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2019-06-21 | 🔗
Cultural Appropriation month continues with Venezuela! Talking all things Australian devil children, gay presidents, transgender dating woes, and debunking John Oliver's Trump Impeachment wet dream. Super guest Senator Ted Cruz talks Big Tech, and Half-Asian Bill sits in third chair.

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Join the high school somewhere in the Triassic Prince golf I'd e g sensation, others classy itself more world. Is she hung eating up in Thailand or exploring Argentina seems wage board and for the world's up in lose hosted by the regime, is losing Lemme Ruth Paine again it will be easy good, so backyard my day, holding New Zealand code sharing since early in turn have been Greenland is wearing Turkey. Tausig
that's good that they got through. So The who knew no question like what does set a bus, yonder mess appropriation, culture, the lover with broader Vamos Utopia, socially star. Venezuela. No panacea of weapons is ass, good, ass, any ethical code-
gotta get province. Those problems are Giovanni. Radio that cannot that body we see out. That's when us good Europe, skin and wonder no sulphurous, discuss amount of almost are set aside as base must better mighty, Gus Elvis seen. Nor so I shall use the other states who need called by the Columbia. What against gay property is appreciated? welcome back to cultural recreation. Money around next week is our last. We have culture probation what we are going to live in other debates, amalgam Erika the United States. For the first time today we have senator TAT crews on the z without the oval actual intro in third year today. My happy similar Bill Richmond, you may refer to me as general. I was there. I don't even know if that's that's a colombian corner like air. There is black amongst what is good for you. That's terrible in Denmark and Junior. What's the one
The one of the day is, I hate everyone does. Why needs to its basic issue that you got for me and the highest paid on the comedy? See it I don't I assume everyone's already. It looks that way by leaving it to some aspects of Colombia really quickly little impact book because to appropriate is to proceed by law, or household in Colombia must have a picture of Jesus slightly smaller than that of their picture. Public Escobar. There's a mural in tribute to Mr Corrie HIM, whose cocaine you singularly kept the colombian economy and President Sarkozy issued a formal really stating that, contrary to popular belief, secures sexually at joint did in fact failure polygraph examine the question of the day went to get through. I really dont know John Oliver's. Recent video regarding his video. There hung about impeachment. Do think Trump should be an empty shell
nay, I know about how likely to you how good it is Europe that he actually gets in peace, and do you think that if the impeachment proceedings begin it'll effect, twenty twenty? Let me know, I will begin by quoting its it's paper thin the impact You wanted to losing one worse still the topic of new the public men. Nothing must have happily isn't happening right now. You get chose poorly right so and other leaders we start in Australia, where Generations are apparently now growing horns in the back of your head down. It's a medical anomaly. This comes from the New Zealand Herald. The youngsters seem to be developing horns due to the extended use of technology like smartphones in habits, how they're, using different techniques, the idea that is not to say about the site where you can reach for comment. Vice President Biden asked the youngsters are horny trip was cut short, As for the layer moved by society from a wiggles cancer, my gas at that that actually could be a good like Joe Biden, defence mechanism like a horn in the back of your head by publicly
like other members for certain exactly see layer, looks immensely and underline the court on Monday. I am gear here. We respect you, my speaking a presidential here. I think an extra he's got you PETE, but he's like a claim that it's almost certainly tat Gay president's. He sent me probably had excellent presidents who were gay, we just didn't know which ones statistically. It's almost certain, of course, still that all kinds of speculation as to who might be amongst them, though, all signs point two Howard, Taft, we're not gonna lie. Seems owners, listening to us averted, probably listening is uncomfortable. Mab asian lobbyists and annual you were at Saint would stay with, but three point: nine percent Billy, that's number of game at three point: two, it's almost statistically certain when three point nine percent historically or gay. That's not!
It's not a luxury wasn't Hoover was, he was no one who does the appeal which- and I won t know good ol man Contravened- no more out of ivy gear silk our role models of Cologne, which some war they lost. Montagnier ass. What s US toy done, Belize, mean nor gap for tuna, is gonna, see here s the hot or bought at the mob. The monk Ok well is doing on oil gas base who support yeah. They said somebody, I've read these, but at the club I wish I loved anything as much as one Valdez caught him. Ass, beautiful, ass, actually get it brings a tournament does patterns it's another.
Lest we forget impeachment, that's what you're here for some ten years after that credit to shoot location tool of using this. It's a madman makers lit up the status of abortion legislation, fifty states at the survey is meant to help actors produces directors instead used to say where it is safe for women to work. So let's do I look here at MILAN. Was map taking a look at MILAN Ozma, First problematic area is Georgia, whose tax breaks have benefited. Many in the film industry cover. Georgia also pay but some call harsh abortion restrictions, though not near is harsh as a near Alabama not to be outdone. The Ohio Film Commission needs to wrestle with the book. I states recent abortion limits in order for women to feel safe, working there, which leaves women with the only remaining option in Hollywood where they can be raped for days on end without mercy. It I shouldn't issues come and really I let us, especially since I was the one who recorded it.
