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2019-06-07 | 🔗
Cultural Appropriation Month kicks off with Canada! Talking all things 'Nasty' Meghan Markle, Transgender murderer sex games, horsey McDrive throughs, and of course the #VoxAdpocalyse. Joined by THEE Dave Rubin.

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once again. You gave your prime minister gesture down for comparing use. I might do serve a purpose you to deal with these issues- you, oh god, where's. My c Alice. That sort of thing I can spare the fluids right now. Ok, centre in Who is the prime minister people? Why haven't you deplore the unstable trotter? Yet? Did you see what
not for has planned for payment appropriations literally speech they put away majestic notion of Canada? Don't bent robbed me, Mr Prime Minister, Sir a couple of weeks, First, I found out about the rolling stones running a train on my mom. Then the relentless attacks vocs, gentlemen, scholar, Flodden origin, who happens to be attracted to members on same sex, which is both brave and beautiful. Now there's this blatant anti canadian rhetoric. I thought prouder, What's Canadian. If you ever want to be welcome in a great nation of Canada, amendments which ascii I'd mind my tongue, so then was born the cesspool of filth and satisfies Detroit he's, not one of us every one of us, Mr Prime Minister, there's no doubt Stephen is an inseparable prick.
But we couldn't find any actual violations of any guideline. Go to hell with your guidelines. We both know they're not worth the paper there printed on. You can make them disappear like a third in the wind. Does for decades with its really. We the words we, Mr Prime Minister, we demonetized his entire channel. Don't patronize me, you know, devil that he makes his living as a motive salesman team. Tightening won't even make a dent, but Mr Prime Minister didn't stop there we ve. Since booted in demonetized thousands of other channels as well. The box it pocket this has been the excuse we needed all along the channel that even so much as broaches controversial subjects, they're gone
comedy central channels in history channels and neutral political channels. We put the edge where's, my child was by three modal twenty make up tutorial, no stop stop! That's not funny, but just oppose the appropriation from happening. It's too late for that
because it's happening right now, that's Joan which marks love, what progress? Fourth annual control appropriation month, where we take you across the globe, learning about and appreciating all the great cultures this world as to offer storing order black Garrett, Audio G Morgan Junior to queue, Mattie Special Guess, the hard now to take you to the beautiful one, proud country of Canada, your browser, you so much. We should they let you have Dave Reuben on the show and we have its cultural identity or they that's not gonna. Let me start with the right out of the bag, Canada, some facts, facts about Canada, lotta people, don't know. First, that I was not born
We want to treat but loony tunes. It was actually named after our dollar into dollar coins. Beavers are actually consider once a year royalty ran actually yet once every winter solstice it precipitate steel, certain age, suppressing, look it up. Let me know if you can What it is there now Dave Reuben on the show. The harsh twins are third year. Conservative twins is your answer. You have to get you and your tours where harsh twins toward outcome has twenty two ok cross more you make up for quarter Blackbeard, so I guess you reach can happily. We really have a well documented. You wouldn't want to be able to monitor our voting or reserve. What are we supposed to get the beaver
Oh well. Now we just lost with yesterday was the third most watch live stream of the year because it lacks popular in our norodom now, right next to the other third tier show at nine. A m with implies cutting sex, attracted gentlemen who I haven't, learn his name yet, but I hear he's a good person sequester that everything we're gonna be getting back into the Vocs Ed pockets in budgets, but which is the independent. We told you yesterday. This was coming and then sure enough, just a few hours. People. Booms Oda demands, as if your mouse info here today, which were you most surprised to see demonetized. Are we not surprise at all? Where do we go from here? Genuinely curious S, Europe and you take one question: how choice, because it had been an hockey a hockey coming before. No, no, not surprisingly, well retaliatory President Ronald one guy in Canada. Actually one going again. It was a black learn, a lot and I'm using surprise. He was a fighter, but he was just an enforced
those those are not real occupied either now know nothing. He's gonna live rule. We have no idea, but when I had been before the showed how to quickly yet very very AIDS beer, you know what data we cannot say. Can we just get beyond see? You can just be colorblind, it's just a beer. Very present. Trump says that with peers Morgan to clarify the nasty comment he made about duchess of sex but sexist. This is, so I was very- I slept two hours this way you can guess Duchess of Sussex Duchess of Sussex. Just I can when safe twice little on imports into the clip. I didn't know she was nasty. I was referring to her she's nice. Yes, it about me. You sound, like a boy has been caught it. What you told me was the huge energy it was her at the cottage. Was your hand. I don't know
If you listen to the adequately, there is actually an audio, though, if using the original comments in antics, he wasn't me talking about the judges at all thirty seconds. Mister Brett way everybody the growth of suits their with it ass. He should have happy for, though, after the queen, at his Bob killed british Data Weber. That was a great peace. It is aimed at the funeral that so I could take about think about what a great piece of your microphones. They use less valued in organizing a little way off, I'm actually I'm receiving exclusive right. Now we go now livelier, vocs ed. At the box headquarters in progress,
no one's? You two story about the bicycle Europe. What we at the hotel at the other did, did you guys know? You was all sending us very well and good it? We saw the Lebanese said, Youtube's ban and racist NEO nazis right. I didn't you pop up. Where do you live queer Queer cuts back to the Lebanese? Like this where do. Most of you would believe that avoids premises straight to your shoe, where
now. I wonder why we get we was gaunt bill is so yes they but DNS like ok, that's why I like some goes its way into the Porsche roundup. Only mug club members need a black eye cable if they see that just let you know they're getting their stories straight from box their running the super cut, don't even care anymore. I come at me bro. Transgender murderer, there's a phrase. Never thought! You'd words: when will you back to back? That's transgender murderer was metrology. Murder was moved back to an all male jail after having sex with a female innate from daily mail, Cayley Woods, formerly known as Kyle Lockwood, requested a move to the women's prison, but within weeks had started. The sexual relationship lifetime is actually already secured. The film rights tentatively
could have seen that coming starting to think that it is in everyone's inject that that is an obvious way. So this a twenty three year old guy who's committed of murdering his flat made, who had zero evidence that he was actually trans. Like do you think this is unlike a dare like, do you think you can transfer. The women's prison from doing S lawyer, I know you're murder, but let's see if they do it. I have the world right now. You'd probably switched yourself well, how did he won't be oranges, the new horrible Atlantis more but funnier they got, they saw the southern like one of one of the people had their clothes off in the toilet seat was broken, so we knew what was going on. Well, it wasn't, but I'm sure I just can't looking haven't, said anything you're, something seriously. You look like. I re Michael Lifestyle seriously guide his hair black if Red Michael's had sex with Bella.
