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2019-03-15 | 🔗
HUGE SHOW! Talking mommies doing pornos, goat governors, the college admissions scandal and Beto O’Rourke’s history of terrible. Special guest Tommy Robinson updates us on his legal battles, and Half-Asian Bill sits in third chair! Want to watch the full show every day? Join #MugClub! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Use promo codes "student" "veteran" "military" to get daily access for $69/year! Shop the official #LWC store: http://louderwithcrowdershop.com More at http://louderwithcrowder.com Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowder Check out more of my videos! UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNz2jGzsDA REAL CONVERSATIONS: I'm Pro-Gun | Change My Mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APC2jnOSfhQ Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oss7KmiHLmA HIDDEN CAM: "Gun Show Loophole" Exposed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEihkjKNhN8 Crowder Crashes a Feminist Film Festival in Underwear! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWJT0egzAy0 FAIL: Eminem Rips Donald Trump on BET (PARODY) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrdT1rEO54c&t=34s Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!

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Hey audio listener: you are a miracle, because more and more people are watching this on video, but you like the audio medium. I get it if you feel like some of these sketches fits, don't work that you're listening too often they are accompanied by something visual but TAT one. Let you know that the show is, of course, daily loaded with credit accomplishment, those prescribed sixty nine dollars and you leave your student veterinary military in that Google's been squeezing Youtube's been squeezing. If you look at the apple store, they're, not necessarily super super pro, whatever your views as long as it's not radically left click given money to southern poverty loss answer, you heard me talk about them. We really appreciate you listening or watching on Youtube. To see you on the other side, I'd better, get comfortable louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper,
This is the man who doesn't understand the concept of a rope. He thinks it's wrong you can't press against mine, it's just mush we have the timing, Robin as it is today in third year we have my lovely half asian letter but user, hello friends
legal updates coming some quarter, black airs back from a wedding without yeah, GMO Colonial, but flowing today, one of the day is spots. Would seventy block sites what spots woods anyone what to do with it? It is incredibly boring much like your personality rushed into the day which, if any of the Democrats running for president, do you think, poses the biggest threat to present trump and thus America, let me know, because Baino announcing that he's running we are going to get into everything wrong with NATO in just a few minutes and the amount of time jeopardy. Happy about this, though I love that Texas is recycled transient. Being thrust upon regional depopulator, somewhere Dickies overplays, antelope it. I don't think he's gonna he's running with the same merchandise. The same market, as is losing campaign had access mercy needed, is getting that leading the news. The house to this year released the transcript of former Pierre LISA Pages testimony,
so just released. One of the biggest revelation was that page said. The infamous insurance policy text message was in fact referring to the russian lasting change. That is a big big deal. If you haven't been following leasing age testimony, we gonna live two seasons. Team covered the story in throbbing hard hitting knew that there was a slow Newsweek by design when you think about it? This is so. This was out. There should be a bomb shell with patients they were looking. A prosecutor are looking to make that to convict someone. There are looking for a guilty verdict effectively before any investigation ever started. It is dead, we're talking about Betty from full house getting to know when that would that's when the actual story of somebody faking russian collusion to get the russian collisions. Doesn't make the news, but the russian collusion story that like dies, I dont know what world I'm in anymore,
This is a little bit which, by the way and Norway they talked about the deejay said specifically not to charge Hillary Clinton when they could have. What is that legally? But what does that is an obstruction Well, you know it's not a solemn structure for a practical of lights. It is Europe's duty, maybe treason, No, I just didn't its there's. Just an overall of Merlaison general, exactly another political news, Vermont got. As a towns do mayor. Immediately devastated yeah, so the goat was elected as part of the fundraiser for new playground, but couldn't wait until the end of the ceremony to use the bathroom is an actual story that comes from me, Vermont publication by the goat and recruited by the Justice Democrats, because advertisers don't wait, do interesting shows they want you to do boring should marry
the art, Yoda, Homer, Bernie Sanders. Something idea we can describe were very once I don't know the goat. You know what the law says. You are not above the law of or market May, our old goat protein. You are going to put you in that sense? circle of Hell with amendments, just it would just be back. How goes the different layers of hell? You have drama geeks yeah, then become you know, a Hollywood superheroes withdrawal of stars. You have them, then you have ventriloquist's goats. My first my utter. Basically, the sulphur used to keep Ok, so I ve been running for the parents in the review day that enables Isabel I privileges, because I don't get it, but actually lorry Laughlin Felicity happen there among fifty charge in college and missions scheme comes from NBC News for people who don't know exactly what it is yet because
putting on Iraq the scant focus on getting students admitted to elite universities as recruited athletes, regardless of their athletic abilities commonly known as white parents all that, although the scams we're going on is everyone sitting on the ability of academic abilities with that which is basically everyone whose not asian I mean just give a girl. I feel really bad honestly for Asians right now. Ok, we, your mother, was tough on you right now. To what extent are two key Jim damage, its up, your son, you ve just bamboo splinters yes, baby splinters! Really I mean you had a complete target. You told me that at some point you were really yearning just to go to school. To get away from. It are absolutely I once the authors to schools
spread like because I just looked at school if it was busy with the soap taped in your mouth and that was in third grade so yeah giving us we I am, I am than your NAFTA was six report. I pick up. My heart goes out to little portly Bill Richmond. When you the little asian aviators picture, like a little, I was eleven humor regular. Then you're going. Oh, my god, I want to go to school. I want to get away from it. If I study, if I work hard, if I score the charts, my s, eighteen I'll, get away from this household and make off there too many of you, I left and I went to california- I go every what looks like my mom like Iowa, or something like that. You have been right, there's still bait, they invest. Isn't all level by the way. I'm infest I mean enrich no says the obligations. To be a lot of that agreement that I can say they deserve to fill up every brink, pretty much every single through this lot of football.
