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2019-03-29 | 🔗
Huge show! Talking sh!tty Jussie Smollett, Pope ring kissing, New Zealand gun blowback, and we celebrate Trump's constant winning! Rep. Dan Crenshaw guests and ISIS Representative Mahmoud al Mahmoud and Half-Asian Lawyer Bill Richmond are both in third chair!

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Hey there. Audio listener, really big show today wonderful interview with Representative Dan Crenshaw with steadily eyepatch before we go on to that, please do feel free to go to Youtube or lot of credit comes last month to watch the visual accompaniments that too often get lost in translation. But since you are here on, the audio version would really appreciate it. If you just take the time to read it and shared with people, because a lot of people don't know that this is on Itunes or pod catchers and that if you are subscribed or notified on Youtube, please let us know how your seven them, because your kind of our pulling here we don't know what's going on. I love you I enjoy being here with you. This is getting uncomfortable on the shelf utter with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper.
Our friends in the media live like any more relevant obfuscation thing. Now I am which lie spreading, there's no, knowing where there are no their deep. That doesn't matter. One friend from the investigation.
I mean that marks on my knuckles, because we have Representative Dan Criminal LAW, the Ladys and allowed the minute you, you haven't gone that either that people loved it works for we have my half asian lawyer Bill Richmond in third cheer along with because we had,
Looking air Mahmoud Almah Mood ISIS Communications Director, how you, Sir doing well here again to show you the softer satellites. I have very afresh, courted like aerodromes pass jargon junior. What's one today rides made read what I think: that's what I thought you were going always rides, may never the bride. I still don't got twenty twenty one. Twenty two and I now question today. Libya's was this president trumps breakthrough week of winning, are you tired? Yet if so, what was your fate name? Your favorite win this week. Also modifications quite please let us know. If you're subscribe, your alert investigations high receiving them, let it was either not get them. We don't know. What's going on, we need to know we can't play by the rules, have represented encryption. We're going to get into the top winds of this week was suddenly Donald Trump. So much so much wig. Frankly, how do you feel about that
well, you know there are weak worthier. Winning is not a week where we're winnings nodded. I didn't write about that. That's kind of I'm here is my little weak for us. The offering different points of view. Low price doctors broken leading the news gun. Who were following the FBI is now reportedly probing. My charges against Jesse Smollett were dropped. As comes the New York Post. There's confuse is too wide charges are dropped, even though there was evidence for a conviction there are. Many of us are confused to. Thankfully, the actor promises to answer all the questions and its upcoming tell all. If I totally did would seem a bit and also when we point to a highly parts incision may by the district attorney's office, suspicions that we're all but confirmed after this leak phone call Yonkers. We now do in fact have the czech suspect painted approach with the suspect paid by Czech. Ok got it and we now have the receipt for the rope the brothers bought for the news for the stage DEC,
Kay Nous got it now. The department believes that this in combination with all the other evidence should lead Tunisia. Conviction of Jesse smiled, wait Jesse all it as an empire. Yes, oh my god. Well, This line that the island, unless you are rich, gave like that, apparently so look I don't appeal on any anybody he's having a bad day like he adjusted modem against my love to pile on of course. Yes, but he should definitely get whatever penalty. It comes with what sixteen charges the thousand dollars and what's a fifteen sixteen hours of the communities are things led the nor have Asian wherever I mean he's got so many different things. You know the amount of money that was spent by
city area. Dealing with all of this is not even a me we're not committed to me saying here that with what he has done so in Rama manuals Piston going after that money cities, actually an Italian all up and Cinema bill, it went down. The manual gets pests, someone gets finger poked and yet our naked, but on a sunday that it would be happening in Chicago. If God Winslow was still not, I mean I do it all on their insulation. There was not a documentary film, but its top. No now, with Amazon Friendly audibly together in International NEWS, New Zealand is now calling for citizens to voluntarily surrender their guns after the mosque shooting of Anne S made at one point: two million guns in the country Total number surrendered thus far is thirty seven, while ouch amazing. This comes from Busby. The prime minister remind people that quote to make community safer. The time to act is now in a country where there is one gun for every four people or a scene
encouraging donors to surrender their weapons, one gun for every four people. Now love New Zealand They overreacted alone with this, but I love and he's in there's like thirty seven of us, because we have, I think, would happen yeah. You know what we definitely didn't. There was any one defending us with a gun exactly the conclusion. I think that guy should donate his gun back yes expiry of irony, the guy that depend on and chased him off right. We tried something like this when we overtook Russia this hall, you know turn in your head thing. Nobody does it. Nobody does a total failure to consult him in New Zealand De Rossa I don't even over the Prime minister's, but I'm sure he's free tardy religion. She who cares inconsequential country now, they'll be passed and I dont care,
how you know turning the religion. The pulp, for some reason, really really doesn't want anyone to kisses rank. That's right. When asked the Pope said. Do you have any idea where there's cardinals Maoists have been public bodies in the kitchen by the way is why, when offered refuse this Europe always refuse this Europe. In other words, let us cut obtained exclusive body from the puppy love MIKE. Thank you boy. You're sure
it doesn't get better. So let me superiority rule which is probably what are you trying to protect? You know ass Jerry. I love Jerry. We did me the people who can clearly see up ahead in the line and they try to figure out how to Triple Gordon Bombay Triple Dick. When lady she walked like I'm, not going to get stuck get it man I get it flew season because we do not always urgent. Now, if you scale. The vatican walls hopefully had your flew shot, but we have also work and entertainment news. Chris Evans now says that he wouldn't play Tom Rating a movie. As long as a ready remainder, trumps, supported, reported to quote the actor. If Brady still on that Trump train, I might have to cut ties. It's really tough, really hard.
Help explains reason: COMECON leaks of Captain America Infinity twink. We were wandering for that. That's a little better it there, why you need from trying to me. What does that mean? You can't support the sitting president, what more than half of the people in the country that what are you now the thought police like? We can't even associate this that this? What is it that spiral of silence they talked about and not on Germany, success, how stuff like that start compared to Nazi Germany for crying out loud am gonna data. If it has the same, my gun, steroids our Marvel autumn, other hearing what I'm gonna do even think about it. Ass people too, where America had up there. I would point out that Chris Evans played they hit the man in the ice man movie Do it s so that's kind of users.
