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2019-05-17 | 🔗
Talking all things 'Arthur' wedding, free bikes for fat people, meth Legos, and covering media's Alabama abortion lies. Ben Shapiro talks his new book and the BBC "interview," Bill Richmond sits third chair!

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scheduled programming will start in a minute. My half a jeweler bill Richmond is here, wanted to give you an updates news. We have some new, so You remember our doctors from video was taken down, copper. I claim digital Millennium copyright act claim by Water Chapelle and it's over. It's back, you can go see the video is back up means that there are no strikes on our channel and we're going to reapply, because we upload earlier separate clip with new interest and more updates coming next. We thank you guys so much of course, you're support. Mug comes. It makes this possible and to have this very expensive layer. On retainer and that will be moving to a new space years. Well, updates on that and then we'll be doing more golden tickets, hiring golden ticket hiring. I don't enjoy the show louder with crowd. Studios protected exclusively by Walter and Hopper.
Mercury, preparing to pursue target talked me quarter, blackened Roger that horrible. I do, sir, you give him. No, I got you six. Ok, I have target luck. You bet your sweet, Ass Jack Dorsey, engaging target Roger that Maverick Mister Merrick Company undertake. Where did you get here as long as there are people spreading this information? This is going to be an ongoing. Will this complicate things my mind? I got lost in the mail to shoot me don't put on ice now. The party start boys are trying to get a woman's yeah yeah yeah. I heard it all before they sell you. Boys are really does, however, which is the only by we have community guidelines, anything that we will take it now, the stage she's getting better. Let me hear you, boys, ordered a half asian ass, kicking rich evasion lawyer Bill Richmond Set of a story boys. I got this, that's what I'm talking about. You just got some man. Ok, thank you know the difference between president and president. I don't have answers to them, because I'm about to settle on right on your ass one, more Susan, you're, no amnesty right, Ban rear out. You know it's worse me. Don't worry. Boys looks like I'm gonna have to do this. The old ban bill now, Doesn t like irritation, moved over to talk to me. Do you read me happy? Should all your bill, which you, why did they give me that easy failure alive, we thought you were gonna, have patient feel spell of all powers, I'm just glad. You're, ok, just checked your Laddie Longo, singularly lacking in Palo Alto before your clock out. Oh that's called a man who took the ok if he adds to literally you're not supposed to actually consume your fears. Harold, we adventure appear on the show the world. What has BBC controversy? The walk our continent has some opinions between I'm yours in search of course, is optional or build Richmond. Our you fellow fronts
How are you like best? What sundown that's terrible unembarrassed? They don't really rest time. Millions not don't give him here of all rosy, my friend the policeman, but is yellow, didn't think at all. It is pink. I think it's turned. I dont scientist idea that wine only gets better. Don't agree with that, but I do want to see your question today. What spending our experiences with the recent abortion bills discussing? It seems that people want to their minds or exploding social media and want to know what has been like for you in the day to day think about the l, a banner and Georgia abortion was I'm ungenial curious, losing their people on all sides are oh yeah, yeah fitting going where I was trying to foreshadow like gives us how it exactly skip to the end, and that's right. This week Elizabeth Worn, refused a Fox news, Town Hall Right
kids, you know by LE really talk by the abortion line, and I said that the question of blue Goldilocks discussion polluting over twenty twenty candidate, denounced the cable network as a quote heat for profit, racket that gives a megaphone two races concerning your life or bicycles. Instead of doing more Loki tunnels like this random clip, you see in a bus that literally yes, that's Giraldus embarrassed for her she's, just like you, yeah
incidentally, was my wife's favorite thing. If every walk by the living in my wife is going like this Seem Elizabeth warns. Instagram she goes beyond the hot twins. Just commented on this. Why they may that word cringe. If you listen, we actually have an exclusive audio another with different angles, and she was not at all was thrilled. Lady, like turning entertainment PBS, as Arthur Mister, but in the teacher came out is gaining got married on the season. Twenty four myriads comes from tv. London news comes out an episode titled, Mr Rat Berne, and the special someone that this comes as little surprise to most with long term fancy there setting this reference obsession with cleanliness, Vashon Endeavour,
to forty six, Mr Rat burn, gets AIDS. That one was spent in which I think he also controversially joint ISIS, which seems as though it was kind of a given away. So it seems what's what so what is it? I note what you ve done enough in the studio out of two Seagal buttons. Yet such yoga,
an international news free, but should be given to fat people by the Energy S scope to the mere UK. Their regular cycling is more effective at cutting the risk of heart disease and many drugs, so the images is giving out bike rights based on on a prescription, beheld tat, so These are praising fitness, though there actually tat detractors, claiming that this quote further stigmatizes fat people with others planning that quote these bikes His legs were too stupid to live at some point like all these, like salt regulations and sugar speculations they're doing everything they can.
To make us they biology, carry off the list. I prefer fixed phase. I hate all of you. I thought about town rush was that I wonder just got eleven and a fixed by the way signal Internationalist Business incentive. They just recently published a profile on Mohammed, been summoned. The crown prince ease, become controversial figure, pretty fall of of twenty team. We faced a global outcry over the death, of course, of Gmos to Shaggy we Don't want to judge, though, he's trying to reform Islam and that's a very challenging task sponsor to the show and regret. Of course, I will have no effect at all according to vice, by the way its proper. Adequate medical textbooks. Overwhelmingly use pictures of young white men latest accordingly, Arthur depicting same body over and over again his white male and athletic isn't the best way to teach future doctors. She point
you were non medical journal that have been published, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, the journey aging and health in the DSM fourteen words. What seems like, That's, not the guy. Is there to help you? No wonder they prove my god It was full of black eyes like that's right, another black brother dead in a book you just shown deadlock as they would have a problem that what are you talking about exactly what has renounced designed for an hour or announce it? That's what they say Not if I, like you get what the fourteen words are, you wouldn't have TED that bit there I mean I'm like I didn't go to medical school, but I'm pretty sure le those pictures are guys without skin on, but I could tell those muscles. Look why what s the matter! I have no idea, it's not like you can tell by the tedious finally child discovered in the game notably that it slow, while child discovered forty thousand dollars worth meth inside a box of legos? What yes, this comes from having imposed, because that's that's, that's it
Are we use for its work, therefore, really honest? Actually, they found the box at a consignment shop and gave it to a small child who opened the box. Currently, article was likely very disappointed, or was he not convinced, For the first time, Lego has joined forces with methamphetamine so that you too can see they go.