Elsie, sounds like a lot of more or less Monica. The whisky creates this. I see two thousand Muppet recycler referee, why don't we get together near the box at par collapse, but it's gonna. Let us take our time here. We gotta meander down the young front. Comic relief with gay lions and tin man horse is actually the other horses or try to get served in Mcdonald's, where it promptly pooped on the floor before leaving cells, manure Mohammed. This comes from us from Daily STAR, of course, one of the managers at a restaurant so that he was shocked, never witnessed an instant before like it, even sadder, actually set Mcdonald's was a horse. A second choice have particular refused to serve, because he's gay and for Thou transgender
no it's a game or swallow gay. You ve, got a hard to tell casually gay there's gotta, be that that that's one more letter for the algae b to heat. You. What is known as everyone is really had a strong leader. I got yoga released some kind of poison gas when using brand what's happening here I don't know just but weak. Its ministers kills more people than drugs Listen we finally arrived. I apologise in advance, hush ones. The NBA teams are looking to drop owner as a title yeah. We got our concerns to tat racially insensitive. This is a real story which almost makes it worse, we'd better for the union been from p element talking about the issue for awhile come from teams, but it goes demon Lebron James, show the shop argued against teens using the term owner. Some, of course, have been colonists political correctness, while others have pointed to the Charlotte Hornets ill advised Amistad, throw back
currencies which seems as though there pushing the on line where training and then pay thirty million, or so you take the good with the bad via a what. What do you want to call it? What do you want to call Pimps, WMD, nobody owners, because they all your property. When you get older people, just new problems that there's literally no more entitled Europe of athletes. No, entitled than eighty eight areas who are vastly overpaid by the way, vastly we're not soccer players now they're, not overpaid much as MBA waiting. I don't? U unjustified. All you just said. No, because it's your thing and extend were not revised. We know who aren't overpaid hockey player so you got a world order. Nobody cares about. Turkey's bailout consider ice
glazing over one and a half years hate railway before we get to Vauxhall, add pocketed the notification Bell do bookmark the page, because we have no idea how long subscriptions modifications are going to work, and I subscribe on Itunes, one instant ram lottery crap Twitter S, credit joined a mailing list. We just want to lose touch with his. We don't know, what's going to happen to another, you to Channel called crowded bits, tell us what you like to see on their diskette as little clip bloated their policy on the common section, I'll have it. You re just wait a tribute contest when it before we get to box apple, bullfrog, evil or correctly answering the socialism is for fig shirt was banned on Instagram, their eyes boracic bags and why they mentioned Zags with a clear picture of a thing which was trembling assets idea is awesome. Honourable mentioned goes to Regina, see one one one for one eight. I have no idea what it who yes provided the incorrect answer for last week, but correctly predicted what was to come. So can good on you, all right. So when we talk about box a little bit more, this is something I think
to understand because the vocs apocalypse Red trending after that's what you guys are working on the show, just sort of live streaming and we were all ass- is now those fears and then it was ripped erase rending four hours afterwards gap and we saw this groundswell of people who are not conservatives, not the political, echoed chamber at all. They started jumping and by the way, are jumping in everyone from four, even conservators attacking you at that point, because he I want once again on the trend and have their appeal so, I dont believe everything you read both in the plus the miners, though Latona Minus, let's be honest, but here's something important. I think a lot of people don't realize they things. New, it's not vocs, has a long history of specifically targeting competitors and more more civilly individual creators. So let's look at something that the tactics that I've been using for a long time to get people de platform. I should say people the competition when it's an individual channel like you guys, are like this channel or a big big corporate general. It doesn't matter.
Have no idea what kind of wars they have between vice could be like websites joy over there. Only in Chelsea, because we know that they will be in downtown abdominal worth. Its work takes place. Lot of border regions there, I think that we can only a Cubans and Mexicans which are not allowed to say not. All, though didn't, let's start by real that this isn't just gonna end with our platform ready, monetizing raw maza, the guy at box, for people who don't he is the, when Anne Schuyler Latino Origin, who happens, we attracted members the same sex and that's Braden Beautiful you wants physical violence against voices who disagrees with culture, is power to attack trump supporters, milkshake them mob them on, and you know what is considered borderline content because you never get these interests from you to go and calling for physical assaults and battery worries. Maybe that's on the line, especially considering that not much later after these tweets trump supporting were attacked and
Zack way described action meet reactionary, exactly and people be like all it's just a milk shaking a girl apparent that that's assault by law. If I think there's like as a specific definition matter, that was qualified as battery and then, if you create like a scratch or something like that, there may even be assault charges like that's what it acid and in somebody yet you have no idea somebody's about get thrown something you have no idea. What's in there can a rocky could be any kind of thing. I don't want anybody throwing snuff at leftists know nobody throwing it at every point in Mozilla, but all that lets Gallagher. Let us partnership, have won't you guys. You're someone through milkshake at you o day, go to sleep where, were you bear my public up, a real inapplicable things, Bolivia I'm sorry, I have something in there. Moreover, this is finally to the politicians. Bodily in Canada are Prime Minister's get Pied, that's an actual thing. Well, that's actually not only walk out with a boss and cream pie and push it in the face.
RO rotating. It's like a cartoon like, or why this happens to me. It had all the time, there's no secret Aramis in, but like. If someone did whipped the milkshake at you, you're not abolish another public figure. Would you kicked the persons ass? A and your whips, a milk should get you or your y yeah, probably oh yeah sure I would willingly throbbing. I gotta stop there. What do you think? That's you gotta, protect yourself at that moment. God go ahead. I could tolerate if it's me, but if it's my wife, oh you gotta, go You gotta come coming off. What, then this is I am philosophy any time you put someone in a situation where they even could fear for their light. Yes or they have used now actually forfeited you're right to live from other knockout game. Yeah. I don't know who you are. I don't know that you're playing a knockout game. I do know that in a slap me all I know is you're trying to full. Why me or someone I hold someone put hold you knifepoint. I can't know that you, We just want my wallet. I have to assume that, because thousands
people every year. Go all the way. I have to assume that you're willing to use- and I think it was soon after the Euro came with me- smacking ahead. The conquering too, have to assume that you're willing to put acid in the milk shake. Therefore, now it's not ideal, but if you do that- and you put someone else and that scenario you forfeit you're right to live down- sorry Dems the brakes now, of course, for the people is that a collar violence gnawing dont. Let anyone violently assault to crawl to defence spending. My tweets are still up to adjust. It right now is also treated us about this ass living people dislikes on Twitter. It's kind of a joke. We joke a lot but you're, not exactly that. Assassinating people.
