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2019-08-09 | 🔗
Talking all things Democrat Socialist losers, horrific dog kisses, Caitlyn Jenner's love child, and how the media lies about mass-shootings. Joined by THEE Dan Crenshaw! Half-Asian Bill sits third chair.

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Good. Did you. How about a little can over there back as I can. I am now. As far back as I can remember, how is one of the elite that produce no.
Who. Yes, call them at the euro the pipe horrible and hiding nipples there ever literally, every tool am I dead, and you think you have made for sorting out matter and hide. My our arms are nipples considered among the unmentionable now
I dont mean we have official representative, dank Rynch, often the secondary of Texas Heavy happy about this leading forward and we're going to be talking about the five biggest lies relation of firearms. Of course, for these mass shootings we haven't really dont show week we'll get The question is this: what do you think is the most egregious lie that meet the media's been pushing in the wake of the mass shootings? Is it just a complete butchering the basic fats regard. What regarding firearms actual sport in general, they did is it that their labeling half the country racists guilty of mass murders because they vote four trump I want to know. We have my lawyer, half asian real, real bill realism. Then Crenshaw coming surveillance have Asian lower builders and how are you, sir, wonderful, rail is a term. It is real. It's it's a krill without the cake What about geared freezer was dying: J, Morgan Junior. What's the one day before I say that I just want to say that it brings me personal joy in the intro to watch bill burning in a jet every single time
really hearts are certainly I ever a bottle of came rescue, this civil or forty five here Andy Baby, president. Some like I became that became present, forty five forty five, so as forty five or Inability Williams and conditions for that one right. I have no idea. I can think of we talk about firearms musician at Shirin has set the record for all time higher grossing arms or whatever so congratulations are in order he's on a roll lately, as has also been named worlds, handsomest devils egg ok, you can't mass about his lights. Amazingly cannot match you. Have you guys ever seen at life? I have just seen em now other than that. It is absolutely right that I was up my grandmother ice less. So, The thing you know: there's you wanna watch each year and when you can actually have sex with the person that you with afterwards we were waiting, and actually I went to a concerts, always make this the worsening,
We're thing in the world the only things you an edge here and go into some friends. Some friends weight in maybe they don't regret actual intercourse. No, we didn't and ensuring that it did not hide other news democratic, socialist government by the way, if your wife gets, if that's the thing with the reps for engineers and each year in concert, you have a problem. Everybody likes a lot here in all the Ladys single is so the democratic Socialism America held its annual convention in before. Let your new prejudge its exactly what you expect could put a privilege, crucial progress, guys for small James Jack Sacramento. He him proponent perfervid. Please do not use gendered language to address everyone. I've already, mindful of the chatter of their comrades, who are sensitive to sensory overload, and that goes double for the heckling and the hissing. It is also true
during my anxiety, actually know we're now receiving word ready to make a call Donegal one reelection with forty stay now these people There are two annoying for a special needs school if you to put them in the alternative school it triggers. My anxiety has some actual battle. Did you he's missing a chromosomes in Bosnia, where the taper off years at all after we need. This is the point you about socialism, democratic socialism, Amerika look at least we look at communism, the USSR right. It is about giving giving the power the means of production back to the workers. Only these people
You cannot have the worship of world lots of these people would have been taken out and shot you and you stand up and say: you're triggering I mean my anxiety in ok, comrade, incidentally, the Soviet Union, the expected to fight a bare for toilet paper were sixteen hours a day and it still couldn't work universe to restore the balance of power. Back two bloggers love this very minute rules. I am very confident that all of those arguments we have really been heard in Venezuela They are just the very good. A fairy dictatorial regime in all triggers with money is easy, disguise yelling at other socialist. Yet
triggering isn't. Yes, I think if you can't be it the Democratic Socialist convention, without your anxiety, triggered by the why they're not even clapping, go or civil video. We wouldn't you, and yet this is that their severity heavily used to do this took down twinkled and it was marked, and they realise that this was also triggering, because I don't like it maybe in animal in the wild uses this to signal danger, like you, wanted the crab with red underpinning all they do. Is they sent three overlooked? Listen, I'm someone who has a key targets each day, and so I do get sensory overload. You don't like it would doing. Things are going on. Do I fix it? Shut, shut up Let us stop comrades eyes. Can we love another guy? He lost his mind about that. Just came from an each year in concert in Ohio woman, but he got a higher when she lost her hands and legs. You gotta get to talk about guns in the air, the Red flag laws with swift congressmen with represented encryption
I know how you lost your hands and legs after getting an infection from her dog licking her whilst comes from local. Doctors discovered the woman in kurdish severe infection, not from a tropical travel disease they first suspected, but a german shepherds kisses german shepherds kisses, is equally strongly suspect the dog. Still sore about the treaty of a it seems so We should have known Joseph cables, watches baby went down for switching to twenty. Half asian delegation is data. She's, like you want to get the fuck you once a pump the brakes by as they show you what a little society can hold up. I don't think he's the writing on the right is probably right. Half asian lady switch twenty twenty ray. Story right about Carney into that when my daddy was in the salt and pepper shakers, and firstly, was too small, the governing the right, so he was loose in the cage and also
Flynn is getting a smack. This is clearly has a cigarette. I swear that Montenegro can read the story. Goes this aid Pony rightly, my father was severely injured, switching the twenty twenty race various energy tat. It was recently Joe Rogan Pike ass. He told me learning about aliens he'll announced to the public, RO gains, show we have to have a clip of the senators widely discussed appearance. Talking about so many deeply important issues and all of them that will be Under the control of aliens something about your files. Would you let us know my wife with the man that lady empty? Is this cycle active ingredient? That's in Ireland and let me say this smoke couple
I didn't know mushrooming off into the atoms and afterward senator sailors watch, while ALF ploughed his wife, you're how german animal is clearly out just switch gears until you would. She certainly knows whom Bissell money from courage when I wish to put those ears There goes my impressionable terrible willing Oh, no, you ve, Morgan Junior, tell me about my terrible jokes. It seems I didn't crawled, was squeeze continuum and open and funny little universe, and still there wouldn't be here all day, Mono Ethnic, but Lord help us
we'll go to something more something: Caitlin Jenner wants to be another now, with his harassers girlfriend Sophia Hutchings. Who was transgenic comes with a mere caitlin. Never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother of the couple is getting surrogate too Their long held dreams of motherhood come true. Caitlin generous had the sex change from one wonders. I'm trying to keep track of us here and the girl friend has not and So wait there right is actually that maybe this now claiming it a lesbian Caitlin. There. I wonder if this is how far we ve gone. Where I get to understand, the gay thing were attracted to women. Most of us in an article in the room but were attracted to women, their tracks. The men understood, but a man becomes a woman with a non functioning vagina. Rarely come along
