make this happen ride. So this wasn't
they knew they were like out. We're just gonna set this up like a set up two different companies, the big issue that great now. Is that it's no? can really understand. There were two f. You see people that were interviewed to say, hey what do you think of this former FCC people and their like they're they're? Probably some trouble here like this is there is definitely smoke here. It's gonna be hard to prove that you only do this if you're trying to hide something. The explanation that was given, though, is so convoluted there like a legal expert, No, what they just said hits we're going to policy. Others go seems like an honest mistake. I think that my hearing may have been an honest mistake due for the drugs can cover, for we have to call a couple, but either way it highly highly. The audience can now that was a wet we have no idea of. God is in man leeway. You know finally to run. I think you might be giving them a little bit too much guy that, because, when they filed they filed in the wrong district, and then they had
filed the run in the current. Isn't right said she represents. Is it possible that the people this aim both tell Us Bermuda in their own district. And I ve come on some can by inviting and when I wait a highly but didn't know is held within bounds. Didn't I don't love it when expected you, I just add another rocket back there. I don't know that usually subordinate burning and they talk about packs and they talk of corruption. Let's take a big money out of politics, I get it that people remarkably inconsistent, ok, but yours that really, but we ve done a whole. I think that a whole segment, if you search or channel citizens, United, ok
they bring up citizens United, Hola inability to end its we'll have to overturn citizens could bring it almost unapologetic. Second, Poland, what want one second of citizens, United people, who don't know it was initially about in Anti Clinton film at the Clinton campaign, tried to suppress that people understand that Citizens United and the case was about the fact that this media production from the company. Basically, making this anti Hillary Clinton film Documentary had first moment protection, even though they were accompanied by even they were written. So. What it was about the Clinton's trying to suppress and Anti Clinton film and the court said they have the right to do this under the guise of a four Mehmet now. That being said, it did leak that set a precedent. This were the case was about set a precedent that allowed corporations to follow money into packs. That's a little bit of a provocation obsolete,
but it's more accurate that what the left has told about citizens, United, that it was just about packs going in one, would give super donors over to the over to our reptilian auto. More exactly. Does that remind you of something to National Sousa when he had his issues was when he released his movie when he was gone. So hard after Obama, to try to show America like this is not the way that we want to go on all the suddenness random rule that nobody ever get in trouble for didn't rosy Adam, do something that people to your rarely get our elderly people to get in trouble. They dont get put in jeopardy we'll get the kind of punishment right. So what didn't rosier Donald do something way way way way way way way worse, rodeo Dounia. She had almost no consequences at all. There is going to have happened, it's about the law, it's about the law being applied equally and it's really important, especially when you talk about government being used as an arm to prosecute people. Listen, I don't want Donald Trump. Prosecuting people disagree with it. That's why any time it gets into expanding libel laws with me a homeless and I'm really uncomfortable this. I do think
Distance sea is important and if you the way the laws or apply there and they haven't been applied equally, certainly he did it. Don't get me wrong internationally. That did not mind what you did it you did you try and been weapon. I did it has been weapons used and I think the quartet right now, the time of this video facing any any jail time or fines, but- hypocrisy. I'm here is its truly breathtaking. I don't know how to set up this next clip, but she continued just. Let's watch it green light for hush money. I and do all sorts of terrible things. It's totally legal right. So I use my special interest: dark money, funded campaigns and pay off. Folks that I need to pay off and get elected. Now unelected. I got the power to draft lobby and shit. A lot of my government, the United States of America.
Describing themselves for seven hundred. Mr Tibet aren't going that's it you're back the pink running own. I really really. I do like the guy's, an american innovation in american institutions. Parliament had to step up my own jochen. Anyone can feel bad. No you like that job describing yourself just like the others, walked up behind this whenever a hearing before their eyes and go I am describing you married and for theses, I'm actually to try to get intel seawater, cheaper services that we write them What we did so that I can say that organic or yes, you, the pit by her, standards, dark money to get elected and yes, now she's shaping our laws is its ruling the person that you want and power one who can real again start money, one. Second, the pact's it's not a new concept. While knowing, though that she is doing executive, look at that, and I hope it will tackle Donald Trump Lying- and I think we can all agree he's done that in the past it determines overtones,
Fourth show is Donald Trump bees right about something you. Even if you don't understand, why he's right? Really? Might you know? Listen, listen! You guys got Batman. Excuse me, ok scares me. It's no Freddy very, very, very met, ok, fake news, Iraq. He understands what he's talking about, but he is right, yeah, exactly nobody, these people, that North Korea is an understood what you're talking about and she's incorrect she's, incredibly incredibly dangerous. She has virile clue and I wouldn't say that, because it all that out as an advantage of mine, I am a dangerous lament over that Europe can ring, operates without a without causing credible, incompetent or that poses problems in our system of government and a guarantee that she thinks all of the fact that she has right now. The people that are following her kind of whatever on social media are actually there, because
good ideas were there, because it's a dumpster fire, lady, ok, we're waiting for your game, we're waiting for you to do something stupid next year, providing material every single day that will get that right for the right for me. Go to Alex Jones Yemen LAW, but this fund the watch jail demands by its fine. It's it's she's angry, I liked the jack. It leaves you. What did you want? The demise of the United States is purportedly. Do I mean, let's beyond Ok, yeah. She looks like she picked that Jack that's a line from leaving, ever land cast Anyone who wants to leave on their land. That is, I've only watch. I got that very disturbing. It really bothers me about about cortex. Ok, the sort of praise you here even from conservatives as well only heard of this outbreak leashes genuine, These countries, not she really. She really actually than TAT she. She believed she claims hookers
Don't give burning is authentic. You, I don't think he's inauthentic because he has three houses. I really don't. I bring that because it gets hypocritical but I think he probably believes what he espouses, but doesn't matter she but a genuinely selfish socialism is an inherently selfish worldview ships they taking other those monies altruistic right. Ok me saying I dont want to take money, I'm not! I don't have a right money from millionaires or billionaires, even though they make money. More money than me, I'm not amongst them. I'm sure they are shocked to find out that this programme does not place me amongst their ranks, but I dont that's the opposite of selfish, then saying that they want to take your money is one we keep money that you ve, earned reasonable warning take someone's money that you haven't selfish and they don't even when their campaigns any differently. They leave redistribute wealth, however, they like, and I'm just as fraud- I spoke here. It is unbelievable. So I kept the public in the budget.
