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2019-04-12 | 🔗
Jam-packed show! Talking all things Julian Assange, Avenatti's arrest, Chinese sperm extractors, and everything wrong with Ilhan Omar. Special guest Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hilarious HodgeTwins and Gavin McInnes!

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can use, enjoy the shell louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter and Hopper. crowd, Miss widgets key who got your account back up. It was probably that half asian lawyer of yours is always good at fighting. Copyright strikes. We should probably helping them. Is this what you want Stephen.
To put across both your precious Susan, widgets key. While she sits on a toilet. I'm just surprised, not a water. It would be both historical creatively inaccurate. You ve always wanted me off. You two haven't you guess what you refuse to. Let it go I respect even admiring the fight for. What's yours. I'd never permanently delete your channels. That would you feel if far too much fun to pony tick, When your temper tantrums every time we he'll live stream flukes and what I found them in pieces shut your gifts for those Ma Club full try to gluten back together with my own hair, just stupid say that word again, what you'll kill the only meal ticket you have. You hit me with false copyright violations.
You knew I hadn't violated any rules bottled up many finish. We can talk this over my off. I can't go back the boxer, what are you afraid of a few broken comes you'll, never for me, I will hit four million. I was always going to four million I just wanted to take.
I have no idea if John Snow does in the game of thrones, says flap that do not have the chance. Now I don't know it. May I came a throne seemed episode because my my crew, it's me.
So we have what we're doing different different. We're here are GMO content which won the day. One of the text is she may a larger, marked Ryan Vienna yea Monica my bosom wishing you we're here to pry wishing you were him right now and we ve Mcguinness on the show today about the way we learned about the democratic or black Eric only the best look he's a midget and we have the heart to entice twins towards come here as the unsullied. What we're doing an extra dates coming up in Ohio, somewhere Maybe I'm an embargo, major citizen, Ohio, you don't you guys, don't watch chemotherapy. So this is what this is. You know what I could go to a keyboard. Look at the unsullied after the show, and I'm sure I receive a letter later today, Julian Assange, hero Orville in law.
Dylan Omar, who will be talking about villain, Orville and we'll get to a son in law and a second you, but first attorney General Bill BAR, say he said that we're going to release the Mulder report. Full report within a week is coming, Don't worry about it! This process, is going very well and within a week I will be in a position to release the report to the public good in other words, there are still too has to come to a stress induced coma yeah. So though, trees were told these unstable condition in surrounded by people who love him very little took a little time. I know you're thinking by the way we initially were also more excited thinking that it was a turning general bill. Bird. Ok, I'm not saying the president didn't do some fuckin horrendous. Alright, ok, not saying that.
But on the other side of the coin, could we admit that not every fourth images can fell from the sky? Ok, you guys spread of rumours that pissing prostitutes brutal right a biased food said it and then see said it and got you guys rely into yourself right I really think government would have been more interesting than this There are definitely have comedians testify before Congress. More often, we should be a lot more fun to watch it. Sometimes I do like tell you Terrible I mentioned we have bachelor Julian Assange. He was arrested at in Ecuador You know the ecuadorean embassies in London, the seven already everybody knows now. Everybody knows I just have to sell. You know they hadn't embassy. Until he serious made
What are you laughing? I don't know what they're laughing about, but I'll take you think they had just may have some site or in their mugs inaccurate over there and anything above two percent just message them up. Basically, Michelob ultra or die for them. Officers made a move after Ecuador, withdrew its asylum, invited authorities in the embassy, citing the Australians legislated. His bad behaviour in the biggest complaints was his internet usage, cleaning up after a cat in his friends incessant lobbying for funding for barbed wire to that seem to tonight how that works, they dont fund anything, certainly not print actions, Hamlet, Anderson, gas is wanting Bob. It made me think about this. Bar. Why have you shit you didn't you see our way when you can remember Allister's offer panel Anderson? Never what does it consider why? Why did it become considered sexism to be section attracted to women, like we didn't put the the breasts unopposed I understand that there is a sex object, I get it but being sexually.
What did you want to put a question for the female audience? I do find it offensive if a guy finds a woman sexy willingly, we sexism it sexism to be physically attracted to us, actually attractive woman. It doesn't mean that we think that you're only quality to offer it's nice we don't marry you just because of how you look. It's just the wind pressing if the car, but real, that's what I mean if I were wearing this wonderful Boston, outfit out in public as a female. I am what would I be asking you to do I don't get me, thank God there unsullied, because you'd have problems. I regret. Currently there are these. Purely and Will Smith.
So, eleven ADI wasn t it, this is a very wide programme, get hijacked knowing what is what are they going to do about it like what? What do we have to raise and cause? He was thirty. Six charges of tax, dodging perjury, endeavouring clients come from the early times, grand jury I guess that everybody still millions or via clients use a tangled web of shell companies and bank accounts to cover it up. So thirty, three thirty six counts last, the probe indemnity has come to an end as we transition to a probe and they have a naughty an international political Jesse, prepare it you're gonna be a slimy criminal. Do me a favor avoid the spotlight
every like gangster movie, that's ever been made has taught us anything. Is that if you gonna break the law, be that guy do it behind the scenes where nobody noticed and seen in illegal z at any time to stop you all went silent in unison, and my party did not suit when we can render them more fun, you have more fun, they'll have to make sure we doing this international lose because we're international here after all, I was raised in Montreal, chinese companies are created in autumn attic. This is this. Is the real story, I'm sorry about the young. You need you. Thirteen warning automatic spur extract her health clinics collect one seed from donors who are reluctant to me in the service themselves: telescope yeah yeah, because that's that's how you will solve your birth.
