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2019-08-30 | 🔗
This show is jam-packed! Talking Bernie Sanders' China confusion, Ilhan Omar's spouse stealing, cocaine-stuffed bananas, and hitting everything wrong with POS Taylor Swift's "Equality Act."

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Hey audio only listener you are in a rare club. You are old school do in the radio thing most people are the watching visually on Youtube or, of course, behind muslim membership, because a lot of exclusive visual sketches and elements that you can't get the audio only version, but either way you can join up and support. This show if you wanted to keep going in line with fettered outcome, Slash mug club really seriously you listening or watching on Youtube and hope to see you on the other side, louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter and Harper.
You know I was doing the Mr Olympia most Muskie Repose and I get my hands on. The mute button, and then I remembered that I haven't you forgot about it. I completely forgot about it here. You know you can't hear me, but it's not so bad, because we don't have jail today, with the vote that we have a whole on the show today and for those who are not members of my group that we have an eccentric, thirty minutes. Finally able they're gonna, stop anew to question the day before because everyone else I use
Taylor, Swift was a fan, I'm done I do not feel that would also be honest. How much do you really know about the equality ACT in? Do you support it, because it's something you can talk about? What of it seems most people don't know there. Some from their wiener before we knew that they may have a bill. Richmond is here how user wonderful gladly logic feedback. Let him know you love him, because a lot of people hand glad that he's gonna he's in third share their thy mother. We have quarterback share it with you. The boy that you're, not a doctor you're only a lawyer put best gonna die and replacing jail, because back certainly when you excessively is Gerald be today so good. Thank you. There we go he's, got the line of the day, spinning image Fogel bidding that shows up on our accounting sheet as Brittany that all the time- I will raise your words on air, but we can see them There are more words, her hair, it's very uncomfortable, sending a mother to purchase those are right. Where can we talk about equality ACT? Taylor, swift, of course simple, but top story Forty that Bernie Sanders this week. Pray
China? You know them China's leadership in a recent interview Bernie comes from russian examiner Bernie said that China and its leadership have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization and have done a lot of. For their people. Obviously, lot of outrage the Manhattan Institute Think Tank issued the following rebuttal done. I don't trust China. China is oh, you know It is pretty easy when you go for a mile, but we're going to murder a hundred thousand less people here an hour ago. The progress you know: it's! Ok, let's be this important. The definition of extreme poverty or talk about is less than two dollars a day of catering waste but China bring them out of that by its it's about tat. I think was eighty. Eight percent and now its point, seven percent, So, reduction by the way this was in eighty one and exact numbers now things as two thousand fifteen other, where the earlier from Fort Sumter Ducks Poverty in China is based are directly correlates to them opening
markets, even though, is not really a free market economy, but still not still not free but free or yeah, so there's still rather point seven for extreme poverty. The? U s! It's about point one, but keep in mind the average salary in China. The average income is twelve thousand dollars, not even close to half that of the EU This is the same government that is now persecuting persecuting Christians and locking up pastors virgin undermine the government. You got a gun, a tonne. Other people. Yes, well, it made sense right, so they gave more jobs to the poor and said hey as it as a condition of coming out of extreme poverty. You much crush all civil liberties. Rest there's a baton, good law, so new rule book you came It's me yeah, but have no bible was at Asia Bill Mortality, so tired of the Bible, major nike- they wouldn't it always like asians- will make the worst spies chinese royal baloney what did you do to spot and about? What I call you know is why no one would hire an Asian to be a spy, which is why we would be great,
no literally, not only. What am I to go. Get some low made me come on, MRS Ek, about you start your personal photos in the crowd, this is about no Bible, why you trench coat currently live as an inference. Sticking with political, lose Washington DC woman is now claiming that ill on Omar stole her husband comes from Europe Post accordingly, Papers are cheating, spouse, told her. He was having an affair with the congresswoman then made a shocking declaration of love for Omar before he ditched his current wife is running everywhere when reach for Kong reach for come at the congresswoman responded Hake. He was my brother first. A little on the nose but warranted Like almost his wife have been.
I would like now really Island Omar realized ethnic diversity, there's a misinterpretation. It wasn't. It would thus workers tiers of sadness. They were tears of joy Why would you do she is a twenty two moving, not more traffic violations, parking tickets, that twenty two I think, since two thousand nine amateur- and she still has Do you have more than at first, but I don't know of any one. He was asian traffic violations probably not depends our delivers a lot I was very surprised when I saw the Eet people come to our country. They should respect our laws or go back to this, hey. This is a great story. I will not go back to Chicago, Toy company Hasbro. They now on death row records, further cooperation effort, you know mister potato head: the Power Rangers toy line announced that they will jointly horses the label, most known for West Coast, very important in West Coast gangster
A company is attempting to brand rollout actually by Christmas. Now with the new sugar night rock spin. Its role as a black. He had a rough day at school. He sent under the kids who talk to. I have an idea oh boy should make Rokesmith Ashworth like this. It does if you do it poor, can I ask you to bomb and absolutely a better life night should night rucks been you'll, be best friend forever well. I don't leave people, doubt shield. Nine Rex been batteries and doktor drain masters sold separately it is a remark about much like give me that
looks like should night, not my people. I know I did that we had that kind of production could be chinese with that kind of tailoring thinking. We also bounded, I've. Always like when I retire. When I don't do this shown in what I wanna be the sugar night without the felonies of concern. Media have only the guy who can help support of the conservatives. How, if you have good Oh, that you want to pitch, eventually wonder, producing and maybe I'll hang vanilla ice over a balcony. We all aspire to everybody should night continuing with music related news: the enemy music video words were this week, which will get to have a single, tell us what little later and Equality ACT, but form and sink member Lance Bass showed up in a pink tuxedo call me crazy, but I'm starting to think Lance Basses gay.