The human nature stories. I want just forty favorite MAX toothless, a toddler on other bed. Maybe a little because a lot has been developed as we have a new Youtube channel. If you want to subscribe to crowded bits, Youtube General, I didn't upload battle, probably go up there, just a lot of even asking forbids, sketches or kind of short segments that, maybe sometimes you want to share and you'll want to show you a whole Joe. So let us know what you want to see up at tat. Crowd are bits again. I didn't name at last. We can be a contest. Winners was Timberline wriggle who criminally neglected. Wade's significant other is Josephine that rights are going to be sending you a teacher and ambition bills helmet, it's not gonna, but because we have not put about don't send that that's a great element. I now No, I don't. It's very. Did it first,
the great job, what a black beard he has allowed the problem, but that had the one. The two are very far very far into my head in space, and I thought I was counting Asians to go to and is well sweat on. The UN's none of them were girls by the way. Cutting one boy, asian asian disappointment, bathtub you're, wrong, they're all disappointed right, so I do with Rwanda you ve really got into debt, have Asian were embellishments you, because we talk about the abortion. Was this ants running for two days now and course Georgian Alabama there's been so so much misinformation out there. It really has been driving me. That's I don't just want to say it's driving me crazy. It's wrong! I want to let you know as to why it's incorrect, and I know what I guess no actual fallacies. You ve seen most out there so here a couple I've seen most.
One of them. Let's go right off the bat leaving claiming everywhere by the way and Elsie kind of claimed it, but it was people said they misinterpreted her tweet, I dont know I'll, give it we're borderline either. Medio see on this one, because everyone else has been saying that These laws constitute jailing women for murder. If a George. Doesn't it plans to travel elsewhere to obtain abortion when she comes back, she could face ten years imprisonment. Don't you meaning abortion without one? Is that each hand in one's had barely resent? Whom are you going to imprison every woman who's out of fertilized eggs pass through or no you just I don't know. I gotta go engineer guy said specifically, we get the kind of threat zip thrown in Georgia and Alabama. They both makes to miss civically criminalize the act of performing the abortion outside unlisted parameters, exactly that we're in a different suggest actually calling abortion what it is right there calling abortion
something that is is ending a human life. Now right, there might be a penalty for performing that's what I want to say very clearly express banning the or the Ets persons performing the abortion reminds us that only their subsequent claim that the Georgia Billy Clean has loose language that could maybe led to the prosecution of women who take an abortion pillar who travel to other states or even miscarry innocent. When we ve been hearing a lot you miscarriage under this, these lots stupid. Why you're? Doesn't I've been on a lot of research since four in the morning, sun that that sharp today, but even in a scary, old pseudo handmade tail days? I know it's a sports apocalyptic future, but I don't I sent blushing after four so to ok. I couldn't do it when I hear nothing like James shames clutching that's what with others engenders Jane. I resigned it ass. I say this would bring undaunted Draper. That's what in our annual differently, if we go back to, let's say
a real before overweight, ok right behind me, so I want to get bogged down in detail. Crappy, shell. You ve only been recorded incidents of women being charged with any kind of crime associated with their abortion. Now, ok, One was nineteen eleven amendments, nineteen twenty two threaten unless I'm wrong or disrupt the entire history of anglo american western LAW, only one woman was ever charged with the crime of self abortion. That's pacific rim, teen. Ninety nine, yet to go back to fifty hundreds, no woman ever in the history of modern western law, far, as I know, let me over been charged with the crime for Miss carrying not seen it am. I a deal of it again fifty ninety nine one time what was wound in old, Missus Roby Way, people were being locked in the slammer because they were taking a bill. That's not what was happening. You got a kind of reach, far back to find something like that: fifteen million and it's crazy the hour
that would be made to dislike. Oh, my gosh they're gonna have back alley. Abortions and she'd people are gonna, do self abortions now so that they can get around it look. I would either deal and other serious and harsh. I would rather deal with back alley issues. I would rather deal people wanting to do their own abortions and find ways to figure that out then deal with a killing that we have right now right. They're doing how things look if you are so afraid I don't know, I don't want to deal with any of that sort of agreement going to take that context. Zero! Your thing, you know, I'm not saying that. I want back alley. I'm saying if you give me a choice, if only because in reality rates for for pregnant women up until Roby when it is very, very low, they will not a lot of self from working. It didn't happen yeah, but it's not like that. What was it to me more film, I just forgotten something about how to talk about. Is a house knowledge about women, had abortions yeah, something old family, but look, I think, You are so scared that you are willing to go out and have an abortion by a doctor that you have no idea if it's clean, if it sanitary, if it's safer, you willing to try to perform an abortion on yourself, maybe stop by
