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#55 "Presidential Interviews" plus McBrodie's "*ss Kicking Challenge"

2016-01-01 | 🔗
This week, we ring in 2016 by offering you some lengthened interviews with GOP candidates, along with an hour of new programming, including McBrodie stopping by to issue his Trump "*ss kicking challenge."

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It's your daughter also draw up here and now that two new year's Eve celebration in Japan it on television japanese people are very proud to have very sick of it. Where is he I do not think that any of you would want to reach these driven. I'm so sorry. I spoke in this book Did my baby We
two, no use even celebration on upon a television after commercial Craig. You ve found yourself at the junction. Where worlds me politics civility about honesty in this country. Folks, entertainment I dont like entered all born to others. Still without having a healthy body image given very unhealthy body, you should have a formal body. We are definitely going to get letters. Your listening, the top radioed strangest animal you're getting louder with router. You know what that means. That means first show of twenty one was about. I just
this off poorly would start of the year off poorly by almost saying the wrong year. Twenty sixteen I'm so used to sing. Twenty fifteen this is new year's day producing with me in the wonderful video studio? As always, is not gay Jerry? You can follow him at not gay Jared on Twitter and legal ethical obligation you dry draw conclusions were good. We're gonna have near happy new year to you too Stir edged Anticipate reign over the wrong date for the first several months. I think you know you're slip on the first day, isn't too, it has an essential. I had a teacher downgrade. My paper, I wrote it seriously grade school yeah. Great scooby because became and after the Christmas break- and I wrote the wrong year in the top right corner- we- it was all formatting learning the proper okay. This is where you put your your name, this report, the date hey format. The title and she actually took off points because of the wrong guy
that was going into the board- is going through the board, glitches you in the new year next week for those of listening to wrestling will be getting this deal up in a live video stream. That's a first going into twenty! Sixteen now, input put into two five march its and growing rapidly. So it's been greater if there was a great year for listening in the pod cast as well. Of course, you had up a best of last week so this week. One thing we want to let you know wiener viewed several presidential candidates in twenty fifteen and since we're going into the debates we are going into the election year. This episode is gone. To be all the best of the presidential debates we wanted to put them next to each other. Side by side with the three up interviews we had, which was, we had a truce of course Carly fearing oh, my cock of me and I know curly fearing a gun in my country, the aren't doing as well. Now, when we interviewed them and twenty fifty, they are our support
can we hire Kali Farina, an incredible performance so, but will be doing, is getting the best of the segments on here. Some of you have heard the some of you have not heard this, but hopefully gives you a side by side comparison to make a more informed decision because man it has been, been a crazy. If we want to talk about twenty fifteen cultural. It's obviously been nuts, but this is why this is a presidential race, your GNP presidential race, that There is not one I can remember in my lifetime. It's been this exciting when you said it's a fair assessment, there ya think gum. Looking back, I mean I ef. I followed the last two or three elections pretty closely and I feel like most people to pay any attention it is much the primaries without making any news, it wasn't really make any news to really that the main debate between the you know the Republicans democratic nominees rice. That's my most people start paying attention never this earlier than I can remember. I think that's true and I think so, it's very telling. Obviously have talked about this throughout the year and what
brought in on later, who actually has a challenge for turnip voters which he should be issuing, will have that on after the up, I think we'll, be running Carly, veering interview first, but tat. One thing find it or two things I find telling three things I find: keep going, gaped ok. First then I'll the democratic debates they put late On Saturday night one was opposite, the big you have the event of the year. I regret maybe Was it opposite Andrews, I was next week it was wanting, is there. A member is pretty significant fight the fire. While you follow fighting at all, I don't care less, but I knew that was more important than think it was Macgregor Aldo, which was the first. You have see paper. So is a paper that it over a million buys for those of you who don't know. That is a massive sporting event.
Massive sporting event. You know these kind of things happened once in a year if you're lucky, the last time you have see event drew over a million buys was about four years ago. The democratic debate here it is gone for bigger the democratic debate was run opposite that another time again always put on these these time slots that are buried as opposed to YO p debate or any network that can get the GNP debate. They put it right front centre because its ratings power out not just trump, but for a lot of reasons. So that's one of the most telling thing something else that I find incredibly tone that the. Ideological, the intellectual diversity that you ve seen in twenty sixteen from listen. What's let us compare the GNP debates, the republican debates or kill us now compare obviously race and gender right. We have a woman, we have to Latinos, we have a black guy, intellectually or or experience wise. We senators. We have business tycoons. We have
the Europe we have governors. We have people who believe in a strong, strong foreign policy basic borderline walks like like Chris Christie to not interventionist shore. All about that Canada, soil like ran Paul. We had a pretty wide spectrum when they say the republic and as a party of no I mean, the arguments are really pretty they're, pretty energetic of a GEO beat about why? Because people have different ideas, and even though I don't like some of the ideas, I'm glad to see a form of ideas, so the set Most telling thing is that when you contrasts with the democratic debate, which no one watches buried on a Saturday night until a Monday, they all that beyond everything, everything the only really heated moment and democratic debate, whether to one they were attacking Bernie Sanders for only having a d minus rating for me and our aid and another one? with web, where it was actually at the debate the fall out. They didn't like that. He played a military card. They didn't like me play the patriotic. Are those really
We do things that are funded Democrats. The third thing which I think is is most tell- again we're talking about uniformity in intellectual ideas. Present patients solutions with the Democratic Party that Crap Party Democrats I can make sound so much nicer than is not democratic. There are people who seized power, never relinquish control Hilary Gluttons Tony Clifton cares about democracy. The third thing that I think is most telling is given the idea of intellectual uniformity that all of them agree. None of them put it this way. Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton right. If they're being Nursing, hey, listen, I'm going to be the best present. An honest campaign would be You really like the last eight years. More of the same clinton- has been one of the highest positions of power with this govern right, hey you like the last eight years, but for me Every single candidate is talk.
Bout change. Still Bernie said it's time for a revolution, but a revolution of european socialism, as were better than That is why don't we go down that road we get lucky for us, we can see where they goes. We can see where that goes around. I, be the champion of the middle class? That's that's their think and all of them at the democratic debates. All of them talk about how hard unemployment is illogical. Just admitted that were Obamacare has led to more unemployed. And a significant shift from full time. Employment depends unemployment because of the burden on employers. So when there, stop there and are talking to seeing it in their doing the press right saying, look what a great job we ve done in a list there listing the resume unemployment spell of five percent. We ve got then, whether on the democratic debate state right and they need to somehow convince you for your vote, all of them are pushing. Tend to eleven percent unemployment rate and talking about the lowest job participation rate, They can no longer lie right. They can't say vote for me, I'm off wrap bag liar. They can't say that, so they say
Time for change will change what change from you Well, I'm glad you're, saying a five regions you'd your. Nor the change to be good with listen. You want to vote for me. Yes, vote against me what we need: a strong foreign policy. Yes, this administrations dropped the ball. What we're doing with your time? Ma Am, though, to be fair. The jury is still out. I don't want to be baby. She is busy going there. It's killing people, by the way, where is black lives matter today? I wish Bill Cosby this week, Bill Cosby, sentenced to two prison felony for rape I was even was the one for a rational I'm on it. Their workforce and whether or not it was arrest. Ok, it was been unfolding, he's been arraigned, I dont know forty miles, the guy's raped a bunch of broad slit. That's that's the crux of it
and he's going it's time to pay the piper. What do you think Bill Clinton is thinking when he watches this It doesn't even like using a chip in his brain, the process that you go to jail for rape. I don't all seventeen of them what I adore them. Six of them, I was trying to find the number and it's hard to determine between you, know the women who we basically abused his power and intimidated them and the women we fly out sexually assaulted like tried to mount them hearted and its into I mean it's not an fairest in care at this point much for his. You know this outcome, but there are probably I'm sure, lots people who took advantage of the moment sure had some other grievance with them. I met him at the club once five seconds, and now I'm going you now cash in on it, but but even if it has even
tat S a lot a lot, it's more ok, even if its half that's equivalent to twice the amount of staff who works on this show having been raped by boat Clinton. Contact It's the entire Lotto of Crowder Crew Times two and a half. Who who should I said at the time it works every time, bill, Clinton, walking down the hall and they take cover so That that is what I find most telling in that's what I wanted to put this together this week. I know all mostly their host or are taking an offer having sub hosting we're, not phoning. It were. We really think it's important for you to hear them side by side, because it's interesting It's interesting to hear the differences between Carly Florina Centre, Senator TAT. Crews, under my cock debate and in the new year, we actually have some more people who might be at the top of the Poles hint hint who will also be coming on. So to kick this off one that we actually have bring up at the top of the half hour out that stupid of
I will be back, will break this down for you a little bit more, throw the presidential candidate lotta with throughout our twenty, don't think away. My point allow for an explosive series on water. One rhyme, Burma with Tom Talk overdrawn. How more moves your question will now impossible. They rightly I love the Bible. I was my favorite book. It's my favorite book next, two out of the deal, that's my second favorite book. People ask me the Bible which test I, like both testaments, I reach so many testaments people. They call me the testament reading machine without many testaments Irene. My only problem, if Trump is the truth and the like. The only difference, I would have never been crucified. I think Christ put himself in a better position: horror, position to be crucified widely
of the Pharisees at this you see is frankly the Obviously, they would have taken by calls this Agis Seas would have taken. My calls we'd have a deal they settled now they say he's crucified, crucified the guy because of because of Christ expression was for him. I would have never put myself in that position. If Trump the way to sell vacant. Frankly, you take my while they June were more of our explosive interview, serious drug talks with parallel
a lot of growler your listening to louder with crowded, whereby this is best of residential, never said episode, I dont know, listen when he sixteen, my brain has ever not Kathleen at once. It is This is going on. I think I do think we will talk about debates. More mobile will have these presidential candidates on and we want you to to draw your own really want conclusions. I don't alighted that voice, I dont know undisturbed. Listen, you shouldn't be listen. You shouldn't listen to me. If you Listening to that, if you're on this point, you ve made a horrible mistake. You have a wrong turn. You made a wrong turn somewhere.
