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2019-06-14 | 🔗
Cultural Appropriation Month continues with the European Union! Talking all things Pepe the Frog, Guns n Roses going full PC, Bieber vs Cruise, and the conservative battle against Big Tech censorship. James O'Keefe updates us on the social media wars, and Half-Asian Bill sits third chair.

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Are you listening to me? You mentioned how and when I don't know how people listening MP, whenever I accidently tune into it, on my radio veer off the road. This is, of course, the audio version. Lot of people are watching videos more and more or less striving for daily show. Lotta was cut, it comes last month. If you have not, it is what keeps these free shows coming. V shows will cease to exist unless more as we join at Lahti councillors from annually and sixty nine for students, provider, intern, active military just entering the word as discount, because Google has been squeezing Youtube's been squeezing. If you look at the apple store, their necessarily super super, throw whatever your view is as long as it's not radically left. We appreciate the support and if you feel that Europe is now in some visual gags at on over to you to watch the whole thing into the shell,
getting irregularly scheduled programming and a bit cultural preparation month continues just wanted to. Thank you so much for the support this week, and we ve told you that you know we as we go. We are finishing out the new Office new studios, which should be completed by the time we come back into we are also hiring new people because of you your support in the face of the apocalypse, drawing on the latter's colored outcome to fill in the applications. I think we need research, assistants and editors are not entirely sure. All the roles are are our right up there. Let us cut it comes much more could be really appreciate it stay tuned because we have some developments louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter an hopper years so stupid. They measured you're right you in Celsius. We are so bad. You should probably more from us being pulled me with your mommy such a fool. He she probably hashtag, shouted her abortion
We intend such a transitory Haitian, probably work, now wait a minute wait, a minute I don't bring nobody's transient. Father indicates the aim here now remember. If what real transgender father you wouldn't be so Remember, kids, if you make for a one training, you making fun all train all around the world. We do not bother me right.
Don't bother me right now about zero. Zero trade. Father mother did mainly gives due respect is almost replace JANET. You broke, the oil spill is neutral, ban group, father, mother and me with Raw Ruth Paine age. No right
right right may you need so what's the deal
it's which marks a lot with browsers. Fourth annual patrol appropriation month, where we take you across the globe, learning about and appreciate all the great culture this planet has too often because to appropriate is through appreciate this. We allow us to be your guy historic, global and Syria compliant country of the European Union
we do to appropriated to appreciate our court of black hair was then we have to keep on the show and the whistle blower from Pinterest quarter, black courted like a union that is possibly the house, and I think we ve early on Mildmay of agony of my half asian lawyer that oil rich men is on his beat right now. How are you so? I guess you can call me Bobby Richmond look. I e g Morgan Junior, what's won the day of the London today. If I could drink it, my religion would be Silver Oak, Napa Valley, but you just do it in secret like him now you do not mind a drink in the? U S, boss, but of course, to appropriate to proceed Saudi Arabia. The Europeans who are going to discuss this quick, three fast facts by way send in your costumes, hatchings outer costume contests. Wilson wonders next week. The capital building in Brussels is called the fifth column.
The EU. Just reelected NATO for the quote, literally Hitler Party and this entire show is already been demonetized and the question of that, but we're going to be talking quite a bit about Youtube and the recent code con. Oh yes, conference its. Redundant assumes really just your favorite. There happened in so question the day before we get to. Let us what you think, is the next step right now with big tech. How do you think we win this? So. Another question, then, is how this produce when I go to the gym, as guys at this question will guys when you go to it when you go to when you hey you're, only resolve the Earl and you think you're done. You do any proper chicken, but then you, when you put it back into the Panthers, I guess there's a spritz without warning. Yes, However, Europe last dates perfect about. I pointed out what arriving or forget what I would like to have a perfect killer. Teasdale count all right. We are going to talk about that, nor so first leading the news.
Media interviewed Youtube Sea ecosystem, which is key about this channel being attacked by vocs media and continued to attack us. If I were to do it again, I would put it all in so wise and wonder how you do it also when you are also we're not gonna help you make money on you to worsen, is angry manipulation, meaning, one adds against you, stop if you still want to sell racist copy mugs or whatever you're selling your business. Racist coffee. My so I believe you ve confused you're drinking vessels. Don't you know tumblr it's wrong to hate. It is it's wrong. How dare you? How can you be so wrong on so many fronts, tumblr in other? Did you know that, by the way that was one of the bench appears for miracles? He he seeks a tumbler over overflow shackles
in other tech news info, worse actually agreed to pay happy the frogs creator, fifteen thousand dollar, how well guarded settlement rather the court Ox Jones decided to settle that comes from vice. The damage is come in the form of two thousand. Four trademark infringement, three thousand dollars and The right violations in ten thousand dollars reputational damages and falsely claiming that Pepe was gay. Like a button gather goals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay. Another actionable offence for amphibians, while you know frogs our citizens
you have to where they had the whole time you, the area can only say I have to stay literally, cannot move, or this have just started. Doing tell you if I know where they had, then why doesn't like very fashionable in that it will make. You guess, feel bad nook. Crocs I'd like the ability to like lift their sexuality is in its own premise of drastic part, yet learning ass round. I don't know exactly what it all right money now, I'm up for that go for frogs! That's a wind for pet bag! Political loose and when you see oh Jack, Dorsey Lotta Big, technically everything about it, that's been kind to counter the grounds. For the last two weeks, steam Jack Dorsey hundred eighty there's a signed, a letter calling a boar. Bans bad for business. This comes from letter claim that your band inhibit their ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, shooting out of doors. Rejected the word abortion itself, defending that women were quote simply deep: black forming their babies. When while for people to the irish military visual component, that I need to see that you know
now. Go your gas yes ravaging what I say that as much sense is what we are actually doing right in in each one of these articles. You see them talking about this. Women are in all the seals, make comments right, not all of them, but a lot of reproductive healthcare. There's what they're calling women are entitled. They don't say anything beyond that. Only the add has there the magazine whose doing the article is the kind of throwing their including abortions like in some subset. That's what they're talking! that's right. This is not some subset of the issue. This is the issue now that's a french and nothing I don't feel like you know,.