I want to accord the boy with a solution is to get rid of all the billionaire is, but the solutions also to take over billions money so that its difficult you have to do. One of the other. I think what it really is: a selfish aeteologized in burning in Cortez they're, just overgrown selfish children who just happen to have done her she's running her entire campaign. With this robbed, you is what you get you you know, that but I did so I want it. I will I warrant. That's a baby, you God, but I don't I don't want it can. I can Can I can I can I shall we say he's a good legal stuck in an oil stocks are unclear, laugh with dawn by your own emission listening. It says that you are unwilling to work, so I still want a monthly check adds. I wanted but use your unwilling to work aids, but can I have more money? No, that's not. How does This is what ultimately comes down to.
Aggressive role view, and we would for some reason, with we accepted this myth or the society lodges accepted this. I don't want anyone to dismiss, but this false narrative. I know that sounds so pedestrian overplay, but it really is a false narrative that it is somehow compassionate that is somehow self To spend somebody else's money, no right now of. Anyone in this room tried to take someone else's money and spend it. They would be immediately fire because uncombed, passionate and he's a deck he's for most of all times by its knew that there was more money in your check than is usually lot of new took it. Anyways was to go to media was bright, and I said now, though, our move right there at so it's the absolute thing to do is to take other people's money. It has had the worst results as a word of brass. It's no! It is economically speaking now it. Yes speaking a right, ok, economically, think worth it'll have the worst results. The world has lost countless millions of people. Countries really
then thrown in the trash minute history of yet these people try to go back to those policies and say this is common no? No, it's not compassionate when millions, but as a mature and other food try break. Apparently, momentum tread right, except for nearly everyone. That'll United States. Even some trade to try to try the name reverse it. Then they went back and it just doesn't. Listen it's a scene. I actually by the way, is a mature congresswoman. Cortez actually did responded me on twitter all regarding actually today, but the systemic starvation. So ass you can see. I keep us up your. Could you give me any examples of systemic extermination facing people? I live a comment letter not Elsie, be respectful, because I do think that a dialogue engaging will be productive here, but she brought up and she didn't know, she's and bring up a sore. She was just last week, washing post reported on a twenty billion dollar racial funding gap in case you, twelve education and then the other examples of a systemic determination chooses. Incarceration.
Targeting blacker. Americans, you can bet you can take it from petted flamer, apparently targeting lack Americans before the housing crisis. This is what I don't want to go through them right, don't parts those right now, because I would like congresswoman up into sentiment has to come on the show? We can talk about it, but I was I don't know. I was surprised that you too have those three examples I was. Jackie was quite shocking, like and actually is american he's working here at the bank and usually just got the job, is actually doing the black targeting training today, who really is like a three day thing that you have some sort of trees were used to be integrated with the idea of predatory lending, the faculty targeted black Amerika, so banks, it hey kid come over Air pollution, I got I gotta deal. Firstly, the racket was essential. You would you like some money, that you have no realistic possibility of hang back your girl, I'm gonna, make it rang. Why does work
the torrent creep all right again. This comes down to a selfish worldview into how the definitive pretty MAC you look at that housing bubbles. Ok, you're gonna have to give money to people who have no business being now and disproportionately affected black people, and this is the law of unintended consequences here. I good intentions in the left. Look at what happened with the housing bubble: ok, you're gonna! What we're just you're gonna have to wind, but there's no about what they any any credit Nokia About one with the faculty new cycle score aright. Well then I haven't money. Don't nobody'd what should be a cradle interested, twelve percent represent percent about ten Because you're going to do and then you see housing bubble and you know what hurts the black people who disparate disproportionately affects black people who saved? Who,
have business being in those when they have a right to be in those homes because it may have money down, and they should actually be taken, not that long, but guess what they can't get in there, because someone else now the governess determined is a victim of its own socio economic status and the bank can foreclose upon them because they bought three homes. They couldn't afford again neither the unintended consequences that nobody thinks about, because unheralded selfish worldview and an inherently selfish world you just like a five year old who wants more cotton. Candy is selfish. It's that it thinks very short tomorrow we have to go outside and after this agenda, it is somewhat summa mood for being in the wheel What you need such a miracle guns lots of trinity. Now you pan tellers,
now playing trinity. You truly is that all you need This is the new all. Through all steel frank, you five match red dot ready. It is all I need your steel, Walter Q, five match. It has good balance point six pound triggerable trotted water. Greetings America Hopper! Here I just one. To tell you that, on my profile for Oh right now is one dog. I puppy named buddy and for the price of. The current offers. Your daughters, I will pay
all right glad to have an that's gasped, always even turn it down there there s always a. What would you do if you just we'll just talking during the brake, and he was using, you know you can't you can have the shows offers you want. I want you to be on the show. You know from enforced outcome. Creator owner host of the ox Joan show for wars, but making around so recently an unbroken Mister Jones how're. You, sir. It is good to be here with you, Mister Crocker, Big found the broadcasts or my kids. You know I've always won t this. I'm always a little worried about you big show, because I always feel as I've always wear that you'll come on the show and asked me why haven't had you on the show and then we get into a fight.