I should also cover not your. How have you been doing David's on your desk? Sometimes I just see the step that we work on throughout the weakening disgusted. But another though I did that didn't, I was wondering eyes me right. Switching gears psychology today now that they want to know of transit, are studying with trans people are excluded from the world of dating car. This is one of want days state. Eighty seven percent of head arose were only interested in other CIS. Gender had a rose while only three percent of, this head arose were: will To date, a transgender more commonly referred to as gay the remaining ten percent confused, but the question is a mastery of seriously under the table. There are. Eight percent of the people doesn't know just said not accounted for. What is the remaining ten percent in this study? They said yuck on the undertaking and look I understand the comment that are about to make. The irony is not lost on me. It's not normal. For a guy to dress up is a woman. Very heated, that's what you're bringing it like our call. I I just you know I just want to make sure I represent Colombia well, but that you
something normal. I've study on operators are you're only representing was literally olive, nothing, I'm scarred, I'm pretty sure. All of us literally hit you in here is. Israel rename the Golan Heights settlement after done. Are you? Ok? make, a terrible woman. I would yes Eddie Murphy. When you pick you up in a million years Zack. I knew no. After Don. I was wrong from NEWS, Netanyahu's cabin as agreed to rename the community Rama Trump Hebrew for trumpet holdings, will encourage more Israelis to move over there and not to be palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas countered by naming and Gaza after Congresswoman Ilan, Omar tentatively called ploughed by my brother, that's the name of the city, because she had relations. I finish your brother
Is that why you like everyone, cliff and take the congresswoman out of Alabama, but not the Alabama groundless ruminant come on. It's ok to have sex with you Stephen Mick Jagger. My now I know I'm incredibly I've. Finally, actor John Q SEC was forced to apologize for retreating and anti semitic Molina. So you do. We have that, people see that listening. This is look at the actual mean that yeah, he peeped tweeted D, actually quote had the mean adding the follow the money and then what's funny. Then afterwards he tried to reverse course, while apologizing, maybe excuse that quote a bought got me. Yes, a boss took control of Hugh sacks, of course, Twitter, because I found it ITALY, your bomb. I know not all right, that's cool man, a thousand mama goes. This boy was, you know, follow money. The quote that he had an there was basically the people, the people there
Do we really will be a twitter winners. Lerigo court, like reviewed all right, look Rebecca, Pat over identifying guileless. Ok, There was MIKE man, you say this low or during winter does Canada map the overlays would have to go there now right to human tat little little out there. Ok, I'm sorry quarter blanket who one less, which Trivia Konrad Rebecca Patterson, identifying scarlet turn as the host of Devils advocate. That's right,
by doing next week, we're going to be announcing the the winners of ultra probation contest again lives during debates Thursday, but we do have landed on the running right now. Yet we got one pack rank It's a weirdo username and bread, stubs, wow Kindly offensive. That's just the two they are. I shouldn't. I should aim that we ve been spreading this hour. I am so sorry for him again question today. Do you think Donald Trump should be a phd think he will be impeach what's the over under John Oliver was made a video about this video. He did a shell about it and it is l segment and they always get there. We go viral. I dont entirely. Nor do I think I don't, but these segments, our torches, you that is springboard here to get into impeachment and what that would look like will be required and why it makes very sense. Let's see how strong the cases we first appear from John Oliver talking about impeach we're gonna focus on something getting talked about a lot these days. Parliament is present. Elected people have been dying to see him impeached, not everyone
say everybody. I would show the blinds bombardment before we get sorted. I gotta say Janata really good at taking what should be a three minutes. Second, and strew retching it out the twenty minutes, my on and on and on and on about any points without any other under girding sources and ass. They will say this for all of our criticism of vocs we stay just make up, so you're going to finish. I put a lot of time in order to try and is readily yeah he's basic premise: those trumpet so bad. Everything that I'm about to say is true right. That's what he's tried he's trying to set you up your own roof. Universities are all true trust me and it starts from a start: Castro's schoolhouse, rocking it to education when impeachment actually isn't half asian bill. It's a big reason you here today, because I think this is right near we'll house, but let's go to, as is its next clip general. They think that you can impeach you're goin and that is completely not true, does not them off to the end. The people think or you do, vote to impeach bye, bye, birdie
Isn't that always laughing name. It fulfil sunlight, elaborately they're laughing at her. The night that's Rachel, It's not the films, any party there's a shown that idea and the shows like early morning. You know why you didn't have cable. You watch, there's lots of ministerial your whole day, like Ireland, has grown up. I think she's it is absolutely right here in Genoa later goes on to admit that the agenda is a paper thin twenty minutes. Second, we're going to Anything else they cannot come here is how the impeachment process works and technically it begins with an inquiry in the House of Representatives to enrich our committee investigating.
Hold hearings into a pressures and majority decides by pound impeachment offences they vote to impeach bars. That is not the end that merely moves the process to the Senate where a trial is held and the president is only removed from office if a two thirds majority votes for that song. It is the case for putting this president through that process. Next teach us about conjunctions and their functions at the very least you bring in a bed. Emory studies, tat of the votes in the house but years yet people Democrats, notably Pelosi. Arguably the most powerful democratic party support it. Now, if you'll just inventory like that, you need two thirds majority in the Senate, we're Republicans have a majority, they know
fears and that's why they support it. They know that all that's gonna happen. It's gonna piss off the american people and stir them up to go to the polls again. What's like putting forward the green new deal, the five actually re new deal and then no longer, because I know no one is going to say. Oh, I hold a second in this. This proposed bill. It's replace all infrastructure, all thought fuel and away that's right, also justice, tact into environmental, say, I'm in a vote on whether we can ratification Bell because apparently subscription so mean anything join up at Montgomery, appreciated everyone who has in Itunes for those who have not that you're driving Itunes. He said something quickly, and so is right. So I mean, if you have the analogy eyes to it, like maybe the criminals, the criminal sphere, where you have a grand jury prosecutor, goes
front of a jury side and we even bring charges. That's what the house's there's an initial investigation, even before that are being taken to the floor of the house, has decided by a majority. Are you going to actually issue articles of impeachment? You draw them up yet have done you vote, then. That's when the rest of the trial happens. Typically, you would call the trial and the trial the jury. Members are the senator, so you ve got a super majority. You ve got to do there so that Israel's three investigation article strident something a little work. Can we just get just call me in there pretty much the who's. The poos who acted as the prosecutor for four impeachment dino address its ongoing as it only to access at around curious color. Let somebody let us now I think it comes from and how it would be out of magic, and this would be related of investigation I would thank US barometer. Meditation said there was no collusion so that basically tat when you re integration, I think obviously that's a special prosecutor for the the enough he would then carry over if well. No, but those will be the charges because what about randomly reasoning who accident surprising visuals is probably especially important for I have no idea are
pilots bottlenecks clip one area where we already have considerable evidence against tromp is obstruction of just considerable era serious allegation. It was among the articles it is a serious, alienated and Clinton. Obstruction was also half of Robert Mullahs report. It is serious allegation. That's why you need it It would be a serious allegation for media, accuse you of ripe. You ripest things now really bad. If it were true way. First, it doesn't make any sense at all proof and he's right by the weather. Both Nixon Clinton had articles impatient radicalism, obviously annexing resigned, but partly because of obstruction so understood, but that's where the comparison of Nixon in Clinton with Donald Trump end. Why? What can only ass? You get what could possibly be the difference between Nixon Clinton and Donald Trump.
