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2019-08-23 | 🔗
Huge show tonight! Talking Alyssa Milano’s abortion shouting, Brian Stelter flashbacks, Trump’s Fox News frustrations, Liz Warren’s list of mistakes and anti-sex toilets? Also hitting Spike Lee’s slavery stupidity. Bryan Callen guests! Want to watch the full show every day? Join #MugClub! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Use promo codes "student" "veteran" "military" to get daily access for $69/year! Shop the official #LWC store: http://louderwithcrowdershop.com Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowder Find behind the scenes footage on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder

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Hey, audio, listening and others video right now. And at some of your on the roads we have to download this. Take with you, plain some of you read through Braille, so this is the only option, but for other people that are exclusive sketches individual elements into the night, nightly show over there on Youtube or from Club members, ladders, credit outcomes. Last month the show is daily beyond eclipse that you just on Youtube or here on Itunes, it's ninety nine dollars for the year, sixty nine dollars annually lot of colored accomplished my club, but I get it you're, an audio only guy or gal. There is no change. Your mind enjoy the show louder, with crowd, studios protected exclusively by Walter and Hopper. Now for a trip, reside trump worlds,
really true things courted like oh yeah, I put some extra motions on this. Was there if we spent attrition it made me wonder at the end of a long way to present this is Leadership looks into the corner, block,
another scandal, mushrooms, fed the lobby. Origin cholera rejoined the american way. He is waiting for the reasons I should think men are being seen they get about ready to be. I was just
You were on lies, not young, guess again are you, same forgot. Oh God,.
This is all I can do today, because back spasm in the morning and I could barely move and or walks I have had, but it looks like a more active data haulage with my charge you this is actually
wheelchair actually courted like sits in a wheelchair, is Edit Bay idea since uses this in a wheelchair why's that made it for comfort. I long lasting sitting we not ruffled weak escape. I think that's a violate a gross violation of its appropriations. Specialness labour, yes, was the special and we Brian Cowen show today we're gonna be done when the New York Times new. Sixteen team project on Spike Lee and the idea that the United States was built on slavery, racism in genocide of, but first there's this DR, don't trust China. China is oh worth reading. How'd you like my flag. There is crucial, but one more time, one worth less one more than once again
don't trust China. China is oh what I've been saying. You agree that you understand me. I mean what they really do. You ok question today the left is actually pivoting from russian collusion now to trump racism slavery, because election cycles heating up right. Here's a genuine question: do you think Donald Trump is a racist or do you think there's actually been a rise in racism under Trump? I think he's a lot of things. I think a lot of valid criticism. I think he's a race, and I just don't buy it now, my cafes, are built. Richmond is with me. How are you, Sir one of them to be here? The guy who helped me light up. Rashid leads us to Twitter, but not the terrorist like what about Garret show me with pesticides and Morgan Junior. What's he do You know, I don't have one of the day and you re going to day is purkis at he's going reserved area, but oh yeah, you won't be with us next week. Now I now maybe on my back as much of it.
Alternatively, I know we're not gonna do with which we waited there with the chinese guy. I think when you let him take that IRAN jokes, but I wish you the best. I really do hope that you recover quickly. I do too and that you, maybe afterwards you won't be weak as a kitten leading the news. I'd like to be able to feel my right, like Alyssum Olano, opened up about to abortions that she had a nineteen. Ninety three two more in the same year than someone who had no abortions you're doing The former actually comes to us from people say no, it reliable. Retrofitted, she had not had not. The two abortions. Had she not sorry. Life would be completely lacking all its great joys and she quote would never have been able to be free
to be myself whenever been free to be myself by herself, she means angry whore by the wax in our defence. She understood pregnancy to be impossible from a casting couch. How do you know my situated in birth control to pregnancies and what was your diaphragm of powdered doughnuts Bacardi negative space of the donor? We were to send us a cow. Doesn't talking about charmed with she never would have been able to film. Showed sharp edges shows a complete, not react was gone overboard with really Oda, how my gosh, regionally hassle. So many bad ones through me, like that, shows a complete lack of compassion and has she never met someone with a child whose just like, I can't believe everyday Zanu adventure in it? I'm over joy that there's no joy possible.