Let's bench, apparently, seven parity strike that will probably joke about assassinate people at some point, so I want to have the pass fair, blacker affair. I thought about system that you're alone. That was there's just point. This is me I'll get you have you have you thought about you, you Stephen you look at the Olympics, agriculture, so that you know and you break up there on the posters today about soul and ski that you know the rules. For radicals. You talked about accusing others of doing what it is that you are doing yourself exactly so Vocs Maza Box by proxy to encourage actual physical violence. They ve called for actual targeted harassment campaigns, but then the accused other people of doing it. That's important note if he says look there there inciting violence. No, you actually hath reds, verifiable proven you try to coordinate mass flagging campaigns and by the way, is also claim. This is some.
Me specifically that the perfect Youtube creator, because of this divisive environment that are concerned that Youtube gave a twenty million dollar grant to vocs in Vienna as a lot of money. That's quite Compliments going in a million dollars the perfect Youtube creator. I ain't got no. Are you I'd Mckenna? no, twenty thousand twenty thousand twenty one million dollars loss of it more. I can't do it twenty twenty million dollars that the universities- bigger how the ladder of credit it's just their content is, is cheap and it's easy. We spend why did you We ve been undermined chinese videos when it comes to copyright in research and interviews, you're talking in front of it see pennies catalogue page if it took, you must didn't we refute it within the day. We naturally I let it maybe it over many people on staff and that's why they're walking out of your head quarters today exactly that about that's about the time it takes to about one of those videos with actual sources both about that
the time it takes us to go out there and find information that robots what you said and if you were eight any good at your job. You would robot that right, you're, not everything that we ve done. Those strongly discourage people from harassing other people. That's where we're not in the harassment game where, indeed telling you the truth game and sometimes we have to on a lot of comedy and they're? Just it doesn't make it a little bit more palatable right. Well, we gotta do something but what I hear and religion, as is so this is I do it on acts of yeah. There's enough, I bitterly all that in all of these bed red, we ran a pretty much right and you ve never rallied this very, very clear point. They even accused this. You have never rallied anyone to go and harass endeavour. They cannot prove in any way yourselves other than me behind the scenes. It happens tat by the way, by the way we have we have really. We said this at the outset we have bonafide black people in the studio is Stephen. I suppose since the morning you, where you can take my word mon above thirty, four percent, works. Fifty bores, that's just made
We're just financed by the pigment of your melanin early Stevens asked he's. No races checks of the male is deep. Black this is a mayor really want to talk about what about this? Is it there's just someone getting deeply formed? Incidentally, this is the again I could keeping his name miles if those are unfamiliar with. He is the gentlemen scholar, latino origin who happens redirected to members the seams. What about your film grave, beautiful Maza, this guy get along main tat, brave, beautiful, letting get it king for medium matters. Now for those people who don't A lot of you or other political, echoed chambers. I know not. Everyone here is necessarily a pot policy wants a lot of. You may not be familiarity of guys familiar with me matters. It's a website that exclusively exists just to train boycott sponsors of conservatives. What's wrong, that's all!
Only reason exists the after this, you guess I'll show you gotta go check it a chicken, and he said that the reason he went to many matters. His goal was to quote: take down Fox news that Part of you know, that's his back and since being it logs he's made video after video after video about Fox NEWS, which, coincidentally, is what spurred all this. The news runs the media and we were, but it's I guess, that's her. Ass men by you to this year with ink it as ready. You key could have provided an interesting rebuttal, but by the way. How is that affected Fox NEWS so far as he is? He achieved this goal? He's gone, why have you? What did she was going to be the focal point right of these people painters out or one right here? I think their stolen still number one. He's gonna philosophy, the owners I have here because it believes that we should develop from anyone that we don't agree with this answer. Even here there with my laptop, I thought the gears to two years of a feather should stand together to get the flooding birds of a feather now to go again- is beautiful and break you phone book.
Innovation that you do not misrepresent my words out of context and raise a queer and feathers. Beautiful, brave, queer feathers. Rail cleared a totally different way. Algae bluntly, we forgot your evil. He ran again. To give you, of course, to pull adds off of Tucker Craftsmanship, sick twitter profile subsidies, a white supremacist ass did the same thing with Lord Ingram. This is what's important. Vocs in this guy who is their attack dog was that they never engage and arguments only trying to get people deep platform deep lad forming is what they call him back. Surveys on very that's all reason for being for limits, like scalps keeping contacts we ve never once I Anyone in this room is ever once try to get anybody de platform. On the flip side we get past this bump on the robot, so we can go back, degrading content, Maza, K and Vocs their ideal content is a story of successful de platform at that is
the end game. That is the goal, and it's not just this individual, whose beautiful, brave looting, origin, Vocs, company has a history of just running campaigns against people and they did it with beauty pie. Is there an article in article a box of ongoing talks about it? As such it's not just about me by my girls and Fox newspaper. You look what happened to all our position. They want it completely gone. This is a direct quote from gentlemen. Vocs of latino origin who happens retracted, dynamic export beautiful breakfast. We said that even greater is not the problem out. Jones is and is not the problem. These individual actors are not the problem. They are symptoms and the product of Youtube's design. So it's not that he wants people gone to accomplish something else: That is the accomplishment he went to media matters with the express purpose of writing rid of Fox news when he could. He's right, I'm going to go to box and then just so happens to time with algae BT. Q month
and the major walk out of the box out of censuring we're gonna added a super cut that done lemons gonna be disgusted by fanatically rain. So you wanna take just a second here, because the reason that this is incredibly important, not just for you not just for Europe, the people that are affected by this, a people that have been demonetized right now more evenly platform. Every single regime in the history of the world that turned out to be a murderous, socialist or fascist or dictatorial regime has set, if only all of the dissenters were gone, if only we could shut them up or take all of their power where that is, so loudly how you end up in a place like that. If you say you can't critique, you can't have a different opinion. You can't read, but what was their whole idea, what they say they lack of free speech, really isn't free if someone else's intimidated, you don't think black people were intimidated when they couldn't go. Look at EL great,
So should we can all great civil rights cheapens in the United States, Russia? They start with speech, they start with speech and if you stop the starting point for they can never but yeah. That's an injustice remarkable to me. You do not help people, minority classes. Stifling speech, because, eventually someone the majority that majority will choose, which minority speech to stifle right exactly so. This is this is the perfect thing because it's actually turned on him right. It's already started to turn on him in his, but so is he's unleashed and anemonies you're already seen. You should be able to see. Ok, maybe I want to walk down this Maybe I don't want to be the one deciding because tomorrow somebody else could decide all he's loveliness. No, I don't think you should undoubtedly adorable here's the thing you don't understand what, when the machine turns on you, you can't do anything about it. What's going on about him, it sets about box or one of agenda innocent. It's about a billion dollar company and and independent