Twenty fifteen. I do believe as the year that political correctness over reached. I do think culture. All of this election. What I have said this before we give it I'll drop MRS Hillary Clinton, of course, eloquent as an ex president of the United States, I think viewer abetting man, Hillary Clinton, is very likely. The next president of the United States for any republican or conservative to say workers whom fair, which could be Hillary Clinton. This is very, very foolish, she has a lot of money. She asked a lot of friends in the political establishment and He also has the whole sexism card to play the first female president, as well as Recognition given gonna beat. I do think she'll be Bernie. Handily already think it'll be combat pretty close, much protection there. I think I people will be surprised with primers, but she out spy Bernie? I want to say like twelve to one and she has a lot more money than Bernie Sanders yeah. So it's the end. Think you don't. You have another host honor,
hopefully, are still there, I'm seeing your blue, but you have another host on. I don't want any and am radio, and they just say you know Bernie Sanders. Is this the problem with some ignorance on on on the right and obviously conservative and I get messages if ever uncritical conservatives, a lot of you will will tweet me crowded and go you won't. You put your more time. You listen now percent of our show is fighting the disease? The cancerous disease that has liberalism but we need to be honest and theirs another aim, radios top topos to send. You know that I see my instinct is to do the impression. If I do the impression people will now, even if I don't set, and they nay, that Bernie Sanders has just put there to make eloquent look. He just crazy he's just basically a carnival barker that there is a real out of touch touchingness there, because vast majority of liberals who are politically aware support Bernie over Hilary? Now
again, name, recognition! That's why George Bush was leading in the polls right. Does anyone believe that anyone is politically educated really want a bush? No, of course not, but you put up on a board I held it. Couldn't job Bush TED crews at this point, no one you any of them. What no one? Only themselves, I couldn't get worse that, but that's when national poles don't matter, they don't matter at all. Written on nationals do not matter at this point again and that's we're lotta, Republicans being ignorant think is having them silicon she's a landslide. But if you ask, look at activists. You should look at the ground game, Bernie Sanders, it's like it crews versus Donald Trump, like a really a conservative, you know tech resources in establishment. Sort of crony politician, like Donald Trump there's a lot more name. Recognition with Trump any one is in the no, I understand tat Bruce is someone has been consistent in its very rare, you see people who actively dislike sectors that same with the left in Bernie Sanders off your Republican, and you think you just there to make Hillary Clinton look good,
your missing a huge portion, America's eroding the millennials, especially our way. I think I think that's a landslide into birdies pocket over hilarious when you say yes, People's people, our age, yes, generally speaking, the matter, you have a lot of people citizens themselves, libertarian you know half the run, Paul people jumped to Bernie Sanders. Then went to Rand his son. Went to Bernie Sanders now, explain that principally you can't what you can explain as the mindset of someone being so someone being seen as an outsider, who all just be a radical and get things done. So I do think it I think, you'll realism will probably win I've gone back and forth on that? I would not be surprised to see Bernie Sanders significant at the very least, upset her campaign but tat if its Hillary Clinton in from the Republicans,
its anyone other than than Rubio crews and cotton. Maybe I would toss in their Huckabee if you're, on a stage with with Hillary Clinton, It is not up, there is not a real player, but I think is guy, since he has the direct comparison in Arkansas with Hillary Clinton, then Huckabee. And he's a very, very well spoken person is a likeable person. I think I was the only people who we know he's got some cards plank, To this, just to be ever had a use of an argument. I am yeah yeah. He know some things, pc hasn't things right. You just know it. I think I think you're right, but damn you either. It's trump. We absolutely lose every single, credible all that you have in in both primary states and end up nationally when you're talking about a good national, action at supranational pulse matter, Democrat Verses republican? They don't really matter in a primary as much Obviously this is very heavily. The one person who consistently in nearly every pulse, beats Harlequin by significant margins, Marco Rubio. Now I know
the people don't like mark overview understand that I understand is not perfect, but you also need to acknowledge the reality. There's something else. There is no other candidate who will have such a few contingency of republican voters? Who will? pull the lever form as Donald Trump, There are too many if you think of it in common that involve Mccain, that income at linen vote Karami. If you think that was bad and your expense seeing that cavalry to come over the hill for Donald Trump, it will not happen. Evangelical Christians, Wilson no not in others and even to local Christian right now, their cargo dialogue truck that's fine you're an exception. Overwhelmingly evangelical Christians we'll stay home, overwhelmingly long time. Conservatives will stay home now the people who are just angry populous, they were stay home. There is no other candidate. Who will have that kind of that's important to know. So, even a general right now, where it's going to be skewed more towards people who would
consistently vote Republican regardless Trump loses the current? your deftly, we talk about it's now he taught to people Bernie Sanders. Voters you have a much better chance of having them put from me. Go Rubio because it like Hilary, then then tromp, I think yes, and one thing I would say we have tat crews on here. This is one thing. I've noticed I really like TED crews. If I'm going to pay one based on just principle, not elect ability who do, I think, is a really probably TED. Crews be up there. I can vote for nearly anyone there not named Trump our job, it be really hard for me to vote for job. I probably could do it, but to be really really angry, but I could, for any one at that stage. Otherwise, the even someone like I do not like, but I could do it. With crews. I will say this contrast with Rubio three Rubio does better is because, regardless of whether he's on CNN or Fox NEWS regard, the outlet his
speaking Hatteras always rationalizing argument as convincing. We tat change it and sometimes a decent fox news. It'll be the Red Meat Pro America, stuff it'll, be self. Conservatives want to hear and then goes unseen brilliantly, maybe but first up the appalling. Do we not, then we'll come back in check in with you and talk about the other candidates? They do invest a residential. Can we now return to New year's Eve celebration and keep on television in Japan with cudgel second keep out and no cohorts, Nick, no teeth, the refugees,
right in here no you're very good. I think we will return to New year's Eve celebration in Japan, a nip on television, catching sector keeper and a new coffers,
your whistling until a louder with crowd or louder. Nice address so glad to have this next guess now, a lot of the guests them in a programme on personal friends with her I know for the slaughter I haven't spent a ton of time with German, with talk about him. A lot for present there's nothing else is like TED crews, DOT Org senator TED proves thank you for coming on good, Sir David. Thank you for having made good, I'm glad, I'm glad to have you on and no tie. I don't think. I think that the first I've seen you without a full suit and tie going on that
why just met yet just made at home, so I lost lost the jacket and die in it and much much happier that way, while good because our Nemo are there a bunch of basement dwelling miscreants, who are twenty nine year old, males and l once filled, walk to feel more lay back right, listen for this area, I would be better off if I was wearing my Van Hale in concert, if you have one, I would have advised that absolutely listen to. We have you back and you wear that that it doesn't matter what you talk about regarding policy. That will be the comment section. I will tell you this. I I didn't actually see Van Halen in concert, but but but I do have some wear a pink Floyd concert, sure cuz. I saw a pink Floyd and one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, the Astrodome wow, I'm not a pig I found this started horrendous- that's all I like some global their music. My things, it's kind of the same thing with our generation, I would say the Mars Volta, where music, candy eight and a certain amount of point: theirs well becomes pretentious, just let's put in a bunch of noise and I'm no longer paying attention, but I will
it was unusual to see a gigantic pink Hague floating balloon in the asteroid out better than that was more than a little different. I imagine some will not. Stu. I just forgot the gentleman's name: gushed pink Floyd. Guy just did that from the wall. I always forget his name jeered. Can you help me? anyway, just came out under this whole thing with with Israel, you know that no one should go and perform in Israel and I think our region Roger wander. Certainly that's how fast thou dumb! I am senators correcting me on my rock history How does this? This is what so he says you know no one should perform in Israel. I'm sure you Eve Eve on top of this right now you just issued a challenge to Barack Obama, this ministry and full for contacts they called you offensive. They buy. We called you out as well as Christians because of their personal syrian refugees, so Go ahead. The floor is yours, sir. Well, yes,
today Day, President Obama has now two days in a row attacked me directly. Did first from me, from Turkey and and then today, from from Manila yesterday to attacked me said I was American today attack me and said I was offensive all because I'm saying what millions of Americans are saying across this country, which is that we do cigarettes with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton plan, the brain to America, tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. I think it is lunacy when this is illustration, can't let them has no idea who, among the maybe ISIS terrorists, but because of political correctness they want to bring here. Bring them here anyway, and an President Obama says those of us who want to keep this country safe and keep ISIS terrorist out. We are offensive and were on American. Really is remarkable. It is workable. Have you you know
I know Barack Obama, President Obama's, not a big fan of you, have you spend a cynic of time with him personally? Is he now very little I mean I'd, Madame it a few advance and and he's a little bit aloof and stand office. But I'll tell you my response today, I said: look if he's gonna two days in a row attack me now It's a little rich to call me on American is standing on foreign soil, but I said: listen if you want to insult me insult me to my face. I said why don't we have? Let's have a one on one debate anywhere. You, like my one preference I'd like to do in the United States of America and not another country overseas a one on one debate on a syrian muslim policy, a one on one? The debate on its foreign policy has been a disaster and if he so confident- and you know today- also. He was lecturing all the Republican saying: we're scared of the media, road, is more than a little hypocritical, given that he's usually surrounded by sycophantic reporters who are
Sing, is behind saying how wise he is because he never wants any real question and Ban Fox NEWS for awhile funny if it weren't lives. You know at stake right now, that's exactly right! It's gee, I'm getting a little, but a river ports are only one. I've done that down. But one thing I will say it: it's remind me of Green day where they recorded American eighty it and they recorded in England and I got a gun to throw a warlord with the killers things. Brennan flowers had listen. I don't you have your right to express an opinion, but you have a bunch of english four shouting yeah american Idiot and that's just cowardly and and that's a big thing. Character is an issue. Here is something I want. You know Jordan. I've talked about this now you're you're, obviously deeply christian, adopt on Miss characterizing, you don't wanna put words in your mouth, but you ve necessarily been seen as well governor Huckabee on maybe a social conservative as though that's your main cause you're seen as a constitutional list. How do you sometimes you do have to go when you have christian thing to do, obviously be sympathetic,
well that's not a way of policy. Sometimes you do have to put your Christian had on and time. Is your american head on and with national security right now? How do you balance? That is well, listen! Let my faith is the most important thing in it I am and all of us, the american people we're compassionate people. We always have been if you look at these refugees, I mean it is a humanitarian crisis in its crisis caused by the utter failures of the Obama Clinton foreign Policy, but you know the director the F B. I told Congress that this week not bad these syrian muslim refugees because they said listen. If we get information on them, we query the database. We have nothing in the database with no ability we could ass. He put it query till the cows come. But we don't have any information on who the ISIS terrorist are. So there's nothing to check the admit. Straight cannot determine who It is not an isis terrorist writing an end, so listen, many
these refugees are legitimately fleeing persecution, but they should be resettled in middle eastern countries. That a majority Muslim men- and we can help with that right, but but but the first obligation of the president, the obligation of the commander achieved should be to protect the soil the insecurity in the United States of America, and if you look at that, the refugee way that's going into Europe. One estimate was that that wave consisted of seventy seven percent young males that isn't it odd demographic for refugee way. We know at least one of the terrorist in Paris was among those refugees ran and it doesn't make they sense at all for President obama- Hillary Clinton to break be bringing in tens of thousands syrian muslim refugees when ices has said they intend to carry out terrorist attacks. Like Paris here in the United States and a murder hundreds or if they can, thousands of Americans. We should protect America first
I agree with you and I was taught us that I did you see the turkey. The soccer gained the turkish fans, these ideas, well, I'm gonna, give you a briefing here, but by the way Stephen you'll like this, but yet links to your shout light up. My facebook page thrown admit that donor tablets of famine Ellen at midnight on air puffs. My stream are big big ban, as I click on things all the time. For me, today. Actually we just had a violation of of service on Facebook. They said what bicycle or hold on a second tell me, which, that in turn, which post and internal which policy lesson I mean you know, listen, that's why they be careful because we're pretty edgy, I'm in entertainer, and I am always very report that we're not profane, but we do some very offensive things. So people know that going in and M Facebook at a problem that we ve had denial of service tactics on a site. You know angry right next on care on next Salman Rushdie and marks time and what
Well, don't this is actually goes back to the point about Turkey. People think on care will have they blown you up yet will now, but have had all kinds of cyber attacks. They have tried to take down the site. They have successfully a couple times: Youtube Facebook, so Turkey, there was a moment of silence. Who is Turkey playing? Do we know Jerry with a girl, I'm trainer Don't one of those Europe. I can't stand soccer men and pictures with bonds in their hair and hockey guy as well they had a moment's silence and they were yelling out, would definitely sounded like booze and Oahu BAR the point you can see the play reactions were there, shots not left has tried to spin saying they were actually shouting out martyrs, never die and there's two theories. Why was for the victims, but the one they say they are actually mad, because there was no moment of silence for the victims and Turkey from attack on going. It doesn't passes test, because either way it's a moment of silence, do yell praise. Jesus praises praise Jesus during Remembrance day silence, because I tell you to shut up
look a moment of silence, as is not that complicated to figure out well. And it becomes an intellect problem. Best case scenario, nor thought Turkey has been widely regarded as one of the most moderate islamic countries vote I mean. What will we put? Turkey, Malaysia, you ain't ye. I dont want to speak out of turn. You would know better than I what so, what would you would you could put until recently, would we have put Turkey not list would not have been fair from level is relatively speaking on, getting it has not had the same problems as as places like Libya, Somalia, Yemen, but but but everyone is Is a pretty vocal and aggressive Islamists Now I think you were, but I'm thing leftists touted is comparable. Look at pleasure, like drooped retorted left left us little, this whitewash? What what what's happening in Turkey? Quite right. So that's best case scenario. So, let's take terrorism, extreme, case scenario you still have
people who in Europe want to implement Sharia LAW and install Sharia court. You know bankers. German cars and a lot of flak forcing realise basically incompatible with the constitution. Not politically incorrect is an accurate in its efforts lately accurate, I'm only listen. I have been fighting against Sharia LAW for many many years under our constitute It is only american law that is enforced in our core censure. Real law has no place and if you look at the consistent pattern of both Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton is it they refuse to acknowledge radical islamic terrorism? used to say the words. We saw Hillary Clinton in the debate this week and she would not say radical islamic terrorism and you can not defeated if you're, not even willing to say its name and and and this infects every mistake they make on foreign policy Europe
because they don't identify who the enemy is the reason Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton want to bring in all the syrian Muslims, because they don't recognize that radical islamic terrorism Islamist embrace a theocratic and political philosophy that they should murder or first forcibly convert anyone. They view is an infidel. What they're doing two questions there engage in genocide there there crucifying them there a beheading them, and yet this president axes an apologist right for product islamic terror or my point is even not radical islamic terrorist. You scale it back moderate islam- is still pretty bad if you're a feminist if you're gay, if you want to talk about equal rights, is still not very good. I'm not sing Muslims. Can't be good people, just like any group can be consist of of good people, but if you look like him, sing moderate islamic countries. They are not bastions of human rights, disregarding terrorism.