we're having sex or use contraception. This is not rockets. Analyses for sat in actual for you sounds like you're. Condoning rape billeting hidden your light. There are no known lily and is wrong, but I read them right there with you in the terms of if you, if you have a legitimate concern about people performing self, portions illness, what say that you want! You see abortion one of those options so that they can do it in a safe, clean environment, but you should also be favor of the other one other other waste preventable. From happening or being necessary, young judges, accidents or through or through other molested contraceptives. That type of thing- and so you know I give it there's that are definitely to be some on the on the right who said that their against contraceptives, because it encourages Saxon, that's one view it's not a mainstream society. Do it? That's the point, is you know, but it's not ok too, to be in favour of abstinence, restated abstinence is a legitimate weight and not have to have an abortion, only logistics layer. The only guarantee only here to address and sell it doesn't work, apps,
only works rather confusing and removing the words around them. That saying we only technical but absolute if you do want to teach in the only way to avoid unnecessary, SD iron plant pregnancy. The only way that instrument esoteric, nothing like you, a list of a lot over the sex strike next antigen. She is people from having to have abortions right now, lubricant, I'm an old upsurge of John for husband waiting for free. I could all that, like the hockey strike notifications alsthom investors love that bookmark. The page that have given bells want meaningful, artificial scrap. None were joined. My club in Itunes leave a review rating. There is another thing to the people concerned that is just right: extremism and there's completely unprecedented. That's actually from salon mad rely on how they try to put you in jail for Miss this. Actually, this is something I think people dont understand. We have proof. Liberal laws regarding abortion majority of european countries actually have abortion bans after twelve weeks and a lot of them require waiting period. After
halting the doktor, the alarming god forbid. You have to wait five days before he potential in the human life, and so there's some really cool to stay with me for a second gallup did some really interesting studies on this. Everybody thinks that the abortion is pro. Choice is by far the thing that people want no advice really about four thousand eight hundred and forty eight right now that's using those broad Germany in the broad terminology right. So, if you drill down people, actually say that they would rather have legal under some circumstances and the people that are in favour. Fifty percent, roughly fifty percent, circumstances ran twenty nine percent say under any sets even a smaller group, the people that say under certain circumstances, thirty eight percent of that group plus throughout history back in the early nineties said in there. Limited situations if you drove out of the numbers. They are not that many people out there who actually favour under any circumstance, abortions right, but they
the media makes you think that just like Twitter, Atchison, plus or minus margin of error and religious Elizabeth, worn with a meek, Lebanon, we eliminated her. It's cute appalling data Rasmussen didn't think it was valid. That's a voter! We will again. I dont understand this, though either at least as intellectually consistent for these people say. Abortion period on demand, no questions asked because it may either it's a tragedy or why should it be? exactly cares. Why would you want to do it? Does anyone want perhaps merely to be where no, no, they want doktor check. If we were no, they don't want people removing swollen tonsils to be read. No so I dont even its highly or who cares whether it's rare? So I am glad that at least right now we're having this conversation openly and honestly The claim that this is a big fearmongering, clinking eleven is not entirely by the way are unfounded. This is going to one hundred percent led the overturning of Roby Weight,
setting up a potential show down in the highest court of the land. I once knew a Porsche law. The strictest in our country is setting up a direct challenge to row versus way. Donald Trump said in the third debate, with Hillary Clinton. If I get two or more appointments to the Supreme Court automatically, that's the wording used automatically Roby Wade will be overturned and I think the president was exactly right. Roby without according to cabin on every woman in Alabama who gets pregnant, is going to be forced to give birth soon. Ok, So you think oh no, it's the people would like proceed overturned, probably a lot now their own over that yes, a lot now them. That's British you from the argument is that there are few common misconceptions about Robbie Way and what would happen if it were overturned? Ok, all states place restrict, or most states place restrictions regulations on abortion that are the Federal Purview Texas, They wanted to ban abortion after twenty weeks, which was with one.
Mostly opposed because she's moral everyone has held are willing to die on. What's yours, they he'll littered with debate. Yeah, it's the dying hill. I thought it. What is the most appropriate way? died as dying Hill, Colorado majority for weeks Virginia twenty five weeks and these laws after making bill, you probably know about this half agenda They make it to higher courts. Yes, there's truth it they do. I mean there d be case itself, allows the have different restrictions based on the trimester. That was the kind of fundamental. Real practical application of it, and so we have always since rovers Wade had limitations and really again? I think it goes back to your point, which is where, if you really do think it is, he's clipping a nail in its is, as you know, more the irrelevant as clipping a fingernail, then you should just be you're, probably more consistently save should be allowed, always right and in these other states, essentially to say. Oh the rover.
