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2019-10-04 | 🔗
Talking all things Hillary's obsession with Trump, snake and alligator border moats, scrotum paintings, and why Adam Schiff is a piece of sh*t! Joined by Pinterest whistleblower Eric Cochran!

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Hey audio only listener. You are in a rare club. You are old school, doing the radio, most people are watching visually on Youtube or, of course, behind the mug club membership, because our lot of explosive, visual sketches and elements yoke in the audio only version, but either way you can join up and support the show. If you wanted to keep going in line with better outcomes, Slash mug club really appreciate you listening or watching on Youtube hope to see you on the other side. Lot How do I know you want to see me yet before we get to the intro. I want to thank you all for your overwhelming support, especially these last few months, some of you been asking about your mucks away, nor the vendor expects all mug club orders that had been placed before August six to go out this week all of the remaining orders they should we go out by October. Nine, so called me to that. I really hope we mean it. We just had a ton of orders and since he's our hand, paint
annex I know some of you been waiting a long time. I really appreciate it and for those of you who do not have not yet joined up at my club lot of Canada come. My club we need more than ever. I think you can see this right in his recent data that came out from Youtube. We have been most affected by the recent outlook. More than algae Zira, we'll talk about it more there's some stuff on the scene that I can assert about final note: the hollowing spook tat you are for those who don't yet know its October. Thirty. First, at Texas, ain't and university: the tickets are going fast, but there is going to be an over flow room with and tell us how efficient Bill Richmond we'll be there and after party bring your much bring your costumes and we're gonna. Have some giveaways again go too loud with credit outcome, Slash tour. We really appreciate the support in Tunisia louder with crowd or studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper.
Road might my come to realise. There are seven wounds you can not ever ever say on you too, no one ever tells you what these words are. You have to say that out loud for you too, to cancel you because you tubes ever changing the same words too. Later, a different list, and these words red. Cheek training, faggot, fag, seek and mix nest, recharging, many faggot fag zig MAX Second, doesn't even belong on that list. That's a benign. A descriptive, really house.
We refer to them. Sir he's one of those members from down south Honduran knows how the norwegian no colombian argentinian peruvian Julian Brazilian he's mexican can't just like that. These words, our tincture any faggot fag fig. Now the problem with these words is that words, J notice, I didn't say the end were. Why because if you knows which work that is not one member in the audience right now is thinking no lie. Because the inward has only been one word with one meaning, but recharging training, faggot, fags vigour in Mexico, every one of those were the words in today's culture, which we can't say now. Point something else trendy, let's
scary cancer worthy word for today's backyard mechanic. Your daughter's fine you're alternator works, but there seems to be a leak in your tea were mainly key word gasket, where its dick used to be she now did. That would seem self explanatory. Do you realize again that into wooed with multiple meanings. Captain I found the sea word in their armour, not count. I wouldn't find that meant armor. Thus, I suppose he's a female night, but then we'd have to add another word sea, because these words Also change depending whose using them or who is hearing them, they can't just turn on their own they're just words, but you can use that seawater
You too, you can use that seaward, provided that it's not the previously aforementioned see word, and that said person using this given see word is a woman and that the referring to the current president's wise words chain cheek was a common. Will a benign word. It was used in cultural idioms to make it a hate word, because a jackass had something racists is to give that racist power and convoluted the meaning of the word Now you have people who mistaking we believe it to be the original meaning that work Captain we found a chinese American in their armour that sound of a protest starting now. Please note that the Asian Americans themselves are always notably absent from these protests, don't let the other social justice warriors distract you while they simply
Take over your economy, unskilled labour, employment opportunities. They don't make protest signs there too busy making money seems, they found your them in your recharging, training, faggot, fag, FIG and Mexico. Now. Faggot or fag These are the new If you see those you're a me, Italy cancel on you too primarily because its moderated entire by not fuck. The old, if you can say, fuck all you want on you too, provided that it is. Referring to a derogatory manner format of actions of in aforementioned F, for And here we want to do another problem, These words, they were co, opt these efforts, It's too they too, throughout
three have had different meanings: two different peoples, a fact, a faggot. Are we talking about New sticks and lazy old lady, oh George, Michael in California, arrest up was performing in London, a man outside the venue s for a cigarette. He was put before a Human rights tribunal. Your honor, my client, merely asked the man in question for an F word. Do you mean to say that your client was soliciting prostitution? Now your honor? He just wanted a cigarette he's not an f word.
I was doing the pact dance until I realise that a black shirt is horrible for the Congo is a united see what was the reform of on anything else? There was a film whether Sweden, babysitters, who were black haired body builders. What the kid from three nails wording you're, making huts cultural differences of the ok. If Gerald says something, I will show Bambi woodchips up your thumbs, ok, listen Erica
by showing them saying hey, who that he is the whistle blower who product greater came out from our Pinterest any has more info on some of the new big, if she was going on which we are voting on doing face question today before anyone whose witnesses who do you think is the most. Dishonest Democrat in office at present only can be media personalities, but let's go with politicians, Romania. Is it fishermen shift and How do you wait here like this because he's all inefficient newcomers effectiveness, everything they read fiction? I only read the book sounds to the movies. This is called for here What are we talking about countries? Why do you think it's congressmen shift, or can you come up with someone else who lies more
more blatantly publicly repeatedly we have my half asian where Bill Richmond is here, and rightly so, for being your quarter, black action we and G Morgan Junior he's tapering off painkillers when one of the day and stuff coming down from and shut to, say, Michel Ardan Series. Fantastic being of compounds. Haven't you I'm not even sure what we do a lot to get too, but but first hears lesbian, getting solution.
Well actually works single shoe Vila greater escape audit in their right mind head: you want, I like glass, you want glass of orange juice or cookies. Now, I'm just fallen energy on my pc Yang shown him up. No one young and same thing both on Eurostat, the needle and many more cash. Then god I always say that some encountered at really quickly. You know I'm done here, we must shift its slow news. We got set of Ukraine and, let's be honest, wouldn't have any more so than you do so I don't care that much portray Hillary Clinton said in an interview recently that Donald Trump knows he's quote an illegitimate residents. If she says it comes
you know it's trustworthy. She went on to add that is guilty conscience over being illegitimate was the main reason he is so obsessed with her neck. You might Democrats have in pushing this idea of Trump not being a legitimate president of trying to completely undermine the office that I've spent my life, I know ass the popular vote, but he one well over the tune and seven electoral college votes needed to win. As far as in being obsessed with Hillary Clinton location, we have a point. In your face. I kicked your ass in your face. I wonder: stay in your face. You're broke his bitch head, your face. You should have head twitch Tasha Serenade lover. He doesn't want to work in anything, processed or sold or sell anything. That's been bought soldier processed, that's tough,
Anyone say anything now not so much a John you SEC then, but I may Joan Jussac aficionado cranny of ours. You stop it now, just because she's, not traditionally beautiful at our environment is my traditional. I mean beautiful. Speaking of our residents, a new book came out, he's never get a communist claims Liker. He wanted a border wall stocked with quote snake, alligators come from. The book quotes an anonymous source to explain that Donald Trump wanted a reinforced border wall. The wall would include barbed wire, snakes and alligators to dissuade the Mexicans from illegally crossing the border, as well as a water filled moat. To stop the blacks also in the news, Robert near them trouble swimming
yeah that line of yeah. That's a half asian bill respect you guys, you guys don't need to learn how to swim. You're so so buoyant like the baby in the Nirvana cover its higher on having it was thinking. I really really drive our boy. I know the feeling also in the news rob, didn't Nero, appeared on the scene and reliable source. The sign I hate you, men in Brian State, shall gap and for those who missed it, this is how it went down Not because of you, ok boy! You know this is category, so it's not that I don't see why origin is still a Sunday morning. What was the point there is if people are in church and so I'll Sunday mornings, when you say that I don't think I have no idea Sunday morning, payment Sunday morning for busy at the local port of parties, its innocence, Robert Deniro. Ok, when you have Robert in your show, you should expect rob. Didn't Iraq and its people.