Like. If you then I would have had to be, and it was a baby, I would have melted and loved media serbian. Or is it look, there's a silver lining here, which is that there is no baby a little more on a walking. I mean you, don't know anything about this. You have kids now I have no idea not if she does there probably going to need some serious there, another top, but you said you would have never been fulfilled and unable to pay your self know nobody can mean about Martin. This is your Mama's another tax revenue. It appears at President Trump. This is grow. This was all over the news. He's growing increasingly frustrated with Fox NEWS comes from the Gladsome critical coverage- unfavourable pull numbers from what used to be preferred What the president said: there's something going on Fox Change and I'm not happy with it, gotten worse over the week with a source actually telling us that I think aid with a source of users in aid
what's your name ass, an unnamed aid out in a detail present trump, that if you want something done right and he took the advice, do it yourself I predator drop and welcome to the real, though spit out. Ok. Frankly, I have not been very happy with this network. There is no speed, but there is obviously bid so much. It's crazy that here too, no sped. Now, if you, what fake do go buy stuff like belt defaced, Chris Wireless UK, but here is just the real issues with those spit. You hear me that some people want to talk about the academy, but the I think those words to collaborate recession. They don't you talk about chide at ok. Frankly, there is to be zero spit out. They show that. What you're doing truth Ok! It's not! That, though,
relates to the Academy of China, a trick cut it out. Ok, ok! This is owed with not even some spitted. Ok, not now. I think we bread bear standing by where's break She was going out here. It's a spin, mutiny, ok, real funny. Frankly, so funny rightly, I forgot to laugh because I was never going to laugh anyway. You like jokes, nobody likes jokes, ok, here's what you're fired you! You You definitely
that wouldn't be expanded, so you do, it admitted of asian bill seems unsettling Lena, no major security right. This is sad and others. The inventor of the computer, password actually has died at age. Ninety three first request is epitaph will include at least one number one capital letter. One special care is this: the same guy who makes us change our passwords every night? Yes, alone is not the most of you know it's. I can come up with something Congo whenever threes as another happens, we're the inventor of the pocket calculators dive ages state aid is eighty six, hardly any failure and Laos cutters obtained a picture of his headstone quest. And so, when its upside down, there are so many possibilities classic where the, namely ones at revolve around boobs. This pretty much the only possibility. Switching gears now to the race for the White House, Elizabeth worn, a
Stay native american form talking about her past transgression in admitting that has made some mistakes. I know that I have made mistakes. I am sorry for harm. I have college and someone get this broader smallpox blanket. It is the ever needed whispering and you know it sincere thuggery very gently. I don't trust the native Americans. You know bearing straight their nations, are second cousins. You know it by which improve or metal after the speech warned smoked. Peace, pipe cleaned up at the crap, stable and scalped Corey Booker seem like she's overriding really set Indian like five times in her. Yes, you really don't have what I thought that was with those in the one thousand one hundred sixty. Fourth, American community can say Indian really like that
I'm ready, I'm running out of protest. Let's go right and by the way, she's the most viable democratic candidate them plays, and it really she's about it. She's about as reliable as Elitha MILAN was baby. You don't have to deal with, Corey Booker anymore- I guess that's why so. Another news of the state of California is by lowering return when your time slavery, genocide, Spike Lee Tories, Anti Semite, but we're going to California here see we go there's only Munich. Your imagination is we can whisky too far away lands California, reportedly their planning to build a bridge over major freeway, so wild life has room to Roma, comes from half pull the planet, surveying relaxed, dear lizards, other Teachers and users have a safe route to open space and better access to food and pretend
mates. Officials in California, hoping so fix both are endangered species problem, as well as their knowing cyclists pandemic. So that seems awaited dig yourself out of your final world whole caliph. I know that you have won in the streets. You ve bankrupt your state. What you're solution is to allow carnivorous predators, territory to wreak havoc exact, resolve a meal rebellion by the way to even were watching the west with the West Wing actually did. This is part of one of their episodes. It was like than a wolves. Only highway yeah Louie right forever. What they did his parity and their dams, and they were laughing at it, merits a California GO in Paris. He sounds like a good idea. We should do that. But what have you been watching? Billions so in international news. I've cannot steely waiter in France was shot dead for being, to slow cartoon guardian.
Witness the gunman losses as a sandwich wasn't prepared quickly enough in flood the scene, as happened in France. A description of the sailor was completely omitted from the reporting which made it difficult for the police sketch artist, but he gave it to college try. So it says, that's a safe vat loans and the attackers defends the fresh, decorous defense. He didn't get enough time to head over to the mosque. Biogas get back to the restaurant and the sandwich still wasn't ready. Three very that leg up, because he picked the gun up at the mall so the remarked the old mosque show loophole strikes again. Just like the tortoise. Look, I'm sorry, but if you ve been to France, that might be a justifiable homicide. Their incredibly just all of France, the Isle of France credibly slow. The services like you, ve got to just be. Have you cry You went to France and Europe S and slow. I don't know what, while in the air,
the counterbalance the honeymoon which was too quick, deviant. I've never really does not ask my wife ass, my speaking of Europe. Finally, town moment were whales, I'll I'll, ask Lyle later a town, and where is the darling? Actually, two hundred thousand dollar anti sex toilets comes from bars to escort. You just want to use them as a source to throw a little bit of support these days, the public, toilets and actual quit. The politicians have wait centres that can determine if more than one person is entered. An additional centres are designed to pick up. Activity described is violent, self, this planet, s, jobs, bathroom intercourse, plan b as to rule out the brains dealt or sex scarecrow, and that's not I am not have not made the world around you up and make you lamp light. Could one I have time show. So describing time right by the way, by the way, Mexican
food can sometimes make me have a Experience of Agnes Gonna come on. That's only I mean what was to my mind, that's that's a cigar button yeah yeah, just Bilbil,
build, noble hours, lower doing this ancient chinese technique. Great there s an ivy slap me over. It was not the first time for us to have a duty in Japan. You stole it someone you married a woman whose father had a dungeon was retiring, and then he married Kelly Le Brok. Well, he was an important step in each woman. Allow yeah yeah, that's thinking ahead, trivia, his hunting, that's true is my tongue. Bad things happen. I bet you grown run through my north wall, like you did. The guy was because, having Fighting in the past, even Seagal NET Epithet draft, while he's just a horrible, Proteid Agora, trivia contest whereby there before we get to the asking I am living, is Regina, see, everlasting congratulate inefficient and the former office used to be a mistake.