Great problem. China, do you that's a get those install this store to Kiev and they have because that's out that's how China, China is going to solve their problems. Being raped by robots, go reports, whether they are actually merging that these receptacles have customizable dirty digital dirty, talk options, us come on get big robot, Mama boy boy. I met a daughter now, one year listen I'm around! When you have a one child policy, it is important that it's a boy of a guy's imagined, walking up and standing next to feed the guy that it extracts. Are they just was gonna, get it out of issues like about who's, the guy tested? This is alive,
Eleven return here, a margin of Ryan. Just because he's smart, but you know not funny so then he tries to send it the other way. It's not fair. It's not right! Then Europe soon be Myers. Is a sham China not dragging work. Now they were twenty hours a day. They control a fifth of the world's GDP. Too lazy to masturbate? That is the I gotta get essay. He's more had as they please than both Hodge tween, combined ones. I tried to get me one size fits all, though either adamantly they can have a different attachment they're. All this does not get into the stereotypes here, because I'm not comfortable with it hides twins. You guys agrees right to be different attachment rifle. Definitely there. The answer would be going on.
Here they are too don't you get it. We have finally laws to clean the tv and Fridays potatoes can contain. No actual potatoes can have. This comes from Reuters that It's a slow knew when they're, not editing flotillas in trying to vilify Israel, you're talkin about T J funds, potatoes gets the claim is accompanied mislead consumers by selling potato skin snacks that contain potato flakes potato starch, but no skins is excellent, joint class action loss. It also claims it snickers dont, really satisfied. This doesn't anyone that allegation Cassio Carburetors isn't really black wrong. There's a lot wrong with that the Congress of the blacks caused quite a stir online this week are arriving there going to be quiet because we actually, I think, you're here- to address the controversy right now is representative Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, Miss protests, thanks for being back on the shelf. That's what I thought
woman sounds like a lot, but what about ok? What's what's happening right now You talk about Stephen Congresswoman. To talk with you about the fall out from your recent appearance at the owl shocked and about my gosh. I now Stephen. De I know my torrent Some say that you may have been pandering to the largely african american crowd about Stephen I've heard the criticism from the haters. They d them. Ok right seems like Subic I'm doing it right now again, you you dont, want who Pandora's box or should I say Manders? No, it's not like Mr Insane topic here. Listen! This is this is what happened with Hillary Clinton. Before then Joe Biden in someone argued Dnc has a long history of trying to play up too often my Lord Orville just got knocked out. Ok, what what are you talking about? What's? What's happened, my manager
bed clown. You see, there are no subsided. I was gonna put peripheral, I'm very lost. At this point, we wait Stephen Coats, switching the very common rhetorical tool. Ok, can you Activism vine growing indicating the vernacular the audience you're looking motivated, helps to connect with them in a deeper level, and I believe you and I both know exactly what that means. What's that wasn't gonna play to go back and no, no! Don't southern you're going to dance everybody! Now! That's enough that you guys can lacking is able to say this here, save it. Let's get rid of her there you go over to lose. It's about Cortez in her voice there there was a the hand with its side. It was horrible. She do talk to those black people. I'd like to go. You girl residents, but she sees black people, is like thirty public servants, but was the name of Morgan
criminal, drug stays amidst deigns. To make me some boy he's gonna make it worse appear. Whenever I go to the bathroom move, I loved it move days we go into the stove Piggly wiggly. Nobody, there called her on it either eggs But what you heard you get on girl right and they Pollyanna was, I cover, come up and she just kept going. Further and into it, and nobody said anything why the only people it was upset was white people really were there after work. So she made a noble black stood up and said in coming, but a pistol would appear like legitimately pissed. You guys get right. That was it like because its pan am. I ask because bureau meeting out your message should be the same for regardless of the group you're talking to re thanks to voice in Oslo,
and a river zero does an all too well. I'm gonna see this because you know my father daring books, the shell. Everyone else was afraid to go home. Most guess, surprise, wouldn't appear and started to NATO. He often hangs out and takes it s a lunch deceiver slip into the black guy vote. If you guys, because every now and then he does- that with black people like water, does our strong message. We call them places to help the whole planet. Take a look at this, but what you can get love it gluten free. You have to be the widest person in the world, including three could pay. By doing this, we should be content when there is a fear, Lazarus so underscore less. Who quickly entered the bench appear once a conservative, I Meda, I'm by not wearing pants before we move on to everything wrong with IRAN Omar.