But we never really had a fight. So I totally get that you're doing a great job and watching all the time, be lots of skids lots of events yourself. You don't wanna guest on these days, so I'm just happy to be here and the great you're doing over it see our tv and all the rest was thank very much. I am happy to have you on what kind of change rules here, unnoticed you're in a short sleeve or usually where suit and usually Iman something a little shorter sleeve, but you just had a recent surgery that was your biceps, your elbow to the shoulder, because a huge difference in the surgery The soldier they shoulder will be much much worse. This is a ruptured biceps. They just last week. I should me out of the castle, but it's it's the miracles of modern medicine. It is it isn't, I know I know. Sometimes people have put you in since you're more than they would say conspirators the anti factors, and I know that you're, not that I know you don't show them the miracles of Marvel miracles of modern S. Pardon me, I'm very, very second, there's no m pronouncing that brought from twitter name correctly. Today. Before we get onto the censorship issue, with you and kind of the deep platform first, what is it?
back then, like after your latest Joe Rogan, appearance, because you guys we're going back and forth forbid lot of fighting. Did bury the hatchet so quickly. Well, I didn't like the fact that Jack North Sea- went on there and just spewed BS a month ago right and the FAO did Joe. Was I going over Democratic Party tom? You boys acknowledge over twenty years I been pretty good friends, a lot of partying on a hang out yet begun over two decades ago. Matter and manner and manner that, he says on, I'm not might have Alex on. But then going I have my enemies on, so I kind of got upset wedding right but But then, when she had me on, we had a great for our plus podcast Facebook has ever done. Twenty million views right now, ten million years on you too, ten million views roughly on on Itunes with one the biggest cast ever he's, got nothing that positive feedback. Ninety seven percent positive feedback
Conversely, they had of twitter goes on a month ago, he had eighty plus percent negative feedback show as we're talking the room. I live here back in his mother. I guess her name is vagina. God, literature name she she goes on, holds his hand and says we're, not censuring anybody, but we did take Algerians, offer beating a kid up and there was no video. They named the kids name. You don't hear about a murder. Financing are all to be clear. I don't get you beat up a kid. I think they claim that you posted a video of a kid being beaten up, which I also don't know to be true, but again that would be entirely now I'm pretty sure we have by no means those claims by article seven. You're, absolutely right! Forbes and others. Should I beat up a kid and then show the ABC Nbc Video of the ten year old, getting adult Mcgann Nazi. Now we're egg is pick that
and so then they said I was taken down for bringing up a kid. They added retracted by the time she sent on air is a lawyer. She said, oh well, you know he showed a video of a kid being made up it's insane. So how? Why I show a video everyone else can shows. My boy right now exists I say that because I'm pretty sure we have, we probably find some guy. We ve. We shall videos almost on a loop like a morphine drip of muslim men, beating their being their wives in Saudi Arabia over time to keep at the forefront of people's mind. We should put a chicken dance to it. So I'll take the flag there. We are far more distasteful than you in the realm of domestic abuse. Videos Alex Levy Lily its attitude. I take it. You watch the recent progress with Joe Injectors, you coming back and TIM Pool. Did you think that was kind of a better see, a better sequel. Well. It took me from hating Joe to want to marry him, not gay, but you know at the point they destroyed. They droid that lawyer, the giant God God they they
straw jack. I mean there was a suicide mission. They come on there and b s that we're not censoring conservatives when we ve got other internal videos from project very toss in all their admissions and the incredible censorship, and they allow antifraud adopts people, but nobody else can and an end. So yes, this issue shows that disconnect and how bought these corporate heads are was actually frightening. I thought it was ass. A fine podcast, why? I think there are some some good questions, important questions, but for me, kind of the moment where I noticed, I don't think it's gonna get. I don't think I can fix this is when he and ironically used the term algae BT. You a about to turn. And you didn't realize you know what we're not not even the gay in the energy. Be you a are on board, but just hacking on every single letter that acronym idle They can fix that blind spot. That was what I was watching it. I thought Joe intended a good job of holding two feet to the fire, but it felt like
hopeless endeavour. I dont want to be analysis, but do you feel like cats? Sometimes when you watch this especially given your situation, yet it It frightened made because she said not just that I got in trouble for a shilling child endangerment, which was a true was the was everywhere in the country. I got too late. They then moved on and said that I said use battle rifles on the media, but then it is short lip thirty, eight minute podcast, I did one night a few beers, but none of it had to do with violence was that we want to be violent. You ve got to you criminal judicial system and anti viruses are coming to the houses of law enforcement Congress to kill them. You better have your battle, rivals, ready, play this word salad, gaming, octave, refrigerator magnets right chains, the words around- and she reads this statement is literally one word with quotes around another word and says Won't you Joe! We had to take people saying, kill the media.