Parlor congrats. That is one hundred percent sure. Yes, we need to coordinate massage, probably what we found out, because our neighbouring, I guess our neighbour neighbouring businesses they came in. What are you guys doing in the southern rings? Dream guarantee you? They thought we were shooting hardcore pornographic, nor I wonder what the smell was. So I think that that was you. That was you. I was also check and neither are rights likely to spend this. There was an interview wanted it sort of set up this clip first is a little bit of contacts. It needs to be understood. I really want to know. Do you genuinely think Donald Trump be erased. As you think a bullet racism has been on the rise and Donald Trump. I don't buy it. I have talked about that, but it seems that now the rhetoric is heating up even more we're trying to pay them is a racist. Sixteen nineteen project is it's a product and the New York Times and design right, a series of peace is showing that everything basin basis of America is out of slavery, genocide. Of everything bad and they got a number of high profile celebrities from Spike Lee to Oprah. Trying to promote it now,
leaked internal discussions essential the decision was made to shift the narrative away for failed Russia shortens another ratcheting worthier. Let's Atwater racist after Mahler failed Any collusion the editor in chief, your time the poet leader loss how to cover trumps. We decided, let's, let's, let's just paint all men, history. Is racist and say it's more racist now than ever more racist now than slavery, because Trump couldn't possibly be honest right. I don't I, it's not really about slavery. I want to be clear about this. That's how they're, trying to sort of famous they just need something to make President Trump looked at by their own admission right in that they're asking this question like. Why are we even asking anymore, if he's a white, supremacist, they're they're, just saying they're, not trying to paint him as a racist, their say understood is right. Let's go there. Do you think our nation building solemnity been marginalized? More margin, I have been my white part- has been,
March. I see us that's forever. Now, I'm in ill elector. There is no question that slavery is part of our history is a country's, whether whether it defines the nation and, to say, that is to say that every person who is a part of it, what did you fight in the as part of the union army? Nick, you must evolve, parts libraries well right at me. They had there's no new wants to it other than just to say, hey I don't want you to forget every one of these, a peace that satisfactorily cadets this tag last exceed ninety right. Ever my everything you enjoy life lying here I mean those issues that are entirely right or spot. You still can't ride the Amtrak, but it makes the assumption that the United States would not have been a great country without slavery, so we had all the natural resources. We had great navigable rivers, which turns out to be very important and we,
a great system of government that was growing while I wait, we need all segment unless of people go back through the archive, yet we are actually the south was was hindered by slavery. If you look at the economic developments that happen to the north didn't happen, the south end of slave labour doesnt tend to put in their not burn the candle at both ends in Chile. Doing honest to happen, I'm not saying that slaves were dishonor, some significant than an honest job. If they are, they should have sabotaged and allow them did. But if you look at the developments they were hampered by slavery are so this is just. I just want to make sure that we set this up. So you understand why spike Liese making the rounds and is on Anderson, Cooper, three sixty to plug this. Sixteen nineteen project you'll be hearing a lot about it. Let's start this off. This is It is very important to me because so much when I taught this school right now, we're still deal Christopher Columbus and all other stuff
everyone is totally libraries becomes our weight is because we're Columbus now real or how to reopening feeding Lando Plymouth Rock. I dont who wait wait. So there was american slavery and fourteen ninety two that's what was agreed on how these three words are? You teach it one thing and then the next thing and then the next. I think the Indians were enslaving. Other examples is that whereas linear and they would why I was so high in time or is it my meds or those that good? I guess he's going to be telling you all lot a question never do that who did not learn about slavery in school. I think a lot of people aren't taught that we are uniquely responsible for ending slavery in a lot of ways in the modern world, but let's go to the next clip this country, nice data, it was built upon the gene side and made a people and slavery and men s a fact. We can see that
you can say that that's that's going to know for a fact, and by no one is wants to minimize here the atrocities that were committed against native Americans back then we call them engines and ass. It was with one says Redskins, but she's, one thousand one sixty fourth, so it's ok, shootings native Americans are one thing: people to understand their mostly what we ve talked with so many temples wrapped repeated, relate down through diseases at the settlers brought inadvertently because he's medical had not been developed and meaning to out of it. I think, tune and fifty thousand natives column first stop right, Morley America's his Hispaniola should do the Franco but he's your last at least new diseases. About opportunities and thirty thousand of indigenous peoples. Fifteen seventeen. That's nearly ninety five percent of their population, a big part of that. By the way they hadn't domesticated the horse
This idea of your coming into contact with the domestic it'd horse for the first time this whole idea: Bowen AIR, horseback culture. It's a lie, I hadn't domestic eve, the horse and they didn't use the we and, by the way, when we come in, like accidentally, killed. Ninety five percent of you, just by shaking your hand, it's our ban worms wherever they live at every part of any part of it is- is like this is the right word, and we start about this. We were there, there's just a lack of new ones. When you go to the sixteen nineteen project and all you want to focus when is one part of history that involves slavery, to use that to push a political agenda today. Right then Then you have ignored the fact that sure was slavery. Part of our history did slavery. You know set certainty. In motion in his country and in somewhat argued, still has some reverberating effects to this point, that we don't we, the Syrian, how much affected so hastily and what needs to be dealt with it? say what the native american population I mean. They're there there is unquestionably atrocities occurred, but to say
only atrocities. What what's all this, but I have a problem with- is a term genocide kid. This is a public, as there are more people with a bill. With war and is a prime example more people, with a percentage of native American than ever and that's because most of it was due to interbreeding. We didn't want to kill all them. Now we wanted to marry that we want to have population, but look, look you that that the most bloody battles right than this, we certainly can happen wounded knee you probably know about, because you learned about it in school. Wait not taught hundred unfit Rendered cliff dictator Americans killed or wounded also, twenty five american soldiers killed. Thirty nine wounded, listen several different from a genocide, because if you turn what the A classic: well, you know what the Jews got their legs into. That's not what a genocide is. Well, you know that you ve got six million, but it allowed those Jews. They pulled off a couple of million. You know there is not even take no that's what genocide is. The complete extermination by the recent times, massacres went the other way. Sixteen twenty two depart is approved Pope Papa, I dont hot engines.
