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#48 Dave Rubin Guests! Crowder Hates Star Wars

2015-11-06 | 🔗
This week, we're joined by the wonderful, Dave Rubin. Also, James Delingpole stops by to debunk some "climate change" myths. Steven goes off the rails, arguing with Courtney and NotGay Jared as to why "Star Wars" sucks, angering many nerds in the process.

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Former Governor Minnesota, your Jesse Ventura, no bond with left right paradigm. That's been fed to the american public. In this part. Culture for profit Medio driven entity is designed to keep you in the sand so that you don't focused on much really mattering Two Americans, which car dashi Amazon, which magazine cover with which ass I'll tell you who the ashes it's you, the american public, for let no strings still being pulled on your ass. You know the facts.
Found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks entertainment, I dont like a whole bunch of others still without having a healthy body image, you very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body, not because we are definitely going to get letters. Your listening to talk, radio, strangest animal you're getting louder with router. That is the best sound you will hear all week. Not my raspy voices are heard any time I come in my voice,
just goes wrong, but it mean the latter with greater. I'm your host Stephen greater me follow me at s crowded or although my producer as wonderfully inheres duty, o running with his magic powers- I this is just like it's like I had a stroke or something He claimed he's, not gay. You can follow him at not gay Jared and draw your own conclusions are fulfilled my legal obligations you doing all this morning. I appreciate that made that good wishes that CAFE Oatmeal, for you is good it gets that anyone who hasn't had its basically, this coffee that we make and you make it with cold brew coffee. The way I make it and you and hold on a second didn't hit the coffee beneath a cough button, because I want to keep this organic, you make it with. Honey and cinnamon. That's it honey in cinnamon and milk and it tastes like honey, not Cheerios, you don't really whipped cream, so got NASA littler offline buoyant, be there was a my head now
honey. Let you your guy, not have any money where he isn't that very that b that be beer. Why my mouth isn't working properly. This is not appropriate for radio big weak big week big week. What We haven't. I dunno. What am I don't know? I haven't ness avenue. Nasa word came out ways. Firstly, we have Dave Reuben coming on the show gay liberal atheist, but he's leaning towards the right these days, popular guy. On comedy central now has the Reuben report all over or a tv it's on, not critical. Guy he's a pretty cool guys will talk with him. A little later. Gettin brought probably have some lively debates and then what Courtney on later in the programme, and because of blue, Caitlin generous in the news this week will talk about that will also play some more spot the training. Now the NASA report came out this week. A lot of people. We were ahead of that. We wrote about it Why does nobody else covering this than three days later? For some reason, everyone jumps on Odin,
I have no idea why it took them that long, so new NASA study came out. Remember it's important. These are important to me when they are concrete examples of leftism. Wrong, you know no WMD in Iraq will we found W Mps in Iraq. We spent almost an entire programme telling people about it. In this case, Gore predicted the polar bears would be greasing. Others isn't part of the report because polar bears aren't in Antarctica. I get it you. Science nerds with your Neil, the grass Thyssen Avatars, just told off for a little bit. Ok, but he also predicted the ice caps were begun by twenty fourteen twenty fourteen Do the year late, but we finally have been ass report, so hopefully he you know you don't have to be entirely right. You could do the Dick Morris Rear right, twelve percent of the time and still collect- and I speak Czech you'll have to be right there
your time news. This isn't dark crystal you're, not sucking the life foresight of either muppets so that you can rule them all with your glorious magical predictions revealed by the way scared the hell out of me as a kid so NASA as in Houston, we have a problem NASA Nasa. Their port came out, saying that there is net increase in ice, how unpopular those mass has You didn't get the memo that they were supposed to know all of these scientists for unilaterally in agreement that clear, change is destroying the ice and destroying the world NASA Yet the memo they were too busy doing actual stuff that way go home and we have this obscenity. Guided in orbit. Funding is being cut anyways ever since recent Lance Armstrong up with that ship. But it was one hell of a Disney movie. So let me read these studies. The research council conclusions of other studies,
the new analysis of satellite data, the Arctic ICE sheet should a net gain of ready for this How many pounds do you think of of of ice has gained pounds? Well, people remember you have a hard time with pounds and tons, I'm to say One tonne one time when time, one tonne of ice- one time it we're gonna, go higher higher higher from nineteen eighty, two to two thousand one hundred one hundred and twelve billion tonnes. Of ice per year from ninety two to two thousand one prices right roles, I subs, though, pretty declare here frights. Now the price is wrong: ok how to draw billion tons of ice now, here's the key Just Rafik part, though, that net gain
Really you no net gain we're not talking, moreover, overall game, we're talking about once you take any ice that may be lost as well. The total net gain right it slowed from two thousand area too. His to only eighty two billion tonnes of ice per year. So that's bad, we're still gaining eighty two billion tonnes of ice a year. Now right now. There is more ice in the inner tick than ever recorded, but back to nineteen, seventy nine, I think, which is when, as we sort of been analyzing data and screaming global warming, because we came at the end of a global cooling period. So there's more, ICE and ever since nineteen, seventy nine they'll, probably say, there's, there's less ice than before that, but this is one the alarmist started sounding there. You know hidden there, their musical China. So we are at.
More ice than ever, pre nineteen, seventy nine here's something that's important, because people will say what the report says: the net gains are slowing the net dangerously, so this is kind of ok. Let me paint to you The worst case scenario It can't get any worse. Ok, meaning that at this point, what I am about to tell you is as bad as it gets its the stuff. Al Gore's nightmares are made of where's gonna words around. You were at the first of all, allow so if the net gain continues at this rate, meaning from a hundred and twelve billion tons of net gain ice, it's gone down to about eighty two billion tonnes of net gain eyes. If it continues on that downward trend consistently, it would still take at all these three decades. Both We saw any. Form of net loss.
Meaning we would still game trillions of tons of ice between now and say, twenty forty something until we start seeing any net loss on an annual basis. So, let's use an example. Twenty forty six again, assuming we go from a hundred and twelve billion tonnes gain to eighty two in done tons of ice gained. To say thirty, two billion tonnes of ice gained tool, ten billion tons of ice gained, which you know listen frankly, when you're talking about ice gained, ten billion tonnes is peanuts. We all know that peanuts. Some! why you're going to get to zero. That will happen in three decades and Then it would Ten use at its current rate, again assume no temperature variances whatsoever for three decades pauses. You will take another several decades to get back to work,
We are today and then more several decades to get back to where we were pre. Al Gore, basically You'Ll- be dead, for the ice ever gets to be less than it is today day. He Stop this waste is at what point at what point do go right. I screwed up what point Al Gore amounts to less than I made a lot of money off. I was working at all. I don't know anything about. Coder computers I was spending a lot of time with questionable Must Zeus's met Dick Morris there. This is the thing with Al Gore, it doesn't matter hockey stick. Ass, false you end says there are a lot of errors and they have a vested interest in the whole climate change charade. Now.
Comes out. Polar bears are increasing. Everything they have said is verifiable leaf false. Polar bears aren't dying by the way. Unrelated, I know I gotta people got now you're contributing polar bears. No, it's a separate thing, but it's all The predictions from climate change polar bears are dying. Member. You probably heard right that the polar bears there there, ice was breaking, and so there are having to swim further for food and they were drowning. We heard that one big drowning yet masker. Yet it's never happened. It's never and, according to environmentalist, who even believe in climate change, debate reason. For that happens when a polar bear stops swimming give. He floats
was convenient. They have hollow hairs. You ever tried to like, like I'm at one time. I fell off a jet skis and, with my friend my parents were huge argument. Parents, like you know where your glasses and one where my glasses of acute girl, new set of lake and I wanted to know a spectrum ringing in driving. You know jets key in the water and like looking over Harold tussle them with images gets ruined with glasses, so they're gonna want to wear glasses. I ve not wear glasses. You gonna hit a kid. I said: ok, where my glasses hit that key Here you go ahead! That key it. So I went My glasses and I get on the jet skis and I'm with my friend John and we ride some wake. We land we fall off and my glasses are sinking right and their plastic frames than not sinking super quickly. They are, and I have a life fast on going all my glasses and I tried to get them so I tried it. Die, vomit water, guess what I just
back up, I saw my glasses. I couldn't get my glasses because I was floating, that's a polar bear. They naturally footnotes. This is not entirely right along now, it's not entirely scientifically accurate. My point is Al Gore's fat. Like Apple, are bare and he's a liar like a polar bear. The differences, really comes down to it. If we have to you can drown out the latter with proper state. This is even greater here to tell you about a contest louder with broader dot com, where one lucky winner will win a pre paid, our fifteen rifle less rival. Everyone else's scared and clamping down on guns were literally giving them away at Lahti
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Greater dot com in partnership with HIV Point here that on your Graham Berries M radio, of course, if you dont like what you hear right ah here on your radio, you can kindly go fornicate yourself, bought it like what you here. You can get a lot of with not come in here more web extended interviews with Reuben Report with governor my cock of me all of them. We have. We take them into deep waters in the online interviewing. You get to watch the video subscriber, the podcast support the show its free. So one thing here that is actually kind of a
sakura, wish you and we'll get into more news after Reuben produced Brad Paisley see amaze. If you watch them, did you see that the Bruce Jenner joke they made? about it. People's got. Really, it's really there's nothing there. What is there is the outrage that they have They ve wrap up the song every year and they just said and Bruce Generous a babe, and then they moved on that was it which I think was very gracious because sitting of going for a fuller, what's a space grain to renew dropping his name when eastwardly eastwards, embarrassing And so I want to do in Paris I started watching yesterday. I didn't grants Reno added finish. It was a long time ago, it may be that you seen it a long time ago correct that growth is a scandal. That's right, I e there I saw a long time ago, but I've seen about Detroit. When I was watching the news, I can't breathe as I see it a long time ago? It sounds like you're broadcast from Detroit punishment must be abolished,
also be back? I mean just prior to send me back. That video this week right the distributor. So this job anyway got blown out of proportion but you're something I do want to talk about. I wrote a column on this and it was What's funny, we always notice and social media when things get alot of clicks and things get alot of likes, and people are there for a long time but they're afraid to share. And when we do things that are politically incorrect, will notice that online. So you notice behavioral patterns that conservatives really try adhere to these rules by what leftists don't abide goodbye, think it all a friend to many people about you re. So here's. What I was talking about now is talking with my good friend jailed Morgan who's on the programme. Quite often about this, and I was, queues at one point by left us making a white supremacist argument, which is, of course,
absurd and here's. My white supremacist argument. If someone if a white supremacist ever made this argument, I'd be very surprised. Justice has to entirely blind we, to apply laws entirely equally now this came off of. We ve had this. We ve had a rash of kids beating up teachers, black teachers as well, by the way black students beating up black teachers and breaks my heart. If you ve seen this video, that's right that happened this week. Really sad. Is this teachers getting just just completely disrespected by these students and my dad, went to school in Detroit and said it wasn't all that uncommon. As far as a disrespect for thirty and in urban schools. So I was working with my friend and he sold, you think you know: how do we get to the root of the problem? Do you think the really only one generation removed to violate you know to civil rights violations and the civil rights, like that's another four generations removed tool.