Looking back to entertainment noticed that some will be an enormous, indifferent, strokes, guns and roses racist stuff Mc Kagan. Are you going to noses fan there? Yes, are you really more pent era, but it's fine in a great while you're supposed to my long lifespan, terror that's never expected those wars, but that's the thing about your law. That's that's! Gonna, be like page six. I tell you if I open up your closet, now, just find a row of iron maiden teacher to that's got out. I've got no actually like I've made more than banter getting my matters relating from owning like Jack. I think I think you're making old Herndon Railways Base a dozen occasion, definitive bans passed in politically incorrect song Linux. By taking not at present Donald Trump cards? You said we were still good dude like none Our friends said quote: grabber by the people
notably because they were all too busy raping women in the green room, while snorting Harold, or shooting era? When I guess, because you cannot ignore gray sick, but we do need a reference on that level. Reference under the current nature of the actors have major bill was concerned. It's not slander if they wrote about it themselves, am. I became an occasional denied that the whole new woke persona for guns and roses had anything to do by the way, with actual rose transitioning into run wisely sister. So just that's completely advantage I thought it was originally runways basis. I was the first choice, but he couldn't may yet scheduling continuity in writing for active there. That's the whole defence here is that we were. We were good deeds, we'd, never say something like that. Are we really letting like eighties rock bans lecture on what appropriately area with whom we are filigree attacking the right purse. Every single movie about him in every single, like biography, has been horrid three terribly. I mean my
what role we weren't gonna do. Evil or tongue modality mad about the government, because it would upset Mabel whoop what we were talking about. That's right with it. He was talking about another man's wife at one point, namely the better. Unlike other bad, my guess it's glimpses, just as if it were my sister or my mother. Would I want to kick your ass? someone's gonna? Go then with? Can it's kind of see each other, but if you actually taking advantage of someone who's drunk because of the perceived fame from being in Iraq ban when their drugged up thank you probably worsen. Somebody has naughty work, maybe a bad one. Worse, not ideal. Finally, they are legal, and I are going out of your head- is so stiff and now I've gotta tied down now now I can at least level and a little up and ineffective police pursuing one of those animatronic dolls and ministries in the Christmas. Basically, it's not the head. That makes me ineffective as a police officer. Is this my only against right now? Don't forget your whistle
call more on our people. No no no rate was only calls more rapid know. It's like a dog with this calls. More recent dinner bell: is you don't tell me, I don't know about art painful Thursday evening. Finally, and the most important story, ITALY, Justin, Bieber, Challenge Tom Cruise to mix martial arts fight, stems from the debate Bieber now to challenge saying Tom. If you don't take this fight, you're scared and you will never live it down. This was trending everywhere, though it should be noted. This actually would actually be chop is Bieber way. That's why you know that the shorter one is Tom Cruise, an idle Lieber actually know martial arts at all. I just tried to go away, who was most phone? Ok weather?
spreading I've actually opened up a cruise plus forty Bieber negative to forty and the audience well below the graph of statistical analysis even being polluted. Take they're still available to take us safer than the creed reunion, a tour now what if they make like two hundred million off this reluctance to that guy, I know I am watch it. I really really relate only to be. I would I would want Bieber to get his but kick. I would just one tankers to walk in, and then countries run out of hearing is very fast. You never scientific research Strange have rejected last week tribute counters winner, Mallory Cook, who give to point out that agencies nickname, is Alexandria costume into into sent him a hurry. Echo does here getting free t shirt I face. So we can move not and really glad to have my affection, where policemen Eureka with James O Keefe on the shown, the guy who leaked the Pinterest story to as well as frequent big big
I'm going on right now. It's been a we busy, obviously stressful couple of weeks bill. I really appreciate your. He actually also other clients, but lately not so much. I am the only one for after weeks and weeks of vocs campaigning to get this show you the show you ve chosen band Youtube related final statement, saying that we're here to stay FAO, even leftist outlets vice pretty definitively Where does the winter look almost like zebra standing over the corpse of temporary common wind failure when anyone here? Thank you, everyone out there who is uniquely. Thank you evasion bill. Thank you. They're, paying your failure, physical entire, to make concerning too much time with May well, and you make him dress utmost. Sure I data half an hour or so I'm not wearing that Stephen. I am not wearing that gives you. I know it sounds like Tom cruise numbering. Do you understand me
rights following seek? Did its being your legal opinion? Early legal counsel, gonna help you by very thin three billion about you thank you and here's something that is really I we re here. This is the first channel to face this kind of a wave from big tech from big me. Companies- I'm? U will get much better than NBC Universal now and, of course, their bodies of the New York Times their bodies, advice and Disney. So NBC Universal Disney New York. Times CNN. We faced it with you, not de platform. Then I think this is the first time that's actually happened. Usually the domino effect consumer they get there on twitter and then immediately Facebook in you to follow because there's no coercion, there's no nice, but try www, tyrants and remedy, as we have best joke, no collusion? We have the champions cute mainly for this would be nice. Ok,
in that sense. We certainly what was really one this battle, but there is still a major war right now again spectacular, sensors, the corporate censorship and which we want to at least hopefully get provide some tips with people like, actually just mention three women. Overly Facebook did actually remove our banner and gave her pages move the apology, video, the comedy apology, videos and they hit us as a click bait, page, so half asian. Believe me. I think you ve some phone calls to make but what I do want to focus on here's. This this is no longer the time for complaining. It is time for everybody out there to get active and we often talk about this. You know you watch and Oliver. He watched him every day, about things. Now, don't often offers solutions. So hopefully we have some tips that may help you what sort of Susan would just get. You met her. There are happening, but what I did I just wanna hearts it. I think I was trying to take his had. I was like I had a vision which is actually she provided. A lengthy interview at should note VOX, is Rico,
conference where that's, notably, the subsidiary of vocs people should know that because it makes it that much sweeter hearts interview and a box drought and even then she's like let's just point out that the the irony of her being willing to appear at boxes conference to answer questions in public about this situation. Right refusing to even send back mail. I mean don't what we say that, since this is the innate she talked about, this is probably the biggest case. It's occurred at Youtube, The return call would be warranted something you're, not that bad guy, just on real, shout all something anything anything at all: evasion, Longbill, rich and by the way we are going to remove those two videos at reclaimed, violations and simply put the socialism for figs that I would even have it behind the pay. Well, that'll, be done by Tuesday. Because those are the only complaints we officially got fine. Anyway, you talk of enshrining conference where she discusses the policies that, like here's, the first
I think I've only to take someone who brought you a couple of steps in funds were because So what can we do outside? Of course, Geronimo could and supporting us, but that's that's not enough. We need to support people at large, the first Everyone needs to do here is expanding. Think bigger. Let me provide this clip and unexplained. We need to enforce. Has policies consistently because if we were not to enforce it consistently, what will happen? Is it literally millions of other people. Saying what about this? Video went about this video. What about this video? If they are wire all of these videos coming down? And if you look at the content on the internet and you look at wraps, you look at a late night talks you look at allowing fervor. Fine, a wide of of of racial slurs that are in their success. By the way you know you know some of that funny when these words humor I where's your sense, although actually add an extra. Oh you in there to justice.
