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#53 Gavin McInnes, Mrs. Crowder and Racist Santa!

2015-12-18 | 🔗
In our end-of-year bash we're joined by an all-star lineup. Gavin McInnes, Elliott Morgan and yes, Mrs. Crowder joins us with her year-end book review. Hint: It's about scientology. Also, we discuss Star Wars with Courtney Kirchoff, and racist Santa makes a few appearances.

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Oh hello, there you know dash dancer, Franson Vixin Comic Cupid, modern blitz, Bud AMOS Re, who gets really screwed, and this special you should stay tuned. I can't believe how bad Santa is really it's: it's borderline race,
found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment. I dont like old, launch of others still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body. You should have a horrible body, not because we are definitely going to get letters. Your listening talk, radios, strangers, animal you're getting louder with router, and you know what that sound is. That means it is time, the weekend, Stephen prouder, the host of apprehension louder with rather with me, producing and studio, as always is not gay, Jerry
can follow him on twitter at not gay Jarrett. I fulfilled my legal obligations, and telling you he's not gay in drawing conclusions, we get appreciate that we are this your decision What is this? This is my shot, it's the lash over a year. It is this your dinner, my faster Taylor. It has gone by very quickly and we also respect of another station in New Hampshire. I don't have to have it right in front of me to call colors are always start with W. That's almost all I'm never enough! I'm an unembarrassed have never understood call letters diminishes them. Butscha, mumbo, I do not think we don't want them to carry where we can drop us, but New Hampshire contract with Oh to you, I am broadcasting right now from the camp of the family compound in Texas. I think, as you know, I've talked about tat. I got him for Christmas. We add up a family member. So it's been a little bit rough in the family, and so since I've been trapped, so much this week to assist me. We are
to bring on the smartest lady. We know. But she's not always particularly in the best spirits when it comes to working with you're right with the site ladder with broader dot com. Earshot Courtney, thanks for being on. For having me once again. Well we're glad have you so this is the end of the year. Let's all go around, four lavishly what we had this week. Ok before I continue the Mcguinness coming up at the bottom of the hour and only have Elliot Morgan in my wife, Jim in corny well beyond later with her book review of the new layer remedy a book about Scientology Service Yes, we're going to do that. Every month now MRS Crowder's month End book review because she read so many weird books, but Courtney. Let's do this first before we get to news, I was
the debates. We had a couple of things going on in Sweden and in and you can have our audience in, but I was travelling the knight of the republican debate, so I've only read transcripts. Anyone I've seen on line you were there lie at her that way: yes, probably better, to read the transcripts than to just works alive the whole, not gauger. You watch them. I don't watch em, yet I did you did or get a decent work. I watched him for you and what did you think You know they weren't as boring as the wolves, the Fox business, a fox bears. No, those are pretty boring. I mean they're mean well done. If you want to call it that but now they were well than they were born. One is yoke of veto is fair, yeah yeah, so this most probably. So? My lie with that with the with with pepper and were several c and be very CNBC. Ask moment I thought I want court.
I don't think it's a great way to describe anything by saying it wasn't as boring as so it was boring. That's a renewed and about priorities. More of a new star wars. Movies were boring. I don't we not seen force again. I don't know if that one's boring or not. I just throwing away. Boy who we do the debates first and then withdrew the bailiff birthday star wars later these galleys. Well, I think there are too many people on the that way! We weigh one second one second, because we ve gotten a lot of feedback. When people say your voice is sexy, but you sound mean so. Give us your gratitude. Yeah you found means above so give us your gun attitude for the year they do you think you? So you just very had me aggressively even by maybe a baby. Any answer. When I talk, I just need to be smiling on the time. I'm like that Disneyland Princess
at our Katy homes on planet earth would be happy to have the ability to smile. Ok, so you should be grateful and use it. What's your gratitude for the year of Let's go round and then we'll go to the debate, I think year end. What is our gratitude. Not gay jeered member just ass it had it cannot be a man Courtney. I can't be a man for me either then, but which fortunate costs. There actually wasn't one this year, but Henrietta occupants doesn't count that I seen him through binoculars, though, that by would have been better than to sing in him online. My gratitude for the year well. Gee I don't know I don't know come back to me. I will see she's blustered good. I think you know she's thinking of having a cavalier group are not just so distracted Gordy I can I can I can disfigure you you, your blood,
penis, always the over here I will then dear. It hit me with your gratitude, eminently Dhaka, Jerry oh first, my gratitude, but a good year. I think I am grateful for the best boss ever I want to see such I've ever up. Wanna, get fired, Aouda Hiram, Janusz is gonna. Rough, twenty sixty hour I regret to apply that line I will say, I'm ripple listenin to the listener any whether its were now in five markets. We That's really sign with Genesis three weeks ago, I've gotta, but this is what happens when you do from Texas have a phone line. What's this answer? Hang up just to do that at the house, but I do know it is could have been grandma she's been rushed to the hospital. I don't know, I don't care of doing a show, the price
lay my right at this time in the morning. You know for those now in five markets, New Hampshire Florida, two stations in Michigan of Corp Patriot, up nor the mission which is important to me because my my grandmother actually is northern Michigan all the time and if a mountain radio doesn't exist this that the website has quadrupled in both the Youtube piano and were reaching so many great people, any that's. Not it wouldn't be doable without not gay Jared. In Courtney and brought again who's the silent, mysterious partner who helps us all the time. So it's it's been great and your listening and you want to know how to help just bookmark the site go. Follow us Facebook, twitter email list, whatever you it's all free, but you just checking in on things, help us helpless, get out to a lot of people wouldn't real here this and when you look at you to justice, we were talking about this jeered. Seven Ten million views it over five minutes, each people actually sitting in washing in the average viewer is a twenty eight years, male,
That's never happen from the conservative movement, so don't sit for me. That's all. A team effort and unjust really grateful to be apart. That's it's been a fantastic year. Courtney see if you can talk that girl or you're fired. Well, I'm. Actually, I'm I'm grateful for having Security? I'm grateful when I look around at other people, my age, there struggling a lot of people are struggling them the Obama economy, and I'm I'm grateful that I'm employed. I know that sounds You know it's not as great as I have the greatest both in the world but it's and I am grateful yours. Already. I was working, for the first time on contracting, not gay, Jared and Courtney, and for the first, not good years coming out on top and it's not on a guy. So Courtney coming others about like selling an ape you accounts even suggested
how much not gay lipstick as on your but right now, Stephen, because there was a lot of buck kissing going on giant, you know and he Jean applications and irregular. It looks like a rainbow. Courtney. Go ahead, The end hit me with the debates I watched when I saw tell me if I'm wrong. I saw obviously- exchange with Rubio and crews, it's different when you want to transcripts, and you see the clubs watch at whatever the debate, like one thing that I find credibly telling Donald Trump did have anything to say when crew was there in front of him. Calling him a maniac on the on the campaign. Trail kind of pointed out is why in got little bit personal, again I've only where the transcripts and the highlights and seen the cliffs, Am I wrong about that? That was trump as aggressive with cruise in front of him, because I said that for a while to listen to attack Ben Carson when he died,
in, but then we want to tackle in person who attacked Carly, fear Reno when she's leading, but you want to tackle in person. This was TED crews. The last week he was on the attack trail with TED crews. What transpired debate? It was the opposite of attack. He backtracked. He said I think curse has a wonderful, too from it, because that's my car from mainly from far cry from maniac and trumped, knows. Crews is a tea party media darling. He he's a pure bred, high pedigree conservative. You kid and you there's no way you can try, take TED crews down as candidates. Not gonna, go over well for you not even with the trumpets, which is what I affectionately referred to to the Aurora call the Trump bans, the Tripoli or the trumpets You know what that is. That's it. That's in people get so mad. We talk about it. Listen I'm sorry, I'm not one of them!
five aim radio hosts to who is beholden to the cocktail parties. If you want to talk establishment right listener. Let's talk about the people who worked in the Reagan administration or who worked Nixon administration who worked for Clarence Thomas who worked in politics, became radio hosts. And now need you to listen to them. Just as we don't, we don't need people to continue listening to just the am ready to stay in business. We have a lot of things that we do and it turned my stomach. Conservative selling out now for Trump when they they know the TED Cruz, is genuine conservative Get off track went to come back here after the break with there's so much to dive into listen, I'm just going to apologise because transport, a conservative he's. Not. And what it is its cowardly not be willing to. Punch someone when they're there to the face not being willing to do that and then go on. The campaign trail slander and get get nasty.
Cowardly, and I wish more people called it out and in drums never been in a fight he's. Always security of a huge sum, of cash underneath- and you know it will talk more about that. Because Courtney, you- and I were talking about that on my long drive across the country and in you had some good points, a lotta with crowd or end of year show, if you choose the dial. You hate a mirror. I dont make. The rules are just call them stated. Daughter. I just moreover, to congratulate you on the baby,
Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself daughter, who ever heard of a red no green dear. That's must ups internets, that's borderline racist! Well, I am area notice with the lawsuit last year. Well, who ever heard of a Negro elf,. There were to be bad Gavin Mcguinness coming up in his sorrow coming up at the bottom of the hour. Before we go back to Trump, I don't have any of you watch the Rudolf Clay. May Christmas special lately. I grew up on that. The group it is disturbing identical there's a jack ass in that Christmas. Special it gets worse as you get older lodging. I want you to still knows these things as a kid. You think, ah poor
off? I wish you would you know just topknot, be an ant good job done into real. I realize this airline of, as it really is, Santa Claus is kind of a day, yeah. He is only think about, like you have little kid set on his lap. How is that not creepy now now? Stop it? Stop it. Stop it that's onward and worked on the actual things. He said that we can prove you be ashamed of yourself, giving birth, to a red nosed reindeer. My way it's borderline racist per cent, where's do with a boy always know the other thing we are Santa's AL mom. I can't eat with all that racket, their singing for you, the island, misfits toy. It miss it's the Auschwitz for toys, its choice. You are: perfect and their sent off their exiled. It's it's! It's incredibly disturbing spring, a disturbing ok! Back down from sorry Courtney, but we're tumbled down from peoples a yeah, well, business business. You know where, when I say well, ok wondered what are trumps accomplishments as a man to be present.
Right now, you are you aware your billions and there it your judging a man entirely by the side of his while we're what are your accomplishments. My first wife show of my first. Why Does that matter more than ten billion dollars for president, it does to me in the way you can a million dollars in a late sixties, you just that for inflation. If you do nothing with it, it's thirty something million today, have to be a monumental screw up to lose. Not say he didn't do our business, but again Jared Courtney. You know this is people who are freelancers, having that pile is security, blanket take risks that you wouldn't take. Otherwise you know there's a never ending surplus, just like spending the government's money. It's not your! and having a million dollars in your bank account nineteen sixty nine or nineteen seventy two, even if you don't, that million: u can get as much money as you want from any bank in the world. Why? Because I see a million dollars in your bank account near a player. That's it don't understand that million report The ability to get a twenty million dollar alone when adjusted for inflation could be a hundred million dollars on you.
