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2019-04-05 | 🔗
HUGE SHOW! Talking terror-fighting influencers, Scientology god worship, Biden's not apology for being a creep, and slapping around CNN's POS Brian Stelter. Paul Joseph Watson updates us on all things Britain, and Pantelis sits third chair.

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Where is tat, even though the way this is true, but we all know about.
that's called the Joe Biden sees all the twelve year old conflict which has been an island and a really hungry, and you look like a hamburger. Just every single twelve you'll grow looks like they're doing this to happen. By side of a horrible. We have told us. What's on the show their chair, we have pen tell us of Carlos working people, failure there and the twitter too horrible twitter gets a big p for each php, those terrible but good
Amazon com, hedgerows company when money is commonly letters at their works with MIKE Ward, is worse under human rights Tribunal for a joke there in Canada Backyard. How you certainly did don't like it all to you, and you know what one of the day Chateau D book is still a place. I will be in a couple of short weeks. Actually going there I'm gonna go to this is on the whole I may already. Yes, yes, if we make it out of the bedroom something tells me you're not making it into the marginalization of it is going to be well and she's up with the bellboy, so request, sorry, lively language lovely. What are we talking about Brien's delta today and more media biased. In the wake of the Russia story, but first let me ask you which soon an acre in your opinion is the largest festering pile of Corinth,
legal matter. Let me know we also have a seven plus one on Joe Biden legacy. Potter's wasn't gonna! Let me before you watch the brine stouter second, because I know a few comments after you want that we're going to be we're gonna be given that we do want a biased, not fair. Now I want to show you are hand yet posit come and then come back. Starting off, though, is this claim that young social me influencers now are key to fighting terrorism in the Middle EAST conflict Post? According to the author, use, are authentic to one another in the way government officials, religious authorities or parents are not poisonous to us to fight terrorism. Leading this new crop of influencers is actually we know it popular Youtube personality. Laura is and should he will come back to my Youtube channel. This is going to be my latest unboxing make up incomes,
still monetize only get it if you would have fight ISIS. Well, if you wanna do the job about this, how much is being honest about Islam every time somebody is honest about Islam, they get back. And they get demonetized when they get shouted down left any time you read from coming to cover the green. Deal by the way between airs only four pages, but it's a quick rate. May I please did you really can tell us now, but I don't like his thumb. There's no sharing is called let's get six. I just haven't been. You know woke enough, yet I guess no, I didn't understand properly remunerated. Just like you, never behold, a honeymoon you'll be fast asleep outside the bedroom, dab it, but the bellicose. Normally, immediately feed achievements physically the slow news. This is what you can expect in a slow news. We have at Buzzfeed Executive, dealt a blow to employees, the union. This comes from a tweet
I think, from one of the members of the union. Five minutes after the meeting with the union was scheduled to start executive said they weren't going to show up and of course, we are very happy that this trend about four minutes response. Today, Buzzfeed release the top twenty five employees suicide gives, you won't believe, so they seem as though its hope that a man on fire I do not actually reach the end with the executives on this one have shown into the meeting as well as stupid, union people at a terrible, terrible news at airports. We had better mean how also worlds we cannot find a job unless you have a union, You have a job but, as I see it, suited to hang on to it for dear life, don't piss them off. They will just fire you faster. I I love your money anything as much as Buzzfeed writers love doing nothing, but then it can. We get a lot of material from them, so maybe we do want them to say around that's true. I also learn from them at the male and female seawater hold hands.
Right before he rape, sir. That's actually what happens in real life light your face clause or not copulate, to light, but eventually that they show them holding hands going down like their necessity is down. A river honours are horrible, not as the ground out well, what is it? What's not go back there the Florida implored on a lighter note. Therapists have seen an increase in patients claiming to struggle with global warming. Here's a clip. It's not just women, either A lot of men couples specifically, who are talking about all of the rich and why they will or will not have children and now they're. Just considering climate change was gonna pay for it there just putting we're putting our problem, now under the future generations and they again think it's morally and ethically irresponsible. Now this something I've been thinking for years. I want my own children and I think I'll be like so much fun. There's too many people know Joe sterilize yourselves, said the association of adverse psychologists across the world ever defence.
He's going to say worrying about environmental problems can cause anxiety and depression across across the world. At this point. No one is safe and if you it's really happening to them too, to its banana. Now that is not the prestige is having a good time and you invaded his privacy. It's very earnest. Are you two point in this pen? Tell us this really why she seeing people hoard depressed about climate change or more likely to be said, if you d preferment you can we say that we preserve works a school for years to be able to give their diagnosis. How dare you it seems that there is a two tier. The likelihood of someone, is clinically depressed that they are more likely to be clinically depressed s? What look? Here's the thing can't we just all close our eyes for eleven years and change, and this will just all be over apparently really have just.