So this is, I think there is a sore about fake news is said to create fake memories. This was a new study. Comes mistake, central according Ireland study people conform false memories, after seeing fake news stories, especially if the stories in line with their political beliefs? Wait wait. So you told me that I didn't have sex with you definite had sex with that boy. Its active batboy there's, no doubt this is more we're talking more like police. Call memories might be tainted by the brush of time? Yeah, you don't get do on that one is now only rightness bit we couldn't get away from it sounded like normal down. Our heads are going to do this as a nor Mcdonald Joke I have only an answer. Today is a birthday of Michael Jackson and Ingrid Birdmen, one cat The hearts of millions and portrayal of is a London. The classic from Casablanca from some have called the apex of cinema.
There was a homosexual pedophile Selina that essentially kids, anyone for adding on the show? Nor? Yes, please we're going to name a wild turkey one? Oh, I can't get enough while Turkey, when what apparently, by those new blood, sucking leech, that's been identified in DC area, swamps, all the news that fit to not print talk. It's slow news. We have something we're covering the whole spectrum. This comes from no comes from a local fox affiliate, its law comes from farms, five DC scientists it anywhere. They must remain sees said that the leech is not something new that come up, but it's been there. The whole time unrecognised, which I am told, is actually the subject of the seasons premier. River monsters, our nations capital. So you got yeah If I look around us lamp greatness, made his way in through election play. I think in the great lakes speaking about what the turn the Pacific Northwest millions?
many think. What do you think there I had Gerald be as usual well said, turning to the Pacific Northwest a million dollars of cocaine was found hidden in bananas police and Forty five grams of cocaine in three different Washington, supermarkets all hidden in different kinds of boxes of bananas. I we only when we should have suspected it. Considering here is Georgia's most recent outing George, it's a human face, so that. For people and is a salt. I, like you're, the guy you the face, Mammy best Elsie, only tested positive for marijuana. But we all know that I'm not saying marijuana makes face, but I think it was apparently gets a frantic and then you know a little bit of a little bit of Tahoe. Oh gee pushed him over the edge of a little bit of a little bit of platinum. Oji little a blue dream little bit, o Skywalker Kush,
little bit intolerable and purple stripe gee, I don't think I could in the negatives your partner rightness of April this dream. This train will help you sleep in this train helps cure cancer. What does this train do? This train makes you really energetic and focused with what are they both pot? That's what the right ones from this greenhouse from this greenhouse, which one makes me not eat a face crapshoot once it leaves and green you'll know in the eel. No after you drag, you know after you end up in the clink ass, an astronaut by the way, been accused of steel her strange wife's identity from space, the job so near persecuting them. Happily, access in the West Bank account, while on the international space station, so one small,
for man, one giant leap for lesbian space criminals. Think about this. This is this: is the men's right sort of sexist they're going to use this for Four men have been going up to space for no real problems. Drama free war, woman goes up identity from Thirdly, I mean there's only in other women in space that have committed crimes, all crime and space, one or two percent, namely the crime of taking up the sea where a man could have been signed ways and she's, not well documented aluminum, woman. The worst thing is we say this and I was we're being forecast. Some of the comments actually gets right. I was gonna sing. You Jack No women in space that have oversight nature locally, guys like there is like to lead to ITALY was already typing. Women can go and spaces passengers. I just don't believe in female pilots. That's all I believe in female pilots. I don't they believe exists. I know the exact I just locations aid on track.
As for directions on it, we're just going up. I trust I would lead Europe. Can you where it says in the ticket. Joe pressure me like a joke in like manner too afraid to look at a map is now, but you know We end up there and you call me saying I turn eternal academic got off Gimme a landmark ghosts I dont know is at the city I dont know what to just go. South is more green, remarried, favourably stop it. You all know it. Finally, there's this story where Andrew Yang Yang Gang is out there. Hillah admits having once named his pictorial muscles, he names right, Peck Rex and his left peck. Let's see riveted apparently, ecology, jostle them on command to impress the girls. If the girls were impressed, he then introduce them to allegedly Wang huh.