Tell me that you couldn't I mean if you can't make a ton of money. With a twenty million dollar loan adjusted fruitful. I mean you're a screw up, so I'm not impressed that's why I think someone who had that security blanket someone who's always had that behind him. Who was pampered as a kid? That's why he can be so bold and campaigns, rail and shudder, and his boots in front of crews under debate stage. Courtney, am I out of line now, but I don't think it's gonna matter to people who support Trump True, they dismiss any criticism of him which, which is what Find a little unnerving if I hear something that I dont like about her if your I look into it. I don T other oh well, yeah, but she had to do this, less nano I investigate, because this is going to be someone who's running the country, these things matter. The kind of blind following that, I'm seen from tromp it you may about this in the past, a kind of reminds me of the
culture following Obama, had that people really liked what Obama had to say it sounded so good, but if you ask them what it should they meant what is hoping change mean they couldn't really answer. So if we were to ask trumps Porter hey what does making Amerika great? What does that mean to you How would they respond as anyone ever ass? The marshal your incorrect, its make Amerika great again, oh again, an extra word against late arise from Ronald Reagan. Slogan. Let's make a mirror great again is run organs was, I think, make Amerika great doubts displayed rises. Slogans part mean yeah. Ok, so he's harking back to the good old feelings of rank, and Do we have criticised and did not like when you look at this right and if you ask, I like with the banning all muslim things, actually talk to my mom about this yesterday she said: oh yeah, you can ban all Muslims and I asked her. How do you do that and there was silence
well. I don't want to listen and I want to drag on your mommy abuse listening. I hear your mom's a lovely woman, but it's just not strange, but its. It that wasn't criticise criticism on her. It's it's. Let's take! It wants a further ok banning all Muslims. Let's pretend We could do that. How do you do it. Because an exaggerated only eight of the Wall TAT surrounds really good to people, because they're they're, afraid of his lamas, stream. It's irrational fear certainly anyone I do want to spend too much time on trunk like you, because LEO, We believe that anyway, it's one thing that good bother me me. Go Rubio with a little disingenuous and one of his attacks on TAT crews ray said you vetoed military spent, you needn't be, does aren't you voted against a military spending bill now, it's not fair about that is I have the exact numbers in front of me. Maybe you have those in front of you, but I know what he's talking about, because I try to use it against tat crews before left a sap it was as if you have a bill. Were you know? The military, let's say, needs
twenty billion dollars right. But the bill comes to you with only ten billion. You say no, because then your drafting up or you want to vote yes on the bill that provides the amount they needed. That's what TED crews did. It was well known, but Marker Rubio pointed to that. That was a little bit of political football than anyone else, catch that our caribbean list. And distract from everyone asking him about his position on immigration and the gang of eight. This, we all know. We all remember the gang of eight and that's his achilles heel that young That's gonna, take him out of the rays if anything takes mother rates, because the amount people are not for illegal immigration. Kind of got a little shady with that deal well into there again, so I promise that with an island my criticism of Rubio, but when you talk, that bill. That was at a time when Obama was bluffing and saying if they puts if they
something in front of me that was reasonable and we could come. I would sign it right now and so much previously said there you go any course: Obama didn't it's important to note that time any has walked back. Now is disappointing yes, but to act as, though is establishment. Marco Rubio was hated by the establishment in his defeating crest, Charlie Chris. That was it huge huge victory for the tea party. He was a tea party candidate. If you ask people year and a half ago, with their fair person, whether women Muckle so now not perfect, but you're right. That is Achilles heel, but I think sometimes people forget context bright and no candidates perfect, and we all have to bear that in mind. But a lot of a lotta discuss in about security and immigration, came up in the debate and TED, and I'm sorry yo and crews, went out each other. For that reason,
they. They know that you can take out. They know they can take our trump right now. I think they're trying to take on each other. That Senator Rubio and senator cruelty. We had him on the programme of their different. I hope you told him that I sometimes and I like Sir Donald Trump View, because I'm a member of the Euro area or gender? Yes, yes, I'm sure I should be grateful to even beyond this programme. Oh gosh, if they go to a break Gavin Mcguinness coming up after this, and then Courtney will come back later and argue with me or case four star wars. Stay too. Now all right boys, it's time to try and learn to fly whose role is to step up the little drivers. Ok, boy! That's good now try and get your flight underneath. Wow right from the start go.
Not right jobs on watch wow. What a what's not let this young man join and every reindeer games both to the, though we would everything I don't mind your nose Rita. I think it's cute at you. Should they give you to this end now look what you did that to what about before your listening to a little louder with crowd her out at the nice summit that is next guest,
wouldn't be the end of the year. One of my fellow rebellious cannot, of course, you know about the Anthony Gloomy, a network rebel tv. Was of a given gonna show. I don't know what else to govern Mcguinness. That's the man I'm talking about gammon! Thank you for being here. I am happy to be here, Stephen grounder. What's why was? It was an attempt to the joke. Why can't you do a hard c on Mckinnis cabin Mckinnis? Not Mcguinness did I say Mcguinness ass. She did and SIRI even says Mcguinness. Everyone says, I think it's the way North Americans use a seed or so lazy is like sorry, Alive Mcguinness, Mckinnis Mckinnis one. If there was a sea in a big see,. Mckinnis raises the call see it a big g. It would be Mc Ginnis, I'm sorry, I will listen. I'm not people are listening already. So let me reintroducing Gavin Mckinnis the prick thanks for being here, given thanks for having me Stephen make crowded,
the big problem. You know it. I get all atomic chowder. I just haven't a stand up. Gig and similar disco someone's like chat. It's not it's! None of your work on Mcguinness cause. I know people mainly Mcguinness, its could common name it's about that, no one's chowder with crowded and that's what I hate about immigrants and people working in any kind of call service customer service on the phone. They don't know about the wet western history and my name Gavin Mckinnis, which should be a name that Everyone is able to pronounce because the Scots built the modern world. They call me Gabby islands. Gave. Vine MR gave in one time this woman just a she couldn't do it and I keep going it's phonetic. Phonetic Mckinley and she goes do you know what about have your phone cut off means jeez new talking with Sprint Finally, you mention that you're, my dad has a bit of yours. It's his favorite, you one another. It is what,
like to be heard it on the euro can show any actually quotes it alot now we were big quotas were beginning to feel and that here your but evidently bet you're just talking, but my dad's, a fan of yours in it. Was about the armenian taxi driver on the way to Joe Rogan show and you say he was struggling with English and of my dad well out of the punchline I'd be an armenian poet. So, let's workin first. You can explain my dad quotas that are announced all the time now, while I go, and this happens every single time, I talk to a cab driver or you know a car service guy there like when it is business- and I always go, are you asking? Is it a business? Then you have to have a influence or is it a business is a normal way too. Yes is business and they go where you from living, while there would be like ECHO Park, but no way
before that ordering Lando. Probably how long have you been here for twenty four years, twenty four years, violet in Armenia for twenty four years? I be writing whatever stupid critics. Like language, you have with my feet and I'd be an armenian poet. By now. If I lived in Japan for twenty three years, I probably wouldn't even speak English anymore. I just be counted money going what a fossil energy hook. You know that three? What could I gotta goes when you also be you'd, be jumping off a rooftop? Why? It's a high suicide rain, industrialized world. Tons of plummeting tiny asian bodies. I would do that as a testament. Their culture. I have myself they added from red. I once we're talking about it and no one knew that. Sometimes we whether the latter motion the programme, sometimes people don't necessarily have the data from which an working. I assume everyone knows that the highest you aside rate in the world, but I guess a lot of people, don't a joke on red eye and I trust it will be where the time
any plummeting asian bodies it's a pandemic there. I hear an excellent always cut in israeli awkward like all that is really the highest suicide rate, not the way to commit suicide. They did the highest concentration. People jump off buildings like now can't run that I thought it was funny Nuno suicide is it's a hate fact. That's why I hate eight facts. When you say nothing, that's true in someone's says well we're not using like I've had trouble on tv. When I say over twenty five percent, and even the easiest poles say, suicide bombing is sometimes or often justified with Muslims, and they go what? What is that data again? I think why don't you know that data? Everyone should know that number is sixty percent. The low number is twenty five percent and they go now we're not doing that is too too controversial. Facts are controversial
Well, yes, they can be that's the problem that everyone gets offended with. Some you keep adjusting you're cannot care for people who are listening, terrestrial just so hot. I don't understand how these young kids today we can wear beneath all day them. So all was going to be honest. I literally just got off the area was working out before coming in here and I'm probably pretty flushed as well, so we're we're sharing its like e t. We're both are flowers are going to, whilst at the same time it is a horrible film life when no peace, negative, don't be so negative. It, sir, you are just yelling at your producers before coming on areas like a bit o Reilly out. Take that's not true. I was telling them they did a wonderful job and us thanking them for all their hard work. Think what do you think it here? Would you rather work for Gavin, Mckinnis or giving a tennis idle now talk? Is that this year, temperate work that Bill O Reilly clip you're? Talking about, I watched Nego, he was picked up the teleprompter
not working perfectly normal or that guy from my watch it and I go- I watch it and I guess I owe you worked at inside edition for a decade and you don't know what it means to play us out. Come on. To admit that like RON Burgundy ask whatever you yellow people, that's what men do in the workplace. Say: what the hell is, your problem and slap them around its healthy only if their women and or minorities, so we were going to have you on the programme, and this is one thing I tell people now you ve got a big mouth. You talk a lot because your government in us so do I sound like I'm always garden, my trust, but you do have a heart and, That's because you come across as bombastic people not necessarily realize that You are actually going to come on the show with my mother from this last week, How do you know her mom? Her aunt passed away? Socialize healthcare was a real struggle she's, pretty tender heart and about its. I didn't want to bring her into it, but it's something that we can talk about. Four days on our now to be truthful. Socialite healthcare didn't kill my aunt. What did happen? Was it
look so much longer to get a diagnoses and then to see the right doctor who determine a term in the course of treatment where you know you're dealing with lung cancer as most people cabuc do ten fourteen weeks can be a lifetime and It was really heartbreaking, so he was willing to come on what you really nice, but you d have experiences yourself of any family members and socialize health care, who just don't realize how crappy at us? Oh yeah, I was born in Britain and I live in Canada, so I've seen it happen twice. You know in two different scenarios and its both exacting problem. My my grandmother needed a hip replacement. She had to wait years and she goes she's body emigrants they're getting some before me up in pain in this my whole body. Because I shouldn't have a health god. I should have applauded the male God and you know immigrants we're getting treated before her because of whatever you know crocodile tears. Paul. He's they had because they felt bad about. I don't know what what Scotland to Pakistan, but they have to pay them back with free healthcare and all kinds of favors, and
You know immigrants take advantage of that and bring in their sick parents and all in all three countries. America, Canada and Britain and then there's this misnomer, where they just assume that in Canada you just walk in and sit down and they treat you and you walk out. No, because it's free there is no incentive for them to serve you in a timely fashion. So you go to the back of the line, just like you do for groceries in Venezuela and it's it's very dangerous. In terms of cancer, because cancer is a time bomb, in writing. We can handle this. We can analyse. We can analyse once it's like a computer virus right once a metastasized there's nothing! You can do right. Yeah. I know exactly right and I actually had a comment on proposed and I hated this, but you know we're, but your brother I'm pretty authentically the audience. A lot of people who live on hey how's, your aunt said. Will you let me do this all one shot, Facebook Twitter, but
get it over with and let it go now and move on, and it had a comment from someone from high school, and this is what left us do Emily? Listen. I don't believe it ever too soon for a joke, but goes well sorry about your aunt, but my I need a hip replacement and it would have cost twenty thousand dollars in the state you got it for free, so A few brow remember where you came from: firstly, it's not free. Secondly, great replacement and you got a new waited a long time. It doesn't fix the problem, like you said, with cancer, one performing people cannot refuse, and I'm sure you have the dead on this. If you have a life threatening disease, a life threatening illness, your single best chance of
living through it. The single barometer that we have to indicate you will survive is delivering. I guess it's America, regardless of wealth of wealth level. Regardless of this message across the board. Yeah, I mean look at vets. If I was a sick mammal in Canada, I would rather be a dog because you are going to get the best care in the fastest way possible because the free market has incentivize. If in care. I don't even think it's legal for Canadians to come down to America to get treated in a lot of them. Try Do that a lot of them will do it illegally? I think they will now pardon me. I think, given that we know now they have super hospitals in Canada and soon I moved away. Did you know about that? No yeah so that actually super hospitals. There was a supreme court cases show we versus could back in two thousand five. I love to know for and
No, no! It was not for actually left, I guess after the case, but I know about it. They had built a hospital you saw in the West Island Montreal, it's called a super hospital or, as we know them, you're New states hospital where you can actually doesn't pay for healthcare, but there's really. Yeah, but if the pain on your membership and it's I don't know what the numbers are very expensive, like a nine hundred our annual fee and then a fee basely kind like a concierge doktor so who can afford it and when you think about the tax burden on the cost of living in a place like Montreal, not many people can afford that kind of care specialists and are already paying socialists here out of pocket. You're dollars a year will before even see anyone just as a one time membership at something high legs ass. I pay that for my family planning wanna. It's it's a lot in addition to socialize healthcare. Then, if you see a doctor, it's one fifty or never treatment, so you still paying for everything else, but you have to pay a one time feed to be a part of this Super hospital with with fifty two percent tax rate, if you're making sixty thousand a year whatever it is so not lot
who can afford it, but yeah they have, it was actually violated of it was ruled a violation of human rights Gavin, not civil rights, human rights because shall we was serving people in Quebec, privately we're going to die and he was helping and when is put out of business the courts. It actually is a violation of human rights to tell people you have. They go online and die if their willing to pay for healthcare. So that's a monumental shift since you when I left it is stunning and it's it's. If there's one place, the free market will help its when your life is at stake. I don't even think there should be an FDA. I think all drugs should be experimental, maybe get little sticker on it if it has some sort of test, but when drugs work they become a popular you know what's happening with the my peers. Is they have all this incredible healthcare and there
fusing it because they ve been brainwashed into thinking that it's not as simple as radiation chemotherapy blast that bastard the only way you can kill cancers tanuki it, but I grew up punk rock and all my sort of idols and now friends are dying. Because they ve been brainwashed into thinking that the free market and a government, or not the government, but that the the hospitals, the oncologist don't know what you're doing and you had area up from the slits ripe young fuse together in this sector. And said I'll handle it I'll go to Jamaica smoke, some herbs, man? She changed her mind at the last second to light it had metastasized she's dead, polystyrene from Ex respects exact, same story, onto punk to get treatment are now it's all a lie. The big business wants to shut, you down is corporate, it's all corporate. Now you can use creams. No, you can't leave their mark you could just use craves, yeah, petty rainbow.