Twelve years, so we don't need there anymore, don't waste your time. I dont know anything at twelve. That's the thing it's just that will obviously we're doing away with all the rules from an inconvenient truth, and you know that the bull added Lesbian sang the song who sang the incoming truth. I was just use them. Was it tat? She knew come with its NATO coming inconvenient truth. That's it Metabolites and EVA. I dont know I confused them they're, so many was it go Conor Locker, whose areas the Mclaughlin I dont, even in people others certainly changeable ones. Another redhead lesbian, with short hair, was a singer who talking about. I don't know. Graduate another mentality, Seymour Culture, because your Greek, your people created modern culture in art, and then it was destroyed. It was bad legal issues- that's right! Undemocratic country went bankrupt in one retired, the ripe old age of thirty eight, but
by way of the funny thing about that she said I just don't feel like it's. Ok, there were passing this onto our. Are the next generation turkeys and like all, but the crushing debt that your passion on totally five right. There isn't one of a planet that they will be able to stand by the way your kids will say, airplane. What was that Father come sit on my knee, let me tell you about how we used to get around then go up to five hundred miles and he's just telling tall tales. He must be talking about light rail that only goes to twenty grand in its nose like poop, well, I'm not a topic of people who need fair, be scientologists escape, may consider Tom Cruise to be a deity. Allergies comes from page six because that legitimate new source apparently must now the act is believed to be second only to die
the misgivings, the Saviour, the sickness with a sudden gear lap, the saviour of the free world? So please someone crucify him you. Thank you so much that right. It was a faint actually called claims, were they were actually corroborated by this recently discovered early century artwork of plazas faggot you. So if you see look, I'm not I would just another until I would react if I dont broke new licences, binomial nomenclature gotta. You answer me we're about to say that you are right. I thought you didn't you turn island. I will clear: oh gosh out see I'm so sorry I so I sincerely apologise. Can you get moved around one hell of a wedding night jail terms? I have been thinking about that. Did you ever see them going clear.
No, no, I sought we get together. What sort of Shakespeare so crazy. It is absolutely crazy. I had no idea there are enough of these people to have a convention, but apparently there aren't they had a convention and they had brought can't Tom cruise up and they said he is responsible for saving one billion souls tat. One Tom cruise by the way saved a billion souls pushing signed out and by the way that just from the be blocked segment of has met Lauer Interview, a ward who are these people you're glib, your clip, you know it's a country's, refuting the research is item that research really time. What is psychiatry, You know really really needs another madman clip you could I get there were over dedicated so that the problem is that when a surly them because their greatest go into the chair, why are we saying that he was a? He looked over medicated himself? Yeah, probably look I'm a fine guys.
Fine, I'm standing. I didn't think jumping on the couch was a big deal studio for core didn't help his argument. Ok, I don't know, I didn't think it was that they give a deal. I just think he's crazy. I just feel, like he's, really corny and out of touch his assent because teach short so Job I should go to guys. Can I be included a watch me job on a couch like no sort of photos. We the vice president, because he's earn that respect. Vice president likely the file. Joe Biden issued an apology his hand, be handy. I guess we having pansy general malfeasance, blaming it all on changing cultural norms. We don't take my word for it. Today I want to talk about justice
support and encouragement. I've made two women had some made them uncovered shaking man show me that when will my short, you can do some social wars and began to change, shifted the boundaries of protecting personal space haven't reset levels, a fourteen year old kind of always auto limit. Always how do you do shaking hands are giving hopes by the way, never creeps people out, it's the other stuff, the whispering in the ear, the kissing on their hair? That's what crazy, just the sniffing of that that's so much creeper than kissing on yeah. That's that's! Like Hannibal Lecter Conniston me, I read about displays of affection sort of in the old testament, really glad that's a little We are nevertheless that's what they did back end like we're washing of the feet right now, for example, the blessing under the side, especially like symbolizing Jenny you can actually means, under the loins re talking about right,
nothing is as well your eyes and then he sniffing her hair and now they're, just talking about sexual deviant, yet has a different time near it, as a social norms of change. Really Joe we're not talking like from the fifties. Did today we're talking like four years ago fitted out. Ok, haven't move that bar. I realise that four years ago, squeezing it in turns bosoms was a different world back that good things really retorted value at everybody's response. To that was a god. Such a great apology isn't good to see a politician just be sincere and own up to it. I will say that I do think you sincere, I He's completely out of it, I dont think I just want you to know. I'm right, I don't think he's are, I don't think he's a rapist on things happen about, but I do think that laming all is seriously creepy behaviour. Changing cultural norms, and that brings us to this week's Heaven bless one they ran in the chamber.
We know we don't forget. It may sound a warning that we can get a so this week is seven plus one cultural norms that have changed over the course of Joe Biden Lifetime, as explained by Vice President Joe Biden himself, Number seven back in my day, there were no nanny and tell us that you give us number six will back. In my day, Stephen Newspapers costs the nickel beer cost a dime and your secretary costs seventy nine cents on the dollar and apply For good luck looks like it doesn't care that I just had a flash back to wreck it Ralph, never five again reasons for changing cultural norms, as described by Joe Biden when I was in college we made out with schoolers all the time number four.