Ass. We have not really the eyes were, but the Iceman Woody Pizza well dismembering people sick person. Honestly it inspired me to get into violence. Everybody has that moment. I'm pizza revive a moment was my mind. Was David Letterman and Iceman orders? Wasn't there another one that with Chris Evans, but with what's his name, the guy from our Nypd Blue? Is it really english nobody's Latino, using sons of anarchy, Gemma Deca model? There wasn't a large man, death and watch Emma That's all I know someone coming here, Gemma. And they're gonna talk about using my people back centres as anyways. I think policemen and finally there's Nancy Pelosi before we get to the winds of weak intervals. Who will pay? into a pack. She confused Syria, with cereal Hezbollah, seeks to set out terrorist networks on the border between real and cereal awkward to capitalize on, of course, was Kellogg's terror networks on the border between Israel and Syria? Madam page.
So before the show. Actually, my mood was kind. To share with us some of the most popular cereals in Syria in actual and leading to the educational, the diversity of cultures. So we really appreciative and we're glad to have you here, and that brings us to this week, seven plus one chamber always forget them want to retain their return. If my half asian way weren't uncomfortable in its programme after the Pope Bit, this is where they will go through them. These are the top seven plus one most petruchio. In Syria, number seven fruity pebbles, yeah, that's a popular one. It would seem too we could elaborate ass, yes, yeah, not necessarily but helpful, never six bert! Brad, which almost seems as though its redundant. Given that the previous one, I think my mood haven't. You take a swing here tat. None of this is number five most popular cereal and Syria to Greece oh
remember this? What I think I do, I think you do number four count oh yeah, I'm in what are your favorites that one is gluten free from very different converging that lets you. Let's have happened where Bill Richmond number three fruit, loops being thrown off of bill Yes, this is the only one that's a good for as a lunchtime or past, but they can't fly number to actually total annihilation of the Jews. Yet aims lead us it's almost as though it isn't real cereal. So much as the expressed purpose in your charter mom, it's there's a theme, there's a number one. Most popular cereal and Syria right now, rape, nuts,
and of course, what was one chamber Mahmoud going to take us out with the plus one why this one's via life, my favorite, one growing up- was honey. Bunches of goods, that is man, that's we'd, Seven- was one in the chamber I dont know why there is a need to repeat it when we clearly known every to its vintage real, then who is doing it in another way to say ass, usual abusers, James Bond ass usual is that's where it comes from. I think I have no idea. I just work. As I mean you, ve heard in a lot of films. Yes, it's up, but I don't know who forgets the one in the chamber not anymore: they don't by the way, did you hear that Alexander cartooning up into centimeter Cortez? She wants to ban, semi automatic just get that in theirs that high capacity magazines and semi automatic we now have this preferably show, but her tweet. She says designed to kill people because
I gotta designed to not kill PETE, I dont know I mean I want to hurt him a little. I just wonder when I pulled the trigger and what did you say stop? Can we thats the water to stun? Yes, The star zone, to be an error she just you weren't in all semi automatic, we'll, lemons, everything, but a lot of action or pump pump, shot guns, and I don't mind whether you would you hurt. She did recently right She actually put our money where our mouth is and she actually asked all of the congressional police who around her office to give up there once this smoke That is entirely didn't. I thought you were telling the truth, because I would expect the fake news from a mood, because you got that, though not knowing it happened last week for anyone who, by the way, was Laura, then Pelt, who correctly answer that the chosen drinking vessel among survivors of zombie apocalypse is well. I guess it's a mug that I don't know what we're gonna do, how she wanted simply looking a little loose, giving away the Muslims are.
Context Year, Donald Trump. And what was that an unusually good week as a group of people here have been critics of the present when wrong. Think it's important to praise him when he's right, so we ve actually rounded up the top floor of top for I think I can you tell us, which one you think is the most significant from this week so much winning I visited Just one right here is the Mulder report. So I came to my ear. For the past two years, two years the left told us at was closing in on present it was. It was basically right. It was inevitable that the walls are closing and I think I've Donald Trump as the Titanic. Robert more as the ice. So a flowery him his family and his aid. Everyone in the open,
office, my comedy Chris Matthews, to have added together the titanic mauler as the iceberg. I also like to think of them: ass, a homeless man and mother with a sandwich. Only those bold my pill with the tea read a pocket of salt water before this program. You really really want to make sure you gonna be right if you that flower in your language, if you really go that far- and I mean Just- seems dangerous automobile writers, that's it we're going to. Second, maybe we could spite of this analogy little that now. Is the way to go for euro really all other higher icebergs. Nowadays, kids, all you, kids with your twitter, is in your books of faces and so hungry you don't know a good iceberg analogy.
You see what it's all icebergs girl pay all the growing ice in Greenland, rather stable, excellent, now big danger. Now it's gonna think more ships. We should get rid of it but lethargic, and then in doing this weekend when BAR released a four page, our summarizing it it was like the cliff notes or more, like I want to jump off a cliff notes. So a major understand this miserable where you gonna jump off a cliff, because our president didn't collude with a foreign power to rig an election, and they wonder why we think the left hates America, I know it and he wants to cut his wrists Elliot Needle in the hay, because we found out that our president was honest- rightly wasn't colluding- foreign power. What else do you guys really want right? Your basic argument now is that he he's guilty because we said it. I saw myself say on the news last night. It must be real. That's the argument dream to dream, and I wanted to be true that I thought it was a bummer are you dead, are looking for any opening aren't going to disagree, dream.
