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#54 A Merry Christmas From Louder with Crowder

2015-12-25 | 🔗
A very Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Louder with Crowder. This week's podcast is a little gift to you, our loyal listeners. Sit back with a glass of eggnog and enjoy this year's best sketches, all in one place. A Best-Of collection, if you will. Here's to many more years of making memories, creating goofy characters, and sharing hearty laughs together. Merry Christmas.

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You know that sound or you probably don't see that wasn't it official radio Enshroud. This is exclusively for those scribe online Itunes, sound cloud or wherever else producing with me not in studio but across the country is always is not gay Jared. You can follow me gay Jared. I prefer my legal obligations. It can draw conclusions. We got there can make us was top or a good merry Christmas to you I didn't get your gift to get my have you use the the neutral we got? I have You know. I've made approximately one and a half meals since you ve been gone for myself
and I were those meals. I kind of putting pizza from the box to the plate as a meal so I've looked very little. Has its a busy had been so busy was, but I won't get to it. I got your gift by the way. I'm not your gave that gifts to four for court, How will we can't say on air and cases listening here and will make her open it in the new year? So this is just for subscribers. Thank you so much for subscribing we We will put together here a lot of people, don't notice. So that's all we wanted to do this show for you. It's a best of sketches and segments alot of people. Don't we realized you're so used to skipping commercials. We ve sponsors, most of them for this entire year. We have a couple of our fifteen simplified wine, friends and companies I work with, but in the commercial sector if you ve been missing them, we have over a dozen either sketches or fake commercials.
Or tore NATO warnings every single shot to the point of the people who do listen to them. It's become their favorite part of the shot. Yet so it's hard to pick good. What do you think? We have shared over the course of the year. We have a guy hours. Probably I mean yeah with we ve done what twelve or sell weaken their add up to six to twelve minutes a week. I gather that adds up the ads are pre, so you'll be missing some summit, some episodes for those of you who you haven't been checking them some episodes. Every commercial break follows a theme like we did that with your you're some of these are the San Bernardino shooting the neighbor who refused to identify the shooter out of the year. Of being labelled a racist. We add what do we have? We had the Rudolf theme. Had the rude organic young, the upset entities
the first one we did like Titanic was a first concept episode. We did and the reason you know the reason we we do this just because we can no other show can do that. No other show owns full rights to everything and were silver, and you have been a huge a part of that twenty fifty Jared didn't work for me in twenty fourteen. Here you go jeered at your tell them about the first time you met me. Man that was, you know him never heard of you. I think I had seen the video but, like you seems, vaguely familiar, I think I may seem like one of your videos before, but it's kind of a vague memory. So I wake up bite out bid. I walk about like ten eleven their day, walk up to a tweet, saying you and I'll need a videographer wife found you d on me, and I was just like Ambrose guy is, but he says, a verified accounts must be pretty cool
well legitimate? Didn't next thing. You know on the phone with you and rasping me. You want a video, something you wanna video. I think we'd we tried to do in this year, but you want to do a hollowing video where you you tell me, you want to Obama mask jump out scheme. While the streets in when their act skin, you tell them their racist are somewhat that this. My first member sounds like this. Where the hell is this guy, are you kidding active description? This is why else so silly, He told me to meet you somewhere and, unlike I think, if you want to meet him over their kind of the downtown area like ok, I get there and the new text me you text, we do have a tie, a red tie. Unlike now, I'm I'm already here. I'm waiting for you in new shrewish three again point eighty four about our? It he's back dammit I'm going in override my wife, seven your interest
I need a videographer I want. I need to get this done and she goes. This is the guy fund link then he's untutored. She sent a picture. I said I don't know, This is why, as it looks hips, What did you Extra year like no, no, I know you're not their meet me at my house on like this the day. That. I die is the day. I pick up some random gig to film something and I died, and I was so nervous that I had like, I know, hardly any video equipment. I showed up with, like just the bare minimum minimum to get things done. But I'm protecting sing everyone. I thought you were liberal for the first few weeks, because whenever I talked about politics, you never said anything. You were so quiet widest You were just a crazy. I don't know why, thought you were looking. I thought you were actually like some guy who worked at home depot during the day. I thought you got you pretty work to home depot and then go home and make these Youtube videos and night. I thought that was your gig and the cat s pictured.
