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2019-03-22 | 🔗
Talking all things Canadian Chlamydia, weed psychosis, mystery poopers, and how the Electoral College is good for American voters. Tumbler merchant Ben Shapiro talks his new book, and Brodigan sits third chair.

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Hey audio listener, yet others video right now, get it some of your on the roads. We have to download this takeover. A plain some of you read through Braille. So this is the only option, but for other people their exclusive sketches. Individual elements is the night nightly show over there on Youtube or four months of numbers. Let us federal accomplishment of the show is daily beyond the cliffs that you just get on Youtube, or here on Itunes gets ninety nine dollars for the year, sixty nine dollars annually. What unfettered accomplished my club, but I get it you're an audio only guy or go there is no change in your mind, enjoy the show. Hey. There viewer orb listener to people on the audio version before we get to tonight's intro and show with Ben Shapiro premature Trudeau in can Yogi Ramesh just want to. Let you know that, because of your support of my club, there are some job openings avail new jobs, are opening all the time it's at a lot of Canada, coms, less jobs, ladder of credit outcomes, less jobs where you can go to apply right now, specifically we're looking for two people. I d peace
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Look at me doc about social media back gonna. Do you know what I'm talking about? This is what I mean when I'm talking about shadow banning corporation centre right there, broader mainly what you'd say is in fourteen strayed, our stare asian. These are the things you think you ever do. Man you can read the guideline. Family updates doesn't matter to follow their you. Do you know what they do? They change they. Finally, stop your current. None of her right. When you add three million subscriber actually comes on mistaken. Overly secrecy refrain now, let's see for the very first time conservatively can compete. They saw here they saw what we were scheduled. Reference land was crowded, production will more than just some guy on lives on a webcam or some kid. With a few days, we were continuing to grow. They found no too late to start. We all knew all your book is gonna, be right. Claims on the first day and see him too deep land. It was all tat. Was all the same, a dream. You travel to dream about me and, like any other tree in this one, at the end,.
called the boy Jody with towards Dian, because it supports the first to signify toughness blue arrested carpal tunnel. We don't know what I know about adventure Piero on the show, our Prime Minister, Trudeau, on the show. Today you are you sure, guest with our laughing Yoke initiative. They of course, in third cheers, always my favorite lovable drunk broadening phone at brought it, and how are you miss Brodie, doing a lot? Now that I have I've got twenty four hours are getting any shimerda. My system
this is a really rough people's members of my club and think it was because you couldn't get a shot quarter. Black air shown you have that's main geo. Morgan Junior Jumanji was one of the two days. Number at the blue right away. What was thus stagger staff, because your bachelor party, those as winter thunder down under an overnight miniature sources, are correct. We have to keep Mattie where she's known at the young Turks not welcome question of the day before him before there's two first, one go and getting hundreds of letters and of people saying you're, not receiving notifications lot allow or even in the notification bonus have you been experiencing. This comment below you are our Pauling get. A second will be going into the new movement to do away with electoral college. This week we can talk about which Democrat idea do, you think is most indicative of them being sore losers. Abolishing the electoral college backing the Supreme Court with more justice, and let me know, but you can do about this system in their body and went off to arrive stratified Azra, to think what I thought,
That the you're trying to think how does this after a great said that event superior wants it and the IQ points raised its wealth. It that's Amy Schubert, like I am happy to have can't think and half of what we ve been arrested at that's it. That's actually good point for people who want just really right away. We do we do private test dream, sometimes they hit. Right away and remove our ability to stream the Amy Humor special. So before we start actually after spending all day watching reviewing the emission were special. My club. It's really hard defy. It's like a soul, socket defined the funny in anything. We all need reset our brain, so actually here to help us with that. We have tonight the guru of land. The laughing yogi Romish patently romish patent. Can you please help us here today? It's ok to to to just like me, Roma.
Pardon me, but laughing you ve never been happier Sponsor technocratic, not only there's a yell, given also that that was really bit not that not everybody laughed for it. This is really the committee is on the rise in combat my home promised, put its promise of Colombia problem back faster than anywhere else and get it comes from Montreal blog somebody in the rise of dating apps industriously that the ability of anonymous sex makes it harder track outbreaks to encourage collectors to get check the country actually established in anonymous hot. That's awful hope, yes, LCD Hotline, thanks for calling me back. Yes, I am bacon,
In citizen, that's not important right now it was an hypothetically speaking. Let's say someone, were hanging out at Sea Adon. In the village. How long after that, would it stop burning. And weeping its government valid question as a problem. Domestic is: what are you using brought in everything we do. He put up his hand like what you are you hitchhiking? I was the goat I was. I was gonna I now invite, or to the wax ruggedo jumbo jets up, setting and wondering what a fine just introduced. I would like a double knock out: the memorandum type ass, an agenda, we love each other and when they were unconsciously, goes to check where there would be just mercilessly rate them here in Amerika, going back a domestic news Alexandria, Cassio, called TAT, is now blaming her recent approval rating drop on sexism and races. Oh yeah, that's usually
Recent polling actually has shown that anti woman anti minority sentiments are actually on a steep decline in unfortunately, for the jury is still out on reports. They can. It takes a nosedive red therapy and now that in its up your actual with when I do stuff like this and do the research you have to read through the tweets that she did, there was actually three or four this dinner row and right after that, people are saying like praising her. For being, to kill it like super smart on their economy. These are you know where they can aimed a bucket of salt water to log onto an ever whom they had to which these intelligent, in comparison to whom, because the exact considering our followers cheese The king, I guess she's, what is already in the midst of a number of concerns, which I should like to hear. She's looked muslim world called to recall the honey I actually you dont know pen tell us that the bang, Bang speaking a quick. I actually think that the most defended by the joke