Leaders were always a target, not just myself. That's what you see, people who just historical channels now he's again. We just cover issues that might be controversial, not even right. Wing independent creators as a whole always been the target, because it's about you trying to change their entire business right didn't want to do this for a long time, they ve made videos repeatedly trying to get twitter and Youtube to change the designs and standards. This is some. Has been going on for a long, didn't very open about it. Yet, and I think in a box just did it sucks it it jumping into the arena of ideas in competing. It can't just jump in and say these are. Ideas were in a back up a fax organ or about every video. The treasure about us arena. We're gonna, handle every argument. We're gonna bring on people, disagree with us so that we can show you their argument and defeated by the wise course. Anyone from anyone, one from vocs anyone of their longer welcome too. I doubt it no you're, all beautiful and brave what they meant to stable, We made it very clear that this is not about demonization
it's about removing all voices from the platform that they deem to be harassing. Well, ok, how do you? How do you measure that what they don't like their genetically about whatever makes you feel uncomfortable, even though you do the same thing. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable somebody does it do to me it's frankly a marvel that you guys are still allowed to walk any digital landscape. Will, I know, that's crazy right tunnel, twin muscle, work out. We can upload for the next two weeks why they will lose. Some videos from twenty fifteen say was harmful. Endangers year was just fanned all video it just doing we coffins football. A software Doha Rear is all right. Sir. There is more to it than that. Not I was it. I restarted my Youtube manicure, she doesn't say anything. She just puts a link to create or support. Just like you're one of those aims the empty end, like the network, Otto having seen think if we got dropped by hours they come with us will protect doing this happens.
Wooden by. I don't blame them. Listen most people, I really don't think it's a train honestly, though, that we have regular bill, which means that one would you start him see anything. I guess I don't care. If you have people actually want a place that protects you guys. Let me know too: that's gotta, maybe something we ve started because these other spots you're just gonna, play ball with you too and once we really could, when they move, will sign what we're not can assign you guys, you will be lost and I dont even know. My lawyers on retainer have White Gabby. Now one of the business of a lot of climate melting predictions were putting click paid out there, but yesterday we did release hours before it had we had exclusive leaks that vocs the apocalypse was going to be coming for you it within the hour countless people on you know how many there opposing and lost money asian. Is it hundreds? No, I think it's hundreds yeah that'll everyone again from
occasion, channels to just plain comedian, channel commentary channels are what else. If I may, that people have even over we're clamouring for Youtube to actually MAC, policies would like cronies, nor do they bombed actually know you think we had what'd, you do fanatics John, what we other show we are on the silver several of the amendments that I agree with him on almost nothing So I guess, as this is the problem of the inviting people being turned, one may be getting on a trend, and you know trying to sort of just wedge in personal attacks or personal compliments. Alot of this stuff is an accurate, but at this point it's really beyond politics. Kay, These weren't right when the council many the morning, little account at all, and I need you understand. This isn't going to get better. This is
you get a lot worse its when I get a lot worse unless you get active, but here's a silver lining. I think a lot of people maybe are looking for a silver lining. The backlash is far worse. Far far worse from you to creators, not conservative people, but people who understand the kind of ramifications if this could have for their channel and the people who create the continent, you two billion people who built you to write. This is something else I think I'm going to keep in mind. You guys have been partner shallow. Ok so two thousand eight my brother was made apartment two thousand six and back then it was really unique because Youtube wasn't the only game in town. There are other video, so partner declared right a Youtube partner, but Youtube remember was the only one paying right, that's how they got rid of competition, the amber theirs. It have you come if you upload with us will pay. You will make your partner you to partner programme, and so you guys from me so well, yeah strew livelier, whoever was around it and we're going to upload a youtube and then once
big enough and they see those NBC universal and dismal vice dollars. They say I hush when you're gonna write credit you're, not you needed us to build this programme to build this platform, and then you want to toss us out and pull rug out from under you guys when you ve soothed serve your purpose. That's the problem is squashing competition on a dishonest and dishonest business problems. I really have had a stroke They didn't expect the backlash of all the creators of people like you, people out there who are not considered and that's what I say, get active at least make your voice heard of you. I beg you to channel mega video about it right away. Specula. Democratize yourself, I dont want you guys, Go down with the ship like us, we're all we mostly already demonetized. It was ninety percent or seventy percent. Now it's a hundred percent big deal promo code free speech from but right now we're getting you thirty dollars off. You guys, keep us afloat. We really appreciate it, but the backlash so much worse from people who built this entire bids.
Model and there are not enough cobra guy Seasons in the world to make up for that versus the backlash they were afraid of with the two percent of the algae Bt Q population of vocs, they saw some re tweets, goin out, which was engineer from the ground up. Was complete astroturf going at media matters Nathan? Oh my gosh, everyone's ones. Getting furious advertise we're gonna jump ship was recapitulate to the area since it attracted beautiful, guy this? This is our goal and crack crept up. What are we re? So one thing that you have to do put keep keep it up right, keep talking about using. She talked about people making videos. I think the one thing that conservatives fail to do, that the other side does really really well, is make their voices heard a lot of times. You just gonna sit back and don't say anything about it, and all you here is from the other BT community on this one. You you're all these sweetheart Gosling, This step is going on. You need eggs, many people again get I don't. Let them forget exotic, don't let them forget it because, as you saw the kind you took a cave the little it both ways
thank you did nothing wrong, you're linking backwards. It's like ever flip there's, although he bore this happened, I've never seen you guys. I envy you to be this point. You're gonna get somebody off. They are already. There were tapping said Youtube it's a miracle, but they should have taught in business school alongside New Coke and the slit sphere contaminated because they have managed to come up with a solution. Everybody are oh yeah, we're just gonna demonetized his entire channel. What the biggest! you're with general in the history of Youtube, yeah. Why? Well? Because he didn't violate any guidelines, but we gotta give the Parana something and then the product, but he's only demonetized, never not enough. It's that would so funny in this box. Is Margaret was please do because he'd weeded out some guy. They afford to get these like over.