But more than once, when I've had conversations with with with left us, I've asked them, you know You know when that when their focus on ah, ah, she's, like gay marriage and how is the most important issue from their perspective. I've I've asked of said yet of recent years. In very bad years for gay rights, because ISIS is murdering homosexuals. Your ran is murdering homosexuals, Barack Obama. Sending a hundred billion dollars to the Ayatollah Khomeini empowers erratic Islamists leader who wants to kill us who giant Deaf to America. An end in the funny thing is left is apparently have no trouble with sending a hundred billion dollars to someone who murders homosexuals right. What do you do when they say their commitment? ignoring the evil of the islamic- is so great that that everything else fades and brought up here we have to go to bed quickly. So let me give you last week before regarded right, we'll come back. What do you say? One left to say: well, George Bush was
some pretty causing relationships with people who are less than their pro civil in the islamic World cause Republicans have been guilty of that to respond to that. Well, I think what should guide you asked for it. Policy is the vital national security interests of this country and an you're right now, Every ally of this country has an unblemished record on human rights and we should speak out against it. They're not honouring human rights. We should speak out again. One moment hold that thought louder with broader tech regard. This is powder with router be sure to visit louder with prouder. Doktor allow for an explosive argue series on water one per hour on Burma of Rome. Was Tom talk?
how you handle mixer the problem of illegal immigration or, frankly, just like China. When it comes to Mexico I'd be put I'd, be the strongest president on Mexico. Ok, I would only try to interact with Mexico in a very positive level. I would never try and do anything that could frankly be seat is not positive. Yeah, I've people there come across the border, their raping the killing and, frankly, frankly, Certainly, we haven't obesity epidemic. We got a problem, a horrible problem, you and I we ve got a horrible problem and obesity. Have you been talk about. They don't have anything frankly under two thousand calories in their menu. You go there. They bring a or bell the bringing their food over contributing to the obesity epidemic and we're supposed to? I would the phone with the see. Oh, that's, your polio
Talk about all those places. Frankly, as they take my calls, they say I love I'll. Don't get me wrong! I love it's good food so much. They call me the Mexican. They called me the mexican vacuum by so much next can food. They call me they say they say here comes the mexican vacuum. That's the next day they gave to me is that bothers. You wrote me early practical slap. You take two facts. True illegal immigration right, yes, afraid, listen, I just said mexican vacuum. You asked me the question. I said mexican vacuum because that's what they call me over their cells in the boat when it comes to the physical feds. Ok, I would build a wall so great. It would make the wall of China frankly look like peanuts. It would frankly look like compared to the wolf and I'm gonna make the Mexicans pay for it. I'm gonna make the mexican space what I'm gonna make them, we whack it I'm gonna make from how would you make them pay for the war were rightly that's.
Precision. I would have to have at its a conversation that I would have truthfully in a very positive way, because they respect me. Frankly, I have so much money involve of mexican cartels and companies. That day, say hey trouble, they would take my calls. We need to take place with a call and we will talk about this, we would for then, and that for with the end of it. We would there would be no more problems. Believe me, there would be no more problems with Mexico. Mexico would take my cos. Back off, they doomed were more of our explosive interview, serious drug talks with parallel
a lot of ground. This is louder with crowd. Federated crude running for President views back, I'm sorry, I had to cut you off. Are either corporate overlords continued? Didn't you just just be sure to sense, send a portion of the revenue to TED proves that or I will well put it through my pack to your. My pack will speak with your pack exe, and then I'll call big Union and have them give two Bernie Sanders pack and then only on the condition that he says he hasn't gotten any special interests money. Please continue what you know. We were talking about foreign policy being focusing on the: U S, national security. If you look at the Obama Clinton Foreign Policy, the one place they ve been eager to use military force is inexplicably, where it benefits radical islamic terrorism. So, for example, in Libya Heller,
Clinton's war in Libya, where Obama Hilary led NATO in attacking could often Alison. It was a bad got it a horrible human rights record, but. The sanctions against Libya, the strong foreign policy of this country had worked cut it over. His entire nuclear programme was cooperating with America against radical islamic terrorist. He was handing over terrorists to this country was an ally in stopping nickel, islamic terrorist in Northern Africa, but yet President Obama, Hillary Clinton low the NATO effort to bomb him to topple him, kill him ultimately and the result they handed Libya over to radical islamic there you want to know. Why been gauzy happen, for people were it? Wasn't just Hillary Clinton malfeasance that night it was the failed foreign policy that in turn,
beer into an Islamist Warner. I have I'm sorry, no soft balls here. It was a Youtube video get it corrects. Senator gets you effects correct when I first read very interesting thing is Hilary at the same time told Chelsea daughter she knew it was terrorism, so well she's lying to the american people, tease emailing Chelsea gone, oh it's terrorism! Then she turned to the american people and says it's still a Youtube video Runt wife document that when I first read that I've been if you videos on Islam, whenever read it and they said he has put not have videos of many millions of plays on islamic oh no, my video, this guy Americans killed and then I thought I was gonna. Video like a cup honoured plays. No one had even seen it, as you know, is one of the things is totally irrelevant. Anyways. I forgot what I want to go a little and state enslaving. They make me quick point all right. It's not that Libya. We see the same thing with Egypt, where the Obama Clip
foreign policy toppled Mubarak? Now look Mubarak had a sketchy. Human rights record is well, it would idiot real issues there, but he had been consistent ally of America for decades they toppled Mubarak and they put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, which is a terrorist organisation funding terror. They are trying to murder. Americans, and you look Syria now they're, trying to topple Assad. If Assad falls, Syria will fall into early in the control of radical islamic terrorist, and why is it that this admission should the only time they use military force is undermine american allies and an end to further their efforts. Consistently fur a radical islamic terrorism. I think it's because they refused but acknowledge it exists, so they don't ask the difficult questions about who were the bad guys were banned but listen, senator I don't mean to say that you're you're out of touch because you doing with politically but we're tongue, but a generation of people who get offended if you use the genetically proper pronouns. So
getting to the points of colleagues? Something islamic terrorism is a little further down the trick here and now that these these guys are so not that the federal government is going after school districts trying to force them to boys shower with little girls, now listen and father of two daughters and the idea that federal government, is coming in saying that that boys, with all the the God given equipment. That boy can be in the shower room with Junior hi girl, this is lunacy and and and Anon betcha there a whole lot of parents, particular parents, a daughter, they're, not not ear, to have the federal government saying yes, what your daughter has to shower with with a boy if he wants to be an yeah, that's enough. Leftist simple to love versus hate and with them on a second here. This is an issue that has gone on for for all of time, the gender differences which now we have to act as though it
an existing intersection of feminism. Abbe I'd want to have to teach you far off in the world, but I will say that if I am other can carry younger guy with a much younger demo mean there is an even second place in the conservative sphere with people as young as us, and I wanna get to something that I Think I would be important for you in with him, but their forwarding issues, Republicans free speech, that's the winning issued a pendulum, shifted gap guns, that's a winning an issue. They're. Not Islam, now is a winning issue, calling it out for what it is, and five also anti. Third if intersection was feminism, there's been a huge turned from both men when those are winning issues, yet rigour, lists of your personal faith and people. On board in the debates and Republicans to seem to miss. It may focus on issues that are losing issues. What why? Why is that? Well look. I can't speak to other problems I can speak to or the issues I care about and I have been passed
about defending the constitution and bill of rights. My entire life I mean literally from when I was a teenager and annual right free speech. Democrats, don't believe in free speech anymore. I wrote a book this summer, the time for truth in, and I described in that book. The Democrats efforts to repeal the free speech protections in the first event and I led the fight against that in the senate- is the thing that probably horrified me the most about the hairy reach Senate and when it came up for a vote Do you know how many Senate Democrats voted to preserve the first amendment, the bill of rights, I'm gonna go where to. How do I get a single one? Zero Democrat was on the other side and and I'll tell you. I gave a speech on the Senate floor next to next to a poster of TED Cannon Who went Democrats tried this fifteen twenty years ago said we have an amended the bill of rights in over two hundred
years now is no time to start. I said: are there no liberal, left in the Democratic party. Are there no TED candidates If no one willing to defend the first amendment and sadly the modern Democratic Party. They are the party of from power, and if a young person wants to understand the Democrats, if you think the government should have our over you to silence your speech, to take away your gun to invade your privacy.
To control your life? Your raise your health care built, the wager electricity bills to decide what you can do with your life. Then you about them, people even individual liberty, then don't democrat friends, don't let Bren broke them. This is very sorry, for you know what to do. I want to continue on because ass we go to works inadvertently. Listening to us really, that's where you get off into the wheat with which the young and I want to follow a path because there are definitely some things are, I think, you're you're tragedy, newsman Republicans are missing louder with broader, stating tat crews, Dots board he's getting a nice big check from my pack to his good alot of kind of company weapons sentiment.
Your listening to louder with crowded follows even on Twitter is proud of. What are you doing? Beggar with lots of tea where'd you get it. I can do no other than other war. Fifty in Dakar, they have fifty in an exceptionally for sale. The best advice, Elizabeth, where the whole go, there's another one with what they are, but well. If you do not place to go in that the take away could afford to stop
you're getting louder with router speedy. I've been very pro prudence, but have also been somewhat critical and hears. Here's. Let me famous where you start with a compliment. I wish it wasn t cruises. Products are senator. Tattoos is probably the best person on his feet. The most prepared matter.
I I our popular pot gas network, Republicans, the party intellectuals had explained TAT crews as what I mean. How do you explain truth. They were dumbfounded there, no idea you're credentials, so that yes- and I you speak and I so he can go off book. But The big criticism from even young conservatives is because of the measured way in which you speak sometimes comes up. This, the opposite, it comes across premeditated or may be candid. Now to be honest with you about this- is not a policy thing. It's not a principle thing. It's a present thing an inner you taken any steps to maybe because this has been great you're Talkin Van Hail. I feel like I'm, seeing aside to Senator freedom, not seen before well something we do a lot, and we wanted to things to keep in mind is that is the whole mess of politics goes usually through the filter. The meat. Right and stress that southern media shows this tiny little window. What they want to show you have had the debate with the debates are pretty constrained to. If you ve got sixty seconds to get a point out, and you ve got. You know the first couple of debates. The mind
I didn't want to. Let me talk. I got very few that very little time in the debates in just a couple of sixty sixty second vignette, you look at the third and fourth debates. I decide aren't enough in this business. I'm open and saying what I want to say and then you know you think of the third debate. Where'd. You know, I listen to the ridiculous smart, lasting everyone, and it's interesting. It change that to beg you saw Republicans come together and and really follow that lead, and you look at the last debate. The fox business debated a fabulous job and the moderators actually asked real substantive question. We we had disagreements on policy, but it wasn't a question. You know you say you don't like that person's face. Wasn't just stupid inside Guilelessly, frankly, I think girl has a beautiful face. Oliver face a guy there, the face loving by she'd that at that,
that bad! That's that's! Why he's not coming on the show? I will tell you this too, in terms of just as you put it be announced, everywhere, as I travel on the road, I do town halls everywhere. Why? Just like you and I and answer whatever on earth people want anyone. So this is me if you dont, want to show what they want to paint the me always wants to paint Republicans is either stupid or evil right Yes, for me, someone which they invented a third category. For me, which is crazy, I would be, as they would say, created and depending on the story eldest throw in stupor evil, but then actually brings me to something that TAT journey. We have Therefore, this is something that again. Why had to throw a harder question? I just I love this. This is you who and upright of the Sierra Club, or it is few minutes for people. Urging who won't believe it does exist and I'm going to run this clip
I'm curious, so its needs I want to understand this. I do find it highly interesting that the President, the Sierra Club, went one asked what the satellite data demonstrate about warming. Apparently is- is relying on staff so can you hear this clip later. I want to show the one thing, sir. I miss her before I love for people who missed it. There you go. There's that image you get up on the screen if the price this image of him leaning back- and this is very good- Y know what I want and I got involved. So this is point. When I wrote about it, and now let people carried. This is not a lot of plays on it. He was able to align the consensus of scientists. You ask him a question: well, I'm gonna rely on a consensus. I'm sniggering hold on a second. If the press Club one of the most bra, double influential environmental impact. Lobbyists groups, whatever categories
to do this. What's that, what's the where's the consensus leaning everything! Ok, don't why don't you ask the Presidency Club, where you wear that moment the Ps3 that has happened. I was astonished at at at at just how little acts or science or data and annual look at it as essential the global warming alarmist right and they're not engaged in science. I am that the son of two mathematicians and computer programmers scientist, I believe in science and data, but at a public policy, should actually follow the science and data. So the question that I was asking the Presidency era club is: how do you explain the fact that the pewter- models that you're relying on show that Europe should be warming dramatically. He actually testified. The earth is cooking. That was his term. Yes, and I said well, how do you explain the fact satellites that actually measure the temperature show that
There has been no significant warming whatsoever for the last eighteen years. The pause, yeah is unaware of the term, which is a very common term, he had no idea what was in my view this is, if I may go on said of the crews, see Erika, have you heard of a bill? I mean it's kind of right under his perfume. Well, a bit later. In that hearing the ranking Democrat Senator Kostas stepped in a set. Well, it's unfair. It ask him these questions about, because that wasn't the topic of his testimony and actually respond to sit and wait a second, his written and oral too the money was all about global warming. I asked him: what do you do about the fact that the evidence back up global warming and he has no idea what he's talking about well another. Because climate change senator hate to have to keep correct it's no longer global warming is climate change, because now actually Stephen Little, let me take that point to step back for a second. I think it's a good thing. You gotta lotta younger listeners and not all of them, may have studied the facts on this, but a little bit of historical context put.