retorted yeah perplexed. I use that word again. We're in trouble has vaguely crazy. A new report actually came at that says. Daily marijuana use could arise, all your time should be linked to psychosis. This comes from were you know they use it every day we leave the consuming ipods. Economists on a daily basis increases the odds of having a psychotic episode later it goes on to describe the absurd as including detachment Rowan, intense anxiety and paranoia, which is also a super Turning to me, because so far we ve been seeing great result using Canada soil to help with hoppers chemo treatment, I didn't need all the changes to the cops comic were what just sitting and what. I don't know what I was worried about you, white dog,
apparently, statistically speaking, they might be combining that cannabis oil with methamphetamine back, like you know, you're gonna get hate mail, IRAN. Why there's only do crack anything that you say against marijuana and you didn't say at a steady said it wasn't you wasn't. He may allow yeah there's! No, no, it's totally five! Well, I don't know how much you know how much it creates that much of the great regret and people already have this proposal. Says right. Marijuana make people crazy, but people who are creating don't know their crazy. It's like their largest. It's just the key. The crazy though she should open a creator of those are the people instead of Samuel. I actually think that argue. You're right now ran. Why don't you talk about marijuana? I just did, but you didn't say it: yours cancer, you right, I didn't
you could try and point or you that's, let's Colonnas one, a wash you win. You will continue its opening the door to the crazy just like that was moving with the kids in the attic flowers in the attic where the mom leaving their legal regime for his mother. Please comment, I think, let alone, I think, we're flowers in the outer using those now I know I am plus going home, or this month the husband dies and she takes your kids to her mouth there's house granite House and then she locks and in the end and the grandmother Gnit, considering that she didn't know no you're thing about the others thing at an immense she's locks, the kids in the attic and never goes from. One of the kids dies window we're doing for his mother and you there. I don't want to do anyway, terrible yogurt I'll help Could I think it's flowers, idiotic? Let me know anyway, there's a mystery pooper tormenting Broadway to the electoral college in a second, Firstly, we lose hope of a sustained Barbara, actually sister struck during try out for the new magic MIKE Musical
They use the audition room. I like this guy's a toilet come from New York Post docs. Fortunately, though, for the producers, the pilot was the best performer. They saw that day, so they did really that's in compared it. A lot of progress been made twenty five years now, I'm not surprised. We you have to go off, Broadway, definitely didn't go off off Broadway the patient You sure got off off off. Broadway, look good! Although the grand Rapids there's there's a bunch of these stories, we're like somebody go improve in the park, radio, something they coopers have been. I dont have you ever you. No one cares about your lies. Anybody. My block. Has anybody ever done this in the river pooped in another area ever put forward? Acting, I get so it it's. It's messy right, it's nice it's not fast. Now, how do you do? What is and is not in fact likelihood is the location, determine the spill? Actually, I'm just saying in normal that gets you're not going to do it in three seconds and run away. I can see you're gonna get call you do whether this thing, if you do with the poop out of animosity
Ok, listen with cosmic! Why don't you understand that? But sometimes you can't predict how like, if I'm angry, I can't predict how the flow is. Gonna be! Ok. I think I am I'm good. I got three separate speak of unpredictable. Ah, that takes place takes a mighty fast. Montenegro turn back. Finally, I was news of the day this japanese man, who quote me, a hologram it for what it wouldn't unity over like just ten years, a clip, it's real thing Mom
Ok, I myself am a temporary them than inviting us getting others from Japan, quitting the humming right or another, nothing remarkable. Having psychotic. I think suicide forest will have a new visitor up self from the Jakarta posts the beaming groom I Kiki Condo said I've never cheated honour. I've always been in love with me Cousine. Unfortunately, she came to the same as before Aki he go. He had lived a full life, She had really needed when I met her own kind Aki he go. Why can't you see that she needs to be with her own kind, send her own. She gets around like, I think, should go back a bit computer virus. That's actually. Why did I yeah. He wasn't actually shuddering amount. We were supposed to where's Norton, they merit
had someone dedicate through a hammock, so no one saw the documentary when I was Tom. Other knowledge mean that no one has seen the documentary Mcafee now did. I have run if I were, you always were meant for him and the other guy who always ones for president not Bob BAR. I donno there's something else: Sharon's resident like like Grable. I have no idea how your naming, you're just saying letters to form names is usually for present this time again, you again you're doing a lot earlier everytime. I dont know what got lots of that letter. You look at the hammock and what he would do. The hammock see financing through the hammock irony. What makes legal, actually Mugihawa the girls pulled through the hammock stop it stop it. Stop it that's a reasonably. Why aren't already honourably just because we're talking about the man doesn't mean that we have to be truthful about what he does in all of his spare time just a year with blood
for its part is preface this is before we get a bunch of Europe. I liked the electoral college loving why? Just because with more and better work have now come out against the Electoral College, Riga,. We can have national voting and that means get rid of the electoral. How I getting really like. If we really want every person to be scared them every reason to vote, we gotta make their boats counts candidate. Other choosing. So I think there's a lot of wisdom and Amazon and we talked about on the campaign in transit countries going a little presumptuous on their candidate of their Jusan. Aren't we better light awake? Follow Elizabeth warns Instagram it's the best thing that it was it.