God. I can't believe you got caught up with this. I didn't see this coming like really. I know, what's going on things them just speaking days, they might be, might well be Robert in your speaking to a mere right here. But the truth is I, like you too, with one of you can reach out, and I know because I don't get my legal counsel, any proper information, so I can see where this eventually ends up. I doubt you actually reach out, but- love to know who you're consultant wasn't Gallagher, I don't wanna, who got fired today vices and walked out only nine fire, because he's probably game. I was now now knows. Brown diverse knows Tyler that with a wonderful idea, just see what could have seen that's coming down in the boiler room. Don't you they're going to reach our guardians tomorrow? All right we do have to get going. We're going to have to being would do Dave Reuben on the show actors is in a state of free speech from
louder with Broader- would like to take this moment to present you with our current one of them on the spot. We award the Golden Glad to Carlos Plaza Box for selling more clearly than ever, and the companies and all those Mars has been so generous offer. Your problem free speech for the remainder of this weekend receive thirty dollars more from your Magua membership, a lotta with proud.
Slash plug club laws, Basel your men mug, given them with ranger peace. Yours today, in line with Russia. There is no point in creaming off. I gotta go you look like do I get rid of this house?
I wasn't radio. She would rather earlier for my day, hey look it's my it's. My favorite gay was gay Jew. I guess, but then we have to be careful with young thriving analogy. You can follow me on Twitter at Reuben Report, and you can follow on you to beauty, becomes less Reuben report for as long as he is allowed to still be there Dave Reuben. How are you, sir, the crowd, her a lot of people right now, lotta people telling me that you're a homophobic- yes, I bet that's word out on the street now course. A bold is a phobia phobia is an irrational fear you. So I thought it below your interviewing me here. I would you, the first question: do you have an irrational fear of gay people like a gay person, is a walking down the street and you're walking this way. Do you freak out, like you know like in his ears this can only do you telling everybody that I heard you again and new try to embarrass me and ruin Mr Crane, once once in person, you dig it Harry Harry.
Warm uncomfortably long came always feels great coming from a man who typically likes hugs from it, but so he's by the way. We helps irrational fear because people are gonna be angry. Just then I ve been talking to you right now. You deny my existence crowd here, you're coming for gay people, even though your dress like a member of the village people without going on here- and this is irrational fear is the longest Morrison were added as a member. I you know, I don't necessarily think cell bottom. You know I don't like the parties they get here. Loud, I live in Chelsea for a year and it was a little bit tough to find sleep, I'm not going to lie. I was irritated.
That's what it is you Elsie like at one time was really like the gayest place in New York. I'm not sure if it still is anymore, think maybe that sells kitchen around here we have less valued and I think a lot of what happens with you in the gaze is: you do have a little PTSD from living in Chelsea, where there's a lot of parties, it's very loud. There's people screaming and having good time that they have something called Sunday. Bundy I've never had a fine on a Sunday. We just how Sabbath like That would be borne from three p m to about ten year. That's pretty much for me. By the way, how yeah so how health anywhere you at the apology, because, under like man, ruminants past that you'd made the rope Rock Hudson Gomer piled that nothing when ok, the joke itself, was that great, I would have appreciated it. Open girls reference. You know, Blanche, his brother playing with various brain acting gay guy. I would have preferred that that would have worked a little more medically for me. Yes, but that's what you're doing the right thing, your man, you can not bow to these people,
it's not a coincidence that the same guy that's going after you only need to mention his name, but if you want to become the same box, guy gets going the gentleman in scholar from vocs of latina origin who happens to be attracted to members the same sex, which is both beautiful brave. Yes, continue I don't care. What is necessary is I don't care? What is gender is care about any of those immutable. Garters right here is what someone does with their life- and in this case this is the same guy, the same guy now going after you and try to take down your channel and make an all hullabaloo about it. This is the same guy that a couple weeks ago, I think you know this. I was trying to get people to judge on the show tweeted at treated the Buddha judges immediately his pr press people say dear me: I get it near the head of pr for him. The circle and back and forth we traits of emails. He's got a trick come into the June in coming to L a June. We're gonna work it out, and then
thing. You know this guy and are having to impose journalist and media matters. The ceo president of Medium are all jump in to start the mob, attacking the Prescott of mayor ping, so that he may do my show and then they just stop responding with the reasoning. One miscarry duty sailor using one thing. If anything, the only valid criticism, I would say of you- is that you tend to be very nice with everybody. Like you, I don't think I've ever seen you gettin somebody's grill. I would love to see that, isn't it many ground that we live in a time. We're everybody's always upset that everybody hates each other right. Everyone's try to destroy each other were more polarize than ever before me. These are all just the things people say right, then I from around- and I really I have treated you included. I entreated every single one of my address. I should have been the exception to that rule, but do what I thought about it: every single one of my guests exam.
Equally the same, whether I had Bishop Baron in here from the archdiocese in my own home, where I live with, my husband is obviously not for gay marriage. I treated him with the exact amount of respect that I treated any of my left. He guessed that I would Any libertarian or any progressive with I treat everybody exactly the same in that's partly why on taken? it's right now because they re it's one thing to go after you, because it's like you're, saying I'm a conservative on using comedy. It's really throw it in their face short where meat like they don't know what to do with me, because if you look at the back of a baseball cards, they be like wait a minute. This guy supposed to be left, he he acts nice. You know he lives in L. A none of this adds up. So that's why a certain amount of aid is coming to me, but by the way you know this box, journalists, and again I don't know- maybe I can make sure what his name- it's Carlos I'm. A gentleman scarlet origins, aims: extraction, wonderful, beautiful, brave young. Energy is twitter, Bio. It says that Tucker. Karlsson is a white supremacist, their mouth that seems pretty freaking direct.
Hateful directly, potentially inciting violence likely to be a white supremacist warning, but especially when you see that he didn't potentially inside he said, milkshake sees at assault, commit battery against white supremacist strand as identified. We will hope it's that that's not left to the imagination doesn't like. We wouldn't call it foreshadowing if this were an authority, but oh he's a violent guy, great so think, what this guy doing to me. We have three examples now, so here he's trying to stop people from. Talking to me as an interview were no matter how moderate I maybe he's trying to literally get you to rid off you too, and is putting messaging out there as a journalist and I've got airports gone that took her call us in his white supremacist. So this is what, MRS, why journalism is collapsing this sucks on the? U to crimes. They been crushing my general even worse than yours, and it's like
We just gotta. We gotta keep fighting man. What else can we do right of increasingly worse and worse, you do you think that maybe the criticism against use it is that you are very or ticket you very nice, but sometimes you use expressions that would sound like a nineteen. Forty homophobic see those two good time boys. What below sea specifically phasing criticism with you now it's a crimson recent hullabaloo hullabaloo these kids with their hoot nannies over that you. I am already I'll, be forty breed a couple weeks, so we really you carry well that's! That's me, They were being lighter in being overall, your ear smaller than I am have heavy heavyweight stone age. Well, there's a lot of talk in the joints, not aging Now. Everyone knows that I'm not aging. While I even Dylan Radegund thinking you up Youtube back to your aging horrible, he asked us exactly paddling from dark crystal, not quite as bad as Don Lemon, but You didn't get the gene. He didn't get the anti aging day. I dont know what it is worth. Denominators ie, just the look of the drop. So let me ask you this way: just real, quick, real, quick Toby.
