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2019-08-20 | 🔗
Talking all things Jeffrey Epstein guard blunders, fake news, Trump's secret pen pal, knife-free chicken boxes, and POS Chris Cuomo. Joined by our good friend Raz0rfist! Half-Asian Lawyer Bill Richmond sits third chair.

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Louder with Crowder Studios protected exclusively by Walter and Harper, and so it will be remembered on August 15th, two thousand and nineteen by issue of legal decree, half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond wants to be your permanent fixture in third ter on louder with Crowder he's coming for you
asian arm of the law? This vote is going to deal.
that's called cleared up my bad habit before we go on air and what you're bigger we have raised are fixed in the show today could be talking about the kind of question day before we want with you We are facing a recession. How much do you trust the speculators? The predators, the Shannon Dietary and equity is a good one in a fight between Chris Cuomo in brain stealth, erratic erratic
Then no one language address either and who do better basic grab. The asian lawyer bill, Richmond, isn't the studio with ivory? Are user? Wonderful, gotta? Be you look more ten? You said even taking tennis lesson, I have. I just get yelled at every day by russian instruct. That makes sense, because There are quite a bit more coordinated than your folks and we have Which quarterback get good on? I don't know what that means, and G Morgan Junior Stone, the pain, pills, yeah, yeah, fluid still work and combine that, with one of the day, one of the day is totally silenced in honour of you would yield uses. No, this is for sentencing you, so we are only talking about Chris Chrome overseas. Been then it's been, a loan is weak and now they're projecting another recession ever had a really bad, but we get to that leading the news. President Donald Trump, this this is my favorite straight on president down. From his said, have a strange pen, pals diplomacy with Prime Minister just ensure data comes from axioms, trumpet
highly unusual sharply written notes and the canadian Prime Minister at least twice and when those didn't get premonition shadows. Attention patently are present, got little more creative ok hatred ok have been lacking, my doodles, my doodles tat. Frankly, you deserve support special. Ok, I'm gonna give you suitable special with a full painting. Ok, let's go a little Trudy. Maybe a little foist ok did right here at the coming to a nice little, and you know what that that's enough. I take due note of this and other In keeping with which it will you join you? Ok, what I
the boy s It's either you could do that. You can do them straight. I could do You could do that curly? I do them curly, you know what'll. I look. You still use, globally? Ok, frankly, you could use. Read so I'm gonna Ed a dice, Mohammed at the bottom right, a nice little Mohammed. Look at tat. We have Mohammed the prime minister of Kill a forest full of friendly, just like you, like until next I'd, keep making Amerika great again amputated gutless we think that we wanted to clear the palate right on the other, that we hear that forests, no one I don't hear any alarm bells. I've ever find. There is a disaster this taking
Obviously we're still watching the Jeffrey Epstein quotes suicide women, following this out. I don't really know what there is to fight is not damage default. Yes, a new report, though, claims that the two guards were supposed to be watching. Epstein fell asleep, We also find the record is comes from the New York Times. It's real, namely the guard. First, a genuine every thirty minutes you. Instead they took a nap for three hours. Files. Wrestler! Yes, you took a net, for three hours. America's most valuable prisoner was freely kill himself, because two federal employees didn't read the tortoise and they have patience. I this is the idea of a red ISA fable. Even we don't touch me many times. My teacher was to remember the lesson that story. The rural world doesn't have an eye in it. That's true, that's also Doesn't allow and steady wins the rats Rosa can't think, and I can't be the real now, the real mortal stories. I learned that race don't take a nap
very easy. Only this a brilliant part of the hair is running strategy if nobody gets cockiness ethical conduct in interviewing. In my work, I, what do you think went wrong, MR here on another towards was at a better guy today betterment of timber looking going around in his second term, I condemn without them hours of rend, sleep and integrity and the look, I'm not a conspiracy theories, but we took a nap. Sounds where's lily. I mean seriously. There's there's just too much here unabated over sense too dumb to be, I know, not a bad, be movie words like girl. We fell asleep for three out now. Come on that Eu India, the lady who live in the shoe was just a slut. She was a total incomplete want to delay the relevant issue. How do you have so many kids that you don't know what to do?
been using user rubber? That's a jumping! She just regretted they were so that's and progressive virtue is Asia once was a lady who lived in a shoe who lived with eternal great because of a myriad abortions story broken today, this neck out or children story, congresswoman, ill annulment, of course, where she had laid. Who is blocked me, and which I think is actually get legal. Passing on, where businessmen gathers actually some problems with public, really official nice, you can do it and how do they ever tweeted did? She must have out of her way to block me. Not she saw you out now knows who you are while she is from Dearborn yours demonstrated. Mediate Netanyahu stated that Israel's law prohibits the entry of people who call and operate to boycott is reopened, of which both women active. Promote really this shouldn't be shocking. I already told you are you can't come in Macedonia because
he's! Gonna get on the show and tell people not to watch the show yeah and you support Hezbollah. Are you not allowed in here or mark no and some not mistaken, very tense I think, Red Palestine really from Omar Genuine mention Israel, so she's lobby Palestine? It has been enjoying your paper, a probable ability and the entire article basically was blaming Trump for smearing them with their tweets and by the way it mentioned nothing that these two said by Anti Israel rhetoric and anti jewish rhetoric about that. But I do it there congresswoman that deserve entry of, Everywhere I now CNN, on half bone wop I haven't seen a single anti is
statement by either for that you would have to go to a twitter, but you'd have to read all the other news out there did you did you block Hezbollah? There's some rains speaking this Guantanamo Alexandria Castro Cortez as picked a fight with bars to sports out all over the Congo, and none of the bondage to Anti union tweets from Bartle Standards comes from Fox NEWS, calling them illegal and directing bars to employees to the area see I owe with the sea bars will responding with quote, show us your oh well, What sort of shouting with many who worked here? Didn't you did we want to put this up? I don't know what this is exactly, but he follows partial ports are people listening terrestrial. Maybe you can make sense of that it's some sense. Ass, rational treasure map with national treasure. I know, yeah he's a lot of others. It being gulp is language from Benjamin Franklin behind by monopoly peace, yes, exit actual, that's where Nicholas,
it will find his non directs. The dvds there's two of our activity or why? What is equivalent to direct a dvd or did most Netflix movies I see by the way, didn't miss Phoebe she jumped and made a full of herself this guy's, probably joking anyway, a lot of times he pokes fun at serious stories in the new
well. She's Barcelona, real unsurprisingly, referring to his tweet as racist out, of course, so in entertainment, news actor in singer, Jarrett Jared leader later, let Girolamo you know not only can guarantee a comic book. So I took the instrument this week to show off his six pack come on. You can check it out in the current issue of german organs, browser history. That said something else earlier dead. I said: don't explain the jokes asked why I need a website that explanation might one year in this, when you are in this studio, come on. You can confirm this affirmation bill what we have to fix your computer from seizing up from all the naked gay pictures on it s not tat is it has to do to do remember. What is that's, what you're playing the bongos I did. I did. I had a friend item, France, you keep talking. Who was a friend who is eight? Maybe you don't feel special abuse death in high school and there's a website gives member this. What's it was? I was looking at table.