You couldn't write satires Africa, kids under so you're there I didn't see you were there, I'm going to get myself a beers review better severe. Somehow I why at eighteen, forty five, you she's just an offer Canada. I hear you guys hang out here and then yes, she would have just use the weird thing about the two people want to eliminate the electoral college she's, the kind of person who would accidently mistake beta because he's kick flipping as someone who would be voting block for her. It's like they learnt nothing from Hillary Clinton bright. I never one of the reasons like it. People hate it out and the fact that she is a belgian kills people, What will lead levels allegedly was about like the shameless pandering regularly fellow kids, and both Warren and Koala Harris Public across the jailer regulatory. Who knows how to do it and abortions that thereby campaign? She knows a monitoring and more so, ok, really what we ve done, a video
before rebuttal to Adam ruins everything on the electoral college. You can go watch that really quickly. There are. Reasons that getting rid of electoral colleges about idea. Ok, one! It's too limited in constitution, cake it is intended and it's gonna be people. I'd like the electoral caused by the way is the only area of government which we aren't appear democracy. There Huns Somerset, Garza Supreme Court justices. There have voted on by general populist every stake. It's too senators, regardless of population. We are not a pure democracy to its constitutional republic. Democracy is mob rule. It's important to people, understand the gag absolutely and by the way, it's something it's a system that has worked for two hundred and forty two years were also be very careful room full of London. Forty to my regret that its status, as runs where it has the democratic electoral radio at port purse. Personally speaking, I honestly think they should spend as much time. Sources as it takes think events, forty eight other states beg or the decision for them. I thought you had another stroke for a second, what you meant
point as others I want to rail after the electoral colleges rode over the course of their regional interests right with any electoral college. That the concern, of course, is about state with low population is also a matter for the opinions of people in urban areas. Ok, that's that's really when they tend to have different views and people in suburban areas right by Leslie different view. Such it was actually a major problem we have in New York. Is you have basically Manhattan in Brooklyn making decisions for all of upstate? These are right. They have no say in what the inefficacy didn't leave me. Two point: three swing states are actually there more transient in large cities, which would you rather have a disproportionate the power of the American Electric States like Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, one point Texas, now Michigan was constant places that we're never considered to be swing, states, or only four or five major cities which, by the way they are disproportionately of crime. Poverty. Take your crappy patent system wrap this popular, but just about New York or or less Newark, LOS Angeles Chicago, a handful of cities. Take New York City, Amazon right, they kicked out
just a few peering out and kicked it. Free money now apply that to those people being able to determine the Amazon can't be enhanced and even if they do not even five states over because Cortez opinion. Another example would be energy people, Work in LOS Angeles should be voting to take away tens of thousands of clean coal jobs or are or were new obol resource jobs, and I know you think are nobody's worse, but thank God for Frank, and because you have an opinion in a major city, you should determine how everybody else lives across the country. That's why the electoral college, despite like something that immigrants have their own electoral college, which is just by the way, far worse propaganda are the only ones who have super delegates, which I don't really understand, but please give a lot of power disproportionately. That's how that is my area levelled at IT delegates and hill.
Actually, when the Bob you about the two thousand, a primary, not Barack Obama. This is just another example Democrats wanting others to play by different rules than they do the poor Hilary Reggie its beat with Super delicate then she gets me by the second worst candidate ever. Do you just can't get a break if your her and you got the hen I grammar less. I like I just I just what it will get suicide it after the two thousand eight raw primaries. What. Priscilla we lost yeah, I know, but I was he tends to kill some such everyone's kills. All of us here know anybody might make me here is: is that it's it's a change based on a disingenuous argument. Democrats is one do away with electoral college because think will benefit them. Why? Because right now I don't like the rules. If nobody,
Look at how the headlines of change from year to year and what they want- and it's not just the Electoral College of Democrats want change. This is apparently go through a few examples one another. This is your favorite to filibuster. Democrats are reduced to filibuster, innocent. They change the rules because they thought would benefit them years. Something that's really painful for Conservatives and Democrats to admit Mitch Mcconnell was right when he warned democratic that they would regret it look here is Oracle, why games so get another president. That you will no doubt come to regret that my friend the other side of the AL. You regret this and you- Read it aloud sooner than you back, really really want. I may be wrong, but they only have they had that's why you have cabin always as easy to become like no one so easily confirmed.
More easily confirmed, then you would have lighted and at all to look out, for they had to go to try and stop the confirmation, because then the filibuster rat exactly they. If they had had it, they would be able probably at least postpone it for a while, but this was one of the most horrible decisions have ever seen. Congress make you took out one of the things that was there is a protection to make sure that the minority had a voice when something was being rammed down their throats and a way to make sure that they can hopefully stop something or at least change people's mind right now nobody's gonna. Put it again right and I think that's a problem. Republicans missed an opportunity and when the current year let leaving Democrats don't get. Why not just want to change the rules again now by now adding seats to the Supreme Court before the vote? That is not a vacation bell. Let me know if you're receiving revocation, if you're subscribed, because apparently a lot of you aren't so please bookmark the page join Magua. Let him come such Mcclelland Subscribe and agents for the audiovisual. We know how much longer we're gonna be here. We certainly can upload or any humor reviews might have said, felicity importance each case when I have beta or, as we know, robber Francis Orourke and
demographic pitching, adding a bunch of seeds to the Supreme Court even doing away with things like term limits. It dont, you don't take my word for it sounded papoose. Do wants five demographic this and five republic injustices and those ten then choose thereby justices between them robots justices on that court. In another way, we set time limits for those jobs. So there are some predictability, all the justices. Like you less than Drake who I was six. I'm sorry. Not at all, like a version was that's how you know right, a very very white shall either way if you want to apply to work here. We could really use a black another, we record rosabella yeah. We come these more than half light at all lock your doors when you wrote.