Look you I have no problem with gay jokes, I mean the idea that you can't fond of a certain group of people. It doesn't mean about destroying one particular person over their identity, but it's a magic. You say: ok: well, we can't make gay jolting whenever so gay people, people in America, no one's coming for you, because you're gay. So if the rights that gaping guys- but you re dead anyway, the jobs created a real potential or that's hateful, the ugly. But the point is that You make those jokes actually, because you know, gay people are equal to. The point would be of gay people didn't have certain rights, and then you were constantly going after day people. Personally, I would have more of an issue that I would offend you as a comedian, and I would always defend your right to free speech. Obviously the point: if you're gonna come after jokes, but just one where this goes: ok, guys Box, you wanna, take down crowded for gay jokes. You twenty years ago, jokes on family guy, every freakin joke about Stuart. The baby is about in being gay and an everyday character that they put in natural and honest
done it with wailing Smithers and you could do every seek every friend Every other. Do we have to get rid of rue Paul's drag race, it will now they don't like her heard him either because yeah he used the word drew palmiest onward. Training there are like, I think, cannot get a bit about that. Didn't clearly didn't mean faithfully mask is what's your biggest issue with it when people say this to you, as you know, you you ve the identify more libertarian now, what we say to people who say we're harnessing this is this is about Youtube. They have the right to, for example, politely demonetized, whoever they want. You shouldn't be trying to influence market forces or they can ban whoever they want to respond to them. Well, Rotarian answer would be that you do try to influence market forces. You don't ask that the government get not. Now I think look. This is pushed my libertarian side to its limits because, as the amount of power and control of information and the way we communicate in all of those things that you too Facebook and Twitter have over us, I think
could be an argument that they should be considered a public good. The way boy works and the electric company proclaimed monopoly would be considered right. So there is an argument there, I'm not really for it, and the idea that the government should come in and regulate Youtube. Google as I live California, I pay my state taxes honour on the California statements like it looks like prodigy and ninety ninety three. That might be too old. Not exactly a time. Then we move on to angels Fire Angel fire Geocities. Yes, so these people, the idea that the government could come in it. Somehow that's gonna, make a fair. I don't love if you so this is where a libertarian to me. It's like you, want competition petition. What I The push back. I get on that people on the right is that this is business. A case where competition can never flourish because of the monopoly and amount of control and, of course, the counter argument to that is the ban When you make that exception wants, you will always make that exception again and again, and every time government comes in, they just make things worse and all of those things. So.
I dont know them fully decided on his look a guideline. No, we both respect than his Prager Prager, you sued, Google over restrictive videos. It's not really the mood that I would want to go in I can tell you this area, even though that I fully share this publicly about. I started a tech company just in the last couple months and we're working on some of these solutions, and you know I've had unfortunate, it's like you. We have problems and people reach out to us with solutions and we're gonna work on some of those. They can. You work on a solution of turning your phone off vibrate. New, nay only when they only Wolf again mafia. They are really not happy that I'm talking to you. I can't believe that you know what tell them they're all welcome to come on the show lears the deal they can come on. The show, I'm not going to change my opinions and I'm not going to stop making gay chokes black jokes, half asian jokes quarter, black jokes, Canadian, jokes: there never going to stop. I mean people does need to understand this and there is a big difference by the way that we were just. What David Martin about this freedom
She was already draw the line and they'll just stupid example. We can't your fire in a credit data. He can. If there's a fire, the line is very simple: you can't lie. You have a responsibility to tell the truth, so things like libel, slander, those are actionable offences. You can use your freedom of speech to delay lie to harm somebody else and outside of that, that's it that doesn't include nasty words or jokes that offend its deliberately lying to cause harm. Physical or reputation someone else outside of that close the books. Let me ask you: go with it The argument that they're gonna basically believe people like us with no choice other than to take legal action against specific people. So, for example, you you will find no videos of me slandering and an labeling people right, but Thirdly, already you won't find that, but there are tons of people that everyday call me a white supremacist call me a Nazi. I mean I grew up around Holocaust survivors like try to imagine the level of insanity of this or that
the things that they say about you. I don't know that I've ever seen. You attack any specific person with any of that kind of betrayal. You'd do jokes: we need jobs. You know happens to a society that can't joke I mean that's what happened. You start killing each other jokes our way of, illuminating a little bit of true so that we all sort of feel the same thing so the ideal, but we're not gonna get your family guy, actually the right example, because about a year ago, producer said that they were going to do yokes anymore. I don't know if they bachelor followed through at that. Like once you say- we're- not gonna, do gauge or too are you gonna do black jokes cause. You been doing that for twenty years you can do and you jokes were twenty years my do and must skills for twenty years and white people jobs once you see, appealing everybody who we're not gonna make one of these people you're. Here actually make your ear saying that
is the other and they deserve special treatment in another good for them or for you or for a functioning society and anyway, no, I think, your correct column. Yes, it's just a ballpark. How affected, as your channel, been as a percentage of your videos? Would you select demonetized compared to maybe let's say for five years ago, had been a significant uptake it's all over the place. I I don't know specifically I just weeded out this morning that are our red is off by about sixty six percent since March okay, so there are no sixty six percent, so here's my issue is this: honest business, Praxis Right Youtube, courted someone you they said we want you here, we're going to make you a part of our partner programme. Whatever you may, you know they made many many many fold more right. They made it off the backs of content creators. You two never created any content, so my issues with something hate Dave Reuben. We know at this point There could have been other options as they were coming up. Is that we know the other options. We want to pay you to create content for our website. We want you to be your home and because, if you do that for your loyalty, we are going to split the revenue with you. Ok, great
and then, when they grow big enough, they try to cut If, at the knees to me, that's dishonest bit, that's a dishonest business practice, it's not about necessarily even corporate censorship, if there are clear about the rules. No one other thing happened this week, where no one is still entirely clear about whether we were completely democratizing booter. If it was due to a shirt, they couldn't give us an answer. No one understands the rules, simple admiration is found. The law I didn't get well. Look that's why perhaps legal action is going to be necessary and it would suck for people like us to have to be involved in that It would really, as I said it would push me to really the limits of what my my belief in freedom and liberty is all about what they mean, give with no choice but again end of the day what we don't have to be on this platform, but we do We do something where we want to get our message out there and there's other ways. We can do it through Pike Ass, an issue nor all sorts of other things, and I think that you know you ve gotta stay smart and figure out what business model