Was that come on. Why would I knowed? So I will the reason why that was just a website that you would send a people, and we just nothing but gay pop ups, capable and I must say this to my friend in high school and I wasn't Emerson messenger, wouldn't you say: well sorrow user. I should I should have said ESA, emphasising that is to begin with laying the groundwork AOL and I was talking with them. I call you a place where you get videogame cheat other social cost. Goods here's a link of understanding that little blue highlight link dot com and then no response, so one I'm everywhere that well, I guess it didn't work. Twenty minutes later.
Window pop up got no stable computer. Your breath I got my sea, and so what's the matter is that he was trying to swim through the sea of pop up to find my hundred nation, when what is needed here is a close posed us clearly that I did. That was somebody s, income, the pen, island, what's pen island, It doesn't make a similar thing: pen, island, penis, land Oh, let me explain the joke by the way I went away yourself from his colleagues to give their views on the flight. Like manifests, happened, sticking with energy between our two Caprio when asked about his favorite mexican food here, Spawned it that he is Quota Papoose, a man, the problem is this has come from El Salvador. Webs put that under affected a leanest jackass Dicaprio, those
blunder than just had sex with a bunch of modern? So that's it. That's. How I made up newgate actually get to pass he's. Gonna get away, has remained actor. Of course. One proposed measures is an underground sector only part of it in England, the UK government this favours further. Without giving last words they introduce knife, free boxes of fry chicken aim to reduce violent crime. More than four three hundred and twenty one thousand boxes have been distributed to tune in ten restaurants, eating with stories of people who have chosen so on the box to pursue positive activities. Instead of carrying a knife forces outrage on all sides, with your private from my cold dead fingers response coming, this Rambo chicken. He was not an add on to a happy whatsoever that this is the truth of what I was peering myself laughing now, because you got
like what's next knife, controllable, Donnay, absurd, and what what made me laugh so hard was after registrars, debt, so absurd, and then I saw the outrage on twitter. The outrage was of a man from the UK who saw it as racist pity said. Why are they seeking out? You can go files and where we wrote about the website using, why would you seek out right? This is rash profiling discrimination, so you are now no longer allowed. Have butter knives, what your fried chicken and you basically relinquished all freedom speeches, long gone firearms longer now knives on the dark and you're mad, because you think it's a race then you're has fallen. Oh, yes, it's no one s the most important question here whose using a knife or fried chicken yeah- that's not gonna, know the boxes. Dont have knives, would clocking, but his stories that incurred people not to carry knives. No, that's else do know it's no. It's bought.
It is about. I read the prick in article. I know you didn't. I did the youth strategy, we have you couldn't we should analyse here. That's what else could it what I love those in the stories everything here, people chosen to pursue boxing in music instead of carrying, related at all when you, I dont, even know boxing and music yeah or a binary annihilate. We cancel controverting illustration. Could you can still do those things while carrying an eye by the way? I am never without a knife. It's like people. These are stories from people decided to make more positive like decisions. What what could be are positive in being prepared exactly I think there is a partial they what's in your everyday carry this system is pretty common. Uniform knife is always, and usually swiss army knife people, people say, look well we're not talk much US army knives here and the UK. Second, we didn't think it We get the knife control at all.
Clearly, when we get life as it will never happen, building were worn away. I know now we're supposed to believe that you stop with locking blade. This is terrible. I hate the UK has fallen to you can keep it we left. Finally, Spengler Uk Bresh Member Parliament called for an all female emergency cabinet. This comes from the Bbc- Caroline Lucas S, females from all parties to join her in stopping and no deal breaks at claiming that quote women ten, be less tribal when their cycle think up air. My right now I've been watching I've been reading bar still sports a variant I wanna tell much there, but it's a little nearer mediation and actually every the newly formed shadow cabinet is holding a press conference as we speak, that's good,
Women are either way. I would much rather be in a good light with a man and a woman, Yankees data try to mean each other. Well, then, you can't do anything in return like if you will know and that's on what is a man. Even if a woman Gerald like every time, we went totally read my statement about really old yourself to be a lady beater, with at least with a fight between two guys, you're gonna walk away, maybe other few bruises. Maybe you have a black, the guy's a more time, but I have no idea, but with women, yours, you basically been scallops Urim, even somewhere on the core asking. How do you let her close enough to scalp you, your pansy come on? Have you ever watched females? Have you I'm talking about how Europe and women verses women and he's agreement, because he in his world he beat women? He thinks it's! Ok! Now!
so lax tribute. Winter withdrew, offensive visible because he's on drugs now he's androids. That's what a twinkle in your eye from here he's severely heard, is back and so he's been wasn't norka little parliament could have a cocktail. Reminds me, the lady who screams right after the euro the inauguration and declare the glasses yet trooper This is your Colorado lawyers, my lawyer, Supra, it was not guilty breath.