The wrong area, but how nice, MR, using temporary, vehemently level long history, one the pack court straightest goes back after he was able to do it, but he wants they do it. Yeah he's our work to democratic majority court. So you're, not less than just add a bunch of seeds to get a majority in just a point. You guys have this. I haven't much closer to me: They constantly wine about Donald Trump, about problems of eroding political norm, for this mean tweets they're the ones. Actually. Trying to undermine the foundations of our government from the people who created in just a quick question here like we're talking about a court with judges. These are supposed to be some of the most fair minded judges in all of the land from those educated people that we can possibly find that can put on blinders and judge a case on its merits alone and we're talking about republican and democratic judges. I think we ve missed the boat here. The supreme Court is not supposed to be but have buyers must be people that view the law and that's it, but it never fail. Where are you going to find some? I know I'm not saying I get your liberal. What we don't have to look
some of the house where someone calls himself it. You didn't. You know, you're not as judges the people who, up until election day between Download from Hell. I don't know where do you know, I'm not quite sure yeah what, securing remind you, ve been very convinced me, my vote to return. What do you want that personal sergeant? I drove me. Well, I dont want that person. What I'm saying is you can be a republican or a Democrat, but the second you put on that road and you sit on that bench. You have to put that aside and you have to make you're too so far, and we don't. We don't look at the Supreme Court like that at all. I care that you're, a rapist and you sail through how we could do that war Democrats can get. The idea of more justice is in the public sector. Cs, I basically agree with what you say, sir. I said Sphere spear went All right continue at this point. We are bated breath. Yes, they can make big it make it really popular Donald Trump can win at the Hague. Five judges: what does for adding judges now tweet
I think we should add three billion judges, and then we will give our battle is so even reverse. Psychology skateboarding like what I want. The electoral college now guys number three, It is another example whether we want to change the rules. The voting age range Pelosi, just just just said, but she's all has been for lowering the voting to wait for sixteen. I myself have always been following the voting age discharge. You have, it I think it's really improve into cash said the bone in high school window interested in all of this in the northern learn about yours, a document to be able by the way you're sweet. Sixteen was centuries ago she said Democrat idea runs contrary to this. I don't want this campaign for raising got ownership from eighteen to twenty one. For you aren't we, one simple enough to own a tool
Hunting at eighteen, but you should be able to vote in someone who is willing to kick out Amazon, five states away and completely kill your economy, but though a window so we had a conversation with a sixteen year old. They don't I'm so sixteen year old can be smart most of time. You don't know anything, and specifically you don't know anything about how the world works right. You tend to be very liberal when you're in high school, if you have any political leaning it on and when you actually get out the world have a job. You, like a crap conservative, to go free market love it got no, then you don't I'm not letting I'm sorry, I don't want anybody by the way you rhetorical question. Let me start with a sixteen year old was answered by pedophiles everywhere the commented action at salon right now, the order there is usually mountains, conversation going on my resentment towards dropped dead, but going over Gerald Point today, even teach you s history, when you're. Sixteen in the first place. Well, I mean I when I probably know that was like a Jude. There was a junior class yeah. I didn't learn? U s history at all because raising Canada, so did during history. Class was fall asleep
incredibly boring. Now we just said it's just that you are handed out when you said uncle uncle hath are keeping an economically. We put your queen and our money and before you know, we kind of glossy the constitution, let's go that that will definitely the democratic constantly in favour of changing the rules because they don't, even though they are the most foundational rule book for the country, the constitution, not only against the secondment rancor, even open calling for its repeal of us. I know they're, not if you talk about a mandatory by back like in Australia, your basically but getting for appealing the second element, and by continually all four more laws against hate speech, which would essentially repeal the first amendment doesn't stop there. Some of them lately want to actually abolish the Senate. This is something its actual floated. This is again it just it's. A constant changing or rules to undermine the constitutional public that is United States in the electoral Gulf is just one in a long line of stupid idea, and then you put up misinformation about the second amendment that it doesn't actually say that you can have arms. It says you can be a part of a militia, you do it on purpose. You know how easy it is to screw this up by the
I don't think people understand that point. It is incredibly easy to mess up something that is working right. You Have to try very very hard to do that, to get it to go from ninety five to say. Ninety eight is incredibly difficult without screwing up It's working really well, ok, yet that you can end up so fast. Stop right, stop trying to and are doing it just for short and sent them as they stand that if they do with electoral college, how the election we decided. If someone doesn't, the majority vote, sat plurality, its majority vote in any of the same people who bitch but the two parties. This demand. How do you know what is going to happen with the electoral college? We have a situation like Canada, we're someone can win with thirty. Something percent of the vote Do you know it's going to be too? I just I don't very Jimmy Fame accuracy thank two or three steps down the line. Democratic. Do me a quick favour, think two or three moves down and go? Oh yeah, that's a really bad
Let's talk about it. I don't think it's a bad idea as long as it serves them in the moment- and this is no politicians should be doing this- whether its Donald Trump or Elizabeth, worn or beta. You should not be selling out the futures of american citizens to pay out voters now right. That's the issue here, and this is I know, people to move. I don't like labels, you know what I'm ok, I'm. What the label conservative imo, This is what separates conservatives from liberals or left us are progressing. Ok, there's proof worry that we're different called self liberals call themselves progressive one. Switching the labels can mean different things over time, with pretty much always call ourselves. Conservative. Really changed. Views have been pretty assistant. There's. Never our people try to show what it, what about conservatism? Free speech? Ok, sure there might have been a couple of Republicans along with Tipper Gore, who wanted the warning labels on cities. But if you look at the mainstream conservative and interpretation, the constitutional court, if it really hasn't changed all that my pretty consist no.
This is something else that we want. This is something that they try to do. The trunk are what about the fact that conservatives are racist, like revenue? the parties to the slip because flourished, I'm not gonna. Let you do it. Ok I can show you ok you're over I'm, not gonna, let you say well what about the fact that now we're not racist opened the party racism. Do you mean the conservative interpretation the platform that interpreted the constitution, no man has a right to own and other main sign into law by Abraham Lincoln. Those raises worry switched. What are you talking about strong dormant lotta year? We if we want to have an honest conversation about the state of our country, and you have a problem of the Electoral College: ok, fine but
go trying to change the rule book every time. An election doesn't go your way and then turn around and tell us about the erosion of our american values, because we don't want to let some caravan from a crap whole country in ok. We just don't want you to be chastising us. I hope I've clarified my book, then Shapiro after them histories. This, begin. Stop going go way from Guinness Detectif, stupid little pieces.
This is the. Between us about the early, his studio. Lotta without a shot gun now support space. We don't kill your purchase, your baby ones he allowed with British, opt out none today.
Now for tractors. What beta member Cobb's kill you over? You can refuse the breath wisely. Just say it of a cop. Oh, my god. We look at that. They run away with the next twenty years. Don't be a beta join my club, where ninety nine dollars a year, sixty nine dollars here for students, veterans or active military. It's a stick up! Apparently. According to this argument, Speaking of things that are our next guess, what Look me in the Skype Revolution is always talking about so I'd better go! Look at my son poison. Look at this! Its look at it at bench. At simplification, Delaware Bench appear my wife, plied my suntan lotion, human think of my and show you a precise bent? Now you ve done that before
on my shell hasn't those were ranger panties and by the way I owe you a pair of you. We're gotten so sunburn that you wanted to throw up, not that I want to throw up. That's that's a new one, but you get easy you get really queasy and I dont know he'd stroke or sun pausing, but my wife and I got into a hell of an argument because she said she didn't trust me with some lotion. She applied it. Look well. Well. Well! Well! Well done! your wife, I mean you know as a man whose watch tv water boarded it enjoyed it thoroughly. Today, you place your wife. I appreciate you know what, if it was her lying loan, there's something that I did that aggravated her months back in this was. I would just have to give that one two hundred can, after all To live ass, so Ben you have a new book out right now. I want to share this right. It's the right side of it.