No, I mean those people are retiring. Now I said yeah, but you ve got baby boomers My next generation, why millennials your for generations removed now? Do there People still alive there are black people still alive today. Who didn't have the same rights that white people are always. That's true and conservatives need to recognise that right when with em. Now those people generally aren't the ones destroying classrooms and doing black lives matter and you know targeting cops so understand that when dealing with those individuals on talking with them understanding it ok, to use that to head down the trail as an excuse for kids right now who are acting out and blaming and on it. So so it's not an industry. Here's the thing happened in this. States, we corrected are their individual racists. Yes, there's a black president right now, but At a certain point, when the plane he has been levelled
we either believe in the constitution. You either believe in the law or you don't. You apply it equally now Let's just use immigration, for example. If we we enforce just the immigration laws that we have on the books right now, we just enforcing our actual laws will disproportionately affect Mexicans. Of course, it will disproportionately affect Mexicans, but that doesn't mean that were applying the laws differently to them than we would elite. Italians illegal Germans, they're just I'm coming over the border in record numbers due to a geographical advantage. Now, if we enforce crime the same across the board,. You break the law. You break the law, your presidency. Will it disproportionately affect members of the black community? Of course Because, right now there is a real problem with crime and the black community. Now you can find the reason for it.
Sixty seven percent fatherless household might have something to do with it. Considering its biggest economic indicator, you have of future success, wealth growth, you go to school. What you commit a crime of you end up in prison, but that make the law racist it? not my job to find out as lady liberty. It's not mine to find out why you're breaking the law. It's my job to apply! n n n. If you stay that course, eventually things become fair when Barack Obama sub this week and he talks about prisoners rights, one come on only when someone says, for example, we have an epoch make a disproportionate amount of black men in prisons at first. That sounds bad, but I looked down the less psycho. Ok did he commit this felony didn't commit this arson? Did he commit this yeah? I'm ok with him in Paris, I am also ok with the NEO Nazi imprison right next to him, with the who
statute on his forehead doing squad- with his girlfriend on his shoulders next to the the stall and is in its initial one bedroom. I'm ok with that. I am not concerned with the amount of colors in prison, whether its brown white red or black. Read his native American US, the native american rights. We can say that that was the closest interracial mindset. You apply the law, you believe in it or you don't, and the problem with the law right now they want to see will. Why is this group breaking the law? Well why are they breaking now? The immigration was. Why are they coming here illegally? Be sympathetic to that? No, no, not sympathetic to the fact that you're coming from a crappy, crappy, terrible culture. Mexico is a horrible countries that, with a terrible being raised this, no I'm being cultural list. If you want to call it that
course. They say in post, racist, modern America. No one is really racist. It's all about culture. Mexico has a terrible culture, its awful culture. What do you mean Stephen by bad culture? I mean less than I mean inferior. I mean they're leaving their country in droves to come to the United States because it sucks, because Mexico is an awful place to live violent, horrible, filthy, helpful. That's what I'm saying That's been Pilcher? Oh my gosh we're almost out of time. I just want to come back, what we have they Reuben coming up. This is a leading grim Dave Reuben coming up after this break love you ladder with prouder I was there. What are you doing here? Listening to the show, what you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome? Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, not me gold or silver we're getting pocket gathers,
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we'll call? It argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com, don't listen to fund if it doesn't processing water with broader dotcom, your listening to a little louder with crowd or out of tat. What I was never guess, does not agree with council common ground on the big miles website to watch his show, Reuben Report, written report that tv in Youtube or Jack or that tv slasher when report knew too dark times larger report ruined. I tv that again. I just got light as a girl. We introduce Dave Ruben.
Like you haven't heard from him. Yet I did so many different website, but legislating he's got. You know, Reuben report. So thanks for coming on the german cracker, it's going to be with you. We ve been now with inserting the same circles for awhile and peoples that I should talk to this crowd or guy, and then it appeared, and then I'm sure you got it comments immediately following that, like do not talk to this crowd or guy, that's how the internet! There is a lot of that. But I don't like him, disagree with him watching a spending that yes hold on one second horribly we're having some audio did not get yard where they work. Good! I'm here named about no provide, not started yet. You know. That's how it works on line in its form people who are listening, who don't really know You would line up more the left atheists. An outing you as Asia, as one of the guys
and I learned at Morton Right, but you ve come out against these sort of social justice. Warrior left us now the progressives who are really I know a man of one of the words in your mouth, but I feel, like you recognise that their clamping down on speech that they don't believe in an open form of ideas How new has this progression been? for you and why we should have taken up that mantle yet what first, let's call them what they are, which is regressive. Not progress is right. There not or progress anymore there actually for regression, that's what they are actually doing. Yeah I come from the lapses.
Usually saddens me to know. What's going on right now, because these are my guides and that's why I've been around spoken about it, because if someone on the right said something crazy, that's where you to deal you know me like I can. I can talk about it, but that's your home team and that's where you to do it and the way I've seen my side. The left go bonkers about free speech, a political correctness and everyone they disagree with is a racist and homophobic and its access, and it's just its dumbing down dialogue to such a point where we were getting on one had. I hope I have hope that we're getting to a tipping point where you know guys like us, who probably don't agree on a lot of things, can talk about this. Hopefully we took that way. We Tipp towards conversation right, but I also think there could be a tipping point where these guys break everything down to the point and identity politics breaks out. Down to the point where all we do is fight, and we ve got enough for that already between everyone on Twitter and all that kind of stuff,
so for me my awakening, really, it was a couple of things. It started with the Charlie had no thing which I think was lasted almost a year now who's by ten months, and I think it was in january- and I said guys at my side, who were more concerned about political correctness and were more upset by cartoons than the actual twelve dead cartoonist. So that was like the first. He said it for me, where I really thought wow were really doing something backwards here and then and then a bunch of other things happen and then but the real defining moment, and what I think was really the seminal moment for a lot of people was the night that SAM Harris Bizarre in real time with them are and got into the big fight with the lad man with an outlet We call them or the gross in racist- and you know Bill MAR especially forget Sandra Second Unite, holds him when I sat down at him. I didn't really know who he was, I'm not even sure I was falling on Twitter. That night, I wasn't a fan boy of him or anything
like that- and here I saw like a queen, queer, lucid guy, explaining some all and explaining the circles, the difference between religion and I ology and people and Bill MAR, who I'm sure you disagree with I'm probably everything but Bill MAR who stands for every liberal principle ever writer, so for him to be late, racist, the next day? What really? What really culminated were really crystallize it bore me, was that the next day in all of the site media, media site. They were all saying you know SAM Harris and Bill Mara, racist or our SAM Harris. The Roma racist arrive at its, I feel more had been called raises before he has stood for every He called all conservative Erasmus for a really long time, so it SAM hairs some leeway, but Bill Mars. Whole thing was that parties. Racist people are
calling Barrack Obama socialist because they can't use the end. Word audience. Conflict a bunch of trains years, whereas now you ve got Bernie Sanders. You got seven farming, them coming out saying we are european socialists and, as someone who was raised in socialism in Quebec alike are ya, know Brok amounts positive there, their socialist, it's not a dirty word. I come from. We have liberals, liberal separatists and socialist or with part of the political vernacular, so a bill mar yeah. I think that if we are to go back now,
and he would make religious now. He would focus a lot more on Islam than he did, because I think that backlash changes that yet well, that's the funny thing you know if you, if you watch out what you just know the breath of his work, this guy has spent far more time actually on Christianity right. Does he lives in a christian nations? He's always fighting the power there, so he spent are more time on that. No one ever called him a christian bright. He relentlessly mocked orthodox using that will be no one said he was a Jew of. Oh, so you know it's. It's me motive, Lama phobia and we have to be able to separate ideas from people. I have nothing against muslim people, but there is a doctrine out there, which is just written word that has some pretty bed net and it being you, Forbad reason to do that. Liberal should be against trucking gaze of the roofs of buildings in Syria and IRAN. I'm pretty sure, that's not a liberal principle. Nine out you'd be safe, though, because they really just Chuckie offer roof of yellow lisp. There's no actual legal rights
forget for like take what what are your sexual practices They disappear like if you saw sharing across the desert with, but I am not really gay mob guy. If he's twelve, that's the whole rule over there. Of course, people going now, listen! It's it's! A real problem in I've talked about this for a long time. Obviously,. I'm a christian and a more conservative conservatism. Commie, libertarian libertarians would call me conservative just because of my personal values, but I've tried to be consistent with it and I've always said I do not have a problem. I why dont you make fun of amateur, make fun of Scientology in their sort of volcanic overlord. I think it's funny, but illegal after Buddhism Scientology as much even more some of which I really disagree because they're they're not killing people in record numbers and I'm not talking. You know, twelve members like a Westboro Baptist Church, if only we pointed to a lot and if you look on Youtube, you see these sort of liberal sides. They they spend so much time unless pro Baptists, there's fifteen members, twelve of which our family,
to the founder? There are hundreds of millions of Muslims who believe you deserve to die for converting or that women need. Four witnesses to prove hundreds of millions of Muslims We have to turn a blind eye to map church separated right yet so that's a great example, because Westboro that everyone knows it's nothing, it has no influence. It is an absolute joke, not considered mainstream or even decent or anything by any standard, but everyone on the little grub on anything they say they are Do you get their press raising the phrase the Westboro about this? All they do is sent out persuasive dude. You ever get them really now not on that. Not well that one of my home station there in Detroit they just sent it out to all like traditional radio, so I don't get them personally, but but wham over there. They were like just constant pressure. Is constant press. And liberals there's like see. This is emblematic of Christians. That lets ignore the hundreds of millions of of Muslims and legs and listen
It doesn't mean you hate muslim people. This is what I've set, not I'll. Not all Christians are perfect, of course, not, even if you don't believe in the historical figure, just the idea of Jesus, what good guy, regardless of what we think is somewhat exist that are not not every Muslims, a terrorist, of course, not no, of course, not Mohammed. What he was any instructed people to do that, and that's politically incorrect to say have been saying that, for me, kit he's decapitated, Christians and Jews. His last words were calling for the christian deaths and Chris of Christians and Jews. Does it mean that that's all he didn't know? Lady did some good stuff, but people get really really appetite. If you start bringing that up and then act like I was just you can't stand been ass like I won't speak for you, but you must have just one or two: you must have wanted to
punch him and his backface Y yeah pursed up. I don't even know that I can go see that next Batman Movie just where they ate him. So much now, habit I met David is Robin Hood, someone's gonna look. I thank him because he caused he really did cause my awakening by being such an older, the top buffoon. What let's put it this way, you are arguing with someone forget even on radio show if you are doing at a bar, you met somebody that you disagreed with on everything right, you're really into the incident with Skype. He would take you more than a minute to call him races right now, a virtually it would take. No, I just any by not anybody anybody you were arguing and the fact that he went in and within a minute brew out. The racist Conor shows you that there was some. You know there were some sort of There was a play there. There was a move that went beyond the you know, just casual camera,
Yeah I'm gonna get. You hung up in nobody, Hey! That's for me at this point, blank serious guy before your awakening, were you a part of the sort of mass of leftists? You said the tea party was racist. Listen. I would welcome any of your viewers. And listeners to go to every video I've ever done it pretty rare. I would draw around the weakness, is the word I can't say I can't stay that. I never said that there were a racist leanings, energy policy. I got honestly I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I never even before this awakening. I never was one of those people that try to do that. You know I'm a firm. You can be against abortion. I dont think that means you hate women uniting me like Orson. This is again this stuff with CUP of MRS stop. It's coming from the left. It's just so stupid. It's so stupid! and I never was- was that deep in I've always considered, might you able out a libertarian beliefs to so I've, always
it'd myself. A little more edges means you wanted a drug dressed like that either that's. What it looks like this the bill MAR used to cling to be a libertarian for years in people go all seven years so much more, when I would do all the testicle you're libertarian, won't you claimant, I would say, because Glenn Back Gregor felled and Bill mom all claim to be libertarian. So you do. The math doesn't mean anything anymore. Bitcoins hacking, bitcoins hacking and part time, while I says what do you think that maybe you're, not hateful, giving that's what it is because it seems like I will say and you get some elements of it. I would say on the far far right, of course, but I certainly feel like mean stream leftism. I note because mainstream is trigger warning mainstream is accusing service being races, mainstream his hands off. My uterus me
dream leftism just seems to be much more. Vitriolic enclose minded right now not send. That's always the case, and you just don't seem like that angry of a person you think that might be a part of it with get to be angry about you know they re like. I did stand up New York City for about forty years if you're not an angry crazed, whack job doing that I don't know what it is, but I guess it listen. I believe that people can believe different things in me and be as principal desire. You know right, that's what so sorely lacking in treating me like. What's argue that since doktor, so let's go to some stuff that we disagree, but I'm pretty sure by the end of it out, I'm pretty sure by the end are still believe that your your principle than your beliefs and that's the type of stuff that I
just don't see out of that side and- and I want to bring them back, but I don't know but as for tolerance, you know, I don't know which side is really worth in the scheme of things. Look you ve had you had might Hata beyond. I once debated him about that old, idiotic, chick fillet thing. You know he put out a ton of a really pretty gross stuff about gave you Nobody wants to talk about the gay thing anymore. It's over. You know you mean I'm married big, damn deal, nobody cares! You needed me and I do the same thing that you do at the end of the day and by talking about that and making those people the other. It is that there's hate bear to fill gaps shouldn't want. I want, I don't know when you get back so that where we can now, we ve got a trade, some some barbs and make it more interesting, because apparently I can't be friendly for Mr Reuben we're going to go to our evil. Capitalist sponsor overlords for this right wing programme, of course, lad with credit
those who want to be extended interviews day to or will check a gig I offer is working moves on the latter with Growler Impara mouthwash on one asked for further comment on is incorrect prediction of the twenty four teen melting of the ice caps. I'll Gore pushed his prediction. Two thirty fourteen one hundred only a few. He said like totally he Why is meant to say thirty fourteen and watch porn. He rode often is private Judd for a meeting with the board at Apple
the bird boy new. This is louder with crowd we are back within your Dave rhythm is a multi cultural programme, Reuben report. You can find criminal court that calmer watch. On Youtube and you're saying before they sell. Ok. So my The apple of right, the sort of hateful left, is much all of the entertainment industry, pretty much all of higher education right now, tumblr you portion of red it at trigger warnings, free speech, police yours was Huckabee, so and I do not run the show now like Governor Huckabee, he's an eye.