being worth another woman who actually has a John. Must we wait? What this is it's just? I just can you agonies and said you are no longer going to this impasse. Able to keep track of other, its advantages. So this is what you meant. It looks as though we were something we're not get it and you know what you're we get it by the way, a great great idea to bring a kid unimpressionable. Child into that environment right, I hope no judge in america- allows our kids just gonna have is going to have his ear to the two wall with a gladiator That's too said the
Finally, before he gets the five biggest idleness authorities, so that actually a serial killer, maybe responsible for seven recent feline death sentences- and there are quite a few- neither in quite a few re, although actually the latest one concerning the feelings keeper origin. The authorities have filed this under suspected hate crime, which makes sense which Oh, my dear civil, as I should have known, it was no other way. That's not a swastika. The hindu symbol for peace that raw had evidently been so. Why is that? Is that german shepherd still he Jews, understand. Doesn't your piece years confuse Joseph kettles? I hope you looking yourself and find what you are listen
on from this area, the thoughts into giving out. Now, let's go, let's get to want to hear what you think the worst, I guess sort of worse, fake news stories, worse, misleading facts, that biggest outright lies regarding firearms firearm ownership in recent recent days, so near the top five that we ve compound for you in the aftermath. Obviously, if Vitiating, so they had left wing media the churn out fake news faster than something that turns things out quickly, a lot of this is aimed at reforming citizens. Labeling half a country white supremacist, the usual in from the most uninformed people possible right, the road it constantly called is the wrong thing, had never fired again in her life and could of course be, and then they have to go to PTSD, yes, Ferrenby from firing the air from the assault rifle fifteen hours together democratic National convention, but it will not. Second, you need for European Frontier fifteen, but you PTSD from this
to any by our preference stimulatory overload with a twinkle does dangling. We could only for everyone's been jumping on this bandwagon for moral hybrid. Even the President of Mexico has been demanding more gun control, not in Mexico. Mind you here in the United States or my guess: it's rich that are threatened. Of Mexico which, by the way are never faced face state visit from President tromp it'll get doubled What about our bagman actually going right given about right I drive me about anything. I say about a couple of the breakaway. I tried to be divided where Can tell by the reaction the city it. No one here saw the great Santini we're gonna help you, but my favorite thumbs rubber devout. Look at five lies from the last week's fifth like this is what we fertile
Trump. This is one it's been patented and it really bothers me to talk about the cellphone upload videos. Closing. I hear you saying this, but where's the source, all right. I've got it for you now humdrum. Eighty, hey, I just so you know I've heard he's alive. You ve heard it from me that that president, made it easier for the mentally ill to purchase goods spite these recent references and talk about mental health, don't you actually cancel that Obama era safety rule to try to prevent many people from acquiring guns in the first. What are the only major actions that President Trump has taken on gun its is to block and Obama error rule. Made it harder for the mentally ill to have access to guns. The only thing worse than you think news is you fake knows that was agenda checks, so here's the truth. Doesn't trump reverse in Obama. Administration. Will that strict second amendment rights from all senior citizens who had been declared and competent to manage their pension or disability payments or drive
it is important that are already laws and the book that prevent crazies from buying guns rival have been that if the official terms adjudicated is a mental defective right is that the term balance that are doing whatever you, Judith, Kate and any other term. It seemed outside of the legal sphere diverted to the addition. You must never hear it. Let it run very rarely maybe on America's Knox. Next. That model is to determine the best Are they I think, you're reaching he's very thin self, respecting the huskies? This is just because a senior might need help managing their money right. Does that mean loser right to basic self defense. We even human shock, the ACL. You had a real problem with this long supported, present trump and reversing yeah, it's kind of its arbitrarily taking rights from people just like when they had the no fly list from where we had a problem with that? And people ran we ended up on the no fly list for reasons that they were not at all they re not whether on it- and they were saying- will now fear on the no fly list. You should be able to get a dynamic,
major bill instalment of violence, because you brought dog and ate it. That's reasonable need food on a flight food mean. It wasn't eventually alive, already. I will look at this issue at this point about the assail you joining in on this particular rule on wine. As an issue like you, when you get to the heart of it, the question of how you're going to enforce certain rules related to people getting guns or not, and if we call it about who is actually going to. Piper this list, and then one of the reasons why the inner rain ACL you got together on one of these types of rules and tried to block it actually did block. It was because now you're going to give all of the private health information all of the medical records to the eighty f determine who's, gonna, Gunter and they said You know wait a minute, let's think about this before we decide to just share all of this information. We get another government agency who is not known for keeping great tabs on its record here that there is more complicated
russian than just oh. We should just make sure that everyone with a mental health issue right, not get a gun, and yet, when you have issues like this, you get the far left media or the mainstream media saying well, it should be It's very easy. Look. I can point out all the people who were crazy and keep them from guns accept right. Really, their definition is everyone. Ethel doesn't understand what hedge fund has taken longer, really think they got all the reason they came together, because no one assumed that eighty five the old man we're going to be committing mass shootings now and in the reporters in the people on the left wing media. They notice, they know it's a two more nuanced issue than that, but they feel like out now that we're this isn't nuanced, no, no got the law, it was. If you can't manage your pension, it wasn't. It had nothing to do with being necessarily crazy. When you write with which I would say that that's new wants to them, they think they took. It is ok, anarchists, bearing the right line, number four. What's what's next time you gonna get, does no job, but we can
Why would a tonic? That's inspired already widely network. Have no, why another law that we ve heard this is when you ve hurt a lot niches drives me crazy. Anyone whose own this is one thing we talk that have a gift, a gun, but these go away once someone has ever purchased a firearm once they understand the limitations on purchasing pheromones. They understand what you can and cannot procure in this country. I now understand that these people are lying so what'd they used cars we as a stick. This word play the aid. Hey. Forty seven style rifle was used me shootings. A police entity, a k, forty seven style rifle that Patrick Curse is used in the El Paso attack was bought legally money into the Walmart first to eat. Before going back to his car, taking out in eighteen, forty seven style, assault rifle and firing spend a firearm, it's more of a stylist, the El Paso Shooter use a w
as our ten Kate? Now, unlike the eighteen, forty seven there's no select fire. This is a semi automatic weapons, competitive shooter billion missing this all the time they try to conflict, automatic semi automatic and they just take a K. Forty seven style. I haven't you, maybe looks like it sometimes are not even the same caliber you mean for you get anything. I haven't air fifteen twenty two platform, centimeters in collaboration. Most people are referring to Rome and you can the style that they're talking matters is a look right. If you're going to say it all it l will. I meant that his aching, forty seven style, because it has the same action even though it doesn't shoot the same amount of its type of rapidity that you have with its automatic I am actually open, but it looks the same except you can make a pistol look like in eighteen, forty, seven right yeah, I mean that's where it falls apart when you did, when you scratch the surface,