Would never do that. I don't believe in all kinds of violence. I'm a libertarian be I'd, be arrested. I should be off the air if I was only or Saint Kitts your Bible, your battle rivals ready and kill the media and the media. I don't let people killing me. I never said that, and I challenge them. I put out a million dollar reward when had. All, these ever talk show us covering in Leicester, hold they had Jack noisy on within these pretty scary, said, use, Bower, rivals, kill the media and he sober and do all those years. I know it's scary, but we gotta keep him on. That was all just a big staged event to act. Like re worry, no free speech. There is still plenty get rid of me and I offered a million dollars. I had lawyer send them letters called twitter, and I said I did not say that, and they keep saying I'm not the victim biting twitter, is the victim of their own delusion, where Tell gigantic whopper lies that have no basis in reality. I'm illicit steam credit-
If I was gonna accuse you of saying, killed a media with with battle rifles would not show the Damn clip yeah. I will say this in anyone. I disagree and quite a bit, but you are pretty good about that about showing clips contemptuously and we do that too. I do you believe this. When you do your broadcast, I would say: listen. This is cut standing order have to every one of my staff. Don't make an argument for the left if they make it for you always show their clip and provide all context needed for us to we have? It is important that we get. It was only copyrights because welders, rule, Seth Myers for two minutes or Samantha be or tears, Zactly you ve, gotta, show Cortez sang the earth will be over and twelve years are, no one will believe it run. Then we play it and we get a copyright, no she's, a public figure. She said the world will be over twelve years, ran going to play the damn clap because it's on believable yeah. Have you seen by the way? I know you're not on Youtube now, but it seems as though there might be some some retroactive changes you, after listening to our doors,
The G8 summits have another road redemption right, Anyone know what there was. No one will watches and say why don't anonymous Alex? I don't agree with him, but here to think stand where people feel that way, but we also need to look at you as a cautionary tale in the fact that it can happen to any. Let's take this example recently read you just brought up right now, if you could just put it up the battle, So I wasn't fully aware of the quota. Right, because it shows that I have turned to fully research and I immediately assumed with allegorical taken in context, and I thought men if they can say that this was one of the retroactive strikes we found, and we know you were deep platform by everyone in the same week, and so there looking for a reason right, Gimme, a reason, I'm gonna kill us and if they can remove someone for even just saying hey, this is a call to arms metaphorically to fight against the media: they can do it to anyone and I think people need to take notice of that, regardless of whether they agree with you are not a more that's it and and and people think they protect themselves. When I built a straw man about me and then attack
yet they are all of wages from under the bus will be safe. Now you set the pace Jennifer everybody else. What they did is they could have back and found some real stuff. I set out of context, but still two things. I sit later that, unlike that shouldn't said that it didn't come off his tongue in cheek. You know whatever but with the case of the eye that you mentioned: I would never even tongue in cheek, say come on over the hill, which the Alamo get your guns ready, considered taken out of context right if one thing the left lying ten years ago, yards and stuff like that elegantly about that. What was unlike, leading to peacefully to the porch of the criminal justice system, stand up And ended it of anti attacks, our homes we need, could not be often because, like Martin working shedding Gandhi and Jesus. We need
you take it on the cheek, because that's how we beat up violence is what they want that the day I'm thirty eight minute broadcast was about nonviolent, wasn't exactly like it out. I understand you're what I said about what I said at the point you, but all thing. I said at the point of them attacking your house. You gotta defenders, open every battle, Arabas ready. Of course it was a debate about how far to go. The point was, I did not say, go attack the media that is made up. One million dollar one million dollar prize find me saying it bowel rivals, glare of the media, I'll pay, you One million dollars- I know- I'm not gonna, collect that check. Just like the people never collected a check for the United Negroes College Fund will ensure bright part offered it for anyone who could find footage of them hurling the inward congressmen Clayburn. I do think- and this is what the left is emitted, didn't used to admit of those telling the Jack Dorsey and ever not gonna, say honeymoon here so vagina, reject Dorsey, too
Slovakia will blame good vagina, good, that's a cool name like the giant. That's a pretty cool measurable, make it a joke about the name dispute that others are good. If I were her parents, I would neighbour twin sister, penis bad, so that they introduce my vagina good penis bad. That's what I will do. What am I would be things I came out of a vagina. I love vaginas. Oh I've got to get my face in vagina and democratize right now immediately demonetized. Thank you Alex with a turnover of what was done. What's happened before this lead over what was Jack Dorsey did say: yes, you started it. Are you again to start the jumps matter? Names that I don't I did. It is my fault for on raising her name, raping vagina, good that name. Let's, please don't get thought. Are you trying to get me put in jail like you that that the social we d platforms? Please don't do this. My point is with JANET just cut it out in relies Jack, Jack Dorsey.