Dream. There was an iceberg. I someone let that make air. Please I'm doing something like this gambling with the things that are far lazier than that. That being said, it still doesn't come across as off putting away how these progressive outlets they were outrage, wouldn't when rational, doesn't he hoped to Burma would fail that there's a news on American what we refer to think that he committed reasons because he wanted Obama to fail with so list agenda. You won't get and sweeping letters that of control over the fifth, the? U S, economy, record, job participation here you know what that kind of thing he just wanted to fail and implementing an agenda. But now it's find a wish that the president was a rational that, just because it would be a point to your political detainees and people talk about political divisional. That's why I don't want to find common ground. How do you find common ground with someone who was bombed that our president
collude with Putin, and it is not for socialism. That's totally find by the way, like a silver lining. The burning he's brought all the socialist kind of out of the closet. It's actually kind of a nice thing, because your Cortez as well down there out in front now back in Obama's day when you like limbo, Saying socialism, it's that social is not like gave a number of them. They said I linger thing socialism because I can't say the inward doesn't leave them of their diet, whistle, for they really was yeah yeah set out on the all. The noted socialist throughout history were black people, and then right away when they say. Oh you, re socialism, erasing racist against Obama will gimme example successful social. Why does ever Norway. Yeah, let's go without Denmark, you prefer you prefer ice There are icebergs over there, It's a great country when the here two? people have a naughty, and obviously this just say it and let it right
I don't need to say any more, but I'll explain it because you know. I feel that this is the lawyer. Remember the Stormy Daniels Porn STAR suing that Ultra Julie This is something we will have a stormy genoese, intellectually sputnik. She was one who accuse cabinet of running Quae lewd rate gangs in high school. I guarantee that phrase actually made headlines accused Synonym Supreme Court justice of running Quae load, rape, gay wax. Wouldn't you you'll, never regarded. Why I dont member the headline I remember this now. Will you please remember that and I'm still waiting to see how it turns out haven't how do you think this one caused me off guard? I really think that this guy was was. It was a good guy. I didn't Having failed to do anything about economic before this now
other than other before swarming now now now much, I don't love you being a menacing. I was now not often he runs encircles, not oil, you're, not a somewhat. Even by this. Isn't this what we want. We want to go pre and post. Everybody was supposed to be trumps worst nightmare and about what your brain stealth at what I still don't get your brains delta. Tell it a serious presidential contender here. Remember this! Well, you know if anyone knows a card, I guess it would be Donald Trump this guy had or credibility in the eyes of most Americans, and certainly in the eyes of the world, s problems the dominoes nobody's going intimate news, and I truly believe that this is the Achilles heel of the present looking. The twenty twenty one? Zero? The other contender is because of your presence on cable news by you won't more transparent skelter by the way, The reason that I think would be great that you were in office
I'll, do my show like I want your involved and gay is no way to go through life son. I dont think its who lost someone at sea. I am happy that pig between Brian still, there So there are some there's you know about them more than a lot to kiss the pope's? Someone said you, Mr Skelter, that's gotta be the worst second place ever I get. Why I watch and hate America. When you watch our news either I see stouter, I feel like it almost reminds me of your wrestling where you have the good that here there I like Maybe he knows what he's doing, maybe a little by little burdens like I'm ready. Where can I guess or just event
Getting excited was about to happen automatically. I got so distracted by someone. Please explain to me. This dealt a fugitive like I've talked about school choice. I understand the case, for I can understand the case for the more I should, at least in the case for John Stewart. I know you guys want Eichelberger. Think Albert can be very honey. I understand Anderson Cooper. Ok, I get it. He was great on the more I understand Don lemon because you know he seems like you could be in intelligent, sometimes right stealthy has please someone make a case for anyone. Demon quality This man makes every one else run him look much smarter than any other read the that is straight. For my part, I just how could we I gather that another rested for twenty million are exporting plot against Nike embezzling clients. Money defrosting of bank could spend life in prison if convicted, actually from seeing these
so now, the Good news criminality that dreams do come. True. All my sexual fancies involve handcuffs The preamble God closes the door. He opens a sex dungeon with another by the way really quickly before you feel sorry form. Don't yet no way out is that aid is hard in general for us to feel sorry for lawyers. Sorry hath asian lawyer bill- and I am asking- is anybody coming to US defence at all, like? It's been calling for this army Daniel Liner. Under that about her. I don't normally the left, gonna comes out and tries to kind of mega thing happened and no one everybody just he stepped forward and everybody's like a hundred yards behind it, but this is what will get to this at the end of this whole segment. It is amazing that the media is not talking about in this really having this guy. What single use a centrepiece.
Yeah me too, for a long time cabinet you couldn't hear without Avenant you're saying oh Donald Trump up, they just assumed the stormy Daniel thing was that, as I said at that point, fifty fifty show that being said, even if there's a fifty fifty shot that something good. What Stormy Daniels now? No one will believe you because you're Michael haven't I when numbers up? This is a big one. For me, this is probably the biggest one the green you ve got to talk about it. I've read that you can watch on the chin. I read the whole green new deal in its entirety on edited. This is supposed to be to legislate. Darling of the left, climate change and our environmental challenges, one of the figures existential Rats, the key word existential: what technology to do? We have the obligation, we have now carried. No, we just need the political will to get this done. I support a green new deal. Ok and I'll tell you why climate change is an exit
central threat she's, so that we really do Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry? That climate change is not a whole Why is there a massive threat, an existential the country and the entire planet appeared Our greatest existential threat tallies up to a whopping, zero votes of support, and she said afterwards and that that was a strategy. I don't understand. The vote. Present strategy looks a heck of a lot worse than these zero, yes votes. It is remarkable me and they say they say it's a political stunt. This was a thing like a political. To put it to a vote without a hearing observes introducing a five page bill that takes over the entire american economy, because we want quote a smart grid with no I'll. Take you to read that by the way.
Sixty minutes sixty looking the logic, residence and sixteen minutes to read, demonetized yet don't hold, I was never monetize. Who do you think you think we're gonna? Have they just green new deal and they set out crowded, renewed deal, this method of an algorithm of screw screw? Fourth, win this week, President Frumps Emergency Declaration, so for people I ve been following a timeline. Innocence, kind of difficult thing for a lot of people back in February, present Trump declared national emergency funds for them While Congress voted to reject a declaration, then he vetoed the rejection this week, president drums veto of their birth king was upheld and a billion dollars is on its way to the border. As we speak, palates of Kashmir What kind of man Crenshaw about this, because some Republicans are divided on this? I actually do this is. I think this is an issue of national security. He does have the authority that what do you think half asian Level- Richmond? Absolutely I mean there's there's not. There's no question. I mean have said this before. I've got family, no pass only good OPEC
You look right there between the border of american WAR as Mexico is. And no one is saying that there has to be Zack seem all across the entire border that there needs to be security so a billion dollars into something as important as regulating what can come of this country, both from a physical, hence or a person sense. Yes, been the policy strategy of every single nation that has ever existed or that hopes to exist or came in existence. Grass or- and this is really to winds and one for him when you are president, you pull at your first veto. That's a big deal, that's putting everything kind of on the link as few lose that you're pretty powerless after that yellow his he was able to the stain the veto and he's getting his border, while piazzas Hugh veto stings by a Sou Brien's delta, maybe the billion dollars going lack feel secure. Doing pronouncing on South South South
That's all salad saw business and I dont know I note you pronounce Nike rights earlier, so that what did I say the word I pronounced incorrectly all the time. I know it's supposed, but I often say us supposed: it takes the complaint I suppose Jody Foster and I know how to say right report, but I'm really stupid. I was put like night with, like five ease effort just to help gas terminal just read out a medically and they make but the children's day, when the jump in the forest right when you at the factory, what's out once more before we at once, you eventually the ICES Palace and a national rushing. This is where I feel like more of a Democrat, because I don't want you to have a lot of. And also. I agree that in part with some of the statements made as far as the climate, the green new deal people I do think that your days are numbered and
just hours. Yes, it's a localised without hotspot, except just just ass, the great Satan and the little by the way you guys cannot see how funny might have regional urban with these tit positively tickled. Take this whole time. That's a mood, I'm out joint everyone's life, really! Hang it now and I might add, divide following it. Usually it doesn't matter where you stand in Republicans. Had this debate concerns matters debate with the national mergers and I think it's a healthy debate that the good example where we can find common ground or have a healthy debate, regardless of where he went Definitely a win from president trumps perspective, but you you don't have to take my word for it. We have to national emergencies once declared on the southern border, where the President transfers and TAT is taking away millions of dollars from other agencies to address.