right they want to make it seem like it's this, this war rifle right, you're gonna there you're holding the trigger down and its firing a gazillion bullets right and that's what I want you to finally bits but Ilion Bosnian. Thank you! But it's like it's like you Molly, we see turned sharply we'll get to an immediate like like most handguns, it's a semi automatic keeping the trigger get one bullet coming outright exactly but eighty four, eighty forty seven is what they would call a weapon of war. We have fully automatic burst fire, which we already other severe limitation abundant, but the actual, ok, forty seven caliber fired from a semi automatic rifle less competitive. A common hunting round, the thirty six. Do we have this right here? We short actual size, yeah, look at them, while so there, the reality of thirty? Six on the right is in eighteen, forty, seven right the round. So this idea it's this death run as happened with the USA, the a our fifteen when they try to connect with em steam right? You think it's just laser machine of death. Now it is actually not any kind of a semi automatic hunting. Rifle that has some sort of a detachable magazine could be far more deadly. Most people just aren't necessarily afraid
and because they have would end steel as opposed to polymer. It's the would really does a trick. Nigger safer leather, ever Oprah. Let's just go to this right now. Actually is this beat this whole this and how much it was short or digital pamphlet. This goes in the hall of Fame as far as digital pamphlets, along on achieving please do not rape pass out in Cologne. Germany is this: is this up as Paul BBC Digital Chart pen It says that the air can be fired. Twelve, hundred times for up to twelve hundred rounds. We fired per minute as in M16, a fully automatic, which has just any of its automatic nine fifty oil The number six hundred forty seven by the way is also semi automatic, so basically guns won through for technical, or of other, but all those firearms outside of the m16 would be semi automatic, but for some reason one fires, fifty and one fires, twelve hundred per minute as what it. What did it say next to the air fifteen modified the system,
automatic modified, an automatic aren't. You know that, does that mean its modified to a fully automatic, because ale slower than the semi automatic? What have they think that wasn't a mini gun from Terminator to open rounds minute finite, all their information from action of the ice right below it was noon raker and it still was dressed as a necessity, yes, so true, but when they were called on it, this is the worst, but they just remove. Rather than article without any note or correction. Now. This just highlights the fact that He doesn't even care to do basic research. They they're not looking over her shoulder for any kind of accountability right now, oozing whose there to hold them accountable. Nobody they just pull it out. Don't say anything about in this important this. Just this one is so obvious that were laughing in it, but it just to be the one they were caught. And you see other when they were caught. They only issue we're talking journalistic integrity right. They talk about fake news and the importance of legitimate news outlets, relic government funds. BBC retraction correction
We're just gonna. Remove the ones that, if it does, I didn't jump to ninety bullets per second. What twelve hundred year, we re actually love your test, not a math asian railroads, no, not in that body hit the notification dal if you haven't already, because apparently subscriptions don't mean a whole lot and you know maybe a faint and this one joint microblog of Canada come such microbes entire blaze catalogue. The daily shall, of course, and do subscribing Itunes and, like us greatest, are crowded bits of the ten on you to watch the shortest sketches and clips love. My feature rampaging Bill Richmond. I do the math its twenty. What for and can only presented to me, like thirty seconds, to figure it out real did in you deal in one hash, I'm sick, because your business is vice. Where we say nothing, I was gonna say. Let me know when you talk about there's no fear of accountability, but that's exactly what there's no fear, because the only point hears click back right, you're, hiding
ethics or hear fearmongering you're saying look at these bad things. Hey friends on the left, continue to collate continue to pay ourselves on the back, ignore the facts: let's just continued role with their right and in that's the only way that these kinds of things and ass for media and what so? What so startling is. Then they want to silence shows like ourselves when you look at violence right. When we talk about that war, you look at Vocs NBC eighty two billion dollar company. That wants get rid of this channel. I understand you can use different facts with different angles. You can make suggesting you can two massage arguing anywhere. You want. I understand that. Ok, I'm not one of those guys, the bumper sticker Nobody heard far expert Loop Darjeeling little Adele. That's not what I'm saying, but here in this case there is nothing verify I dont know They pulled does have a most recent information that they delivered end thing is they want to get rid of anyone who can call them on? Why? Because no
good now, if not for places like us, if not for independent news outlets, no one will know that an issue will retraction or correction is pulled it. Yet, when I guarantee this chart is going to continue to make the rounds it will live on and we're gonna have to go wait a minute. We ve debunked that because the next time something that happens, I hate to say it, but there will be a next time at some point discharge. You become Roland right back out, really, ok, twelve hundred again really guided them fight us again again, BBC stamp of uprooted people that just kind of peruse through some of the news that a wild twelve hundred. Yet we shouldn't have that. That's crazy! That's a weapon of war right- and this is also true People say would mean the corporate meeting United Sidney understand. Yes, it not a fan of scene and not a fan of MSNBC, and then you have Fox news. I wasn't I get that their biased, but the alternative is government funded news like we haven't Canada or BBC. I certainly believe they're going to be inherently altruistic if their subsidized by people who have a vested interest in them providing positive coverage in the ability to close the money valve its its absence. Ass, our here's a second worst life and we have to get going, we have the anchorage. I think, waiting on this one
bother me. You heard this all over the news we didn't have enough info about the Dayton shooter, but this is one Watch scene and for six hours, the David or should we were. We were there don't! Even when all morning I was watching it. Why? What turned out to be a radical left us to call the anti for fire bomber martyr gave to giving a more specific example response from activists tweet about what to do. If from wouldn't be the White House, the Dayton shooter responded train and prepare, and you just that we knew of this worthy radicalized socialist, far left Us Elizabeth, worn supported when the media could no longer pretended the shooters background and ideology were completely unknown but that they pretended. So it was irrelevant at that point. While so for proof, here's a Dnc, poor boy and cheese Chris Cuomo taking the moral high ground in covering the Dayton shooting, I don't know about who these killers are. I don't want to get into the biography they are. They are relevant in terms of why did this in welcome, We do want to get into their mode over their background really, Mr Dnc, poor boy and chief, here's the easy part, a white
nationalist coward kills. People to motivate a political cause is no different than an ice power doing the same thing. They are both terrorists and you know it becomes to EL a little bit murky and the Dnc rule book. So that's how we covers Dayton and then I'll Paso. Wait he's a pieces right is at that about right was almost pretty pretty much aggregate. Nothing either what are the only way you don't get to shut this or that one of the most its parts is is is without question. It's a matter of ok. Are you gonna wanna label? It you're, not gonna, want a label of clearly Cuomo and others are wanting to only label when it's convenient right in Jersey, ok, sure they're neutral, but they only when a label when it's convenient for their friends, their groups and the people are supporting them.