As long as it's really Wowzer run our that's less tweaks tribune about Rob. Pierce rob Underscore zero pierce, you correctly identified which liberty appear naked in a hot tub with this photo so good. He won't let hard it's garden is about us really clearly reform of under Chris Coma. Right now there's a recession panic as have been training all data because been following us. Yet it's about time the new cycle. For that to happen again right, yes, Other colleagues- and I really want to get out of luck as we might do this on Monday, when we get the numbers a little bit more than with deep dive as they call it now, that's a trend we ve been calling a meeting for very long term, but consider we'll do it Monday. If the new cycle stays on it, I think there has been a very slow news weakens it, but you know what ledges predict another recession well going down
Your point is a big deal, but whatever it's a big deal, but it you know, I ve been breaking recession that run on. They claimed that we would add that the market will crash they cling to sit down from became president. They claim that it would crash and then were there when he thinks four percent growth as well What do we do now- and this is all based on the in inverted yield by only for people who don't know, I'm really all that means that three months effectively alone, The gun region, the term alone, if you don't talk about bonds for certain bills, notes It is worth more than than a long term. One it's not an accurate predicted systemic. If you just need to know one thing, it's only,
happened about nine times with a tiny sample size in many, those ended with a false alarm. Other times of recession occurred. Thirty months later, sorted one cause the other and by the way, if these people could accurately predict when a recession which they would be wealthy beyond recognition that they could place, that bet in the market place will be reflected in the balance sheets. They never do. No instance, Tromp was sworn into office to today, even including those big dump. It looked up. Twenty eight percent right we're still up a lot. What are you doing back some of the game? And you know it you'll never hear about as the guys who actually do put their money where their mouth is actually did predict and then short the market, then ass, their shirts ran on reuniting, insists catch one? I mean that's, usually last aliens a dynamic getting here about those guys where they were wrong wrong, wrong, wrong, ruse, Epstein body. How do you know the whole point right as their suppose? We ought to help you with your dickens, that's really the reason for their job speculators, but if we get a second, there make your pricking recession.
Twenty percent chance thirty percent chance there isn't one at all and that it could be anywhere from eight months to thirty plus are you playing ball and now and then this is because this is also something pretty important. Whether left tries to act through the party of you. You know Bernie Sanders and we hate wall should remember. The tea party was started. It was a rent from San Tele was talking about this in the trading and sore about bailing out banks and how we were against it and then occupy Wall Street touch try to riding on these coattails. Okay. If this tells you really look at unemployment record low right, they look at job participation record high there unfilled jobs right now because of the job surplus. They ignore that and say hold on a second we're the speculators in Wall Street thing. That's all that matters. What what they use a litmus test for the economy is now how well most Americans are doing. But what are the predictions? What what is it? What's Wall Street tongue and then the train say that their one of you,
Let us remember that when someone living street there should in Detroit now that song and they play if they're, stupid, little rallies and burning way shows up in Detroit which showing it is crazy, clown car for all, I know, listen, they don't care they care less about and by the way they should both of those things down shut. Why don't we already one Wall Street? Don't they gee, I'm had our baggage on absolutely with you and by the way I don't know why we have this expectation that there's never gonna be difficulty in the market, one. It's an in a market things that happen overseas can affect our market, there's nothing that we can do about it into you, ve been dealing with a country, China, who's been floating they're. Not for. Their currency, the been manipulating it for years, and it killing us another pissed off that we're going after there's gonna be some bloodshed on this just deal with their lawyers even better on a long term. Yes, anyway, tapping said Donald Trump was trying to take credit for that, and I think that there are yet it is pretty pretty tangible, You can look at a correlation, Riga, okay, and I can say this- a business owner hold on businesses.
More money because of the tax cuts, we hire more people, we're doing that. You can still apply or not a lot of credit. I can't we saw the golden ticket sweepstakes through its. If there's a pretty concrete, nation, as opposed to correlation. That's people to follow, but then, when you get in the Federal Reserve and again to interest rates predicting these things in the international market, its very unpredictable, it's very difficult and some people go out there and they blame it or give all credit to one person. Listen, I think I'll drop is going interest game too, because if you tell me about it, then you have to take the blame exactly, but hopefully we did. We see look a little small dip in the next year in the cycle, big uptake human rights, are exactly the gray. He was brilliant and playing chess seen on ten levels than fine, I think there's there has to be right. Quality that when it comes to the desperation of the other side, the coming election. There will be a lot of things that will be done, tonality stabilize the positive signs that have
yeah the economy, because it really is no downside right in my, if are desperate, to win an election, your desperate to kind of counter, veiled, positivity and economically, specifically the economic positivity of trump. You can do some crazy things, a lot of you, no kind of commentators out there and talking has who actually have been in the places that matter government related to this our saying wait till later in this fall we too early in the spring, and that's when you really start scene. I only the games coming out by labour market that he hoped we had a recession, we all know that he's at all our young people about it dearly better overall, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to have a recession when Barack Obama was present and I dont beyond politics. I want us to have any kind of recession and want to see people lose their jobs and now being set an obvious. It was a hypocritical. Could you say we shouldn't biology empty? I wanna people lose their jobs honestly, put you're working for a company are costing
company hydrant thirty, two thousand plus per year in salary and Dennys in Dental them, lay sick. I surgery and accompanied, as you know, it now wants to buy a crappy cars. You don't deserve that jobs are that's how it works. That being said, I do want to see recession. Ok, all right. Let's talk about some of its more cheery money. I predict that by Monday people get a move on to something else, because when its loans with they go recession and discipline, don't want was going breadth, organism crash. If we in that, we will be found tat. If we in the week where Why aren't we value your language? Romantic? Not even from this country several people who did obviously even revaluing theirs, but we didn't have time to get to this, because Epstein happened earlier in the week Chris Cuomo was recently pro approaches. Restaurant afraid, I think
we refresh your memory from the right for me right on time. This version, you italian, insulting people, don't you levelling turns out Goma felt they pay for what you're good about mom is a free up after you can have a control you down these. There lies a moment. He was really trying to perpetuate the negative italian stereotype and went too far in you can see what became really going to throw you down the stairs in crap. I'm just one step shy of saying, I'm on a crowbar, unique any sittin there. Just let us what upon the easy world, as he says, pump out there,
going to fund, we ass a rhetorical question: look why don't you do that when you are trying to fight somebody like this, I'm a believer unjust, either fights if you're going or violent strike, or don't don't ask rhetorical questions. What if I told you point, how do you feel. What do you mean, like you just say, punk pro want throwing. I dont care casting punch for, but you're asking are expecting an actual answer about. I throw you down the flight of stairs. Your answer me, I would like the oil day object. Please don't by the way you see when the guy stepped in between them. He really turned it up. A little bit like yours, Minos, like I'd, make sure you stand between us right, so I don't actually have to tell me that may help me and I think, the guy you call them friend if he was in fact and we're hearing reports, it maybe wasn't with his wife and kid: listen there's a cease fire when you're out in public and you shall be parading, so we think the guy who did it was a dick and trying to set him up. That being said, he of Course Chris Cromwell should be able to
Allow cooler heads to prevail. So that's why it's time for this month, instalment of what to do so today. Five reasons have Asian having vibrations monitors, broken so easily Nano legato areas, you don't work responsibly, five, but we actually seven. Then we just rounded and six, I don't think so, number six. This is that we have video every a graphic evidence for all is Chris Cuomo, so had that Nathan Philips, remember the math quest got yes. He actually set on here that they themselves wanted to defuse the situation by banning the drama. Covington kids face, find the king made the wrong decision by standing in Spanish. This is how we frames at an inn. He wants you to think that my It is natural journalist, Nathan, Phillips we wanted to defuse the tension and he walked exactly that ensure lunatic Nick salmon. You don't seem to be afraid, but he did make a choice.