Already right now that isn't really getting all love so now, just just so you know just have no rumours get started like I was actually recruited to play a strong. My parents did not pay hashtag model athletes ok, Lily to let it get ahead of this a little bit. Ok, what would he was? He was on the point in us their Notre Dame. He was the only way it was like the glow pocket hockey from zero over the globe. Luck. I was just about to ask our so turning to big tech, a guy drove from main the California with three baseball bat in his car what I google for shutting down as Youtube Genoese comfort and bars to, of course, he was staffed. One main police shared information. The man was stating His meeting with Google personnel did not go well. He was going to resort to physical vial and the more bats would make that more effective, This sort of less shaggy Emily's released an image of the purple question actually which make
pay salt uremic, since while they strike really the baseball furies are just this. These just someone who uses bats disproportionately. What is the kind of you to come to expect. By way we're going to have a man is bound for prison after they re this guy had thirty three hundred miles to go. I just heard my resistless forgot by I hit that that's why we're just gonna go have ado that he had thirty three hundred miles to go. Why the hell did I bring three banks?
I've got to release, not back listen, I meant no one hears condoning the beating up, especially now totals workers are gonna, be your people, but if you are going to try and effectively batter men, I don't see how more that's would help legs Zella carrying more magazines and began condemning it. Not somebody should do anything, but just carry just like you will be better than a bad. Ten back? What do you need to change back this one, Scotland, who individual downward out a quick glance identifies economic incidentally, the visionary knit, but he still you only had one Aki Stick Programme would prefer hockey stick as you can hook. You can talk about this. We are International NEWS front of british moms, who were disgusted by internet sex, made now your fee of their own thoughts.
From the mere the film the moms made will be shown as they hold a viewing party for friends and family quote, including some of their children or is referred to by their binomial nomenclature. School shooters, while. Then a little to put on Mr Brittan back. That's they claim. He let me go back. I was like from North Korea by the way I don't know I might have to like this. Is our women mom? You came home to stop appropriating pornography, not have not ass, to be your things, sometimes it's just our thing. I've tried for. I could not record anyone to purchase your statement. Deputy director would be this awesome job and nobody's going to talk about a double standard. People will pay a premium for asian pornography by the way, as soon as I mentioned, that raised, not one person with innovation, men
I don't try. Stereotype of asian pornography works and I can tell you for sure it does not work. It does not. It does not on actual needed a study of the most common. I guess I guess the highest percentage as far as if you're looking at banning areas for people of different races were most attractive with men. It was typically asian women and with women, it was black men blows analysed with Asian It really is like you can only be good at so many. I will say that we have made in both respects. Wife is beautiful and she super sweet and super smart, and you gotta, do you know I don't people assume she's blight? What does mean? Could it because it's we, in this year, but I've never met a woman, who was an Asian who, like asian men, anyone Has anyone ever met a woman who was going whose singing asian men? I've never, ironically, really. Well, I guess What we can finally forward
better work. We have our Kelly, telling people his spirit, Week told them to do the now infamous Gale King Interview Sometimes these source closer singer so that our coded interview- because he is in constant touch with his spirit- intends to listen to it more often than the people around them. You think the interview, create a lot of buzz in the media and your team in industry, with a lot of heat lavishly questioning the man's innocence now and help This is something I ve been having a lot on another. We actually very only help us shed light on this. Our very own body, language, expert tv, Taylor, Miss Taylor, thank you for being with us happy to be here, Stephen. So you ve had the opportunity to study are Kelly's interview with with Gale king in what is your expert take on it? Well, Stephen, naturally, do you need to assume go right off the bat base on his complexion. No, my profession requires that I look deeper than that. What I saw was the body language of a man who is, at the very least, hiding something look here As you see him lightly, lean to the left at the Tell tale sign out, of course, he's being dishonest.
Has. As we know, the left side of the cerebellum is where we keep most of what we want to keep us that that is not in any way medically accurate. It's not sign out. Look here we see him as he starts lean back he's displaying clear shock and disbelief, namely and disbelief at how undeniable these accusations are by moving away from the interviewer, which would normally be a standard reaction by anyone, Givney identity. The interviewer in this country was forgive me for Libya words in your mouth, but it sounds as though you're already assuming guilt on our Kelly's, be how he's tease definitely guilty. Now we ve covered the left lean and the body pull back when I would clearly suggest wrong. Do not exactly even more telling. If you look here. You will see Mr Kelly, with a massive erection, now glance that maybe your normal mundane, even but given the present opening of the room? It's definitely suspect I would never. I would never call that mundane that so when we add all this,
the body lay in the pull back but, most importantly, the erect penis clearly point. Ok, I think I think we get the point Stephen. I cannot stress it to your audience enough. The significance of the erect vainly penis is an indication of sexually ok, that's that's enough. That's all. There is one final piece of evidence to which I like draw your attention. If you stop the interview here, you will clearly fine, yet another unwarranted throbbing erection which, given the present company, would again imply sexually compulsive. Can we just ease up on the gale king jobs here? It's it doesn't positively engorged Stephen Unwarrantably, so there is no reason for a raging hard penis. At this day, not bottlenecks is productive. I admit you're an expert really studied this all my life, Stephen. I stand by my assertion that the totality of this interview needs to be taken into consideration the course of the Import of that unnecessarily. Stiff garthie rod like penis can
be. That's enough. I'm I'm done with this party. Language analyse Miss Taylor, everybody thank you. I don't think we need a lot of wanna have about gun. Now ever again could never get a vitally winner of last week's trivia contest is at a production, o seven nine congrats correctly identified my favorite filled the was it the I didn't see the others at the outset. I want to make sure that we, I dont, you don't know. I don't put all these critical questions. You know I didn't know you guys got it correct. I watched it this year. The echoes you told me to its one of their was really good at its meeting of you. Pardon me. I wouldn't have been party at every five years of age without actually ragged. I thought your movie was little Nemo adventures and Slumberland. You're, just saying words. Yet
Smooth, no email, because the wetlands are better with numbers guy you know is not one of those agents. Beta Orourke announced his bed for the Erika. The question that I think presents the biggest threat to Donald Trump is it painted, is paid out before them and all of the facts year, five reasons as to why NATO is a terrible candidate. Just you know, because people live in nice numbered list, but here's the truth that guy just a wiener. I mean this is just the quintessential wiener lay I mean that when you were a kid- and you use that term before you told us, we think like as a wee bit of hope I saw him in and add when he was running. You know unsuccessfully, against head quickly. Yes, like that's the guy everybody's talking about you're kidding me, he looks horrible like you just this is the guy that you're, not friends within school, that nobody is. He just sits at his own table. Why?