Yet, while the Canadians that's how we spend along with color showpiece, This is happening to understand it's not about conservatives, anymore. Sooner or later it's going to hit the content that everyone loves. That's why they think bigger which its key there she dresses are late night rat videos would have become a doubt if that, if our channel was removed in that's been our talking point die away. Feed ever read the rattling to us all Couldn't read them out loud and house? How does that relate bill? As far as a precedent on on a platform like this? Can they do say while does matter? We can. Let me give- and I say this, but I can say to very committed. We can let Trevor knows that we can. Let's Stephen covers it, but you can't, if you're their own point of view. One. It introduces a very blatant inconsistency right, eight right. It makes a question for every single creator. If you want to create edgy art and edgy song, something that may not necessary we fit within the mainstream, no matter whether its current work on that after the right when we all know that there is much more diverse points of view than just the left or the right in here
There are essentially saying: well, you know she coming it's half right. She says we're not going to take us down because we have to take a lot less down. A lot more down right, and so we went to err on the side of letting people say these things then, on the other side, there saying, but you know what we're gonna go ahead, just hit em in the pocket book, but I can't aren t you that party bees channel is not demonetized right. I wouldn't I don't know who that is. Gonna lacks, like I assume she's a person of color correct No, how dare you may well be an idea, neither see it is dollar. I worry about eighty azalea, I don't know, I only know or from the Samsung Galaxy add that I would see before the movie, and I thought this is a joke song right, patently she's, a real person is a daily I've, seen em, there's only one, eighty and its pop and he riddled with Hepatitis Magnifica. Here's the thing is, I think, a bigger it's, it's not what you think it's. This is unfair. To censor conservatives leftists in centrists won't care
We have to remind people now that sooner or later, this is going to affect the content. They enjoy entertainment, music comedy all of it. We ve point about this before that. If, if you were going to enforce its own rules, they'd have to take down you tumors box has promoted on their own channel. This is not just any steps that Horrible stuff: this is something I think, conservatism donors, it don't make it a victim complex about yourself raised, especially at this when you have been so many non non policy walks people who are completely April. Who are now starting to see that it can affect all of them folks on that now we'll just others censuring conservative, its bigger than that they are going to be censoring in removing material that everyone enjoys, regardless of political affiliation because of two percent of population earth. Yet exactly, and if you have a problem with something that said in a song and late night, show in somebody's video whatever it may be, what what's better for you.
Able to just say you know what my world only needs to consist of things that dont have any chance of offending me, you're, making me uncomfortable or to just be prepared for that. It's like raising a kid. You want to raise a kid prepare right under the world or Do you want to raise a kid? That's protected from every possible danger and out their indigenous people complain about radicalization like people their lives, and could you possibly get more rather lies? Then, if you everyone who could combat radical. I didn't page exactly right by the way, I think radicalization kind of takes place when you do know people for using biologically proper pronouns, always fashion. Then you, when you pull a nine year old out and say that their gay and put him in a gay pride parade. Let them do jestingly that might be radicalization to me. I don't know you, but you're, not a father! Yet zone cares the next step karma
some going to come out to drag storytellers in chief. I hope he doesn't know I'd yet John than that, that is when the left go so crazy, far left it be ready to commit but here something that we did this week and I have a lot more people to give them rope his angry modernization, meaning we're not gonna run, adds against your stop. If you still want to sell This document that moderate hosted the Vocs Karachi and business, but we're not gonna races, gotta. We don't understand why you made the decision you made. This gets greater transparency. We can't figure out what rules he did it didn't break did by the waves. Couldn't you did write these rules? You started analogy wrong community, but then you also said that you are in other than that you think painfully made the right call a lot of people dont really feel like we have ology concerned. Are you really sorry for me?
I'll, do we community, or are you just sorry that they were offended from a policy standpoint? We need to be consistent because if we look, if we took down that content, with so many other so much other content that we will need to take their own, what islanders were just gives cheese forced to defend yourself against, trans mail to feel about political engraved, but beautiful brave eat you even bother to put on nature Z, just tossed Cuomo Glasses, a moon. I would call it a day, there's barely powers and also determine the trends in a truly barely possible, barely trying, but I think it's perfect that this is the person who doesn't Majid ski about us right. The type of person who wants means conservatives completely gone right. She has to answer vehicle people. Ask these questions at this conference. Gets people like that of mail to fuel transgender in a moment with rivers, but who very much looks like a man. It's two percent. Population earth less than that. If you
the really radical activists and Susan we're just keys at this point- is being forced to apologise in the box was real it can't when you're so district smearing us with lies like our mugs or race, is to have a patent, or it is clear that we broke the rules. You know that The only statement Youtube ever. Actually, they repeatedly and formally stated that we did not violate guidelines, that's correct, they did a thorough review. They pulled thousands of people, apparently reviewed dollar of ours videos and they came to the conclusion publicly on Carlos Moses, you to the art twitter feed that there wasn't a violation it sounds like racism and by the way we we found out when you found out, I think a lot of early hour. You mail doesn't work like this is gonna happen. One time we infiltrated antidote, investing in Utah enjoyment and ended up being arrested, we're dealing with some authorities, people, it relates to say, with branch of government there, but We said well, this is what we did in this, that we conduct kept track them, but I'm sure you guys have better tools and that needs it
now. How are you going to act as and resolute either the way the illegal weaponry so This kind of here like I think people would assume that you have a more open line. Reunification that we were privileges to some info that you aren't now when, in the thing that kind of pisses me off to here, just just pointing at this, could she didn't pushed back on the racist mugs? Yes, you have to go, I and I'm I'm surprised by how honest she was in saying like if we pull this time, we have to pull that done, that that's kind of a surprising response. For me I'll, be very honest. I unless you would just completely kowtow to these people, but she didn't hit back that at all. He obviously broke standard, shooting a what we found it like correct the narrow facial just man. I honestly, I think she you spent time with their she went to get out of that was your interpretation of of of in and having spent time with her at that summit. Also No, not only her, but other folks a Youtube. I mean they're there, an organisation that has they understand.