Should a proclamation the outset. Yet nobody- you maybe up tom- and I think it's it's it's necessary to give a little more before the area. Obviously, game of thrones, Sunday, apparently in short, to do a review of the show, but we may be on the road, doing, I changed my mind. Instead, everything you want once you just watch, I dont get it I've seen it because I don't like to show no six, like the show. No, I don't like to show it automobile. Not. I think it's terrible writing not me. Tell me why you don't like the everything about the show is crappy everything about the show, scrapping, That is why we have assumed hearty we're picking the seemed a parity we literally find a single seeing the pet because nothing was iconic enough. There's seats that dull, there's no iconic dialogue from getting their head, banisters, nice conic series of services, or that there are three episodes: great battle, the bastards red wedding in the one where the white Walkers finally shop and there at the coast, those we're cool and the rest are using. I really want to like the show I really want to like the tens of millions of people. May then, maybe even more than that disagree,
You vehemently also transformers five. You know what that's that's because Thank you, Mr. I got a joke in my show. Can't you ok, former that they wanted to say, if you want to see the joke, go to a tour date which is yet to be announced, has had a cider Tata website somewhere we somewhere in Ohio dismal. Now I think the show I like pieces, I like shows that are in this kind of rough time he's right now, it's not it's fictional, but it is kind of protracted time I enjoy that. I think the writing is actually much better than you give him credit for. I dont, like the amount of second. Has I dont like the amount of violence I like it's? Actually I want to listen. It's nice doesn't do this sector the violent you didn't say. Why are we even my bit everything that route is resides in every single episode? Every single episode is ok, we're disarm, others will not angry short, lesbian ale. She joins international assassins. They dont have faces worth what they called the faces. Man took the faceless
can we really have now multiple that phrase man, that's a great writing. George Martin- was good. It is obviously pretty good writing. I think you're just being. Frankly gets a free pass along what films like Lord of the rings, not an absolute majority is because medieval and people who play dungeon and dragons and want to fantasize about life that they don't live like to feel. As though this is cool sitting there and Jeanne DE areas get chubby years, each season go the guy getting on dragons. It's ok hold on a second she got underway. I didn't you got real by also man and now she's travelling with dragons and image. It is now a hologram, the guy with just ended this whole army, an unblemished cities. You know nothing, Stephen crowded, right, sickness, that's how weak the writing is game of thrones reverence and it's that undertaking balance because much it was that you need for you to give it to. You will get this be drawn. It gave us on travelling, illustrating this entire room could have heard a rat piss on.
I gather from somebody left or right to some context. A lot omar is the worst, the absolute organism congresswoman minute. Without us not to be confused with other oddly named terrorist supporter receded slave represent information. Lotta people get that wrong. You're born is to want to make sure that people understand that she's You guys are familiar with the right, or will they meeting these two women while we're talking about not not labour, we turn yeoman market. I wanted to make sure there was a positive. She's, a freshman congresswoman peasant really accomplished a whole last, but you likely all You know her name. Why? Because the media has been promoting this woman nonstop judgment on the cover of time, news, weak, rolling, stone, Newark magazine, so she went on call bear last night where the disgusting discuss quite a bit, but they mainly discuss the fall out. Her recently as she puts it misconstrued we'll get that clip in a second pro terrorist action. A medic comments is cynically ones about nine. All here. How hear her say it
We have people get come ass. Minorities for things that they say They might insinuated, You actually said. Please love like that before on Fox and friends that surely say those words not about insinuation. Pick people, their career to go after Fox and friendly agriculture is amazing. There's an entire site media matters that just look. It is just a list. A laundry Lester thoughts and friends got this wrong. This is what they ate for One should have access to new work during this is one thing that was like a you hear it about people on the right. You hear it all the time by the way. This is what you actually said was found, after nine eleven, because they recognise that some people did something and that, All of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.
Someone getting something that might be, that is understood, when I've ever heard She also refer to the Poles nightclub, shooting into simple misunderstanding pro harbours. What's he daisy into than any people Trajan are bombing, was something more than qualitative, with a couple of kids in black cats. So that's not all the time What are you gonna? Give you just a few more reasons as to why she's awful here's? What anti science. But can you but the right all the time in February, the United States Power lifting association. They banned mail to female transgendered from completing its women, and it's so funny this historic sites as well. Need to cite this citing men's biological advance? I love like parliament, they had to cite men's biological advantages right. It's almost like it self explanatory note. That's a little more she's, not an angry letter came
demanding the Minnesota attorney General investigate the power lifting organization. What stating what the method, the myth that trends, women have a quote. Direct competitive advantage is not supported by medical science and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at risk. Communities in the world now made it so wants to have a word with you How It's a live as a main until he was, I think, thirty two and then decided to beat the hell out of women again page right by the way her quote most at risk. People yet been Islam. The countries around the world they are the most at risk. People was not a lot of people that look like me. I was in a hurry jest in islamic countries. Second, only to the at risk people who the men beat the hell out, that's what it is and how it was exactly correct that girl school would be found Fox
No o Martin. Do that. We're like blood a false looking behind were there, but I dont want to, but does does no more have enough battles to fight. She has to pick up the Trans, the transgender second, this isn't so amazing to me, like you're United States representative and you decide that this is going to be the fight you're going with the minutes, so that power lifting a social. Nation and think there's no direct competitive advantage is not supported by medical science, and this is what they do. Is it's not support my medical science. You have to accept an wholesale right, but that they do and then they use the flip side with. If you dont accepted. I'm a change science, noting that the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris accordion will actually fix China's in standards? If you don't buy that also in your anti sense, but then they say it's Stokes fear and violence against one of the most. So here's what that means, if you say hold on a second man. And who become women actually do have some biological advantages they are going to accuse you of committing a crime rates are correct.
It's because you are driving hatred towards most at risk community? Really We are doing is saying that when you're a guy your little stronger than when you're a girl, he doesn't get banned density fast, which muscles adverse reactions and do a whole episode. Because now there been so many train, I'm just just beaten Hell out where things you do for female athletes in the world, they say everybody whose a man that wants to compete as a woman, now we're gonna break all of Iraq. You're, never gonna when another metal again as long as you can wait to see what the Debbie a big old there's, one Doug they'll, be God we finally proposed baby, Methinks Nike regrets doing that Retirement Jersey for Dwayne Wade, so early just give me, leave their none. The wiser now next reason the problem.
