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#51 Political Correctness Kills! Mark Rippetoe Guests

2015-12-04 | 🔗
In the wake of San Bernardino, we examine just how damaging political correctness can be. Also, Coach Mark Rippetoe guests to sound off on women in ground combat. Courtney Kirchoff stops by and noted rocket-scientist Gerald Morgan chimes in!

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This weekend feminism! So you know I was just
declare you found yourself at the junction where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment, I dont, like all want to bother still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body, not because we are definitely going to get letters. Listening top radio strangers animal you're getting louder with router. I love this job glad to be here. I am your hosts Stephen Crowd, her louder with
our producing with me in studio with the video, as always, is not gate Jared. You can follow him at not gay Jared I've legally fulfilled all my obligations. You draw. Your own conclusions This has been a busy weak and there There are not get your very visibly you ve been. Ah, you think gone there is travelling either is fantastic. I can imagine so I've been. On the road or weak, and I have finally show next week. Actually too are wonderful. Affiliates, there'd, Cone Alaska will be an anchorage. In the middle of December, some far do that and dumb hey by the way, my wife's we're not pregnant women having not baby. That's good, that's good! That can now at I'm. My wife railway, will get obviously to the terror shooting. We have marked coach more crypto on because the melted snow they are opening up there, all milk
repossessions including ground, combat positions to women he's a basically a string specialists, a man who specializing in in in in body conditioning and works actually with some military and certainly lot of high and athletes. So he has some opinions on that. Our wonderful friend Courtney CARE travel beyond to talk about it and yeah. We have all but of scare one point that we thought my wife and I we thought like that which could be happening now. Would be not that we would be lessened, we got containing where we're married, you know or practicing we're not aiming nabbed children, but there's always that possibility. What bothers me was she's com issue is concerned on a flight home When I was in an economy, seat
and I was not in the best of moves to begin with. Like you know you, you sort of you wait when someone's in their lounge chair, so she just sprung it on me and not that anyone is upset about it. You know, of course, that baby is always a blessing. I believe we all now know any always want to acknowledge, like a man. You wanna be sensitive. But anyone who says that they were just if it was a surprise and they origin over the moon. Just oh my gosh, as is now the four question always is like. Could the one the gatekeeper. So you make sure you know. What's going on and heroines taken the opera and worth taking the proper precautions, you know I'm talking about sixty percent of the tag it works that's. What was going through my head any. So no little crowd is running around as of yet, but we are very happy to a variant
We back home lot of travelling was a cow polly, of course, had people who are protesting stand up comedy and jokes. That's what happens on campus now. It's a weird weird time in It's hard during those Hokosa nine April. The night I performed was the night when December India shooting it just happened. We knew nothing about it. Some pretty rough jokes about gun control. So I've been, I had to tell them anyway, but it's always top it's kind of like going up and doings Vena stand up after nine during that one, that eleven it's it's tough during national tragedy, there was a tragedy in our hearts and prayers go out to the families, but some things that maybe you don't know, of course, for wreak I wish I just for weak, Farouk, Farouk size aid. A room, I've got the name. You in front of me has been found to be the main killer for the law, this time when this happened they were since the
for its part, is not just the story, but the reaction to the story now and the planned parenthood shooting up and when that happened after last week show. Really. What we don't even talk out has been such a busy week. Then firstly, as a christian conservative, I have zero problem, none no problem and condemning the plan. Parenthood, shooter, gay. They go away on all white men. Firstly, Islam is an ideology. It's a religion and being white is a race. It's a skin pigment. It's a lack of melanin. Now that. That's not even to address the fact that you cannot be pro life. You can't be so extremely pro life that you killed people, innocent people very different. You can be so extremely islamic that you follow Mohammed's orders and kill Christians and Jews. You can do that arguments can be made. There can be no argument. May that you're, so pro life you just decide to end innocent life.
Oh, it is there that the contracting and our people reacted now right away, of course, calling for gun control because of the planned parenthood shooting by the way. Just so, you know five attacks on planned parenthood ever empty buildings, you can count K left us. Can count. You don't even need to be wearing open, toad shoes. You can count on one hand the amount of attack acts that have ever occurred at planned parenthood in the time that it taken me, you just listen of attacks it plan parenthood. There have been more attacks across the globe carried out in the name of his long terrorism. Right now, when you talk about hundreds per day, hundreds per day. So in this but of course, left us than everyone else will talk about this. But of course there are open, it was a white guy with a gun and naked run on the gun control platform they already did. Obama, when he was asked. The first thing he said was that with this problem. No other country has what you mean: a problem of islamic terrorism and a problem of evil. Oh you mean a gun problem,
so he was wrong about that here. Years was really important, though, We now know yes islamic terrorism months, no surprise and every now, and then, of course, you'll get the mass shooting that isn't islamic terrorism, but is Lama. Terrorism is the problem that we face. It's the evil we face, it would be just like during world war. Two during the time of Nazi is gone yeah that that day, two tribesmen marriages. There's still really, you know, there's spearing each other, and if the problem that we don't you know it I just did not seize. Yes, it is by way of saying Islam is like Nazi ISM. Yet little, but I am I am you know what is lamas like Nazi ISM Tell you why very similar to prescribe the algae, doesn't allow for freedom. It doesn't allow for freedom of speech, a call for the subjugation of anyone else, care unknown tour terrorist organization. According to the, U N E says there you no religion, except for Islam, ass, the president's of care who came out with thirst, men immediately after this by the way
They had the shooters brother, like ten minutes afterwards announced tenant. After was announced. They had the brother too crowded. They know the shooter. Before everyone else. Policing, we don't know, we haven't identified anyone yet than the the pub, had no idea who wasn't care. Has press conference with the guys brother I mean come on, I'm not I'm not saying that they knew that I'm saying any the terrorist. Ok! I am saying that the terrorist, that's, what I'm saying: ok care, Terrorist organisation and they knew the terrorist brother, right away. They trot somebody- or we can't believe this happened here and we'll talk about this more after the break. Here's something really bothers me the neighbour of Farouk what was going on it right, I'm confusing for I'm conflicts in my head. I know it's like four fought for a month. They, like shift to work, to bully something it elegant and task dish. Isn't it
like Farouk ticket securing Yathrib like I want that what the Lamb Farouk was very good choice, but a well I'll kill you How do you feel what cyanide and early photo creep it about Hamas from us? care, loves Hammas. That's what the recognised as a terrorist organisation, so the woman who lived next to fuck up pronounce it properly fuck just so that just so people don't think I'm being ethnocentric to fuck. They pay pronounced in their language. Fuck, put the dynamite a limit to the left, that's the middle and she so all of this weird stuff going on. So I have this port here, the woman from San Bernardino saw law the package is going in lots of travelling in and out the van. I dont know if you saw him and all of his armed attire, but she's This is from K, ten. Seventy she report
that she didn't call the authorities about the suspicious activity that she saw because she did not want to racially profile. So, with actual is one thing we talk about political correctness and we talk about people wanting to censor speech and that's very important, freedom of speech is as important as any battle right now is any any key General battle out there in the field. But this is an example of this is not the only example of political correctness, literally taking. Lives, and I dont mean literally figuratively- I mean pulled political correctness- is resulting in the ending of life, Lives could be saved if she said. I write a report this. What stopped her? political correctness. Well, oh my gosh, you know only they call me a dilemma, one back and then Carey Vision, the reserve. I dont know with the doing what's that with the bowling ball,
the candle and is putting on the back of the area we now. I know I know you and now you know anything. I don't know it's their culture now. You know if you see a guy who's wound and he's acting weird and he's acting terrors, like disregard the fact that brown or you know what happened to you more political, incorrect included into the midst. Let's at that included, demand car woman, if he's acting like a terrorist, is acting like a terrorist or you sitting. Terrorist like activity is his name for whoop report that crap reported. We will remain in Sweden got this. And for me was raped, raped. Do you know about it because she felt bad for the rip? My refugees, or I should have of, should have said that a thorough self explanatory was rigged by refugees. Didn't report it because she felt bad for their situation and she didn't want them to be deported back to Iraq.
I have a start. We have set up a lot with credit outcome, real rape by the way not made up later Dunham rape, rape, rape, as will be Gilbert calls. It. There's another all of them. If you read it happens to be round with a name like Farouk that crap, The problem of political correctness is not true. To make people feel good? Is that it forces? You can turn a blind eye to truth in the name of a tower merit and that can and what be deadly we back we'll talk more about it, San Bernardino police department- I would like to report, came from my neighbour,
and what kind of activity are using? Well having? a lot of travelling in and out of the can useless. By other gentlemen, looks Do you have his name available. ok I'll call a call Now that we are all asking elbows over here. It's ok! I can say that it has been a weird we
in a weird away with all the travelling, and of course your host even trotter back. What are you? What are you your face for what dog is here in the morning in a way and only Hocker can the harbour dog, we're in basically what is a sealed chamber with this studio, the dog is inherent, sometimes rock has made good ARC Hathaway so and will be talking about the shooter and Farouk all day you ve been hearing about that all week, boys. Something actually happened since our last broadcast is suing for fifteen million dollar superb ease. There's been so much the weak. It's been the bizarre bizarre weak the this is a weird time for news. I know you listen to me every week and you hear me say: ok, ok, as has been an and sometimes a slow. We can. I tell you, but though
last month and a half of twenty fifteen has just been a whirlwind of activity and that's when all spiritually theorists go out and go falls: flag falls flag, I think there are some of the nine conspiracy theories, saying the shooting was a false flag for gun control before we found out that they were islamic terrorist. Here's something else, because we will be bringing on coach Mark reptile author of starting strength, one of the most popular strengthening books ever and also is a pretty noted, libertarian he's pretty known for that. You know you studied Guineas geology, he's a scientific and setting body mechanics as possible sway wrote an article. On something this week before last night. This just came out. So all U S. Military combat positions are being opened up to women, D, Secretary Ash cartridges announced that Thursday now
This is not going to be politically correct so trigger morning we're going to talk about it with mark. We are just going to talk about the physiological effects or differences that there could be the biological differences between men and women why? This is not an advantage or going to talk without about him, because he is a very particular about staying in his wheel house. He doesn't want again to the psychology, but we may sergeant Catherine back, we had her on a while before who said that it was a huge problem. The big problem in the military she had when women would come in to combat units is that Men inherently felt protective of women if a woman was hurt where they would leave a guy there We feel bad and try and help a woman, and, of course that's true and women dont like the fact that that men can't change their biology. We'll talk about your Amy humor, putting yourself on a purely yeah tired, you'd calendar this week, cleared herself beautiful, that's another thing when
a break down the barriers that beauty you don't get too can I do for you, I'm a woman. I don't really care what you think. Of course you do who you to tell what's beautiful the target demographic target demographic Woodbine, a female Neue calendar. It would be me your ugly. I will purchase another calendar. So this is that this is the from the blurring of gender lines. We now want to. We now want to teach children that men and women are fundamentally interchangeable. Are women as capable and should they be out there in time of war? No, of course not can women serving the military absolutely should they be serving in ground units where force generated and reaction time matter. No, you are sending women ill equipped to a death. And you are doing so in the name of progress we ve talked about this with care and strong. You know
When you go back this idea that men always hated with no listen, and sometimes maybe we were discounting of women sometimes our opinions for sure, didn't count as and that was wrong- but the idea that men have just abused women- and we deliberately created a system to suppress women completely untrue. Over, Seventy percent of women didn't want the right to vote before women suffrage. Why voting Came with draft voting came with bucket duty And a Tory Community service voting, wasn't a God given birth right, even if you are not contributing zero. Voting was reserved to people who serve their community in ways that were often dangerous and strenuous So we said: hey you, women say you want to write about now. Guy now I don't do it don't draft me they go. Right about another, those responsibilities, saying, women shouldn't have the right to vote, but it's him.