We may be challenged, will roll versus Wade was a is a very complex opinion. It sets different, tighter restrictions that differ. Try messrs animals, has certain basis in the Fourteenth Mehmet the right to privacy, and so you can, you can maybe parking little. He explained that because, as having a lot of people, don't you know, they think that really Wade says there's a constitutional right to abortion in they think they're in the constitution. There's some interpreted right to abortion. So what what the Fourteenth amendment, which was the basis? of the opinion is the saying that, yes, here You have the constitution through the bill of rights which says or through an amendment it wasn't in the bill of rights, but to say you can have a right of privacy which That word is actually there, but it's interpret it as one of the rights that are Thirdly, enumerated in the fourteenth amendment and then from that date right right to privacy. You then have to further derivative sub derivative right. That says that your body and being it, what you were going to do with your body, so it in I think needs, We like in a very high level a lot of people to understand. I mean there's a lot of liberty,
in France. The show who would say you're right to privacy, allows you to put in your body what everyone or to be reduced or body would everyone. So it's not like that entire spectrum of our you know and that's a valid argument. I think libertarians you say not only do I think part of illegal I think so much about shoot Heroin. The house they want to. I think it's very hard to argue against that constitutional and it'll compelling argument, and but the difference becomes when, for example, if you have a different harpy right now. You're hurt someone else in there and where you draw line again under the libertarian philosophy, you would all I'm real, someone else ran in those types of danger in that's. Where you, even on the question of what you have a right to privacy or for your right to privacy, extent what you can do to another. I too, it's a real, really loose. Not there are no even Ruth better Ginsburg whose likely dead admitted, who know that regulators a byproduct of foot, heavy judicial interventionism, that's what she said. Okay, so I want to people are not only words. Yes and she's. She's
we can have authorities already weakened against every year. More than anything is another confuse. This is it. This is more so agenda When we hear about abortion a lot, but they have been paying in an all cylinders when it comes to this one hears these two laws. That this is about regulating a woman's bought. There's no law like this against men. Democratic woman in the legislature tried fight back state, senator Vivian figures introduced an amendment to make vast sector he's a felony noted. There are no laws regulating what a man screech. Are you to tell me what to do with my body. It's my decision. It's not yours, We hope, as men could have learnt none in old woman do their bodies, You want undue anyway. Who was born the court sweetheart you want to do
what about that? One many do not even want if you don't want to be included in the draft and by the way there are plenty of laws like this that apply to my ears unless this can you name me genuinely for instance, where it doesn't so they can reset to me right to the heart, beat them justice system in your appendage. It's your dna! You can do what you want with your body, just as by the way, no one out there. Cares about you? Didn't you tube stud? no one hears. My password is what this will lift was tweeting intuitively. So now we have laws about not about men, are going to decide what we do with our past years have to order. Second, why do you think it is that none of us can about any of those things because of to me is not ending a heartbeat by them not yours another. Hardly so let me ask you this: if we all acknowledge homer tongue but a heartbeat bill, ok that you're stopping a heartbeat It's not the moms, heartbeat mom doesn't have two hearts Janata. Nickel marvel at least most of them right,
they contravene cars, isn't gonna having to come in and separate all of them. That's my question to you is if your ending a heartbeat, whose heart, whose period Can you want me to any instance? an example where a man can legally stop the heartbeat of another human being innocent nonviolent. Let's not get into war here, can you an example. More importantly, can you name one example that would allow men to do that exclusively meaning men were allowed to men would be allowed to stop someone else's heartbeat and women. Wouldn't be that's the only way that your argument hold water so the other argument, what about a man should have an equal right? Evincing quality right arouse agenda. One gender for the other, flipping the script, so that one is taking advantage of the other right arm again, if even assume that the opposite is true, with that mean that a man has an equal right to say: hey we had sex. You definitely had to take plan, be reviewed, If you have any, you definitely have to get rid of it. I mean that that, but that extension that right here
to extend to a man if its. If you're gonna follow that trap, but it's her body. How dare you well? Alright, Emily? Then you say: oh well, it's her body. Ok, fine, there's, a reason: why had to start up and say, stop its heartbeat, stop her heartbeat style, his beat instead of just think, stop all the heartbeats exactly what its a great pointing to talk about the heartbeat in saying that it's a separate heartbeat right, because what we're dealing with here somebody who is saying every part of my body is under my control, and this thing that is inside of me is not a person right right, fine. If you want to have that argument that debate. That's fine, because at some point it becomes a viable human being outside of the one we can talk about,
that's all macro this guy? Don't I've been there's no consistent line to drop out of can separate yet, but I'm saying that's fine, but now with it with these harpy bills, what you're saying is they're, making a very fine point in saying that a second heartbeat that you can't stop and think that it's just a comma cells? It's not accomplish cells anymore, the out! That's that's where the argument is or we're all clumps of cells, and it doesn't matter right over eight early, nothing either exactly. Why don't we want to be rare, gentiles hairs, here's something else that I, that are genuinely I'm curious year, people's opinions on, because it s my wife, this you tonight, women out there. Can you think of egg. I mean I'm sure women from a long time ago can say shore, because if I spoke out, my husband gave fresh one. I understand rightly wonder bread era who, let's talk about today, can you think any issue today as a woman. You are told you are not allowed to have an opinion exclusively because you're, a woman all that will protect these men. Could do it a second? No men are not allowed to stop another human beings. Heart beat in any instance, young people are allowed to do that. Are women its next,
under the rule of the only exception, words permissible to end another autonomous beings heartbeat, is for women. So me asked when the flip side you ever told as a woman. You cannot hold an opinion or you are not entitled to an opinion exclude because you are a woman, women who are watching us and let me know I can't think of any- could windmill privilege genuinely when you think of any my wife couldn't she's my modesty. I never told you, I can't have an opinion on many issues, that is you don't rape, economics, and health and all that well, and indeed this was that the thing she did at the Inn where she was kind of crying and pointing to the camera. Saying it's my body. It's not yours! You couldn't use that four slaves of you. That is my property, not yours, right right. The same exact argument that was being used- and it was bad then too, and it still bad now written, and so You have to get to a bench appear in a little bit there, claiming that these bills wouldn't prism. Others they want. These bills are completely unprecedented. They're, not. Goes on take into account the health of the mother. They do this.