I don't know who I thought you were. I thought you just like this, this crazy guy, who, just like make a macabre. Conversely, This guy is clearly not a human being sacked. The butter happened. Was he strutted listening? This was back when funding was their surrounding the pod cast, while you're pushing the salt truck. You, salt in the roads and in Michigan in, and you realized okay. This is an actual. His actual thing, That was that was well after the fact that the first night I went of your house, I I did text everyone. I knew him like this is the address I'm going to if no returned. My body is probably here and it was further, compounded by the fact that you don't want me text anybody. Indeed, when anyone else? No, your address on like this. This is right, got you how you suspicion, talent or today, and why button at the time of my man, the sky, the skies. This is why this is where this is, where the journey of not gay Jared ends hobby of exactly so that citizens can give you an idea.
So that we see, let's can get a personal connection, will get the sketches your second twenty fourteen was a rough year for me. And that was in Alice and I had I had left Fox news the year before that- and I was that year I had given in about six weeks of my time every day to the blaze tv network and in trying to find it- and I was answering on CNN and HLN, and the problem was without obviously without getting into too much inside baseball exclusivity and basically what you see now what you hear now Youtube the podcast all of this. There are also some offers on the table for radio in in top five markets. The host daily radio show none of this would have been doable though it was. An exclusivity issue was no ownership issue. A lot of people, you listen to, or you see, on the television and the baby, don't even on the right to their own name. So I said I just I can't do it because we always wanted to reach new people. There was always my goal. I really do feel
call the do that. So I remember two thousand and fifteen. I said okay, but I went to you. I said it: can you quit your salt truck job tomorrow? I can pay you for. I can guarantee you three months pay and it was about a third of the salary you're making now yeah and you said okay and you quit it, and I had glittered like it was a really crappy winner. It was last year. I hired you hard crystal had a couple of interns and then we grew from there. We brought on broad again and we brought it now. We have several full time out. You know, Courtney cured. Are you here on the program? I'm she's been brought in the last few months and has been an absolute godsend, so you know to give you an idea. Your support for the show. It's all free now we're going actually be opening up a mug club, the seer we're still trying to get the per. To mark it'll, be three. Ninety nine a month we may have a premium for those who want to pay for it.
Under five hundred and ninety nine a month, because it would really help us out. So you can get additional podcast similar to this. Just us having a conversation in middle of the week ad free outtake. For those really want to. We don't want to charge anyone or put up a Paypal to block people out. We just want to provide additional content to people who Really want it in and yes, I nothing that's Going on now would be behind. It will be noted. Having a being Saint Leger, be more content more staff that most people you know, people don't want to see in our about takes on Youtube people don't I hear you now you and I play Super Nintendo on you too, but the fans do the church and the thousands offend out there who really feel connected or our stars or stalkers. So it's allow begun on a new year, but to give an idea and twenty fifteen we more than our toppled, our total reach. The website is just as grown immensely the fate. If you look at the social media pages, but a big thing is, As a Christian, I know many of our listeners or atheist savagely. I see Riman a reason to to my life. You know you too, will
a shout the year on Youtube this year with about summer between seventeen and eighteen million plays, which may not sound like that much, but the average viewers. Therefore six. It sets. Seventeen million plays at six minutes a play and the average viewers a twenty nine year old mail, We didn't have a lot of what has a lot of women too, but predicted twenty nine year old mail is kind of the average viewer, which is an Earl. It doesn't happen anywhere else in the conservative movement and the big reason is because their marketing to old people. They're using older mediums or pay walls that block people out younger people aren't going to pay they're not going to suffer cable So that was a mission statement going into twenty fifteen end were growing where work, it were entirely self funded. There's no nonprofit funding. Everything has been funded from my side account I saved up all my income, all of it every time from twenty fourteen from consulting and stand up work in we hit the ground running and its grow
and hopefully will grow more this year so just wanted. This is just for the listeners. Hoo hoo camera incredibly grateful if you're not bookmarking the site. Please do just check it. Every day we do when foreign six pieces a day. Any news you need to know. We provide Obviously we don't want to be your only site just die, we believe were the I cite the podcast Youtube you tube all those things help just follow, stain a loop share, its all free and its helped us grow and employ for people and and hopefully more than that this year and will be able to do these sketches and in doing the things that you want. One thing people have commented on shared and you dont get this in a lot of other places when people give us overwhelming feedback that hey we want this or you're not doing enough. This were able to respond like that job. As we control all of it. It and I'm just about a small team, helps to you can eat units at this in a turning around a tall thundered better you not battleship right. You can change course pretty easily and adjust to a people like don't like. Well,
a big thing too. We suffer from plagiarism this year. We know that a lot of other these conservative sites- it is higher. You know people who can write copy from from Bangladesh or any sort of these sort of writing centres in. We don't do that the everything we do, as you are completely original or you know up ad commentary. Where we have not just do a copy paste hatchet job. It's very important doesn't even feedbacks intense we're going. You know, I don't like this title. We think this is click. Baby. We support you know we want to get people to rear stuff, but we then we said were never going to do again. What is this, what did Hillary Clinton say? We said you were never going to do that again, we'll give everyone the information they need in the title and then call expand upon that. So you know what you're getting into you know what you're reading about. But if you want to learn about a great, so that was feedback that we got and we changed course we were able to do so.