I really do believe that date that they intellectually understand the position that you and that others again not just on the right, but people who are first man in free speech and even at last, set the rules out on social media kind of people Manette and that's what people on the left and right. But here in this one I think is highlighted an example of where she's, basically saying think about what you're asking and realise that you don't even know what the consequences are of saying. We are going to be the offence price. I think it's a good point. I think it's a virus is apposite moment and censorship work as the left is. Finally, realising is a limit to how far they can push things even left wing people, but ITALY, so more progressive languages key. They know that they can't keep going this way and when the far left makes a hard left her and it gets at that point. Is you haven't even if they're pulling a you describe it they run faster than but give them rope to hang themselves hears items we were and you you and thank you so much. This is now this, not just us, but everyone out there were the channel. We were now we're going to convince Vocs or NBC
Disney, our war is not with vocs, are was to showcase the insanity of people like vocs in the far left to em. Body else, and to do that, we need to say: hey Vocs, you do you sweetheart and let the cameras in the good Times role exactly. Please keep the cameras rolling because it produces grateful. Also, Jordan Petersen talks about this. This kind of this thing with free speech is that if you let all of these ideas come out into the open we get too. We need to look at those ideas and see which ones are good and which ones are bad as a society and go. These are play bad ideas right Hitler write his ideas, really really bad ideas. I don't know why people are still trying to go back to the Surely the uniforms this ideas, what I'm only run Hitler evident right was lost design those you know right and I'm not at all- can only ever no bad stuff better. That but uniforms can we also pretty sharp pressure so and I use that gives us night. I'm nice seamstresses checks,
There has been no inciting it's already been that's the way you can't tell their internet spiffy jacket that half Asian Bill Richmond working in a Nazi general, It was also wildly impractical. They want that there are walking out an esquire add, but that's all we're not gonna get married, and where is the very we're not saying Hitler. If you just wanted to make Germany great that wouldn't phenomenal area by none other than the only thing, Hugo boss designed good clothing back there and am today whose company right has stood the test of time rated A basic line up where you shop daily are right. Of course, though, pointed out. The whole point is that we need ideas to be out in public, so we can grab a holder, the good ones, and we can get rid of the bad yes you're right and that's that's all, but behind free speech it allows us to go through this process. Processing grow as a society. Where I also remember the two step number: three: that's why it simply very important is
bringing awareness, or at least, if you're not already aware you need to make herself aware and then bringing as much awareness as possible as you can to as many people as possible to the most subversive. Of censorship. The invisible censorship occurs here. They talk about it. We actually have chestnut just made changes to nation algorithms as well the verb not violated content, but order line content, and we just like that of seeing a fifty percent reduction in the views coming from conditions from that it just a guy named out who really likes glory ass, too fat cats going to adjust its. I was gonna
here is rhythms, guy gets you, oh my god. I rather without like it. I feel like Chris O Donnell and that men and Robin when you see parents dies trouser resounding only they put a net. Now there s a whole. Thank you. French members is the hope of ears illegally. As our starting point is a twenty year old Movies Illinois, what's gonna want associated, we iq all right blockbuster. I just kept watching Constantine over and over my jewel Schumacher. Kick using a completely arbitrary principle? Borderline content, that's listed. Nowhere in the terms of service and violations are punished in a completely unnoticeable way, right, you're channels, injury, monetize, it just muffled so that it can essentially cut your views and half are down to ten. It's an invisible rule, invisible punishment of that rule in
This is something we ve been gone back and forth of them. Having like is this happening with our channel and as far as we understood, they said nothing like that right now, they ve confirmed in two separate communications. Does not occur, that that has not occurred, but the lights were they to cites. Despite what is very clear evidence from the data, the views, the analytics they come through, that that. Has happened or I'm gonna put you not seat, making any legal decorations your butt notification by the way I went out. There knows they didn't work for weeks, there's a reason. We have to talk about them and I can see why we were told of unification are fine and they said if they are notified main outward. Here's what you told us you note of occasions may not work. If you upload more than three pieces of content per day, what we don't but migration is not working anyway, but every a person here had notification set for our life streams. They didn't work for about what five we gladly, but we all have notification set for the young Turks. At the same time, there are uploading six, seven, eight piece of content You think I remember thinking. I was again a porn violence.
These I have. No idea that none of them left thanks Jake. This this? Actually, this is an even worse because it just makes you think you start to write all of a sudden. You go from having some success in your prosper on your video you're getting looked at. I know you don't think it's like big about it. If you go from like your building, a channel you're getting fifty thousand plays on a video writing, that's like successful and the two hundred thousand other suddenly start creeping back down towards what you like on my content. Just such no nor I believe that is a problem right. That's all you ve got no idea, that's it! Just on a philosophical. I do not place all your identity in your views. We really do train place much more private, The quality of work that we put out, I mean the insurer with court of like your diminishes. We believe that a great job- and you did a great job as well, if we're going to see more of this kind of censorship, because it goes unnoticed and therefore has less possibility of bad publicity for you to write their the legal arguments. There are legal battles, Youtube's going to fight it. So I'm sorry about and then there's the pr battle in this. Is
it's a lot easier, because people never really know which, by the way, please hit the notification beneficent strived because subscriptions scripture, We mean anything joint. I of course Mug Club is the best places supporters. You get all kinds of content that you don't get any other social media subscribe on Itunes, and you know what pleases bookmark this channel in check, upload, a new video, every single that every single day week days at eight o clock- and I got nine o clock- nine o clock Eastern at night nine hundred and ninety eight, I think around noon on Saturday. So just please bookmark the page and check back because we may lose touch with you. How do you find it right hasn't one's job? Let this go unnoticed re on the watch for call you. New bonnet when they call Facebook Twitter and when they do, if you want to channel, can make us think out there. When this happens, legal counsel, press you too, to discuss, those why they ve determines your content, is borderline or The very first step is to get a classification because, at least with us right, but we we know what they ve told us, not borderline new right now. If that's not the case,
We have some supplemental both knew no more operating in the dark. Don't let them operate in the dark, sound the whole point and eat it. It's almost like this industry needs and advocate that you can report to somebody that you can go to and say hey. This is what's going on. They can get the word out, not enough. That's That's tweeting too, to you. Guys are for somebody else, but I know that there is there's a lot of you had an average media. Exactly is not the euro, it is you to meet, but twenty two years so we must analyse our identity. I think it is worth, but we need something it's a method for somebody, who's got fifty thousand followers of somebody's got twenty thousand followers out there, whose doing stuff like this like they're. Not they don't have the reach that we do right. They don't have the mug club support. We do they. That's why? If everyone, just man on a limited number of work- and now here is part of the thing that's gonna be very much to the point- is- is making noise works
you damn. Essentially, if you, if, if noises made enough, we ve seen that over the weekend they did a review of your videos and that wasn't will cause you to be demonetized. It was the outcry. After there was no punishment after it was declared that you hand violated. The guidelines is when they then said wait a minute. Now, people are doing right now we should go ahead and democratize him, and now I had of the back story as well. We should just done at all in wealth, one fell swoop, which doesn't even makes sense because of that which has great I've, already grown men. We have already done in Europe as a videos ready examples that they gave us a violations are videos from a year two three four years ago Until all of that says, when you want to bring to light, you ve got to make noise and make use of them. Wait, we're not saying you know, go you know, breaking reckon enter, trespass wearing that we're saying male raised lie, saying by sending messages by tweeting
Obviously Carlos Maza was able to make a whole kerfuffle out of just sending one tweet Traviata one tweets: do you too and got a response? It of all these other creators are also asking for the same thing in asking for the economy answers. Then that means a decree. She ever get in the satellite elite, whereas we'll get. It also serves a point that we are making a regionally, and I want to talk about Carlos mother whole lot, but graven beautiful happens, betaken member same sex of letting origin, but what I we go back to that. There is a saying: listen, I really don't think he's. Videos are very good. I dont think they're good quality dont think they would pass them. I don't think they would work if not for this man hiding behind the identity which he did of being gay. That was the criticism that I may never say that there's a gate, early pulpit when you, The media responds to someone on Twitter. They respond us response to someone when they say I'm upset, because I'm algae, beating you, of course there advantage to it. That's why you have people who fake it. People by racial people trends. Are you doing it just to get a leg? This happens, not all people to very small percentage, but, of course that criticism,
by the way. Thank you for being my commercial People acted Anthony, something I've got going. Apology- video, that's even if you could tell these not sorry, I'm like king or another smoking, because, as I have already modest, that Commissioner Monti Club thank you cogeneration and then something else to someone I was and what will be the worse than they could possibly Poland, someone pulled. It enables twitter and it was a cultural appropriation and was merely Mickey Rooney Asian that customers about pissed, myself laughing and like these are mainstreamed all its covering this silly crowd. I want maybe the next civil war. That's why they did it out that farmers from a mediocre overrated film. You can come up with something of the seventies where they come from forty years ago, when the person who coach do in your accent there, I'm I'm offended that there really went for authenticity. We were just really making sure respect that it was respect like ours.