Port for you? When I say seventy percent of women didn't want the right to vote for woman suffrage? you go ok? Why That a legitimate question well well well. Well! Well, seventy Why wont? Let me explain to you: why I learned something today Teddy Roosevelt wanted to bring back the whipping posed in nineteen o four for people from and who abuse their wives, that's not a culture that supports the abuse of women. Why because men were already getting harsh prison sentences for being their wives and teddy. Roosevelt said that's unfair, since men are the main breadwinners. What we need to do is beat them publicly and get there, but back into work to provide for women. Now, Does that inherently recognise gender roles in their differences means that men probably provide for women and women per will help at home, but they were to ensure that men took care of women.
This is not a society. That's ever hated women, it's not true like the men and most women sang women, probably shouldn't be in ground, combat units, mean we hate women I'm the one who doesn't want you murdered. Think about that. The tolerant one wants to send you off to a death and lower the push up standards so that you can make it out to your death you're, not gonna. Do more women are going to dine combat. That's what's going to happen So this is that we do this in the name of progress right now we ve allowed equality with Poland we'll correctness, it's the same problem with Farouk and the shooting in San Bernardino polluter we'll correctness is beyond the and a feeling that it allows you to turn a blind eye to truth that dangerous. You're operating heavy machinery. The truth is take off your bracelet in your ring, because I could
well your arm through there and you come out lookin like wily Coyote who got, ask me Anville drop down right, certain truths. If you operate dangerous machinery, if you're in a dangerous sport, you take proper precautions because the truth can be dangerous. Political career this forces you to turn a blind eye to truth in the name of tolerance, name of inclusive. Even in the name of diversity. Dont report dont report, the terrorists because he's Improved it'll come across his races doll. Say: hey, maybe women? You shouldn't be on ground troops right now. Maybe you shouldn't be going into the Navy's. Maybe we shouldn't be lowering our standards because Tower diversity from history and that literally take sides we'll talk more about it with coach mark rip, after this latter with credit statement.
Former governor of Minnesota, just even to right here, Abad, When you are being bombarded by tragedy in the news it's easier, I get a lot of them are always flax. Take your mind off. The issues at relay should be important and should matter- and I'm not. Talk about bombastic walking heads on box, or she, and in order that the latest car dashi ends ass on the cover of people magazine, but the fact that big has been found in the Pacific Northwest Territories and that he received a one billion dollar nor be a contract from our facts.
Your listening to a little louder with crowd her out at nice, had to be so glad to have this next. Yes, because, inevitably before it probably even get through the induction deal, tschumi up or something I've done wrong, starting strength, dot, com, starting strength, one of the biggest one of the best selling strength books I think in the whole galaxy, I'm sure he'll, let me know, but he would have a very controversial piece this week. We want to talk with about a coach mark rippetoe thanks for being back you again, I won't surprise you came back here. You are again, you got some black
I'm you came on from some of your your european fans who weren't, I guess aware of your patriotism. Well, you know what are you gonna do about European now what I need is just leave. What can you do it, I come back now. I could get beer but America, maybe your day, all its observers or I will, let's go right, so you wrote about this and we certainly got a lot of flak in posting. Your piece linking that I saw side of that? I saw somebody I dont really. I haven't really figured up winter. SK, I have only got out of the living. When I don't know you wrote a piece we ve talked about this before we reach the studies that we're done unmixed combat- I guess, brigades, platoon group, military groups, verses male, only
and the evidence is undeniable, so you wrote about as a strength specialists from purely physiological standpoint women in ground, combat and the disadvantage of cut that come with that and then open the floodgates to a craps or now you can go right. So let me let me first say that that peace was actually a follow up to longer more technical piece. I didn t nation about neurons you're a fish and see and women in train and as it turns out, there is an actual reason why there is women's sports immense support, women's golf, there's women's! Hence there is women's basketball himself over the years. Yesterday. I know now so yeah it odd
stranger, divided by sex and does it say, yeah and I'm not going to say gender? I want to say that the actual vial you will term genders not binary. Gender is battling with experiment. I don't approve of it you we got that we had met, we are women, male female, right away, Turns out, amazingly enough testosterone, isn't it is incredibly important substance both for its acute affects the stuff that happens right now and for eventually. It produces chronically over time. In other words, men have been bathed in test Austrian, since they were conceived and be in utero effects are, as it turns out, just profound as the acute facts that we feel dated eight. In other words, you can give female
leads anabolic steroids and light was still not perform. To me stand there and profound differences in these things, turn out to be merrily Neuro muscular; in other words, women, do not recruit Motor unit contractions as efficiently as men do, for those who believe in around up on this. Maria, and it is the smallest unit of I could organ and I want to get into the saddle. This amended it it's it's not that big deal. Women cannot perform as efficient among a muscle contraction his mandate as a result of that simple applications, retraining and primarily what the previous article was was talking about, but in in the real world terms
For instance, the male record standing vertical job is forty six engines the highest. We can find recorded females manic vertical job? Is twenty nine point five, this is a profoundly the average user similarly different and as a result and women function different physically. There is no more competitive sport. The combat, ok, I mean we are willing to put up with men's and women's tents, but for some Our reason we have to integrate round combat units were people are killing each other, and I just don't understand the need to place politics. Before reality right and that's one thing, it's important that as someone is entertained the troops in been overseas. You know they talk about the
Morocco, Barbicane present people. They always have to respect the commander in chief, so they? U dont, often get them talk about this publicly, but they said you know the military was a petri dish for a completely ape. Medical realm, and that's not the case anymore, and these will be. Some of whom were liberals and some of whom were conservative, It's a really noticeable shift in the military and the gender push it's really at the forefront of entire sort of guess, subjective, standard agenda. Right now- and you know it's funny- you talk about that about that were basically sending off women to war, to an ill equipped position to die in the name of profit. Imagine he put me on a manufacturer's like me putting on a manufacturing line, saying oh by the way, we're all of these rings: necklace, bracelet, jewelry, you're, going to work on the manufacturing line in the tank top have fun, that's the kind of disadvantage you're giving them, and we call it progress. And if you speak out against it just in purely physiological terms that we'll talk about next, the
back, so we got a lot of backlash sexist. Simply for mentioning your piece did. You get a lot of that from maybe Ura your European. Fan base. Well, I have not received any what you would call negative. Feedback on my website, I have two threads up about this right now, in fact, Only the only of female response we ve had is that yeah you're right, we ve a female, and I'm you know in a year forward only as an you're? Absolutely right, we don't want to I mean that we can perform the level of mankind and the this is just this even need to be commented on it. This reality and waken the only common I've seen is my limited exposure to twitter and that there seems to be up
a woman in now. What's the matter in northern Europe? Did that thanks that my analysis is somehow in late, although she has read the previous article that actually details logically paintings and my blue, they were, however, GO is included in our rules. Just the just. This is just a rhythm attack. This is no more complicated than a rhythmic. You have the numbers of state the average female standing vertical job is for teenagers. The average miles banning vertical job is twenty two inches that particular task measures: genetic capacity for power production right. If, if we are talking about
ground combat we're not talking about flying drones, we're not talking about resupply we're not talking about pilot jobs were talking about the people on the ground that shoot people and ride around in trucks that get shot at that have to deal with wounded buddies, picking them up any backing, take they actually where there is a physical presence, weathers force to be produced between round in your hands. Ok, women are good day is mere. Why is this difficult battle? Understand it myself? Why is difficult. We got men's and women's golf, but we have to integrate combat units where people are getting shot at and killed and shot picked up and load the hell I got out of bed, you hate women Mark and that one of here you knew. What do you see
Lo, the women in that we are your sexist s worthy, as am I, I hate those eyes hate. I was. I hated women so much. I married one. It's one of those things where I mean the end they'll trying. In some extreme examples like with certain factions of Spartans obligation for women, is warriors a it's the rule, is it's an incredible exception. Glenn this. This is You know there are overlaps of corn only looks like this. In this case, the best women the best women will have one on after Courtney, she's very mathematical inclined will function better more efficiently in a situation like that than the worst men, but what we're talking about I hope it in companies is the relaxation of George lowering the bar authority average so that yeah yeah I've been out there? darling, it's raining about it not happening, but I'm afraid it's, no. It
We lowered pity requirements for fur women may last. I checked, mad. Obviously I've gone, and I support the troops and incredibly operation of the troops. I do what I can as a lowly comic, but the pull up which was something like they were not a lot. They were like five. They were not that you would expect for the military. The pity requirements for depending where you go obviously are are much less, engine than they were in. Not only that only tell you this work when I was in Guantanamo Bay actual answered by female sergeant and I will only money, but she was a female sergeant. I remember for was the Marines or what I know of the terminology is, but she said she woman. She said they send me women now and I'm not allowed to help them. She said so I there's nothing. I want to see less than women coming in
and I know it's going to be difficult to train them. There are going to have their feelings, her gentle, when you find women who are above entry, level positions there just as frustrated and we ve had them on the show yet and an understanding one coming up behind me. Yet not Melanie. Let me say this: I don't have the pity requirements memorable for all of the Serbs right at I dont have those men I've speaking from a purely theoretical standpoint, pointing out the fact that there are differences in bustle physiology and this results in differences in performance between the sexes and if you can assign physical requirements to a job description, then it's possible to quantify who gets to do the job right? That's all I'm saying at an end, and I think that an end this argument say this is the this is the part that really had not cork, yet
This argument also applies to every type of of civilian occupation, firefighters or the visible require the police and fire. You know I had talked to fire people at the cops. Let me ask you this mark. You ve met any how many earth, how many women are going to be carrying my lifeless body out of a building how many women in America can you find we're? Gonna have an easy time without some of my size of it's gonna, take two yes, but to four my Batman and several others further. At the same time, I you know it just its We as statistical reality and its it will bring uncoiling going up. What is yet why? What is, if you're wearing kid? What is that way as private another? We ve got to pick somebody up and put them in a helpful What does that way? What's the door on an armored personnel carrier way right if it
we're on its side. You gotta get me. What are these situations occur on the battlefield everyday right and we, if we are willing to tolerate presence of people that cannot physically performed the job, I don't care what sex they are right. Then we are making decisions based on something other than the efficient, format of the job we're at that by plate in this hour it it was a very good article and we are going to bring on if the next segment will keep you on Courtney. Cured of my The second in command of the website she's also an avid lifter she'll correctly. You sure I think she said she squats to thirty five, which, for a woman is pretty impressive and I thank you be surprised
to how much common ground you find, even for in my sadness, like you starting strength that com this is outer with router being short a visit louder with rather doctor an Bernardino Police department, you're, the one who called about the the the Tipp earlier, but you, you hung up, I just heard them going. Things that were very concerning what what were the yelling well.