Is it in the interview only got worse, but it is still a Sunday morning. Let's get in a bright, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ought to family show. Ok, not now, I'm gonna take a source yeah, but it's musing, commercial, Humpty dumpty put this FED back together. You gave way, you know you're, not fooling anyone more threatening and well. I just I don't know the answer, but I dont know Zena thing: you should have expected that I am going to talk of zero parts. Separation is euro, part supplies and nine Hearts not surprise one party joyous with executive Billy's. They call them out we switching science because it concerns an issue with researchers there now claiming that when they told people eating less red meat was a good It may have been horrible and yes come New York Times the new report, There is no evidence to support the belief that eating less pork and beef is healthier, for, while critics claim this research,
a roads, public trust in the scientific community. This is coming, of course, from the vague and lobbyists people who don't like hearing this is that the scientific community, by the way, is at odds over this new info with staunch advocates right now arguing vigorously from both sides to defend their position, that, if red meat would I've in cancer- and you reduce, read me and you see no effect on cancer. That is a pretty strong indication that red meat does not cause cancer. How damaging I am convinced tat- did so one of this on board for dreaded absolutely brilliant. I am it I'm thrilled about this right because it they think that we dont trust them already in its because they do stuff like this. There are thrilled that Gretta clearly slammed on to that debate. Read. It was excellent, ten audits, and if she was she was on her egging, I was bypassing grant hiring, hurt the law firm, it's done and offers extension was bringing the unlike Rudy. It noted aimed twenty Twond biggest argued pre show we ve ever gotten into because of how it is ever going to nobody, except for the people. We record
you're, not a member of your real sheeted up there and mug club for some reason, jailed supports area that is really play, though it can get a second more ok sat the jail. I know you're going off of Norka, but come on now it's difficult k and twenty trainees presidential candidate Kemal Harris said this week that Twitter suspend president from sick she said privilege of using words in that way, should probably be taken from him. Consider incremental Harris, has a long and short history of taking people's rights away its remember them. As if the alligator dear dear overwhelmed, get it.
Gerald be Gerald, be at least know like you know I did you lose out our general DE. What's that you have to get it? Maybe this one's not for me, he let it slowed I'll, go with it, whereas jewelry looking for Harry like this, I see in the audience who was laughing until I said the one thing I like it, I mean we're leaving do Dreyer later, I'm not for this. I didn't get to Arnold Palmer's, to hear you and my sweetheart, which are just like you, silence, because we're a very culture programme really arts someone. But what can we talk about a shift in a little bit of crushing Eric Garden, but this is. This is important. The art seen this in what shapes culture someone's. Bought a painting of Channing, Tatum Scrotum, so describe as a very realistic portrait, the Hollywood tightening its old, proper six thousand dollars. Initial more to such implied that it was actually need painting it turns out. I was just a picture taken when the red carpet between one Jump Street coastguard Jonah Hill, so
real economic stimulus for audio. That makes no such thing ass, remarkable about having their back up like that. He still looks very much join my statement along with this. The journey that very much it's just a rough night work indifferent reality. Are you two point? Thirty mortgage? Look I'm a fan of our just like everybody else, but really like seriously getting down to the person that spent six thousand dollars on that like how? How is that something that you want to Kennedy, I don't understand, fish are usually see them as a fan of art like anybody else, which means I am not. A fan of our greatest Monet were probably just as much of the next guy and look at it. You spend six hours are shouting. I screwed amount there dollars.
Brings us actually to new segment letters, cutters, entertainment minute now what there was needlessly lost. Let us have expecting Mario Lopez to show up I don't know, I don't think it's a job anymore and see the gall to suggest that giving for Europe's puberty blockers might not be good parenting as our immoral that every year just getting we don't. I don't know what you can do other than a cease later and talk about things that don't matter the band extra Metallica Entertainment is the ban. Metallica cancel the upcoming towards eighty abundance candle upcoming today, so frontline genes, Hatfield can Spencer. In rehab and came out. He reportedly suffers from a crippling addiction to making sure the music
you say you are a terrible arson. Metallic great, accurate, ass, the sound of Metallica, album sales plummeted. Their origin EU doesn't understand that he has the power to manipulate markets. He's like a wall drawings later opposite way. I like Metallica, and what happened was long and then bill when you're right shows up bill. Was there? Do you know the law and order in years argue about actress, Linda Porter, after Rob, garrison and restaurant or Carl Ruiz believes they all died. Last week so you're, they say that celebrities die in threes the same goes for people never heard of legendary singer. Jose Jose. That's that's his name. Nothing like a walking stereo type,
Jose Jose he'd. He died at age. Seventy one in the cause of death is listed, as Quote L heart attack of finally, singer Ricky, Martin and husband, one Yossi for expecting their fourth child together horse yonder. Ricky, Margaret S, impregnated the surrogate by closing his eyes and picturing, a hot Harry S. You should have seen. Pathogen workers have been made, Brownie Dangerfield Eyes, actually just exactly like very ably pulled my steam release. I would love to see in asian Randy Dangerfield,
gateway more daring to shift President Trump told the press this week at the White House is Katrina. Who could whistleblower is what we all know that some people, of course reviewing this as a thinly veiled threat against the anonymous accuser source in the White House is actually said that the president is heading up a new investigation himself, even going as far as making some phone call him
The warehouse! Yes I'd call, I defy doubt the identity of the filthy, whistle blower. Ok, frankly, I propose you can help me with you. I don't know I've tried defied the whistle blower. Ok, I need to go but always sure about how much he bought it for that. If that whistle ordinary died hedge, you ok frankly wishes because you're not listening. You call yourself a sealed when I have reason to believe you shoulda whistle to shop on with a shrug dead should I doubt that corruption is the language should know. No bounded hate, whose last week's trivia contests winter there. I get new are valid,
Who are the law governing ensuring they are fairies? Oh geez wealth promoters. Answering that I painted Mohammed using administration is Barbara organism. Wonderful gift card are, is Evelyn ready to move onto Adam shift? Yes, we'll talk a little bit about the UK. As you know, we had a segment yesterday on the Ukraine deal, It was all format it and I appreciate you give me some damages sort of ran about. Why think Donald Trump is the right man for the job at this point in time and for I have a lot more info than other people do, but I think it, the blaze tv there actually doing a whole live show today, Glenn Back after this for those were watching on the blaze, those watching than you do. You have to sign up covering from pillar to post the Ukraine scandal its focus on Adam Schiff he's in there for his involvement with the scandal now using it turns out for people who don't know that the chief knew about the whistle blower complaint before it was filed.