Why is he like the Saviour of democratic values and we, like your bullying, tendencies, are coming back no bill around like that he's the white having appalling Carter lack not oblige anybody. I know without beta a bully, and I feel that Mr Glow Buck over without Napoleon because he's a quarter blackened cities did I ever gonna. Could we got a boy in the courtroom prior written number? Five investigating don't do that. Sulphur staff not hitting I don't know why. I do things reason innocent all Democrats put his is campaigning. Policies are predicated, ok on absolutely keeping racism alive. Here is in his campaign. Video released, I believe, on twitter, confront the hard truths of Sir every one segregation in suppression and these United States of America Stern. What you got under even properties it in these units
it thing with the left. They have things so good right now they have to run on the injustices from page or centuries ago what you been nonexistent, Irma, multiple generations. As this thing I just ran for Chancellor of Germany, like ok, our number one priority first business is that we confront We the undersigned, arguably overreaction myself right, let them Muslim, country is a perfect. We ve made mistakes, but this is the most pressing issue. I'm just I'm done with this argument. I really am, and I am saying this come up and you saw a couple of days ago. Somebody came out a republican saying that he's in support of looking into reparations, and can I stole my hands you're going to my referees. What in the world you don't get a quarter of it anyway, railroad railroad railroads rain,
look at. How straight imperfectly? Let's awesome this comes from a guy who believes in modern day, police officer shoot people to death solely, not maybe in bias. Maybe some people have some blind spots. He believed that the police shoot people dead, so based on their skin color, but you don't have to take my word for it- I see. Let me address What click solely why you,
panes factually false and morally reprehensible that you would send a violent roquat. The here's something important that this is why I hope he won't be because basically white guy we'll get to that. A second! That's, ok, go it is removed. Kabul to me because, firstly, teach you write in it with that with politics are in politics, as this don't use absolute, don't say solely or in every instance, unless you are completely one hundred percent confident that there is no legal room and even then you probably shouldn't say that he just said shoot them solely because there are five times that that's and its it. Thank you said it's reprehensible he's whipping up millions of people or at least trying to another how many people is reaching right now, but trying to whip up millions of people.
Us to win an election. You remember, we had the Dallas shooting that happened a couple years ago area over a year ago, I was in the lock. I was so pissed off because of like this is what happens when you whip people up into a frenzy of stubbornness and he's doing it right again, what Honeywell solely to win an electronic about how many thousands of black officers heard that more seen, it really thought wait a minute you're, saying that I'm shooting people because of their race or the nose array, stream of white people, or God forbid. We ever mention conversation like this any other minority rights. Any other minority that's been shot or attacked, or whatever age we must be honest, Tommy We are calling for a turning point. In my mind, tat. I want to call your mom. I mean it s too self and move on you'd like to go in Vermont mean just because they know that your mother, your mother's asian mothers, are not behold into laws of the land and nobody's beat you anyway. No that's my ass for the gun is a machine
The point I made it assumes that all black officers out their solely sound like a party. Let me go find me a colored like what do you think about where the people have it worse, probably only the worst him dealt, I would say in any profession and my dad I'll tell you this black police officer in online as yet is best friends. Opportunities are dad, was attempting to what was police actually work in love like police officers, and they would have to take specific rout get into unmarked car, the police station to go back home. I was especially the Detroit Riots. They were marked. Men are the number for a reason but made it was horrible candidate trailer This, of course, is support for open borders. That's what you think. If you go by his campaign, video that he again we cannot go into it sounds benign enough us wherever you live, can acknowledge that if immigration is a problem, it's the best possible problem for this country,
have, and we should ensure that there are lawful paths to work to be with family and to flee persecution. There's that absolute worrying is the best possible from what is like we had too much money. Look at all this goal and there's no crime. This country is positively by That's good issue out new Yorkers would lament like that when Europe was gritty in cool like oh really your hands, when no, no, no, no, no, no ended the privilege. Why hipster? I just like to act as though I liked me era. Jason goes to Manhattan, but really think I'd for Giuliani than you do So it seems like again just it's the best problem. It's a better price, what am I to understand? What I'm saying is that people want to come in then he's trying to flee the country, even though it's on what a path to citizenship you go. Cable that sounds boldly.