Which, besides being racist, unfortunately turned out to be a disappointing exaggeration name. Despite what do you think about that? Should night Rocksmond ass. If I was telling you don't, you know, you're supposed to hate Minister S, mother. That's enough! I've been horrible. I'm sorry! Thanks to that bill sign were we're friends, I don't understand. Why he's not a black bear, though well to bear was running low, an inventory just too many rocks, but I do so many many times and we go. We purchase these items and they ask us what it's for. If we gave him an honest answer, they would not I like every time we are doing, is crowded, confronts where you try and biased of honestly and like I don't know, no joke shook night no way, so this advice eyes for Should night Rex. Then you know, I think, maybe you down the block
he's been gone for for you in your own rip. Now that is your best chance, closing anyone you terrorist and no yes, no really, I am. I use you tell us what faith but This is something we want to talk about equality iq. But let's set this up. Taylor Swift. She had this Vienna a performance except in speech. Was she promoted the equality ACT, and then called out the White House for not responding to a protective peers. This speech, at the end of this year there was a petition and still is a petition, is for either here or the equality of space. The danish runs counter to that decision, because it now has a million signatures, which would you didn't cocky she's, getting confidence which is by
times the amount that it would mean a response from the White House, yet little lives. There were little well guess what that would mean anything if everything she just said, was not factually incorrect, so it brings us to this week's one of these we're going to talk about it's always a short and love. You will get jarred if you listening audio sorry, but only if the equality, but this Speech, let me give us a reckless up. First, miss with you actually wearing a watch right. So when she does the looking at the watch, I understand you're trying to before you're just give you this will obviously premeditated portable watch. Second, the wipe us only has to respond to be summit, a petition to White House TAT Gov Yours was a change that Orange petition and You didn't even addressed to the White House. You addressed to the Senate, sweetheart.
Even though we know that you did all of your people in teardrops in your guitar and you go on for the pop rural. Not hang out with people like later Dunham, you didn't have to throw your dad under the bus and haven't delete all the social media just because he happens to be a Republican. By the way you ve growth, which make you, weren't used you're, looking more and more like a training by the way don't take my word for it, John tat was clearly confused. Also sleeps with a lot of training,
and he had to Taylor Swift, you wouldn't have equality. If you think what you're surprised every time you won an award, this is that what you're? Forty second order is not a Grammy, it's the empty, the award for music video, which is the most play most popular video of the years. I don't know I don't know what to say. I don't know, but you know what I do have a petition that has more than five times he had this look going to face, like someone just said, often with the abortion miss with her so thrilled bad cruel. What do you think you'll be equality and why this is one of the things that sounds good right? The across the you set up the economy. I love the crappy Gulf should be really energy. Morgan Junior by ways do his back surgery went well, we do. We will indeed jail. Just? U will get off the painful
we only need be like DC guy yelling eat my, but this sound like good. The equality act, just like pro choice, sound The green new deal. Excellent. Anyone really sounded a dose and a little bit authoritarian makes planet see people do in a goose step when it's the new deal, but get them. One is a sounds good and she said the bit. The building We mean that everyone gets treated equally, no, not really into the equality ACT and why it's incredibly dangerous and corrosive ok, the bill prohibits to quote an exact discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and actual orientation. Ok, stand discrimination based on sex. I understand sexual orientation, get it Could you take away here, those gender identity, its defined at all in any real way. When you look the bills, a can just identify the woman in federal law demands that everyone treat them. That way. That's a problem,
they'll. Do you see some of the complications that so this is one of the things people think they go? Oh well, I'm just gonna put along a place, indecisive, easy. I want equal rights, Rome and obviously that's now with the role in that what the laws Botany Britain's at that, but when you actually have to apply it, how are you going to apply something so undefined and valuable as gender identity? I mean everyone has a problem, just even understanding. Okay. So if I decide to change today, if trumped says he wants identifies a woman is Now we have our first woman president everyone's gonna run to his backing, of course, not in the yet. These are the ties of laws that are supported that don't actually talk about how you are actually going to apply it. A life right. They just want to say the high level in the clouds and then, when someone goes like a little wish structure there to know how we're gonna follow the law they said. Don't- you know- you're not supposed to hay tat occasion- it was wrong to hay noised abroad by the way. It's not as other, isn't any precedent for this, because we can See some complications, so how would allowing anyone to identify? However? They want potentially be a prominent
why would anyone be opposed to the equality act? No one's opposed to equality, that's not over talking about! So, let's start with this one. Women's sport with already covered out trends genders and destroying women's sport. You have mail the male transgender athletes, winning world Cycling Championships went and people That's a nice little instant, no winning national championships in Weightlifting smash fair power lifting world records in a day and by the way, a bias. Vehicle mail is now be number one ranked end see double AY women's track. Star trend, athletic? Were men? Get everything in women get consistent beatings if the Islam of Sports, also at a recent meeting import denote transgender was first rank. Nationally and meet. Someone placed second respectively was also a transgender for the record. The race included exactly two transgender competitors- how many too, where were they ranked number one in two? That's hard
men just have an unbelievable advantage. Testosterone, we ve gone through this higher bone density, greater lung capacity, higher racial fast, which muscle fibres, but we'll have to throw this out because someone wrote a college thesis entry. Their swift, as an imaginary watch we import people's about we're gonna do a sport. Can we get there, and this is and I would like your being here on this bill- but this if we can make provision for sports. Actually, no, you can't if it's the sports have to follow the line or they can add to it in certain ways. For example, I can understand why the commission issued a lot. You see when they had this whole testosterone issue going on. It's legal people can procure testosterone, but the sports Organs Anyone can say are right. We don't want to use it because of an unfair advantage, but if a law specifically says you can not prohibit in any way someone who's on testosterone, they can't do it. It's not left open, ended here. That's the challenge that I am in what one of its again when you get into the actual practical application of we ve talked about this in the first moment, if you actually put a definition of hate speech and the.