Team actually advise the whistle blower on how to proceed and President Trump this is why he's just the best present, I mean I mean he's kind of an elected you put on my blog Aylward rank them above like Mckinley year. My lonely, Automatic George Washington is a distant second about that requires that we heard this. He was ass that it responded likeness at a press conference. Yesterday there is a report, came out just before you and President Danish. They walked out here. The whistle blower met with not being chosen fraud, and that is why I should thank you, John you jack you. I love you. You mean in this way. When I say favorite, I mean not again
solid response. I love is ready. He was ready with the with the panes April, eleventh prevented or listen to the audiovisual. As soon as the question is asked you just like got it others paper like he has the cheetah. She thing I and White Squall who gets kicked off the boat of your announcement. Ten reaches wife, it's very sad film, complicated We trust in trouble is right. Not only the chief secretly communicate with the whistle blower he lied about it, which, access to this week's want a piece of shit. Two Our changing over to share its whole paradigm shift. I think when we had started to prolong clip, but I think it provides context. Not only did he can you get, you lied about whistleblower uncommunicative when we have not, directly with the whistle blower. We would like to very have strayed from the weeks now really really interesting. Mrs Merkel, this being so that point to a mouse,
more than collides Yale has a main so shivered away here porn to note this. The more you one he'll to this union, the morn Rachel you, you will find yourself. He was mirroring. Actually the whistleblowers talking points on Twitter over a month ago to give up. Sense of corroboration right because people sitting of all this sounds like what this sounds like. What that, if character said, keep in my book whistleblower doesn't when he first hand knowledge of the event. But this is someone said the Donnelly from bad something somebody sets up. Then he went to shift and shift turned around. Grab railway preemptively. What does he corroborating the complaint that another? If there are no first hand, knowledge of at least in the first place, someone's loving, I'm gonna go on twitter and an ominous lay the foundation ragged so that this happened, that someone said something and then you'll come out, and then I'll tell him that I didn't talk with you about it. Also. I mean I'm? I might kill myself bright,
building on chance, but by the way is first hand, information, important ITALY, no! No I mean only if you morally, and justifiably right, I just make insurances depend. Not a lawyer depends what mark you're trying to get their historic ship. I gotcha. I feel that the standards of the left are using legally is is Vinnie in my cousin Benny for he improved before the redemption. My client citizen eating take tat. They were given a kind of tuna fish. Only that's what they're doing anything going to win this year is very clear that it is dear of how we're gonna go about it, but you know imagine he would have done away with it right I mean, if you would have you a little bit better. He could have gone away with looking prescient, having found this information and instead is already beginning to shift shut, the clerk She shut the court, so here's another example chief. He claimed that Trump try to get done from the Ukraine on his political opponents. That's kind of that. The crux of this Well, here's something else for talk, and I wanted to know what about them, because I don't think this What about his mental thing is a direct comparison. I think that what shift has done is full
are far worse. Let me explain and video graphic evidence take that Turks, just as you do. I understand that the young Turks cement the bit these people. It only provide sources that Google, it isn't that your I dont know job now, so you could go no rest, another chicken court, although you found him, why are you here Al Jazeera money? she's in the self tried to get transport procure entering more official term non nude pictures of present trump from the Ukrainians, but here's the thing that Ukraine turned out to be russian prank stirs there were comedians and then they put all over his eyes open and the nature of the compromise. Well, there were a picture of naked tramp when they were in Ukraine. We got there conversation by the phone where their discuss those compromising materials where
ready to grow out at two FBI, so we will try to work with the FBI to figure out, along with your staff, how we can obtain copies of those, of course, will provide you all our copies of all our materials. Ok, first I just want to ignore the raging homo undertones right come after venture peril because he's a know what no one has described, Brett Cabinet is peanuts, is kind of a trend. Now, with random sample of Michael Jackson had an ill Cosby. There. You sure you can you send me, can you send me the photo negatives? I gotta get up. The photo negative I'd like your lines we want. I would try and scrambled satellite signal when I was a kid and I couldn't actually afforded Catherine an extra. It is amazing to me he was trying to find new, just pictures and new pictures that setting a scandal,
then, let's just get embarrassing, especially with this president. Do you think he would actually care is like that's the best body come and look at that I've ever growing is in trouble. You wouldn't get come on. I don't know what I'd like it did. Notification Bell join Michael, if even already, ninety one thousand six an interesting internet act military in that just check the pay we do a new segment every single day because, as you ve seen- the way in which man, you know no stay here, content creator, easier, if I were a pimp, there's nobody s there and the recommended feed backhanded trending doesn't want better than but then, if we talk on the way. We give a lot of nearly diminishes feedback. Handing Schiff, here's, example here, I think, he's absolutely just a stunning. I mean it Skill, as do how piece of should be. He is one at that of the FBI agents or was pages in stroke, never released yet now, so we direct evidence,
FBI agents saying that they wouldn't let get elected because they had called insurance policies in case he did our scary responded that the FBI heavily favoured, jump over Clinton. Here you go they were very selective and what they released. There are multiple replace last here that the, We, I was heavily predisposed against Hillary Clinton, Favor of Donald Trump Do you know if you'd like he's, not necessarily wrong, depending on whose working there theater, I think we all assume there can be biased, because people human beings have biased right, but when rob, does that we call these a hacker motor listed. This is at which they try to accuse them of obstruction for doing exactly what she is doing their exactly what he has his big trust issues with the establishment around him, and you wonder why, with when stuff like that comes out an FBI agent say things like that: that's not just a casual tex right! That's not just casual conversation. Of course he's
the trust and those of the people in charge of investigating. Are you kidding me? No, wouldn't trust people like that. So, of course you would go out and say these things and try to defend yourself in the press. I wouldn't trust chief with a pair of serious efforts to know. You find a way, so she went away he's also another example: she's you'd come back and go with it is. This is workable. Mad amazing hydrogen, destroy everything. It's what I do not think this is another example shift. If he's no. This is something people and he's no it's kind of his his recent date for leaking ITALY, private, and go to the press and then lying about it CNN if running, words from noon on about my testimony, testing because I like testimony what's going on in there s perceptions he's, never met a camera. He didn't love. I would bet lot of money that it was him you heard though, but you you got the point you want to respond
are you sure he you know he's been vagueness claim all along just to be precise, yes or no, did you leave any of the information from his testimony? I dont weak well beg to differ. How do you get caught fire funded by Wolf, lowest for ever and celebrities jeopardy had witnessed I will say this Miss Woodley, specifically. Maybe cannot prove that he's lying MRS Upperhand take away this line in its brain is any agreements they trust me and you're, something that would love to defer to have regular Bill Richmond during the Mahler investigation shift. You repeatedly claimed that but he had seen beyond circumstantial evidence that trumpet colluded with Russia even after Mahler rule that their vote,