But really this is it. This is an argument if we're all affected by this left and right by people who decide to take horrible actions like this, and we do need to come up with solutions that the solutions don't always have to come from. One single point of view, which is get rid of all the guns right yeah, I'm so in the left, spurs people on the violence in a number of different ways. But with anti vote. We just gonna have to kind of look the other way and black lives matter rat not really have been freely here, as somebody who has lived in Dallas and lived in Dallas for a long time that pisses me off, because there were cops that were killed, people their ended up going a church and if we want to play we're not blaming Chris Cuomo for that now, Talking about people and by the way, yet judges who will not that there are cases where anti if they ve punched people in the face they ve laughed cars we reached in parliament at a time when the car drives off they get charged for he hadn't one. This is a problem right now, it's a few, so we don't want to pin in any one person, because it brings us to lie number one, that the Alps
Socialists has been spread everywhere. What we used to joke about people would say all you're picking a small issues with left us you to, a small percentage of social justice where's. That's not the left, the real left right, most liberals. We will talk about the issues in taxes on an offended by a meaning. We dont think everything's racist, really number one lie that I saw was that they El Paso, shoot it was inspired by trumps, calling for the extermination Latinos that it was raised. This is by the way this these are quotes. Can we claim that President Trump actually of the extermination of Latinos Peter at present. As you said, talking about exterminating road latina to be we actually do have clip of present trumps now intermittent speech about exterminate, continues. That was brought courtesy, the BBC. No one call her on it on the other on, but then she, on twitter. Later on that she misspoke eminence other accusations of racism at the president
everyone using aged even that joke about meeting a dog on the plane was racist, granted and I'm sorry I admit it now, but by the way, your country, girls, it just now one is not even a joke. Its debts just real knows just wrong or using what worms they offer Gerald. How confuse now, at the new studio on all disoriented, know how in the world can you be sitting on the panel and I don't how much you hate and individual and another those people hate Donald Trump? But how can you be sitting on the panel and not correct, this and go out while he didn't covered exterminates amulets, it's clean. But maybe not exterminate, but you know throw signing in there and I think one of the reasons that this kind of stuff happens- and it's just like that that we are talking about. This is going to make the rounds Donald Trump called for extermination of Latinos. Even though she apologized there's no accountability. There has to be professional accountability. If something like that happens on your network in you, say Europe news in your about facts: you have to deal with it
publicly and say she was wrong in a retraction on Twitter is not a not me. You know you actually write the motor for the clip cut. You actually heard the other person in the panel saying right, Yeah they're, Emily, just neutral, like the we go to die for honest, I re and the guy thing right was actually operas. Boyfriend Stedman made it up maybe I can do that actual what she said. I hate my Ralph. So this revised. We have one important that you were. We talked about this. We talked about it to change my mind and also you for talked about it many many times which is no matter what thing you If it's an amazing argument, your cider and amazing arguing for an issue. Your honor amazing area for the other side go fact check if, like normally through some amazing argument, and you haven't heard of it before it's probably cause it's not actually true right and so
those are the kinds of things where people will just go. Ok, great Fort Ford, Ford, Ford for, and it's out in the universe, and you ve contributory problem. Wait a minute. You know look no matter what side of the argument you're on we're. Probably there's always far parties. We really think we are if we are actually looking at the back rank, rent and and people need to do that, rumbles, neither we're pretty far apart, but I do feel that we talk about this, so the rhetoric right you hold on a second, if you, if All of us believed that there was someone out there right now in the United States, who were was actively exterminating, for example, to enact Nazi yeah, actually exterminating Jews. Actually extremity Mexicans writer, a readable response? If this person was committing an act of extermination would be violence if that were the case. So let me ask you: what do you think inspires more violent, saying, listen, ok, severed about great people, but some some of them are this directive bringing crime, we need to know who is in you, which is very similar, the rhetoric of a bomb or someone saying hey this president exterminates Mexicans now isn't that more
please to inspire a brown personal, gone, say they're, going to exterminate me. They may what they say just like dance on your court. It is. It already has spurred somebody onto violence right, the ice, detention centre, saying other throwing kids in cages, their caging him up on the border and letting them die of, of course, its, and, if that's true, and that's the only way to free people than it's, not so good This is an important according to his own manifesto. What we think is his manifesto and because a perilous posted by someone else, but let's go with the idea that is worth manifesto the shooter explicitly state. He wasn't motivated by trump rhetoric, might have no. No, no, my trump You said the media one day. Yes, exam motivated by Trump, even though I'm saying right now not use being borne by the way, because we ve already dealt with Dayton was radical left. So, let's deal with this idea that this guy was a white supremacist, Slash conservative, because they wanted to entertain balls. They usually the doctrine externally Mexicans at all
thanks, but I guess I'm a stronger from the bar noticed the general stuff in the El Paso Manifesto, its links to Tramper Fox NEWS, but just as easily be linked to almost any politician, its boiler write them its complete, boilerplate immigration statement agreed on by these standard. We consider by Albanos inspired that seem couldn't so my brain shortly. Cometary emollient build a real Huber, foot walls and the first USC yours they than when he says that commit. But actually recent move the courageous stand tonight, I think, is a brain. Can we then tonight will learn headed. Just like I want to be out of here, but I continue binding standards. We could definitely say, did Obama inspired the manifesto when we read of quote that way, I can get my Britain term to recover. He said the Americans.
Are welcoming ungenerous people, but those which our country illegally in those who apply them disrespect the rule of law because we live in an age where terrorist accounting report, as we cannot allow people to pour into the United States on the texts on document and unchecked. Americans are right to demand better border security and better enforcement of the immigration laws racist. We could say that inspire I mean you got the floors, consent policy under Clinton back to what what what we're talking about people in cages- and you could say he inspired the manifesto- ensure there sort of right wing aspects of the ideology, but a large part of manifesto people and, together with the vote, to NEO Environmentalism, the type that we rented about by a costume tears. He even quoted a law acts as inspiration, the crazy person it was inspired. A mass murder people by a children's film. It wasn't even saw, and usually just as important- this is
broad strokes. They say Donald Trump, because Donald Trump says we need to close the borders as everyone else, but the very specific content that you see that's unique to the manifesto is is like rich Spencer S, white national socialists, stuff, it's pushing for universal health care, universal basic income, but we can only afford if we get rid of immigrants, that's what it was. Talking about this. Is this What's so alarming to me, if you read it when people say all you think not, these are socialists. They were nationalist national, Socialist Party, sitting not just name or just as socialists, who watched a little too many Edward Furlong films. Ok, they think it. We just got rid around people. We got rid of immigrants, we could have socialized everything, that's not conservative, it all and one thing and one thing we have to go on this. It really pissed me off the issue, the critical note. We were things actually, if you look at what you talk with Scully, I think is it? If you would ask we ve actually was the one who rewrote the constant
and inserted in the constitution. The right to private firearm ownership so original ass. You should know that one second, that wording doing the different constitutional know what it was: an interpretation of the original intent from a constitution, which is Crystal clear when you look at all the founding document in tandem together. You probability, you know this more than any one, but I have to get a bit moving on this here. Go back to Hell, do you see this is something They don't tell Uk Hellebores this disease that catering lookup dissenting opinions ever talk about Scalia the decision- thank God said, of course, private citizens have the right on fire. So when you look, the dissenting opinions. In that case it wasn't. Oh, we should give it a fully automatic weapons. Now it wasn't background checks, it wasn't gunshot loophole. It was when you have people Ginsburg saying private citizens have no right to own a firearm. What so ever? That was the only legal argument made you can read it.