Hard to apply it. It falls apart immediately and in almost every example, in the same way with trying to define gender identity and say it's not just the whatever it's the went right. So someone can say. While I am no of ninety seven thousand different versions, apparently that existence your identity, ominous cycle through them, like t shirts, every single day will run. The world catch up, and if you don't it's a crime right right. It's yours like will simply to have to pay money or fines. Maybe even go to jail or all the sides of things at the very least, to be pilloried in social media. If you can't actually keep up with the changing fluid gender identities and that's it. And in the same way, when you talk about discriminate against folks. In a certain way, you have to be able to define what the discrimination is right and when one of the biggest proponents of it Taylor Swift, can't even to find it. I'm leavin the music stick to it. The outer angle largest thing, I should shut up and think pretty much pretty much yeah. Do you think you know? I am a political means, yea North! Go that that's not what does
Why you hire does not why you're? Here we don't really care, we don't really want them and by the way, you're wrong, I mean. Is it discrimination to say you know what you can't do the hormone words, but that's what helps we compete? My point exactly by the way Notification Bellevue subscribed because apparently subscriptions don't mean a whole lot: new video, everyday, just bookmark, the page chicken and, of course we have hours and hours of content at my club. If you join up I was gonna come such Muslim enters the creditor bits channel on Youtube. Everyone is eclipse, anyone search them pretty quickly, another Here too, we talk about equality, women's only spaces. This is something. Has turned a lot of feminists against others see its turned to look like being angry sister against blue haired pseudo lesbian sister, and that sad it will make only read from their ill with respect to gender identity in individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom. A locker room and addressing room that is, according to the individual's gender identity, at which again is not defined even without like this urban Tom
Of cases of sexual assault, rape when male or female change tenders have been I d go into women's only spaces, but I'm not saying that always happens at every transgender. Is sexual predator, but Mozart we are just a unique who use these protections and Canada trying in access to under age, nude girls and was built, I'm still trying to dispel tried Owen. Yet what I mean is Maybe they're not all predators, but I'm not exactly mystified at how many of them are sexual deviants media that they pretty much have their identity focused on their sexual deviants ear these their gender deal yeah. Well, they would say so technically gender, you can't user sexuality, but you can choose your gender. That's the only thing by the way show me your tweets, yeah, that's Jessica, unique! That's what she's certainly into these strange rooms like yeah. Can you help me, but can you help me use my tampon? Now I think you should know not. I think you should be in Buffalo bills, well think what the subjectivity right like them again.
Final say, though, is to be a rebuttal, but I mean think about its actually worse. I mean it's worse than that when you think of the practical application of saying, ok, hey, I'm gonna go to the women's Russia today and later in the day I go to the men's restroom and then actually later after that it would go back in the women's rostrum right in all of the places that, for example, I mean- I know a number of women who actually consider the winds rush to be a safe space right rectal, What rules, whether Israel's isn't you're gonna? Take one person subjective view of a place where they can go. They can feel safe and, frankly, if you ve ever been in women's rights from is all is nicer than immense rush. Every and now you're gonna say opposite. I've heard that it gets even messy. Its messy, but then they start off really clean and nice sometimes have couches really was often have couches and flowers and sent machines and crazy couches yeah of savages. That's disgusting There are more like you go and urges the very poorest, very permeable, let's eat thinking
close on the couch and it's like if you have a couch in a cigar lounge, it's always going to smell like that, no matter where you can. You can sell it on Craigslist. It doesn't matter what we want and wiping out tonight. Ok crouched in the bathroom Ozma like I but my but the but the idea being. Is it? Ok if you have a subjective view of what should be what should be great and you're gonna. Have these women who say the safe space and I have the were in There- to be able to go there and not worry about men being around, be able to you no prior to do. I make to do in a you're. Just my dress now under this rule under that, yet petrified man we're lucky it now. It just doesn't matter right, like the other signs off any what Google anywhere- and this is because it's not based in science at all gender is really it's really more grammatical. How would you have talked about this before someone? Above all, you gotTa John Money, study right, you gotta butler this is a very new idea. Even people who believe that gender was socially constructed and separate from sexist, only believed in two genders and this not scientifically based. It was never proven it just theory. It was theory that was supposed to be talked about in car
because I didn't really matter have real world consequences like most things that are talked about humanity and then for some reason, people working on the gag, like, let's just open up the floodgates and even the professors now that it was a Guph There is another reason why the way with this bill, targeted, they're gonna, be targeting religious organisations, business owners, the Equality ACT, prohibits against anyone discrimination as they put it against algae BT. You a ip people from the bill, any establishment that provides a good service programme, including a store shopping center online retailer or service provider, Salon will get back to the bank, gas station food banks, service or care center, shelter, travel agency, funeral parlor or establishment that provides healthcare, accounting or legal service they mention salon in their clearly because I think you need was trying to get people to wax Zis bald head like why there's really go so I will just say all businesses also mentioned shelters ratios.