Friend of mine who started grass. He had some sort of cancers thing in his job. He was using cream on their holding Chris, those who stuff it's all this supreme. What am I going to school? cream on it. I implored penny. I go but with the asian medicine. These guys think that, like a bears, gallbladder is gonna. Give you x ray vision, stop that they have three thousand years of terrible, I figure who each I go. How have you ever been to China There are literally like the Chinese who come into Hong Kong, psychotherapist Chinese in Ankara. They hold their children above the trash can to go to the bathroom there. There don't read next, China, people don't think they're rednecks anywhere at all. Only not even the maid Sheen Culture has they got tigers. Air eyelash is gonna. Make you live longer, make you more virile, could The tiger and dug out, we have to go to break, I think he's confusing China with Hocus Pocus, but the actual film a digital
Yes, that's now gathered Mckinnis after they stated. This is our with router be sure to visit louder with broader bit. That is going to run away How careful way you're going now, MR see there, but I know else: I'm going to be a damn test. What can I see your mauler than poke around back there, though girls, that Karl Never let me do that either with a big point of contention car, that's not important right now, let's run away together and thing show tune. I am not such a move
This is louder with crowd. We're back with of a given Mckenna show over the anti communist work as ethnic gloomy and network or what's the type what's the website, that's the network. Then it's on Anthony, Cuming, dot com, Anthony, come you don't come in. They make far much for much much more money than we do, because they have you people paying the crowd? Our heads are willing to pay for their content. How dare you glad to have you it's funny we're talking about that before? We go firstly, I want. I want to move on right after this, because you run the risk of people saying that you're simply anti immigrant, but yet I'm China has never gotten it right there. Forgotten anything, really, never gotten medicine right. They ve, never gotten government right. They built in them. One point where there are more advanced and technology, but sure
we from a moral standpoint. They ve not gotten it right and it's one of those things where people love to go over there or India is a perfect example. They go there to find themselves spiritually. Also, some wanna be yogi from the Upper EAST side, can slap their religious symbol on a bumper sticker and feel good about themselves when these people would give there left arm to be american. For a day. I dont understand the chinese and legs with cancer, I know a lot of people to who really, who really believe nothing being healthy, doesn't helps implementation, can't how of course it can but our modern medicine, the thing about the double blind, placebo, controlled clinical trial. It tells you what works yeah there. The guy was talking about is a founder. This anarchists, punk ban, called crass penny, embodies a big animal rights activists Bobby, probably hasn't eaten in meat years sixty years, and this guy still all into Chinese. I'm sorry I've seeing the top chinese herbalist in the country whose wife,
and I'm thinking no one treats animals worse than the Chinese. I mean they're, two models with food or if it moves its food and the more pain and animal suffering. Whilst being killed the more delicious it is so why are you doing this the reason is because the liberal ethos is of no masochism its. I hate the western world and its. I hate capitalism. If what, if there's any other option, there will go for that, and this is particularly dangerous in medicine, because if there's one thing we are good at its antibiotics, chemotherapy, blasting, look. I got this bite on my arm on the weekend and it's a little. It was in the meetings that I pulled out of my form. I guess you can't see that I can see what I can see. This is hd video hd, so it turned into a rose I this morning and I just went out rap. I got lime disease. So what do I do? I'm headed down the clinic where I'm on this weird
Christian Health ministries where you pay. No, I know it is the other. The shared amount verses, as opposed to like deductible yeah, but you have to, but you ll have to commit to not drink too much or do drugs or smokers salt, and this, This pause. I've had light as these are not. Why don't take antibiotics but speaking of and I'm I'm, I keep bringing up these far far lefty type upon crackers because they have the same sort of mental disorder that all liberals have just exaggerated and you got Kathleen Hannah from bikini Kill and fatigue raw. She headline disease and I believe she has had some sort of like cool punk doktor deal with it and if you don't get line disease that day, let it go see a year. It becomes in the same zone as multiple sclerosis. Every few months you are virtually paralyzed, and that's what happened to her. This is what keeps happening these people that think capitalism and big business are evil and I've got a better idea screw. You I'm gonna use cream. What what's so funny is actually
We follow the other way. They should have come back and meat. So, to give an example, my family doctor, we visit in Texas, he's just a general practice. Just a family doctor. He doesn't deal in insurance at all at all fifty dollars. You see my brother. She had minor surgery performed by him on his ear, thinks about tuna and fifty dollars so alien out, no insurance like three hundred dollars. What he had was you know it's pretty common for surveillance system to have a problem there enough operate. That's why pirates actually got to hear piercing. Did you know that they believe there are health benefits they happen to get it right, didn't actually know any organisation they deserve Here they get surfers, get that it. A growth just grows the seals, the ear and you get this major operation and get it out. Why don't we get something on anyone who provided for not much money but one of my family members actually and I had not high cholesterol at higher rock less, although my ratios we're great. So this is a doctor whose totally western medicine can prescribe anything, but because we know what let's do this: let's get you on this these values
Since this fish oil and with my mama, that's my cholesterol. He got around some supplement actually goes from had come back into the blood work. It was better than us when in any kind of a prescription medications. Look at great. This is great. So here's your diet now eat oatmeal. You're I'm eating eggs lower down the refined, sugars and unilateral, looks great. Keep checking up on her didn't prescribe her because enough, so you don't have when coming in pushing an insurance company, doesn't have some pharmaceutical rep coming in now, that's exactly what these eastern medicine fans should like, but they support the affordable care act, which is what one big kick back to big insurance companies. They don't understand that the coastal areas doctor the cash only doctor the no ensure was what we had for ever until recently, and a modern pharmaceutical complex is a by product of big left. Us government. Have these doctors don't even know what they're charging I've asked cause? I don't care before had kids, I did cash all the time and wouldn't even have health care, and it s doctors, how much this disgusting and they go. I don't know, and I go, could you give me a ball park is to introduce or two thousand dollars
I have no idea right. What are you a good example to MRI that have MRI and all the way down my spine from his wrestling injuries and is it occurred to you you're, a hypochondriac. You have had more medical testing than a ninety. Old woman. Well, I actually what happened is actually New York, I actually to ruptured discs and some pretty preachers problems at the back. So But now I am just shut. You check up music while you're close our little high. You know, you're just tries to keep you healthy as opposed to correct the real problem, but I did have some wrestling injuries and we're probably looking at surgery, soon, you're you're, distracted me from the point Gavin, knowing you in your suspenders, in your pants and in the wider world pants for this interview, not wearing pets, distinctly likely to my underwear. It's not fair and that's not true, look out because we see the sun, the camera. I see no pants. Let's have it. Given that cigarette want me to prove what I'm wearing yeah can. I saw your pants off your pulling them down right now
actually go. Daddy worries for those listening to rest really get why these walls writing. Oh my gosh, in our stated that this is a screenshot, yet there we got at the screen shot. Perfect. No, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! You too! I have a problem with this. Ok back to the point. That was my point. What are you talking about? you're, not Mercedes Moreira asked of MRI up three hundred dollars is what it costs me. Four dollars: cash, if I were doing it to insurance. When I asked I wanted you to have insurance MIKE they would have been for like wanted some thought, she put into cash only stay in work with actual progress, inevitable. Who would rule? Do people don't open up?
Any wealthy Americans, where they've called an ambulance, cuz, they're, naive and the EMT takes me son goes look. This is going to run you about in grand, so why pretend this didn't happen. I'm determine all about ten seconds. Keep that thought government I gotta get out. I got it, your listening to louder with greater follows. Even on Twitter S, proud, hey loud, didn't see there. What are you doing just lecturing and enjoyed my martyrdom civilly? It bore a fine reverend Finally, I reckon pullup rippled. There's more for the establishment. You know one. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine com call their number. What's that number Jarrett aid for
to night seven. Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like exit easy to get the call go to the website. Talk with Somalia with what I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front. It does any simpler than the simplified y know. I performed a barrier to entry? I know you do while but you're no leaders, bastard, that's why for simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine, dot com or just calling a poor for two nine. Seven
you're getting louder with router speeded up and down the story about the empty all about those. Why tell you're gonna get him? It's done to call an ambulance if you can't, if you could possibly not call
ambulance rang a common aim. It's I don't know how many times have been in a car with my kid holding out a gaping wound with my hand, as we take a yellow cab to the hospital inattentive, the time for a billionth of the funding but, when you get the Armenian I've heard a lot of people on Americans. Tell me that Emts of sort of have taken them aside and said: look man! This is gonna, run you ten grand you don't have health care, so what're you just take a cab. You're, not gonna die in the cab on the basis of very, very bad got what you want order was again. I wish it well. I really last summit until you on your show, had to leave and Andrew Bright bar story. We can only talk about that, but if you want here the story, actually involves an ambulance of how I hurt my back and just how corrupt. So this is the haven't. I told you a stream of or maybe- you when you're doing comedy in that thing, you're on collapsed. No, that's that's what started it all. I was my meat, so yeah state what you know. If you don't stand up, it's horrible gigs didn't collapse. The stage shifted apart, my heel went in my ball. Stood out, I kept walking, I fell over,
The ground at my Shin state, perpendicular swedish and I heard shrapnel draft snap, and I had a pot, my knee back in and finish, but and so walk. Are the limp literally ever since, because what am I gonna do get need surgery in Canada. You no longer going to take. I went in, I couldn't walk for four weeks will take us I'd never got an mri. Until I came to the United States, I guess well, maybe they didn't MRI for my pen decide us which I had removed. I don't know I don't have a human rights for them. This week I was in New York City in Europe, Sports Club and I was doing rose. And have talked with Nepal, gas, but I'll I'll hurried up are you doing, rose in the machine which I never do with squat rack was taken. They had recently painted the grip tape. You know where your feet go. I didn't know- and I guess they Didn'T- have a dehumidified. So we just warming up lightweight my foot slipped off with one point, and I you hear that like this and I fell back and if you ve never actually passed out, from pain when they tried to get me up, because my back and was in such spasm. I just
stars and robust feel able to breathe and Canada in and out with, similar to eleven choked gotten wrestling. They ended up taken me to the school to the hospital Lennox Hale couldn't move. My legs could move my legs at all, for least eighteen hours. They misread the MRI, long story short with ten thousand something dollar bill and other less living frivolous lawsuits, but new exports club. This was your fault just, but we're not going to pay the bill. So, finally, there me down, I said: listen, I'm just waiting to try and get the other people to pay for the bell, because this was their fault. They always have health insurance. I kid you not. It was ten thousand something dollars. I see I dont have health insurance, but to go on. If you pay us eleven hundred dollars, you'll never hear from us again. Right there so used to not getting paid back, that they have to cut it down so like a collection agency, yeah alike,
have hired a lawyer for that little amount. Facet of this is what it is with christian health ministries. You keep paying an ant cultures and when you told me about you, keep paying as though you don't have health insurance, because you'd technically don't write and then, when you get it through the right number, that is the free market number. Then you send you're just a bill and then they refund you yeah wasn't my data. You know he a cancer, he has a liberty, health share and they might actually become a sponsor the show and there out of pocket or their shared amounted to a thousand dollars, and then they cover everything else after that, so is actually pretty good deal. What you're, paying India, He had skin cancer Yoda minor surgery on it and they literally at a check to him within a week, and he can any can go to whatever doktor he wants look here's the big picture, and this is what drives me, nuts, with the lives on health care. It is incredibly complex. The blast proper so we saw from Obama, was what fifteen hundred pages it's the same with complex
changing global warming. All these lefties talk about unbelievably complex subjects like they have it all figured out, ran my God tells me the free markets, better. My experience, it's been. American healthcare is better than canadian health care, even with all the groups I have to jump through, but I am not an expert and I'm not smug about it Ray. I just have a pretty good. Idea of what would be better for everyone. I've noticed a pattern with the free market where it tends to solve problems better than government but at the very least, can we ask the people involved in this debate not to be so self righteous about at all? Well, especially, people died in Canada, so that was the jumping off point. What is and what else do we want to tie my you're an assignment. I gotta tell ya health care. I could talk about it all day, but I know people get bored well were approaching Christmas here and aims. Being all these colleges refuse to mention Christmas
you know, holiday party. There was a university here. I think it was Coronel that Ceta make sure that your holiday party couldn't be confirmed. Oh site. University of Tennessee. Ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise real Ohio state you want to make sure you avoid red red and green boughs, and this is becoming more popular. There was a high school principle, Eugene Kim here in Brooklyn, who is banned, products pledge of allegiance anything Santee, anything Christmassy Thanksgiving, basically anything western. That has it a hint of judeo christian values, and the irony is that's why you came here. That's what made this country right right, we're not saying you not lead to be an atheist, go bananas atheist, but it's worth a little bit of respect, just like we were talking here today about you know. If I moved to Japan, if I moved to Japan he, couldn't we take my shoes off when I go indoors. If you were living,
here, in the way we work hard on your front, Canadian, don't you take issues up when you go inside anyway? No, really, that's why I left go back now, I don't understand you walk through dog, crap and gum and you're out there in Brooklyn. So whatever hipsters leaving the floor, I'm assuming broken needles and cigarette been american Spirit. Cigarettes butts in dragged your house. I walk through dog crap once a year and it's a major catastrophe. The alarm, alert, there's garden, hoses involved a toothbrush get sacrifice, there's caution, microscopic dog crap, especially New York, microscopic dog crap is not an issue here. I do I like, like my shoes when I get home, it's not like I'm covering Gun Montreal, you Walkman Slushing snow, and then you go to a party, and not only do you have to take your shoes off so now you walk around and socks.