We're versus Deasey search it right now, but Chris Cuomo won't say that. Why? Because you know that that is just as unpalatable to you as the idea people going out there with pansies down the street, where there's a most american support, reasonable gun control and unequal, however Stacy want, secondly, they can send a reasonable gun control. You can't own any firearms all, because that's what the left as judges and they give you an idea when you look, it's unholy amalgamation of big tech and and media and the governments, working with Google right, Google actually came to me Youtube. They came to me and told me start running some ads on. You, too, writes that running your videos, ads on Youtube and Why doesn't know what we were started campaign? One of the videos was a view that we have the gunshot loopholes are running this as an ad, and she said I want this is interesting. Maybe I'll watch this when we're done by the way I all these emails in case anyone freshness and let me have you or me, I'm track as well. What what's in here, so I am really begun is. Are you you know?
that again should now now ass, a believer owned. One should now no never owned, and anyone who family Verona Gun now. Now, where do you work? She worked in. I think product management or an development models made up terms so do you know anyone can only function It's really not that kind of place. No one! That's all you don't know core anybody who is ever own or shot a fire The answer was no, and these people are meeting with representatives to determine firearm policy which, by the way, close the idea. The dissenting opinion that you have no right to own a firearm whatsoever. Think about that for a second think about, those people being in control of your aspect of this aspect of your God, given right to self preservation and if it doesn't send chills down your spine than maybe in general. Very well. I have no idea. We have representative the intervention we have to go. Take you guys will be back here.
It must be done. go. Go, go, go What do they were? Gonna were the real world. We rode packing. Google beating the boy. Look at this pile of trash yeah. You look at you. You look like a sack of. What you need is some louder with crowd. Merge here there. You go much better. Yes, Meyer, its beautifully may design love sewed in every stage.
Doesn't fix ugly, though. Get your flabby ass emerge and louder with greater shopped icon and for losers, who can't scraped together, sixty nine dollars for mug club. It's a great way to support the content on which you so fervently free load faces. Since tat time, a leave of people, and we must do it if we drop insiders. This will be over at all. I think about it. I am aware that I believe has a record of daily life. But what I am from Germany. He had told you about the colonies,
economies, racist rice and affirming their heroic remaining at any. I like when you back your teeth. We accepted them. Yes, ok that words are working even entered. I also mentioned in the report can be five years that the people are rested in Germany. Geo figure does not see you guys started. It What is it that the port which which Somerset from Thickets Harry Potter, is it Harry Potter? Maybe I don't like it
they'll run together from arising, the first one where I was assess its cinema goose and then the other ones bleed. Together. Members, something about giant spiders and ladys in smaller maids and sea weed to second, I don't that's all I've ever point is denied. If you are, stable. Maybe next we can ask him about it, and I have no idea millennia. I don't think he's technically millennium, these veneration. Why? Because many millennia go wine. Milan, and the generations. Yet he's a representative from Texas, the second congressional district in the United States. You can follow on Twitter at Dan Crenshaw T X, T X, Erika, thinks we're not might have. Croatia represented being Crenshaw. How are you, Sir great thanks I've technically millennial from it the millennial US really now how bunch thirty five thirty five? Ok! Well, you carry it well, but
are you Harry Potter Finn? I guess that's do member! You were when you so the first Harry Potter, film It is a long time ago, in it Harry Potter, I'm running their land, is the brightest among us. I'm glad to see your long term memory is intact machine for representation. Ok, I dont in the movies Ok, all right! Well, I speaking, which are teens you, got a lotta lack recently, just like the European Union, as do I and you said it was actually you can a lot of lacking left, which surprised me with just talk about this at length: It was possibly the ideal firearm to flirt to defend your home in a home invasion scenario. You talked about kind of about twenty two thirty yards, why it was effective explained who don't know because you know something the beast, even call bear they're gone out and said: it's not useful for hunting global choice for home defence. Why in Europe estimation isn't a good fire from the fence.
Action in relation to be said, that if she said it, maybe I should reconsider my views. Yes, also, your vagina should yellow. Yes, that's think just well, so you left me but she lost all of us. There's no, that's the thing, but she still get so much money, but ok, so air, fifty good from defence referring to a video or with the daily collar editor of the video is still up. We were actually the process of editing it still to make it more. Informative, video and Anna got put up on the internet, and I got Dagon down my church up anymore. Does it matter Here's the bottom line. What I was talking about. Video was the tactical usefulness utility. Our fifteen, especially especially, if you're not that well trained on a gun right. So I, people imagine a suspect ever been of the range When you are scared,
and it's dark and you're trying to shoot rapidly. You're, not that good with a pistol right. Are no time hitting the paper target and I will defined laying on I range with a pistol, you know. Seven. Ten yards imagine a little bit longer. Little about little bit higher range imagined across your living or her down the hall and imagine where are your trial on his pumping and and its dark. You're not sure what to do it evidently harder to hit that target. Epistles just quarter to use you only have to, it's a contact on it. Do this. I rails or close together? It just makes it harder. Rifle is far easier than the kick the kick as in his hard it's easier to. Acquire your target. You three point six. De I gotta both hands in your shoulder, it just more accurate and itself. Easier, especially for women who use and especially for people who just art that well try the for me, like I, don't mind, I don't mind relying on a pistol herself to fancy.
At a certain distance right, but you understand why talks about a video to and the seal are primary. What in close quarters, Estelle Rifle we have, we not just switch does. The man was reached, a pistol in an extreme circumstances are for clearing a closet right and even then As you know, in my ears and more security, my weapon of choice was african, throwing using so I don't need to imagine a hundred yards, because I can That all day with just a recurved about- but you know, while we're humbled, regular know, things is important because a lot of you need to understand and air fifteen you, my mother in law, doesn't shoot a whole lot and she was at a hundred yards boom boom. Shootin Toullier bottle the south doubt or range where we go on this beautiful little valley, very there is reason for she is a main I really enjoy this its therapeutic because she realized half hour, she was just Focusing on shooting and unlike a shot, which she never want to touch again very low, recoil, these two control pretty easy to learn the controls of the fire in this about empowering the most vulnerable. Among us, people like women pigs that the elderly p
Who aren't going to necessarily kick ass or d left? I think it was three forty five or so want to move on to achieve. I can't I can't hear you so more than you by five and just because I could, after this, These are the three dont frozen. Donald Trump mentioned red flag laws as a possibility of case. I want to talk about this because then you ve been catching flag from the left and you ve also caught some on some guff. I guess we could say from from the right. He said that we must make measures make sure that those judge to pose a risk to public safety do not have access to firearms, and if they do this fire burns can be taken through Rapid Dupree us, and you mentioned the Taps- ACT, maybe also implement state red flag laws or gun violence restraining order. So a lot of people, obviously not thrilled about this idea-
out of consumers and to be fair, you were more open minded said Nick. Maybe there is a solution here. Maybe there isn't, can you explain specifically to people what it is that you you think you'll be proposing so that their dont misinterpreted. We already have better, but I appreciate the new odds you added to that which, as I said, maybe maybe maybe we look at and the state level right on the taps, act, which I am in favour of. A co sponsor the the taps, as it has gotten, there's been a lot of misinformation out about it, it's it's, I'm not sure where it's coming from by here here. It. Actually, as it is a grandpa that allows local law enforcement. To use the same tools and analytical and political tools and training on baby. Assessments that better along- what has been using for thirty five years? change the law in any way doesn't change their ability to implement the law it doesn't. She True, they target it. Just it just give local
forest than some of the same tools that say that capital police have or other federal law, enforced agencies as, so configuring said without a Trans european cooperation and costs support for me- is this kind of Congo with already in the book. So, for example, we have strict background checks, felons violent criminals, they can't legally obtain firearms or those have been declared mentally defective in a court of law, so disease that does the taps actor. What people call red flag laws add to that at all, or does it just reinforce what we already have kind of Books would reinforce, and I would say there is almost no relationship whatsoever between the taps, act and red flag was ok to very different things, I wouldn't when it comes to the taps. Acted. It really is nothing. New guns This is just criminal behaviour in general. Now, obviously, it could prevent people engaging mass pressure, but the taps ACT has nothing to do with gun control at all on the red flag you didn't, you ask an important question.