You show me a very bitter who hasn't twisted a nine year old and I'll show. You will lose said. Joe Biden emphasised emphasised by number three back in my day. Black face was a compliment, and it you thought that maybe you are going to be more racially motivated, but that he goes back to his bread and butter Gerald. Won't you hate us with their number. Two back in my day fuck, you didn't have a cell, my gosh, no, no, I don't. I don't take it off Gerald Mirth lives on this. Just do another. What's another one number to establish what made you think that you should say that I voted against it then tell us what was it tastes out of her mouth number? Who give us number two backing? day. They called it baby sit up and the number one justification for called not just give proof of changing cultural on described by job, I'm back in my day, if an f. Bartender complained about the environment. You just
Pincher on the go plus one seemed almost unrelated back in my day, o would have been my vice president, seven first in the chamber, you just cannot get out of his own way and understand Joe Biden he's these constantly stumbling over himself, usually to train grope, a small child. This week's attributed contest winter is kit linked by the way. At I love L. U S clever hits who correctly name that our planet, fitness was actually Jim, we're Stephanie. First debuted, I took you one visited UK, I think you're getting I where they only be sure you get a of your choice, us about waiting. I thank you to Crown Prince Mohammed mints amount for sponsoring today. Show, I can say is of course, as we can, Where did want change the editorial reactionary decisions at all, but you know what these really bring moderate Islam into the new world and we were all pretty grateful too and therefore for him. Ok are,
pendulous, remove on here today to show you. I think you are familiar with the signal, but let me give some context. First, brain stouter, I just can't take him so he started yet matter, but Mabel, here's the thing it's a nothing about! This is going to be good, now, It's all accurate, but its very often much like Ryan's delta. So this is long overdue for brains delta, but the past few weeks he really earned it with the left. Is propaganda has been pushing and in its in an even more you know what it's just it's time for this week's, what a piece of shit right. With a region to the role that reach into the vault to find that picture, gibbering stealthily haven't contains that we really looks like
one. It is a real person that is a real person on the new he has his own show vs disgusting. Ok, so reason number five, and this is what bothers me most another. She probably number one, but I think it sets up the context. Most importantly, this guy, Brien's delta, is constantly you didn't even see how transparent it is. Its inadvertently, transparent, he's trying to be transparent accidentally drugs parent in praising his own, show its own a network and is constantly to his hold it just about convincing you of his Oh you as a media dinosaur. Here you go and I'm actually a defender of this cable talk so model, I'm an avid viewer, of course you're, because new airlines are ubiquitous these days, our phone. The news, so cable well like a rolling talk shop, letting people be applied the daily debate about how our countries should be
foreign, how our world should work, but here's the thing specula, and actually has value too. Absorbing our troops open our minds towards possible. No people like to mock cable news a moment's like this. It's an easy punchline right. We are, Danny by to find out what the news is going to be waiting raging bar to tell us something nothing, but that how value to gives you a place to go a place to turn to a recognition? you're, not the only one who wants to know what go online. Article go go pub and get crap phased. Everything has value to complete spent. Elation, devoid of thats. What are you U Brian's dealt. Are you use your air time to advocate Why you need the remaining portion of
think less accurate than the initial reports of breaking news. You don't need it. You need to tomorrow's new wait, wait, wait for it just wait with us. By the way. Did you can tell us he's too straight for reacting penis though he lacks last credit is now. You think you have more to think, give me a little more whimsical workers whose price you generally dont get story right, you nearly always get it wrong and then you double down, don't believe me. Yet, while we're gonna get two reasons for through one, you pieces, so I've gotta, rickets, number four. I should have had a language one. It's believed, but this is designed with that in mind, but I just there's no, the waiters justly small and Brian stouter and I know, is going to see this you're welcome. The synagogue, shooting ok histories, number four limousine shooting on Fox news. Anchored there you go. That the ridiculous, as others rhetoric, but it is active among some people. I Sir hope some of those facts of some of those commentators take a moment to take a minute to think
about their role in this environment. Help please the soul searching right now in the wake of this massacre, what my gosh, even as I do the asylum seekers you'd like if we had immigrants they could shield the Jew. What are you talking about what you will notice a trend as we go through these clips? He's the news corresponding equivalent of christian bail. These look over them. The aim here is like guesses, step right up, not only good for about the thanksgiving see so still do We argue that foxes referred to immigrants as invaders, and this somehow drove someone to shoot. I guess a bunch of a bunch of Jews, that's what he's trying to say Fox NEWS is responsible for shooting Jews by the way, not responsible for anyone having sex with six year old girls, or you know, killing juices and call for these last words. That would be a misinterpretation of killed, the Jew, incense and Elsa smear
Firstly, because this campaign from big deal, you have to look at the original language. Still says Gilbert you very much. Ok, habitats colleague unseen, and when you do a segment, Mr Santer, on how Eleanor Linda source, where their responsible for crimes against such people say it's not fair to compare Mohammed, ok guy, current figures, but Brian, I don't think you will. That would require consistent, which you must never are and is radically one of the strong views of most pieces. If so it seem as though you ve just about even on that by the way, not a vacation, beneficent scribe on Youtube, because inscriptions Bologna more also bookmark the page, because notifications may not work any more. Let us know if you're getting them best thing is to join I've gotta come slash, Mug Claude. I get full catalogue full daily shown, of course, inscribing Itunes and racist there
because we might be pulled? Who knows? Ok, recent number three, this one should I mean I almost can just rolled a clip, but let me just set it up and create for people who are saying that he pushed Heaven He pushed aside everybody it. So it's hard to get out of my mouth embarrassed for ports, one avenue of know how foolish to have authority as a presidential candidate seriously repeatedly President Obama also had a Lotta tv star power, not that helped him pre Trump, but trumpet evidence of this and looking at the twenty twenty one reason why I'm taking you seriously as a contender is because of your point. Phone cable news, really Accurate Southport hit them. One needs that's a big extermination data that seems the Prince Delta one. What are you doing? You would blame it on the dog,
because a joke, that's cute like it's, the dog he'd, be like notes years in Dagestan, put it down to cover up his own travel to the vat and have a dog put just so you wouldn't be Blake. With everybody who specifically told me taken them seriously, because it was appearances unseen again, go about to leave, and I think that you be a great president, because I wonder, employed and you're on my show that major importance be my show all wrong. It's because he likes his hair. There is an innovative camaraderie. There is by the way, the only reason ever. Ninety with it was because
I would simply say over a hundred times and ten weeks on it a hundred times in ten weeks, if you wanna do it. This is gonna liquid Bilbil MAR said. If I want to know the trump colluded with the Russians are just turn on my tv, I see yourself. Yes, they saying this is like Brian Stealth are saying. The reason Evan I would be great is because he's on all of the important shows where which shows my shell he's. My show, therefore, should be president, so can be more shows when he's president, which shows my show, I think you should be on my shows that becomes presence. It comes back on my show completely one hundred percent straight by it. How delusional do you have to be by the way to be that's like too, to be sucking so badly in the ratings like you, can just look at the numbers and still think you're that important votes, because sport, Nation is important, also re dead air, as we wait for news about Russia Collusion case that never materialised is important. Super
What are you thinking of? What is now go get her of a knotty up to now it has actually everybody who himself is equally a piece of now been arrested, returning short Nike for fifty million, my branwell that he's taking one of those prison readiness classes wreck. Yes, here is what you do know many winners put his belongings and if any should we, Haven't you see me on stealth are unnecessary and no one wants to tell them that I found a presidential candidate, but come in every few weeks for voluntary conjugal visits. He just wants out a smile on your face. Reason number two: he blamed the female prisons. Clearly right, talker, yes, Ok, I don't really not just weapon rising sexuality. Here, of course I had my everyone is room, honestly, ok, fuel to watch that. Would you take the constraint I would have cost but you're the worst gate on what Penthouse Madonna you. I don't think he was up
the fact that Ok, you got married woman. No Europe. Is, wouldn't think, illustrate my wife she's my life because to watch if more than five seconds you why As one of the word, I have the worst gate. I guess you'll get worse than my y know: yeah, you do there's a friend in past. You had sex with George Michael in a port, a party and you stay, there are no sooner said, don't spoil it. Raising a number two innocent, pretty obvious. He blew RO the Russia right that he blamed Donald Trump Russian collusion conspiracy. That would seem bad enough, but here's think that's actually not number two here right here we blamed the can Spira see itself on Trump after Spelter was pushing. The narrative for two years on his show, because speculation is super important and then it was completely blown up. He doesn't apologize, he blames the can.