Well until you realise that he wants to use taxpayer dollars to tear down the existing border security. We would you you could. Would you take the wall down here? Yes, if you have a one, that's illuminato take the war. It is raining how fast that lead from roman bores, although I do not see that after now use deck they're going to tear down, I mean everyone should keep. Please keep in mind. Where better has Not only for saying that, I know you don't like it was my father was, they might not to say tat. He would see that, but I met the battle or, as he says it, Pedro he's what what he's from El Paso he's, probably district that relies on the border he's saying: go ahead in terror of the board, the border down between America and Wars, pretty much per year and always with their he hasn't been able to tear down. He is
around as usual. You know what we need to do for the safety of better, the maritime economy, its tear, this wall, dog browsing, of Mexico went the Reagan moment you we want long death. We have prepared now Lucy spaces Living spaces, download habitability. Even I do I look. I've got a new role to propose if you're, one of those in favour of taking on the border wall or open borders, fine you get to take in and an entire family. Port them financially and not make the rest of the country to it. By the way, I want to clear something I Brooklyn El Paso that family would be heads on turtles. Its we ve got a lawyer in the room, so at the end of what he said, he said people fleeing persecution, trying to turn on your heart strings. According to a believe international off your fleeing persecution, you have to go to the nearest safe country, which is not Mexico for the people coming from south and Central America are not United States,
so it's not us about. What's my not and other funds, persecution is there's something it's it's not. It's gonna govern proper screening for their religion, no there what the just because, ok, but you can't even cox- that's not perfect! I don't I don't wanna vilified and turning to admit the nation of people, and we have some great makes, convey What's it gives us right? Here's my litmus test, drink. You tap water. Yes, not the boxes in people's bodies. That country is not a great country, that's why they want to leave and that's the best problem have, according to data, not too much money. Reason number three! Let's not forget he's really a criminal, and by what I don't mean this in the hall, will they won't day break out again off again down from Russia? I mean he tried to flee the scene of a drunk driving out at an end, then lied about it. A witness said in that accident that you try to lead the scene of accident, lower prodigious and share borders, be concern about the widow skateboard I did not try to leave
The scene of the accident you dare not even one well gave for Pinocchio in his claim n. You know they really wanted to give. You know Pinocchio they tried, but you cannot be over there. I mean they were region away into the Pinocchio vault pulling out Jonathan Taylor. Thomas stalls I regret that one refugee law that one rise the with a horrible, this isn't some white collar crime or he moved some numbers running rapture turns a crime of physical harm. We sing negligence. What is that, if you can write negligence, absolutely could have been done maliciously. He knew what was going on in there wouldn't need decided to leave actively azure. Does it count? If he's honest keyboard. Well, that's all that we call the tony hawk large interpreting lady AOI away.
The only thing I can think of with more of a piece of while factor was John Edwards, who was literally banging a pregnant woman on a sector while his wife in the hospital with cancer. The fact that its even comparable should make you wildly they. He set the bar really really high and Baino just grazed it's here, and I started to think that I think actually go if, when you think of of Beethoven work, think JANET That's I want the treaty is inextricably linked to legally. That's, ok right when applying it take my leave before we get to travel Robinson and the final two reasons hit notification bell. If you're on you too, because subscriptions don't necessarily mean anything anymore, also bookmark the page and just check back in videos, everything that they, I think, except for Sunday, sometimes on Sunday, because a key tool and it may be hard for us to contact. You fill those all about this also join Magua. That's the number one way to support us and see all the content daily, show bonus, content subscribe on Itunes and leave us already if you want, but not you Mommy Dunaway turn three point: six million. I just saw that do that at its centre.
Yeah, just celebrated in recent I've not too long ago. Why? Don't we ll have a new sponsor Crown Prince Mohammed been someone from Saudi Arabia, so we're very he's he's not a sponsor is backing the show really providing some funding as a move into a new studio, and we just want to show that you understand. I will not change the direction of the show one bit. Reason number to better work is the hipster pandering his entire persona is based and this change it's just. Skateboarding at rally's rallies call them twenty was in Iraq, bandage to being a first. If you think I'm making this up here, we have a montage. If you notice, watches,
he made the point about regulations. Video like put December did now wouldn't bother me so much if you didn't change about myself, but I want to make us is tat. You can you know those kids are ok, you're public or private came emo, and then they went into the alternative community where you put on a rabbit some kind. I dont know what is this some kind of a country's parading ritual plus Fourthly, music he's Put this out there by the way it was working at the mall at Easter. That's where that film clip came
churches. The opacity he's appeal to everyone. How funny would have been if the old lady, more walkers, just Peter given the high five with their hand, waits like death The fact that there was any one who is a Christian did. What you expect was a big things like you want. When you These can wander, listened Blake when they too, and so the mere said, here's an xbox and actually do I look. There are a good bit do not put its half ass now stopped as final reason that I don't think he's just a worse can, and I know everyone is hypocritical, but he is the worst kind of fake hypocrite gonna go to Tom Robinson second, but beta Orourke we can bring the source. Here there are two key: may wages, have a collage we're gonna, do I'm going for every single source this guy presented as the everyday working man who grew up poor he's,
It was about nine million dollars himself married into a wealthy family worthing twenty billion dollars, and even though we must raise taxes as families, multi million dollar Virgil, business was busted for tax brought. His entire Texas campaign was based on funding, influence and money. The elite of LOS Angeles in New York, mainly record breaking eighty million dollar to influence local Texas politics and he's not even mexican he's irish. His real name is Robert Francis he's Carlos Mensa on tax dollars. Steroids. If you look for vital that's a vote for Carlos meant see getting up to here? Let's go to Tommy Robin.
Joint motion for a year sixty four students military, thereby we can continue to employ sweatshop bangladeshi children to make reservations club it's up to you to save you Prato shop supporting free speech since two thousand and some people being banned from social media left and right? You can now purchase this platform. This limited edition louder with Crowder Shop that completion. Fine, your name subordinate to authority and request for them to get your ass in the latter with partnership that gun today.