I want to assume any thing: well, what's the gentleman's name and then what were they yelling? Why are you calling conflicted. Okay, I don't want to be. I don't want to be a racist. Be erased back. This is louder with crowd. And we are back here with the one and only coach demographers during strength that common glad to bring in my color. Second demand, the one who makes things work at the sight and various. My very funny also an avid Cross bitter Courtney Chiaja. So much Corny, I don't you weren't listening to the previous conversation corny, but you ve read, marks peace more.
Was talking about many women in a military and how we shouldn't reduce standards. Europe, Eddie Athletic Dame? But where do you? upon marks premise. I think the purpose of war is to win. And you need the strongest people in war to accomplish thank all more and people on breaking stuff and does better at it, and so not so much controversy here mark. Would you like to cross, examine the witness. Why, according why do you not have a contrary? Political again, you seem to be a real. You must do matter not been educated in the public schools, lose. You like, I was when I had parents who taught me right- and I am in- I do a lot of crossfire. And I am very strong, but I'm sorry too, I can beat the boys at some things, but I'm not gonna beat them
nearly anything at all minutes. So I quoted What two forty! Well, though, you're forty to forty two, here's a different do worried for a female is goods? Why that is that's that's far above average, coming in most most women are going to be what you know: sixty five seventy five pounds. First, bakeries worked up to two forty. This is it Sexual allies and hungarian following one second one. Second, Courtney, that was compliment. Now. You can't arrest of reptiles statements. Go ahead, the rest of the state that is the real situation, Here it is unusual if I do not get a male up to three fifteen
Under the bar in format that normal baseline strength for an athletic burthen of fora vibes what does not represent a strength specialization- and this is a you'd I talked about this before this- is people- do not people it or not? Involve a straight brining. Don't understand that a four hundred, why a five hundred deadlier a three hundred manage and a two hundred press is not a remarkable achievement that does not represent a strike. Special was agent. I know about him. Right here and there, but compare that female compared to the females with the opportunity to train over the fire service itself. It's it's far lower than we're all gonna go to important because of the differences in potential. Yes, I want to go to war in an awkward because current waste he's gonna come to that year.
Obviously I mean there's that overlap that go trip. Don't we're talking about where you certainly be beyond men at the lower, as one and then the average man would probably be stronger than you, but there is that overlap. Why is it Is it because you train so much that yet more balanced view on this? Because I tell you what I've never heard a woman with a squad you're a woman who, in any event I can never say, will girls can everything the can do I've heard it from who have not done anything. That's what I can compete against men. Do you think? That's a big reason why you're just more realistic? Well, I would say at that. That's that's true. I am a good squatter and I can out squat some guys, but I can't out squat, most I'm so if the strongest woman she's still not going to be able to beat the average athletic guy also, I'm ok, with men being stronger than women. What's wrong with that, I dont want to be strong.
Than a man? I'm a girl. I would rather be the girl and men can do the big, strong lifting things. That's for them. That's fine! I'm fine with! I dont need to be bigger and stronger than a guy. That's casting too, and isn't it interesting that this is the way societies organised itself for the past, thirty thousand year seems to work with. I agree, and I told my gender roles to and I'm not the only girl who things who thinks that way. I were just quiet about it. We don't we're not harpies like the feminist out their screaming about inequality. I just know because I am a test sexist something biologists, just biology is just the way. It is its argument there just didn't riveted broke and if you want to deny the originating from pop or medical Bert
go ahead, but man, your head is gonna, be bloody, bashing it against that wall here. So so here's a here's, a graded worker. What about and wait about? What about? The the overlap, what about women who cannons the tiny minority women who can in fact function the high level demanded of combat fires? What about then? Do we let them and to this is a much thorny question because it exceeds the limits of the argument about the physical right there The considerations are there not, or is that some place? We want to go to the vote. The court is interpreted is actually way smarter than me. I will talk about that she's far more reasonable and you know Courtney knows and, according to Vienna girl. The work of this before who was fantastic, love crystal, but I told him ministry, where accidently sent a text to crystal that was meant for Jared Courtney,
this text and you know examine another worth it was. It was in the end it was. It was the most profane Tax Unilever Marty, you know we're not necessarily provide people were good. Younger men pushes do you know, guide tax authorities, into it. It was the first thing I told us look at corny. This is the way This thing happened with her previous female employees and there's a strong sense it, could happen and she's gonna be geyser guys. So no, I don't think there's any topic off limits. Courtney. What do you think about? Because that's all Other point mark you are done my ground combat, but yet reflexes reality. Simply. How brings work is all radiant with men. We're not just talk about the physical force output, but the ability to switch between tasks and there are things which women excel. Much more efficiently. The areas in which men excel over women We would lend themselves to war according to thirty seconds and about a web extent
a greater focus on one thing at a time, and that makes them great at war. Shoot the bad guys don't get killed. I don't think women are good at that, naturally better at multitasking, and I think we have our role in military, but certainly not on the front lines. I don't have a problem with me being fighter pilot and being in a war room discussing strategy on five? Second, we're gonna web extended starting thanked. Our common Europe too,
new state, you lotta, with greater stated for radio your listening to louder with greater follows even on Twitter S, prouder jeer, at what are you doing back with a Europe of tea where'd you get it. I can do no other than another war, not up for fifteen dot com. They have fifteen and accessories for sale at the best advice, no visible web wholesale. There's another walk with what they are pretty well. Agenda are best placed to go and that to take away, couldn't portal and have a staff
you're getting louder with router speeds to be back We are glad second week second week. Second, Our know where you are Stephen prouder, as always not gay jeered producing with me. Instead, you can follow me at us crowd or follow him at not. A year, and we have to know affiliates to announce next week, picking up show which so it's crazy, like we don't really shows you listen to go on. If you want to indicate the show well, we ve never done that's on people pick it up. I kind of don't believe them
Sure glad to hear it Margaret Mateau there's an extended version where we go online and talk more with him in Courtney, interesting stuff, interesting. When you remove political correctness when you remove the lens of that to simply be accurate. What you can get out of the deal, speaking of which. Yeah? Let's go. There was world AIDS Day this week, member that you're, a diamond How do you do? How do you feel about that? Not not gay during it? I'm I'm, I'm feel pretty get human feel you informed of the weather this week, I have taken out of the weather, I nearly passed out the shower that that was experience. I I assume s completely unrelated to World AIDS Day or you don't there's only chance zero that it's the his well. You know we it s all irregular. So I think I think you're front over find what World AIDS Day happened and so eloquent. We wrote about this
This is something you on your lot about. It was trending all over the place World AIDS Day in Hillary Clinton says it. Time to get an eighty two region free generation, more research, less discrimination? Let our voices be heard now trigger warning us is going to be very offensive. The CDC numbers came out, ok CDC numbers, I don't wish aids on anybody. Let's start off with that. So before start sending your clips of Tom Hanks in Philadelphia clutching Denzil too bosoms was Denzil was Denzil. I don't know, wasn't a great moving like Tom Hanks CDC. Now, the for at least ninety four percent K. Ninety four percent on the low in cities, evil, right wing, CDC stats. Ninety
four per cent of all AIDS transmissions in the United States occur from gas, she will contact and intravenous drug use. Really gay sexual conduct by one point: four percent was intravenous drug use, so now. As far as your chances of getting aids, being a white Hatteras, fuel mail. For someone like me, well. Ok, let me let me let me do in exercise here. Just let me ask you a couple of questions Kay, I can actually have the numbers in front of me and I can give you an estimate of you Chances of getting aids on a weekly basis, ballpark how Often, would you say you you do heroin? Are we the bases yeah somewhere zero somewhere around zero and not ok. But you. How many times are you having homosexual orgies and truck stops a week? approximately.
Approximately zero. Congratulations, you have a zero percent chance of AIDS, ask a zero percent. Statistically, zero, even if you don't wait until you might, you know get married, be monogamous have one partner, you never get AIDS, but even if you are a heterosexual lawn drug using mail with the average amount of sexual partners that sex their people, the United States, at your chin. Of getting aids is statistically zero. So when we have people, but you can't see it right If you say it's, a stats are inherently discriminatory. What does Hillary Clinton time establish discrimination? What, if Stats are inherently discriminatory. Aids in the United States gets more funding than any other disease. I think it may be. So ass now by breast cancer, gets more fun it certainly over overalls, all time more funding than any other disease diabetes. Yet much more than that and it's almost entirely will come on. Last time you saw an Oscar winning guy play. A gay diabetic
last time you saw a giant. You know that you're giant diabetes March, with every celebrity attaching their name to it, was time Sean PEN got an award for speaking with a Lisbon, a role where he got aids. You know it come on us as it doesn't make good of a film. It's not good enough, though not a sexy descent Why, because it merely mov lot of sex age, almost entirely preventable and the United States. Now it's not the case in the third world. It's not the clay case in horrible places in Africa, where a lot of kids and I feel terrible for them, but most of our aid funding as domestic. It's not going to Africa, so really you're, standing on the shoulders of AIDS, riddled children in Africa to get your money here to deny your lifestyle, because in the name of political correctness, you want money, but you don't want to acknowledge the source of AIDS. That's my problem. I dont There is no lack of sympathy that I feel for someone who has AIDS feel worse for the kid was a type one diabetic. Who did nothing? Nothing.
To deserve it, we, have a cure for it enemies finally going to die while you're getting ten to one funding, because you had a gay orgy and smoke crack. Sorry, it's it's we're not supposed to tell a World AIDS day it's the day where we all act like we have no idea. Just AIDS can just these speaking. Just spray upon any of us now, You kind of have to make an appointment, it doesn't just happen. And you know what I tweeted this out and we actually got several tweets somebody. So you know they hope I die above all about. We got several tweets from four. Maybe your thing, I'm terrified. I'm too No, it's a real problem in our. It's really scared. What did DR upon home in this document is a cow pollyanna there's the show called rent. It was a film too
Then you seen rent. Let me now it's one all kinds of awards on Broadway soreness, its was ten ban and found her whenever a hundred nine assault, do you measure the lie? The man is it Do drops sunsets. Something in traps of coffee for stuff who measures a life and drops of cups of coffee. This really stupid ass esprit. How about that's how they ended. How about love? No, I don't I'm about years. That's all you measure life in seventy five. Seventy five years old, you don't say earlier yet be with he was, five loves old measured in years. So rents is a play and it's a film award, winning, of course, with the law to praise how brave it is basically about a bunch of people on the EAST village who have aids, that's the entire premise and A bunch of songs were we're supposed to feel sorry for them. I'm not gonna.