Guy. We redouble he's really really nice guy. I'm not saying that he's my guy don't endorse any candidate unity puts out some really grow stuff about gay people so well, Is it, for example, that you would say someone like a governor Huckabee would say? bout, gay people that would be on par with. You know your racist for being against Barack Obama or your a rapist for not supporting the Dunham right. So well, I'm not gonna. Defending one that uses
just throws out the racist cannot, as I said, but that's mainstream autonomous. My work right sure so again, I'm not gonna defend exam on board argonauts, but but it's just that it's just a word, however damaging it is it's just a word what my cock, a bees duping my could be, is using the Bible. Look, I don't think my cookies truly running for president right now. I think he's running to be the president of the current christian conservative wing of that party, in that that's fine he's really believing that he can, when the present whatever. But look, the Supreme Court decided equal protection under the law that the ship has sailed. So when something happens like his kin, Davis thing and him
eyes that she shouldn't follow a law that goes against her conscience. That's not! That has nothing to do with how the constitution work, so you as a conservative right but now to the Supreme Court decision that we know that you can see that for sorting out, but the Supreme Court can see what ok. Let's start with its tell me: how the Supreme Court has the authority to create laws? Will they it was on equal protection? of the law: it the equal protection cod, so they wouldn't create a law. It was equal, protect They went and try to find the Oda roulettes. Probably right, but my point is it is: there is a legitimate case it's made by many, not christian libertarians, that's um! I listen schoolhouse rock omega three three branches of government for reason Supreme Court doesn't have the power to create laws. Now they can argue that they were basically going through clauses in equal protection. So it's not creating recognizing aloft, that's not what happened in. Certainly, if you contrast it with health care mandate with some of the things in it
I think we would all agree very authoritarian. That is Legitimate argument we made whether you agree with it are not just like your argument is legitimate that once it is law, if you work for the government, that's right, even from working for a private business and out I've conceded that many kinds of Kim Davis. The problem is, the law was changed after she signed. She signed up for a contract that was changed and I think that's what how can we was more concerned about right? So, ok, so, let's not get hung up on the Supreme Courts. That might make way with Huckabee would be that at this, as a conservative you as a conservative, I would venture to say that I gay marriage becoming legal did effect your marriage in any way did it the Cosette? Today we say it's gonna ruin the institution, a marriage I mean all of them about anyone say now, not true. I've never heard how could be saved, but they do say that I'm sure you can find quotes a pocket. He saying or something to that effect. Now the nazis- and, I think, that's all the peace. Now I think that's if you dont becomes a genuine argument and that's an hour
Listen, I come back to God. Was it shouldn't you as a conservative? If it? If you were a true conservative or anyone, it's true conservative, you would want small government and you would end by small government. That means you would not care. You should not care what a person does show their private life. So if two men you're, a legal, binding contract, that's the same validity as a man and woman who that would be the true conservative our role as a couple of some concern in a couple of drums, Obviously making that argument you don't leave and limited government and most capacity. So that's an argument. That's really just in use against conservatives to point understand it. But let's be honest about that, because you don't care about wanting to govern, that's, ok, I understand that that's your worldview, but then we have to go to know. I I I wanted the deeper deepen liberals, so I do ok. So you look so you would you
against the affordable care ass. You would be against the progressive tax code, like Bernie Sanders like that, you could not clear conscience, vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton then your dream up in my opinion, then let them in my opinion, I might be Bernie Sanders. Ninety percent tax seventy percent tax up there. What how can you say, you're in I, when it comes to speech, but somehow it's too really ok to be authoritarian when it comes to dictating the amount of success someone can earn. I just don't. I dont get it I'm sorry horse up or first I don't do that. You can put Hilary and an early in the same thing with the taxes, because it's a little unclear to me She's even said anything about act is not genetically basic human rights. The thing is different. I like birdies heart- I really do, but I dont can we paper this stuff yeah. Our own horse embargo on extreme left, its it doesn't know pragmatic. Do you eat
leave it somehow. It is more morally justifiable from an anti authoritarian standpoint, which you clean to believe for a progressive tax code that takes over a two slash three of what somebody earns. So I believe you can have a progressive tax code that doesn't attack you for being successful. I think there is ways, look I'm not when they say the way to the ninety nine percent for the one percent either it's really silly argument to demonize the one percent. The way we do, because if you're the one percent its from a lot of studies, it sounds like you could around four hundred grand a year will make four hundred grand a year. I don't have I don't how much you make, but I wish I made You know we have our secret system straight patriarch meetings and we all make more on the dollar than the galleys
I don't know I don't you guys on me, but my point is that four hundred grand you're not pulling any strings in the government now have no influence over really talking about is the point one percent so believe me, I get it about the though some of the language that being used by the left on all this up. As for the progressive tax, I think there is a way to tax without orderly, burdening without totally stifling success. Let's put it out, but I, as a general rule, I dont think I don't have a problem with the people that made. Did you make tender? right there already tax to have more
really. What am I going to? Seventy nine falls back looking over the top ten percent to seventy percent of about forty percent of the income gap can prevent a hundred. Fifty thousand, I think it's a real people are really are a hundred thousand airs right now, which are most momentous. Therefore, making some good headway left its momentum going we'll go into the web, extended version with crazy extremists, Gay David, in that we love and proven report that constitute lighter your listening to louder with greater, follow Stephen on Twitter S, proud and Hale. I didn't see there. What are you doing just lecturing and endured my monitoring civilly? It bore a fine reverent have Finally, I reckon pullup rippled has murmur Morpheus.
There are no reliable than you know one. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine com. Call their number. What's that number Jared eight forbore to seven. Why have you come from forest aggravate spring, I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine. Just what I like. Exit easy to get the call go to the website, talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give her up and said. Your front. It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years I performed a barrier to entry- I know you do well you're an elitist bastard. That's why for simpletons like me, I prefer simplified wine, dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine
you're getting louder with router speeds. Second, our day, Reuben Google he was a you know, disagree with him on nearly everything. Nearly all things possible, but extended is good people, sure the chicken the air. The extended caught, the had extended got goes really long online and people can listen to it, and here is talk about a lot of things you know the one thing I will say with with Dave. We were talking. As you know he worked at young Turks, he was really entrenched in the progressive left. So, regardless of where you line up and if you think he's wrong or or I deserve
I entirely. That is a tough step to take and we talk. I will talk about in the web extended version. You know for me to take some unpopular positions which I do for and more libertarian and a lot of ways, not a trump guy, which is obviously unpopular right now. It's not that hard and the conservative movement to step out and have a different point of view, because They're, so I mean look at this stage. You ve got right Paul whose all about that cannabis swell you got war. Hocker's christie, you ve, got sort of more centrists in June. Bush and Canada more the right, Rubio Constitutional S like TED crews, so you! Ve got a huge, selection. A very, very varied menu from the left there's one way to think so. It's a lot harder for someone like him in his career, as someone who really made his career being on the left to step out, you don't make a lot of friends and imagine do know you die
What's that you know, was deafening harder for me to become a conservative, neither in the entertainment industry sure, but for him, effectively doing the same thing by parting ways with the left on on freedom of speech and authoritarianism, he might as well be doing the same thing so that tough thing to do, and in Even if you disagree with someone, you have to respect someone taking a differ position, so I do and we'll talk about that more can kind of here as we go the wax and aversion you can kind of years, these leftists their waking up a little bit and are going to hold on a second, I do believe in free speech will hold on a second. I don't believe in in this go on now that we're we're going away for off the rails, but you can hear them sort of thing: Hang out loud their positions that they haven't really thought of before you now David was also a comedian. When you ask about the Bruce Caitlin Jenner thing, it's well, I think, should all be nice, but you know we ve on and they don't know yet because this narrative of hate, verses, love
of racism versus tolerance is exact, what has been sold to them and they bought into another realizing the policy and in the end game of this all words on building, you know- I mean right of sea like ah, if we keep going down this, I see were thus he was ended. The trail inside prettiest, Great place to be right, you end up like Denmark, which is which is so funny. I just love the fact that and I don't love collapse of any country, but I love the fact that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have always pointed to the ultra white scandinavian socialist countries. As examples of success And man that whole area of the world is in turmoil right now with ecstasy, I still so people see people's cheering means all the time about Denmark happiest country there. We should fall therapeutic, presence when we first they're happy there all antidepressants there In Sweden, we have half of able bodied men some astronomical number who don't work yeah
incredible immigration problem right now, and women are now being raped in droves by by refugees coming in their set for Finland they left fiddle because it was boring. We talked about that talk about what was left of stolen goods delirious, it is pretty funny it That's pretty sad as well comedy gold right there. Here's one thing: that's watch- got people really mad. You ve heard about this this week heard about it heard about heard everyone gets mad at everything. Now, that's the issuing and when you hear about it, you you'll, and that was that was the outrage now our job, I can go along with you, so the sea amaze happen country music awards, and they do this, daddy, it's sort of mediocre, Brad Paisley and carry under what she's there is the eye. Candy she's, not particularly funny Brad Paisley is pretty funny in it. Like Billy Crystal did with the outskirts right. They recap the news of the year. That's happened in the entertainment industry, so they made slow
adding. Even though, if you call it, a joke was really more of a statement in their song about Caitlin Jenner and then the leftist Lynch MOB one after them. Let me kind of give you what lets you not less just play. Are you ready for the speech you ready for the hated fears that occurred. There are careful trigger warning for those of you who are offended. By real life Mcdonald S breakfast saw Bruce Generous a now It no more, can you believe it stabbing wounds and the tweets trans phobic. See a maze, can't believe you're making this transphobia joke the sea.