Yeah as it relates to sort of political pressures, external political pressures and on the exact quote. Remember him saying the left wants us to do more left wants us to censor people more in the right once less. He admitted that and we talk on the show for a long time. I know you have that the left demands less transparency. The left demands less truth, whereas Conservatives, the right, libertarians, olive and one of them umbrella demands more They used to try and deny that it seems as though now they're not even concerned with it. No, I agree. So why do you think they're just openly we're going to censor everybody? I am. I dont think that their open, we think we're going to censor everybody. They try to sort of obfuscation passed off as well. You know we might even have they denied it for a while, but if you read like the London Guardian or even Time magazine or these
goals here, like we want all them off. They damage your name. Well, we got rid of Jones. We won't get it you're in a crowd earn. Although there did there listening your name there saying we want them off ere. I know twitter and more open about yes, but Fit Facebook and Youtube, or at least trying to act as though that's not the case, but I owe Twitter is pretty open about the fact they wanna use. It has no you're right in a future. British prime minister is sharing, and he wants tiny rabbits had taken on Youtube or he'll gives governmental powers it shut down. Youtube's, I agree as bad as ghouls ban is not the worst also tells us. Let me ask you this who gets the brass ring. Who is biggest censure. I internet We know it's an interesting question because I was going to ask you this question: is it immediately afterwards right now? Hooty who'd, I think, is the biggest forestry Steven who I think, most power. Is that we have. Google has no power. Yes, I would say I think, Google than face because they are both Google and Youtube, and probably Facebook and Twitter is further on down that less. That's why we ve talked about Taking legal action, we have there not at all
of our era of our cue because they pretty much admitted they want to be a tool for social change. But this is interesting as your libertarian of talk with Nigel Ferrars about this. A few, don't guess What do you think the solution is a small government libertarian? Do you think that the government should step in and regulate them is as public utilities, because you just talked about right? That's a slippery slope. UK the government. The pressure you took to take Tommy Robinson off, but what's a solution here. I'm really glad you raise that nuance point. Mister Crocker,. If we don't regulate the internet with a necessary evil with apply bishop. Like the second amendment says, you will not infringe reversal It says you will not infringe it. It's not a government or taking something away. It's it's a guarantor sharing that that that that you have immunity as a citizen to defend yourself, you have immunity every speech. This is sacrosanct. This is what we worship this issue we are. This is what makes us who we are, and so yes, I don't like government being followed a libertarian like you, but then, when
the EU and the UK government says we're gonna use government power. To censor shut everybody down. There's a nationalist whose Abrek Centre is a conservative paramilitary, whose pro family use capitalist then you ve gotta have government come in and say we're guaranteeing these basic rights. Like current law does on the internet, which is being ignored, and so the internet needs to go back to where it was where the internet doesn't sensor these companies sensor. Unless something is violating law clearly and they get a dmca takedown order. We have a good, orderly system to do this. They just been ignoring that last two and a half years until recollect lost the election. They ve panic they're doing now show I'm not for regulation, but it's
when we stand down and creates a vacuum right, we're all these regulators comment: we let the EU in the UK and the chinese government's praising: U S, companies for censoring, so that vacuum, because we're like we're conservative heard foundation. These are private companies of Europe. They want right now we just gave in to the vacuum of all these other very rapacious forces years. Here's what I've proposed at least a step. Tell me if you agree with this. I think that what we need It was half some transparency going to talk about conservatives libertarian. We demand transparency. I think that you to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms they need to public declare whether they see themselves as publishers or as open platforms, not sensor if they say hey, we're private publishers like a buzzfeed like a hopeful, then we owe K. Then. You're, no longer, certainly a platform. Fine, let's be about it. Now any decision, transparency, if you show you ve, done your research, that's the federal international law right under the sub section. They M Laboulaye Protection paper. A tv station doesn't run,
because they have third party posting. They availability protectionist, mostly a publisher, so the minute they engage in publisher control. They now lose their immunity right. So do you think that problem? important first step would be for them to have two formerly declare whether they are a neutral platform or publisher, because then we can hold them to their own standards. Yes, I agree they won't back off and stop being authoritarian sensors I'd rather than using immunity as eight are between not their fault, Verona, telephone, saying something or I'm on Facebook exactly wants its criminal. They take it down so I'd; rather them revert to greater mines in the free market. Those that build the internet came up with won't so great instead of the chinese model, I'd rather back off, but yes you're right, even if they will not stop than we have rip them of their immunity. Ok, wash near. I go in a different direction. We have to get going a lot of talk. Since you are under Rogan about that. You mention the clockwork else, and this was very entertaining once Eddie Bravo came in and it seems otherwise of Miss communications, but it was a lie.