There is no point in remained, there's some kind of chewing robot toy. When I was a kid, but it just did this. No one here just would fall out of the mouth. Was a horrible toy. Is the but next gas is a wonderful person led to haven't. You wouldn't know this. If you read about him from a Haiti's at her mainstream me, it's kind of a troll, pretty much all dishonest media. Would you wrote me outside of ourselves? Were the only ones you control? You? Don't don't read anything else, don't educate yourself on opposing points, just watch the show. See our dot news Tommy Robinson, it's been a spell. How are you, Sir thinks thanks, I'm good, why now. The question is short of it: sort of rhetorical because- people who don't uneven on the show, for I mean
first, we must have at least two years ago right yet is a while ago a hell of a lot happened. Yes, and you ve already done some time in jail since then and here's one thing. I want to make sure before we go through this timeline, because it is unbelievable. You know a lot of people go out there. I know this. This sort of martyr, victim, complex new, do see it from the right as well. But when I read about your situation in the new and every time I read a development. I go. Oh, my god. I've never seen this kind of a railroading just because of someone's point of view, basically from his government. So let me just. Sure I had this corrected Triticum pilot on a timeline August. First lords, for Justice of England. Well throughout your conviction. You were released, in prison and write what this brings us to When you run the show, panorama- is me there is this coordination between leftist or is it? Is it no? Is it hope, not hate contacted the b c, where there are tragic
story to blackmail you and speak with former employees of yours. But I didn't know that you were taping, then that these employees were talking with you. You were taking these people as they were. Basically, putting together a hit job, and then because you released some video evidence of hit job now back in hot water and facing more jail time as it is that the general time incorrect me we're Enron, yeah, that's it and autonomy. Panorama, will work with like an angel, gonna, good hope nor I who suffer person everything they do there. I do almost funded organization to attack anyone who goes against open borders and immigration and their job. For years. I have been the focal point of their job. They I found out. They work in hand in hand with panorama. The BBC's flagship, most respected documentary there is in there in then that is a documentary them he's the trick. So another real quick panorama is that it is it like a documentary series for Americans who don't necessarily know. Yes,
very serious is that flagship show panorama they will find the truth they are. They are known. Throughout the world is wearing how the fuck agent and really bringing out the truth of what's going on right. So when I found out the panorama working with my height straightway, along those lines runaway because paradox be independent, the baby, Should be independent body welcome, abolished zation, who unnamed its wages, The three reports of left wing, extremist organisations. There are no gas No, if I exaggerate hate crime statistics by three thousand percent there, dishonest organization prepare panorama and then found out and saw again told they were contacted, I'm blackmail him more. Former employees basically to my former employees when they left working with rebel. They were. And were receiving funds, I believe of hope, the height to bring down rebel, maybe so but no
So these two boys who left me up then got job with me. Wesley avoided. No one would ever made it known that I didn't work hey. It wouldn't have done very well the great right so hope, height and set them down. Made them sign that unless you agree to take him down, this is amid the men with a joy was when it really. They got really involved the unambiguously start afresh, and blackmail in these two former employees to work with them and bring bring Tommy down and now and then, and then, when did they come to, when did you find out in what was it these same employees who helped sort of up? I guess sting. Almost like every heist movie, you see where they got the goals. I know you have the fake bar. I got the real one, it's very hard to follow. When did they come to you, these former employees, and let you know that this was a foot so that you could start recording these people yourselves, so they didn't. Why go now was that what but what they were doing with her I would say, not secret cameras.
So they were secret cameras devastated. Having conversations about me said, then, it could be said that this recording was on the cover for each and then but the two said employees it up in a difficult position because it would seem that they were having a conversation me about. My finance is about my life, all sorts of things and then the former employee. I then received a letter from panorama. I was aware, in fact, almost to be honest: if someone is when I found out, how is it about I was aware, the bodies look out on that something was happening and then the former employees who Lucy Brown, who we absolutely fella. We absolute he felt very publicly sure she stopped what she's not working. For me, when I received the paragraph in the shade contact may I say that she'd been contacted by panorama and then I went to see other nosedive film it, so I went to see her and said how about you,
is the last thing I said you was screaming some pretty young comfortable, abuse it. You know what I've perfect, no such as enlargement, what you Lucy so tell me tell me, and she said or done she said she said she was that annoyed with me. She had. My prison number tat everything about ready to ever since she was. She was the annoyed me So we really felt an aim. Then she said the up in content. By panorama- and it seems that they just want me to say negative things about and she said well, regardless of what's important years, regardless of level of truth, correct I yet She said that she had been offered money, financial money, five thousand pounds, shipping offered money for front page story as well. All this work is with no height work with these groups, the story was to paint me as Harvey Wednesday. Russia paint me,
I obviously mop four went on here: there's something in oh, my god, you're a little and then with Now, that's then. Basically, we start. Then we come up with an idea to aid for her to send us everything, tat message about your books. Commensurate, but also then for her to tell me this that face of Panorama uncle John Sweetie Johnson, wherever fads where on the cover comes and what we round off the one meeting with him was that he said they would create for it. She said she has to find the Gordons made her rocket and that in the record- and she goes absolutely mad at me- itself MECCA, and he says, don't worry, we can click that the out and then he says I can deal with this. I can make this into a sexual thing against homophobia, I don't listen to reply.
I want to make sure people understand for the timely, because it is important, because now it comes back to you with obviously facing potentially more jail time. I think it was the in February every twenty third. You aired some of this footage. I think it was an Manchester to an audience of thousands of people and right after this footage was uploaded of Youtube. Facebook, That's when you were completely de platforms, along with multiple accounts at even shit, and I can say that I want to give you the floor- we had the very similar only just went under cover you an undercover at myself, what it It's a single party consent state and it just make fun of a bunch of us like a queer intersections panel who cannot be here, but anyone who posted our video was suspended on twitter, so it this x experts to a much lesser extent, but do we have that you, then air. This footage which
vindicate or at least told the truth and then gone and then got from Facebook and not just gotten become with complete. Lorries is devoid of removing gone from Facebook gone from Instagram. At eight that the toys that people understand when I was put in prison on the twenty fifth of mine, which was for poor in outside of it advocates case when I was in prison. Thirty thousand people marched in London. Six hundred thousand races in Sunder have me believe there was a he told me movement, the brute right. It was at this time The panorama were instructed to do it here until the moment. It was at that moment that day because I could see the boy but equally, That's. Why you're my my support had just dear silence, main prison had the adverse effect. Coming to a prison to mass movement of people who were now listening.