May condones transphobia, just everywhere people. Ok, here's the big here's! The thing now we play spot the train on the show. We make transgender jokes. We make transsexual jokes we're! Ok! with that we make jokes about all races, asked cities orientations. It is threatened, Chuck Dave, Reuben off a roof. As a gay guy I mean you know if someone wants to go back to our history I'm just thinking about that. If ever I ran for office which won't happen, but suppose you will ask me to go and they go when they pay. Something and say did you say this yeah, and I also said this also threatened to throw Dave Ruby. A room for speaking with a less black eyed, and this is an all serious. This is it. This wasn't even a joke. What this was was a statement and act. Truly that use the term baby sort of Bee jovially complimentary, I would use the term babe now burst.
Leonard Caitlin dinners, not obey. Here's the thing people don't like to talk about this. No argument, indisputable. Firstly, I think Bruce Jenner, Caitlin Jenner would probably laugh at this, doesnt strike me as a kind of person to get really offended at this kind of thing: you never hear Caitlin image. He. She is I just along for the ride a clear at this point and everyone else is the one is running their blocking when Keesar quarterback. What's so that's our guy is a brave are also recognising the transition knows hate speech, saying ruse, Jenner, now, woman, that's it woman with a penis, mind you but they're, saying Bruce Jenner. Now, woman, that's theirs and they said it in a complementary way. Babe they didn't say Bruce Generous, a whore now didn't say: Bruce nerves and ugly weird bro talks broadly shouldered man, voice, porcelain, dolled done, good woman. Now they didn't say that if it were me, listen if you're, a guy you're straight for
for a tram with IE a whacker, I guess Bruce Jenner- looks pretty good. For a woman. Bruce Generous, horrendously unattractive. No man whose attracted to women looking for a babe would say Bruce Generous, very attractive, Caitlin Jenner, water, I'm. I was not deliberately trying to offend. I just know the name Bruce General still getting used to changing the name. No one would say: oh, they did scanned. The bar go who's that over there with the forty six and chest and twenty eight waste who's that Clark looking character out there by the by the fireplace what's that balls down as that. We want to get with that baby did you see that babe over there in a corner by air? buddy boy that Togo Ass, a water just walked in J Ai not a man, so I thank you
right. I don't think that man's obey coming downstairs. Doc, you outside its talk of you see I don't I mean I don't crime was saying. Bruce Jenner is a babe now, so they even used the gender appropriate term. There saying is a woman. So it's not even like this at Bruce Generous, a guy who wants to be a woman. Their only crime here was like that. Transition happen and it's better. Cover a very fair, and this this man slaughtering. Transsexual as He's her own reality show itself thank you. Everyone knows. What are you supposed to? Yours was a gloss over big. That's the whole problem is worse, act like it didn't happen, but then you are also supposed to recognise the accomplishments of Caitlin separate from brutes. So who won the Olympic
well that that, if you say Bruce, will deny your knowledge in that at one point on this The thing that, with the left, those Training is a hate. Word right only you can't say transsexual its transgender, because we're going to change gender now, because biologically you can't change or sex. So now it's transgender so anything that you'd if you say transsexual, that's hate, speech, trainees, hate speech, and then it's well of you. If you, whose masculine pronouns its hate speech with Venus. You can't use masculine opponents testicles, because no, no, no, a feminine pronouns. Ok, so all those things are hate speech. Now we ve got to the point where its offensive to even recognize that fake. Transition is not really a transition. We still man, let's be honest, still, has twigs and very still has mail, but its hates to even a recognised that the change has happened. That's story here, not Billy revel in my lap,
conservative, radio, people's disgusting. Now the point is not where you line up on the transsexual issue. The point that the left one to eliminate your speech. This could be a more innocent, benign joke pragmatism and Martha Stewart in jail. Now is attraction. Out because everything is just offensive. Ruse Jenner is now Caitlin Jenner had a penis still has a penis. Calls himself a woman. We all go along with it, fine, what it's funny since the beginning of an old woman,
with a John Thomas, is funny we'll be back. You know one people talk about these debates do occur. Outside or not european, It's all designed to be a distraction from the issues that really matter like right now an endangered dangerous species of Mosquito Mojave Desert that really
his mind, control chemical agents injected into the facts that we were just one example genes, Jeems Jim, Dealing pull at seven. Thirty to talk about climate change is kind of his thing kind of an expert so we'll talk about the NASA report, but Now, since we were talking about that, Caitlin burst anything. I have a claim that I can Well, I say nine times out of ten. I don't wanna be falsely, but I want to go there so I can mostly predict or call
good Trans, Dar, there's hope you know gate hour. I have a great Trans dar. So I Jerry something yet it's time to play. Gonna happen today could happen. Going to let you can play along on Twitter with us alive if you're listen, podcast next time, we do this we're going to play spot the tran. Let's go grounds. Albania, it's time to black sea. Its expensive to hire those voice over artist, so the rules we're going to tweet out Here it has access to my twitter what I'm not comfortable with growing a tweet out a pig. Right now and then have to hit refresh you. Let me when you send it and I have to determine whether it is in fact a when a man or a Trans sexual first. What is up
I is my twitter now isn't working there, we go. Ok. First, one is up Oh ok, hold on a second US is number one number one. I feel it is a trick question. Look so much like a woman. I dont I mean gotta get to give final. Ok, I'm going to say that's a woman Ok good? I thought you were gonna, try and stop it was I want you know. Could you started off that were usually you wouldn't start off with them? Usually vanilla, one nor article one is their second one. Is there ok rush number two, I know who that is: that's Matt Kerensky he was a famous our left or who now is the actually see this? If you go to the twitter, this is a guy with a world famous powerless turning macro. Linsky actually did a lift after him called crock rose, and then he just decided up one day wanted to become a woman, but he still has all the
it's weird is he's done all kinds of steroids, so testosterone, growth, hormones. We and now he's doing the female who is falling now he's not he's not he's. And he really trying I well. You know it, though that's a perfect example of body just morphia. Someone who is deliberately Putting all those drugs indicate. Huge miniskirt was massive in our lovely, a suit like up like Bain agenda. Then just took take that you know the allusion to something else. I don't know, I don't have that one. I knew already before Andy. Probably right, number three in areas number three, let's see our right. Ok, here she got number three here, I'm looking at it on twitter, you can play along. Oh you know it. Now, that's a he. That is a he that's a tragedy. and by the way this is over, this is looks like a woman bikini at first glance, you know how I could tell just because Of the way, the stomach
is distended the shoulders, and there's autism in some work done on the nose to make it look more feminine entity in the penis subpoenas stupidest. Obviously, there's not our house, I was I raw strict. I was on the wall. Ok, I was looking up for the pictures I wasn't tricked, but by downstairs with little use, my solid I'll say that it's the little little bizarre. Well, you know why to the big thing is that angle writer is kind of that that Caitlin Jenner angle, I looked at it and I can see ok, why this arm up, and this is the angle you would take to try and remove your masculine features cause she has her hips ain't. He he has our hip his hips after you get it. Golden away. Ok, some I'm! I'm free for three! Ok, next ones there! Next one is in there. Okay, there we're going Now why are you yeah come on better. That's a transgender.
I don't believe, AIDS. I don't believe you lying. I now lie. I now lying that poor unfortunate soul foreign for does. Allow there's something going on there. It's not that wasn't fair! That's not! why it's a wig starve Jawad. Do we have another one. We have. No one is there in time on alcohol, a second, let me get refresh and we are Lange lives is all happening. You know what I'm gonna go with me, not obvious answer because no way, that's a man! That's it! That's it. That's a trick me a guy? You got our because I'm on one off, but your one. I hope you cheated sort of you sure. That's a wig, I don't know that's awake.
You can't give me one that clearly, everything is fake and I'm supposed to act like ok, next, one excellent there. This. What has always been up for debate always better for people who are listening at Sarah Jessica Parker and that the you what you gotta, given him? No wildly! Here's the deal you dont know the answer. Nobody knows the answer! I think I think she may be. Trains is here's. The He'll, it wouldn't be an issue of people didn't tell us. She was the most beautiful woman in America. Pasture, let's be honest I think she may be transition to see biscuit. It's ok. We have one more. What you got there. We have one more minute is items in about this. Down at one more minute. Last one right last, one I'm going to hit refresh should be there now
asked one right now. You know what you're trying to fool me you're, trying to fool me, but here's the thing. The obvious answer is: yes, that's a man, but I'm one of a female bodybuilder of all kinds of hormones. It tells this gets a moment to say woman with hormones. Tat ran guy. That was my instinct right now you're. Turning so this is the latest instalment of course live from Albania. These have finding bad Friday. Follow along as crowd her, and you can do tat Next time can be a part of this game, it's fun for them.
Family ages, six up! That's what it says on the box, the Box or the not box. It depends on which gendered variation of a game. You're playing Mr Allister. These rules, herself even play by yourself and play with positive, so you better than you better, not see where it's also know why? lotta with broader, we'll be back with an Englishman talk luncheon. What are you doing,
Beggar with Europe into where'd, you get it. I can do no other than not a warrant for fifteen dot com. They have been doing and accessories for sale at the best advice. The lives of a web host there's another one with what they are, but well, if you do not above boys to go and that to take away with important step
tat. We were to be back here at the moment. We are, with our guests, actually surprise guest who we weren't expecting but climate birds and I error at bright Bart, James Delanne Pole calling from the UK. How are you, Sir student I'm so excited to be on your shape is normally I speak to that say the older generation about climate change.
John. I know that you youngsters a fervent green believers, your guy worshippers, I'm sure everyone on your show is gonna, be horrified by what I am about to say. The climate. Well, yes, we were raised on captain Planet and its it's a real problem, one I find funny as people the response will get as well. So you're disagree with the scientific community. Science is not governed by consensus right, it's governed by what's right, and you claim that you know what so so educate me. Why is this a bunch of hogwash or whatever you say? That's yet. Will I feed dotage Stephen of not having studied sign University. I may I'm in english net job major things that we would talk on our initiative. Job course at Oxford. No, not totally rubbish university was that you could make any case that you like with your difficult professor. But one thing you have do. First, you had to make damn sure that you had evidence to support European.