It's been a anyone. Who's gonna, rambling, there's been a great year, were very grateful. Please stay tuned in twenty. Sixteen the end of six years, we first one into real indication, is laughable, Huska, kinda, Michigan and now in five markets. So are you can always petition your station? If you wanted on your terrestrial station lesson, is that this is the online pod gas, so this is obviously the best place to listen to it, but if you want to support the show- and you know someone manifestation- it's always good for them- to carry it jeered before we go to the sketches any input, a trigger warning, ah geysers Dmitri, worried to death to think of what was your? Ah, what is your favorite series? To do you do a lot of us. Is our number one ask analogy, because I I know For me, personally, I find It is the how and why we probably editing the sketches because inaugurated pullup quirky sound affair, the gun fire going often ran a lesser, almost high, Lester You're, so tyre rather time that time morning,
but always wonder whether what's sexually your favorite, far to dig it out, moist characters lot of cop about, if I mean with the attics, a lower, probably be an album. We carry Neither of these things we have that outside money from the avenger is the sore Oh yeah, we have all that stuff will also soon with me I'll. Take that without twenty minutes that I couldn't get that lie now, you can't win out there. What will be the lie? Was it ass? You mean that wretched got looking to find all the little sister it took us. These twenty misery and allowed it was. It was really are do what I do is I need to produce that as the cartoon care.
After so not even just like the filling of your face, but actually imposed on the car to care to have the cartoon character not be built without me. I think that the great majority with admirable resigned, because we ve talked about maybe not doing in the new year and if people really liked them tweet us the cartoons, because those that's an example. Right is very hard to do very labour intensive, expensive and its thick look quality. You could put on cartoon network to Morrow now. Jarrett brother draws those cards
in my hand and then Jared colors them inanimate them in is after effects the after effects in illustrator. Another doubly programmes. Ok, so he S. So that the process drawn by hand colored animator after effects at what I do first, as I do the voices, the script for sweet right, a script, jirga capacities of the characters we need, I do the voices rice data with tracking sort of dots on my face. We do the voices strawn by hand and then colored animated and added it. It's over long process and of the house. I would think not nine, just just what I do not, including probably, I think about fifteen
to an eight and ten hours of of sketch drawing you know how relax you're right the script, just what I do takes a thought. Fifty hours, fifty five hours for each video, so added up with time to do the other sketchy. Does that's got later on journey times? Yeah. Do you not take takeover was worth, but it is. Those are approaching my favourites to watch because for me it's like you know, stand it. I can't watch myself to stand up a countless naselton radio. I just don't I'm not that self important I always go. I could have done that better, but those are things that I can watch over and over because I'm not seeing myself theirs. So many other elements in I'm watching and creative. It's not just me, but from you from your brother it's a real sought. So those are the kinds of things that I enjoy the characters, those kinds of things he I've always really enjoyed stand up is something I do I like it. But if you like, if you look at my brother, he would never be old, do stand but he's brilliant and characters
So it's just you know just his finger to some people were really really good. Without any summing up always enjoyed more people listening, jacket, tat, we don't alter those voices till we ve gotten people than what it's it's me and if it works, If it doesn't, it doesn't so causing Heather Kyler, and there was one yea. I really like the main impressions. Nepal gonna know none those are our distorted. Forest who I like to do. Those are the things I enjoy watching. Most the things that the least amount of me talking honestly, if it's a if it's like that asian guy at the grown out I just launched on the couch hysterical as far as characters you know, Cosby was might letting the first one need. One person you did, I thought was, I thought, was hilarious, cause I'd like it. You know you hear it and just like, gosh you just becomes caused me see. For me, I've been doing it so long as pry one of my least favorites real, though like the Nick naughty better.