He could see by my video results that I'd done. I try to do that. I will go far, might Adam They seems a point of order that had been instructed bringing down your work alongside no high. We produce why produce more video is completely proves. With evidence that they will lie and create booze, that's also about away. That's also velvet it by its name, Mohammed, Mamma is Mohammed SH, SH sh. What's Monica Civic Chevy? these ambiguities- BBC Guy, didn't you admit, on twitter- to get a meeting with with with Facebook, to have you remove from the platform age the meat with Facebook. He says you meet with Facebook any and it's what I've been removed and are just watch the four adjust naive channel. In Britain sitting down interviewing the head of Google and there, It's him boys, Tommy lovers and global level that are, we gonna future. Very six hundred said that the data. Patients free, like the politicians, is a video them sit with the CEO of Youtube. This was a year ago and they say why
will be abolished in on you, and I want to be clear about this as an important people understand it's a different situation with you, in the UK than it is for Americans, because the government is trying to exert political pressure because they don't like what you're saying as much if dont like Donald Trump Donald Trump, it also Susan we're just keep saying. I read what you get Jake Wigan removed a few to any, wouldn't be able to any ways. We know how those kinds of hate speech, laws and United States its different with your country. Just like it's different in the way Twitter would handle and think with China there been multiple cases of them, basically, basically acquiescing to authoritarian governments, but I want to make sure I understand correctly your ear you're, This was what I don't want to miss. Speak legally, doesn't want to get you in trouble, but it was thrown out, and now Is it the same cases before that you're being we tried for your sake? it was right now and it was thrown out by the Hague judge of the whole of Britain, the top man you're twenty four hour. He didn't just he absolutely towards shreds. He said that
I wasn't asked about get we're lucky. I wasn't it. It was completely try, it wasn't adroit, always straight up, I'm about any opportunity. I haven't even been told what I done right. I was taken off straight for those layer of spending thirty months in prison without without my leg league representation without the opportunity, so that was frozen. And wondered what justification for the retrial on that case, because you are you not, I think, you're you're courtiers sometime in March, and it's not regarding this taping of this baby seat of his pen, Rama. It's it's the same cases before that was pronoun. Is the boy standing outside the core and asking they the ten now convicted child rapists, how they felt about their sentence
The oil caused then anxiety right now. I remember that, but what's the justification on what are basing its justification for retrying you now, since it was torn out, that's why I understand that it was thrown when it is by now it was then put through the old Bailey. So it was five now and the judge said it wasn't fair. It wasn't done properly to again. I then went to quote three more times I gotta I was supposed to stand trial. Sobbing Three coherence is at the highest court again in the land. The that could do cancer is really an mass mass murders, and here is data retained Tommy around what they may find an. When I put my argument to the judge, which would my evidence to say actually this is what happened Hake when he's right. My thing, the day of my trial has just said I can't it is because essentially the wheat, while I went to prison forward, they said, was a breach in her report. Mrs Roy shocked him court transcripts from the judge from the same trial, showing
the other journalists breach the same, appoint restriction this weekend and not of the face prostitution. I they get in comparable to showed every. Basically everything has happened. It is political and media Turning to speaking go on list in every single one of these points and the whole. What's gonna hit, so he said that he didn't want is absolutely right. That is, for he sent it back to the government. So for five months been with the government. I did what I didn't really to be a schoolhouse rock equivalent to the bill on the capital steps only. How does Tommy Robinson, the prison where people understand that the branches of government how it's, how it gets done here, is, I guess, my question because obviously it all of this is that no of course it's it's a lot of talk about the national Sousa who did you did do the campaign by finance violation, but he's the only one who did this
that he did that it is the law apply equally. That is really an important measure of a free society. Now from outside. Your obviously look at this but the panorama in the documentary and as soon as you run it boom Facebook, Instagram you're off. It's no longer there and then then the retrial teeth so I look at and go ahead. Second seems really suspicious. It seems as though they are tied to before. We see that even the case. All I wanna hear your opinion on that. I dont ask what their justification for removing you from Facebook. So I'm kind know how they justified sort of this retrial. Why did they remove you from Facebook? They say it's continued violation. That's what I said, but they said Osborne a month ago alike. They also said that my posts in sight, they said the I posted. This was bad for me. I said I posted perhaps those who followed the corral never
it's a boy did it would be all countries whether it would be to get the news. Every journalist is not always a screenshot base. If I posed today, that law is going around the world and then the use that and these height we others I just started. We need to be clear. You do not want to not want everyone who had everyone beak. This is ridiculous and its actual we terrifying. Do you think that these things are our time? Do you think that there's there's something I want that sites are Nick Clegg, Nick Clegg who worked with Mohammed? She fake Nick Clegg used to be the leader of this commitment You look like you're, so complete apologies for Islamic, always husband. Islam is my subject to talk about a lot and he is right.
Just when he was in second, not Nick Clegg is now in charge of communications and Facebook. So Nick Leg is the right one. The my member global communications are faced by the Mickey I gonna documentary and more document tree the currently proved to everybody that the BBC is fighting it, that the Mai flagship Advice prestige programme by half. There's. A lot of histories about absolutely on a pedestal has just been some underneath it showed on the cover for each showing them but creating news ready to fight those soapy, so your view is understand the discussion that what was dignified recorded by me in the female loosen the he said he could make it. Sexual thing was a discussion about mostly blank It was nothing about securing so there was. He was It wasn't a conversation about a muslim bloke who is doing something oddly sexual? No, was a conversation about with it. It was a conversation about.
This muslim blog should have been invited to speak a free speech about love, and then he says we can claim that we can ensure that we can make this. The essential thing against don't ever was Where can we can watch this footage really quickly. If only you to China, we could go on tee. I don't know you see, link is panel drama. The problem is when you say I didn't just get deleted by Facebook: Diet, you know how to talk statement. If you go on anything about twenty Robinson on Facebook, it will be really anything I have become, and you can go on a book and at the same time we need to change, lives, dream settings after today, every leaf onset, you'll, get community guidelines from you want some percent, so everyone whose followed me went on and I said it's not like I'm going back up in school, I'm going back to prison and blasted. A mass movement on social media group. Not now I could you come because you know even less talk back.