Spear see for being created by Trump here, you're gonna hear this from the right for the next phase and weeks to come to. The press is basically made all this up to take down President Trump, but the first. Just following a trail, the Trump created. What what? What? What this even know? What that is So causing journalists were following a trail, the trunk create works it let them know we're. Okay. This is going to be with a greatest hits and political history. Alright we're going to hang this around my deck and it's going to impede my presidency. I'm almost going to get impeached. That's it does anyone know the reality of that pieces of data, and you probably don't take this deal. Does, for example, it was a fake document created by democratic pr firm. Maybe you spread and by the He went on to say that the right collusion out of it was basically the entire promised to show by the way, named
reliable source on ironic loud. I watched him back to reliable sources where every day we're trying to keep track of the drip drip drip of the russian investigation, something else it's a piece of walking down a trail of leaving crumbs to find his way home. I can't get track of all too much madhumathi much it takes a big parabolic going to cannot say it wasn't you who did it and keep keep watching this guy's, because this is gonna break. I know I mean he's really trying to cut it off at the past and he just doesn't know how now listen. They're gonna say that. Russian collusion thing is not true that I didn't happen, but is the same people who don't believe I'm straight
Basel Donald Trump was one who did this Donald Trump was when you set the trailer breadcrumbs when Roger Stone met with the Russians and sent a tree to doing sorrows and by the way, what was Donald Trump doing when you kid rock out an american fly parents one point had sex with Paypal Anderson who happens to be friends with again Julian Assange. Why are you leave it's practically a bakery shroud Oh no, you don't blame me now needs to reinvent, of he's gotta shove it completely tattoo guitars inflamed council, Helter skelter show all of these areas that general sectors that's really well, reason number one area we re actually the sexual buying. They don't really need to go in this order, but just because he was also in our previous peel s. Second defined Jesse Small now again is not just about the Jesse smaller
Grubbing exposes a hoax. That would be too reductive we wouldn't want to be reductive when addressing Brien's delta because he prayed tell her. I think of them is a nuanced issue. You know like a ritual, so He climbed, like they're, not all bad estimates that chick He claimed that news organisations were really careful and that it was. So this is what it's not just that he rested judgment. He claimed that the news didn't like it was only random people on Twitter who Russia judgment. There were the rush to judgment. I think it was mostly in this library press and among activism among twitter people. I think it was a really careful reporting by news organisations, but it all gets lumped together at the end of the day, all gets under the other in the minds of many people position, Unseen and from Prague Baldwin to operate as a dime lemon. No, yes, absolutely done limit actively help to push the small and hopes
Do you know that we're telling the truth. Because now Spelter is clemming even today that we may know No. What happened on that? Fateful narrative is wanting in chains from victim. You know too villain back to victim AIDS. Eric abusing their all. I was saying people don't What I believe- and we may never really know what happened on Austria, that night in Chicago will well, I guess it remains a mystery to all of us signing off good night This cup loses him he's confused by on an office which, as I can Only then will we may never know are we may never know. This is journalism. This is news that we're supposed to trust this. What's it airports around the world, I know you're serious issue, but only was news at airports we're screwed let us put together what this under the file of ISIS Recruitment tapes, that's the deal
By the way we may never know, ok, what kind of rattle off why they might not be true. Ok, the de specifically said that Smart was guilty. You just letting them off because services in our community service, we have very measuring brothers, purchasing the materials used in the attack. We have the testimony that Jesse paid them and we have the check with which he actually pay them. This story, I didn't, have a turn in the punch both in the beginning, the whole punch ball was nothing much. The metal I'm fake, attack, Airbus, Lebanon, able at hearing fake checks, cash, and they said now. I can see that the war white face are confused. Yeah do you have to also take up my eyes like get added up like the oldest sitcoms arrives? Long words like you know, the person is coming in dressed in disguise. Only someone else was the same disguise and it turns out there mom. I thought it was just some other random masked white person attacking me in the exact same method I planted with my nigerian brothers, haven't panther
the young lady tat. All some pretty up. I'm sure it happened, Jim but everything's happen on according regime. The hate know how to blaze a trail so Sears the thing You know: you're the brains, Delta, you're, the according to Jim of NEWS ouch, I don't understand you for me, This decision, the region. Delta. Has he gets to go up? continually advocate for his job right. Really, he has to get internet we're gonna be shall watch. You shall be my challenge to you, I'm sorry, but to show and tell me if he goes a single segment without some how advocating for the importance of his job and he has to do it because of the blind spot that networks, even if they have to. I don't please someone tell me fat yeah check. Tell us job seemingly gay check uninteresting, yet no one will watch check. You ever show, sir, this
the Airlines, Europe. He is proof positive about the boy of the blind spot, a meter. The actually thought his shop would work. Someone someone. He asked the roads. There was a call back in that room. There's people sitting there with their sides at the call back and the rock everyone there right but nervous, but they all feel pretty confident that he's not gonna get other points delta, and then they see him television later that we and they a notion ever tell a soul that they went out for that job nodding it. I didn't get to go that damn sick jerry. The story I addition for show on em it was on items on why tv casualness, yet why TB? Why can it than ever story, they gonna how sure yeah terrible why audition there was in the show is not new, but in addition, for the show, in addition for this friend named Luke, ok and