Had no casualties and this by wastewater three, forty seven english settlers. So they can that's not the way. Genocide. Usually and don't forget. This is something people dont. Remember we don't this industry native american tribes were warring with each other, but I've only got lots and lots. They were incredibly violent to go south Think Cortez defeat of the five hundred confused adores now is that the help of other native tribes, we toss them some fire water supplies in these guys evidence laving you to collect their gold for centuries. Haven't you try? The guy, the many well and when we show up- and we have kind of peaceful relationships with some tribes and and we start to move You guys were already warring. What you're really doing is basically saying we're really pissed off that when you came in your were better at war than we were area right, we were already trying to take each other's Landon and I was succeeding in they kick my, but I'm really crystallized. Sorry, not sorry! Sorry, I ever here's. What I will have to say is that if you, if you jump at- and you ask a question of, did we have a right to come in and take this line
I don't necessarily know that there is any particular more or less right between the people who here is it a first movers right immigrants? That's the part where the narrative falls apart. When you hear people say well done. These were the indigenous people. Okay, so was so what we don't care about. The indigenous species over here before those indigenous people came here are the important well yeah sure they are more board. And then you just saying: ok great. What does wishes note of all people every No person should leave this contest. It is just a falls apart and evaluate understand. Honda ACT will be made at some point to let's say we never did back than today. A hell of a chopper airplane goes a guess. What now it's been eight years going you have to be a clash of civilizations when there is a more advanced civilization they meet either they adapt right. Become a part of this new or they get like. That that's what it has happened, always weren't a unique for time and here. In that we don't go. Take over countries that are in yeah like Canada. We don't do that because we ve advanced beyond it, but this is the way it works throughout the globe for
yeah yeah atrocities, but the idea that America is uniquely responsible for that's the problem I have. But again, this is all a thin veil to get to the real reason, which is the section. Nineteen product is Donald Trump, a white supremacist. Why are we still ask? Is this guy a white premise? I may like to that is that this Niven acquainted anymore, oh he's, just I mean the muslim world that rape is murder drug dealers and may it is and got a video before going. There's an Cooper immediately onto his life is not listen. I need my heroin and David Glasses Cooper Ritual my back pocket. What are those glass there have been good if he's white supremacist, because most most people-
You are not your own question by the way and then he too. How can you have so many inaccuracies? In one sense, The muslim ban, all mexican the races. Ok, let's go through this nay going to talk about the good people in both that listen. There was no muslim ban. There is never muslim ban. All Muslims we're never banned from United States. What you're talking about is an immigration based on seven countries that were identified as countries of concern from Barack Obama. They were put on a temporary ban by the way Travelin Fortune for ninety days about support for six months with the rest, there's not a near and there's never been a muslim ban step it. Ok, all in this This is what bothers me. I mean you know this is a lawyer. They teach us to politicians to like. Obviously he's being disingenuous a little bit here, but he could of it. He's? Just sort of curb is language by this thing. You know he said that Mexican a rapist? Instead, he said, say in all Mexicans our rapist kid just making it too easy sweetheart or
citizens are rapists really. Did you say that the first thing to tell a politician is dont use words like all right? Absolutely care can only totally That's what we do on this. Shall we only do it by design for one hundred percent certain like making sure that half asian Bill Richmond gets me Unblock from her. She did James Bears no all chickens are rape is Donald. Trump was talking about M S, thirteen people who rape and kill women sure that's what they do. It's crazy that calling card there killing women and children? Bandits by the way. Did you see Anderson Cooper pushed back on that I did we, no. No. No. We didn't have that one that we cannot. We haven't next, so this inaction we're not now he goes onto the one that they paid a lot. That Donald Trump is justified Asian? Along with all chickens are rapists and the Muslim, then is that he NEO Nazis to hear speckly down. He can't make it. Decision between was white wrong was love and hate. This book, people are me, that's gonna behind us. I mean that that quote. It asked me to
the him he's on the wrong side of history and that the first thing they illustrate that quote it's in, because, as there is a lot, there's no movement among some Republicans to kind of rewrite the history of what President said what rewrite history. Yes, we are attempting to rewrite history by simply showing a clip of Donald Trump condemning NEO Nazis in his own words, and you had people I'm not talking about the NEO Nazis and the White nationals, because they should be condemned, totally, but you had many people in that group other than NEO Nazis, and why National as it twice revisionist, how it's like you know all those times when I hear and see it ended down from his never called out new
these rights of remonstrance, like then, doesn't exist. I know I can only look at the amazing beta videos that people are able to create the korean industry like us on them, and they are not always the same amount of times in one phrases. Spiky was wrong the eyes. Yes, there's a thing, so Anderson Cooper didn't push back on the Mexicans gone and he's a journalist. I thought I thought he was trying to get the treaty back on that and then carried his water on. Comment and said yet they're trying to rewrite history rights by right. I'm cool right. I like your glasses, I don't think sex, but I'm sure it discredits the republic try to lift them. De my somewhere, where there was a little girl. It was a week between guys we're glasses g. Morgan Junior was there to which this agenda of Anna got nine nine ownership. What's going on, so I forget its notification. Bellicose subscribe because subscriptions dont mean a whole lot, since carbon itunes leaves rating and most importantly, do join, club ladders colored outcome slash my club, where do you get the full daily
hours and hours of content is here that we can never errand you do, but my happy Evolution is very expensive. So, when we're doing our legal stuff with big deck or even representatives, I proceeded to labour. Just understand. Mug club supports that, especially since we ve been demonetized, show you get to see if you don't get, it is one thing to that point. Is people only really see like the tip of the iceberg of all the things that we have to with the baggage. On things I mean it's a constant, it's a constant battle, so my club is what allows us to continuing to have. Tens of thousands, just in basic people, were clever people making false class. I mean there were well between people's daily contacts between people accusing us of stealing content. Just this week there were fourteen. Yet you know it's having to deal with that. I mean it's. It's were keeping you busy running a big part of before the show, with Bill Richmond having voted for now. They know. No, it's all economic me mad