Three, how reason moral purpose made the great west it's going to be released? I guess it was released on Tuesday, eight march nineteenth, so before we get to that, I want to talk with you about. This has been kind of making around quite a bit you, the Senate, passed a bill that would allow states to punish businesses that take part in Israel boycotts right, that's kind of how it's been sort of surmise about Libya plays a big role, is what's your position on. This is somewhat obviously who both of us support Israel's right to exist, but also the ability for businesses to practice business freely nine percent, while they here's what the bill actually die. So they did what the bill actually does doesn't punish businesses that boycott Israel. What it says is that the state will not contracted businesses the boycott Israel's there. There plenty of laws like this that are on the books with regard to, for example, racial discrimination, either By laws on the books like this with regard to anti discrimination in algae, BT communities is politically
like Hell Fournier in New York, where, if you are a government agency, you can do business with a business that is refusing to do business with black people. For example. Of this is not the state going out of its way to Quarterboat, punish people who are anti Israel in the state doesn't owe you a contract take deciding which businesses it will do business with two. To be honest, the I'm I'm somewhat indifferent Ottawa. I dont think violation of the first amendment at the same time, I generally and not a huge fan of the government conditioning its contracts with people on the pulse
use of those businesses. Addressing that's that's generally. Mistakes are why I'm not a huge tractor of this particular bill. I'm also not a huge advocate for this particular bill, but I think it's important to be accurate about what the builders and it's not forcing businesses not to be probity. Ass. They won't be probity s. They can be probity s they just can't u business with the state right yeah either. I think that's important to note, and there have been a lot of people who take Miss out of context and make it seem. So basically, there are banning businesses who boycott Israel, reorganising the business of colonel ignoble contracts for internal companies having contracts with the government. This changes the working relationship quite a bit speaking of of the spring of Israel this week, not a lot of coverage because it happened. I believe right before New Zealand, I dont know the final tally. Several rockets launch from Gaza into TEL Aviv. Are you can see the footage of it being stopped by the iron dome? What hearty? How do you see this moving forward from here, and how would you like to see this moving for.
Again? I was in number to the arts. Yet there is no coverage of the rock. There is no coverage of another terror attack in which father of twelve was was murdered in Israel, seven year old, rabbis, Father twelve, these sorts of attacks are just completely ignored by the world media, because when it's Israel involved than we pretended. Israel is not a member of the western coalition and and terror attacks against Israelis who simply trumped up to Anti Israel sentiments as opposed to anti jewish sentiment firing rockets into the matter. TEL Aviv, which is severely an area that is not in called the West Bank Raw or in the Gaza Strip, obviously, is pretty good indicator that maybe Hamas just wants to destroy Israel other than indicators include their charter, in which they say they want to destroy Israel and all their propaganda in which they say they want to destroy Israel and the fact that they ve built terror tunnels. Instead of providing food for their. People. The other uncovered story from the Gaza Strip is that Hamas is shooting its own citizens in in the Gaza Strip. Seven people were shot this week by Hamas in the streets in their arresting other dissidents, the media don't ever find any.
Stuff newsworthy. They find it newsworthy when Israel fight back when Israel goes in and targets come ass right when Israel hits a Will the commission is using as military base, for example than that becomes a world story, but by firing rockets into the middle of civilian areas, the biggest city in Israel does not want the right. Let me ask you this of thanks for shutting your phone off Mr Shapiro, what crowd I know, you're so you're on your vice. You have as ethos gentiles and our non headed skulls using what you just mentioned. I agree with you, but if you know, there's a schism, we're lotta people think oh man, Israel too, It's all the media coverage, because the media is run by the run by jewish executives, and so all of these people support Israel. Everyone entertain industry and then people who are pro Israel say what Well, listen, they're, always sympathising with Palestine there not covering I could speak launch. It seems as though both sides have really dug in their heels and see. The media is either being overtly pro jewish pro Israel or completely anti Israel. Why do you think that is because you have to be out of your mind to believe that the media are overly pro Israel. I mean CNN, I went on
CNN two thousand fourteen and I said that they were essentially outlet for Hamas, meaning that the CNN coverage of these sorts of conflict is inevitably geared towards Israel as the aggressor, because the left wing narrative is that Israel is the bad guy in this in this prison. Conflict, for the same reason that that rich people are generally seen as the bad guys in various conflict. The world, the latter all Disney films on the left largely says: whenever there is someone success ones when unsuccessful must be because the successful person somehow hurt the unsuccessful person, and they see that same They claim that Israel is successful. It is very economically prosperous society, as lot of technology has a very powerful military? And so The narrative is that that must be because they have disadvantage the Palestinians. Israel has been trying desperately to hand over control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians from legitimately decades. At this point, they did hand over full control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. In two thousand, five hundred Palestinians promptly burn down other greenhouse
in a letter from our such work, death and ass, he lay while in the charter is key and if you sign up for I tunes and if you read the agreement is by the way we are also going to kill your wife and family holiday. Secondly, seems odd to put in the agreement seems that you want me to gloss over that one TIM Apple, Let me ask you, I said Tipp Cook Nathan, there's a failure. I said the cook: why lie about this? It's just a flood that doesn't matter vital question that this is one thing, as someone who you know is vehemently defended Israel's right to exist. Do you see it as a problem or a lot of tractors, point to an inconsistency in them being sort of allies with Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest funders of terrorism. I understand the geopolitics. Is it really to read, as it relates to the conflict over there and the need some kind of protection. That being said, the Saudi Arabia relationships both with the United States government in israeli government, does not sit well with a lot of people. What about yourself in an ideal world. Obviously, wouldn't be allied with any bad governments. The reality of the world is president from has correctly stated. Is that very often your allied with that governments against worse governments? It is certainly the case with both the United States