This whole debate and in a very different view, so thirty forty years to a bunch of left, leaning, politicians and scientists told everyone we were having global cooling? That we were added to another ice age Their solution to this was a massive government takeover of the economy, the energy sector in our lives, but then the evidence, back it up it turned out. The earth was not cool. It then a few here later these same liberal politicians these same scientists came back and said Nora. Actually, the earth is warming with global warming line for the exact opposite. They just add a few years earlier. Right and solution. Was massive government role of the economy, the energy sector. In every aspect of our lives, then fast forward of the past couple of years we went through eighteen years with no significant warming whatsoever, the evidence doesn't get up. And then, as you noted,
theory, magically trans modifies and it becomes climate change. Now, climate change for ace we're a politician who wants power over your life is the perfect pseudo scientific theory because never be disproven if it gets hotter, colder wetter drier. Whatever happens the man Chick theory is always right and Lee enough. Their solution is exactly the same as global coolly and global warming. It is massive. Power over you and me, and everybody else and used you think maybe Al Gore and the rest of these guys just want more. More power and what we said earlier in the show you want understand Democrats there all about government power, over you and me, and the individual one or consumers there are some quite confident Al Gore's dead after the energetic sheet was proven to be growing. We know one sentence: It isn't that you say that, because a bit thing to a lot of because the paleo movement in light of the younger people, they re, you know since the site,
and die. It directly affects them, they're very abreast of this, and so they go will hold on a second the same people who pushed against saturated fats where this neo vegetarian sort of lobby and they pushed for basically you don't artificial vegetable oils and trans that so now there pushing against Trans fats and we ve changed our stance. I think, but was it the FDA changes dance on eggs and butter. In moderation, these same people talk about that and recognise the same group, the hypocrisy that switched yet they'll. Think we're just climate deny if it comes to climate change in dumb it's a weird time same thing. You know you're you and I are declared science and by believing that men and women are biologically different and that the issue is growing. You know the funny thing is five year old knows there is a difference between boys and girls and yet modern leftist can't figure that out and aunt you going back to to the global warming debates I mentioned is not science. Its religion and one of the ways. You know it. Look at the language denier that
the language of theology that is heretic right, any good scientists, should be a denier, the these scientific if it would you and I learned in biology class in high school, we should start with a hypothesis. Then, you use evidence to disprove, that's the scientific method, and yet the global warming. Alarmist data on the evidence is a problem for them. They just say anyone but disagrees with mine three. I must have power over your life. You are Denier right, that's not sign language. We too, as you could even be. Let's say climate view would now is climate change. You could even maybe say: ok, we believe humans are the cause of it. You could make even go down the trail and say even though none of this happened, yet we believe catastrophic results may, You can even go as far as Bernie Sanders and say ISIS as a result of climate change, maybe, and still not believe that the United Its government can fix it. You if you believe, all those things to believe the President of the Sierra Club was gonna. What are my facts? Can someone give me that Gimme the spreadsheet, so
by the way at that same hearing? Was the president of the? U S black chamber of where's. That said, for example, the Obama administration, new global warming rules would cost over nineteen million minority jobs, seven million african Americans would lose their jobs and twelve noon. Hispanics would lose their jobs. Are you need to understand when these zealots want power there power over your life there trying to take away your job and they're, trying to jack up your electricity bill. If you're a single mom trying to make ends meet the last thing, you need it Trinity build doubling, and yet these Zella
want power over your life. I'd must ratify working men and women than walking in a happy thought. We now return to New year's Eve celebration in Japan, a nearby television. We cannot set out keep era and the girl first be occurs two or three It would be easy did you read your words? You speak about it after all, Google, Robin Hood, He ordered,
I did it for your listening to loudly with proud. We are back Stephen, greater briefing, not gaitered followers not gain hearing or sprout are, of course, a lot of credit com is where you can see all the video versions of the interviews, if you haven't seen them and of those videos, urgent, I'm not going to lie Carly fear arena is the easiest one to watch good. Looking like an account, if you. When she, you know, listen when she, when she, when she does it up right, I think I don't know, I don't trouble saying I think she's she's, a pretty older woman, I know not,
if anybody listening older, listen, hey I'm I'm in my twenty she's inner sixties. Obviously I consider an older woman. It would be an inappropriate relationship at the very least. What we are talking about before that we're going to get into our tax whose interview next, which I think the one thing I really liked about this text reads interview: It is truly a tat grew that you ve not seen before you and one thing we do on the show jeered noses. We ve had a lot of other politicians. Are people who constantly request to come on? Let's get sort or top best selling conservative authors, whatever that means to name of non profit by up tens of thousands of their books as part of a subscription nearly always say now, and the reason is, if you come on lotta with crowd or if you want to come on the show you you know it's the Letterman, away thinking. You better bring it
don't mean some talking point c. We don't just deliver talking points and we try to avoid just going raw America, which really do try and source of information, and our main focus is entertainment and if they're, not entertaining, if not incite, for if you're, not really informing you, there's no purpose to having them on demagogic, is not our thing. So there are a lot of politics, who wouldn't do very well on the show, one pattern, you'll notice and particularly to go on lotta with credit outcome. We have these extended versions with these. These interviews with these presidential candidates are theirs bonus, content where they can take off their tie, it very casual. Notice that they start coming in in the first. They have a segment. More similar to what you'd see on cable news. Much more similar to what their use do with where they M radio other programmes. And then about midway through they start to get it and they realize it's different. Whether its sound can be tat exact. What did one those sound board quotes we're last year
talking about a show that place spot the training. Okay, this is nuts which is illegal in alleys once data, illegal or with solving in forty nine of the things that it's a came pouring out of this data so and were very up front with s right. We and although the press releases from all the presidential candidates. And they know we say: listen, you dont, get talking points do your research on the show. You may not want to be an issue. You may not want to be associated with a sharp but dont come onto the show and then ask us to play now. So in a way that that we wouldn't otherwise, because we know that you dear listener, what smell it on us right. We It has to be real and there are a lot of other podcast out there that do it, but there are no other conservative shows that do it this way. So the Tec crews interview what I love about that is is Texas. We ve talked about it before that and I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong man. I don't know if these electable, because of the way he and jeered you ve talked about that work is lifted his arm. Disconnect somewhere, it seems,
Yes, I always felt by after the interview you mean both change your mind, a little bit self. If he's able to have his handlers, get him out. That way, I think, there's a huge bore, The country not die hard conservatives who will support takers anyway, there's a huge part the country who could be injured, due to him, is to have real personality, to be honest, not the manufactured politician, and I think they would they would from a lot more That's what I really liked about this TED crews interview, I really You feel as though it's him in a way that you very rarely see TED Prize so and it was the one thing I will say that that is a little bit of tech reduce faultless. If you have handlers were sending out spam click bait emails maybe sometimes attackers campaign does allow The candidates have done about. Remember we were fooled were like tat. You just ended his campaign cause a title was I have to end my.
Campaign. Sorry, and then you open it up in its unless you give this about right now out, damn. Selling over that. Remember that you have those guns- things bother me and that falls on the feet of the man whose is basically the head of the campaign, senator decrease but when he's real and when wrought he's is good at still his points. His thoughts conservatism and principles as anyone in the field, my issue, is he changes a little bit when he's on the conservative circuit to appeal I'm through red meat? and then he will make a brilliantly reasoned argument on CNN Irma, sea or with who every known on the Sunday clothes for this they should they are run it together. Answer conservative don't really get to hear that from decorous. They just hear the Isle of America. This is what we know, and you need to hear some of that money. Go Rubio. His strong suit is no matter where he is. He seen
to be discussing the issue in a way that if someone who's listening, isn't already convinced- he's genuinely attempting to convince them. Raising money from people who already agreed. That's just my that's entirely my opinion. That's entire We conjecture and I admit that the vibe I get watching them as a performance artist pop politics is, is by and large performance art You can tweak nearest crowded with what What what is injured? You think that's a fair assessment or or am I off, not that's pretty accurate. I think it could be that way too. I think that he is, I think ethic though I think on Hungary will lose more people on the trail of this kind of in a social conservative views wrong there, then even takers got, I think, can be seems more. Like he's came over. Who is talking about there's somebody on the show was talk. Monopolies because seems like he's trying to be the president of that
christian sect when he was a preacher, While you are here- and I think he kind of the kind of the easy morbid turn off even attend. Crews could isn't quite as well. I think I think you're right it. I think you're right, but then I think Europe kindly we talk about TED crew. With this interview being different, I think assumed of governor my Kirkeby, but then, when he gets in full, people even the most die. Hard left us hear him rationalize his position and I think he does it in a way that even might be more appealing than TED crews you're out on that. But the ya think If what you can get them in a room talking, I think MIKE, I could be it. Much more likeable across the board. I would say it next to you Clinton. I think he would be the guy people go. Ok, you and I don't agree with him on everything. He's a nice guy. He seemed like an honest guy, he's been pretty consistent, he's not conservative across the board, but he's really done anything. That's entirely untenable.
I had taken any conditions like gotten republican party. So I know is further down the list. Now you might be surprised the scheme in Ireland, but yeah. That's just my check the way you know when you look at the numbers locally, wise mother, with you're the only one we naturally want to back. That's my opinion. If you think I'm wrong, we DNS brought up next, all exclusive tat grew state to allow for an explosive series on water would arrive. Emma was Tom talk. MR role of the United States, our approach? U else why trial, while less at first Please try to their killing us dare killing us achieve the killer Gus that China the killer this year at the border you get you haven't gotten, I get like a plastic knife and fork out at the trumped our food court. Its
the charter. You can use that. You can't cut fruit truthfully. I would never use those folks. I would never use those nice if I wonder what a charge of making forks knives that would this has come about. This is ridiculous. You gotta start making better stuff at frankly the people on the other end, who will make the forks and knives they would take my calls, but with China? ok with China, care that are already ethnic video care. What you're doing here the killer guts at the border that kill a guy to China and if I were, but they rent from me the choice, they love me. They'll spend millions of dollars for the Trump tower. The familiar to all. My are problematic trailer shoe wounds truthfully, the Chinese. They haven't apartment David Radiator. Chinese back the world? They pay back with Trump, I oughta so much more. What they call me, the pork machine strike double ended. I dont want pork and government, but I want book in my body because I like, but frankly If I wouldn't want to. In of pork firebug,
or China, I would make a phone call I'd make a deal, and you can bet that the poor China, frankly, would take my cos. Denmark love they doom for more of our explosive interview, serious drug talks with parallel or water growled are your listening to a little louder with crowd or out at nice tat so glad to have this next guess this is the first is the first year allow democratic. We have never had a politician on a programme generally because only proper,
ass. They usually send us a request with talking points, and I think I don't want to do that, and this was the opposite, so Carly fearing Thank you so much for being on well, thank you. So much for having been I'm really honoured. I almost want to say to be your first politician only I'm not a politician, but I am running for press, but you're, ok, I'm sorry there's a negative connotation there. I just meant you're running for office and that way? And I am honoured to be your first office runner. This is, I think, a local guy, a while back, but you know that's very that's something I should like a lead with. No, I spoke with with your assistance there. Of course you you're much more professional in myself, it's just me and in jeer at producing I said, listen are the only things that I have to avoid, or I've worked with with people in political office for awhile should Nope colleagues prepare. For everything. What is it That is not just something that dumb I mean. Are you are you? Are you crazy urges that well prepared? Well, it's a couple. Its first, while I've
been in and around the world along, and I know what I know what I know what I believe it doesn't mean. I can't learn something new. It means that. The issues that I talk about or not talking points to me. Secondly, I'm not right of way or what I believe, and so people have right asked me whatever they like it or Winston Churchill once said something interesting. He said there is no such thing as an indiscreet question. Only indiscreet answer, so I am really happy be candid with people when they ask me questions that are interesting to them although the two be fair, Churchill said that before go prose were invented. I think that couldn't changed his opinion of little, that let me right off the bat. You know that you seem to have a good sense of humour about it. I mean I'm not a journalism in entertainer, thing: I've noticed contrary to everyone else out there right now is a set sort of beating up on each other, like Republicans, are doing even going straight after the opposition, Hillary Clinton and asset we ve
the conservative honey badger is that a conscious decision or did you Sandridge, can avoid the sort of mock raking? As long as I can in the primary and focus on the real opponent or is it that just something had happened organically. Well, I think first, it's important to remember what this fight is about and I think two sixteen is going to be a real fight and were in an already and it's a fight between conservatism, the values principles and the policies that I now work, best lift people, love and a democratic party, honestly has become so extreme in its positions on a whole host of issues that they are undermining the character of our nation. I believe, and also undermining the leadership and the position of our nation in the world, not to mention destroying lives and livelihoods of too many merits. Hillary Clinton happens to be the front runner of her party.