A wall which doesn't even solve these issues. Why helps why are we raise billions of dollars or a medieval fortress that won't work? I urge my colleagues to vote and override the veto, eating president hurdle. You know you're the turtles club, I more convinced than ever that the present actions are not only unlawful. They are deeply Mr Peabody morality or not. We are as a nation who is at risk of poverty, but ass. It was a big. We should have a need for a campaign must, with Mr Peabody, was at a booby at the same guy will yogi medals issue here. Is that you even reach the people are saying that from here to there are gone for twenty twenty zero people saying freely. This is why you have to look at the long Bala politics they look at this week. You'd have to make a very
different prediction, then you would have made three weeks ago and that's what the media, where are they right now go to a covenant. Both gotcha lots, culture washing both and see if they are talking about the wall being built completely being exonerated from the Mulder Report and have an already required. When you do anymore. I just I think, it's time unexhausted Frankly, I'm exhausted. I am tired from all this wedding and there are then, after this whether with Crenshaw little bit little but a rib sleep, Silver chair winning. The
You didn't infringements helping him or his mother lottery, Wisconsin Drugstores, who then the evil that law making very wrong dab, dab, dab, dab, dab meat in French, using them down to a french consulting his mother moderator goes up was causing a truck stops. Did you understand the implications? Are you end up? Cnn failure join up the ladder was crowded. I've come slash. My club, you have that monster Spencer is killing me. You, You wouldn't you know this week. I was quite sick.
They did it surgery on my top infection. This decision I started shipbuilding. Couldn't those didn't like Michael J Fox and build the defence, but also bays, during which time lost six pounds in children, my cat dinner, but big clean GO home now, given it a little by little, and I'm back find new plans, efficient. Most expensive and basis I exactly what's wrong with me, so we shapeless it. It sounds continued medical and join with products. That translates why you.
There is no point in these things creaming off, there's no way. I just realized. It was the wrong way on we're. I'm supposed to do this in a lenient with here like the organs, but I leaned in this way, which I think means you know that fortunately retarded. I think it means that there is a serious problem and I'm in trouble and control, because our next guest really classes of the show elegant, guest and a lot of earth and have been asking from the beyond. Let me just give Miss Intro, because a lot of people complain if we don't give them the interpreter. One really knows who he is living given all the twitter. So there are here as a representative from Texas. Second congressional district, I wouldn't have gotten a number right, otherwise I just know is represented, but poorly more interestingly former Navy seal officer who aren't Braun STAR, metals purple heart
went to Harvard after military service and a lot of people know you know he losses red eye serving in Afghanistan. Certify due to an I e, you can follow me on Twitter, at Rep, Dan, Crenshaw represented Crenshaw during your socks? I tycoon Crenshaw Utopia before the break takes around me. A thousand baby. I'm very glad to have you here and just get it just the discomfort right out of the way and I'm going to be hypocritical. How annoying is that everyone always asked you about your eyepatch first, knowing that I just did that Well, no one's is annoying. Is you, I got a few technical. I really impeding Davidson through you a few jobs, and am I topped the list. I feel horrible about myself. You re a big fan of EC there. Now I don't mind it's it's it's part of my story and, in frankly, being in politics.
Is telling your story round, because if you do have to connect with people in order to to to get them to believe that you should represent the other has to be some gonna human connection in and sharing. Yourself with them is a big part of that lower. A chilly expected right a percentage level headed you I want to get to that and as it relates to trump a little bit, but since we lead with that Peat Davidson opposite. Trouble for mentioning you're, you're eyepatch. On Saturday I live and move. A lot of conservatives were outraged, saying he needed to be fired, then you appeared with them and in very the hatch it pretty pretty quickly. That's not true and we were held, that same standard is a comedy show or often I say, listen, I don't think you wanna take everything that we say a hundred percent seriously. What inspired because that is counter culture to the outrage society in DC both on the right and left yeah, and it certainly are fixed in this country that it can draw young. So you know
What that means, of course, that you're going back in time a little better soberly understands you know there is there were certain elements of his joke, that were alike now I got a funny but kind an offensive, but, like really Percy said that I would like a hit manner to pour out like that. Ok, I'm curious! What kind of that film, you're, watching people like Yahoo, I just either this is generally there, I think he just went down avenues, client list and just sir as those that wasn't the bar it got everybody rolled up. It was the issue is the part after that maybe misspoke, maybe was scripted funny. I who knows somebody just said. I know we lost a dime war or whatever right it was dismissed. That's what that's! What made everybody angry so over the next day, and you know it too much Tax from friends in the in noting that this had happened and we can watch the media outrage sort of play. Out there there were a lot of. There was a lot of outrage, for it now is expected to
comment on it, and I couldn't I kept bake outrage right. You're not gonna, get away with very dark senses of humor and the seal teams. Yeah I'll do that, so we were pretty used it haven't thick skin and so I have to admit I was not and it did not take some emotional on me that the prostration, what there was the fact that I had to deal with it at all, but but I you tell us that when I found, which is like wasn't on China to open people, but also try or not be offended. I think that's a good way to live. The eye is world and you know just because our society at this moment tends to value in an hour the sort of a commitment. Albion elevate, this agreement victim status. It's a con man. If I can just be an agreed victim, Then I'll really be right, then I'll win. That's it covers the terrible place from our culture to be right I want to be part of that, and so there is,
There is no reason to demand. Apologies for for any of this nonsense right that would bring about a really good point, not a lot of politicians. We make that point in the show, but gather seeking affliction as you see with people and people, so why would anyone want to be in this and then insert minority class of the day here I go, I dont know because you could get off faking hate crimes. For starters, then you know, but rich Hollywood sector across the board that some kind of moving on from. Let me ask you this: how have you become I mean. I visited a freshman representative in ways that term a lot but so popular. Despite being If I were to the few balanced view points out, there are people follow your social media on President Donald Trump. You know a lot of Forcing is either never try or their seen as Magua hot, where my hat, when it doesn't matter what he does praise him. Where he's right- and you know you call them what you criticise when he was talking about John Mccain recently in criticising human lobbying, some some attacks after after he died
how do you remain so popular? Because there aren't many people who seem to figure that equation I mean we have the pole. I don't know that I'm so popular, I could tell you with our viewers and our readers yeah. They love you, I hope so You know, because I think people respect intellectual consistency and honesty. They just want you to tell you why you're saying what you're saying they don't want, they don't want to feel like it's just part of a political calculation and so the way to avoid it. Looking like a part of the political calculation, is it for it not to be a political regulation in order to actually be true right, gay and n n n Wasn't I don't take swipes the president just to do? Ok, whatever trappers. Just do that right. I think they do it just because it become harder brand, it can help themselves and then they forget to defend conservatism flats. A problem, because a lot of what President Drum does is conservative alot away he governs, is conservative in its good. Something to disagree with. You should be really simple. This of us, I disagree with those things are not a