Edward women. Shelters now have to receive men right who and going back to a bill said that's another safe space. It literally is sometimes the only safe place. Lobbies woman have and is a bad omen. Shelter and now we can allow men and which, which is more trauma and shelters, and by the way a lot of shelters are run by churches shall gonna run by religious organisations. These aren't people. This is what's important to know what we're talking. There's the letter, the others, a spirit of the law people creating battered women shelters because they hate trends, ginger's they're trying to do. And then you ruin it by saying it's not good enough. Let's allow men their people talk with it. Let's get an example for church at our is that a single single moms night at our church They think we're single mothers would go drop off their kids at day care and I think they would do like yoke spend class are sometimes would have like a single like a match making night with a single men of the church. So it. Big illegal for a church to say or having a single moms night here by the way you have to be allowed. If your man think about that for a SEC
who does that it is not really about equality again back to salons. I just so funny to me there clearly wanting to wax Jessica, unique testicles and scrotum is so here's one of the things that I do think that that we all have to count to keep in mind on the conserve sign in terms of talking about these issues is really, if you get to the nub of what the why this rules around is because of the few of the few samples of folks who are treating other people in hue and humanely right. I mean there is one thing to say: jokes was wanting to colonel. I criticise the political positions which have what we're doing here and as in the application of those rules. It's another thing for someone to say who is listening to the single out and say you know what I'm gonna do every time I see so in a transgender, I'm I'm an ominous salt them nominate Avenue, attacked them in the workplace, Armitage, grim and again as discriminate against them in the workplace and treat them in an inhumane. In that's, that's not what we're talking about the actual work, application. Comparing that comparing that too, I know what you have a there's, the restroom
is not treating them inhumane way. Well, I gotta go on it does little girls man, you have now every pushed back becomes Your hate now your aid. Now you hate now you full of hate. Well, this is how far down we talk about slippery slope, look behind you, there's a slow because about another recent transitioning kids. We talk talked about this quite a bit, but a lot of people build another. The equality ex specifies that kid's cannot be denied people, including its can. Denied healthcare based on being transgender. We ve already seen parents lose custody of their children at state level because they refuse to pump them full of hormones. Are you apply this federally, never mind that it's the right thing? Do we ve talked most people? Don't think you should allow kids to be put on puberty blockers. I think if anything, child services should take those parents away if they start pumping a seven year old boy, full and estrogen, but call me old fashioned- and this is important to note by the way, the kids don't transition with talk about this many times. Seventy five and ninety percent of children with gender, just where the completely outgrow, with their be their put on purity blockers to percentage, drops to zero
suicide attempted rate is still forty, two percent, the equality equal, create a a legal basis for parents to lose custody of their children for denying them health care. If they dont go along with something that has with it, has no basis in science, and we don't have any data yet because this is really really knew we could be putting Kids into a shallow cancerous grave, so when you talk, loving, when you talk about caring about people, listen you're. Looking at a forty two, percent suicide rate you're looking at bone, proms you're looking at mood problems you're, looking at huge rates, depression and schizophrenia. Telling someone that their perfect. The way they are is not compassion if it kid wants to eat. But small and in an inn, strawberry preserves, you tell him no, because it's probably not healthy for him. That's the case here. If a kid wants me put on puberty,
lockers. You say no. Why? Because you're bound lights have infused yet, but I dont want some lady in the white jacket to come in here and take you away from me. So here's your estrogen bills, there you go want some see Alice right. It's a treat for everybody urbanization. Sea ice. The kitchen wants, yellow, secondly, Canada. So no tailor the equality ACT is not just. Basically, we all deserve equal rights under the law. It's like the green yeah, it's a laundry list of left, a city, allergy that completely tries to criminalize any descent, and just like that degree new deal by the way the green new deal takes over, but I do want to say a fifth of the economy, because that's what we're talking about health care, the green new deal takes over All of the EU economy and basically nationalize as energy and by the way, our also shoe horns in social and racial justice and the green via this here, one here:
yeah right. They are precious innocent, green, isn't even in the song about three. This love, you monsieur, you have no basis, not even a fictional one, so that basically takes over the entire economy nationally and now a bit like this, the equality yet look at yourself, please go read it check out horses. Look how loosely defined gender identity as this would do for the social structure, the societal fabric of Amerika, what the green new deal will do for the economy. This takes country over all of it you're controls apparent. It removes your controls, a business owner. It removes your control is an athlete. It arose your control as someone who wants to take a dump in peace without Jessica and EU common in waxing his scroll element. It all right, we have to go to TIM Pool, hopefully will will come down from above Joseph.
Do we know you're used to increase its skill, big ease, my little Tupac salts. For you stated that you bring your headlined by earnest yet sodomized in prison that one wasn't cut for time. We have a rough idea. If you want me to write another one of your letters. Use
population lock up, let's go in tempted robbery of us toward it by a retarded guy in the airbag truth of Saxony. Exacted Epstein would have been involved with actual human sacrifices that suggested ritual, Thirdly, right the people say Biden makes gas Biden is the gap between the Deuce one hair, plug away from college Trump, President Taft, but it was just a vigilant to return here and now, a reading from the democratic socialist manifesto with comrade. Cortex has become evident that the bourgeoisie and any longer to be the Rhine Plan squad as the ruling class. Now we rubbish me a girl Hon.