evidence of closing people say either aboard didn't, say no collusion want a second it. Just as there is no evidence of it. You can say that about anything. Someone who gets off for any crime are well. The fact that he wasn't convicted of shoplifting doesn't mean that he didn't do it, but there's no evidence so is not guilty of. That's how society works, correct so we have a legal system and if there is no evidence and you are not convicted, it means you didn't commit the crime in the eyes of the law. Right, that's exactly that's! What that's exactly where we have a system is to be able to call balls and strikes, make it don't make it done and then move along, and here fine hilarious is the example he has beyond circumstantial evidence. It's like beyond meet impossible? Burger right is ignored that actually measure, and this is not actually evidence you actually to have something in when he's asked repeatedly repeat where people were he dances around? What we did actually talk to him and Well, we didn't actually direct evidence, but, like we put, if you put together the different inference, is and lies than its story. Yes, if you what's important if you put together different inferences accusations and, of course,
being in front front all times that I am a piece of shit. I think you come to see this issue in a new light years? Actually clip of him doing. Just that all have right now is a circumstantial case. Actually no chuck. I can tell you that the case is more than that and also into the particulars there were more than circumstantial evidence. Now. So again, I think plain, were erected evidence of collusion, I want to go into specific, since that is not circumstantial. As I've said along there's plenty of evidence of collusion and corrupt mingling of between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Good Lord, I mean by the way it lets. You think we're editing him out of context. He never did
specific view and you're waiting for don't hold your burger Google. What is it? What does it mean when he saying more than circumstantial? Explain for the little know what circumstantial evidence means we throw that around Elias, indirect evidence of circumstantial. I've asked me things. It create an inference of what the actual thing, maybe so, for example, if you have you know, you're gonna say someone committed: fraud should be able to provide. You have to prove that they intended to deceive you and a lot of times. You can't reed someone's mind, and unless they say I intended to defraud you, you that would be direct Avenant shouldn't. Have conceptual evidence like they knew truth, but they told you a false statement anyways here When you say you have circumstantial evidence, you should be able to describe that circumstantial evidence. If you have beyond circumstantial evidence, you definitely can explain what it is. But yet when he was asked, you have direct evidence, which is the only
beyond circumstantial evidence is theirs, there's no it between national circumstantial middle stanchion pieces. Chief stance, I mean that there is shifts the angel, but that's like somehow hitting two keys on a piano. At the same time, in getting an odour between that's nobody's note I mean it's, it's not the thing. It's not it's nothing! How do you know what he had to renounce? Unlike perpetuating the original look, I think I think we're gonna look back on. This is one of the worst political like had to jobs in United States each eye needs. But I really do, I think we will, I think, will look back on this. In Goma gas it when people came out and said that I dont think Donald Trump is going to be the election results right. The Democrats said that and it goes against them and now their thinking? Oh, no, it's Russell We're gonna, throw everything at an I'm serious like this is. This is bad for the country. Matter what side your aunt, because now we have the new
person doing the exact same thing. So what happens when the next person gets in the office is a liberal Democrat? Do think some Republicans wouldn't do that. Somebody, when I say will you use trying to mention them, just keep swinging further and further sciatic com. Curled, and I mean I don't see Republicans and how do I really either Lindsey? Graham I mean he's, Canada is kind of slimy is a little bit. Greasy is Ashby. If I don't think the Republicans would step that quickly. But if you open the door to it, you can take a present and out by parliament, I have drawn up grown tired of your commentaries, because I've been This kind of all this clever waiting for a lot of people haven't seen this. It only trend in two hours on twitter and was gone and that it was gone and the U S is, in my opinion, as bad as it gets it's as bad as anything I've ever seen in the political arena, when people talk about the right and left her dividing us like a horse and let's not equivalency year because have you seen any ship, he made an intact, dialogue,
trumps phone call with the ukrainian present I want you to see him doing this here, presenting this as though it was fact expresses interest in meeting with the president and says this country wants to acquire more weapons from us to defend. Self and what does the president's response? Well, it reads like a class- organised crime shakedown, I hear what you want. The favor I want mine, you, none of this house and I want to say this only seven times so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent. Understand lots of it. Now. I know some of you are asking because I get it it's it's it's difficult today and our polar society to no ok, whose exaggerating where you stretching because everyone does, especially for comedy, we do there. So you wondered how much What percentage of that? If we were to put a number on it is, is accurate, zero
nothing, nothing, not that ever happen and here's something that so dishonest to when you watch it. He he he's reading it and at one point he looks up and looks back down and goes as MR ordered reading, or an official trans data, he meant he tried to clearly imply that this wasn't it transport and no one was called on it. This was response and was parity. My summary, the Let's call was meant to be at least part in parity hush one piece of FIFA evaluated idea. You know we need treatment when down from talked about people get all upset, because he would talk about changing, liable laws right in this literally just to try and get media center. We weren't happy about it. How is not slander, Rodya ringlets, every second, he read it is that with the transcript leads to had I not using people and understand its parity, that's a whole new problem, implying like because Donald Trump to such crazy stuff that,
God. It was real when I made up stuff that Donald Trump said that was created that never really happened, but I told you he said crazies. Definitely you tend to believe that this great stuff is crazy stuff. He would say, but I'm just a piece. You gotta give him credit for how well he sells the reading. As you know, the looking down the pauses, the keeping it going, I mean for it for any one of the first time I saw their clip. I thought to myself Google, it and then you go. Look it up idiotic. Why? I don't actually see any any of these words when unravelled no lie? No, no wait. I did see too often there is two thousand there that he, yes, what does there is also a similar number of vowels hinders lying is pieces with him and clothes back. He didn't even stumble across truth accidentally, It is remarkable to me that this was allowed to go into this. Is I think that is worthy of being forcibly removed from office to me? That's all,
I dont mean violently. I mean this guy should be forced to resign in absolute shame, I can't think of anything that would personify fake news more than reading from a fake transcript by the way the recent he's doing. That is because he knows that most people who are not hyperlink gauge, unlike the people rumour often people who are watching this show were reading in the comments section, you know, they're gonna, walk by the tv screen, see this NGO. Oh my god. I can't believe our president did that I can't believe you said and they're not going to see the ascent. Where he says what was clearly parity. Just like you don't see the slander, you don't see the libel, you do it's that occurs on the front page and then the apology retraction is issued two weeks later on page eight, he knew exactly what he was doing and by the way, what little just to go with you bringing a little bit Democrats, they repeatedly reached out to foreign countries, including their Ukraine, for joint action, so it worse at the artful worse- is just accusing Trump of what he has done himself. Only Donald Trump hasn't done it. His accusations are.