you know I'm not a second Benda much is falling blindly reacted. Well, you know, that's it. Said was interesting. Point first off. I love that better work had to respond to your tweet in an interview with them. Was it TAT was a Chris haze. I don't have to do is actually all about on that which is not just the I'm. The Christian is still by the way? If anyone can explain the brains dealt or think me, please let me know I still don't get it. We just talked about that. I dont understand it. I dont get it. I love you course respond because of your social media bottom, but let me ask you shouldn't you also EL the position on the at the constant, the the border crisis or a lot of people talk about the constitutionality of that in a state of emergency you're, just explaining this to me during the brief break, what is your, dance in how'd he justified as a consistent conservative because it may surprise a lot of people I've got a series of the things. I want to point out two to make my conservative colleagues who are rightfully have concerns over okay. So there's no there's a couple arguments right
that is not an emergency okay, well the counter arguments that is well. Yes, it is an emergency and the numbers dictate that it is only last month, errors. You know sixty six thousand apprehensions at by any measure that almost eighty thousand just last month, the yesterday was reported that the highest amount of daily illegal crossings and thirteen years, the other reason. It's an emergency and humanitarian emergency. That is because because our system is designed to encourage the drag children across because they know they bring a child across they get let go under population. We have a whole new generation of dreamers being created right now, because of that and in the constitution. Sorry, there's more family units being ever had never before, so that the problems in an emergency yes, is different than it was even a year ago. Yes, absolutely there is a different situation. Okay, so that that part, then constitutionality of its neighbours. There's this there's, there's too
elements of the constitution. I believe, but up against each other here and you pretty much up to twenty value more on this side. You have the appropriations part. Ok, that's article right congresses uncharted reverberating money. You you can't just take. You can just change that now, technically, That is repressing money, not thinking of the Treasury like constitution, but that's just that at the technicality zeal for the says Parliament needs to fatal, exclude the law that article two, What law are we talking about? How about? U dot s code? One thousand three hundred and twenty five, which is opulent yours, it's your computer, letting you know that everyone's texting hearing I wish I could make that If I meet that, I wonder if I knew you had the brown. That's ok, why the hell with it, because we love because you're so kindly which are not so. Yes, you are going to the President base it after you, ve gotten the constitutionally article one and now we're going to you're going over the president and what kind of falls under his legitimate purview, I believe, is where you exactly what you to face,
SK the law and in thirteen twenty five is a law and says you can across the border in legally, and so it's not being in was right now the president's job to enforce it so then those you bought up against each other. I value that one I value the one. It suggests tat our country over over this over this other one which is in appropriations? Audit was fast, I found myself that, coupled with the national emergencies, act itself, which clearly gives it puts it in writing. Tat. You have to use they use that happen, and in that way I think we got a pretty good case yeah. I would with you in that actually would be one of the few areas where people could look at executive orders and say, as it relates to national security or national mergers. That's what the role of the president is effectively. It should be limited, but if it deals with national security, obviously that these called the commander in chief for reason- and I think it s commander- I guess the grey area of whether you consider the border crisis, a national emergency. I think you ve made it
a strong case- and this brings me to something else here. There are a lot of similarities between you and go with me you're, so don't take offence to read it because, when I'm about to say is way worse than what be Davidson set, but it all back on some similarities here between Alexandria, Cassio needed into Centenary Cortez, in that you are both new fresh faces. Social media is a huge portion of your platform, very influential, both seen as as as firebrands, but I think there are some differences here. What really sort of draw a significant line in the sand as to how can the people server to embrace versus the left in that, namely your articulate, praying, had it not doomed day theorist in the same way that they needed to centre Marine Cortez is an open. You openly list references sources. You know you're Tom at the border crisis you listed, charts onto the court does respond to me on Twitter
and just they will look it up more. Second, why don't you show me? You need the claim. Have you heard these him? Have you heard these comparisons before and do this? It is a good thing that you embrace. Now I was hoping you discontinue list of compliments, but go on forever. I again, if you take on that long before we can all be there, I can now I can make sure to feel very comfortable I'm married by the way people to take that the wrong. What I mean and I'll make you feel comfortable coming back because F and took it yeah to the throne. I apologize I take risking their four times. I read, I always think it's let him out of the first people say that, but I do understand what people mean by it's. It's a matter. Media attention were both the young millennials were both found. I think, trying to drive a future for our party. I'm really happy with the future than I did. That
My colleagues talk about for our party, I'm not I'm not so sure they had those that same gonna unity over on that side in animals We need you brought up, something which is defend what you're saying you know and an unfortunate we're getting you comfortable in this in this culture. With that, with this idea, tat old ignorance, Brain it's just like it. If you're appear, if you if your emotional about it, if you're, genuine, if you're, authentic, don't matter right here right now, but I think she's actually said that in an interview? Yes, the lions, oxen Huffington posts, so that even if Cortez I blew it was either vocs having imposed might have in Washington Post. I dont know exactly what we did a piece on it not that long ago reset it doesn't matter, if she has an iron out all the details, because she's morally right, she's, fundamentally morally right and from illegal or are you know that you're morally right, the fact
good line up with how you feel the faction line up with how you're moaning and if they don't at all what changes are you're, probably morally incorrect, but they grant her and especially the media. I know this sounds like a tired trope, but you do this all the time as as several of the media really does profit. Up and assume the moral high ground to someone like like a yossi yeah they operate from a different from us. I mean if you're like princes, you're. Looking at a green new deal and your operating from a of the entire world ending twelve years will then then there no cost is too much right today, so they use the day. Nay, they Bigger the data in their arguments in a way to to assume that if you disagree with them than you are morally correct, rather there that's a real problem. It means it means you're not having you're, not having an intellectual conversation, an aching conservatives and Republicans of doing that with global terrorism, like