What I've noticed and what horrified me, but Sweden have scientists really kind of big doctors as these. These serious man in these white kids. These white lab cuts in there in the laboratories, and we must respect them as the It is all authority and what I found in my intention I ve been studying this whole climate change thing is that they are not. These neutral, dispassionate figures honour on a noble quest for knowledge, a lot of these guys, really much more interested in in keeping Kenya in Trothing grow. And you don't your grounds. Unless you go with where the money is ready, money right now it has been for probably twenty or thirty years is the great. Global mummy cannot as me a guy to, and you know this- that's what's happened with Donald Trump, so the king, but change thing is the media equipment with Donald Trump right? If there's a story, that's really important. Let's say right now: the Republic inside lotta people.
Cover, unless I can tighten tied into Donald Trump, so it's like well this happened with Margo Rubia. Well, no one really cares. No one's going to click it by this happened with Martyr Rubio in relation to Donald Trump honoured million clicks and the same thing happens with climate change If I want to study african squirrel not gathering patterns, I when I can give you groundwater study in relation to climate change. What you are saying is that global warming is is, is massive click bait the greatest? Yes yeah? It's somebody killed, later die in a book out this year that the global warming industry is worth one point: five. Trillion dollars a year. Now that may be a conservative estimate, but you you ve, got to think about all the people who benefits this is because the various university departments which get rake in millions of dollars of a funding you ve got the whole of the airline companies which benefit from which it would be exposed to.
Solar which are exposed to while wind farms was. I pull back. Jumping bird slicing eco crucifixes puts that's exactly what they are just trash nature, an epic Stanley. They slice indict, not Stein Poles in the cuisine arts of the of the of the sky, because I was puzzling about the environment yesterday. You you to stop guys were supposed to care about nature so why they erect in these devices, which kill nature on hilltops they dont Yoyo Day, was an entirely wrong. It wasn't they kill your national bird? For goodness sake, they kill bold eagles. Is that a good thing? I didn't think so anyway? So you ve got this message. Massive industry and then you you take a step back. You knew you do what I believe is very important in any argument. You go back to first principles. Ok, I accept the maybe a theoretical possibility that she
men are creating the anthropogenic carbon dioxide. The stuff we create as a by product of almost every industrial process on the planet that this additional carbon dioxide is creating this greenhouse effect, which is, Warming de planet at a catastrophic, an unprecedented level, and then he looked back at the evidence. Find that they were periods in the past, where there had been much greater increases in in global warming than they have been in the end. In the May twenty centuries you're up you say. But the medieval warming period, the roman warming period, the Minoan Wool woman period, so climate changes and has changed. That all the time, which is why I think it's a weird people like me: a cold climate change deniers because we're not dont denied climate change is no one would be that foolish, always suggestions, Maybe this theory has, in and so so yeah.
And then they trot out. This is completely bs completely debunked. Ninety seven percent of scientists agree Someone should the math on it. So it goes back to really took two studies, in which case you were basely reduced out of the study are taken out of the study. If you didn't answer the questions correctly, meaning that you already believe in climate change, but there's a petition with Thirty thousand scientists saying they think that its its complete bs now, I think, three a thousand of them or atmospheric scientists, the kind that would be qualified to discuss it. There are only eleven thousand in the United States already, you have double digit percentage of atmospheric scientists who think spoke of actively signed a petition, some that nobody talks about, because it's a lot easier to say not an anonymous silence. Silence the really smart people agree with me. Even if it's not the case yet a killing us say that, had I been sent that survey the one that yielded this love this night
percent figure. I would have been one of the ninety seven percent, because the question was couched in such a way as do you believe that humans are contributing to climate change, will yeah honour on an inch decibels- scale. Yeah sure I mean the even even our beef cattle and our dairy cattle, the the methane that their thoughts produce that contributes to to climate change, so that that that you could argue as part of anthropogenic wars, warming and so on and so forth. But it is not this magic, number which totally destroyed the arguments of the evil, denies knit not not a bit it it. Sir, it's a proper, I'm dumb ass. You that's what they have to do with the NASA report. Now that we talked about that earlier today, you know: Hundreds of millions of tonnes of net gain it slow down to eighty two billion tonnes a year worst case scenario a worst case scenario in about thirty something years. We might begin to see not losses and then another thirty years to get back to
just where we are today, let alone one thousand nine hundred and ninety two level. What do you think they'll make of this? Well, I think that these guys are very unhappy and Jay's about the guy from NASA who produces. Fought hard to issue this little disclaimer saying I do not want climate change sceptics, draw any consolation from this, this is a study. Well, I'm afraid, speaking on behalf of the global climate sceptics community, I say with laughing ass socks off at this because after let's not forget that good that over the last twenty years, the Antarctic has been one of the post children for thee, the world is doomed and it's a muffled movement were honesty, got the
the North Pole, the Arctic, where the ice caps have been a been melting led since they they mention signs of recovering it. If you want what the North pole to be called on should be necessary to do, but but let us forget that I'd be fine. If all polar bears died tomorrow continue, your mother murders, are the only animal. Did you notice that go? The only bears that actually stock humans. They look. Small alaskan town or they see sign you it's and they go. You know what I'm gonna go for it. I'm gonna! Do this you automatically a man after my own heart, I once went on this amazing freebie up to the arctic Circle and we all got given a personal skid. Do and we drove the three hundred miles round that rugby style about that incident. In search of these deadly polar bears, I didn't see one actually, but there was
everywhere and actually any a few weeks before. I think somebody had been each bipolar bat and was there was a terrible, tragic story about a couple of years ago about this. This party of school children who were camped company, an adventure trip up there and this boy it s the same story. My boy goes to got eaten by a viper by parliament and, and I would say, eschew rowing- crocodiles, so yes, look what would happen? or bear it about what the problem is. The polar bears, the kid showed up thinking he was gonna, get a Coca COLA classic and instead was disempowered across you ask and tangible. Yet they are occasionally I wouldn't covered. But let's go back to the Antarctic, where of course the polar bears. Don't leave right weeping tone by the greens that, yes, the Antarctic is melting and the one that they really major donors. This thing called the West Antarctic ICE Sheet
this apparently he's been collapsing into the sea. For many. Many years and soon and soon it has been alleged or employed at least there will be no and talk to collect. You gotta remember that this is a vast continent, even bigger than than Europe. Well, I suppose, Europe's. Why do we need a few Americans and Antarctica? another matter. I Hicks yeah only continent not size where the tip you can go down to what an average of minus fifty in the in the winter. You cannot put weather stations on any kind of comprehensive scale, because people mining their stations, but just I basically right and then the polar bears would would destroy them, as well as all kinds of problems polar bears lived in the Antarctic. They would even got pink
when's, that you put it like that of the conspiracy. I don't know, I don't buy it anywhere, there's ice, I think they're polar bears, a thing. They're just lay low. It's a coup, I'll, tell you what the wrong in the Antarctic, the rod, leopards, leopards, seals and leopard skin feels when and what was that film was the one about the heron? What about the penguins? Peggy. While all happy feet, happy feet. He could not tell what the the wood may have been leopard seals and that we know who worse, the penguins deny the penguins check the water for seals. Ok when'd. They find the nearest penguin to the edge and they shoved them off the iceberg, which is horror for that penguin if there's a seal, but even more awkward, if it if there isn't, because he s to come back, what the hell in their early what we just had to check so that what they do they just toss you went so pay with the evil to even more evil with deadly than the polar bears. Well that's another reason one would like the antarctic to tragically. The Antarctic is not melted growing at the rate of about
well that's averaged out about a hundred billion tonnes. That's quite a billion tons of ice each year, and by the way that stuff I mentioned about the western talk to each other, I should there was a team from the University of Texas. The went out there a couple of years ago and what they found is that the reason this stuff is putting these because underneath this ice sheet are these volcanoes. Now, I'm sorry but these volcanoes and not manmade. I don't believe in that conspiracy theory, then nothing to do with industrial, their hands. You're. Talking about these cinematic classic with Tommy Lee Jones Volcano from nineteen. Ninety eight, which ran opposite Don T, speak with Pierce. That was quite the box office battle. Men can make volcanoes, my apologies, and also they make very good. Last forbad he's dead. They who thinking back my generation dot tonight. This is true, this trip now and they also make for good Disney shorts. So soon, as you can see,
This isn't. These are not good times the climate anonymous, especially not given that they ve got this massive conference coming up the? U N climate conference in in in Paris when, when the world's global environmentally elite? It with a bomb is going. You might be his rich. I mean truly has staked his presidency on on combating climate change. Good luck without which the present so the look in his eyes with in a climate is well aware the Antarctic, nor melting. You got about thirty seconds, so we'll bring yonder. You know it lasted us bring onto the next segment. So we can finish this because I went to the king, whom climate summit and saw TAT Turner speech, supporting that China's one child policy. My opinion is a communist China. Does it may be? go another direction, but I am not entirely sure we will be back with James after this latter. With broader stated
death and they lay down. I'm Instagram warning temperature readings have shown engraved activity on later, dunams Instagram involving butter, brass gelatinous, eyes, beards and, unfortunately, her face avoid at all costs she'll from children with your life that I've been a light. I've got a warning.