you get your being sued by an angry trainee who thinks that you're guilty of hate speech and claims the socialism shirt is actually her face. I know what I'm not true, but it might just be worth it to pay this crazy person ago. Why am I right MA Others made it happened. So let's go out with the code of the club. Otherwise we would just be. We would be crossing the finish line like in the movies. Small soldiers with there s a or whatever was in the guise trying to walk in there all jumping on now, bs, just with to hundreds of angry trainees and Fox employs trying to do. They show, if not our happening on bill, rich man looking over her shoulder next clip talking now, either directly to the KKK with Diamond S, likely that not even hiding is least, there were the kick. It gave me watching too cowardly to China. Why House game the dog. Was it all right, come on our vote,
guys and away also we're good, I don't think, our dog whistle works. Like it's a silent. It was only last written here at nine, only thinks there handing the whistle here, let's let centric selling. Sometimes I like never laugh. If President Bush very Papa is telling Victor K K to go for it. As you say an example, The examples of dog whistle rate or any actual any pictures of Donald Trump, even with an actual whistle of us, and I think that what we should always remember from their clip trump, where he was condemning the NEO Nazis and right now shows, and then it wasn't just enough to do once, but he did it again and so after doing it's quite I definitely got the big red between the lines is. I love you,
he's about national read. That was what I mean. That's what I got hey hey. I heard my fingers crossed a page three. Sixty warlike one sixty. I think it's going over. You seem like a kind of insolvent. Actually, it's almost I've been using. Turning over. All of these examples can be easily debunked, we're gonna, Google Search or a clip just as quickly as the seventy seven cents on the dollar pay gap. Myth servant so obvious. Why is even a question anymore or because you ve brought no evidence about? You show me a clip like a raven, just one picture, one picture Eddie what one picture of Donald Trump with a loud whistle how allow that and apologize We will not have cleared. I think they get two or more spur us. It's in the dark here either whistles go what you hope. People kind of, reflecting on in terms of the impact of you know in sleep
people and the general regime? I think it's about years. Eighty ninety on things will never know blind people I this guy. There can be no wrong wrongs, history with him so the problem is not so much about it is dealt with. My puzzle This activity is there to be one of the sixty nineteen product related he's there. This was my private teaches people navigate, because what wasn't taught it in school right. So why are you teach and instead of don't love for Trump? Can you This is an area where someone is there to specifically plug a particular Tell us about Europe. New film pineapple, expressed too, I have ass words of what is laid down. That has nothing to do with a top any at hand letter. But you know what are you are you know I do appreciate about. It, though, is its honest, because
they could have contributed, say no. No, no. This is just an educational project. Here we are educating and it would have a little bit more, you know circumstantial, be able to say. Oh, you know this is actually an attack on to change worrying minds away from the president, because the upcoming elections, and, coincidentally, just at the timing of everything we wouldn't have done at any other time between now and sixteen nineteen, but this was the year- ran into area at this very moment in history it was but, but that is the part that I appreciate that, glasses labour, have for centuries yeah weight and then bring out the guy. Who did do the right thing right? I mean that's our where we go, you go yet. Thank you. I appreciate you letting us know that, as has just been every day that we leave the left to be that the kind of veiled for a long time you economy it, ok, not little, but a sleight of hand. Now there is doing out in the open- and I think there is a silver lining their because now people like the longest, I'm really up until Donald Trump people thought scene and was legitimate.
I've. Been I've been shouting from the rooftops. Like the recall, our guy, where I was saying like not listen, its dynamism, it you're promising and because it presented as though it's actually unbiased- and now we know, through these interactions with people like Speckly Anderson Cooper, and you have a good point exactly so by these standards. We actually have to say that President Barack Obama was also a racist right against my will right. Ok, so he just hear me out for a second round, and I wonder if you gotta get me Justice Day model that now you know somebody takes a billion years, although we know that there are legal liability here, as already just follow me right. So if I had a son, he would look like trade on Martin right and then we had hands up, don't shoot and we had our we're gonna send we're gonna, send Agee down to take a look at this. We're gonna go through all the stuff, and so lives matter comes out of this movement right, and so we have this huge. This massive overreach of black lives matter trying to make people think that the that we-
Every white person in America doesn't think that your life matters especially police officers, even though it was likely solves there's more than some the incidents right right, and so there is massive overreach. What happens typically when there's a massive over each by one side and one of these things rights. You have people on this. I there's a big pushed by p, On the other side, I think I would make the argument that Donald Trump is not what has brought white supremacist kind of out into the open. It's a huge. Huge overreached by black lives matter? That is allowed that I'm not saying it's the sole cause. Now I'm saying it has allowed that happened because all the sudden all guys who were kind of hiding in the shadows are like the hell's going on over here? The these guys are out of a reaching and now in public morality, dilemma that certainly do not condemn black lives matter known as emphatically as Donald Trump has condemned NEO now exactly when she never did so by the same standards, Barack Obama. By the way, you know news flash it's possible to be racist and be black, yet I'm not saying he was I'm saying that if we use the same standards were to look at hit on the same lines you're looking at Trump. He would
looked at is potentially being a racist, Maria idea. I was that you cannot we maybe black, who can be discriminatory, but they can't be racist because are not in a position of the systemic power. The latter presidential off. Yes, I believe in the can I alarming real quick point. Is I don't want this be a message where, because Spike Lee in some of the folks who are at the top of the sixteen nineteen project, that is that there is a denial of slavery and its impact on those people, are even people that now in the generations afterward round. Of course, not some impact it in this is the important part is that if you're out there trying to think about how to intelligently talk to someone either whose can used about what it is or someone on the other side that trying to say. Oh, you know this is where the product is, don't don't barrier head, go, look at the project, just take it the greatest, is recognised when there's facts right, history, worse proclamation. If you want to talk about what today is and how different it is and how we ve come as a country.