fearmongering hold on a second, I would say that there is reason for legitimate concern and I would maybe deferred you since you obviously served in our military. Injury only came from crashing a jeep on the way to an age, walk, No, not exactly the same thing about global terrorist. Moreover, concerned to me than the reality of the world ending in twelve years. If we don't pacify page, but five pages separate I've been one issue. It's not you know and more recently, what they did, that work was was simply the border right. There's no crisis, nothing to see! Hear me whether this over and over and over again that this monster of manufactured crisis, and I again at the numbers in only four hundred thousand people crossing illegally last year. These are just apprehended by the way. What actual thinks they maybe get. One in three yeah, that's an enormous number. I don't have to call them bad people. I don't have to say that their there might be tat. First among them into our messaging stirred up. I think his conservative, I am all the more criminals, can integrity conducting from Alaska
and whirling able don't just assume that all get three hundred percent its unsustainable, sustainable, it's an unsustainable in flow of people. Radio you come in here. We have, we'd. Putting these kids into our schools are using emergency rooms or that there is a cost on society and thought impossible to do two great them into our society needs. Secondly, the people don't talk. The conservatives don't say enough is your cutting from the line in front of legal immigrants who deserve to be in this country as we do on immigrants in his country, and we can have a valid conversation about whether we should up our quota illegal immigrants by, but should do the really shouldn't be any discussion of whether we should have illegal immigrants coming to quell. That sounds about like something a white man. Millennia would say, but I let the audience make their own judgment here: it about a couple more things would duplicate to get going relatively soon. You just introduced, a building could family leave millennials, you introduce it. I believe honour on Wednesday, but yeah can you
you explain that to people who may not understand it where they can go to learn more about it. A senator, Rubio and representative and Wagner been working on this for for quite a while now and around news. Was there the press conference as well to supporting us so relevant We borrow this. Basically, it's it's an understanding that, and I think this is. Overarching theme. I would point out. Sometimes The left is not always wrong about the problems they point out and what they want their just almost always wrong about the solutions they propose rank ass. A pit leaves a pretty good example of that right. That's not a terrible thing in and of itself. I would love her for new young parents to be.
Two to have some kind of financial cushion they're gonna have their first baby. Assessing the turn their twenties or thirty's or you're dating yours are in life, are right, millennials, understand this and in support of one of the millennium generation, because this bills, just for millennia, but because we could probably as millennium the good bye, make the most use of it. So the question is: how do you pay for something like this because What solution is well Jim, government programme billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars completely sustainable, invariably we're trying to help or anyone debt them to do it. Well, that's a terrible solutions, not very creative, and pretty much retained muslim solutions? They propose for just about every problem, but they think is a problem But let's assume this is a problem because I don't get it and were pro family right. I want the family unit deprive so what this allows is all it allows you to borrow from your future social security funds.
Basic and I'll. Give you the simple explanation of it. Basically, you take three months: a family leave. Ok, now you have to back up you're you're you're your return payment by a similar amount of time to pay it back. Are you have other options to pay back to now you can sooner. If you like, you can be payable, in in one clear payments if you like, but it and change the the long term budget doesn't have changed the long term health of Social Security either. This change. I we firmly believe that the short term open up a long term and its importance a world where basically the web, but if your borrowing from someone richer than yourself, which is you in the future, because it You ve actually had time to make it in this world like time cop with entitlements the really good weather, but very good perfectly, and also I maybe limit of demolition men with entitlements and mentalities are the whole damn damn catalyze really interesting movie. I know it.
Was the militiamen alone. Yes, it was well worth yet and I was someone was Snipes and time. Gotta know that nice was in other about. Right? I have no idea. I know time got within damned, but for some reason I'm thinking he was also demolition- that I know Snipes. I think cycles in both the point in time. I don't want to muddy the waters on your brilliant proposal here with my stupid commentary. We do have to hear so final think. One thing: I'd love to have a tweet may hear from you too presented Adam shift when said that he said a direct evidence of Trump Russia collusion, and this is important as putting a fine point. He didn't say, maybe there's a possibility. He said that he had direct evidence of Trump Russia collusion. That means it's a lie. Any doubling down still write with us is made sorry. This is important for people to maintain a timeline, and this is why, like he's at intellectual consistency, is important because we need to hold people to the same standard that they would hold out and if you say
Listen, we need to investigate someone for kaluza for kaluza, for rucksack russian collusion. Kaluza could be a country could be a city in a country. I have no idea that we need By that same standard, if you ve that you have evidence, we need to investigate you. So this is a springboard to say what would you say as President trumps biggest win of the week? Would it be the Mulder report? Would it be ever knotty? We refuse to list them in rank them man? It's it's been a pretty good way. The president is, is this I think he's taken, I'm just getting to speed up right now, ended well deserved? It really did all interrelated. Come down like one moment where, where are the Mauro report? no found that there was no delusion tat he got arrested, which still little peasant whatever some of us would have liked to see him jump into the presidential primary in and allow with every other democrat, but could be bought that agenda to ban it out just a distant to watch. All that take place. Having for the press,
I think it's a good when its veto was not overridden either should be seeing some money come into the coming. Come in the wall Funding, I words with which I think we need a green ascended, the right places they just. I was just about Passos, last I heard on that there are, they gonna, hurt our military readiness either based on one thing that money can come from or disaster preparedness. So these are all these are all good. Things presents many good on his promises. D actually secure. Our country all found out that he did not collude with Russia. I've never really thought he did, but it looks like we have now have a light. The investigation that shows that did not undergraduate need to accept that. One thing I want to say, but I am Shepherd he uses position on the intelligence. Many to make everybody believed that he had access to information that I really didn't. You have nets that that is strengthened, beyond dishonest if one thing you're just gonna, say at the fathers and always do, but he really. You really up your beauty,
his position and then that's really problem yeah and you know sometimes present trump can come across a little, not, but I think that anyone would lose their marbles a little bit when people are out there, claiming that you ve done something that you haven't done. I think anyone would go a little, but not in the public eye where they're gonna horse again you're trying to obstruct justice, what obstruct what there's? No crime, efforts, equal, there's, no crime, but maybe obstruction. We don't know shit, shit shit! That's how I feel, but I will say this: we have to get going and I'm tired- and you must be examined- From all the wedding, it's so much, I think people are getting tired. People can value at rest. And Crenshaw. Is there anywhere else that you would like to plug real, quick.