So hard to be a man when you're walking out of the kitchen with you little Saki. So it goes your short, so you need to lift, but then the girls they have. This awesome outfit on with these two letters boots, I am Mister Joe and I feel it is because your short, so you prefer the lifts go ahead. I see yeah, that's a fact that sure that's deftly a factor and then girls, why this autumn health it with this dress, Skinner Christmas, dress, it hugs their hips and then their matching green, opaque, tighten them just like you did more if the parties at what sort, if you dig more, is that the party I dont like socks at a party, I don't like engaging in dialogue with people with my little soft fuzzy cotton told sitting around. You need to have shoes on at a party, and that is why I left go back here in Amerika. I will never take my shoes off ever, but you wouldn't Japan, I wouldn't Japan and I'll. Tell you being married to Indians. My wife all is always barefoot in the house and all the kids, the second they get home they take off there
using their socks. Unlike what is it with you? Indians are being barefoot all the diner, always in regions are women forehead, Indians, or do we mean Redman Indian, feather, not dot further, not dot? Ok, I was reading the tree with this American Indian, who was on a team and she's famous now making money they that and she goes you ever miss him yeah. I miss the Rez I miss Barefoot and, where in sweat, pants and feel the dirt on my toes Am I even some stranger in another tribe miles away the first thing they go to his barefoot people in the west. If it's not snowing out, you need your shoes on at all times. If you, if you're at home, you're gonna, be stepping on new children's Rio's there's going to be other things on the ground. You can stop your tone Europeans is cheerios on your feet, not dog, feces on your carpet. That's where we part ways know your problem is you're assuming there's rampant dog feces everywhere yeah yeah, is like stepping on a dog at a huge deal. Now you're, not it's all over the place in New York, there's all kinds of crap in its everywhere. It's it's filth been
only way you can make dog crap appear on my shoe is to say its microscopic, which means it's a micro aggression and I can't disprove at its two tiny, but as far as chunks go right away and it reeks up whole room. There Gavin Mcguinness does not believe in germ theory, any hint he hates Indians, their markets. Is your wife completely hairless as she did she get that part of the year. She is Indians are low on body here. I will say that yes, we're getting a little personal when, You are the most forthcoming person. I've ever known. You will talk about benders about me about my life, I'll I'll, stand up, nude right now and do a hullo dance for you. We might want to do that but it is true NATO at one native Americans. I knew and like a second, if there were anyone, can't nobody zero, none, no one believed them and I'd enough that was across the board knows I'm just a very asian
way, it's hard to tell them, apart with the same eyes, to yeah it's hard to tell them apart. If you talk like mine, indian native american region, like they can be interchangeable, who said you're, not an american indian. If people don't ask you whether you're asian or Mexican cuz there's so many these white guys with blond hair, getting checks up in Canada, cuz they're one slash one thousand mohawk: it's such a scam. You have to be a quarter or nothing. Well, you know what's funny about that, is it's proof that there was no mess? side most of it occurred through integration. There was constant intermarrying. They were encouraged to take the native Americans, converting Christianity, bring them into the european way of life. Some of them didn't want to sell the idea, we came and deliberately wiped them. I will then, how was Johnny Depp one Eighteenth Comanche, whatever it is, that doesn't happen given making Indians from scratch since o eight. I can't recommended enough
are less Gavin Mcguinness, I'll talk with you all on after we leave you offer working people thus find your brother Anthony. Can we had our com my twitter is Gavin Underscore Mc Ginnis, that's what I'm gonna have to forego Roger went on ass, second cabin Martinez. More than a friend like you more than a friend, we will be back with your listening louder with proud, oh boy, Hobo the offer The abominable go bad, we better high. Yes, we better find a place. Tat cattle were never mind. Let's get out of here. You re born out of here. Nothing!
We are back ladder that Gavin on you can see whether an impertinent louder with greater dot com and the full video. But right now, as promised, we're going to bring back my head right or at the website, and a very impressive young lady, but she is wrong on star wars such a perfect. She hasn't had Courtney CARE chop thanks for feedback. Thanks for having me oh you're, not you're, doing the where you're talking while you're smiling to try and out, like somebody told that says certain presidential candidate to have noticed
anyway star were hardly fear. Ina yeah so you're gonna be Arena creepy, you know what it is, and this is one thing I acknowledge that women kind of have to do some time. That's not a sex, something is not a systemic thing, but on a debate full of men, I think We fear Rina. You know she feels the need to prove yourself as authoritative, and so it's balancing that, without coming across his as bitch and so you have to say Ok, I can play with the boys your I am here. Here's my authority, I'm going to speak with with conviction, but also be friendly, and I think that's a balance, sometimes a little harder for administration because dies. I guess I'll have to do it. I think I think a likeable look, and I remember watching some, like the Pre CNN, stop people were like a brick, humor and candidates this time around, they said it. They once did Leslie, you don't really get it off and curly on any of the debates
my grandma or time a grandma. She just like she was so turn off, Byron, Monica kind of understand why I understand where she's going from yeah funniest person that state by farmers is given I could be used by far the funniest. Very clever guy is a very clever. Even people who is all about smoothness when people say many answers even left to strike, all right. It's really tough to argue, but Courtney. We do want to talk about that. The new stalwart Harrowby has released. We did a video about that. I Lift the shade of star wars were playing in my back yard can't stand. It think the writings terrible George Lucas has proven track record with nothing but pure crap. The field is yours, talk about maybe the new star wars, or am I make you? Can the new star wars? I have not seen the New STAR wars- it's not helmed by George Lucas. We are have a fan effect using it? Don't even the Disan invited from anything happen literally had told me about George. Just just just use cab Mccoy
just go home can be a moderate way home. Can carry out love. No was you guys? Take it over every right to the sounds days now is to leave the loveliest. They want this movie. They began it all on people in fun of it for the next ten years, like we ve been doing, but that the first three episode you genuinely on removing them nostalgia. Dude genuinely believe that any of the star wars, films, are good. Films stand alone. Remove the merged move, nostalgia, remove the inertness. Oh there's pause, there's a part, he's not call and that in Ireland we have smiling causes pauses that make any centre at the sight. I have been a while, since apes, it's been a while, since I've seen the originals star wars, I have them on dvd. I I like
story is their nostalgia. I think so. I grew up with them as on a howl by rose, but is your quality, I think not? Is there quality, I would have to watch them again. Bearing that in mind trying get in a frame of mind. Withers. Having said that, I have watched some movies that I loved as a kidney, This is terrible shadow. Have you seen with Alec Baldwin before he got really hat? Well? Now I was, I was in your term, one hope Homeward bound shadow, the dog which still stands up, so you better watch your mouth You got the crossing lines non target, not without a shadow that dog but on and on and on and on about by a sort of some movie IKEA motto that legislation when shadows frantic crawl out of that yeah, but it's all bad a chance, because Hopper looked like chance, even american bulldog and unjust, and then make up a cat day, which was the climax of the movie,
that was the market, in other words the film, but the Gatt lives here tat. He wanted the cat it's the siamese cat and horrible, now she's, gonna, sameness, cats, second, Burma or something. I don't like you, I like you. I am not usually what went back and watch Dennis the menace, because it on tv, that's horrible its, and now he is a horrible, but you know what actually holds up Christopher Lloyd's creep penis, it's pretty bad predawn creepy innocent its borderline, a pet of Felix, almost underway like stains overnight, watches the hordes of children play its does its did really creepy, but we have to get back to stars, but the funniest description I ever heard of myself when I had my own had shot. Someone said it looks kind like an old Tom Cruise and Walter Math. I had a baby. That's going to start cousin hyper big round nodes
ok, so Courtney, you just here, just crystallized, don't you love? It? Salt myself that'll be tweeted to me all week, long as though it stinks. I made the insult but tweet me. Greater and better than Walter, Math Alto Well, I don't know how I got in there. How did he get in there? I? Why don't, I think, with top grouping Walter map out what I'm getting at top? Let's be honest here for talking about the arch, dynamics of a relationship of breeding you ve lost money. Money lawyer. It is that is quite a lot you are everything that I hate about. Stars vans Courtney, in that, when about it. You did well, I love star wars. I haven't washed in years, but I have it on dvd or this
Why don't you go home on or island? I haven't. Harry Potter in a few years either I still of those books I want to watch something it readily slave to still like it? That's what about your food Movie, someone ever since it was my favorite movie. When did I sat in my bedroom? That's that's fair, but and if you like to star wars, fan out there. It is. Your argument is coming apart now you're trying to deflect now I'm correcting you, assumptions that were erroneous- I said, liked STAR wars, and I still do like star wars. I have the dvds I've seen them recently have seen them yesterday now have ass, they move in the past year. No, but I have now a lot of eleven want, while you sleeping either and that's that's a great river does what my favorite non comedy is the edge with now it Baldwin.