Bearing all party hers. And we are back with our guest- only gobble woman, with James dealing Bowl executive editor at Bright Bart, okay. So before we left you were talking about, the climate summit is taking place in Paris this year yeah, I mean these people are really hash at people. They care so much about the world that they choose the real
low, rent, diving venues for that conferences, Copenhagen. I was there in King Kuhn and now parapets, no cases of its famously horrible. Wasn't right in thinking that Wink Cancun conference took place, had the record low temperatures to Mexico was like yeah it was, and they had all flown in to offer can Coon, because apparently they can't do this by Skype and what happened I went there in Cancun, adjust its I don't it's like Disneyworld wishes releases resort resort resort, booze cruising! I don't really. It's everything looks and so I actually went out what to a village, maybe ten miles from where these resorts were and we're living with mud floor They were putting an ironing board over a trash ban and lighting fire to basically use it to hook cook up beans, and we did the math on June. How much the proposed energy solutions, the Cancun Climate summit would hurt them, it doesn't hurt. I mean you pay. We market for gas and we do in the United States over there in the UK, but it doesn't hurt
so badly to fill up our car as it hurts these people who die if they can't get cheap energy in right now, cheapest energy is gas, and when you tell them, will you solar so that that the big irony is: eight. They always hurt the the poorer classes. They always hurt the third world countries with their policies because they haven't had their chance to enjoy the technology boom yet, and that was the story when I went to Cancun, o totally an eye read a book about this a few years ago, watermelons and the conclusion I reach very quickly from studying the key texts of the environmental movement. Is these people really don't like poor people they want? They basically want to stop them having children. They want to stop and having an economic future. They don't want the job. Needs to have caused. They do what I want. I don't want. The Chinese have cars,
I cut them a wide swat, my friend, better than tanks. That, surely I mean maybe if they have cause, they won't have time. That's a thing: what? Why is the same misery in the Middle EAST, where these people have nothing? They have no future, they have no joy, they have no sex, that's why they want to kill us all. I think we need to bribe these people with with cook a color and fridges and cause addendum leave us alone. I dont, while I think airing plenty of sex. That just happens to be with little boys with it on a very non consensual, oh yeah, but you know that's not so good. I like that when championing against rate culture, let's not talk about needing four witnesses and assuring a court to verify. I can't imagine tat. You know the Middle EAST as a whole, everything but you're right, they do. They actually do hate poor people, the solution it lets. You know I always take an extreme example right to make and then scale it back. So what's the extreme? What's the perfect solution,
stop the global warming pandemic. If you buy into all of their there their premises right, the solution is: kill. People and then you have people like we ve only are Keith who actually believe exterminating people maillet scale it back. You have China, just change their one child policy. When I was in Cancun, TED Turner actually endorsed a one shot policy for the United States, see having stream with left- and you don't have to scale back too much to get them to get to mainstream left as amendments that we see here totally and unless not forget that the most successful green regime in history was, of course, not many Nazi Germany up made the first dumps of national forest legislation hidden. Of course smoking on public transport Himmler wanted to the S s on organic food only until he realized the scaling up organic food production wasn't, wasn't an economical so because they had the whole issue Layman's round about about
ass was and about the need to let's say which use the populations of of certain peoples a whole lot of thy heart, like Hitler wanted to reduce carbon emissions by stopping smoking a kind of went another direction. Had the carbon, the carbon dioxide craze been available at the time was an excuse. I am sure that he would have been leading world summits in Berlin, inviting the world's leaders to join his crusade against carbon. And they would have behind them. They would have joined him just like they join Hamas, it much averted. Well, maybe it would be the case that we have all come to some happy Eco agreement, except for the Jews, but the? U N doesn't care about them anyway, That's right now, Jews. There always causing problems wanting their land and not to be murdered. You know you try. Give them an inch James you'd, give them edge, has absolutely right. That's right is what gives us an executive and are a bright borrow. Your book is watermelons working, people find it. Oh Airbus and I should think, but as part of the best place
the problem, I would say no good books to accept this probably alive because all good bookstores and run by liberals and then they would stop, might poisonous tones. This is, they probably wouldn't so for those of you listening and are not from the country from which we fled. That's Amazon, dot com. James. Thank you so much for ring and the programme, but I will have you back for sure thanks long. Thank you very much and we got a little guy there. I join the funding thousands of english person, because it makes it feels mugger it does. What makes them seems far makes me feel them What makes the show see more, intelligent life, that's richer and more multicultural. Now he still white, as account was account well not for long. I've lost four things being out. Bread by islamic refugees who is tackling the minority, has just how me to return
Would it will still be the jury will even if there are met the majority of the population, I call them the minority. My friend or racist nod, and I'm saying why people will always be the majority who could be to less left the majority of a that's my point. There are no longer majority if their minority of the population, you never mute, you were home school, you never did percentages did you. This is a long division problem for you. Someone has to get. Someone has to get not gay Jerry, Graff Calculator. I've seen it budgets in order majorities Google analyses all right, we'll be back with so much news to get through Ben Carson Church of Latter day. Saints Vinci step on here going important future few people love her because she's a woman and weeds
hidden content on this show. This is just this is getting out of control and I think my patriarchal privileges showing so poligized and I issued trigger warnings in advance. For the thing, that will undoubtedly offend you, lotta with greater state hey listen or what are you doing here, listening to the show what you're missing so much content at Lahti with credit outcome, don't worry I'm trying to tell you anything, not me gold or silver we're getting pocket gathers Joe news videos and explosive. Stop it. You don't fear on terrestrial radio, began its toll free without us EU spending money just visit there tat your news and get a couple of life. If you want to send me money, that's why
we'll call. It argued that it took a better lotta with broader dot com. Don't listen to fund if it isn't processing loud with broader dotcom, you're getting louder with router speeds to be heard. Our you can follow me address broader louder, with greater dot com. Producing with me in the videos to you, as always, is not gay jirga. Oh my legal obligations: you can follow him, not gay jeered and draw your own conclusions fish at that. As I talk about this then Carson as training, because he's on CNN year and at once pretty we ve talked about. This have been Carson. I think he's a really decent man. Yes,. And I don't actually haven't seen a seen, an interview yet.
The issues with Ben Carson are always that of strategy, not necessarily principle He comes out and he spend time talking about things that won't help him but you are talking about his is. While he trotted out an old video to be fairly added, the cut of quartered him up, there probably never tended to bring into the campaign assembled that even time at the pyramids and where they came from and Joseph you know, and storing grain verses, egyptian Pharaoh Burial grounds of Anna I call him of the pay them as media, like they yeah we're watching me, they're working, really hearted do yeah exactly and sometimes he'll talk himself into a corner is sixty percent of the time it works every time. That kind of thing here, but I do Ok, so the tea party was not allowed to criticise Barack Obama. They are labelled racist, but now you have people right now, as I wash this stream of its most hateful stuff
Actionable Carson on CNN is the hashtag calling Ben Carson able I really black nerve surgeon, an idiot, so even questioning his ideas are just saying, he's an idiot. How is that? Not racist, no, I don't gets racist. I'm saying by leftist rules right, saying: hey the affordable CARE act is is a tyranny its? first time we signed a mandate like that into law that That's what we're opposing government tyranny? That's racist and then liberals go then Carson is an idiot. Allow it that's the point that matters here, then Carson, listen and you can have people who are very smart. Who just aren't vote you know aren't linguistically incline are not particularly vocal people. I think that's been Carson. Thank you strictly quick on his feet. I don't think he's the best speaker. You know you see with Ben Carson. This is all what you ve been Carson.
Trends nationally, because he does some interviews, people like him, then the debate happen. Any takes no having popularity the further get from debates. His doc starts rising. We get to debate goes down because people realize out of everyone on that stage and it's a very formidable stage of people when it comes to debates he's the one who would remain outside of Trump he's the one. Probably wouldn't lose in a debate, tailored Clinton yeah he's the only one who would probably come across as really you look where they live like roadkill, yeah. It wouldn't look very good for him, so I like the guy I like the guy don't think he'd make about president if he had a cabinet with enough experience, but some I definitely He's made some errors, but I hate seeing people to culminate in this big, as he is the new gain him. You know if
you put me in the brain surgeons. I would look like an idiot too he's. Not a politician he's not a guy who speaks through the number. One fear in the United States is public. Speaking in the world number two is death. Seinfeld had a bit about That means you'd rather be in the coffin and giving the eulogy. That's the fear and the United States is public speaking so, I give you a little bit of leeway but dumb. I think that means it's working knows well, growler, I'm power, email right now there has been a cloud although flag, of or words were they drive truck sporran cranberries, all even The scottish lacrosse libretto Norwegian, no death row reported Until the brass they encounter and of club members rush to the sea
Member of the writing of Europe grimmer is very good for the prostate. It regards vitamin k alone. There is about him, I think, Spiderman Kay. There's you can't have it when you're both in well. You know what I mean. You think I was no one hurt nobody was hurt, but that the prostate cancer Club ticket took account of hey. It's gotten. Prohibition of vicious pounding. I'm not gonna. Let that one ride for low besides for I decided aside, so Let me see some guy here, Jordan, Michael the Tea Party, supported Romney in two thousand twelve try to keep up. I guess he's trying to say it. I won't as racist who does not support Barack Obama. You know Ben Carson cash. We have the debate Tuesday, will today GOSH
I gotta tell you, people are burnt, people are burnt out on this man. This is not good. There are too many Wait you many! They look at Us Buddha schedule. He gets March or February at maybe February wishes I literally every week leading up to Super Tuesday and stuff, but everywhere the debate very much this poor guys, I got all we have to cover it so I heard of it. It's just too much committees have some people drop out of his hat case. Drop out Christie drop out. Will you they just drop out or they bumped couple unto the the kitty table casing Huckabee bombs. That gives him ok and Christie kind of surprisingly, Ok, so it's just fear. Ina, Rubio crews, Carson Trump sets us his ran. The kitty table now now: are you still there that little bitch
I like Rand Paul's ideas, but he just like so you just so annoying he so hard to take that these debates tweet me address crowded. Are you burnt out on this stuff, because I tell you what I don't want to watch another debate this Tuesday not to see and action. Gosh at any time, I shall Morgan weeks will actually will have her honour not next week, the week after next week we have TIM, Canada, Michel Mall, can even tweeted out when I, when I was asking you she's young under spurned out when the people who work in this for a living. The people who are political hobbyists are tired of it, you think the general american Public feels- and this is sometimes where there's a huge disconnect with conservatives. You know you can listen. I am radio all you want. You can watch. Fox news. All you want to go You're conservative websites, but you need to understand most people, don't care, they're gone pull the lever in the national for someone with Dean extra their name or in our next to them
name, so don't waste too much time, focusing on the minutiae of primary elections, yeah You want to get the right person, but remember the big battle as cultural, the big battle that there's a macro picture at hand here. I just Canada, another debate, Tuesday. Oh my god upload or that video pair the last debate last night you can go to the website and watch it with. It Not really do another one. I just I just. I can't believe that this is another debate ones, the one after ones an Ex Democrat debate next week, actually like later in the week or the fourteenth. I think something like that, should be great detail. My whole life sucks really early so next week we're gonna, have Hillary Clinton trot back out on stage and tell us that she, rating for me and ya. Think why don't you go
back to your home on or island, yet eagerly berries and turn it proves deeper of his his ratings that lasted a mere while Bernie Sanders goes on cells, free college, free healthcare. May we know Bernie Sanders is going to get on that debate stage I want I want. I want B, B b me, my mine, mine mine, now now now capitalism Everyone goes. This sounds great regards re. Health care fifteen down minimum wage and then you say: what's gonna cost eighteen trillion dollars only I didn't say: fudge, no one there no honey vacancy Derek at our homes, studio there in the trees he hears the gets his finger and dump button now get out. That is, we got you that one was pretty per diem
but bigger we're pretty good Bernadette. This game is like I, you know you watch it tonight shall ever they always he borders, they always blessed segment of body. The notes they try to get the key Boris crack a smile. He won't it. He made the benchley trotting all wet your job. My Jimmy found I'm never Jean Valjean, so we try to get the keyboard crack smile. You just they just just rag, Huntley Telephony breaks and that's that's Derek for us there for us, and nobody knows it is here the name. Dare there get. Eventually, we doesn't know. What would he doesn't know is very strictly lie, eventually, video inner he'd by our good graces. No one see him or army or you, prime out we're getting a video stream going up live, which will be far more inch. Here's the thing about the debates, no CNBC that hatchet job get good transition there. You don't need To do it, you can do your own. Google hang out now
there's no need to go any of these networks. That's why busy with Saint use like man, you gotta get this guy togethers describe some other men away any CNBC p. I guarantee you get a handful together in this programme, but they wouldn't want me moderating. Just get way to mad now, even with Republicans people want people want can I get a free pass Republicans on a show? Sometimes I just can't do it. If so mad, how dare you stated that TED Cureth? How dare you famous about the Pope? I got an email, angry email about them. I wasn't an angry. She was actually very nice and surely go when we have a catholic apologize to comment on what you know. Why cause I don't care, I want you to think I don't think Catholicism as problematic as Islam need to argue against debts, are the Pope takes every now and then beyond that. I think about it. I constantly by the three hundred million people plus you want a blow us up. I mean it's right at the top of my mind now at the top of my daily to do list, but it's up there as,
it's always looming like us, warm cloud in those depression commercials for those pills stolen a march on your beat you're the rose have you eat some other rosary? You slash that lobby that Courtney care job lotta with proud or some more estrogen. Whether Bondman hey while didn't see there. What are you doing her Andras relaxing in a drawer and more long term? Seventy a bull brow, a fine reverent have referred reckon pull up a Wimbledon, there's murmur worthy establish no Wimbledon, you now have some I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine com. Call their number. What's that number Jared, eight thousand four hundred seven. Why have you come from? wars aggravate spring, I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like
exit easy to get the call go to the website, talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give her up and sent to us, It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified wine years of Roma women we have to enter. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's simpletons like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling eight hundred and forty four, two thousand nine hundred and seventy one ok, we're going to get away well, we'll talk about everything for a bed, but this is our our second.