And that was to make it into a stand off. What was it legal sure? That's not right! it should be easy tests so that people know what is it. We are sure. But those are my chest. Why Don t you know me, to tell you twice. He stood now to tell us many times. What is your task risk Roma? But if you need to ask you not to let you know ready to hear what? What? What are you some vague gumbo? Mr me, aren't you a piece of wax awesome? Not only legal, he was in the right guy, effectively assaulted and this also import duties is Chris. Como really does have you. If you seem on Twitter, he claims to be a journalist. He doesn't so there is no kind of bias. This. What's in saying to me another problem, if you're right, if you left just don't lie to me, it don't. That's good reason. Number five. I think with a video of this when we're he claimed that America first in the terms,
action was these terms are actually phrases equivalent to not their bad? Let them be dog, whistles concentration camps, one point of port back before I get to you, Angela. You did not have similar problems with the phrase America first, which is equally state or the word Nationalists now, which is equally state. No, yes, as a matter of Holiness David, it's a stain word is a matter. Bag is wrong, but american now! Well, though, I'm not Roy you, you don't get to define what Nazism mean. I really I left the largest while there there's their credibility, hangs in the balance from from an anchor who can be fooled by basic opposite day. Reversed psychology. Yes, yes, no! Yes, yes, dad gamut web season. For us, as they say it is the quality concentration camps when a guy in response perfectly reasonable
no, not at all. Yes at all, yes, verily. Certain basic argument would tell you that caress american Heritage Dictionary Oxford Webster's. Doesn't it to find the words. But if then, all he's got, I mean there's no way maybe that's. Why do we need to pay rises or no longer go with? Does he does? What does it seem? Concentration camps like ours? Nobody raking them over the calls for that stuff because Europe you get a pass, I'm just wondering what Zachary saying there when you sit in his office, leather, recline or he's Another gun in again press hole. I take over human planet, because even is the rest of my interlocutor, aright reason number four: some the basic rule at the clip do the talking. He actually thinks that member Donald Trump, that all kinds of flak for saying you know talking about the white supremacist, Sir, that White nationalist. They should absolutely be condemned totally, but then he talked about the
but who depressing recycling general science yeah well action. If you want more contacts- and we can provide you with all the context, because we don't have much time to show the clip Chris Como having things antiphon is right. Talk about anti far. I've watched them in the streets protestors different situations, ok aspects of them that are true to a cause. That is a good cause. They want some just as they want whatever they want. In that context, I do what whatever they want, what did contact on tax social justice or does not even mean yes, Antiphon, it s no challenge at the end of a bad, but I do said he also to do not a meme suggesting that DD soldiers and Antiphon were one and the same. Well, let's not forget my cobra, let's not okay! If you forget its an insult to your report, I will read out of me. I don't think that's an insult to my people at all. No, its not yet not have gatherings of protracted confused me.
You're going to have one that Europe pull the wool over the eyes of old guy risk stairs. You got there, no achieves somewhere to fall down the stairs leading auditors. Not even stairs behind me, certainly do that it has no tens head stairs there. You would have to build stares at Aunt Rachel. You are. You reckon Ralph, give me a minute and I will throw you down these self made stairs neither way while we're mocking other people claim to be journalists, I'm not one so hit the notification bow if you're subscribed, because, finally, that doesn't mean a whole lot. Joint microblog programs like smoke of you all kinds of additional content, including more content with my patient mobility, subscribing Itunes encounter bits on. You too, will be uploaded eclipse, here's another another example Cuomo. Actually we rather its clip Is twitter he months effectively a rape victims. Yes, for we had a gun to defend herself in her children. She cut and add for the area Eureka
I knew I was going to die and there was nothing I can do now. I'm a mother of two and if that letter or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they to come through my fire first and then Chris Cuomo responded with only in Amerika responding to that video. Yes, yes, about a guy correct, as opposed to the UK. What should you be throwing chicken strips, because you can remember exactly she got rate she can in herself. Now I think when we talk about you, don't talk about social justice. You talk about equality. I use talk about an antidote clipping. They punch random passers by it will face about equality for women being able to protect themselves. Yes, the only thing that can allow women to be stronger than a man is again but not of
This basic, nothing Cuomo says as ever, based on verifiable evidence or truth from Russia to the idea that women should be able to have a good, and this is one of those troops, eternal you're. Actually, you you're actually worse off, just we're having a gun, and now you know that is natural at all. It is immediately bunked by simply looking defensive uses of firearms in their country every year its example. If there are any thoughts on this sucks, I'm just manage such was the reason number two. This was one that's pretty bit. I mean this is particularly true for even in the realm of peace movements, at least formal he's got, that is he's gay, his nose, he's, not as offensively unattractive his brain, stouter yeah, that's term industry like I get the Chris COM, nepotism thing, but brain stouter, I Can someone explain it to me in the common section? I must also make an entity straight so anyway, Cuomo Data. This was something else. You said that the offer in thoughts and prayers was equal to mocking mass shooting
victims of war and then it gets, even if you think that's pretty rough. A journalist right. It gets even worse area, the only Consensus there is is in a canoe hard, and here it is the first year I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers That's what you do when you offer thoughts and prayers seriously, you mock those who lost loved ones. What would it how about a stadium full of children, most influential people in our society, all holding puppies They were all. Would we act of don't be ridiculous to suggest something? What is it is ridiculous? oh, my god, he no! No it! Yes, let s way! Sorry! I'm going on! I made it too easy for me how in the world, does it get away with mighty inquisitions marrying for people for thoughts and prayers as opposed to what you're gonna do critical? What what are you? What are you going to do? while I support
they are so often been. Oh, so you ll send your thoughts to your representatives to support a piece of legislation that makes a gun like this illegal and legal legal illegal. Building on everything else is what is called, in other words, someone's prayers to the higher power that most people on Planet earth believe in there's more silly than you hoping wishing and living hoping and being, at least in your mind, hoping that someone signs a bill that won't be affected and by the way when he talks about people in a stadium with poppies. We should talk about a non sequitur, but this is not in the mind of a crazy peace, but he says imagine them influential people in the world yeah? That's it! That's the crux of this now story here this hypothetical, its shooting, the puppies I dont care, just as holding them. I don't, but that is allocated under the guidance of the most influential people, not of what he said. There makes any sense at all. It does not at all