We are today verses in sixteen nineteen. You gotta know the facts. Why there's a problem, unfortunately, is: is it obviously Credible bicycles, spiky is easy, sorted this area currently seeing that with the modern black rights movement media. How that is- and I dont want contamination- is what everyone rights are fighting for. Now, I'm not talking about discrimination on individual racist? What rights are they fighting for We talk about black rights movement when we talk about white, but I dont have genuine. This could just be me being don't have it could be a blind spot? I dont know I have a car it does have some blind spot, the No, it's a korean car hotlines elevating, but yet I wonder then follow my half asian were, but let's look it. Let me later at these Chinese can utilitarians like if you see them Anita, he's green, namely China. I don't know what it's like a hand with what it s like lays everyone's. Why lack clansmen? Malcolm X, do the right thing: there's there's a reason these on you to show that these regions been chosen, a spokesperson for sixteen nineteen. It's because he's seen as a figurehead actually give cause
We presented as an authoritative figure on this topic and he's either demonstrably. Completely misinformed or he's deliberately misinforming everybody else, there are only two options: all Mexicans array, the Muslim Ban, he said there are fine people on both sides who supported white supremacist, either speckly you're stupid to be representative of this movement and this project or you are lying in order to leverage this too don't vote for Donald Trump. There, is no third option, and I think a part of this is these people being misinformed, ISM its idiot bubbles expected sounds of set all Mexicans a rapist. He said he said that that he likes white. She premises. He said he didn't like my glasses. It was Tom Tom Hanks work to him about. One point was based on racism and fear mongering their surrounding by people in the center team in industry and by that includes the media. Where no one just says
why there's no checks as likely wouldn't go out and spout this if Anderson Cooper before it. When I like any time we talk about this before we go through a show map- and one of us has a point that we're not quite what we got Oh, I don't get the strongest point. Anderson Cooper could have at least done spitefully a favour, and we would like to talk about how he said all Mexicans. Our rabies aims to go from travelling to waylay. He didn't say all just at all when you say that. Yes, absolutely when you know no real quick, you know little stick to the facts. Yeah right by the way worthy Parker I dont know spice only as and when they are going to Brian Cowen, Speckly and the people at the New York Times there. Let me simplified history. They are either missing. And where they are Miss informing period now their option is good. Look for legitimate news outlets. That's why Americans don't trust,
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so we walk in luck. Workers either way, there's no it a pop out of the luck. So you got you from one block pop it out, then, into another sound like a very white description. This is the other trying or nuclear. Our next guess very happy to have a man. He sees parliament needs luck, I don't know. Maybe you can enter. This was one of my favorites things when the funniest guys after his new special complicated apes streaming on Amazon, Yeoman coach MEL are, of course, in the goal bergs. Now Very populous schooled. I can farm on twitter at Brian Cowen, Mr Karl, and how are you, Sir, The man my friend and just demand that European, which other Juno at the pump popping unlocking, is well I'm obsessed with the less twins they are. They are they do these dances. Are you not say about? I'm? secretly? Why I'll never be truly happy because I'm not a pauper or a locker? Nor am spanish dancer. I want I want to speak. Languages outside marriage, gay and sang Buffalo GO. I don't need a background,
right. One got the mediator and drink wine in the middle of the afternoon. Take a siesta and then Dan. Then I went back and I also want to go. Go dear girl, good. My dad Marine midwestern American guy. I had T must moustache and little patch. Here I went to ITALY, there's no need to have an oasis mustache delegating Marengo Somber, but now you just thrown a affectation for no reason but go my other languages seas. But I'm sorry I didn't hear. But the point is I answered man, I'm culture, man, and I said I, like my dad, Mercosur. I wonder you keep it. Stop on face. I didn't mean we gotta Bears I made my friend stubby those good my father's whispered. He goes it's not I read about them and that scratch off my face subversive it is women,
doesn't work, it really really doesn't work it. What is your ethnicity You I tell you my mother is a hot upsets the surrender. My father's irish German, you know just a big midwestern The girl came on so hundred percent sicilian, your mom's, that's you couldn't have more more black and you than Elizabeth worn has native American has probably gonna lie. Yes, I have a lot of fast, which muscle that's all I'm saying you don't get me. Outta gas imports be dealt with at me that will make air I tight one. That will never happen. That will not make it just because I want you to have a career after this and everyone's on Guard Carlos Maza vocs than one that's. What's what can it be said hey, so we were time of this before the break different things you want to get into ever see a friend Europeans had been Crenshaw he's been in the show quite a bit, but before that I know you ve talked with a lot of people on air sort of conspiracy theories and you ve been somewhat them.