That would be a game vat or disappeared airlines center. I owe you guys, you don't want your anti semite and by the way you dont, like that she's hates Jews, K, Omar We actually see how much do we have that there's someone can technical include Arabic and I understand people say that uses cover but knew what would you say she behaved? Jewish people really works is the juice of hypnotized the world, the? U S is controlled by cabal voltages, all classic anti jewish drops it. I know we're going to hear lifesaver what about king? Ok score one for you? Rightly one put that up in this current, you think there's a difference between it and I think this miss in saying something stupid or even saying something. Maybe once be a little earnestly racist or prejudice coming from a blind spot you're. The one thing tat: I do it's not just about Miss speaking. I think everyone, black or white, has probably said something that if you look back say you know that was a little bit racist and it came from ignorance and doesn't mean hatred. I don't hang people for even that? No definitely not.
Finally done that before I said something one time that was kind of offensive to a person that I was with us like a crap right after I tell them you dumb sturdy. Why look anyway, I have a wig and they did some a number on my head. You gotta get burdens on your head. Mike, That's not the point, as has happened on both sides, revenue in the public eye, but here's with she knows exactly what she's ain't you repeatedly doubles down? It's not a dog. Was we use that term all the time dog? She knows exactly what she sang in the context in which you think it's not a mistake. It's a worldview! By only the comes directly from where. Where can you guess what the founder of a phased Mohammed. Send your paintings at ass, crowded, etc. Will look at. It seems like no matter what Jews and Christians are always fair game. Jews have been the most persecuted people in the history of mankind right and you have somebody.
Really no one else using Christians. If you say anything about any other group, your immediately somebody who's either. Some hate speech, like she said you're picking on the most at risk group of peace in the world right in the nineteen thirty in the United States, we had tons of people that not anti Semitism hated Jews, that's a better way to say right. Nineteen. Thirty nine. There is actually a pull. That said, only thirty nine percent of Americans thought that you should be treated like the rest of the people in the country the year before that only sixty are actually sixty percent thought, the Jews were basically bad people. They were soon being. They were, can Iverson that they control the money supply sixty percent. That's why, when something like this happens, would what she says with about the juice where you have to stand up and say: no, we're not gonna go back to the place that we were right. Ease. I think she, you know she saw the progress the jewish people had made, and then she saw the wine steam stories are opening about Mary details of what jewish faith I beat the second of politics. People are turn a blind eye and say: oh, it's! Ok, to pick on Jews, it's ok
did you say that you guys know fair? Can you don't talk to modify its what's happening to you now that can doubt that without my dad, I guess he's been in his best behaviour with you. If you doubt any this by the way, what would just how much used can I get? I know they're going to be a couple of people out there in the comments section like I knew you were working for Benjamin now export she's, actually protests espouse that, though it cannot affiliation Bell because subscriptions don't mean a whole. Are they mean less than ever on Youtube? Organic regions are gone down dramatically. We don't what's going on right now, crazy, so you need to join up lot of cutting too complex mug club subscribing Itunes, give us a rating. Ok, here's an x rays of cheese, actually protest. I don't mean kind, assorted, she's, literally pro actively pro terrorist, she begged for she begged.
Compassion and ISIS sentencing voted in support of life. Insurance pay out for terrorists are one thing, and that was after San Bernardino, where she wanted to make sure that they still got what they get gets my people. But what is one hundred and twenty seven to two? Yet that's? U is one of three with wonder about here. There was an amendment on that he didn't like, but right the rest of the bill was it was to vote against in the first case, if I want to say that things could be misconstrued, they clarified it. Yet how can I was wrong about that and she's still said now? Why? Because Jews so afraid of me, She turns can go bore himself. These are just that. Maybe a thousand people get paid in life insurance, yet very much
you can put yourself in a situation Sanborn into not anymore, but she wanted to be, as they may be, your duties here they pad. They were trying to pass a law that would ban that. That would put certain limits that that it was a terrorist action. There was no life insurance policy for the insurance company to have to worry that right and she said no. You can't do that if he goes and shoots twenty seven people and they get shot by the cops he died. You have to pay out what what she was saying, member, what s up my life, because if I kill myself within two years, I wouldn't get money where would give my family? No you're still wouldn't get it. If you killed your so committed a terrorist action in the cops took you out, Eurasia gee liturgy not misusing literally here's a clip. She laughed litter about Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and she said, as we already have a run, the clip again, because we support the nine eleven was just something some people did not just here in Europe is in totality the professor set out K that key sort of like his shoulder
these included Al Qaeda. Does those people found dead after nine eleven because they recognise that some people did something and that all of us, were starting to lose access to our civil liberties, it sounds crazy. She did some dollar, you really do. What do you think that this is as good as more sets? Ups?
That sounds like the Andy Kaufman character from taxi did so they blow the bunch people on a bus significantly. The great care to protect health care is a designated terrorist organization, most notably by the way by the. U S: report is an endangered servitude, enabled experience with it by the way, I'm just just a clarification. Care was started in nineteen. Ninety four, so now now she said after nine eleven Otto quite a few years were set, and we have enough time to go through all but look into care look into their ties to Hamas funding firmly to look into their fake hate crimes that these data perpetrated all these hoaxes on the american people, and if you still are convinced remember this is the organisation that brought you clock boy, so that should be Clark, boy, try to sue Ben Shapiro.