I believe in a higher power. Somebody praying is about the most that somebody that's removed by a thousand miles can do yeah right, should just be lying. Ok, we'll get. He wants being damaged. Now he wants to get all guns. He to take away your second amendment right right and if you're in watching you can see him actually talking about this was so dangerous. You can seem talking about the australian, buyback media and doesn't Phyllis audience and on the fact that its mandatory there is an outbreak engine ban and the real danger hears. You know everyone Rachel Matter, people to want to take the problem with regiment. You gonna work where she lines up some people, namely machine and people in airports who apparently had their eyes duct tape, doping is that's a view worshipper tat. Now they don't necessarily know that homer is right, so this guy goes out, turn clings to be an actual journalists, and everything that we have just heard is in there but he's allowed to frame. He goes out turn he decides what information at least at one point right. That's what these people CNN Nbc Universal VIA, come all these companies want to make. The show like this doesn't exist because at one point in time all you had with Chris COM.
You think Walter Cronkite was any better. He was better at disguising it a little bit, but that's what he's doing here and in cases he wants to determine how you view the news and not only how you view it. But ultimately, what kind? speeches permissible, which brings me to we video could. But I think this is the word out thing that Cromwell, ever done and again this goes to him trying to manipulate and control news. I'm not talking about some some government, the government of my control. I got heart of argument. I'm saying is that a form of Robin again meadow anyhow Bout Jones Interview Avail, but my name is like a whole, our great, because you wanted to rephrase language here in saying that twelve year old girls who don't want see penises in a locker room are big. It, sir Look at that. I wonder if she has a problem of over protective and intolerant dad teach.
So there you know, because this is christian, Homo written his job. He thinks it s. You think that's his job to make sure that you know if you don't follow his brand of tolerance, that you shouldn't have a seat at the table of western civilization that your daughter is intolerant because she doesn't want to see someone's packer right at face level with her permeable contacts right of the ambitious its remarkable. My permeable totally. Oh. I adore take that you know about the magnetic lock. It takes eighty pounds of pressure to open Omar. Unless it's let's go, we have reached a fish coming out of it. I don't want to hear anymore. Your mind is making out waste Dubai.
To see this clip and more behind the scenes, action check out our new Youtube. Channeled crowd, herbicides and even say behind the scenes, but because here we have problems, of course, but don't forget mug club for those who having yet joined. That's what allows us to keep a facial endorsement on retainer. I'm expensive, People have a right to think he actually committed suicide. People have a right to think tat. He was murdered by the evidence points towards martyr. We know that all the
fault protections or turned off that people heard screaming, and yelling and shouting Greece breathe Epstein, and then he told friends there trying to kill me over the telephone they're trying to kill me. You gotta, get me out of here. I'm not gonna commit suicide. I did try to commit suicide. It's like a string on a sweater. You pull that string out upon that sweater and the whole thing can unravel. You rightfully explained that most people get with created by evil because it's a hot secretary and that's actually how most Satanist approve people, that's how it begins. But the way it's been ascribed to me is it sure goals of corruption. They have all the information, they know where the bodies are buried. They had underground dungeons underground passages are using you think of the ep. Steam would have been involved with actual human sacrifices of fifteen ritual. Absolutely what complete disaster. Excuse me
Did you just blow in from dress like a Spaz ville? How walk around. Looking like that, I ass there. You go now you're ready to fight the man in style loud, with drought or merge, makes Stu, Slobs, look better. Get your lot with greater gear, louder, with greater shop, dot com and cover your does. Gusting body. You know that in the wake of and will be discussing, the recent shootings without its just business, Song might be inappropriate, some could say when I, when I think about it. Maybe it's a bad choice. I'm not to affected by arms like if I feel like I should, I should feel distraught than I am? I often feel that way.
Let us emphasise, sociopath. Our next guest of accident happened back on, it's been awhile, I think, is a little bit of a cold grudges was talking to him during the brake here. But you know I'm on the twitter. You follow me raise your faced with an o with zero, not See? It's funny. I say oh for the number zero. If I'm doing a numbers you in my head, I was thinking This is about the rage of heart disease channel and he actually is a new website or lessons. We last item on its the dash rage, a holocaust tumblr com. However, there is just a married, a horrible names that are unsearchable. I guess, Mr Fist, how are you, sir, I'm fantastic as long You don't start using. The word said earlier today that I got kicked out, class and Canada for saying that it was Z. Yeah, I remember and accuracy in the principal later on of my great school so lucky for me she was my teacher originally, and she said it said. I said. No, it's Z, MRS measure was a name. Is it no? It's a z she's dead
I said. Ok and I walked through the entire abc. Isn't this measure let's go through this ABC e f g, H, educate, elemental, p. You are asked to you, VE, W X Y and various other, most retorted frame, ever heard, and then of course, then of course you apologized, and they let you be canadian again, yes, pretty much. No, I did not. I do not oppose. It was also kicked out of my class with MRS Lake for stating there are fifty states she claimed. There are fifty two, People want to know that you should just don't forget her in Alaska and responded eggs. I swear to you work for including them there's fifty states intricate meal. So he took Obama Geography Guy S pretty severe, although she just got it wrong to because you didn't round up to fifty seven, I think was his court. So
Mr fist, thank you for being here, so I wanted to talk with you. I know last week you can't ended up being in shuffle, and in representative entrench I was, but how does that wanted to everyone, because in the wake of the shootings and we'll get Epstein, because I'm sure you have some good materially I was disappointed to see those on the right, including people in the trunk administration. Trade blame a on violent video games at filling ever goin back to the era of Tipper Gore. What what are your thoughts on this? well, it's it's kind of like clockwork, and at this point you always got every single time. One of these happens it's time to play the video blame game. You know you had the Jap Tom's back in the day and then the villagers with pitchforks and torches ran him out of town. But I like it like I said earlier this week, like what what is it? about our society, that our default position after any given tragedy is to blame either semi, automatics or Super Mario legacy.