Rashid and I never learn the other girls, no, it doesn't matter were covered Were you. Israel join Mug club, because soon videos like this will be all that's left on Youtube. Most curious about next guess: dance moves because I found out that he was by racial name. Because he said he was by racial Now, the only way I could tell, and then I thought well, maybe he was a? U quarter black. In fact, turn values can asian Canadian like it. Abercrombie ethnic working. I know what it is, but there's something there that is not intimidating as away person. If you want to buy, you know, look at pence but I dont know what they're dancing anyway, you know I'm eleven he's been in the short term to tuna devils advocate with him. You follow his paw. Ram Tim cast on you to begin foam on twitter at TIM Cast is an upcoming live event, so
today August thirty. First with minds, Ireland's called ending racism, violence and authoritarianism. Mister Temple, how are you, sir, operate in all things considered with the event and all that ok well before when I was going to ask you about living in advance, but will save that for later. What do you mean all things considered with the event for people who don't know, I guess aim as it is. A stressful past couple of weeks. We have an event like you mention mines I around the overarching famous ending racism, violence and authoritarianism, something I think you would probably agree with all those things are I would also agree pretty lofty goals for one live event, but sent die every time. You know we want to address this, this cultural, political issue, the culture or whatever you want to talk about and wait. We try our best to bring in progressives and we have many, some liberals as well as moderating. Conservatives. I think it leans.
War towards, like the Anti asked you w tight? But that's because those people are so willing to get up on stage. Getting progressives is difficult. So much tremendous respect to those progressives who agreed to come and speak and sit down right but We have this. Put us on I'm a sponsor. Might my company subversive sponsoring at about one of the primary organised necessarily, but I am speaking as well. We had this thing booked since March contract signed good to go all speakers publicly announced is a local event right by my house. It's not like. I went to allay upon this big show within two weeks when we're to do this. All of a sudden, we are getting there. What I would call a harassment campaign is out of protests of harassment, campaign they're, calling local businesses they're, calling all of these different politicians in the state and they are accusing us of some of the weirdest conspiracy insanity. I've ever seen, and it's a couple there
are some semi you lot of our com, local, because their forty fifty miles away, but that is progressive groups there, as well as an anti fa group from New Jersey, accusing the group of like you name it, you name it in terms of the worst thing can be added. Their white supremacy at a file of the clan like all like it's like they really do, have pulled out buzzwords about what this is. Where is a thing two weeks out and we start getting these harassing phone calls and the theatre tells us to GDP foe and it's the most insane thing ever that they that we would literally have an event called ending racism. We a couple of the people on the young Turks network or speaking here that sound like we're really bringing people too. So I'll tell you what really scares me around TAT, sir. You Scares me is obvious, but will what scares me is that this legitimate attempts of following their rules. Ok, we got more Male speakers that mail with garlic, thirty five percent, p o c for like we did it.
Thing. They wanted us to do. No one! Second, you said gaiety G T follow pvc. Why are you naming cars? entirely on the fact that the theatre cat, like big date there trying to cancel on us. So we have a backup venue, but there's gonna be a legal issue because we will not back down look. You can't have a contract for for five months You see the speakers, you know what the about about an unbend than me, too crazy, wacko, far left conspiracy, theorists who accuse us of everything in the above mentioned. Psychological question whose you mentioned they whose they I know, I read an article about Antiphon, but are there organized groups like that of publicly possess this, or is it just sort happening in the dark portions of the weather? There there's some public they're, not like huge a couple groups, I read you want me to name them I'd rather, not because I want to give them attention. Ok, you of the name and that these are these are organised. Groups are, though, it does not just to rein in person calling someone up because we ve talked about for every now and then you'll have someone at
box or something along those lines who complains are being harassed and its two people with a twitter egg, verses and organization, or a concerted effort to shut it down and you're, since the latter their assets that there is an anti group, which is you know, it's probably a small handful of people in a certain portion of Jersey, there's another group at claims to be a progressive activist group. Therefore. Of their meetings, so it seems like that's the case. Another group actually has a very prominent activists Ben featured a news stories so that I wouldn't call them famous, but they this you know they're they're, not Zalm, it's not like one or two people, but it might be. Ten or twenty nine. What they're doing is their rallying democratic groups juice to send harassing phone calls. Local businesses and it's not really bad. You know that the theatre called us in a panic and I'm gonna I'm coming to qualify the statement because of legal issues, but based on what I was told, my interpretation of the frantic and panicked voice
that anti for was threatening to burn down their theatre. This was corroborated by other people and eventually came out in the press that you know this guy was panic that these people are crazy can't you know they're gonna, burn the theatre about all the stuff. Something like that. It may have been that this guy was just panicking and he saw some tweet, which was a joke, but you know this frantic, you know flame and then we will there have been harassing phonebook. That's important, denote dough to Madonna scheme over that, because You live in this world and I live in this world. You, for example, what the vocs near that was going on when we're going back and forth an MRI someone who I worked with. Who will remain nameless, not someone here, but someone who you know it's been a hair style is too could have in a doctor. Let's put one of these sort of contractors. In my life, and this person said: oh yeah, I heard you got into a lot of trouble with the gay community law. Second, what would he taught you Tom? I ve. He had no idea that it was the gay community. People don't live in that world can much more We be intimidated service business owner the person who owns a venue they're not
twitter! All that and all time they're not looking through you two were bottles, and so the left they like to use at activity their banking on them, not knowing that it's just an answer for group, We're gonna burn house down, because these people who don't live in our universe, take seriously and that's why we- he such severe ramifications when we go along with that, of course, is as legitimate. There there, organizing protests their threatening violence like this is all established, and it's my neighborhood its within a few miles of my house right and they're they're, coming from fifty to a hundred miles away, calling itself defend. Is that that mind numbing? But Bosnia say earlier. What's what scary about this to me is we played by all of their rules? We got progressives, we, more women than men. We did everything they asked of us. We have Liner, who is a person of color famous anti racist and they still accuse us of all right, white supremacist. All this nonsense and you're right about these people who are living in this world