Such care and funneled money to Hezbollah or- and here is the first reason why I think she's absolutely awful- and this might surprise a lot of you. So this next one it's it's a little bit difficult for me to set up an hut I dont know exactly how to frame it. She she married her brother now what actually I married her brother ripping off like a band which you, yes to say, people she Annabelle did you notice? didn't really know really know it gets worse stuff, so she began keep their local news outlets right. They they uncovered in early on in a political document. Since resting. She might have married her brother, presumably to commit immigration. I think too greatly hasn't headlines. You well. I was logical problem. Well, s nice and eventually I gave an idle say, suggesting don't do it. It's only gonna make me Madame on a role I say suggesting we married and brother, because it started with sources which
covered her Ex husbands, name on her marriage, divorce records K and they happen to be exactly the same as your brother. The nurse said tell me: I might not be pronounced correctly, Madame CARE, because America now some people may That's just like John Smith. Over there, that's what they could be suggesting. We don't know, I don't know, there's a silver Brazil, I'd like less, but now I'm gonna give you that one, But if we continue on down the researcher, school records also confirm that the man she married was living her father's house in high school, well, social media post show the guy that she claims to excess now calls for children his nieces. She refers to them as their uncle soccer you have a who's. Your favorite uncle Bob she's the cool and their mother. Now, I consider it a beyond the realm of suggestion. However, all this I encourage you to research should go. We hit the resources that are listed in the picture
you're complaining. Why can't you just put an inscription? It would be too long. You can see the three programmes just rewind hit parts I do consider beyond the realm of suggestion. However, when you take into account that her brothers high school enrollment records list his date of birth April. Fourth, nineteen, eighty five cake They want to guess the birth data, Ex husband according to official marriage documents in divorce proceedings. What is possibly put is You know why I got to do is to lead to meet you. I encourage you to look at the evidence, for yourself. Doesn't look good, You mean in this historic broke, the guy deleted all of as a means of parents and respond. If she is official statements she denied it. She said a difficult part of my personal history that I do not consider that the contents of political campaign she's at the insinuations that it he's my brother The third and offensive. Ok, to use your brother, how about any proof
I'm gonna, shredded arab people are saying your bag and your brother wouldn't do any proven. Just trot out. You know: Brother husband and The body easy now. Is it possible because I have two in the Spirit of fair and just is it possible that you just wearing a man who happen Have the exact same aim of their brother happened, the exact same birth it as your brother will happen to live in the exact same house as both her and her brother and not be her brother. If I am a ball, it say you're retarded
It is unbelievable that that is worse than being in the goats, but it is not within which, by the way, we don't know what our brothers up to today, you deleted it social media. I wonder what also tells could be included in a story, but we have no idea and it's a crime. If she is, she used it for for immigration purposes, it is absolutely a crime and nobody less concerned with that. As with you, no children with webbed toe. Yes, like Arkansas sorry do that here see press the twitter account ass. He presses really funny. Sometimes they. Personally, I didn't say this- that we have to say that that it's it's really interesting, that you can post a picture. Her husband on national siblings day there was written, like at least this is what bothers me most about about Amerika now. Imagine the judges things and you wear her job. Does that mean you follow? Show real law? Do you hate America now, but you have to think if you do, if you look at
Tat, really policies that she supports. If you look at the organisation, she supports these organizations by and large support countries and implement real out. They ve outright talked about having every luxury accords. Sharia law is one hundred percent irreconcilable, with the constitution K and by the way, These problems are bringing up brothers creating the Jews being protesters and they're all congruent with Mohammed teachings. That's the What really bothers me, though, I think most about Ellen Omar, is how this showcase. It's actually a blessing. I guess how much showcases the left hypocrisy. Let me paint for you. Ok, let me let me pay for you just trying to drive the point home here. If I could, for a moment, right put on your imagination care United Stay congressmen came from the hills West Virginia, who just hang ok, who just hate, tell all Andrews, read everything: Jews control, all the banks to consort or gay, majestic any bangs. His sister he'd been locked and bloated before call bears opening model on that, but I hope he is over
happens to be the most fair you go, we have given the gaunt when you get to say Republic GO from West Virginia. Right hides twins toward outcome at them. Again. It's coming right, your mind and it is making out West. You are aware that this rightly is a war. Seven feet tall of solid ice; okay, rightly those seven king of cabotage.