I see that that night they said we ve narrow it down to you and one other person. That is when we met they break, never destroying one tv, they call and it was about midnight and they call my parents come into my bedroom and this hey we're sorry kidding. I think they didn't peculium. What who could they pick and they said They said they were going more ethnic swear to God who carries on the little indian kid with a mustache had ten years old. I dont use clearly the worst, terribly we're going in and mixing. Imagine because we went to the different parts and it was very embarrassing because they told a couple. My friends- and I was really they told me- it was a favorite to get it and they said you didn't get it who got it.
It still less embarrassing and moving out the ones that how much of a piece of shit? I think, if you think I'm out of line, please let me know we'll come back right after this with Paul Joseph ones tanks or go out of it. I heard heard enough time on come on. I do not know.
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This is the new all through all steel frank, you five match red dot ready. It is all I need. You're still Walter Q five match. It has good balance about five point: six pound tradable, try the water- What are you doing in African? There were no really trying to methods of african here. I don't know many good goalposts. Many full black men who were lobster hawaiian shirt, say what's wrong with monsters now there's a lot. I do not actually think there's two laws and the book and watchful disorders guides me for this third states erasing, but actually there are laws and the book, I think, still in Maryland, where you can only feed slaves, crustaceans, a certain amount of tonnes per week, some like two terms for wheat, because you to be considered slave food, ass, mister.
That's the his I dont want still on the books, but you know I guess that has never got rid of it. I also think that in George, it's illegal to wear funny hats, its schoolchildren, deferentially laws out there. I learned this on a Saturday schools, but it was a Saturday after school, suddenly after school, because it Saturday night, you know it was it was on a canadian show called popular mechanics and Alicia. Cuthbert was how signature she was her lips. Sister? Was immigration? Do not let me very much but the next man I like very much he's on the show. I always play a game before it comes on its called guess: his hair cut because it always changing what is backgrounds always the same. You know I'm on Twitter at present and he has a new website now summit, DOT News, Paul Joseph and how are you, Sir Stephen gets relax. Meanwhile, I'm glad I'm glad to see you here and now you got the new hairdo here, so either philanthropy will accuse you of being a Nazi or you're. The high school boy early night was written two years ago about Eric trunk, putting the same ass style and that it was a fashion has styles of capture ever since
ok! Well, I didn't feel it was different. Last I maybe it's just freshly short, which is better than whenever John case it will get his hair cut. He looked like the baby eagle in a little hurt. Sprout so there's two week mark for men, women to understand these things, the volume those David I got, the volume I'll get away ass, yet It's only ask you did a recent video regarding embassy. There is recent: how do you? How do you pronounce brew? Nay, how do you I say Brunei, those Brunei yeah, probably correct. It is one of the tricky just a guy, often say Nyc, even though its Nike pets, because I'm a retarded so everyone's been talking about them in their the stoning to death there. Anti algae BT was it wasn't it Prize to me- and you did a video on this- about the algae BT laws in islamic countries, people can go see under Youtube. Gentle kick explain it to people who may not know the correlation, It's obvious is actually quite mild and Brunei Stephen compared to some of the other countries for it
Brunei law. You can only be stoned to death if there are four witnesses that see the gay sex taking place. I guess have to have some kind of orgy. Yes, quite a high wall was quite a high wall. For it, but in other countries at the bar is alot lower obvious it eggs. You know in islamic countries, one mile witness to impugn women generally speaking the yard, video yesterday called Islam verses, algae B. T choose your character, is seems to be winning right now by through the list of countries that stone or execute gay people to death after standing around Mauritania sedan all roughly ninety three to ninety nine percent Muslim Sancho get in some kind of correlation nasty, even between these Muslim. Dorothy countries and these kind of laws that they introduce- and I would imagine the remaining seven percent- is a state of Utah, because those Mormons correct yeah why
What I brought into it you invite Nigeria's like fifty percent. Most There are some questions that they also have it blocks. The lowest is fifty percent right. Both the correlation is this oppression Olympics will. Between Islam and Algae BT, because in the UK, while all this is happening, we have several. Rules now, where its basic Ninety eight percent muslim kids in places like Birmingham Midlands in the UK weather These algae BT curriculums, which it gonna be compulsory across the entire country by twenty twenty teaching relationship advice to children as young as five it's not as by that sounds at the outset. It's basically showing them a book were up I'm really has to moms or to dad's it's that kind of things are you not Christine's would disagree with. That is literally teaching five year olds, hotspot condoms
stuff like that which we have that's actually not by the way we have is not so they ve had massive protests outside all these UK schools. Parents literally pulling their kids out of the sky, rules and obviously the progressive, the algae BT crowd, who protested trump when he visited London because he's obviously antigay even ass, he wrapped himself a rainbow like obviously now right on the street marching with that banners? this weekend. Obviously, that gonna be marching on the embassy Brunei. Actually now they said nothing whatsoever. So again, you ve got this massive disconnect between the population of a country. By remind fifty two, son of Muslims living in the UK, literally one simple gay people in cages? Fifty two percent homosexuality should be illegal. We have Shariah patrols, and even CNN report on this, like gay people, all by muslim gang. To leave areas because the gay we have acid attacks out. I gave night clubs now