Why is one not let the other? I don't go to innovation, builders and joint and gets entertaining you do that they did not deem your haggard Worley have vacant room. They were actually get big difference. Watergate did happen, Clinton commit perjury lying about internet sexes. All this in almost all the interns, that's just the one we closed poorly and this one look, I don't know how they can be obstructive. If there is an underlying crime is right, there would have to be a corrupt motor think about every second. Second, I want to go. Average and go on these two key words: obstruction and justice. Gonna go by the legal dictionary from corner reputable corner. Coronel is a good university. Our own, abstract my cousin impeding stopping block justice, a concept of fairness or moral rightness in this case, as it relates to a ruling of finding okay. So we
No prison outrun didn't commit any collusion. So in this case what would just as well be justice the conclusion that no clue heard one or drunk do he's gleaming yeah. Guess he too tantrums all the loser. Purred instructing! That's that's thing just as act where you're not allowed to defend yourself in any way. What is it? What's the can someone years? What? How do you accuse someone? How is someone? I guessed found guilty of obstructing justice if they are innocent. Crime and they were the entire attempting, I'm innocent, I'm innocent, trying to let it go on having what can you be obstructing the church? there's a difference between defending yourself, defending you know yourself in the course of the proceedings and obstructing the process of right. The bolt the prosecution that events so, for example, of shortening justice would be threatening witnesses, get rid of witnesses. That's also
tampering from getting rid of evidence effective, pulling the fire alarm before the trial deal you throw back. All kinds of things like that war is defending is getting evidence, countering it responding to it here in this process. With the Mulder report, there's a question about what it's not like: a normal trial he's conducting its own investigation. He has powers that easy the talks certain people do certain things and what they're saying is essentially, if the president to speak out in a way that people find offensive that his offensive? This is what is now the obstruction of judge us right What will we do? What we didn't find within the Mulder Report, where even the other speculation that comes out, you hear the words obstruction of justice, but you don't see the underlying facts, it would say how was justice actually obstructed? I think, John. You brought it up point before the show talking about what actually happened. What were the bad acts? It actually heard that opted justice and that's where we come up wanting the and the age even said, and I know we're gonna get to probably in a second but the eighty said there wasn't enough evidence to what he said:
It's all a charter, be grubbed motives. Your motives are that you're innocent, that's from from ball, gathered up, saying that in and also the the deputy eighty said not enough evidence like these its suit to the brightest. My and legal jurisprudence. Not I the general. Rather we have market, we are more clips to get through our legacy. Paper thing is what this really matters, but for Don Mcgann Trump might have stopped in investigation into himself, and if the president can shut down and investigation, we can pay sickly. Do anything with no consequences its best, big deal, but you didn't exactly one drop of bread. Fourthly, taxpayer: to spend two thirty five million dollars investing a human stop. These nazi fan out. That's the whole point. So John Oliver sets aside by saying that there are ten things bill. This is what you and I were talking about their grand things that we could easily go after him for for instruction of justice and the one thing they pulled out. It had to be there.
Top one, because that's the only one he mentioned never act. We occurred right now. Is that a crime for me to think of doing something, but never to actually do it. I'd like to see the list numbers came through ten, exactly It was so things like, ok, but he said, but for this guy his lawyer, we would he would have shut down the investigation he would have fired mother. You know they would have done after that they would have appointed another special prosecutor to finish it out right, it wouldn't have just gone away. Investigation was not stop now. Incredibly, expensive and useless, and it doesn't say that he just assumes that's the crime. He goes on to talk about the sort of the precedent. I guess he doesn't use the word if I'm not mistaken, that it sets next click. To be honest, the thing is TAT this, now is being on not opening an inquiry comes with consequences too, because it essentially sends the message that the President can act with impunity is a dangerous precedent. Has what message that the left you know, you'll until proven innocent lesser block. I waving an accurate scale, rapidly gonna passers by in the park. I get it. It's just zero different strokes. If an investigator
fines and nothing? This is what this is. The message that's been sent you, starting with the message that would be sent here, had Donald Trump sapped investigator, a message that is sent right now is that Democrats, the left will destroy you. There will be a widow, it doesn't matter innocent. It doesn't matter what you ve done. We ve learned Cabinet, Covington, kids, all trump supporters have been tartan veterans, races, Jesse, smaller or just seeing it all over and essentially they're going with the ins justify the Medes Trump again back to the starting point. Trump is so bad. Anything that we do to get him out of office is warranted right because he will destroy the country by the way. Of course, we don't want to President's able to stifle and investing nation into what he did wrong. No new have reacted in that we have protections for that and they act like you would have happened that, like the entire system would have come, I'm pulling down if Molly had been fired and that's not accurate about what the over and run down from being a peach there, but I can't see where you, How do I set up its own development in future, as ever? Gonna happen. You really is, I think, is a political stance on is a political stance. The articles will be drawn up to, I think, the actual trial
now. I want you to know that the articles will be drawn up. I am. I am confident that there is a substantial chance. That's gonna have, can we make it? can we can build a lawyer speak? I am the accidents. I say the angel changed actually statistically eight percent of the time its defiling I'd like to I'd like to make a bet on it. So I think that the house will not vote on impeachment. I'll bet you oppress, reduction, sir here's. What you have been able to ever loses. Whoever loses has to dress up as a woman the next time there on the show- would you do that? I knew anything worse than ever. It is vital for lorries are unlikely later there are well, and you raise your hand in your, like normal, merely Selinger watering up your vote. Trying to get me leave me. How do you ladies deal with even more girls? Please look at this Roseanne bar won't work will better case a wine, a case of wine
now is in Europe our ideal. Ok, let's go to the next clip on Junior finally to the FBI. When Russia offered them Intel jointly can paint and his response was appalling. You're going to be at the eye when he got that he never gave us Energy Welfare decision congressmen somebody comes up and says: hey! information on your opponent, Kigali, coming from you. Do I've seen a lot of things over my life? I don't think of my whole life. I've ever called the FBI and my own life call the F b I this is somebody. They said we were laughing and everyone here all the F b I resent globally during recent director says. That's what should happen. The F B, I direct who is wrong bugs in that now your honour, the defence, is wrong, appears at first of no info changed hands.