I didn't do as well as we thought it was good to me. It's hilarious because I know the reference right. Well, no one doesn't dignity or like Varner, when we do as other weird impressions, people dont those things I enjoy didn't cause. You can find a bunch of guys, Dubell Cosby sure I guess I was You know one thing I really liked to. I really liked cool loose coded. You will feel Google coup. He will happen, That is not listening. That was totally based on fuel. Advise who we had. This shows the ad. I show- and we are convinced that it was supposed to fill advice, Show Buddy misspelled advice with an asked and was too proud to walk back there. Just gotta jeez control that appoint its in fill out. There it was hard to imprinted advice show without with common sense broach, you just changed it to adjust the super coup of super cooperate. Ataguju seller, Heller's, two bottles idea this guy. Having actually look now control over its own shell.
The idea of just what always found that funny. If you go back like you, can how often Jared have you been encouraged to insult me or disrespect me on air petulance analyzed, everyone is somewhat listen! It's fine! It's that's that's what the show funny. I dont want to be this untouchable obvious as an employer behind the scenes. If I say this needs to be done, of course, but but I've always wanted that open dialogue and if I'm wrong, I'm like call me on it. We had funded for for a long time who laughed and that's a sack, I'm sure some people want or now, but out of respect for was his choice, not hours at all and dumb year we would wish him the best would have loved to have Adam continue on the team, but you know it's not a program that are ones could offer. But if you look back then aware my home station. Are you sure you want to do this? Yes, yes, this is what is This is what is lacking. It's an echo. Chamber wishing all he wasn't a psychic,
are the programmes I mean. I was kind of. His first gave us a sack as each is just radio in yeah and whether our time bears great voice for radio is very talented, guy, very, very talented guy. I can't take this. Away from him, and I never road want do you know you just had some ideological issue in the end, and I understand that in people go their own way but dumb. So anyway, if assailant, the audience, our audience our fans insult us so off hand out of it love, our everytime. You create a thumbnail for something you like. I don't like that. Screenshot someone's gonna, someone's gonna Photoshop that its half amateur fans over their affairs do that you have trade. When women are, the map is open. A little weird allow one someone's gonna, Photoshop Ellen, someone's gonna put a penis there Are we not going to be someone who's at one of our most regular listeners yeah? This is so ass to his time in their hands and what is today
the issue is. The Youtube comments section is actually incredibly intelligent compared to the general you two populous under the videos, so we were pretty proud of of not us, but you of the environment we fostered and hopefully will just grow and in India by keeping ass and taken names this year and in doing more of these kind of, what's your favorite sketch and then we'll go favours sketch favours gets. I've Always I thought the series were always left them. A fair ones to put together, I think, are the San Bernardino was probably want the funniest ones. I murmured doing that. With a in for me as it as it as your quick, I loved you now the side effects the phone calls on effect, those things, but I work and make a sound like there's just a massive amount of chaos going on the other side of the line, a phone line like with those ones, was a stir. Where are you actually of those to the one? I liked more animals who likes it? I liked the the Iowa Big be coffee, tear this attack. I was good. Those doves HOLLAND to pray
It's an Jimmy underground doesn't to meet us, funny because here record them images sound you know just not our voices now and for me, the great parties in a plume together, adding that affects everything and then then weird Where did you get it completely different thing? The what aside like when you recorded in all the other, the sound effects is altogether it's. It's just to rising interest. We know that a gunshot sound and you ve got. You know gold, but let's Toss the sketches- let me it with this this before twenty fifteen fifteen lotto dot outcome was not was not really a site didn't exist, the radio show the podcast really didn't exist. The Youtube Channel Facebook and Twitter has toppled and reach and Lyle Anderson didn't exist. Very Matheson didn't exist, feel cool, didn't exist, daring advice. It though Cosby didn't exist, Nick of Time with Mcnulty
didn't exist. Tickle me, terror, hoard, Jimmy Jimmy, didn't exist. None of these segments characters, or I guess, connections that we have with with less there's none other things existed that all happened in twenty fifty. So pretty, but what's going to happen and twenty sixteen nobody knows, of course, that a german court you will be fired. That's all that guaranteed in the let's see what happens we really We shaded, so let's go to the sketches. Some of them will make sense. Some of them won't because some of them are part of concept episodes, but twenty fifteen. Thank you! So much and we are Me back in the new year, bigger better with not gauge or fire. Now it's time for your dating advice minute. We still cause
wage level rejoiced. Our move again gave their lives Robbie Williams, boyfriend Motorola less than after him, because he felt like better when the first lap down a Toucan SAM, The word like yeah elaborate leftovers. I will give you a life. How bad the two new gave birth to look after those billboard report, I gotta go, but I do know how relations. Life give yourself some drugs, you gotta lotta governed
Railway we lag mobile, your level of lower over Gub Gub, less poor. Our about they give me well. What I've got Rob Georgie Pillars Maybe you about my coffee. A bible derive their brutal. By before I go to the plan, by the way you, wherever you go round the body a bomb or new, but this has been you're dating advice met with. About to catch the news, just in the Nick of Time, with Mcnulty now you're, not ours, breeds tied round them. There's an ogre Coralie furious face.