But the shows respect no reason at all to ourselves, comedy least of all to ourselves are a step forward. This is something I think everyone needs to be really clear on we're not looking for. I don't start pushing railway for expensive regulation, no, this step that everyone needs to take here, and this is again and making your voice is heard- push these companies to declare publicly if their private, publisher or a public platform. Here you see them talking about it and get it deals with a lot of different cases. So we deal with entertainment. Why should we face some like some people? Can new musicians are all musicians? Why would we want to close something like that There is a world right where people make their decisions all this army, the traditional media, does this year. When you say that, like as a good thing, traditional media, everyone loves the right of all those old guys rooms, distribute you guys The broad moved there would enable gently need is fundamentally he thinks that the apology running a platform with two billion people on it. I dont know what's happening so yet. This is that their
VOX again, doctrine of the contents have run forget they want control. Yet this is what they want to digital world would return. It returns us to me Free media styled old world war, what people decide. What does this, which, by the way that was catalyst for all this region, one of the catalyst without the algae Bt Q month, to put out a hit me because I want a Europe of competition, but the springboard was us criticising the most recent vocs. Video in which they cloud journalism, job to being clear exactly journalists forcing through what important and what just partisan, but this is called gate to be missing One thing I can spend whatever talking points they want for journalists who decided was newsworthy enough to pay attention, but that is in an ideal world. I think about this I consider himself a journalist. Yes, the most important thing that I do is decide what information you get like Stephen Trotter is homophobic, not that you should be milkshake. I
several hours on my desk right. The IRAN Nuclear Deal about the arab spring, but I d, milk shaking Steve, that did not make anyone of regional list I wouldn't have that wasn't I was. I was also banned in that beautiful But you know ordinary people like vaccine and half, but they don't think that any of you should have a voice. They do they not only see themselves as elite. They think that its requirement to be illegal, They know better. When you hear the peasant you're just a blogger, they should decide whether people get to hear what you have to say at all, and this is something that I think that happened this week. The big big meat there, so you might say somethin their affection. Does it say what I find ironic about you are referring to the old media is when you would watch old media you would never have any source. You'd. Very rarely have any other people talk as you just have to talk about and say something. And then you had nowhere else to go check it fulfil body which himself that's this, but that's what box? What's right not noticed when you're biggest critique of the vocs strictly videos is there
resources. These facts don't seem to be discoverable anywhere on the internet or in any other kind of library or sources of good information, but it's just by, gonna, say it and just trust me right at Israel's harking back to old media days right. It's like you, can't challenge things. You can't have voiced that basically say the audience is incapable of sorting and yes, some people refused to do the work, and so, of course, aren't you dumb to do that. But the main point is that everyone gets opportunity disordered. Yes, of course, this should be given the opportunity it shouldn't be determined by a backroom of people at vocs who want to ask questions is which is keen moves to get people back here today old media, to their so used to being the hulk right. This is in the room, smashing everything. Now this did you smashed everyone before they wanted them to platform boom gone, but now, because of us and EU, having made us the biggest right in general and that you too now has to acknowledge us. They ve been book, closing in smashing everything this is the first time we ve, essentially all of us you, the viewers, support you ve, given us worse,
Finally, the rock that their breaking them I was against and that's what I think- so exciting right now, that's what this is a different type, the absolutely and you you guys ready made this point that going that this was supposed to break the old ways, we're supposed to use this new media stuff to try and get truth out to people on things. That meant something in the region that they're coming back is because, if you control the information that that's power, if you control what people can hear and can't hear what what narrative as they can hear what people can support. That is absolute power and it's Pandora's box, because it's like she's starting to realize that guy's, you don't understand what you're asking you're asking me to do, something that we can't then control, because somebody will run with The directive, when you control Youtube Video Control information, exactly that's exactly right, but everywhere, and you know what I like step. Five is another very important important ever not just to talk about the colloquialisms, a fake news really important, for you know everyone who, at everyone has an outlet, at least for right, now, point out fake news collusion where ever you find it.
To mark? I wanna have indigo and I want as this one over by nice ass, a question because you're utterly destroyed this. We can add the story that Peter Mention was about. Radicalization ended twenty one euro rate story. Who says that you too have the one that said there was a NEO Nazi right condemnations, each other one had Milton Friedman right next to build the Franco, Lorn Southern VOX host here, Vauxhall His own rule excuse me that you're breaking your own law bamboozle so the governor. Who is a border, my surmise rigour from a break its own rules and made sure This guy from the New York Times got to ask a question because he wrote a bogus story about radicalization, lit the content. Ovaries, as I want to make sure you really had a great story this week. That's what he wants. He wants all of you to facebook to be him saying those are the rules, but hey New York Times you get the fast lane.