The fund a watch, here's one thing that I do want to clarify. You talked about these four of Calvin figures, let's say in what you are trying to stress. I noticed that you weren't talking about aliens extraterrestrials or vampires, but am I wrong and saying a more biblically based interpretation. Kind of demonic, apparitions. That's what you were to communicate, because I did find that interesting. I dont think a lot People who are familiar with you associate you with your your ear, more faith based worldview. People want to find out what I really believe in full wars, not gonna news wars, Gotta get here. In this context, I ve never seen aliens, about into ufos out. I don't you have conferences, I'm not that God, I've ever had ever really covered the lizard people have had David icon studying globalist and studying what they're into day or into the vehicle Every major ancient religion thought they were conjuring creatures. They were getting from beyond the veil. And so, when you read the Bible, but one rule, government marking the beast and they'll be
humans, conjuring demons demons will be set, was on the earth and then study San Francisco and that in the end, the liberals, they're taking the anti they're taking Iowa, and there are having group events, what twenty thirty fifty a hundred people. And by the way jargon said this on air. We never got their fully, but we are an hour and a half conversation with lively says this year's We're gonna do as I take the empty all the time, because we have got Your basic group experiences talking of these islands and they Like little else am I- and I'm not gonna take deck. Is that scares me all the Bible, describes what you can look at black magic books. Thousand years ago- and it shows the that did Lee Magician, conjures a little dales and little grey alien. So, yes, the demons that we hear about modern culture, or the aliens we're about modern culture are the demons and what fits in person we want the Aztecs would sacrifice. Thousands of people a day. Sometimes it is able open up a portal for gods to tell them thanks.
Coming the ocean for sharks to come. These lower entities, these demons, what blood of children is firstly, whether the real or not I'm saying the elites are obsessed with it. Yes, far out it's crazy, but this is what they believe enabling killing innocent or doing horrible things brings in these entities. Then give their knowledge Alex. Since this is a persistent appreciate, because I am so sick and you pause real quick, it will do this- has an after. The battle of this is another segment I'd like to get in this deeper, but we do have to the clock here Toronto as long as you want and show info wars, dot com
please. Yes, I seen for worship, commodity, that what was the other was news wars, not news wars, doc I always played on. Since your news moors is much. We will be back after this. The closing a show- and this will be applauded later date because Alex they are going to go into a little bit of a rabbit, holier holbein. Let me make that very clear. You largest online, you show real talk. We hosted my anarchists bearing and shape we young live on weekday. Sixty M easy you're, not tuning. It you're missing out much more about my move here. To tell you about the new club, Musha, totally joy, ISIS,
es, I says, is a great club to do as the last have a breakthrough in the short thing. I want uncle sand next ladder of kind of that council s macabre. You realize you can get a steep. What we announce. Don't on the shuttle you doing matter going to say that we're recruiting for ices. You do not speak for me. Get the free world. You don't talk anymore, but I do have some authors for actually before you leave. Our current albinism aren't gonna come such Michael, but of course you want if a sponsor Walter, if you cannot join at my club, you know I ve been hit with four five six copyright strikes this last week and we need to fight half asian cracking so Kraken idler how to pronounce Amber I'm sick So my a sound like acts join my club.