And I never go more in the couple years without watching it. So you know what I think: Corny just wants to clean star wars, because she once had a lunchbox court. I never have lunch, will you not only have been through x day through axing fighters door, my bedroom here, five? Second, Gordon CARE job we ourselves We are all Mamma. How can I deal with all that racking Santa I didn't know you were all goes down. Well, never shut the hell up The language What are you all grateful, we'll, never loved me anyway?
Your listening to little louder with crowd. Her out at nice, tat led to have this next guess. This is just a barrel of last. Today, comedian, you can find a special at million revealed, name, are ruined the bigger the Elliot, Morgan, special dot com, we must remain under the same things are happening through ask with man. Sorry about all the scheduling this No, that's! Ok! I'm sorry! I was just asleep so that was status made by certain governments like the wife the Canadian I cannot
People listening to rest really, who aren't watching, were foregoing flag for both wearing the hips, your glasses, I know, what's going on it, on his arm and the first thing a friend of mine said me: she comes up and she goes how's. The APOLLO mission go by consistent or she could have also referred to in the nerdy kid from Polar Express that we're going reigners prow yet do more seasonal the North Sea, the for growth really like my holiday. So I got this thing tutorial, You got it will now in its horrible I'll. Let you if you want to continue commenting on a horrible. It has let yet it's like. I look like a friggin. I'm gonna get into some sort of a night cars well naturally didn't through the text question the texture not within, shawl collar notwithstanding the texture too. That's what it looks like you're going to invite me out to coffee and then right, yeah wasn't spoil it
you got a girl re. Usually you go What do we do that? Ok, so for those who are familiar with Ellie Morgan Super popular online younger, you worked for a company for local source. Vat has actually work how we touch based assessment or content there while ago, leans source federalism, taken color to the left. Now this potential danger yeah. What what are you guys? I don't want to bring out the closet, but now there is because even when you, when I spoke awhile ago, you really I'm really not a liberal! I dont get it! I'm like a self conservative, but You indicated that you lean more to the right, but now there's this awakening. Even since then in the last six months, online on Youtube in the pod Gascon so not just am radio where this is, but an with younger p. Where the left has over reached him. Have you seen that accelerate so quickly lightly? It the left over reaching out? That's necessarily what I would say are italian
terms of white, just straight political correctness and my social justice warriors, and we just did a video yesterday letter fifty two year old man who is now a Trans Six year old girl and it's just its so bizarre? I dont think that the social justice, though yes Even in this initiative, like a child of the fifty two year old man who was adopted by left his family and seven children and now lives. Life is a six year old girl. I'll get well ok, yeah. What are you we found it offered a dvd. I felt stupid because it emerged that actually he's the sex slave of these people who died at him, but they Him hang around with their actual biological. Seven years and it was ass- you put up by the trans- was a transgender project. Geared was some kind of sub. That's very, very efficient and some kind of NPR show, and they brought this out as though was supposed to be beautiful and tolerated. Didn't expect the reaction. Are you out of your mind, attitude of them yet the music and I think, to the left and yeah
cavalry anyway, it just an example, but it's not a typical. So that's what I'm now, I'm talking about sort of the cultural authoritarian left. Do you feel I dont want to bring ethical the body pheelum learned now to be more. I feel like it what's happening, but for me on a personal level is theirs. What's happened is that the left has gone so far less. But then I also see the right going so far right, like a sea with sort of trouble, and yet they don't worry it exactly. You stand with guns so much flag on the Trump stuff. I'm not a fan, ok, here's. What would he seems to be to me is an emotional reaction to what is happening on the left, and it just seems to be that were reaching a fever pitch and nothing is really changing and like as much as I can't stand bald like the social justice warrior stuff. I am. I really can't stand people who, at the same time, really political correctness, socks and they give no reason for at their gentler, vinyl blueprint sucks. I want to say something offensive
in the world of stand up, I see that constantly and issues like at an angle. I guess it's like rain. Neither side, I think, is having grace for the other side were like listening at all it is we ve all been like note. This is what we believe in raw for economic and light. Nothing is happening, I think, there's some truth to that would certainly say that it's it's a tenant of leftism, of progressive ISM to shut down dialogue. So, as a general rule, what is it that is the rule? For the last words, I think with the right compasses more from libertarian anti authoritarian to actual conservatives. I think there are much more likely to listen. I think we are talking about the Trump people yeah, but that's a small contingent yeah, you don't want no twenty. Two percent of of registered Republicans. Right now in you know the browsers forty percent not now think that now is not forty percent not for those was invited way. I'm an area like everything else knows all about. I totally agree well now, and we ve had that on our channel what the trump stuff so I've got so much for you you.
You it would Andrew Craven is an award winning author brilliance, brilliant. He said you know they left the cue is the right of being reactionaries than were not, and then there's someone like Trump who genuinely is anything when a consistent, reactionary, Susan This is going on your channel, the video your channel up. I think appreciate that I'm not a triumphant at all. I will talk about that a lot I just talk about anymore, because the people for whom only trouble do they don't listen. That's it ass! You about changes. Answer. When this is I'm genuinely curious about young feel, though like if it comes down to any whence or whatever, and he gets the nomination. What what are we wouldn't? I was about what you ok, that's how I feel like I would ever both for for him. I knows I feel like that, but it came down It was ass if one I could eat or die. Having have once voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States or I could die not voted one election right after them, It's a good middle operatives doubt about that.
Ok, I just like to put everything in terms of death and emerge. Will your comedian? You probably do you probably partly now She wants to get off this now. I agree with you. My thing is: I couldn't Well said I'm not comparing and a Hitler. But I'm saying this. I think that, along with the garage Rome's has been absolutely horrible. I think Clinton will be terrible, but I have not voted for any of em. I that Donald Trump could very much take us down a path of of tyranny or fascism. Because of echo- and I, if If I would have voted for that, I would be able to live with myself for the rest of my life now in clear conscience. I dont, like the rest of the country I could vote for anyone not named jab or Trump would necessarily like it. I could do it in clear conscience. I could, but we ve had crews, that how can we defend Florina people Rubio, even other so in my favorites and endorse a candidate, I could vote for them and clear conscience. I can for Trump and also he personally hates us, because we made fun of it
the kind of guy who everything is personal with everybody. He read. We try to enable that comes out used the troubles but one of the poles of number one is David. Close. You alluded than one poor comes out their bias against drug doubly the divide budgets to and that to me it makes it harder to get. You see he's not up to date. We do this the chain all the time. How dare I know not today, but I have heard a thousand trump impressions and I was pretty darn get All they trying to go with huge trump is actually he's got the daily. Gay and that we all know the talk of the railways, which is what the Corbett Gobi. They called me. The fascism issued this out with those were the color of a guy with it, and you never finished phrase, and you like because, listen frankly, I think by plaid ok is very good a bunch of beginning people, people are gonna, take a when they see it. That is very good. Ok, because I've got a thing the plan is very good and I think what you just said, the same thing: they begin it yeah clauses right.
But that's sentiment is over. I love it. I am so glad trumpet like getting tracking only enter, I'm so glad trouble getting tracking because, like I feel it it's it's so like I almost didn't needs to happen a little bit like he saw in saying that I think he's like forcing a lot of young conservatives to base their own sorted demons alone that, like what is happening in the party that this guy even hasn't shop, here's a brought here is a big difference. No right! If you look at from unit laid on a trumpet, Bernie Sanders their ideas really earned a all that different they're, both populists? If you look at Extreme are neither one is more extreme any other, but because this it would have talked about. Several times now. I know it's a strong in it. I think, are low information. Voters and both sides. Ok got it. That being said, because concern but Isn values. The individual over. This sort of arbitrary definition of the collective people are less prone to group there so you see Bernie Sanders, Democrats night and an issue. They all accept that no, although from wholeheartedly Donald Trump could burn
Republican Party to the ground, because people will take enough of a stand, Donald Trump and say no way we're not going. I agree with them are not willing to do that for the Democratic Party. If you watch the Dnc debates comparatively like when people say if the parties likeable like ok, the GEO P debate, we ve got a black eye to latino a woman, then ideologically we have. People who want to legalise all drugs like ran Paul about that Canada, soil and non interventionist. All the way to Chris Christie, Hutu Warhol could, with Rick Santorum, into an incredible array of diversity and the democratic debate they Reed on everything one hundred percent, except they argued over- who are the lowest rating from me and our and they all attack, burn because the only had a d minus so Ivan, important for people- to note this- that's very good bye. You feel it there's a value in when you say that Looking parties were falling to the ground and burning Is there no value, and I do not trying to be no good thing? You think I do not think that there can be
Phoenix that arises from the ashes. That is a better alternative to what we have now. No duty was to find out about it. You could be fun. Web have fun out I'm from Canada array of a parliamentary system. It sucks I wouldn't go, get we have a prime minister actors who gets a thirty percent of the vote does not so different that a majority of the people yeah, that's a good point, but I feel like it was so is a possibility that I'm fixing your bubble a part of me inside already going again. I think there are a lot of great candidates. I think I think tat grew to think Rubio. I think the arena, ran Paul? I think I think there are a lot of very good could certainly do a better job than Barack Obama. Aura or Hillary Clinton certainly Bernie Sanders is not able to work out a basic mathematical equation, but Tom, Yeah I watch video. That is really that I was up today. Well you're gonna like this. Third, unlike with Elliot doing, he should feel that burn. I watch every I watch. He was watching forgetting bad news
although you Jack is you'd like a Marxist, oh yeah, you know him with the crazy. I would think yeah, it is clearly on coke or something maybe he's he's hilarious but urging all his like. I watch all love. It was fun, it's all good. I mean I'll get in trouble for it. If that's ok but the problem with it as a knock it off. You know we talk about using this family. My comments of a communist or marxist yea concentrate now marked, as you call them suffer. If they are something like that, like he thinks that we should give communism outrage yeah, he calls himself a congress and is very popular in college campuses. Mickey is it he's in saying I used to like I like you have to really. Listen to the work as it's like tromp like at all, but two pieces of certain third Ukraine like going geyser recharge. I was really good job, but the funding That's a thirty! I like about you! Never oil prices, but that's I do have gotta how I go now.
Somebody you and let me your gifts. We have always tried to. You know what it is: you're still a comedian and I've got. You know. I think it's just puritanical mindset withstand up that. I hate we're, live on a choice and you just have different tools online. You notice that give different areas and sketch comedy, and so that's what I like, and I do stay adjusted to stand up, shows us last couple weeks will be taken out of order in the spring, but yeah online you just have different options and in its it's one of the things it's the new frontier where we ve talked about this. Actually, how long do we have a jury wait a minute wait a minute. I want to talk with you about this because a talk with Jill Rogan, about based on its podcast, Sarah Silverman, Amy Humor and a sort of social justice where you're left in a house data there now and stand up and they want to censor stand up which, after an exciting new, are you do for a hollow. We serve to turn this out. So we have a minute, I'm in theory, I it blows. Alot, diving comedy of the only thing I can save us from local progress and social justice. Worse and other people think its trunk but its neck.
Well, the two can be one and the same you maybe, but you repeat yourself, Sir yet more than special dot calm, we're going out and back after those who talk about stand up trump- and What is interesting is easy. Younger guy sensible, not appoint a lotta with browsers day. This is our with router, be sure to visit louder with rather dark Why sure glad you boys, Bobby I thought you were gone. Old worth a lot more than silver her. But now I want
oh, it seems that Yukon Cornelius Show loves his silver go back at all of us. Do especially around the holidays. I know at my place tinsel on the tree goal strewn about the mantel piece. There's nothing more beautiful. Silver I'm gone you were ok, nobody. I want you to put the silver and gold in the bad right now get get get get out. You need Oh my god, I dont have me, put the gold and silver in the back in the back. I'm not messing around. Don't make me use this claim floor. This is wilder with crowd.