Well arab, encourage like another twitter account at the french Archie acts. We use them both to both great follows. Please follow both Instagram Dan Crunch Archie Action and the search for doing crunch on Congress in the unfair wherever Crenshaw. Thank you so much for being here, sir. I appreciate we must go wrong. I wrap this up in an ice revenue. I'll be back
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Ah I I would, but I'm not sure how countries we are funding for caliphate. Smith and Wesson yeah: well, he they made a Smith and Wesson chaperone. You can't please everyone.
there was the black fish reasonably fish there. Disgusting earlier than the blue, This is because there's no reason for it is not in a united, really filling the drowning density. That much energy goddamn crunch are really took. Anatomy representative, dank rigid, Alex Tibet. Take your time. I need to issue in a pilot really quickly before I get to the closing second here, Johnny Depp, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I have given Johnny Depp a rough time because I do think he's kind of duty, but yeah when he was accused of of beaten Amber, is ever her and never heard up a little bit. I think we had a bit. That at that point it wasn't really really condemning him, but his drunken tirade very through the turns out. She kick his ass. Yes, so I hope that I just did you. I hope you taken everything he's worth a really promoting yourself, everything you're worth, because probably a Jew Checking your how account now, let's be honest, so this week you can bring up there get for those it in
Follow early, I was subject to my first auto accident as as a passenger, I should say when I was a kid I was hit by a car ones. Our estimates. We look the whole dashboard just exploded. Airbus, Those were not for I was by the way I was higher. Blue on older jeep were exiting from one free to another, it's hard for me to explain, but basically here's a freeway immunity. This freeway k and there's a loop and the loop comes given this freely and then there are only two lanes where you're what and basically these lanes. One lane is trying to get over on, the very way the freeway, because northwest any other what people are trying to get over. Their loop. That goes downward going yourself and I have to do this exit many times. I've always thought it was incredibly dangerous. So when the tire blue, while we were take, I would accept a panicked looking in and out and look so bad
God, and it really was not as bad as it could have been more fortunate and actually Iraq, with a complete spin out of the car which could potentially increase the force of the agreement in the concrete Gerda. I think cause it to scrape a little bit which cradled saved you little, but that the crash does that mean the framers told failure to create as a value Raymond, combining a jeep with a metal bumper and converse completely broken met with your frame completely cracked bent so been she'd break my heart because Johnny Boy who driving lives that cheap, but it could have a lot worse. Thank God, he's fine, we'll get another job. So I sent us to explain to you what happened and to let you know that I understand it. This isn't exactly a straight with death as many car accidents could be, but at that time I didn't know that so that moment in time feeling the tyre blow out and most difficult loops in Texas
all. I knew spin screech and with each spin. I can just see two lanes behind us to end, which one of which is going very very fast and other people are coming in in a blind loop and then spend spend, spend concrete garter. Spend spend, spend cars go and buy at felt like they were getting faster, Any concrete Gerda was getting faster than came into view. I've. I thought it might I really thought it might be curtains in retrospect now, but it's coming kayak story that I've told you but before I think, if that would where I was sure the death is just like my parents gonna be on shore unjust. I couldn't Kayak over was almost all the sealskin Diana before not these open hypersensitive. She has special. You have no idea that a cottage ma, I'm gonna, go up the smart design with blood. Stick you inside of a kayaking, you can get what they want to take back in the day, but the thing is
I bring it up because obviously didn't Dinah Kayak. I was running down this car crash, but at that moment I thought this might be at this. Is how and I I got there- a flash people too. I wanted my life flash before my eyes, but explain it in this short moment like count million different thoughts were going through my head after it happened in a kind of got to download. I was how do I think of all these things at that? Second, so first off was obviously my God depletion. Right now and then I thought this exit is the worst, and I must this is outside like them. This exit is the worst city engineering in history and then I thought I'm never travelling in an old Jake with Crappy felt seats again, and then I thought all k were definitely spinning out, and I thought God just pay Let us crash more none of these two lanes, and I thought, oh, my god we're gonna crash, and now I just really up another car doesn't come and hit us and then it hit me. Ok, I could. I could die right here.
Thought going through this could happen, and the odd thing is I was only accepting of up and sometimes in those moments it's kind of a silly but pervert example. Ego you try to almost strike a bargain with God and a member thinking. You know what, in this modest real in this moment and think death would be ok, I just don't want to get hurt. So let me die. That's fine, but just on them crippled. Remainder pride out with the jaws of life on a nightly news in a quadrant view, and then there was the moment when the two airbags, when often these are Nineties, airbags not they were certainly not soft. It wasn't like being cradled in your loves, bosoms and These were decidedly unfriendly aggressive airbags. They went off, causing my do what I can only imagine was getting paddled back and forth between the unsupported bucket seeds Like a pin balls- and I couldn't hear anything everything completely white things,
We kind of came back into view and sounds. Were back in smoke was come out of the damn thing was the airbag gas? I don't know I've never had airbags deploy before. Certainly not, I don't know it's a ninety model cheap. I think there was total sensory deprivation and I couldn't really move when I came to- and there was a moment there, I thought a crap, I'm still here, but I can't move cars or and you're gonna hit us, and then I thought I'm still here, I dont know how bad this is going to be, and I can't move ever being upset about it and thinking about it. Now its pre disgusting, I'm pretty discuss it. I thought that it sometimes are aspects of yourself. You can't really fully understand until you're put in that kind of a scenario, but is not the way it often goes, and life many times will do anything just to avoid the paint sometimes rather take the loss, the finality of defeat.