and the algae BT. I think I have actually there, I think, you're actually confused acid attack is the name of Birmingham Hippies Gay Nike, yeah, what's interest is even because we, the first muslim gay marriage in the UK last year and within about twenty four hours, the gay muslim couple that got my It was inundated with acid attack threats the again promptly from the tolerant ashes muslim population who the algae, BT lobby rallies behind And every available opportunity, so we have this disconnect between them, so The thing they blew literally want to throw them off buildings, or at best put them in present. Meanwhile, attacking dangerous right wing or actually allow gay people and our coming aboard with them. Wing because they see a common thread yeah, because
them in prison where they ll meet more radical islamic asian and gay sex that'll fix the problem. Let's put the gaze in prison, so there's more game is. This is not very well thought out. No, I do wonder this, though, do people across the pond today not know that President Tromp was the first president sworn into office who was programme, marriage as he now Brockman, was against it, and then he was for it in a kind of he Vol throughout his presidency, Donald Trump, as the first president to ever, enter into office as programming Did they not know that when there are protesting and has a muffled? No, they don't read Stephen their red below the surface of what they told us wait. He said, I'm just gonna leave it again. Now he's antiabortion best whining about MIKE Pencil Gay conversion therapy. Meanwhile, have literal dictatorships in the Middle EAST. Saying that gun stone gay people to death, but I mean Stephen. I you know considering what the kind of he get from the media are much
considering converting to Islam, because I thought why not Stan Bryce what the media labels me at this point I mean call me a conspiracy theories, despite the fact that for the past six years, I've made videos debunking conspiracy theories of using, so you know believe in all kinds of wacky conspiracy theories is told Prevailin across the Muslim World polls show it. You know I've been cold. Sigh semi for criticising George Soros. It's quite alone- that Muslims on big funds of Jews, I've been gold, phobic for saying that allowing man in women's bathrooms, probably gonna, calls problems, you know in the Islamic World yet trans people being attacks on a regular basis, in Paris. Yesterday there was a case of the trends woman who was attacked by a group of Algerians, so You know believing in conspiracy theories answers, it is an transphobia Those are all really dreadful, believes. As the media says, a lot
Muslims hold those same believes what a reliable as converts muslim owner and joined the winning team, and we ve tried to clarify today between Islam and Muslims. So not all Muslims, obviously hold all those least tapping said every single Muslim, clumsy Muslim does believe in a conspiracy theory and that they have to believe that the Jews subverted the Bible. They have to believe that going back the blessing from perhaps it was a lie, because if there is fair comes just talk about this last week, I think we ran a clip on one of the shows. We say that Jesus what's never crucified only came because it was not time to end the jewish people, something like that. I mean. I know it's kind of sounding bill: Cosby Raby, but get mugged oil. The entire islamic faith is predicated on the consumer, see theory that the Jews lied about the blessing. The sun, and I am amazed that we don't talk about that more for going to talk about ideas and religions that. Second, you know you can't we do say for terminal Braddock Religions,
this is the one that says, although the guys we're liars specifically, the Jews that seems like affects you're starting off point could be problematic to use your terms. Completion that is just the disconnect. No, we win literally, the islamic cold to broadcasting being broadcast Square Central London. Now we have, as I put The video left Wing Prague, six analogy: BT groups not only going over their banners in saying more against Islamophobia. They literal Each man, I'll Iraq, ball and the major streets in major cities in Germany first of all that algae BT friends. Meanwhile, you ve got Muslims who attend these gay rallies and insult them in Arabic, call em all manner of horrific, homophobic slurs. But again you know at the oppression Olympics table, Muslims are above gay people, so they have to align with the Muslims to fight a common enemy just you and I yes a parallel you anymore, because you converted Islam, so you know how to out to you that was a clever move. Good,
strategy on your part. How funny would it be if, during the Muslim Culture prayer european Gaze just create a flash mob? That would that would be a little bit by bit distasteful. But you know I slow clap. Wouldn't you? Let me ask you this: what isn't people are surprised this recent law considering how many anti gay laws, or our across the islamic world I was surprised when I read people were outraged in any capacity specifically in Hollywood. There are thing: that's that's boycott these hotels. Like oh really okay, so, let's boycott whatever it is near the end, as do by their listing all these opulent expensive hotels, and I guess they expect Middle America to go well our eyes. To be staying at the end as Dubai anymore. They won't get another penny out of me. What do you think We were surprised at this. I don't
most people ignored it, Stephen, it wasn't a really big stories already disappeared. There are a few tweets, Ellen, Degenerous, etc. They're not gonna, go and done that two hats and be out in the streets are there is going to disappear after a few days. But again This is a major problem because you ve got places like Paris in France, where the muslim population is What's it eight nine percent minimum? Those are the official stance you have Muslim, He preaches in Palestine, saying Waggonette in France into these limit Caliphate were taking over. Why having children and the demographic It's just show it's happening. If you wanna talk, integration is it simply, not working, you do have these no go areas despite the media, the fight me still calls him a conspiracy theory you had after the Paris massacre in twenty fifteen the area of Mullen Bacon in Brussels, which is an islamic no go areas, was kicked out of it where they head. One of the Paris massacre terrorists for weeks weeks and weeks before he was able to be caught by please. So it's not