The drugs in rates of a state to change, that's right when it may become a cake, but this night, why just gonna gratified pick worker and what does it serve, looks like the Mexicans brought some of the giant with the giant sir. If I put two only you could save the savage kid gets by joining it aloud with credit at cap slashed by club, ok, frankly, its guiding ideology Philly, but only sixty dollars for students better as active military. That's what, if that's such a great deal? That's what they tell me I've. Given you such a great deal, I don't see it. That's what they tell me. Why do we spend in that complex backflips at the cake Last week we introduce you to the thin punic malaria, known by its common name, the burrowing or ground. It lives in part, North and South America investing your grasslands deserts Freezingly, your neighbor, rather than to the skies like other glorious birds of prey. He chooses to live in the dirt like a subterranean scumbag
of course many argue. It's not our place to question gods. Creations, but the Lord has no place here as the ground novel is clearly the devil. Work either that or the Lord has made a terror. Mistake, join Mug club at Lotta, with greater dot com, Slash mug club for access to the full daily show the entire blaze catalogue, a wonderful and etched mug, but more important support the livelihood of this programme but, most importantly, join Muslim. To help us kill all the ground. Nouns today. Not, with broader shut down, is now selling baseball in red and get yours? Lutterworth grotto shop
not come. Today are not entirely sure that cultural appropriation for to do that? I'm not sure I don't know. I don't know what what would constitute coastal appropriate undertaken agreed if you're sampling. I have no idea of your next Gascon answer. The question for us. You know me, love it's been awhile has been that lungs, but about a month manoeuvres and he's been in the programme, you can go to defend Gavin Dotcom as well as no hate dot com with MILES Mckenna, the right now on today we have Gavin Mcinnes. How are you, sir? I'm good? You know what your trip when I was told a you want to be on quite a show. I go. I can't be on quite a show, I'm watching a show right now and then I will just turn on the camera name, you can be on the show that you are just watching MIKE
And I know now: I am watching it as well, which is wildly uncomfortable. Do you watching me watching you. There is no. Thing we can do. Give me watching you? Ok, I see where this is going, except not really seriously. We like you, have some new technology neutral, try Castra technology that you're just fuckin around with over there, the Erika, fused Ology more like Well, I don't know how do you ask what's going on with your own sample? This is one of the characters from a game of thrones. Apparently, I've seen every episode in embracing. If you are a game of Thrones Character, Gavin, who would you be Ipod, be the message it because I'm short keg. I thought you were being cats because in the new cats musical there make heed to scale. So
things are going to be super huge, and you know the door will be gigantic and stuff like it is our cats best cats that sounds wildly expensive and sounds like it could be a worse disaster than spider Broadway member, that letter with opening weakening the guy just found broken act, have work at about people kept die. They want to make it just like spider man, so they sent actors flying over the gaudy innocent people kept getting broken legs in spite of different subject, got aids when a guy got himself and eventually had to shut it down. Tat sounds like Spider man meets rent. Given what is going on or cats, I dont know I assume their dirty needles round the green room somewhere, neither one of those productions. What's can you give us any status, updated? What's going on with your lawsuit against the southern poverty Lawson its
going through all these court documents and reading all your jokes out of context like they didn't include my introduction to naked fart yoga yoga, no hey doc com, they didn't include how to fight a baby or my autobiography how to it's in public, but they have all this really serious jargon like and then he called Asians rice ball. How's it going. Has it occurred to you that the person was kidding when they said rice boss? Let's try this your honor, Can you tell me of another human on earth? In twenty nine in or any surrounding year, who would use in a serious like these damn rise. Balls are dominant ear, taken up its not used in that context, it was obviously a joke it. Maybe if there were an uncle who were racist but didn't know how to use pointed ray.
This language, my guy, we call them rice, balls and the people of color. We call them coloured people, maybe you know I could see it an asian immigrant who decided that he was just gonna, become anti asian races and it was like we come here. I dont and I dont want me to come here. I've so mad at all. Rice, balls. Like all your baseball, you were right. I now no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You rise by those big for me right! Ball creation, ok shut it pretty much that similar! So do you have any jokes that you ve made that worry you most? You do welcome the day in court. Were you We can talk about these things in front of a judge, or do you know where I went out of context could be could be troubling. Now I think I heard was its echo for not just this one. You may have to beat this, but
Zack elf knock, it said I didn't know he was a derogatory term for the matter of this is that governance is by the way, but I cameras at this joke, but they go. I don't know the derogatory term for Asian, with skiing and I was like hey. You wanna hit the slopes and these two Scott Supermassive. That's that's very much like a joke that Sir several hours to make until she slammed the door behind her and said now. You can't use the word gay, hey. Let me a couple of things since you were last on. What's it like for you now that we know, there's no Russia collusion and then I wanted to get into the other candidates, a controversy from history, because I'm sure you have some opinions, will we juicy stuff? Well, the rush inclusion thing has not way Have you noticed this right? Stephen cope air says it's time to get our hopes back again
go up again, Rachel MAD cow goes. I hope you enjoy your victory lap, meaning for now that we are going to the ACL. You is threatened to sue to get a hundred per cent of the report which doesn't exist in law. We can't be outing witnesses. You have a there's, no such thing as Zero percent redirected report, but that's what they ve demanded or they're going to sue right. So I think the left it sort of like these doomsday. Where they go, the words can, in August nineteen August twenty two go while you guys must be bombed out No, now, there's more members here have more devoted to the gods. Yeah grown more says.
Than ever now we're really invested in our leader being a foreign agents that will be a big big w for us now. I think that I think that's a good point in that the reductions, I think a lot of you understand how this works and it's always ironic, to move in watching the West wing. Lately you gonna Netflix and, of course this is where you always see the ultra wasted journalists that only exist in programmes like this. The left is always obsessed, like Buzzfeed, like most of the original Russia stories right. The trumps trumpeting watching prostitutes, pissing, unfair trade. Remember this trafficking guns, but they always say well, it's very important, protect my sources released the full report, All rejected means is that the copy, your seeing isn't a hundred percent the same as the first draft, and you know if they release of a report that missing sentence. Missing. One line that missing tiny word is going to be
all the collusion is hiding right. They are so and its link to the candy sullens thing, because it's about this by our pick obsession with your stupid theory. So you see theory is that there's nazis everywhere, long on every corner, behind every corner and the trumped work with Russia and trumps, a white supremacist and that's my theory- and I don't want to hear anything else and you go away your proof. Well, candidates, Owens said Hitler. I wanted to make Germany great, so Hitler was great. Is that what you're saying life right now? No, that's not what you said. It all also leaves out a big piece. The pilot, the Russians were not necessarily huge fans of the Nazis. Quite a few people lost their lives in that little scuffle going on there. No, it is if there's going to anything rejected. You know. This is what it is that I do not see that the left. This is lost. No mistake, listen, you are the people who talk about.