These media companies. They work together to push and amplify false narrative, and this is what's important Youtube announced last week that there were designing. Policies to help new flourish. They were gonna, be working, surprise, surprise, box, media to develop the frontiers which include directing people to quote more authoritative sources for new I think we have an overly from this from Youtube. So what authoritative? like see and wash impose NBC Newsweek, they pushed sure collusion, narrative, Jesse's, Varlet, hate hoax, the Covington kid smear this is, they say its authority lies an authoritative because we set up ok. But what did you say so because their authoritative I am very confused. I should be saved us your money, more monopolies and both the way that we want you to go by the thing we want you to buy and think things are hateful that we want you to think truth, matters a lot right, and so, when we find you- and I have done this many many many times when trumps- has something that's untrue- we call him on it right. It happens a lot more on the left right now you get the fake new stuff from the left, but guys everybody out there. When you see somebody who's, not it, it's not truthful don.
Be selective in correcting truth really does matter, because that's how somebody who is in the middle somebody who doesn't have a political opinion here, that's how they would go. You know what you guys you're honest about. What you're saying: ok, you you care about truth, boats. I have to talk to the Frenchman with a beggar buy an item. I have waited long before we go. We're headed debate, get off your point, their truth matter so much because it crafts are real. You only way that we know how things are going on in the rest of the world is because people told us how that is so truth matters that Much because it creates will they don't leave out and only the truth, scratch reality daily people's perception craftsman. They want to cry out those deep didn't you intend to go up when they say we're going? new algorithm based on this arbitrary rules, borderline indirect people towards authoritative sources which isn't really outlined what
legally. Where me, what do you do with that? Would save your your arguing against illegal term is consistency. They are consistently deciding on terms that are vague and a big. U s that are not explained and where you can get. Maybe a couple of paragraphs button, nothing clear! So if you look it's it's a vague rule built on another vigorous built on another vigorous here the definition of this policy, but then we're gonna side borderline in what borderline is. When I can be very clear, but in a wheel you know when we see it right, but then, on top of that work in it, you know, decide what's borderline based on authoritative sources, but you know what's authoritative and how we decided that when I can be very clear all of that says there are no rules, the goalposts, removing good luck, every creator in every sphere and stop moving good luck while they still benefit from some of these protections. Protections is a platform, yes
is by the way that last coop, what we saw was an authoritative source pointing to another authority, have ya, think everything this guy revolve. Sir, Salute pointed around your time you saw who already admitted that a lot of his stuff was not her, absolutely false, yeah. Wasn't by what we know that everything we don't get everything right but pushing a verifiable fake news story, absent any sources for years attacking the president. What does it take to be kicked out? the authoritative club- and this is in all of these steps here, given enough rope show. The censorship, when it happens by omission right, make sure you point out. Fake make sure you're no longer complaining, think bigger. We can't just about this anymore, the aggressively looking for formation demanding information, sulphur, middle campaigns- things like the vocs add polyps when they are on the verge of making these huge policy decisions, lift the push back when people are banned, which we ve been doing, but we have to do a lot. More
Because you're not going to listen, why? Because our predictions of come true, all yours and of everything that we have come through this week has come true when Alex Jones is banned. Some of the rights of all you know I just dont make sandy hook. Conspiracy, videos and you'll be fine. They were wrong. It wasn't about Whether you agree with some of us? Have you or not it doesn't that's not what it was about. We have to be pushing for solutions here too solution for four from UK about this. Why not push for you? tube or atomic demonization to create and advertiser category four companies who would want to advertise with a highly engage right, leaning, ADI rage. They re learning. Eighteen, a forty year old men who stay for thirty, two minutes on average pervert partial eighteen, even one everything was fine. Walter does,
he wants to be inaugurated and want to advertise on Jeffrey stars, make up tutorials? This is a win win win, but the problem is you two blocks out sponsors that they see is violating guidelines or may be hateful by their very kilt of being conservative sponsors get to beef up in my They can be feature in the most relevant content guns cowardly sponsors, they didn't take part. Two wouldn't make more money, they are exercising profits by democratizing every single general right of Bernie Sanders. This is what is happening right now happen. We just caught with some of these solutions where everyone can be happy, you're, the most advanced tech company in the world. You can't
In short, the right company runs an add on this video and that you're not seeing and add four I dont know Smith and Wesson on the latest transgender make up two Torreon. Are you kidding me where you spending their money? How big are your office? It's I don't know. What's with the crowd her, I just saw what you said about our tumblr, our magnificent tumblr. That costs cancer. There is not a scintilla of evidence that it costs cancer, not a shred of evidence. That it causes cancer. Aside from those three started, there's nothing, nothing! I'm coming after you, I'm coming after you with all legal resources at my disposal mama
chrome is the best global, the internet, a beautiful things out of a job that'll give you can't take it from me. Mister t join a ladder were crowded dot com, Flash muslim none in dollars annually, sixty nine dollars for students and active military fumbling United in diversity, these three tell the story of a strength found in our different customs cultures and from the solemn refugee camps of Sweden to the volatile no go under the way to the dreary UK, where it sits, arrested for unpopular speak again and again we in the EU, you can leave your worries behind and let us make your decisions
from controlling what you say to how you think so check your firearms at the door and embrace your defenseless courtship from our vibrant international commute, because if you don't you're a racist woke to pure you with US anomaly I would never verging on us. Go to Millcote something someone who doesn't know take it as read should reward which a man of infringing the woman you see the new interview sender for joy. At that stage, alien person, whether says you know you don't want to answer.