False to favour. The Trump asked for was invested, foreign meddling in the? U S, election specifically regards there's a company called crowd strike, not by as ship was drunk, I don't say, shifts, suggests they didn't suggests adjusting its direct statement, yeah yeah yeah. I mean it, but it's not about statement, because I wasn't really working. What shift saying is actually true, but it wasn't the chief suggested that these things were happening. He made express statements at headed to see how the public about what was said that is fraught writer. That's what it is, It's not yet snatch what what he said happen isn't true, but it is true that shift it. It's like the inception of exactly and by the way I thought we cared a whole hell of a lot about fair elections, russian meddling in our elections. We have to get to the bottom of that. That was the entire thing we heard from day one of his camp it now he asks about it happening in Ukraine, ran we're like or you can
ask for that right into be very later on in the call it was mentioned that you know Biden Shutdown. Doesn't this prosecutor the investigation of yes on Europe, for it was? It was a minor point, here's! What is pretty important to me to show in the whistle blower, whom we can know first hand, knowledge. Would that be considered circumstantial not having first in the age in it depends, but mostly thus consider terms actual because if you don't The rules, hearsay, there's a reason why you dont decked out of court settlements and use them for the truth, because if you can actually test the boundaries of what true or not true tabling here, I heard X Y, see say this fact and we're gonna take. That fact is true right: our unity vested right. Now, an eyewitness testimony isn't considered verifiable proof someone saying I have Someone say. Donald Trump did this woods To me, I don't know, I'm assembled and even less reliable. Well, I mean we at some point. You have to accept the accept evidence right so right. If you were to say, ok, hey, look at his piece of paper is the piece of paper fake. While you have to go through, certain standards were able to get even written
Evidence, and so written evidence is only as verifiable as any other piece of evidence, but the further you get away from Something be able to be verifiable. True in its a spectrum, the more likely it is, You would never again be able to use it in court and rice. I heard someone else say some other fact that they observe, but no one else are we have. No other corroboration is a line too far for every western surprising yes and got, and here's what I think is important rights there. There is a lot that we don't know and that's why we try not to just offer nothing more than than than conjecture, because Maybe some more info could come out. You know people who stand firm on their opinions on there's nothin for some time. They don't really age very well, but I do think it's important to look at what we do know and compare it with what they have said
that is verifiable, false right, for example, import. We know for sure that that was not a transcript. Then he said it was parity. We know for sure that shifts said Donald Trump was withholding military aid unless they and unless they investigated there are sorry fired the prosecutor, that's what they said, but here is that if you, understand its trump, never threatened that at all one even mention the Ukraine officials didn't Know about the change in military foreign aid until a month after the call So again you can't know networking visiting, but can know what they have said. That is false, and you can know certain facets of the story that are true. This, that we know to be true. They ve already proactively lied about that's important for people to think of that's important for people to point And I don't want to get into the minutiae of it because I legacy Glinda has a special place place tv whole thing about the Ukraine live after this
Really. I think I want to say that you want things to me. They know exactly what they're doing I dont want to ascribe ulterior motives. I've always try to do that initial or if we do change, Rhine only actually have debates with having to show with with politicians with professors and it with with people who are who are worth adversaries. I always try to assume that they are being sincere, but this is a right. This is an exception it was it a radical exception? He went out there and light and from a transcript that didn't exist and when you go and when he was called on it said well, you know that was meant to be parity. What what did you think it was? What you know what I think most people thought it was what you intended it too. Which was a lie, that you wanted to be accepted wholesale as truth, I didn't say this with Hilary good people I kinda. Yet she needs to be put in jail. I never jumped on that train. I dont, like Nancy pillows it's crazy to you, the reasonable one. The party I represent an answer, and I feel we have Elsie shift
Bernie, Sanders Palacio. You know what I guess, I'm whenever Thanksgiving Day, what it was that might impairs is that we really do our she is she, the Turkey S terrible, will look no put yourself in a calm offended, sir of urban areas, one crazies vacation how's. It is interesting to think of what would be the rules. If you imagine, a Republican had made up a transcript now. Imagine if a conservative again up there and said well, actually, I'm gonna go ahead fake. This evidence, because apparently this is a council representative- is the laugh factory that we're up here we're doing parities? Now? That's that's! That's the thing we do these hearings, I mean like media owners, there's there's room for funny, questions and jokes: there's no room for faking evidence and at the very least the house needs to consider or the Senate or you know, whoever has the ability to do that, whether within the party or outside the party to censure that kind maybe I just I don't agree with waking evidence and if we want to come out and say something to do something right to restore trust him.
System its police, your own, and this is an example where the Democrats need to put their money where their mouth is yes, so they want to put our money where they lay others. Yes, our money necessary, but they put yourself in a jury hearing some of this stuff and shift gets up on the stand and they play that and their attacking like he has no credibility left they play stuff like that. They play the now that we played the courts or is obviously been lying, the things were trying to get new illegal, don't like now. I would put that put that up there and then put the evidence that you have it. Is it is a blow out? There are no court in America that would believe him and not believe you evidently, and yet, in public opinion, he still they're saying you Inspector Donald Trump went up right. That will determine what would happen Republican. Did it look illustrators little walk it through this exercise. You at here I have Peter shifts. Mirroring what the whistle blower was going to say goodbye for them on twitter. Though there was no first hand, knowledge at Schiff. No,
no first hand knowledge. He said he was going to go out, lie in fabricated transcript for the world to see they can, even as its president is lying easier movement has only he'd, be telling the truth, the accelerator that video evidence. That is how in saying this has become somewhat about them. It is far worse ism, as it relates two piece of Schiff Adam Shift, Canada actually we have to AIR Congress whistle blower from big tech, but wretched word, Apparently the altercation continues at Vienna. Fill me in Europe. You invited me who does.