They're all having sex with each other in doing heroin with thirty needles. As far as I'm concerned, if they make it pass noon without AIDS there in the bonus round, they are. Borrowed time, and this is how this is a thing like. No one is allowed to criticise it. They watch the film. I am receiving their nervous when I was at the movie theatres Character angel, whose I kind of I don't know transsexual, but not really more so dressing and dragged me. It's not your fault. It's it is not your fault. You have aids. Societies have eight, it's your fault, You need to change. Society needs to take. No, you need to change. Society doesn't have a pandemic of AIDS. Why single one of you has AIDS give any idea how rare that is, rent and it gets. Words because nobody stands up and goes ha. If I gave you jerk if I gave you a chance if I said like I'm, some Oracle with a crystal ball addict. More strata can get on my predictions right and I say I going to guarantee you
at least ninety five percent chance you're going to die this week. Would you be concerned a b maybe a little upset you be a little upset. Now, if I sit on the flip side, I can get Can t you a ninety five percent chance that you don't die than Alex pick. My internet picture interests. Do thanks to thanks, go to thanks, no intervening drug use or if you must clean the needle No more gay orgies, would you still over dice? Would you say take that gamble you, the gambling man for profound problem, no, of course not disregard, but with world AIDS is yet again political correctness. It's not about truth, AIDS day isn't really about preventing AIDS. It's about making people. Good about talking about AIDS is still very, has come out and talk about it. Now, it's not it's important to find out what causes it and it's important to clamp down on it CDC numbers at least ninety four percent gay
We should be honest about that's the problem. Political correctness is literally at the. It is taking lives. Because of the it's always dangerous. When you decide to deny truth. We need to stop the stigma. I think eloquence, the stigma why what stigma? Why should you stop the stigma, the stigma? People who are very promiscuous and live a lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity, get alot of AIDS sign, up for enforcing the stigma. I mean, I don't even know what Why is that a bad stigma. What wiser, if that is definitively what causes eight, how is advancing I don't know why. I just kid kept putting his hand on the stove. So what's the point,
he had stove hand syndrome this thing, it's a syndrome. We need to remove the stigma. We must solve the problem for stove hand syndrome, remove the stigma that contract. By putting you had an still you bastard. How do you want companies had until now. You dont know why he's putting his hand and that stuff, you know, is back. You dont know his his plight, maybe you never had a stove, Maybe he never even had a stove. That's what I'm trying to tell you Take that away, I am still and syndrome, marts leave two march and favour the stove hand syndrome and louder with crowded stay tuned,
and other bodies, this bringing those wild or web browser power him or herself in the world. Of treasurer tragedy this week a new Paul has emerged. Well anonymously people and Their level of surprise, with massive tax coming from, islamic terrorism being present Firstly, are all persons- and this has been raging- knows on water of proud I'm
glad to be that we are going to be talking like our good friend, you're more than actually later on in the year in the third ourselves? theme. This week we ve been talking about the shooter. Aids is political correctness and how it actually takes place. I send Bernardino is obviously the least funny example, because people died and its I dont want to say could have been avoided, but at sea- like the neighbour thought there was some suspicious activity in didn't, want to be labelled a race, a sort of that point.
Fear of being labelled a racist, the fear of being labelled a big. It is more important than the safety of yourself and or your community. Thank you left us, but I take a change of pace here and talk about fat unattractive women on covers of newly magazines. Amy Humour was on? Is it Pirelli every year in its a classic counter, you see them up a lot of garages of not now it's not like pornography, but take Fully done women in in either launch array or bikinis or but have I kin adversary? French, her boudoir boudoir, good, why boudoir photos? So you know it's meant to be erotic. It's meant to be attractive is meant to be beautiful, lamentably, tasteful an artful. Will this irregularly put Amy Humor the comedian on the cover? That's not true. We don't need to say that I completely disagree. Shut up now, stop it! It's not true. So
Amy Humor and some other woman on their an older woman. They said this year instead of celebrating women's bodies. We're going to celebrate their accomplishments. Because when I buy a newly calendar I buy it for their accomplishments. That's That's why the Amelia Erhard calendar is a top seller her. Nothing but a garter belt now No one says: oh, my gosh. Look at the look at two Nobel prizes on that we don't care, you're selling, nudity. You are selling nudity. In your try. This is the big problem right, Amy sure I don't think they may shimmer can be funny a lot of you probably don't. I think she be finalized in obviously the whole kind of every becomes I'm so dirty gets a little bit old, but so she's on this calendar. And people got really mad. When I wrote about this they collar brave, will, let's be honest here. If Heidi Clue,
Christy Brinkley when they got naked or ethnic fearsome got naked. No one set its brave. It's only brave when your ugly- let's be honest, that's an insult if you get naked on the beach Kay there's one of two responses. While you were great- or while you were really brave. Which do you want to hear. What bothers me as people are saying that we're going to redefine what beauty is you don't get to redefine again the political correctness this this is why a lot of men feel Austria. This is why a lot of men right now feel as though there being shame for being men in a later Dunham? She took a big fat naked picture of herself with their hair cut on a toilet eating cake and I'm going to break down the barriers that beauty as though, by the way. I understand that you have body image issues so do men. I dont look like Chris hems worth.
Courtney loves Henry cavil I dont have those packs. No one is perfect we by these magazines because they're like superheroes, they are airbrush. They look really good. So we go oh wow. Isn't that pretty to look at, but the two men working to redefine what beauty is like. We had a secret meeting behind your back. What is What is laid down and what is it? What does Amy humor think that we're going to go? Oh, my gosh, their jig ages redefine beauty. I I wrong all this time about ample bosoms, birthing, hips, long legs and cream smooth skin. I want the snag: toothed Butch cut it yelling, shrieking feminist, who is dropped. Induces in the bathroom while taking pictures eating cake, that's the broad for me. It doesn't happen. People get mad at me. And reacting to a new DE calendar with unattractive women deliberately deliberately by the way, and I want to know what you think
Is it sexist? Is it wrong? Is it chauvinist forgot to say, oh, I'm not going to buy that calendar the enemy, the people. Are it's it's about Amy Humours, a comedian right and comedians are very, very puritanical Amy Humor is about as beautiful as Heidi gloom is funny. If a supermodel tried to become a stand up comic and wasn't very good, you think stand up comedians. The female commissioners will be nice to them all. They do with joke about how stupid pretty girls are. We know you're, my wife. She gets it all the time, she's, pretty she's nice violence, a special needs people. She volunteered a crisis practice she's, just a great human being to the point that its angering. And I've seen ugly women just treat her horribly? They assume she's bad, because she's attracted their given no leeway. My wife, I ve got naked on account or no one would color brave, they'd, say she's a lot here tract of it.
Lahti. If your nude, its brave again, its political correctness. Over truth. Truth is people. Want men, that's not who you to tell me who's been. What's beautiful, the target demographic on the and who would buy a nude calendar. If I weren't married in our buying nude calendars, I'm a man. We get naked for you. Yes, you do people who naked and try and sell naked female naked counters are doing it to try and sell it to men, not selling it for the law being Butch cut a chain gang Buzzfeed. They're trying to sell it for men, so it happened this week. Rally calendar, that's like listen. If you want to be naked, that's fine! No one is condemning you and men like bodies of all different types, isn't await thing by the way I think Adele is gorgeous. I bet you have. Adele did a tasteful. Calendar lashes would be bought up like crazy because she's immensely talented subtractive be naked, that's fine! But
demand that people praise your bravery, I'm tired of being told: what's brave ugly woman got naked on a calendar, that's brave We probably have a that. I was born this way. Can we go there I was born this way is that ok does not apply to me. I'm a man, my physiology. The hydraulics don't lie. Me no liking your calendar that work. I was born this It's weird time: there really is a weird time we're we're just is we're not allowed to speak, truthful anymore, by the way we do we speak swiftly when you're not around. We speak truth guys on the watercolor. Do you see that count? Oh my gosh, I can't believe you monsieur and here's the big differentiating factor The reason there aren't a ton of nude calendars for women of naked man. You get the fire fighter counters, which are sort of a gimmick because women aren't stimulated that same way,. In Amy Museum, funny, she's, talented, but guess what you can be the first,
Yes, woman, you can be the smartest woman. Enter zero into a man. Sexual attraction, for you can be the funniest. Most intelligent woman at the bar, and then It's going to be attracted to someone else because manner, visually stimulate it's not the same with women. First on a man's list of things that are attractive and a woman, nonsense of humor, while we back more. Politically incorrect reserved in the brain San Bernardino Police Department. They were yelling, allow who are, and they had assault weapons they had, military stout, fully automatic weapons. Pipe I don't know what kind of gun had they loved really scary again,
and do you have a gentleman's name? He is your neighbour I've heard but I don't know I can't know dad could be Schuyler. We now I don't know we are glad to be here as we are. So, let's go back to talk about the main mean story. This way, engage human talking at all. Why are you just you're acting as though you're not even allowed to be on air? Now you know it's the print, this cold. It's really, moreover,.
More of a thing for the listener, so courtesy that you want to talk, Just find a cold, sound extra crappy, thanks, I appreciate it. Only decided is completely bail out and leave me solo when I'm coming back. Europe of ours of jet lag from. Someone asked me to fire you, so you are fired On twitter, after the break, so we do have a few AIDS jokes: we Oh, please send us your best AIDS jokes. What are you Charlie Sheen in a wheelchair. What role aids one Do we have we do therein their idea? I guess it's. If it's a role, if it's an AIDS joke that it should be, Romeo embarrassed little more marital where job soap,
I got the San Bernardino shooting right away. People are calling for gun control now they're talking about Australia. When we talk about the Australia Gunnbiorn how it didn't work one of the really important dear listener. When people get will look at how gun to look at the number of suicides from gunfire decrease from twenty percent to three percent in Australia given the number of suicides didn't. They always shrine do this sleight of hand kind of like when they say all the wealthiest one percent. They talk about America, but then they all your part of the wealth, is ten percent you're in the tub percent of the world if you're making thirty seven thousand dollars a year, so they always trains from domestic numbers to international numbers and they try and switch from gun crime numbers to overall crime numbers. I dont know about you. So we disagree with everything that I say after this. If you don't agree with the premise I dont care. Device used for the crime if it's a knife, if it's a gun suicide, if it's a bunch of pill
if the number just migrates from guns being used towards something else being used its in concert uncle? Because that is indicated that we have a humanity problem. We have a character problem, not a gun problem. So that's first! Well, that's first! Second,. I have a tweet right in front of me with the Newton Shooter Sandy Hook, the new town, shooter Sandy Hook the play the parenthood Shooter and These are all white christian domestic terrorists. Why We call them terrorist. Firstly, there not Christians they're, not Christians by definition, so many of them don't cling to be Christians. They claim to be atheists. So that's a little bit different. Now, according to leftist atheists, atheists can't be terrorists right. It's an absence of a belief, it's an absence of an ideology, so there can't be terrorism. It's important that we define terrorism. There's a lot of us going to lose a Muslim, not exist. They were generally yes, here's why,
Terrorism is a violent action too. In any logical or political, and it's it's a means it's a violent me it it's! It's means to an end, the means or violent. The end is a political or ideological motivation. Ok, So me a shooting up, Mcdonald's, let's say because they got my order. Wrong is not terrorism. That's an insane person. Now is a white wise and all white wine. All white people classified as terrorists, ok, look! Let's look at all these people were worth it. Tim Mcveigh Sandy Hook new town. About what was Dylan Roof, don't roof was what which one was at Dover was Carolina. Yes, I guy, and he was he was an atheist- think registered Democrat, who I don't know what does deal as anyways All of them have different world views. There White is not an ideology. Just like Brown is not an ideology.