Back in July because of you with our guest, Elliot Morgan, Elliot, Morgan, special dot com. The watches stand up special. Isn't that we're ok, we're doing all this and stand up comedy, Yeah I had Harrison dream. I'm on the show. Would you like a three hour thing? where he was talking about how I'll support Fremont first off, I I use a foreign closet is nunneley. Finding Christmas presents he's finding crumpets call. He's self. I reckon unacquainted with everything. Ok, you're, not gonna, find really mad. That I wrote about him and he came on the show and he was equal, I'll, defend, yeah comedy but not hates each monitor. How do you define that? So you have said silver now shot comic, coming out, saying that you can't say certain things any human, pushing gun, control I am amazed. I dont think that I could have gotten started today at open minds, even when the way I did you know in two thousand and two thousand five, so I got started what what what
take on that right now. One of the reasons I got involved and stand up because I felt like the internet was just not an audience that I could be like sort of my full range of humor choose. I think that kind of led me there and I felt like stand up- was a little bit. More pure and I gotta get up and end sort of bounce around and if I messed up to it at the end of the world. I know, like I mean I, I one tumblr alive, I enjoy tumblr cause, I follow the right blog by so get out there, and it's like I did one thing, whereas, like I was clicking on some of the followers profiles and see what the kids are into these days
and it was at a bunch of weird stuff, it wasn't bowed. Like others, I kind of interesting, but I made a status, not just all you guys are doing, and I made you out of my mouth sport. The head. Doktor was the phrase that I use and nobody ever and basically, I my inbox just got filled with people like freaking out and I use the term had doctor and they thought that I was, I think, fundamental illness and interpret the talking. People like you, don't went to their Vienna, which was insane. Could I thereby- and I have experienced all that stuff, but it was like TAT was the moment where I went through like oh. None of these people are saying that they have. These things are not complaining about having a mental illness or having you know, a therapist. They got you there's speaking on behalf of other people and whether this really isn't the bow, what their complaining about it about making themselves feel better about scratching an edge that they have, and so, when that happened, it's sort of it just kind of it may mean it like, took all the anger away from like it was like oil really feel
like victimize, because they're just doing what they do so doesn't really bother me about me when they start doing it with standard because, like stand up is stand up and like stand up is, in my opinion, meant to sort of hold a mirror up and like steel works, really you're gonna, not that great eater. Like my special, I make fun of feminism and I have some racist, jokes and in all these things are like. I compare feminism, take hit rock and how the branding change with kit rockin and he was like a rabbit. Nowhere is like all countries, darkness with a feminist, there really go we're in a cool. Now that I know you're not like or you changed any need to acknowledge that you change right. We must only. I was at Santa Count, Polly Semele Bespoken. They wouldn't allow the showed it took place in a theater. So I didn't know classroom so was about the clock. You're, my think, with a state we filled it in being is operating a hundred and thirty two two hundred people, but there are people in the hallway So it's always a you know. You ve always awkward doing it in a classroom, but it's like the only than usual. Ok, you know if you ve done it knows how gigs and allay you know it's not that different, but there
the slow solidarity movement at the back of a class, and I am always open to people recording but, as you know, lesson I'm working on it Material and were according especial next year and twenty sixteen, so I asked before I set up that that the producer should list. If you could refer from according any audio video. Until we get to the cuban portion and you're welcome to record just because it no living in Us Amazon Special and they were sitting or the entire time. Black lives matter fact checking jokes. They there to intimidate narrowed lunch. I think yet there were feminist and they set up the front with their clipboard. Looking back, so everyone could see them to make sure they weren't laughing. It's just like one black panthers standards that are voting boots with baton. What we're doing,
thank you try to intimidate people and it was shown in Zaire, and I made an AIDS joke that really offended them. So I kept making a joke about how offended they weren't the AIDS joke, and it was pretty simple joke was, if you're, so the play rent. So I talk about AIDS and apple and so yeah, rents and making a rent is basically this. This this play or film and reports. One of these words of all these people in the West Village who have aids and a single. Songs because you'll start sorry for them, I'm not gonna and the reason I don't as a Euro sleep with each other and you're doing heroin with sheer needles. If you make it passed noon, you're on borrowed time relief. Not U S! Change society has changed. No! No! No! No societies have aid. You all have aids. Do you realize how incredibly rare that is? You need to change it so I could hear the growth of a people cannot imagine right at the outset. Go on about, even though the call back like now maybe you'll get AIDS. Can I talk about you? You could go at any time. You know so live like too
What would I do that in reverse raw MIKE? I really don't like some like, maybe he'll get hit by a car. I tell it to you. Dark. We were like a boy, maybe get aid at the call back, it's a joke. Yet some of what I say is not I can imagine being an open like starting that way. Now. I know it's really when you go to an open mic. There's to have any like I've fought really hard to keep most of my stand up like off of the internet and then when I did like there was a really good cuz. If you go to the page for my special there's like this, that I can really a Caitlyn Jenner joke and then like there's just like eighteen replies from people that are like
like it like trying to lay out if that being the humor a little bit, and I like that made me feel good, but also, I think, might win Jenner would defend it. I think Bruce Jenner. How do you sense of humour about? I think everyone else like you said it was right and tat makes them feel good, and yet, if they ve created by the everyone else, was sort of like freaking out on that person is like. When I make jokes, I never tried to do it to offend heading. That's the big thing like I'm, not trying to be a warrior for Anti Social Jessica, rewriting certain stuff, it's funny and goofy alike. If you don't talk about his bottle it up, and then you go crazy and then you end up becoming social justice where one sort of the opposite, I feel it now. I have to make a point where the air, with an idea to attack there's point, but my point we're like I don't care so much about that's not because like I did because I started on the internet like I was submerged in another hour. It like I get it into the lives of six cents, a little bit further, the political correctness that but it's on
A happy medium. I do to show renounce recycled. The study where I play care to call Elliot, see, Morgan and my name is Christopher, but, like we changed the sea to me, my cocaine or, like you know, all these horrible things and I play like this pomp of Anti American can actually work like you, I say like the most horrible things like way: suspend recreated character work my way around people being abandoned, rather than that of a secular him to stand up for those like people want so sharp eyes with a bright idea that action programme with a raises several thousand give you should be ashamed of red Nose ring Black out, so you ever gets back now Elliot Morgan, special desired com. If you're listening to rationally, there will be a web extended version that will get up at Lahti with AL you stay here and if you listening statement,
Your listening to water with crowded follows even on Twitter is proud of what are you doing? Beggar with lots of tea where'd you get it up. If you know a lot of work for fifteen dot com, they have fifty and accessories for sale at the best advice deliverable web wholesale there's another one. We do what I do well after dinner after birth place to go and that the take awakening portal should have a staff,
you're getting louder with router speed. It means that we are back in the final hours of final show of twenty fifth fifteen doing with me, as always, is not gay Jerry. You can follow him on Twitter. That Elliot Morgan was a nice little chap. Wasn't the guys we're pretty funny guy pretty funny, guy you know it's not funny. We have the story here in front of us. We ve taught me, there's not a lot of news right now and that's what that's all like Donna once a week, show people list listen to this on the weekends, the podcast
the problem with having a show every day doing for hours or whatever it is every day. There's just not that much news, and so people have to start making stuff up And it's never been more clear than this week. I think that's where the whole, war on Christmas starts. You know it's it. Make a big deal out of it, because around Christmas there really isn't a whole bunch else to talk about, and there are some extremely apples right where they, they ban Christmas songs at Christmas, pageant at at a school or something right, and I get it that's upsetting. Coverage like a morphine rip non stop of Christmas holiday controversy. I am convinced as news get so slow around the holidays? I think you are correct was that we look at your hidden a button, but I wasn't a button, but the button is inconsequential and the parameter in our dear listeners oak. I thought you were hidden. Something on the sound work here is something people should know about
if your listening and by the way, coming up at the the half hour here my wife is going to give her book review on a lay a remedy. Not novel, but about leaving Scientology, and I would be worried about offending scientologists, but there are no actual scientologists it that there are such a small congregation. They lie about. The number shall educate us on that as we come back, but Google and twitter. We talked about Facebook officially in the past, will in twitter have officially agreed to censor speech in Germany, injury about this during a dinner worried about it actually light Messina Well, basically, so I have written here when the limits of free speech, your stress, passed without colonel freshen up up. So what they're going do according to mass, each of the three companies will use internal specialist teams to assess reports of hate speech and delete it when appropriate, in accordance with german law.
So here is the problem with hate speech. We ve talked about this a few times. It's it's an arbitrary term. It's not defined, and with Germany, particularly there. You have a track record of drawing this kind of thing up. I'm cons. Instantly amazed at Germany's ability to choose the wrong course of action, as it relates to freedom, color thing. Canada is another thing owe their past it and then they think they're doing the opposite right their path, so they need a sensor, hate speech and the name of tolerance so that what they ve done in the history of ever doesn't happen again, but this time we ve be fascists for goods. You can. You can say things that you don't that's we don't like in the government, but what it would if we just think actually, the government is getting too big, and here you that you will not see any sing river, make sure of it going on right, you're, Angela Merkel, and you know what I will tell you
I ve grown a little bit from people like Argon, and a lot of these online people who get mad. We used the term liberal in Germany, Angela Merkel is actually labelled a conservative, that's the actual political life evil. So I can understand how its little problematic in the states liberal mean something pretty specific, and so can you say, conservative in the states, you you know where someone is lining up in Europe, not so much so it it does change the playing field a little bit, She is, of course, the one who just opened up the where's the syrian refugees in dumb. It's crazy. She ran sheep. What will write about this in the website, Angela Merkel, so so this The stems obviously from Google, twitter and Facebook will censor speech online for The government now understand what people say right. That's actually not censorship, because it's not freedom of speech. These are private platter, These are these: are social media companies they can delete whoever they want. That's true, just like duck dynasty wasn't a free speech.
You duck dynasty was an issue of any thinking that fill Robertson was a liability, and if you dont like that, you can support Phil Robertson or you can support duck dynasty. I understand that's not the first time an issue. I also understand that faced Has the right the right to delete something because it's not a first amendment issue. I get that. Ok, it's not lost on me. What is problematic however, is the reason and the reason is to appeal to a government. And the reason is to put. Your listening to WHAM talk sixteen hundred w a m Ann Arbor. good
we're back, but you're around outbreak went out, o jerk put a break, Yangtse is cut out yeah. This has never happened before. Amber Bat an earlier had. Ok! Well, I don't know it right, offering them: penalties of holiday, Comcast and fires and yes, side the dear listener, Derek and WHAM are doing a great job. What happened was I had a travel here and I'm doing it this from a makeshift studio in Texas, because of some family emergencies that had me get out here a little earlier, so we promised This is not the norm and if you hear not kid Talking a lot: it's because he's trying to fill in space that has been lost, wealth, Did you guys hear me when I was talking about Germany in their there? Did you get to the part where I made the Auschwitz joke? No, we did get back that thing.