The crazy part. This is something that no one against is predicated the impeachment on, because there's no, no collusion brighter hasn't been any proof of obstruction, outsourcing Maybe there was information exchange it. When people talk about trunk junior meeting with the Russians, the Russians they met with work for fusion GPS. Everything is an old one of the things you can t PS at the clinic and acquired to create the Haug. Steel dots. Yes, very, We know that for a fact, so Oliver's in disbelief at trumpet and FBI about the Russians offering dirt but here we're going actually paid fusion workable versions to great effect. Does you to influence the election I It is amazing to me, then it hasn't been covered more. I think it should be in its a bit of confirmation by us here. Ready sees basically just discarding any information that would impede the lips are Democrats in going after Trump, but also that that's got your question rights of Trump answers that question any other way in says: oh yeah, in the future. If somebody comes muted,
permission also- you know it's wrong and you shouldn't have done it then yeah. He can't answer that question. Any other way than just kind of sticking to it. Going combined is not how the world works right right. So I think we ve been inside. You knows that if anything that happens it it comes back, they blame it. On pressure on President Trump and last night was ok. Let me because I'm ok he's courses biggest crime. It is your rug. Ok, here we shall we get it like a kind of a dark, but he's not guilty of these crimes. To things can be true, right. It is remarkable to me that we are talking in this what they blame it on trumped up. People lost faith in the institutions of american institutions. Like the F B, I got no, you know why, because we see that they can be used as political weapons that issue. Why don't we talk about the problem the fact that Donald Trump is foolishly complaining about a valid problem, do get whiplash when a kind of reviewing the articles that talk about trumpet they kind of vacillate between he's, an evil genius and he's an evil idiot and its
What I see is he the Percy, let european public, where you say you are probably between that or said that or wrote that or done that I mean you know, can get. It is some. The Sufis offensive sum this up as stupid. Some of its clearly not thought off. It's a little shoe from the hip, but that's a big world away from actual structural justice. Actual the actual people, offences greyer and an insult. Now you see the articles, they don't talk about. Anyone individual actually saw a fairly left, leaning article talk about look any one of these individuals. If you impeach him here, you didn t we want some. Instead, what they're saying is, if you, after all cumulatively and you, ignore the the you know any kind of general standard for being a crime which is what Clinton was a peach over and you impeached
Jackson was over crimes. Well, you go out, and you say, oh even higher than that, let's just say just generally being not great image image wise in here now articles there from prominent professor saying it, the guy doesn't look like the guy that you would want to be in office. International teachable right. Allow that's a good point. Is abroad point, but here's here's a scary part about this Europe its. Basically all these claims their basically becoming like the car alarm or a dog. You can't hear them anymore, read the time that they come to you with something that is a legit and actually really scary. The mare people to people that don't pay attention really stories? They're, not gonna. Listen because, like I've heard this review before, that's why I was on republic, and I wanna bomber was in office because we're going after every minute things. Like look he's got plenty, a big things wrong that we can go after stick to the main things that matter: don't yell at every single thing. That happens and that's exactly what on the left, but there wasn't a phantom Brok Obama. I wasn't either at the point where you can get em journals. You re wrong is wrong. I think we have one last clip Yale DNA,
go into. Could impeachment will work out the way that you wanted to because it probably want, but that doesn't mean that it's not worth doing, because if nothing else, we be standing by the basic fundamental principle that nobody is above the law and in doing so it would mean that when people tell dying relatives it we're doing everything we can to hold it President accountable at least this time. It would actually be true. Not what you would be saying is that the rule of law, it doesn't matter that someone is an innocent until proven guilty that no one is above the law he's not.
The law, the law found that there was no collusion. This is what we get. It is based on the premise of down front because, above all, none of us think that is above the law, no one in this room by the way, don't think anyone here, the Hillary Clinton voter I dont know no one and the same things that President Trump is above. The law does not we're saying we are saying is just like the covenant gets just like Jesse smaller, just like all the hate crime. Hope too, that we ve gone through this last year. Does almost all of the black lives matter crunch that turn out to be hoaxes? Someone is innocent until proven guilty the president, whether it's an officer or whether it some kid in a red hot, being screamed down by black Hebrew. Israel light you think white people gotta now is reasonable. What is the point here is that you might not work out as you hope, but we have ok. First off, I don't agree with the second part right. You know that first part you're right. It must not end up at the left. Hopes let's go through. It walk you ok best case scenario from gets removed.
And you get. President pence are not many. If you said I will to really get no into a senator TED crew. You half Asian Bell Gerald change your breath. Its known as the jewel of the Caribbean seek a place where the undress mountains paint a picturesque backdrop against our sandy white beaches and mountains of cocaine, a place where we live by the words of our port. Laura Pablo Escobar life is full of surprises, some good and some, not so good
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We hear a lot of broader, nothing if not Saito massacres, so next Thursday were putting ourselves through an entire night of democratic presidential primary debate with the remaining forty two candidates who made the cut tune into our livestock from nine to eleven pm eastern on Thursday June twenty seven, where will also be wrapping up cultural appropriation month with a salute to the United States of America, can Duennas for laughs, drinking games, guests and giveaways as we haeckel the best. The left has to offer an attempt to prevent the stream from crossing into the realm of gross self inflicted equipment. I very glad Evan. I guess you know that with a nickname is for our next catalyst in
They column his last name missile. Oh, yes, you gonna feel hurt online. I guess you can follow me on Twitter, at TED crews. Senator long term favoured the ship, Senator TED crews. Thank you for being Baxter. It is great to be with you. I must say comrade, and it seems to me you gotta know heard yes, yes as cultural, I work to two appropriated to appreciate so Colombia is the country of the data and actually are one of our wonderful producers. Here is colombian, so he's the one who's made sure to double check for accuracy. Now you did you plan this. We were just about this before the break, the sort of civil war. Sharp mustache. Looking its those yellow agenda, just happens to be God, gas coloration.