As you will be moved, you have your account and at the same time as this Amazon hoping selling my best selling book for two years, remove them look them so that we can have on what's their justification. That again, I'm kind of playing devils advocate a little. But what did I say? The reason was I didn't give a written into completely delete. It's like history. Luck is just go, another book, so Amazon is due by my camp. You might look younger children you comprising on on Facebook. You can't even talk about someone now arising for me, is quite a widow was written because nor to other nor Georgette years. What tat much I mean, this We have street. Why years why? I think that is in a way to get it, but here's why I think that is first autonomy as a couple of questions as on cross examining and preparing you here for your eureka, the eight do hate Muslims you advocate violence against Muslims, but quite the opposite, you know
if not on and it's gonna? Let us just go real quick, because I wonder why do you advocate violence against Muslims? Never do hey juice, no, never blacks! Night! you can set yourself sexes, Tom, a phone I don't know I white supremacist of any kind, or would you reject those titles? I despise ok. I want to make sure that I, that clear and here's. Why think they d platform? People like you or remove you because it's easy to say oh Hitler's we can sort of weakened to study it right, create this this bogeyman. But if someone like you was out there expressing opinions and Europe, Dave and there's a movement and there's a groundswell behind you and they go housing of people really knows what Tommy Robinson believes everything that you just stated right now they go. He might actually make some headway here, to remove him. Let's leave the crazy white, you premises, son there with swastikas. Let's leave them under the guise of free speech, so people think we're not shadow banning anybody, but let's get rid the people who are actually affecting change. I think that's what it is. I agree. I agree,
I think that when they looked my figures, they lived in response. They lived an the engagement prozac laughing. I asked of legal big I'd want one. Would you million people on Facebook. I my gauge my engagement, if I If I went like the man it was. Five thousand people watch live straightaway engagement in the comments it was worth three mile Jeremy call them could dream up with with a bridge and they know it. And they need, and they know that they know the ability we have to we all. We had to be people enjoy. Is they just because, essentially they prove everything so people now can see they can say we ve been people, not people who follow my story. People know me and the anthem zoos now tens of thousands of millions, the story, every question you just ass, they footing my views and have also they re all. Yes, I know they know it, but I want to make sure that this is expressed on this show where we have a significant fewer ship and reach and they're not gonna, be taken down. This show I guarantees. Maybe Facebook will put you to both in the dim.
The american government in government in the UK is a date for deaf women's Ronald and one slash. Four black noses for weeds to get tons of live viewers on Facebook in this was released in the James O'Keefe staying was actually had back end code to three they'll throttle. Our page will eliminate a reach, but they can't bayonets because they are necessarily in Cahoots with a government that we ve proven that, but obviously like have said, if you look at the history of social media and their working with governments, they do ten We, as final question we do have to goes, has gone longer than anticipated. Is there anything because all right now, they're doing their upper research there just trying to find dirt on you that they can. Poland, a rabbit in eight mile here, is there using- that you want to cut off at the passes or anything that you think they might turn release on you as dirt that you're concerned about, or they might take out of context.
If they did they, they did have you anything that hampers was drunk banner. Amongst me, my friends, which would they body try to kill, without which the response that was exactly that it was from a what's up with your friends, except that Stephen not ask if you, if you could possibly have time when we stand drop em. I understand he's not gonna be on the twenty second of two found out today is gonna, be put back. Ok for your first men. If you come and visit an you watched in horror and heard, what's happened and then, when you get back to your country Well, I got flights to keep at first but took as you you'd understand. You would see a country without freedom and a man without free people without freedom and to have no voice like to keep that and defended. And make sure state, because it essentially by I to be sent back to prison for standing outside a cobra, Anne and telling people what people in coffee
see that's it and by the way I will we really clear people will go. Watch this video in those who simply caustic and come around to seem like he was a rat What's it, some people might say this cat on a certain, though, that I agree with him, I don't care if it's a convicted rapist in the United States, you can say outside you can't go in the courtroom. You can videotaped the guy if it's on public property, earth to single party consent, state, say: hey man, you're, a rapist, you're, a piece of cheese and guess what people don't have to like it. But you can say- and I know The government from Canada. We don't have the same freedom of speech is the United States. I would lose its alleged. I said the men could be innocent children. Dewey, I said everything so that didn't assume that you, I said, we cannot overlook. You is it, as I also said on the video. The I've got Muslim. You're goin operating with hate these men for these crimes, and this is a muslim men, a cake box. There is seed epidemic in this country, where regeneration about what has been taken a sexual slight. Ninety four,
the main convicted or Muslim. They only make a four percent of the UK as a problem. Restaurant gets opponent. The same thing in the United States. Obviously, now all immigrants, but there's a disproportionate problem of sex trafficking at the borders now, and it is coming larger than they out through the mexican american Border and we'll talk but down from talk about that of the state of the union, and we're Cortez and, I believe, worn whenever they wouldn't even stand up and clapped and clap until they were instructed to are. It is t r, DOT news, correct and you're getting still up for the time being, but two yards news is the best possible to go where they can probably find all information, You can't be taken away. Mister Robinson, let's make sure it's not too long before we come back as soon as you can. After this, this court hearing men, prayers, were you when you hear about cohesion? so I went to the police about harassment markets, but its outcomes then we'll I'm joggins, any big news: ok, absolute
listen! Thank you. Serbia, safety can and appreciate. All that you do.