I got my summit coming club. The only mugged, efficiently, endorsed by Google Security in a very real and legally binding way, join up later with pride that comes lash, mug club at length, arms with your brother's, a Google security today I don't think we'll dance the countries where this garb are not entirely sure Oh yeah, you guys can always dance given idea what goes on french television like demanded now people are threatened and called Blue Marie in Montreal Quebec, there was little use at all
No, I wasn't blurted out there was it was. I was soft core pornography. There would be unfolded. Our bill brain would be illegal here and United says. I don't have the same thing in France, but I assume it is which brings me into our next gas because it relates actually Phonography, I'm not being titillating participating states as very important. You can follow, of course, the main man here too. A James, O Keefe, the third, like Rocky three project greatest dot com is, of course, his his website, where you can go in support of his head. A product very does and what we should have this correct, The recently released a video, exposing Pinterest censoring pro life. Pro christian content on the website actually placed live action under its poor. Domain black list, some others, happened, of course, twitter, something about them. Approving a white supremacist, but I want to make sure we stay. I know it sounds like that's it we're lead and want to make sure I have all of this right. So this info was given to James O Keefe. By PIN Employee named Eric Cochrane, whose
since been fired, but is here with James today, gentlemen, thank you for being here. They ran a street view now, first, Eric did you know this was a likely scenario. I thought it was maybe not likely, but I was still mentally prepared for it. I mean diktat companies, minds or lots of stuff yeah mile Hopefully, James has in some some work for you over there, even if it just intern stuff, right, ginger gonna, take care, the guy controversy, we're with very serious thought. This is almost inspirational. Things ever seen is what Eric said to touch her last night and a project bright eyes. He heap He was one to risk. It offer what cause he believed in and he wants people to come forward and that is inspiring. I saw a spider monkey right, a unicycle once and that made me spire to try and learn how to write a unicycle, because I thought I too could do it. I couldn't didn't metals debated before you. If anything of Miss, can you give us an overview as to what happened here? The investigative report concerning Pincher
and their censoring of pro life christian content, because a lot of people will think to our to believe it has been trending everywhere. I want to make sure you can explain it in your own words yeah The biggest thing here is the Pinterest added live action onto a porn domain block list. So that means that any links to Pinterest means are any links to live action on Pinterest when it go through you, just if you are user, you just get a weird error message. There is like a sorry something went wrong. You just think it was a fluke. You just think something's wrong, but then here's the actual proof from the back in about why this was happening. Somebody classified it as porn and then the big. This thing here is then, after this story came out, they had they they double down there. They banned live action. They kept it on the form they have. Why that's not a word on the porn domain blacklist and these
why that action is misinformation and conspiracies, and then, of course, on top of that, we also have the doktor striving where Dave, where they ve added, like Bible verses to the sensitive terms, was turns out Christian Easter, which then blots christian terms and bible terms from auto complete from you communications from your search and homesick is well, I guess what what I'm sort of surprise by his seems to me. They should pick a lane is live action, pornography or misinformation, because that the two aren't one and the same they answer for that yeah and ass. The key here, that's really, the goal is to make them say publicly, wait there
thinking internally, because they wanted ever tell anybody what they were doing and that's why they added to a corner. May walk was nobody, so they didn't have to say publicly before this that they thought it was misinformation. Now they have to state explicitly to the public what they really believed that they really believe that pro life content is misinformation? Do they put all porn under misinformation or is it simply porn is its own separate category, so they could have put live action under misinformation. Instead, they put him under poor Yeah and it they could have added, they could have lied, lied actions what they called the sensitive terms list, which has a category four like hate speech and misinformation, but instead they added live action and a few other sites like like zero hedge, He didn't media to this form. Domain block was specifically, I mean it is far as I could see to hide this. Even internally. I've got you know in their different. They could have confused zero hedge I'll, give them that one. Let me clear you to also pulled your Jose,
Tristram, I am, I didn't, give you a reason, because you know we ve been fighting you to provide some kind of a kind of has been a big victory in that they haven't pulled our stuff, we just where demonetized, but we ve just show haste earlier in this shows is will just keep talking about this, but a lot of people have been experiencing what you're experiencing without justification. What's the reason you to give to you for Poland's is actually they need the disappointment of production. It was very well done it was. It was Eric in the shadows. This was on Tuesday morning. It was. The document is a very serious, straightforward report. I've never had a Youtube video taken down in that roughly ten years, I've been doing the hundred plus investigations and you too, such as an email and the emails it after a closer analysis. Theirs, privacy violation,
thing in the video from time stamp. Twenty seven seconds it marker three. Forty yet was the fuel smoking gun. Evidence of this one Legged Mc Clellan used was Pinterest engineer was, is the doctrine of the arrogance of me and it shows Megan going into, and what was she doing? She was about posting a yeah pursing there live action. This was this was where she was adding to the reformed makes us was the actual smoking gun screen shot, and you, too said well. James blow this twenty seven seven second part will lead keep up the video, but Stephen there's no, but there's no recourse. I can't blurring because they took the video down. They do this permanent limbo and, like I say it's like we're beyond Orwell now on this kafkaesque nightmare, where, They're, taking the very newsworthy smoking and poured out of this video to water down was its face. They wanted you to blur the document. It was it
anything personal addresses it was just the name of the employer, and this is news worthy information. This is right out this information. There wouldn't be a story right and it was just a blur. This is a twenty minute video to blur the smoking gun document with the code of the employer, putting live action on the porn less without that story, Stephen, It isn't a story right here that's it! Then we like with Watergate insanely my a second actions, not a big fan of is so you can read you the story. If you just don't have any ITALY tapes are mentioned Nixon, because these are not happy about it. Just don't mention Michael or Neverland Ranch, and you can release this. Didn't what tutor also suspended product the product, very tough account for how long suspended the project Berytus Tweet, where this is the information in the video they call bench appear, awaits a pharmacist on their slot threads and you might be thinking well. That's just employees
in our opinion. It is also why don't you slack? It seemed every ten there's a leak. It comes from slack, so we have an outstanding really nobody use lack. What were you can speak to you? It wasn't just their opinion. He I wasn't just their opinion, because then we even saw the updated their sensitive times less just three days after they are talking about that. They took action on this wasn't just some personal opinion is of an employee yeah Even then I mean you know. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when you say the most jewish guy out, there is a white supremacist. You probably wrong. You know at some point. We have to make a judgment. Its letter suspended the project, their atossa count for reporting the facts. Right then Shapiro was put on a sensitive terms, lists inside a twelve point: seven billion dollar tech company. Again I don't I don't know. I think this is a watershed moment. I mean Eric and speak to that better than I can in the history of journalism in big tech.
Companies have made the decision that they're going to be an editorial agenda, and it's pretty amazing, I want to say this. The reason this is the first video ever that you do his censored from project. Where does is because hits the abortion in industry. This hits the abortion issue because This is where all the big tech companies are ramping up there in protection mood of the abortion industry. You're gonna see more and more pro life censorship and we need people inside these tat companies. Pro lifers exist in these tech companies to come forward with what they seen come to project very toss, because this is the moment. This is the final there and it happens. We coinciding with Lissom, been a watershed moment for us in a box and be seized and go and after a three week in and were the first channel that there was an active attempt to de platform and we and doesn't mean that it couldn't happen eventually, but they ve gone on record, saying it's not a violation of policies, guys we can't get rid of everybody, so
we will be able to make some headway with with, for you just now, not not to not to go to your friend James. By the way, take it over how much you look like a young matrimonial. I just watch specifically through the night, I guess chinese injury and you're right, but the first moment I met in ten years ago. These, like yours, envision question: have you ever seen them in request? You had another vision. Quest was by new format jacket, as people have said not to know did when he was younger and vision. Quite so you're actually, probably age. You wasn't for mental jacket, but you look like a young Matthew, Modin anyways. I wanna talk to Eric Eric, I'm, not so you. How long did you work at Pinterest? just about two years. Ok, I'm not You are familiar with Pinterest, because when I started it was just like the really no offense but, like, be mom things. Like don't talk to me, I tell I've, had my coffee, one glass of wine and like a woman like a jumbo glass of wine, all that kind of sounds like some want to watch it, but so you, there for a while, but waited become aware, though, of this sort of the censoring practices.