Now you know it has gone forever than just mutual. Don't get the here, and I guess it's too soon. I immediately regretted it after making said job, so I will just play it safe and I I should still come right now, maybe excellently next time. Was that something we don't have. To be honest, be, I think, I think not gay George brothers tweeting me, which is why, Don't you like them out talking about star wars? Now I hate start worse. I hate star wars. People are tweeting me all all morning, all morning about star wars. That's the thing matter! What we Here is a good example right. We can do that. We can do this, canoes thing, we can do that. The year the conservative Party three thing in and act as though were outraged were not right. Now I've won talking about star wars that the new cycle for better or worse. Thing is star wars everywhere, all the time, and not be jeered. You're going to see star wars right, I am but my tickets as soon as they want sale, while I am that guide. No, don't you do it, don't you do it? Don't you dare spoil it? If
no something I'll kill you Harry Potter die. Ah, I'm sure I shall four card has some trouble with his let's go to hers. Airlines and stuff- I heard that Spock comes back in this one, I thought that I could now, let's get it up and get it off makes an appearance. It happens, is Funny though, it just goes to show you how tat out of touch some is political hobbyists are more of them on the right, because people who are conservative tend to care. Right. In off election years, people work conservative tend to care They tend to be engaged, whereas left they really do have a very large low information voter ship. So let us go and they pull the lever every four years. But it does show you how out of touch people in politics and people who follow. Politics are when you see star wars, one film, One week will have more in
once and be seen by more people than every single political, primary or Donald Trump speech or hills Clinton, town Hall for them for the last two years one opening weekend. That's that Or of Hollywood in culture, and that's why people are so People are so indoctrinated. They don't realize it. Apparently the stores thing for those listen, online. We ever a parity cartoon that does not get your did fantastic work on but lot with greater dot com, apparently that we weren't too far off, apparently it's kind of a feminist street, the new star wars, film of you, heard that I have had any. I suspect that suit us all. I mean that lets us as soon as you may know, black guy white woman as the lead characters you there are some now that you can just know that when you see that. I'll say I'm probably the problem with, was saying Airways. What I'm saying there was an attention now they towards political correctness. When it came to casting these characters,
we mean the Williams back in the day. One thing: ok, here's one thing: I want people Sweet me. Let's get a pole going was princess. Leia ever considered attractive that just a desperate nerds because she was a slave outfit. Because she's, never only, I think the latter, I don't think you don't think shiver was either Natalie Port and, on the other hand, They form in my generation star wars. If say you find attractive, it's your on the train. Next stop pedophile, because she looks literally like a twelve year old. How important no way warming when she did the first the first hour. She was like forty There you go and that has purred for loud in our work in I'm talking clearly episode three now department in labour, not only Portland, that's the one! Obviously he hadn't one. I was this is of little aging. It's just were made up crap. I just can't get on board like I can escape for little bed and it would have felt
I can escape for little bit into a world of mysticism but the buying of having to understand a world when, in a bare, without a crossbow that shoots, lasers and little midget bears, but we call them e walks, and it's it's just it's just made up crap. I just I just kin do it. I know in but I dont know I now I will get this Poland was princess, Leia ever attractive, louder Greater stay tuned, we'll be back can you cannot? Let me know, J, MR death. What is this place? I shall now say with some kind of Auschwitz for ties. I let the mistake: toys toy imperfect were exiled by Santa
For example, a little order, you don't look like you- have a serious problem yeah. What's that ass hats problem is a squirt good, worldly shoots Julie, he couldn't rack as brain Athol that one Anders me a book of above about the kid stay afloat. You're talking bout you can't stay off. You're, not about me more you're, a shipwreck Nobody wants to play with, a box Charlie, I'm gonna, give you a prototype ear if it that much of a problem call yourself jack demand. The only way they could even know your name is Charlie. Is that you're telling them.
So glad to be doing outcast, because I am an outcast and so not gauge chaired by the way tweet him at. Not gay dirty done a fantastic job today, this week a broad and listen. You know what I'm not a broad going after I'd. Rather it comes out, Europe, things now to step in me. Stephanie. One thing I will say: we're: gonna have my wife on your little bit the end I dont even know she's listening, but Courtney cured as has been a real won't talk about attitudes. This there's been a real blessing to the team and a site she's a really really smart girl. I know you just kind of here on the radio show she's helped.
Whip everyone into shape. As far as is making sure things or on time I it's it's sir rare to find. I know people it. This is the sexist. So I no help go away. You're gonna to all the cords. My dogs come in here and I have a makeshift studio set up. You know what that is. That's terrible, terrible Mattie pounds of just no discernment no discretion, and in Texas there are so many rabbits man, everywhere there, there rabbits times ten, the squirrels that we have in Michigan and he just and when you ve seen his ninety pounds and he so lazy. Any sees one of these things is the it's like a cannonball. It's like a cannon, in others, take out your knees anyway. Courtney. Has been great m. Am I am deeply grateful. The team- and I know jeered, is not thrilled to be producing this way, With me, via satellite studio,. Whether sending us we're going to top up for my wife comes, and what are we talking about before we had to go to the break was still star wars,
We are talking about your disdain for it. What are the results in the pole and the princess Leia? The regret that our hopes that you know it Alex. I was tackling you're issues, we're gonna get that up I understand the princess lay a thing I don't understand. I don't understand why. Why Chewbacca in star wars isn't just maiming people I dont get went and I don't get my across bow would shoot lasers. I've. Never there are so many things about star wars that I dont understand that don't make sense in people just Use it away because it's some kind of a universe they want to live in, rather than reality. That's my interpretation of the star. With a modern star wars spent and it doesnt is crap, that does not just made up It is not good. I know I'm going you a lot of people mad at me now, but I just don't. I just don't get it. I was a kid What you thought I was a kid was, I enjoyed empire, strikes back and return of the jet. I as a kid the fur.
One even at a child. I thought was incredibly boring, the very first one I just watching it going what went to a birthday party and some kid had applying on a small stream. I it I didn't sign up for this. I thought we're gonna go later TAT go carts now or watching Luke Skywalker a green screen. Put a laser into a box like what is it. Thirty five minutes seen Donald. Leave goes into the box. It like it is. I wasn't even like three dimensional like the laser, goes up and curves at a ninety degree angle. The way they do it, it's just a just peace we Don T, just poor writing, yeah, you know it is, does fall in the category of movies. For me that go back. I like it is Hardly separateness the nostalgia of at all from is this. And I think part of it just enough- know
Start stalwart goes beyond, stores is bigger than the movies. I think people love it so much it's it's bigger than what the movies of people. It's not what star wars is as what it could be kind of idea. I mean now the whole. I mean it's a whole different. You know, there's guy is coloured token now. I know I know it's a grin ahold of the universe stories are and lit out on our no? No? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No do not come AIR Cs, Louis or token to George Freaking, Please tell me that you regretted that as soon as the phrase left your lips I I'm? Not comparing them? Ingenuousness APOLLO that I'm sorry, I'm I'm I'm fired, that's not, And I'm leaving studio and click Hank that is not fair. To welcome. New Hampshire like about this year, is a good example, kind of like Donald Trump, you
your grown ass man and you ve never thought about these issues before it's, not that you flip opera people can't make up their minds. It's at you. And thought about these issues until you ve run for President look at sea S. Louis look a token that, by the way, big pipe smokers to them token certainly was but Look at the writings of Cs Louis, whether you agree with him or not. That's a man who pondered its greatest issues. His whole life. Look at tat and look at all. If you look at his letters. Actually, that is private letters. You can find it. I think some of the written back and forth with some some other sort of christian theologians. Very, very smart, someone, you pop you find none of that with George Lucas. It's it's! It's of. But it's a man with no death and I think that's the ultimate problem with star wars. For me, it's something that's trying to be working at something. That's trying to be introspective. And you can see it what the MID Koreans crap that happened with with you when you could hear Liam niece in saying that in episode, one like
uttering the words to the script in could see the embarrassment on his face. You don't think, is trying an interest active. I don't think so. I disagree, ores You can find so many, that's it you're. It is it's. It's. The Ets kind of you know when you get a book report or if you study English in college, you have to write a thesis, you have to analyze it. What's the foreshadowing, what are the literary elements here at play designed to create some sort of the of a dichotomy or a conflict right, I feel extol Mrs is so simplistic is designed for people who are able to really think through go through that process, but feel as though they are, and instead of actually, instead of actually analyzing the true literary elements? What are they do like, while the lights labor had? Four? buttons, and then I want to five, which I really represents its for people who are tech. Nerds who'd can't see big picture who gets. And themselves what they can. I could any truth, her jeered used or any truth in it
polycentric by the way are Paul Riyadh up right now. Fifty four percent say? Yes, she was attractive. Thirty, five percent. In voting, no eleven percent voted. You ok! the add up! No and you were getting pretty close to a split there. Okay, so yeah I mean it. So it's not just avenue it's about a split. I think I think some people You know, if gets the right. If you got the white folks, they did not like photos with her. That's were different. And what you saw in the actual movie, and some of those who, like I should like to tractors there, but by a large it was thought she was little becoming. The task is how you age that the ashes gauges type was not good. Nor Norma Camel assure their herd, everyone, everyone did, you see, Thou overheated are lost. Wait. Let me have you seen retail Welsh she's, not much older than Harry Feature and she looked straight.
Raquel Welch Olivia, Welsh, Olivia Newton John, losing her. I have He looks ass dick spring of it active women up next is going to be. Is prouder miss strata with her book review. I forget the name of the book, but it's the new layer remedy book about leaving. Now the abominable snowman haven't. I show you what I'm mutilate take out. The tea one mighty humble got really dark grandchildren, basher rhythmical, look over the cliff is pleased with the way you have spoken of its children, but everything's, ok, yeah, you're right! Let me look of it now. There. There definitely both tat their blood all over the place.
Your listening to eleven louder with crowd her out tat. We Glad to have this next guest on the end of the year, the last half hour, and so it's a time for family Christmas. It's time for sale reflection rashly willing to start new segment this year with They we do every three weeks. Every month. A book review, because you're someone in my life, very special who reads at least three or four books on a weekly basis, She always tells me how interesting the arm- Times are a little weird, but I think you know I'm tired
in about sees says, is true: Ipod, sir. She is my property, MRS crowd. Her thanks for being on. I honey you're. Welcome! Welcome for what for being I'm! Ok, good you're welcome for me? Well, you know, I we don't do the video, because, firstly, we were second the internet and I can deal with people sending me this criticism, but I don't know if I want to subject you to their so how many books would you say, Rita month, then hold our knees thing. I look like garbage right. Know what I'm saying is people will say it, no matter what and the people who are living in reality, who know that you are attractive-
are going to be doing weird stuff stuff that would put area would make Dick Morris's brothel exhibitions. Look like child's play. So that's my Alec! That's that oh I'm before we start with none on a whole. How many books you read a month? Well, I usually have three books I'm reading at a time- and I say I finish your book every month- our two books every month, but I'm always multiple Bugsy time, while the really really weird you like about japanese interment Camp, Sir polygamous Cults, yeah fell. I didn't tell you that I was taking half prefer walk about a half hour ago in my mom called, and she said your sister just called me and she's very concerned about she'll, because it apparently you gave her the login for your Kindle and she said mom Hillary's books Has an overwhelming amount of books on Midget and polygamy, so I guess you could say have in their interests
if it does not get yards off MIKE, but he's Grech another. This right now he's in Pakistan Well we're not what is it? Ok? So this this month's book, you ve been reading layer remedies book Scientology, which not all make a troublemaker and it's about her sort of leaving Scientology well, it's more about her journey in Scientology. She joined the cult of Scientology when she was in the back of a we're. Just gonna have not always discovered more about herself. Then she ever thought possible. See She joined the church, her she's a teenager and she didn't get out until she saw all the weird stuff going down after she went to Tom cruise his wedding and started realizing. She was in a crazy, crazy, called something just if you're if you're viewers dont know anything about Scientology. This isn't from the book, but I think this
then everything they need to know. One thing: real, quick problem, not a lot of our listeners Scientology, because they, why bother membership? That's what you're telling me it's only in thousands well yeah interesting thing is: I'm scientologist claim that they have ten million plus members worldwide. Now they consider remember anybody. Who's ever walked into a church purchase. Anything by RON Hubbard, the FAO, Therefore- and in reality the only about thirty thousand members worldwide will. They would consider me remember, because I went into a Scientology Temple in Austin, with with Zack entered into a prank video. Well, I guess you can convince I dont want exercising the church of Scientology. Now it's very expensive that wider, no, my unemployed at my feet, levels tests. So what are you? Ok? What do you want to say for audio, and I really need to know so. Last night, when you were sleeping- and I was I woke up- I started reading more about Scientology. Everything you need to know in really summed up right here as far as the weirdness, why an hour later you staying up. Is that three? I am good Laudonniere, so
since you reach a certain level in Scientology you enough money, and you ve done enough of of the auditing, which is pretty much spilling. Your guts to a random person they give to you run Hubbard the founders secret writings in which he reveals the churches most say good beliefs and one of these believe you're broke that about zero sum The five million years ago, a galactic emperor named Zenith sent millions of frozen souls on space ship from his overpopulated Kim kingdom to the basic volcanoes. Blah blah blah blah blah. That's all you need it I'll get even freaking weirder, but that's what Tom cruise Betsy Life and eternity on. That's what do you believe that real and when you become a crazy, those guys or radar. When you become a scientologist, you pledge billions of years of your life to Scientology because we believe you come become the incriminated over and over again. Well that's about different from Hinduism.