Overturning Roby Wade, not exactly but much potential. It's a conversation. We have it. Let me ask you this: what is none of this matters What if these states to people here who are upset about these felt particularly Elizabeth, warns the web, here's, the entire Dnc Plus, of course, there's. You know, there's no intellectual diversity there at all one of these states would say Georgia Alabama had an abortion bill gave it made options for rape and insist in life, mother, they already make an exception band abortion at only twelve weeks requiring a five day waiting period. Would liberal support it you think, did support. Then what are you thinking? the protests and she and her husband did what they thought was best for their baby girl. They got abortion and the third trimester reproductive rights are about health. They
that safety. This existential fight for the right to make the lagoon existential body. Abortion cannot automatically legal. It has to be literally accessible yeah. I feel it is a basic human right that nobody gets to use your body without your consent. I wasn't about him. I want to raise one had a robot jamming, therefore sex with me, because I didn't want to become a mother. It is a normal part of women. Medical lives so far succeeding. Limiting our access to exercise our constitutional right constitution raised by the way what these innocent people who don't believe in the constitutional right to keeping bear arms which it
leaves a constitutional right to actually spelled out we're talking about amendments. Its number two right x, number one which includes randomly operative speech, which you also don't believe it happened. You ve heard of stepping over dollars to pick up pennies, your stepping over right to grab ones that build exist. Realists baseless prove that over your right to bear on is that are really like, because David Hog, wasn't it Michael, more film forty dimensions right to privacy. Therefore, he gave abortion and thirty two weeks, Elizabeth, worn, that's what I'm pretty confident on what it really is absolutely remarkable and by the way I want to make sure them clear that contacts at the First Elizabeth Wharncliffe she was talking about parenthood, or abortion, because the baby I was gonna, have a congenital really the heart defect, so I dont want to be accused of taken out of context. Here's the thing it doesn't matter.
That's not why she was opposing a twenty week. Abortion. Then you need to understand this. Ok, if they say or second, we need exceptions on this. There is no exception for raper incest right hold on a second year against twenty, we bend to happen on the flip side. Would you only, extend abortion beyond twenty weeks in cases of rape, incest or, for example, a congenital heart defect, serious birth defects, the health of the mother. That's not what I was with one proposed: no, not at all they don't those exceptions, you can't have it on one side of the coin and not on the other. It really is remarkable to me one arrogant, intellectual consistency. Who who cares, should be where exactly but what, if it doesn't mean anything and also the fearmongering that really Bosnia here, the right to fear mongering quite a bit where They are the right fear borders. They want your that's based on fear the honest. What consumers fearmongering k, K,
terrorism, socialism, ok, nine, eleven arab Spring ISIS Reload, my fearmongering. I call that a heads up sounded the alarm a little bit about, let's fearmongering what is it clear, change polar, icecaps, we're supposed to be gone by the way which most at the entire, almost posed. Famine. Aside from north american parts of Europe, Loan Levin, here's a Lord. I suppose you got no more coral reef, no more fish, not things no climate change, but the catastrophe certainly have an happened right abortion. You been abortion, you're gonna, be a you're gonna, be jailed for Miss carrying so where's the right to your mail. This gives you a heads up based on things that have actually happened in our currently happening across the world. The left fearmongering on things that can't be proven, never happen. They move on to the next thing. No one in this country has been regularly arrested for having abortions or for Miss carrying the. If you accept that wholesale you have bought false fear, during its not even close to the truth, and at least we can
that wouldn't get the conversation of abortion large, but hopefully I've I've assisted you if I haven't, then I just wasted a lot of time in your public. Money for bench appear anyways because we have on buttons would write about it, but my favorite small jewish man, eater met, and I don't really bay, which not Youtube's Twitter were That's because I have only one will their respect nets rejoined. You can join. My club to be rebel. Like me. Join up. Have freedom. To be around me
now, I know what you're thinking did he fire fourteen rounds or fifty that's erroneous. As my new all steel people, you five match at seventeen round magazine plus one in the chamber, with the best ergonomics in the business and capable of putting a shot break between your eyes for yards away. They have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky Julia Punk, a broader studios, protected exclusively by Walter. Louder with Crowder shop dot com is now selling baseball team in red, blue and ash. Get yours a lot of a spider shop, dot com today
see. I don't care about you and I'm dancing sign performance. It's about fuel music, move through me, namely my fingers. That's about pretty much that we establish a music movement is limited to the finger Tipps like an old like a father in law at away. Not my father in law very glad to have our next guess. I know that here busy man, these travelling around the country, so his time is limited, is new book the right side of history. How reason moral purpose made the great Wes he's been making the rounds talking about it, and I was the subject of a little bit of controversy, lessening which will talk about Mr Ben Shapiro, how are you, sir, and then again you did I,
I am doing all right, so I know you're talking before the break. I never knew how to broach this subject. So let me cannot, because you never know if it's a sore spot, like I talked with a fighter one time and ass for about a fight that was a loss for him and must in this is comparable to sit in that sense. But here you could tell you got pissed and I thought I thought that was a good question that is compelling, and this is a heavyweight who didn't like me after that. So this happened the BBC and we have some be role here. Guys him is it. Is it Neil Brennan and renewal. Andrew Nielsen, you're gonna was right. Now, I'm one! That's it! That's that's nice! You set me up, I think Brennan Britain was a fighter whom thing in your brother so listen as I think that the lot of the criticism there has been lodged against you, obviously, I think, is unfair. I think that some of it is constructive. What's your overall view on this, since we will be talking about it? Yes, I mean, I think, that in other there are certainly some things. I regret about this interview. I tweeted out step. I regret about the interview
then there, since, if I really don't regret about the interview that the stuff that I regret is in I'm in the middle of a book tour and we're doing a lot about interviews and the producers for BBC approached us, and they said we want to have you on to discuss the book, and I figured ok normal book interview, even if it gets a little bit antagonistic. That's that's totally find me. I just did an interview with vocs were shown willing opposes a lot of the ideas in the book. We did a long half our interview about it could use questions about the bucks. If you're, ok, no problem as busy days we sit down, I thought I was recently also. I read the box and if you let me tell you, I thought it was risky because it was in writing. It wasn't a video any time that happens, you have actually with someone like you were a lot of. It is read through tone. I thought who they could. They could make them judge but actually started came up pretty well, but it's not something I would do when I know it's just a plan. I mean I honestly like I'd rather do live video, typically, not even tape, rising with with easy, but in any case and outside it was lazy decision on my part, I didn't know anything