I am really light. Headed. You were gone, something when you have a cold, we're just a worse than you get that you have all the stuff. Those in the cold water, Russia's up anything,
could you ve naval hostages, endeavours, Lenny, feeling I firmly hot? It's gotta get into something called, and then your meetly called afterward Instagram aid is just the worst option. Thank you some five years, an exit again that was appreciated that yesterday, because we, I wasn't we were get through this whole programme. Today, we, Long extended version available exclusively did muslim members you made me, may I made it through and made it through the media, good, I'm discuss with myself or even doing that next week, I don't we have. We have some rate, I guess I've ever the first something Russia going to have. I believe it's Europe from the changed my mind yet this week to shining, tweeting us and has been actually very respectful and I'm hoping the term will have on the show little it'll be interesting. Look back is usually people to want to show afterward. Never little one was very open about the fact that she'd have an abortion herself listen. I Obviously, here's one thing I think is important as it relates to that You watch that right there I could
You have been more straightforward, not my point of view. She has had an abortion. She is pro choice I didn't say. Well, that's just fine come groundless and I thank you. I think you ended a life. I think you killed somebody and let me tell you what it is that you ended and we still left after that able to to at least part the police imitate amicably, as you cancel the point, is you unless you have to find common ground under a lie to be civil, and you don't have to shall we be simple to find common ground under underlined the gospel. I stop. I cannot reverse it there Cortez. Does that alot written music this does not necessarily mean that, and that does not assuming that will take. Its obviously would equate that it would go in reverse sequencing. Ok, I also come from the garret talk. The quarterback, something what's a what's up as a going dynamics blackened with there, ok all right, that's enough! This is why people don't believe that you are any parts black
do those point: one percent sub, yeah, you're you're part of my brother. I think Sub Saharan Africa is very broad, so it may not me, but I'm technically more african American than a lover. Lot of you not a strike, and you don't have black at all, and it really is concerned. Example, the troika, because I dont know how to I don't. I feel like I'm pretty good at filing people. According to you know, race and I'm pretty good at identity politics, and I can't do that with you. You made it exceedingly difficult. Here's what I want to talk with you guys about. Let me talk. Let's talk about toxic masculinity. This is something that has been toss run quite a bit and Cortez is talked about this, so it seems fitting. I was the vet this week and hope in this one thing: the vets. Tough, always I think your Rogan and Kevin Psmith returned with the dogs to always gets me sore Fleming are going to be to mortal eyes at the vote this week. Everything's can ok, but it's been rough with the key. More treatment are going to appreciate the the kind words of support, but
Was there at this emergency vat on Saturday and was waiting there near the waiting room? There was a fifteen year old girl who was crying and it's one of the things I want will genuinely never forget this girl's face. I actually feel things really deeply them socially, very awkward. People who ve probably met me, sometimes a surprise, are going to achieve a minor issue shows what a thought this would be a little bit more outgoing, whereas my dad was with me- and he knows the right thing to say this. The squirrels was was crisis very upset, most hey. What's what's going on, I should I had to be brought in my fourteen year old dog and she had a seizure and choose she's crying. She continued to steer slimming down her face ass. You know, that's that's kind of tough and talked about we're. Gonna go.
Through with with some with hopper in the cancer shaman. I didn't know what to say: I carriages just fizzled out and my dad save it, and so they hate you want. You want. Some water took some water from the frigid areas combine because free water and she kind of laughed she was wearing a sweater. That's said, can things when those routes sweaters as a company, and so we ask our shoes from Canada, shoes from Upstate New York and she forgot about it for Lucy, stop crying for little, but she's, very awkward, descriptive, frizzy, hair, probably someone who was very very close with her dog part of the kind of person who maybe had a deeper connections. Her dog than than those people I know I had deeper connections with animals as a kid, sometimes enables people because they need to know how to relate to them, and so I'm trying to find a way to get into this again trying to keep my emotions and check.
I've only relieving. We were ok and, as I was too kind of giving you what this looks like and transfer, if you can see scope, there's a wall divide and theirs. Ass door and so there's a little bit of a cut out. Were you pay for you? You pay for what services rendered and I see her on the other side of this wall through a glass door fifteen year old girl. At this point she was she was sobbing with after we spoke with her. She was in a little bit better. She was looking things up on her a little more talkative in the waiting room in I set my dad out with the great to our car. We pulled the car round and I saw her mom and there is no doubt there. So I can see- Side this dividing Wall- and I saw a mom talking to the vat. And I overheard her saying- how does this work with fourteen fifteen year old girl? Did she go holder? Indivisible unit depends if you think, she's most comfortable doing that.
And is one of those things were I'm in this position where I, See effectively that this girl's whole world is about to become unglued, and I didn't sleep at all in all, I could see was her face all night long. It was unbelievably hard and I myself I walk through the glass door when those unless it hey We love your sweater, no got, God bless Opium, should all thank you, don't use mining, I may I came in. I made some kind of a joke and walked out that's what toxic masculinity is imminent
explain what that means. We dont show our emotions. All the timber are constantly accused of you, not showing your motions because of a talk sickly masculine culture, its that, because we're afraid of being teased or because we're afraid of feeling in that instance, I looked at my carbon with Modena cried. It was with absolutely heartbreaking, but that moment that wasn't going to help her. That's tough, Ask when you? Why did I go out there? Anyone wishes to laugh for twenty seconds before I know. She's gonna have to hold her fourteen year old dog before they put it down. Why wouldn't matter? Why I go out there and try to be strong. I know it sounds silly for the fifteen year old girl, because is even for fifteen seconds. I can protect a girl like that from from paying same thing with our fellow members for their wives, with our daughters with our sisters. This is why men acts the way that we do it because we love you it because we want to protect you. We hate to see people in pain. We hate to see the people that we love and pain. That's toxic masculinity,
Other areas is I just I wanted to give the scroll up a hug, and I know I know I can't because, of course would be an appropriate, but I felt, bad for a, nor is it there's. No dad present doesn't mean it wasn't a dad didn't she doesn't have a dad, but it was that much more heartbreaking Dennis this cordless primal reactions, visceral reaction that a man will have if there is a woman who vulnerable who is exposed, and there is no man there to help her toxic masculine. You might say today I want to stress syndrome: fine, ok, I'm ok with it. It's in our nature to protect and to provide justice is in your nature, women to nurture care for We want to prevent paying for you at all costs and by the way, this I understand this ironically. Sometimes leads to us causing pay, but we get oh stressed out over trying to provide protect whether its work, there is trying to be strong emotionally that we lashing out of those who we live to provide. For
we live to protect just like women ironically end up suffocating the people they love sometimes or schooling them with with children its nature and it needs to be rattled? That's toxic masculinity, but I do think that it's a nature that should be condemned just because it's a part of our genetic makeup. It would be emotionally selfish. We'll be incredibly emotionally selfish, so I came back home that night till I came back to my wife brought the dogs in and she was absolutely everything- was- was fine, but she was actually very worried and a major we came internet and even even keel temper explain what went what happened, what we were going to give the dog antibiotics and once she was settled about thirty minutes after that she asked me to, but what's wrong. What's, what's bothering you and that's why I told her what I experienced with the fifteen year old girl that they were going to put the dog down
and at that point in time, because I made sure that my wife was taking care of before myself. That's toxic masculinity by the way and that's a biblical notion: the idea the steaming others first of treating their wives and your woman is the best among you. By the way, Wasn't it ideal we talk about. Where do we get morals from the idea, mercy what it wasn't really considered: a virtual alot of society's until Modern Christendom, the eye. Of treating your wives as the best among you there. Of treating your wife with love and I get it to go and what people say well, what about submit your husband's? Ok about men, loving you're, That was actually kind of unique one. Christ came around this, We talk about my worldview once. I have made sure that my what was taking care of that. I called beneath any fears or anxiety. She had. I told her about what happened and at that point guess what was fine for me to be vulnerable with my wife.