It's one of those two things: there's no there's no middle ground and and now we're the two younger stand. Like if it video games your child, a murderer or or made you indeed a child murderer than you know. What does that make our k? Does that make it plain parenthood, raw, if any Games created, gun crime. Then why are they at their lowest level in what forty fifty years, yeah, but but but the new ideas or selling more than ever Europe at the news made me feel really upset about the recent shooting. So I think we should do. Guard the statistics and blame the wildly offensive italian stereotypes that relates to italian plumbers, right Fredo's, if you, Yes, I wonder, I wonder if Chris Como would have been just as mad. If you call tomorrow,
I probably wouldn't that's. It would have been great. That's like the inward US body entirely right down the stairs. You prefer Louisa Ladys, mansion aright, that's right, I'm afraid, oh by the way, like everyone else, pick it up on the fact that, like democratically hazy on whether or not Italians are actually minorities rights. When rude off Giuliani, standing on a stage with twelve dad's. Yet how he's the widest guy ever right. You know Chris Como looks whiter than a porn stars ass. He said I you know he's Joe patchy and good fellow has pretty much and even and I'm not sure, if he's a minority, I don't know exactly who or what constitutes a minority have to go by whose championing boxing. So if there are no italian Jenkins and boxing anymore not much of an underdog, it's the secret rights as a signal No! What historically, that's your we had that we are obviously Italians with the Irish. Naturally combat reports are great indicator of people, because it's kind of an individual support that doesn't cost a lot of money
Then you know the blacks found it. So we lost that one over your wealth but returned. Return to the issue of the media. Wait a minute, no like gun control, that the problem, of course, is invariably the solution either way as control right, because we're talking, This issue in its not coincidental that you know your front runner, Heaven help us all. Its Joe Biden and he twenty thirty you're. So he had videogame violence panels right. He was going to regulate video games and then be angry shouted him down, I'm aimed at the end of the day. If gun control was a solution, shouldn't LOS Angeles be like a star trek space, commie utopia by now, yeah like last, I check dangerous. As the only city where a particle warning comes in forty five caliber California leads the country and mass shootings nevermind gun crime.
Guns are the only thing they hate more than the middle class. Yes, but if you saw a predator too, we have that to look for it, what do they everyone's leaving the state? You know caliber. I was just out so you know yesterday, driving around and literally play the count. The California license plate game, California State Bird is a swarm of locusts. She asked if they move to all the neighbouring states and immediately set about ruin. They absolutely ruin my question: I guess you were you particularly disappointed that you saw it coming that we saw coming from this administration, and then we can. I thought that we were somewhat passed this because the left had become they had the monopoly in the Pearl clutch. And blaming video games, but it seems like now since are trying to shift away from firearms, although they are having a little bit on some gun control measures, I will just surprise, as you can go to video games. I thought we put this Tibet. Well, no, it doesn't surprise me trumps been wrong on this issue. For years you me
by between binds videogame censorship panels and twenty thirteen trumps retarded tangent this past week adjust its title separate blaming supernatural for mass shootings. It's not a republican thing. It's not a democrat thing. It's a boomer thing! Oh yeah, yeah yeah! It's a baby boomers thanks. At a social security scheme, music and the view of taught us anything. It's that boomers we're a mistake. You can lay Scott their feet. I feel that way something I little we're talking. The original scar, we're talking like, oh gee, would not know. I'm sorry I'm sorry yeah also also I'd toss Bruce Springsteen in there. From a he's really Christmas. Every time I get that guy he's not a stylist, he just has no talent. Have you any scrub, whether we want word, we ve been talking about yet Youtube censorship. I'm my first show ever I put to this whole rant on Bruce Springsteen, closer Christmas time. What was in Detroit or in our agenda? I found an old interview, Bruce Springsteen and its content.
But you know every Serpico you you go back as originally would talk and like theirs, but unless I wanna know officer and now he's talking days. It was a symbol of Britain. Rinkitink sounded like a young rough macho and now Are these interviews are gone? He was sitting there talking like this about dying or the bearing of music, and now he has Nothing about him is genuine. Sorry said nothing to do with our interview. That does not affect him? Well, he's they get he's. The kind of guy gets a tailored blue collar. You know they mainly how many millions does this guy had these sell em that I'm the boss thing yes, exact Ricky kidding me like John Edwards Essay, who are you wearing in research? You would tell him faint, J C penny and I would just it into the back of his suit our I will move on to something else. You know we have less factual informing. Actually, we have a ton of factual information, but no quarter Torreon Epstein, you think the Clinton's put a hit on it
What do you think you're, a jet pole just came out. I think from Rasmussen that the majority of people are plurality of Americans dont, think he killed himself yeah. I may I mean first off look before before we move on conspiracy. You you have to, at the end of the day, say You know you have to celebrate it at the end of life to be rid of. Yes, there's not a guy that we wanted to remain alive, even though we would have appreciated the information he could a proper. So you know, let's have a quick, Ding Dong that did learn dead. May it be seriously come on now either pedophile he had a deadly diddle island. He did- He didn't dealer warm up like a whole routine. It was like a son salutation in the wall. Suicide watch involved, popcorn and hobbies. Like it who that's the thing like really the exit question. Like was he murdered, or did he just at? I think disapproval.