but the guy who's interview in me. I heard my ear. Obviously I have no idea who Andrew Nihilism follow: british politics all that closely. Truthfully we sit down and we start the interview and his opening question is really antagonistic of he starts asking about the barbarity of polite positions in starts as it isn't. This Georgia policy brings us back to the dark ages. You miss characterizes the Georgia law itself whenever you're, ok, I know who I know who the sky is obviously idiotic move I have no idea of the guy. Is that's the entire problem, so I assume just like any other was to ask that sort of question in the? U S, this person is on the left. Well, it turns out that Andrew Neil is apparently famously on the right there, although I assume not on the social right there, so I start pushing Adam prodding Adam there. So mistake number one didn't know who he is, and that was a mistake and you know you got own that I tweeted out even before the interview air, that I had no idea who was I apologize for saying that here,
the left when he is not in fact on. What's that I'm saying on what familiar with them, even I just got his name rice in you. I need to find out who Neil Brennan is because New Brennan is a person is in my there's. Chris Brennan was a fighter who had trained with once and then there's gonna Neil Brennan, no idea where, but I know who is a little bit, because you know I've seen. Canada were little bit more closely died with the parliamentary delegation and the idea of the more conservative but he's kind of a dark so that that part, you didn't get wrong. We're continue, so so so that brought us to the second part of the interview. Well, he eventually starts basically brow beating me with the idea that I've said things that I regret the past. Well, yeah I mean so have most of us have been in politics. I have a column that reference twice in the interview this this interview by the ways about sixteen minutes, and so he, by reference dimensions all the stuff. I may I say twice: I've got an entire column of its famous. I posted on line all about this sort of stuff that I've said that I regret, or that have explained, and he won't allow me to explain any of the comments and I start to get frustrated. This is what I make the second thing
I regret which, as I went to the ego play so again, based on the assumption that this guy is just some BBC schmuck and not a famous guy? I I say you know well, you know, I'm famous in you're, not which is always a bad move, always a dumb. I regret that we have that. That was stupid. Also now here's the thing. I don't regret, there's no question who is badly motivated Romanians, hired a line of questioning was right, you're, a bad person, I'm gonna smear, you you're a bad person. If I start to answer he interrupts your bad person over and over and over. There is all the bad things that you said Knight keep saying. Yes said things, I regret yeah, here's, how explain this one keeps referencing economy.
Twenty twelve as aching, ask me something from the last five years or when you re out member within I've. Written will be lower than that exact same thing. Yet is flashcards news? Bringing up old tweets from you a minute is something they always do. Yeah and again. The thing was, I wasn't in that heads based, so it's funny regular, like Shapiro, gets blown away in debate. While this was an interview, schedule doesn't ranger. If you like it. If you were debate you public instead of eight, I wasn't prep. The failure of preparation is my fault, sets except successful ambush for him, so it's a winter it here's the thing. I don't regret getting up and walking out on our river a heartbeat. I do not regret it for a second. The fact is that he was badly motivating. He was looking for the gotcha moment. He he felt he got the gotcha moment. Just by asking all these questions in refusing to listen to the answers, you didn't ask a single question about substance of the book at all. It took him seventeen minutes to get to the point where he apparently was about to ask that question and I felt like you know what I have. I do have a basic rule, and this is true in any conversation I said, is a thousand times in my speeches. My basic rule is when someone is intent on defaming your character. You have no obligation to continue with the conversation, that's what he was doing ran so I was out and by the way
This this idea that this was just an honest line of questioning its own producer tweeted out after this whole thing was over that this is. Why should have people lecture on so that you can basically attack their character? I mean it's, we write out himself, so isn't it can evaluate their vat getting up and walking out because again it was. It was an ambush. He gets a win for the ambush get. Can I offer I have you in a moment. Why have you in a mode talking about like to bring gonna, be ok, if I may that I may offer a little word of it. The other thing I would say about your walk out. This is the performance art of it. In my opinion, if you're gonna walk out walking what like light off a big old mouse. Canada walk away, laugh and because it that's what you're trying to walk out respectfully, you know you were, but it just like Let them go. And you walk out- that's how I could give you are gonna walk out to me for going to walk out, make it a serious walk out. Jonah Horta slapping you're Donegal on the table.
Here's the thing- and this is the part that always guilty as trying to be polite, even at the end you know, and then I tried to be polite after that by by kind of joking about ok. Well, you got me Ben Shapiro destroyed now that an apparently Politenesses is not invoke. But again, I freely admit this. One when like crap. For me it was not a great shining, genuinely crap. I just think that people are so listen everyone, people who don't enter the arena. There always looking to false someone who does right there always looking for you to fall, and I would say: is there someone that your best performance, but I really think it was, I think the guy was being- and I don't mean to let me have it both ways where they say well on the BBC in the UK they talk about Canada. Oh tell him. I'm unbiased turtle, ISM in Canada. Words are funded by the government, where our prime minister literally promised Hoddan fifty million dollars to the sea BC. If he wants a prize one, You can't say that their unbiased and its true journalism, they ask tough questions and then have an interview,
We spent fourteen minutes on your twitter and not on the book. That's also yet substantive. Listen. I agree with all that, but in I figure that listen, I hope myself to a higher standard, and so, if I don't live up to that standard than that's the way that it goes right me. That's that's my fault again. My first rule is you gotta research. The person who are debating my fault was, I didn't in so you get up, if you want research person, you're debating that's mistaken people in this time, you know what it's like chink, we're like ours. Is that what you know about from MILAN check your Unstayed with them and your own audience started. Building new winter then was debating you. This is what bothers me is, that is, the dog is the pig pile on people or people. So this about me continued change, my mind, which isn't a debate that we are not debating. High school kids will want to. Second, we debated.