Pointing out in the process of asking that question is the fact that under current you're a ladder already a lot of reasons why you might not be able to own a gun right: ok, the people, maybe even realize you and many behaviour and to some restraining order age and domestic abuse. Euro Phelan you ve been discharged dishonorably from the military things like this. And you ve promoting a weapon. Flag was a really designed to fill in the information gap right because that prevent you from buying a weapon, but what prevents you from action having it when you are engaging in threatening behaviour and therefore fringing on the rights of others me. This is. This is an important basic Foundation of why government exists and why laws exist right to prevent citizens infringing on the life liberty, property of other citizens. We monopoly the use of force as a government in order to prevent injustices- against each other and also to protect rights but rights. Taken away when you start infringing on other people's rights rights, very just basic conservative philosophy when
talk about red flag. Was your play. Get to this question, but maybe I just got an answer, which is how do we make? their done right for an even talk about these things and legitimate concern right. There's a due process concerns. There is people's concerns that Can your neighbor just call in a something called a against you in your ever, your guns. Taken away. We would want any of that and we should have those concerns, and I think there, sir, Stringent safeguards the need to be put in place to ensure that due process, we adhere to such as multiple points of evidence. Ok, It cannot just be one person's testimony. There has to be actual presented. It has to be clear and convincing not not even just a preponderance of evidence, but I think very convincing evidence that any there should be punishment, for somebody who files a false claim against someone else to deter that kind of a sort of,
active behaviour that I'm not worried about. My questions are seems to me. That would be a necessity. Otherwise you never sort of the frivolous medical lawsuits right. We're somewhat kindest chase named once ensue and soon sue without any recourse. Only in this case, your stripping, someone of their God, ran right to self defence. So that would be something that you think would be. Where necessary in there to safeguard a penalty for falsely reporting In writing. Conservatives need to have a list of requirements and that was does out there by the way that hearings about this and the Cato Institute, Libertarian think tank of a pretty much outline what we would need to see in order to make this car. Please the in another thing I would add, is who has standing to actually make the accusation some state limited to family members hold members. Police doctors having Cato suggest that we actually only limited to police so that only police look at the evidence and say we have standing to their now. Take it to a court.
Have a judge rule on this, based on the evidence given and based on the ability and base a new process? You need to build a hard you your case back as well and have an attorney present. So, why does my forgive me? I'm not! I don't mean to be simple, but that does come back to my questions and what's what's wrong with the due process that we have now, we know a judge right now can energetically mentally defective. Why not With that in just make sure that the crime reports are being submitted because we have some laws in the books, you know that I dont member was parkland, it's tough to keep track of the shootings, but some local law enforcement just didn't submit the reports that they were supposed to be getting any Katy would who had beaten. His mom would taken firearms at weren't his, but why I guess my questions were: how does this process at you're describing differ from what we have now innocent until proven guilty improvement, a court of law? And why is that a good thing, because the same reason we dont want only cops to have guns. We dont want only cops to determine our great guns yeah a good question. It shows an information gap so
right now there are their laws in place, and I think one partner make they could ve arrested, imprisoning behaviour navy taken his weapons that was extreme case, though there are so many red flags that you don't even need a red flag, la red flag was kind of operating in between. Right where you dont want it mess, so they arrest somebody and actually take away their entire liberty, but they are exhibiting burning behaviour and, in addition, there their filling in information gap in or to enforce the law that you know you already can that that that process is not very clearly place right now and in it, and I think that would be that wouldn't be where these I actually come into play if that makes sense well a little, but I think that it would need to be crystal clear for consumers, including myself. I want to be fair here. You know I don't I don't want you to think that I go out there. Publicans like I am against red flag laws and just be from it because I enjoy your company, but for me, would have to be crystal clear because I'm pretty leary about DES, obviously, in the same way that a lesson on
twitter. We can have people who docks me right on you to weaken our people who go out there and threat my family s, not a violation, but someone deems it a violation. If we criticise a public figure, you know it's not enforced equally, and that can happen any time there is a margin. For human error, whether its up a judge or police after a guest to put a fine fine, a point, let me come to present a hypocritical, and maybe this might might help us a thought exercise. Let's, an angry wife wants to hurt her husband or per ex husband. He owns many guns, air fifteen's pistol, shot guns like my recoverable african throwing knives all of it, not and if anybody has all of it- and she knows that he owns many firearms, so she created about him being abusive, not necessarily with evident he hasn't been, can victims of domestic abuse, but she does get a restraining order. People we understand that you don't need to be necessarily convicted of a serious crime for straining were to be issued. Then tell she'll tell her. The authorities at Ex husband is unstable.