this relationship with Saudi Arabia and now the israeli relationship with Saudi Arabia? You don't, unfortunately, get to pick all of your allies when it comes to world politics were that the case than it has been very difficult to side with talented if he'd Hitler during World WAR to your constantly having to make choices about which people are are worthy of siding with. In order to stop worse people, and I guess you have less as inconsistency and more is just the realities on the grounds that stood a truism of politics general it. But we can agree, saudi arabian government contradicts awful. Hopefully it will govern there we got. This is this is why I personally covenant, because if I said, if you like your pay by big Shapiro money like yours, I just think that this step is a pretty. We will have the right to exist. They have rockets going into there. Are there other main city there from this trip, but I take the strip turned into but more for all, I care. So your book right side of history, wouldn't that big, if their Donald Trump could go in and call it Trump Gaza Strip Ball. It would sell like
gas after I don't wanna go there. Nobody wants to go to strip miles, but I gotta that strip. Mall fisheries had sat under the iron, so right set of history. The book was released this week. What what tell us give us a brief, this and now why you think it's important for everyone to read your book. You ve talked about this and obviously that's a good for everyone is remember, but you ve talked about specifically whether they agree with you politically ideologically or not how wise this book different nuts, but what the book basically is about is why we're so angry tat. We live in is most prosperous civilization in the history of the world, and it is not closed, and yet we are supremely pest each other, and that is because, in my view, we have forgotten the sort of ties that bind us together. Those are ties that have a long history of three thousand year: history,
back through Sinai through the through these sermon on amount and including Greek thought as well. This can a merger of judeo christian values and greek reason that that interplay created the west and created all the values that we like today. So if you like science, if you like technology, if you're a big fan of free speech, if you're a big fan of living in a democracy, all of these concepts come out of the west. They dont come out of anywhere else, and so we have to find reexamined why it is that these concepts can out of. And whether those concepts are rooted in something deeper and more valuable and that we can't just discard. I think that we sort of want to take the gains of western civilization, while ignoring the roots of western civilization or even fighting against those routes, and I don't think you can do that. I don't think I can fight judeo christian values and, at the same time talk about how you want to maintain all of the prosperity, equality and freedom of western civilization. You can't you can't remove the foundation from building expect the facade to stand. No, I think that's a good point, but you just talked about how kind of her supremely pissed off at each other and
meaning. Why? Let me just say this, I always talk about this. I don't believe in finding common ground affairs, the truth and the truth does not find itself in the common ground people just heard. You say that about western civilization. People will read this book and they will be supremely pissed off so Are you by default, adding to the polarization in simply pointing out the truth? That's my issue. Where you have a lot of people shall remain nameless. We're gonna go we're just gonna, build bridges. Well, ok good example build a bridge with Hamas if in their charters to blow me up right, I mean in the book is also a clarification. Obviously, and there is you of western civilization, the western civilization, is inherently bad. I hope that the book convinces people, the western civilization, is not inherently bad, but if it's your view, the west civilization is all about racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and that all of those things can only be torn out by removing western civilization at its root and replacing it with.
Sort of new socialist utopia or replacing it with tribal intersection reality, if that's your view. Well then, what's clarify that view, and let's have that argument, because I think your arguments ox, but the again did the de I hear is that America is based in certain values that are pretty much embedded in our founding document. We haven't always lived up to those values. Obviously, sometimes it all up those values today, but to suggest that America's values are about the evils rather than about the goods is to ignore the fact that the goods that have been produced by the West are uniquely western and the evils that the West is produced are not unique to the last at all. They ve been universal, a virtually every human society. That's a very good point, you're, the virtuous you're, pretty unique. That's one thing also, when you deal with more relatively soon or atheist, hardcore atheists, you say well, if I need a guy, did tell me not to kill somebody to language crazy and that God Escritoire, ok. Second, what about a guy to tell you to be merciful, not all societies, valued mercy, prickly, not until modern Christian, and what about a guy? That tells you to not cheat on your wife. What about a guy? Who tells you to love your wife and speak to her?
hundred. These are not universal values. There are certain values that we see in the west, particularly the United States that have not been embedded in other societies that do come directly from judeo christian principles, and it's always it's always interesting to me that the hard core atheists too the extreme arguing, while every society knows at killing is wrong. Even if we take that example, not all societies agree with you will get made. Americans didn't have a concept, the personal property, and so you come home. You're was gone because it wasn't technically yours. You know this is that these are things that people don't think about. I'm sure you love. The fact is that, even if you take the example of murder, it is true that for we every society has taboo against murder. That does not mean that the de LA extends to people beyond your tribe so very to say, yeah you're not allowed to murder people who are inside our tribe like inside this, this camp right here, but over there. Those guys, though those aren't humans over there, and also, if you haven't been very powerful person, you Jabez to kill somebody who's below you on the social scale? Is you have the right to to kill people who are
week more vulnerable to suggest that a universal taboo against murder is not is not embedded in the bible and different way than its embedded in pagan. Civilizations is to ignore the fact that trout sacrifice was regular thing in a lot of Hagen, civilizations, front or Coney. I show that movie taking the child soldiers. Similar Marconi. Now you don't have the biggest the big document colony was as war. You remember that quarterback you're, not with the Chilean, always was a campaign and then the guy who made it went on to make a Martin Laurent style better now lay he was Norton. Coconut was naked, I think on sunset Boulevard and this window. Where direction I didn't, listen, you. You say you saw the ride. You bought a ticket anyway, final question here been because this has been entirely reasonable interviewing. I want some people pissed off with both you and myself, because it's always what happens after these given a report Garden Donald Trump, your specialist we're looking at the Dnc candidates coming up. What would you do?