the Muslims who hold these stream believes is the one to protect the others, that, Well, that's why there is such a big problem with integration in Europe wide and down hill, in a hurry. What, let's scaled back when we talk about integration witless to scale back, let's remove extremism from the table, because that's always what people trying to all their extremist and religion. Ok, you just mentioned was at the store. Something like fifty two percent of Muslims in the UK. Support imprisonment for gaze was at the step that you it has done so. Would that be considered fringe extreme. Ever I guess my question is because it's a little bit different, you guys are further along the trail in the UK, and here the United States to english people, see extreme. Do they say Warhol? Second, this isn't fringe. I have a problem if fifty two percent of people think we should imprison gay people, I have a problem with that on their kids out, because there's a book with two mommy's or to Daddy's or is it a ignored? While, if you look at the exact Paul
a couple of years ago as a channel for Paul and they serve the whole population. The whole population was about ten percent and thought the homicide Well, if he should be illegal, but when you drill down into the muslim population, it was fifty two, so it shed by a minority of bricks, but it is a very small minority, but then you can you can other things like support. For suicide bombings under certain circumstances, and it still his high. Even in certain countries as twenty thirty percent in some countries again. Those are the ones who will admit to it in a pole, if you think of the bonds who actually do believe that, but won't admits wit and pull the fear. Reprisals or whatever, then the number, the probable even higher So it is it's a massive problem that there is a huge lack of integration. Mainly again, impacting why working class people in Britain, so when these middle class leftists who, by the way when
get up on twitter virtue signal about how much they love mass migration. Even in London, you can look exact where they live, and there are not that many large majority I areas in London left they all. Choose to live in the whitest areas possible. You see the same trend in countries like Sweden, the most pro migrants, Petitions live in the whitest areas possible with the least migrants. You see that on the board, with only celebrities in the United Kingdom So it's light as long as they can still pay. The nanny like pounds in our to look after their kids or that clean a ten pounds in our right. That's really all I care about, then they get upon switch virtues signal about it to cover themselves Lloyd, though I wanted him. That's a good point about the whole house that people disease are where people are feel comfortable. Answering these questions and pulls had the same problem with women who had been groped by Joe Biden, there wasn't a high answer rate final goal. Before we go. It is summit, dot news people can follow you on twitter at present planet. What's your opinion, by just creepy out of touch
changing social norms. Well, in store for me is not the women not bad enough, but it's the children. I mean you ve, seen the creepy Joe Biden, video, probably the I put up either Joe Biden is just you just. Really likes children or Joe Biden really likes children. Yeah disconnect lifeline a jet legitimate questions behind I showed to a professionally works with abuse children and she basically said All the signs are there now, obviously, there's no evidence of anything, but it's it's creeping. Nonetheless, trunk but out between about forty five minutes, go with the the meme video Joe Biden creeping up behind him there. I was an absolute fell down over that, but less, let's not forget Stephen. This was laid his adviser, his spokesmen bit Biden. Spokesman, said this was created by right wing trolls. Now it was the Washington Post in twenty fifteen that first coined the term creepy Joe,
wide, and this didn't come from right. Wing fever. Swamps, came from his public on camera, behave I'm not apology. Video was mealy mouthed, it was pathetic. It wasn't an apology I thought it was hilarious, all right. That summit got news at present planet on Twitter, Mr Paul, Joseph Watson. Thank you for being here, so I am glad to see that you're. Well, it's me thank Stephen, we'll be back over this. Now is the time for companies with the ground. Now listen. Can we take a minute to control A better drown out: ok, listen! I write what I like animals or a vaccine.
We should can exterminate. Also, I know some environmental threat now we're gonna lose their mind. Getting rid of that same ok, we'll just hold your horses were second, but what I am saying is when it comes to the final solution of grand apples and worst idea. Right- its matter can flightless bird. It has the gift of life. This Perkins imply a person like an earth. Louder with Crowder Shop, dot, com, supporting free speech in two thousand and something with people being banned from social media left and right. You can now purchase this be platform. This limited edition louder with Crowder Shop that can t shirt,
fine, your name subordinate to authority and request for them to get your ass and, like your a lot of partnership that gun today,. These gentlemen. Do us a favor and join the mug club gotta louder with crime, Doc arm Slash Mug, enjoying the globalist you're communist in which we don't need you and we don't want you. Directives do what they can go. They get their expected reaches its slash, mug club. Just muggers club is. Is it at last my class and I do not show internets? Ok. Well, you know what we could have, but we didn't really have the web developers because it's very low budget, as you clearly see by a lot of the sketches and the show and the fact that we are importing Greek Montreal ladder is gonna. Come such Muslim. Not only do you get Hannah chaining painted mug, you get, the daily show all kind of digital content, the full blaze catalogue, and, of course, if you perching fire, we just recommend you try the Walter because their better there better. We can't say their betters another firearms out there, but I think so and they have the balls to support the Shell Mcgovern Walter there.