Abusive about how many guns yazzi the danger to those around him. What's the process like and lets say, there's a gun, confiscation, that's that's ordered it turns out he's innocent is reversed, because then you end up with the kind of guilty until proven innocent. I mean this is something that definitely is is tough for me to process. Yeah. I first I would say any any law in process that that gets implemented still operates within the context or criminal justice system which adheres to the flaws he is innocent until proven guilty. I wouldn't change. The due process aspect of these things without change, even even though there is a lot of concern that they were, I see no evidence of that. The evidence that that would change it. You know it specific scenario it's hard to tell. I think Just agree with your point, though, that the proponents of evidence I have to be very very crystal clear. It should not should not allow this to happen based on the testimony of one person and especially that
person is not providing any actual evidence that, as commissioner, it is one we when we have this conversation about, need to have a conversation. What I, what I'm seeing on life, is alot able, refusing Bab conversation Anne and react thing. What are basically strongman arguments right. We have to have the conversation and and in a thoroughgoing to, though we we we put thoughtful limit in place on what we would? agree to an varies. Seemed to stand of evidence would certainly be one of those scenario, describing. I would never agree to right now, because we ve had lot of people are left, say well this persons on the no fly list, I mean I'm sure you know many. I know many people have been killed and a no fly list because they have the same meaning the exact people who run the no fly list and people act as the lime If we turn mother conversational haunt the sort of terrorist watch list, its but you re list you know, and so I would hate
see this morph into that. I think that's a legitimate concern, but I do think that we are at a point where we can discuss what within the parameters of the constitution, the current rule of law, we have would be more effective and there are some options out there. I just think it. Maybe you can you can help with this. There aren't many people out there who have a direct line of communication with constituency. As you do, I think I'll go a long way to explain it. You know to the letter so that people at least know what what their supporting or what their against They were putting that together and I would encourage original look at Senator Grams Bell, Senator Rodeos Bell and some of the sum of the safeguards that they would ask to be put in place in the end. I I'm not I'm not I'm not out hitting for federal implementation of those either The reason the need to be done at the state level also. It is because that's where criminal law is written in so it's not clear that you could even write it perfectly at the federal level because all states implement
meet these differently. Whether there was an organ laws were whether their mental health laws or whether their domestic abuse or restraining order laws. A lot of these- might have to be tailored at a local level. Right me, I think it would be necessary. There's no way can be done in a federal all right. What do we do? Have the you're gonna it takes time representative Crenshaw, that's at Dan Crenshaw tee. And we have not seen it- is as this develops if you'd like to talk about amount, we'd love to have you want and explain it, because I know these kinds of proposals, these bills and then eventually. Ah, yes, they change. So please do keep us of rest as it unfolds represented Crenshaw. Thank you. They'll be back after this issue we're doing.
So what about you? Do good man right? What about you do good man right there. Gravity, tat, boy boy, don't be a cry baby.
Join my blood louder with greater dotcom slash. My club. It's called the cocky pranks her. Who then, with his competence, only realises that he does not ass when you
Then he didn't, as my brother would often do. He would say, for I was always a season winds did ever. I would jump in because this material is very cold in the winter. I never got the price they would laugh at me, but if you didn't know how to swim, we would get in and immediately. Fortunately, we didn't hurt us when he would get in swim very well in dunk me mind you, I was always the elder brothers, I I never did you beat up your little. Did you feel bad about it? All. And we pass it on to art and to turn next generation learn something so cages dont want to dinner punishable in the face of no. No that's really pungent facing a bunch of the face and the growing that's knuckle right exactly unless you're, both its agreed yeah you're gonna, throw he's at each other's crutch, but that's fine, I'm ever further cry and a youth retreat one time because it through a happy sack at his balls. I think it told us to ok before I give them was the inspiration something We wish the youth retreat and he was sleeping and its
this thing. I dont know why I did it. I didn't think about it before I did, but I rose and there's a good. There are good, happy, secular, bad, happy, Sandia, good ones have that inertia hefty. Yet some of the leather blackjack that jelly would using analyzes to not people. So you I was what I just saw many was sleeping: any was sleeping in one of his legs happened to be like this, and it was just. This minute was magnetic. Rise, walked by and looked in the thing had an urgent, and I just had the perfect rotation perfect wrist flick and you heard like I never forget the sound you heard like the way you pending How do you intend to regional still laughing of sizes way to look is that you should work it is about people, I swear the other, forget it. That is easier than those.
Called down by a pattern, better call our parents, because I get my own brother in the calls woke up in just waiting to call your parents XIX error I'm sorry about that big brother. So this is what I wanted to talk about here today. Little things is important change, hopefully at least get people. I know, let me put it this way. I can't force you to change your point of view, but I certainly have grown change. My point of view and on the idea of where. And success and certainly thinks a sadly, we look at it through this prism, which is not only an accurate, but, I think harmful. Let me start with us. And after me, and around little bit but stay with me. We listen Instagram possible to change my mind where we were in his haven't. We were having eating lying Weeping lanceor managed to consumer worries
after we teaching was a very long day in. I was looking for five something ours and we had the crazy gang people seem even other temperament come on Tuesday to run this plain just and hey great job, and my wife posted it by the people think that it's not my plane is not a jet but I'll get that the second we have a lot of people have maximum? How? How could you show that you have a private private jet long as it's not mine? It's not a jet but the reason I removed it was because of my wife posted this. You know she followed me. Sometimes she postings, when they're kind of candid moments, because she is a better I for that, then I do and I don't want to have the posting with an instrument, but the reason I wanted to remove. It was not because of the privacy of a glorified socialists who covered either.
Both stuff- and it's not even my stuff, but I never want the social media profiles that we have or the show to be about image or to be about what we have. I've always wanted it to be about the content about who we are, and I think that's a lot of social media programmes. Other they'll be my first challenge you to train. For a week, not post about you're you're, climb Everest or whatever it is killed majority this peace, because these people are timid, look just living life and it shows them on a hiking trail with a perfectly for so there is every day break, but that doesn't define who you are you just turn a post, cool, stuff or yoga pants that the ass models on Instagram that's a whole new category. Instagram ass model here sell some tea. I just lost sound and what am I fixed at night Smet. That's what it got me mad enough with models of incidents and watching what I've always wanted to make it more focus about about what we want private. As far as content in India.
You know: that's, that's! That's tough to do there a lot of people out there who really just want to focus on the accoutrements of wealth and how much, if spent or what they have only spinous, really quickly to conduct the plane. The plane belongs to a friend. You know a very wealthy friend of mine, the show Ganem Cabin and he is fundamentally change the way that I look at wealth not than ever vilified the wealthy. I didn't. I didn't have a chip on my shoulder about them, but I think a lot of us perceive those who are wealthiest is maybe people who focus on finances too much of that maybe there's kind of a life budget where they haven't spent enough time with their Pham. That's not necessarily the case. This guy coming is a really generous person and is an incredibly compassionate person and one who is able to make a huge difference, an impact on the world and is community with the tools at its disposal to satisfy for US
but you ve been huge blessing to us now get into that in a second but other people. I've seen him just help businesses just because just just help him get him out of a tough spot it it's something you don't see with a lot of people in some that you can't really observed a lot of people has a lot of people, don't have that kind of power or ability, but I want to see this with a generation of conserving and want to see conservatives at their strive for success and wealth, not for yourself. But for the good of other people, and I don't mean paying higher taxes, I dont mean centralized planning here, but I think this is something we don't hear enough about. We hear about being successful and it in fulfilling your purpose for yourself or hear about helping somebody else, because it's the right thing to do. We don't hear about striving for success, striving to be in a position of power and of wealth, so that you can be in order to be a blessing other people. We often find ourselves between kind of two groups of people
On the one hand, you have the socialists who greedily covet, they really only think about what they need to get by and from whom they're going to basically steal it. Take it. On the other hand, I sees a lot with our generation. You correct me if you think I'm wrong here, get. With our generation. We allow these sort of super wealthy, younger people, often trust fund kids. They have. Money than we can imagine and they primarily flaunted yachts, women, why she's on Instagram? That's really, lifestyle! That wealth is the the end game in and of itself, and for most people listen, but both of those kinds of world user repulsive. Most of us are somewhere between lower middle to upper middle class. Americans. We work hard we want to write bar families, but I really want to see more of you. People watching listening right now. Chief success and wealth in some kind of a prosperity gospel that you you deserve it that had once a room. That's not what I'm talking about. I want to see in a very real, very tangible sense, more successful, conservators out there,
So that we can show the world a different way between those two here's, some of my dad said to me when I was a young kid was after pastor actually went up and I guess sort of preach the poverty gospel was talking about how bad millionaires, how bad wealthy people were then pass the hat for admission trip. I remember this guy said I believe that millionaires only think. Where their next million is going to come from, and he said I don't know when you have that much money, why people need a need to accrue more. How many cars do you need, and my dad turned to me said son if you get to be a multi millionaire, if you get to be unbelievably, wealth is- and I hope that you do. I was also a good thing for you, you, my son, and the only thing that you can think about is the next car to buy. You don't deserve that money and I hope you don't get it, and that was some of that stuck with me. Someone who's broke.