over what would you think he wins and twenty twenty? You know. I think that the hate to hedge bats, but I didn't headway. That's in the last election cycle that I was lots of money we did so when it comes to help her and from his is going to do in this election cycle. It's almost entirely dependent on two factors: can he shot his face will sounds come out? Can he stopped his tweeting thumbs and also will the Democrats nominates somebody completely loony or will they try to go? the more electable direction to nominate somebody's have loony like Joe Biden or are they gonna go completely? Bat bleep and dominate Bernie Sanders is that is at the way they got. So if president from could shut up and allow the focus to be Democrats, I would say that he has a better than fifty percent chance of being re elected. However, he continues to you what he's doing in and driveway suburban women. He lost the popular vote by two and a half million votes. Last time he ran the narrowest garland american history. He won the three key states. By combined eighty thousand votes you and fewer absolute votes in Wisconsin, then Mitt Romney, one in Wisconsin, the real story
Sixteen is nobody showed up to vote for Hillary Clinton. Number one. Is that, unlike her number two because they figured she was going to win, that same phenomenon is not going to take place again right Democrats are going to show up there in the shop and big numbers. So president trumps best bad here he's going to convince people that he's wonderful human being, because people think what they think about him already They did the best that here is just shot up. Well, does not just shut it enough to realise the reason for him. Shutting up at all is more helpful to him because he can't means doing so well than Europe. Turning around trying to find excuses as to why it works and tribute to about. If you can just be silent and direct people towards his record on the economy, and then say hey by the way now come all Harrison. She saying whenever Kemal Harris S or by the way here is a huge Elizabeth, did to grab, have five, that's all not to do anyway. I agree if he could get out it's like a race to the bottom. If you can get out of his own way, they should be very winnable because of the accounts. If they run Joe Biden. I dont think it matters as long as Donald Trump is just a little bit more disciplined, but I dont think an avenger by these. Can we come out here that I think is going to be the
multiple minority factor and maybe they'll, put Beethoven there, because I dont know he's a wiener thing. You too, a cry subpoenas, his wife who is avocado or something what is an historic, no story. Fishing in those story about him in his wife? Normally I don't care about the spouses of candidates, but the stories mostly about he's a weirdo, Frank is life, and apparently he took like one of his kids diaper diapered herds and put it ball and told her that it was our Ricardo and also in the last few months. Barely who went to New Mexico any dirt. I'm not kidding you. It says this in the story like to recover from his loss to TED crews. He ate really. Risk is supposed to restore sustenance to him. When he ate dirt. Now that was just a spanner in the story he lost a bet intend crews was making them eat the dirt go now now there that's right. Eco lack sounds like George Bush. The poor thing goes back, you can die, that's just it could have killed it sediment challenge. We are back If Europe is often millennials I mean that the EU substituting pooper avocado
has evolved. Doing. What's it going to do next, have you gotta waiting to take a rabbit poop to substitute for single origin? Coffee and just put a coffee asked your poor, or are you supposed to be better? Are the book is Show the title: the right side of history, how reason and moral purpose made the great west the show is bench beer show on daily. Why, of course, is the editor in chief of daily wire all right, Mr? daily. Why? I appreciate you guys, go catch you later. The rapid it up for you,
Three John Black really knew. Where are you run the global economy. Our technological advancement as a society has outpaced our system for handling finite resources, because now we are approaching approaching infinite resources need the money
really gotta run this board in the bar present. I'm feeling a super genius I'd be like one of those baby Jesus from the movie president sailing between join my club today. Only ninety nine dollars a year. Sixty nine dollars for students veterans are active military.
That's enough. Mueller Audio listeners. Only from yours, death, Gregg Longinus turned it. I see platform diver, who it is back at backers head on. And up strolled age Old Olympic, and he was played by Lui Diamond Philips.
Believe believers by lieutenant robustly Movin played by my Lopez and it made for tv from His life is number is good. And you think we're, including this agreement, is in an ever longer when I was young, I re read the strain sports illustrated for kids, which tells you how horribly and approach that magazine was, and I confused Gregg lieutenant. I thought. Luke Eric's disease was named after the guy when aid to hit his head echoes principle that guy now it's obvious there was incorrect, because I thought about revenue Ganis, both Luke. Thank you. So much to bend Shapiro really appreciated being on the show speculate whether there can be some eight walks going on across the country this weekend, and so you know who knows, maybe someone a sharp pictures. We were looking for one thing: the second thing, we often do not want to talk you guys, but a couple things today. I know I'm not supposed to read the comments, sections and I usually don't on social media. Obviously, people who Formica members at full of a different. We can track people there, but that too traumatic can you bring up the over here at? This is one thing that I did see recently in the
we're special. This person said I will. The joint payment in Cairo, last year, we ve gone from us that, should we have three to six months left seo. Pity sucks. Eventually going to support their meeting us, but for this time you too will have to suffice and its other person just username. We eliminated any permanent for here today. Posted on Youtube Ill advised with God bless you I'd like to send you the money to sign up for mug club, and, if you, why redress these comments, you can bring it down to keep many people I concede Phyllis, audio burden anchored, you go watch the video for tough we're gonna get you. We appreciate that are fans are turned for each other, we're gonna get you obviously popped up with with market will make sure. We'll find your email will track you down and will make sure that your taken care of really appreciate the sentiment but seeing our hands, you act that way, knowing that the that, through its indicative of the bulk of you, who turned into the show That's you know, I know I get older, it sounds, but it really does want my heart. I think rightly worms all of our cockles. You shouldn't use that term I use it anyway,
All you should be you. Should we not because of that two things I want to talk about today, for the steaming others for serving other people. First, let me tell you a story. This. We can. Then I went to a sort of electricity and lost, but mainly great grape, on very fortunate that respect the first day we were fighting quite a bit arguing quite a bit in this tends to have enough. You ve noticed the first day vacation. If this tends to happen. The first David Like when my wife and I wish to live in different states before we're married the first day always the arming and usually the last day and because of one very simple human beings are selfish, and so you have your way of doing things where your expectations in and your locked in a room with someone based. We are to win the sky and you're staying in the same room in your inlaws apartments, and You find out that you really can do things the way that you've been wanting to do them. And then I was in the next two days and our trip were bright because, consciously decided that, rather than push in Poland bump heads that, serve each other for.