Your mind is making out waste knows I get show. You may be sure ass. I got it in the face. I started out. Aid face stupid, join Muslim, we're all our musical parity will be as bad as president trumps. This the direct threat. What's your home defence plan,
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Boys at his house, he's taking in that unease awakened vices islands from the room. Next to an I see, people worthy of its fourth like an environmental dimension like and then without fail, if the Rainbow flag, there was no american flora. Second, you you get my love your country and such like. You can be in by boat and all of my life is videos come up in a youtube search for my day there that terrorism from all Joseph Watson did you mean to say Sr. One says she has raised, Is he sang Zulu you're like the like the God, as ours,
To give you, the key Minister Reliance Master, he the gatekeeper, Rick, Raynham, clearly retired, from the industry's audio way. Two messages I dont know: did his wife pass without linking took time to take a risk it to take care of escape was well that's far, less sinister descriptive. Should have led was that are at our next guest, very glad to have him on the show Now some of you may be saying: oh, I know the name but remember they can. When you first was revealed publicly, it was in that sort of Dateline blurred food noise. You it's a rapist, but he's not. You can not end here till he sets in context you he was, the former software engineer, knee was a whistle blower came with big task, which is very relevant to what we're doing, by the way people who are out there, who have some tips very tough tips at proton, mailed outcome. As what other gentlemen, one two to feed you, because they're always looking for new info, Mr Eric Cochrane. How are you, sir? I'm going well. Thank you for having me
glad to have you, and I was just saying you have those giant headphones, that you look like the the v, our kid from working kids, everybody can kill a man. You look on. Kids club- I don't remember this commercial, it was a serious. Commerce. At a burger king, kids club, it's cool lobby, kid and black guy, what their house Party here at the height of the generically lesbian girl, there's the ginger beer was the wheel. We ass a wheelchair and the kid, but couldn't you say, here's a token white kid. He was the text. We're getting out of man Jeffrey Well and Eric. You are very white, so it suits, who perfectly so listen for We may not be necessarily super familiar with you, because you are really like a personality who spoke on politics or culture. You came into this specifically because of some information that you had in the big tech industry. I only two big tech ethic of trademark that so explain to people kind of your history. Hey came to product greater, yes it just a few months ago. I was just this off,
engineer at Pinterest end just gotta. You know workin on andred apps, actually and not not too involved in politics, and then am I. I was seeing more and more censorship. We were talking about misinformation and hate speech, and then it got to be much more sinister. I would see they actually banned live action secretly on the back end, the pro grew zero hedge Pga media. They were banning things about them. Piero Bible, verses, and this was done in secret so who I actually took this project maritime James, a Keith organization and- and I said the public s dinner- this like this is this is the proof that work and have seen from the outside, from these big decks company and now here is actually the how and why it's happening and No, why patriots Iverson? Why pinterest I mean I get like you know, Google, you tube at least, and certainly Google at lawyer, Facebook, sort of the information mainframe for politics, but
interest. I just sort of think of it as those mom to drink too much really having one glass of wine for dinner, and it's like a punch ball back. You know like that. Like the old pugs, the classic pugs, that's always while it picture Pinterest, what will why would they but I think you know that is it's really good point about minds in the middle of the country, so its entry thing that you know there. They want to effect that market so much and then, when it really speak see the biggest point is that all the Tec ends up. Like this, you know actually went to Pinterest because I thought it was, Facebook, it wasn't Google and any at once. It got to be a big enough company there, all on the same page. There's this whole five mind a big tech where these tech companies there Silicon Valley. They all have the same mindset. They all want to you no effect between twenty election. They want they. They there's so much in an echo chamber,
They all are on the same page about wanting to ban Republic and most nice if they want to effect a twenty twenty election. I get if, for example, there is a big difference. We need to delineate here if they feel, as though all conservative speech is hate speech no using someone's biological biologically proper opponents. If they feel that that's hate speech, I understand that could sort of dictate their policies or behaviour. Do you think that's the case rethink their specifically setting out to effect the twenty twenty election so what makes you think the latter were. So I think there are definitely is like this. This entire idea, like you know, a lot of conservative mainstream conservative ideas are hate speech. I can speak like a pinterest for the twenty twenty election. It was resting there. Were these document specifically about protecting candidates like Gamala Harris. That war in NATO and protecting them from basically me and on the image board, Did they didn't have anything like that? Republicans rise
It is interesting. You know, I think it's again where they see that they they in their mind they messed up in the between sixteen. Then they messed up by allowing too much free speech, and then it lit we'll get around the media gatekeepers, and so I think really there is there they're doing the right thing. They think that their their protecting the public from these ideas, but ultimately it does affect twenty election, so they're trying to protect them from means. But how do we protect Elizabeth, worn from herself everyone is you have Yoda Instagram. Like I said I was at the watch, my fingers. Elizabeth Morn Drinking Beer, drinking beer and using all I want to shrink up into my own body cavity in die like that group of people and Superman too, and flowed often designs
I don't have it and I would point out that really question for you so much. I thought there was a guest Eric. I just I have my own issues and working for speeding up my own issues. I dont know if you ve been been following this, but this is another reason I want to have you want. We experienced, we ve been demonetized entirely on Youtube. Despite Susan witches. And you too admitting that women violating policies right. This was kind of acquiescing to the vocs at polyps torch and pitchfork but more recently, and I don't want to bore the viewers here because they know about this- I know that, maybe you haven't been filled him and all of it we found we're blacklisted shadow banned from specific search terms. So, in other words, a few Stephen Crowd or change. My mind doesn't show up for many results: Vichy Stephen crowded on Youtube doesn't show up for seventy results. And then we found out and this is why I do think there could be some meddling with twenty twenty election that if we use european and use and address outside of the United States, the UK or Sweden or Spain that they showed up in time
Really it was only blacklisted my name and our but primary videos over these most place blacklisted exclusively. In the United States, when only answers on that yet from Youtube, is that's amounts Germany answers may, but can you help me help me yeah? So, like we no that you are these there, these blacklist inside of inside of Google, and so we can kind of sea. Anecdotal evidence from you know from the user side and like we saw this approach of heritage to wear a lot of our videos are just won't show up, you see an invidious about project words ass when you, Google, when you leave surgeon, you to pry, divert us back, but you know, I think I think the biggest thing people get do to help if you're on the inside of you too and Google com to prioritize Ferrotypes approach on I can't I again like we see the evidence from the outside, I think now we need to see like that. Oh they're doing this from the inside, and you know it since the restoring we actually had to google whistleblowers come.