Of reason: I'm not elements so what you ve been the voice of reason, even though I was going myself and out there to give you some two hundred Dame Edna backhanded insult. I have no idea what you were reasons, but I'm not conspiratorial guy. I think the Clinton's have had people whacked your thoughts real. Yes, I met. My thing is my only the problem with conspiracies is you're. Getting people way more credit for being that organised. You're lucky and for being to keep your mouth shut. Remington Washington, trying to keep a secret, is important. It will everybody's got their own agenda and it just putting a bunch of people in our own. Nobody agrees with each other. Everybody is more ambitious than the next person you can. If you can got exposed, yeah Johnson could never Johnson was so angry at not being over. Keep a secret using Johnson takes. Is our number one? I've got a blind or why it jargon part of my defence sector Tibet, as I keep a secret call me.
The scandalous- and I beg you not to run an article because I've been when we had this whole cabinet meeting, they're, making information. So in terms of a conspiracy we're gonna have a gun to your head. You have to do your life depends on it right your family. There going to be either there can be no So let me with Israel, you we was too young nearly went to show you. This I want to present the finality. Bang, bang you're not coming back Brian Cowen, disarm you very quickly but keep yes. Yes, it s a romance no I'm a regular civilian but keep our. Let's do you think played a role in someone may be disappearing inconvenient. I think if it was politically expedient for Bill Clinton or Calorie Crime,
I do think that they had a rather slew a moral compass. If you were shot was I suppose they be? I mean, look the guy's not cooperating. We I mean what happened right he had ordered the number. You gonna tell me why. Why does building sound like Miss Measle? What is ice and the governor? Whenever you go somewhere- and you know you did it, but you have to pay you no surprise. You got your heart It was the sad and the other day giveaways candelabra I've play clue. Yes, indeed, but I think I can't people lad who did it? Who did it, how they pay them and why they had been difficult difficult to get people to sustain that moral to take that kind of a risk sidewalks.
In the order time a lot of it. You know each local politics in Arkansas before Washington and sometimes does not necessarily directly involved, but it was just ass because, ok, so I'm not crazy, conspiracy against the one thing when I look at the evidence, I go, I'm not saying listen that Bill Clinton made a phone call, the Redbird flights tonight and Epstein all of a sudden. It breaks his neck gonna pay for that's not what I'm saying, but the totality of Let's make big here's a conspiracy theory was so I think that in today's world, it's much easier. The destruction was reputation. You lead the process of killing somebody. What what you wanna do is figure out a way to destroy their reputation. Take up all tweets. The things they said start a rumour- and you can you in very easily erase them from the competition it's all. You need to do so. It used to be Machiavelian sort sent, you figure out a way to get your head swap take back. I don't need to do that so much to messy. Nowadays, it's all about you know refuge.
Asian Erase noticed erasing summons reputation is destroying that's from that hinder the Do you think I have a theoretical is basically ready everything we sure I believe that if we allow stones on the show on four month of members who talked about the fact that some a little bit shell shocked, but yes, I got you know that I would say, is it would make You said he was a massage agent and that here this island in this plain and the idea was to get there. Powerful men in compromising situations where their answer- of young women. Now you got videotape and you can get some leverage, a foreign government would find interest in getting. People, whoever they might be different dignitaries and things and getting elaborate. I guess that's something I could I could maybe get on board, but as far as I break in his neck and now he
south because he had no asking them right. Yeah, maybe maybe I think you're right. I think that goes to a kind of european, but as far as reputation right in that case it really you're. Not it's not so much about the sexual relations with minors. It's about the reputation, destroy, That would ensue after that and so yeah man. That's a good examples there. We know there was a pedophile island. We know there is an island or people we're going with her sex with under eight people. Have this man was charged with these crimes. We know that's a case. We know what a powerful people went there. It just comes. To what words doing there, and what was going to be done with this information act. That's not a conspiracy, see you, but we everyone is filling the gaps with care. Now but what does nothing to fill in the gaps with that? Isn't she space where fraud and the gap with Starkist that yes, but now again, and by the way, then I know being around fairly unity. Is your mother. You, your friends, people get successful. You meet successful people, a lot of money, you don't get ass a bit degenerate when you
billion dollars in the bank. It does its eye like now, I'm not be at the you can do is ramp up rang control your environment. So let me give you I get powerful. Men did just to prison what are you or whatever? What do you do? You just need a parade, it's a beautiful women in the room. That's what happens. That's how men operate right now. You know yeah I mean it might just be that it may be. A guy like young girls, crises occur or ever end up suddenly out of my way, what's the or whatever. Why are you giving yourself a backdoor there he's a pair of or whatever you said, the DNA? In the past, someone had stuck a baby, I think actually biggest affidavit legal. I don't know
I like it now. You know exactly you know exactly that's what so unsettling about this in Quebec ran from its fourteen and the Liberal Party, ethical liberals in the end dp, and by the way is I don't mean, like my liberals, man, the Liberal Party in Canada, back we don't really in Quebec. We don't really have a conservative voice at all. We have liberals and liberal separatists in theirs and dp and several of platforms. They want to do away with the age of consent at all. Fourteen in Quebec, what they want to get rid of. The Asian sent a totally yeah. There are, quite it will be only was it was mainstream. In some arguments and that send the sense it like I've, known people who ve gone too. I should say no, but I've had people known people who ve known people going to jail because our nineteen and the girl from seventeen and then they break But that's a whole different things. Someone to be Tartan feathered is sex offender for life time. The sign that our case yeah as Epstein or we will have no idea what you're gonna do cause. I said I was gonna, throw you Bob knows whole things, but about conspiracies we're going to do
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hey you? Ain't gonna see your face gone. They got unseen style tat still there bring humanity down. God is. To destroy. You get him on the screen