Sue especially like everyday. They started talking like our company all hands about their misinformation efforts and how we need to crack down on misinformation and conspiracies. Then I was like oh shit. This is happening Pinterest here and then I started looking innocent stuff and then about the end of March. Actually, after I saw Roger very tosses video on Facebook, I was like ok, this stuff that I'm seeing is not normal their normalizing censorship and that's when I started digging deeper just got worse from their look. Let me ask you this. But first of all, they say when you exposed to private, did they fire you on the spot
so I say I walked into the building Tuesday morning after the story released. I had my breakfast. I walked up to my desk and notice that light my gmail account wasn't thinking my pinterest, like our internal account, wasn't thinking my slack wasn't working and- and I knew the yeah. This is probably the end of my work adventurous and then I just waited for somebody to come. Get me and three security guards came out said. Are you Eric and, as I get handed him, my laptop and badge, and they walked me out the back door security guards are, but they do have to do their job. There probably think it does crap again. Let me say this in your time at at Pinterest, did you know the cosy relationship with the higher up there and big media. Companies, for example like NBC Disney. You noted today capitulated them quite a bit, because we see that with you too,. So? What I can say is that, like our trust in safety teams,
calendars, they had meetings with other tech companies and with other media companies and for sure, like there's so much pressure from the media. To do the same thing and there's this five mine is it gives this isn't just about Pinterest. This is, point we're then the other tech companies can look at that and they can be like ok, well, Pinterest label. Pro life content is misinformation. Let's do Let's do this, let's double down! This is now a citation that weaken we can use to expand our censorship, but this print rescue, heavily female. Our user base year, the? U S, is very heavily female Anne and unlike a lot of other social media sites like Twitter, is actually very middle America, very Justino Middle America. It's not really like techie yeah. That's what I think- and I think I like you, know those horrible kind of bumper stickers and then like, like Mason Jar, overnight oats am I right all park?
I think a lot of it is but also its an image board, and so it contains a lot of light political means and a lot of information and like lots of baby pictures and for life content and in that regard, to with its own either as a huge image board. It's gonna wanna power that land and those will be my questions is excuse heavily female. You can't use the argument, you know no vagina, no opinion and a lot of women half of women critically. The United States are pro life. So do they do they understood. Do you think they even have a strategy is, as far as dealing with the cannibalism asian of their audience, because as from as prohibitionist perspective, it doesnt compute. For me. I dont think they look at it from a business perspective because really they are in there are one hundred percent in the fight to protect the abortion industry. They can keep on getting. They can keep on getting funding from from big names they can keep on taking in money, but their number one goal. Is
protect their agenda. They did tat. A lot of things is a loss leader, you just they have to protect their agenda yeah. I think it's important note, because a lot of you will say all big tickets just about corporations. They just want the money and I go home and a second. There are actually a lot of solutions here where they could plenty of money and they could actually appeal to everybody across the country, but they will often make a decision. Influence in lieu of money. Not that would be acceptable to censor people based on the profit motive, but we have to get going. Where is the best place for people to support the both of you, James and Eric. So I have a go find me. If you search go, find me Pinterest, whistleblower it'll come writer, Also, if you're on the inside of big tech companies go to project, very tough dot com, be brave Dewitt, go to the insider programme and contact probability securely on percent.
Abso and then you know gems lucky, for you have to have an office full of people finding something for them to do. At this point, there are going to come even irony aside, there there have been over. Doesn't people like Eric beyond the annex one make one comment that they're afraid that the people to come to me are: they won't go to the New York Times the Washington Post, because there are those those news. Men are gonna, sell them out in Others, that's pretty amazing to watch that sets a very good point. There, always vit video vehemently protect their sources. It's! U Erika James! I gained motif Eric and everybody else here who have formally were for bright, but by the way these are there. There dresses- and you see it with a meme on cnn- are so that is project very task when Mister rabbit right product, very tough doc. Yes, product very test. I comment on over tat, sometimes just dot org, that tv air Cochrane James, ok,
you guys for being here- and I appreciate you guys doing the work do keep us posted as stuff unfolds, we'll be back to wrap this up reached, don't be a victim, I don't think you'll be glad you did This is a really good example of two screens arms. I once green into movies. Remember Jim Costa alive.
Thirdly, grabbed or was grabbed by the lighthouse aid. This is a really simple example. I can I can think of in the past in the past year, where p couldn't even see the same reality. Ok, we all saw the same video and no one knew what was real. Did the aid grabbed the microphone from Acosta or did Asta chop the arm of the aid. No one could agree, I mean, We are due to cite one thing you did once and you didn't, but there were people saying your absolute We run our understand. Are you nuts? He clearly hitter? other people say we talk about he's, try yank the MIKE from him, and understand how you can actually there's there's no way to describe the situation of people you will just have to side saying no, you are wrong period and nothing will. In my mind,.
That's called the Saudi produce marvelling at the fact that term defies off, is extra cigar remains lit underwater. Does frightening Does it make any sense at all? This is actually was sitting over. There was actually a journey boy cigar and it was half. Let me turn to break out of rabbit
They get the cooties, which now arises horrible idea. Thank you much deems O Keefe we have achieved I'm coming up Monday, you have a long, for I believe, devils advocate with Temple on Tuesday TED crews is gonna, be the shell of the thought not found next Thursday. Thank you so much to all the people, you know, I'm a cognitive scramble, increasing internal scrambled is now it's been a bit of a tough week that a couple of weeks, Austria, Spain, a tough couple weeks with it with us. On a good front. We ve, we ve, worked really hard, but you know being public enemy number one, particularly as it relates to one of the biggest me companies in the world, and NBC Vocs has definitely taken its toll on some people. And in well I'm I'm ray? I really am genuinely appreciative to everyone who supported us in its work.
We have to balance and not one that one to complain that also wanting to be authentic about this. If they were gone through and are actually anymore, it might be best put into a sun audio. Eight. Are you not with us today.
Are you trying to tell you everything you want to start a stamp club, true social free speech, prom gets to try to seek a stranger. Just regulates the biggest used, Mr Fox.
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