Some crazy he was in her face. That was news in the Nick of time with No, we ll go to cool news news with super cool, approach. I am your host few coup this week, Doktor Ben Carson came under fire with our day may appear is garbage awful man That that Damn Maxwell House
no. I don't want to their max, whereas in agreement I can't drink as awful you, you won't get me some different government. We re come up embarrassed. You spread in this too. Let us bring no longer will grow our I'm power, a marvellous today, but the answer? The birds, wherever I marvel of any in the world with one Roy
very very proud of me. I can't hear you so I'll. Do my earpiece, I, when I tried to question Hillary Clinton, as you requested about Vince faster in the circumstances surrounding is death. She simply ignored me and proceeded to the next question, but It was very there very I'll pull the very hospitable was: was nice and giving me this coffee? He be energized through the Dame. Jack. That was a bright and water will draw a revival of the apparent you. A student protest work out on cuban dissidents across the country. Here. We are with them on their own loud applause, we, the students for marginalize minorities, L Diabetes, you I silent ef. I would also like to formally request html cable.
Because they play stations you gave us did not work, it doesnt work. We need there Html keep your updated. Although the mounds of all and we, oh Mamma, how can I deal with all that rack, and this will give all goes down? Well, never shut down Would you are you all right, we'll never loved me anyway? We. Now it's time for your daily haiku with sensory stereo time, is your coming either grinding Johnny You don't believe this
in your daily haiku, with sensory stereo time. Bragging over water, one crowd- or I am hurry marvels and we are here to update you on these horrors hostage situation, then, the IDA. Well, we all robot on location Jimmy now Jimmy we do confirmed reports that armed gunman with Face MAX have gone, and do they Boise, Idaho, Begbie Coffee, following our who bar is it safe to say,
this point. It is all the more reason. No, no it's not it's nice Perry. We don't have that confirmed. Yet. Okay, we haven't checked with the Methodist church and still chasing some leader. The seventh day advantage wave researcher whack such I am doing itself like behind you, again will out past judgment Oahu. I definitely feel that I am hearing along love much you ve given us and because the echo in the car you let that be sound like out. So you're saying that there are in fact going to tell you. I'm chasing gonna leave. We think this could be in fan group. It's gotten out of control. We do
No, yet revolvers apparent you, a student protest work out on cuban dissidents across the country Here we are with their updated own. New mounds In addition to each day my cables, we the students of Berkeley of marginalized minorities and algae betake. You F s why tea would like to formally request the inputs that go into three different colors, because some of us have tvs that are too old raged and have been back yeah. I guess we will keep you updated, although the mounds of all San Bernardino Police Department. I would like to report, came from my neighbour,
and what kind of activity are using weapons luck a lot of travelling in and out of the man. Can you specify other gentlemen, looks Do you have his name available Ok I'll call back I'll, come back man now time for gentle insults with doktor bankers, well In summary, I didn't expect you be this angry. When I came on the programme, but I will say this as someone who is a narrow surgeon has a background in no psychiatry,
I understand the way the human brain works and we have to look at objectively rather than simply from hearsay I do think that having lifted the scandal that you curtain your lifetime, there's only someone that someone like making do by sitting on a chair and a panel attempting to assist you in understanding. That's it. Nothing. I can do about it the non malleable lack of any sort of intellect whatsoever with your mental capacity. That's that's your problem that you are respectfully functionally retired, and this has been gentle insults with Doktor Van Parson at the same time saying goodbye, daddy ships. Member
to go on about it think about, but I got a bad thing. Former Governor Minnesota here, Jesse Ventura no bond with left right paradigm that's been fed to the american public. In this part, Culture for profit, media driven entity is designed to keep you in the sand so that you don't focused Much really mattering to Americans, which car dashi Amazon, which magazine cover with which ass I'll tell you who the ashes it's you, the american public, for let no strings still being pulled on your ass, known facts.