There have been white Muslims who have committed terrorism jihadi. John no people who turncoat to deserve the death penalty for treason. So when you're, comparing white a race with, is not only a religion but a prescribed political societal In reality, a legal reality. You're talking something different? is no white manifesto, These are the laws of white dim and that was what all be all of these white shooters were using or the black shooter I just got a zombie got black with a really flannel the really irish shunning aim who shot the borders so that, for example, was he a terrorist now he, just mad about something with his workplace that was workplace, violence.
With Islam. Every single one of these acts has been carried out in the name of Islam. In there waste prophet Mohammed up, pedophilia, be upon him and. Certain passages in the Koran They all have a direct short. You go a wider. They do this. Here's the common after you don't have that with those other people. So now do I have a problem planned parenthood. If he did, in fact, we don't really know yet if he didn't fact going to shoot a planned parenthood. I have no problem calling that person a terrorist. But there isn't a giant terrorist group of people who are blowing up planned parenthood by the hundreds. Every single year. It doesn't exist, but that you say about the delivery of guy did they say he was actually on a mission to purify the race. Was I think that I think he was a racist yeah. He was, I think, he's trying to start the his mission was, I may, is possibly crazy to which to me is always kind of entry.
Like you, I think you could have be a terrorist and also below Christ, I think so too, oh yeah, I think so well ideal roof problem with its that's the bill. For that one I think, he's a virus. If you sign up your father is that's terrorism but you're working single digit numbers in the last decades of people who are you know the cake Kay trying to wage terror that says, let us be honest about it. Ok, it that the nuts those aren't even remotely comparable, so you can compare skin color to an idiotic. And it's just so intellectually disingenuous for people to do That's why they always simply try and go to the gun control the inanimate objects, because we don't want to address the ideology. Listen is no greater evil of our time than Islam. Zat mean all Muslims. Now, Islam its much better than nazis, and they feel the same way about the Jews. Look how they treat Jews anywhere in the islamic world. Look at the Hamas charter
to wipe out not only Israel but Jews. So you're at all the other stuff. On top of it, forcing women address like ninjas, suicide bombing beating their wives, the rape rules where women have to have for all the other, throwing gaze off rooftops here. That's all bad, but even let us ok, compare them with Nazis in the Jews they had the ability. They didn't live in the stone age. In most of these countries they could build gas chambers yeah. Of course they do it. They ve They would do it. Hamas Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS they ve set vices. Does it on a small scale? They burn people alive. Not being Muslim. So anyway, so left. That's the first thing I It's pretty are. We are pretty clear on that was pretty clear and differentiating so people can we don't have to keep addressing that stupid argument. Gonna give you all the right. Buber will work of MR through its goal is to get people are left word only going this terrorism. Ok, it's really clear one. Is they all share Neddie Ology, all from the same book, all from the same profit that
the number of that region are killing and it happens by the thousands everyday guy. And three white and shoot somebody maybe he's alone terrorists, but he's not part of an organization of hundreds of millions of people who got his back and end point. Now gun control you ve done. All all of the gun courses conceal carry I've had one for a long time. Anyone who has ever done conceal carry course, as anyone who's ever actually used a firearm are understood, state laws you think California, as a bastion of gun laws. Do your Jared I've gonna get. Is he told me last night, you like, I have my point set for springs. I am, and I should have some sort of interview next fall. Out of the crazy something in the order of a friendly sues, trying to get his back in New York in its it's crazy, crazy process, yeah, it was no use like it really spectacular spent no expense earlier is expensive. You know that
you like interview, all your family members interview. All I had her house. This is a New York. New York gets it's not easy, York City or new State New York State of New York, possible yeah yeah it's a can issue state in California for conceal. Carry by not concealing giant rifles like they had means? Basically it comes down to it. A judgment call in a lot of places, whether we usually sheriff nothing can be done by a judge, but anyone allay was one listen. I knew they actually had to have it issued by the sheriff and they can also say when you're allowed, to carry only if its, when transporting blah blah blah good. The first I know I think was allowed, kind of like an armoured vehicle, carried a lot of film equipment, for the big production studio, and so they were allowed to carry firearm when they were transporting a hundred thousand dollars and film equipment. That's my experience with Ally but
If there is a place where there should be no gun violence, it would be California, the strictest guns I once a gun laws and the country right, I'm just give it tasted California gun laws case. We have this you're. So when they push we're gun matter, we're talking about San Bernardino again. Could we want? We want to take away the pension from ignore the islamic terrorists behind the caravan? Let's not talk about. Let's not talk about his name for rural. He was going to say nothing at all or whether the already so we have done laws in Galifron, You have state, issued handgun safety certificate for legal handgun ownership purchasing, which requires that you must courtly seventy five percent on an objective written test to perform the use any firearms, and the tests are administered by the OJ certify instructors bubble up, so it's really hard to get it in the first place, he was also successfully performer safe handling demonstration with England being from required safe handling demonstrations. Here you gotta map up in front of me the place with,
drink this gun laws in the country, California, California, They have some of the worst gun laws in the country. We haven't up a lot of crowd or a map now gun violence. The worst to Chicago, obviously for going to come straight in the city and one of the worst states is California. Surprise now, A lot of this also has to do with diversity. Gang violence, that's always so misleading. If you remove gang violence and self defense, firearm death the numbers a lot lower in the United States. That's one thing: it's really important to you'll, see this mean going around where it says more people have died from guns anymore. A car, then, whatever else it is Cigarette live cigarettes are whenever it is they pick that includes criminals, things were killing each other and series it includes. People who were killed justifiably in self defence and Most times it include even troops who were killed.
Old in battle who were american. They're just putting all of that number in there comparing that with knife attacks that end the other one got around is the mass shoot In this year, more bashing days, which is another boat, I think they claim about a hundred and thirty one and, according to the FBI, we have these claims that the Hillary Clinton, always they trot, outweigh higher than that of Trot islands yeah. They tried out basically more people than days yet more people than days, and actually, according the FBI, definitions, we have them. I think we're running about this today. Only twenty one actually qualify, the twenty one that's not good, no mass shootings are good, but again here's yours years. The final question: when someone, so we need more gun control, ok, go gun, control, laws, California, the strictest gun control in the country. Here's the question tweet me with your answer: Kate. Let's I'll tweet this out, what gun law would have prevented this.
What policy proposal, if a level, what would have prevented this measure? I'm all ears, if you have one of the gunshot loophole, it doesn't exist, there is no gun show loophole. Someone tells you that they have displayed, that there lately ill equipped to have any opinion on guns because they believe something it doesn't exist. Anyone is bought a gun at a gunshot knows. You still have to fill out the paperwork. What they're talking about his private sales and they want a full on registry and ban like you, VE, had an Australian. What policy, I was all gonna law would have prevented. This is alarming. Terrorist attack tweet me ass, crowded, I'm all ears lotta, with greater we'll, be back.
And now it's time for your dating advice, minute with Pill Cosby now This will cause for concern, Mama leave right now before you leave my wife DR lives Ray Roy. The I assume this is some kind of her social Club, La Cabeza, Rav4 Rotary, and he says I'm not sure if I want to join the Institute Wanna get me some lucky. A number of you applied the coup for free.
Here. Was your wife wants your wife included. She wants to feel like it'll barbers, open the game of throne. What you need to do drew is, Oh wow, you gonna club spider man sign up for membership and when it comes time, do the interview you're going to shift down Bakersfield Bartholin off of her from coughing and what to drink for coffee the creevy value worries occurred is to make sure that you poor drug before every com that vote We re live about prevalent boy, bigger was grateful, Grove were that's. Where you go, you can repay you pull the book but tat back, but rather that they buy back this, then you're dating advice minute with pale cost.
What to be back. Ok, so I'm going to change, pays little bit everyone's talking about San Bernardino, so but the hashtag? The names are so long. I blame the Mexicans, so we were taught the scheme, that is political correctness, that forces you to turn a blind eye to truth in the name of tolerance in the name of a narrative and not get your master about this, not long and others, a song on the radio that you were talking about. Tell me about this
the guy! Who will you love me the same? It's because we were at the gym. We re talking about this and you made a point IDA. I've never listened to the song, especially right now I know corny I just have Christmas. Is it going to my Spotify nonstop for long. Yeah toned I'm now I remember when you learn to say, adds Maroon five, the guy from five Adam Levine sings the core. Now that is the woman without Breast Centres ACT, the that's, that's the one You guys should remember the lira. Would you allow me to say- and I wondered if I owe ethics locked away, our meeting. They took it all away. Would you let me anything, of course no one has seen for you right now think we're not Euro Musical inclined, Niven name gonna happen. Why Baghdad locked away and lastly, adopted today,
Oh, how gay your face is renewed Kevin about animal of language used loved me. The answer now now now getting worse from their use, I just rightly me nuts could never one loves it. It's such a catchy song, just good, only get stuck in my head busy. The whole song is, I am Imprison, would you baby, would you die for me? Would you would use? Would you global offer me when you die for me? Would you love me the same which take me back? Would you be there for a night if you like, prison? You probably, is really really crap and now we need to learn from the mistakes fact. Drunk stupid is nowhere to go through life. So exactly you probably did some really weird bleep ends. Probably should die for you, the first five you're talking to one that's kind of weird thing for me to say, if you like, I always feel like asking a woman. Would you ivory baby. Would you die for me? Is that kind of weird? I.
Stuck use where it is a man who I just tell my wife, you gonna you're gonna die you gonna, stop it jiving. I absolutely just they have a repulsive acts like reactions that song and drives me not now. Now. What would that's a pervert example right come now, it's all about the bats. The concept album next consequences consequences it's a nervous apple like women. We call it missionary dating they grab the biggest losers. I can change our guide. I can The aching make him better than he asked? Yeah! No, yes, MA! Ma Am Ma. Am I didn't care? Do the cereal rapists ever even care use? You lurks I got locked away and we lost it all today. Tell me honestly: would you still love me the same, but no problem, by sure. Do you mind if I showed you by laws? If I could be strong, Tommy, ass images, Dormice ain't, your flaws, you mean that you do drugs. Did you kill somebody?
you kill. Somebody did you, rape, someone in the alley, probably not probably won't live. You won't. Let me this is probably a little different when you get out policy now and it's like a white collar crime or something maybe it's like yeah. You know what I I I oh some back. Taxes yeah right next lyrics right about now, Judge for life me I'd. This is coloured. Yoda speak here of a judge for life me. Would you stay by my If a judges for life and life in prison, you did bad gear. You, as you did this. It was this. Mix up above, sounds like your judging there. You Are you a hundred percent? Judging that's exactly what it is this I just you know I do. I agree with a number of examples of politically correct thing now, right which everything is a show about re. Some people aren't rehabilitated by the way This goal is only to rehabilitate that's the last thing. I think we d it's not to punish it. To rehabilitate now it's a little bit to punish prison should Uncomfortable you should be punished. We don't want to be Sweden where you basically get up to bedroom.