More likely I mean the guy's got one point: five billion dollars knows where it came from the right. I don't know, but he's got. One point five billion dollars, is it more likely that he paid off a garden was like hey like smuggle me a shiver, something of course he hanged himself or whatever, but you know Margo me some bowl rope, whatever it seemed slightly more likely. That might be the case that maybe I think intent matters, because I think the records of his recent conversations of this is the guy who was really, Ten on blowing the lid off unrevealing, who was behind this sort of burning the whole ship down? That's a guy who wouldn't himself in that cell. If you handed him a ship someone who really felt defeated and wanted to check that you don't want to the clock out, then yeah, that's more likely. That should be pretty easy to find. That info know exactly the thing that alarmed me was out enough, you heard this yesterday just came out. Did you hear that us now getting around a rating Epstein little pedal pad thereon drill against Ireland, yeah yeah. They had taken away like computers or before and after pictures and videos
Now, let's way to strike while the iron is frozen. Here by the way, if there's any more stalwart upstanding organization, with an unblemished record of being dispassionate, a political enough to investigate this ass. F b I write it them speak now- are forever hold their people dossier for That's what I think when they get. I think a few people when they're getting very another's there's just a couple agents, Collins, shot gun and who gets the secret dvds. I was, I would say, and like I I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hand over my guns to the same government responsible for guarding Jeff, Epstein you six, though I think, and by the way, a little known fact, though, the police response time on pedophile Island, eight minutes, forty two seconds, did it at one. I do not know how they did it. There still are some awesome stalwart White people- yes, yes,
all right. What is so? You think he just you think it more likely that you just did oft himself and found a way to get a guard that's probably more likely you, but you know you ever know. I do fine massively suspicious the fact that his legal team were pushing they were the ones who pushed really really hard for him to get off of suicide watch. It turns out, and now his lawyers have lowered up right, but, yes, that's a little alarming exactly there. What their one phone calls to yell out to their partners said right. Yeah. I don't need you aren't going to waste a quarter here. I think we know what this is about. Just Bert D of the paper shredder. You know what to do technically and politically. The gauge our Epstein end quote power in the news again
Ironing out ass, they re in time a different Cuomo, but you know what you are you make of the Cuomo reaction, because you were, I think, and then we do have to go up. It is, I think, it's a move to obviously approach a guy when he's not on air and try and taught him and I think risk work. Cromwell should obviously have more control over three. And I do love how he turned on item no early whom battalion. That is an insult to our peak of fungal tonight. I dont understand Fredo as an ethnic slur thing. That's it this idea and energy. That again, I have not seen the godfather, but I don't understand how free doesn't ethics learn less? Your first name is AL. I guess I do now. Did you know that doesn't miss I'll have the audience to use, throw that, because you know the common sections. Gonna go nuts that you haven't seen the godfather can already hear him. I know I do not care for the godfather. I did not care I did. I did not care for the anomalies and I think Chinatown was a better film, even though you know, then them we're back to rape with Polanski. It's like you just can't step over
you can't step will invest in Hollywood without stepping on another rapist. I think we lost razors. I think we lost MR fist, and I will happily unplug is a now we can now it's a little to let our closing thoughts, because we lost time here and it's my fault now, just saying I, there is absolutely no way and nine nebulous hell's that Roman Polanski never set foot on that island. Once that's now I come on their given him. Ending ovations had the Oscars and nobody can cut this guy a check for a plane ticket come. I guess I would be surprised if the auto pilot was just tapping him in that. Over there that's an hour, I would you have gone. I appreciate making at the time it sounds like you have a cold. They we can just be there. The cedar Paul, and I have no idea the twitter is at. Resort zero fist, and the website is a tumbler there. The dash radio Halleck, of course, to channel red hot mischievous.
Thank you. So much are we always haven't you on end, be well Vietnam extravagant Oh hey I've here to tell you rightly, but if you have a joint ballclub club, yet I don't know what you're waiting for is. The best is the best club That's not my view that would be totally save, which is, if the bicycle before they tell me that already that access, ok, frankly to the whole, daily show, which are you do what you get is mad daily. Ok, but you also to address the whole place catalogue and if that's enough reason for you is the perfect gift to piss Trudy you're, ok,.
She's gonna move it act
We were Laden getting be role, but we just decided to use that cause. We had it in our database. So ok, so I made no sense Let made no sense. I'm sorry I'm interrupting you, but why don't we sixty eight Sienese, don't miss out on the young?
no time for the one live or to the week last week we don't even do one so now. What do we want to think, of course, are wonderful, sponsor Walter and all your speeches on the show, but mainly Walter, because it protects the studios course for those of you who haven't yet joined lot of credit are complex, Markleham, it's ninety nine annually. I know I've talked about this before sixty nine offer veteran students active military. You get this hand smug, yet the entire ablaze catalogue, but you gotta lotta content. You don't get here and you do pray about. Seventy five percent, more content. Like this week we had a life advice. We to scrap yard, show we have a full exclusive long form interview with Alex Jones Web extended interview with razor fist. Mr fist, all of that available where the Youtube lords dont lurk lot of. Canada come such Muslim.
That's right, gentlemen, who is worrying about his headphones coordination and bring about the rip time so easily? I focus when there is really so much dances as they are pieces, more like interpretive Dania effect, interpretive its interpretive movement as a mechanical drama, Digital about by the way we ve been here,
To what extent, of course, without razor visit had mug club and ever gonna be doing that mostly every week here are moving forward, wanted to thank Maximus, the p who had a Lee S. We did a lot of you, ve seen him on air and really into an autonomous, but it might be back for some sketches every now another. There is a lot to talk about so. I don't really know any good way to sort of approach. This topic, but let's just divert into it, and hopefully you know I can offer some insight here. That ends up being helpful to you, but I understand that when I start discussing this topic is or how the meanest sounds pretty exclusive to sounds pretty niece Stephen in granite, unless you ve actually gotten into a war of words with NBC Universal via calm yourself. In ox. It may sound like a tat left field, but stay with me here, so there's been a rumour news. I guess circulating that that Carlos Maza may have just been fired from box. He may have just left K, I dont know
and at the time of this taping, I don't think anybody here knows for sure Temple did a video on it and there's not a article up at the place. If you want to read more about it and have received some request to talk about it. What I think of it in their been a few comments, people say looking forward to show my thoughts about about. Ok, let me tell you something that may surprise you. I don't think pleasure in it. Initially. Maybe it's ok, that's justice, but if I did, I wouldn't even show it publicly because I'm just generally not a fan of the Enzo dance now want to clarify my feet. Of Carlos Maza, of course not, but my my fight our war year. This team is never been with him. He was a tool used by the real culprit here, which is giant multi billion dollar media conglomerates. More importantly, complicit system that both allow and encourages abuse in sure Carlos Malta has been actively pushing to get this channel outright band.