Command over their leader with credit outcome. She helps everything runs smoothly, she's far smarter than I am but we disagree on some things. There are few things on which we disagree. Notably star wars is one of them. Without further ado, you know her is true. North on twitter, We have the longest corny here Thank you for coming on begging, you can't. See me, but I am smiling from ear to ear. I love that enjoy. No, you do because your evil So ok, what was that we were taught not just star wars when there's something else we were talking about that. We were supposed to talk about today, but I think it evolved into a star wars. Conversation well it got into an argument, as you said, star, worse socked does- and I said I said no
we started talking about George Lucas, who sucks which we can talk about and agree with Bet STAR wars itself does not sack could come back said, uses dollar sucks. I said no no years. My problem must first after here's the deal, here's my theory about stalwarts and people. You can tweak me it s. Crowd are ok It's a nerd, a lettuce, and it's like it's like Mcdonald's for nerd, dumb, No, he likes dollars. Now I dont like STAR wars years why George Lucas has never made a good film ever you look at an even though the films outside of an american graffiti kind of even then it was mediocre, was entirely carried by Howard and Kaerusson Ford in there performances. Everything else is terrible. The one hope we have with these star wars, not being
Wrapping movies is George Lucas having nothing to do with some. We literally disembodied still at what asked. Why do we say? Maybe he's a crappy film maker and star wars gotta pass because it went pupil when we were teenagers are kids and we just don't want to admit that we go back and watch them. They're, not good films, yeah, but see it. Every argument inherent right, thereabout, star wars. About how George Lucas has a crappy movie maker and how nerds have have led to our words as their only hope of universe. Not you didn't, could take the movie itself. The story you just were making son of a charge Lucas and the nurse who, like STAR wars,. Ok, we'll meet looming addressed so I've, that's exhibit ay a guy you're not a light now she's being polite wars in the phones, private she's, all she's, all feisty announced? So now it looks like this patriarch of Sis, white or black male attack on our own. I called you names. I don't think I can do that
Sis II rules and all well. You can common aims. You stepped out. You know we can just be created with ok a crap ways off No. Yes, here had fastened. No one had a decent career from star wars, except for Harrison. Forty managed to transcend because It is these single. Well, I guess, as far as that of some of the big thumbs, it's one of the worst written scripts ever is nothing particularly creative about it. The performances are awful George Lukas obviously is at the helm of that one. He didn't direct empire strikes back as the one that, where we widely acknowledged as a good film and either a terrible. How can you go back as a groan, adult male or female, and see little e walks in and see what is widely racist by the way everything they do with the asian and everything was our views and everything? Libraries is super racist. How can you go if we're going back and watching into turtles, and you go? Oh man. I wasn't right about that, but STAR Wars Evans wants to hang onto its like. We unilaterally agree that we're just not going to acknowledge the crap fast
we have a pull one on twitter right now. People can Chinamen does as such does not suck you. Let us know: well, ok, guys present your case. Ok, so here's the thing: what star wars It's a universal story, I dont know. If you ve ever heard of the anthem Joseph Campbell, he wrote a book called the here with a thousand faces and what it fat. What he found was that no matter the culture, no matter what part of the world every culture had their own heroes story. And it followed a formula and that formula is star wars. Sir George Lucas was a student and has admitted to be in its being a student of Joseph Campbell, so reason star wars is so popular and people want to hold on to. It is because it's a universal story that we can all get behind it. We all understand Now the writing, the dialogue. We can debate that, but the story itself, its classic, is a formula yes, but all the Heroes Journey stories are:
we lack and they follow that formula. One life sucks, terrible terrible So your argument is that the redeeming value to star wars is that George Lucas is an unoriginal hack, that you're. I beg you to rest your kind, I would say I would say yes is a vision. He's guy had a vision, yet he created a universe As you know, a treadmill yeah? We can agree that we also agree that J Cameron is an unimaginative hack. Do I look at what his movies have done? They all follow this to us as a silly formula, but the formula works. He's a billionaire for it. So I say that it's unoriginal but its poorly written, and you say, Yes, but it follows an unoriginal, poorly written formula that work now. It's unoriginal also you can get the same burger Alla time, Mcdonald's doesn't matter. There is correct
Ah Courtney, you're fired well figure that I would be so I won't do anything. This morning, I just get off the head of the wire with you and go back to now now I'll turn on star wars, alternative star wars and go back to a better time of innocence. Why don't you go back to your home on or Ireland That's right, Sir Crap is all. The first British, you probably hasn't seen anchor man now around. In April last year. Well, here's my problem too, with star wars Lord of the rings first off I paid up until you just don't understand that you ok, listen. My nerd pass is all right.
Let it shoe boxes full of comic books, including first printings of the thing, the first printings of dead pool. I was there when it started with the worst green air oversees green Lantern nineteen sixty one. I have quite a few comics out there. Okay, I earned. My keep within a five spent time in lockers arise, Stop the nerve to lead ISM star wars is the entry, it's the gateway to nurse, and it's a crappy when it when I hate to, will talk about this after the break. What I hate him, it is equally true, has no sense of humour that you Lord of the rings like when I was eleven, you might have a go, screwy piss off with you in your Elvin humor, like you know like you, would find it funny you just don't get it. That's an order! Reference, oh shut up, you're, stupid, Org reference or tattoo wean. It's not If you put in a bunch of inside jokes to make up for the fact but you can't rights submitted according to go somewhere. On the other,
ok gardening hold on hold on a minute. I'm gonna make you with my patria privileges and when you re low, you find a star wars and Courtney dont go to your island lot with broader statement, This is even broader here to tell you about a contest louder with broader dot com, where one lucky winner will win a pre k, our fifteen rifle less rival, everyone else's scared and clamping down on guns were literally giving them away a lot of ground that is even isn't this matter. Even it's not illegal to give away rightful just frowned upon a background checks. We were doing in a partnership with air fifteen dot com, a wonderful sponsor, they do background checks, they ever customs shopping ship. It out, you ever felt for a long time actually be buying the rifle butt, giving it away lotta with better to come to one like you. Can I enter the win now you
that you would never make it ass a background check here. Never make a pass. A background check right. Better to win louder with prouder dot com for your very own free, a our fifteen rifle that's louder with, com in partnership with our nice tat dancing the happy with
my head writer, Courtney Kerchief was very smart. You should follow her true north because she's dead horse, didn't know she is not. That was anchor man saying I was him and we had to clarify Courtney you're, not a war, and I am aware of this, but thank you for confirming Courtney. Yes, say it after me, I am not a whore and people like me. I a whore and people like this is why she works dislike it. So five you are like uncertain sexist. We well before court. We had crystal, who left and she's an open door to come back most of it only. I stopped at least half of the employees and love I've been women just because either more organised in its harder. If I went with senses of humor, but I guess they may be gravitate towards what we do so Courtney is funny, should not whore but she's wrong about star wars. My issue before that we are talking about, is I hate it when, like people, you sigh fi as an excuse for a horrible sense of humor
You know I mean where this light weight shrill exactly that kind of thing. Are you shouldn there talking? You know when you're you're talking about brilliant, Commodore Seneca Indians in some goes like speaking cling onto you. Only get it if you are a new generation of you'd want to stab them with a fork goes. Does that who, who are these people? Where you hanging out anywhere that star wars or STAR Trek is blame them make up a majority, but they are percentage of it, so you're you're blaming the genre on the fringe. Yes, ok, our clear yes and it shows the STAR Trek too. If your play jumbotron in my back yard. I wouldn't lift the shape. If it can, Don't you STAR Trek or watching the CNBC on a loop like morphine drip. I would be conflicted which STAR Trek because they're not the same. Here we go. This is the guy we're talking about the silicon conversation
now, ok, you know what make it which one doesn't suck go ahead. The floor is yours. I would say for the nineties, STAR Trek next generation didn't suck. I think, if you to tell any tracker or or nerd that Captain Picard was the worst thing to have to the universe you would be punished in face of the Vienna would have to meet. Do you think Warburton is gay right, didn't come out and not love our burden. Talkin about in Picard Butler Warburton. Has it little visor? You just try to turn the only name, a star, Jack actors. You know, I don't want your Rogan about it more like reading rainbow guy. Isn't it tells you to read books way. Tells me not to take his word for men says that six six year olds are more qualified there and that's I was on when Joe Rogan about it is little visor. I wonder if it's just a never ending loop of homosexual port. Eighty
the gaze arm. That's how he knows. What's on the horizon, captain your God go left. What do you mean, go up and the unemployed thinking? Oh guys, STAR Trek Ok, let's go Lord of the rings. Where do you line up on that cause? I'm just listen, we'll just alienate half of the listeners right now thoroughly, so I tried reading the Lord of the rings books, because I like the movies but the books they were just they were just awful. I could not get through them. I'm sorry, Lord of the rings fans. I tried it just couldn't happen when I I you read the books, I could not read the books the habit as as a girl mutated. Yet, as a girl, you are the orbit Well, listen! You can't joke about that anymore. Will find you for hate speech yet tried. Really, Lord of the rings. The person and I even had friends tell me I'll you'd have to skip fellowship of the rank as it's kind of stuff. Like that's like saying you know, you need to skip philosopher's, stone and chamber of secret.