Hartman and Xbox and community kit community. Cooking quarters and a kitchen in a soft but an IKEA bookcase applied. We add It's about revelry met the big song to mainstream song. Women going well, you know it's not my place to judge it is your place to judge If you see someone like San Bernardino shooting, if you see your neighbor, who is brown with a name like Farooq and he's loading up his Panzer with an AK, forty seven, it is your job to judge. You see If you see someone shooting up heroin, setting an orgy, that's a revolving door, like Barney francs basement. It's your job to judge you might get eight. If you hear someone singing this, if someone says hey, I'm, if I get locked up, if I put me away, would you love me this? It's your job to judge it is your job to judge in all of these scenarios, but it's not Politically correct but you're the only God can judge me, that's a bumper sticker it!
tiredly untrue. Only. I can judge you as far as is the money sending you to Heaven and hell. If you have a bumper sticker, it's very likely going to be the latter. I dont know a lot of people who are pretty confident in there. SK, the ride to the pearly gates, who have only God can judge me on that. Usually the guy who's shootin up heroin riddled with aids. You still loves the person who has been locked up now. Only God can judge me. It's a pre emptive, I'm a screw up, but you can't say anything about it. So good. This is now a hypothetical, but we ve talked concrete examples. How political correctness ended lie. That's taken many lives with aids. When people don't want to acknowledge the cause of it, it's almost entirely preventable. We have the prescription lotta with credit, not come to light San Bernardino, when someone didn't report it because they were afraid of being able to racist now, let's go to this hypothetical,
would you love me the same? If I was locked away, let's say the person is locked away for murder. Let's see the person is locked away for double homicide. That's it! A person is locked away for rape, even if its aggravated assault right large arson, you should you shouldn't. You can love them from a distance, but you shouldn't still being a relationship with that person. But we re in pop culture that the virtue, the trump all virtues, is just love, intolerance, personal. Not ability, the basic problems. For rape and somebody else The theme he's silver for real guy our new before he did slave, named enjoying the nation in Islam and wreathed everybody, I just gotta love him the same. You sure you're, an idiot you. Need to judge and you need to judge harshly, sometimes people to forgive absolutely
don't be so slow to make judgments in the name of political correctness, that its non existent For you, it's not good for them, and people die or get AIDS lotta with greater we'll be back San Bernardino Police Department, I welcome I miss you, though the anonymous yes, no one will have to know who sent the Tipp into the police department. You have won my word on that one name invitation. Party large party last year. Ok,
no one is going on here. I didn't want to judge the Pine Roma. Now I don't wanna go back. Ok, he will leave the tip How long ago was this happening and are they still at the location, you're, not here anymore. He said they were going to Christmas Party, which in retrospect sounds you're getting louder with router speed. It always is not gave here is not gay. You can follow me. It s crowd or follow him on twitter at not gay Jared. I fulfil
Oh my legal obligations and draw our own conclusions. We got appreciate that we are good to go. We have, of course, Gerald Morgan coming on after the break rocket scientist, Nero surgeon and world renowned apologist on every religion since the beginning of time. So we have, we have got a pretty full pay me for full docket grateful for penalties are becoming on after this break. I want talk about this because it just appeared in my twitter feed during the commercial break. On dotcom place, that gives pedophiles a platform speak you remember them yeah, those guys, those gotta for those who don't remember, you can go to the website and by the way we do ask you everything we do is free, but we do have bookmark the website every day, it's free, but that we make a revenue and advertising will be creating some new stuff will be creating some new cool deals on there and giveaways join the mailing list. So you can support the show. It's all just listen watch go, read this
we do a few private, five or six times every day. Tomorrow so we know bombard you win. But salon for those, they had a pedophile right and I'm a pedophile, but I'm not a monster is what the guy wrote. And when I said no, you are a monster they give him the platform to write a rebuttal where he compared me to Hitler compared me: Hitler for not liking has pedophilia. So this is the kind of left wing rag we're talking about very, very highly trafficked, for whatever reason lot of people read, here- is their headline right now Second amendment must go we ban long Darts, it's time to ban guns, run underneath it a better is we are one nation forever aft by the inner ray and an outdated data, dangerous rate of the constitution. Let's fix it I think it's ensuring a note hears like you talked about before salon pretty far left it's a pretty rough, but today's so long as tomorrow, Southpaw yeah, what you boys
The unhappy gets really interesting. I may say so honest Molotov Poland, Hillary Clinton and Brok Obama. They give their interviews in their stories. Nurse groups tough bow they ban. Fox NEWS? They welcome salon and half bow, important to note that people for its not that extreme. By the way This is what is important here. What they all the global. Do you take your guns away? Yes, radioed salon, one left US Think no one is looking that's what they want. That's what they want! That's what Hilary once it's, what rock Obama wants its the single biggest losing issue for the left, gun control. It's really really tough. It's the one issue with which they lose votes. Old time. Democrats. The JFK Democrats will part ways with a modern, far left Progressive Democrat Party if they are Anti
in amendment, so they try and avoid it when they campaign to much aside from Clinton she sort of a gene and that's why it Hillary Clinton, she's gonna, watch out for Sanders. No he's only had a d minus from me and our Vermont have the loose his gun laws in the country and they have some of the lowest gun crime. I get it Lastly, whirl, and it's not very diverse, but still it did it's worth noting cell. Salon dot com. When it comes to go, we collectively do nothing except spot awesome, strain political rhetoric every now and then based so the framers of the constitution. Weren't gods mean that their words aren't and shouldn't be sacrosanct we without a numerous amendments to make up for their failures or just plain ignorance If we add, we can also take away by interpreting second, amendment differently or passing a new amendment that would effectively repeal it. We should never do so lightly. Of course, taking away rights can be and is often a risky enterprise but purpose of a right should be individual and collective, flourishing nope no
now: where were we This is the ideal. Even read this r m reading it for you on air. So long as the purpose of a right should be individual, correct and collective flourishing raw. A right is not about a collective and a right is Given to you by the constitution, that's a big thing: people don't understand here. Wholly dammit gosh, I'm gettin. This is what pisses me off so much about the left. Ok, Constitution doesn't give you rights and this person thank the founding Others were ignorant meant no, no, they knew constitution didn't give you rights. The of protected rights of four to you by God. Email, eatable God, given rights birthright,
They are your rights and the constitution simply says the United States will be the peace. We dish that ensures you get to keep those rights, unlike the church of England, unlike Europe, unlike them rocky we're going to make sure that your rights, that are we are given to you by God are protected, that our role is protecting rights as given to you by God. It is not the constitution Willy nilly, creating rights for- and I quote, collected flourishing fishing, John Ass. You absolute DOM ass. Oh right has nothing to do with the document. Creating collective learn fishing, This is why let people know why do you go right and left not listen, there's some liberals that this is really stupid, and this is why the left is so prone to group. Think
Does the individual right conservatives understand that rights given to you by God whether an atheist are not given to you outside of the confusion, just protects the rights. Even there in polytheists fans? No, the constitution- doesn't give you write. It protects your natural rights by the way, what's a more natural right and the right to self preservation right to bear arms. Ok, let's talk about that. But it's about individuals they understand rights are afforded to the individual leftist believe it's about the collective, so of course, worse there going to be more prone to group. Think of course you're, going to have regimes like Hitler and Stalin and Mouth and pol pot and all of the communists and the Marxist and a godless regimes that lead millions of people to their death. It always starts with that little oil seed of leftism that little sea of fascism. If today, salon is tomorrow's HUF Po today
collective flourishing is tomorrow's fascism. It's the same give us? They use on campus. They are the same a lot of respect for the second amendment, as they do for the first amendment on campus. First them but what we need to deal could rights are about collective with it or not they're, not about let the flourishing! That's not why its exist has thing to do with collective flourishing password. With the right. Of being a sovereign human being so on campus right. I do away with the first amendment, with Machu with them issuing their demands for re education. Now, a cow polly where I just perform its well the freedom of speech. Should be about collective flourishing. No, its, not well. That's that. Amendment should be about collective flourishing. No, its! Not! It is not about those things
And so what do they say? We just have to repeal it. That's key this. This line right here should be individual and collective flourishing It's not clear to me that gun ownership accomplishes that purpose. It seems the case that it works against the good of all in the havoc and murder reeks, but also in the fear that it promotes from ok, no source links, of course, at salon when people's I'm a comedian right. We have, what would you say, jeered almost every piece least happen Do videos thirty forty course links at least a dozen area without fail. This is so on. They consider themselves journalists, there's none here. Seems more the case that it works against the good of all doesn't matter If that is the case, and it's not the case.
At the very least, we should have a discussion about the relationship of guns of the common good instead of appealing to a fundamentalist rights in quotation, every time something happens at questions their value. So that's the point right here again they put rights in quotation, This is what the left thinks when you're, not looking. This is what the left thinks. The second mimicking repeals. That's not good enough for the collective rights, their inclination We know that these rights can be taken away. That's what they think When you're, not watching, you thinks that you think he'll reclined becomes becomes brethren, appoint some Supreme Court justices. You don't think you're going. This way, you don't think they're gone, the first amendment doesn't really apply anymore. It's archaic from some ignorant white founding fathers. You don't think they're going to try to say. That rights in quotations that you really don't trump the right of the collective. You want your gun, but we don't want your guns, though we get devoted down.
Anyway. So what we're gonna have to write a rebuttal to this salon peace, its unreal is unreal. It is unsurpassed unreal. Guns of killed many more infants and toddlers and drop side cribs what they write, So that's what they do. They stand in the deaths of children and claimed it like. There is no evidence, none and I hate it when I say this when the rights of actually just a few, let everyone carry a gun. It'll! Stop these criminal. That's not true, either there is no evidence to suggest that more strict gun control or outright banning of guns, particularly in a place where there are already so many weapons and distribution, so many firearms distribution, and there is no proof that would work not once you get beyond the idea? The fact that salon right here they're saying it's not a right and we can remove any rights at any time, that's what they believe they want their dictator to remove any rights at any time. Once you get past that ok, we
You don't believe in individual rights. You don't even believe in the first amendment you don't believe in free speech. You don't believe in a second, I met you noble even the right to bear arms. Then we get to the practical. It doesn't work. But he only we need to get to that point because, because hears that take away, it doesn't matter that it doesn't work only go their own legal. It removes you're right. Their only girl? from another. A girl wrote this split. Surprise me, you're only goal is to have you submit to verify to hold their opinion, or have you read from jail, Morgan after the break lotta with matters data oh hey, while didn't see there. What are you doing? Her Andras lacks an android, my monitoring, seventy, a bull brow, a fine reverent, have refinement of record pull up a ripple to theirs murmur, quoting establishment that no Wimbledon, you know
For another really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine dot com. Why just call their number? What's that number? Eight? Four for to night? Seven? Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easy to get the call good. The website talk with Somalia list. What I like what I dont like my budget, can can have a ship the requisite to my door or give her up and sent to a front It doesn't get any simpler than that simplified war in Europe.
The form of a barrier to entry. I know you do well, but you're, no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling for for two nine, seven back more than white. Yet listening to him right now, glad to be your are needed to cool down for a little bit.
We're going to have a nice serenity, serenity now serenity. I think we ve got that summer review its honour, its honour. You got it out it you'd better now I do. I'm gonNa Aids joke was treated in cheer up Europe's positive person so far. The only thing down about you is your t, sell count. Gotcha so untreated. Good old age, jokes, so we're going to bring on our next guess. Hopefully, jeered gets its act together and gets him on, whereas Gerald doing the massacre at summer is the link with us. Despite should give us Phd in something else because of the guy has so many phds to the point where, Finally, when you average out the little that is, life span and the amount of phds it almost doesn't add up one would argue the man
May not even work, but we don't know if that's great so I ve been talking about gun control had been caught. Talking about San Bernardino, we ve been talking about political correctness, It is a weird time right now in a manner. In history where truth is not here is given the one second here, let me let me play this, for you I walked, I won't be me, mine, mine mine, now now now there we go I had to say something that was private offered. It did to Jared too cage yards, I just found a good sound bore. Dad's. Let you listen to take quick question for you. Completely unrelated When do you start listening to Christmas music, if at all, because I've restart minister, before Thanksgiving.