What I will say, look with everything around. I may not mean listens David. You know my dad my dad bought the cuban revolution. I feel very at all right here either go further than this is entirely austerity thought to be clear. This is just what is in this. Actually, this phone, it's formats make sure you owe me. I don't want to be able to view Norway and as a result of his entered. Why don't want them to run an investigation on you? So that's why I need to clarify that it's ok speak, there's so much to get to centre decrease first offer people who don't assuming or even working with Alexandria, Cassio Cortez on on a bill that would prevent members of Congress from becoming lobbyists after they leave this is a story about about two people I was a coming together could not be more different, so I know have to say we work well together. Also, but honestly, how is it worth how do you to get along when you're in a room together. Well what we still haven't met. This example love of the wild wild West of Twitter and then too,
There is a sort of an insane through the looking glass place, but also allow some pretty amazing collaboration. So so all of this started because Elsie sent a tweet where she's she was, there was a study. Just came out of former members of Congress in the last congress, and and over sixty percent of them had become lobbyist right, and so she said tweed and said this is terrible. We shouldn't we should prohibit former members of Congress from becoming lobbies, and- and I saw them and then that's a I'd long taken away when I was running for President twenty? Sixteen I campaigned on a lie time bad for members of Congress becoming lobby inside not at all. It is its position. I've been out there already, so I saw it and I sense and honoured tweet and said. I agree. Let us work together. Let's make this happen and in
yeah look: I've got a social media team, they send a lotta tweets on my behalf that one was not from my team. That was me on my phone hammered out and Antwerp. I went crazy, I mean I mean it My favorite comments? Is someone put out the clear from ghostbusters of a bill Murray, say it. Living together arm again, yes, everyone went not, but but our teams about maiden together hope, weaken. Pounding gather, agree on a simple, clean bill and open get enough, not gonna lie that was a they laughed they haven't seen. I've only seen the red redoubts version of ghost, but others along with Awful Brands, Arthur you're, making me feel really ancient and I'm I'm Joe it. Let's not now can of worms. Ghostbusters thing there is,
and no one will be happy if we discuss. But let me ask you this, though this was before embassy recently, if she's getting what you need to go home and why the original goes, massacres and the original Arthur Brand was ok, but he can't touch. They are now on joking, it's a sore spot where someone who worked on the show who had not seen either of those what warehouse never seen that there is a perfect comedy, I'm I was about to be deeply deeply concerned. Staging intervention. No, no, that's not. I dont I'm gonna, sell, because because we needed to return on the show many guests just drop out, they never back in and rightfully self, but this has been since the adoption she's gonna get you ve got a lot of hot water for the concentration camp comments. What's it like where this is someone who obviously a firebrand and conservatives obviously disagree with her, and we have to express this agreement but then still work with them. What is that like, as a kind of like you, know too fighters? Are you find out some their friends behind the scenes? I mean it's. It's really formed a lot of Americans to imagine working with someone that hostile towards your worldview
we'll see what it's like. As I said, we haven't mad. I imagine we will at some point in my general view, I'm happy to work with with anybody. If we're workin on good, I was actually a week or two later he sat between saying that the birth control, pills oughta be available over the counter the you shouldn't native prescription for that that also a I long support, and I think that makes sense I did the same thing. I retweeted its and right. We agree here. Let's work together, in my view on policy. Listening is theirs good substance. I work with anybody on right here and now doesn't mean you refrain from disagreeing on other issues. So when, when I see embraced socialism, when she chases Amazon and their twenty five thousand jobs that are out of New York, I am perfectly happy to point out how terrible that is for the people's Europe his aunts and what I, what a terrible idea socialist, why she calls at a big when the New York Amy
leaving a little bit of a disconnected between yeah between her and our constituents, so mask is on another. You also propose a measure that would place term limits on congressional members and you're something. This is something of a topic. That's been wildly popular with most Americans at large, largely unpopular with congressional members turbulence, but so Let me ask you worry the congressional members after this and not along and become lobbyists, and that they might approach now alleyway weigh lead pipes at you. You know that's kind of they approached me anyway, is very much a signal that risk that that would be nice. As most members of Congress are really not, that scared
a dark ailing when that's probably yet lead piping are more likely to get a paper cut from them than an actual real injuries us. So I think you're you're pretty safe here yeah, but maybe they have like that. This would rub a lot of career politicians the wrong way. I'm in your tongue were taken away being a career politician and then also the ability when you're, not really a politician, but to work in the beltway in DC is a lobbyist. That's what a lot of people, including the public, and by the way I want to know. If you ve office, all of their network is gained at the piano time, and now that that that is absolutely right and it's one of the things the american people are fed up with is the is the culture of corruption of Washington, and yet you know what why do people call the swamp? President Tromp was elected a drain, the swamp that is the swamp idiots. It's the corrupt world. Where people come, they become career politicians they here for ever and ever and ever they amass power. They amass wealth that some thing they get even more power and wealth and then that corruption is not good for the american people in
women's has been something I've. I've always supported, but once I got away, into the senate- saw at first hand. I now support a thousand times more because this place areas corrupting just this week. I chaired a hearing on limits, a constitutional amendment and imposed limits to limit senators two to six year terms to lift but house members a three year terms: aye author. That amendment and Joe it's it's amazing. This is an issue Overwhelming support across the country over eighty percent of Americans support, turn limits and cuts cross party lot vast majority, a republican support term limit, but the same is true of Democrats of independence, Bass, majority of african american Support term limits best, majority of hispanic support turbulence. You know the one group, the Dun support term limits career path.
Attention and washed. That's what I would imagine that seems to make a lot of sense. Now. You said you now feel that is even more important since coming to Washington D C, a difference in the way these people do their jobs or govern or vote when they intend to be career. Politician yes, and any two series of sort of gradual compromises that dominated instinct in Congress is risk. A very rich people desperately want to get real yeah, there's an old jobs, that politics is Hollywood ugly PETE here, although now Hollywood is becoming Hollywood, probably people in Lithuania yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, why happens, and it's interesting like I'll get asked in town halls I'll get asked locked. It did members of Congress that they believe anything they just come up there. Are they faking it actually think most members of Congress on on both democratically
welcome. They run unusually. They believe some things they want to go, make a difference, ain't. They believe what they're saying, typically on the star and it's a little I drew an analogy dramas analogy before the little bit like the godfather of all three godfather movies: does that the central arc of the bear is Michael Corleone, a good sum making rash, illustration, after rationalization, small decisions that on their own seem right. So is there the Corleone he's gonna, be targeted four murders. Of course Michael's got to step up and save his death and this all string of sea. Many small rationalizations ends up in three movies within the coming year. Save mass murderer right It's a little bit how congresses, where people get elected, they want to do something they believe in something, and then they say well, but before you can do that, you gotta get real to make this little compromise make this little compromise and what happens is because people are some test was aiming here.