You'Re- welcome, that's my gift to the world. It was called the alcoholic who doesn't attend the concept of liquidity or or gases, because even then he openly about the breed. After gets upset that the alcohol poured into the water,
and then he suffocated. I'm a friend I climbed the dominance hierarchy really and get pull back down to earth and make a whole lot of sense or like everybody, you can follow. A pen Dallas comedy has been here Paul Joseph Watson, pen, talisman, sofa, silvery, honey, yeah Eddie, so you so good. Heaven writers, you MIKE we worked with MIKE Ward quoted bitten by the way should support them. It compound mediating through they do their their daily show for not mistaken peaceably. We were looking for some writers. You know because we strike this all myself for a long time, yet Ward's, and I can't do it, but you said the sky tell us is one of the few comedians who, is actually very funny and very disciplined and will be We are consistent. Sharpen he's, he's a joy to work with and are used to hate that sound the Montreal Greek Sound I hated it and now you're gonna homesick, this ain't going to Miss agreed about me when I'm gonna renewable? Let go my. What isn't that? Really, noise me she's a lesson going to miss most about me when I'm gone usually win the because- and I feel bad aright
clothing, blaming yourself for contacts here, You may not know we do these tough love, slash life, advice, segments on the daily show Pinochet, while maclarens know this, but those of you who not joined it. Let us Canada complex my club may not If we receive some pretty funny, requests emails, letters and sometimes not so funny request. And on this week I received one from a young man who had gone blind later in life. This New Zealand pre depressed, which is which is normal, but a portion of his first. Recent implied that I didn't really want to go on living, which is not normal. Not healthy, novice anyone out there whose actually suicidal even thinking about harming themselves. Please do so without help of a I recommend actually even if you're, not if you're, not at that level. I think that everyone should should do therapy critically couples counselling if you're married, but we did best to try and help him on the show, and you know what the I say we we provided the same that we provide Michel week after week about setting goals for yourself long, finding long, funding, you're you're kind of your purpose
you're, calling making measurable progress towards those goals. Self improvement today, nothing new, not reinventing the wheel. But I received a follow up letter this week and I want to read it for you, dear Mister, Crocker This comes from a gentleman hit blind. Germany went blind out later life one. Thank you so much the generous gesture. You ve done a wee bit the sense, the self phrasing of it. We sent him a mug limits that that the idea Martin was really one of the UK as a quick aside. The concerted movement has done more to help me as an other person and the progressive movement we must represent me. I watch the but in what you answer my letter and I'm really thinking about what you said and how I can work towards it. What you said making goals and finding my dreams really hit me. I had my dreams, but I guess I never really applied myself to achieving them, because I didn't believe in myself enough basically big pie in the sky dream is to be professional musician and build a live off of what I'm good at. While my more grounded dream is to be as independent as possible with my own career to live a normal life like everyone else, can keep in mind. He went blind, I think, after thirteen years of age, of course, the former is far
realistic and the latter, but I'm going to work towards both them despite difficult. It may be for me. I already epidemic original music, covers to you too. But the way I've been treating is not as committed as someone who would really want. It. The latter dream of already taken steps towards applying the school to get my bachelors degree in the fall. So I know just have to not lose sight of the goal blind guy lucite. I think he sees the awning. Thank you for everything you ve done, hopefully be able to improve myself in situations of using the advice. Given me also, the blind jokes are hysterical to me and I have no problem of making them, including at my expense, because you earn you blind people using the words like see is not lost on me, I'm making jokes at my own expense. Fine with anyone else doing the same. Thank you. Actually can be a good place to start moving forward. Sincerely rejected, like the Mulder report, we want to get up. People here personally, and the reason I read this is not for you even more importantly, Remsen Forsayd, with unique advice, manufacture, it's the exact opposite, the two first for because it's really touching and if you're listening
rejected, I'm really glad that we can help. If we did, I read just to show you that in our day to day problems all this are a whole lot closer to it, many and so are the solutions I know all this retirement us after that episode the life advice. We were also you're, gonna man. Could you imagine going blind? Migration must be just incomprehensibly difficult, but there are people out there who are doing with that. Who might say the same thing about something or dealing with could be some other kind of these could be the loss of a loved one, and things for both of you, for all of you to fix, is still pretty much. The same gratitude goes consists: medical progress things we talk about every week. I think it's also probably what connects us. More strongly than anything else, meaning you me everyone's teen I've been watching your lessening this area.
But in doing this segment, specifically it's it's not our political affiliations and religious affiliation or audiences pretty evenly split among atheist libertarians, conservative Christians. We have sort of classical lib. Contrary, and we have some twitter trolls we can see always were analytics. What connects all of us, I think, because it really has been where people hang out and it's been really inspiring for me to see as the audience growth? I think we can all this is it Jerry. One of you has baggage K. Everyone ever got their. Sunburns are bigger than others, but not necessarily sometimes this difference and when I hear from you when I see the comments when I get letters like this it later the bond, the kingship that we share most. Is it? I see a group of people who are looking to improve themselves ass, ignorant people here to improve themselves. Through truth, you know not a truth that can be packaged soundbites, not a truth. It can just be completely explained in the closing seconds of the segment, and that's because
everyone, at least in this enclave. As I see it, real seeking to prove ourselves, not through a truth. That's you might routes through the truth. And I think that's. Why are retention? What we ve been blessed? We talk about this or attention rate is so high and we're so grateful. I think that's why subscription feed stops working notifications. When, though, stop working you guys bookmark argued, join up it Muslim, I can. We can see it. We can see all this through our analytics and I really appreciate it you know when it comes to the only truthful way to self improvement. Just like we with this gentleman is going through unbelievable turmoil. I can imagine going blind, but any of you. It comes back to fundamentals, gratitude goals, consistency, measurable progress. And you know it was another guy- was polio, I don't even have most of them. I wanna be really clear about this. I'm just someone here whose seeking the truth same as you are, and really a genuine free shape. All of you with me
or those with sight inspiring? That is, but thanks, I appreciated, and as long as you keep trying till we see next week,
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