Showing a selfish heart. We often assume that Scrooge Mc Duck wealthy must be selfish, and then we miss the guy who's brought because we feel bad form being more selfish than we even care to admit. I think all of us are that way here. I would like to see I'd like to see people out there set a goal of wealth with the pre determination of blessing other people, and this is something to that I've thought about, for what is more, we cannot give it. This is a bit of an aside, but I had this sort of dream for a better can actually collar fantasy of an anti commune I was sort of. I would get really wealthy. What I would want to do is We could have the thousand a couple thousand people from a show all move to one county in the United States, just one country, business owners, employees who have good relations, and we could just sit It would be the opposite of a communist socialism. We're everyone needs. What that we support each other, but everyone earns their keep an anti commune. The most conservative red blooded.
County in the entire United States. I know it probably won't happen, maybe someday it will, but it had this idea for all. You know what that was kind of a big idea that I had at one point, which I know, parliament, confusion, but am also guilty of of dreaming small and a lot of us think about that. At one point in my life, and also this- I just thought you know what this is going to be all I need if I can make a living and in provide for my family in it and make sure there's it? That's all I want, and you know what you want change, what really Agus opened up my vision little, but I hired to people parttime here. Let us go, and they told me after a few months in no uncertain terms that it was a blessing and that it would be a dream of theirs to leave their current job to work full time. At the time it was even taking salary for myself. There's no way I could afford it, but I thought what we have on what, been this position before I'm in a hurry. Action to make very it is better to make of their dreams, albeit however, small quoting a day.
Other, they hate. I can make that come true and so invested more. We grew Courtney Unbroken they did become full time than we hired more people, and you know what I got to meet their got to meet your families. Got to help some people here we're moving to their new homes and in it you know it's just it's it's a hard feeling to describe until you ve experienced it, and when I'm trying The drive home here is for those of you who have started. I guess on your beer path, younger people or maybe just not lived up to your potential. Maybe you ve been lacking the motivation to fulfil your calling on this issue. We know what that means, but people write that an old time, enlightened ventures dont. Think of it about don't think of it, selfishly dont do it for yourself pull yourself up fire bootstraps slap yourself into the game and do it for the people that you'll be able to bless. You may not able to picture them. You may not be able their faces right now, but I guarantee you if you achieve something great and you doing.
Servants heart, you will be able to help others and little change your life and back to this guy cabin and the play. Let me give you a guess: sort of a tangible example. So for us What did you have? Em show the universe emission ensure we do. These live shows at schools, this very hard. Everyone here works really hard, no show so kind of calculating yourself ten round trip tickets to Detroit. Take it from LOS Angeles from Phoenix from Houston. Where ten round trip tickets just go. Look I'm up! So much they are at least to check eggs with every single one of those tickets, then also Van that has to go out because we still have to bring up the march a lot of our equipment with a driver with that means. Hotels least, two nights. Often three nights meals were not our union. Shops are under the eighty della preeminent. Just try and pay for people's males usually cost us a few thousand hours. Now
women, because if these different av equipment to get in there, not to mention promotional costs or what we have had a half a million dollar insurance rider security. This is very. Benjamin the tens of thousands of dollars every single time, not the least of which, as it relates to the costs, definitely tend to be travel It's always a headache. It's always hard for us to do. Sometimes we can't even get enough tickets on a plane. Instead, this guy cabin, a friend of ours, snapped his fingers. He said you know what just cover the gas. And we Greece, the pilot a little bit guy Jean who's, the most Maybe I'll ever getting to know. Him has been a blessing in and of itself, and so were able to do. It were able to Accomplish something we wouldn't be able to have not for the generosity of someone else who had achieved success and yeah wealth, and then we have a show that seen by thousands of people and hundreds of people travelled from states away and the blessing beget blessing Many, maybe they will do go on me for a plain: if people can, we could probably do like at least
But doesn't shows a year we probably could increase. I changed my mind and Craddock impressed by three hundred percent would mean having to people. This thing is the travel. It's really hard to tremble. This many people, especially when folks, want to kill me something. Another is my wife, and I regret we tie that a small church and for those of you, maybe don't it's really go to church tight, mean to give money to put it that way. We tied to a small church where we were married. We only found it afterward that, after a storm, our time was able to help the church put a new roof over a senior citizen member of the church. After this, I think, was hailstorm. And how does it really move them? And then it's not blinking. That's not an instant ran post, but we did that you did that everybody supports everybody joined up among you have made, everyone here has a job? You have made sure that everyone here can can feed their family and raise their children, and I'm not just that. That's the beauty the enterprise, that's the beauty of capitalism that there's a voluntary exchange of monies in goods and services.
There is also something more than that, which is what I'm talkin where's fundamentally shift in the way you look at wealth, and this week this called everyone out to you watching gay. If you're watching right now, look at me, don't don't switch, don't have your next tab. Open was eight three eight three and that's what you watch. They look at me. You out there watching listening owing to fulfil your purpose, not not for creating for self that, because you really do owe it to the world to bless them and to show them that there is a better way, bring it up for two Since then, we have to get gone, one. I've met thousands of you out there and I pretty good handle on the spirit and heart of most of you, who watched the show and support it and Do. I understand how the world actually works chain. Income from anyone. We hear that alot yeah, that's true, but change as a result from everyone. Equally people
positions of power and influence, can create more change. They can make this world a better place, not through taxes, not through mandates not through taking it from somebody else, but through a free enterprise of free market of ideas. Good services tat and yet through setting a better example- and I want, as many of you out there watching listening to be wealthy, successful end as powerful as humanly possible. This can be the next generation who you are wealthy, successful hat balanced and show the world a better. My show the world how blessing others has done maybe someday will see you in T come one can dream Tina.
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