Anyone got mad at me telling me that it's too early you'll be sick of it. I believe that before Thanksgiving is when you like the day before four days before in French Canada, that's what happens in Canada, we don't have an american thanksgiving, so we get started a little bit early, eyeless nutrition These are all the time, but a lot of people get angry and they say that someone sanity cause. I have no idea people trying to call in the phone line right now and is not working. My apologies for loans aren't working today. There is another story that I had here that I want to talk about. What was your story? Jeer that I want to talk about before we screw dsl up by trying to get someone unlined. I remember actually remember what the story was about. I dont know I'm gonna bring it up here. I had a story, my cue to talk about, and then I got completely messed up, Oh prayer, shaming prayer. Was it the dear about their guided us all everywhere
Going on, how did you know that a very popular story It seems like aromas, I guess it was like What happens after these? These attacks, Riah thoughts and prayers moves like Canada, Norway, everyone as a collective like scurry report, we have been saying for air kind of I dont often I sometimes I do- and sometimes I don't, but I will tell you this: if you're listening, if I dont say thoughts and prayers, the family is because it's kind of silly I do. I don't have a problem with an amount offended by it, but I pray and quiet I assume that most people pray when they hear that tragedy. If you're an atheist, you your heart goes out to them. Sometimes you'll get people who say, oh How dare you, You know how dare you pray and do nothing at a time like this? That's not my point now I just or how? Dare you not say, thoughts and prayers. So for me, if I just have to be careful when it's too soon to tweet jokes, that's my main concern.
At one thing I was it's obviously a horrendous tragedy, but one thing that I do it: we see it from the right. The left is the party of outrage. The left is the wing of perpetual outrage. Conservatives need to stop being outraged as well. They needed being outraged by Red cups star at Starbucks they needed? being outraged. If somebody says happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas, just move on with your life, they needed Being outrageous and what makes a joke about San Bernardino or sandy hook, car Aurora, it's ok for comedians to make jokes. There is no statute. Of of limitations as to when can begin or there is no proscribed amount of time so even had summer. Elegant That night, I had a joke about gun control and I have this joke for a long time, and I didn't do it when I was performing and semele Bisbee cow Polly, because I knew someone's going to take this joke uploaded online after San Bernardino and say: can you believe you made this gun control joke in the wake of the shooting? So that's one
that really bothers me. I hope that people who are listening if you're listening- I hope you join me in not acting outrage in order to try and score political points, because when you do that, you lose your leg to stand on when criticising the left for doing the exact same thing we don't want to be those people we don't want to be the people who are constantly outrage. That's why when people say We know well, would the shooter was why I bet you liberals will be it. Don't don't make that argument, for Lee sound racist, I'm not saying you are. Secondly, there's a much more legitimate argument to be made if you just. Focus on Islam just focus The Koran guess I'm a and what he did whatever Not all Muslims are terrorists, of course not. Of course, hundreds of millions of Muslims, support Sharia law and belief, but you should be killed. If your converted do they really support terrorist bombing as far as blowing yourself out now, probably not but hundreds of millions of Muslims who still believe in women second class citizens?
killing converts have still pretty bad to me, but of course not all Muslims are are terrorists. Mohammed was, and here's a crater. People often try. I've made that argument for a long time. People trying refute them. By saying! Well! Well, listen you You believe something is silly. Jesus doesn't exist. Guy doesn't exist right now, threat because We know what the dark back ass, a scientist there there's the british Marquis. Whether you both believe in fairy tales. Ok, let's assume that's right. Let's assume I'm wrong. Let's assume Jesus is a figment of your imagination and even though we have more historical accounts of him and Alexander the great than Socrates, but the semi didn't exist, Kay Let's assume a hominid exist Mohamad. I have no problem knowledge in them as a historical figure. Let's assume that people can he'll be inspired by fiction racing copycat killers from movies all the time, so let's assume its fiction. What kind of fiction
Do you want to be inspiring Jesus, the guy's love your neighbour. The guy who had given to Caesar what Caesar's The guy who never waged war, never killed anybody ever been a woman was never married or fictional Mohammed. Who killed the Gulf Guy who feed is like the guy was a a guy who called for the murder of Christians and Jews. As his last words, you want someone to be inspired by fiction it'll happen. Would you rather be inspired by the care? Barriers are perfection. It doesn't it doesnt matter, doesn't change my point. Hundreds of millions of people are inspired by this fiction. You soberly so, which fiction? Do you want with greater we'll, be back or more governor of Minnesota here, Jesse Ventura Abad I don't know how long I have to talk about the facts before Rihanna Jesse and their Illuminati chain gang.
Come here to drag off from. I ask because they don't want me, bring you the formation. That really matters! by in the false flags. I the documentation here. That proves that. Three terrorist attack of the last fourteen years has cleared an orchestrated by George. W Bush Dick Cheney and for a fact they to the death of being crosbie facts?
all right? I don't. I don't have an interim or my next gets under some going. You cheated beyond intro, well, when a cheat it because a similar, he's gonna use Dad's intro for good good measure,
sky Island by the public sector in science, neurology and gazed at her with us, Gerald Morgan thanks for being an issue that is fantastic, absolutely I'm gonna be humming that song rest today, That's what I do. I hum norms for those strapped with a gun. In your way. Please don't shoot the place notorious idea he knew he was talking about so Gerald Morgan can follow my g Morgan Junior. This week, obviously we used to have you on more room. There was so much islamic stuff going on because that's kind of your we'll house- and we did video that went semi viral rebuttals to top islamic arguments, and we thought you know at the justice system too much
and now we're back full circle, lots of Muslims blow and stuff up. So I know you have opinions what what what was your reaction? The San Bernardino thing happened so before we knew what happened, What did you wait? A minute wait, a minute you what I mean before. We knew really at this point don't know anymore when these things happen. What's going on, I don't think we should jump to conclusions necessarily but come on at some Why you gotta go. Am I teaching a news report from last year or the year before last week, you have outrage, obviously, obviously in theirs tragedies. That's the first reaction within your like we never learn, we never ever got it. Wasn't islamic terrorism right away, However, some of the details started kind of coming out: ok, they're, both cell phones or smash. These people have ties over to Saudi Arabia. They took the hard drive the computer and not bear any more that doesn't sound like planning for workplace violence. To me. Ok in the history of workplace violence, no one has ever done that
so. I don't think there's any reasonable expectation that it somebody another ass. You would first cabin I I didn't think guys, I'm at a thought shooting up a budget sunsets. After Little Lamar like agrees away white to do well, I tell you what I thought personal. Firstly, I think you need to enunciate. Even then I believe it is really an option. Is what you did for me. I wasn't sure, lamentably, unjust full disclosure in a spirit of being fair, and you can correct Michel because they fled That's typically not an islamic thing. They usually had the button and then you know they take out as many as can in their their grandparents how the fact that they fled. I thought, oh, that's that that could be. You know some kind of different sect or a different But I did think terrorism absolutely since they targeted a place with handicapped people. What what did you think you did that did that sort of register for you, like, oh, they fled. That's, typically, not exemplary, of islamic terrorism.
No, not necessarily- and I again I don't just jump to terrorism necessarily but I've. It's like Pavlov's dogs, even the thing the light went off and I immediately started salivating. You know you hear the mass shootings somewhere in you immediately think islamic terrorism. That's the first thing that comes to your mind, because that's what it normally is we do. Occasionally have guides just going to go crazy and go shoot stuff. Don't do me wrong? I understand that, but in in our day, when you see something like that, the immediate reaction is what is it most likely? What is it been most recently and you just kind of two is on a terrorist night. You do have to wait for details and he can't jump the gun on any of this, and you definitely have to come to keep an open mind to some degree, but once a bag- Sir, coming out, you can't just put your head in the sand, and so will we just really dont know like wop odorous warning The, but they have obviously salon in sending see an end to the same thing for me once the cop said we are open to the idea of being. Terrorism is like ok, islamic terrorism once they
that because I know they want to avoid the crap storm once they even hinted at US ability of it. I was going ok, we will now what just a matter of the guy's name is for rude or argument. And they have a job to do so. They are held to a little bit different standard me, I'm Joe public guy. I have to make a judgment call here and go okay. What am I looking out more for some Random Y gotta go crazy or islamic terrorism. I don't know probably islamic terrorism, because your white privileges showing its true, may as well be able to go crazy about they. Nano grading but again, like people say, will look at. Why could mean first off Dylan Roof? Wasn't a Christian, the new town, shooter wasn't a Christian. We don't really. We actually dont know what happened with plan parenthood entirely. Yet even reach, we know more about. What's happened in San Bernardino them plan. Parenthood cut, it shows, shows what I've seen those kind of points towards Cuba, crazy, backwoods, sort of guys. We identified as a woman. On some of his records and he
already charged with crimes like again abuse to animals. So you know, that's that's borderline, Socio path. Now you could probably charge every single islamic terrorists. Basically, everyone in islamic countries with abused animals the way they often treat dogs. That's one thing: we don't talk about so hey. Let's contrast that what do you say? We will go well. What about the plan? Parenthood, sugar? Would you consider terrorism if, in fact he did target plan parenthood because he was, I guess, I'll radicalized pro life her well, I think in thing that is is meant to cause terror in people's minds is definitely terrorism. It did depends on what the source comes from the problem, but I have with labeling somebody as a christian terrorist. Is that it's it's an oxymoron you ve read your Bible. As a Christian, you won't be a terror. Ever that's not the same with Islam! If you ve read your Bible, you see terrorism in its the Koran. Sorry, if you read the Koran you ve, seen terrorism and thereby moment the absolute?
we come to terrorism against us, we're not going to let them right. What about people who point to like the inquisition, nurse and heinous acts that were committed under a christian rule and say well, it's just that we ve advance more as a society there, just maybe a century behind and in all just take a little while and Islam will catch up one. It's not true, but to its the fact that the church, the church, it is probably has killed more Christians, and I apologise cap- you guys are going to really twin me on this bitter Stephen at least they killed. Christians than anybody in the history of the world rolled on board lay Pope innocent. The third will probably being one of the worst offenders. Those guys were following the book: either we have the book. Let's go back to the books into the people, just like you and I have said from the very beginning, and if you go to that, you can't say I'm a christian anything in terrorism or shooting anything you use nothing but love, and you see nothing but saying hey. Look. We are.