All right, trolls docks and we have to reject some information to protect the privacy of people because we're concerned. Remember again, you are the ones who wanted to kill kids and Magua hats right. So I think it's a reasonable concern. As with all legal documents in the history of law, that's how it works. Folks nets seats, Evedna every as it has this been the case with your ongoing suit. With your speech, Elsie and working people go to find more updates on this event, Gavin Dotcom as all the updates when they had.
Should dismiss tons of other people are getting involved. We ve got on defender not come. We have well over six thousand different people contributing to this case, and I think that is scary or to the Caspian Sea. Then the money as money is just rich, guys writing checks. But when there's that many people involved and I've been told from insiders that this house of cards is crumbling, I think they're outraged that their net has expanded so far. So there are hard working people at the SBA, see with our nose to the grindstone, and then they get a complaint coming and once this than they really go, what the hell are we we here we're persecuting the Knights of Columbus there, an extremist group people are going to jail where it for training social media. Why we tabled racism and sexism of them more, as these can keep his paws off me every time. I let my desk so rich, calling
of these. The present you guys, don't wait, don't wait and I were fixing Emily Gavin is the worst guy in the world's racist and sex is remembered them and more steeds you're right you're right, he is races and sexist. His behaviour is not part of our culture is not what we pride ourselves on so he's gone, so they fire him. Then people go. What you're kind of corrupt, too I mean you and they had a legal here. You don't need to know what you're doing and they go. That's why we're quitting me and Rhonda Brown seen that illegal we're both quitting and we have a black woman taking our place, the black omens gonna, take over now our record so as they affect what you're saying, as you just need a higher black female lawyer, preferably one is transgender with rickets identify as exactly that. How you knew, I guess it. You can send a scientist. I figured you get all the trump cards. If you bring a disabled, transgender woman,
color with rickets in their some disease that we should be eradicated. You know by by vaccines or Vitamin D. They keep reiterating their own racism. Sexism too, like they got this woman in and there's S PLC employees they will these bloggers growing. This seems like a great direction for the Caspian Sea and they just show a picture of her face. They don't say anything about our policies anything about her experience. They just show her gender and her race its end. They go. You see we're really doing a good job. And it's a start contrast with dummies. It's a stark contrast to what happened with what kind of someone just when we talk about the history with the hush ones aren't agree with a surly everything that she said and I think any time you draw any sort of a positive comparison or analogy with Hitler, its politically ill advised. But doing think for any second there that that people sitting there in that committee believe that she supports Hitler's genocide against the Jew,
Do you really think anyone believe that you can say she must spoke? You can say maybe wasn't inarticulate comment, you can say maybe was distasteful, any look, but do you really think she supports the death of six million Jews, let's com through the entire continent, from top to bottom, and ask every single individual about Hitler and try to find a one person, because I think that a pretty a I like them. I think it's a good guy. You couldn't scour the whole continent with whales teeth, fine filament go through you by find like forward freaks and they're, not going to be particularly successful candidates, Owens they're gonna be morbidly obeys with type two diabetes, a strange sort of festering corn on his foot and a tick. Or they could be one of our fine representatives from a great state of Minnesota or or yours, but this year, by the way. Now I you know what we ask it, let's give, where am its everything's in rivers are at their ago Gimme a little bit
on the wrong way to society? Is going off the rails? Note that actually did two people listening. I now do you have to go along with the usual, But we were shooting video, a chain of life or we were shooting confronts in Texas and we have cyanide assignments and not a Nazi, because, with this teacher, Professor Tripp Carl's Charles Hermes, who repeatedly referred to me as a Nazi and as I was taking, I end up this muslim guide. Eurobonds What are you but nothing, Hitler greatest? about a man and drove off. So I think maybe you might find more than you bargain, for if you feel back some curtains in Dearborn, while he did laugh his head off them
no, you seem pretty serious, was more of a maniacal laugh in and you know that cast a glance it wasn't like that. Just kidding grow. It was more like a juice that, yes, we see, is totally devoted to finding homophobia. Sexism, racism any kind of super religious dogma them extremism and you show them Islam, and they always gives me move, move right fact: Icy, Kyle, that a party, while black beard, long white, not about him his pug, his pockets enough get out Miss Omar. Just let's go for the pact is right. We. But you're doin here Mister Mc Ginnis, it is defend Gavin, DOT, com and anywhere else that you want to direct people here, as they can follow your ongoing battle with this policy. Another thing I'd love people to check. I am db dot com. It's got a huge list of millions of movies. You can see the cast.
Who is in the Movie Box Office, is also the parental guide. If you're not sure, if your kids want to watch it, They got animal house there. They just got a whole bunch of new releases on there and its it's like rotten tomatoes, but not respond. Yes, it is a very valuable resource and I appreciate you bringing it to our attention defend gavest, that defend, gave us defend, given that come Gavin Mcguinness thing Look. I got a lab. Finally, stop being cheap. Now right we gotta go. This is enough. That's enough. I do I join but
the latter with Canada Constellation ninety nine dollars annually. Sixty nine for students, inventors enact a minute. Do it so I can keep playing any c o biggest worth it. You can work still. Hey how you do what come over here show big number about a good time. Oh yeah, big, strong, imperious, showed what does tell me where big, strong and peer has come up. I play seven centimetres into bed. Joint, rather with proud about confidence. Martha I'll show you good bye.