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It was called the Pr Kelly, because the unnecessary represent would then cause an air pocket lookin at me, with a movie with with whole Coggan thunder thunder down. Now, that's a maelstrom club but could catch
In fact, some of them it is not transparent funding thunder in Paradise. I think by the way to turn the robins, we object Jessica Bag and swimming underwater, and then he opens the bag. And it's like there's an air pocket where his breathing airs I tried it. I almost border myself in a pool as a kid, but the poison, a kid you get those bubbles in your dupree Rachel. You push my real father. What now the kid under I head that that was so embarrassed in front of a girl like that. They thinking, which it why things you can do. I look like I have no idea, but this isn't funny things what your embarrassed about where kids, I was ever embarrassed about. That's all right so onto this morning. I should have done this, but then I was doing the drowning dance how's, your wedding, by the way it was great great, was really fun and honour. It was beautiful with you ve zone, on the words now your cabin
Now, that's a beginner beginning to a horror films unwilling to let him know. Yet there was a hanging. She confirmed the consternation yes well, we are doing it was it was at that? the hill in the middle of the woods so like nobody could get their cars up there? So it was just. Just the groom. My brother had four wheel drive in here to carry everybody. Now I was that I think you just don't Letterman novel with far beyond the cover it was hit by the face in the fate of the Siegel by the way are acts of tuna to talk. But I was actually taken with something that an athlete said recently gave him his Anthony Psmith. He lost John Jones recently. Title been pretty one sided, really one sided. He did not perform well, but he could have possibly found an out because he suffered an illegal me boots was on the ground, so if you'd of opportunity could have actually claim that he wouldn't be able to continue, and he would have one on disqualification.
And by winning by that I mean, including the belt the wind bonus. The paper view percentages that come with being a champion. Everything really big deal, but he didn't know it was asked why he said I have a quota He said that the part that pisses me off as world is so crazy. I don't need a pat on the back for doing the right thing slight. When you see we'll saying, oh, my god, look at how good a daddy is you're supposed to be involved in your children's life, you're supposed to take care of your kids you're supposed to love your wife and oh, my god, it's at a rarity. Today, too, now we do the right thing, but to do it demanding that everyone recognize you do the right thing and I know it's become tired. Cliche wanted talk about it, but I want to talk about more than just beating about participation trophies here. No that's been done on a bunch of the conservative. Dissipation show feed. I we were talking about the little that we're talking about the fat does remain that we are now several generations deep into a generation of people who reward themselves for doing the bare minimum
The bar is set so low that passable is loaded with praise How do you feel you lost the game, but you didn't cheek you're champion. A book only or not that an affair- but you chose not to that, makes you a ok now it means you pass the bare minimum requirements as pre contractual marriage agreement as a husband. While you got the kids ready for school and prepared them lunch and you put them up you're, like super mom, now you're, just a mom treat yourself. You learned only when the time you haven't not saying by, though that you should enjoy like that, you shouldn't celebrate the small victories, what I'm talking about here unit noticed particularly with my generation, that largely what I'm speaking too, maybe those below what is the low expectations that we set. Ourselves jumping for society to do it, to name we sell books and t shirts and people to make in be around rounds wanting to make everyone feel good about themselves. But you know you know why doesn't work.
You know what we still have staggeringly high rates of depression of low self esteem anxiety depending we ask it's worse than ever, because can't lie to yourself, and I've talked about this in a previous closing segment. The most toxic lies that we tell in our lifetimes are the ones that we take ourselves? You can try and do it for a while, but you can't do it every day and feel good about yourself. Some exceptions to this rule by the weather tongue mountaineers some people. Said expectations. We too are in themselves, and I know some people like that as an employer had to learn how to manage people this. This message isn't for you, but the vest majority of people, the rule rather than the x most of you today have severely chronically law expectations of yourselves criminally. So and many of you attempt allowed yourselves pet yourselves in the back for doing the bare minimum celebrating. It is, though, its excellence, and you know what it will destroy your life. It's a waste of life. Oh you provided for your family. Who cares? You should
to you and every other man since the beginning of time who wasn't a screw up? What are you gonna do with their gifts? Are you had the joint achieve this? chance to exploit some honour, something that you chose to do the right thing. No one can expect any different when she got to the point When you celebrate, these bear minimums is victories. The real victories ring hollow, and if you get into a pattern This now seen it long enough You spend so much time celebrating praising basking in the glow of meeting these bare minimum requirements that you'll have the time or the focus or the desire to do more, and you will find you Self, with a life unfulfilled any even that can become even more corrosive pattern, because when you come to the realisation that you ve never fulfilled your potential, you become resentful and you ve lied yourself for so long that your bare minimum meeting the requirements in europe-
was worthy of congratulatory praise. It now this this emptiness this void. What it must reach It must be due to someone else right. You ve done everything expected of you write, so someone else needs to make it right. It all started many simples expectations. It all starts with expectations of yourself, and so I want you to think about this, for a second k pause this. If you need to you, know your talents, you know, you're gives your desires, your abilities, taking all of that into account. What expectations have you set for yourself? Argument
that's what the gold stars, participation, trophies or how proud other people say they are of you. It could not be less relevant. You know who you are. You know why you are created. What can you do? Have you have you sit down? Let out a plan, China, past fulfilling your true potential, or have you been not only okay with achieving the bare minimum health and even call this the bare minimum? Let's call it one of these general expectations for yourself. Have you been not only okay with it but celebre tory? If not, then this is not for you, but if, in your quiet time lower your thoughts, he come to terms with. As many of us do myself at many moments included that you have not fulfilled your potential, it sounds silly a lot of the time it comes down.
Something as simple as the law expectations. You said yourself. The world wants to tell you that your perfect, what you are you're, not really wants to give you a gold sticker for the bare minimum and guess what the world is largely filled with mediocre people and mediocre results and by the way that applies to personal happiness in fulfilment you do at the world's way you get the results of the rest of the world. Don't let the claws of low expectations set a plan your gratitude, be grateful. Mr gifts chart a course set expectations of yourself and meet every day. Every single, let me know how works out that simple destruction. That's we
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