This is a sad clown warning. There is a warning, in effect, in your area, with storm clouds forming a stage. Two sank loan. Please use your camera. And Polar AIDS, or if you still have a nineteen, eighty, do a wheel camera to take pictures, because, as long as your across the street from a site loan their adorable, this has been a cycle of warning. This Christmas, Hanukkah Kwanzaa Ramadan Season get your toddlers. The toy they'll really enjoy chicken Terrorist by but now let me give you a miracle no Go me terrorist themselves.
He's promotes tolerance, tickle me terrorist. We'll have a blacklist moderation separately ring among working move with Grover. Hurray mouth. What asked for further? come on. Is incorrect prediction other twenty fourteen melting of the ice caps, Al Gore, Porsches prediction to party fourteen, one pressed only a few. He said like totally. He always I want to say thirty. Fourteen and watch porn. He rode often is private Judd Or a meeting with the board at Apple, there the ban brighter
now it's time for your dating advice, minutes with Pill cause The wage level comes to me from us. Probably Roger he has problem will get worse. Getting over thereof cover to help the brig with rough thou. Love was not passed by. Love, what would you go? Grab look good value can be driven by stress. The golden rule is gives it that will give you a pill, wrangler love to play.
You made a lot of you could call. This has been your dating advice, met with. And now time for one on one debates with Doktor Van Carson and Sir Donald Trump. I think you. Look at the way that I've been leading in the past, and Missis happened in our. I think that people have rejected the negative politics, an attack, advertising, ok, less it. Frankly. I think you know what you're talking about, I think, but sat though it all acquired over the attic jpg about what I think the GMO court. Ok, rightly as gotta magical crazy. Ok, maybe they re. So what the? What did you could do? Maybe they'll run be a precedent but go in and operate. There are the break your surgeon without
bodies. That are, quite frankly believe. That's true, and I also think that you have now insulted. Everyone in the corner industry, as well as the MID West, and I think the visit, indicative of what people are tired and too late Today's political, game when people flee identity, politics and asylum I readily listen. You don't know what you know what about you know even outwards, led, ok, I'm so it I am so frankly good at big anti slander. They call me Eddie slander. Machine is what they call me is that the directive is what they call me. The edges slander machine all the time, I'm the one who speaks out against the sled. Ok, I would never slander someone like you simply because you know you're not qualified, and I heard you are you are. You are philander exerts. That's wholly inaccurate out of my wife, vinegar there for a very long time and I believe the same is that we have used to create and foster a success.
A family in marriage environment is applicable to the American Culture Gang rightly listed. Nobody is better at marriage dead, be ok. They called I've had so many of them. They call me the barrage machine. I've had three of them, okay to listen, who you want to vote, for you want to go for a gay. Frankly, sorry, the black guy, okay, he's black. Usually really would have dad's. Ok, I'm sorry to say that even a father's. Ok he's good about that, though, that's good for you, but what I am. Ok? Is I've been buried? Three types? Ok, let us they go. One of them has a bad word to say about me. Frankly, I would be so good at Barish, almost as good as president, ok and I think anyone who's that vote for trumpet the post deposed the pause to pull the rug The boulder rigged this has been what on one debates with Doktor Ben Carson, and
Donald Trump, this weekend feminism. Why. Now yeah.
San Bernardino Police Department, Organ I miss you, though, the anonymous yes, no one will have to know who sent the Tipp into the police department. You have won my word on that occasion, one round name invitation party. Genuine Ivan beamed party last year? Ok, I didn't want to getting. I don't you I didn't want to judge the point. I want to thank the rapporteur, the robot none other than I don't wanna be the person. Lama fell back. Ok, you will forgive the tip How long ago was this happening and are they still at the location, you're going to Christmas Party, which in retrospect sounds
Why should you boys well. You got what you wanted. Gold worth a lot more than silver dumb, but now I want all at sea, that you can't Cornelius show loves his silver go back at all of us to assume, look around the holidays. I know at my place tinsel on the tree called strewn about the mantel piece, this nothing more beautiful Still there I'm you were ok, nobody! I want you to put the silver and gold in the bad right now get get get get out. You need Oh, my god, I dont have me with the gold and silver in the back in the back. I'm not messing around, don't maybe you this claim floor.