They don't make the hard decisions, they don't take on the big issues and that's how government. Those and grows and groves? That's how we get a twenty two trillion dollar national debt write. I dont fully understand the character reference, as I have only seen Godfather three. Our entire, come here with prouder, very grateful by the way that you support us through this whole sort of Google, you two vocs park, add polyps democratization. Was, I was at yours at your team. I want to make sure not getting all mean that that was me and pissed off. What and I appreciate, and yet you you didn't, have to do that and a lot of you got on Twitter. Alot of people haven't waded into this. Let me ask this house this relate to this sort of antitrust probe. That's going on right now. Are there any developments we should be looking out for I think that is a very serious development. The big check media come in. They have a humorous than that that they behave as if their untouchable.
And and you're saying growing, concern on both sides. I'll among Republicans and Democrats with the enormous power of the big tat media companies. One of the more stunning moments a few months ago Elizabeth, Warm guided by on Facebook, saying the facebook should be broken up under the antitrust law and Facebook block terrain. Really was in was a level of error and even forbade pact that was quite wrong- did Elizabeth Warren. She tweeted out and said this shows that there is too much power and a handful of big tech companies that they could sensor speech like that. And I did something I've never done before. I retweeted Elizabeth WAR. Unless it s exactly right, we should not have a handful of Silicon Valley billionaire deciding who gets the speaker,
Doesn't that's really really do. I would never run the risk of retreating Elizabeth worn because it be worried that she would call me and if you watch Instagram, she calls at random donors like well Todd. Thank you for your phone. Dollar donation, I'm just here drinking beer, I'm like now, please don't call me that was far too common natural? I saw her much videos. I believe it was like this fancy beverage. Yes, I will call a beer, ale, some sort, delicious and l, of course, issues top vehement evolved. One of these beard really want that goes like this was like this is enough and ask right not act with aid. Is it is so much cringe Turning to the innocent, this is nothing is not a personal letter. It just is very uncomfortable to watch is one of my most favorite things to tune into his instrument because
I think that aunt who speaks out at a party set, please just don't say the things that you're probably going to say. The messages have gone back to protect. You think that there is really a concerted and proactive attempt from the people in the home people homing. These companies, like Susan, would just give it mark Zuckerberg to try and shape the national dialogue, but I do think it baseball whose admitted, for example, they had been dean. Thousand people engage in nothing but content really going through people's posts in this, what poster allowed. What poster now we ve seen twitter. Their conduct has been terrified. I chair in a hearing several months ago on censorship. Among big tack- and we had twitter and Facebook testified we're gonna be having Google testify coming later, the sum and and and by the way, and asked them about about democratizing you, I'm in here you look at their conduct with you. They explicitly said you didn't, follow their poverty, This is an idea that I didn't violate. The policies didn't violate their policies,
They decided to democratize you by the way. That is a very orwellian word. You are be monitor, right, yeah. I am waiting for someone's boss to call the man at their job and say well Billy boy. Today we decided to demonic, write me rip off your back gave them that power, the problem as they are monopoly and their use. That monopoly power right, but try to censor speech, and so I did just this week, Washington Post had their tax porter. We did about out at all about a half hour programme and from a budget votes you're talking about big jacket, censorship, we're talking about you, quoted the Nazis and and and this poster I was complaining well, but you know prouder insulted this report, s, ok, fine, Joel insult are protected in the first amendment again solves. I got tolerable pick up my twitter feed right there.
Guarantee there are hundreds of people insulting cursing aunt becoming every creative insult? Actually, I prefer the creative insults borings. Yes, sometimes that you want to hire them as a writer. They sting so badly like oh wow, that more really is growing. In look this reported, unlike what you're saying There is a way to deal with it. What did your response? We can argue for your full crab. Figures drew and say you look like some communist guerrilla war, the Mazurka with Jack. You wouldn't even solve inaccurate and viagra at this point the one- and this is where we know that if the cartels are communists, I think they're. Just I think they technically capitalists, but they don't pay to not big on taxes. I don't I wouldn't have known about it, but you know it's funny washing posts. It you mentioned this week. Were writing an article, and this is a kind of you can speak to this. Obviously, because you ve got some negative press covered from people of washing post, I'm sure, along with Andorra, not that I did not, even once their fats checking. Division of funds are funny
They were riding up an article and clearly they interview people from vocs because very lengthy article and they sent an email through my website through my merchandise shot. Now we have a contact form on the website for press increase. Instead, they went to the merchandise section of the website contacted a guy who has now do what the content at six o clock at night and said by the way, is gonna go up in an hour, so did even get to me before I went up and that's the kind of sort of lies omission that people never really know about. They had no intention of actually reaching me, and this is kind of the questionable comes back to big tech with washing post. I just assume- maybe they're lazy, maybe there's no ill intent. Do you think it's a combination of both of complacency with these big companies or do you think they really are proactively trying to pull one over on us
So I think it's a combination ate some of it is deliberate. Some of it is just this is what they believe, so they define as hate speech anything they disagree with. So, for example, within the hearing that I chaired with Twitter and Facebook, I asked twitter question is mother Teresa eight speech and I put up between the zoos and be Anthony listed sent out. It was a tweet that had a picture of mother Teresa at a quote from her where she said abortion is profoundly anti wood and twitter blocked it initially it eventually let it go, but it block two percent, although- and I said ok so twitter- I'm asking you here is this hate speeches. Is mother Teresa hates me now the first response from the whimsies as well. It depends context not doesn't. This is the whole context characters are less the picture.