And this is a challenge like they should have one out there. We get a lot of life in my question is whether the segments bind the people on a chair you for one week, one week to focus on serving other people, and that brings me my sex, point and one other thing might be a little bit uncomfortable for a lot of people serving others. First thing of others, first It also get you out of the rhythm that we all fall into of getting. What we serve. You can call it entitlement, we all feel it to a certain degree Ross. Focused on getting what we deserve on what we rightfully have coming to us only if you're actually saw them. But there are other comments on the emission were special teaser, which I'll be honest about piss me off a little bit. People can Learning about the fact that my club exists, refusing why can't you just upload offer free, I'm, not I'm not paying for I'm not paying for the market have the money, and when I read that I got this for fuel, some are valid, and I realized some of them re own issues, Vallon ones
apple. We literally couldn't upload yesterday's Amy Shadow review. We I sit on private shrink Youtube immediately struck. The video and revokes is private channels. Fishermen privileges, it's not about you, modernization anymore! It's outright! Sometimes we simply can't get to show up you sought with the Oscars the trailer itself. Demonetized, Second, it was up. Writing down is worse than that So they just let you upload the review. Yes, It's not even just about you not receiving modifications, even though you opted in two three four five times some of you out there. So please bookmark the page and keep checking, and sometimes we just came to another thing: we ve always griddle exclusive com. Like the daily show for people who are most members because we wanted provide everyone with more free content. It was only when you want to hear survives that's. Why not everything goes up for free and sometimes only these comments- and I think we know what made you know- maybe it undeserved issue. Maybe you don't my club.
The show my go away for not willing to step up. The show will go away forever, your login to your Facebook and that's what you deserve, but from being honest new, do I service I don't deserve the ship I don't deserve for I don't have the many of you out there to give me your hard earned money so that I and everyone here can continue to create and perform the show for you. Sometimes the show is hard. Sometimes yeah people burn out those who run in the health issues. But, oh, my god, I don't deserve to get every day and work sure maybe too, fourteen hours and creating something but criticism the people love for people who love love. This show the people you have created a platform who made this channel the number one conservative channel in the history of Youtube? Why right God. You think about this. For some reason. The comments made over the common section going we. Why am I getting peace, because some people want to rip our content for free? I don't deserve any of this. It's a blessing
when I think about what I deserve. Really thought about that, I mean really thought about it when I think about it. I tell you it's scary, when I think of throughout my life mistakes. I the people of her, whether on purpose Or by act the ripple effect some of my misdeeds may have created, Add it all up really. I want I deserve. Do you do any of us? yeah- listen to you, the guy girl or z, who doesn't want to support the show you you deserve the show to go what you deserve. The login here Youtube account, go it's completely gone. I never got to watch it again, but you won't you know why, because of grace, because the he's of other people, because other people have paid the bill for And just like you saw that comment earlier Someone is willing to help another person. My point is this I was really want to get what we actually deserve any of us we ought to think about what we ve learned to what we're entitled.
Little, even sometimes a little joys and life that we deserve by treating yourself. But what about that there's a couple. What about the justice? What about the punishment you Zimbabwe deserve their your most. If not all of us, have never had a truly bear the brunt of what we deserve. Only reason we don't is because of grace. Not listen, I'm a Christian. So I believe- and I am thankful for gods, Greece, when it comes to the ultimate justice and punishment, but let's take it out of the medics, metaphysical, censier, cakes and your day to day. You dont receive what you truly deserve, often only through the grace of usually by many others who lift your burdens, who serve your needs, and you probably don't even recognize it. I know most of a certainly don't appreciate it, its Y see entitlement mindsets is so pervasively evil you deserve hardship, you don't deserve your job, you have. By the grace of someone else who created a product which stems from the grace of someone else equated to company which stems from the racism european industry, which stems from the grace of someone who grey
the world with an idea you don't deserve, you don't do not deserve healthcare or an average life expectancy. That's twenty thirty years longer than your great grandfather. You receive it by the grace of someone else who is providing the procedure that you need Or the grace of someone who pioneer modern medicine, the grace of someone who took a risk that you yourself will likely protein everyone to take All right now we're talking about money, exchanging hands in so people will light up the comments section saying: let's not by grace, if the profit motive, but that then it's not entirely true and by the way you are missing the point let's go smaller with you. Deserve that coffee, your wife or your husband. Maybe this morning. You haven't you, don't deserve the unwavering love or support they give you receive it through grace It's for the same, simple concept by the way. That mandated entitlements destroy a nation technical. Just like the concept of universal income, think about. Why do I hate this so much its prey?
Kate, on the idea that you deserve the right to a basic universal income regardless, worker Billy sounds good, but has work in only works by the grace by the grace of others, who did the work and who had spoils taken from them at gunpoint, nothing that you, Thank you deserve when you trace it back far enough can stem from anything other than the grace of someone else, and this brings me back to my first point. Just think: internment robs people of their spirit of her soul. Oh mindset of entitlement of what you deserve, robs you of truly living fulfilling life. Don't blame me try this for a week right. This down k takes it. A patent paper, if your listing on the auditors all of next week, live your life data day to bestow grace upon and serve others for a whole week, in other words this week. First thing: when you wake up thinking, serve people, you love the most. What are you what are usually to grow? have a cup of coffee gopher job. No, that's why you're going to bring your wife, a cup of coffee
you're going to get up earlier and help prepare your husband, so you can go for job before work. You find yourself getting Russia with things not going away, Kate, stop and ask yourself why your wife, huh and your dad your mom? Whoever it is, then that sky down the line might be frustrated and help him to pay his way. The often plunged us getting so depressed, even talk there's a struggle with find someone else who is even more so, someone who is even more of a reason to be depressed. You know they're they're, cheer them up one week that What I'm asking you to do for one week? I want you to flip the switch data way of making sure that you get what you deserve and make sure that you are living a life to serve others one week, do that Every waking moment tell me, doesn't change your life tomorrow. Your entire perspective common. Let me know the fact is this: if, for the people out there who commented on it, if you don't join Mcclelland Support,
program? Listen, you don't deserve the show anything that you enjoy is enjoyed by the grace of others who paid the bill justice. Certainly I don't deserve your support. I dont. You pay my bills, you pay all of our belt. You feed all of our families. I don't see the blessing, there's a billion employ a dozen people and create they show for every day I received support by aggressive and I try to serve you as best I can everyday. You know what I hope will be around here. Another decade from able to serve you through your grace and more only I really want to see more of what I saw in that common section of people, helping What else out more view more clever, subscriber supporters bestowing grace and each other, because you know what that's what makes it different from those of the channels what you deserve, it's about. What you give one week using common as a model tried out. Let me know how it turns out
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