but this loyal, synchronize swimmer, not a team player. That's internationalist left me that make the Olympics. Is really so whenever I hear that they want to remove wrestling from the impacts Nega. What? But you have synchronize swimming and research. That's horse dancing, you're, not even the undoing the sport. They start the one with the genetics with yeah with us or is not tassels without tassels, are like we're gonna, get a strict club, you're making a people can liberace what he's higher taxes has sinned gymnastics Thank you. So much brain count web extended by the women we reject, as in California tenders and extra thirty minutes or modifying Ambrosius a visa, really fun. Guy, really smart. You a lot of gold and, given that the credit that it deserves introspective guy- and we have some super videos coming up here soon as matter factor for taking a shovel, can we travel
to do something. Quite spectacularly help- or it could be nothing, and if that's ok, I'll, never see it. That's a chance. Right, so, ok, something the term. I guess I would like to talk about because come comes up quite a bit and were at life shows really light advised by the people for civilian purposes. I've talked about this kind of have to what I need to work on myself. Gears? My wife is always at his turbo went off and it's been a real struggle, a sort of fine that that will be caused or third gear go on. Go on going to live life. It extremely then I'm just off, and I dont want to do a lot and finding that energy to kind of still be moving, but not in a sprint is tough. That's my personality time, but the worst part of anything is for me. I realize about myself is waiting on. The tarmac is that anticipation of the event, the nerves, the anxiety slaying, a hive,
I think most people are the swaying. You may not necessarily notice it, and I did notice a pattern when I went back all the way back to being a kid with additions to stand up shows too before this show before every area. Would you alive sure, even here in the studio, I'm always just a little. Little bit. Antsy bit nervous, especially before live, show that kind of an unwritten rule. I just dont really talk to me because I don't remember: I get really really anxious and it really anxious, for example, if we're supposed to do show in something it's sit now sitting in a chair going. Ok, what are we? What are we going? Are we not going? Are we going? Are we not big thing too? As a Christmas show, example comes to mind where we are when this big live stream, CNN sixteen hours sleep for days- I actually, I actually punched a hole through why do you really mean to three fair? Wasn't it old, brittle walls like it and it breaks. It sounds more impressive, but it was because got delayed, and I was sitting there in that holding pattern and I think a lot of
People live their life and that holding pattern, thinking that the event or what they need to accomplish. What you need to accomplish its scarier than it is. This is something I ve learned about myself and you. Let me know if you experiences, prepare, set a plan, pull the trigger. Doing your mind is really your own worst enemy when it comes to these things, usually what you fear what you build up in your mind, sitting in the tarmac waiting anticipation is far worse than what actually happens. I've I've just felt things really deeply. When I was a kid, I would get dizzy Christmas Eve before Christmas. I would get the end would go absolutely not because of an anticipated in a positive way foot so that coin before every show is exemption for every single competition. I would feel like I was going to throw up. I still Didn't do, but I have realised that usually it's not so bad, I walk out on the stage and then things fall into place, and even if bomb it's not as bad as it is in your mind, usually what you fear in what you build up.
Is a lot worse than it's one thing to tell people where I could tell you right now: it's just do it do the shall above just right, doesn't help, doesn't help you If you fear legitimate harm, may come to you if you fail in any Libya, sometimes that's the case. Most of the time, though, almost all of the time syphon most extreme examples. It just an algae you're gettin out units importing another interesting injuries between things that you need to take. Take inventory of this lenders, ok, pull it back in and out. She that's another reason by the way, in itself, to get off of the tunnel to get out a whole, holding that an out she's are actually kind of a good. Mix and bruises. Those are good things because experiences they toughening up. Get a serious injury, it's the same reason you go to the German you're sore right when you start working out and you're getting stronger oh, my gosh, its miserable, but you're doing that that you don't throw your back out when you lift your kid up. You trust,
stronger, Jim in a controlled environment where you can challenge yourself and just pull the trigger. Do it start doing in it's, never as bad as you anticipate Romeo's. Would you rather have k tense, some bruises cuts, nix or one broken femur, because scrapes those bruises they represent engagement, repetitions, training practice in and of itself, makes you less prone to serious injury or maiming and, let's be honest life without skinned, Meis. Think of childhood. Think of any kid you know. Never seen. Demeanor had a few stitches, that's a crappy child, but it's not all that's life worth living. If you just play, for example, in the beginning and you come out without a scratch. What does that mean? That usually means at someone else was moving up the field. Someone else was making the big scores the big saved, and most most all the time. Not always I know some it will. I thought so. I got cancer. I understand extreme example. Most of the time they lived to play,
there came so want you to do something for me little exercise what you think about something that you been wanting to do feels maybe insurmountable. An insurmountable just overwhelming we'll get that feeling sometimes being overwhelmed right. I'd get it daily. Maybe it's a project, maybe it's a family issue that needs resolving. Maybe it's getting in shape. Maybe it's maybe it's cleaning your room on serotonin re uptake, inhibitors viewer lobster Fraulein you ve read your. I have no idea just some it's been a lingering on your to do list, but you know it's important. We need to do, but you haven't got into it yet K. I want you to take a second. What you think of something we got it now ask yourself honestly: why You done it! Why are you still sitting on the tarmac get off of it? The tarmac is the worst part, its loud tat, it sweaty, not moving anyone. What do you have to do right now to get off of the tarmac, hit your pilot checklist and do it set a plan and its
point good enough is good enough. Just pull the trigger go what you here the unknown just like a monster movie, the unknown living in that holding pattern. It son Only worse then what is most likely to happen even in a worst case scenario and that's no way to live like a plan or the trigger get off the charming We have all worked out.
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