Reason. These are the word this was it everybody more context, its mother Teresa for the health and the fact that winter refused ants if mother Teresa hate Speech and they still, what did the course of those discussions and in one of the things that's frustrating about this issue is all of the argument is by adequate, so we can talk about real life, tweets being silenced. Talk about Marshall Blackbird, when she launched for Senate Twitter Block Turn launch video that she was sitting member of Congress she'd now in the Senate and Twitter decided because she had said the plan. Parenthood was selling the body parts of unborn children that that was unacceptable speech and they would silence and you know when you ask them, as I have asked them, a great lights will tell me: have you ever blocked a tweet reposed robbed from a Democrat they want answered. Maybe arabic blocked it,
twitter opposed from someone who's whose whose whose protrudes they won't answer now, and then They are such a black box, so I could put Should there be monetizing you, but you know what you know: everyone that that Youtube demonetized! No, we don't so it's almost this anti trust, promos, almost one big giant sort of a petition for information. That's how people getting look at it and that that is exactly right and in and I have after Mark Zuckerberg justified the Senate. I said about six hundred and forty in Iraq towards specific questions to Facebook that the anti trying to provide Some basic data, for example in the preceding year, how many posts by democratic candidates for office? Did you suppress how many post by republican candidates for office? Did you suppress now virtually all the question is one of the questions I ass. They basically that no job like they refused to answer them right. You think about it.
Tat companies and a lot of liberal reporters. They say well, this problem doesn't exist. You know what those data could exonerate them. If they came back and said, we block three three thousand two hundred and seven by Republicans, and thousand minor, fifty two by Democrats wreck that might actually sale. This seems more even handed. On the other hand, if they came back- and it was an Republicans and zero Democrat that would It is a real problem and where told trust us right and one of the problems as the reporters you take the Washington Post, you take all the reports. They don't care about. This issue. There used to be a time when journalists defended free, beach, but by the attitude of most so called mainstream. Reporters is because they agreed politically they disagree with politically with the voices were being censored there perfectly happy to see you demonetized receive silence, because I don't like what you're saying
the very dangerous that I think it's even worse than nothing is because are being swallowed. A lot of these main street. The news outlets in a lot of these websites. I mean shows like this- do better than theirs. Even if you compared to other late night shows like South Myers Trevor know it they don't like that. Their old media model is being swallowed financially as well. So I have a vested interest in sort of keeping the powers that be so, whether its political or its financially. I think we just need to push for some transfer we have to get going. I didn't have time to talk with you about about IRAN's civil nuclear waivers, which I know you just proposed. Will I'm sure this is arranged go anywhere senator, so we can talk about it next time. I'm sure I will say play. It was more than ironic, as I was being interviewed by the Washington Post reported when I asked who on earth would one speech censored and decided by a handful of Silicon Valley, billionaires and then it occurred to me seconds after I said that, oh you mean like the guy
Washington Post, yes, yes, and so you can talk about being swallowed it that there is some of that had nothing to see here. Thou know perfectly happy trust in supper. We trust- the only person, ironically a little more robotic than Elizabeth worn, so they would have none humanoid children are I'd set of their crews. Thank you so much. We appreciate you make the time, keep the beard. We dig it, Are you die in Palestine? Tell me she hated the beer and Diane next thing you know I'm gettin, Burke and stocks are ponytail and I'm coming to your base. Ok! Well, that's hate speech. I think we're gonna. Just answer your mind. You now twist The third is the end of a more Keynote coolly could gather pies total pretty you are so loud
like where revealed that Colombia and not any access to a hospital senatorial. So more they're not So let the NEO gotta now in El Salvador Garriga, we're not gonna, do what I say with toys. I gotta tell you, though, among club no snow, no maire than this beer Managua, where there are more important than that thing like this walked all those little show. Beyond the louder with crowded the authority. Moreover, the blaze TV, I got who is it always muslim when people nowadays is up, is labyrinthine incredible? hello. Gillespie enough, we formed ass, the
but I lay latin lock up at the other s policy on kid dangle as minimise and days but again we does. However, you think we got a guy lesbian ass means whereby that collateral, vs IE lost bs alien. Those cannot go It has been very yeah almost environment, yet one of the biggest that went belly muscular. Is that all of you? Isn't that what if you're gonna get on women delight? I fear that, as none other than the London, a famous ass good ass, your foot out, even though environmental gallop but the other S, city about thirty, about really of what ought to be a winner of our journey. A winner play elder, beseech area every Thursday, starting at seven. Thirty pm, Eastern and using it is extreme mister raven
it, can be applied for columbian drug Lord during voting, maybe very frightful, he would let the EU will update the tide. The current carry him when I have no idea, but it's tough to telling, because it for
Benjamin or colombian revolutionary life I'll buy the economical by the emblem. Finally prevent the same thing now for all the countries are inferior to United States and Cuba. Keep touching these bullets these round sorry. Oh my gosh, the companies. You know about me. I know they're around in a bullet touching on the chair and I think it's piercing this chair clip very uncomfortable, Cliffs the clip in the magazine trigger discipline, We have lived through both for those who have an interesting instinct again next week. Next Thursday were lives during the entire democratic primary presidential debates. We're going to do Wednesday into. I realized the only worthwhile person there was sworn in. I can just like all instagram. If I, if I want cringe to be. As already that I get gout yeah. I just got an instrument to follow
but we are binding and burning on Thursday and will have drinking games to Phelan Course that isn't capping off the cultural probation month for the first time with the United States of America and logical. So we have no culture. We there are incorrect that shocked, but we simply have the best culture tomato tomorrow. You say tomato. We take your resources, so ok so wanted to make so much pregnant Boeing's tuning that the change of mind it with a new and lately and, of course, a sport fractionally bill written will keep you are a breast, is more unfolds sort of the box polyps and our channel are working on that one of the most touching things and actually happened this week, retouching for mine- and it's always a me how? When people show how diverse it is, how many different kinds- young people who show up the kind of people who should not be right, leaning conservative views were of anti authoritarian, alternative political, whatever you want to call it, I know it s, a man to include classical it'll, just debate it out amongst
Albania comments section. Ok, I don't want to get too often the weeds, but one of the most touching things are was up. There is this black gentlemen who said that these closing segments really helped him recent, particularly the theme of sort of delayed gratification that we talk about here. Then, and I really for the main watching, I can't number you name. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making this happened was a member of my club. You remember my place in your watching this, of course, and place tv more more likely than that, not one watching it there, instead of you too, because out of date don't work, and, having had a little bit of time this week, being little bit quieter, looking back at the previous two weeks is kind of a story de jure. There been a lot of people writing about me running about have one here. The show some of the true a lot of it, not both in the positive and negative coverage, but on the theme delay. Gratification was an article that I read from Washington, post or daily beast,