Professors. Scientists on the show right, Naomi wasn't come on the show and you I know that you have people can when a search p, they just want to ask any nitrate, yet others. This is that now we're getting out of hand me the mind, which is how all the media coverage, which was you know, held debate, college students, but as soon as he gets in the rain. Ok, I can. I've have had on the Sunday special Andrew Yang. We discuss you, be I adversarial about it, but friendly I've had on SAM Harris I've had it public debate with him on his own podcast, I was on Belarus. Show I've debated, shrank publicly, aggregated black lives matter. Publicly socialist shalmaneser want publicly admitted gun control. Publicly I've debated more than pretty much anybody that I know one lesson I have discussions of people on the left so frequently that literally the day that this interview, a state that interview with OX came out right again shown willing disagrees with me, but was a perfectly nice cordial conversation in which we decided
get to the issues at the heart of the book and I think by the way, if you want an informative back and forth on the book, that's a good place to start so that then the interview you don't know. I feel that we have a whole lot about on. I'm I'm the bad here. Look at me, I'm not a journals recruit, but I haven't asked about them. Tell us about the book, because the book obviously is about kind of how to have these conversations for people who don't Arthur given overlay here of your book. Yes, I mean that the book is basically asking a question: why is it that we live in most prosperous, freest time in world history and yet what sort of beating each other up- and the answer is that we don't have shared fundamental universal beliefs anymore? What were those shared fundamental, universal police at the heart of western civilization? Why are they good? Why did they produce this good free, prosperous world? And what are those believes that we should be re acquainted with? And why did we lose? Those universal principles are really a sort of a pop history of philosophy in two hundred fifty pages, unless it's not the world's easiest way, but I think it's pretty.
Former than pretty and pretty useful, and I think it answers and some important questions more important questions than about this crappy. Twenty seven point, though, those questions can be funny and if ever pulled minor I'll just have to my response. We just have to write. That sounds like something I would say: yeah, that's pretty bad! That's why I ll never run. Hold the standard at the holder's data of a joke of comedy against me. That's happened. Forty people taken statements like it when you came to that statement. Literally just like you tat, can take a statement. I made us a drunk Mcnulty, dresses, Rosa Parks and sketch. There is a difference between the commentary and the bits. It's it's a little bit alarming that you just use the word western civilization because, as we were reading and so on, that's a dog whistle for white supremacist premises. Exactly as we all know. Why two premises that that's my thing I mean it is. I will notice a slight media ballots, so they
if you're the BBC got all this coverage. That's fine! Totally fight the week before the FBI arrested, somebody for threatening me kill me and my family, and I got five stories, none of them from national publication. Right. Of course, that's pretty just worth yeah. This does our. When we had, we did the crowd of conference of someone who threatened to, I think, was someone firebomb. No wonder Lasher tyres require bomber van, and we confront this personally Kate by the way really quickly we're not advocating violence. I would really like it if you take down this call to to bomb my team and my Van and Austin Ronald lady, what like the taller, intimidated, muscular Stephen crater intimidates is poor small, your answer, my. Why didn't you mentioned that this person tried to bomb my manner and well? I did mention that you allege that no money, no, he hears the paths that well. I see that you're alleging.
Now that this person says I did it really. Is there really is a disproportionate response of the media kind of, as we discovered this week with the top hoaxes autonomy of brick, have another rapist, the Russia, conspiracy, hoax, Jesse Small, and then all these other hate crimes they spring of hate crimes played obviously from my wonderful home state of Michigan? What's your, this went back and forth this week where she talked Her with its set was calming feeling you're coming here at home and when she thinks about the Holocaust and fuels that people were saying, conservatism and taken out of context when I read it in its entirety, I will not only makes it worse because she said if I get a sense that I get a calming feeling
I think of how we provided a safe haven, even though it was against our will and obviously have a surplus of our humanity because they have a willing party here. What do you think is the accurate read on that and we remove the political ping pong, so I dont think that hurting the Holocaust gave her a calming feelings are saying, I feel calm about the murder of six million tunnels, and that's how do you know what you're saying that a part of it that's bad is when she completely recast the history in a way that is not only a historical but anti historical, the Palestinian Arabs, where the original inhabitants in the land, the Jews, have no connection with land. The only reason the state of Israel was created was because of the Holocaust, and then we palestinian Arabs. We worked to integrate them and bring them at every aspect of this gesture crap and the problem is that it does back the anti semitic narrative. The Jews have no place in Israel that they are european colonialist implants and that the Palestinian Arabs are the true victims when it comes to the foundation of the state of Israel, despite the fact that the palestinian leadership such work with Hitler to impose a final solution in the Middle EAST, despite the fact that the Palestinian Arabs worked with the british mandates, prevent jewish emigration to Israel to british mandate, Palestine in the middle of the Holocaust and there she is proclaiming that the real victims in all of this
or that what the palestinian area mean again it plays into an anti semitic narrative because she's an anti semite, but anybody whose reading the calming holocaust thing in the way that I spoke about earlier that obviously, in this rate it's it's it's a mystery, but I also understand why she shut it. What does she mean by common feeling? I don't know. I think that you John, how towards integrate these? On this a commentary? He basically said she thought she was saying something. Nice. Bad, saying something nice so when she says that you to call me village means the Holocaust is bad, but it makes me feel better about all of the evils that you did to me when I, when I think about the evils that we're done to you and how we were the victims of you. Hearing from that makes me feel better, should not you're saying something nice, but just an anti semite. That's not really possible why researchers have gone back to the treaty to pull out one of my old tweeting ETA tweet. It was a joke like a modern Islamic. It was about islamic governments. It is one in twenty this moment. Twenty, sixteen basically nazis, who beat their wives.