And- and I know like louder and louder was actually on one of the you go now news. The black lists that one of the insiders exposed, What well? I know what I mean you know: listen, I'm sorry that you guys were lumped in with this. Are we just had Donald from playing Pierre Gabriel, like you clearly during the Lord's work, and we just like dressing like Ladys. Who, let me ask you this in your experience, who would typically order these kinds of blacklist This is just me sort of its it. It's an opinion at speculation, but it seems to me that if its blacklisted excuse, We need knighted states. Someone had to do that. That's not an algorithm right These are these are typically manual actions I mean again, we don't know the how in this case, specifically, but from what we Historically there there, manual operations, and the thing is you have about ninety percent of people in TAT companies,
people like me or like or early people who just like or live and let live and let live there not super belittle but then you get up like ten percent of people who are direct activists and they go nay and they advocate for adding report a blacklist for censoring, be borne certain region and yet I mean a lot of. There is a lot of sophistication and being able to delineate by region to in this case, and those people They others there's ten percent. I think you said might be activists are they, in a disproportionate amount of positions of power. Yeah, so we typically see this in, like trust in safety. These are sometimes content management teams right we're not talking about the the software engineers, the people, I guess light ya, like I used to be right, you know, aren't you way about we're just trying to make good software. But you kind of happy in these in these like misinformation, efforts who ten, Be these these complete, like activists and you're, going
to leadership in saying this list of his hate speech. We need to take care of it and and then of course, they bow to the mob right. I think courted, like you're gonna grow Eric. Do you think it's possible that might be a single like bad actor? That's in there that just has the ability to add these circles in their. How often are these things Yemen is or is it more systemic areas? I think that sometimes the case, but I'd say much more more often systemic. I mean like it pinterest. We were saying that, where it it's really this entire team, you know in these people again like are all in this echo chamber there all encouraging each other, and indeed the allotted oh pretty much. Everybody thinks there doing the right thing. They think that either very high- few people and people in the middle of the country. Just don't know what to think
and they need to the need to take care of hate speech and misinformation as they deem it. So final question before we go to the web. Extended only ask this use of them. Every ten percent of people are activists, and I do think that people are is Jack or seek Mark Zuckerberg says what gets here. They all activists or is it just because they tend to be liberal but they're, not activists do think that there really sort of an in empathetic ear to these activists in the activists. Another baby, it the path to Mc Givney changes made and then are there. Have you see, their employees, who might be left as liberal in these companies who knew What's going on and and and thought that it was wrong regardless of personal politics yeah, as for like the director, leadership. I think a lot of them yeah there there their left wing, but again there they're, not complete activists they just bout of the mob. They just bound to their employees, who are activists who are telling them we're gonna, have walkouts if this stuff doesn't stop and
and they're, just kind of in a difficult position in that way, and yet I think they're definitely are like left, leaning people inside these. Second, I personally, since my stories come out and since the Google stories of Roger Berytus now come out, people are used to a people, are you to work within the intra community. Like I don't We with you. I like the issues that they were censoring pro life conservative issues, but but I'd like I'm totally against this text censorship. So there are totally there. I mean this is also a free speech. And I think they were saying that more and more so I think it's a good point, because a lot of people think the first moment only applies embassy to government regulation of speech and Anna does. But there is a culture of censorship at a girlfriend. I think people now call it cancel culture, but I think it goes even further than that. It goes further than just celebrities end in comedians, getting protest when there is a systemic blocking, really approach
of people from even having a seat at the table and here's something to act as a noise. It. It was the last question I want to go to live, extended, beast about the mob. This is thing. That's important to me because a lot of people on the left, you ll, see the young Turks it ass, they so our big dick. Just go where the money is, but the truth is the. Me, isn't with the outrage my most people are on board with that. So why do you think it is that big tech companies are willing to forego some profit in many instances to appeal. Because that's that's a very new shift for businesses. Eyeing is true. I think that there is something- he's coming. Certainly to allotted these leg middle manager, upper executives, there things more important than money to them. You know they. They can always get a new job bacon. There are already making lots of money, but they really do you like our mission, as you. Directors for the culture makes sense, effectively pray
just secularism as a religion. Aright listen, we're gonna go to what extent, but where is the best place for people to send the tips to get involved, because we ve got some people send our stuff and we don't really know what to do. It's a common. So where should people send it for you? if you're on the inside of a big tech, company or any immediate institution, or you want to go under cover with project Saratovsky project artist, outcomes, life, brave fingertips, tips to tips it proton mode. Com- will protect your anonymity and security. They will have the cover and you don't even have to go in no black face web extended for those were. My club will go to that. For the rest, you with the close involvement.
My feeling is that Joseph I am I drifted. Individual purchased at proceeded to fry going out on. One does not know me up, I think, a tanker mine when you hear what I have here for you, your good, don't pick six. So you issue, we would your group because we need reference for those who do. I think you should know that once but.
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legal firearms, legal dot, com, slash, L, W C, I have it everyone here has it. It really is worth doing for a nominal fee, start? All the sexy until he dies, turning to Marian broke character,
when did this come sexy? What women's this do? We know that comes from there's some historical context We actually know what does this thing? Has anyone ever as machine this preliminary like one who look she is. She is in heat, understand it. I dont get it understand breasts. Understand naked people? That turns limits that this? Maybe she looks like others in this disguise hot may do this anyone ever been sexually judges and they actually get like temperatures. I walk out on me. Maybe you'd have Maybe that's native flushing that occurs during during coitus. I do not wish extraordinary. Chesterton Peters NEWS was the other women where rules, because it symbolizes the flushing who knows every Christmas variables and fastened a thank you. So much aircraft
web extend what we're going to some supper. We cannot talk about you, two on Youtube for those from other members and for those who are not pleased to Germany also going to have a whole episode of jokes. We cannot tell on yeah do next week, so soon couple things I want to talk about here, and I know that sometimes these are meant to be inspected. Norman. I fail miserably because just in an angry place, and that happened, but This is what I was thinking about that because I heard this I don't know some self help groups on the radio, online radios and pod chasms commercials who aid is to radio anymore. Nobody I feel like if, if radio were a book today, you'd have to go like in a page master. In this, the people there are no understand. I dont get it, but not really was a pug. Yes, and you hear that You hear this a lot. You we're all, told to love our That's love yourself, but you told be kind yourself. I've. I've heard that my whole life. I know you ve heard that are so some iteration of that your whole life.
In. It would always upset me- and I guess in part because I dont know what it means, or at least I don't, what it's meant to convey your. Why it's something that needs to play a role in our discourse. I don't think it's helpful to. Let me premises. Of course, you I would appreciate your life enough. Of course, you should respect body your mind, the blessings that have been bestowed upon your abilities, and that means taking care of them? I suppose that means being kind to yourself. I understand that and yet yes, ok, your life is again Before I go home negative here and then I'm going to turn it back around. So just just let this big tugboat get pulled ashore, that's going to be down and then up against. Yes, your life is a gift that you should love it. You should love yourself and that's why I talked repeatedly about finding what it is that which you were
What what your purposes and in creating a plan to maximize you're force capabilities and is always that just it comes with making a plan and repetitions repetitions, repetitions have talked about that was given the reps and get an eruption. No one gets grey. Anything without getting the reps and getting the reps, and even someone was a natural talent. It's about a plan, discipline, rep patients go back to previous episodes. Incidents are extra money, do, but you try and find a majority to find them on my club on the blaze and you'll see what I'm talking about. That is something of repeated ad nauseam. Maybe I'll put it in a book someday. I dont know you. Let me know if you want to book problem not. I just don't want to write a book because I dont use- and I don't want you to have that in three years so the best seller back in the day and then I'm dead from overdoses opiates, because I go to jail stash when was tapering off, I've, never touch them so that's when refugees. We will reflect let's report the cocaine rumour with hard core heroin, but I wanted to do
want to talk about something a little less comfortable but equally important. Today, loving yourself, does mean that you love everything about yourself. Only a full would feel that way. Maybe someone is watch too many romantic comedies. It receives Why can't you love me exactly the way I am let me explain might be tough to, but because a good part of you there's a singing portion of you that sucks. Listen there. There are parts of yourself k that you should hate everyone out there. That's a good thing, Good thing there are parts of you, you should hate and I want to scored a little bit limiting myself as an example? Firstly plunge into this ice cold pools that you don't feel so uncomfortable? I don't hate myself, but there are thing about myself that I absolutely hate there are aspects My personality, that I recognise that I've worked on my whole life and I despise.