your journal, I I can't ever wherever I read it, but a caught me off guard. It read something the effective Stephen crowd or whose overnight success and And I just laughed, I love it out loud. I kind of a kind of had to listen will be clear here I would love to, been an overnight success. My life, I ve been a lot easier, but it is not honest. It couldn't be further from the truth. Then. Maybe that's because I didn't have the talent, the connections the pole the ability, maybe together, because just wasn't good enough, but I've been you're on Youtube since two thousand eight doing videos- racing or weeks and oh nine, ten years, in years of acting stand before that, and it was us lob. It took a lot of time to reach this pinnacle if you want to call this, that where we are right now. Are you were you trust me where you trust us where you ve chosen this show with this team
you're late, an option. I truly can't thank you enough, but I brings up to reiterate a point that I've made before in this kind of goes out to the gentleman who is with me to change my things. Don't always happen on your timeline. It's one of the most important aspects of life that people kind of talk about, but it doesn't really get driven home more than ever. I realise the necessity of accepting that, and not just for me in this case the overnight success so made me think of it, but for everyone, because you never know what's a round the corner. Let me give you some examples here before then we apply to feel yourself, and hopefully this helpful. I never know I can bring Fox news. Probably eight years ago, was sitting with grass and pitching the show this. This very shall right now that you're watching was told it would never work. I was told by everyone that I approached this wouldn't work that conservatives don't like anybody that they only want red meat sending when I pitched might my book, which, by the way it- was effectively the premise for what became change. My mind it just wasn't a term back then social,
That's where you wasn't a term back, then I preferred them is american idiots because it was in the air of Green day, but I was told every major conservative publisher that those on the right only wanted Obama Doomsday books that tat those are what salt. And all the non conservative publishers they met with out of their way, to tell me just how mentally, unlike able, both I and the books concept were so at some points to by the way I but, I believe, it's very easily when you're told that ten fifteen twenty times, but for some reason I kept plugging the way. Why and here's my because sometimes you have to make a decision and stick with it and it's hard to offer this
vice, because I know that sometimes you do need to correct a lot of you out there and rights that you do need to make some corrections. You do need to change course and that's where, for me, listen programmes and not just for not for things to happen, gods, not a vending machine, but you can pray for wisdom meditate. If we obtain trickier whatever you want to call it right. For me, it's per you can pray for wisdom. Your decisions and the ability to have peace on the follow through once you ve made them, and sometimes by the way. This is important for people to understand. That means a ton of work for not a lot of pale. For a long time, and sometimes that means will be slogan away. You'll see other people hit that overnight. Success that you wish you could have had, and I've had that I've had. That of that there have been a ton of people, and this movement have had that you're. A great example of someone who who blunders, Milo right. There's a guy burst into the city was so talented, so charismatic everyone just well what blue in the town you sharp, he was
magnetizing for a lot of people. They felt random and rightfully so. People like Tommy Lorraine, come to mind she and few viral videos, and this of audience. There was just something there that people craved, but for a lot of us myself included, it didn't happen that way, and you do need a guard- your hard against jealousy- you need to find a way Take joy in other people's successes, while continuing to plug await your decision. So, all along these years, everyone here most people here kept plugging the way some months. We'd have great growth. Some months would be a lot slower over ten years. That's what I took it took ten years. I think about us. It out loud it's under ten years to reach this community that we currently have that you you guys and am incredibly proud of it not because of me, but again because of you because of people who come up at the events like change from. I change my mind exist. It shouldn't work. I was told by everyone that it would never work it's antithetical to what works on television- and I say this because
when, in the face of the vocs had polyps, I really am the vast majority of you who want you support to show you didn't bully. He didn't harassed, None of you docks not one of you. As far as I know, you argued ideas and you stood your ground with us and defended the ideas that we all espouse together and that's why I think you you ve stuck around with this programme. At least, I think, that's a big part of the reason why why have you stuck with us for all these years? People have in around back since the O nine days. My point is that, throughout ten of those years, though, that ten of the ten years all yours ten years of no ten years of it'll, never work. Ten years of it can't be done. I did have to keep working and understand that things don't happen on my time on it so easy during that time line to be taken out of your purpose to taken out. And if I did, for example, taken a post that was made available to me a major radio market at one time, but if I have done that,
if they wanted me to do this whole experiment right now would have ended up automated chunk of change, but I'd be miserable, we wouldn't be here. This programme wouldn't be here, mug club wouldn't be here. You're support wouldn't be here. People often talk about delayed delay gratification, but they dont use themselves as ample, because a lot of evil lotta seen what, during overnight success liked, are just that good. I mean it, I'm not Kay. You know what sometimes in sometimes there isn't even delay gratification. Sometimes you take the path, less travelled and sometimes, it leads nowhere. We ve done that this programme. Big swinging amiss, but that's the exception to the rule. If you keep working, you keep going away, you don't take a shock. You dont like these. We pray. Meditate for wisdom. Some of you will be overnight. Successes a lot of you may be like me, you. Not be a show horse, you maybe a clydesdale and guess what that's? Ok,
I don't know, I don't know what you are, but I do know what's most likely to be the scenario as to how this ends up for you, and I will say this: if you have a dream vision and you worked tirelessly to fulfil it, you keep going you don't care about the overnight. Success. You don't care about the immediate gratification windows or draw. You will ultimately be more fulfilled and there really is nothing and live more fulfilling than giving something everything you ve got for a long period of time through spells of uncertainty, seeming imminent failure and achieving something that people didn't think you could, regardless of scale. It could be something bigger could be something small there's something you said for accomplishing a task that people didn't think you and that this this programme, this house, that we ve built here this team, it couldn't be further from an overnight, and you know what it could always been overnight- failure, that's the reality to tomorrow, you tube. Could change their mind yet again, and this could all be gone at a matter. I accept it, I'm humbled
grateful that I wouldn't have it any other way and to help someone out there, especially the german change, my mind, when I look at most of you. Ok, We live stream,
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