get a phone call saying I'm going to destroy your business and take your job away, yet they panic run and they start hearing from there. I'm saying? What's going on your having not seize it, then you know like no, it's a lie here. I thought you know. When you get fifty phone calls to your business, they start putting fake reviews on your business to smear, you went and slander you and has a real impact, small businesses in a small town sharp enough for us. I get smeared all day every day, I'm like whatever man it's the internet, but for of local than you. So we actually have. We have two venues in Pitman New Jersey, the theatre gave us the boot which they can't because of a contract, but whenever we found another venue but the VIP, Ray has defended us and you know they're the ones who are bearing the brunt of it. Now, because you know, when alone the slander. The smears came in, saying it's Nazis and all that these people actually did their due diligence and that we talk about a young Turks. Guy who's gonna be hanging out. These people are not so we will have done a party which shows recently we do after parties, and people can only get it if they have a mug and are we we use cigar land is because
Carl understandably overwhelmingly conservative and it sort of count cultural, so loudly owners are like us and well you just say no UNESCO is like. I don't give a shit. I don't take complain about this lounge just because I don't like people smoking in the sidewalk bath gets a lot of people say so in the future. You might want to look into it, but this this Worry there there, like left, leaning the jewels one of the honour is it. You know. I want to speak on their behalf too, to force all leave their private life and private life, but you know their Democrats there if their left, leaning they set free speech is important. They talked about how you know it's really crazy and- and- and I stress this point, which is another Netscape worrying me as ten months ago and cold spoke the same theatre and these somebody's groups didn't. Do I care now we're seeing what kind of a dramatic escalation in a more liberal event, is being shot down, but this very day, for me that when the protest tat within culture, they saw conservatives and proud boys and they thought hate is the greater we need to start a dialogue with some of these other groups. That was, that was
you know sedation, they shared that kind of mentality. That conversation is better. I think I can tell you probably why that is that they assume that people are going to an inn. Culture show are too far gone Someone like you, you're, more moderate, you're, making more inroads. That's how we get a lot of people who try to shut up. Before we do shows because they go on a second. This tends to be like a big party on campus. Usually do have any it's a couple thousand seats, that's more comedy show some few nay, but that's a whole production and it's not kind of thing one should be protesting, but it's because they just don't new people to come to the show, I think you're more likely to attract those people. Then and told I want to make sure they get disrupts the one one to another topic here August before Saturday and wit, whereas the show thing, but I can give the value Ok, what's the last night by statistical Adele, it's in Philadelphia in Philadelphia area, ok, so, while the weapon so, as I r l dot minds, dot com and we're almost sold out IRA, that mines outcome, and I wanted to start this and will take it to a web extended because we can really in trouble on Youtube for this. So it seems
you ve been running up against this quite a bit, but you also some people say: while you play both sides of the fence, because you're, not the conservative you're, not really How would you identify yourself, because I know that you do one thing even very straight on as you will not vote for four Donald Trump, but you shouldn't be budding head with the left off. More than Send the right Julia, I mean look, there's a story. Day in NBC, where they claim trumpets racist, because he said an email where he said, but they quote him, it's our country, not theirs, referring to cause YO. It's a lie. Complete lie. What he was saying was electoral college meet, makes America for every zip code, not the coastal elites. It's our country, not What he was saying, as the rich people make big twisted to China can see racists, but I read this and its ends an overt life, Listen, I you know I looked at someone like tells you gabert. Why? I really am I really like she's defended free species, she's denounced identity politics. You served her country recently even and
someone who lines of a lot of my values and she is defended free speech for everybody. Conservatives. So it really does work for me in terms of someone, I think would be you know better than Trump, at least as commander in chief. I think tromp has personality defects, which are our bad in terms of unification, and I mean I think one of the important aspects of the president is being a charismatic leader. But there is also foreign policy things that I agree with and an interest trust me. I criticise, Obama all day every day for US foreign policy trip to, and I gotta give trunk credit for his student loans. Given us for the veterans by died, you know Trump is playing republican Angle- and I doubt I there's core principles there- I'm not gonna support, but I don't I don't hate Trump bah. I just think he's boorish and and rude
but that's not you know, he's a very light objectives to describe down. I think I am somewhat off color, but that being so, I also to be? I don't know diplomatic right, I understand if I go to a Trump supporters are screaming about. Tromp is a nasty guy like the worst in the world. It's it's gonna break apart our ability to communicate. Yes, so I need I need to have respect for people who disagree with me and and and try to understand them and that's to think too about the event we're hosting. We have Darrell Davis, regularity, radicalized. Quite if you take it former KKK members of people, I don't know, I haven't looking little Davis, there's a documentary out there about him, but his thing was give them their respect. Their asking for let them express themselves and try to understand them, and that's that's a key to two coming together and I completely agree. So you know I am not a fan of tromp, but I'm not gonna go much screech with with blood coming out of my eyes about how he said you know, is Hitler's right. That is it disrespectful. So the Tulsa Gabert is as easy on the ice sheet,
Well, I don't think so. I I've I was asked it Jesse Kali on his show- and I was it was like you know she said something that effect and I'm like well she's, a very professional and beautiful woman. As you know, you can't deny that he's a major in the National Guard, mammoth lets. You know, then only areas, but I respect your service of customs have it. She has kindly Nicky Healy Vibe, going to mean that sort of that golden skin dark hair, very they always ass. Really well- and I don't just mean Irishman, she's, had been very well presented, eliminate that they put themselves together. Well, that about tells together, don't like her policies, don't like the platform, but we'll talk about this more low, but on the web extended for people who are listening, we'll have to go to break you watching on Youtube. This is going to an extension now.