Just go right. The prisoner of ask a bank is: that's the guy. You can't just cut out only slow, having read the hard with no, it's always love. If you read the harder than everything's lightning speed read so there are you a lord of the rings. Can I do I love? Then I've got all my wife Harry Potter for him. That's not terrible see! This is this is why I have a problem with the nerd culture and the ringers is that if you dont, like Lord of the rings we do not qualify as someone who can can count themselves as inert who likes fantasy books. So it's like it. I like Harry Potter, I don't count, I don't I'm not a part of the fold. Is I don't like Lord of the rings. I like the first Harry Potter and all I remember from all the other films is professor snipe. Who was always getting lower in his vice Zembla use. From a time warp. Your picture, show and remember something about giant spiders, which horrified me also, every single idle rip off its laundering will every single day It was a failure double on tundra. That's my problem with Harry Potter, Hokosa, Lord of the rings, by the way, this a pole
pull for, though the rings on the top twitter hears us I actually didn't mind the first Lord of the rings. Ah, then, the harm it happened, and that was the biggest bag. My human museum. He sees it was true summit. These knows more about what the public, as do you notice that the average buddy for the first three abuses by ninety five million per movie you're the budget, reach the habit movies. There. I don't want to know. It's gonna make me two hundred and fifty million to overly each movie. So it was, the budget was tuna times. Much need to be almost tuna times. Crappy wealthy have you how to do that. The methods of work, a book, the how that was was what. Two hundred pages, and they made that's just great they just they just made up of nine hours trilogy
a minute later scattered about a minute. Now, as it was beautiful Italians Amory, this was all rightist must deliver hosting the show now you're gone. This is and will be known, as you said. As soon as you said, you like the first Harry Potter Movie or the for any you didn't even in a talk. The books. I wrote you off. You play ball God roasted boom done? Okay? So let's ride back star wars? Who ok, who would Donald Trump, be star wars, character, the emperor corner? Now he's not he's not the emperor who charge our banks. I knew you'd like that visa gotta get all the black bogus me, sir, May star wars, ruining?
Ben Carcinus, here it each other beings about Obi WAN is everyone's outspoken nurseries about an hour Alec Guinness Obi, WAN Paroquet, that's fair not you Macgregor with the rat, not you and the gardener. I'm trying to think tat. Ice takers, Texas,. He is definitely not HANS solo that would have been Rick Perry. Why justify your position? Why Rick Perry would have been HANS Solo just cause? You runs motorcyclists kind about us yeah. He has more of that. More of that edge. I'm TED crews is now huh. Just his he's. Mr Rogers, I don't know that he's in the star wars, universe, if he is he's he's that guy who says it's a trap, that guy with the he's on his yes, yes I'll tell you who ran policies.
He is young African. That's re thing, yeah You guys you just like, like. I know, you're gonna turn into something formidable, but I want to strangle you now. It's just a whining add two still whiny baby like really. Anyone is a spoiled brat gonna turn to Darth Vader. Really I didn't older olympic. It Joe gum food, not just the Haven Grason World at an ever air of terrible at source. Say like star wars and talking about the original three star wars, not the new ones. You haven't, you know when the new ones came out, all the star wars, nerves were brazen them until they realised that they shouldn't that they were poop yet start. They were like. Go is grey except for Georgia banks, but now they go back and, like all Oxley wasn't very good, but there does not willing to do with the first three o camera. Thank you US job Bush would be irrelevant even
an extra, maybe you ve, been Phoebe the sacks, not yours. Now since cameo reality Yankee would be. He would be one of the guys in the media in the canteen we kind of sea briefly is kind of a freaking. I got on his long portent, Easter, bear for background and had a puppet of utter now, and of course I mean come on Christmas day is the obvious one: Okay, and you know it is back, and operated g Reggie, Photoshop! Is things later as you already that's all you can. I happened to see my received my approach on skills and travelling Orwell's. Ok, who else on the stage gent body in case they Oh yeah, Rubio Rubio,.
I dont know is Princess Leia. Now, that's Carly theory. I don't be sexist. That's bits, that's access, notes about that's not all that's it we're going to talk to turn. This is so Right now, Disney Courtney tell us about this. Disney is going to what are they doing? There were moving now. They will no longer issue anything with Princess Leia in the famous s always act: a slave gold bikini every man's fantasy outfit Yathrib Johnson Johnson in business for three decades, out said, and I want everyone to know that was your joke in the post, but have never really feminist. Protest in Disney is actually acquiescent yeah, because course, third, the loudest and shrillest, and they don't like they dont like that. Women were attractive like that. Men are attracted to good looking woman. Well, I guess yeah. If lay a look like Lena Dunham or current carry Fisher, she would be praised as brave and stun re yeah strip. What you ok fishes come out against the Roma. The snare, but CARE Fisher came out against the customer, solvents gushes
No longer hot, so she has to by default Julia. You don't happen to have to default feminism you no longer it's like the fifty five year old trying to squeeze into her wedding dress and then, mid life crisis carry Fisher, tossed honour. This is cut mid section is tape around a sheet. She looked at him. She said Yes, it was, you went in trying to look like layer and it was more like java. She was a dynamic napping myself, but we backing up by regrets. Some symbols are saying: take her seat, repeal Teddy that's pretty good. That's pretty! I didn't pick Vanessa droid, but Can we not turn of race woman? Carl? If you're gonna could be our duty to go? She is also. That's all I know is that sound people per pupil resources cute when a woman does it Like when a guy does it it, just like he's a loser, you know he was in a basement when a woman tat, if I can, I get with airport networks, derricks glad
and we got an idea. You have no idea- Courtney, the suitors you will have on twitter coming out of the star. Wars fan conservative as a general nerd on all around nerd. Yet there are so many guys in their basement right now. Looking up your pictures, I suggestion privatized Instagram meet all on Instagram remained dogs on women post unopposed sexy selfies, I don't do the selfie think. Well, if you, I would still kept capitals and courtiers there's a market there there's a Maria there may, as is principally in the Gulf of Guinea. But this is how, for now does it at all offend you as a woman, when you see the gold bikini princess lay down now, and you're? Also woman is not. You know: you're, not you're, not a sexually empowered, promiscuous feminist. So You weren't you line up on those things where sex appeal. Is it just kind of like me, me where it's just using common sense. As long as it's within the realm of decency,.
Yeah, and I don't think there is anything wrong with women being sexy just like, I don't think, there's nothing wrong with men being sexier at what's so wrong with find each other attractive, as is genders. What's wrong with that and and Princess Leia real I mean she's not running around in the book and the gold bikini for the entire movie trilogy it. One scene and she manner Here's the thing when I made the point that I made in the post, she she choked out her evil oppressor. She didn't have help. She you. To the outfit to kill the guy who put her in it mean how's that not empowering come on this issue? As a general all around bad ass anyway, I know some people, don't like the term badass, but you can just deal with it On that note, corny your we have to let you go we thank you very much for coming on that was true, North Courtney here chop, it would have no idea what's happening. This is a nightmare right now, Courtney, your job! Thank you very much
come on. True North sea was fantastic, sorry for all the star wars, fans were upset, but we're not really Cybele rapid show. Were you in a nice bow like a gift. That point, is you gonna pay lotta with this weekend, feminism right.
Ok, first car shooting stars all of whites. I am your hosts. Stephen prouder, not gauge yard you can follow me on Twitter is who is finishing appearance? video always glad to wrap up the programme. Not that we're glad to finish the programme put to kind of reflect upon the things about which we have spoken. We spoke of many things. Star wars: trainees, Ben Carson, NASA Climate change, blind justice, blind justice,
that's another thing right now. We didn't talk about the story: Karim, Abdul Jabbar, attacking Michael Jordan and the news why? Because he didn't attacker, seconds. Michael Jordan. Didn't even is not a republican even Mountain support Republican. He simply, add Republicans by air Jordans too, when I think he was asked to pretty late question in an interview or he was provided the opportunity to bash and Republicans any opted. Not too. He just took you to great lengths to avoid being political at all and so crew, dual Jabbar attacks him. So we have that happening. We have banned Carson being called stupid. We have feminists. Now accusing the princess lay a costume, her gold bikini of being retroactively sexes. We have people complaining,
in an boycotting the sea? Because Brad Paisley and carry Underwood said Bruce, Gunnar is now a babe micro under attack from liberals. This week, severe attack simply for saying, I think, people may be grew up with advantages, are privileges shore, but the boy is a determining factor, as you can stacked deck in your favour by working really hard. I say this to you to give you an over, or are you sing? The macro picture here, doesn't matter. This is where concern. Where everyone is not an authoritarian leftist. It's not about conservatives. It's not about Republicans. It's not about, hate speech and using the word transit or it is I got to the point. You can't say version, used to be a guy. It's not Bout being racist, you now and say, as micro did privilege, maybe
the factor, but not as big as work ethic. You now can't say come on princess lay in a bikini is not sexist. You now can't say is Michael Jordan, listen You want to stay out of politics, its enough. We always say the slippery slope was a silly argument and sometimes it's applied too silly. I, these words not a valid argument, but it definitely is valid in this case. If you value free speech, if you care about anything have an open dialogue of ideas. You can see it from the left, they don't believe in it. That's what we're David Reuben on any talks about taking the red pill, waking up. There is no room for intellectual diversity in the leftist movement. None. You think there's any room for saying hey! You know what I actually report supports and republican ideas. No, of course not because you can't even decide to stay out of it. Like Michael Jordan, do you think that in the left you
and say what hold on a second, nearly all professional psychiatrists. Surgeons, interconnected, I think that this is very unhealthy. The transgender movement now because you can't even acknowledge that Bruce Jenner used to be a guy. You think you can say maybe in the left us moving, a Democrat Party will hold on a second. We don't about reparations because formative action because its harming some kids now now, because you can't even say hey work ethic as more important than who you're, but what you're born into So not only can you not disagree with them and have a different set of ideas or proposals, your neck even allowed to stray from the talking points in it. This the big difference between the right and the left, you people all over the republican stage in a girl, she's gonna be another debate. You have pro pot people anti pot people pro.
Or people anti war, people progressive tax code, people flat tax people, fair tax people- you have people, support, gay marriage people flat out our against at once some kind of a same sex marriage ban. You have some people believe it states right in the day a Craddock Party. They agree on everything always and you can't even question it in were told that the right is the party of extremists I'm an extremist is MIKE Road is extremely is Michael Jordan and extremist simply for saying Republicans by air Jordans too. Are this or worse, nerds, I'm a nerd. I'm a comic book nerd. Ok, you can call me next show are the star wars, nerds extremists, because they have a princess, Leia, bikini action figure is Courtney and extremist because you didn't think it sexy for women to feel and look sexy. That's that's were being to worry you're, the extremist, I'm the extremist, not the people who
hey, hey, hey! You deserve to be fired because you said Bruce Jenner used to be a guy, not people who say hey unless you bash Republicans we're going to make sure you can't make a living selling air Jordans, not the people saying my Well how dare you you need to acknowledge your privilege and you need to give a seventy percent or, if your Bernie Sanders. Ninety eight percent of your income tax. We are told that there the moderates were told of Europe. Working party has gone so far right, even look at Donald Trump who they consume, Donald Trump, a populist Donald Trump, still believes in a progressive tax code. Donald Trump believes in increasing capital gains, Donald Trump as protectionist, who believes in tariffs Punishing of foreign commodities coming into the country, an extremist not a pseudo anarchists, libertarian and that's the woman
What does it do? Let's take that, for example, let's take then Carson everyone saying is still. Extreme us than dangerous and compare them with Hillary Clinton. Ok, I'm not saying that I want Ben Carson understand. Let's take an example. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon Christian K. He believes in a flat tax somewhere on fifteen percent across the board, the rights of marriage is a state's right, regional, limited governments regional right to bear on pretty reason. Hillary Clinton none of those things and she killed a guy who's, the extremist, don't let people for a second back, you up, France may well I'm a reasonable Lima compassion because its absurd ratifying this country. Where are you either part of the authoritarian laughed want to censor your speech. I want to tell you how you can think what, you can say how you can act or
big wide tent spreading from this. All the way to the far right and there's a place for you there, but there is no place for you an end to the left that cause they don't won't you lot with greater seated next week or hear you
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