So if you're going to attack that platform in that sector, believes you got to attack the person out in front. Telling Americans that this is gonna, be good for them. When we know it's gonna be terrible right, but I mean you ve noticed difference between you and say a lot of people who we all share the state with you as well. Everyone gets into likelihood of attacking tramper. Packing somebody else. He seemed to focusing on haleran you seem to focusing on policy and on the history of this administration. Why do you think you're. The only one and another not one is notices who seems to be doing that How well I don't know. I can't speak for the others, I will say in all sometimes boys like to have a fight. You know, but the real issue? A real issue is the future the nation, I really believe that I think we're at a pivotal point: I'm not trying to avoid your question known answer. I think we are at a pivotal point
yeah, I'm running for office because, I believe were a pivotal point. I think this is a fight we have to win. I think we need a different kind. The leadership not to win this election, but actually put a meter in the White House will do the right things for the nation. Indeed, for the world on up, many sable he's like a fight you will, we will get letters July. I can't believe how sectors that, as I understand it, we can. I think you gave a great answer. If you want is overlooked because the abortion thing is kind of it was picked up, but they asked you about feminism. An you crystallize it. I think, in a way that resonate with a lot. Certainly people at my wife who would consider herself a feminist, but she can't stand what's newly been coin. Third wave feminism sort of aggressive feminism use feminists is anyone who makes a choice, a choice like I did. We see Yo Rock is to be a state home. There's a really strong. I know I've talked about this with some people who with you. Gamer gate was a launching pad for a lot of young Americans this, but the politicize nation of
speech right now, lotta people seem to rejecting the dogmatic feminism but include a lot of strong women. Do you think that was a message that maybe was was a lie, asked on people of the view is one that you plan to focus on, having obviously going up against likely another woman. Well, I do as I said on the view that a feminist since any woman who chooses her of life and we There are many many women in the world who don't have that opportunity. I do think term. Feminism has been politically. By the left and in there are a lot of left, leaning and left wing women who don't care anything about empowering other women. I mean, for Heaven's sake, Emily's lists. The pro abortion group has literally called my candidacy offensive to women. Now you know that bout ideology. He gets not about making sure that women have opportunities to do whatever they choose to do, and certainly, wherever men do it's about
ideology, and I think we do have to continue to point out that the devil in this way it up party of such extreme has it is a part of plays identity. Politics. You know you're a woman. Therefore, you have to care about this and think this way, your hispanic, you care about this issue and think this way about it. You're an african American. You gonna care about this issue and think of particular way about it. If you don't fit into their identity groups and thank the way they want you to on the specific issue, they think you should care about then you're sort of ostracised that's a terrible and you bet we have to call that as part of what I mean when I say we have a fight our hands really right- so I guess a big part of what you're sort of putting it in that same number. Under that some umbrella feminism is calling out the hypocrisy of left US women telling other women what makes them a feminist exact. It is
we see it to say you're, only a feminist. You only measure up in my eyes, if you agree with everything that I stay No Hillary Clinton actually said this. She actually said when he was campaigning against Johnny Ernst first woman said Therefore, the state of Iowa and for Bruce Brayley. She actually said we know it's not an to be a woman? You have to be a woman who believed, and then she went through the litany of left wing progressive views that she halt right and that's something I do and you as a comic. I would not be as reserved as you are on the personal front with them as a nurse just a litany of hypocrisy with here Clinton. We want to show you know that, but I appreciate way where you're coming from an that's it wont. Let me ask you this. In discussing the feminism thing, I thought it was a very funny sketch she did with Buzzfeed also thought it was, because it's an audience that no republican candidates that I know of our reaching out to. I thought you did a very funny job
but I know you're, probably where the Buzzfeed is pushed micro, aggression, theory theyve, There's a lot of really sort of honestly anti woman pro third way feminist causes, I got the sense that you are doing a funny sketch, but they thought Maybe they were going to use it to make a political statement get some of the writing in the comments that you weren't necessarily intending. Am I completely off base keep in mind my white male privileges, showing and say that, but look here's the thing that same whatever they want to say. You know that is part of what we have in this country free speech, so people can interpret something I do or something I say they are free to do it. I do think this Humor is, and I applaud you for being a comedian. Humor is a powerful weapon to make a point You know I was asked
on Saturday morning, national television show just as an example of this, as I was asked whether a woman's hormones prevent her from serving in the oval office, and my answer was: can we think of a single instance in which a man's judgment was clouded by his hormones, including in the oval office. Now. Finally, every last when I say that it makes the point immediately, it makes the point that yes, it's funny, but the truth is it's real, kill us to say that woman's hormones prevent her from serving the of love is just as it's ridiculous not to acknowledge that there are certain things that women here, that men don't hear it still different for women. In fact no- and I appreciate that, because get sort of its the same issue with race. Right were told by one side that we just have to be completely totally colorblind and we were told by the other side, though, if you recognize any differences at all, it's inherently racist were humans. I dont think living things access about, recognising the inherent differences between men and women. Let's be honest, sir,
things, women are going to be better they're, going to natural Excel compared to men and vice versa. I dont know one that became hateful. Yes, exactly! That's exactly right in my way of saying it is this. Every single human being has potential. Every human is gifted bike I'm a conservative, because I believe that every person should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential defining use their god. Given gifts, that doesn't mean we're all the same. We're not all the same, but each of us has value each of us has potential and we are all the same in the eyes of God. So in other words it let us all if a group essential is not fulfilled if women are under utilised. That hurts everybody. The data is very clear if we have too many african American struggling in poverty, not getting a good education and not having an opportunity to move ahead in your lives that it s all is well yeah. I think it's that that bigotry of of lower
vexations, the soft bigotry, but you have at last it well enough think by weight to your point? That is exactly the point of this fight and twenty sixty because I've the core difference. I started to say this on the view the core do. It's a foreigner interrupted user, always before they re and at a time when we were at the time that very upset, but I think the core of conservatism is No one of us is any better than any other one of us. Each of us has the capacity to live lives with dignity and purpose of meaning. I think the core progressive ism of the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party now is actually Some of us are smarter than others. Some of us are better than others. Some of you are capable of living good luck
so some of us are going to take care of others, and I think it is the height of disrespect and disregard, and we need all that out. Work for divide and conquer shroud you ve left. Neither can we knew that they run out of time, if only she could have run out of time as they were shooting Corina Corina, because that is what is true when it comes to men and women alike. Travesty of film you're gonna get a letter from what be curly. I'm sorry, you don't have to agreeing. I told what do you want me was I I have to say what it was arguing with producer from wartime. She wanted to hammer me only on abortion for another all segment- and I was itch for come on. Let's have this argument: let's have this fight yeah well, Z. Perez I mean when she tried to rebut what you said and listen. You dont have to bring me here, but it came across as though she barely walking, upright nor thought process, it was no to you. The poles on, I think was abortions are passed twenty weeks or twenty two weeks I dont want to misquote you. It was twenty one. I once right I've
and I think- and here summing up before we go to the we'll, go to the break that I want to give you the floor to this after that, but we too, about that and right away. They go to abortion. They owed about about what about rape and incest right to take if the extreme case- and I think it comes down to other to life or not. There are close hated issues in their open, ended issues, and then, I think, with both of those kinds of issues. There are closed handed ways to deal with it, and sometimes there open Hannah ways to deal with the close handed issue. Thats confuse You can Rwanda, we have the sunlight, wigand with abortion. I know they try to go ripen incest so that they can get you off topic at removing from the table You were very smarten, saying, ok what say we make exceptions for that small fraction of abortions. Then can we all find common ground on these late term abortions, on which the vast majority of Americans agree and all they could say is no. I don't leave your Paul numbers well and- and of course, now we have this plan parenthood videos,
Roger actually have nothing to do with whether your pro life reproach choice. I know a lot approach: choice, women, a lot of procuring man who are horrified by these videos, as they should be clearly hold that thought right back louder, withdraw he's class in up a joint agreement. This is our with router being sorted visit louder with browser. While gone all boys amontillado powder, I'm power a mouth there would have new arrivals or run out.
Turbine Guard Garter Vanguard of the little Balls Bob Rob WAR Europe New Year Thank you, MRS Guy. We hear there, around with reality. In twenty you in, CNN tonight, the neurons running in my way, to help him first man to have a private charity, the plant life cycle. You'd say that as well as I believe that I've been working on them quite confident. Is it in the cure for aids? always something outside here. To that greater
or not Moran carved rebels, rigour or rise. They agree. How are on one was denies Albright's, I'm sorry about this louder, with crowd, we're back with running click run you haven't heard of you probably will after I do know appropriate use any kind of a murder comparison when it comes to debates. But every time I see kindly feeling to respond to a question and media, I think of that song, the bodies at the floor. That's what pops into my I can't control it. I'm a man I naturally aggressive. This is why shouldn't be enough. Scarlet you're, talking about the play.