It was fine for me to shed a tier and explain something that was deeply impact full and hurtful and my wife would never condemned me for it and that's because we have an open, complimentary relationship where we understand each other's needs into our best to meet them. As was of the opposite sex! That's toxic masculinity! This idea that men just reached by the way The idea that that that expressing during Peterson's talk about us just expressing emotions is somehow inherently helpful. It's not true. Maybe that exist. Right there. You know how I, but when I saw the fifteen year old girl, I want the cry I felt too I wonder what they go into hysterics loathing men feel that, of course, would help her now would be selfish. When I came home it was late. I was tired. I felt this cold coming down or flew whatever the hell. It easy bolas are a bullet Sars. What has long Sars? What we seek as equal to things, wine sexy, flew. You only got one of the coming. I got you wouldn't believe the night I had, but
we'll be emotionally selfish, and so I am sure that I came and it's ok sweetheart how are you? Let me explain this to you everything's. Ok, I love you. Are you secure all right? Here's an optional need that? I have right now when she asked there's an appropriate time to express emotion. It's not becoming of a young man to do that. There's nothing wrong with men. Crying ok something wrong with telling bull and telling young men that they should cry for the sake of crying or did, is inherently a virtue to cry. It's not Its inherently a good thing, too, Bridle your emotions to moderate your own instincts instead of his acting on them, and I would say to inherit good thing to teach young men too, vulnerable with the people, they trust and they love like their wives, like their families. That's toxic masculine. There's this idea that people talk about quite a bit as though,
men either have to live into this archetype of big, dumb jock or the sensitive artistic paper cries yours. It's a very new thing. Looked the readings of of had he Roosevelt or even a rambling- and these were people who were artistically for people who often we're musically inclined people who would pay people who would write, poetry and then they were incredibly intelligent and physically robust. You wouldn't You were not considered a complete man All of these facets made up your masculinity. That's toxic masculinity. It broke apart, really with modern progressive Amazon, I hate to beat a dead horse. You ve, that's where we really separated people with a sexual revolution and honestly it just made it easier for scumbags to get laid. Let's be honest, thousands not working out really well for women. The original I've talked about this before I leave you with this. Was you heard this effort, its expression, of all trades master of none. It was jack of all trades master of one meaning,
we expected to be a jack of all trade, adequate passable. It all facets of life be a master of one domain. That's what which make a truly great person. A truly great great art is truly anything, but that's a truly great men as well that we talk about toxic masculinity. We throw the baby out with the bathwater, we're throwing, everything is created. Modern medicine, this western civilization that has served protected and provide for women throughout sent these men want to do that toxic masculinity we want to provide free. We want to protect you, that's toxic masculinity, and sometimes it comes with something that you don't want. That's what happens, but we Damn- and you too, this is what worries me do this generation of boys are, we have now gone out, there would kill you you ve talked we convert into, that the very small microcosm of it, but imagine entire generation now really we're gonna two generations of boys who ve been too but all of their instincts all
hard wiring is wrong in toxic. There are going to be afraid to be who they are. We can hardly juxtapose at risk, yeah top masculine its toxic masculinity. This idea you don't want to try this idea- that you want to be tough. This idea that you want to be asked what its idea that you want to be great. This idea they want to be competitive. That's toxic, don't don't engage any of those and things that you have by the way, keep it real. Firstly, what kind of a conflicting message that is to send young men the moment of theirs and women watching this politically, some some young feminist women who maybe haven't peered behind the curtain. Maybe haven't understood what it is. It makes young men take. We love, we care. Just as emotional, and we don't act on it, because we love.
That's toxic masculinity. We shall, by others
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