And may we don't believe that, but that's not that great. What was at Yale severe it is a very serious commitment, a matter to commit to much for fur Heaven commit Mckenna happens here. But I guess, if I have to commit to billions of years, any. What is in your volcanic with I'm thinking of that Bolivia, Newton, John Vanity Well, it was a fiction right or not a lot of people. Don't know it was a science fiction rider. He was the other, he was a science fiction. Writer in and I mean it's You might say it's a self, a crazy self help manual Lisbon, but Scientology slumbers pay a lot of money for ochre you not it's not that you're, I think we'll do Elliott later in the show. Are they want to do two segments with how much time do we have left witnesses Crowder and we have. Ok, I think we should do it longer because. I know you have a lot more to give me right, just what the Andes Ma Am. I knew it.
It is long even I think it's absolutely insane Scientology right there. Looking. There look doors, throw can do as rip you off and you have to be kind of silly to fall for it, but we are not trying to blow urban else up, though, that what we're ok, what would they do? It would sign to how is harmful to other people. I guess I mean I would not say, and nothing is nearly as dangerous in horrific decided, societies, Islam, but Santa there's no walk in the park for Ex members, so One of the reasons you sooner written this off my back your film work and support for ex members. I found my calling I could be ready in the back of the age of tape. The thing still existed. So what are you talking about It has no walk in the park for Ex members. That's right! Ok! So so Leah, Romania, that many lay reminiscently iranian sewers saying how in Scientology that the current leaders, wife had actually been missing for six plus years.
And nobody had been able contact her nobody could reach out. Are they even had LAPD's you Father report and because LAPD's pretty close assigned, how do they do need a lot of money? They refused looking for her, so she could be deadened gutters than whereas others bad for her answer see all and the sea org, which is pretty much a bunch of Scientology minions that live on a ship. They do punish them by making them like bathroom floors. Well, I like this. Isn't No. This is real life there, making them and laying down that floor. He added many economic toilets. Now that I've punished I swear. Are you going to say anything on radio colonial era? Believe it? No. I mean they punish him alone around a little bit, but I'd rather be punished around the Meda forced to like a toilet, especially the one you and charities downstairs. Will now that's chairs dedicated toilet. That's not my toilets! Oh, come airfoil things get illogical on airs, violet. We just got picked up another another station in New Hampshire. I didn't tell you this greatly.
To wait another five station data. I don't even know why, like we're, not by W Easy S, New Hampshire, so we're happy, so we have to be so I knew him so I know you like this got a logical, humor, so watch it. And you find funny it's the german and Erika nuts. Funnier, to my wife than unhampered rags is rearing across Africa because it is such an f you I mean one like one. If you did, like there's nothing more violent, brood done it when you're not look at others. It obtains a cartel right and took a weird turned kind of like Scientology. So so the leaders wife has been missing and that could be like Bernie waste. You know that film of Jack Lack knows his family stuffed and afraid that stuff than a freezer behind the that the Chicken Popeye's does anyone know at the end of this book. They tell you, as you know, I was actually giggling her also last night when you're sleeping next to me, and
They still have not found her in what the what the leaders of Scientology claim. I woke up pretty early this morning. What do you mean? There's this in there right now, he's busy woke me up what the leaders of Scientology claims he doesn't like the urgent need for us to move on should interpret looking toilets and, secondly, actually forgot her. That she doesn't want to be found is what they claim for they claim she doesn't want to be found. Now. Can I type a Tom cruise you? How long do we have not yet heard? well. This is, How long do we have a cousin? We replace not gay, we have or minutes it we had six. We were six anarchists. We have four minutes left. Sorry
my wife has replaced knock it she's in his spot right now, because we weren't set up for the holidays the studio, so we had to dissuade him out with her and he I can't see him doing an account on. Ok, tell me about the countries, but with the wedding, so we set yeah. So after she don't you date a significant amount of money. They started allowing her to pretty much. Go to dinner and see Tom Cruise and I'm crews invited her and her husband to their wedding and Katy apparently was a really big fan of J, low and Leah. Was friends and stay low and explain why Katy HOMES and stroke face her face melting candle. Yes, if they can melting candle, so anyone who is really weird, I'm not going to die one thing, but a long story, when, when key and Katy started when he broke up Scientology. Scientologists church, pretty much started, auditioning women to be his girlfriend and this woman had a boyfriend, they got hurt a break up with her boyfriend because
she thought she was being prepared to meet with all these world leaders and have a high position in Scientology and well in fact they were pretty much grooming her to be Tom cruise boyfriend girlfriend. So long story short Seize on this plain thing, he's going to be a famous rolled right leader and you, the representative Scientology and one of the handler says: oh by the way what so, what's the deal first date and said? Well, you know I love ice skating in like eating sushi. So, lo and behold, she ends up making a stopped so see Tom Cruise and meet him for the first time and says: hey Wanna go to Rockefeller Centre needs sushi after so it was a really weird, though Having said that's the perfect date for Tom Cruise
firstly skating, you got eight inch lay all year round, blades sushi he's a petite man, so she's, not particular filling the soviet pick one date for Tom Cruise to feel very masculine, given him an extra seven, eight inches blade and given him and easily digestible food. Are you getting a lot of luck on Romania exactly now? Really I'm six foot one and I just eight for order sushi. All you see pick on the bahraini man incarnate in effect of Katy homes, and it's like a mother and her little boy. A mother at a stroke, pretty, but it is melting shit? Oh she's, pretty yeah she is. She is pretty. Actually I like kitty homes Finally, I want to say Katy home, because at a girl in my high school was named Katy Homan, She was pregnant. Fifteen, remember tat. He was really cute and when she was pregnant, number. For that you want to lose attraction to a girl. You bicycle crush on.
Abundantly Evan when their fifteen did she have that the actions could be slander. She might have been seventeen ok, it was still pretty young and I know the pops wasn't around may mean the pre Besson, father yeah. Well, I'm in wasn't. He made it happened. So what are you showed me? One? Are you ready to how much you know how much more do you have do? We want to have you and for other segment deal a lot of information? Are you gonna be? Are you going to be stretching it out, because I love you, but I will the axe now. I think that you can give me the act. They think I gave you the most interesting part of the book. To me at least all you want to get them up a cane. You won't be hooked off this thing Well, this is fine. I you want to talk about If I give you one for the next segment becoming more Scientology, if you'll have more, to give me eminently ego. I agree with you more ok. I love you. What's the book called, the book is called it: troublemaker troublemaker by lay remedy. Alright sweetheart get to the Christmas dinner because we need
that to me when you get to be me Love you see you next Oh, I was wrong all this time Rudolf. Here we are this storm, you The myths saved us. I, What I'm trying to say is ruled out with your nose so bright.
You guys nicely to set a school yeah you're just using now, because you need em during a star what happened when the weather is clear outside little rode off here, I'll, be better and faster than you can say. Merry Christmas, it's the best time. I don't know what have you? I myself was a word with you that that means we are in I'm glad. But so grateful that this is the last.
Segment of louder with crowds of the year of twenty fifteen next week is directly on Christmas, so we won't be here I'll, be a best of end up. Our show falls directly on New year's day. We're going to do something special, but it'll, be out of the ordinary as well upgrade everything for growth because listen, we ve just been syndicated here to term. Is it what now five markets, but we ve List on growing things online that are in our control and right next to the top pod news in power, They were always there so in one year for ever to give yourself one year, you can do a lot. Of things. In one year, twenty fifteen has been has been an incredible year for for the programme. For the site, and we also want to thank W Easy ass in New Hampshire picked up. The show thank for listening. I know said the first week, Europe and yet so. Here's to many more more Its grabbing it, if you want to support the site, you want to know the show just I love your local stations and if they don't want to carry it, that's fine. We don't really want them
either so right now, trending on Twitter is hispanic voters rights the New York Times have written about this and then we'll get wrapping us off their basically writing about. How Weakens are racist, conservatives are racist and how voting laws are racist. There is an article, will read rebuttal to this on the website. Soon's, you can check it out the New York, articles very long, I'm talking thousands of words and you have to get toward the bottom of the peace where they ve written is personal story about a Hispanic who claimed that Republicans were racist and even though he was an hour an hour, a member, he hated how racist bookings were and then they basically all but endorse Wendy Davis. So all of this is written before they actually get to the evil racist. Laws. You wanna hear the racist laws that are discriminatory toward hispanic yesterday, they're talking about how in Texas, specifically this is New York Times. This is what this is, what absolutely outright
judge them. There were role backs of laws that allowed people to register in both, at the same time, a vital convenience for lower income Americans who more regularly change, addresses and would otherwise need to continually update their voter information. Its number one and two. New photo id laws that placed strict limits on which types of identification could be accepted. At the polls. The laws in Texas accepted gun permits held predominantly by whites, but not state school or employee id okay. They accept driver's licenses left us don't drivers. Licence is what are they complaining here? They are saying that it is racist and discriminatory specifically towards Hispanics to ask them to register vote in advance and have an idea. I don't know why you want to tell about racism. Oh, how lower your expectations of a hispanic immunity and, let's be honest,
What it really is. Is illegal immigrants come in? They live off the books. Then when a register, they don't want us anything but a modal mobile addressed. They want to be like a ghost and they often dont have a valid idea. Now gun permits. How predominantly by white, or why would a gun permit the accepted? Let's think about that? Not gay jeered. How stringent. Is the process to get a gun permit its? about as valid of an ideal form. As you can carry right, I mean little new background checks to drivers licence. Now they do background checks, your social security finger pointing finger printing, it make sure, you're, not a phelan, because you can't get one of your a serious criminal. It is a view a valid permit. Now state schools employee, I you can. The employed at a state school not even be illegal embryo not have a driver's license driver's license gun permits. The thing is leftists, don't even want driver's license, so what they want is
people to be able to walk into a voting booth. Anyone without registering at any time without any idea and vote. If you don't agree, them your racist. It in my taking crazy pills needs anathema now think about that. We talked about that we will have well. Maybe you think that if you don't pay taxes redone on proper, should there be some kind of barometer to vote on a race thing it's a contributing to society thing no voter idea, I'm ok about this. They think that just asking someone to contribute registering in advance to vote. Saying you I plan on voting as opposed to going to pick up your your pack, your beer, ten of Copenhagen and on our struggle. Beaufort Jacques, it was a burnish Anderson, Cooper phenomena which are, I will go, relax.
I appreciate your only experience with chewing tobacco as banana movies of cartoons. I dont want love now, Copenhagen, it is dip. It's not you d better it, but this This is the year right. Twenty fifteen, they pivoted from racism to sex, what Hillary Clinton and now that they know she's, not really a super popular candidate, they're kind of going back to more racism, so think about, and twenty fifteen Obama was the great you I'd or he was going to to cry healing in the country will in this this year we had more violence against option any years before we had Baltimore or maybe Baltimore last year. What blood into this Europe had the Baltimore Riots, Ferguson, fat, black lives matter, midst, Sue camp, is demanding region registered, segregated cultural, safe spaces, now they're saying that asking for I d to vote is racist. What under the Great United Twenty fifty, should be really telling doable.
Two twenty fifteen was the year. America became more united, successful and economically prosperous than ever before, because that's twenty fifty. Twenty fifteen is a Marquis year for liberalism. You want to see how it works out, not just politically but come. Truly and socially. This is goes to an example in modern times as you're going to find twenty fifth team, Here too it made us greater. You think twenty fifteen is emblematic of one of the best years, the United States. Even if you're to the left, a genuine question: I'm not trying to be a smart out here. Just like you want to know how liberalism affects a city Detroit, a big success story, You want to know how liberalism affects country, unfettered, twenty fifty You are more than twenty sixteen twenty seventeen. It is
absolute knotty has been great for us great for us because in terrible for you and you need an outlet. You need a laugh. You need to be entertained. Yeah. We deliver the news, but listen you're, Covenant for talking heads and people were gone going. Sermonized you ve come to the wrong place. Every week we are going to come here and trying to entertain you and inform you twenty fifteen big here? Let's make twenty sixteen an even better one. God bless Mary Chris I see in the new year
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