The parenthood videos. I want you to continue with that nine one interrupt. Well, I said that this is not about being pro choice. Your pro life. This is about the character of our nation. Honestly, watch these women picking over baby that's what these women are calling them. It's someone else calling them babies, I mean there. Are people saying all? Look! It's a baby! Oh look! It's twins, oh, look! It's an arm and a leg. It is about the character of our nation and to talk about extreme. The Democrats party, has closed ranks rallied around and absolutely there's nothing wrong here. There's nothing to see here, go on go on, go on and by the way, their extreme position. It's not a life until it leaves the hospital. That is, our position, that it's not obviously support that so many people but know it because they rapid,
in this bologna about women's health than all the rest of it all we're doing breasts, exams actually they're doing no such thing right. It's a series. It's a web of falsehoods designed to protect the harvesting of babies, body parts that right there. To take us as an insult or a compliment as someone whose work with consulting when you were talking about. They say this now, very off the cuff and seem like an actual conversation. That's what I think attracts people like me to someone like you now, every consultant there in DC would tell you not to do that. Please don't you! We know what I actually. I really appreciate saying that, because one of the things that I was determined when I started. This campaign was now were to sound like politician. Most people are sick of politics. I am too were sick of Santa Claus. Sound bites and bumper sticker rhetoric and the truth is people just wanna. Have a conversation
they know they're, really important issues that we ought to be having real conversations about. That's an absolutely true- and I was thinking about this today and talking with my father about it, I think, when running for office, I think hyper intelligence is right- and I think you need to be smart enough- I think Ronald Reagan was a smart guy. I think if you were to put him in a night you line up, he probably wouldn't be the number one draft peck, but I think he was a smart guy, but he was an incredibly effective community eight or sometimes need a captain Kirk instead of a Spock. I think you probably have quite a bit of both. I think there are other people. Lithuania when under the boss he's going to be on stage with you were early intelligent who realize it they're not super effective communicators. I mean the guy you engineered this computer, on which I am speaking with. You is not someone I probably want in office and dumb. Just one layman's point of view since we're doing a sympathetic heaped, praise on you, I'm enough that you, the couple hardball circa course. Ok, my apologies than I
apology necessary. Well, you know it's, it's that's the sexism and may I wanna be a gentleman, but also to do my job, the knock against You that you here on twitter? If you have to get out of this, I'm sure come up with some people say well tenure an hp wasn't crazy. Then what do you say to those people? What's your response, because you know that's what some people might bring up wine led Hewlett Packard through a very difficult time the thought combust close nine eleven, the worst hit. Ology recession in twenty five years? You may remember that it's taken the NASDAQ, the technology heavy stock, indexed fifteen years to recover to its dot com, oh hi, so, in that very difficult period of time, yes, I had to make some difficult choices. Nevertheless, many of our competitors disappeared off the map. We didn't. We went for forty four billion to almost ninety billion revenue? We quadrupled our growth rate. We quadrupled, or cash flow, weak, crippled innovation to eleven patent. The day
Importantly: we went from lagging behind in every product category and everyone segment two leading and the only way for a company to succeed, particularly in technology or country to succeed, frankly, is to lead and to grow. Now, at the end of that ten years that fire I got fired in the board room were all that lasted two and you know why I got fired, because when you challenge the status quo, which is what leadership takes. Every I'm leaders challenge the status quo. You make enemies, and sometimes as enemies stab in the back. That's life, it's. Why so many people don't lead I'll guarantee you when I am, Oval office. I will lead as well and I'll make plenty of enemies, but in the end, problem with Washington. There's no one will ever challenge the status quo, and so we have all these festering Brahms that have been around for ever and we ve been up for ever talk about every election cycle and somehow really changes because no one's prepared to status quo? I am I've done it and I know the consequences of a grab
I swear to answer. I have a little bit more so to catch up say, good answer, and hopefully people who love those criticisms out there taken also me with HP to when I was a kid. It was basically a printer company. Another sovereign smartphones, so it's changed drastically as this what they offer in my lifetime. Well, Finally, in my mandate, was to transform accompanied it was lagging further and further behind into a leader. We did that we I say we, because it was tens of thousands of dedicated employs but Trance formation change. Takes leadership. It was mine, delete the greater and I know that all too well with boardroom brawls in politics. I don't I don't do that the back seven. I get the sense that you're not a back stabber. You look someone the eye and stabbed them in the face. If they ve really done you wrong, not literally, literally do not take this literally people going to take that clap its steps along the face
no to your point. Let me to sector, I believe, very strongly in character and integrity. I learn that from my mother and Father and to me, what that means is if you're gonna say something behind somebody's back, you better be prepared to say it to their flags, so I'm home here too, have honest, disagreement, honest brawls with people, but I'm always said to their face That's a double edged sword, though, to I was talking with my dad about this. My wife is a very strong woman. My mom is a very strong woman, I think that people like my phone, I find ourselves attracted to you as a candidate, because that's what we seek in a woman a lot of men can't handle that not to sound like a social justice warrior feminist here. Third, with but there are a lot of men who can be intimidated by that and seek out the opposite. So do you think
that's just one of those things out of your control and people will react till they react, because there are two different kinds of men and some guys gonna door. You and some guys are well. I do think there is a difference. I not everybody's happy, but what I found over the course of my ears. I gather support, also fighting it. Doesnt mean he went around to do all the time, the opposite times. Let's go where times now set aside for now find common ground with collaborate. There are times, however, I hate to cut. You saw it. As I said, a heated could help you hold that thought we the heartbreak here, and I want to bring you back like nobody goes with it and I like it, I dig it partly fearing a lot of credit institutions
your listening louder with greater follows even on Twitter S, proud and allow for an explosive series on water when I'm in love with Tom Talk Mischief. All women themselves from among three handled pulled off. Well, frankly, on a per then a level, I'm not a big fan of war, I think, truthfully, what we're being honest people they die. They get. Dangerous. They get very people, get upset cod, Please don't really want to go to war. Why can't? I would avoid war, but if it's necessary, let's say somewhat strikes a fight with Trump, let's say One comes into the country through the bodily aven't side, the gas book they haven't you
the door. Man torment by the way is a Mexican at my place. He loves me. He talks to the mexican prime MR president, whatever you want to call it, Tell me, I love you. Frankly, we call you that's a man down down south of the border. That's what they call me frankly, I don't. I never shows that a day, but that's what they call me. So what Mr War. I think that I would I frankly I would handle it like my mexican doormat, and rightly so- we're doing the war, would take my cos. My cloth were more of our explosive interview, serious drug talks with parallel, or water growled, hey loud, didn't see there. What are you doing just lecturing and endured my Martin civilly? It bore a fine. Reverent have refined, gave record political, rippled, there's murmur of establishment and the rebels, and you know
one. I don't really know a whole lot about wine. That's why I got a simplified wine come why just call their number? What's that number Jerry, eight four for to night seven? Why have you come from his horse aggravate spring? I haven't changed to a caravan for simpletons. Like me, you don't know a whole lot about wine, just what I like it makes it easy to get the call good. The website talk with a similar yea list. What I like what I dont like my budget and can have a ship directly to my door or give her up and sent to a front
it doesn't get any simpler than that simplified. Warn you. I prefer a more of a barrier to enter. I know you do while, but you're no leaders, bastard, that's wiper, simple them like me, I prefer simplified wine dot com or just calling for for two nine seven you're getting louder with round speedy, we're back. Second, our product Rina was going to make a point. We made her weight because we are horrendous human beings. Please take the floor, and can
because I like what you were going well. The point I was making is there is a time to say something aside and focus on finding common ground with someone. There is also a time when you got a really sit, Was somebody and say we have a major disagreement here? These are the things that I cannot agree with you on in my experience, even in that moment there is enough to lead to find common ground. There is an opportunity for collaboration, but sometimes you get to a point where literally There is no common ground and there is an opportunity and that point you have to be honest and walk away. Let me just bring to the world stage one of the problems with this saran deal We never walked away. We never said we I come to agreement here. This is a principle that we can't banned on anytime, anywhere inspections. For example, we didn't say sorry right to walk away now. This is a principle upon which we can not bend and if you are not prepared to do that in a deal in life
in leadership, then you're gonna get rolled you're gonna get world. No, that's absolutely true in its we're talking about this, I think last week we do find it funny that you have left us who want to take. So what would take away someone's revolver because he's taken his aunt acts at some point in his lifetime, but our ran with nuclear capabilities or fresh bored what could possibly go wrong there. I can't think of any one, less mentally stable as a whole. Then the nation of ran you're funny. I literally how this written down and I dont right questions down, I'm in a reduced for you word for word. I think a lot of candidates compromise when compromise isn't necessary, but you need to the places where you can because compromise- responsibility is hard. Bluster is easy. How do you draw that line, we just answered that word for word. I guess to expand and out where to walk away. Is there anything else you think is important in drawing that line, because it is important to compromise and then also not compromise when its pivotal s, that's right. So I think there are three cardinal rules to deal
let's face it, compromises making a deal; ok, you're compromising with your teenager or the nation of Moran or the opposite party compromise is about making a deal a good deal, I think there's three, the world's number one. You have to state what your principles you walk away. Positions are not at the end. At the beginning, you gonna go to people say look, this is what I have to have. I have to have an account. Compromise on it and then number do you have to be prepared? Whatever thing else into the centre of the table in a spirit of truly willing an open minded collaboration but have to be clear about what your absence must have principles and goals are free, you have to be well. Walk away, because if you walk away people don't believe you will and they further don't believe you you care about principles and sold. What we make my cardinal honestly, I don't wanna deals in my life and my cardinal rule always to myself into any negotiating team that I was the coaching.
If you haven't, walked away from the table three times you haven't gotten the best deal you it's just people operate they tests, they test the limits. We test the limits and our families. We asked the limits with their spouses. We test the limits with our negotiating apart, so you have to walk away, and then finally, the last cardinal rule that President Obama, a totally is you don't celebrate the deal until he had the deal you want so few celebrated deal before you have one? Is one habits, the other keeps negotiating and that's what happened with wrath. Ray. I agree with you on everything you just said, except the concept of compromising with a teenager. I don't think you have a knife I'm not your locate, maybe I'll give you that yeah. Then you end up with the Clinton family, so listen again, there was mean I was not her. Here's one thing that is to me a little, but I will say on a personal level, I dont think you said this to mean how it came out. But, as someone was raising Quebec K parliamentary system, your best, the talking about mobile you'd,
donor Unreason TAT program? I came about exactly what what will happen with the website about technology, engaging citizens with government. I want to be clear: are you you're, not on my governance by referendum. Are you as to in our representative republic, because that's what I grew up with in Quebec and that's immediately. If ever, We gotta get sent up red flags because nothing gets done in Quebec. Now what I am talking about, the let me give you very real example, one of the things that I has to happen. Is we to build a zero based budget. We actually no we're every dollars being spent. So we can prioritize our dollars. You know we're not today, which is why government just get bigger and bigger, and more and more in it. So I will go into the oval office in weekly radio address, just as an example, and I would ask people to take out your smartphone and I would say like ask your question: do you think we should know where your money is being spent press one for yes to four? Now people will vote one.
Do it signals to their representatives? This is an issue we care about. This is what we think ought to happen. We know that politicians in the political process respond pressure. It's how we got Congress in three short weeks, two possibilities that people can get fired at the Vienna if they didn't do their job, of course, have fired anyone. But it was this massive amount of pressure from peoples and guess what we can but they should not be able fireside. Point is: ours was intended to be a citizen government citizens need to be engaged in the process of their government and technology. It gives us the tool to engage citizens directly in the questions that matter to them. So their representatives can respond to what people really think. We don't need pollsters, telling us what we all know, their issues would pose huge issues with policy, for people can actually tell us what they think that it would be good to know a couple of things that you just want flock you're talking about voting. Yes, it one for you too, now, unfortunately, mash it with their permanent demand. A recount would bring that agenda. You talk about pulse, here's something.
Curly and you may like the guy. You may not I'm not a huge fan of him as potential president. That's my and I dont know him personally, but dont know anybody and I know a lot of people in my producers. Dont know anybody No one of my family knows anybody. We don't know a single person, not one who jia bushes, thereby how in the world does he led and any because when I talk about that, you hear an outcry into it. People saying they don't believe in the primary system. They think it's rig. They think conservative media is trying to manipulate it just as bad as left us media try to manipulate nationals, and I d tend to chalk up to I guess collusion what could be chalked up to incompetence, but in this case one no a single person with Jack. How is you're such a discrepancy? Well, because I think it depends a lot on what polisher looking at. So, let's just take this debate tonight Fox NEWS decided to use national holes National poles, at this point in a razor measuring really his name,
right, because so many people are paying attention. If you go into state holes of Florida aid at All- and I Whole new Hampshire for you'll see very different results than the national policy, because they're talking to people in those states rushing engage and were in about a national measures, basically nay mighty. So I guess The highest nay might be in the field. Donald Trump guess who's next job Butch. Can we talk about Trump, or do we not want to talk about trump? just so. I just made a horrendous Leon. Comfortable, ok Trump has been kept us last year for the illegal immigration issue. Now not tactful, I'm not The conservative. We have a lot of me when you have Clinton's front centre at your wedding when you give six figures: the Clinton's when you're literally a card gearing Democrat from most of your life, I am not convinced do you think you should have a little, but as a catalyst for some issues were maybe he'll allow some of the candidates were little bit: namby pamby to grow a pair. That's my opinion. Maybe he'll serve that role someday
I'd, say you're, not as hard on immigration is someone like a trump haven't, really offer an actual solution. Clare FI your stance, so that no one else, miss corny on immigration. What would a curly fearing administration to what I have said consistently? All along is number one we have to secure the border by the way. How long we ve been talking about securing for thirty years, I mean to be accurate. The border has not been secure for thirty years, we ve been talking about it for at least twenty five. It still not secure. What does that tell you italian politicians, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and yet it never gets done, sanctuary cities. You know how long sentences Guzman Sanctuary City since nineteen eighty nine everyone's gonna get all fired up about. This gives speeches are going pass laws and yet nothing really changes. This is why people are fed up with a political class, so number one secured born. This isn't rocket science. It takes money, it takes manpower, it takes technology, but mostly what it takes is to grow a pair and lead second future raised. Second, you dance
The legal immigration system, howlings legal immigration system had broken. How long are we ve been talking about it when he five years when he five years, we ve over sixteen different these programmes. We have any verifies system that doesn't work really in twenty fifteen. We can't create an Ebay if I system that is working, that is mandatory, were handing out border crossing cards every single day, Open Mexico borders was common, regain return home. I will check this is an example of ineptitude or the disregard of the political class? so. This is it really matter, and finally, I have said equally explicitly that I don't think if you coming illegally and stayed here illegally that you get to earn a path. Is it to citizenship? Ever you may or legal status at some point, but they're here to be a reward for people who study, our history. Take the old ways their hand understand that citizenship is a privilege to be earned. There has to be a consequence for those people who play by the rules. I have said this from day one over and over and over this issue popular, but me
no mistake loads of republican politicians, many of whom are running, have not fixed this problem in twenty five and we can't blame at all on the democratic. As we ve had Republicans in the White House, we ve had a majority in the house and then it people Gulf. To get along status quo, hasn't changed whatever your issue or cause whenever fest, problem. You hope would gets all political class sailors, actually bodies hit floor, Carl during a thank you so much we know you're busy will let you go Godspeed and hopefully will check back with you and
that name ideas that you wish and will change on, battened that it well. Thank you. Thank you. I really enjoyed determined that we will have you back there. We go. You saw it so she doesn't like verbally binding contract, weedin scare, currently clearly, Rina. Thank you. So much probably will have you back and really we're we're. Gonna walk out of a product, your listening louder with round
back! You, Robert E Lee willpower, amount of flour with greater care, are continuing the gleam of New York level, where doctors should actually
that's not true and I'm not a doktor like tat. I would like to commit this new year to fighting social justice issues and reinvigorate, not write your mother's going with those rules, while they were more balls problem of paramount of your listening to loudly with proud- and we are back after that. Wonderful interview with center tat grew so that we have a final interview governor my country, but we do want to talk a little bit more gold little macro here and discuss the election with that
course one of her wonderful contributors. So you know that sound. When you hear it. I think everyone knows this out. It's the south loathing MAC who you every now and then Mr Prodi, you can follow him at once again. How are you think I'm doing good? It's not someone still further but we for a long time thought you were jewish absently, geike Access, it the New York acts and that's, I think, a lot of people across the country. They hear it and it just assume, but I've lived in New York in yours as is well known, but pressure on Long Island, where you re, the jewish, italian or other, not a lot of irish people, I'm on a decent amount. I think that the Irish is like the highest percentage of other, but yes, What you are, how you well carry on New York there, making up all different kinds of prejudice em for people who d
I always side without like when I was in New York and wounds. I gotta. Yet it is the most racist place have ever lived in my life. I mean yeah, there's a lot of coal but they still hate other cultures, a good people in the Arctic. That said that, however, it is true, wealth me. Ok, speaking of New York, obviously the name on everyone's lips: is your homes. State there is is Mr Trump approach would tackle the wheels check. We know in Montreal we get those commercials because we are watching your local, PBS or Fox affiliate and we got the same station and had always Dad is George, protect Eu Republic in Democrat and he had to think about it when he he dropped out my world an exactly come unglued, so Donald Trump. What's the feeling? What's a genuine phone before we get into your personal feeling, but in New York state is Donald Trump popular. They love him as your hometown hero or is he less than a hero?