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The person Gotta two into his cuddly should networks been an drowned as a result,
Heavy has a lot of mechanical stubborn member always deal with the most immediate problem. First, if your drowning your creature, comforts of homelike erupts, it's not it's not more important than not drowning. We need action on these watch out. We should either auction office should or or re use in battle. We do have actually talk with a temple, there's extended their web extended for people who are not a Muslim much longer. I want to get into politics quite a bit, but he's in that vein. We have we ve talked about it. We have the super secret crappy. The issue that we have started building and then we just we're not going to be using it, because it's not big enough anymore. We will probably auction and off at some point to some, are looking like a van life with updated, the mechanics, mechanical issues in their beautiful carpet authorized to read what blue crush the lower and have the highest roof legally allowable, and it still can't going to argue about living there. Thank you. Thank you. So much people of course watch supported credit conference next week we have when we have gone, and next week
We were coming India few weeks two weeks, just a lot lot going on so much. That is good about this during the year. I don't have a life advice or we're talking about this this week, I wanted to reiterate this. I heard someone talk about this either dating you know. It's a dark period for our country. And are you that talked about a lot and it just a comment. That's really taken for granted. Let's put politics away a little bit. And I never will. I wasn't a huge fan of Barack Obama. Obviously we had a downturn economy, but right now a genuine question. The people out there, even if you're, not a triumphant people out there like what's name Rick, whatever, whatever the people at National Review of people who were Republicans but hate Trump even Democrats. Do you really believe this is a dark period. United to test, or do you really believe that ten fifteen fifty years for now they'll be teaching people that twenty sixteen. Twenty nineteen was a dark period for the United States. I mean what what wasn't it was there?
a recession now depression, no unemployment. Now wars not really repealed. In beaten in the street lynched no cross being burned on lawns. No, This is an amazing time in history. As much as we about things, I know I get roundabout tallish with honestly. This is an incredible time and nobody appreciates it a genuinely look at your life right now k, not not just the United States, but, let's think about, Let us it's a historical perspective right now, but also when you think of your personal life, compare it to actual dark periods right compared to the actual dark periods in your life. Everyone has an, I can think three or four. I think it not that lot. There was really really tough. Someone should think of that. Getting your are you. Are you still in a dark period? and was the planet's Infinity United States. Think of an actual dark period of United States, the great depression think of world war. To think of even have the two thousand a crash. Unemployment was through the roof. Think of
eleven most compare what we are now to an actual dark period embargo. If you're in a period personally, obviously create a planned. Take actions. Take steps towards measurable progress like we ve talked about. It's always the same thing, but if this is truly a dark period right now? Can we just take a moment to be grateful Inspiration is telling you what did, but just honestly for second right now what you think of that dark period in your life. What made it dark What was so hard about it and if its going on right now say a virgin freak ingratitudes, you might get it. You had think about it. What is it wasn't? A period where maybe you're a relative had cancer was a period where maybe you couldn't make meat. Was it a period where maybe we're really sick and you are struggling with chronic pain? What whatever was, if you are, going through that right now, even though you have some other issues, can you acknowledge? most of you out. There are probably not the worst,
often prayer we asked for things, and then we don't need that we did either dont think that will actually get them or we're not grateful for them. There open. Your hopper is still doing well. Hopper with I thought I was gonna lose him. He had cancer, it was really a severe chemo worked. I know We're not gonna. Have that much time with an that's. Why don't seem somebody Michel, because only honest? It just makes me kind of sad but Betty's great berries. Drastic, but that being said, I have to be grateful right. Because there was a period where we thought we heard that he had lymphoma on Friday and he would be gone by Tuesday, and you know what have to sit and go hey, it's been a rough weak, but that's not going on site the law. We live in an amazing time in history in an unbelievably blessed country, All I want you to do here is the advice, unless you're in that truly dark period, where you can go back to the other credit closer when we talk about how to get out of it, how does it plan most of you, Orlando? So if you not in that truly dark period. And if you don't believe the United States,
in a truly dark historical period. The reason I'm using dark period, because this year and the media all the time that term dark period in history. If you don't believe that to be the case, do it. Do everyone also service walk around The smile on your face today and be grateful be grateful. Terminally and show that you are grateful externally to the people, around you. Your life will be a better place because it is awesome right now, despite not being perfect, I'll see you next week
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