three you and the rest of it. What do I mean? Is this? Isn't that they're doing something across the board? We know there you're drinking, Vienna Gateway. No wandering use a business model see that was that was a little bit of that was. I was alluding. Finally, I can't believe you said that how would you why would arouse? Why would you throw it out at all they don't I've seen your most gay people, you straws continue. Because there are tied up nothing. I assume I dont Frederick, for Europe a comedian noted down Rickles from the old days. Yes, you know the dawn. Rickles used to go up in front of a crown, and he talked about the chinaman over there in the black eye over there, the Jew over there in the last war. Were there the rest of it? I guess what everyone did? Everyone laughed and walked out of their feeling equal yeah. Do you imagine if he was like there was one grew by just wasn't: gonna touch that down Actually that would be twisted and that would be bigotry right arm so these guys. The bigger issue, of course, is that we know come in after you, they're coming
after me, the lying just keeps me than, and I'm not going to go into the amount of praising far left. You two channels out there that say all sorts of evil stop and go on and on against Christians in white men and all they all the terrible stop that their due in all the time actually know those guys we're gonna be safe. So here we go you're gonna be smarter here. While I appreciate I do appreciate the kind words and support and you know it, I would never make a joke about you being less because there's no truth to it, you actually speak more. Clearly, I wonder you you and Andrew claiming you're, like a natural broadcaster voice. You talk here to day room where she usually think when I do when I do not an Russians whenever reference, we know this My Dave Reuben is more like this, it's very sort of enunciated and when he talks it's very almost labored and that he's very thoughtful and his approach. Whenever I talk about somebody or I'm saying that somebody made a statement, I invariably do an impression even mean too. I couldn't
do an impression like Beth when talking about the Vocs guy. I couldn't I've, never done that. I've done an impression of you inadvertently when I mention that get everyone. I we're talking and I go into that is the natural thing I've done. Since I was a kid but also, we should note that this guy heap his twitter handle has the word gave it so he's putting it out there as if it's part of something and then you can't, can't say you were you can't reference that that very thing that you're making such a part of your ideas? You know what I mean like Canada, such a small portion too. That's the thing. I appreciate it because I know a lot of concern has tried to you know they got scared at first then. Now it's not just concerns. Everyone is jumped in every original content, greater because I know it's coming for them, but it really is one of the scenarios where nothing less than its maybe two percent two percent. Percent of content. Two percent ever content is a boxer bottle in two percent of that is making fun of the guy. We actually provide resources and information we train or about it. Ok,
did it go and so on. Twitter is at Reuben Report, as well as on Youtube and senior Reuben. Thank you so much, please go back to the angry game off here and let them know that just tell me like me, put on me. Release you're the clubs, each vagabond bladders got Lightner colony, Celso salvation we hear you might have a plan I believe that you may see into okay, you I love you, We are quite well. Songs, Yoda, arose a cupboard, ossified culture, dark, half Asian, we're standing and thirdly, to guitar.
Show us that several sage, Susan, would you. Andy monetize. So but before I do any of that two things for you guys want is important, announced Maloney he's just like Dave Robin. A number of reasons like he's, not smart, he's not funny.
Now tell me tired, already you're pathetic you're, a loser and people should laugh at you and fortunately, the best way to deal with it is too I mean you have to ignore them. So. Here comes of investment. One final thing that I will say to just kind of to find my point live on weak sixty eight p m is don't miss out on the young.
Don't stop playing games. Your personal protection. Try! The Walter today see what I did their within: stop playing games, Walthers happy
what we find a man as those good. That's right, you are an aquatic mammal today, I can't really tell that you were a beaver, really crap, with their costumes for purchase. Thank Amazon, Reuben Binding Aims, leaf least Lee gosh. I really am often it is the very least this big over here. Look at this, what's that can someone answer me? This is cultural probation. I can't asking me why they would put that there was wearing earlier owes it would when it would lose its wing, because some guy who had rickets was self conscious, and so everyone did in solitary until the other guy, like that Tommy. I wish I had rickets hearings, adding that goes with it. I don't know what the reason for I don't know they Francine said it was like make space in the past when the sitting writing horses mixed well, what did there did their chairs the arms is wildly inconvenient learn. Everything about today is distracting
Everything I'm wearing this sea about where we have some super videos coming up in we're going to be gone for a couple of weeks or three weeks and for not if we're gonna be actually here all the way through July. Fourth, yes, Every day we have a special and on location special at an american history, museum connotations: ninety million was really is better. You see, we have changed my mind coming around the fourth of July and waste, the videos I you're, not for some new credit- confronts some things. We can actually talking about working on them and maybe some phone calls making soon to us and people who makes me a little bit, but what you say, quarterback company on the spot has been Do the most surprising this week, roads safer mean take away. I'm I'm surprised that so many people, while I'm I'm surprised that so many people got demonetized. Yeah Youtube just came out in just scorched earth everybody yeah doesn't matter who you are what side you're on your gone, its approach, a lot of people, it's it's! It's
this may lead to everybody cunning banded together, at least from I woke up the next day and look of my my subscriptions all the channels I wash in there all talking about it and they are all channels, big channels, everybody's talking. I woke up today better than I yesterday and then again, the volume I learn as I gotta do, is because there's still a battle going on behind the scenes. So again thank the problem, We got to the weekend yet thirty hours off free speech for those who want to join my club and there's a lot we're doing a lot more content unable we might even Put all of our chosen. Have the socialism is perfect shirt right, even warehouse if they might need to be exclusively by the pay? Well, because it will be a lot on Youtube anymore. So I wanted to talk. Something here. I think it's very appropriate in in light of the current week, I think it's appropriate maybe not the with a lot of people. Think bullying and usually only hear about bullying when involve some usually gay person whose Nightly news, because a rebellion school by the way I usually don't buy that
I, like you, ve gotta, be the stupidest person in the world, a timbale, a gay or trans person in schools. American. I bet you they would so they hurried to me. What are you gay? Yeah? I'm sorry, I'm sorry Dana, I'm so sorry, whereas now I called it all time because I wasn't gay, but you know I was a loser. Sinai pictures and high schools bullied all the time about now. Little bit, I feel you know get there back in the office that I quite deserve, but you know what that just Dems the brakes? No one wants to go. Have hot dogs, the man who sends a front subjects hope if I but we're Tom at boiling in this will, because they ve tried to accuse us of being bullied and more generally, conservatives are being placed first thing. I would like to turn to deposit the reason that bullying and high school is?