And I feel like how dare you may that comparison? Well, let's take Hamas. Let's take these organizations table if you dont think if they could exterminate Jews right now, they had the ability to wage a new holocaust. Of course they would- and you know they beat their wives nazis- I'm sure some of them did, but it wasn't exception, not the rule we can give them now I'm not going to go here. It's people don't talk about the alliance through a lot of these Lompoc worldwide, and that is certainly true that, but that that is the net is the pointed to leads idiocy, and the fact is that it has remained the same. Neither the mufti of Jerusalem has like love letters from him or in the middle of the holocaust. Talking about like, we really hope did what this jewish threat off the planet and thanks for your help, so that's pretty great and they were playing a game of telephone with tin cans and a string with Henry Ford NEWS like what what can I do not want this people, so I guess that's true, very nutrition
and I suppose you know them, and I thought I did know that. Oh my gosh you're, really some pretty Rwanda. When you look at it honestly, I can't take this interview. I now I gotta, I gotta be gone this. What you want to smother walk. We reached mania reached even minor whatsoever,
it is certain that please I hear you boys needed a hamburger right on your ass deep in your goal. Anyone no longer be able to show my is in court. Ok, continue.
If you dont join my gloves, Mattie will die.
that's called the man. You don't realize that you can't you can't purge a flight helmet dummy There's a japanese hundred Kazi who yet purging IDA put when he's good at he pulled off. Then you you'd better, and this is built,
really small, had how does it look over his headphones? How can we get this right? Lower You so much to avenge Rivero even a little bit of a move there again, we can accept. I'm very uncomfortable. You think I just stick with it and keep the helmet. Yeah really revitalize cultural appropriation. I should let you know. Next, we s this whole show is going to be hosted by none other than Bernie Sanders. Strew, that's the entire programme, guess segments. Everything I'm going to be off. Bernie Sanders what we said hosting and then of course, June Cultural Appropriation month, because Guerrero appropriated to appreciate witnesses where we appropriate a new culture. Every single everyone Kapital and bring you the wondrous creations that cultures have to offer across the world send in either here on Youtube, or we made a scatter the countries. You want to see an hour It's been three years now get three years. We can three or four ten or twelve in three things, don't count. We got a lot three years and what
was one of those years had five. Yes, the we have five Thursdays was at the way worked out. I don't know, I don't have a one we have under one week, one month we should now we have an act. We forgot there was another Thursday in June and another, Did we got lays India or Sweden or something go look of cultural provision month, Sweden and see, what's up Don't get mad at me, really excited for for electric light lot of big empty was the. Realize Remember the look music as this fund until we're doing, is really messed up. Ok, credit closing this silly hat took you man, he pulled it off. Well, that's a great example: people talk about privileged girls where you know giants and glasses. They look. You guys, wherein they look like the retarded, really try to cover up a bender. You wear that helmet,
tell you it's disgusting, I went I look like I love against. I looked like it, so you get the silver. Then it's a retard crash moment. I was initially I, like most corners, should be nerved Are cracked closes these I've talked about truly living in your purpose of thought, but then the show when we get a lot of messages needed to life, advice, love, tough love segments here for those were my club members, we don't really apple them Youtube, but you're, a good rule of thumb- and I was talking with with many and TIM about this- is kind of a rule. If you cannot describe your concept, your business or your point of view, if you cannot give someone that pitch in it full of phrases. You really maybe haven't thought about it. So well, so I'm trying to steal this good rule of thumb. People talk about living in their purpose. How they figure out you'll find
yourself invaluable to someone else when you yourself, invaluable to some someone else. Only put a really simply. What I find yourself this is the formula really really good at something? My different brand countless talked about that You want to figure out what you're about get excellent at something. Make yourself irreplaceable and by the way it doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be irreplaceable too. Hot of people? Can you can make yourself and able to your boss to your kids to your employer? these two your church Little League, because you're the best damn coach ever saw- I dont know, but your replace breeds trust and when you find more people are in, still you with more responsibility. That's when you get to show people what your true character. Otherwise you never know when someone says. Oh, that's. You need to get that done. Ex Donner why I'll give it to but no one does it better it'll feel great, but you also being
And there are these soundbites, we hear all the time we hear a lot of athletes say this like opera, you, it's not what what you do when you win that defines you, but how you come back from a loss or sometimes The other way to wear these will losing is easy. Winning is hard. Staying on top you figure out what your maid of neither is true: You you want to find out what your made of I don't know who you are it's what you do with trust When someone trusts you, you are effectively both signing a character check, figure that way a character check of accountability, responsibility expectations, he signing the front your son in the back of it, think it every great athlete. Or or world leader from it could be following Gretzky, something is trivial as something like hockey to Winston Churchill. They were all the I end by their wines as much as their losses. None either scenario that finds you, but at both ends by the way they were entrusted with doing their best. So
trust from leading people to a Stanley CUP, leading the teams to losing seasons. Tat defined wink risk the failures of Gallipoli to the victory in world war. Two. We talk about Churchill, these were people in positions which carried great intrinsic trust because of their expertise because of their excellency, and because they could be counted on to do their best. You, no one ever gets entrusted with a whole lot, the mediocre the good enough. So if you can explain it to me right now, in one phrase, two phrases I'll give you most two phrases. You haven't thought about it hard enough about to ask you a question K. You ready. What are you really good at think about what do others, or what do you think? What should others entrust to you specifically.
If you don't know all the self help books and silent retreats in the world you're not going to help you, you need to figure it out, find out what makes you excellent find out who trust you and what they trust you with you'll find out who you are and that's something you can control all right, I'll see you next week without the stupid helmet, You heard her
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