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that's called the arrogant Johns, no thought tat. This would be cool I'll jump in the lake with my cape and then he waterborne himself. I wasn't Jack London, I was drawing him unbeknownst him. Why should it beforehand after he was we'd? Waterborne himself was very balanced,
We noticed he knew twins twins outcome. We should change romance coming up your pretty soon she'll not sold on the game. Thrones review in thanks so much to get Mcguinness we tunnel stuff so times for weeks effort we put in for you guys so fast. The headphone pressed at one of these hairs into my ear and it was like a metal wire like a wire coat. Hangar apple go in and are so is it worth closing? Second, which is reason some of you are here and reading some of you to note that's fair either
I still appreciate both both of you being here with Youtube's new algorithms. Who knows how long it will be here. I'm an offer, some advice you, which may seem more reckless than usual and others that before I say, as some of you will hear it and say Steventon, this fly in the face of everything else. I ve told us as far as being disciplined working smart, all that, no, let me explain something here: the fundamentals, never change case. If ever I layers something new on top of what we discussed. No the fundamentals, discipline, honesty, goals, measurable progress, consistency; all those things are most.
Can I guess at work would have said this before working smarter, not a surly harder, always leaving the hard option on the table, though always leaving that hard door open, but any advice that someone gives you can't help you, unless you you're doing the fundamentals cake the day to day when no one is looking stays the same K document extraneous circumstances. Here we often talk about becoming the kind of man, woman person, z, you wanna be, but let me start with something else here. Let me start with the kind of man, because I'm a man will just continue with man. I know they're woman watching. Let me start with the kind of man you don't want to be. Dont, be the man were something comes up. Not only is that the kind of man you dont want to be kind of man. No one else wants you to be. What do I mean by that? Something comes up. Ok, let me ask you how many of us know this person could be a family member could be a friend could be an employer, employee, someone you work with idle.
Some one whom you were lying on for something doesn't matter what it is in a man. So something came up there always late. They don't come through there. MRS they hanan their work. Late plans get cancelled the other person, your head, Peggy. Second, ok! Now let me ask you you: might that person you respect that person. Don't worry that person- and I say this because I know that You'Re- probably thinking of someone whose real deadbeat, maybe of a complete dirt back, but guess what you do it too. I do. We all do the only difference between you and this person you're thinking of right now, Is it the something came up? Guy did at one too many times, and it became a way of life that we often talk about making excuses, and we hear that a lot, but here's the thing, think of anything you need to accomplish or that you seek to accomplish right now, you don't need to make an excuse to not do it.
There's almost always a valid reason for it not to be completed. That's why I hate the term making excuses. Have then, if you told someone that they're making excuses and they come back with. Well, it's it's true and guess what the right there actually was traffic the printer did run out of it. They actually did get caught up in a work. All they couldn't get out of people don't make excuses. People take it out, and that's what I get so indignant when you tell them that their making excuses, because in there to justify it. In reality, though, not technically wrong, but you're upset because of your expectations of them. My point is this: the only difference between you and that person is how many times you ve done it, and you know what. If you keep that in check and you staying on world fundamentals, we ve talked about. Sometimes you do after throughout. This is why, since this advice might seem reckless, sometimes you do have to throw caution to the wind and be the guy who just doses the something's that come up
there is always going to be something that comes up and another and another and another. Until you find yourself box- and I want to see more people just bulldozing them pick an obstacle really is the children picking obstacle that's been holding back pick a fear pick something that's come up right now. Global past it. I know some of you think it's not that simple. You know, but sometimes it is thinking when you were a kid. I'm a bright well used against a Laker. The pool in Canada was really call first of the season and I can member dipping my toe in working myself up pacing back and forth in agreement with my brother, we'd say one two three go and neither one of us jumped it. We do it. Maybe fifteen times three go until finally, one of us jumped in country, but what was the difference? What changed between the first fourteen times in the fifteenth, nothing but
resolve it was the same problem. It was the same barrier to entry, the water hadn't gotten any warmer. I just decided that I was going to jump now, take that and apply to a situation of actual consequence in life. How much wasted time could that be because something came up? How many count to three weeks before you jump it could be And the only thing that's going to change for you to accomplish what you need to do. Is your resolve just pulled out the obstacle fixture resolved by down the Mouth Guard touch your chin, swing, and I get some of you are going to have a harder time. Doing this scenario Peter, a more difficult point. Your life lot depends on how long you been letting this go on. Who cares right now bulldozing obstacle? shhh off the something came up, don't be that guy, and I say because a moment you dont want women, don't want a man who, when the rubber meets the road or something
employees, don't wanna boss, who, when it comes time for paychecks something came up, is boss. Don't want employees who, when things are something came up the world the life you want for yourself does not reward the man or the person who, when it comes to fulfilling your purpose, some came up, so the challenge this week is really simple. What do you want for your life? Think specifically of that something that's come up. I think about you, want think of something that stopped you from accomplishing gotta. Take a second positive. You need to. A bulldozer period. Dont be this. Something came up. Guy the world doesn't need anymore Zenith. Why
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