is so unbearable or in the workplace, for example, is because its chronic systemic, if you have a bully and high school, if you have a boss or supervisor whose a bully yet still, I have to go in the next day. And I believe me I get it I had days. Road is go to someone I dont want to wake up. I know it sounds. I don't want to. I just hate in my life going to school and a part of it was boiling apart. That was, as I wasn't, cut out for public schools. We hadn't Canada, but there problem. There's you have to face that Bali every single day, there's no way to get away from it. That's a big defining factor for me and bullying. Now, let's compare that too. For example, us doing a video, war rebuttal here we're. Maybe two percent of the video is ass, making lighter us making fun of somebody in a way that they don't like things as our chronic assent, systemic. You can shut off you. Change the channel or, unlike in just click on the neck, suggested video which is probably tunnel. Humping workbook were angry care. Or training make up tutorials transit makeup. Tutorials now, can use any works there all giving way retroactively
in trying to channel now. Compare that to say removing the ability for anyone. Political persuasion to be able make a living. Including the twelve to fifteen people here, a lot of course, not myself as an entire team of people, what's more chronic, what's more systemic who's, that The person is a video that is never even addressed to you Our concern is that there are the person who wants I am sure that they ruin. Everyone's life has been involved with that video. Forevermore anyone who might even cover that video even non political channels, as you see with the apocalypse people who just happy cover it. We want you gone. Some people were surprised at the apology, video that we issued is rough when you go very washing. Oh, that was maybe couple of those but their actual jokes. It appeared in a show. You shouldn't be surprised now. Why that's how you deal with Bali I've seen a lot of consumers want the reasonable conserve. I'm not listen! You dont, given you dont what you have to push back.
From the very beginning, right away give up no ground you're wrong. But if you know you're not wrong, you don't apologize and that's how we handle What what are you doing applies just a bullies but it applies to all high pressure scenarios in life in general. There are some people who are naturally of what we refer to as game. They players right. Some people are born with it. Naturally The pressure they have another level another switch, my dad is that guy, If you ever train in sport, you know some people was this. A Tarzan in the gym. Gene in the field are some guys who are just unbelievable and training, but they can't put it together. Come again and then there's some guys were kind of lack lustre. You wouldn't pick out of a line up and then, when it comes to perform, whom there Some people need pressure to perform the new see them. Bleed before they get the hidden mix. One thing I will say what I dont know everyone in this team is naturally born game. They player- no one here in a lot of good offices wilt under pressure,
it's. What I said this to everyone can I know I could see the we're scared and the almost when I walked in its why the attack from box, big media, it couldn't have happened to a more capable group of people not talking about myself, because I'll just how much you see box picture about how, behind the scenes, all the work they put an it's not even close to what these people put him on the seat and all the work that you don't that you dont know about. Believe me. If you have some on the front lines who you want fighting the bulls right now, if I could have Peckham, we, the people here in this room and the people who in the ring and watch it. Without a light. I'll take us with a lot of trial runs in those first couple of weeks at this company. It don't work out, there's about a two week about a month mark, because it's a pressure cooker things like this week happen. It doesn't happen a most workplaces if they stick around after that they're here, but usually for a very very long time. Not everyone is born as a game to play. So let me be clear because in recent years and will that's not me, everyone, Become one just like it?
everyone is born with the backbone to stand up to Bali's every can grow. One I've seen it happen. I've seen people I would welcome bullies and then it decided to draw a spine. Never again, I was that guy at one point. I was the guy who walked away holding my job and it is in point said: ok, that's not gonna happen again, We ask you this: is that something like this summer? skill, set that valuable to you to be in the heat. To being pressure cooker to being the pocket. Was one right in your face: regnard, real and to feel totally capable and notice. I didn't say comfortable, I said capable one here at this time. No one who is skills of them do not know its comfortable with being a concerted assault, for example, from a billion dollar media company, know what its distinctly uncomfortable, you put on a good face. We laugh we joke, but you know what there's a lot of going on by the scenes, its distinctly scary but everyone here is rallied Kate and I've handled it very capable every single
person and not everyone here, was always that way. How does it happen? It starts with being capable in the face of bees, uncomfortable, and the only way to get to that point is to get familiar with being uncomfortable and, as I have it, just takes its like building calcium deposits. On your bones, what you ve seen actors, I do with their hands kid got to do with their chins, actually build up. That has hit with a little bit of a screwdriver. Suddenly common, do what was it like a pill redoubling some kind of IRAN? I have no idea, it's a matter, I'm tired, shut up. The point is happens, though overtime, right getting used to little impact getting used to the grand getting used to the next, the bruises getting used to being hungry, getting used to tired. Getting you feeling disoriented. All that has happened this week and if you do it enough, if you do it consistently, if you stop avoiding anything other than your creature, comforts at all costs a vent, surely you will find yourself capable of one and the sick of it being able to slow down brief?
take inventory, except the stress of a moment, the rush, the chaos navigate, we need to do. You will become again day player and by the way, this isn't self help advice. I don't like that term, because narcissistic by its very nature, loving yourself or feeling good about what you see in the mere. What good I don't even here in the face of the apocalypse, they look at me and say: well, you know what I got mine doesn't help anybody it's all. This is about helping others, because guess what? What were capable of handling the pressure cooker once you're the person whose capable, in the face of the income but you can now be the person who helps those that aren't you can help them to lean on. You You can bear the weight not for yourself but for others, because guess what improving yourself yeah! That's great, of course but turn your own weight is not an accomplishment. The bare minimum getting where you can burden the weight of others that something special and let me
there are a lot of people out there. There's the burden, there's the weight of a lot of people, a lot of unseen people. A lot of smaller channels Dona certainly have the platforms that we do or that you do and that's why I call everyone out there right now in the face of this who's been affected. Who sees it happening? There's this moment in time to do something. If you are, capable in the face of being uncomfortable right. Now, it's your do Help burden the weight of others and I'll see you there. Hopefully, that house will see what happens next week.
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