I can't help wondering now. I know what what happened. I went up what you are able to throw up. About to catch the news, just in the Nick of Time, with Nick, I got this feminists. Talking about rights, men, the right of loud hey where are they all knights raft on us,
that was news in the Nick of time with Mcnulty Basel ii of the apparent knew of student protests work out on campus across the country here. We are with their available of old new mounds. We, the students representative, a marginalize minorities, and ultimately you I m too, are C s, k and number twenty four. Would to formally request not only socialize healthcare the retroactive payment of returning sex. And operations had severe obligations with my vagina and it is Job directly will keep you updated, although the mounds of all
we'll go to cool news news with super cool approach. I am your horse few coup this week with the Supreme Court. We want you to know. I saw covered with a life of here. Ok see I can't drink my coffee It is clear that I did a remarkable: do you get me a copyright, you supposed to be prudent, gimme a flashlight, it's like a renewed
this is worth knows a lot of kroner. Power Matheson you are a boy, the Idaho terrorist attack. We go back to feel report Jimmy Jimmy last time we spoke with you, Gentlemen in question had a life dear throat as everything back to normal everything. I would like to say that my God, but now hey, come on. That's quite clear that that's not Jimmy! That is the most gentlemen behind Jimmy moving his mouth with what appears to be TAT, room staff and pipe you are correct
how does that? Don't let it go? We're gonna this Christmas, Hanukkah ones, aroma those seas and get your tumblr. The toy they'll really enjoy? Tickle me terrorist? but TAT, well, gentlemen, terrorist. For me, four ways better jobs, ass. He learns and develops teaching your children along the way dad you're the best he's. Educational and promotes tolerance. Tickle may terrorists You will have a blacklist. Ultimately bring about this, is just even Churchill, though bought. Formally announced my endorsement for person. Ensure clarity of unit. The states of America that I just see the barred
endorsing Donald Trump because he's going to take. Goes down the trail to greatness and are doing The issues that really may at bay. Roaming around the North West territories, the facts. then they measured warning you do an update in recent attacks. It is advised to no longer call smile. People magic in an offensive may become violent, irritable and prefer the time little trooper there had been a measured
Pardon me more time for gentle insults with document. Are you serious? Blitzer. I understand why one committee feel that way, but I think, if you take my comments in context- surgeon you'll see that was looking at it objectively. Just I believe if someone were to look at you, you're match and celebrity jeopardy objectively who would not be in December, to an incident of rights then an alleyway. The way that end Victor handled you on an intellectual level and I think the sitting? demagoguery can can go either way and I dont think is conducive to a better dialogue. Considering and the figurative sense yours. Actually assaulted celebrity jeopardy.
This has been gentle insults with Doktor Van Carson about to catch the news, just in the nick of Time with Mcnulty, roaming the man in my room beyond. Really, Come on man, that was news in the Nick of time with Nick. No, hi. This is lieutenant Taylor. I'm calling for Sandy.
Hi, I'm were calling actually on the upper complaint of hate speech. You sent tip earlier, which was believed to be Islamophobia and or xenophobia. Can we have official complaints in them? We need to bring you in for questioning. Often news on water was crawler I am very Maoists and broadcast. For what will likely being last trend. A normal, our with Trotter airwaves for quite some time, our two formerly apologized for an accurate reporting. Earlier we have been notified of our empowerment and potentially Lena phobic, journalistic ethics and Athens.
When corrected in that, Terrorism has no legend Hashtag on Twitter were real cod for dinner, those folks to keep up the cat. That's good! Also, look at this faith, dynamic refugee, think that you need to take all of this european refugees available or you are on American and they are no threat to. National security signing off. For the last time on water was crowded I am very god broad me. I don't want you. Have you ever had always been on the table. What
browser what I mean: bad, while bringing a ticking clock, a brief case to school warning self explanatory Words are no longer crawler on how I am all for one week: arms
View on the story of the outbound tickle me terrorist, who did in fact leave Chicago and hard police chase him. On a ninety mile, an hour car chase across the Illinois Freeway Now, what from a helicopter camera and our boys, on the ground. We are told that regulates. How're ass has aggravated the vehicle eyewash. The Mai, When oh very well knows the lily was lost. That's why. Company crammed full gallop,
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