to the extent that New York is even thinking about the presidential race in the first place, no strong feelings one way or the other, I mean that we, obviously left if hates hate them. I know, there's love again, pandering politicians are drug trying to pass laws to have his name removed from my parks and is on building and stuff like that. But as far as like right goals and the people who are actually paying attention to the presidential raise its please the people, I talk to, there's no strong feelings, one way or the other. Ok actually surprises me. I would have thought that they'd be really really hard core either on trumps team or really really hard core against him but you're saying they could be swayed. Oh yeah I mean I think most and what most New York Republicans go ago, which ever way the winds blowing, which which right now seems to be Rubio, at least as far as New Yorkers. That makes sense, and of course people listening was in essence, because New York is liberal and insist. Bushmen. So that's the only reason I could go for Rubio now you personally, what is your,
you're, not a Trump Ansell amassing. We talked about that. It is so let me ask you this if don't be afraid, dont be afraid of the angry audience. You can t. Do it brought again if I believe you are on this issue if it is Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in General, will you vote on our vote? I won't load for president. Ok, you're, also running on the local yoga, a government or other people, but now I will I will not for anyone that, I think, furthers the dumbing down of conservatism where its judged by not being considered but how loud you yell about like no Mexicans Muslims in the mainstream media? Oh ok! What about is only one, could vote for everyone. I wasn't. I mean ok, would vote for. Anyone else is not drawn yes, I would be excited about Ruby on fearing slightly ass excited about Christie, kindness.
Motivated for crews and everyone else. I would vote for just because I'm enemy their voting anyway for other people. Ok, so yeah! I would definitely I would just I would not vote for Trump. I know people are saying that it will, if you don't vote for Trump. That means you're up to vote for Hillary. If me not voting for Trump, its Hilary wins Olive New York's electoral vote by one boat Europe, Euro. More than welcome to kick my ass, but will not actually, how will we go to your word. I'll we all be good to my word- I will show up at probable what was see peg twenty seventeenth, since that I guess at the beginning of an annual opiate yeah double the big moment. We are at it if, if Hilary Clare only winds, New York's Alex about by one vote and my one What is the reason why I went to New York, and my one vote is what caused Donald Trump, the election you are or what more than welcome to line up a kick. My ass, ok
just going to be pants up the ankles like what what's people mean another terms here: I dont you know this. I don't just I don't sell my audience outdone. If I make a promise that you can't fool of me, I would, however, I would prefer you pick a cheek just see of one functioning area, equally. I would you know I would prefer you pick a cheek if you, if you're so pissed off that my one vote is what is what cost and from the election, and you want to go straight on main street at that point, I think you might get it you because they want to make Amerika great again damage. Ok, we're going get this on Twitter. So this is what listen. I think it's only for UK to say one vote, because that's not even in the margin for Manoeuvre gate at its one book. That's what people are saying where, if you, if you dont vote for trumpet as good as a vote for Hilary
Let's say the mark the margin for error as far as when he might be within like a hundred. Ok, I got that that that that's fine. If, if, if you Clayton was only winds, New York's Electro boats by a hundred boats and those those one hundred New York voters what course Donald Trump, the presidential race what a Florida on her hands. We do want people demanding a recount leinen out, so they can, you know Optical got an array of recounting New York would actually take. I mean down from the rules governing for re election and we still want to know the results of the elections. Watch enjoyed spectacular, be claiming that actually happen once well. Ok, you know it. I will say this return of this. You you're, not the only one. I have not heard a lot of people who said that for other candidates, but Trump is the one candidate. Will there is a strong percentages, What would you say? I cannot vote for him and clear conscience. I look if I mean- you're, an actual conservative and not you know
sort of that my job title, and now I make my shackles- you got fifteen seconds. Ok pro Abortion programme control approach, psych a prominent domain uproar approach, everything that conservative eight up until he changes my two months ago and hope We changes mind again. Ok, that's where you can follow him at brought again for the efficient radegund aspect challenge here: Hilary wins by one hundred boats, personal run against ass. I don't think you can play my hundred or less brought against. They do in my pocket I love when explosive series on water, one rhymed Emma with Tom Talk.
Movement Rob going on who works weeks. Parks moon, rob you'll be- were hanged. Hawksbill debate moderated by Magna Carta one eye of was coiled media, while, frankly, when you talk about the media? Ok, you're, talking about a very shallow talent, Dalrymple you're, talking about a pull that so shall I could put my I could put my toddler at an ok. You ve got and whatever it includes Megyn Kelly Tallard pull for legitimate journalists. Ok, that Frankly, I love women. I have always respected women. Ok, I've made several They call me the woman making machine, but Megan Kelly is such a war. She sleeps with everybody Fox loosely that everybody at sea and in its well known for a long time, she's going to come up with me and quota buy sex. It should have getting the other candidates of their sex is that, alas, me ok, truthfully was honourable if I'm sexist, I'm not that's it I just don't. I just don't like big s. Question is by wars and begging,
he's a lot, but if I, if I could reach out to the non whore community, ok, community of all the women out there, who, frankly, nobody knows or cherishes women better than Donald Trump. If I could, shouted a nod, whore community, they would take my cause. They would take my calls. We walk about Mega Kelly Doc war at regularly My call fade room more of our explosive interview. Serious drug talks with parallel
or water growl or your listening to limit allowed her with crowded louder. Nice tat we have is next. Yes, always to I've known I'd like to consider, and so before people getting comments section and you shouldn't Breyer front. We better several candidates on you can find him at my could be dot com, not that Org business governor microscopy thanks for coming on My pleasure, Stephen and you know I love some of the things you don't. I restarted before you
and came into the room some of the hawaiian serious things you did me. There were serious for the rural areas where he walked into muslim bakeries and asked to make a same sex wedding cake for you, and I thought it just pointed out. The hypocrisy of the left and being very selective that their outrage, that Christians would follow their convictions, but it's perfectly ok right Muslims off there, work anyway, just like the mania for that appear. If you're running for president to say that you, like anything, I've put out, I don't want you dont, want. I don't wanna, hear some of the step. That is pure job. Well, that's true. It is true, what's funny about that one I mean you know that always say: will this selectively edited will of course median and I was selectively, ended up to be funny and I suddenly, like there are some muslim beggars were very nice and there were some who weren't, but it only takes one lawsuit and that's the point right and your tongue, but that, with with Kim Davis right off the bat, firstly so reticent debates. How are you feeling its unanimously people's singer, really think it a good people
But while I mean I think God, given the questions I had, I would have loved to have had more substantive questions about things like the fair tax out have liked to have talk more about what is it that makes a person prepare to be president right? I'm really think we when we miss in these debates, an opportunity to show to delve to the character the background, the prepared, somebody to be president. It's a pretty sure is job. I dont think its entry level. I think a person need to have had that kind of experience, so that when your president you're going to face not what you expect you're gonna face what you don't expect right and that's what you're really elected to be ready for whereby integrating those moderators to be not. I I did I hate to do now. Media by us because- and I was over played, but that was in my opinion, the worst leftist hatchet job I've ever seen in the history of the night. Do you think, I'm out of line with that ssl you're not interested
they sleeve and even the left wing media. I mean yet articles on poetic, they were just savaging the process of the delay. Last night in the way that CNBC handle but of all the meat. Let me give a little shorter behind the scenes thing that lotta people probably won't know. Yes, we love you see. She had had told all the campaigns that day we're gonna make sure that we a very different experiences there, we're gonna equitably, distribute the time that they have. Algorithms tat that they had carefully build it? We're gonna tell me exactly where they work, which candidate had had the most questions. We needed to have more. They were gonna. Take care of this. Do you think happened last night, to tell you, it must Al Gore rhythms, because there was nothing in there that was balanced and fair not only about the amount of time allocated, but I so about the type of questions and even when they were spaced out. So I just feel like the orange she has got to get on top of this process. This is
gain shall write. This is not a process to lead or could be entertained by watching some people take cheap shots at republican candidates. Whether they like it or not. We have but our lives on the line to run for president is a serious process for every single one of US red and the kind of questions are asked last night dairy. And the ones that were at long last baked the democratic candidate. For me, the jumping the shark moment about for you, but really bad, and I appreciate that Cruz when after them in- and you know, people really like that for me- the Dumping moment was when they ask Carson. They said you know you on the board at and they were rate it as a super gay, friendly or organization. How do you do defy that, like we care that Carson what if I buy a rotisserie chicken Carrasco and they have a gay romance novel. What does that have to die with running for president? It was a ridiculous.
Question you, I have often said that the difference between people like me, who are very committed Christians, who believe in Digital marriage and people on the left is an I'm very accepting in time. People who have a different point of view right. I use and I found in a macbook, I've had even oh TIM Cook is certainly not friendly from my point of view on marriage right. I drink Starbucks, coffee and our order stuff on Amazon. Well, guess what Although the ceos of those companies support a view of merit, that I absolutely dont support we're. You know what I don't try to put him up. Business over it. But you know right have other entities in which, if, if a Christian stands up then there's gonna be a concerted effort, not just to disagree with him, but to put them out of business, and I dont think that whole a dichotomy has been explored very much and certainly not. Ensuring press will now when they try to act as though we I have a funny story about that, so I went into says I was working at Fox NEWS no for a few years, and at this point I was still an african about deafening so as auditioning for
sport show and I went in and it was at a screen test point whether a rotating us, you know they broke the panel and a guy in there and the second we found out Fox news. He's a liberal, pod gas or eat like his brain exploded, and ass. You see my goal, which shows you do, and I mentioned in my city no got governor. How can we shall end up sure, determine how much he hated you and I You know what I say no to a governor. How could be, I know what people think I should be is actually really you actually really genuinely funny guy and this was a few years ago- and I remember his responses at Once- about him. His views on gay marriage and I looked at him right in the face NASA the exact same views as Barack Obama, because it on that point He hadn't shifted yet so it's amazing how quickly people forget it and they vilify someone like you as this crazy. You know Westboro Baptists, just for having an opinion. Well, it is part of the main challenges that we face. Is conservatives and and more
specifically simply were christian conservatives, but I've got a pretty. I guess this laissez faire attitude did to say: I can't make these people like me right, there's something in them is not in me. I don't hate anyone, but some of them really you have a lot of hate, theirs, no tolerance, they have no place for diversity, they talk diversity, tolerance and love, but the meanest people ever matter, people who were activists or a view on the left and I just can't stand everyone does not agree with them. Ryan, there's, no sense of humour. There's no sense. If that's an interesting thought, maybe maybe we should converse more right, but that's it. That's the nature of the beast, we're living, but right now what I said this because lessons honest here, you know, yearn I dont mean older white guys of peoples but I am what, let's contrast? What, let's say you know curly fearing whose woman Latinos an estate Ben Carson,
I said: listen, bankers, Carson is a neurosurgeon. You may not agree with him, but he's a neurosurgeon. Black eye from Detroit to a single mother. Okay, if we're gonna talk about the black experience, he's not playing, the beating that's the envy PETE Detroit single mother. Let's be honest, I said if they paint him as a racist dummy, which is what they ve done. They're gonna, do it with any it doesn't matter if its governor, my Huckabee, or Ban Carson or TAT cruiser Carly Florina. Something a lot of people like me regard If he wins an emanation, we just want to see conservatism. Republicans stop preemptively apologizing, because you're gonna do it anyway well, and I think one of the things that you ve seen in all these Bates is none of us are backing down. None of us here are just saying autumn yeah we were so Sorry, we defended somebody. I think all of us are stepping up saying. We have ended, you Jane you got up. Lie down right end, moving on an end, not allowing ourselves to be beaten.