I've told you others before being again day player right nets. That's a good thing: it's an important quality to learn, but it's not a good quality to rely upon, and about this bloody myself. I hate that, for some reason, I have always been this. Wait, there's a gear that I can kick into when things go badly when the vocs had polyps happen. That's an example reach. There's been some some pretty stressful situations that have come up with you, tube with an eye, but really that's that's, but a big. When we're going back and forth with Lord, it's been tough, but I performed my best was: Back against the wall, I always have, I think it's, why have probably procrastinated my whole life. I was a guy who cram, for example, it Why would almost always wait until I found myself in a position of conflict before really short of biting down the mouthpiece in getting the business it maybe just goes to the if de personality I dont know, but it's not a good thing. I hated about myself.
That most of the time I feel tired, I feel exhausted. I have trouble focusing and then for someone when something goes wrong, some hyper. Situation arise. I can for some reason do a gear were all fields as on not me it some. Just a moment when speaking about acting but information as is, is travelling through me and I can't control it It only happens in positions of stress which are not good. For me, my verbal validity is enhanced by short term memory. Loss on the work needed to be focused on clear pain doesn't register the same way. I've learned we torn ligament separated joints, thou, even realizing it until I driven home and the adrenaline died down, but here's the thing being that pressure cooker is rare. At at least, could be, and there are only so many times you can red line that engine Sometimes it's it's very hard to fix and Ivan Mabel fix it Let me have some people out there who are
be relating this struggle with this. If you have any solutions, a part of me talking about this is is probably looking for advice just as much as is offering any. So please do come at the point. Is this: we're all told that you should love yourself. Listen you should, ok, but just like love the sinner hate, the sin. It's ok, I'm giving you permission here. It's ok for there to be things that you dont like about yourself. You know why? Here's! What because you're not perfect the way you are that's a very new cars, kept by the way that you're you're perfect just the way you are, but because Pink wrote a song up until very recently near nearly all societies and in an certainly all societies that I can think of since modern Christendom started with the Swine knowledge, the acceptance of the fact that you are imperfect, we're all imperfect but used specifically, are imperfect, very much so and that the pursuit of profit It is a fact that the human condition, but somewhere along the way, Maurice.
We as it relates to human history, maybe because it sells albums or books. I dont know we decided that it was more important to convince people to love themselves Roy. Other than to improve themselves, and here I challenge you to don't think of all the things you love about yourself. We ve done in the past, and now is the time for that. I want you to think of the things that you hate about yourself, What does it bothers you? What is it that, when you look back on your forget to say- or at least maybe you think he'll say. Oh, I wish I didn't do it that way. I really should have taken the time to fix that about myself. I want you to take a minute right now in ingenuously think about think about what that is, then try to chart a course to a solution and with this one on phasing out of four minded stuff, I would advise you to start searching. I guess for for information on people who struggle with the pro that are similar. You know just talk about this in the past if you want to get really good at something start with trying to
We await the best in the world it something at our stand. Often you'll see people enter athletics, your seat, you'll see people enter into any of the endeavour, so well the kind of work and see what happens when all is said, and if you don't want to be the best at this, you have no business being in that arena for going to end late someone emulate the best at it. That's how should be your starting off point. Do the same thing here with your struggles, your hang ups find someone who's had? overcome the same hurdles, someone who's lose driven through the roadblocks, someone who's done. It seek out an x maybe it's medical, professional, Adamowicz psychiatrist. I have no idea in my as you know, listen it's difficult. I can't really search people it fifth gear on they are under pressure and feel chronically exhausted. The rest of the time it's the closest I can find is adrenaline junkie. Some people have said that that's what I am, but I but I dont like heights. So I think it's both
I don't know, but something that I dont like about myself in some that have always had to work on, and I think, if you listen to show you ve heard we talk about that before trying to find that third year, I think from long time, there were maybe three years doing this job, where I was working from five in the morning to seven at night every day every day, what, like a basic eight hours on Saturday in a few hours and Sunday in like amendment. I was crazy person. And I was only able to do it because I had to then I didn't have the resources to help I needed. We can have the infrastructure go. Look at episodes of the show. Sentiment brings tugboat dish, go, get upset the show. If the search engine worked on you to begin. I feel I have to repeat this say twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen every single sketch was me, I d write them all. I do play every different I do research every meet segment and since then. Sometimes I will say this such I feel like a show of my former self in there, people around me now who are capable of shouldering the burning and they want to shoulder the burden and ice
go with guilt. I hate that about myself. I struggle something like a man I die should be doing. I shouldn't be putting quarter black Garrett in in a sketch although sketches, I should be doing those because that's what I used to do. I'm giving him too much, I'm giving him too much work and I graded it you're fantastic at it. Because for so long I had to do it. I didn't have the option of someone like you, I've struggle with this guy. Of struggle with trying to put myself back into this pressure cooker because for some reason I wake and I'm to make things happen, but I dont want to be that's not a good place to be. This isn't humble bragging. If the kind of thing that shaves years off your life. There's no other way from your turn on. I don't like it about myself but years. Why I'm talking about this? I think this might help someone out there
Unless what what is it that you hate about yourself, maybe you're relating to this, something it's out of your control, any don't necessarily know how to go about fixing it. It starts with information. It starts with the truth to other people's struggle with this have other people found loosens my goal here when I do these these crowded closest segments, as have been granted by the team. Here I want. We have millions of listeners and viewers, ok, milk, millions, and I wake up not filling exalted by that fact. Humbled by. I do not take it for a second. I want you guys to clearly understand that. Believe me, I don't, but I want the millions of people will be watching your listening to this to go out and be human beings. I want you all yeah. My primary job is to make laugh. I understand that that's my late, but if I can you ought to be better fathers and we all do their mothers, better, husbands, better wives. I want you to be better sons, daughters, disciples and not a disciple of me, I'm a christian being a disciple,
price. That's for me! Those are the abc me. That's the end game. But if having served to improve the lives of everyone who watches or listens to the show and by proxy. Improve the lives of everyone. You touch. You know I will have failed and I think, an important component to affecting Positive change is identifying what it is that you just can't stand about yourself. It's just important as recognising your strength again. What is it quiet moments of you have this. I get this when you can't sleep headed the pillow and you actually wins ever do that. Happily, I did that. I can't believe I said that really came out of my mouth. I want you to sit with some quiet time right now, positive. You have to put your the date of music- and I know what it is and we have an app most. People have apps.
Get into getting your happy place and then make it very unhappy, make it very unpleasant. What do you despise about yourself? Can it be fixed, spoiler, yeah it can. How can it be fixed? That's what you need to figure out start by finding other people who struggle with a fixed it about themselves, ask for help and create a plan and fix. It starts with recognising their things about self that suck that you should hate me to change, told you it would be an upper ceiling. We
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