That that's important, keep in mind. Democratization which did happen. Wasn't enough, they wanted complete banning thing else- would suffice and yeah listen. It's scary thing! It was a scary couple weeks for sure that's what's more important than ever. If you want to show to continue to join my club, because the channel could be light, tomorrow, and we want to stay in touch with you, but you, is Carlos Maza, really, if not, for the national platform of vocs or of of media matters. I think before that. Of all the national interviews. Cnn other cable news outside I know exactly where they appeared, all of whom have We have a vested interest in truly independent channels, like ours, being removed from social me, who is Carlos mother really with without that kind of support and by the way someone like him, because they Lenny plausible deniability Right NBC. They want to be seen as a company whose complaints resulted in thousands of channels, independent channels being demonetized. That's bad
and by when it happened, and not just to conservative channels. So what they do, they found a willing participant in someone like Carlos Maza who they could betrays a victim and they could have do there bidding for them into a degree. It was successful YAP. We were demonetized here, but weren't successful in their end game, which was continue a stranglehold on the market of information we're still here and when the public backlash became to be too much they wanted to retreat. What happened with Box NBC? for them, Carlos Maza. It served its purpose, they regulate, they use them, and now it seems like might be disposing of them and I think that set. Listen. I do want to be, could protect. What's mine, my team people here and any a person trying to rip it away, absolutely all protected tooth and nail, but never want to see a person, destitute or devoid of prospects. What do you mean? this, we won't be the ideal scenario. Deal scenario would be for
to tell her and social justice where you're right to see moments like this is life lessons and for them to meet recalibrate in fine joint fulfilment and something other than trying to silence voices of descent with whom they disagree. I think it's pretty clear that Carlos Maza hasn't been very happy. As much on Twitter and I genuinely don't think it's possible to be. Happy person when you're lice focuses entirely about someone else, and what bothers you about them. So two important things here that I think applied everyone any of you there listen. Hopefully this helps you can learn from our saga. That's This is all life lessening of itself of talk about before one of the greatest things that you can do to live a happy fulfilling life that you're looking for it stop focusing on what everyone around everyone around you is doing. K stop, focusing on What else is doing start focusing on what you need to be doing your abilities? Your calling that's huge number two please to anyone watching listening when I was news emerges as ask it Kindly don't Enzo Dance, Kate, whatever it is,
dont send any mocking tweets to Carlos rub it in when we are fighting NBC things NBC via Common Disney, Universalism NBC via counter this is and Disney universal tar because they all just merge where the people, Where the people complain about corporations, Billy happens here right. So and even its NBC Universal Disney Animal Embassy, Viacom NBC Vocs right? Two billion down company when we're fighting NBC, vocs or punching up not only acceptable, but believe in many cases, morally imperative, but when you knock visual off the leaderboard, you don't keep pummeling them Kay you gotta, respect the tap and I'm not saying the main one hears tapped up, but you just don't keep pounding somebody who you knocked off the leader, but there's no reason to do that for a few reasons for one, it's always prudent to give someone
You don't want to back some one against the wall and create desperation where they sit like count of Monte Cristo seeking seeking year laying low for thirty years, and then they become your count. I've been done tat. He pulled won over. That's what I bet you critical, would be he would. He would follow that when he would, he would have approved. With Edmund done TAT done tests. Was it there it audio when you read books I've never been China Monetarist Dogma, losing your book. It's like twelve hundred pages, really so low. Beyond that he can't we long his. Off is eleven hundred ninety nine for him it's gotta be really worth it, so you always want to give somebody you now at any point. Let anyone is your adversary, once you win, you don't wanna keep driving them because nothing good can come of it. More importantly, it just I think you do for the same reason that we don't just host random people or any twitter handle with an egg. You know
pile on and continue to pummel someone after the bell. That's something a bully does and if we be freed that would be turning into the very false accusation that was lodged against us in the first place and by the way, it's not just about public perception of you being a bully, but this much, you in your own fulfilment and life you're, quiet, you're, not gonna, get anywhere in life. Hunting down. You just become complacent, so you ve, the fray and you ve decided that you're going to punch your going to being the fight you're gonna be a puncture punch up at the very least you're focuses on something bigger and greater than yourself. So I wasn't I wanna, because when we pass young Turks and viewers ship and subscribers we're gonna, do a live stream party looking to live stream that shit we're making the whole of but once it's done. Twenty million dollars from foreign caliphate. So there will be a big victory for us want. That's done. Don't expect me to do tank outfit anymore, but do expect the network to whom, by the way- but they don't mention my name so- do expect the network tv
He basically my name is one that should be spoken to change tack, a little bit and start gunning for us a whole lot more once we pass and guess what I don't care and since we started to show we said you know what we don't know the ceiling right were four came all numbers phone numbers as a late night, so we ve talked about that. The coal bears the world of work and provide a late night alternative. We want it to be on par, we're not were not. There not necessarily even close, but we have a target and that's what will be aiming for so until happens until the behemoth theirs trying to remove the smaller guys rather than compete, and that is what's happening. It's guys trying or move smaller guys, because I dont want to compete in an honest playing field until that happens, the war raging till the playing field is level we're not stopping, and you know what I think we ve all accepted here. That will never beginning favourable treatment from attack giants. Some could argue, it's actually been quite unfavourable. And so we're just gonna have to make our case so strongly the reach and influence in the quality so undeniable that were heard. There is no other way it until it happens. I think every
here. I say this pretty pretty confident were marching. And I am truly grateful because I can't think of any one else. Sort of my team here and by the way you with whom I'd rather storm the castle? But I know, we're all past I know we all want to storm the castle. I understand, do your due diligence be prudent but leave the bodies, don't hoist them up, because everyone knows where they like. We don't need to make a show. I'll see you next week, Preciate
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