To the submission to the far left and be made to be something we're not which were thoughtful, serious guys. Most, everybody stage is very well educated, and I will tell you something: I don't know anyone. This is what I try to convey last night when I was thrown debate about tromp everybody on the stage competence in being president than I do. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders. Martin, oh Molly, I mean come on, get me a break. A commodity, only dimension environmental Maui. For me, RO that may even there the amended: it should have already fraud marched across a federal court house law for a federal charges which one under this administration, but I'm sure that happen more, they there to take up. This lie They get Sanders. I think a lot of conservatism because of under estimated the Sanders effect and I've. We ve gotten a lot of flak because I've done a lot of videos on it and we're the only Republicans, but only conservatives out there who ve been anything,
What's very funny is a lot of the wrong Paul supporters were court. And some of them didn't, but about half of them did jump to burn us and it doesn't come out. Well in a way, it kind of guys often said that when I was you know, and others in a campaign eight years ago, against wrong call very sincere guy, and I liked him a lot yeah but sometimes said it. If he went to one of his rallies, it was sort of half gun, show half grateful dead concerning an interest. Nexus of of people who are really angry at the government, I think Bernie Sanders has tapped into Surely the left anger in a way that some candidates tap into the I'd anger drawn, but I also believe what in many ways, but I do think that he could be a George Mcgovern of this cycle. A person that is so far let nobody thinks he can win, but there's just such a a mood within the Democratic party. They were someone who really represents just how left wing they have become, and the fact that he is
doing so well is really indicative of what has happened in the Democratic party. There are no scooped Jackson's anymore, that our defence hawks. It really believe in protecting the national security. This right in this country, I mean that's good good things to think about is what just go back to Jim when the one guy on that stage. Among the Democrats, who had military experience, who had national security experience, and you know they basically tossed him overboard yeah. Well, I don't know if I wrote about this, not only obviously that the diversity that the left loves, which I just can't stand- Iversen, either happens or doesn't it should be done in force, but on the road? can stage you ve got this intellectual diversity of ran. Paul was all about that Canada, soil and then Chris Christie, whose really, moreover, of almost have a war hawk you're scene is more of a conservative sort of social conservative Christian then he got Irina who would be somewhere in the middle there such theirs wide spectrum and on the left, when you watch those debates, the o,
we disagreement. They had over who had the lowest rating from the end, our re, that was the this argument they had an in that's why I think Bernie Sanders when it comes to the general, he only de minus The gun ass. She was such a losing issue for the left and Hillary Clinton. The scene is so shrill and anti gun. I think that's a tough hurdle for her. I think you could be right and you may be the first person predicted, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee, but I think it's very possible because Bernie Sanders his tapped into that anti corporate Anti Wall Street rod feeling by them. I share some of that because I think that generally weakens our is guilty of the Democrats. In a take all the money from these big donors and they do their bidding when people get those kind of dollars to a campaign there not doing it with an touristic spirit, they're doing it with an expectation when they want something there going to be able to get their favours, return right and I do think the system is
and Bernie Sanders is at least right on that. But its goes back to the theory that even a broken clock is, is right twice a day, This is what this is true and what's funny as the tea party. When it came first around- and you know their whole thing was the Rick's Antillean the Anti Wall Street bail out, that's how it started and then occupy happened, and it was this. Same thing only set of peaceful protests, people we're getting sexually accosted intense ensue, Cati Park, there was common ground there, people for some reason it seen as a republican idea that we should bail out big banks when, if you read any of the big books from inserts weathered soul, whether its John Docile, even people who people think you're crazy, whether its it, whether its back or Limbaugh, people who means America vilified they ve all been against those bailouts. Want to come through that to you, you're scene is more of a social conservative candidate and one of the criticisms would be from people you're, not fiscally away. We only have one minute jeered. While we know it will set this up and I will come back We gotta next time because Unita Florina right, but there are some
people who have a sea lob that you're, not fiscally conservative so before I go to the brain, Would you say your name was very physically? a bit of it. I've got a record to prove it and I hope we get a chance at all
we will work to go towards equal forthwith overlord advertising. This is our with router, be sure to visit louder with, rather does not involve robbing were very rapid for water crawler, rather, look for extreme gone. Throb was yours, revolution boiling water
They rightly very. I thank you for having me I'd. Take it out the Mexicans I've taken on the war mega Kelly aright, truthfully, ok, there's one thing: I've taken, I China! Ok, that's why they call me the status quo should proceed. That's not what I would call it! That's. What they call me frankly, Ok, that's what did the people are not talking about that. I think, is a very grave concern. Ok, people. They asked me about this. All the time police, ok, dropped. There's nobody is going to be harder. Other japanese drop, I dont know if you get four. Ok, truthfully, listen! I bet there there we get weary and we should acknowledge that their way they quiet everything they have. A lot of Greek shows Japan. I think, too, that it's a very serious problem and everyone was due to sweep the what rebel arbour like it happened but goes to. Those pigs is still relevant, Electra presidency. So if you want to take out rightly the Japanese they take by courts.
Viral amounts than with Robert with water, with this is loud or with crowd in three are back would governor my God, you think, he's my sister self regulating before the break, so we will say your kind of the social conservative candidate right now. Really go ahead and give them your pitch. Well, I cut taxes. Nearly a hundred times in Arkansas, and I did that against the head when's of legislature. That was ninety percent Democrat. Nobody in the country, nobody, not
somebody from Massachusetts, Vermont may New Jersey, Oregon their California ever had a legislator as lopsided his mind. Yet we not only cut taxes. We trance what our states economy and brought the basic per capita income about fifty percent over the course of my time. I appeal tarp, when a lotta Republicans rather sank ringing hands, or we just have to do. I should know you, don't that's not a conservative principle. I have fought for the fair chat is the most conservative approach to taxation that exists because it doesn't penalized people's product and subsidize. Your responsibility are reformed welfare in our state we took half the people. Off of welfare? Got him into jobs cut those roles by fifty percent, yet I put my record fiscally up again, anybody but, more importantly, keep it in the context of the kind of atmosphere in which I had to govern red eye, I've done even more had I had I even a sixty four
or a fifty one percent republican legislation yeah, but I had a ten percent republican legit. Major and a ninety percent Democrat Legislature, all of her by the way where Clinton, ACES, all indebted to the Clinton political machine that was the The sphere in which I governed Arkansas will even alluded that last night that you got out alive, subtext there than I need to know a governor, because I've thought about this for a while I'll. But that does not give rise to point out. Is that while allotted say you know, I'm the best to go celery Clinton, the differences. None of them have ever actually done it. Billon Hilary both came to Arkansas Kim for every upon it, I ever had they recruited most of those. That you ran against me. They raise them before them. You no idea what it's like to inherit estate government that is so hostile that, when I to open my door ass, lieutenant governor, first elected it wouldn't open and the reason web hobble. Who was
Working at the White House in one of hilarious, former law partners had call the Secretary of State and said Nailless door. Shut and they did so The door was nailed shop with three males stay that way. For my first fifty nine days. The elected lieutenant governor of the state. I hear some Republican say I'm a fighter. Young people are going to call the US and that we have to have a source. I gotta have someone send it to us, because it sounds unbelievable, but I believe you are giving us source. John Fund wrote in the Wall Street Journal about this. Ok out after it happened, go back in July. Nineteen. Ninety three, as the Wall Street Journal, didn't think was true: they thought it was a sort of apocryphal store and just exaggerated, better adore than a calm down and talk with Clinton's yet shot that any of your candidates, like the brakes go out in their cars. Running like that republican candidates and archives always slept before
you gonna, wake up where the horse had in here in your bed a lesson I wouldn't put it, and then I don't say that about a lot of people, I don't say about Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders, I'm not a conspiracy guy, but when you look at some of the things that the coins have done, and it's it's, it's not a difference of opinion its criminal. It really is an that's my opinion. I don't want to ascribe that to you put them, that's what's so scary about it. Let me ask you this really quickly. You tweeted something out, what's funny is. Are you forced me to do research? Were you said you would trust? Was it the Clinton's Bernie with his taxes? What was a quote that the the north, I said but rather trust a north korean chef with my labrador Would you have to trust Bernie Sanders with the tax code? Yes, books. Have you set in reverse. Labrador was the punchline gap right because you know how to frame jokes, I've, I've seen you do
thought, like I don't got so mad. I thought. Oh, no. He stood up because I know the dogs in China and Vietnam, so maybe you screwed up and people bonuses, and I look it up. No, they eat dogs and Korea. Why think people were so upset when it so clearly factually accurate. Well, because you have to understand the luck, doesn't care what the facts on the manufacture their offensive and so even if there's nothing to be offended about, they can pretend that their offended, so they can demanded, demand, apology, demand or retraction, and you know what, for far too long, conservatives have tried to base show accommodating all. Well, I shouldn't have said it that way. It was an artful. No I've just said, exactly what I meant to say. I said it I thought it was funny and if you don't think it's funny, then you know- Don't listen to me, but I'm not gonna a sense of humour and I'm not gonna, even stop talking factual things that are the basis of humour, because a thin somebody who really is an offended Stephen. This is the point, the point they are not really offended, but they pretend they are because if they ever had to do
eight, the substance of the issues we are, they know they would lose. They cannot stand to deal with the law. People conclusion are their own irrational points of view, cedar, Rapids, a good to that, would be or the White House chef, because, of course, our President God as well. What a major we get better, he admitted it. We're does not operate as it heresy. Ok, that's the whole point about the north. Korea was in north, are eating long clippings and the box off trees, because unless you're in the military is starving to death under this dictator communist regime, and that was really the point to be made here, but he got sixteen holes in one of his first came here that the weird stuff they made about to be a daddy. What his dad there like what you got seen holes in one of the first game of Gotham. Like something area for going to try and locking publicly like a golf?
it's a rough deal. It's one of those perfect contrasts: North Korea. South Korea receives satellite map of the lights at night between the two I have, and it's just a mean that that is the most revealing thing at I've been to get to the border. I've stood there about it. The DMZ Looking over into north korea- and it's just an- a chilling reminder what communism is all about. How evil it really is Let me ask you a lot of people say you know you're real long, shot candidate right now to see if he kind of look at the the national polls have been sort of the Trump show and then Carson sort of surged What do you say to those people staying in chugging along? Why? Well, because four years ago, everybody, but Herman Kane was supposed to get out this. He was leading the poles
should go everybody. The bureau Giuliani supposed to get off the visit this time he was we. Let me ask you: this is the role of the bank for International, who predicted the down something, didn't hushing fighting announcing a leading position in this point. Not once again, there were one hundred percent down right now. What makes us honey about where the wages in February and the first, I should ask for one second governor: we ever do you have a heartbreak and I'll. Let you communicate Governor MIKE. How could we don T want to hear him finish up toward the web extended urgent matter? One hundred items data will be right back your listening to louder with greater follow Stephen on Twitter S. Prouder allow for an explosive series on water withdraw rhyme. Emma was Tom. Talk
What am I how the Bible, Hottam your wife rightly the Bible is my favorite book. My second favorite book, I always say, is out of the deal. Of course with the Bible is by first favorite book. I love them. Evil? Ok, the old testament, the new I read somebody testaments people, they say throbs he's the testament gig with all testaments, I'm frankly, reading all the time I have met bibles. I have them. I keep them in a very special place. I keep I lemonade, sometimes even the bibles I lamb and ate them Chris. I take the bibles and I let the guy down at the elimination shoppy takes my gloves. I say I have another Bible, the laminae heat Actually I've made a millionaire truthfully five times, but with all the bibles that I had laminated. So truthfully, if I were to get to Heaven, I think TAT, Saint Peter S, sake defy whoever's working the gate TAT day because it would find out who I was working, the gate. I have my connections that I could say hey. I want this guy, The gate I think they
say I you, head somebody bibles you treated them so well. We want come in, but I would come in, and I tell you what I would there is so much untapped potential. And have it I would go in. We'd have galled we'd have they have streets of gold. We would do so. We would do something else. Maybe we make themselves been without a black them. I don't know, but I would I would tat Heaven. And nobody else would talk about about what they could do. It happened with them and it becomes all my frankly, all my lemonade Bible, say June were, moreover, explosive interview, serious drug talks with parallel. Lotta, growler.
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