Or in this case I'll, take death instead of being in a wheelchair. It sounds silly, but I remember thinking that will take that finality, rather than the pain of the struggle, and I think I know why at least make it internally struck some of this because addled afterwards there is a lot of scored a copy of it. Induced visceral, emotive reactions and many of you watching the shown of their not a big fan of cliches, not the Oprah friendly soundbites bit because Europe and untrue- and this case when it comes to mind, we hear a lot of people are afraid of being powerless, they're, they're, they're, more afraid of being more powerful and they can possibly imagine something ones. Neither one of the six is true. No one wants to be powerless and I can attest to that moment in time that sort of those trying to control aspects of the uncontrollable, but I think the reason that many of us will find the out look for it.
Take a defeat over the pain of the struggle is because we all find comfort in the idea that our limitations are burdens, or even our ultimate defeats are completely out of control right. If I, if I remember that, if I I die that it's just my time, that's out of my hands, but if I don't the ball back in my court, if I don't die, this might hurt a lot I have to go through a really tough climb, just to get back to capable and it's an even higher pillows although that sometimes we feel the set back is that of our control. But the recovery is on us and that's a lot to take that's hard enough life, and you know what that never changes. We give you another example. From from this crashed it'll hopeful explain: it began to explain a lot of crept. Unpacked they're, not proud of as it relates to right after the accident. My friend Johnny Boy, whose driving was shaking, became my vitals refine. His blood pressure was was through the roof. I could tell he was out of it in
ass to open my measuring, as I asked him before. He I know that he has had absent seizures when I was young, so is very worried about him. Can you shaking so our wives TIM and many who work with us their fantastic? They? They came and got us if we went to a nearby Mcdonalds. The way said: Johnny has to go home, sent home and a member tongue, my wife and the team. There is pretty much fine and I just needed a moment it together. My bearings, it was a lie. I lied I do not feel fine, and I said to them that I thought I could still go down the age walk in due to hold a filming. I said I just needed a minute in view that seen in, if you ever saw the Filmer regarding Henry, did you ever see regarding Henry Harrison Forget shot. I think its most accurate depiction of the kind of shock and that's new ever put on screen, maybe along with Captain Thorpe Set, was related to but Harrison Ford is that it can be used for getting a pack of smoke and a guy holding up a story. Just demands is wallet,
suits him and Harrison foreign citizens spin over like a spaghetti. Western or decent streaming paying you to hold up his hand and eating Harrison for it. Now we will wait a minute wait. A minute you just holding up hold on hold on a minute now falls over and shock and he's bleeding. He was shot and it's almost more impact when you watch is because you think that's probably someone might react, that's how I felt at the Mcdonalds. When I was saying I'm fine, I didn't you take a second but the adrenaline dumb stopped and I'm a pretty. You're the airbag boxed. My right here, because I couldn't hear all all day it was, it was real. Just increasing hyperdrive Anglicans the same priority, couldn't here on my right here for the rest of the day, and that was my comments and will hold on hold on a minute. I was sore. I was tired. I couldn't hear I didn't feel funny. You know. I, like because of ego I was thinking of the people depending on the people that that we employ here they are
in this story would circulate in that they would maybe saw manual steam was such such trooper. He went on downy finish the second anyway, and so I like, and I said it was fine. But remember when I was saying it. I was looking to my wife and I think we ve all done this its impose. Looking to my mother, the icing- nothing, I'm not fine, Stepan here, call it don't. Let me go because I wanted to prove I could do it, but if my wife said no you're going home, what guys? That's that's! That's out of my hands and see. The point here is. I really would have wanted my limitations to be set by someone else. I wanted my defeat or what I perceive. As my defeat to be of my control, because otherwise people would see me as a quarter. The truth is in not being honest in line to myself my team about what I could or couldn't control I was unaware that was more of quitting. What would have less of a quitters mentality would have been to say guys. I can't hear you my neck
I'm tired, I'm going home will lead the fight another date because that would have been taking ownership. The situation myself, but instead just wanted to say not at all. I can do what I can do this and I was looking for anyone else? Anyone else to take me out for me the mentality of wanting to absolve myself the responsibility of accept recognizing my own limitations, and I was, I was doing it all over again, just like the crash that the bargain with God, if you want to call it, If I that's fine, that's on you just please don't let me live and be a vegetable, because that's on that's gonna, fuck and we'll be embarrassing, and this narrowing my wife calls it that's. If one of you calls that's on you, there's nothing, I can do if you don't it's on me and I'm gonna have to quit my teeth and bear it in. It being on me his hard because at me now I gotta decision to make a decision to recognise their limitations and charter, realistic course of action to recognise what I could not do now, here's that years of many and TIM they decided to call it. They said no you're going home because our good people and outside I felt relief
but that doesn't change that I was lying there myself they, decide for me. I let them decide for me because through ego, I basically abandoned my post. So my challenge to you is this: think of how often you do this, particularly the young men out their powers, and you look for he's in the lie yourself to present this facade of things being under control. Just to avoid admitting your weaknesses, have you done it? I got a guarantee, have a guarantee you'll! Do it this week could be a severe When I went through or much more severe than one or could be a simple is up in I was I was late traffic on the freeway. It sets out of my aunt there's nothing I can do. Is it you often find so I'm running late. Superman D make promised he can't keep. Why? What
to do, was rather than wait until a crisis occurs, you can throw up your hands in shock enough to being out of control and wait to take inventory right now. What do you limitations? What're? You weaknesses your quiet time. Take a minute. Take inventoried because guess what it's ok. It's? Ok, limitations? It's ok have weaknesses, it's ok. To be honest about them. This is where we get it wrong: it's not ok to celebrate them. We need to celebrate our weaknesses, but it's going to work on many things in life that we can't control, but I think we all want a little less responsibility than we probably should? Sometimes here's? How many can control king control right now, recognising a weaknesses, recognising limitations and accepting the incremental improvements that you can make to correct them. But you can, you can never know what that is. This is something to talk about this a lot with with knowing what the hard
where is knowing what the easy out is in recognising you can never know. You will never know what your potential is, what you're capable of truly accomplishing, if you're lying to yourself because of eager. The guy who claims you can do it all and can't ok, is of far less value than and who can look you in the eye and say you know what I know that I can do this because I know that I can't do that. I can tell you Barney any shadow of a doubt, because No, I can't do that. I know I can do this. That's what the world needs more. That's a real. We get it wrong. Look like we turn them. Don't.
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