They have differences. There is right and wrong in true love is to tell you when I believe, you're wrong, going back to what you're talking about earlier with the AIDS, the also but in Islam? You don't have that and I hate to say it, but it absolutely is true. If you go back to the book and back to their central figure, that's not what you say. You can say: oh yeah, I can see how they went from here to shooting a place up. It's it's you Ok, I get it. You can't say that and Christianity any words much easier to figure out a motive, a good example, as let's say, there's just a guy who's, part of a rotary club and he goes out and he shoots up seven eleven, it's hard to say what was he doing that further rotary club, because it's not something the rotary club clearly expresses. If a guy is a member of the black Panthers and he goes out new shoe to White lady you're, much more likely in much more likely to quit we go well who was as related the black Panthers because there's an expressed, Eighty now ran up his guilt. We were talking about that and you know this
sometimes you got to put on your christian hat, and sometimes you got to put on your american hat, because you're not always the same thing. National security is not something that's expressly outlined in the Bible and certainly not by Christ. Jesus left room. We talked about this for Listen, there's our legitimate role for government, even in a sack on a secular level outside of the Bible. It's this is God's law. This is God's authority can, even if you believe, it's fictional, I know a lot of people will say that just go with me on this. Let's say fictional one Fictional story says there is a role for government politics law separate from what I'm Jeanne. You Islam doesn't have that it has a very clear expressed political ideology and a legal system that protein, Every islamic country consistently has followed to some degree since- its inception. So it's a lot easier to say whom is this in line with the political, ideological and legal prescriptions of Islamic? Let's check down the list looks like it is that's not a glaring difference.
Absolutely in their honestly see, then that was one of the problems with the churches that the church became the state. Essentially right. When your talk about the medieval catholic church that was their issues that they had all the power in it. They still will a about power, primarily in south american countries, but why we separated the two and made sure that the church didn't get interfered with by the state in our case, so that kind of changed a little bit the obviously wasn't: separation of church and state. It was taken charge, church state stays out of the churches, business now and then just carbon swinging back and forth, but they they have a really big problem in Islam had right now and I don't think they see it as a problem. They did see it as attacking a system of people that hate them and they think that we are wrong and that we're going to to lead the world incidents fallacious state when they're the ones actually doing it? That's that's the really challenging thing for me even understand how can you be a devout Muslim? Even if you don't believe in violence, which you just don't read your Koran Can you be a devout muslim and not look at the world
that your religion is creating and go wait a minute. Something has got to be wrong if this is the way things are going to be. How do you not ask yourself that question crazy. Those guys are recharge. That's It's not my words. I don't like him. I wanted let it play and not respond at all. I wanted to see if he thought. Maybe I left and gone into. Oh pilot and just Hadda had hopper here hidden the board, pretty much sleeping in the back there? Yes, yes, it's it's pan am. I am so jet lag. Darwinian lie travelling crust through time zones in back. It's always tough when it when you travel a lot to do that new travel back and forth. I have to go to Anchor Anchorage Alaska next week in December two hours of sunlight, mental, be lovely.
We're going to say such things as Erika Remit salvage something they have. It is shrinks by assuring the firelight drives and x ray ours was on my, I think, it's three and a half hours somewhere between three and four. I was five and encourage that I was a little behind or a little lower Fairbanks. I dont know how now either go either way ridicule people should live there, either way cold. As you said, stay warm! Mrs true, I don't think it's a good thing. I don't think about terrorism. There unalaska nothing to make it that are just pet pulled ever spent a lot of guns. What a white guys we're done, a lot of polar bears with turbans, I mean did you know this about polar bears. You can say Germans, and you know this about polar Bears Gerald. Did you know that there are one of the only animals are the only bear that will hunt humans, oh yeah, they get. Mad really quick no, the largely like that, like a lotta bears no there's a chance and counter right. You run into their obligations the barrier and I just showed up and the barracks scared, nay, you know, there's a conflict there, they attack right may feel may be threatened. Polar bears will actually work
around a town like. Oh, my gosh, there's, there's no seals there, but there are huge And I'm going to chance it and they go for it anyway. Did you know? I think I knew that from you, but that we talk about off debt or whatever I want jailed, and I will be at the bar like did you hear that thing about the polar did? You know that one bite of polar bears liver will, kill you with a vitamin d overdose. Did you know that a thousand that's whoever we ve had a couple of years now, but that the scheme The thing that I see in my imagination is a polar bear after feasting on something it's, this white pristine animal covered in blood would not, while did you know, their first translucent. Well, ok, they appear white with other. That's what I was the one fact you not to be so aggravated with fun fact: hey funding! about Islam it sucks yeah hashtag
as I was yet validly Irene. Are you expand upon it, but ok, so San Bernardino? This has happened. When you see this happening- and you see people politicize at Gerald right away, two gun control cause you're, not really a gun guy, I'm your second Emmett guy, but you're, not a gun enthusiast did you see this coming so this is my question timeline before we get to islamic terrorism everyone's pushing gun control. At that point, we're. Gone they're, gonna have some free range egg on their face when this turns out to be islamic terrorism, every single time. This happened was done. He was wearing I get again, it's the I'm just condition for it. I almost don't even hear it anymore. It's like a dog whistle to me now, because people come out in and say: oh my gosh gun control, like you guys, are still as dumb as you were. Twenty years ago, still is wrong, as you were twenty years ago, but you not keep try in that line because it doesn't work. The facts known supported and I
I believe that their people that are starting to say, were wait a minute, maybe you're right this salon. Article seeming goes on to say that he does to take away. You're gonna go down the to. Let me bring you re bag, a ladder with greater Gerald Morgan after the break down. hi. This is, tenant Taylor. I'm calling for sandy high you're calling actually on the upper complaint of hate speech. You send a tip early, which was believed to be, is, and or xenophobic, and we have official complaints in them. We need to bring you in for questioning yeah.
I'm so glad to be back love that song, everyone else hates it, but I don't care. Kenya is a horrible person, but a brilliant M sea area As part of the Illuminati bringing back rocket scientist neurosurgeon out all around steadily gentlemen Gerald Morgan, you are making your point on the salon, dot, com and tie gun article years before that, full exits. We did. The, conversely pursue so slowed bad practice Now I am what our I was saying is that this guy he puts forward is a solution to this and says: hey: we should we should just make gunners.
And keep their guns and keep their bullets whatever, but we should make it illegal to produce more guns and more ammunition, thereby reducing obviously the utility of having a gun at some point. There is no bullets left. What kind of world this guy lives then, but he said, get it'll still hurt them a little bit because there be fewer guns out there for them to go by. I add that kind of logic does does make sense in the bed thing that he was talking about the crib. With that kind of logic, we should ban cars. We should really a because cars accidentally kill people all the time right can regulate and mom leaves the Koran and it runs down the street ass anybody. I understand the argument in a car serves another purpose other than to shoot, projectiles yeah, but so that the point is that the crib does of the way Opposite crib serves to sleep of Yang right. Will you we all people understand. How easy it is to make bullets at home,
very wanting. That's what the all the big gun enthuse I've seen tremors that guy made ominous basement. Yes! Well, I spent Africa from spent brass, it's really easy, so they went off to get rid of any spent brass shells. I mean when, when Jerry and I went to the gun, show you could buy bags of thousands of empty brass guys with it, and that is that there are they make bold. They just sit there you put in the gun powder on you, add about now, all the severely all you need to get more The browser enhances gunpowder projectiles pretty easy to do. You just need someone who can make brass cases may I'm not do it, because it's not worth the time at so cheap to just simply reload your own ammunition, so That's never going to happen. It's never gonna happen and Stephen in the history of the United States banning things that its citizens want. How has that typically gone
well, I haven't gone, not well, we know. No prohibition didn't work out so much. I think the drug problems over right because they banned that, and so that's not a problem, many more right. Why we haven't found ways to get that have wait. It's true. We have been very ways to get the wacky tobacco, although it wasn't really banned. It was never really legal, something I know, but I'm saying it's a product that people. And for better or for worse they're gonna find a way to get it banned guns in the United States go ahead, we'll get him from Mexico, that'll be their economy. Now, speaking of things I want, when are we gonna? Get you a girlfriend Gerald while that we went there? Didn't we went there? People want to know your single what's going on with this? Is a successful guy good, looking or a boyfriend, this authority, fifteen or twenty fifteen will now ok, first of all, just because I'm single in and you know in MID third, what a realistic way. Occasionally I M not going. What do you prefer? under pronouns. I get you. May the gay but gender, an organ tat. I am a guy I am looking for a girl. Is that complicated anymore these days? Well, they complicated what fine girl
Oh that have set. Somebody may have the self identifies a girl. First of all, I would actually be a girl right. They gotta be a girl. I was being sarcastic, so I could Caitlin genuine count. Ok, does she have the requisite plumbing that was there when she was born, or I don't know what the internet. You know what this is all he's, no difficulty of think of colonists kind of a kind of a will make. The work is not at all Jane subtler. Yes, it's kind of a Bueller's, Jane Seymour Think Kate, like the best thing of Caitlin Jenner, as a woman with just inaction, an extra plaything What job markets is to become a. How did we get inhaler generous to Jane Seymour. Yes, like the next best option right what Have you got a judge? Lucas are both good had taken off their shirts and eating barbecue the up and see more N Caitlin dinner, both good it like kind of just making you take a second look.
Alright Gerald not going to let you go. My friend working people best find you at Morgan, J, R on Twitter De Morgan, junior horrible horrible twitter handle we love you, we will have you back, Gerald Morgan good time. Good time over going up the wrap up. The show- and I forgot that kind went along with play today- a stalker. Jim is tweeting us right now, Stalker Jim was invited to come on the show for those of you listening whether you're listening right now or when you listen to this later in the podcast tweet Stocker Jim, tell him. You want to come back because he said he didn't want to be the brunt of the joke. On the show anymore, I was saying I mean we have not gay Jared and myself everyone a joke and, of course, we care about Stalker Jim in wanting to come on regularly. Although now is claiming that I plagiarized his point via saying rights or get afore, To us by God, and not the constitution, So I don't know the guy. The guy is definitely like. We love and care by nobody's unstable. I really do what she got help sometimes rubbish it. He problem should I will pay for
I would pay for it. We could have Zog origin come on here and speak with a councillor a good. What we want to help him apparently he's done with a show. He doesn't want to come back. That's always said so this I guess the overarching thing this. We could we say the main theme is about political correctness, taking lives during a safe and I dont want jingle all the way here, because as anti be that way, and I learned this week- it didn't That's the test of time it in an eye, and it was ok until I remember that Jake Lloyd was yeah, Pod re think that's in only one thing before we go here's something I want. If someone can explain to me, I hate star wars, so much we're running a stalwart scattering. I hate it. I hate the phantom. I hate how their awful fulfils a case in point. I forgot about this Chewbacca? Laser shooter is across brow. It's so beyond stupid, the cross, but that is not the manually reload interest,
looks like a crossbows shoots, a laser, it's the stupidest thing you can't have a inelastic or a rope fight. Laser the mechanics and he doesn't even do it- just looks the cross, but it is most absurd thing without written by keeping to cast on. Does this happen. My biggest party, some watched, your way by some producer, said Peter so dense later I gotta today bicycles and you get nothing. Oh my political correctness, basic benign! Ok, it may seem like that's. Anointing increases Morton people, make your joked, it makes Your conversation boring. We are at now where there is a line in the sand. You can pick the side of you can take the side of life. What correctness political correctness? Tells you not to report a terrorist because it raises political group, This tells you not to report a rate because it might hurt someone stealings political career
this tells you that you need to take away guns because the offend somebody, political reckless is diametrically opposed to truth? In truth, give truth gives life lies, take it sign up with truth, lotto crowd or see you next week
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